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shiftalot06/24/22no rso. StartTime=1609. [26902.GT9; 733.+100K=total; 4267. to tie Debby]. 174. Windy. Occasional rain drops. 
shiftalot06/20/22no rso. StartTime=1510. [22691.FX9; 607.+100K=total; 4393. to tie Debby]. 174. Windy. 
shiftalot06/09/22no rso. StartTime=1125. [27643.TK9; 385.+100K=total; 4615. to tie Debby]. 176. Windy. 112F GPS-HI- Temp. 
shiftalot06/01/22no rso. StartTime=1024. [27478.TK9; 220.+100K=total; 4780. to tie Debby]. 178. Little wind. 
shiftalot05/20/22no rso. StartTime=0932. [27357.TK9; 44.+100K=total; 4956. to tie Debby]. 179. Windy. 
shiftalot05/11/22no rso. StartTime=1121. [22403.FX9; 99846. total; 154. to tie Cherie]. 182. Windy=22-28G29-37. The dirt portion in Coyote Springs of 6.42 miles took 1hour04min06sec. The only tumbleweed that I could not avoid was masticated by the drive train. The direction of the wind kept changing between S and W. 
shiftalot05/04/22no rso. StartTime=1057. [22216.FX9; 99659. total; 341. to tie Cherie]. 185. 
shiftalot04/17/22no rso. StartTime=1004. [21970.FX9; 99413. total; 587. to tie Cherie]. 183. 
shiftalot11/16/21no rso. StartTime=1334. [27192.TK9; 9961. total; 939. to tie Cherie]. 175. 
shiftalot11/03/21no rso. StartTime=1436. [21585.FX9; 98841. total; 1159. to tie Cherie]. 177. 
shiftalot07/25/21no rso. StartTime=2226. [26672.GT9; 97420. total; 2580. to tie Cherie]. 180. 
shiftalot07/25/21no rso. StartTime=2238. [20408.FX9; 97664. total; 2336. to tie Cherie]. 178. The rain has not been too bad. So I was surprised that this dirt ride was thru mud over in CoyoteSprings which was ankle deep around MountainView on LawrenceLn. There won't be any more dirt rides for maybe a month. 
shiftalot05/18/21no rso. StartTime=1054. [26831.TK9; 97176. total; 2824. to tie Cherie]. 179. 
shiftalot04/29/21no rso. StartTime=1746. [20242.FX9; 96943. total; 3057. to tie Cherie]. 177. 
shiftalot04/01/21no rso. StartTime=1715. [19969.FX9; 96670. total; 3330. to tie Cherie]. 180. 
shiftalot01/18/21no rso. StartTime=1726. [19722.FX9; 96423. total; 3577. to tie Cherie]. 178. 
shiftalot12/20/20no rso. StartTime=1537. [26650.TK9; 96236. total; 3764. to tie Cherie]. 176. Avoided all the mud except for 1 spot. 
shiftalot11/27/20no rso. StartTime=1518. [26621.GT9; 96020. total; 3980. to tie Cherie]. 171. 
shiftalot11/25/20no rso. StartTime=1521. [19377.FX9; 95866. total; 4134. to tie Cherie]. 171. 
shiftalot11/11/20no rso. StartTime=1515. [19237.FX9; 95726. total; 4274. to tie Cherie]. 170. 
shiftalot10/27/20no rso. StartTime=1445. [18981.FX9; 95470. total; 4530. to tie Cherie]. 170. 
shiftalot10/17/20no rso. StartTime=1517. [18766.FX9; 95255. total; 4745. to tie Cherie]. 170. 
shiftalot10/10/20no rso. StartTime=1540. [18562.FX9; 95051. total; 4949. to tie Cherie]. 171. 
shiftalot10/01/20no rso. StartTime=1102. [26522.GT9; 94824. total; 176. to tie Betty]. 172. 
