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Santiago Oaks: Chutes

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angry red squirrel05/31/195/30 thurs-noon ride 
angry red squirrel09/01/178/31-thursday ride 
angry red squirrel06/10/176/6/17 tues am 
angry red squirrel06/10/176/8/17 thurs am 
SCJim01/16/17Solo ride. Rode up on the biggest bobcat I've ever seen. Beautiful! 
angry red squirrel10/29/16friday-no mtn lion warning signs out?spotted a fresh kill(adult deer)off road runner side trail on thursday let rangers know 
angry red squirrel06/23/16tues 6/21 
angry red squirrel04/08/16tuesday 4/5 
angry red squirrel02/09/16monday 2/8 
angry red squirrel01/12/16monday 
angry red squirrel01/02/16friday 2x 
OCJenn10/02/15A beautiful evening and sunset view. A bit more technical than I'm used to. (of course anything is after only 3 rides.) 
xcShane12/31/14And some. (12/07) 
xcShane10/07/14Hot again so shorter than planned. (9/14) x 
flomaster04/17/14this felt like my fastest ride yet. 
xcShane03/29/14yup x (3/09) 
RaulC02/11/14quick morning loop with William 
JCampbell12/23/13Cold start. 
JCampbell12/19/13Wow, one can get really slow if they only ride once a month. 
cfeliciano09/17/13Solo afternoon ride. 
angry red squirrel05/31/13thurs am 
JCampbell05/05/13Almost got straight armed by a lady hiker that obviously was not to fond of any bikers. Nothing I did though to cause the anger. 
UphillRider6504/12/13Short ride to remember the area. 
RaulC01/19/13Took out Hani & Ramzi 
RaulC09/22/12easy ride pace with Bryon M. 
xcShane08/13/12The norm weekly ride (8/2) x 
xcShane07/23/12Usually ride for a TT. 
ydavidstew@sbcglobal.net06/24/12Can't really find the correct trails but this is close enough. Started at Albrtsons followed the trail up to Robbers, down the Chutes, through the trees again and back to the truck. It was nice getting out early today. Rode with Dennis, Gil and Big A. 
xcShane06/16/12Sigh..still behind. Lap 1. Good ride. Been playing with the suspension lately. Substituted Ladders plus some for the "3 B's" (6/03) new ~~~ 
xcShane06/16/12Lap 2. Think I've got the fork mainly figured out. (6/03) 
xcShane04/27/12First ride back after the C.C. so what a better way than to make it a Taco Tuesday ride! I'm glad they are back. x (4/10) 
Quikflip2704/21/12Went with Ryan and Dylan, played around on the hucks. I want FS :( 
Quikflip2704/01/12Huck it! 
SAmtn03/05/12Old course, new trails. New Bs like a paved road. 
angry red squirrel03/03/12am ride 
angry red squirrel03/03/12pm ride 
angry red squirrel02/19/121x 
angry red squirrel02/19/122x 
RollnStone01/01/12A beautiful morning ride to start off the new year. 
Enriquez12/17/11Took about 10 mins to warm up at the start. I hate cold feet! Rode up the switchbacks that were once the B's! Very easy to climb now. Met Carter and his gf riding the BlackMarkets. His rig was very nice! Great Ride!! 
trckman9912/07/11Great early morning ride with Phil before work!!! 
Aviatrix11/15/11Love this ride. Just before sunset yesterday. 
Enriquez11/01/11Fun loop around Oaks. Ran out of daylight. Need to start earlier or get some lights! GREAT RIDE! 
cfeliciano10/24/11I know the trail sign said closed but I had to check out Bitch #2. I am in shock and mourning the loss of a great friend. Bitch #2 is GONE! You were there for me when I was cutting my teeth on mountain biking. You challenged me with your seemingly endless climb. I celebrated the first time I cleaned you. And now you are no more. Looks as if they have destroyed you with 3 switchbacks. I will remember you always and you will always hold a special place in my heart. Farewell good friend. :( 
angry red squirrel10/17/11sun- 
angry red squirrel10/17/11mon- 
cfeliciano10/14/11Fun solo ride this morning before the heat...thank you to whomever groomed the trails. Chutes were smooth and fun! 
ocwannabe10/07/11First time at S.O. with Roy and Cynthia and a swollen knee. 
cfeliciano09/26/11Solo ride last Thursday 
cfeliciano09/26/11Solo ride today. 
cfeliciano09/18/11Nice afternoon ride. 
Enriquez09/17/11What a nice day to ride..perfect weather. Met up with the family in Irvine Park after for BBQ carne asada..YUMMY! went to the zoo..the mountain lion is off exhibit due to back surgery. Great Ride! 
slopush09/16/11Haven't done this classic route in a long time. Shine, Steelboat, JCarr and myself were taking it nice and easy until Burgemeester decided to race his SS up the 2nd B. That just didn't seem right so I grabbed his jersey just as he's about to peak just to save himself from himself. What are friends for? 
Burgemeester09/16/115 guys; 3 Bzz; 1 Speed; 0 HAB. PRICELESS! Say no more... 
cfeliciano09/12/11Felt good to get back in the saddle. Nice easy pace today....lower creek below dam is flowing but rock bridges allow for dry crossing. Upper creek dry near Irvine Regional. 
xcShane09/10/11Another test ride on the Hei Hei 2-9. This might be the 29er for me. 
Buffalo09/09/11Tuesday's ride. Still a lot of water in the creek. 
spicolli197609/05/11Great ride this morning with Alex. It makes me realize how much I miss riding my bike and riding with friends. 
Foxone08/12/11Nice after work ride. But for me the ascent and the downhill were both too steep, I haven't had so much fun cause I was only watching not to fall of my bike. Great view from the top with the sunset by the way. 
cfeliciano08/12/11Ditto yesterday. 
cfeliciano08/11/11First time back in the saddle in over 3 weeks. Felt good but those Bs almost got me. 
Enriquez08/11/11Another personal best...cleaned the 3 B's...this time I took the singletrack on the 2nd B instead of charging straight up...I felt that it was a lil easier. Awesome Ride!! 
martin102007/24/11Johnny,Ty,and I.Good ride,not too hot,trails getting soft and sandy. 
RaulC07/18/11Nice to have ToddB back on the trail after his broken shoulder - also Slopush, Steeleboat, NStilwell. Missed OC Laske because he & his wife just had twin babies last night! Whooyah! 
RaulC07/12/11nice easy pace with William & Chris 
cfeliciano07/11/11Finally convinced my 17 year old to ride with me at The Oaks for the first time after years of hounding him. He made it up the first B halfway before walking, cleaned the 2nd (the hardest in my opinion) and 3rd, and only walked his bike down one sketchy section. He did far better than I ever did for his first time out here. Hope he continues to ride more with me. I was really proud of how he did! 
cfeliciano07/11/11Wasn't feeling it at the beginning of my ride...decided to hit the downhill hard and see if I could make up for lost time. Posted my best time of 38:00 flat. Could have broken 38 if it weren't for those durn horses! Not quite sure why the whole ride doesn't post on the playback option. It works on Garmin Connect. Anybody else having this problem? 
nharper07/06/11Did a different route in Oaks with same distance and ascent this morning....bugs and humidity were irritating but ride was great! 
cfeliciano07/06/11Took it easy today to test out new tubeless setup. Amazing! I should have switched to tubeless years ago! It's like a whole new bike! 
RaulC07/03/113 B's are in good condition - am ride with Todd H & William 
nharper07/02/11Nice ride with Raul C's gang. This route was almost identical to the actual route riden. 
RaulC06/24/11max hr 163 - 1st day NORP 
Burgemeester06/20/11Rode this after NStilwell and OC_Laske dropped off on Saturday - it really got toasty out there! 
DONALD JACKSON06/11/11Adams buddies, Cindy and Jamie, met Chris ad Jason @ th etop of chutes 
Burgemeester05/21/11SS. solo afternoon spin. Added cactus and coachwhip into the mix. It Washington so good going up the B's for a change! They never fail to bite! 
hansolo05/19/11Had to meet Maxine, Andy and a few other rippers towards the top from running late but managed to get a nice session down Chutes! Short, but sweet! 
xcShane05/06/11TT ride 
RaulC04/23/11Great morning ride with most the old gang back: ToddB & Todd H, Slopush, Steeleboat, Fast Turtle 
RaulC04/23/11Salem Life Team (Orange County Outdoors) ride. We had a record 13 show up - Walt took a group of 4 with him thru Peter's Cyn & Brig/I took the rest thru chutes. Took fireroad to dam, up mountain goat and down the chutes with a some added single track thru the swamp 
Buffalo04/16/11Dry creek, so I decided to do the old classic (with updates). 
xcShane04/15/11More and more riders in Oaks. Wasn't too into it today...flatted. 
RaulC04/03/11rode w/slopush 
BikeThisTrail04/01/11Great after work ride with EDLTFAN. The Chutes are sick! 
Mike Honcho03/23/11Finished up just as it started pouring rain, good times! 
Burgemeester03/18/11Ahh...this was a great ride, just like in the good old days! Mellow morning spin with Chris K to start the day off just right! River is ok to cross over, just! At least I kept my feet and bike dry this time! 
Chippy03/13/11Maiden voyage on the Heckler....everything I thought it would be... 
cfeliciano03/12/11Santiago Oaks (Wild goose chase to find dry crossing. After several failed attempts, went back to Irvine Regional, crossed on cement bridge at new Boy Scout Facility...went up new chutes, down old/new chute route to the right and back out.) 
RaulC03/12/11nice easy ride with Z. 
RaulC03/10/11straight shot up new chutes & down "old" ones. 
Hevak03/06/11All I can say is WOW! What a ride. You have to give it up to the guys that groomed the Chutes. It ran like a Moto X track. Jumps! Burms, Technical Rock sections, more jumps. Can't wait to ride it again!! 
cfeliciano03/05/11Wow! The Oaks has changed A LOT! Chutes were awesome...berms, jumps, turns...I really like the new design. Only downside was the first 2 Bs were rutty due to recent rains, and the usually dry creek-bed on the final crossing was about a foot deep. 
Mike Honcho02/25/11Got this one in before the rain 
RaulC02/11/11very windy ride (Santa Ana's) with John O 
RaulC02/08/11solo ride 
RaulC02/05/11went up & down "old chutes" as the bottom part is completed; tougher climb with some dabs. Downhill was a great change up from the original chutes. Can't wait to ride it again 
JRA02/05/11Nice social ride with the ladies. 
BikeThisTrail01/30/11The Chutes have been repaired to one of the sickest down hill single tracks in the OC. 
DirtyD01/30/11Started to rain halfway through! Chutes is going to be great once it's compacted... 
RaulC01/28/11nice early am ride with Brandon & Brian - Brandon showed us how not to catch air on a burm - ouch! 
MaR01/24/11Up the 3B's then down new Chutes. the creek crossings made it interesting. 
RUTINTED01/24/11This trail is CLOSED! 
RUTINTED01/24/11OK two things, as of Jan this trail is closed, the gate by the damn is locked and the road below is washed out and the is about 6 feet of deep water you need to cross. Also, their is no Wier Canyon Road. The trail is in between the Car wash and the entrance to the Irvine Park, I think it is Santiago Road. Also, the orange gate netting is gone. Look for the white gate. 
RaulC01/23/11Morning ride with John O. Wind made it interesting 
Warhorse01/23/11Mid - Morning Ride, just a tad windy out, made climbing the Oak Trail just a little more fun than normal. 
karldi501/23/11This is the closest trail I found on Geo for the ride we did today. Went with Tim and his riding buds, Jay, Al, and Dan. We rode some additional trails that aren't on the system, will have to bring my GPS next time. Awesome place, very pleased to experience it. Lots of single track and some good challenging climbs, cool switch backs, and a few exciting downhills, (watch out for those drop-offs). Will definetly come back and bring some friends. Thanks Tim for including me! 
RaulC01/21/11on return chutes, came down original trail from top/rock face and found a more interesting route that joins up to new chutes towards bottom part. 
MGfell8001/19/11Connected this to peters canyon daul loop. Havent done it in a while...so much fun 
RaulC01/17/11reverse chutes with John O & Bugermeester 
RaulC01/09/11entered on Serrano/Nohl Ranch. Trail's in good condition; tacky. Did "new Chutes" down & up. They held up to rain with only a few erosion areas. Creek at Irvine park still too high for crossings 
Mike Honcho01/02/11I rode the trail in reverse, went up singletrack formerly known as chutes, crossed through anaheim hills link, down yucca, up bumblebee, no signs about a closed trail until I got to the bottom of the 3 b's, Oops! 
RaulC12/15/10Reverse loop 
Winger12/14/10EX8. Fake Chutes sucks. Not happy. All I wanted to do was bomb down it, but it was closed, so I had to take fake chutes. 
Winger12/14/10EX8. Close enough 
slopush12/04/10There's nothing better than doing the classic loop with the boys in the morning. I'm pretty sure Nstilwell and Burgemmester would agree! 
Burgemeester12/03/10Part 1 of 2 SS. We didn't exactly know what we were going to do before we started this morning, but there's nothing better than grinding up the Bzz and blasting down Chutes, old school style! Thanks Slopush and NStilwell. 
cfeliciano11/29/10Rode solo. Chutes weren't as easy as I thought they would be in the dark. Should've brought my helmet light. 
slopush11/29/10It was 38 degrees when I left the house and everything was covered in frost, making it look like pixie dust had been thrown over the shrubs as They sparkled from our lights. pretty cool. JohnO, JCarr and THanson were there to see the magic. 
slopush11/25/10NStilwell and I just wanted to feel the burn in our legs just a little more after the Turkey Ride. This loop was much warmer! 
cfeliciano11/15/10So my Garmin 305 just died. What's the shelf life on these things? Brought my lights for the Chutes only to have them turn off 20 seconds later. A little sketchy in the near dark, but made it down and out of the park in the nick of time! 
Shine11/12/10solo morning ride. much warmer today :) 
angry red squirrel11/09/10lots of peeps climbing new chutes as i was going down 
Buffalo11/08/10Rode Saturday evening, reverse 
RaulC11/06/10nice easy pace with John O - what a great day to ride! 
Burgemeester11/03/10Part 1 - met up with Slopush, Steeleboat, NStilwell, OC_Laske and John O for an early morning ironman spin, but bailed at the top of the Bz with SB and JO. Bumped in to the Todds going down Chutes - and they made SB age a 100 years...Thanks lads! 
FallAgain11/02/10went otb in the sand in the river bed at the end. 
Shine10/29/10nice ride w/thanson and jay 
xcShane10/29/10Played on the new trail by Chutes 
slopush10/27/10NStilwell, OClaske and I discovered that the only thing harder than climbing the Bs is doing it with 40 MPH headwinds. 
cfeliciano10/15/10Nice and easy ride with James. 
xcShane10/14/10Checked out the new trail next to chutes. Rolling the Spec. Renegade on the back. Seems fast. (new ~~~) 
RaulC10/13/10Early o'dark ride - started solo 7 met up with Burgemeester 
Pmcmasters10/13/10After work ride with Justin. 
slopush10/11/10Super cool ride with THanson and Steeelboat this morning before dawn. The highlight was coming around the corner to see two bucks only 20 feet away, oblivious to us because their heads were down, horns locked as they fought. What a sight! 
Burgemeester10/09/10Solo late afternoon ride on the SJ for a change. It was good to be back on the red machine! 
Burgemeester10/01/10Part 1 of 2 - SS. Headed out for this ride with NStilwell and OC_Laske. Still a great workout and I managed to scale all three Bzz on the SS - BONUS! Thanks lads! 
cfeliciano09/30/10Finally got back in the saddle after Hurkey Creek. Nice mellow ride with Paul. 
Pmcmasters09/30/10First time back on the bike since the 24hrs. of Adrenalin. Took it nice and easy with Chris. Felt pretty good. 
ZipsBiker09/26/10AH rode 1/2 the loop with me after running into each other at the start. Trying to work out the kinks in my setup. 
DONALD JACKSON09/16/10John and I took a quick spin Monday at 5;30 
mtnbikej09/14/10Fun ride tonight...very casual pace....stopped 4 or 5 times to socialized with other friends on the trail. 
slopush09/10/10Did this ride Thursday with my new neighbor Gil, just showing him how lucky he is to live where he now lives. Although he crashed twice coming down Chutes he's hooked. I told him to be careful, it's like a drug.... 
spookydave09/06/10Did a little different route up the newer goat climb. 
Buffalo08/30/10Rode this yesterday. 
Giddy08/28/10very sandy extra soft on the new trail 
Winger08/27/10EX8. The bike is so dialed in right now. Best run down chutes I've had in a while. Fast and just on the verge of being out of control. Need to slow down for the new trail split since it is loose. Great ride! 
mlensing7808/24/10Rode with Phil, Chris, Joey, Matt, and Sheon. Rode before the sun crested the top of the Bees. Made it up the first B but not the second. 
xcShane08/21/10Added some.... 
singlespeedrider08/20/10Mixed up a tad went up Goat then climbed the Ridge to the top then down the chutes. Crashed on the big switchback in the parking lot at the cheveron station....the ground was slimy. 
Winger08/19/104900. Rode fast. Still can't pick a line on Barham Ridge with all the P-lines. Almost slid out on part of chutes re-route, but recovered. 
edltfan08/14/10killer after work ride. lots of fun 
slopush08/14/10Did this ride ealier in the week with OClaske, Burgemeester and JCarr. It was nice to be home riding the local trails again. 
RaulC08/13/10Nice to get back on my bike and do a local trail. legs felt good and could actually sit on the saddle without grimacing : ) 
Winger08/12/104900. Looks like they are doing some maintenance on the fun part of chutes. I really hope they don't dumb it down & sanitize. Saw a tarantula. 
Winger08/10/104900. New drivetrain. Shifts so smoothly. Got chased by an unleashed dog. Yelled @ owner. 
Buffalo08/10/10The original "Chutes" is still open, during new trail construction... so far. 
Burgemeester08/07/10Solo ride early this morning while the fam slept in. Got pretty busy going up the Bzz. 
cfeliciano08/04/10Solo mid morning ride. Felt good to hit the chutes hard. 
angry red squirrel07/26/101 fo 2- am cool n misty-perfect temps for my fat arse- 
angry red squirrel07/26/102of2 chutes on a hard tail--kinda sketchy 
slopush07/25/10Solo ride. Lot's of little gnats along the fire road. I need some dental floss. 
Winger07/21/10EX8. Just couldn't stick lines today and was all over the trail. 
Winger07/20/10EX8. This route is so much fun. The chutes has really changed over the past year. 
Permagrin07/20/10Started at the Fish House for Taco Tuesday fun and ended with Mud Pie :-). 
slopush07/19/10There's now better way to start off the work week than with a ride w/ the wrecking crew: OClaske, NStilwell, Shine, Burgemeester and yes, even Steelboat who broke his chain for the second time in as many rides. Nicely done big guy. 
Burgemeester07/19/10A good morning spin with the usual suspects. Nice to take the SJ out for a ride - such a difference in geometry! Thanks lads! 
cfeliciano07/19/10Nice solo ride but it was stinking hot! 
slopush07/16/10Burgemeester and OClaske really need to trade in those SS bikes for something with some options! NStilwell and Steelboat couldn't agree more ; ) 
mtnbikej07/13/10Not a great ride.....had no gas.....barely made it up 1st B, could barely turn the pedals over going up 2nd B. Could not keep a straight line to save my life going down hill. Temps were very warm. 
mburkin07/12/10Saw a rattlesnake on the side of the trail. Second time this week. 
mburkin07/11/10Fun ride with my brother. Finally did one of the drop-offs at the top of the Bs. :) 
angry red squirrel07/08/10foes fly bike build test part 1-cool am ride and a bunch of bunnies playing chicken 
mlensing7807/08/10Third time riding the 3 B's, didn't make it up the 1st and 2nd hill. Road with Ramirez 
Jocko07/06/10Thursday evening ride with Craig, Greg, Dave C, Dave W, Mike, Cully, Newbie Steve, Shawn, and Bob. Tried going up the new Cactus Ass trail; big mistake; might try it in another year or so after it firms up. 
Quikflip2707/04/10My brother didn't feel the Fully loop was enough, so we set out for his maiden voyage in Santiago Oaks. The 3B's hurt and the heat was turned up to 11. Front tire started a slow leak on the first rock drops of chutes so we booked it down. Fun fun... Happy fourth everyone, enjoy the fireworks and BBQ! 
cfeliciano07/03/10Solo ride today...kicked my butt 
steeleboat06/28/10I wish Burgemeester would stay on the trail. 
slopush06/28/10Entertaing ride w/ MBurkin, Steelboat and that crazy, rolling-through-the-bushes-and-rocks Burgemeester. Strange what happens when youthful exuberance meets, then tries to pass up Father Time! 
Burgemeester06/28/10Part 1 - SS. I think steeleboat has it in for me - taking me out when trying to pass him is just not good sportsmanship, or he's just getting old, and you know how they operate behind a machine!? Thanks to Slopusha and MBurkin for caring, and sharing the trail! 
Frakk06/28/10Manual post, no GPS data 
mburkin06/28/10Fun ride w/ Slopush, Steeleboat, and Burgemeester. Chutes is starting to get its flow back. :) 
Waldo06/24/10Combined this with Peters Canyon, plus slight variations to include Goat and Peralta Hills. Wish I'd had my GPS charged so I could have posted a more detailed course. 
angry red squirrel06/24/10rode the main route and mini loops-up b to peralta down,up b to goat down,up b to hawk down,up the 3bs finished off with chutes-rode the 43lb dh bike-wich added some hab,but super plush on the dh runs 
Winger06/21/10EX8. 36:52. Felt unusually strong. 
BikeThisTrail06/19/10Perfect Day for a ride. 
Jocko06/13/10Thursday evening ride. Runners expected at Peter's Cyn, so we pushed off from the Albertson's parking lot. 
Burgemeester06/09/10Part 1 - early morning spin with Steeleboat, Slopush and OC_Laske - temps were already pretty warm at 6:00am! 
Burgemeester06/04/10Part 1 - a strange ride today: Started w/ 5, Jay's chain sucked too much, so he turned off, NStilwell was on fire and went all out for the ironman, saw 2 coyotes and 3 deer, and ended this ride with Steeleboat and Slopush. 
slopush06/04/10Strange ride this morning. One guy showed up as we were leaving but he never caught up to us. Another went straight through the parking lot at the bottom of the dam, never to be seen again. Yet another had chain suck so bad that he had to turn back. That left Steelboat, Burgemeester and myself to finish what we'd started. We did see three deer which was nice. 
99fsrSport06/01/1037 min round trip from gate Irvine park and back. personal best. 2 short stops to get bees out of new helmet. lots of airflow but sucks bugs in. 
RaulC05/31/10relaxing am ride - alot of riders out. 
Red Ryder05/29/10Fun ride with Aaron. 
davidB.05/26/10part of the path ride on sunday, with a whole bunch more exploring 
FalseSummit05/24/10Solo cruise. Climbing the 2nd "B" saw a Tarantula Hawk doing his dirty deed on a Tarantula. Amazing. But he got defensive as I got closer, dropped his victim, and started heading right for me! I've heard about their sting so I SMOKED it to the top! Met SCJim...good talking to you Jim. 
Buffalo05/22/10Morning ride. I haven't done this classic for a while. 
steeleboat05/22/10Nice solo afternoon cruise. Saw mburkin on the Chutes, but he forgot his bike. 
xcShane05/19/10Tried some trails that I usually do in reverse and some "new" ones. I don't recommend going up coachwhip at this time. Too rutted. (new ~~~) 
4xdave05/17/10Wifes first ride on her new MKiii. She did really well for an advanced ride. 
RollnStone05/17/10A little damp this morning. Just enough dirt sticking to the tires to fill the grooves, which made for a slick ride down chutes. Walked the sandstone lower portion because it was too slick. Wanter to go farther but it was too messy. 
That's How I Roll05/16/101ST loop 
That's How I Roll05/16/102ND Loop 
XCRider05/10/10Easy evening spin as a bit of a recovery from Saturday's fun. Really tight at the start coming up the B's, but once loose felt excellent. Way better than I expected and it was good I came up on some other riders or I'd for sure have hammered the whole loop and be regretting it now. 
