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Routes created by grumpy
DistanceAscentPointsDate Created
2011 Bonelli Cat 3 Cross-country Route11.8mi.1,384ft.3203/13/2011
Weir Canyon, Chutes11.8mi.1,381ft.3203/09/2011
Aliso: TOW - Cholla - Meadows 8.7mi.1,085ft.2408/08/2008
TOW, rockit cholla mathis 8.1mi.1,108ft.2308/07/2008
Northwood Pointe, Peters, Santiago Oaks, Weir Canyon, Chutes24.9mi.2,557ft.6508/02/2008
Northwood Pointe, Peters, Santiago Oaks Chutes, Peters loop20.5mi.1,564ft.4907/27/2008
Northwood Pointe, Peters, Santiago Oaks loop 220.5mi.1,564ft.4907/27/2008
Northwood Pointe, Peters Canyon, Santiago Oaks Loop25.9mi.2,584ft.6807/20/2008
Northwood Pointe, Peters Canyon, Santiago Oaks Loop18.8mi.1,386ft.4407/20/2008
Northwood Pointe Peters Santiago Oaks Weir Canyon loop 125.9mi.2,584ft.6807/19/2008
El Moro Emerald Canyon Fireroad13.5mi.2,166ft.4207/18/2008
TOW, rockit, chola, mathis TOW 8.9mi.1,393ft.2710/11/2007
Laguna Coast, Bommer, Laguna Ridge loop 5.6mi.903ft.1710/01/2007
whiting ranch, Mustard, dreaded hill loop 6.3mi.1,075ft.2008/12/2007
reverse fat tire loop 9.6mi.1,641ft.3108/04/2007
El Moro, Deer Canyon Singletrack, Fenceline10.8mi.2,124ft.3707/31/2007
Peters Canyon, Ridgeline, Lake Loop #1 5.5mi.808ft.1507/22/2007
Peters Canyon Lake Loop #1 5.0mi.495ft.1307/22/2007
El Moro, No Name, Deer Canyon ST, Rattlesnake, I think I can11.1mi.2,532ft.4107/22/2007
Peters Canyon from northwoodpoint lake x211.2mi.2,157ft.3807/21/2007
El Moro Deer Canyon, Slow and Easy Route 115.4mi.3,048ft.5307/17/2007
whiting ranch mustard to lookout cactus sage scrub 9.1mi.1,758ft.3107/15/2007
Peters canyon route 1 7.8mi.790ft.1907/08/2007
El Moro Reverse Loop 9.9mi.1,357ft.2806/03/2007
Lost @ 12 hours of Temecula11.2mi.2,510ft.4105/28/2007
Talega wanderings 5.9mi.577ft.1405/27/2007
El Moro Deer Canyon Loop 8.7mi.1,378ft.2605/19/2007
TOW Meadows Cholla loop 8.6mi.1,081ft.2405/12/2007
El Moro - I think I can and back loop 5.7mi.1,193ft.2005/07/2007
whiting_cattlepond_dreaded climb_sage scrub 9.9mi.1,681ft.3104/10/2007
whiting loop 2 7.2mi.944ft.2003/10/2007
Tom\'s Whiting_Marks Chair_down dreaded loop 6.1mi.928ft.1703/09/2007

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