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Aliso Tour

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Mike.the.Spike11/22/15Wow, these trails looked like they have been under heavy use this last year. Ruts, holes, excessive wear, etc., I almost didn't recognize the place! 
Mike.the.Spike10/08/15Nice afternoon ride. Took the last 4 days off to rest the knees and felt a lot better riding today. I think I rode about 22 out of the last 30 days and was gradually slowing down. Nice to feel fresh on the trails today. 
Mike.the.Spike09/07/15Nice Labor Day solo ride. Hardly a soul out on the trails as it was pretty hot today. Rangers asked me if I had seen anyone looking ill & dehydrated, they found the weary hiker(s) halfway up Mathis. I would like to thank our rangers for all they do for us!!!! 
Mike.the.Spike08/17/15Great Sunday solo ride! Fog still covering ocean but you can see Catalina Island rising above the fog. Wonderful view. 
Mike.the.Spike06/29/15Casual paced and peaceful ride. Empty trails late afternoon were pleasant. 
goldrunner04/07/15Great ride with Jonna! 😛 
GoneRiding03/15/15Fun Saturday morning ride w/ Ben, Greg, Matt & Mark. Something similar to this. We took a detour out to the Disneyland area to enjoy the views. Lots of breaks on this one with the heat. Hit some fun stuff as well. Picked up a small gardener snake and saw a rattler as well. Good seeing Ian & Geof out there as well. 
Tick Magnet03/15/15Fun mellow ride with Tom, Matt, Ben and Mark. 
Mike.the.Spike03/09/15Nice solo Sunday ride. Needed to spin the legs after my 50 mile Saturday ride. Saw a doe grazing fire road side. 
Mike.the.Spike01/01/15Friends rode up Maple Springs Motorway today and couldn't get very far due to deep snow, had to turn back. We had a much warmer time next to the beach today. New Year's Day was great! 
suchafingahole09/20/14Something like this. Sat. Crew ride with, Mark and Tom.. 
goldrunner09/03/14Good times showing Jonna around.. 
Tim Andrews06/28/14Solo mid day Saturday ride. Rode from my house. Got a late start and really felt the sun beating down going up Mathis. Once I got back to the parking lot I was really wishing I had drove. I was dragging on the last 3 miles home. 
Mike.the.Spike06/22/14Wonder weather, wonderful Sunday. 
suchafingahole06/07/14Something like this with,Mark and Ben.. 
benito06/07/14Super fun ride with the Saturday crew Mark and Brian. Legs were feeling pretty good but then they turned into wet noodles. 
Congo Kid04/19/14Great weather today. Ride 1 of 2. Yeba ete soko osukolaka singa ya mai na essence gout ya mai ekojala mabe mingi. Mpe okobebisa singa yonso. Jeff ojali nzoba mpe yuma mpenza. 
Mike.the.Spike04/06/14Great weather but the trails were a little crowded – kinda gave it the "shopping mall feel". Still the ocean view from Top of The World was fantastic! 
goldrunner11/14/13Solo blast ending in the dark. .. good stuff... 
Mike.the.Spike05/19/13Friend crashed into cactus, we were pulling thorns out with tweezers haha! We went and bought him a Big-Assed Kenda Nevegal 2.2 for a front tire, that should help with the washouts. It was a really fun day. 
Congo Kid04/06/13Cloudy and threat of rain on this ride today. Glad I brought arm warmers. Solo ride. Saw a little gopher snake and 2 small rattlers. Sun peeked out at end. 
Congo Kid03/30/13Delightful day with great spring weather. Solo ride. Saw 2 little/medium rattlers and 1 nice sized gopher snake. A few quail. No other wildlife sightings. 
EFFing Dude03/13/13Fun fast ride with the Goldrunner. Saw a few coyotes. 
Keith B01/19/13Aweome winter weather although the pollen and dry Santa Ana air were noticeable. Solid climb up Meadows with Charles, had a quick go on his SJ hardtail for giggles. Charles got some bronchial issue at the bottom of Lynx so we rode out. I rode back in and back up Meadows for the return descent. 
la_purisima06/09/12Wanted to do all the climbs in the middle ring. Meadows was tough but ok. Cholla was easy. Mathis... couldn't make it happen. Next time. Good challenge, though. 
ocwannabe06/01/12Much cooler than yesterday across the road. 
Mike.the.Spike05/28/12Rode everything twice today, spent about 4 hours on a fantastic solo ride. I have been breaking my own promise to self, to not ride Rock-It when alone. Screw that! Took the Enduro and rode it twice today! Haha! 
spicolli197605/20/12Great ride with all the boys 
spicolli197601/15/12Great morning ride with John, Oscar, Kevin, and Max 
ZULU12/05/11Added MS to this lop it was cold at the start saw frosty blades of grass and windy gusts. 
Enriquez11/26/11So much fun today. It was kinda neat watching the Pinoy group getting ready to descend Rock-It, about 40 deep. Great Ride!! 
Enriquez11/24/11Been riding for a while now but gotta say, today the temps and the tackiness of the trails were awesome. Time to eat those 1200 calories I just burned! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Great Ride! 
DONALD JACKSON10/31/11Warm afternon ride 
UphillRider6510/24/11Finally got this right, nice to have some afternoon sun. 
rushak10/01/11Out of shape. 
Ladera Dave09/24/11light rain, good riding, trail work tomorrow. 
ZULU09/08/11Hot today! 
Gears of Joy09/07/11HOT HOT HOT!!! It was over 100 degrees in the canyon today. Probably not the best day to go doing my first Aliso Tour but I trudged through it with only one short break in the shade to wipe some sweat off (I was dripping), and one short break to repair my unresponsive seat post (wouldn't drop). Had pretty much the entire place to myself; not even the animals were out on a scorcher like today. We should get bonus points for rides in over 100 degree weather! 
Mike.the.Spike08/27/11Not sure what's happened to me, I used to be scared of mountain lions and solo riding. This summer, I swear it's all I've been doing is solo riding--can't seem to get enough. Weird but wonderful. Rode 2 laps around Aliso in the heat today. 
rushak08/17/11HRM on the fritz. 
Mike.the.Spike08/07/11First time in two years I found myself with absolutely no responsibilities limiting my ride time. What a great, slow paced, scenic solo ride I had today. Complete solitude. 
JD15808/07/11Saturday ride. 
JD15807/31/11Rode with Rushak. Stung in the head coming down from TOW and lost my car keys somewhere out of the jersey pocket, still a fun ride! If found please PM me or return to ranger station. Thanks! 
rushak07/30/11Great ride for me...not so much JD with a bee sting and lost keys on the trail. If anyone finds any keys out in Aliso, please return them to the ranger or hit me up. 
gmann06/27/11First time doing the Aliso tour. Made it up Meadows for the first time without dabbing. Great breeze the whole way. 
spicolli197606/11/11Great ride with everybody today. We did a different route but this just about sums it up. 
Congo Kid06/11/11Cool and foggy this morning. Rode damp almost the whole time, as thick mist/dew in the air. Glasses wet and brake levers wet most of the time. 2 Quail and a zillion rabbits were all the wildlife I saw. Sun never did come out during the ride. Didn't feel too strong at start of ride, but felt better 2nd half. 
trekstorm06/02/11Need new legs... 
RaulC06/01/11Saw a bobcat on way to dripping springs - trotted in front of me for about 75 yds then sprung into bushes - its why we ride! 
rushak05/26/11Good after work ride with JD. 
JD15805/26/11After work ride with Rushak. A little bit tired from the previous days...almost went for the pizza & beer idea, but glad we decided to pedal instead. Bent a tooth on the chainring..DOH!! 
DONALD JACKSON05/09/11Digging the cool weather 
Ladera Mike04/24/11First time doing the whole tour. Started early to avoid the crowds. Meadows was super slick climbing from all the drizzle, least fun I've ever had climbing it. The rest was awesome. 
Congo Kid04/16/11Solo ride and gorgeous weather. Warm, but cool breeze blowing the whole time. Very few folks out this afternoon. Interesting. Maybe they all went out and played in the morning. First time up Mathis in 2nd gear.Saw a gopher snake on Meadows descent, otherwise a handful of quail was about it wildlife-wise speaking. 
Mike.the.Spike04/04/11Saturday Ride. Saw a nice sized rattle snake coming down Rock-it. 
Mike.the.Spike04/04/11Sunday Ride. Saw three deer grazing just about 20 feet away from me. Then saw a small rattle snake on the way to TOW. What a great day. 
spicolli197604/02/11Great ride with John and Kevin. This was pretty close to the ride we did. 
Mike.the.Spike03/27/11Saturday: Took a mid-day study break. A little muddy but trail was in pretty good shape. 
Mike.the.Spike03/20/11Wasn't going to ride today, was feeling tired from a horrible cold. Needed a study break so decided to do a quick solo ride later in the day. Just kept thinking the rain is coming tomorrow so I got off my keester and rode today. (Sorry to those I was supposed to ride with early this morning but cancelled.) 
JD15803/02/11Solo ride after work. Ran into trobe1 coming up Rockit as i was headed down. Sorry I didnt recognize ya at first Tom...Rockit had my attention at that moment =) 
rushak02/23/11Extended lunch ride. 
JD15802/23/11Nice to squeeze in a ride in the afternoon on a weekday. Trails overall were in good condition aside for some ruts to watch out for. Rode with Diego. 
nharper01/16/11First time to Aliso and it was great. I really enjoyed the tight single tracks and loved Rockit and Lynx. 
rushak11/30/10Nice afternoon for a ride. Vacay is nice. 
Mike.the.Spike11/14/10BunnyKiller skidded right into a bush descending Meadows, I'm still laughing! 
angry red squirrel11/05/10something like this-1st time here-just exploring- 
rushak10/10/10Everyone must have thought it was too hot to ride, but Aliso was nice today. Cool breeze and an almost empty park. Ran into Pmcmasters on Meadows. :-) 
MattyJ09/16/10Kicked my ass, out of gas. Did not eat well before the ride. 
JRA08/29/10Nice social ride with Kevin.AWESOME weather! 
