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Peters Canyon - Lake Loop

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FrecklesX201/04/14Ride with Salem Church Group 
RaulC04/20/13morning warm up before Anaheim Weir 
RaulC01/05/13cool down 
BigT09/30/12Great after work ride in the heat with Neal. A bit of a huff and puff for him since he's pretty much brand new, but good times were had! Went up Big Red ... a little and found out how out of shape I am. Bleh. 
BigT09/30/12Early sunrise spin with Neal. We didn't make real good time compared to his last time but I still think he's improving. Sucks that the street parking is now off limits! 
RaulC08/22/12early a.m. - cool down loop 
slopush03/22/12It's been a long time since I've done this. I thought I'd see what kind of time I could post but slow hikers and a little texting while riding slowed me down a bit- 
slopush03/22/12Loop #2 for the day while waiting for my horse-riding wife to appear. 
slopush03/22/12Last ride/loop for the day, this time w/ my date ; ) 
Enriquez03/08/12Solo loop. 
Boerseun01/21/12Ride 2 of 2 : 
RaulC01/09/12cool down loop - solo 
RaulC01/07/12warm up with John O 
slopush12/12/11Sweet spin with Burgemeester around the lake with absolutley no one else out there. The gate was open when entered and closed when we left so they may have just closed it due to the upcoming rain. 
FijiRob12/11/11Did this with my 6 year old 
RollnStone12/09/11Was going to ride more in Peter's, but there were too many hikers. There seemed to be more people than on the weekend. 
RollnStone11/26/11Added this in the middle of my ride. 
SAmtn11/01/11Ran into my friend Burgemeester while doing an extra loop. 
slopush10/30/11It's RaulC's birthday today so after we scared the crap out of him while waking him up this morning we did a lake loop before doing breakfast. What a great way to start the day. Shine, THanson, Steelboat, JCarr, Burgemeester and William were on hand to enjoy the morning. 
RaulC10/30/11see Slopush for comments 
HardRock10/15/11First ride in California with RaulC 
RaulC10/11/11cool down 
Burgemeester08/25/11Half century ride for Slopush, and what better way to start the new day off than with his usual suspect crew to drag him along! This was probably our most epic spin around the lake, and it will never be viewed the same - thanks to the magic hairy fairy - Slopush! Deepest regrets for turning the corner, OLLLLLDDD Man! Here's to the next 50! 
RaulC08/25/11Slopush bd ride then breakfast- great time ands seeing slopush in a fairy costume . . priceless 
slopush08/25/11I've done this loop a gazillon times, but this is was the first time in a fairy costume. Thanks guys, is this how life is going to be now that I'm 50? 
slopush08/20/11I wanted to push a fast loop since I was warmed up from my earlier ride, but there was a HS track team who's coach hasn't given his kids the lesson on trail etiquette- Maybe next week : ) 
slopush08/17/11This was a solo ride until I ran into SAMtn. The singletrack behind the dam is waaay soft now. 
SAmtn08/17/11Met Slopush on this one. Happy B'day old man! 
slopush07/25/11What can I say? I'm a sucker for the lake loop! 
Burgemeester07/25/11Part 2 of 2 - Been a LONG time since I did this, but nothing beats easy points! 
slopush07/16/11Steelboat made me do it.... 
slopush06/23/11I only do these lake loops cause Steelboat begs me to. 
slopush06/21/11Steelboat and I just couldn't resist the lake loop calling.... 
DONALD JACKSON06/14/11Go Bruins 
slopush06/08/11Steelboat and I had to see the lake view and sing Kumbiya. 
slopush06/06/11Mku Mny and I had to do it. 
steeleboat05/30/11Just because 
UphillRider6505/27/11Did the baby loop while I was there. HF P 
ZipsBiker05/26/11Took my 4 yr old out for a lake loop. I'm so impressed, he's a natural. 
SAmtn05/24/11Warm down. 
slopush05/11/11I had time so why not? 
