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Santiago Truck Trail - Old Camp

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dandrews07/24/21Good ride with Daniel, met new guy Nick at the top. 
dandrews05/05/21evening ride, ss 1.9 
dandrews11/29/20A few more people out than usual, ...probably since Whiting is closed. 
dandrews03/30/20Wow, great day to ride. Was going to ride up Harding but there are many signs saying no access, residents only, bummer. 
dandrews03/09/20Felt good to get a ride in! 
dandrews01/24/20Good ride with Jimmy. Surprisingly, did not see another rider, on such a pretty day. 
dandrews10/13/19evening ride 
dandrews09/29/19only saw a handful of riders, perfect riding day 
FRANCHI09/29/19Excellent temperatures. Deliciously tacky dirt. Good ride 
dandrews07/09/19backed off the tire pressure a hair, felt good 
FRANCHI06/12/19Night ride. I love riding in the night. I have more lights than the law allows. 
dandrews05/01/19A ride in a forest of yellow. 
dandrews02/19/19...it's been sooo long. :) 
FRANCHI02/08/19This is one of my favorites routes, STT back and forth. I avoid going down Luge because is too short and I like RIDING. I cleared up a rock slide about 1/4 of a mile after the flag. When coming back I rode all those single tracks existing after the tough climb. They are just GREAT! -- BTW, I started my timer from Santiago Canyon Road. 
dandrews02/01/19nice and tacky 
dandrews01/13/19Lots of e-bikes. 
FRANCHI09/14/18I started the timer from Santiago Canyon Road. 
dandrews07/16/18Quick ride with Cameron. 
dandrews07/13/18lots of riders tonight before the flag, nobody up to Old Camp though 
dandrews03/15/18some mud here and there, lots of riders 
FRANCHI03/09/18Night ride. Excellent temps. Quite a few riders tonight doing Old Camp. Good ride. 
dandrews03/05/18First ride in a while, felt it. 
dandrews11/21/17One flat, sigh 
dandrews11/10/17nice out 
dandrews10/08/17Perfect day! Saw a few others heading for Old Camp. 
dandrews09/12/17Have not ridden this since June, wow. 
FRANCHI08/06/17Night ride. Temps in the 70s with some fog. STT has been widened from Cadillac fork to Old Camp. Not a bulldozer work. More like a Jeep going up and down several times. Good ride for me considering my lack of training. 
dandrews06/03/17Nice morning ride. 
FRANCHI01/28/17It was a good ride until I got the biggest cramp of my life in my left leg. After 5 minutes still cramped. I was laying inside some bushes entangled with the bike and I could not move at all because the cramp would tighten with any movement. It was already night and 2 riders coming in the opposite direction found me like that and helped me to get up and become functional again. Thank you guys. 
dandrews01/19/17Sneaked this in before the next wave of rain. 
dandrews11/11/16night ride 
dandrews10/17/16Good ride. After hitting Old Camp and starting back down, a surprise, four jeeps just appeared at the top of Cadillac junction! People were all smiles and feeling good after 4x4ing up Cadillac. And they were asking me for directions, haha. Ah, you know that road behind you, the one you just came up? yeah that one 
dandrews09/24/16nice night time descent 
dandrews08/22/16evening ride with lights on the way back 
dandrews07/30/16nice 'cool' ride 
dandrews06/06/16gotta love Old Camp 
dandrews03/14/16not bad 
FRANCHI02/18/16Night training ride. Tacky all the way with the usual mud patches that form after the rain. In my opinion this is the best route to be ridden after the rain or even when it is raining. 
dandrews10/01/15a few riders 
FRANCHI05/07/15Training ride. No rain during the ride. Very cold though. 
dandrews03/29/15quick spin 
dandrews03/21/15much better with a front shock 
dandrews01/14/15pretty day, a few flats though 
FRANCHI12/05/14Could not resist the call to continue riding on the trail that takes off to the right from Old Camp. It ends about 1/2 mile up in a "Mini Old Camp". 
Keith B11/05/141st full night ride of Fall. Windy, dry and dusty. I was hoping for a grippy trail but if anything the rain had washed a lot of gravel onto the surface. Been a long time since I was up at Old Camp - good to come back this way for a change rather than hit the Luge. 
FRANCHI10/24/14Night ride. Half a dozen riders on STT tonight. One flat after the flag. 
FRANCHI10/11/14Explored the single track on ridge just starting(on left) resulting in nothing attractive about it. The whole trail just for myself this evening. 
FRANCHI02/27/14I had to squeeze this ride in before the big rain forecast. I have been in STT many times, but this is the first time doing this specific route. Started my ride from Santiago Canyon Road. It was foggy when going up. No fog descending. The trail was in excellent condition after last night rain. There were a few mud puddles though. It may have been a year since the last time I hit STT. BTW, it was a night ride. 
dandrews12/21/13pretty good condition, 1 flat. 
grimix09/25/13Rode from Santiago Canyon/M.Grade for 16.0mi 2,756ft but I'll take the 15 bonus points since if I upload it as a new ride the climbing will be 1900 feet :p 
dandrews09/19/13First ride without my chainguide on my 1x10. Just installed a new wolftooth crank, which is like the new x1 series cranks, worked great, couldn't believe it, no drops, ...and on STT with a rigid. 3 ounces lighter now too. http://www.wolftoothcycling.com/ 
dandrews08/18/131x10 with a front shock, felt a bit sluggish, finished in the dark 
Keith B04/08/13Fun after work ride with Ryan. We had intended to head down the Luge but jsut after we started down from Old Camp a large rock flew up and walloped Ryan's down tube shattering his rear mech cable and slicing his rear brake line in half! As he tried to slow the bike down each pump of the brake had oil squirting out from the bike. Bizzare. Came back the way we went which actually made a pretty good change. 
goldrunner03/09/13Good riding with Roy, Gerry & Denise. Wanted to do the Luge but the trail was like baby crap in lots of places and didn't want to roll around in it. Got to see some Big kitties along the way... 
dandrews12/31/12Happy New Year everyone! 
dandrews12/23/12Did a second time, 2x1, tried a different size gear. 
dandrews08/13/12started at 6:30 pm to beat the heat, it worked. 
dandrews07/21/12evening ride, brought a light this time for the descent 
dandrews05/15/12Good ride with Eric and Dave. 
dmbfan02802/26/12Started at cooks did the out and back. Went down to the real old camp, nice down there, stream was running, really cool. Over all did just over 20 miles, good ride 
CParker195901/12/12Rode Epic 29er. 
dandrews12/26/11Squeezed this in just before dark. 1 flat. 
dandrews12/16/112 flats and a bunch of wind, still worth it 
dauntlessjeep11/13/11Great ride today. Weather was nice, the ground was soft in some spots with little puddles. 
dandrews10/11/11Ended in the dark. [180mm] 
nuts4mtbikes09/30/11Awesome fun tonight. Nice to be at the new venue for my weekly SS Thursday rides. Good crew tonight...Ben, John, Rich,Dwayne, Jon, Rachel. 
dandrews05/08/1139:58 to OC 
dandrews03/17/11Lots of riders. Troy you looked fully recovered from UQ, ready for another round I bet. 
