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   Terry Best
Routes created by Terry Best
DistanceAscentPointsDate Created
Whiting - Old Camp Actual with Extra23.4mi.3,874ft.7510/28/2009
Whiting - Oakley Jumps11.0mi.1,449ft.3110/20/2009
Whiting - Vista - Old Camp Actual26.5mi.4,497ft.8503/27/2009
Whiting: Dreaded - Cactus - Sleepy x 518.6mi.3,628ft.6403/19/2009
Whiting - Williams - Wild Cat30.1mi.4,185ft.8903/08/2009
Irvine Rock-n-Road Cyclery: Edge Demo 3.5mi.132ft.702/29/2008
Irvine Rock-n-Road Cyclery: Sunset Beach61.7mi.1,021ft.11902/24/2008
MV RnR Sunday AM32.2mi.1,687ft.7209/16/2007
Dana Point Hills 5.1mi.919ft.1606/30/2007
Aliso - Laguna Coast (Technical)22.6mi.4,230ft.8706/12/2007
San Clemente Singletracks 5.4mi.763ft.2105/16/2007
Turnbull Cyn - 7th Ave Loop 8.1mi.1,468ft.3104/10/2007
Santa Rosa Plateau Loop 7.2mi.504ft.2310/01/2006
Harding - Upper Holy Jim33.1mi.5,834ft.12309/24/2006
O'Neill - Hal's Place (REVISED) 9.5mi.1,415ft.3109/22/2006
7th Avenue Loop 3.6mi.744ft.1509/12/2006
Santiago Oaks 9 10 200610.1mi.2,051ft.3609/10/2006
Turnbull Cyn - 7th Ave (Freeride Loop) 8.9mi.1,759ft.3509/01/2006
7th Ave - Whittier - Turnbull Cyn15.6mi.3,000ft.6408/28/2006
Whiting Ranch - Vista 7.8mi.1,200ft.2708/26/2006
El Moro - Emerald Canyon11.9mi.1,854ft.3708/15/2006
Santiago Oaks: Waterfall 6.6mi.946ft.2808/08/2006
Romero Canyon10.4mi.2,461ft.5408/07/2006
Whiting Ranch - Old Camp22.3mi.3,549ft.7608/05/2006
El Moro:Deer Canyon-Laguna Ridge21.7mi.3,690ft.8608/03/2006
El Moro: Dual Loop14.3mi.2,534ft.5208/02/2006
Aliso Woods to home 7.6mi.394ft.1607/28/2006
Home to Aliso Woods 7.6mi.126ft.1407/28/2006
Aliso Cholla Rock it10.2mi.771ft.2407/26/2006
Neighborhood Leg Loosener 1.0mi.29ft.107/26/2006
Home to Cooks Corner 7.1mi.585ft.1707/26/2006
Aliso Cholla to Rockit revised10.2mi.771ft.2407/25/2006
Home to RocknRoad MV 9.4mi.402ft.1907/21/2006
Laguna Coast Deer Canyon 8.8mi.1,455ft.2707/08/2006
Dripping Cave Coyote Cholla Meadows12.4mi.1,349ft.3307/05/2006
Aliso to Laguna Coast (Technical Fun)27.1mi.3,622ft.7906/26/2006
Dripping Cave Coyote Cholla Rockit11.5mi.1,102ft.2906/21/2006
Angel s Stadium Chuck s Belmont Shores55.4mi.534ft.10306/19/2006
Redbox JPL Lost16.9mi.432ft.3306/17/2006
Home Pendleton Vapor s Pad79.4mi.3,001ft.16706/14/2006
Maple Springs - Santiago Peak23.4mi.4,153ft.7405/23/2006
Santiago Silverado Canyons27.7mi.1,985ft.6605/20/2006
Home RSM21.8mi.1,267ft.4905/20/2006
Home - North OC 6565.0mi.3,045ft.14205/17/2006
Home DP SJC RSM41.2mi.3,136ft.10005/12/2006
Idyllwild Spring Challange - COURSE (Spt Wm)17.7mi.2,794ft.7105/08/2006
Idyllwild Spring Challange - COURSE (Jrs-10) 7.1mi.995ft.2604/20/2006
Idyllwild Spring Challange - COURSE (Beg Wm) 9.0mi.1,211ft.3004/19/2006
Como Street (Long Loop)42.2mi.2,526ft.9604/02/2006
Home - Coastal Plateau41.0mi.3,523ft.10304/01/2006
Home - Modjeska Grade19.4mi.1,619ft.4703/29/2006
Home - Coto De Caza - RSM40.2mi.2,851ft.9603/13/2006
Palos Verdes Donut Ride (Short)24.0mi.1,844ft.5603/12/2006
LA River - Turnbull - Santa Ana River90.0mi.2,721ft.18403/01/2006
7 Sisters39.0mi.5,815ft.14102/20/2006
Vail Lake Shootout # 1 - Super-D COURSE 2.2mi.134ft.1302/17/2006
El Moro: Deer Canyon - Rattlesnake 9.0mi.1,635ft.3301/27/2006
Irvine - Newport Back Bay20.4mi.559ft.2512/28/2005
Orange County Loop81.0mi.3,869ft.15512/24/2005
Santa Ana River Trail - Irvine54.4mi.2,654ft.9212/22/2005
San Juan Capistrano - Solana Beach48.9mi.1,354ft.8212/11/2005
Telonics - Canyon Acres12.7mi.2,203ft.5512/04/2005
South Laguna Ascension22.3mi.2,600ft.7012/02/2005
Aliso Creek Trail13.0mi.1,119ft.2612/02/2005
Farmers - J-Drop - Squirrel Cage17.9mi.3,080ft.7011/28/2005
South Orange County 6563.5mi.3,467ft.14111/22/2005
Laguna Niguel Regional Park Loop 5.3mi.293ft.511/18/2005
Lake Forest - Irvine Flats36.2mi.1,359ft.6711/18/2005
Chino Hills - Twin Rings20.4mi.3,548ft.7211/12/2005
Ladera Cyclery - Antonio Pkwy15.5mi.701ft.1611/10/2005
Chesebro Canyon12.8mi.1,994ft.4311/04/2005
Route to School 9.9mi.862ft.2311/03/2005
El Moro: Redtail Ridge - Rattlesnake 9.9mi.1,397ft.3110/20/2005
Mount Rubidoux Time Trial 3.3mi.581ft.1710/18/2005
South Laguna Loop20.4mi.1,931ft.5010/18/2005
Upper Holy Jim Loop21.9mi.3,941ft.7710/17/2005
PCH - Latigo - Mulholland71.0mi.4,677ft.15610/15/2005
Laguna Coast:Fenceline-Rattlesnake10.9mi.1,875ft.4308/26/2005
Jesusita Loop 8.4mi.1,983ft.4108/11/2005
Sullivan Canyon 8.8mi.1,468ft.3108/11/2005
Romero Canyon (Lower Loop) 6.0mi.1,469ft.3508/10/2005
Sullivan Ridge - Canyon 9.5mi.1,501ft.3008/10/2005
Sullivan Canyon - Will Rogers18.0mi.3,160ft.6207/20/2005
Backbone: Corral - Encinal Cyn17.3mi.3,680ft.8207/15/2005
Backbone: Corral - Kanan12.4mi.2,450ft.5307/13/2005
Big Sycamore Loop21.6mi.2,720ft.6306/29/2005
Hulda Crook - Jedi Trail 5.2mi.710ft.1606/13/2005
Hectic - Sullivan Canyon15.0mi.2,715ft.5406/07/2005

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