Boerseun05/10/11Ride 2 of 2 : SS - Twitch made me do it... 
slopush04/27/11Just had to. 
slopush04/26/11Steelboat and I only saw four people on this loop. You'd think we were in Montana or something. 
slopush04/23/11Had to do it. 
slopush04/12/11I was having too much fun on my new bike to stop- Besides, it's been forever since Steelboat and I have done da lupe! 
slopush04/07/11Did this ride w/ RaulC, Steelboat and Burgemeester on Tuesday. It's been forever since I've been in Peters. Love the view of the full reservoir in the morning. 
ZipsBiker04/07/11counter clockwise. Climbed the fireroad that goes up to the top of the back of big red, not the singletrack, on the way to the lake. It took me 4 tries but I did it. Most of the year it's much too loose. 
ZipsBiker04/07/11clockwise, thought it was funny how I got the exact same time in both directions without even trying. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch03/17/11After work ride. Added Big Red for xtra credit but forgot to turn off my gps before driving home. Dreaded Hill at lunch, Big Red on the way home; good day. 
Burgemeester03/09/11Part 2 - SS. Just had to add this into the mix - it was a quiet day in the park. 
Boerseun02/25/11Ride 2 of 2 : SS 
nstilwell02/17/11in reverse in honor of slopush 
slopush02/09/11Had to show Maknmuny how the lake loop was done. RaulC and Steelboat made sure we did it up right. Thanks guys! 
Boerseun02/04/11Ride 3 : SS - Round and round...Had Steeleboat chasing us. 
Boerseun02/04/11Ride 2 : SS - 
ZipsBiker02/01/11Half of this ride should have been on the running ladder. My chain broke on the back side of the lake...didn't take stuff to fix it so I ran the rest. 
slopush01/30/11Ahh, it's just like the good old days- doing a lake loop at the end of our ride. I think I'm going to cry.... 
steeleboat01/29/11The Boat is back (sort of) 
RaulC01/28/11cool down 
Boerseun01/26/11Ride 2 of 2 : 
Boerseun01/21/11Ride 2 of 3 : 
SAmtn01/13/112 of 2. 
Boerseun01/13/11Ride 2 of 3 : SS - 
Boerseun01/10/11Ride 2 of 2: 
Boerseun01/06/11Ride 2 of 3: SS - 
Boerseun01/05/11Ride 2 of 3 : 
RaulC12/15/10deserted this morning 
slopush12/11/10Gotta finish off our first ride of the day with a little loop w/ Burgemeester. He sure spins those legs fast with that SS! 
Burgemeester12/10/10Part 2 of 2 SS. We had a few minutes to spare so we added this little circle into the mix. Thanks Slopush!! 
slopush12/08/10NStilwell and I pulled up to the gate just as the ranger was pulling down the "park closed" signs. Timing is everything. Now my bike needs a bath though : 0 
slopush12/04/1012 mins. of bliss- What more could a guy want? 
Burgemeester12/03/10Part 2 of 2 SS - I almost talked my way out of this ride, but Slopush and NStilwell kept me on the winding trails just long enough to complete this loop. Glad I did!! Thanks lads! 
slopush11/30/10Where there's a lake loop there's fun to be had. Burgemeester and I just couldn't resist. 
Burgemeester11/30/10Part 2 of 3 SS - A good way to end the morning off. THanks Slopush! 
slopush11/29/10THanson and I followed up our earlier loop with this one because we are true men. 
Jocko11/28/10Part 2 of family ride. 
WackJob11/21/10Haven't gotten one of those fancy garmins yet, but just discovered I can post rides without it.... guess I just need to keep track of my times. Interesting ride that my bike shop said would be a good first ride. The narrow path on the back side of the lake going down was hairy, but challenging. Good times before the rain hit. Of course the weekend I get my new bike, it rains. ARgh! 
Boerseun11/13/10SS - Lap 3 of 3 : 
Golf Whiskey11/07/10Ride w/ the kids 
slopush11/06/10Solo ride - If you don't count the 3,000 other people in the park. 