RaulC05/07/10warm! 80+ 
emtimekeeper2405/04/10great run but dangerous without the proper equipment. had lots of fun but i wish i had a dual suspension bike for this trail. 
XCRider05/03/10Leisurely lap to check saddle and bike fit. Still did 19m to pavement and 43m ride time. Cleared lower chutes, which helped the time a lot. 
cleanbeater05/02/10Last minute solo ride. 
Oly05/02/10After work ride on Friday with Michael. His first time on the ride and introduction to the 3 B's.... 
motoxscott05/01/10Not as rutted up as last time, but more over grown through Chutes. 
99fsrSport04/30/10stopped at top. saw owner of switchback on the tandem. (I want one)nice cool temp. 
mtnbikej04/21/10UGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! First time on a serious ride since the broken leg....I haven't felt that slow going up the 3 B's in a very long time. Made all 3, but just crawled up them. DH was great.....Chutes is really beat up right now....it's great...trails were dry. 
cdemeis04/17/10Afternoon ride. Rain hasn't been kind to some sections of chutes. 
Burgemeester04/16/10A good turn out for a change! Slopush, Steeleboat, OC_Lask and Stilwell. We were going to do something different, but Slopush got lost going up the 3rd B, which was an awesome idea! Gotta love those chutes! Thanks lads! 
slopush04/16/10First ride in what seems like forever. It's nice that we don't need lights in the morning now, although that means that I have to see how rough Nstilwell, OClaske, Steelboat and Burgemeester are looking. It's not a pretty sight. 
MarijuanaMuscle04/12/10Wed. night OC ride. 
MarijuanaMuscle04/12/10with .5 of Peters. Beers at house after. 
RYAN FOREST04/11/10Rode with Rob... nice weather 
Slow Ride04/10/10Good ride with Toro... went up grasshopper rode the last B hit Chutes then went over to Irvine Park and to some jumps and then the horseshoe loop. Beautiful day for a ride. 
RYAN FOREST04/08/10Rode with Marshall and Robby 
Burgemeester04/03/10Solo ride this afternoon - decided to take it easy on some of the dodgy sections down chute and because of that, I had a little run in just after the "controlled fall" section - that just proves to me that one HAS to go all out - it's safer at higher speeds! 
xcShane03/30/10Chutes is still rutted up. Damn slow today. 
GTCruiser03/30/10Use extreme caution. 2nd half of Chutes is very rutted. 
angry red squirrel03/27/102 of 2-short climbs then rode down chutes,deer,bumblebee,goat,peralta, waterfall,and a few more that run down the spine of the hills-alot more for future runs-good times 
jb_29er03/24/10Short and sweet ride, sometimes good to take it easy... Fast Turtle, see you tomorrow! 
oc_laske03/22/10Slightly different route. Started up the goat switchbacks, but then took bumblebee down, then up to the top of the second B. Made for a much nicer climb to the top, and I still go to enjoy Chutes! 
klowie03/20/10after work quick loop 
xcShane03/18/10Chutes is rutted up! Took it easy, rode around a bit. 
oc_laske03/17/10Solo afternoon ride. Not even close to being alone. 
mburkin03/05/10fun ride with my brother. I really like how the rain has altered the trail-- a bit more technical :) 
ZipsBiker03/03/10Early morning with Todd. 
Burgemeester02/26/10Finally managed to get this ride in! The bottom section of the chutes is nicely rutted out - hitting the right lines is a good idea! A good turn out this morning, RaulC even managed to show face! Thanks Lads - that was a good spin indeed! 
99fsrSport02/23/10forgot to post lastnight. Headwind to dam, cross wind up and down but nice coming out of irvine park. 3 bs is a challenge with gusts of wind. 
Oly02/20/10Morning rip with Manny after carpool drop-off... 
trekstorm02/19/10Part two of two. Added a few extra miles doing loop of Irvine Park. 
xcShane02/17/10Irvine was closed so I had to detour to get back into chutes. It worked out good to ride more trails in Oaks that I normally don't hit. 
Mike Honcho02/17/10Trails are in great shape...perfect weather today 
Buffalo02/15/10New fork works great. Chutes are fun. Life is good. 
99fsrSport02/14/10Irvine to dam, technically closed due to water crossings. Got my feet a little wet. Oaks in great shape. Someone did a lot of work on chutes. Thanks. 
steeleboat02/03/10I got up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head... noticed I was late...thought I saw the guys riding away...chased them.... 
spicolli197601/26/10I see alot of trail work in my near future in the Oaks. Lap 1 of 2. 
spicolli197601/26/10Lap 2 of 2. 
99fsrSport01/16/10forgot I put gatoraid in camelpack a week ago. rode without water. First swig was wicked. 
slopush01/15/10Shine, Thanson, Burgemeester, Steelboat and OClaske made it memorable once again. Thanks guys. 
Burgemeester01/15/10Getting dizzy doing this spin! This was the biggest group ride this year - bout time the usual suspects made the effort - thanks Lads! 
Burgemeester01/14/10Solo afternoon spin - not my best attepmt! Wasn't going to do this route, but I HAD to catch the guy in front of me! P.S. Happy BDay Boerseun! 
angry red squirrel01/14/10needed that adrenaline ifx so hit this for the chutes----watch out for the horse paddies!!! 
Marko Pollo01/12/10Did something a little extra - Deer toward East Hills. Fun. 
trekstorm01/12/10Part two of two. Nice weather today with lots of horse and bike riders. 
Burgemeester01/12/10Solo, mellow afternoon spin after a good day @ the office - but you know what they say 'bout that... 
JCampbell01/12/10Solo 1st Ride of 2010. Had to work around the man making a mess of a grading job at the bottom of the B's. Though the chutes are in dire need of some help, it was good to get out there. I'm looking forward to more good rides this year on my new ride. 
DONALD JACKSON01/11/10Days are getting noticeably longer. 
Burgemeester01/10/10Part 1 - uneventful solo ride this afternoon - saw two other on the trail - perfect, quiet conditions. 
JTuttle01/09/10Good evening ride. Met a group of guys who showed me around the area. One guy endo'd and broke his nose and split his chin open...Gnarly, Broken Helmet too. 
Burgemeester01/07/10Quick solo afternoon spin. Never seen so many horse riders out there as I did today, which made my favorite part v. boring indeed! Never the less, great to get out for a lunch time ride! Back to work for me... 
Burgemeester01/06/10Quick morning spin with Steeleboat and John O. Always great hanging out with the fossils!?! Managed to complete this in the dark - bonus! 
99fsrSport01/05/10catching up on my log since I forget to post Hope this doesn't effect any games. 
cfeliciano01/04/10Nice ride...easy pace...helped a guy with a broken chain at the bottom of the chutes...always carry a Sram Powerlink! Trail is loose and rocky since the rains. 
99fsrSport01/04/10To nice of a day to race. 
cfeliciano01/04/10Nice afternoon ride...saw 2 deer. 
Manuel71401/03/10Quick route to Steve's house. 
That's How I Roll01/03/102ND Route 
Buffalo01/02/10Nice after dinner ride. 
RollnStone01/02/10Legs were really burning on the 3 B's. Need some time off. 
Burgemeester01/01/10A new year and the good ole Bzz - still punishing after ALL these years, but worth it every time!?! The goal for this year is to hit 1 million ft of uphill...who's idea was this! 
SCJim12/30/091 of 2 laps with Dan the Man. Saw nobody on first lap. 
SCJim12/30/09Lap 2 of 2. A lot more people out and 5 deer. Broke my chain on the last climb out and hit a bit of rain. 
xcShane12/29/09Didn't have it today but all and all not too bad 
SCJim12/29/09Trail in great shape. Sticky and rutted on the bottom. Love the No Dumping sign on poop corner. BTW, that idiot made the register today as the wierdest moment 
Slow Ride12/28/09Solo ride, loop 1 of 2 
Slow Ride12/28/09Loop 2 of 2 
SCJim12/27/09nice solo ride. trail is rutted but very sticky. 
That's How I Roll12/26/091st Route 
El Chupacabra12/26/09Post Christmas ride with Bull Dosher, the Sandman and Dandy Dan. Felt the Christmas cheer on the climbs. 
mburkin12/25/09Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! 
mtnbikej12/24/09Went out for a quick ride today. Trail is pretty beat up, but very fun. Saw 2 deer at the top of the 2nd B just above the picnic table. 
SCJim12/24/09Great ride this afternoon. Thanks to the R&R gang at AH store. Mojo is now perfect. Merry Christmas to all! 
steeleboat12/23/09Nice cool morning ride w oclaske and the mayor. 
Burgemeester12/23/09It was so cold that the water in the pipe of my camelbak froze and I was unable to wet the palate - a cool, dark, early morning spin with OC_Laske and Steeleboat. This trail is in superb shape! Can't wait to hit the chutes in daylight! 
oc_laske12/23/09Frigid morning ride with steeleboat and burgemeester. Don't listen to burgemeester, chutes it trashed! Totally rideable (even with no suspension), but it is really chewed up toward the bottom. 
cfeliciano12/23/09I'd like to dedicate this ride to my dear old Granny Gear. She always comes through for me. 
mburkin12/23/09Fun ride with my brother. The trail has changed a bit from the rain, which made it a little interesting. 
SCJim12/23/09Sketchy and fun! 
SCJim12/20/09First ride on chutes since the rains. Lines are all new with many new challenges. 
trekstorm12/17/09Part two of two. Was actually quite warm today even near dusk when I finished. 
Burgemeester12/16/09A fantastic ride with Slopush, NStilwell, Thanson and John O. The 1st B was really tough, I had my small light, so that didn't help the cause! The zips/chutes are in great shape - it's a whole new ride out there - just perfect for the maximum adrenalin flow! Thanks lads! 
trekstorm12/16/09Night ride with Tim. Interesting downhill in the dark. Almost lost it a few times!!! 
SCJim12/06/09Niice cold ride 
SCJim12/05/09Nice cool day but had no legs 
Burgemeester12/04/09Solo late afternoon spin - no one in front or behind me. Started off by doing the willows trail (swamp tour) and ended the ride as the sun was setting - a superb spin! 
singlespeedrider11/30/09Spun out on the first B and cleared the last two. Not sure where the "Real" trail is on the chutes anymore. There are so many lines coming down. 
xcShane11/30/09Nice ride to get back at it. Lap 1 
xcShane11/30/09Had a rider go down ahead of me:( He seemed good to go. Lap 2 
SCJim11/27/09Lap 1 for all the food last night 
SCJim11/27/09Lap 2 for more food today. Great ride with NO wind 
trekstorm11/27/09Part two of two.(sure wish we could make this one post) Finished a little after dark and was even worse as I didn't charge my light it was also gone by the time I finished. 
Burgemeester11/26/09Part 1 - early start with a headwind up the Bzz - a crazy workout to start the day with NStilwell! Decided to head over to PC to end the riding off. We saw no one else on this trail. Happy Thanksgiving All! 
SCJim11/26/09Good early ride now let's eat. Any bonus points for nasty headwinds on the climb - I'm thinking a 100 would be fair! Happy Thanksgiving 
cfeliciano11/26/09Good way to start Thanksgiving out! Now to replace the calories burned, with calories earned! 
XCRider11/25/09Took up to top of 2nd B to get loose, and then leg and hip felt pretty good. Talked with Sean from A.H. for a bit while on Barham Ridge. Looking forward to getting back to longer rides since I think the short races on the weekends have taken a lot away from my stamina. 
SCJim11/23/09Great after work ride 
cfeliciano11/23/09Garmin ran out of juice after 5 minutes. Felt good on the 3 Bs 
SCJim11/21/09Trail in great shape. Lots of people out enjoying the trails. 
xcShane11/21/09Lap 1 
xcShane11/21/09Lap 2 
DONALD JACKSON11/17/09After work before dark, Chutes is getting wider. I don't know where the good line is anymore 
SCJim11/15/09Nice late afternoon ride. Watched a clinic on how to climb at the first drop. Wow 
99fsrSport11/14/09Slow after a cold. Wheezing all the way 
Winger11/14/094900. Added Irvine Park. Looks like I forgot to add the last few rides to geoladders. 
SCJim11/12/09Beware of agro ped who took a full swing at me with his 4foot walking log as I passed. Big log little dick! 
cfeliciano11/10/09lagging big time 
SCJim11/08/09Nice solo ride. Trail busy with good riders this morning. 
SCJim11/07/09Great solo ride after a morning of soccer 
Slow Ride11/06/09Solo sunrise ride... loop 1 of 2 
Slow Ride11/06/09Loop 2 of 2 
ZAffer11/06/09had a nice early afternoon ride. not too heavy, don't want to burn myself out for tomorrow :) 
sar_boats11/06/09Oaks after dark is schweet 
trekstorm11/04/09Part two of two. 
steeleboat11/01/09What a nice way to start a beautiful Sunday morning with my good friend Burger Mister 
Burgemeester11/01/09Part 1 - absolutely PERFECT conditions for an early morning ride! Steeleboat and I were the only ones out there. Nothing like a good grind followed by a sweet downhill! 
That's How I Roll11/01/09First time arround 
That's How I Roll11/01/09Secound time around 
Buffalo11/01/09Felt good after yesterday's grind. Converted 29er to 3 speed. No riders out at noon. 
SCJim10/31/09Nice hot solo afternoon ride. 
slopush10/31/09First of two solo loops today. Saw a bunch of riders decked out in costumes at the top of the dam- pretty funny. 21 mins. to the poles, took it easy coming down. Plenty of walkers and horses out. 
slopush10/31/092nd lap, and it felt like the second lap. I gotta get out and ride more! 
RaulC10/31/09met a rattlesnke who didn't want to move off the trail . . . so I did 
XCRider10/29/09Quick lunchtime ride to loosen up legs and check out front shock repairs. Things look fine, temps were perfect for riding, beautiful day, good ride. 
FalseSummit10/27/09Great temps; nice solo cruise. 
SCJim10/26/09Quick after work ride. 
spicolli197610/25/09Lap 1 of 2. Perfect morning for a ride. 
spicolli197610/25/09lap 2 of 2. 
mtnbikej10/24/09Nice ride this morning....rain did wonders for the dusty conditions. Only saw a handfull of riders. 
Buffalo10/24/09Friday evening ride. 
SCJim10/24/09Solo afternoon ride 
Burgemeester10/23/09Part 1 - FINALLY...it was great to hit the Bzz again - nothing better than having the Chutes to bomb down afterwards - in pitch darkness too. Thanks NStilwell. 
SCJim10/22/09quick spin after work 
Tick Magnet10/21/09Warm afternoon ride. Started at 2:00PM, nice and quiet. 
SCJim10/19/09Great solo ride before the Angel game. Go Halo's! 
cfeliciano10/19/09Good afternoon solo ride. 24 seconds longer than my best time. Gonna break the 38 minute mark soon. 
SCJim10/18/09Nice ride before it got too hot. 
SCJim10/17/09Trails are so much faster after the rains. Some type of Horse Olympics at the bottom made for tense navigation. 
Ross B10/16/09Getting ready for Springville Fat Tire Classic this weekend. I don't see any routes but will let my journal know how it went when i get back. 
cfeliciano10/11/09Older ride from 10/03/09. 
RollnStone10/10/09Lap 1. Was a trail guide to some new riders. 
RollnStone10/10/09Lap 2. The 3B really are harder the second time around! 
steeleboat10/09/09What should the penalty be for someone who schedules a ride and doesn't show up? 
oc_laske10/09/09feeling weak ... must ... ride ... more ... 
klowie10/09/09Haven't been here for a while. I love the downhill, especially the ridge before chutes. I did it twice. 
Winger10/08/09EX8. Man, I miss regular riding. Had a great time. Trail has deep dust cover. 
mtnbikej10/06/09Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Days are getting too short. 
Winger10/04/09EX8. Picked up a mylar balloon and had a mouse jump out. Picked up 2 inner tubes that were left on the trail. 
cleanbeater10/02/09Ride 1 of 2, with Dave 
nstilwell10/01/092nd spin on Chutes for the day 
Warhorse10/01/09Did the Anaheim Hills / Weir Canyon loop 1st then follwed it up with the Chutes loop. Great riding this morning, a little windy. Saw a pretty big size coyote on the connector between Santiago and Weir Canyon. 
Burgemeester09/30/09Part 1 - we got up SO early that we managed to finish in the dark! So much more fun coming down the chutes in pitch black - thanks Steeleboat, Slopush and NStilwell! 
XCRider09/30/09Quick afterwork ride. Finally have some nice temps. Front shifter not working right and knees hurting a bit. 
SCJim09/30/09Fun pre-work ride with Dan the Man and Matt. Thx to the group of 4 that held up to let us finish the climb out! 
Pmcmasters09/30/09After work ride with Justin. Lots of hikers out there. 
slopush09/30/09Saw a coyote leaving the house, then we saw 2 deer at the top of the 3rd biatch. Pretty slow going coming down Chutes in the dark, it's really chewed up. Thanks to Steelboat, Burgemeester and Nstilwell for talking me out of doing the Ironman as our two short loops were easier than one long one! 
SCJim09/29/09Great pre-work ride with Dan the Man. Saw 3 deer off Mtn. Goat. 
mtnbikej09/29/09nice ride.....ran into the Phantom Pooper....nice temps.....only saw a few other riders. 
Manuel71409/27/09Forgot to start Garmin on Friday mornings 2 Chute laps. 
Burgemeester09/27/09Part 1 - Nice to meet up with THanson and head out for a liesurely early Sunday spin! Fog was eeeeeeryyy. 
slopush09/26/09Got a pinch flat coming down the dam- A guy named Derick chatted with me while I changed the tire. Really hot going up the Bs. Now I remember why I like to ride early in the morning. 
Manuel71409/26/09Great short morning rip with Ed on Thursday. 
Manuel71409/26/09Great morning ride with a new crew; Jim, Dan, and John. Did an extra loop solo and I ended up getting a 5 inch nail in my tire tread and then into the sidewall. 
Manuel71409/26/09Thur 7am rip with Ed from RNR. 
SCJim09/25/09Great pre-work ride with Dan, John and Manuel714. All of which are to fast for me. Thanks for all the dust guys! 
Buffalo09/24/09Helped rodie, Seth, by riding home and giving him a tube. Helped mtbr. Jim, fix his chain by the chutes. Helped myself to a Spaten when I got home. 
steeleboat09/23/09Nice ride with all of my friends. 
Burgemeester09/23/09Part 1 - ahh...it's great to get to the top of the Bzz and then hit the chutes/zips - not much beats that downhill ST! Thanks Ken - the only other manly stud in the group today! 
cfeliciano09/23/09Nice evening ride with Mike, Justin, and Greg. Nice to see you again 3Bs. 
Winger09/21/09EX8. Added Irvine Park for some more time. Just happy to ride. 
XCRider09/21/09nice easy checkout ride to see how new bike setup works and whether Friday's mishap did any serious damage. 
Lutkus197309/19/09Morning Ride with Eric 
SCJim09/18/09Great pre-work ride with Dan the Man. Lot's of deer, snake and fox tracks on the trails but no signs of life. 
Slow Ride09/17/09Nice solo evening ride. 
spicolli197609/17/09Great morning ride with Alex. 
SCJim09/17/09HOT mid day solo ride. 
SCJim09/16/09Nice pre-work ride with Dan and Matt. 
spicolli197609/14/09Lap 2. 
SCJim09/14/09Nice solo after work ride. 
xhuskr09/13/09first time on dirt on over 2.5 weeks...felt great to ride the mtn bike again. We added the new Deer trail. It was so loose that it wasn't too much fun. Maybe in the spring after some rain it will be good. Since everything is loose out there, I guess patience is in the cards. 
Winger09/13/09EX8. So smooth on the downhills. 
rsc60109/12/09Rode with Mike and Billy 
slopush09/11/09Fun run w/ OClaske, Burgemeester, Thanson and Nstilwell. Ran into Sidney on the way out so he joined us for a lake loop. 
Burgemeester09/11/09Part 1 - A great way to start a weekend - a few mean Bzz, followed by one of the best singletrack downhill sections around - wish it was 2 miles longer! Thanks Lads. 
oc_laske09/11/09it's starting to get dark in the mornings ... 
SCJim09/10/09solo evening ride. HOT 
SCJim09/09/09Nice to ride with both brakes again. Sooo much easier to control. 
Slow Ride09/05/09Solo ride... pretty warm out but not terrible. 
SCJim09/03/09Shorter days, kids back in school, work, and oh yeah a nasty fall have kept me off the bike too long. Funny how everything seemed steeper! 
slopush09/03/09Did this ride Wed. w/ the usual gang. Saw a coyote and a deer. And some pretty sweaty guys. 
XCRider09/01/09Fast loop, top gate open, but equestrians at a couple of places slowed things a little. 16m to pavement. Did this one and then B1, B2, Bumblebee, Cactus, and Goat before heading home. 
superherodoc08/29/09Very hot climbing the B's. 
Burgemeester08/21/09Part 1 - EARLY morning ride with a large crew - chutes are in great shape! Thanks lads... 
roo08/21/09Lots of wildlife, 4 deers & 1 tarentula. I went down coachwhip...didn't know where it was leading...well it leads to the bottom! 
RaulC08/21/09Seven of the gang started the ride & two went on to do Ironman 
RaulC08/19/09fun evening ride with John O 
mountain coyote08/19/09nice evening ride with Raul C 
SCJim08/17/09Nice ride after work. Days are getting shorter quickly. 
4xdave08/17/09Garmin dropped out for a little bit. 
Winger08/16/09EX8. A little before & after ride to avoid having to drive to meet the group. 
Burgemeester08/15/09Good to be back in the US - hit this trail with Brian for an early morning spin! We also went and added swamp tour to the mix - that was pretty fun! 
oc_laske08/14/09followed up with a swamp tour loop, but didn't have the garmin to post it 
SCJim08/14/09Great AM ride with Dan and Jon. Nice to not ride in fog and let the bike loose again. 
RaulC08/14/09morning ride with Terry B 
SCJim08/13/09Early AM ride with Dan the Man. Fog was thick! Only saw one walker. 
cfeliciano08/12/09Nice 6am morning ride with Paul. A little better time this time. 
SCJim08/12/09Great way to start a work day. Rode w/ Dan the Man. Wore sleeves this AM for the first time in months. A bit eerie in the fog. 
cfeliciano08/11/09Did this ride Monday morning. Kicked my butt. 
Heathermarie908/09/09Hot today, but there was a nice breeze in some spots. Took it easy & did some exploring around the park 
xcShane08/08/09Messed around in Irvine park 
bikesurfski08/08/09No other riders out in the afternoon heat, but the 85 degrees were cooled by occasional breezes, especially at Robber's Peak after the burn of the 3 b's. 
SCJim08/08/09Hot solo afternoon ride - didn't see a sole on the trail. 
XCRider08/07/09Did this one, and then finished the vp goats loop. Cleared all 3 B's w/o trouble. Still can't get the rr tie though. Close, but keep hitting my pedal. Have to work that a bit. 
SCJim08/06/09Early solo ride. 
SCJim08/05/09Trail has gotten ugly in just a couple of days. Was there a horse race I wasn't informed of on the Chutes? 
JCampbell08/05/09Good ride with Brent and Brian. Chutes is a disaster IMO. People need to learn how to ride instead of just going straight through things with the brakes locked. The single tech section is now a 10 foot wide shit section that sucks. We need to fence some areas so we get the true singletrack high speed tech run back. 
ZipsBiker08/04/09Rode with Jimbo and Dave. Nice evening. 
ko kidd08/03/09slow ride Sit and spin. 
SCJim08/02/09Slow ride this AM following a late night out. 
Winger08/01/09EX8. 2 laps of Chutes. Pure happiness on the Full Suspension. 
Winger08/01/09EX8. Lap 2. 
SCJim08/01/09Hot solo ride. Trails quite crowded. 
FalseSummit08/01/09Early morning ride with newbie D. Cox. He had only one dab on the 2nd "B" but cleaned everything else...up & down. Great job DC!! 
SCJim07/31/09lap 1 of 2 following morning run on same route. 
SCJim07/31/09lap 2 - legs were gone on last climb. 