ZULU01/26/11Awesome SS ride the morning is perfect and the trail is tackey and fast. 
mtbkel4401/17/11nice ride with Paula, her hubby and his friends. The boys bailed at the Luge. The girls went to Old Camp. Go girls!! 
dandrews01/15/11just before dark 
Salpie01/01/11Lots of mud, but fun 
MoJo12/31/10A cozy 32 degrees for 7:30 start. Trail conditions called for studded tires for all of the ice. The rut that starts at "the poles" and runs up the middle of the trail to the top makes for an added challenge. 
MTB Fiend12/31/10A fitting ride for the end of a great year of great riding! The rut leading up to Old Camp makes for tougher riding, really got to stay on the power to keep from slipping in to it. Got a flat right at the end at the gate - picked up a 2" nail. Was'nt too hard to figure out how I got the flat. Great year! Great ride! 
dandrews12/28/10Couple good hab landslides a few miles from OC. Also a new rut in the middle of the trail for the last mile, otherwise not bad. 
dandrews12/09/10Good ride, a few people out. 
dandrews09/27/10started at 9:00 pm and it was still 82 degrees. 
dandrews09/02/10evening ride 
Ladera Dave07/03/10Great ride with my STR buddys, I meet in Kernville. Good food and beer afterwords. 
dandrews06/21/10evening ride, nice and cool 
singlespeedrider06/17/10Great ride had to turn on lights at the flag. First time descending STT from the flag. 
angry red squirrel05/19/10cool am temps-passed by an amazon up n back b4 old camp-took the dh bike had a blast on the way back----yippie ki-yay mfr!!! 
KeepsWhatHappens04/11/10Good ride today but quite chilly on the descents, even some misty rain at times. The flowers along the trail are really nice right now. 
angry red squirrel04/07/10dawn patrol,started in the dark-wind,what wind?"we dont need no stinking wind"calm,light,breeze in the am,then once the sun rose,chaotic gust of wind.when the mega doppler7000,says its gonna be windy,damn it,its gonna be windy,wnet riding with my injun friend hewhopeesontrees,oh wait thats me,trail-in good condition,a few peeps,starting out when i got back- 
KeepsWhatHappens03/29/10Pretty hot out there on Sunday mid-morning. Saw a ton of people out on the trail including a group of about 10 Trail Angels. 
KeepsWhatHappens03/24/10Great day on STT. Beautiful flowers on several section of the trail. 
MTB Fiend03/12/10Late start again, but treated to an beautiful sunset. Hung out with some campers at Old Camp. Ate their food, drank their booze, very cool. Thanks guys! Started the descent with trepidation but it was not cold and soon I got the groove going. Really beautiful night and a Great ride! 
Keith B03/07/10Weird ride. Some guy I'd encountered before barged past on the trail before slowing down and refusing to let us past - He subsequently fell off. Trail was blocked with a Ford Bronco jsut before lower Joplin. The berms put in jsut before Old Camp meant people rail down too fast and we nearly got taken out (again). At Old Camp there was 'someone' taking a dump in plain sight. Got soaked coming down and covered in clay goop - Dont ride on Sunday afternoon! 
SKINNY02/21/10solo ride to old camp.. NOTE: There is no more parking on Modjeska Grade.. We all got tickets.. Apparently the sings have changed.. Got sprinkled on a couple times but things improved as I got past the luge cutoff.. 
JRA02/16/10Hot day!! 
dandrews02/14/10Great evening ride. 
summitdude02/13/10pushed real hard today, rode with mat, a lot of bikers out today 
JRA02/13/10Second ride of the day with Eric what a painful ride:( 
steeleboat02/11/10A beautiful morning for a solo ride with nice trail conditions, perfect air temperature, beautiful, clear sky and on the way down about 20 beautiful women were riding up the trail. It doesn't get any better than this especially knowing that many of you saps are working..... 
ZAffer02/11/10nice ride. Trail is in good shape. better than Monday! 
dd.oconnell02/10/10Flat tire and a lost computer made this a bit of a challenge! But a beautiful ride! Did you see that waterfall?? 
Greo1002/10/10One of the only trails that is both fun and open after all this rain. Solo afternoon ride, trail in great shape some standing water and a little mud but things are holding up well. Total of 8 others out enjoying the great temps and cool dirt. 
Sarah/Sauce02/09/103 year anniversary ride with Keith - this ride was our first date! It was a bit muddy after the rain, but beautiful out. 
Greo1002/08/10Sat afternoon trying to get a little dirty and it worked, rained for 80% if the ride. Trail holding up well with running water not digging in just moving along. No mud build up at all on the bikes, few big puddles but easy to get through with out widening the trail - just go slow. Santiago Creek was flowing with white water and a couple water falls. Fun change of pace, will remember this ride come summer when it’s hot and dry. 
blipstream02/08/10solo ride, sum mud but very rideable. quite a few riders out when I was on the way back down. 
Silverback02/07/10Rode to Old Camp late Sat afternoon, plenty of rain, but the trail was in good shape. Everything is passable, but lots of standing water. 
SlowClimber02/07/10Solo ride - had to get out for a few hours. Trail in very good condition, a few muddy spots but nothing really to speak of.. Amazing given the rain last week. 
EK-RSM02/07/10SJ: Noon ride with Dave & Brian. First time down to real Old Camp. 
Keith B02/07/10Afternoon anniversary ride with Sarah. Some muddy sections early on but nothing major. No new landslides. Some trail work being done by a quiet chap on an Epic up towards Old Camp. Fair few riders out although almost all looked like they werent having any fun! 
slopush02/05/10Great night ride w/ Steeboat, Burgemeester, Thanson (nice crash) and OClaske (nice push) 
Burgemeester02/05/10A great ride again @ night with a good turn out of the usual suspects! Thanks lads! 
CParker195902/03/10Trail's in great shape after the recent rain. Thanks to whoever did trail work. 
slopush02/02/10When you can't get a daytime ride in then ya gotta go dark. Thanks Burgemeester for the great idea. The trail is in great shape, but look out for those occasional muddy spots- they are slick! 