Jake c('.'c)08/24/10Went down Car Wreck instead of Lynx. My wife wants me to take her out and show her some trails. Can't wait to take her down that one. haha 
RollnStone08/20/10Skipped Lynx and added Car Wreck...total over 18 miles. 
Ladera Dave08/07/10Thanks Share for a great turn out for trail work today, nice weather also and food. 
trekstorm08/02/10Been some time since I've been here. Nice for a change. 
HillKiller07/29/10Awesome ride today but HOT and windy! Gotta do it again! 
Jake c('.'c)07/26/10No MILF sightings today. I didn't particularly enjoy climbing Mathis today either... not that it's ever been much fun really. I'd have turned around if it weren't for the breeze and that ride back down Meadows at the end. 
Quikflip2707/20/10Cruising pace enjoying the marine layer and cloud cover that seemed to only be over the park. Found more of Aliso's hidden gems along with a 3 foot garter on coyote run. 
Keith B07/17/10Early beat the heat ride with Sarah and Ryan. Meadows was fun on the way up and down. Scooped a fly out of Ryan's eye with a house-key (!) after an insect attack. Rode down the middle of Rock-it for the 1st time in ages - enduro sucked it up. 
IceCreamAndCake07/13/10whew! different (hard) in the heat. 
rushak07/13/10Started out as a ride with James and JD, but turned into a hammerfest once we started climbing Mathis. It cooled down quite nicely. 
JD15807/13/10Nice warm afternoon. Started the ride with Rushak and James. Tried to put in a good effort but legs werent having it today. 
jb_29er07/09/10get out and ride.... 
steeleboat07/05/10RaulC does exist, he's not just a legend. 
RaulC07/05/10Nice grueling ride with Steeleboat 
DONALD JACKSON06/27/10Carbon x control out today, Good afternoon 
Slow Ride06/20/10Good morning ride with cleanbeater and vt1ryan... bike felt good, I felt good, its was a great ride! Good job on finishing the ride cleanbeater after the OTB... 
cleanbeater06/19/10Rode with Slow Ride and VT1Ryan. Excellent ride except for an OTB at the last surprise rock climb towards the bottom. Stuffed my front wheel at the top, I continued up and over, and sacrificed by arms to save my face/head. Dusted off and finished the ride. 
GoneRiding06/08/10Good solo ride to clear my head out. No sun entire ride. Saw a few other riders out there. Lots of rabbits especially on Meadows. Meadows needs some of the mustard plants cut back, especially near the top. Saw a tarantula on the singletrack that leads out of Meadows. 
TomG06/01/10Rode every trail in the park. 2x down rocket too. nice park. 
JD15805/31/10Fun ride with the whole group. Thanks Carolyn and Scott for getting everybody together for the ride and bbq afterwards!! 
rushak05/31/10Group ride with Carolyn on Sunday. Sweet BBQ afterwards thanks to Carolyn and Scott!!! 
DONALD JACKSON05/30/10Started with the group, Pretty busy in the park and starting to get warm 
JRA05/25/10Up Rocket for the first time;I almost cleaned it:) 
Hellride05/25/10Becoming my favorite course... 
Burgemeester05/24/10Early morning spin with Boerseun and Steeleboat - it's been way too long since our last visit, and it showed with the downhills! Good ride lads - almost ran into a flock of deer on the way to mathis. 
Boerseun05/23/10A great early morning ride before church...Burgemeester & Steeleboat (who showed-up late...you would think old people wake up early!) joined in the fun! 
James_9505/14/10Riding with Rushak...always a hard workout for me. 
rushak05/13/10Good ride with James. He killed it out there today. 
IceCreamAndCake04/27/10Nice and cool out. Kept the snakes off the trails. 
Hellride04/20/10Good ride. Get it in before the rain. Rattler on Mathis. 
Hellride04/20/10Good ride, steep climbs, challenging technical descents. Packs a lot in 17 miles. 
RoughRiderR04/03/10Good ride with grand master b and graham. nice weather..oh how i love the spring. 830 ride which was early. bowling a beers the night before. 
Keith B04/02/10Good Friday ride with Graham and Ryan. Good to be back on the Enduro altho only having the front brake working made things interesting. Cleaned meadows - dont recall managing that before. Lynx and Rock-it seemed in primo shape. Fun times. 
rushak04/02/10First ride of the afternoon. New PB by 11 minutes!...don't know how I managed that. Must be the Tallboy. Bike is just awesome out at Aliso. 
Congo Kid03/27/10Lap 1 of 2 today. Rode solo. Freezing cold at start of ride. Warmed up nicely by the time I hit TOW. Lots of hikers and bikers out. Saw 2 rattlers - 1 coming up Meadows about 2.5 feet long, and a monster one about 4-5 feet long on the West Ridge. 
Congo Kid03/27/10Lap 2 of 2 today. Legs started to fade 2nd time up Meadows. Heat was a factor, but there was a good breeze. Took more breaks on this lap. Ran out of gas towards the end. Needed to get the miles in for the Project Rwanda 50 miler. I bet I saw 500 caterpillars on the trails. They were everywhere. Tough second lap. Totally pooped! 
spicolli197603/27/10Great morning ride with John and Brian. Feels good to be back on the bike. 
IceCreamAndCake03/02/10Fun ride today.Saw a rattlesnake warming up on the paved road.Cool. 
Quikflip2701/30/10Craving to try something new so I visited Aliso for the first time. YEE-HAW! Great route to get the best out of Aliso. Climbed up Mathis thinking "I can do this!" Started so foggy I wasn't sure I was going the right way...burnt an extra hundred or so calories saying good morning to everyone. Still hungry for more after the ride so... 
drg01/16/10lots of walkers! 
Congo Kid01/09/10Perfect riding day. Rode with my son. Felt fine till Mathis, as back was tightening up bad. Ran out of gas going to TOW then quads cramped at base of Meadows. Fortunately easy ride to the finish by that point. Never had that happen before. Great day for a ride with perfect weather! 
ZULU12/30/09Nice chilly morning but the trails are nice and ready to ride. 
Slow Ride12/29/09What a disaster... put a new rear tire and rotor on and the bike felt great. Noticed the GPS turned off somewhere in the rock garden, then while climbing mathis my left crank came off... stripped. New XT's going on tomorrow bye bye Truvativ Stylo's. 
Slow Ride12/07/09Good ride with cleanbeater, David, and iamjay... 
cleanbeater12/05/09Rode with Slow Ride, Dave, and iamjaymartin. Cold today. 
IceCreamAndCake11/30/09hard ride after twelve days off the bike for holiday travel!saw a tarantula on coyote near rockit.first one i've seen here. 
IceCreamAndCake11/18/09solo ride after short workday.pushed hard on the climbs,but goofed around alot on the tech stuff. 
Byron B10/25/09solo ride.. trying to get my form back on the mtn, things felt okay.. Got a flat doing some extra credit and called it a day.. 2 flats in two rides.. Hope the ANGELS PULL THRU... 
Twitch10/10/09PB They are working on the trail above Meadows that goes around the houses. 
Mike Honcho10/04/09Good ride with Rough Rider 
Congo Kid10/03/09Great training ride with my son. Nice and cool this afternoon, but a few spots brought on the sweat (climbing Mathis). Sun right in my eyes on the climb, and for some reason my halo wasn't working well, so sweat was stinging my eyes. Brutal. No wildlife today, and very few folks on the trails for some reason. Fall is definitely here with cooler weather. 
Two Tired09/13/09Nice morning ride with Mark. Weather finally cooled off. Lynx is getting pretty loose these days. 
Greo1009/10/09Up Rockit to TOW down Lunx up Cholla and back to Rockit - mixed up the std ride a bit. 
RollnStone09/07/09Rode some extra credit (about 18.4 miles total). Stopped to help a guy fix his flat but the stem was torn and both of us had just used our spare tubes. He walked out to MILF park from Lynx. 
Burgemeester09/06/09A superb ride w/ RaulC - trails were pretty busy for the most part, but not too much on the downhills! The kid SMOKED me on the downhills - thought I was a beginner out there! Kudos, and thanks much! 
RaulC09/06/09Nice "easy" ride with Burgemeester 
Patreek O08/27/09Too hot 
Damon M08/24/09Mathis 14:18 Cholla 6:38 
Ladera Dave08/23/09Good training today, a lot of hikers on all trails. 
Maneux08/22/09Lots of riders, hikers, runners, stollers, backpackers, etc out today. Stopped a lot to check the route/directions. Nice ride but the humidity high with slight rain in the morning. Meadows is more fun going down than going up! 
Twitch07/23/09Solo, saw GDR out on the trail. 
Dmac07/23/09LANCE is still the MAN !!! 
Ladera Dave07/21/09Great ride with my STR buds 
Rowsby07/21/09Rob and I. Hot weather, cool ride on the Nomad's. 
Dmac07/14/09Wore my Tattoo arm warmers today - to try to prevent my forearms from going two shades darker than the rest of me - Nice ride thru Aliso. 
Dmac07/06/09Windy today but it was a nice breeze . Got a little hot into the corners going down rock it - almost hit the rider coming up - missed it by that much. 
Two Tired07/01/09Rode Tuesday afternoon. It was hot going up Meadows. Came across a rattlesnake at the bottom of Mathis, but it quickly scooted off into the brush beside the trail. 
goldrunner06/25/09Very windy. Good seeing Royster and his not so old oldlady ;)out on the trail. Fun ride and not a lot of peps out. Gave a guy from Chicago directions at the top of Mathis and told him about Geo, probably wont be seeing many routes there, with any elevation any way.. 
Dmac06/17/09Sweet ride noticed on the way out that my rear rim was out of true - Lost a spoke somewhere on the ride? I'll be in the garage tomorrow fixing it. 
Burgemeester06/14/09Good morning ride with Slopush, Steeleboat and Luis47...Steeleboat continues to amaze us with his knowledge on bike maintenance - zip ties are definitely the spice of the month! Thanks lads! 
slopush06/14/09Fun ride w/ Burgemeester, Steelboat and Lewis. Steelboat broke a cable but a zip tie got him home on top of his bike instead of pushing it! 