99fsrSport07/30/09found mountain bike wheel in alberson's parking lot. contact me with description for return. 
mburkin07/29/09fun ride w/ burgemeester, steeleboat, oclaske, and nstilwell 
Burgemeester07/29/09Part 1: good morning ride with OC_Laske, Steeleboat, NStilwell and MBurkin - last one here for a while. Those Bzz always burn no matter how many times we head up them! 
Lutkus197307/28/09great morning ride with Mark 
SCJim07/28/09Quick AM ride w/ Dan the Man. Trails are holding up well with all the traffic. 
Manuel71407/28/09Got to demo the Epic 2010 29nr full suspension on the Chutes with Steve on his 3rd Gary Fisher 29nr replacement frame. The shop must of rushed to get him running since the headset bolts were loose and the front brake bolts were so loose it was rattling with the rotor. Steve cruising cautiously since he was recovering from a bad tumble on the Chutes 2weeks ago. Epic felt a little twitchy, maybe I'll give it a couple more rips. Bumped into an old friend Heidi running on the trail. 
Winger07/28/09EX8. Finally fixed it. Rode like a dream. Great day on the bike. 
SCJim07/25/09Dual laps - lap1 
SCJim07/25/09lap 2 - got out before the heat but still humid 
cleanbeater07/25/09Great morning ride. Thanks Slowride, Dave & Jason. 
Slow Ride07/25/09Good morning ride with cleanbeater, David, and Jason... the temp was perfect! 
Winger07/22/094900. Weir was the plan, but the downhill was irresistible. Dam crossing still full of water, but the reroute is OK again. Last time the water was flowing. 
singlespeedrider07/20/09Morning Ride with Alex hot at 730 would not wnat to be out there later. If there is any trail work planned for the chutes I am in they are a mess. So many lines at the bottom who knows where the "Real" trail is. 
1TrackJ07/20/09Jerry and Mike Day joined me for this HOT ride, start in the early morning and personally, I would go counter clockwise instead of clockwise. 
SCJim07/20/09Hot solo evening ride after work. Quite a few people out enjoying the trails. 
SCJim07/19/09Only had enough for 1 lap today. HOT 
slopush07/17/09When you're heading up the B's for the second time before 6:20in the morning you know you're living large. Thanson and Joey came along for the ride. Thanks guys! 
oc_laske07/17/09Felt good to get a ride in after a stressful week. 
SCJim07/17/09Pulled a trailer up behind me this AM, or at least it felt like it. 
Buffalo07/16/09Saw 1 deer eating the new grass by the Outdoor Education Center. 
cfeliciano07/15/09Forgot me Garrrrrmin. Arrrrrrrgh. Nice ride with Mike. The chutes is ruttier than ever. 
mtnbikej07/14/09Felt like crap tonight. Temps were not too bad, just no gas in the tank. 
SCJim07/14/09Quick ride after work. Heat seems to have broken a bit! 
RaulC07/12/09Hot! trail was deserted at noon. 
cleanbeater07/10/09Ride from last week I was too lazy to post. 
oc_laske07/10/09Morning ride. Started out with a huge group, but split off with nstilwell to do a shorter route. 
cfeliciano07/09/093 weeks out of the saddle takes its toll! 
Mike Honcho07/09/09Missed my best time by minute, I will blame it on the heat. 
FalseSummit07/09/09Nice cruise w/Tom. 
xcShane07/07/09Included the new Deer trail. Too soft for my liking. 
nickNOC07/07/09busted my marzocchi tst....WTF 
Slow Ride07/04/09Good ride cleanbeater... perfect way to start the 4th of July! 
SCJim07/04/091 of 2 laps. Feeling it in the legs after 3rd day straight. 
SCJim07/04/092 of 2. Had to drop to GrannyGear on the 2nd lap up - Heat and old age caught up to me. Happy 4th! 
SCJim07/03/09Nice AM ride with Dan the Man. 
NO GO07/02/09Rode with twitch, fatpossum and slow ride today. Freakin hot and humid out. Not fun doing the 3b's with that much heat. Had to cut today short and get home. 
SCJim07/02/09trails in good shape - no people out this AM 
nickNOC07/01/09did this one on monday forgot to log it 
spicolli197607/01/09First ride with my new GoPro. These things are amazing!!! 
Pmcmasters07/01/09Finally blew the cobwebs off the bike and went for my first ride in about a month or so. Rode a little extra credit singletrack. Can't wait to get back out there again after such a crazy couple months. 
Twitch07/01/09Lap 1 Thanks NO GO, Slow Ride and Fat Possum..... 
Twitch07/01/09Lap 2 
Slow Ride07/01/09Hot ride but not too bad with NO GO, Twitch, and Fat Possum 
XCRider07/01/09lap 1 of 2. Excellent ride, first time ever clean for all climbs and cleared all of chutes dh. Only stops were RR tie and to adjust seat. Saw a very few riders, one group of three in between B1 and B2. Saw them again on lap 2. 
XCRider07/01/09lap 2 of 2. A little more social, cleared climbs, but more careful on upper chutes this time around. Saw same group of 3, and then talked with a couple of riders after the sandpit. Suggested they look at this site for more local routes. Near the exit a hiker pointed out a fox lurking in woods just above creekbed. I've seen bobcat, coyote, and snakes, but never a fox before. He seemed totally fine with us watching him. Amazing. 
ZipsBiker06/30/09Too bad my Garmin wasn't charged. Added the new Deer trail near the beginning of Weir, a little bit of Peters and some pavement. 
mtnbikej06/30/09Felt like crap....warm but not hot....air was thick and sticky. Still lots of water near the dam. Trail seems to be a lot more powdery since last Tuesday. 
SCJim06/29/09Quick AM ride. Kudos to those who built the bridge! 
Burgemeester06/28/09Part 2 - solo ride after whiting/luge - need to get the saddle time in this month! This was a great way to start. Oh...and people, that's 200 posts for this ride! Good times as always! 
4_chew_nut06/27/09Short ride, back home before 8AM! Did an "extra" down Coach Whip and up Powerline. Rode with Sardo. 
99fsrSport06/27/09Not enough sleep effects stamina, I was winded at top of 1st B. 
SCJim06/27/09Rode at 8:30 AM and the heat at that time kicked my butt. Trail in great shape - I'm not! 
spicolli197606/25/09Nice slow stroll through the Oaks for lunch today, and wanted to try out the video camera that Alex let me borrow. Note to self: helmet mount- good. Bar mount- bad. Way too much vibration on the bar mount. 
spicolli197606/23/09Nice leisurely stroll through the Oaks with Rhett and Mike. My leg is still sore but getting better. The "phantom pooper" struck Rhett. 
ZipsBiker06/22/09The creek is totally flooded right now. The sign said it will be like that till July 5 or 6. The other crossing was a little deep too. 
SCJim06/21/09Great early AM ride w/ Dan the Man. Came close (again) to a deer crossing at high speed. Happy Fathers Day to all! 
SCJim06/20/09lap 1 of 2. Where was everybody? Trails were empty and the weather was great for riding. 
SCJim06/20/092 of 2 
cfeliciano06/19/09Nice morning ride before it got hot. Saw a garden snake. Nice ride down the chutes. 
nickNOC06/19/09rode from my house but dont know how to include that in the route.. 
SCJim06/18/09Fun quick ride after work. Trail is getting soft in sections. 
SCJim06/17/09Nice afternoon ride w/ Dan the Man 
Burgemeester06/16/09A quick solo afternoon spin around the park - saw 3 deer and got them on video - nice job! Then, for the first time (ever) the wind was in my sails going UP the Bzz - that was a treat! 
SCJim06/16/09OK does anyone know why some idiot gets off on taking a dump in the middle of the trail? Horses and dogs even coyote crap I can handle but human that's just frickin sick! 
cfeliciano06/15/09Afternoon solo ride. Lots of horses and a few other riders out today. Trail is sandy in many spots that used to be hard packed. 
SCJim06/14/09Solo ride - Lap 1 of 2. 
SCJim06/14/092 of 2 
Slow Ride06/13/09Loop 1 of 2 
Slow Ride06/13/09Loop 2 of 2 
SCJim06/12/09Nice afternoon ride. Trail is quick! 
spicolli197606/11/09Great morning ride with Alex. 
SCJim06/11/09Quick unwind after work ride. Trail in great shape. 
xcShane06/08/09Tires don't hold their air well when a rock somehow hits and brakes the presta valve. Better than a broken spoke or a ripped tire! 
slopush06/08/09Morning ride w/ the usual suspects: Steelboat, Shine, Burgemeester and Nstilwell. Saw two coyotes. Cute little rascals. 
Burgemeester06/08/09Part 1 - It was difficult getting up this morning, but once the legs started spinning and the commentary flared up, it was all good! Thanks Shine, Slopush, Steeleboat and NStilwell. 
SCJim06/07/091st post in a week following a nasty cold. Feels like I have half a lung to work with. 
4_chew_nut06/05/09Morning ride with Steve. and rode from home for a total of 2200 ft and 15 mi. lap 1 of 2 
4_chew_nut06/05/09lap 2 of 2 
oc_laske06/04/09Quick solo ride after work. 
spicolli197606/04/09What a difference a stem makes!!! I finally got my bike dialed and it feels sooo much better. Great, cool morning for a ride. 
dandrews06/04/09wow, alot of water to cross below the damn, maybe there's a different way now, been awhile since doing this 
mburkin06/03/09fun morning ride w/ steeleboat 
steeleboat06/03/09Nice morning ride w mburkin. It tried to rain on us. 
xcShane06/03/09Lots of riders out today. 
xcShane06/03/09Lap 2 
ZipsBiker06/03/09No other riders out today. 
Pmcmasters06/03/09Great afterwork ride with Justin, James, Mike, Tim and Tony. 
GTCruiser06/03/09+ Irvine Park. 
spicolli197606/02/09Great morning ride. Little misty but perfect temp and super tacky. 
Winger06/02/094900. Unplanned race #2 of the day. A guy on a white mongoose sized me up at the stop lights and decided he was faster. He was wrong. Chutes was a lot of fun. 
trailking@cox.net06/02/09Loop #2. Started to get real buggy. Harv got a flat right near the end of the last downhill. Dooooh! 
GTCruiser06/02/09+ Irvine Park 
cfeliciano06/01/09Rode with Mike and Shane. Felt good coming down the chutes. 
Burgemeester05/31/09Part 1 - solo ride this morning. It's SO nice to have such a nice playground in my back yard! Awesome day for a mid morning spinaroo! 
GTCruiser05/31/09+ Peters Cyn. 
SCJim05/31/09Nice afternoon ride. Trails in great shape after the light rain. 
Frakk05/30/09Cool weather and a good ride with my buddy Kevin 
SCJim05/30/09Lap 1 of 2. Came 5ft away from being taken out by a spooked deer on the top of the FASTEST section of Chutes. 
SCJim05/30/09Lap 2 - Pulled the whole ride w/out Granny Gear 
SCJim05/28/09First ride up the Bs in 2-1! 
PaulV05/27/09back for more! w/ timmy, crash and vince. sessioned a few of the fun zones and then down chutes, two bikers were coming up (people do that?? :) nice cool temps for the AM, overcast, perfect. Vince showed us how to get max speed on the ridgeline, too bad it involves 12 foot jumps and no fear!! 
99fsrSport05/27/09saw 2 big 3.5' rattlers 
ZipsBiker05/27/09Lap 1 with Todd 
ZipsBiker05/27/09Lap 2 with MW. Pretty dark coming down Chutes. 
trekstorm05/27/09Part two of two. Great ride but still wondering why they put a gate halfway up the last "B". Downhill chutes are a mess. Had to do hike-a-bike for a while. 
RaulC05/27/09nice evening solo - had the trail to myself 
SCJim05/25/09Nice day for a quick ride. 
Shine05/25/09Late afternoon ride w/sammy boy 
Burgemeester05/24/09Solo, nearly lost it coming down the chutes, but managed to hang on and avoid a major spill...too close! A good ride as always! 
SCJim05/24/09legs burning from yesterday 
Frakk05/24/09First time on this trail, and down Chutes felt confortable with the Guidance of Rushak, it certainly helps when you have someone who is very knowledgeable in both technique and terrain. Thanks rushak! 
slopush05/24/09After doing San Juan this morning I was still feeling fresh and was curious to see how digesting a 3x3, chocolate shake and fries would feel while climbing the Biatches (burp). Caught up to OClaske near the top of the 2nd B. Nice to have company coming down Chutes, thanks man! (burp) 
rushak05/24/09Showed my buddy Frakk around Santiago Oaks. Popped his cherry on the chutes. Park was empty, but Irvine Regional Park was going off for some event. 
Dump Truck05/24/09did this ride so my neighbor could be fashionably(sp) late......LOL 
SCJim05/23/091 of 2 laps for AM ride. Heard something bigger than a rabbit in the bushes on the lower section on lap 1. 
SCJim05/23/09Lap 2. Same spot where noises were heard on lap 1, I ran up on a Bobcat. 
slopush05/23/09Nice mellow ride w/ Snoot and Paul, who is just getting into biking and made it up the Bs on his first try- Not bad!!! 
Burgemeester05/22/09Part 2 - NStilwell and I turned around and headed out for more - actually felt strong at the end of this ride - it was a superb way to start a loooooong w/e! Thanks for the company! 
nstilwell05/22/09Part 2 of 2 - Burgemeester and I turned around and rode back out up the Bzs and down Chutes 
SCJim05/22/09Great pre-work ride with the Santa Cruz Heckler pack. The new Mojo is hummin' 
ahhooie05/22/09Had to find a way around the water crossing. 2nd climb was real steep (25%). Almost went OTB going down chutes. Saw a bobcat across the dry riverbed. Another fun ride with Brad. 
PaulV05/22/09good ride this morning w/ timmy. had a lot of fun hitting the side action, will be back next week. Ran into 4 guys w/ helmet cam that took some pictures near dam area. Nice and cool temps, overcast, chutes was super fun. Coffee by Albertsons after the ride hit the spot. 
SCJim05/21/09Quick ride before work. Sections getting soft quick. 
nstilwell05/21/09solo afternoon ride 
Hermit05/21/09Solo SS. Still had some daylight remaining after work. 
cfeliciano05/18/09Nice solo ride. Tried lowering seat all the way down chutes and leaned back over rear tire. Felt a lot more in control and it was a lot easier to brake the front tire when necessary. 
Oly05/18/09Great rip with Manny and Tom... 
SCJim05/17/09Quick ride before sunset. 
SDstumpy05/16/09Intense Demo Day. Rode a Large Tracer. The downhill has uber fun! 
SDstumpy05/16/09Rode the Intense Spider 2 for my 2nd lap. Went OTB really good the next time around. Man my knee and shoulder hurts. The Spider 2 definitely climbs better but the Tracer was a better decsender by far. 
SCJim05/16/09Dual laps with Dan the Man this AM. 
SCJim05/16/09lsp 2 
singlespeedrider05/16/09Morning ride with Kevin. Cleared the second B for the first time, not the single track off to the side but straight up the center. 
SCJim05/15/09Great AM ride w/ Dan the Man. 
Pmcmasters05/15/09Snuck out of work early and went for a ride. For some odd reason my Garmin isn't cooperating. I tried to upload my ride but some how it was erased. Oh well. 
RaulC05/15/09not another soul on the entire route. Nice. 
Burgemeester05/14/09Superb spur of the mo solo afternoon ride - no one on the trails, till the very end! It's getting soft out there! 
steeleboat05/13/09Reverse with slopush, nstilwell and mburkin. 
SCJim05/13/09Great morninig ride with Dan and Jon. 
davidB.05/13/09extra credit 
Hermit05/12/09Finished chutes just as it was getting dark. Kinda hard to see. 
Shine05/11/09nice way to start week w/steeleboat, thanson, & slopush. we actually did bz, waterfall, & orange park acres, but none of us gps'd the route... :-( 
cfeliciano05/11/09Nice afternoon ride with Mike. 
SCJim05/10/09Saw my first rattler of the season. Looks like it has made a home at the bottom of the Bs. 
cfeliciano05/09/09Solo after work ride. Felt sluggish and like I hadn't been in the saddle for a long time. 
SCJim05/09/09post from yesterday AM ride 
SCJim05/09/09Lap 1 
Winger05/06/094900. Lap 3. Yay 2hr ride. Gears R fun and much easier than SS. 
Winger05/05/094900. lap 1 of 3. Rode up hill. Rode down hill. Rode over rocks. Compressed my shocks. Rode over dirt. Rode over sand. Rode past horses. Rode past Freds. Saw a tree. Saw a wasp. Fixed a kid's chain. 
Winger05/05/094900. Lap 2 of 3 
cleanbeater05/04/09Rode with Twitch, No GO, slowride, toro, & fatpossum. Thanks guys! 
SantaCruz HellRider05/04/09In the neighborhood to pick up my packet for the Perverse Ride on Saturday. There must be a shortcut, no other tracks in the mud. 
spicolli197605/04/09Great ride with the Rhett-Dogg. Once again he got the "rider of the day" award. 
SCJim05/03/09Great AM ride. Lot's of people enjoying the trails. Lap 1 
SCJim05/03/09lap 2 
Twitch05/03/09Thanks No GO, slowride, toro, fatpossum and cleanbeater 
NO GO05/03/09On the way back from Motorway with twitch....got call to do chutes. Thanks slowride, toro, fatpossum, cleanbeater and twitch 
Mike Honcho05/02/093rd ride this week, my legs are not happy with me. 
nstilwell05/01/09Morning ride with the crew. Time includes an added Lake Loop 
RaulC05/01/09a.m. ride with the gang 
slopush05/01/09Fun ride w/ RaulC, Nstilwell and Steelboat. Thanks guys! 
99fsrSport05/01/09part 1 
Winger04/30/09SS. First ride since baby was born. Felt good to be out. 
Winger04/30/09SS. Actually made it up the 1st B on the Single Speed! Slow & steady worked better than attacking it. 
xcShane04/30/09Pre Taco Tuesday ride 
cfeliciano04/27/09Solo ride. New best time. 38 minutes 15 seconds. 
Lutkus197304/26/09what is an OTB amongst Friends... I think I will wait till I get more suspension until I try Waterfall again. 
SCJim04/26/09Rode early before the crowds - lap 1 
SCJim04/26/09lap 2 
SCJim04/24/09Quiet out tonight. 
cfeliciano04/24/09Forgot me garmin....arrrrrrgh! Good ride with Paul, Justin, Scott, and Kenny. Lots of riders out there. 
spicolli197604/23/09Great morning ride with Alex. Met up with Skyler for the last half of the ride. Good times!!! 
spicolli197604/23/09Lap 2. 
jeffcaruba04/23/09Busy trail today but still great out. The ride downhill is starting to get a little dusty from last weekends heat. Will post full garmin data once computer is fixed 
Pmcmasters04/23/09Afterwork ride with Justin, Chris, Scott and Kenny, 
SCJim04/23/09Quick evening ride. Lot's of people out. With waterfall "climbable" starting to see an increase of 2 way traffic on the Chutes. Heads up! 
SCJim04/22/09Yeehaa - Maiden voyage on the new Mojo. All types of new lines have now opened up with this new bike! Anyone interested in a SC Superlight??? 
XCRider04/21/09loop 1 of 2, cleared all three climbs in one shot (top gate open), stopped and talked with a couple of guys after the sand pit. 
XCRider04/21/09loop 2 of 2, fast, no stops, cleared all 3 climbs and lower chutes. 
nstilwell04/19/09solo ride. getting hot out there and the wind added another element to the downhill section. 
SCJim04/19/09Trail getting soft quickly. Headwinds while climbing made for a good workout. 
Pmcmasters04/18/09I wasn't worn out enough after riding Holy Jim/Trabuco so I decided to take a solo ride through the Oaks afterwards. Legs are starting to feel it now. 
slopush04/17/09Thrills and spills- That's what it's all about, right? We had both this morning, thanks to JOlivier. Way to go dude! Also in attendance was steelboat, burgemeester, nstilwell, oclaske and the rare appearance of raulc made the morning perfect. Thanks boyz! 
RaulC04/17/09nice to ride with "da boyz", Been missing those early a.m. rides . . . 
Burgemeester04/17/09Great ride with a cool bunch of guys who don't care about the points, just having a good group ride - err..until we all went our own separate ways - some of us to get to work, others to get more geo points! Thanks lads! 
nstilwell04/17/09Good morning ride with the group. Got split up at the end though. 
mountain coyote04/17/09Took a tough spill over the bars. 
SCJim04/16/09Fun lunch time ride w/ nobody out. You can feel the heat coming. 
XCRider04/16/09Loop 2 of 2. Fast ride w/o any stops. Clean ride up all 3 B's and also cleared lower chutes. 
XCRider04/16/09loop 1 of 2. Clean ride up all 3 B's, nice conversation with a couple of riders after the sand pit. 
cleanbeater04/15/09Rode with James and Brian. Followed by Lake Loop at Peters 
JCampbell04/14/09I keep shattering the bottom bracket bearings on my Rogue. I need to upgrade. The chutes are just nasty right now. 
spicolli197604/14/09Great morning ride. 
oc_laske04/13/09solo spin after work 
spicolli197604/13/09Great ride with Brandon and Rhett. Much busier on the trails at 5:00 than in the morning. Rhett got the "rider of the day" award with 7 gold stars. It's amazing what getting your forks serviced will do for you. Thanks to The Path!!! 
Winger04/12/09EX8. Holy Mexican, Batman! Irvine park was the place to be on Easter Sunday. Also saw a lot of families @ Cemetery. :( Saw a rattlesnake stretched across the trail and helped him to safety. Good day to be out on the bike. 
SCJim04/11/09Trail is getting soft quick. Lap 1 of 2. 
SCJim04/11/092 of 2 
vikingboy1804/11/09Saw first baby rattlesnake of the season stretched out on the trail after the second creekbed crossing 
slopush04/10/09I appreciate coming back from this ride alive- especially w/ Steelboat, Burgemeester and Nstilwell riding behind me. Thanks boyz, for not riding over me... 
JCampbell04/10/09Second Loop, not exactly but went down into OPA, checked out some houses, came back over the damn and down to main entrance, santiago Creek though the housing track, then up the horse trail to serrano. Up serrano a bit then made a right into the lower entrance of the trails. Up and down the crazy steep trails then up the third B and back to Albertsons. Watch out in the grassland entrance off of serrano. I saw 3 rattlers, two of them joined together. 
halfasst04/09/09Solo ride after work. Nice cool conditions, looks like rain is on the way. 
sparrow04/08/09Did as part of road/dirt ride with Peter's and Whiting. 
Mike Honcho04/08/09Squeezed in a ride before it rains. 
Winger04/08/09EX8. 31:42...probably would have been faster without the dam re-route since I rode back to Waterfall to catch the trail again. Felt fast. Saw some kids shooting a paintball gun off the 1st B. 
SCJim04/07/09Fun ride ruined by a big pile of dog crap in the middle of the trail 
davidB.04/07/09started at the Fish House and came out Newport after some extra credit 
Royster7104/06/09They changed up this place a bit.. After I climbed the 3 bitches saw a singletrack that diverts the climb. Good riding with you Travis. Still have Vegas food sitting in my tummy. When I got back I gave birth to the biggest log I have done in years :) Boy that Fiber one bar worked! Sorry for the TMI 
Winger04/05/09SS. Saw a family of ducks. 
SCJim04/04/09such a nice day had to do it twice - lap 1 
SCJim04/04/09lap 2 
Lutkus197304/04/09Back getting comfortable with the Chutes again. 
xcShane04/03/09Got a bit dirty out there with the sprinkling rain 
spicolli197604/03/09Lao 1 of 2 
spicolli197604/03/09Lap 2 of 2. 
Byron B04/02/09solo ride around 6pm yesterday.. nice to be able to get the chutes and peters canyon before it gets dark. Close call with a rattler on the second B, took the outside line next to the brush and put him in striking distance, thank god it didn't strick on that steep climb.. 
spicolli197604/02/09Great morning ride with Alex. 
cfeliciano04/01/09Actual riding time 39 minutes 34 seconds from start to finish. New best time for me. 
spicolli197604/01/09Lap 2. 