Boerseun11/06/10Lap 2 of 2 : Ditto 
Burgemeester11/03/10Part 2 - just Steeleboat and myself - we hit this one in reverse and ended in good time! Thanks! 
SAmtn11/02/10So here's the story: I have a large rat in my garage that keeps eluding me. He has escaped TWICE from glue traps. Last night he removed the cheese from a large wooden snap trap without triggering the trap. Current score Rat-3, SAmtn-0. More to come.... 
SAmtn10/26/102 of 4. 
SAmtn10/26/104 of 4. 
Boerseun10/26/10Lap 2 of 4 : 
Boerseun10/26/10Lap 4 of 4 : 
SAmtn10/24/103 of 3. 
Boerseun10/13/10Lap 2 of 2 : SS - 
slopush10/11/10Steelboat and I just can't seem to be able to go straight home sometimes... 
RollnStone10/04/10Warm down ride. 
slopush10/03/10I came home from my first ride and my dawg talked me into taking her for a run. Woof! 
SAmtn10/03/102 of 2. 
Gerry Lattimer10/02/10Rode this one with the kids today + an out and back from Irvine Park. 
Boerseun10/02/10Lap 2 of 3 : 
Burgemeester10/01/10Part 2 of 2 - SS. Solo ride after a good spin in Santiago Oaks. The way a Friday morning spin should be done! 
Boerseun09/30/10Lap 2 of 2 : 
SAmtn09/29/10A little extra. 
Burgemeester09/29/10Part 2 - SS. A quickie with OC_Laske before the rest of the day! Really quiet out there for a change! 
Fast Turtle09/29/10Like SAmtn says a little extra. 
Boerseun09/29/10Lap 2 of 2 : SS - Why do I always think of Twitch when I go around the lake? 
Boerseun09/25/10Lap 2 of 3 : SS - 
Boerseun09/25/10Lap 3 of 3 : SS - 
Boerseun09/21/10Lap 2 of 3 : SS - 
RaulC09/20/10quick loop w/Steelboat 
RaulC09/18/10Cool down. Chased my sons soccer team, but never caught them - fast kids 
slopush09/16/10No one showed up to ride this morning and my Garmin was dead so I did a couple of lake loops- mainly to keep Burgemeester nervous. 
slopush09/16/10Scared up a coyote and a couple of other mt bikers- and that little old brick of a lady jogging along. She's an odd one.... 
Boerseun09/15/10Lap 2 of 3 : SS - 
Boerseun09/15/10Lap 3 of 3 : SS - 
Burgemeester09/14/10Part 1 of 3 - SS. Met up with Boerseun for a quickie early this AM. 
Burgemeester09/14/10Part 2 of 3 - SS. Another loop - fun! 
RaulC09/13/102nd leg of am ride w/ Steeleboat 
Boerseun09/13/10Lap 3 of 3 : SS - 
Boerseun09/09/10Lap 2 of 2 : SS - We should rename the Lake Loop to Twitch's Loop... 
Shine09/08/10Couple laps w/the crew before heading off to work 
Burgemeester09/08/10Part 1 of 3 - SS. Didn't realise how dark it's getting in the early hours of the morning! Time to get the lights out - hmm! Thanks lads for the spin! 
Burgemeester09/08/10Part 2 of 3 - SS. Good way to start a day - a few mellow LL's with a few good men. 
slopush09/08/10Wet and dark- just the way I like it. 
slopush09/08/102nd lap- was able to turn off the light before finishing. I'm going to have to give the bike a bath now. 
RaulC09/08/10early morning loop 1 of 2 w/Shine, Slopush, Steeleboat, Burgemeester 
RaulC09/08/10early morning loop 2 of 2 w/Shine, Slopush, Steeleboat, Burgemeester 
Boerseun09/05/10Lap 2 of 2 : SS - 
Boerseun09/04/10Lap 3 of 4 : SS - Many, many, many people out today... 