Dmac05/14/09It was a sweet ride on a sweet day, the Yeti ran strong on my new tubeless tires. 
rushak05/13/09Such an underrated route. It's been awhile since I attempted this one and I finally cleaned the Meadows climb on my 29er SS! I'm pretty stoked I was able to do it. That really took alot out of me making the rest of the climbs pretty tough. I even cleared dripping cave for the first time with my 32X19 gearing. Aliso has so many steep and challenging climbs. 
trekstorm05/08/09Quite cool today as the clouds were blowing in. Especially at Top of the World. 
gaucho05/04/09Ride with Jerry, Phil, Rick, Pat and Scott. Twisted ankle coming down start of Meadows. Skipped Rock-It this time. 
trekstorm04/24/09A really nice ride today. On the cool side. Saw a few baby rattlers here and there. 
Congo Kid04/21/09Rode alone today. Son was tired and didn't want to ride in the heat. Wimp. Not as hot as I thought it would be; nice breeze all afternoon. Of course, I was always riding into the wind... Saw some quail and 1 little gopher snake. Was passed by Rushak going up Mathis on his SS. Good to meet him at the top. Didn't feel too strong today - Saturday's ride still lingered. Legs burned a bit up Meadows till the lactic acid was expunged. Good day to be out though....sure beats being in the office! 
JCampbell04/18/09Thursday's ride. Looking forward to this weekends riding. EDIT... didn't realize it would give me extra points for distance being that it was dated before today's ride. For all you point junkies, no hate mail please. 
Congo Kid04/14/09After work ride with my son. Rain kept threatening off and on, and got a few drops at beginning, but cool riding throughout. Lots of beetles out on the trail today - ran over a bunch too. Went off trail coming down Meadows, but didn't crash. 2:09 ride time. Felt good and strong today. 
Cheez Samitch04/12/09Love this route -- 23.25 miles out and back from my house. 
Two Tired04/12/09Fun ride with Ron, Kevin and Art. Trails in great shape. 
Greo1004/10/09Lots of people out for a Tuesday - Trails are in OK shape 
ZULU04/03/09A great morning ride today. A little bit slower but been riding alot this week. 
Ladera Dave03/31/09Nice ride with my friends to beat the darkness 
Terry Best03/31/09Headed over to the other side of town to squeeze this in before visiting my mom. Sorry to the lady filming the bobcat at the Lynx trailhead...I had no idea what you were up to until he was right under me. Everybody was polite and courteous on the trails today. High fives! 
oc_laske03/29/09Morning ride with nstilwell. Little dark and overcast, but the temps were perfect. 
tweasol03/22/09What everyone said, Shows you what's up with Aliso 
tweasol03/21/09Good temps, Wanted to hit this and Some LCWP but at the end of this I didn't have time. Saw Ryan Forest up on west ridge. Maybe regretting not doing the 50-miler? Saw a lot of riders doin it on the way over...Oh well 
PaulV03/20/09Quiet cool overcast morning with some fog at TOW. Not too many people out, saw the lopes mobile at the main parking lot when I got back. This route has a great flow to it. splits: up Meadows(kiosk to kiosk)=13:00 gate to TOW=27:21, down Lynx=2:01,up cholla=4:33,down Rockit=5:07 up Mathis=11:36, down Meadows=5:44 (stopped to yield to climber), gate to gate=1:35:38 
Byron B03/16/09Saturday ride with Ryno.. feeling good and stoked on climbing mathis from bottom to top of the world with no breaks (un-clicked once, dam rut).. 
DirtyMedic03/03/09Nice day, uncrowded, cool, trails in good shape! 
Finefield03/01/09First time and last on this route lots of people,hikers, and speed limit is 10 MPH 
slopush02/22/09Cool morning ride w/ Burgemeester. No rabbits were run over so all is well. Thanks for the ride man! 
Burgemeester02/22/09Conditions were perfect - cool, great trail conditions and hardly any traffic, and then there was me - grinding like crazy trying to keep Slopush in sight - the kid's a billy goat! Thanks for the ride - awesome to be out there! 
PaulV01/18/09got out this AM and enjoyed the sunshine in Aliso. Tons of people out, a little bit of everybody. Took it mainly easy but pushed it up Mathis. 
Two Tired01/05/09Sunday morning ride. Not able to post until today. Nice ride with Ron, Kevin, Mark and his son Jordan. Cold at the beginning. Trails nice and tacky. 
Byron B12/08/08yesterdays ride.. did an extra credit down hill over by the water tanks that ryan showed me. great conditions with a few people out.. thanks to ryan my climbing/ downhill skills are picking up quickly. 
Two Tired12/08/08Only Mark and me today. Trails are in great shape. Nice to follow Mark on the downhills and try and learn better technique. 
Mike.the.Spike12/07/08Saw two deer, a mother and a baby. Not the least bit afraid of us and just stood there nibbling on the grass. A great ride today. 
Mike.the.Spike11/30/08What a day! 
Patreek O11/23/08Amazing how much easier it is to climb in the cool temps 
TREE11/17/08Nice ride - much needed 
ThinkFast11/05/08Solo. Middle ring on all but the connector to Alta Laguna. Lots of goats at the top of Meadows. Saw Chamley at TOW as I was ending the ride and rode down Meadows with him. Nice and cool out today, what a treat. 
trekstorm10/27/08Solo ride today. Warm temps but started to get quite cooler finishing up. Lots of riders today. 
Mike.the.Spike10/25/08Just two of us today, fun riding for a few hours. Talk about soothing the soul. I hope there are trails in heaven. Saw a deer! :-) 
Two Tired10/22/08Solo ride. Not too many others in the park. Too hot! The Meadows ascent was painful. 
goldrunner10/19/08Rivette! Crowded probably the norm for this place on the weekend. Had derailor issues and the sleeves for the cable housing rattle like crazy, need to come up with a solution to fix this, so loud it is embarrassing.. 
Ladera Dave10/12/08A little windy today 
Congo Kid10/11/08Rode with my son this morning. Cold out, but sunny. Tons of hikers and bikers out today. First time up Meadows without stopping for me. First time up Mathis without stopping for my son. Way to go! Feed at top of Cholla. Last big training ride before Springville Fat Tire Classic next weekend. We're ready. 
spicolli197610/10/08Great ride with Dan. I saw the sunrise yesterday at Santiago and watched the sunset in Aliso today. Good times!!!!! 
One Flew OTB10/04/08Solo midday ride. Nice cool weather for a change. First time up Meadows in a few years. First time I made it ever. Felt pretty good today. One slo mo OTB going down rockit ... glad I landed in the dirt instead of the rocks. Good climbs on this route, but still fun with the singletrack. 
One Flew OTB10/04/08Good climbs, good tour of what Aliso has to offer. Probably a pretty tough route if you're not in decent shape. Fun route! 
ThinkFast10/02/08Solo. Too much of the good life for Brian so he flaked :o) Middle ringed Meadows again then cruised the rest of the way. Feeling tired after riding more than usual the last few weeks. 
ThinkFast09/17/08Solo. Legs felt tired but strong? Pushed middle ring on most of the route except the dirt connector above Meadows and the top of Dripping Cave. 
DONALD JACKSON09/15/08A nice strong sunday afternoon ride, Kept crossing paths with a couple other riders, 
FallAgain09/15/08early morning cruise 
PaulV09/15/08Felt a little bit like fall this AM dropping into Aliso, but warmed up for the climbs! Seemed like lots of people were out. Ran into Homie and BRD coming down Meadows. Felt pretty good despite coming off a cold. splits; gate to TOW=28:17, to Cholla top=45:05, to mathis top=1:16:36, (up Mathis 11:46), to TOW=1:21:15, gate to gate =1:39:35 nice ride!! 
singlespeedrider09/07/08Closest route to the one done. Went up Cholla Three Times down telonics and up Stairsteps. Hit Rockit Lynx TOW pretty much everything. 
slopush09/06/08It was great to get out and ride with the boys: RaulC, Burgemeester, Shine, TRB, Justin and Boerseun. No crashes, just lots of smiles- and sweat! Thanks guys for a great morning. 
Burgemeester09/06/08Suporb ride with the lads this morning - felt great going up and down the climbs! Thanks Boerseun, Slopush, RaulC, Shine, TRB and Justin - that was a good turnout! 
Boerseun09/06/08Morning ride with my dirt brothers Burgemeester, RaulC, Slopush, Shine, TRB & Justin. 
Shine09/06/08Simply, a redonkulous ride. Suffered like no other in recent memory, but was all worth it with good buds. Luckily there was a tow truck willing to pull me up mathis, 1-800-SLO-PUSH. :-) Thanks mates! 
Jake c('.'c)09/05/08It's pretty hot out there but Aliso had a nice breeze today. Found an Avid brake pad on Meadows. First ride on a new rear wheel I built last night. 
trekstorm08/27/08Solo ride today. Everyone else wanted to do Whiting. Good luck with the heat. Weather was picture perfect at Aliso. 
DONALD JACKSON08/23/08warm but a breeze, 
S.L.O. Phil08/21/08Good ride Tom. You took that crash like a champ. And you saved me by having the master chain link. I owe you one. 4:17 down Meadow 
GoneRiding08/21/08Good long ride except for my crash on Lynx. Probably one of the hardest falls I have taken. Went OTB and landed on my head. Had to take a few minutes to regroup. Helmet saved my a@$! Knee and hand hurts but we pushed on and finished. Fixed Phil's broken chain at the bottom of the Mathis climb. 
S.L.O. Phil08/18/0815:35 up Meadows. 14:06 up Mathis. 4:21 down Meadows. There was a collision at the top of Rock-it. Bad timing with hikers and us going in opposite directions at the blind curve. The other guys crashed but was ok and went on riding. I didn't crash, even though we clipped peddles. Close call, could have been a lot worse. 
rushak08/16/08Nice ride with Jake. It's been awhile my friend. GPS shut off on rockit. 
trekstorm08/16/08Part one. Spent almost 4 hours in the park. In no hurry to get home. 