TyMo04/01/09rode this with uncle tom. it was tough on my legs coming straight from my football 
Pmcmasters03/30/09Afterwork ride with James, Justin and Mike. 
SKINNY03/29/09good ride with twitch, vt1ryan, thekrings, arno, and triguytim.. route 1 of 3 for the day. 
SKINNY03/29/09fun route 
vt1ryan03/29/09good ride with twitch, Skinny, thekrings, arno, and triguytim.. route 1 of 3 for the day. 
pdmoore03/29/09Chutes is way more nerve-wracking than anything waterfall throws at ya. 
SCJim03/29/09slow casual pace on a great day. 
Lutkus197303/29/09great ride with Eric. it fells good to get back on the bike. 
mtnbikej03/28/09Part of a double loop today. 
slopush03/27/09Early ride w/ almost the whole gang. It was great to see Thanson back in the saddle, metal plate and all. Getting to the top got us above the fog- pretty cool view. 
Burgemeester03/27/09Good early morning ride through the fog and above the clouds. Only needed lights to the top of the 3rd B - can't wait for the summer months ahead! Thanks lads! 
spicolli197603/26/09Great morning ride with Alex. It feels good to get back on the bike after being sick. 
Winger03/25/09EX8. Relaxed pace. Met Matt & Jason @ Albertsons and rode with them for a bit. 
NO GO03/25/09Rode with Slowride. Trail is in good condition and the weather was excellent. 
SCJim03/24/09What a great day for a ride! Trail is in great shape. 
SCJim03/22/09Trails were open and in great shape. Cool and breazy but a great way to end a weekend. 
SCJim03/21/09Bottles of Fat Tires felt like Fat Tires this morning! 
xcShane03/21/09Lots of people out today celebrating Santiago Oaks. 
Winger03/20/09EX8. Felt unstoppable on the downhill. Pushed too hard at the beginning and ran out of gas at the 3 B's. Probably a 35 minute lap including the dam reroute. At least I got out on the bike. 
jeffcaruba03/20/09Will post gps data soon...after work ride..good to be getting back out there again... hopefully the guy who fell into the cactus ended up ok.. seems fine. Trail in pretty good shape 
Pmcmasters03/19/09Afterwork ride with Justin, Mike and Shane. 
Buffalo03/18/09Front wheel had a mind of it's own today (lots of dabs). Getting buggy out there, Better than a poke in the eye with a dirty stick, though. 
SCJim03/18/09Trail is in great shape. Fun after work ride. 
dubjay03/16/09Had to take a slight detour after coming down from the top of the dam. The creek is flooded, so I went around on a trail called Pony to the bottom of the B's. 
cfeliciano03/16/09Lowered caloric intake today and hit the wall after 2nd B. Had to rest a few times. Tried out new line at first technical drop in at top of chutes and was very satisfied. 
genusmtbkr503/15/09Good ride with STR. Always a hoot and Tustin Brewery fun too. 
SCJim03/15/09Great to be back on the bike after a week with a killer cold Trail in great shape and loads of people enjoying it. 
mtnbikej03/14/09Great ride today. Only saw 2 other bikes out. Joined my wife and her friends on the remainder of thier horseback ride. 
NO GO03/13/09Rode with Bryan and Jeff. Great day out. 
RaulC03/13/09Quick loop with TRB 
angry red squirrel03/12/09ride 2-fist time-fun for a quick spin-park ride(adrenalines bikes in orange-the best tune up my bike has had in years-its dialed in perfect 
tweasol03/12/09I was a bit skeptical going so far to ride but Chutes was worth it. I didn't know it was so techy but loved every foot of it. Cleared Everything... I'll be back for more soon 
Pmcmasters03/11/09Lap #1, solo warm-up ride while waiting for group to show up. 
Pmcmasters03/11/09Lap #2 with a group of friends. 
oc_laske03/10/09Solo spin around the oaks to try out the new wheel. Watch out up top, the oaks pooper is at it again, and is now leaving his calling card a little bit further down the trail. 
Byron B03/09/09fun ride with the circus (summitdude, coreswest, and steve)... made it up all 3 B's, however, any longer and I would passout.. jk, trail is awesome.. 
cfeliciano03/07/09Great to get back in the saddle after a 2 week break. Man, was I out of shape. 
cfeliciano03/07/09Ride happened on 02/23/09. Did not add points to Big Ladder. Took a nice fall on a dead bush. Almost needed stitches on left bicep. 
SCJim03/07/09One of those days when things just didn't feel right. Great day for a ride though! 
spicolli197603/05/09Great morning ride. Lap 1 of 2. 
spicolli197603/05/09Lap 2 of 2. 
mountain coyote03/04/09rode with Brandon plus new to the chutes Martin and Mark. 
Burgemeester03/04/09Awesome morning ride with JohnO, Morton and MLeatheam - it was their first ride with John and Iz and they climbed everything really well and decended even better! Definitely handled everything so well! Kudos to you both - superb effort, especially for a first time. 
spicolli197603/04/09Great morning ride before the rain started. Decided to veto the single track up the second "B" and go up the real deal. 
Buffalo03/04/094 Bs. No mud, just a sprinkle. 
Ross B03/04/09two of two pb. whew! 
spicolli197603/03/09Felt soooo good to be back my back after 4 weeks!!! 
Burgemeester03/01/09Part 1 - early morning solo ride. Saw 3 coyotes as I entered the park. Perfect conditions as always! 
SCJim03/01/09Slow mellow ride after Tuesday's crash. Indian Summer rocks! 
slopush02/27/09This was going to be the whole weir cyn loop but we didn't get started soon enough. We did have a big turn out though- seven guys so that was cool. What was REALLY cool was the return of steelboat after a long absence. You'd think he would've slowed down a bit but no way, he's the man of steel! Thanks for a fun morning guys. 
Burgemeester02/27/09Part 1 - good, early morning ride with most of the crew - impressive stuff! I was glad we managed to talk our way out've weir - that was close ;-) Thanks lads - it was a good spin indeed! 
Buffalo02/27/094Bs. First ride on new Klein - Nice. 
SAmtn02/26/09Met a single speeder Dwayne this morning. 
klowie02/26/09Did Hawk too. That trail has some sketchy parts and will be overgown with mustard weed in two weeks. Almost threw up the second time up the 2nd B but I cannot get enough of the chutes. 
XCRider02/24/09Quick after-work ride, felt great, couple more climbs for extra credit plus ride in/out, maybe 8mi total. Fell on traverse to chutes when front brake grabbed a little quick. Having a pro look at that and perhaps a bit of Modjeska mud damage on the cables. 
xcShane02/22/09Everything is good but the motor is a little weak. 
Burgemeester02/21/09Good, early morning ride, but I have a long way to go to get back on track! Partial ride with Slopush and Nic, then I hit the chutes solo whilst the studs carried on with the big loop. 
SAmtn02/21/09Trail's in great shape. First "B" is like a paved road. 
SCJim02/21/09Chutes took a beating with the rains. Fun but sketchy. 
99fsrSport02/20/09first two b's have a lot more traction now that they leveled out the ruts 
Buffalo02/19/094B's and back up dam road. Saw 2 bikes, 1 horse and 2 coyotes. 
4_chew_nut02/15/09Trails are not muddy and all appeared to be open... until rain starts again any way. Rode alone and my chain started to disintegrate on my way to the weir cyn loop so I had to cut the ride short :( 
slopush02/14/09Got a ride in before the rain came. Was muddy in spots, but not too bad. Olivier was fun to watch coming down Controled Fall, and OClaske was nice enough to let me pass him coming out of the park ; ) Thanks guys! 
cfeliciano02/13/09Got out early today trying to avoid the rain. Avoid the dam. Pretty muddy in spots. Thanks to whoever has been doing some shovel work out on the chutes. Only saw one other rider. Slow time...been out of the saddle too long. 
SCJim02/05/09One last ride in before the rains! 
SCJim02/03/09Posting yesterdays ride 
Buffalo02/03/09After work ride. 
99fsrSport02/02/09Did it in reverse. Challenging climb and went down descent to the right of the 2 b's. 
XCRider02/02/09lap 1 of 2, felt good after Saturday's fiasco. 
XCRider02/02/09lap 2 of 2, fast, felt great. 
BrakeHeart02/01/09part of a 23 mi total ride from my front door on Lincoln Ave. neighbor met me at trailhead and rode part of the journey 
nstilwell02/01/09good late morning spin with Slopush 
mtnbikej02/01/09Perfect weather...only saw a few other riders out. 
slopush02/01/09Great day for a ride. Thanks for going out, mr. Stillwell! 
genusmtbkr501/31/09Nice ride with Randy after the USFS annual meeting 
Buffalo01/29/09Climbing 3 B's in a headwind -gotta love it. 
Winger01/28/09SS. Made it 3/4 up the 1st B, and up the entire "P" line of the 2nd B. Also did the 3rd B. Maybe I just need to ride the SS more often. It just sucks the life out of me on even the shortest hill. Otherwise the trails were in OK shape. 
Buffalo01/28/093 b's out & back 
DONALD JACKSON01/28/09right after work. Been awhile since I rode chutes, Nice to have a pike lots of ruts. 
cfeliciano01/27/09Had a decent pace going until I ran into horse riders...twice! Nothing like that to kill your time! 
Burgemeester01/21/09Part 1 - good spin around the park with OC_Laske. Thanks! 
oc_laske01/21/09Morning ride with Burgemeester. Followed up with a lake loop. 
Buffalo01/21/09After work ride. Nice & cool. 
cfeliciano01/19/09Afternoon ride with Justin. Took it slow and easy. Chutes is rutted out big time. 
SCJim01/18/09Headwinds up the Bs added a new chalenge 
mtnbikej01/18/09Winds sucked!!!!!!!!!!! 
RaulC01/16/09I tipped OTB's coming down the chutes, but Shine flew off the bike & has the scrapes & bruises to show for it. A painful ride all around 
Burgemeester01/16/09Good to be out on this trail as usual - nothing beats riding up the Bzz with the wind in your face, then nearly being blown off the chutes - thanks Steeleboat, OC_Laske and JohnO - good times! 
SAmtn01/16/09Part 2. Creek by the dam is flooded. Tried to ride through it. Bad decision - ending up taking a dip. Survived but my blackberry didn't. 
Shine01/16/09First real crash in many moons...lost pad in rear break at top of chutes, then watch Raulc to an semi-OTB, then by the bottom of chutes I was moving just too fast and did an Evil Kinevil landing after jumping over a long nasty rut. As steelboat once said..."things are gonna hurt"... 
klowie01/15/09Fantastic views today, haze died down with the wind. 
Buffalo01/15/09After work ride. Out and back IP-top of 3rd B and back. 
snoot01/13/09Saw a 3 foot long rattler at the picnic table after the second b...just getting a tan in warm Santa Ana sun. 
kev015301/11/09trails are nice and fast 
Burgemeester01/11/09Solo spin around the Oaks today - hot as ever and many horseback riders out - I needed them up those Bzz - it's great to be back in the saddle! 
SCJim01/11/09rocky rutty and a bit hairy - survived with no falls but it was on the edge 
Pmcmasters01/11/09Last minute afternoon ride. Wasn't feeling it today, planned to ride Anaheim Hills/Weir Canyon but was too tired after the 3 "B's". Oh well, next time. 
jpotts01/10/09windy on the ridge, hooked up with oc riders group 
spicolli197601/10/09Figured I would brave the wind and did this loop backwards because the river crossing was full of water. Up the chutes, down goat, up the B's and down chutes. 
xcShane01/10/09Lap 1. Chutes is gettin pretty rutty! 
xcShane01/10/09Lap 2 
mtnbikej01/10/09I really hate riding in the wind. Waited til late in the day hoping it would die down....still sucked. 
slopush01/09/09What a crowd for such a foggy morning- RaulC, JohnO, Nicholas, Steelboat and OClaske were all "Gorillas in the Mist". Lots of loose, rutted spots which contributed to Nicholas' first OTB of 2009. That's the spirit! 
oc_laske01/09/09Nice to see such a big crowd this morning! 
Winger01/09/09SS. Insane winds on the ridge almost pushed me over. Humbling to walk the 3 B's. 
klowie01/08/091st time and I got really lost. Finally figured it out with some help. Great descent! 
slopush01/07/09Fun, but rutted ride. And the only thing making more noise than Steelboat was my bike- scary. Shine, THanson and OClaske were there, flinging mud too. Nice! 
oc_laske01/07/09Some of the ruts at the bottom of chutes have been filled in, but most of the damage is still there. Watch out for the monster water bar toward the bottom of chutes, you'll OTB if you're not careful. 
99fsrSport01/06/09Did an extra mini loop at the top of the 2nd B and did the first 2B's twice. Chutes is really rutted Maybe I'll go up with a shovel this weekend. 
trekstorm01/06/09Part two of two. Caught up with a couple of co-workers on this part. 
Shine01/05/09Bottom section of the chutes is pretty rutted out, feel bad for those rigid single speeders... 
oc_laske01/05/09Bottom section is really rutted out, perfect for a rigid singlespeed! 
cfeliciano01/05/09After work solo ride. Almost nobody on the trail. Perfect weather. Road behind dam was closed, continue through dirt parking lot for alternate route to bottom of first B. Extremely rutty. 
jeffcaruba01/04/09Felt really good to get back out there. Lots of ruts from the rain, and more loose rocks than I remember. Still a great day. 
SCJim01/04/09Had to ride around the bottom as it was closed. Chutes is rutted and tricky. 
superherodoc01/03/09First ride of 2009. Nice and tacky with lots of new kickers! 
Warhorse01/02/09Early ride in the fog 7 AM start. My tires were filled with mud, made climbing way to hard. 
SCJim01/02/09Opened 09 with a cartwheel over the bars - Oh yeah! 
Pmcmasters01/01/09Afternoon ride with James. We did a little exploring loop. This is my first ride with my new Edge 705. I got so tired of dealing with the 305. I still have a few bugs to work out. Trail was very rutted out. 
slopush12/31/08First time riding this since the last rain. More ruts=more fun? I'm not so sure! OClaske, Burgemeester and Steelboat were up to their usual antics- Need I say more? Happy New Years guys, it's been a fun year. 
oc_laske12/31/08Ah, the final early morning ride of 2008. Looking forward to many more next year! 
Burgemeester12/31/08Part 1 - last time to hit those Bzz and chutes with the crew - thanks Lads - always entertaining riding with Slopush, Steeleboat and OC_Laske - need I say more?!?! 
XCRider12/30/08nice late afternoon ride to finish the year; did couple extra Bzz to end it. B2 has a bad erosion rut. Saw Matt running over in Irvine Pk. (1600ft total climb) 
SCJim12/30/08Good fun ride. 
Byron B12/30/08solo ride, decided to cut out of work early and ride a bit before the celebration starts... Watch out on the chutes, lots of lrg'r rocks and some sections are waist high channels. HAPPY NEW YEARS! 
granny ring12/30/08The lower section of Chutes is hammered. Will be out with SHARE on the 4th. Hope we can clean it up 
oc_laske12/29/08Chilly morning ride with Burgemeester. 
Burgemeester12/29/08Part 1 - hit an early, cold and dark morning ride with OC_Laske - Bzz are STILL tough, but the Chutes - I was at times lucky to keep the rubber side down! Awesome ride though! Thanks man. 
oc_laske12/28/08Quick solo ride. Chutes is really chewed up. 
SCJim12/28/08Fun and Muddy! 
SCJim12/27/08Ranger gave green light to trail this AM (thanks). Lots of deep ruts and new challenges. 
99fsrSport12/27/08Took the road just below the damn. Thought it was cool until my front tire found a big hole right in the middle of the 1.5' water crossing. Road the rest of the way with a soaking wet left foot. 
slopush12/22/08Slow, damp early ride w/ THanson and OClaske. Lots of new ruts and rocks to enjoy when coming down chutes. Good times! 
oc_laske12/22/08Managed to get a ride in just before the rain hit this morning. 
xcShane12/22/08Chutes is gettin torn up! 
SCJim12/22/08Posting Sunday's ride. Looks like the only possible one this week with the rains and trail closures. 
THanson12/22/08Fun ride - just beat the rain - a bit bumpy on the way down. 
BrakeHeart12/21/08Rode this area for 15 mile with my neighbor and met a downhiller named Jay 
SCJim12/15/08Posting Sunday's ride. Hate to see what the ruts will look like after these rains! 
SCJim12/13/08Ruts got me today -Ouch 
SCJim12/12/08Serious ruts at the bottom of Chutes making it even more fun! 
slopush12/10/08Crisp morning at the bottom, warmer and pretty windy at the top. Steelboat, OClaske and Burgemeester made it all good though. Thanks guys. 
Burgemeester12/10/08Part 1 - first of three rides today, and as usual, nothing beats the Bzz for a hectic workout - good thing the chutes are there to ease the pain. Thanks Slopush, OC_Laske and Steeleboat. 
Boerseun12/08/08Part 1 of 2: Joined Burgmeester, Steeleboat, oc_laske & Slopush on this ride...thanx for waiting on me guys. 
slopush12/08/08Morning ride w/ Steelboat, Burgemeester, Boeseun and OClaske. No blood, just good times! 
oc_laske12/08/08Morning ride with Boerseun, Slopush, Steeleboat and Burgemeester 
Burgemeester12/08/08Mellow ride with Slopush, OC_Laske, Boerseun and Steeleboat. Always a good way to get the week heading in the right direction. Thanks lads! 
Manuel71412/08/082 of 2 laps with Steve and Rick. Great time 2nd time around, awesome "Fire in the Sky" along horizon with our Santa Catalina outlined within the fiery sky. 
SCJim12/07/08Great day for a ride. Couple of deer on Bumble Bee trail. 
Manuel71412/07/081st of two "Chute" laps with Steve and Rick this morning. Ran into Old Running Legs Joe on the ridge at the top of Waterfall, just before heading down the Chutes to the left. Trail is in spectacular condition, no sand just loose rocks here and there and lots of ruts which the nutcracker riders (aka hardtail riders) hate. Drop to the right of the tree in the sweeping right hand turn is in great shape and is getting more fun every time I take it. 
mtnbikej12/06/08Good ride......only saw a few riders. The rain did great for the trail...packed down and rutted....yeah!!! it's finally a little technical again. 
RaulC12/06/08Didnt respond to group ride email & ended up couple minutes behind gang -- couldnt catch them! 
oc_laske12/05/08First ride in over a week! 
cfeliciano12/05/08Nice afternoon solo ride. Pretty rocky and rutty. First time out since I had the flu. Overall, good ride. 
Waldo12/04/08The lower 2 B's have just been graded, leaving lots of kitty litter at the bottom and a bunch of soft spots. Chutes is in nice shape, though a little extra rutted and some extra loose rocks in parts. 
XCRider12/02/08quick evening ride, some erosion on b#1 and b#2, front shifter is tweaked somehow. Nice quick work by Switchback to fix broken spoke before ride. 
halfasst12/02/08Added a loop after Weir ride. 
spicolli197612/02/08Lap 1 of 2. Added Hawk as extra credit. 
spicolli197612/02/08Lap 2 of 2. Added Goat as extra credit. The last part of that trail is fun. I just wish it was longer. 
xcShane12/02/08Messed around a bit in the dark. n~c 
Winger11/29/08EX8. New derailleur Hanger, derailleur, cable, rear tire. Trail felt great. There were a few rain ruts at the bottom of chutes, but nothing too bad. 
Burgemeester11/24/08Part I - Good ride with the man of Steele this morning - saw a bob-cat as we started off...pretty neat! 
cfeliciano11/24/08Nice afternoon ride before it's supposed to rain. Pretty sure I got my Garmin to work this time. 
SCJim11/23/08Nice cool ride. 
mtnbikej11/23/08Nice solo ride again today...much cooler temps.....saw a few more riders out today. 
mtnbikej11/22/08Solo ride today.....trying out the new fork on the Heckler.....had the whole trail to myself. 
SCJim11/22/08Time from fence to fence from AH Elementary. Not sure why but I felt like I was going to die on the B's today. Trail needs rain! 
THanson11/20/08nice slow ride with Todd B and the gang 
cfeliciano11/20/08Tried my new Garmin 305 edge, but somehow messed up the data. Will try again next ride. 
slopush11/17/08Beautiful early ride- as long as you don't look left at the top. It's not a pretty sight to see that much of Yorba Linda burned up. Thanks to Shine and THanson for joining OClaske, Burgemeester and myself. It's good to see you guys again! 
Burgemeester11/17/08Great ride with the crew this morning - felt pretty good after taking a weekend off! Thanks lads! 
Shine11/17/08nice ride w/oclaske, burgemeester, slowpush, and thanson. 
Two Tired11/17/08Rode with Kparsons, Larry, Carbon Carrie and Rick. Gave everyone a good laugh with a pathetic OTB at the top of the chutes. 
cfeliciano11/15/08Rode on Friday afternoon. Very windy at the top of ridge. 
halfasst11/15/08Rode with Larry, Carrie and Hannibal, very windy going up the 3-B's and down Chutes. Saw all the smoke coming from Corona, so we kept it short. 
XCRider11/14/08santa ana winds, very dry, did B's twice plus ride in/out, total 9.3m 
slopush11/12/08The only thing more beautiful than the sunrise this morning was watching steelboat fixing a flat. OClaske and Burgemeester can attest that he really knows his way around a pump! 
oc_laske11/12/08Cold morning ride with steeleboat, burgemeester, and slopush. 
Burgemeester11/12/08Another morning...another spin around the B's and chutes, or if you're REALLY feeling strong, up taco, with a singlespeed! Nice push OC_Laske, and thanks Steeleboat and Slopush. Good times! 
snoot11/11/08Raced the setting sun and won... 
slopush11/10/08Brisk morning ride w/ steelboat, OClaske and Nicholas, who has decided that bananna bread mixed with OJ just before riding is not such a good thing : 0 
Winger11/09/084900. Nothing too exciting. Still feel weak. Noticed they opened a new trail called Hawk. 
jpotts11/08/08did two routes - , except up taco, down hawk, chutes and billygoat/waterfall. lots of riders out today - oc riders group and eagle scouts doing trail maintenance 
SCJim11/04/08Rain has helped a bit. 
Westermeyer11/03/08Actually rode on 9/6/08 and just now uploaded. 
cfeliciano11/03/08Perfect afternoon for a bike ride. Cool weather, no sun, and not crowded at all. Posted my best time after a horrendous time on Saturday. Actual moving time was 41 min 29 sec and 91 hundredths. 41:29:91 
cfeliciano11/02/08Slow going today. Taking 12 days off really has an affect on your time! 
osmarandsara11/02/08rode with TeamDirtyWorkers Tim-ber, BlueMan, Dookie, Dennis, and ex TeamDirtyWorker Cesar. It was drizziling at first but the park remained open. Saw a two-point buck down in the single-track along the creek. 
RaulC11/02/08Nice quck pace withSlopush & John O 
mtnbikej11/02/08Good ride this evening....very little rain fell this morning. Trail was back to being dry and dusty by this afternoon...not even tacky. 
Burgemeester11/02/08Just a quickie - solo for the morning - no rain, and hardly a sole out there - superb! 
slopush11/02/08Morning ride in the mist with RaulC and JohnO. Thanks boys, it's always good to ride with your elders : ) 
mtnbikej11/01/08Good ride this morning.....was warmer than it looked to be. Lots of riders out. 
99fsrSport11/01/08Started too late. Dark buy the time I got to the top of 3rd B. Had to hike the sand pit sections on the way down. I need to get a light. 
slopush11/01/08Morning ride w/ Steelboat. Ran into OClaske and Co. out hiking. 
slopush10/31/08Dark ride with Steelboat and Burgemeester. Never got in the groove coming down chutes, dabbed a bunch. Saw a deer below the fire road on the way out. Nice! 
Burgemeester10/31/08Part I - Struggled a bit this morning, both up and and down - just tired I guess! Thanks Steeleboat and Slopush! 
RaulC10/31/08Better late than never . . . scheduled the early am ride & then slept thru it! Nice mid morning solo ride. 
Pmcmasters10/29/08Lap 2. Playing hookie from work today ;) 
Shine10/27/08thank's guys for lending a helping trail lighting 
oc_laske10/27/08Morning ride with the biggest group we've had in a long time. Good to see everybody out there this morning. 