shiftalot09/23/20no rso. StartTime=1620. [18246.FX9; 94615. total; 385. to tie Betty]. 175. Bypassed all the mud and all the mud puddles. 
shiftalot09/05/20no rso. StartTime=1645. [18125.FX9; 94418. total; 582. to tie Betty]. 170. There was no rain in the forecast until Tuesday. For a short period of time my long sleeve jersey was about 1/3 covered in rain drops. The temp at home before the start was 102.7. The temp dropped to the 70s and the wind really picked up. Then the temp rose into the 90s. 
shiftalot08/26/20no rso. StartTime=0951. [26379.TK9; 94220. total; 780. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot08/15/20no rso. StartTime=0922. [26295.TK9; 94012. total; 988. to tie Betty]. 171. Temp=92F_nonGPS-112F_GPS. 
shiftalot08/07/20no rso. StartTime=1039. [17940.FX9; 93821. total; 1179. to tie Betty]. 171. 
shiftalot07/31/20no rso. StartTime=0935. [26174.GT9; 93645. total; 1355. to tie Betty]. 173. Temp=98-114F. The 98 is good. The 114 is from the Edge500 and is suspect. 
shiftalot07/22/20no rso. StartTime=1238. [26152.TK9; 93445. total; 1555. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot07/11/20no rso. StartTime=1515. [26086.GT9; 93243. total; 1757. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot07/03/20no rso. StartTime=1053. [26042.GT9; 93025. total; 1975. to tie Betty]. 170. A very light rain 15 minutes in. 40 minutes in it stopped. 60 minutes in it started again. No mud. Storm cells were seen in all directions. Thunder was heard and no lighting could be seen. Monsoon season has started. 
shiftalot06/25/20no rso. StartTime=1543. [25998.GT9; 92806. total; 2194. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot06/18/20no rso. StartTime=1451. [25954.GT9; 92604. total; 2396. to tie Betty]. 171. 
shiftalot06/07/20no rso. StartTime=1650. [25910.GT9; 92394. total; 2606. to tie Betty]. 171. 
shiftalot05/30/20no rso. StartTime=1547. [25866.GT9; 92200. total; 2800. to tie Betty]. 171. 
shiftalot05/23/20no rso. StartTime=1613. [25822.GT9; 92006. total; 2994. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot05/16/20no rso. StartTime=1520. [25778.GT9; 91842. total; 3158. to tie Betty]. 170. Did the whole ride in the middle ring gear because there was a rock jamming the shift mechanism. 
shiftalot05/08/20no rso. StartTime=1545. [25723.TK9; 91682. total; 3318. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot05/02/20no rso. StartTime=1519. [25679.TK9; 91529. total; 3471. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot04/22/20no rso. StartTime=1353. [25657.GT9; 91321. total; 3679. to tie Betty]. 172. Avoided the mud as it was drying quickly. 
shiftalot04/17/20no rso. StartTime=1510. [16628.FX9; 91211. total; 3789. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot04/03/20no rso. StartTime=1417. [16447.FX9; 91030. total; 3970. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot03/26/20no rso. StartTime=1606. [16304.FX9; 90887. total; 4113. to tie Betty]. 171. 
shiftalot02/29/20no rso. StartTime=1510. [25591.GT9; 90575. total; 4425. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot02/17/20no rso. StartTime=1417. [25574.GT9; 90374. total; 4626. to tie Betty]. 172. 
shiftalot01/29/20no rso. StartTime=1418. [15806.FX9; 90147. total; 4853. to tie Betty]. 172. 
shiftalot01/15/20no rso. StartTime=1404. [25437.GT9; 89965. total; 35. to tie Abigail]. 171. 
shiftalot12/20/19no rso. StartTime=1731. [15489.FX9; 89643. total; 357. to tie Abigail]. 172. Avoided all mud and mud puddles. For the last 2.5mi of dirt, the temp=31-37F. Getting back to the pavement the temp was 36F. At the end of the ride the temp was 41F. 
