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shiftalot02/27/21no rso. StartTime=1637. [19884.FX9; 96585. total; 3415. to tie Cherie]. 180. 
shiftalot01/11/21no rso. StartTime=1523. [19689.FX9; 96390. total; 3610. to tie Cherie]. 180. 
shiftalot12/07/20no rso. StartTime=2115. [26661.GT9; 96169. total; 3831. to tie Cherie]. 172. Temp(F)=Start 47; Low 34; End 39. 
shiftalot11/25/20no rso. StartTime=1516. [26577.GT9; 95976. total; 4024. to tie Cherie]. 171. 
shiftalot11/09/20no rso. StartTime=2051. [19226.FX9; 95715. total; 4285. to tie Cherie]. 170. Avoided all patches of snow. Temp(F)=Start 33; Low 23; End 31. 
shiftalot11/04/20no rso. StartTime=1515. [19177.FX9; 95666. total; 4334. to tie Cherie]. 170. 
shiftalot10/23/20no rso. StartTime=1523. [18914.FX9; 95403. total; 4597. to tie Cherie]. 170. 
shiftalot10/15/20no rso. StartTime=1534. [18707.FX9; 95196. total; 4804. to tie Cherie]. 170. 
shiftalot10/02/20no rso. StartTime=2226. [18399.FX9; 94888. total; 112. to tie Betty]. 172. 
shiftalot09/28/20no rso. StartTime=1546. [26533.TK9; 94781. total; 219. to tie Betty]. 172. 
shiftalot09/21/20no rso. StartTime=0940. [26495.TK9; 94566. total; 434. to tie Betty]. 175. 
shiftalot08/29/20no rso. StartTime=1614. [18043.FX9; 94309. total; 691. to tie Betty]. 170. Picked up the FX9 from the HighGearBikeShop this morning. 2 heavy rain/thunder storms on the way there and 1 on the way home. It rained at home before going to HGBS and some more while I was gone. Now all 3 bikes have 11-42 cassettes and 2 have 24-36 10speed ring gears. At the moment the GT9 has 22-32-44 ring gears with the 44 locked out. In October the GT9 will be 2 x 10 with 24-36 ring gears. The FX9 has 2 new tires, Maxxis 29 x 2.40, new chain,new bottom bracket, new shift cables. 
shiftalot08/23/20no rso. StartTime=0934. [26379.GT9; 94158. total; 842. to tie Betty]. 170.Temp=92F_nonGPS-106F_GPS. 
shiftalot08/13/20no rso. StartTime=2002. [26306.GT9; 93968. total; 1032. to tie Betty]. 171. 
shiftalot08/05/20no rso. StartTime=2030. [17902.FX9; 93783. total; 1217. to tie Betty]. 171. Made a mistake by going into "Lost Horse" culdesac. 
shiftalot07/29/20no rso. StartTime=2028. [17830.FX9; 93601. total; 1399. to tie Betty]. 173. 
shiftalot07/19/20no rso. StartTime=1028. [26108.TK9; 93383. total; 1617. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot07/09/20no rso. StartTime=1735. [17709.FX9; 93194. total; 1806. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot07/01/20no rso. StartTime=1416. [17574.FX9; 92971. total; 2029. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot06/23/20no rso. StartTime=1543. [17443.FX9; 92752. total; 2248. to tie Betty]. 170. Over 100F. 
shiftalot06/15/20no rso. StartTime=1526. [17329.FX9; 9255. total; 2450. to tie Betty]. 171. 
shiftalot06/05/20no rso. StartTime=1526. [17202.FX9; 92335. total; 2665. to tie Betty]. 171. 
shiftalot05/29/20no rso. StartTime=1638. [17101.FX9; 92146. total; 2843. to tie Betty]. 171. 
shiftalot05/21/20no rso. StartTime=1340. [17005.FX9; 91962. total; 3038. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot05/14/20no rso. StartTime=1539. [16929.FX9; 91798. total; 3202. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot05/06/20no rso. StartTime=1010. [16824.FX9; 91627. total; 3373. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot04/30/20no rso. StartTime=1100. [16748.FX9; 91463. total; 3537. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot04/22/20no rso. StartTime=1012. [25635.GT9; 91299. total; 3701. to tie Betty]. 172. Rain prevented the afternoon ride. 
shiftalot03/31/20no rso. StartTime=1623. [16392.FX9; 90975. total; 4025. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot03/17/20no rso. StartTime=1443. [16198.FX9; 90781. total; 4219. to tie Betty]. 171. I had to walk in 2 places where the ruts were too deep and the road was too torn up. Avoided all the mud and the mud puddles. Rain/snow in the forecast for tonite/tommorow. 
shiftalot03/06/20no rso. StartTime=1520. [16111.FX9; 90694. total; 4306. to tie Betty]. 171. 
shiftalot02/21/20no rso. StartTime=1408. [25558.TK9; 90471. total; 4529. to tie Betty]. 172. 
shiftalot02/02/20no rso. StartTime=1456. [25492.TK9; 90250. total; 4750. to tie Betty]. 171. 