Burgemeester10/27/08Another good morning out on the trails - thanks all... 
slopush10/27/08Morning ride w/ Shine (can you believe it?), OCLaske, Burgemeester and Steelboat, who didn't crash today- darn it! 
4xdave10/26/08Slow paced ride had a few glitches. Trail needs rain, getting a little loose. 
Shine10/26/081st of 3 routes 
SCJim10/26/08Chutes is riding fast and fun! 
Pmcmasters10/26/08Afternoon ride with Justin. His first time in the saddle in about 3 weeks. He had a few technical problems along the way but he was able to ride it out. 
slopush10/26/08Mid day ride w/ SNoot. Had a stomach ache which slowed me down but it was still better than not riding! 
halfasst10/25/08Rode with Larry after work. Nice weather, cool in the valleys. 
snoot10/25/08Ride with slopush...both of us coughing like 3 pack a day smokers. 
SCJim10/24/08Bonked on 3Bs - I'm blaming the air quality! 
99fsrSport10/24/08started late 5:45 At the river bed at the end of chutes I caught up to guys with lights, right as the light disappeared. Racing the sun is more motivating than racing people. My fastest time yet. 
ZipsBiker10/24/08Had a bad ride. Developed a sore left knee on Friday. tried to go easy on this one, but I guess the knee needs more rest. 
Pmcmasters10/23/08Fun solo night time ride. 
Burgemeester10/22/08Part 1 - thought it was gonna be chilled this morning, but it was warm and wiiiindy!!! Arggg! Why is is always against us on the uphills?!?! Thanks Steeleboat, OC_Laske and some guy called slopush?? 
99fsrSport10/22/08Very windy, cross wind the whole way up and down. 
Burgemeester10/20/08The usual spin arount the block with Steeleboat, OC_Laske and Shine - had to use lights all the way round! 
Shine10/20/08as always, a big thanks to ya'll for waitin up for me! 
osmarandsara10/19/08First time at Santiago Oaks...road main loop (Oak/Anaheim Hills/Barham) and then the spooky single track through the the forest along the creek. Rode a second time up Oak/Bumblebee/Grasshoper and then down the very technical Hawk Trail. 
owen10/19/08chapman college was doing some sort of filming here today. funny to see all the production gear just laying around. starting to get my legs back a little. 
Burgemeester10/17/08Part 1 - nice cruise with Steeleboat, OC_Laske and RaulC! Ooohh...and Steeleboat looked like he was going to his first day of school with his NEW shiny shoes and cleats and pedals - my my!! Amn't we so smart!! 
Burgemeester10/16/08...finally got to get out this week for a spin - the light went out at the start so OC_Laske had to light my way up! Thanks for the spin - appreciate the light! 
oc_laske10/16/08Rare Thursday morning ride. I've been feeling weak all (uh) week, so it was good to get out and stretch my legs out. 
spicolli197610/16/08Great ride this morning. Lap 1 
spicolli197610/16/08Lap 2 consisted of two times up the B's with grasshopper and Peralta. 
spicolli197610/15/08Great ride with Skyler and Todd. Lap 1 of 2. 
spicolli197610/15/08solo lap 2 of 2. 
cfeliciano10/13/08Very windy! A bit slow moving due to head wind on the way up. Chutes a bit mushy but fun. 
cdemeis10/11/08Perfect fall day. Really starting to like this loop now. 
XCRider10/10/08plus usual extras, 12.2m total, weather is perfect, talked to Jeff for a few minutes at chutes area 
cfeliciano10/09/08Started at 5:45 from Albertson's Parking Lot. Probably a little too late as the sun was definitely down by the time I finished the chutes. 
spicolli197610/09/08Great ride with Ed this morning. 
steeleboat10/08/08While you were sleeping OCLaske and I were enjoying das beeeees. 
oc_laske10/08/08Dark morning ride around the oaks with Steeleboat. 
Two Tired10/08/08Rode with Keith Parsons on Tuesday afternoon after we watched our daughters run in a cross country meet. Very hot. Did not see any other riders along the route. 
halfasst10/08/08Good ride with Hannibal after watching our kids CC meet at Irvine Park. 
rickdlt7710/06/08first time doing chutes. didn't think tires were low but found out when going up the first "B"; oh well, cannot go back. pretty hot! 3 "B"'s should be 3 "W"'s! got lost on the way back. ended in Irvine. still a good ride! then I found my tire psi was 12! lol. 
slopush10/04/08It was tough getting up, but i had fun, inspite of taking a spill on Rock Wall. No big deal, I had too much hair on that leg anyways! 
SCJim10/04/08Great day to ride. 
cfeliciano10/04/08Great ride. Perfect mild weather. Posted my best time on this route. 
Burgemeester10/03/08Really didn't want to get up ealry this morning to ride, but glad I did - we had Slopush, Steeleboat, RaulC and OC_Laske on the trail - what a good way to start the weekend - there was even some DNA left on the rockwall - NICE! Thanks lads, that was splendid. 
RaulC10/03/08Good ride with OC Laske, Slopush, Burgemeester & Steeleboat; Missed a couple of the gang 
singlespeedrider10/02/08Before work ride with Skyler. Good way to start the day and if the weather keeps up will get a good surf in at lunch to. 
steeleboat10/01/08dos lonley boys had a nice ride 
oc_laske10/01/08Morning spin around the oaks with Steeleboat. 
SCJim09/28/08Warm, dry, fast and fun 
SCJim09/27/08Off the bike since May due to rotator cuff surgergy. Wow does it feel good to ride again. Cardio is shot but that's what the 3Bz are for! 
Winger09/27/084900. Felt great on the downhills & weak on the uphills. 
jeffcaruba09/25/08Great evening ride with Huntington949 and his buddy who's only biked 3 times...way to go. Thanks to bbecerril for joining we will have to go again. no time today. 
Waldo09/25/08Hot & dusty. These trails badly, badly need rain & some maintenance. 
snoot09/24/08First B got plowed again... 
Pmcmasters09/24/08Quick afterwork ride with the guys. 
4xdave09/24/08By far the fastest pace ive done up the 3B's separetly or together and only the second time completing them without stopping. Wow i feel like a million bucks now. 
Byron B09/24/08First time on the trail. Made it up the infamous 3 B'z, stoked on that. Walked down the first steep section on the chutes and pretty much bombed the rest. Thanks to jeffcaruba, huntington949, and Bob for showing me the way.. 
trekstorm09/23/08Part two of two. 
oc_laske09/22/08Morning ride with Steeleboat and Shine. 
Covert09/22/08Did this along with a loop around the perimeter of Irvine Park. Total 9.72 Miles. 
Shine09/22/08good to be suffering again on those hills...thanks to oclaske and pornstar. 
steeleboat09/19/08Nice way to start a Friday with oclaske. 
trekstorm09/19/08Part two of two. 
oc_laske09/19/08Morning ride w/ Steeleboat. Getting chilly out there ... 
XCRider09/19/08Did B#1 and B#2 twice, first time in a long while for that. Tried to drop my seat for the chutes and found the post is bent. Wonder when that happened? 
Winger09/17/084900. Good AM ride with the mon-wed-fri chutes group. Saw a coyote. 
steeleboat09/17/08I got a late start, tried to catch the boys, but was just too slow. I guess I don't get the extra 5 points. 
Burgemeester09/17/08Great morning ride w/ OC_Laske, THanson & Winger - waited an extra minute for Steeleboat, but no luck, then Toddy represented on the "controlled fall" section of Chutes, except he went out of control and left a bit've DNA - good times! Thanks lads! 
oc_laske09/17/08Morning ride w/ Burgemeester, THanson and Winger. Still a lot of water coming down from the dam, but the rock bridge seems to be in good shape. 
4xdave09/17/08First time up all 3Bs no stopping. Tried the 4th B for the first time wow thats steep. 
mtnbikej09/16/08Great ride tonight.....last chance to get a ride in before 24hr this weekend. More human poop at the top of chutes. Getting tired of seeing this every week. THink we might know who is doing it....just have to catch him. 
jimw09/11/08To avoid the worst of the water: continue straight after going down the "damn hill", through the gravel parking lot, and to the trail on the north side of the lot. The stream is much easier to cross thanks to someone who has created a small rock bridge. 
oc_laske09/10/08Morning ride with Steeleboat and Burgemeester. The stream crossing below the dam is closed, so we had to find our way around. 
Burgemeester09/10/08What started out to be a normal grind, turned out to be an adventurous spin around the flowing river...and this is going to go on for 12 days!! Thanks Steeleboat for directions and OC_Laske for showing the way - go figure! 
Jake c('.'c)09/10/08Did two laps of this today. Trail construction and detour at the beginning and the river is full of water which I just had to dunk both of my feet in. 
Jake c('.'c)09/10/082nd time around today. I gave about 10 minutes of my time to repair the rock bridge over the water but still managed to step in again. 
Mike Honcho09/09/0811 days until 24 Hours of Hurkey Creek!!! 
Winger09/08/08EX8 Lap 1 of 3 from yesterday. Felt strong on this lap. 
slopush09/08/08lovely morning ride w/ OC laske, steelboat and last but not least: Burgemeester, our favorite foreigner since he lit our way when it counted. No rabbits were squished, but there were a couple of close calls- look out! 
oc_laske09/08/08Morning ride with the guys (Slopush, Burgemeester and Steeleboat). I think the days of riding early without any lights are now officially over. 
Burgemeester09/08/08Part 1 - good to be out there w/ Steeleboat, Slopush and OC_Laske - felt light headed, but that was a good thing in the EARLY, dark hours - the new beam is such a pleasure to ride with! 
Pmcmasters09/08/08Good afterwork ride with the boys. Added on some singletrack along the fenceline near the construction site. No crashes and everybody cleared everything. Good times. 
Winger09/07/08To the gentleman on the gray bike who rear ended ME at the end of the of the 50 ft sandy creek crossing: The first words out of your mouth should have been "I'm sorry", rather than "Why didn't you move out of my way?". 7:10pm Lap 3 of 3. 
Winger09/07/08EX8 Lap 2 of 3. 
Shine09/04/08oh the pain of rejoining the group after such a long break...glad to be back! 
Mike Honcho09/04/08and counting... 
oc_laske09/03/08Morning ride with Shine, THanson and Burgemeester. Good to see Shine back out on the trails where he belongs! 
Burgemeester09/03/08Glad Shine was riding with us this morning - we get to see a little of the uphill landscape - Kudos on no stops! Good to have you in the circle again! Thanks also to OC_Laske and THanson for showing the way! 
SAmtn09/01/08Nice and early. Lots of sand on the Bzzz. 
Burgemeester08/31/08**Mountain Lion spotting**! At the end of Chutes I startled a Mtn Lion between Road runner and Ridgeline trail - the thing ran right up onto the ridge! I reported it to the game ranger at Irvine Park and we took a drive to the sight - saw deer and a large coyote on the way back - most awesome thing to ever see on the trail - really powerful! 
RaulC08/31/08rode at 7 am with John O, Bob & TRB - missed Burgemeester & his lion . . . 
oc_laske08/29/08Morning ride with Steeleboat, Slopush, THanson and Burgemeester. Great to see such a big crowd out there this morning! 
Burgemeester08/29/08Sluggish morning ride w/ Steeleboat, OC_Laske, THanson and Slopush. I think we were all trying to steer clear of doing this ride (the Bzz!), but no one's manly enough to back out and opt for the easier things in life! Good times! 
Lutkus197308/28/08Great morning ride. Did some extra credit going down Grasshopper/Frog 
Ross B08/26/08Nice ride on the Felt Compulsion. I went much faster than before thru the ruts and drops. Ride 2 of 2 today. Blessed be the name of The Lord. 
oc_laske08/25/08Took the jekyll out for a solo spin on Sunday after working on the rear shock. Apparently it was 'stuck' and it made a startling POP when I opened it up. I had planned on riding the weir loop as well, but the heat sucked the life right out of me. 
cfeliciano08/25/08Nice evening ride with Paul, James, and Mike. Cleaned front and back (barely). 
Pmcmasters08/25/08After work ride with Chris, James and Mike. First time back in the saddle in about 2 weeks. Felt really good to get back out there. 
RaulC08/22/08painfully slow; getting back into the groove 
cfeliciano08/20/08Solo evening ride. Cleaned the Bs and the chutes. 
xcShane08/19/08Explored around with some hike a bike mixed in. 
trekstorm08/19/08Part two of two. Added this on to my ride. Wow the chutes have become pretty rutted and different since the last time I was here. 
Winger08/19/084900. Saw Sherry from Switchback on her horse. Downhills are getting rutted & loose again. 
oc_laske08/18/08Another morning, another ride down Chutes. Good to see Mr. Steele out there once again, and continuing to demonstrate the finer points of trail maintenance. 
Burgemeester08/18/08I HAVE to play the Lotto...I wished for a flat tire, and lo-and-behold, the trail maintenance king (steeleboat) got one! Thanks OC_Laske for waiting to help out - the kid's just too fast for us old folks! 
granny ring08/17/08Backwards. Don't know why. 
Burgemeester08/16/08Part 1 - solo ride, met Gary at the top of chutes, otherwise it was extremely quiet out there. always enjoyable though! 
jpotts08/16/08single speed - not too warm at 830am, but lots of people out on the trails - downhillers mostly. 
Mike Honcho08/16/08Tried to go a little faster than usually down the chutes, ended up OTB. Got home and found a splinter the size of a toothpick lodged in my leg. Now thats mountain biking!!! 
Winger08/15/084900. All out effort. 2 mins behind my best, which is good considering my lack of riding. I think I was helped by the slight trail re-route due to construction. 
spicolli197608/14/08Lap 1 of 2. Still waiting for my garmin :-( 
spicolli197608/14/08Lap 2 of 2 
spicolli197608/12/08Great ride this morning. Met Alex at the 3rd B, started at Peter's. Was planning on going down waterfall but it was closed :-( Lap 1 of 2. 
spicolli197608/12/08Lap 2 of 2. 
Lutkus197308/12/08Took my Enduro out and was nice to have the extra suspension down the chutes. 
Winger08/12/084900. Felt really fast going down chutes. 
slopush08/11/08Misty morning ride w/ the youngsters: Burgemeester, OClaske and mburkin. Thanks boyz! 
oc_laske08/11/08Cool morning ride with Slopush, Burgemeester and Michael. 
Burgemeester08/11/08This was a "relaxed" ride with Slopush, OC_Laske and MBurkin - it was more like gorillazzz in da misssst than anything! 
Burgemeester08/10/08Part 1 - EARLY solo ride this morning - saw no one, but man, I cleared EVERY single spider web out there for the rest of you - it's a pleasure! 
Burgemeester08/10/08Part 2 - never done this ride twice in a row, but figured I'd be crazy and try it out - actually, it was alot easier than the first loop - saw four others out there and a few walkers. Good times! 
cfeliciano08/09/08Nice solo am ride before it got too hot. Had my best time going into the first technical section of the chutes but hit a bunch of other riders, stopped my stopwatch (no Garmin yet) and forgot to hit start again. Oh well, maybe next time. 
oc_laske08/08/08Morning ride with Burgemeester, THanson and Michael. Followed up with a lake loop (but I'll have to post that tomorrow). 
Burgemeester08/08/08The good ole Bz...chutes are getting tricky, but nothing we can't handle! Thanks OC_Laske, THanson and MBurkin forthe spin around the park! It's getting dark, can't wait for the cold, black mornings! 
Lutkus197308/07/08Very nice morning ride with Eric and Ed. 
spicolli197608/07/08Great ride with Alex and Ed this morning. Alex killed it down the Chutes. Good work kid!!!! 
cfeliciano08/07/08Great solo ride. Only saw 2 others. Wasn't too hot either. Very beginning still under construction. 
mburkin08/04/08Right foot clipped out randomly a couple of times-- pissed when it happened in the middle of the rock face. 
Mike Honcho08/04/08It was hotter than Jessica Alba out there! 
singlespeedrider08/03/08Good start to the ride. Chutes getting really soft 
Ladera Dave08/02/08Nice ride with Rand, local boy 
Bruin07/31/08Construction at trailhead required slight detour. Barham Ridge Trail is the official names for The Chutes singletrack. 
slopush07/30/08Good ride with Steeleboat, Boerseun and Burgemeester. Another group of 4 was out plus some hikers. Busy morning! 
Boerseun07/30/08Part 1 of 2 : Slopush, Steeleboat & Burgemeester joined in the fun...Man it is art in motion to see those guys ride up them damn Bzzz! 
Burgemeester07/30/08Par 1 - ahh yes - this was a good ride with Slopush, Boerseun and Steeleboat - thanks for the loaner bike Boerseun. Haven't seen so many people on the trails durring the week for ages. 
mburkin07/28/08disappointed- fell on rock face for the 1st time 
Pmcmasters07/28/08Fun after-work ride with a group of 6 riders. A couple newbies and one first timer made for a long ride but we all had a great time. 
jpotts07/26/08rode up the 3bs, down wiggly, up powerline and back up #3b, then down chutes and across irvine park back to the oaks...it was pretty crowded trails - cross country runners from college and local high school out there today. 
mburkin07/25/08nice smooth ride today 
Burgemeester07/25/08Superb morning ride with OC_Laske, Steeleboat and MBurkin - followed OC_Laske up Taco...because?!?! and then had a blast going down chutes. Good times! Thanks kidz! 
cfeliciano07/24/08Great early evening ride today. Not too many riders on the trail. 2nd B was a bit sandy. As a semi-noob, still getting the hang of FS. Cleaned the chutes for 2nd time. 
halfasst07/24/08Nice early evening ride. Only saw one other rider on the trails. 
mburkin07/23/08fell once on the turn right after rock face- the rest of the trail afterwards was rough for me then 
Boerseun07/23/08Part 1 of 2: Took a Evolve and El Ray for a demo ride with Burgemeester...Really liked the feel of the Evolve. 
Burgemeester07/22/08Boerseun got 2 29ers to test ride (evolve/el rey), so I had to go along to see for myself - evolve felt WAY better, but definitely not sold on the 29er hype. Not as much action as the good ole 26ers! Still, always good to be out there - thanks man! 
mburkin07/21/081st time- did all 3 Bs and no break in between! 
Burgemeester07/21/08Part 1 - awesome morning for a good spin with the lads - thanks Steeleboat, OC_Laske and Michael for the company! Always fun out there! 
Pmcmasters07/21/08Great ride with Mike, James and Justin. 
RaulC07/19/08Did a nice endo at the top of the chutes; cracked my helmet in two places - ouch! 
Burgemeester07/19/08Good ride yesterday AM with the lads - Steeleboat, OC_Laske, THanson and Slopush - At least I was there to keep them back a bit - those kids are like wild mountain billies! 
slopush07/18/08A new rider -Michael B.- joined THanson, OClaske, Steelboat and myself. Thanks for hanging w/ the old dudes and congrats on running down rockwall without crashing! 
slopush07/18/085 riders today- It's been a while since we've had that many. Steeleboat and Burgemeester made a rare appearance. I sure missed Steelboat's chain grinding! I can tell that he hasn't ridden in a while, I don't think I've ever seen him dab going down that damn rutted curve before! 
oc_laske07/18/08Morning ride with Slopush, Steeleboat, THanson and Burgemeester. Biggest ride we've had for a while now. 
jimw07/18/08I miss the bail-out-right bridge in that tough section on the back of the Chutes. 
THanson07/18/083rd time on B's this week - you'd maybe think I enjoy it or something... 
mburkin07/16/08Finally did rock face! Had fun riding with new group of guys- thanks Steve for letting me join & w/ fixing my clip-ins. 
oc_laske07/16/08Another morning ride with the guys. Thanks Slopush, Steeleboat, THanson and Michael. 
trckman9907/16/083 out of 4 riders ended up with flat tires... What are the odds?!? Fun ride though! 
Burgemeester07/15/08Good to be back on the fat tires...solo ride this morning, saw no one on the trails - just perfect, but also sluggish! 
slopush07/14/08Overslept but then got THanson to rally and ride with me. Saw a couple of rough looking characters off in the distance on the opposite ridge but couldn't catch up to them. Thanks Toddy for making the ride! 
slopush07/12/08Fun morning ride w/ THanson, RaulC, OClaske and JohnO. Did the swamp tour and other deviations on the way home to keep it interesting. Thanks guys! 
Winger07/11/084900. Ryan deserves double points for doing it on the rigid SS. 
quad damage07/11/08With Matt and Andrew ... SS was tougher than I thought it would be. Had a hard time keeping traction on the B's - only cleared the third B. Going down Chutes with a rigid bike is interesting. Cleared it all, but got a mild headache in the process. 
oc_laske07/11/08morning ride with RaulC, Slopush, THanson and JOlivier. Followed up Chutes with a swamp tour and a failed attempt at climbing the Burm trail (don't think it's going to happen on the singlespeed any time soon). 
Pmcmasters07/10/08After work ride with Justin. Rode the Big (pig) Hit today. Hard to ride the "B's" on that thing but the chutes sure are a lot of fun. 
Winger07/10/084900. Felt sketchy after all the Mammoth downhill 
KDawg07/06/08Actual ride date was 6/28 - launched from Troy's house with Rick, Bob, Mark & Troy 
mburkin07/05/08wasn't able to do rock face..... 
oc_laske07/02/08Morning ride with THanson. Where is everybody ...? 
Huntington94907/02/08This was my 4th time mountain biking and I had a great time on this run. It was the most technical ride I've done so far, but not so bad that it wasn't enjoyable. I highly recommend for newer people looking for a bigger challenge. I rode this on a Hardtail and it's starting to give me perspective how much more fun a full suspension will be. Time to save some $$$! 
Winger07/01/084900. Someone dumped a couch at robber's peak. Nice. 
jeffcaruba07/01/08after work ride at sunset.great to get huntington and his brother out there for the first time...pretty dusty today 
Dump Truck06/30/08HOT ride up the three Babes with shine 
Shine06/30/08It's getting very soft and dusty on this route...plus hot. Said "hi" to a single speeder who just rode on by...must have been a roadie in disguise. 
devodoc06/28/08Haven't been here in quite a while. Lots of fun, those chutes are. Left from Troy's house - added a couple of miles. 
quad damage06/25/08Lap 1 of 2 with Matt and Andrew. Cool to see Mike out riding. Haven't seen him in a while. 
quad damage06/25/08Lap 2 of 2. 
oc_laske06/25/08Morning ride with THanson and Steeleboat. Wiped out coming down chutes - guess I better slow down ... 
trckman9906/25/08It was cooler than last week but still hot! 
THanson06/25/08Good ride thanks to Brian and Ken who didn't have excuses like the rest of the guys - not to mention names - BRANDON 
Winger06/24/084900 w/ Matt & Ryan. Saw MFTitan. 
Winger06/24/084900. I really don't feel like fixing the brakes on my Ex8. 
Hermit06/24/082nd lap with Andrew and Ryan. Bumped into Mike and his buddy as we got started. Nice trading MTB stories as always. 
seanwilliams7806/22/08Lap 1...it was pretty hot! 
seanwilliams7806/22/08Lap 2...still warm, but not quite blazing. Had the whole park to myself! 
Burgemeester06/21/08Did this ride last Wednesday w/ OC Laske and Steeleboat - it's getting soft our there! 
singlespeedrider06/21/08Took a first timer down the chutes. Had to wait a few times. Heard lots of rattling noises all down the chutes. No visuals but lots of noise from the bushes. I am getting faster and faster down. It was hot when finished and that was at 9 this morning. Signed up for the Irvine open access day just to hot to think about riding in Bommer Canyon 
mtnbikej06/21/08Did this as part of the Women's Clinic today....pretty warm out. 
RaulC06/20/08Hot & Sluggish ride . . . 
slopush06/18/08Monday morning ride w/ Steeleboat, Shine, Burgemeester and OClaske. First time riding w/ the gang in two weeks. Now I remember why I've stayed away so long- Just kidding guys! 
Burgemeester06/16/08Good ride with the Slopush, Steeleboat, OC_Laske and Shine - the only down side about this ride is that they're still out there tearing it up whilst I'm heading off to work - someone's gotta pay their taxes I guess!?! 