shiftalot11/15/19no rso. StartTime=1039. [25349.GT9; 89149. total; 851. to tie Abigail]. 173. 
shiftalot11/09/19no rso. StartTime=1538. [25327.GT9; 88996. total; 1004. to tie Abigail]. 172. 
shiftalot11/02/19no rso. StartTime=1101. [25283.GT9; 88832. total; 1168. to tie Abigail]. 173. 
shiftalot10/25/19no rso. StartTime=1006. [25217.GT9; 88663. total; 1337. to tie Abigail]. 173. 
shiftalot10/18/19no rso. StartTime=1036. [25173.GT9; 88509. total; 1491. to tie Abigail]. 175. 
shiftalot10/14/19no rso. StartTime=1453. [14697.FX9; 88411. total; 1589. to tie Abigail]. 175. 
shiftalot10/04/19no rso. StartTime=1017. [25107.TK9; 88166. total; 1834. to tie Abigail]. 176. 
shiftalot09/22/19no rso. StartTime=1042. [14460.FX9; 87932. total; 2068. to tie Abigail]. 176. 
shiftalot09/15/19no rso. StartTime=1015. [14395.FX9; 87779. total; 2221. to tie Abigail]. 176. 
shiftalot09/08/19no rso. StartTime=0948. [24953.TK9; 87615. total; 2385. to tie Abigail]. 178. Bypassed all mud and all mud puddles except for 1 stretch of mud. 
shiftalot08/31/19no rso. StartTime=1653. [14243.FX9; 87451. total; 2549. to tie Abigail]. 180. 
shiftalot08/23/19no rso. StartTime=1609. [24909.GT9; 87287. total; 2713. to tie Abigail]. 182. 
shiftalot08/14/19no rso. StartTime=0959. [24838.TK9; 87113. total; 2887. to tie Abigail]. 181. 
shiftalot08/08/19no rso. StartTime=1717. [24751.TK9; 86993. total; 3007. to tie Abigail]. 181. 
shiftalot07/26/19no rso. StartTime=1021. [24683.GT9; 86715. total; 3285. to tie Abigail]. 185. The ring gear shifter cable started to fray and getting into the largest ring gear was no longer possible. After lunch I took the GT9 into HighGearBikeShop for repair. On the way home a monsoon event started with enough rain to overpower the windshield wipers. The streets in PronghornRanch were like lakes as the rain ran down the gutters. The KellyRd entrance to CoyoteSprings was overflowing. It may take a week for before I can ride there again. When I got home the electricity was out. After 2.5 hours it was back on. The high winds took down 2 utility poles which was the cause of the outage. 
shiftalot07/19/19no rso. StartTime=1016. [24617.GT9; 86556. total; 3444. to tie Abigail]. 187. 
shiftalot07/12/19no rso. StartTime=0923. [24568.GT9; 86408. total; 3592. to tie Abigail]. 189. 
shiftalot07/05/19no rso. StartTime=1001. [24513.GT9; 86249. total; 3751. to tie Abigail]. 189. 
shiftalot06/28/19no rso. StartTime=1021. [24458.GT9; 86095. total; 3905. to tie Abigail]. 190. 
shiftalot06/22/19no rso. StartTime=0933. [24445.TK9; 85980. total; 4020. to tie Abigail]. 192. 
shiftalot06/17/19no rso. StartTime=0938. [13687.FX9; 85870. total; 4130. to tie Abigail]. 192. 
shiftalot06/10/19no rso. StartTime=1538. [13639.FX9; 85711. total; 4289. to tie Abigail]. 195. 
shiftalot06/02/19no rso. StartTime=1056. [13616.FX9; 85557. total; 4443. to tie Abigail]. 195. 
shiftalot05/24/19no rso. StartTime=1734. [13444.FX9; 85385. total; 4615. to tie Abigail]. 198. 

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