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Trabuco Creek to Cleveland Gate

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dandrews01/12/21one big coyote, by O'Neill 
dandrews01/06/21short one 
dandrews12/23/20Happy Holidays everyone! 
dandrews12/19/20Finally got a short ride in. 
dandrews11/26/20...time to eat 
dandrews11/04/20Could have used that extra hour of daylight. 
dandrews10/31/20no smoke 
dandrews10/22/20Only eight weeks till Christmas, no way. What happened to 'Fall'. 
dandrews10/19/20I think they have to open that Cleveland forest gate up again one of these days. 
dandrews10/07/20evening ride, geared 
dandrews10/05/20finally cooling off 
dandrews09/21/20morning, ss 2.24 
dandrews09/14/20easy does it. ss 2.24 
dandrews09/08/20ss 2.24 - short one 
dandrews08/28/20ss 2.24 - morning ride, yay, the weekend 
dandrews08/22/20ss 2.24 - lovin the morning rides, getting up is not so bad, ...if there's cofffeee. 
dandrews08/18/20morning ride 
dandrews08/17/201x11 - somebody told me i was speeding in o'neill, ...had to agree 
dandrews08/12/20morning ride 
dandrews08/03/201x11 - Foiled again by Garmin. No-go on export GPX from Garmin-Connect site, global issue apparently. ...so, used TopoFusion to pull the data direct from my Garmin 500, ...easier than I thought. 
dandrews07/27/201x11 - Garmin Connect is up again, repost with gpx 
dandrews07/03/20O'Neil campground is hoppin 
dandrews07/01/201x11 - General Store has a new taco truck, hit that for the first time after my ride, gooood food with new tables in back to sit at. 
dandrews06/21/201x11 - okay, i'm on the blue team now, cool 
dandrews06/07/201x11 cruise 
dandrews06/01/20with a quick stop at the General Store for a recovery drink ;) 
dandrews05/25/20ss 2.0 - good ride 
dandrews05/20/20ss 2.0 - good cruise, O'Neill campground is open again, lots of campers too. 
dandrews05/15/20easy does it ride 
dandrews05/09/201x11, good ride on geared bike 
dandrews03/18/20some mud here and there, but good to be out and about 
dandrews02/06/20nice out 
dandrews02/01/20wow, beware, saw somebody get a ticket from a park ranger for 'trespassing' near the gate in this picture, as they walked back to their car after a stroll towards Holy Jim. He blocked their car so they could not leave, wrote a ticket, handed it to them. Have a nice day. (as we all know Cleveland Forest still closed due to fire). 
dandrews11/06/19they're doing more road work on trabuco creek road, the first part, ...will be even smoother, and faster :) 
dandrews11/03/19time to break out the lights 
dandrews10/30/19yep, windy 
dandrews08/20/19evening ride 
dandrews07/28/19morning ride 
dandrews07/13/19morning ride 
dandrews07/03/19morning ride 
dandrews04/25/19cool dune buggie testing the dirt by the radio airport 
dandrews04/20/19o'neil park nicely full. 
dandrews04/17/19sooo nice out there 
dandrews04/07/19Trabuco Creek Road is in pretty good shape. 
dandrews04/02/19some spinning on the ss 
dandrews03/30/19Getting over a cold, feels good to ride again. :) 
dandrews01/06/19some mud, easy to avoid most of it. 
dandrews11/18/181x11, nice evening ride 
dandrews11/16/18Fewer 4x4's cruising Trabuco creek road now since all the play areas have been blocked off. 
dandrews11/12/18brought my light 
dandrews10/16/18ss 2.0 - new, No Trespassing Sign at Trabuco Creek Road entrance, new electric fence around parker ranch, and lots of new concrete barriers where 4x4's like to play, past the radio airport. Somebody doesn't like company. 
dandrews09/28/18ss 2.0 - nice evening ride, surprised to see O'Neill campground so empty, especially on a weekend. 
dandrews08/20/18Wanted to see what things looked like up Trabuco after the fire, but they've closed the Cleveland Forest gate, to all. A ranger was on the road and I asked him how long it would be closed, he said a few months. ...added this pic. 

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