Shine06/16/08I'm surprised I still remember how to log onto this site after not riding for so long! It's nice to get out there again w/the gang, thanks fellaz! 
oc_laske06/16/08Morning B's ride with Shine, Slopush, Steeleboat and Burgemeester. 
JCampbell06/15/08quick b's ride this evening 
oc_laske06/13/08Morning ride with the guys (Steeleboat, Burgemeester, THanson and Sydney). We saw 2 other riders on the trails this morning. If this keeps up, we're going to have to find another place to ride. I can't stand crowds. 
SAmtn06/13/08Nice to see the boys again. Hanson, Burgemeester, Steeleboat, and OC_Laske. 
Burgemeester06/13/08Good, mellow ride with the lads this morning - THanson was kind enough to even donate a little bit of DNA for the next time! Bonus! Thanks men. 
singlespeedrider06/12/08Nice ride with Todd. Chutes are getting a little sandy on the bottom half still clearing it all with more speed than ever. A little extra credit through the swamp tour. 
FREEKENGO06/11/08Tues morning ride 
seanwilliams7806/11/08Rigid SS 34/20 
Pmcmasters06/11/08After work ride with the guys. 
JCampbell06/11/08fun ride this evening 
JCampbell06/10/08Yesterdays ride 
Permagrin06/10/08Our group started at Albertsons and headed up the B's and down Chutes. We rode some with another group of friends we ran into; it's good to see familiar faces along the way. 
oc_laske06/09/08Morning ride with Burgemeester, Steeleboat and JOlivier. Can't believe Steeleboat made it up all 3 B's without breaking his chain even once! 
JCampbell06/09/082nd with donnell 
Burgemeester06/09/08Justa mellow ride with Steeleboat, OC_Laske and John-O. It's always a good way to head into the week! Thanks lads! 
JCampbell06/08/08Hot out 
singlespeedrider06/08/08FIRST TIME CLEARING THE FIRST AND THE THIRD B. Forks finally dialed in and the chutes have never been so smooth. Took a newbie on this route and he loved every second of it. Added the swamp tour for a little extra credit. 
davidg06/07/08We did this route, plus a bunch of other side routes. 
Winger06/06/084900. Trail is beginning to get sandy again. 
Two Tired06/06/08Second ride on Thursday afternoon. Had problems with brakes while my partner had problem with a slow leak. Lots of riders out. 
xcShane06/05/08Got the old riding buddy back out there. 
steeleboat06/04/08Solo ride just me and the coyotes. Where were all of the e-mail junkies? 
JCampbell06/04/08catch up on my b's rides... 
Pmcmasters06/04/08Great afterwork ride with Paul, Chris and Justin. 
trailking@cox.net06/03/08Part 2. Got a little overcast and cold at the top of the climb. 
JCampbell06/03/08did the chutes twice tonight... 1st ride solo up chutes and down chutes back to car. 
JCampbell06/03/082nd loop up b's and down chutes. 
mtnbikej06/03/08Lots of riders out tonight. 
slopush06/02/08Morning ride w/ Burgemeester, OClaske,THanson and Steeleboat got interesting when I decided to watch Hanson's riding instead of my own. Got a couple of scrapes but the painful part is the major charlie horse the bike frame gave me. Climbing stairs will be a challenge today! 
oc_laske06/02/08Morning ride with Steeleboat, THanson, Slopush and Burgemeester. Followed it up with a Peters lake loop, but I'll have to post that one tomorrow ... 
Burgemeester06/02/08Part 1 - good to be out there in a Monday AM for a change - now I know why - Slopush's great love for mother earth on TWO occasions! Thanks Lads - all entertaining, for sure! 
NO GO06/02/08Nice afternoon loop with Twitch, Slow Ride and Vt1ryan. Thanks guys. Twitch....you are not a mule! 
vt1ryan06/02/08Rode with Twitch, NO GO and Slowride. Thanks Guys. Thank God nobody yard sailed it down the chutes. 
JCampbell06/02/08Up the chutes and down the chutes... up the chutes and down the chutes! 
Burgemeester06/01/08Part 1 - solo ride this morning - always a treat hitting Chutes! 
Flip06/01/08Quick recovery ride from San Gabes yesterday. 
Burgemeester05/31/08Grat ride with Steeleboat and Shine - coffee afterwards was the best idea - EVER! Thanks lads! 
vt1ryan05/30/08Rode with NO GO and Fatpossum 
RaulC05/30/08first ride in 2 wks - argh! 
halfasst05/29/08Came down Mountain Goat, didn't have the Garmin with me though. 
NO GO05/29/08Rode with Vt1ryan & fatposum. Nice loop cleared everything today. 
Pmcmasters05/28/08Another good afterwork ride with Chris, Justin and Robert. I had so much fun riding my downhill bike last week, I decided to ride it again today. Cleaned all 3 "B's" non-stop on the DH bike but didn't break any speed records. Everybody in the group left a little bit of skin on the trail. Nice weather today. 
slopush05/27/08Mellow ride w/ OClaske and Shannon. Finished it off by zipping through the "Blair Witch" trai- Brian's new name for our swamp tour. It's getting hard to see the trail in some spots so we'll need to keep riding it just to keep it open! 
oc_laske05/27/08Early morning ride with Slopush and Shannon. Feeling really weak today after all the hiking and riding over the weekend. 
jeffcaruba05/27/08Great after work ride, trail was prett quite...a bit dusty today towards the end of the Chutes and hard to keep traction. 
JCampbell05/26/08fun morning B's ride 
slopush05/26/08Good second ride of the day, this time w/ Scott N. Fewer people out than earlier in the day which is nice : ) 
down&dirty05/25/08Took my 10 year old son with me for his first intermediate trail. He did surprisingly well and only had to walk 1 or 2 short sections of the chutes. We started at Anaheim Hills Elementary so it added about 1/2 mile. 
xhuskr05/24/08Included a down and back up the newly reopened Taco! fun ride with great trail conditions!! 
Burgemeester05/23/08Part 1 - early morning ride with crazy OC_Laske on his new singlespeed - kids a mountain goat on that machine! 
jeffcaruba05/23/08Great day on the trail...not a sole out there...not too much mud either. 
oc_laske05/22/08Morning ride with Burgemeester. Good to see him back out on the trails. 
JCampbell05/22/08yesterday's evening ride 
JCampbell05/21/08Climbed the chutes and played up top for a while. 
oc_laske05/21/08Morning ride with Steeleboat, THanson, JohnO and Shannon. 
THanson05/21/08Thanks to Brian and Shannon for pushing the pace - I mean thanks for nothing. Seriously, nice ride. 
Pmcmasters05/21/08Great afterwork ride with the gang. Let a newbie ride my S-works Epic so I decided to try the ride on my downhill rig. I never tried the 3 "B's" on a 48 pound bike with 8 inches of travel, I cleaned all 3 but I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow. It sure was a lot more fun going down chutes with the DH bike. Good times. 
JCampbell05/20/08rogue 1st loop 
JCampbell05/20/08rogue gets a little heavy on the 2nd lap 
Jocko05/20/08Part of the Bike-n-Brew ride 
jeffcaruba05/20/08First time on this ride, went a backwards way, still fun and can't wait to get go again the right way. Thanks to the few who pointed me in the right direction...much appreciated. 
Flip05/20/08Lap 1 of 2 
Flip05/20/08Lap 2 of 2 with small variation. 
perplexium05/20/08This was a tough loop, and for my first time i ended up walking most of it but i plan to get good enought to ride this Bitch! 
perplexium05/20/08This is a Very technical loop only when u come to the back side (3 B's), other then that is a fire road and smooth sailing till you hit the Hills. 
T3XonaRFX05/19/08Ride time only 1 hour 5 minutes. Lots of playing around. 
Mike Honcho05/18/08Early start before it got to hot 
JCampbell05/18/081st ride on the rogue... damn hot out when I showed up at 10:30. 
MarijuanaMuscle05/18/08Slow ride with group. 
MarijuanaMuscle05/18/08With Bikes and Beers ride. 
Shine05/16/08nice way to end the week w/raulc and steeleboat, very nice morning weather & post-ride breakfast 
Two Tired05/16/08Second loop after Peters Cyn. Tried out the small single track that bypasses the steep and rutted section of the Chutes, but it was covered with a pretty deep layer of soft sand and silt. Needs some rain to pack it down. 
halfasst05/15/08Lots of riders out today. Larry broke his SS bottom bracket had to do a lot of pushing up hill! 
Shine05/14/08strange these days w/o the foreigners or raulc...or thanson for that matter 
slopush05/14/08Good ride w/ OClaske, Steelboat and Shine. A flat and a tweaked chain were the only casulties today. Oh, and my damn Garmin keeps dying on me so I can't download the rides. Same thing happened on our "cool down" ride in Peters Cyn. Anyone got a fix for this thing? 
Pmcmasters05/14/08After work ride with a handful of guys. Helped change 3 flat tires and give moral support for the newbies on the "3 B's". Took forever but it was still fun to get out there. Sorry to the 3-4 guys that were trying to blast down the hill until the newbies cut them off due to changing another tire in the middle of the trail. 
slopush05/12/08It's never a boring ride w/ Steeleboat and THanson. Toddy showed me a new place to crash on the chutes-Thanks man, I hadn't thought of that one- on this grey, misty morning. 
T3XonaRFX05/12/08First time. Actual time I think is about 10 minutes more because I am still learning how to use my Edge 305. 
SCJim05/12/08Nice and cool! 
THanson05/12/08Yes, another day on the B's - and a little less skin on my knees... 
MarijuanaMuscle05/11/08mellow with group. with peters 
jpotts05/11/08combined with the iron man loop this morning 
superherodoc05/11/08Dropprd down giddyup and climbed powerline in addition to normal loop. 
billstoudt05/09/08Stopping much better now 
SCJim05/09/08Ouch - 2 weeks off and feeling it. 
THanson05/08/08Why is at after riding this 100 times the 2nd B is still a B? 
slopush05/07/08Misty morning ride w/ Steelboat, THanson and RaulC. It was so damp that the mist was dripping off my helmet- Just like Raul!! 
Winger05/07/084900. Scored my best time ever on this route! Not sure how... Pushed hard and could only max my hr @ 180. Legs were still tired from Coal Cyn last night... 
billstoudt05/07/08It was really cold i went up with a friend who had never been. 
RaulC05/07/08wet ride with Slopush, Steeleboat & THanson - had to hose the mud off me & the bike 
MarijuanaMuscle05/06/08with peters 
granny ring05/06/08Added a little wandering in the park 
billstoudt05/06/08a little overcast. i had to walk the top 1/4 of each of the B's 
mtnbikej05/06/08Temps were cool.....but still no gas in the legs. 
superherodoc05/05/08Lap 1. Added a Giddyup to Powerline mini-loop. 
superherodoc05/05/08Lap 2. Dropped down grasshopper after climbing first 2-B's. Climbed back up 3-B's and descended Chutes. 
Shine05/05/08nice way to start the week...except for the part where we are climbing the bz. we were racing thru the swamps at the end of the ride when oclaske nearly made road kill out of this poor guy coming the opposite way...too funny 
slopush05/05/08Nice little joy ride around the park w/ Shine, Steeleboat and OClaske. Racing through the swamps was sweet! 
oc_laske05/05/08Another glorious morning on the chutes! 
Mike Honcho05/05/08Perfect weather for riding... 
granny ring05/05/08First time back on the bike in forever. I was more disappointed in my downhill skills, or lack thereof, than the loss of endurance and climbing ability. I have never walked down any part of chutes but I just couldn't get any rhythm today. 
RollnStone05/03/08Lots of riders out this morning. 
Two Tired05/02/08Santiago is in pretty good shape now. Lots of riders out. Where are all of the new trails? 
THanson05/02/082 times in a row - we gotta mix it up more - but still a good ride 
billstoudt05/01/08first time on ride got lost on the way up saw this guy on the way back. http://billstoudt.com/images/snakeoaks.jpg 
SprocketHead04/30/08Solo Ride 
xcShane04/29/08Chuten with the freekengo man. 
FREEKENGO04/29/08After work ride! 
Holy Roller04/29/081st B only 3/4 of the way,rested then the other 2 B's!!! The 3 foot drop off at the top with Jason was great. Much more airtime as we descended-Chutes was a blast. Thanks to Jason, Winnie, Grant & Marcin 
oc_laske04/28/08Morning ride with Todd, Todd & Jay. Really warm this morning, felt like middle of the afternoon at 6am. 
Shine04/28/08Jay is a stud, no riding for months and on his first ride back he clears the Bz, and with speed...wow. Unfortunately, he tried to pass me on the sprint out of the park and ended up in the fence! hahahaha ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR AND RACING OUT OF IRVINE PARK!!!! 
RaulC04/27/08morning ride with Shine - leg #1 - Garmin quit on me. 
xcShane04/27/08Even though it was 95 degrees, it didn't seem to bad. 
Boerseun04/26/08LAFinFan, SAmtn and SAmtn Jnr ventured out early today...the 3 ladies were brutal to all of us...but the sweet taste of the chutes make all the climbing worthwhile. 
Shine04/26/08Nice morning ride w/raulc 
SAmtn04/26/08Great to be on the chutes again. Trail's in excellent condition. Thanks to Boerseun, LAFinFan, and my son who outrides all of us. 
Boerseun04/25/08Got my backside kicked this morning...rode with with TRB, Burgemeester & John O. 
Jocko04/25/08Thursday evening ride combined with a run through Peters Canyon. 
Burgemeester04/25/08Good to be out there again - always nice to cruise with Boerseun and great to see John O and TRB...thanks lads! 
RaulC04/25/08Hot! Hot!! Hot!!! 
Alpine Rob04/24/08Nice ride with Pig Pen, wanted to go back into the canyon, but worried about time. 
JCampbell04/24/08Ticktracks, up Taco, Ridge, Johnson & Johnson, zips... fun! 
SprocketHead04/24/08Rode with Wade Simmons and the Adrenaline Crew. 
trckman9904/23/08Crash and Burn... This is the second time in a row this trail has taken skin. 
SCJim04/23/08Rattle Snake Season officialy opened for me! A monster off the single track up versus 3Bs. 
project_d04/22/082nd lap this morning. I did better, but not by much. 
Burgemeester04/19/08Mellowish ride with Shine, RaulC, THanson and OC_Laske. Shine and RaulC packed for what looked to be a two day ride to do some extensive exploring - are they back yet? 
Jake c('.'c)04/19/08After work ride with my new co-worker. 
PaulV04/19/08fun ride with crash and homie. hit up some of the features and enjoyed the ride. love the work that has been done there lately! 
singlespeedrider04/17/08Forgot Garmin...First ride with Skyler and Kevin. The 3 B's still work me but getting a little further every time. 
JCampbell04/16/08quick loop 
Winger04/16/084900. Solo lap to meet the group. 
Pmcmasters04/16/08Solo ride after work. Almost ran over a rattle snake just as I was starting to climb the first "B", I didn't even see him until I heard the rattle!! Saw a couple other snakes out there. 
RaulC04/14/08good morning ride with Ken. Bryan, ToddH & a first timer, Dan. 
jpotts04/13/08also did wiggly, up hang ten, down taco and the iron man loop 
FalseSummit04/13/08Rode w/M3. 
MarijuanaMuscle04/11/08with Peter's. Bob's back. All nose up 3 bitches. 
trckman9904/11/08Today the trail won and took some skin. This isnt over... 
JCampbell04/10/081st B 2nd B No Name Hot Dog, Powerline, robbers and the chutes. Nice night out. 
quad damage04/09/08Second lap on Chutes. Such a fun loop. Tried the new singletrack halfway up the second B. It is not in the best shape right now. 
quad damage04/09/08First loop. Feels great to ride in daylight again. Such a fun loop. 
trckman9904/09/08The uphill climb has gotten better now that most of the loose sand that was poured is out of the way! 
Pmcmasters04/09/08There is a fun little very tight (barely bar width) singletrack that goes up along the fenceline shortly after exiting chutes. It seems nobody really knows it's there. 
Pmcmasters04/09/08Good afternoon group ride after work. 
Dump Truck04/08/08solo ride. pedaled all three B's, just stopped once on each one to catch my breath. hit the new bypass trails just to say i have done them. 
Hermit04/08/08Lap 1 with Andrew and Ryan. 
Hermit04/08/08Lap 2 with Andrew and Ryan. 
Shine04/07/08we were treated to the ever special "steeleboat method" of pumping up a tire, always a joy to see him in action, I think I'm going to invite him over next time I need to blow up an air mattress or a bounce house... 
slopush04/07/08Even though it felt like I spent more time fixing flats than riding it was still great to be out w/ the boyz: Steelboat, Shine, Burgemeester, RaulC and OClaske. Sorry guys, maybe I should've left on my trip a day earlier! 
RaulC04/07/08great group ride -- even with Slopush's 2 flats! 
jpotts04/06/08also did wiggly and powerline in the loop...plus a loop thru billygoat/goat on a separate entry 
singlespeedrider04/05/08First ride in a long time with Spicolli1976. Second time on the chutes and cleared it all and with twice the speed as last time. The 3B's gave me an a## whoopin again. 
spicolli197604/05/08Great ride with Mark. He killed it down the Chutes. Good job lil' buddy!!!!! 
Spartacus04/02/08Ride with Scott v. 
steele2j04/02/08Great Ride after work. we took it at a slower pace but that allowed for us to take in the view. Thanks for setting this Paul. 
Pmcmasters04/02/08Another fun ride. Brought a newbie with me for his first trip up the 3 B's. I was hoping to meet up with Shine and Dumptruck but it didn't work out, maybe next week. 
Burgemeester04/01/08Cool morning spin with Boerseun to get him reintroduced to our "favorite" 3 ladies! They were particularly kind to him this morning for some reason! We might even visit them tomorrow for more of the same! Thanks - that was fun! 
Boerseun04/01/08Early morning ride with Burgemeester 
mtnbikej04/01/08Good ride tonight. Temps were cool. 
Scotty B04/01/083 B's you hurt me again. How the pebbles on the second B are just soooo nice. Good job rangers. 
Shine03/31/08Nice Monday morning ride w/steelboat, slowpush, burgemeester, thanson, and oclaske. Took a diversion up the Mother B w/oclaske, it was in great shape, only 3rd time in history i've made that thing (maybe it was oclaske riding a wheelie up it that inspired me)! 
slopush03/31/08Good times as always w/ the crew of Burgemeester, Steelboat, THanson, and then there was Shine and OClaske who decided to be real studs and ride the Mutha B. Geez, it must be nice to be young and full of, well, whatever- 
oc_laske03/31/08morning ride with the guys (Slopush, Steeleboat, Shine, THanson and Burgemeester). Foolishly agreed to climb the mother B with Shine, but managed to make it all the way up without stopping. 
Burgemeester03/31/08Part 1 - fun filled ride with the crew - steeleboat managed to succumb to cravity for a change and paid a small price for it! 'bout time! 
MarijuanaMuscle03/30/08Peters and Oaks 
Thumper03/30/08Combined ride with Peters Canyon 
JCampbell03/28/082nd lap 
trckman9903/27/08The uphill is Shitty now that rocky dirt was laid on the trail. 
Waldo03/27/08Who decided to spread the kitty litter all over B #1? 
slopush03/26/08Just the usual excitement with the usual fellows: Steelboat, Burgemeester and RaulC. Gotta give the golden star to Burgemeester who somehow managed to miss all the deep sand going up the first B. Crafty foreigner! 
Burgemeester03/26/08Part 1 - Hectic grind with the youngsters - aka Steeleboat, RaulC and Slopush. Managed to dodge a potentially bad fall at the top of the chutes, just ended up with a bruised shin - and ego I guess! 
RaulC03/26/08brisk morning ride with couple the guys - Steeleboat, Slopush & Burgemeester 
SCJim03/26/08The Bs are a mess! 
Pmcmasters03/26/08Great late afternoon/early evening ride, lots of riders out today. Had to help a fallen and injured rider out of the chutes. 
JCampbell03/25/08Fun but the first and second B is convered with more pebbles. Thanks, just what we needed right before summer. Who's looking out for the bike riders? What's funny is that on our way up, a lady who was walking down slipped in the stuff and fell on her ass. Rangers just don't have a clue. 
mtnbikej03/25/08Nice ride tonight. They dumped a bunch of decomposed granite on the 1st B. 
slopush03/24/08Good ride w/ the manliest of men: Steelboat, RaulC, Burgemeester, OClaske and THanson. Thanks to Raul for giving us the chance to catch our breath before doing the climb ; ) 
mt171903/24/08Lots of ruts and rocks and unsafe steep descent. 
Burgemeester03/24/08Almost a full house this morning - awesome ride, thanks all! Glad we got to hit the chutes with daylight! Always a blast! 
oc_laske03/24/08Morning ride with the guys (all 7 of us!). Raul demonstrated for us the proper steps for changing a flat tire. I didn't quite get it the first time, so he was kind enough to start over and do it again. 
JCampbell03/24/08warm out 
RaulC03/24/08got a flat, lost my pump, spare tube has a hole . . . good thing I have friends 
4xdave03/23/08Getting very dust already. 
JCampbell03/22/08Forgot the sunscreen so I guess I'm a redneck now. 
JCampbell03/21/08added loop 
slopush03/21/08Just another beautiful morning in the wilderness w/ RaulC and Steelboat. The only hiccup was the fact that steeboat's bike sometimes sucks- uh, the chain that is! 
MarijuanaMuscle03/21/08with Peter's. 
PaulV03/21/08getting very nice out there, sunny skies and moderate temps. Got out w/ BRD, Vince, Hooch and Boba this morning for some biznitche action and other assorted goodies. Trails are in great shape except for the patches of kitty litter. 
JCampbell03/20/083rd loop 
JCampbell03/20/08Nice ride with jason, aaron, brent and gus. 
4xdave03/20/08Love the Oaks 
JCampbell03/19/081st of 3 loops 
JCampbell03/19/082nd of 3 loops... took all the single track or tick tracks. 
oc_laske03/19/08Morning ride with Burgemeester, Shannon and Steeleboat. 
Burgemeester03/19/08Part 1 - foggy ride with Steeleboat, OC_Laske and Shannon - this riding in the dark is becoming "old" now! Where is the light!?! Thanks lads! 
mtnbikej03/19/08Damn I love the time change. 
JCampbell03/18/08Good ride with Jason, Jason, Brent and Aaron 
MarijuanaMuscle03/18/08with Peter's 
Boerseun03/18/08Early morning ride with the crew...Slopush, Burgemeester, Steeleboat & Shine 
slopush03/17/08Funny, it seems like was just here yesterday... Early ride with the manly men: Steelboat, Burgemeester, RaulC, Shine and OClaske. Raul went solo on us and paid the price but other than that things were as they should be: Too much climbing and not enough oxygen! 
Burgemeester03/17/08Top-o-thee-morning St. Paddies people! Good ride with the crew this morning - had to bail out before PC Lake loop - I'll blame it on Steeleboats war stories that carried on and on...and on. I'm not complaining ;-) 
Shine03/17/08WHY am I always LAST up those damned BEEEZZZ????? I really wish someone would just install a rope tow. 
JCampbell03/17/081st loop 
JCampbell03/17/082nd loop 
oc_laske03/17/08Another frigid morning ride at the oaks. 
genusmtbkr503/16/08Always a great ride with STR. Huge group on the ST Paddy's Day ride. 
slopush03/16/08Sweet morning ride w/ THanson. No crashes, no blood but still lots of fun ; ) 
slopush03/16/08After riding the Bz w/ THanson I went for a quick solo lap #2 to see how fast I could do it. Got to the top in 20 mins., Then pinch flatted coming down. No tire tool either : ( I ended up having a productive talk w/ Ranger Maureen who was hiking up Chutes and then took a couple who were new to the park on a swamp tour. Is this a great country or what??! 
mtnbikej03/15/08Kinda windy.....got colder as the time went on. Pretty breezy by the time we were done. 
xhuskr03/15/08Great ride with a HUGE group from STR as part of a St Patty's Day ride...loads of green and loads of fun! also hit up Aliso for some trail work...lets hope it keeps, eh? 
