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shiftalot07/02/22no rso. StartTime=2011. [27053.GT9; 895.+100K=total; 4105. to tie Debby]. 171. 
shiftalot06/25/22no rso. StartTime=2002. [26928.GT9; 759.+100K=total; 4241. to tie Debby]. 174. Avoided all mud puddles. 
shiftalot06/23/22no rso. StartTime=2007. [27769.TK9; 700.+100K=total; 4300. to tie Debby]. 174. Windy. Lightning flashes in all directions with nothing close. 
shiftalot06/22/22no rso. StartTime=2004. [27732.TK9; 663.+100K=total; 4337. to tie Debby]. 174. Little wind. Forgot to put on my HRM. 
shiftalot06/21/22no rso. StartTime=2005. [27695.TK9; 626.+100K=total; 4374. to tie Debby]. 174. 
shiftalot06/20/22no rso. StartTime=1953. [22695.FX9; 611.+100K=total; 4389. to tie Debby]. 174. 
shiftalot06/19/22no rso. StartTime=2017. [22658.FX9; 574.+100K=total; 4426. to tie Debby]. 174. 
shiftalot06/18/22no rso. StartTime=1956. [26880.GT9; 559.+100K=total; 4441. to tie Debby]. 175. Very windy. 
shiftalot06/17/22no rso. StartTime=1958. [26854.GT9; 533.+100K=total; 4467. to tie Debby]. 175. Picked up the GT9 from HighGearBikeShop yesterday. I was too tired and occupied with other things to ride yesterday. Now all 3 bikes have been maintained. 
shiftalot06/15/22no rso. StartTime=1950. [27691.TK9; 507.+100K=total; 4493. to tie Debby]. 175. Not too windy. 
shiftalot06/13/22no rso. StartTime=1948. [22654.FX9; 481.+100K=total; 4519. to tie Debby]. 175. Windy. 10-13G22-23mph. 
shiftalot06/12/22no rso. StartTime=1946. [22628.FX9; 455.+100K=total; 4545. to tie Debby]. 175. Windy. 
shiftalot04/30/22no rso. StartTime=1930. [22161.FX9; 99604. total; 396. to tie Cherie]. 183. This 4 mile ride was ridden so that exactly 36 more each 11 miles rides either road or dirt will get me to 100,000 miles. 
shiftalot06/10/20no rso. StartTime=2059. [17246.FX9; 92445. total; 2555. to tie Betty]. 171. 
shiftalot06/09/20no rso. StartTime=2040. [17242.FX9; 92441. total; 2559. to tie Betty]. 171. 

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