Jake c('.'c)08/16/08Thanks Rushak for getting back on the bike. I haven't ridden in a long time so this one hurt a little. Saw John in the parking lot after the ride. 
DONALD JACKSON08/15/08blk x control with new rear tire. Traction climbing is great. Sunset and then down meadows 
Patreek O08/08/08There was a big rattler cruisen accross the trail today. 
Code_Blue08/03/082nd half 
Two Tired08/01/08It's been a while since I have been to Aliso, trails were great except for Meadows. 
Mike.the.Spike07/28/08Went through Aliso Wood Canyon today with a great group of 5 riders. What views from "the top of the world". We even went back up the fire road to come back down coyote trail. We were tired but what a great day this was. Gotta say wasn't thrilled with Meadows, rutty, loose, just begging to snap your collarbone. Ehhhhh. 
GoneRiding07/23/08Earlier start then yesterday afternoon to beat the crowds. This ride kicked my butt today. There was some type of device set up on the fire road between Lynx and Cholla that looks like a tracking device. Another one may be going up on the fire road near the top of Cholla. Stopped and talked to Don on my way out. 
TREE07/12/08Crowded, even at 8 in the morning. I thought more folks would be jammed up in Whiting instead of taking in Aliso. 
ZULU07/10/08perfect morning to ride today. I little humid but great way to start the day. 
S.L.O. Phil07/08/08Time includes Five-oaks > Lynx. Tom was there at the start so we rode together. Nice to ride with you Tom! The Tahoe ride sounds cool. 
RollnStone06/27/08Overcast for the first 45 minutes, then it started to heat up. Took more than 1 hour off my previous time (which was a long time ago). 
S.L.O. Phil06/23/08There was fog when I started, but as I got closer to it, it burned off. Yep it was hot. 
thatdave06/22/08Dave,Brad,& Myself Dave had a flat again !! 
suchafingahole06/18/08Solo,Garmin kept going off!hot out there today. 
Code_Blue06/17/08Fun not too hot 
trekstorm06/16/08Part two. Saw 3 rattlers and 2 trantulas. Warm ride with a nice breeze at top of the world. 
genusmtbkr506/15/08TAV patrol. Nice marine layer keeping thing cool in the morning then sun breaking out as I was finishing. 
trekstorm06/11/08Much warmer today than yesterday. All sun no clouds. Also had a couple guys from work. Great job Jim and Oscar! 
ZULU06/10/08Nice overcast and cool morning to ride the Aliso tour. 
trekstorm06/10/08Downright cold as the wind and overcast came in earlier than yesterday. Still a good ride. 
trekstorm06/09/08From sunny skies to fog and overcast at the top of the world. Had to stop a bit as a rattler going accross Meadows. All in all a gratifying ride 
project_d06/08/08Hot day and good times, even though I was by myself. 
suchafingahole06/02/08OTB coming down meadows. Next time, the snake dies! 
genusmtbkr505/26/08good ride today with OMR, JamR, Art, Beth and Brenda. Good to see others as well, the trials were in perfect condition. 
Ladera Dave05/22/08Rain all aroound, The entire ride I stayed dry. 
trekstorm05/20/08Just a cruise pace. What a difference weather wise too from hot sun yesterday to clouds and a little misting. Lots of riders out today. BTW I noticed many are parking in front of church where they recently painted red. I'm sure they painted it red for a reason. 
Ladera Dave05/15/08Nice ride with my friend from up North. 
suchafingahole05/14/08Did this route while waiting for Troy to arrive! 
Holy Roller05/13/08Actual route: Up Meadows-TOW- down Mathis, up Cholla, down Rockit, up Mathis, TOW, down Meadows= 19.00 miles. Started at 1pm, kinda hot, very windy. No stops or breaks on the uphills!!!!!! 
thatdave05/10/08Dave,Tom,Joe,Myself Joe didn't want to wait on Tom so he left 15 minutes before us and we never saw him again Tom & I did wahoos afterwards then my son james game they won so now there in the finial game...at the lake next week for the champonship !! 
Jake c('.'c)05/08/08Solo mission after work ride. Trails were pretty busy this Thurs evening with a few big groups of riders. 
Holy Roller05/07/08Met Trobe before ride- nice to see you! Actual loop: Wood Cyn-Coyote-Mathis-Lynx-5 Oaks-Wood Cyn-Coyote-WC-Cholla-Rockit-DC-WC = 18.25 mi. Met Jeff at Cholla and we rode together from there-next up-SHEEP HILLS!!! NO hike-a-bike except for the last 25ft of the 5 Oaks uphill-Next time baby! 
suchafingahole05/06/08Solo, perfect temp. for riding! 
Code_Blue05/06/08Nice size group.......had fun! 
xcShane05/03/08Meadows is quite a climb. Kinda sketchy climbing in parts because of low visibility due to some high brush. 
Boerseun04/27/08It was really HOT out there...joined Burgemeester for this ride. Ran into David who had a broken chain and spend nearly 30min fixing his bike. 
Burgemeester04/27/08Cooool ride in hot conditions! Boerseun and I started early, but it got hot climbing those hills! Nothing like going down Meadows to end a stellar ride - thanks. 
genusmtbkr504/26/08Took Jessie on his first tour. It was really hot out today. 
ZULU04/25/08Nice breeze but very warm today. Took the SS out today. 
Code_Blue04/24/08Fun stuff! 
Rocjock04/20/08took a hiatis, then ate it big 
Two Tired04/16/08Tuesday afternoon ride. Great weather and trails are in great shape. Only problem was trying to get by cross traffic on Coyote Run due to heavy vegetation along sides of trail. 
Alpine Rob04/15/08Was a little out of it today! Kept missing gears. 
suchafingahole04/14/08Another awesome ride with Troy.Saw a rattler on meadows! 
ThinkFast04/14/08Good time with Brian. The weather was real nice. We saw 2 snakes today, 1 rattler on Meadows and lots of snake tracks. 
S.L.O. Phil04/11/08Mathis should be called "False Horizons" or "This Sucks, It's Hot." 
ericfoltz04/11/08Nice breeze kept the temps down. Saw a bunch of familiar faces out there today. 
ThinkFast04/09/08Solo. Saw a huge Bobcat on Lynx. 
goldrunner04/09/08Lap#2 gained two additional riders toward the end. Aliso was a blast today, got to do all the good stuff......... 
Alpine Rob04/08/08Gosh, was it good to get out of the house! 
FREEKENGO04/06/08Sat morning ride. perfect temps! 
thatdave04/06/08Dave,Joe,Myself hard start going up right away think we did it backwards. over to wahoos afterwards (thanks Dave) 
Two Tired04/02/08Did a slight variation. Instead of going to Meadows after going up Mathis I went to Rock It again since it was so much fun and went out on Coyote Run to the main road. 
TBlazen03/29/08speaking of wildlife, I saw this blonde! just kidding, gopher, quail, a big arse lizard and some strange orange fungus stuff 
DangerStu03/29/08Awesome ride... 
Jake c('.'c)03/26/08The Wildlife was out in Aliso today. Saw a Gopher Snake, 2 Garter Snakes, a Roadrunner, and bunny hopped a Rattler on Coyote. 
Mike Honcho03/22/0835 days until the 24 HOURS of VAIL LAKE 
thatdave03/15/08Tom,Joe,Dave,Myself,had a great day Tom & I added 10 more miles after Dave & Joe didn't want no more 
camdjkim03/11/08Has everything for an experienced rider. Lot's of fun. 
camdjkim03/11/08Great ride little bit of everything. XC, DH. 
Mike Honcho03/09/08getting ready for the 24 HOURS of VAIL LAKE in April 
Congo Kid03/01/08Light Rain and mist off and on during the ride. Thick fog/mist along West Ridge close to Laguna. Very few folks out today. Cool and nice. 
Ladera Dave02/17/08Nice ride with Crazy Boarder. 
ThinkFast02/13/08Good time with Brian. Cold out there today which made the climbs seem a bit easier. 
suchafingahole02/13/08Thanks Thinkfast for the tour, fun mellow pace today,cleaned everything! 
singlespeedrider02/09/08Garmin went dead estimated time. Mathis kicked my butt after having to ride up Meadows and Cholla. Furthest I have ever made it up Cholla lost it right before the big left hander with the rock garden in the center. Second time down both Rockit and Lynx and they get better each time 
PaulV02/06/08Aliso in great shape, some ruts here and there but no biggies, and super tacky fun dirt. Cool dipping into base of Meadows this AM (frosty) but quickly warming up on the climbs. Lots of everybody out today, good ride! 
Alpine Rob02/02/08Oh, my was it freezing going in. My eyes were watering like crazy. Forgot the computer, but did a quick bonus down the first half of the Stair Case and back. Got out as the crowds were moving in. 
JERRY01/21/081hr 35min @ 85% 
JERRY01/14/081hr 40min 75%. 
Flip01/13/08Perfect Sunday morning ride. Great views from Meadows. 
TBlazen01/12/08Still a bit muddy near top of Meadows and after TOW going down 
TREE01/11/08Morning spin - late for work by a couple of minutes, but it was worth it. Good riding this morning. 
goldrunner01/03/08Got Goldie back! She was nice and tight & well lubricated. When I road her she squeeled like a pig. I think bike shops need to test ride before they call you up and say shes all ready : ~{ 
Von-Skipp01/02/08Solo ride 
slopush01/01/08Fun ride to start the ride the year with J Rod. No wind, which was nice, and great views! 
Congo Kid12/27/07Some day I'm going to make it all the way up Meadows and not slip at that steep spot 100 yards from the top! Delightful day - a bit windy and cool. Lots of walkers and bikers out today. 
rushak12/26/07Late morning ride. Trails are in great shape. 
PaulV12/14/07whoa, frosty one in the canyons! Amazing amount of people out though, bikers, hikers, trail runners and dog walkers. Excellent trail conditions, and it did feel a lot warmer up top and in the sun. This was endurance pace with a few intervals thrown in. I had a good pace going at the end and some guy passed me, nice!! Also saw what looked like a horde of Trail Angels in the parking lot, you go girls!! 
bluerider112/13/07Good day to ride. Lots of riders and hikers. Some patchy mud spots. Its nice to ride the aliso again. 