Burgemeester03/14/08Good, early morning ride with Steeleboat, Slopush, Shanon and Shine, or in this case, Shineless with no lights!?! The kid is a stud coming down chutes in the dark! Managed to hook my chain into my spokes at the end of the ride - all part of the fun! 
Shine03/14/08Thanks fellas for shadowing me with your lights...cant believe it's dark all the way til the end of the ride. Coming down chutes w/o lights is...well lets just say it aint ever gonna happen again! WAY too scary. 
PaulV03/14/08good ride w/ Hooch and BRD. Chutes in good shape. Weather was a little cool with little to no wind, and a little sprinkle when I was driving back. Hit it up on the big bike, 'rise and huck'!! 
steele2j03/13/08This ride had 4 people on it. 
Burgemeester03/12/08Part 1 - another good grind with Slopush, OC_Laske and Shanon - way more fun than Monday - was able to see the trail! Saw 4 deer after hitting the swamp tour - good idea Slopush! 
Winger03/12/084900. Saw some deer. Someone put down gravel sand in places where traction is needed. Not good. 
oc_laske03/12/08Morning ride around the oaks with the guys. Hit the singletrack (swamp tour) on the way out, it's in great shape. 
Pmcmasters03/12/08Perfect after-work ride with the guys. 
justin8303/12/08chutes are fun right now! 
slopush03/12/08Fun ride w/ Burgemeester, OClaske and Shannon. Added on a swamp tour for kicks and ended up finding four deer just off the trail. We all paused and watched them for a while and they didn't seem to care that they were there. What a way to start the day! 
camdjkim03/11/08Chutes needs some work. Very deep ruts and the trail is turning into a valley. 
camdjkim03/11/08Lots of rutts, trail needs some work. 
oc_laske03/11/08solo afternoon ride (Sunday) 
mtnbikej03/11/08Yeah...first ride of the season at the Oaks. Haven't been there since New Years Day.....seems to have changed a bit since then. 
4xdave03/10/08Amazing amount of new growth, the park is very green. Its almost like the fire never happened. 
RaulC03/10/08Great to see so many riders show up - 6 total! Missed Boerseun & Shine. p.s. this makes 101 times I've recorded this route! (woohoo!) 
slopush03/10/08Good ride with the usual studs: Burgemeester, RaulC,OClaske,Shannon and, eventually, Steeleboat. Felt wimpy- I think it was only my second ride in the last two weeks- a bad trend indeed! I thought that I had the Garmin running but it didn't record it. It did record the lake loop that we did after that. Hummm. 
oc_laske03/10/08Morning ride with the crew. Riding without the headlight was nice while it lasted. 
Burgemeester03/10/08Part 1 - great ride with the crew - my light was pretty useless coming down the chutes, so I attempted "brail" riding! Not fun! Welcome to the club RaulC ;-) 
jpotts03/08/08rode for the first time in over a month. also rode on a new sworks carbon frame single speed - it didn't suck, that's for sure...very smooth. 
superherodoc03/08/08First ride on new 5 Spot. Vast improvement over Titus MotoLite. 
oc_laske03/07/08Morning loop with Shannon. Ran into Steeleboat at the top of chutes. 
xcShane03/07/08Like someone said earlier, the chutes is in great (fun) shape. Just watch out for the loose stuff! 
Burgemeester03/06/08Part 1 - had time this afternoon to shoot out for a quickie - great solo spin - saw one other person doing jumps at the top of the 3rd B - steller ride! That's 3 days in a row for this one! 
Winger03/06/084900. Looks like a picnic area was erected after the first B. 
Burgemeester03/05/08Part 1 - another great ride with OC_Laske and THanson - I felt really good going up those Bzz for some unknown reason!?! All good! 
oc_laske03/05/08Another great morning ride with Burgemeester and THanson. Trying to enjoy the sunny mornings as much as possible before the time changes this weekend. 
oc_laske03/04/08awesome morning ride with Burgemeester. little chilly, but well worth it. just barely managed to climb out of the wash at the bottom of chutes for the first time. 
Burgemeester03/04/08Superb riding conditions this morning - and the trail is probably at its best too - it's so good to have it back! Kudos to OC_Laske for not putting a foot down - the ENTIRE ride - kids a mountain goat! 
oc_laske03/03/08solo morning ride. wind gusts made for an interesting descent down chutes. 
RaulC03/02/08trail maintenance is great. Kudos to whomever fixed the divots at bottom of the chutes. 
PINKY03/02/08Very windy at the ridge today... use caution on red flag days. 
slopush02/29/08Did This ride Wednesday but forgot to log it until today (Friday). Fun morning ride w/ Shine, OClaske and RaulC. Someone filled in the nasty ruts at the bottom of Chutes- Sweet!!! 
Burgemeester02/29/08Happy Feb 29th ride - fun filled morning with Slopush, OC_Laske, JohnO and Unikid - a bit foggy, but hey, who needs eyes in-any-case when you wing it most of the way!?! Thanks lads! 
oc_laske02/29/08morning ride with the guys (slopush, burgemeester, unikid and johno). 
JCampbell02/27/08cleaned hub and its still skipping, anyone have a money tree I can pluck off 
Shine02/27/08Warmest morning ride in quite awhile, also no more need for lights @ 5:45. Legs felt great...until i had to climb... Thanx guys for waiting for me again. 
oc_laske02/27/08Warm morning ride with the guys. Nice not to need lights for the morning rides any more. 
Burgemeester02/27/08Splendid morning ride w/ the crew - so many new jumps spread out on the Chutes, can't wait to hit them again, and again!! Kudos lads to finally getting out there! 
MarijuanaMuscle02/21/08Blew my last ride time out of the water! 35:10. Nice and cool day hard damp packed for perfect conditions. There was yellow tape trying to keep me out but ... 
slopush02/18/08Mellow ride w/ my neighbor Kent, who entertained me w/ a little jump/crash. Someone cleaned off one curved section of trail that had been full of baby heads, making it safer and more enjoyable- Thanks for that! 
SCJim02/18/08Kudo's to those who worked on the trail over the weekend. It is in great shape! 
Weekend Warrior02/18/08Trail is in great condition. Need to find new places to ride since Luge and Maple are closed. 
MarijuanaMuscle02/18/08with Weir, rode with Brian 
JCampbell02/17/08evening ride with donnell 
singlespeedrider02/16/08I need to eat a good breakfast before tackling the 3B's. First time on the chutes...extremly fun 
xhuskr02/16/08nice STR ride with tons of people......rode my bike for lap #1 
xhuskr02/16/08demoed a Rocky Mountain Slayer XC70...much different than my Flux.....a whole new way of climbing, but DID NOT WALK any of the Bs! 
RaulC02/14/08windy, slow & cold afternoon ride 
oc_laske02/13/08Morning ride with Slopush, Shine and THanson. I think I'm feeling the pain of taking a couple weeks off and not riding the singlespeed for a while. 
Shine02/13/08felt much much better today...nice ride w/oclaske, slopush, & thanson 
slopush02/13/08Nice morning ride w/ Shine, Hanson and OCLaske. Either the chutes is somehow less rutted out now or I'm just getting used to it being that way.... 
Burgemeester02/13/08Part 1 - solo ride this morning - the crew slept in!?! I know - pathetic! Saw Shanon 2 Bz behind me, but "lost" him by the time I's finished the chutes! Great ride! 
Burgemeester02/12/08RaulC and I were planning on taking it "easy" this morning, but no such luck - those Bz still have it in for us! Chutes is looking milder now, or I've just got the hang of those ruts!?! Thanks Raul, another perfect day for a spin! 
MarijuanaMuscle02/12/0837:06 Would have beat best time but had 3 stops. seat, rider on single track and fence on road. should beat this by 1 min at least next ride. 
RaulC02/12/08nice am ride with Burgemeester 
JCampbell02/10/082nd lap 
SCJim02/10/08Fast and fun but if you miss a line today you can get in trouble very fast. 
trailking@cox.net02/10/08Great day, a little hot out but cooled down after the ride at Tustin Brewery! This was part 2 of our ride that startede in Peters Canyon. 
Winger02/09/084900. 3B's are in great shape. Bottom of Chutes has some loose rain ruts. Be careful. Lap 1 of 2 
Winger02/09/084900. Lap 2 of 2. Lots of people out today. 
MarijuanaMuscle02/07/0836:25 - Nice hard packed conditions and perfect temperature for a fast paced ride. Could have maybe picked up time on the bottom of the chutes because they were rutted bad. 
Burgemeester02/06/08Bit of a dodgy morning ride with Steeleboat, before we even got to the 1st B! Fun as always in the good ole company of the steeleboater. 
oc_laske02/02/08so good to get back out on the trails. chutes is really torn up on the bottom. 
slopush02/01/08Great ride w/ 7 other crazy guys- once we got going. Can you believe OClaske, breaking a chain even before getting to the trail head? The ruts just before the river wash are getting a little rediculous, I'm about to go up there with a shovel to fill 'em in! 
Burgemeester02/01/08Wow - 8 riders all together before the crack-'o-dawn - good times indeed! The chutes are brutal after all this rain - suddenly body armour doesn't seem like a bad option!?! Thanks lads - that was awesome! 
RaulC02/01/08Great morning ride with the gang, all eight of us! 
SAmtn02/01/08I'd forgotten how much fun it was to ride with you crazy guys. Thanks for the ride Boerseun. 
SCJim01/23/08Had to ignore the closed sign and ended as the rain began - perfect! 
Jocko01/22/08Rode with Craig, Dave, and Greg. We combined this ride with Peter Canyon route. 
Hondo01/20/08trail was AWESOME sucks to see the fire damage but the trail was the best it has ever been. Tons of Drops and technical sections 
rfujimoto01/19/08Nice clear skies. Excellent views. 
THanson01/18/08Only a small amount of blood - good ride 
Shine01/16/08Still feeling aftermath of bronch & 12 days off, felt way wimpy, didnt even make it up #2...but i DID get to see blood! (yes, on Hanson). 
Burgemeester01/14/08...as if the new ruts and falls weren't enough, we had a slight breeze - nothing too hectic though - just gale force...Shanon and Steeleboat were pretty lame wind breakers! Thanks for nada ;-) 
steeleboat01/14/08The B's with a headwind. Life is good! 
RaulC01/14/08chainbroke at top of 2nd B - what a hike a bike from there -- chutes were still a blast! 
jpotts01/13/08very windy ride this morning, rode the fsr. plus the sand bags and hay are getting setup for the more rains. Chutes is very rough on the way down, imo, some horses have torn it up this week since the rains. At the bottom, before you cross the ravine into irvine park, there's a red sign stating the trail is closed to all uses...but nothing at the top anyone know anything about that? Trail maintenance time? It needs it for sure..I'd be happy to help out on our trails! 
slopush01/12/08The rain rutted things pretty good in places and there are lots of loose rocks coming down chutes. The river wash at the bottom has a drop in the river bed that makes the hopes up climbing up and out a thing of the past for now. Beautiful day though, and I enjoyed Steelboat's company as always! 
SCJim01/12/08Rutts Galore 
RaulC01/11/08rutted at btm of chutes & creek crossing after chutes is now a drop - missed it & munched it 
slopush01/04/08Morning ride w/ Steelboat, RaulC and Burgemeester. I couldn't find one of my shoes (thought our new puppy took it) so I had to wear boots and rode my hardtail instead of my Prophet. My feet were sliding off the pedals coming down chutes much to the amusement of my compadres. 
RaulC01/04/08no legs today - dark most of the way 
Burgemeester01/04/08Part 1 - way too much fun and laughter (which makes it impossible to concentrate) coming down the Chutes behind Slopush with Steeleboat putting pressure on my @@s! RualC was way ahead of the pack - the stud! 
xcShane01/04/08Beat the Rain! Ah ha! 
martink11101/03/08Early morning ride- first one since trip back east. 
FREEKENGO01/02/08Monday ride part 2 
RaulC01/02/08great morning ride with the gang 
Burgemeester01/02/08Part 1 - great morning ride with Slopush, RaulC, Shine and Brian - not much wind so that was a bonus! 
Shine01/02/08Those B'z still kicking the crap out of me. 
oc_laske01/02/08morning ride with slopush, raulc, shine and burgemeester. descended the last steep part of zips on my back, instead of on top of my bike like I usually do. nice to have a (relatively) warm morning for a change! 
Corbliss01/01/082 of 2 
JCampbell01/01/08Ells... did the b's twice, broke my chain on top of barham ridge. Rode with Jason, Big B, and CoffeeShop Jim and his friend. 
Burgemeester12/31/07Part 1 - Bonus ride to reach the 7000 points on Geo. It was only the trusty Steeleboat and I out there - some of us have to work today! Thanks for the company on this here last day of the year! The Bzz are still killer! 
steeleboat12/31/07Last ride up the B's for 2007. Nice cool morning with my one and only working for a living friend Burgemeester. 
jpotts12/31/0734 18 ss 
tkblazer12/31/07nice and windy today 
jo23rod12/30/07Great ride Do Work. Tons of fun on this one. Hey what does the B stand for in 3 B's? = ) 
oc_laske12/28/07morning ride with steelboat 
Burgemeester12/27/07Last ride with my Bro :-( It was chilly, but awesome - he cleared the 3rd B and rode EVERY part of the Chutes perfectly. Till next time - Thanks Boet! 
oc_laske12/26/07morning ride with the guys. felt good to be out riding again after over a week of stuffing my face and not exercising 
RaulC12/26/07chilly morning ride with OC Laske, Slopush, Steeleboat & Todd H. (leg 1 / 3) 
slopush12/26/07Morning ride w/ Steelboat, T.Hanson, RaulC and LaskeOC. No spills, just thrills. 
RaulC12/24/07nice lazy morning solo ride - 
Ross B12/24/07Fun with Erick and Rudy. Merry Christmas Eve. Next time I'm going to bring my camp shovel for smothing out some of those rutts. Blessed. 
CBScofield12/24/07A broken chain slowed us way down. 
SCJim12/24/07Wow this is in great shape solid and fast! 
Burgemeester12/22/07Part 1 - great morning for a ride - thanks RaulC and Steeleboat - Thanks men! 
RaulC12/22/07Chilly ride with Steeleboat & Burgemeester - good times. 
slopush12/18/07Super fun ride w/ RaulC and Shannon. Don't know why I felt so much stronger than yesterday- must be the fine company I was keeping. I can allllmost clean the river wash now. One more rain?? 
Winger12/18/07Haven't been on the trail since the last rain. It is pretty packed down and nice to ride. Although, I almost ate it on both laps just after the left turn before the Waterfall trail. The rain ruts forces 1 line and it is sandy & out of control. 
Winger12/18/07Lap 2. Hurray, no rain! 
slopush12/17/07Fun morning ride w/ Shine, Steelboat, RaulC and Shannon. It was 42 degrees when I left the house but felt 10 degrees warmer at the top of the second B. Had to lose the jacket and thick gloves for the rest of the ride. Trail is in pretty good shape, minus some ruts. Can almost make it up and out of the river wash. Lots of green sprouting up too which is nice to see. Great way to start the day. 
Shine12/17/07i was beat from yesterday & now think i'm comin down w/something. great to have raulc back w/us & still in his racing form. 
RaulC12/17/07Felt good to get back on after a lay off of almot 2 weeks. Thanks to the gang for hanging back for me. 
mark189012/16/072nd ride today.clesred everything,no legs left.i'm ready for wed.jr.... 
MarijuanaMuscle12/13/07With Peters. With Ryan, Craig and Sam. Ryan was fast couldn't drop him. 46 with a few short stops 
oc_laske12/11/07morning ride with shine, slopush, steelboat and burgemeester. had a flat tire (more like massive blowout) coming down the ridge. 
Burgemeester12/10/07Another good ride w/ Steven, Slopush, Steeleboat, Shine and Brian - Steven made it down the rockwall - not too shabby for a second ride! He also managed to pick a fight w/ a cactus...go figure! 
bikesurfski12/09/07A tale of two rides: Late afternoon sunshiny, brisk ride, from crystal clear Catalina to snow-white San Bernardino mountains, then the challenge of climbing the 3 B's in the wind, almost blown off trail going down chutes, deeper erosion below rock drop in first chute (tricky), swallowed by a chared manzanita blown onto trail. (Garmin in shop from slide-out on Waterfall awhiel back.) 
Burgemeester12/05/07Extra special ride - my brother from SA joined Steeleboat, RaulC and Slopush on this ride - first time EVER on a mountain bike and man, the kid cleared EVERYTHING except half of the "rockwall" - what a great ride, can't wait to head out there again with him! Thanks Lads for showing him the way too! 
slopush12/05/07Early ride w/ Steelboat, RaulC, Burgemeester and his brother Steve, who's never trail-ridden before but rode almost all of chutes anyways! Man, I never had the guts to try parts of chutes when I first rode it. Kudos to you, Steve! 
Shine12/04/07Early morning ride with Slopush, Boerseun & Shannon 
MarijuanaMuscle12/04/07With Peter's. no fence line 
Boerseun12/03/07Dark early ride with Slopush...Steeleboat & Brian linked up with us after the 3rd B. Slopush, my "muddy buddy" attempted a swamp tour...we turned around though...crazy stuff. Rumour has it that he then went and added a Lake loop to the ride...man, he is selling himself for points out there...he is realy trying hard to move up the ladder! 
slopush12/03/07Ahh, it really feels like December when you take your gloves off and the steam pours out of them. Frosty ride with Boerseun, Steelboat and OClaske. It was fun, even when they wouldn't follow me through the mud! 
oc_laske12/03/07chilly morning ride with Slopush, Boerseun and Steelboat. chutes was a little rutted out after the rains, but it shouldn't take long for it to smooth out. 
halfasst12/03/07Larry broke the chain on his SS. Rick and I thanked him for the rest on the 3B's. 
RaulC12/03/07trail erosion, rutted, but rideable 
Boerseun11/28/07Early morning ride with Slopush, Shine & Shannon 
Jocko11/26/07With Craig, Ryan, Mike, Dave and Jennifer. This ride combined with Peters Canyon. 
RaulC11/26/07slow going today - solo 
Waldo11/26/07Trail is`pretty messy, with lots of sand, ash, and chewed up sections. Needs rain & some trail maintenance. 
MarijuanaMuscle11/24/07with peter's and weir loop. 
JCampbell11/24/07quick loop around the b's with donnell... added in a little irvine park as well. someone ate it up top and we were held up while he was being air lifted. cracked ribs or something. be careful out there in this wind and sandy soft mess we have going on these days. 
Sir Robin11/23/07First time on this trail. Tough uphills and loose steep downhills in spots. Turned out to be a bike and hike. 
mtnbikej11/22/07Morning turkey day ride. Lots of riders out. 
bikesurfski11/22/07Great sunshiny morning bombing Chutes with Jake. Went along fencline on way back. 
Thumper11/21/07Added a couple extra miles by going around again. 
trekstorm11/20/07Part two of two. Got dark really fast on the way back. Flying down the hills in the dark got the heart pumping. 
halfasst11/19/07Good ride with Larry. 
Shine11/19/07Early am Monday rides are a great way to start the week...except for when you do an OTB/faceplant (hope you feel better Burgemeester!!) 
Burgemeester11/19/07Thanks to all - except Slopush ;-) for leaving his bike in the middle of the rocky downhill - managed to pull off an OTB x2 kind've!?! you had to be there I guess - too many people have been crashing around slopush lately - must be some kinda sign! Things are hurting! 
slopush11/19/07Fun ride w/ RaulC, Shine, Shannon, Steeleboat and Burgemeester. It got even more fun when I lost my line and had to lay it down, just to have Burgemeester come crashing down upon my poor bike. I gave him a 5.9 on his sommersault technique! 
RaulC11/19/07Great morning ride with the gang - one exception was Burgemeester's OTB - ouch! 
xhuskr11/18/07Started at Cedar Grove Park in Tustin and included Peter's Canyon. Total mileage=16 odd feeling since we only saw two other riders on the trail and they were leaving. overcast with fog/marine layer rolling in gave the Oaks "another planet" type of feel...but fun! 
Dump Truck11/14/07pedaled up all 3 b's, just had to stop a few times. did better than I thought I would 
slopush11/14/07So that's what it looks like to ride the Bs when you're 50. Not bad Steeleboat! It was also great to see Sam in the saddle again- Welcome back man! 
Shine11/14/07HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY STEELEBOAT!!! Nice to have you back dumptruck, I guess I have to enjoy beating up up some hills while you are slow cause I know it aint gonna last! 
Burgemeester11/14/07Had to wait for Shine to fix a flat - bout time he did SOME work! Kudos to Dumptruck for making a comeback whilst I had to split from the team - it's a work thing, most of these guys wouldn't understand! Trail is looking way too powdery! 
RaulC11/14/07slow ride after last nights 50th BD ride 
Winger11/14/07Lunchtime ride to recover from the ride last night. The trail seemed quite dusty. 
Flip11/13/07warm today. b-1 not as much fun now that its been graded. 
Waldo11/12/07Went up the much tougher "4th B" instead of the 3rd, plus part of the Weir Canyon loop before running out of time, so actually did about 2x the stated length of this ride 
mtnbikej11/11/07Did the normal loop today.....after riding the mtnbike from Tustin, down the Santa Ana River Trail to PCH to Back Bay up the Irvine River Trail to Peter's Canyon....about 38 miles. Nice warm up for the 3 B's. 
4xdave11/10/07First time. Awesome riding. Really fun technical. Cant wait to ride again. 
RaulC11/08/07not as wet & foggy as yesterday 
mtnbikej11/03/07Wow....need to start riding the mtn bike again. Seems like way too long off the bike. 
Two Tired11/02/07First loop with a couple of friends. Did not realize that the strip mall parking lot was being used by the Silverado Canyon evacuees. Really crowded. 
xcShane10/30/07Technically it's open but there are a few minor closures if you follow the exact Geo route. 
Jocko10/23/07First time back in the saddle after about 8 weeks due to thumb surgery. Had to walk some of B #2 - out of shape ... 
Shine10/18/07No crashes...good thing 
Shine10/18/07crashed, snapped HID light off and bent my seat...and damaged my ego 
MarijuanaMuscle10/17/07With Peters Canyon Dual Loop. Added fenceline single track. 
Burgemeester10/17/07Nice, mellow ride with the Steeleboat, THanson and Shine. Always good to get real advice from real men who know how to handle their better halves!?! Or maybe not so much!! 
RaulC10/17/07nice & slow on the descents as my pinky heals . . . 
Boerseun10/15/07Steeleboat & Shine showed-up for a 5 past dark ride this morning 
Winger10/11/07Whoa! I pushed hard and scored my best ride time yet.... 33:40. Saw a fox while riding the ridge. 
RaulC10/09/07getting back on the bike with a fractured pinky from last week -- chutes were an interesting test (ouch!) -- will do some road biking for awhile. Good to see the gang 
Burgemeester10/08/07Part 1 - fresh, early morning spin with the gang - all 7 of us flattened those hills for the next group - you're welcome ;-) It was even good to see that hero, RaulC out there too - can't keep him away from anything! 
slopush10/08/07Cool morning ride with 5 other early birds. If we get any more of us gathering on the corner the cops will start getting calls about some new local street gang! 
jpotts10/07/07good group ride - although very windy 
JeffK10/05/07Added an extra loop with what I call the "4th B". 
steeleboat10/03/07While the underemployed rode Blackstar with the Nature Conservancy folk and the unemployed rode Blackstar/Motorway, Burgemeester and I stayed home on the B's to represent. 
Burgemeester10/03/07Part 1 - great ride with the Steeleboat - taught me a trick or two...now I have less excuses!?! 
Boerseun10/01/07Part 1 : Early morning ride with the demi-gods of MTN biking, Slopush & Steeleboat...thanks guys for making me work a bit! 
Boerseun10/01/07Steep uphill and downhill section to get your blood pumping! 
MarijuanaMuscle09/30/07plus weir 
xcShane09/29/07Got to love that Specialized Enduro! 
oc_laske09/29/07late afternoon ride with my neighbor. the first b!&@h is in good shape! Not sure if the rain packed down the sand, or what, but it's in great shape now. 
Burgemeester09/28/07Good morning ride with Steeleboat and TRB - nothing too crazy, except for my heavey breathing!?! 
steeleboat09/28/07Since the girlie men were tired from Blackstar last night, TRB had to fill in. 