Burgemeester02/02/10A rather tough grind with Slopush who made it look easy - I am struggling to get back into the uphill grinds, not that I ever "had" it! Coming back down was a blast as always! Thanks Slopush! 
ahhooie01/30/10Good ride with Brad. Still need more leg strength. Met some cool guys at the top. 
dandrews01/27/10late afternoon, trails pretty good, couple soft spots 
Two Tired01/25/10First ride since just before the rains. Thanks to the group already doing trail work on the STT from the gate to the flag. Beyond the flag, the trail was in surprisingly good shape. Just a few puddles that could be easily avoided. 
TrailMonkey01/24/10Perfect day and trail, stopped and talked to Terry (BigT) on my way out, good to see you again. Saw Eric from R&R doing two runs up and down. Passed Ted and Terry C. lots of riders and the trail was nice. Ted lets do Harding-Motorway-Joplin next Sunday? 
XCRider01/24/10Great midday ride with lots of sun to keep me warm on the climb. Tons of riders and the trail is in great shape. Time very approximate, no particular hurry due to slow surface and various new obstacles; nice to just ride for a change. Went over and did most of Harding after coming back to the car for lunch. 
JTuttle01/16/10Good ride with SKINNY. Nice day for a ride. 
SKINNY01/16/10Good ride with jtuttle. Broke my heart to not turn down the luge. 
Mitey Demodex01/16/10Today is the reason we live in California 
vodoo01/11/10Second ride on this trail, went down to where Joplin runs into Old Camp. 
vodoo01/11/10Beautiful ride with great views of OC! 
vodoo01/06/10Beautiful day, fun ride! 
flyingbrian12/31/09awesome day for a ride ! perfect conditions...... Rode with Eric.. 
EK-RSM12/31/09SJ: 11am with Brian. 
mtnbikej12/29/09Almost a full moon. Very clear out tonight. Saw only 1 ohter rider on way up to Old Camp. Turned around about 1/3 mile from the top. Too cold for my blood tonight. 
EK-RSM12/22/09SJ: 11am solo. 
Gerry Lattimer12/16/09Busy night on the trail and lots warmer than last Wednesday. 
roliepolie12/15/09fun ride a couple days after decent rain...trail was pretty tacky and fun. took a digger on the way down but if was fun. 
TrailMonkey12/15/09Thanks Phishin Paul for the pull up to old camp, enjoyed riding with you 
MTB Fiend12/15/09Awesome sunset tonight, downright stirring. Hung out at the top of Old Camp and watched the rich and striking colors change from orange to fiery red. Sensational. Did the slow roll return, enjoyed the sights and cleared a bunch of rocks from the trail. Opted to go back out STT instead of the Luge, just wanted the ride to last and last. Chatted with a few friends on their way up. Really great ride! 
TrailMonkey12/13/09many riders, spent the hole ride trying to catch Eric from RnR on his SS, He was accompanied by a young lady I forgot her name 
BigT12/13/09Got done with the Luge this morning and found out my wife's class was postponed, so I took the opportunity for some more grinding. Drove the truck up to Madjeska gate and started there. STT from the Flag down is a challenge I have yet to experience. Have always been used to going UP to the flag and forgot about that little downhill section at the end which is UP in reverse! Good workout. Went down Lower Joplin knowing I'd have to climb back out but decided against it about a mile down. GPS died 
dandrews12/13/09Last one down. Trail is in good shape, a few puddles, easy to avoid. 
mtbkel4412/13/09Did not want to do the whole ride but ended up finishing. Glad I did. Off the bike for a week prior. Legs hurt from my big gym workout the day before. What a pussy! 
Shine11/28/09Nice pace w/nstillwell, burgemeester, & samtn. Made it to clearning in 57:30 
Burgemeester11/28/09Shine and NStilwell just killed me on the way up to Old Camp - it was a hectic pace from the beginning! Thank goodness for a long downhill on the way back - that saved me at the end! Great spin lads! Thanks! 
SAmtn11/28/09Rode with Shine, nstilwell, and Burgemeester. "with" losely used. I saw them at the start, and again as they whizzed by me on the way back. Pace too fast for an old guy like me. 
mtbkel4411/27/09Everyone out there enjoying an extra day off of work. Great weather. Nice views. 
mtbkel4411/20/09Started out with 3 riders but one was not feeling it. She bailed. Two of us made it to Old Camp. Went back to the gate and passed up on the Luge. Fun ride. No one out there. Beautiful ride. 
onegear711/16/09So I was riding up the Santiago Trail 2ward Old Camp when I spotted what appeared to be a small fire approx. 15 mi. SW frm my position. I dialed 911 and called in it – sure enough it was a fire. Stopped 4 food & talked to a MTB'r frm S. Africa. 
angry red squirrel10/30/09am ride again-ahhh-cool fresh air,1st part of trail hardpacked,2nd half same with rocky,n loose spots,rode some of single tracks-looks like someone else found them 2,hope its not the same person who dug the trenches on the st s n blkstr ? on the dh a couple of yahoos decided 2 do bike repairs in the middle of the trail(thanks 4 moving-not!!!)pull off the frwy 4 repairs,not n the middle of the road with blinkers on-dummkopk,no worries just another obstacle in the road-aufwiedersehen 
angry red squirrel10/29/09wednesday dawn patrol !!! well shiver me timbers n blow me down-wind,what wind?was howling like a wolf,wore a boonie hat n goggles,knocked me over 2x,and im fat like a killa whale,2 other peeps went down the luge,my back pack weighs more than my ht bike now(watching 2 much survivor man)on the way back,dh on the ht bike was sweet,except for 3 wong way riders climbing,must b from across the pond-gee i must b getting faster was a 3 hr ride 2day 
Pmcmasters10/25/09Fun early morning ride with a buddy of mine. Lots of riders coming up as we were coming back down. 
dandrews10/14/09Second half, night ride in the fog. Saw Don at the start on his belt driven SS, ...fancy, I like it. 
dandrews10/11/09lots of riders 
angry red squirrel09/29/09today my kung fu was strong-dawn patrol-cool,brisk,slight breeze,rode the light dh bike,easy pace granny gear up,full throttle on the dh-yeehaw,seen 4 unemployed peeps mtn biking-animals must be on vacation didnt see any the whole ride,then again the cat tracks,might have something to do with it!!!can you say cougar bait 
mtbkel4409/29/09Only saw one other rider. Nice cool temps. No flies either. Nice. Had not been to old camp for months. Glad to be back up there. 
onegear709/14/09Great Long & Lonely ride - what with everyone back2 work/school. 
dandrews09/09/09evening ride 
angry red squirrel09/07/09afternoon ride,cool breeze hit the ridge the whole ride,seen a few other riders out 
Draker09/05/09First time on this ride. Had alot of fun and met nice people. It was very hot even early. 