S.L.O. Phil12/12/07Going down Meadows at the end makes it all worth it. 
Rocjock12/05/07Trail in great shape 
GoneRiding11/25/071st time doing this route at Aliso and doing all 3 climbs in 1 ride(meadows,cholla & mathis) - felt good today - helped 2 guys(patrick&renatto) find meadows from alta laguna. told them about geoladders! 
jmart23311/24/07Great ride with the OC crew. Rode some hidden single track south of Meadows too. 
sweeper11/23/07good ride with danny jeremiah and josh. 
ThinkFast11/15/07Beautiful day for a ride. Pushed hard in the beginning of the ride and ran out of gas on Mathis. My endurance is weak these days :( 
Rocjock11/08/07Broke chain 
Shine11/04/07"...things are gonna hurt..." 
slopush11/04/07Nice day for a ride with Steeleboat, Shine, Burgemeester and Boerseun. It was REALLY crowded out there today! So much so that some guy coming down Meadows plowed into Boerseun and took him out, busting his seat in the process. Good thing Shine was there with his trusty duct tape! 
trekstorm11/04/07Nice cool temps. I don't know but I like it when it's cold and I can bundle up. 
RickV11/03/07Really foggy this morning at TOW forced me to slow down quite a bit along the ridge before dropping into Lynx. Otherwise nice cool morning for a solo ride. Personal best of 1:40:45 despite losing time due to visibility. 
Ben Boronow11/03/07Really pleasant morning ride with Andrew, Bob, Todd & Tom. The sun came out for the 2nd half and it wasn't too crowded (but we passed 2 goups of 20+ on our way out.) 
Shine11/03/07El Moro was closed, so headed to Aliso, met up with a nice group of guys (Winger, Ben, Tom, & Bob)and did the Aliso Tour. No crashes or bonks, but I did manage to get beat up Mathis by a guy WALKING... 
Winger11/03/07What a difference a year makes. The climbs didn't kill me and Rock-it, the ultimate challenge last year, was pretty much a point & roll. Good to ride with Ben & Bob again, nice to meet Todd & Tom. Good times. 
Rocjock11/03/07Did a OTH because my chain stuck on Rockit downhill. Thankfully, it was just my face that was shredded. It gave me the motivation to do mathis twice in a row- a first. 
RollnStone10/31/07Early morning fog. My glasses kept misting-up until the fog lifted. 
trekstorm10/30/07Late afternoon ride. Cold temps as the sun was going down. Glad I bundled up. 
ZULU10/29/07Perfect weather, still smell some smoke. 
Olis110/27/07Meadows was closed. Rode up Cholla to TOW, back down, both extra credits, down lynx, coyote, up mathis to TOW, down Mathis, dripping cave and home. 
slopush10/27/07First time on this ride and I really loved it. Rode with Burgemeester and Boerseun which is always fun. This may be our new favorite trail since the Luge has gone up in smoke : ) 
Burgemeester10/27/07Awesome trail with a bit of everything - even the occasional splash of H20 - just ask Boerseun...thanks to him and Slopush for a great spin - if anyone finds a canon powershot w/ a broken face in a black pouch, lemme know...thanks! Lost it comming back to the parking lot. 
Rocjock10/27/07Good to be back. I was so happy to be there I rode down Rockit 3 times, and never 3 times before. 
Boerseun10/27/07First time in Aliso/Woods Canyon...What a great area to ride...With WR/Old Camp/Luge charred, this trail will see a lot more of me! Slopush & Burgemeester were me partners in crime this morning...Starting to rain a little at the end...I hope it will help the firemen fighting the fire in Cleveland National Forest. The air quality was OK, although my chest did get tight whenever I went down into the lower parts... 
spicolli197610/16/07Great ride today. Took a couple extra credit singletrack trails that were well worth it!!!!! 
Royster7110/16/07You know it!!! This place is in great shape after the rains!!! 
trekstorm10/10/07Stupid computer. Tried for an hour last night to get on but it wouldn't so now I have to wait to log in my points at my work. Anyway ride was good and getting cold especially on Top of the World. 
trekstorm10/08/07Just enough time to do the tour. Much cooler than inland with a nice breeze. 
Big D.D.10/05/07Cool ride with the Ice Man 
K0KE10/05/07Slow paced ride with Big DD. 
FREEKENGO10/01/07solo Saturuday ride. 
rushak09/30/07Had to get out of the house today and enjoy some of this awesome weather. The rains made these trails interesting. They are all different now. Meadows felt steeper than before, but it was fast coming down. 
Napoleon D.09/20/07Stress relief hammer ride. Feel better now. 
N-A-Flux09/16/07We had a blast taking the tour! Meadows was a butt-kicker, yet prepared us for the quick climb up Cholla. Mathis to the Top-of-the-World was grueling but managed to make it up fairly quickly! Down hill sections were worth the climbs... Temp was perfect! 
jmart23309/15/07First time ride here with Sleez, Very cool place to ride. Good challange, but rewarding. Thanks to Greg and Karen for the nice ride. Oh and the old guy Al that didn't like us passing him :) 
trekstorm09/13/07Solo ride today. Just a cruise in the park. Nice cool temps. 
trekstorm09/11/07Great ride. Warm but no humidity. Lots of riders as the day got later. 
Martak09/11/07Nice night ride. Nobody on trail. Are you guys scared or what? Just kidding. Take care :o) 
PaulV09/09/07great morning ride, sunny and moderate temp's. Trails are a little loose here and there, some rain to pack things down would be nice(but not likely very soon). Encountered quite a few trail users as expected (weekend ride), all quite friendly (except group of 4 hikers coming up rock-it who didn't look happy at all,I had pulled to the side and stopped though, oh well). splits: gate to TOW=28:39, down Lynx=2:02,up cholla=4:54, up Mathis=11:58, down Meadows=5:09, gate to gate=1:40:33 
trekstorm09/08/07Late afternoon ride. Nice cool temps at the coast. Felt much better than this AM where I only had 2 hours of sleep and then worked 4 hours. Slept most of the day before decided to do it again. 
trekstorm09/05/07Wanted to have a day off but realized I can't with DaddyHC on my tail. 
Murmur09/04/07Ugh. Crazy hot. Going up Meadows about killed me - but I middle ringed the whole thing and never dropped to the Granny all day today. Did 3 start intervals (Meadows, Cholla, Mathis). Gotta catch a plane tonight. Hope it's cooler when I get back. 
PaulV08/21/07Different route but similar stats / 3 up, 3 down, 2360' ascent, all on 45 pound freeride bike (caveman training for Hurkey creek). Park at Canyon Vistas; up Cholla, down Steps, Up Willow, Down T&A (Laguna Ridge), up Canyon Acres (cleaned it), down by Mathis, Coyote/Woods Canyon back. Overcast until sun broke out at bottom of canyon Acres (perfect timing? :) splits: up Cholla=5:53,down Steps=2:33,up Willow=17:16, down T&A=3:42, up Canyon Acres=19:34. Time for some java. 
trekstorm08/21/07Great ride. Warm and clear with no humidity. Saw a deer on Coyote. 
Two Tired08/20/07Rode this on Sunday morning. Couldn't believe how hot it was going up Meadows even early in the morning. 
mtnbikej08/11/07Got a bit of a late start. Up on the ridge....cool with nice breeze.....everywhere else....HOT with no breeze. 
trekstorm08/11/07Picture perfect day again. Lots of people today. 
Quack Attack08/10/07This was my first time riding in Aliso area. Even though I had to walk-a-bike in a few places, I left exhausted but with a huge smile on my face. 
lazybumms0008/09/07Nice and easy 4 today 
Jweezy08/09/07Felt good to be on my mtb...been on the road bike a lot lately.... 
trekstorm08/09/07Had a slow start going up hill. Legs were really feeling it. Got better the longer I went. 
Code_Blue08/08/07Saw a old riding and got in a nice ride 
Jake c('.'c)08/07/07Tried to time myself tonight but there were just too many people out there going up, down, and around every corner. I saw 2 dudes crash pretty bad. Someone carved steps into the rocks on that little singletrack section that leads to the Private Road at Top of the World. Lame! One rider was badly injured when he failed to notice the new stairs and did a faceplant. I crashed pretty bad trying to pass someone going down Meadows too. I'm a dumbass for trying to pass. I'm going to avoid Aliso on Tues and Thur 
PaulV08/06/07morning cloud cover was much appreciated, not much shade on this one (none?). Trails are a little loose here and there, but overall not bad. One nice thing about this ride is you get to go up meadows right up front(yeah right :) Followed route exactly as described. Splits: gate to TOW=28:30, down Lynx 1:55, up Cholla 5:10, down Rock-It 5:12, up Mathis 12:23, down Meadows 4:48, gate to gate 1:40:18 
Alpine Rob08/04/07It was hotter than heck on the climbs. With all the hikers heckling me on the way up, I about quit. 
Jake c('.'c)07/31/07Solo ride after work. There were riders everywhere this evening. I felt fast but my time is 12 minutes slower than the last time I rode this. I guess riding with someone faster than me helps. 
rushak07/29/07Nice afternoon ride by myself. Ocean breeze at TOW felt great! Not too many riders out there. 
FalseSummit07/27/07Great ride with Oly. His legs were shot three days ago but he's found his 2nd, 3rd, & 4th wind and still riding strong! 
Oly07/27/07Great ride with my "coach". Thanks for the motivation, Wheezer! 
superjoe07/24/07ride then run with travis 
trekstorm07/19/07Yeah, yeah. I'm back at Aliso for a cooler ride than being inland. Lots of clouds rolling in. 
MarijuanaMuscle07/17/07This is the coldest ride I have done in July. Thanks to everyone who rode. 
lilmissholly07/17/07ACTUAL RIDE: up rock it that was very interesting. down lyncx, then up cholla, made it farther this time up the corner, yeah!! then down mathis to coyote and home. good ride sunday..more of those 
Chris M07/17/07Leg burner - rode with Dan. 
rushak07/16/07Great ride with some geoladders guys. Nice to meet Adam Burndum, tommy jankovich, and BigDD. c('.'c) and Erik MM also tagged along. GPS turned off in the middle of the ride so I lost half of my stats. I took a guess on time and calories. I wasn't on planning on doing this route today with the SS. Couldn't clear Meadows with the SS. Maybe I'll be able to do it in the future. 