TRB09/28/07Morning loop with Burgermeester and Steelboat, fun loop thanks guys. 
JCampbell09/24/07SS ride to try the b's after the rain. 
JCampbell09/24/07Jason, Brian, Gabe, Jen s 1st B's Ride :) and myself. Awesome trail conditions. 
superwow09/22/07Trailhead was closed today, 9/22/07, from the Nohl Ranch/Serrano entrance. Probably because of the rains. But it's a great ride. 3B's are tough. Intermediate technical, but very fun! 
Boerseun09/21/07Part 1 : Early morning ride with the crew...At the top of the 3rd B, Raul and I went down the chutes while Slopush, Todd H, Steeleboat & Burgemeester dropped into Weir Canyon...crazy guys! 
RaulC09/21/07great morning ride with the usual accomplices 
superherodoc09/21/07Lap 1 of 2 
superherodoc09/21/07Lap 2 of 2 
RaulC09/20/07quick solo 
RaulC09/18/07nice brisk solo ride. bike felt good! 
granny ring09/18/07Missed my group ride this morning. Had a Kona loaner needed to try out. Liked it! 
slopush09/17/07Rode w/ Shine today. No joke. Added some swamp tour to the end of it just for grins. Now, the question is...Will he ride again? 
slopush09/14/07Early ride w/ Steelboat. The 1st B is getting more packed down, but work is currently being done on it so who knows what it'll be like next time??? Also, there is a new gate mid way up the 3rd B which is locked (why??) but it's easy to duck under it. The other gate off to the right of it is also locked now too. 
RaulC09/12/07Quick evening solo. Bumped into Single Speed Bob going the opposite way. 
mtnbikej09/12/07Greeat temps out tonight. Getting dark waay too early. 
Robert Giovino09/10/07Hard to ride with cracked rib's, but still fun! 
Burgemeester09/07/07Part 1 - had to use lights today...sure is getting dark in the AM's - especially doing the mulberry bush dance!?! Thanks Slopush, RaulC and Steeleboat - as fun as always! 
RaulC09/07/07dark am ride with Burgemeester, Steeleboat, Slopush 
slopush09/07/07Early ride this morning w/ Burgemeester, RaulC and Steelboat. Quite enjoyable as always w/ these characters! 
slopush09/05/07Finally, a cool morning ride! I was actually enjoying myself w/ Burgemeester and TRB until I spun out on the loose 1st biatch. Kudos to Burgemeester for cleaning it. It was good to ride w/ TRB, it's been a while. We added a little swamp tour to our ride back just to keep it real. 
Burgemeester09/05/07There we were - Slopush, TRB and good ole me...then TRB and Slopush let go of the breaks and cruised to the top of those lovely Bzz - how!?! They have to introduce speed limits going up I think! Thanks for the grind, and the swamp tour was fun - didn't even get lost!! 
RaulC09/04/07SOS (still outta shape) solo ride - hot! 1st B very loose. Newly graded after very top - ugh! (after 3rd B at start of descent) 
Robert Giovino09/03/07HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!! 
xcShane09/03/07It's freaking hot! 
trekstorm09/01/07Well I'll sleep good tonight. Night ride with Tim. Start time of 8:45. Still quite warm 86 degrees. Very sloppy and what in the world are they doing to the "B's"? Had trouble at the top where Tim developed a flat. I had an extra tube but he decided just to pump and ride. Had to stop a few times before we finally got back to the cars. 
Burgemeester08/31/07Can you BALEEEVE it - they actually graded the 1st B - AGAIN! It's such a shame - this used to be a great trail...oh well! We're getting the group up again - thanks Slopush, Steeleboat, RaulC And Jaydog - it always a good grind, I guess! 
slopush08/31/07Burgemeester has it right- Whoever thinks the 1st B needs to be graded AGAIN must have a screw loose. Thank God the rest of the trail hasn't changed, other than chutes just keeps getting chewed up more and more. Could we get a little rain please? 
RaulC08/31/07Beat the heat this a.m. - still muggy (still outta shape!) though. Thanks, Slopush, Steeleboat, Burgemeester, Jay. 
Two Tired08/29/07Rode this along with Peters Cyn Dual Loop on Tuesday afternoon. Really hot and very loose in spots. These days you can ride this whole route and not see another person. 
mtnbikej08/29/07Getting way too soft for the SS. 
JCampbell08/28/07slow ride around the b's... 
scott v08/28/071st time riding here. Hot and dusty, but the downhill is a blast. 
JCampbell08/28/07Nice ride around the B's in silt! 
oc_laske08/25/07late afternoon ride on the cog. felt pretty good, so I followed up with a loop around Peters. 
Two Tired08/22/07Oaks sure was hot and dusty. It really needs some rain to help things grow back. First loop today. 
mtnbikej08/22/07Nice ride out tonight. Temps were great. Boohoo.....the days are getting shorter. 
Moonrider08/21/07rode with M. Leo - his first time to chutes 
dismay08/19/07Newbie ride w/STR 
Winger08/19/07Tested new rotor. 
SprocketHead08/18/07Rode with the STR Beginner Ride. Good times. 
mtnbikej08/15/07Very nice temps out this evening. 
slopush08/14/07Burgemeester and I pushed hard up all dem Bs this morning to see how quick we could get them done. Made it to the top/poles in 23 mins. Can't wait for some rain to come along (someday) to firm things up- although it is nice to have the deep soft stuff be our excuse as to why we aren't faster... 
Burgemeester08/14/07Part 1 - kept slopush waiting up those Bzz, even though I thought I's cranking up at a "quick" rate. This kid is just too fit for an old guy like me! 
Robert Giovino08/14/07It was a good day. Fast and fun! 
Burgemeester08/10/07Good ride with Jaydog who almost gave that tree ½ way down the chutes a nice big hug - ahh, 'twas a good site and a very close disaster! Thanks for the entertainment as always! 
Burgemeester08/10/07Spur of the mo ride, thanks to Mike for making it happen - kids going to be a crazy biker soon, no doubt! That was a really tough intro to this sport, kudos on the steller effort. Hot as ever, but nice and quiet too - bonus! 
Winger08/09/074900. I guess it is better to post the individual rides, rather than the peter's oaks combined loop. 
JCampbell08/07/07hard but rewarding this morning.... someone passed me on the way down (going a little slower on the rigid 29er on its B's maiden voyage), I said hello and the dude just kept going. Kind of passed me in a crappy spot and almost made me crash. Whoever you are.... you should wash your jersey and your grape smugglers cause you stink... literally! 
JCampbell08/06/07Friday... Quick Wasy Ride. Doing the Beeks Newbie ride in the morning. Done Cacthing Up. 
WINGMAN08/05/07another fun ride with the royster! 
Burgemeester08/04/07These Bz are becoming so challenging with so much powder...Thanks Steeleboat; Slopush and Jaydog for yesterdays expedition. 
Royster7108/04/07Rode with Casey and Scott ran into a crazy old man who had some interesting stories. A lot of people on horseback today. 
ZULU08/03/072nd lap of two this is a really fun ride. 
slopush08/03/07Humid ride this morning w/ Steelboat, Burgemeester & Jay. Wish someone would take a hose to dem B's- They aren't getting an firmer! 
ZULU08/02/07Second lap of two this morning. 
xcShane08/01/07school start 
RaulC07/31/07hotter than last time! 
tkblazer07/30/07Adrenaline demo ride, rode/hiked up the 3 b's on a yeti 4x. 
cH4os07/29/07EXCELLENT Adrenaline Bike Event, Thanks Yeti, Chuma, and Rocky Mountain! the Poker Run was fun! 
jpotts07/28/07big group ride 
oc_laske07/28/07really struggled today on the second b!%@#. the easy route up the side is now permanently closed, and I wasn't really ready for the steep climb up the road. 
jasonmason07/28/07Fun ride today with the STR / Adrenaline Bikes Poker Run...first time out on the new Jamis too...dusty and loose in a few parts, but a great morning run to start the weekend and a great group to do it with 
Burgemeester07/27/07According to Slopush's paw count, we missed about 20 mtn lion along our way - or were they just big dawg prints? Hmm...makes me wonder - and I'm sure the boys in red will agree - thanks THanson and Jaydog and of-course the Slopush lionking?!?! 
slopush07/27/07Fun times w/ Hanson, Jay Dawg & Burgemeester. Saw lots of very fresh mountain lion tracks, both at the bottom of the VP dam as well as at the top of chutes so keep your eyes peeled- and ride with someone slower than you! 
slopush07/27/07The first B is pretty soft, but not nearly as much as the bottom of one of the S curves coming down chutes! 
mark189007/27/0711:45am start,hot!second time on chutes,worth the heat. 
Winger07/26/074900. Took out friend who hasn't been on the bike for a while. This trail really isn't good for beginners as there are a lot of technical sections and some steep climbs. Peter's Canyon would be a better place to start. I had fun. 
jpotts07/25/07great evening ride, not too hot, considered doing the back loop as well, but started just a bit too late. got to pass a few riders on the downhills, good times. 
JCampbell07/25/07Nice ride last night with some friends... seemed to take forerver though wih the hanger problems we had. 
Winger07/25/074900 Met Darren, who was also looking for the scheduled ride trailhead. He flies on the downhills. Also ran into Mike at the end of the ride for some company up the B's. 
Burgemeester07/25/07~~ 100 rides posted - wooohooo!! Knowing that your friends care enough to call you out at 5 o'dark after oversleeping, and then sleep riding those Bzz...priceless! Thanks for hanging around and not letting me make any feeble excuses Slopush and Jaydog! After so many rides you'd think it gets easier, but they call them 3Bzz for a good reason! ~~ 
slopush07/25/07Great morning ride w/ Burgemeester (it was only his 100th time taming the B's- Congrats man!) and Jay Dog. No spills, but plenty of thrills- Just the way we like it! 
MF TITAN07/23/07saw Brad out on the trail,met a couple of his freinds,didnt see winger 
Alpine Rob07/22/07My heart rate was at a 121 before I got out of the car, anybody know a good cardiologist. 
Oly07/22/07Nice evening ride...1 of 2 
JCampbell07/21/07Last nights ride... 
RaulC07/21/07afternoon quickie. Hot!!! 
bikesurfski07/20/07Someone left their camelback at the bottom of the last steep S drop after the manzanita branch on the trail--I left it hanging on the little forrest ranger shack/board across the sandy drop across the creek bed. 
mtnbikej07/20/07Nice ride. Saw 3 deer and a cyote. 
Burgemeester07/19/07Part 3 - did this ride late yesterday afternoon - the heat was hectic - way better to ride first thing in the AM. Managed the loose stuff better this time round. 
bikesurfski07/19/07Steep S on last part of chutes getting pretty slip-slidy sketchy. 
Winger07/19/074900. Met Sam, hopefully a new geo-rider. Lots of horses. 
Winger07/19/074900 Ran into MF Titan. 
Burgemeester07/18/07Part 1 - good ride with Steeleboat and Jaydog - powdery as usual up the Bzz, but now it's even getting tricky 3/4 down the chutes. 
JCampbell07/18/07Awesome ride up the b's... pushed a good pace with Jason. A couple of Land Ranch Reserve guys took my picture "I think" on the way down the shoots... Weird! 
bikesurfski07/16/07Wonder what the wet brown spots on the trail just before the steep spots on chutes means? :) Still having a hard time clearing the top powdery portion of the first B. --maybe new tires, new technique, &/or new legs. 
xhuskr07/14/07Fun ride with a bunch of STR folk.....fun ride with good people. Nice to be back on Chutes. 
dubjay07/11/07Beautiful day for a ride. Temperature was around 76 at 4PM with a good breeze working. I didn't see a single other person out on the trails. 
JCampbell07/10/07Early Morning Ride... very nice out. 
Winger07/10/074900 Rode w/ Mike & his son Jason. They took me on a bunch of stuff I had never ridden before. 
shmrcksean07/09/07Whoever named the climb the "3 B's" was right on the money!!! 
cH4os07/08/07Adrenaline Saturday Morning... Chumba in full Force! Very Fun trail? 
slopush07/06/07I'm really mad at Steelboat. I was planning on having the loose, deep dirt on the first B be my excuse for why I was sucking all of the oxygen out of the area, but then he shows up with some sort of sinus infection, riding a bike that chain sucks in the smaller front ring so he climbs all of the ladies in his middle ring- and he's so old too!!! I gotta find some better excuses.... 
mtbgal197707/04/07great ride with john, daniel, marie, sylvia & roy. bruce joined us for weir loop. 
JCampbell07/02/07Thought I would go conquer the b's after last nights kcik me in the rear chain breaking ride. Fun , but already hot by 6:30am. 
Burgemeester07/01/07Solo, !!HOT!! late afternoon ride...came across thee scariest thing just before the 3rd B - a massive swarm of beez! Aged a hundred years! Had a much better experience down them chutes this time round. 
RaulC07/01/07nice morning ride with John O. 
RaulC07/01/07afternoon solo ride - hot! and I forgot my water - won't do that again 
Burgemeester06/29/07Part 1 - had a good grind up the Bzz with Steeleboat, but man, I battled all the way down them chutes, trying my best to fall at some areas! Very frustrating to not have complete control. 
slopush06/28/07Morning ride w/ my neighbor Kent. Thanks for gettin' out there with me dude! 
Winger06/27/07Pretty loose in all the wrong places. I thought for sure today was going to be the day of the endo. 
mtnbikej06/27/07Nice ride tonight. Not too hot....not too cold. 
Shake Dust06/24/07went straight up 2nd B*%&*! instead of cutting right... 
xcShane06/23/07school start 
yodisco06/22/07pretty sandy today. Herms first ride on Chutes. 
trekstorm06/22/07Part two. Hot, Hot and more Hot. Very dusty especially on the Oaks. Trails getting scary on the chutes. Very loose. 
oc_laske06/21/07solo ride on the cog 
Burgemeester06/20/07Solo ride this morning - nothing too crazy. Good meeting Mike & Jay at the end of chutes! Nothing better than an early morning ride before the heat sets in. 
mtnbikej06/20/07Been sick the last week.....really felt it tonight.....oh, yeah...it was kinda toasty. 
jpotts06/18/07cycle crossed... 
martink11106/17/07Not bad... especially with suspension lockout for the climb. 
trekstorm06/15/07Second part. First time on this since the fire. Pretty brutal. Interesting seeing burned trees and shrubs with new green leaves poking out near the ground. Can still smell smoke. Trial very soft. Had a hard time staying up right as my tires sunk deep. 
brendan105606/15/07My first time on this ride. The 3B's are tough. The Chutes were a lot of fun, but really soft and powdery...made a few sections a little more challenging. Definitely gonna do this one again. 
brendan105606/15/07My first time on this ride. The 3B's are tough. The Chutes were a lot of fun, but really soft and powdery...made a few sections a little more challenging. Definitely gonna do this one again. 
Hooch06/14/07Up 3B's, jumps and hucks at the top, then out Chutes (It is in great shape, way fun). It was hot to say the least. 
mtnbikej06/13/07Fun casual ride. Had a newbie out so pace a little slow with lots of stopping. 
oc_laske06/11/07quick loop around the oaks on the cog. 
Oly06/11/07Saw a Tarantula Hawk attack a Tarantula on the trail...pretty gnarly. Look up what a Tarantula Hawk does to its prey and you'll see why... 
SprocketHead06/10/07Conditions are still pretty good. 
SlowSpokes06/10/07Test rode the Chumba XCL. 
owen06/10/07combined this with peters canyon. made it up all the hills in both parks for the yahtzee. saw three deer, and one ranger who was very disappointed to see that trail markers were missing and/or renamed by some mountain bikers. she said they want to open up more trails, but having to redo trail markers is taxing their man hours, and ultimately slowing down progress in that direction. she also mentioned that the rangers would welcome any help from us, and to stop by the station for information. 
oc_laske06/09/07zips - out and back 
MF TITAN06/09/07did 2 laps but 305 is not working(turned off 7 times)can only post one today,just about had enough , almost crashed twice tring to watch it. going back to garmin.saw a 5ft rattler .also broke a chain.Love to hear about the race-Good job Guys 
slopush06/06/07Great ride w/ steelboat, Hanson and Jaydog. Trail is getting soft up da B's, or is that just me getting soft? Hanson took a spill coming down chutes, although he will claim that he was just doing "trail widening maintanence"! It's never boring w/ these guys! 
mtnbikej06/06/07Kinda windy tonight. 
slopush06/04/07This was my 1st ride in two weeks and boy, did it feel like it. Went solo since none of the regular crew could make it. Saw three nice sized doe at the bottom of chutes- I heard that a mt. lion brought one down near there last week. Ah, the cycle of life- At least I'm ok w/ not being at the top of the food chain! 
mtnbikej06/02/07Nice out tonight. 
SAmtn05/30/07Part 1. Good - A large mule deer crossed the trail in front of me. Bad - Left some skin on the trail at the bottom of Chutes. 
RaulC05/29/07nice slow solo ride 
JCampbell05/29/07Quick last ride before I get out of here tonight for Vegas. 
Burgemeester05/28/07Part 1 - solo ride this morning - very quiet because it was so early - perfect conditions! 
Two Tired05/25/07A small amount of vegetation is starting to grow, but the place still looks like a moonscape. 
JCampbell05/25/07The slowest paced b's ride of my life... stopped and chatted every few hundred yards. Had a bunch of fun though. Added in some extra credit. 
JCampbell05/24/07After a full week at river with an ice chest, it was hard to get back into action. Dude up top was making a 2ft jump into a very quick berm, then out to some very close together humps... What? It was a chuckle when he couldn't make it work before telling me he was having an off day. Almost went down in the steep rutted section just passed the turn off to the bridge halfway down the chutes when my rear tire on my skinny AC's rolled off the rim. Not Safe! Also seen Hermit doing Weir. 
dubjay05/23/07Slow recovery ride today. Some spots are getting pretty sandy. 
mtnbikej05/23/07Nice rider tonight. Good weather. Trail is getting soft. 
project_d05/22/07Rode this as part of The Path's Bikes 'n Beers ride. It was sad to see all the damage from the fire, but it was fun to ride this trail again! 
xcShane05/22/07school start 
xcShane05/22/07round 2 
bikesurfski05/21/07Early morning drizzle+uphill powder=made the three b's real b's. 
granny ring05/21/07Trying to keep going and not drop off again. Slow process getting back up to speed. 
Von-Skipp05/20/07Bikes N' Beers ride!!! 
xcShane05/20/07school start 
TRB05/19/07morning solo loop. Very disappointing to see multiple "fresh" bike tracks on clearly marked closed trails. On the possitive side, nice to see a lot of new vegitation sprouting up. 
Burgemeester05/18/07Part 1 - interesting ride - thanson left some skin on the chutes and then we rode RIGHT past 2 skunks - thank goodness I's in front - Jaydog and thanson got the after effects - this is gonna be an interesting day at work for some! Sorry Lads! 
owen05/18/07rode this with anaheim hills weir canyon. the b's x 2 makes for a tough day! 
Burgemeester05/16/07Part 1 - solo ride. Just not the same without the gang in the EARLYyyy morning! Trails need some rain to rinse the powder off, otherwise, always good on the Bzz. 
granny ring05/16/07First time back in Oaks since the fire. The open lines make it feel like a different trail. 
SAmtn05/16/07Bzz kicked my butt this morning. 
Oly05/15/07Reset my Edge in the middle of the ride (rookie user error!) so had to do a manual post. 
owen05/15/07not nearly as much traffic here compared to peters canyon. 
slopush05/14/07Just Jay Dawg and out out on the lonely scorched trail this morning. Looks like there was a mountain lion sighting on the 13th down by the river wash so keep your eyes peeled. We did see a deer on our way to the VP dam which is always cool. 
Ross B05/14/07The old pics are good memories. The fire was pretty tough on the park. The biggest problem was the single track down from the top. About 1/4 mile of prestine track turned into fire road rubble. Oh well...Blessed be the name of the Lord. 
owen05/14/07so nice that the days are long enough to get a ride in after work is done. 
Phishin Paul05/14/07Ridding on the moon. 
SAmtn05/13/07Took my boy on his first down the chutes. Fun ride despite the fire damage. 
superherodoc05/11/07Chutes are in great shape. Top of second B has been graded and is very loose, but starting to form a line. 
slopush05/11/07First ride in over 3 weeks- Felt great to get out. I hate it when work gets in the way of life. Riding with TH, Steeleboat and Jay Dog made it all the more enjoyable! 
Burgemeester05/10/07Cool morning solo ride - nothing too crazy - 'cept for a coyote near the cemetary. Otherwise, the usual stuff. 
JCampbell05/10/07Back at the B's... took off on a solo adventure and caught up to some friends. Oh what fun it is to be back on the B's... a little loose though. Seen MFTitan... Good luck at the toad ride. Left to go home and found another water bottle so I did a dual loop of peters on the way home. 
dubjay05/10/07There are a couple of pretty loose sections now, going up and down. Makes it pretty tough to get out of the seat and mash while climbing. 
mtnbikej05/09/07Back to the weekly ride. 
oc_laske05/08/07first time on this route since the fire - kind of spooky. 
xcShane05/06/07Was able to do this route with no detours. But side trails are still blocked. 
tkblazer05/06/07howling winds sure did raise the difficulty level on the ride today 
Boerseun05/05/07Took lafinfan up the Bzzz for the first time...It was a great ride! 
RollnStone05/04/07Went slow to see what was open and closed. Took pictures. 
RollnStone05/04/07Lap two 
owen05/04/07first ride for me post fire. astonishing. the land was so barren and tinted red, for a while there it felt like i was riding on the surface of mars. 
superherodoc05/03/07First ride since fire. Very loose and dusty in spots, but happy its open again. 
Waldo05/03/07To properly record this, I'd need to add some extra credit singletrack, a little bit of paved road, and a stop to help douse a small brush fire! Oh well...close enough. 
JCampbell05/02/07Just had to get out and try it... I can't believe how much I missed this place. Very tough ride for me. I haven't recovered from last nights bonk session on Blackstart to Motorwat route. Just want to say thank you to all that worked on this trail to get it open. I missed the weekend work due to work myself. 
mtnbikej05/02/07Every time I ride this....they keep screwing it up more and more. Upper section of Chutes has now been widened so a cart can access the trails. 
tkblazer05/02/07first ride here since the fires... spent some time helping the Share guys planting signs 
bikesurfski04/30/07So sad--schorched and burned everywhere. 
Burgemeester04/29/07Part 1 - solo mid afternoon ride that was just perfect! Really starting to get control of the chutes again! 
mtnbikej04/29/07Nice ride this evening....Saw only 2 other riders. Temps were perfect. 
Boerseun04/28/07My first time up the Bzzz's in nearly 2 months...This trial "rides" way DIFFERENT post fire...Thanx Burgemeester for giving the legs a workout! BTW, it was quite a hot day today. 
Burgemeester04/28/07Thanks Boerseun for the company on this ride - good to get out there for a change! 
dubjay04/28/07Nice to get out and ride Santiago again. The fire cleared out most of the trees and bushes giving the trails a very barren look - similar to something you'd see at Bootleg or something. 
RaulC04/27/07nice solo ride 
mtnbikej04/27/07This isn't the same old Oaks :-( Upper section is the most changed of the whole trail. Really neat and surreal though. 
steeleboat04/25/07First ride on the b's since the fire. It is sure a different place... 
That's How I Roll04/25/07 
RaulC04/25/07First ride after the fire for Ken, Jay and me. Downside: so barren, it's almost post apocalyptic Upside: great line of sight (no lurking mountain lions – smile) and new plant growth already started 
Burgemeester04/24/07GREAT NEWS!! Looks like this ride is back in business - went up the Bzz and down the chutes with no "do not enter signs" anywhere to be seen. Passed 3 other riders too, so go figure. I must say that this is a very different ride after the fire. Great, but your senses are suprised! 
That's How I Roll03/16/07 
Streethawk03/12/07Cool start at 7am, then it felt like someone popped the heater on. Guess the trail is badly burned due to Sunday's fires. At least we got a ride in before the destruction. Wow, it was hot. 
Streethawk03/12/07Quick ride. Beat the heat.