angry red squirrel09/03/094 wednesday ride-high noon-the movie title-no country for old men,sums it up,humid,smoke in the air,toasty out,sweating bullets out there,consumed mass quantities(2full camelbaks 
angry red squirrel08/25/09yippie kay yay-mini sirlion burgers,yippie kay yay mini sirloin burgers-i guess it pays to advertise-damn song ran through my mind the whole ride,damn little cows are funny!!!rode the 45lb dh bike,more hab than expected,sweet,plush ride,flew on the dh,passed a few obstacles(other riders) on the dh,seen the tues night spandex club out riding 
Maneux08/21/09Several riders out today. Thought it might start raining - would have made it even more fun! 
dandrews08/13/09nice evening ride, lots of peeps, pb, 40:54 to top, 168lb., new bike helped, shaved almost 3 minutes 
ahhooie08/01/09Nice ride with Brad, but tough on the thighs. Saw a coiled and pissed rattlesnake 3' off the trail, just before the top. 
sixfoot608/01/09Had marine layer for the first half of the climb. Warmed up quickly in the sun. Had to dash by a coiled rattler nearly a top Old Camp. 
dandrews08/01/09recovery ride, saw Garret G. coming down 
angry red squirrel07/22/09high noon 100% degrees out with a slight breeze,hell even the lizards n snakes were in the shade,getting acclimated to heat,easy,slow pace,5 minute rest up in back every few miles,so not to get dain bramage from heatstroke,just shy of the top(too toasty)thought i seen sasquatch,just my shadow-damn i need to shave the pits,hey and i got to work on my tan,now im 7 shades of mocha!!! 
One Flew OTB07/16/09Solo. 21:00 to flag, 54:31 to clearing. Warm out, but breeze kept the temp manageable. 
One Flew OTB07/16/09Nice ride ... Old Camp Luge gives a little more elevation and the fun downhill of the Luge. 
angry red squirrel07/15/09woke up gt out of bed dragged a comb across my head,hey isnt that a beatles song?climbed a few spots 3frontring on the hardtail,sucks on the dh though,looks like i was the fist out to old camp,past the flag ran into about 30 spider webs,good thing i dont have arachnophobia,took along rest top of ol camp,didnt go to the bottom too manys gnats,plus their in better shape than i am,as for the trail-lots of horse shiat n lizards-sums it up-happy trails 
Dmac07/04/09Early morn ride before the heat comes. Those last miles always hurt. 
Warhorse07/04/09Back on the bike after a 3 week break. Got pretty hot, still an enjoyable ride with Mike Honcho. 
dandrews07/02/09evening ride, saw some riders 
dandrews06/09/09what a great trail, lots of rides soaking it up, pb 
angry red squirrel06/09/09i need an official ruling so i can do better in my gloating-err dummkopf-rode to the top of old camp,that does count,but who's counting,i(we)do this for fun right! 
angry red squirrel05/30/09twas a dim,brisk,misty day as the fog creeping in enveloping the mountains the sun went away and the day was gone-hey im a poet and didnt know it,beans,beans the magical fruit,the more you eat the more you toot!and the only lizard out on this cold day, i ran over- its tail so it lived 2 c another day,as for the trail-the usual grind 
dandrews05/25/09a number of hikers. felt great pb/rb 44:23 to old camp 
angry red squirrel05/20/09greetings and salutations people of the sun-inagadddavida talk about a iron butterfly,seen 1 big as my open hand,black,yellow,turquoise-very cool,as for the trail-someone needs to call edward scissorhands for some topiary,did few 3.2 landing on my head,maybe it will knock some sense into me,-i doubt it!!! 
angry red squirrel05/19/09sluggish,snails pace -kinda like gilligan on a 3 hour tour-started 10am/1pm done,ya ya ya we all know its hot,nothing better than a frozen orange,frozen gatorade during a ride,well one thing,but i'll keep it g-rated-hey but i got to work on my farmers tan today!!! 
UphillRider6505/18/09A little warm heading up, cool breeze in some places. Lot of Bee activity in two places. Looks like they are digging into the ground along the trail. Glad I didn,t get stung. Met Tom G riding down from his epic HOT ride. Lot of flowers blooming along the trail. 
angry red squirrel05/18/09track overgrown,a little loose n sandy,frozen oranges and frozen gatorade made it bearable,until i ran out,almost called aa,aaa,aarp and my momma,popped my tube,tied it in a knot(good emergency repair)and seen another mustang flying low again-see ya 
angry red squirrel05/17/09on the way up seen a truck off roading(they drove from cadillac trail)also a hang glider w/ a motor taking off and landing,and 2 mustang planes flying low doing tricks,perfect timing,dark the time i hit old camp,kinda sketchy riding back in the dark even with lights,time for a tofu-burger and meditation,yeah right-its time for a brew,adios mother f#ck#rs 
angry red squirrel05/13/09am ride,perfect cool temps for me,no water today,trail a little tacky,clouds/fog low about 15-20ft visibility,looked like the ozarks,took the 40 beast out for a ride(the diablo)set up super plush,not really a xc bike,kinda sucked uphill(someHAB),just killed on the dh,flew down no braking-fast enough-arms turned into weed whackers,bike ate up the mini rock gardens,was gonna do the luge-but pavement sucks!!! 
Code_Blue04/23/09great weather 
Warhorse04/19/09Fun ride with "Ridin Dirty". 
ridnsolo04/19/09Finally saw a couple of snakes one baby snake that darted across the trail, and a 3ft gopher snake. Good ride w/ a couple of co-workers. Mark this one off the list. 
angry red squirrel04/14/09most of it 2nd front ring(no granny).first part of trail was warm n toasty,around 12 a dozen lizards committed hara kari-oops,2 part past flag breezy,brisk,clouds low covered sntgo peak, i cheated only to top of old camp,took the new girlfriend out for spin,i dont think the wife liked that-i mean bike-LOL,kona flew dh ate up the rocks/bumps,does need a 3rd front ring for the dh though-remember to pack your own chute!!!food,water,parts,otherwise your S.O.L-see ya 
angry red squirrel04/08/092nd ride-feeling good got the adrenaline going(think it was the 4-16oz cups of coffee b4 blkstr)no rain or mud on the trail,breezy,no 1 else in sight til the way back at 2nd gate.left the 40pnd sled at home and rode the kona-now i shall curl up n a ball and fall into a deep sleep-goodnight 
vikingboy1803/27/09Quite windy this morning. Rode all the way down into old camp (my buddy said I had to since this was my first time past the flag pole) 
jpotts03/22/09took it easy after yesterdays double. first time on the single speed in while. a little cold but a great ride. 
genusmtbkr503/17/09Forgot to recharge garmin. bummer. 