Jake c('.'c)07/16/07Great ride today with a good group of guys. Adam, Erik, Jason, David, Tommy, thanks guys. 
trekstorm07/14/07Good ride now that the air is clear of all that marijuana. And to think, none of us found it first. (or maybe one of us planted it??) 
trekstorm07/10/07Just a cruise in the park. Not too hot today. Mostly cloudy. Did see something strange. Saw this large plane flying very low. Came from John Wayne I think and flew over ocean but went close to ocean. Being on top of the world was actually higher than this plane. It might have been a military plane. Did not see it crash so that is a good thing. 
1speedgal07/04/07Thought it would be too hot on this 4th of July but the breeze and marine layer on top of Meadows actually made it very pleasant. Lots of riders in the park 
JCampbell07/01/07Rode with Jeff and Jason... nice hot day. 
trailking@cox.net06/29/07Finally got to start early enough to do this ride before sunset. Not many riders today, which made for an easy ride on the climbs. 
TREE06/27/07Can you say "HOT OUTSIDE!!!!?" 
Royster7106/24/07Nice riding with you GDR... Saw some guy taking a shit on Mathis that was intereting. 
Ladera Dave06/24/07Great ride with Royster 71. 
mtnbikej06/24/07Great ride this afternoon. Nice breeze kept the temps down. 
trekstorm06/23/07Absolute perfect weather. Much cooler today. Started at noon with some lingering coastal clouds. Saw group with about a dozen kids ages about 6-12 all huffing up Cholla. 
Two Tired06/23/07Haven't done Aliso in a long time. Especially on the weekend. Crowded but fun and great weather. Nice to meet boss vader towards the end. 
K0KE06/21/07Rode with Big DD. Time includes 10 minutes of stop time for DD's 2 flat tires. 
CTrask06/20/07Who was the guy who decided to start this ride going UP meadows? It sure is fun to go down though. 
trekstorm06/16/07Everyone coming to coolest area today.(glad I found parking) Some trails needed traffic control. Top of the world cooler. Lots of sun with overcast over ocean. 
PaulV06/04/07Somewhat of a misadventure - 2 crashes and one flat tire. First crash was the left turn at intersection of Dripping/Mathis, cruising fast and grabbed a handful of freshly dialed in brakes,doh! Flat tire coming down pavement back to Meadows made for a high sketch factor turn. Then a trip to the bushes going down Meadows! Back to MTB-101 for me! splits: gate to TOW=27:01, gate to Rock-It bottom=51:19, gate to return TOW=1:22:36, gate to gate = 1:36:17 
Olis106/02/07Not exactly the tour. Up Mathis, down Meadows, up Cholla, down Mathis, Cave and out. 
berickson05/27/07Great fun with a wide variety of trails. It still counts if I had to push my bike up half the uphills, right? 
Olis105/26/07Wow, great ride. First time doing the actual "Tour". I don't know how some of you are pulling 1:30 on this course. That's just insanely fast. 
JERRY05/24/071hr 34min. Christine on her wht/epic kept up with me on mathis. Not bad for a mother of two! 
ThinkFast05/22/07Solo. Nice and cool today. Looks like I won't see my Litespeed Niota till at least July. I'm back on the OLD hardtail. :( 
Murmur05/14/07Good solo ride. Hammered the climbs for 3 start intervals. Middle-ringed everything including Meadows, which felt great. Almost cleaned the Meadows connector on the way back. Got on the rock but couldn't quite get over it....someday. 
cdemeis05/12/07Beautiful day. Best ever down for me on Rock-It. 
JERRY05/11/07Feeling motivated again! Saw Todd(Sho-air)again. 
PaulV05/07/07actual route was;(from Canyon Vistas) v 5 Oaks, ^ Rock-It, >to TOW, v Meadows, >back on Wood Canyon (w/ group) 
bikesurfski05/06/07killer heat going up the meadows trail made it a looong ride--beautiful at Top Of the World--could see Catalina perfectly. Not too many out 
thatdave05/05/07Just me and Dave G. Beautiful ride thru the woods added about 5 extra miles 
PaulV05/04/07big ride on the big bike - actual route may vary...(from CV);>Wood Canyon, ^ Mathis, v Lynx, ^ Cholla, >West Ridge to TOW, v Meadows, >Wood Canyon, >dripping cave, >coyote, ^ Rock-It, v Lynx. OK, my legs hurt now. 
Olis104/28/07Great ride. Not exactly tour but similar. Personal best up Mathis of 13:25. And personal best up Cholla of 5:20. 
Cranx04/25/07Hammer fest around Aliso with BigDD followed by a 90 minute, level 2 yoga class...I'm tired now. 
Waldo04/15/07Trails are in good shape, but quite dry and dusty for this time of year. Was very disappointed to see cigarette butts along the side of Mathis, despite the posted high fire danger. Please watch for careless people! 
TREE04/07/07Good ride with the guys today - they are faster than I am but I was able to crank along and finally finish. WWW.OCBOMB.COM 
ThinkFast04/03/07Solo. Great day to be on the bike. Perfect weather. 
dubjay04/02/07Saw a news van (KCAL) in the parking lot along with a low flying copter. Not sure what happened... 
JERRY03/28/071hr 31min. I love my new bike(GT Xizang Titanium)! Feeling faster going downhill on a hardtail. 
thekrings03/28/07Good solo ride... Couldn't get in first so we climbed in second gear. 
thekrings03/28/07Good mix of mountain biking. 
chanca03/27/07By myself. New route. 
Mooserider03/27/07Good ride, but really windy, i felt like i was going slow the whole time 
TREE03/24/07I think my legs are going to fall off now 
JERRY03/22/071st ride on the GT Xizang. Frame feels really good going up and down. Took it easy due to the freshly built rear wheel. 
PaulV03/19/07Perfect morning for this route. Overcast, cool, but not foggy. Minimal traffic as usual for a Monday morning (love it, less collision potential!) splits (approx) gate to TOW/ 27:30, gate to Cholla top/ 47:00, gate to mathis top/ 1:14, (up Mathis 11:28) sweet ride!! 
JERRY03/13/07High tempo ride,going for personal best. Ran into Sho-Air Todd and Brad. Also ran into Matt/Von-Skipp from AZ. Rode the hardtail and I think I'm set on only riding hardtails for racing. 
ocrider03/12/07great ride with JErry! 
K0KE03/12/07Fast pace ride with "The Hammer" Big DD. 
Big D.D.03/12/07Fast ride with Koke feeling better 
JERRY03/12/07Good ride with Sho-Air Matt/Ocrider. Got to try out his 29r. Wow that bike feels big and rides solid. Warm conditions,feels like summer already. 
FalseSummit03/09/07A few more times down Rock-it on my hardtail and I won't need that surgery that my wife keeps bugging me about! Killer ride that nearly killed me. Underestimated the climb up Meadows - brutal way to start. 
FalseSummit03/09/07Great mix of climbing and downhill. 
JERRY02/26/07Didn't really want to ride today. The creeking in my seatpost was on my nerve the whole ride. 
Alpine Rob02/24/07Beatiful Ride two days after the rains. 
Big D.D.02/21/07Fast pace with Larry 
Tom Kore No More02/20/07Good climbs. 
cdemeis02/20/07Left work early and rode with Tom. You know, Meadows has a nice name but it's a B to climb! Fun ride overall. 
trickster02/13/07Did the route in a way that added 2 1/2 miles. 
bluerider101/29/07Rode w/ Luke (redrider1). Only saw 4 mtb riders all the way to the top of the world. The weather was cool. 
m21001/28/07relaxed pace, no time taken 
That's How I Roll01/19/072nd route today of 4 
ZULU01/11/07took it easy today, big ride planned later this week. 
bluerider101/08/07It was warm today but the trail was awesome. Rock it was a nice and bumpy descent. Up and down Mathos and through the switchback and to Dripping cave. Can't ask for a better day to ride. Not too hot not too cold. 
ThinkFast01/08/07Solo ride on the old hardtail. My '07 Fox Talas died on me. Bummer, I've only been riding on it for 8 weeks. I think I'm jinxed. 
JERRY01/07/07Test riding a Scott Scale. Still launching snot rockets every ten min. Ran into Sho-Air guys. 
JERRY01/04/07Finished in the dark,still sick,Dean felt a lot more dialed in. 1hr 47min ride time. 2min break to look at the model in the 2 piece next to the Bentley. 
PaulV12/30/06great day to get out and about in Aliso. Pretty warm actually. Excellent conditions, everything is in really good shape. Nice cruiser, but did push it up Mathis chasing two guys. Came in at 12:20 up, (but never closed the gap), naw, I'm not competitive! :) 
MF TITAN12/27/06saw Troy (thinkfast) in parking lot at the end of my ride.good converstaion ,he reminded me about Sat ride , hope to be there 
ThinkFast12/26/06Solo mid morning ride. Saw MF TITAN and his nice new ride in the parking lot. A lot of people out today. 
MF TITAN12/16/06rode early,with mark,victor.bill,steve.Great time,funny people 
JERRY12/14/06Meadows is super tacky! 
JERRY12/12/06Road with Johny and Todd from Sho-Air up Mathis to Meadows. Those guys are fast! They are an inspiration for me to get faster. 
XMXER12/10/06Went with MSG and Ranger Bill we kicked some ass 
mpighini12/02/06Got a flat on the bottom of Meadows. The tube I had was not the right size and then I tried to repair the old one. What a friggin' mess. 
JERRY11/30/06Legs finally kicked in on Cholla. 
