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CK - Home to BeeBee park with 2 loops

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Congo Kid10/13/20SS - pushed hard as enjoying great temps tonight. Pushed hard on fire road segment and PR'd there by 29 seconds. Stopped to help a lady with a flat tire by the park but she didn't have a jack in her car. 
Congo Kid09/24/20SS - still warm this evening. Nice! 
Congo Kid09/01/20SS - missed PR on the climb by 2 seconds. Starting to cool off at night. 
Congo Kid08/25/20SS - nice and warm out tonight. Easy ride. 
Congo Kid08/11/20HT - Pushed pretty hard tonight. Nice and warm. Not many folks out on the trail which was nice. 
Congo Kid08/04/20SS - felt pretty good tonight. 
Congo Kid07/08/20SS - nice temps. Felt good after 4 days off the bike. 
Congo Kid06/25/20FS tonight. Wasn't feeling it but good workout. 
Congo Kid06/18/20SS - cool temps out. Moderate pace. 
Congo Kid06/07/20SS - Great temps today. Pushed it as my knee wasn't hurting much. 
Congo Kid06/03/20Nice temps out. Blasted down the bike path making 6th overall on strava. Good workout, and nice having the full squish on the downhill. 
Congo Kid05/27/20Rode geared Niner tonight. 
Congo Kid05/20/20SS - Felt good tonight. 

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