JCampbell02/24/09Good ride with Nino. 
Phishin Paul02/23/09Weather was perfect with a very light rain before the ride. Stretch the legs after Saturday's big ride. 
Boerseun02/23/09A nice evening spin with Burgemeester...ended-up solving the worlds greatest mysteries on the way up! 
Frakk02/21/09Lots of riders today, very good day...first time on this trail, it wiped me out. 
Burgemeester02/20/09Superb night ride with Boerseun to FINALLY get back into the grind of things! This was the perfect "LSD" ride to get over the past month's absence - thanks Boerseun! 
jbh6502/20/09saw maybe 15 other riders out there today. Saw my first tandem on the STT at the 2nd gate. Curious if anyone has ever taken a tandem down the luge. If so I would hate to be the rider on the back. One muddy section from the flag to the Old Camp. Turned back at the giant turn around just above the final decent into OC 
Hermit02/18/09Solid night ride with Andrew and Jason. Andrew uses "intimidating shout" to propel himself up tough climbs on the SS. Started my Garmin a few minutes late. 
Winger02/18/09SS. Night. Most difficult ride in years. That SS took every bit of strength to get to Old Camp. Walked the steep sections just past The Luge in both directions. I'll be feeling this for days. Good times with Matt & Jason. 
RYAN FOREST02/14/09GREAT DAY TO RIDE!!!! Rode with Dad, Danny, and Gilbert. Lots of people out today. Couldn't have asked for better weather! 
RollnStone02/14/09Nice morning ride. It was so nice I decided to drop down into Old Camp and ride/hike up Joplin. Hit snow towards the top and it was very slow going. Finally reached main Divide, ony one tire track up there from some hearty soul. Slip and slide until the snow ended, then it was all good back to Cooks. Saw a Bob Cat at Old Camp and a sleeping bag. Hope the guy doesn't freeze or get eaten. 
angry red squirrel01/28/09seen a two wheel mountain goat and a pack of amazons pass me up and back before i hit old camp,hike n bike 1 mile up joplin for the hell of it.fyi mystery camper at o.c.sleeping bag,etc 
genusmtbkr501/27/09Solo ride and good pace. Nice beautiful day, but on the cool side. Saw only a few riders going up and a few coming from Old Camp. STT is nice, hard packed and tacky all the way to Old Camp. 
sbk01/26/09Fun ride...fog at the top. Not too muddy at all. 
SlowClimber01/25/09Great day with 1Trackj and BentRim. It was the first time back on trail since it was open. It was very cold one thw way down. I was not so impressed with my trip up, slow and hard. Need to get some riding in during the week, this weekend only riding is not enough for me to get to the levle I want to be at. 
SAmtn01/14/09I must be crazy. Mid 80s dry and windy. Felt exhausted when I got back. 
onegear701/02/09Nice and sunny above the marine layer. Not one of my best descents, the 'rigid' beat me up a bit on the way down. 
TrailMonkey01/01/09Droped in to the Camp for a total of 16.16 miles. Funny to see a sleeping bag and cooking gear. 
TrailMonkey01/01/09Ride with Dirtpounder 
TrailMonkey01/01/09Ride with Dirtpounder 
Dow12/30/08first time attempting to get up to old camp in a while. took a nice trip OTB coming down the rock section before the luge. put the my hand down to save myself which resulted in an awesome bruise on my palm. struggled to put any weight on the bars after that so i called it quits about 2 miles past luge. what a sissy!! thats ok, it was a beautiful day, not crowded, met some nice folks so i cant complain too much. 
onegear712/27/08Back in the saddle again after a week spinning in the gym. Awesome visibility. Took a break at Old Camp. 
dandrews12/26/08nice n tacky 
Byron B12/20/08great riding day/ conditions.. Glad I chose to ride this place after the storms. Rode with Summitdude and Matt to the flag pole and then we split.. Solo ride from the pole to Old Camp and met 2guys from laguna and another 2, however, forgot to get their names.. good ride going down plus tied in some extra credit.. 
Chelle001112/14/08Brisk, but beautiful day. 
Boerseun12/11/08Great night ride with Slopush & Burgemeester. First time up & down on STT at night...like it more than Blackstar. 1:17 up to Old Camp...beat the avgr time for ride even doing it as a night ride...The two billy goats pushed me a little last night...thx guys! 
TrailMonkey12/10/08Ride with Dirtpounder 
Burgemeester12/10/08Part 3 - Night ride! This has instantly become my favorite night ride trail - way too much fun, and even more so thanks to Boerseun and Slopush! Those kids were cruising at a good pace! Thanks lads! 
slopush12/10/08Awesome night ride with Boerseun and Burgemeester. Took a long sleeved shirt and jacket but didn't wear either. Thanks for the great idea guys, we'll have to do this one again, and again... 
GoneRiding12/01/08Had to knock this one off the to do list.Met 2 riders at the flag, Eric and his friend who recently moved to OC from Palm Desert. Met another rider named Eric out at Old Camp,downhiller from Colorado.2 other riders were right behind me the whole way and met them at Old Camp as well.Ryan and James, nice guys and we rode back to the cars together.Rear derailleur cable broke on the way back at the flag.Made the few climbs back a bit difficult.Quick stop at R&R and Terry helped me repair.Thanks! 
mtnbikej11/30/08Good to do this ride again. Last mile up to Old Camp seemed to get waaaayy easy. 
jpotts11/30/08great ride with paul, ellie, g, kym, and two 29er geared riders. also went down the luge for good measure. 
MTB Fiend11/15/08Good ol' Old Camp, same as it ever was. So many good times! Great late afternoon ride, most of the time the wind was non-existent. 
mark189011/15/08nice ride this morning after work,saw jerry and sjon on the trail.good to see them.. 
goldrunner11/12/08Thanks Royster71 and everyone else who contributed to the repair of the burn area. Very Nice... 
DieselSmoke06/11/08nice workout and views, nothing real technical 
jpotts10/06/07it actually was a slow group ride - 8 people, good times 
Royster7110/02/07Got a little carried away... 
WEFXUM09/23/07Was very wet & Slick in the begining. Had a great time over all! 
Code_Blue09/21/07Got a little chilly! 
rushak08/30/07Still feeling pretty tired, but felt a little better today. Pretty damn hot until the sun went down. Few riders at night going up STT on my way down. Turned the light on at the flag on the trip back. 
WINGMAN08/25/07Fun ride but got alittle hot towards the end. ! guy in the group had to drop out.. Great singletrack.. 