CTrask11/29/06Brrrr! Coldest start of the year by far...The ground was covered in frost! Thanks Granny Ring for picking me up a brain beenie. 
granny ring11/29/06Morning ride with Craig Trask. First time in Aliso, good stuff 
mpighini11/24/06Holy crap, I thought I would do better than 2:10. I'm glad I kept the two times going, I had to stop a few times to make sure I knew where to go. I really took my time thinking I may not make Mathias if I burned out too quick. Killer ride, can't wait to do it in under 2hrs. 
JERRY11/22/06Legs still feeln good. Started to think what the hell am I doing while going up Manthis. 
ThinkFast11/15/06Early AM solo ride. Tires got full of mud going up Meadows. Only saw a couple people on the trail at the end of the ride. 
Murmur11/07/06HOT out there today. Was able to middle-ring up all of Meadows for the first time. Saw a nice sized Coyote. 
mtnbikej11/04/06Weather started out great....until we left the parking lot. Fog cleared away and warmed up pretty quick. Cholla is a lot harder on the SS than I thought it would be. 
Keith B11/04/06Eventful afternoon ride. Got a flat near TOW and 2 guys stopped to help one of which was one half of the Crank Bros. his help was as good as their top notch customer service :-) Saw 5 unicyclists heading down Rock-it!!!! Mad but looked like fun. Finished with a rest watching the sunset over the Pacific and the always fun Meadows descent :-) 
goldrunner10/30/06Solo. Early morinin. Felt great. 
K0KE10/26/06Rode with Big DD. Five 20-40's on West Ridge Fire Road. Four 20-40's on Mathis. 
TRB10/12/06Fun ride with DD. 
Big D.D.10/12/06Great ride with TRB way to push on the hills 
K0KE10/06/06Shaved 5 minutes off my best time. All this riding with TRB, Big DD and Murmur has really brought my game up. Had to stop to fix a chain issue 3/4 of the way up Mathias. 
Royster7110/04/06Looks like the Deers are back saw acouple niceee. Saw a coyote Did this solo. The name of the route suites it you will see all of aliso nice route. 
DONALD JACKSON10/01/06early Sunday morning, cloudy & cool 
Murmur09/29/06Solid ride w/ BigDD. Worked off all the junk I put into my system this week. Edge keeps shutting off on bumpy downhills (lynx/rocket) 
Big D.D.09/29/06Great training ride with Murmur, he is on a mission 
ThinkFast09/27/066:30 start. Didn't see anyone on a bike till the final climb up Mathis. What a great combination of trails. 
Cranx09/22/06Went down hard on the first steep section of Meadows coming down. Blind corner, lady was riding up, I went into and over the tree and hurt my ankle/foot...thanks for stopping to make sure I was alright lady...or not. Thanks to Big DD for pulling my bike off me. TRAIL TIP: If a rider falls near you, help them out...it's common courtesy! 
Big D.D.09/22/06fun ride with cranx until he went otb 
wolftrack09/17/06Up Rocket-Up Cholla-Up Mathis Down Lynx -Down Rocket - Down Meadows Closest to this route Hot today! 
Twitch09/10/06Great two hour loop 
Twitch09/10/06Best two hour loop in Aliso 
wolftrack09/09/06closest ride to what I did - need a new GPS to add the route up cholla - down lynx-up rocket - down cholla to coyote - up mathis - down meadows 
ocrider09/07/06Awsome ride! Rode the last half with JERRY 
JERRY08/28/06killing time while car is in shop 
XMXER08/16/06Went with Ranger Bill 
Winger08/12/06Fun ride with Ben & Tim. Perfect weather. 
m21008/12/06first geoladders ride. very cool.... 
Ben Boronow08/12/06Had a great ride with winger & m210. It didn't start to warm up until Mathis, but still not too hot. I like this route! Nice variety. 
swedenborg08/09/06good ride 
Cranx08/09/06REPOST from 8/7: Fun ride with D.D., Don Jackson, OCRider and Terry. Went down Meadows after sunset...kinda difficult to see with almost no light. 
Cranx08/09/06Great route with a little bit of everything. 
DONALD JACKSON08/07/06Group ride. Rode x control. had a flat 
Big D.D.08/07/06always a great ride nice to meet Donald. Cranx has the best gel packs 
Terry Best08/04/06Great solo ride yesterday. Was great to see OCrider hiking up Rock-It with his Aunt. Also, Kentonn phoned me just as I started up Mathis so at least I had some company up that climb. 
MF TITAN07/31/06did this on Sun 
Hermit07/20/06Just me and my printed trail directions. Lots of riders out. 
Big D.D.07/18/06Solo ride on my first day of vacation 
PaulV07/18/06getting warm out there, even at 8AM. This is a good loop to crank out when you are feeling like some punishment!! splits: gate to TOW;28:30, bottom of Lynx;40:00, bottom of Rock-It;55:00, up Mathis under (but close to) 13:00, back to TOW at ~1:20. 
geofsanberg07/12/06Was Just comming back in and saw the Haro Demo set up in the parking lot and just had to take one back out for a spin. 
RollnStone07/09/06Really stupid OTB on Lynx. Left some skin on the rocks. Got very hot on the final climb up Mathis and TOW. 
mtnbikej07/09/06Great ride tonight. Temps out were perfect. Nice breeze. Bugs started to get bad towards dusk. 
Terry Best07/05/06Great ride with George & BigDD. Endurance pace. Very very warm! 
Terry Best07/03/06Solo endurance ride with a couple of intervals. Came across Scottster and his hot date on the trails. Always great to come across people you know. 
Big D.D.07/02/06Fun ride with Terry Best and Animaltico very hot but still better than work 
DONALD JACKSON06/26/06hot and humid 
kernel06/25/06w/ thoranz, awesome ride out there! trail was sooooo fun 
MF TITAN06/24/06started at 6:30 / nice/ more joggers than riders this early 
OldCrasher06/22/06Rode with Tim/Luis - Tried to keep HR between 151-155. (15 min in range) 
DONALD JACKSON06/18/06additional ride time from home aprox 1 hour 
super chicken06/18/06Variation: wood canyon, dripping cave, cholla, stairsteps, canyon acres, rock-it, coyote. 
G.T. Jake06/06/06wow sweet ride 
scott v06/02/06Heat killed me. Second thought maybe it was climbing meadows. Good ride and thanks for waiting for me. 
mt dew06/01/06good to finally meet some of the geoladder guys 
XMXER05/29/06went with Ranger Bill, one change in course we went down then up Lynks. No cholla. 
Manuel Prado05/28/06Good ride with team Sho-Air-Rock N Road Cyclery. 
dleasure05/25/06Thanks to Dave, Steven, and Chris for showing me around Aliso. This is a great spot to ride. 
Big D.D.05/24/06Fun ride with Intensekip Murmur and Happymtb 
Von-Skipp05/23/06Nice day at Aliso with BIG DD, Murmur, and WES. Felt prettty good on the climbs. Good job boys. 
Murmur05/23/06Good ride w/ Intensekipp, Big DD and Wes. Perfect day - tons of people out there. Felt good. 
PaulV05/15/06still cool, a bit foggy at TOW, and a bit misty throughout. Felt pretty strong today. Splits: gate to TOW 28:15, bottom of Lynx ~ 0:40, Bottom of Rock-It ~0:55. Up Mathis in 12:25. Ran into a friend on dripping cave, so had to guesstimate the time a bit from there, but at least 8 minutes, so deducted that from total time. If you haven't tried this route, it's a good one, a little bit of everything. 
gravityseekr05/11/06My computer read 19.5 miles? Good ride, nice weather. Got caught in the dark going up Mathis, Meadows wasn't so fun going down in the dark w/o lights. Saw lightening bugs. 
PaulV05/08/06very misty, damp and foggy this morning. splits are 0:30 to TOW, 0:59 to bottom of Rock-It, and 1:30 on return to TOW. One of those mornings when I felt like someone had poured a can of concrete sludge in my legs! 
klowie05/07/06Fast on my old stumpy hardtail, but the bumps abused me. 
Murmur05/05/06Good morning solo ride. Perfect weather. Need new seals on my forks. 
scott v05/05/06Solo ride. Made meadows for the first time without touching. 
Cranx05/05/06Fun ride with hammerheads D.D. and Shleppy. Just cruised on the flats but hammered the climbs (Cholla and Mathis at least). Felt really good going up Mathis today. 
shleppy05/05/06Hit the trails with Cranx and Big DD for a mellow ride that turned into a hammer session on the last climb. Hit an all time high heart rate of 212 on the last climb before top of the world. I know sounds crazy but Chris and David were punishing me! 
Big D.D.05/05/06Easy ride that turned into a hammer session with Cranx and Shleppy 
MF TITAN05/02/06nice AM ride / A little cold and fog/on the way home stop at whiting for a quick loop / hot 
boboso04/30/06Cheated - Went in Canyon, down to Coyote, up Mathis, down Meadows, to Wood, Coyote, up Rock-it (sucked), down Lynx, up Cholla home via Hopseed. 
Murmur04/26/06Good afternoon ride with DD. Saw two big mule deer on Coyote. Perfect weather in Aliso - it looked bad towards the peak. 
Big D.D.04/26/06great ride with murmur 
Murmur04/25/06Good afternoon solo ride. Did 7+ attack intervals of 1:30 / 3min recoveries. Nice and cool today, please don't rain. Found out I took 11th in the Int. class of the Cytomax race...very happy with that - for my first short race. (very different than Vision Quest, that's for sure). 
Westermeyer04/25/06My Forerunner 301 had the elevation gain at 3,015, which is quite a bit more than the 2,560 above. 
K0KE04/24/06First time up Meadows, what a great trail! Thanks for the ride Jr. 
Ladera Dave04/24/06Trainning hard for the 24 hour race in Hurky Creek, almost ready. great day to ride 
Despacio04/24/06first time at aliso and loved it! thanks for the ride craig! good climbs and downhills 
Terry Best04/19/06Mellow ride turned into a fast ride (I'm not sure why). Was slowed down severely when I came upon 3 DH guys on Lynx who couldn't hear me behind them because of their closed-face helmets, hehe. As usual, lots of Coyote trail traffic. 