shiftalot01/19/20no rso. StartTime=1415. [25470.GT9; 90044. total; 4956. to tie Betty]. 170. 
shiftalot01/05/20no rso. StartTime=1535. [15636.FX9; 89790. total; 210. to tie Abigail]. 171. Bypassed all mud puddles. Bypassed all but 3 sections of mud. 
shiftalot11/19/19no rso. StartTime=1015. [15116.FX9; 89270. total; 730. to tie Abigail]. 170. 2 minutes before the end of the ride, it started to sprinkle. 
shiftalot11/08/19no rso. StartTime=1112. [25316.TK9; 88941. total; 1059. to tie Abigail]. 172.Bypassed most of the mud and all the mud puddles. 
shiftalot10/30/19no rso. StartTime=1348. [25261.TK9; 88766. total; 1234. to tie Abigail]. 173. 
shiftalot10/22/19no rso. StartTime=1428. [14795.FX9; 88597. total; 1403. to tie Abigail]. 173. With a different HRM and the same battery as yesterday, the heart rate graph looked usual. So was yesterday afternoon's ride an anomaly or do I have a heart problem? We'll see as time passes. 
shiftalot10/15/19no rso. StartTime=1017. [14719.FX9; 88433. total; 1567. to tie Abigail]. 175. 
shiftalot10/08/19no rso. StartTime=0943. [14638.FX9; 88264. total; 1736. to tie Abigail]. 177. 
shiftalot09/30/19no rso. StartTime=1044. [14550.FX9; 88088. total; 1912. to tie Abigail]. 176. 
shiftalot09/24/19no rso. StartTime=0946. [14503.FX9; 87975. total; 2025. to tie Abigail]. 176. I thought I was going to be able to dodge all the mud and mud puddles. Wrong. In CoyoteSprings on LawrenceLn at MountainView I came to a dead halt with so much mud that the wheels would not turn. I eventually finished and it took me a long time to clean the bike and my bike shoes. 
shiftalot09/16/19no rso. StartTime=0919. [14417.FX9; 87801. total; 2199. to tie Abigail]. 176. 30minutes into the ride it started to rain lightly for 15 minutes. Then it started to pour along with hail for another 10minutes while the dirt became slippery and the bike and I became muddy. 
shiftalot09/12/19no rso. StartTime=1618. [24986.TK9; 87703. total; 2297. to tie Abigail]. 178. 
shiftalot09/04/19no rso. StartTime=1525. [24931.GT9; 87539. total; 2461. to tie Abigail]. 179. With about 2mi left in CoyoteSprings dirt, my heart rate sky rocketed to over 150bpm and my gps was beeping like crazy, because I have set an alarm at 150bpm. I was also feeling faint. I knew the problem was dehydration with not enough water between this morning's ride and drinking 3 glasses of water just before this ride. I also know that it takes 45-60 minutes for my heart rate to go down even if I drank all the water that I had plus all the thirst quencher. I slowed down to just barely moving and tried to finish the ride. After the ride my heart rate eventually dropped like a rock from the 130s to the 80s. My normal resting heart rate is in the 50s. The calories from this ride are irrationally high because of the high heart rate. 
shiftalot08/27/19no rso. StartTime=1025. [14156.FX9; 87364. total; 2636. to tie Abigail]. 180. 
shiftalot08/19/19no rso. StartTime=1651. [24849.GT9; 87206. total; 2794. to tie Abigail]. 182. 
shiftalot08/06/19no rso. StartTime=1751. [24783.GT9; 86939. total; 3061. to tie Abigail]. 181. 
shiftalot07/29/19no rso. StartTime=1023. [13985.FX9; 86766. total; 3234 to tie Abigail]. 184. 
shiftalot07/23/19no rso. StartTime=0939. [13912.FX9; 86649. total; 3351. to tie Abigail]. 185. Avoided most of the mud and all the mud puddles. 
shiftalot07/16/19no rso. StartTime=0929. [13868.FX9; 86496. total; 3504. to tie Abigail]. 187. 
shiftalot07/09/19no rso. StartTime=0914. [13824.FX9; 86342. total; 3658. to tie Abigail]. 189. 
shiftalot07/02/19no rso. StartTime=0842. [13780.FX9; 86183. total; 3817. to tie Abigail]. 189. 
shiftalot06/21/19no rso. StartTime=1010. [24425.GT9; 85958. total; 4042. to tie Abigail]. 192. 
shiftalot06/15/19no rso. StartTime=1034. [24390.TK9; 85826. total; 4174. to tie Abigail]. 195. 
shiftalot06/06/19no rso. StartTime=1140. [24271.GT9; 85601. total; 4399. to tie Abigail]. 195. 
shiftalot05/25/19no rso. StartTime=1732. [13469.FX9; 85410. total; 4590. to tie Abigail]. 198. 
shiftalot05/10/19no rso. StartTime=1512. [13245.FX9; 85186. total; 4814. to tie Abigail]. Bypassed all the mud puddles. 200. 

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