Mike Honcho08/18/07Hotter than !@#$%& 
dandrews08/18/07I almost got a parking ticket on Modjeska Grade. They just added no parking / tow-away signs along the entire area where people normally park. Will have to start at Cook's now or Whiting. 
mark189008/11/07fun ride. 
Mirafiguy08/06/07Not as hot as most summer days today. 
Mirafiguy08/06/07This is one of my favorite rides...it has a little bit of everything for a cross-country rider. 
CParker195908/02/07Perfect weather and trail condition. Made it from the gate to the turnaround point in 1:06:20, personal best. Very few riders until the last few miles on descent. 
dandrews08/01/07PB, 17:39 to flag, 44:09 to Old Camp clearing, 1:13:16, almost had 1:12, chain came off cost me maybe 10 to 15 seconds 
RollnStone07/14/07Haven't been all the way to Old Camp in a while. Nice and hot ride. The trail is in pretty good shape given no rain in a long time. 
mtnbikej07/08/07Great ride out tonight. No other riders. Had the trail to ourselves. 
FalseSummit06/12/07Great ride with Oly! 
Oly06/12/07Had a great ride with my bro, the Wheez! 
dandrews06/04/07Nobody on the trail at 5:00 pm. 
FalseSummit05/23/07Pinch-flat with .5 mile left and blew out my rear hub. Otherwise a fun ride. 
CParker195905/16/07Started at 6:50 a.m., cool, low clouds ... a beautiful morning. Only saw 1 trail runner, and no other mountain bikers. 
berickson05/08/07Nice track, and good shade at Old Camp if you need a rest at the top. 
trailking@cox.net04/21/07Rode w/ PinkSC, nice ride, but I think everyone in the O.C. decided to ride here today! Trail was perfect afte the rain. 
PinkSC04/21/07Rode to the top with TrailKing. Muddy in some sections, but not too bad. 
TOTALLY-FLUXED04/21/07Trail was in good shape after the rain yesterday. Really popular trail today. Look out for those mud puddles! 
dandrews04/15/07Great evening ride, slightly tacky from the rain. 
FalseSummit03/30/07Leisure ride w/grumpyoldfart. So excited about his new Edge 305 that he forgot to turn it on! Mechanicals kept the pace nice and easy; barely tapped HR of 150. Beautiful sunset ride. 
shmrcksean03/30/07Lots of rest stops and lots of snakes! 
ian nickel03/27/07set new record today, was really moving! 
Eric03/26/07Old camp, Van de Camp....John Cougar Mellencamp. How about Stairway to Hell? That name is more fitting. This ride was my first time on this trail and - Wow! Good conditions and great terrain. Since it was my first, my buddy made me ride to the actual site, Old Camp. Great scenery but could have done without the ticks. Last I remembered I didn't have my hand up for wanting Lime disease. Go figure. 
thekrings03/22/07Great ride thank to the group. Took a little bounce off a rock wall on a downhill. 
thekrings03/22/07Good workout - Gradual climb that requires focus on the terrain. 
ericfoltz03/18/07Big group today, thanks to everyone. 
ThinkFast03/18/07Nice to meet a bunch of new GeoRiders. Fun group to ride with. 
vt1ryan03/18/07Thanks to thekrings,Twitch,66nogo,TriguyTim,Ericfoltz,and ThinkFast for showing. Great morning ride to old camp. Thanks again 
Twitch03/18/07Good route up and down, its not too technicial 
Twitch03/18/07Great ride up, broke my front derailer on the way down. Thinkfast met up with us just after the start for the rest of the ride. Always good to meet new MTB riders. Thanks guys. 
NO GO03/18/07Thanks Twitch, thekrings, TriGuyTim, vt1ryan, ericfoltz & ThinkFast. Legs are done! GPS is acted up again. 
NO GO03/18/07Great trail with excellent views. 
Mooserider03/03/07Good ride with Keegan, First time riding up to old camp, coming down was a blast, almost did not make one of the turns, would have been bad 
TREE02/24/07First trip up to Old Camp - think I will bypass that part next time and just run down the Luge. I bonked hard climbing through the tree tunnels on the way to Old Camp. Ride organized through www.ocbomb.com 
ericfoltz02/20/07Pretty wet, but still ridable. 
JCampbell02/15/07Nice out... Now back at work 
dandrews02/14/07Good to see TRB and Napoleon_D out training. Southridge comin up again. Gate to flag 17:52, top 44:44 (PB). 
ian nickel02/14/07real quick ride after school 
ericfoltz02/12/07Wet but ridable. 
ericfoltz01/31/07The trail gets little wet past the 5.5 mile mark but still in great shape. 
CParker195901/29/07did the little "extra credit" climb at mile .52 (single track to the left). 
josh smith01/26/07slow tempo ride with bernice and birkin. Lots of people out last night 
ZULU01/12/07cold but nice and tackey. 
Hermit01/09/07Part of a 3-route control blitz with Andrew and Mike. Felt great! Made it back just in time too! 
ian nickel01/04/07Felt great, somewhat of a grind, but I slashed at least an hour off my time! I was also able to make it up the hill next to the Luge entrence before going to old camp. That's a first. 
ian nickel01/04/07Starts to get pretty technical on the climb to Old Camp 
JCampbell01/03/07Just a perfect night for a night ride. Was going to do blackstar and glad I didn't. Ended up taking my time with a buddy who took a face plant digger on the way down because his new lume light was loose. Trail is in great shape. Bad accident in the canyon on the way home. Be careful through there. 
PaulV12/30/06start from Rock & Road, head up and then back via O'Neill/Arroyo Trabuco Excellent conditions, nice -n- tacky, just a little muddy here and there, but easy to get around (except one splatter-fest!) 
Damon M12/30/06Thanks for the ride Kevin! To Flag 28 Minutes To OC 1:16 
trailrat12/25/06Awesome ride. 
AndyNLietz12/23/06w/ Brett 
dandrews12/21/06Partial night ride. On the way down saw at least 4 different groups coming up. Gotta love night rides. Also met billb and Andrew! 
jpotts12/17/06a little rain, but nice conditions 
ericfoltz12/16/06Everyone in OC seems to be riding the Luge today. Upper section is deserted. 
josh smith12/10/06wet and muddy (I like it)kind of felt like sea otter. 
ericfoltz12/01/06Beautiful day for a ride. 
cdemeis11/23/06Good ride to start the 4 day weekend. Rode with Ryan and Josiah. Finished in the dark again. 
I suck at mtn Biking.11/23/06First time riding in a long time! My balls/butt are going to be sore for a while (from the ride). Rode with Ryan and Corb, good times fo sho. 
quad damage11/22/06Rode with Corby and Josiah. Trying to control a route. Woot. Finished after dark. 