Cranx04/07/06Lanai Kai macaroni salad followed immediately by a trip up Meadows equals slow and...ughhhh. Other than that it was a great ride with D.D. through one of the funnest routes in OC. 
Big D.D.04/07/06Love this ride some realy sweet single track thanks for the ride cranx 
boboso04/02/06In at Canyon, up Cholla, down Lynx, Wood Canyon to Coyote, up Mathis, West Ridge to TOW, Meadows, Wood Canyon, Coyote, Cholla, Lynx out Canyon Vista park, home up Hopseed 
PDE03/28/06A little muddy on meadows in the AM, was better on the way back. Mathis/Cholla/Dripping cave all good. 
bte0103/22/06Flat Tire 
animaltico03/17/06fun ride w/. manny 
Manuel Prado03/16/06fun ride on my new bike! 
TD803/14/06Good ride with TRB after work. This ride offers all of the good Aliso climbs and downhills. 
TRB03/14/06PM ride with TD8. Cool and very windy. 
Murmur03/07/06Great midday ride. Meadows had a couple of slippery spots but the rest was perfect. Almost nobody out there at this hour. Felt good to be on the bike again after the Vision Quest. Made it up Mathis in just under 14 minutes. 
Sky-King03/06/06nice ride with justin a jeremy. i did the tour and met them at cholla. 
happymtbr :-)02/25/06thanks mike for the tour... nice day, nice blonds on trail. 
Murmur02/25/06Great, easy paced ride w/ happymtbkr. Had to clean Meadows in 2nd gear because of some grinding in 1st. Tons of people out there today. Thanks to Jason of Rock n Road in Laguna for fixing up the bike afterwards. 
Big D.D.02/24/06Sweet solo ride nice to just hammer it. 
Murmur02/12/06Great morning solo ride. Perfect weather - started getting a little warm on the climb up Mathis. Started getting crowded too. Cleaned the whole thing today. 
boboso02/12/06TVA - Up Cholla, West Ridge to Rock-it, to Coyote, up Mathis, West Ridge, down Meadows, up Wood Canyon, up Cholla, home via Hopseed 
Terry Best02/12/06Spent quite a bit of time at Aliso today. Sweet shredding ride with Sky King and then met my friend's brother, Jamal, for the final loop. Roughly 21 miles. 
DaveK02/04/062'2" at 14.5 miles 
Sleestack01/22/06Cold ride this morning. Great views, great trails. 
Sky-King01/21/06Nice ride with Justin, very very cold this am :) 
Geof Sanberg01/01/06Sure is nice to live close to the trail! 
vapor12/31/05Great early morning ride with Geof Sanberg and Scott v. Thanks for helping out with the flat guys! Was nice to see shleppy, kentonn and scottster just finished their ride. Legs were stiff but why not ride the tour? 
Intense112/28/05This has some hill climing , for sure ! 
vapor12/26/05Flatted on the road to the trail for the 2pm scheduled ride, forgot my spare tube, walked back home. Left my house at 3:30pm with lights to beat the darkness. Not many people in the park, trails in WONDERFUL condition. Rode up last part of mathis and down meadows in complete darkness (with the help of a niterider). Total ride from house 28 miles. 
xhuskr12/23/05Made a minor alteration-after Meadows; going down Rock-it first then up to Cholla, down lynx, coyote run, dripping cave, Mathis, TOW, and down Meadows. Added a bit over .5 miles to the route. Great fun. Longest continual ride I've done at Aliso...will do again...now time for a nap! 
shrek12/23/05Did this ride with xhusker.Wow it was long but a good ride! Wish I had gone up meadows better. Nice ride xhusker!!!! 
Ecobunghole12/09/05A really great ride. beautiful ride. 
Manuel Prado12/02/05Fun ride with the animal, super fast down rockit... scary fast! 
vapor11/23/05So happy to be riding again with little to no pain in the knees. Did this ride right after getting discharged from physical therapy. Climbing meadows was the only problem as I used to be able to clean it but had to stop midway b/c of some knee pain. 
mechmann11/19/05Nice ride. The wife and i took our time but it was fun for sure! 
Two Tired11/17/05Meadows just about kills me every time. I have a much harder time with this type of route than routes like Old Camp or Harding Truck Trail. Lots of fun downhill sections. 
Burdman11/01/05Ok, so this is a little off, but it's the closest I saw for my ride. Up mathis, down lynx, up cholla, down stair steps, up stair steps(hiking), down rock-it, up cholla, down meadows. Total 19.6 miles. 
Cheez Samitch10/29/05with extra 6 mile ride from & back to house 
geofsanberg10/25/05Good to be "back in the saddle." 
Terry Best10/14/05First ride since 24 Hours @ Hurkey. Used granny gear very frequently and tried to take it easy throughout the ride. Surprised myself with a decent time. Rode from my mom's house, 21 miles total. 
vapor10/06/05Was a long ride from my house in the middle of the day between classes. Didn't plan on doing the tour but my knee felt great after staying off it for a week and a half. I'm questioning the accuracy of the calorie counter on my HRM, that can't be right. 
Murmur10/04/05First time doing the tour, first time doing Meadows. Awesome solo ride....although going up Meadows about killed me. Perfect weather, great views, not many people on the trail this afternoon. 
Craig Hopps09/10/05Great to ride with Terry, George and Scott. We had some serious fun. A great route- note, the first and last climb on this route are the biggest efforts. The first climb is the steepest and will really warm you up for the rest of the route. (which is more forgiving) 
Ecobunghole09/09/05Improved my time by four min. I didn't see a single person the whole time I was out there. Thats rare for aliso! 
animaltico09/06/05GOOD RIDE !,, LOTS OF PEOPLE ON THE TRAIL .. 
vapor09/06/05A little warm out at 1pm with few people in the park. I'm starting to get used to solo rides. 
Terry Best09/05/05Great laid back ride with great people: Animaltico, Sky King and Craig Hopps. Could barely move legs after pushing very hard on yesterday's ride but I endured. After all, it's LABOR day. Starting to get a bit too cool, already missing the summer. 
Sky-King09/05/05What a great ride, I really enjoyed this ride with some great riders, George, Terry, and Craig. Was a little tired today, because this is my 6th consecutive day riding, however, that is no excuse with these guys, and.......riding with George = PAIN :) 
vapor08/30/05Solo nonstop ride with not many people out in the early afternoon. Improved time by a little more than a minute, need to improve ascent time on meadows and mathis. Cooler weather is very welcomed. 
kentonn08/28/05Fun ride with DThunder, a little hot out. Mathis was a bear to climb around 11:00. Nice to finish the ride up on Meadows. 
whitehorserun08/24/05BEFORE WORK RIDE!! 
geofsanberg08/21/05cool morning up in the clouds. 
vapor08/14/05Did the climb up meadows with ScottC and finished the rest of the climbs solo. I can never get tired of the Aliso Tour route, even with a modest slow and easy start to the top of the world, I still got pretty beat climbing up mathis just as the sun came out to make things harder. Didn't stop after ScottC and I took different routes. Happy B-day Scott! 
Burdman08/13/05Great ride this morning. Kim C, Rebecca, and Holden really hammer. Nice and cool out. 
vapor08/13/05Sorry Tbest I couldn't stop and chat with you at the aliso parking lot, I was running out of time. Should've started earlier but 6:30 was a tad bit too late to do this ride. It's also a lot harder to do this ride non-stop and those climbs get tough. Park was pretty empty, spotted a young buck on wood canyon that didn't want to move and the descent down meadows in the darkness was sketchy. 
Cranx08/10/05Gorgeous evening with an awesome ocean breeze throughout most of the ride. Honestly couldn't ask for better conditions. 
superjoe08/10/05Meadows is still so much fun to climb. Perfect temperature great ride. 
geofsanberg08/07/05Cool morning, got started at 7:15 am, did not get hot until the end of the ride. Trail in in good shape except for some sand mostly on the fire roads. 
Cheez Samitch07/30/05Hot-Hot-Hot ... 23.3 miles from house 
animaltico07/28/05Great local ride ! 
Burdman07/28/05Mathis was tough tonight on the SS, but still managed pretty well. Meadows was awesome and realy flowed well DH tonight. 
DONALD JACKSON07/03/05mid day hot 
Terry Best06/30/05Slow spin with my friend after class. 
vapor06/14/05Nice late afternoon/evening ride with tbest and scottc on some parts. Tried to make this a training ride for the upcoming sundown series race...spotted a nice coyote 
Terry Best06/14/05Did this after Maple Springs - Motorway earlier today. Accompanied Vapor on his training ride for the Sundown Sprint race. Scott_C was with us for awhile too. Pretty fun. Very tired towards the end...Huge thanks to Vapor for driving me home (it would have been an 8 mile ride). 
shleppy06/11/05Afternoon/Evening ride with Russ and Geoff. As always...sweet views from top of the world. Did't do the Coyote loop because it was getting dark fast. 
Keith B05/23/05Alot harder ride than I thought. Lynx, Rocket and Meadows descents were awesome. Got very tired and got back as it was getting dark. Cool & misty this afternoon. Total ride time is accurate not sure how long I stopped for. 
Terry Best05/22/05Fun warm early morning ride with Scott. Came across a guy down with heat exhaustion on Mathis...gave him my gatorade and called for help. Fire trucks/paramedics came. Good ride but no cyclometer right now :( 
Scottster05/22/05W/ TBest It was real HOT, hit 102 degrees . A lot of climbing 
CTrask05/18/05This is a fun ride! I'll go back for sure. 
vapor05/16/05solo ride in cool conditions made the climbs easier and didn't need to take any significant breaks. best thing of running aliso during a weekday is the low crowds in the park 
Manuel Prado05/16/05Nice ride, a little bid of everything, singletrack steep up-hill, flats etc. Good work out. 
Terry Best05/10/05Great training ride with Vapor. Wonderful variety and good views of the Pacific :) 
TSCBeachBum05/10/05awesome solo ride. took long 20+ minute break trying to help some guy with his rear derailleur, to no avail... it was f'ed and he had to walk HOME (no car) from the bottom of cholla... 
vapor05/10/05Nice route riding most of aliso, maiden route ride with tbest 

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