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CK - Home to BeeBee park with 2 loops

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Congo Kid06/21/22SS - Home to Beebee park with extra credit extra loop. 
Congo Kid06/14/22SS - saw Snowman and chatted with him for a bit. 
Congo Kid06/07/22SS Rigid - did another climb up to the ridge for kicks from olympiad via the shortcut. Pretty steep. 
Congo Kid06/01/22SS Rigid - Felt pretty good as not on the SS in over 2 weeks. 
Congo Kid05/16/22SS Rigid - felt good tonight 
Congo Kid05/10/22SS Rigid - Cold out tonight but felt really good. 
Congo Kid04/21/22SS - getting used to rigid fork. Cool out. When is summer going to get here?? 
Congo Kid04/14/22SS - First time with my new rigid fork. Rode much smoother than with my suspension forks being locked out. Bike is super light now. Cold out tonight. Summer can't come soon enough. 
Congo Kid04/07/22SS - nice and warm tonight. 
Congo Kid03/29/22SS - First ride on the SS this season. A bit chilly tonight. Did extra credit with a 3rd loop. Felt pretty good with no gears. 
Congo Kid03/24/22HT - nice ride before dark 
Congo Kid03/12/22HT - Lovely day to get out and ride. 
Congo Kid09/26/21SS - first time on this bike for quite a while as dropper needed new cartridge. Did some arroyo and oso creek trail for 13 miles total. 
Congo Kid09/23/21HT - Good ride this afternoon 
Congo Kid09/14/21HT - did some extra credit in the arroyo tonight. Nice temps but getting dark sooner. 
Congo Kid09/08/21SS - Felt pretty good tonight. Seatpost kept saying down. Gotta get that fixed. Did a little arroyo too. 
Congo Kid08/21/21SS - Cool out after the rain. Did extra credit extra loop so 3 loops today. 
Congo Kid08/17/21SS - felt pretty good tonight 
Congo Kid08/12/21HT - added some arroyo trail for extra credit tonight. 
Congo Kid08/03/21SS - 6/26/21 Ride 
Congo Kid08/03/21SS - 6/22/21 Ride 
Congo Kid07/30/21SS - Felt pretty good tonight. Chased some dudes up the hill and caught them. 
Congo Kid05/27/21HT - new Regolith Kenda tires. 
Congo Kid05/20/21FS tonight. Cold and cloudy. 
Congo Kid05/11/21SS - Nice ride in the late afternoon. 
Congo Kid05/04/21SS - second time on single speed this year. Felt better than the first time. 
Congo Kid04/29/21SS - First time on the single speed this year. It hurt. 
Congo Kid04/20/21FS - cold out tonight. 
Congo Kid04/01/21Nice ride to kick off the long weekend. 
Congo Kid03/27/21HT - nice warm afternoon so got a little spin and some climbing in. Saving juice for Beeks climb tomorrow. 
Congo Kid10/13/20SS - pushed hard as enjoying great temps tonight. Pushed hard on fire road segment and PR'd there by 29 seconds. Stopped to help a lady with a flat tire by the park but she didn't have a jack in her car. 
Congo Kid09/24/20SS - still warm this evening. Nice! 
Congo Kid09/01/20SS - missed PR on the climb by 2 seconds. Starting to cool off at night. 
Congo Kid08/25/20SS - nice and warm out tonight. Easy ride. 
Congo Kid08/11/20HT - Pushed pretty hard tonight. Nice and warm. Not many folks out on the trail which was nice. 
Congo Kid08/04/20SS - felt pretty good tonight. 
Congo Kid07/08/20SS - nice temps. Felt good after 4 days off the bike. 
Congo Kid06/25/20FS tonight. Wasn't feeling it but good workout. 
Congo Kid06/18/20SS - cool temps out. Moderate pace. 
Congo Kid06/07/20SS - Great temps today. Pushed it as my knee wasn't hurting much. 
Congo Kid06/03/20Nice temps out. Blasted down the bike path making 6th overall on strava. Good workout, and nice having the full squish on the downhill. 
Congo Kid05/27/20Rode geared Niner tonight. 
Congo Kid05/20/20SS - Felt good tonight. 

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