DONALD JACKSON11/22/06rode x control No HID Then had light problems. Two other guys were heading up to the clearing 
DONALD JACKSON11/11/06extra credits and luge ,total ride time was 2:10 
ericfoltz11/09/06Beautiful day. Good to see it cooling off again. 
ericfoltz10/22/06Great trail. One of my OC favorites. 
mtnbikej10/22/06Nice temps out tonight. Had the trail to ourselves. 
josh smith10/17/06love haveing some carbon in my diet now.new Epic 
DONALD JACKSON10/15/06Did not keep track of time and down luge 
ThinkFast10/14/06Fun ride with Scott. We just missed getting rained on. It poured as I was driving home. Time was almost 25 minutes faster than last time I did this route. 
RollnStone10/08/06Rode w/Matt 
EK-RSM10/07/068:15 start with Mike & Brian. Nice cool temps. 
DONALD JACKSON10/04/06Ryans light did not work on the way down, he followed my light as we took our time 
ericfoltz09/18/06Great trail that stays ridable after moderate rain. 
Damon M08/31/06Gate to OC 1:21 
dandrews08/30/0646:19 gate to Old Camp clearing. 
royta08/16/06Nice solo ride. Only saw a couple riders on the way back between the flag and the gate. 1:06 to Old Camp. 
ocrider08/13/06solo ride. Old Camp was beutiful. only 2 other riders on thr trail. Came down the Luge and rode home for an extra 13 miles. 
mtnbikej08/12/06very nice out tonight. No other riders on the trail. 
dandrews08/04/0647:04 gate to old camp clearing, having a 21 pound bike has it's benefits. 
Damon M07/09/066:00 A.M. Start w/ Randy. Saw first set of riders at 7:30 
ThinkFast06/25/06Fun ride. Tired after getting out more than usual this week. Met Mark Whaley and Scot V. 
Terry Best06/12/06Endurance pace with a few intervals. Terrible day to bring the cell phone along...Not only were there a lot of calls, but all of them were pretty negative. Solo ride. 
XMXER05/06/06Went with Ranger Bill 
quad damage05/01/06Big group ride. Rode with Dylan, Melissa, Corby, Jeff, Erik and Josiah. Turned into quite the epic with tons of crashes and just as many bike problems. Everyone dug deep though and we got through it. Haha. 
Knucklehead#204/23/06Only one stop on way up. 
TD804/19/061st Rattlesnake of the year. Big One!! My back-up bike is so rough. I think I like the idea of it staying in the garage. 
JCampbell04/17/06I was bored. 
Terry Best04/07/06Great morning ride with PHAT TIRE. Road from my house, 32.6 miles, 3700ft of ascent. Certain areas were very damp with some large puddles and mud (mainly from the Luge Flag and up to the Old Camp clearing. Thanks for a great start to the weekend, Phat Tire. 
PHAT TIRE04/07/06Thanks for dragging my hungover butt up the hill Terry! 
PaulV04/07/064/3/06 - slight variation, turned around at the Trabuco Drop turn off (went a little ways down TD and then came back up), and then back down STT. 
PaulV04/07/06another variation, start at Rock & Road Cyclery, bike path to STT, then down Trabuco Drop (turnoff maybe 10 minutes before Old Camp) and then Trabuco Creek road back to O' Neill, and take the creek path back to Rock & Road Cyclery. Time for coffee!! 
SilverSpot04/06/06Another fine ride with Krash. A few puddles above the Luge cutoff. Started from Cooks and middle ring'd it the whole way :) 
a3brown03/31/06Saw a bobcat on the way down! A reminder that we are not alone out there. 
Big D.D.03/30/06great ride nice to see fellow geo's trb out in front again 
Manuel Prado03/24/06Night ride with Doug awesome night to ride!! 
dandrews03/23/062nd ride today, Manny left me in the dust, literally. Although most of that was gone too. 
dandrews03/22/06What a perfect day! Great to see Shleppy and Big DD. 
shleppy03/22/06After work ride with David (Big DD) after work. Got two flats on the ride.. Argg! 
Murmur03/14/06Good ride w/ Cranxx and royta. Felt good to be back in the saddle after a week off. Warmed up first 20min, then did 6 intervals 3min each 1:30recoveries. To the clearing in 1:08. Trail is in good shape. Couple of mud puddles is all. 
royta03/14/06Had a good ride with Murmur and CranxOC this afternoon. These guys climb fast and really help me push myself. Nice climb with just a few puddles. 1:06 on the climb. 
Cranx03/14/06Fun ride with Murmur & Royta. Still on the loaner bike but I tweaked some of the pressure settings and actually didn't hate the bike for the first time. 
dleasure03/12/06Lots of folks on the trail today. Started snowing at old camp then turned to rain before long. Good conditions with the usual mud puddles. 
dandrews03/09/06Did this yesterday. Great ride, lost some time on a flat. 
tbowren03/05/06Very busy trail this morning. Excellent conditions. I should have crashed a few times but I must be incrasing my "OH $H!t" skills because I prevailed only slightly scratched. Now only if I could break 2 hrs... 
PHAT TIRE02/22/06Rode solo and saw a group get out from cooks 5 minutes earlier and eventually caught up and got by. The riding alone adrenaline kicked in! Thanks to whoever you guys were for keeping me company. 
tbowren02/20/06Wow this was a fun, grueling ride. I had to earn every inch. An amazing view, and even some snow above Old Camp! We ended just after sunset, I dont recommend that without lights!! 
shleppy02/18/06Nice mellow ride with Terry, Kentonn, Scott and Artie. A little chilly up at old camp but not too bad. View was absolutely awesome. Clear skies allowed us to see San Clemente Island and all the way up to Palos Verdes. 
Scottster02/18/06Turned out to be an awesome day for a ride . Rode w/ Terry,Jeff,Ken, and Ardy 
kentonn02/18/06Lots of fun, especially since I expected rain and mud. Thanks Terry, Scottster, Ardy and Shleppy. 
Terry Best02/18/06Great ride with Scottster, Vapor, Kentonn & Shleppy. I fell on the descent from Old Camp...going maybe 4mph. Completely stupid mistake and my knee is paying for it. 
TRB02/17/06Awesome night and a fun ride with RaulC. Alot of riders on the trail. 
RaulC02/17/06Excellent night ride with TRB 
Royster7102/10/06Went solo I like this route. saw about 5 people out there today not many. 
Manuel Prado02/10/06Fn ride before work, thank God for the very nice weather. 
Gerry Lattimer02/06/06Fun ride and met Doug who introduced me to this website. 
mtnbikej02/02/06Took MFTitan out so he could experience the climb up to Old Camp. Very nice out tonight. Not a lot of riders. 
dandrews01/30/06That felt good, goodbye cold. Nice to meet Royster and Mitch, out having fun collecting new routes. 
dleasure01/26/06Warm and sunny on the way up and cool and cloudy going down. Much needed solo ride. 
shleppy01/14/06Mellow Saturday morning ride with Dave and Keith. The rain rolled in just as we started to descend from Old Camp. Our tires became caked up with mud on the way down the luge and things got pretty slippery. 
dandrews01/13/06Great day to get the hard tail out. 
Murmur12/19/05Cut out of work early - great solo ride. Perfect weather and awesome views today. Got a flat towards the bottom...thank God for duck tape. :31 to the flag, 1:20 to the clearing...easy pace. 
egnilk6612/18/05We started at Cook's Corner and rode up to Old Camp. We went out and back to "The Luge" and down there. Fun ride. Rode today with Phil Lange, Brian Plummer, Scott Winn and Eric Westermeyer. That was my first time... it was killer... I loved bombing down the road back to the Cook's parking lot... 39.7 MPH or faster...if my computer is calibrated properly... who knows. 
Blazing Saddles12/04/05Started at a friends house adding 4 miles to the ride 
jonmud12/03/05Started @ the gate on Modjeska Grade, stopped at the plateau just before going down into Old Camp. Turned around and went back. Trail's in great shape overall. 
Ross B12/03/05630 am ride with Stan, Bernard and Dave. Bernard left some skin on the downhill before the flag and had to take the Luge home. Next time BG. 
RidetheRAAM11/30/05rode down luge and back through whitting to ralphs......saw tons of deer in whitting 
TRB11/30/05solo evening ride...fun ride and an awesome sunset. 
Weekend Warrior11/19/05Rode Luge back to Cooks Corner 
TD811/11/05Veteran's Day ride. I love the section to Old Camp that covers the trail. I was hoping to do two rides today, but this one took just a little too long. 
geofsanberg10/29/05Did Whiting at same time 
Damon M10/27/05We did an out and back from Cook's Light went out at the ludge coming back. Thanks Treve for shining the way back! 
RussJD09/27/05Great late Saturday morning ride with Casper Milquetoast and jcjacob21. For being a mild tempered wuss, that Milquetoast sure can climb like an animal. 
JJ Holiday09/24/05Killer ride dude! 
geofsanberg09/24/05Great ride with Russ and JeffJ, it was cool down low but warmer as we got up to Old Camp. 
Ecobunghole09/19/05It was 90 degrees when we started and when we got down It started to rain. Earth Quake Weather! Did you feel that?! 
Two Tired09/13/05Perfect day for this ride. Cool and overcast. Trail is in good shape. Just a little loose towards the end. 
animaltico09/12/05fun night ride !! 
RussJD09/12/05Beautiful Saturday morning ride with jcjacob21. The weather was amazing. 
Sleestack09/11/051st night ride;Rode with some amazing riders and close friends, Manny, Scott, George, Terry, Scott; Looking forward to the next nighty ridy. 
Sky-King09/10/05Nice night ride with the boys, manny, scott, george, terry, justin. lots of fun, a few crashes, and lots of smiles. 
Scottster09/10/05Fun night ride w/ Terry,Scott,Justin,George,Manny hard work trying to keep up with them 
Terry Best09/10/05Fun ride. The highlight occured when we passed by the luge flag on the way back and were challenged to climb the steep side up to the flagpole. Everybody pulled it off but for some reason I can't sit and climb on steep stuff. Eventually I got it in my middle gear on my 14th try. 
Manuel Prado09/10/05Fun ride with my friends, it got cold at the top. 
dandrews09/08/05:49 gate to top 
Cranx08/27/05Great ride with new Ladder rider, MattH. Mellow pace for most of the ride and just barely beat the heat coming out (it was already hitting 87 at 9:00A!) 
dandrews08/23/05This is still a top trail in my book! 1:21 
vapor08/18/05Very nice night ride with geofsanberg and tscbeachbum, too bad tscbeachbum had to get back to work. Temps=perfect, views=awesome, and with an almost full moon, it was sweet. Pace was cautious but still one of the holes towards the top of the trail near old camp tried to swallow geofsanberg. Luckily he had a zip tie to MacGyver fix the light back in place. Can't wait for another night ride, I guess we spotted Burdman and his buddy at the flagpole? 
geofsanberg08/18/05Nice ride with Vapor,got done about 11:30 PM. The wax moon was a sight to remember. 
Damon M07/31/05Today was average of +/- 87 degrees. Lots of people Todays climb was slow 1:52 My best on a ss 34x22 1:25 
Keith B07/22/05OMG! The heat! started jsut before 6 and it was no wonder we saw no one else on the trail. Felt dizzy at one point. Got a puncture coming down from old camp & damaged my rim. Rode back the rest of the way in the dark with no lights. Crazy ride! 
Ronvdp07/08/05Perfect timing to leave at 6pm, it cooled off nicely and turned out to be a great evening ride. 
shleppy07/07/05Started the ride kind of late (11:00 AM) and it got pretty hot towards the top. 
Zippy07/05/05This has to be my favorite training ride in So Cal. 
Ronvdp06/29/05Reasonably cool for midday, some tough sections for SS due to loose rocks but mostly very nice hardpack. 
CTrask06/27/05A nice afternoon ride with JeffK. Jeff's best time up, gate to clearing in 1:05. Not bad for a "Really Old Guy". 
Damon M06/27/05Single Speed 34x22 
CTrask06/18/05My best Old Camp time ever. We finished up by going down Whiting-Dreaded Hill and back up. JeffK and I ditched our ride home and rode the 15 miles back to Villa Park through the canyon. It's never enough! 
JeffK06/18/05Up in 1:12, didn't time it back down. CTrask smoked it in well under 1 hour! 
Scottster06/16/05Solo run , only 3 other riders out on the way down 
Graham Clark05/31/05Rode w/ Dave Norris. He came back the Luge and rode up to the car. He was only 3 minutes behind me. TV crew doing story on Fire Hazzard. 
CTrask05/10/05There were 8 or 10 huge steer on the trail just above the switchback. They didn't seem agressive, but they did slow me down by a minute or two. 
Manuel Prado05/08/05Night ride with a friend. Cold one right after the rain. 
Keith B05/08/05Slow ride. Met Dave Norris just past the flag and stopped for a while. Trail was almost desserted today. 
Terry Best05/04/05Afternoon Tuesday ride. Fun times with Doug Andrews. On the way back we came across many riders starting their evening ascent. Be careful for trail traffic on Tuesdays. 

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