Boerseun09/04/10Lap 4 of 4 : SS - Last LL and then completing the dual loop...the ridgeline was way too buys, decided to go down Scouts trail. 
DIRTULS09/03/10Just around the lake again; this time alone. Which is very nice at times. Still hot. 
riley10009/02/10Don't have GPS but wanted to log something. Actually started my ride at Tustin Sports Park and rode the equestrian trails all the way in to the canyon. The loop itself took about 20 mins and overall ride was 1:10, about 12 miles total. Took 45 mins to get to parking lot. Stopped 2 times and did the steep hill 2x. 
Burgemeester09/01/10Part 3 of 3 - SS. Solo ride - did this one in reverse. 
SAmtn09/01/10A little extra. 
Boerseun09/01/10Lap 2 of 2 : Slow, slow ride...Stopped and spoke with Rick. 
ZipsBiker09/01/10Reverse. Saw EW out with the dog. 
Burgemeester08/31/10Part 1 of 3 - SS. Solo ride - had work on the mind, so this was an easy way to distract myself. 
Burgemeester08/31/10Part 2 of 3 - SS. Solo ride - Slopush is once again watching his back! 
Mike Honcho08/30/10on the way back to the car... 
Boerseun08/30/10Lap 4 of 4 : SS - Had to top it off with a Lake Loop...Twitch, this one's for you! Ran into SAMtn as I was heading home. 
Boerseun08/29/10Lap 3 of 3 : SS - Nearly got caught by sunset... 
slopush08/28/10This was just a ride to avoid doing a real ride. It's amazing how many others felt the same way: Shine, Twitch (what the hell?) NStilwell, Burgemeester and Fast Turtle showed up. FT provided entertainment by crashing on a level, non-technical section that had nothing but a pole near him. Did I mention that there was a pole near him? Too funny. Breakfast afterwards was the best- Thanks guys! 
Fast Turtle08/27/10Crashed at the beginning and sprained my ankle. 5 am wake just didn't start right. Put my hydration pack in the freezer and froze the lines. Stupid move, stupid crash. I am going to be careful the rest of the day. 
Burgemeester08/27/10SS. A mellow spin this morning with a bunch of lazy old men - just the way we like to start off the w/e, except maybe FastTurtle who was vying for pole position, and got it full on. Sucha stud! Breakfast made up for it, I'm sure! 
slopush08/23/10It wouldn't be a Monday without a lake loop : ) 
slopush08/18/10Quick solo lap. 
slopush07/28/10Solo ride w/ a bunch of joggers 
slopush07/28/10Went home to shower and my dawg looked at me with those big eyes that said, "take me for a run" so I did. She just about killed me as she took off after a rabbit. This riding with the dog thing would be sooo much easier w/o the leash! 
NO GO07/22/10Road with Twitch, SKINNY, Redbarron & Tim. lap 1 of two 
slopush07/21/10solo ride with the dog the other day. 
Boerseun07/20/10Lap 2 of 2 : Another LL and then the ridgeline return to complete the DL...decided to hit Scouts trail for a change...all the ruts are fixed on it. 
SAmtn07/20/102 of 2. 
slopush07/19/10It wouldn't be Monday without a lake loop now would it? 
slopush07/18/10Since we went down at the flag this morning instead of going to Old Camp I felt I owed myself a lake loop. 
slopush07/16/10cool down loop w/ the man of steel. 
Boerseun07/13/10Lap 2 of 3 : SS - left Twitch and crew and hit another LL in honor of Twitch doing lake loops! 
Boerseun07/13/10Lap 3 of 3 : incl the ridge line to complete the dual loop from lap 1 
slopush07/13/10Speed lap after this morning's main ride. Couldn't get it done in under 10 mins and I blame NStilwell & OClaske for that! 
slopush07/11/10Solo loop with lots of other people. Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me either. 
slopush07/10/10The only reason Steelboat and I did this was to get just ome step closer to de-throning Burgemeester as the King of the Lake Loop! 
Burgemeester07/07/10Part 2 - SS. A good warm down spin with Boerseun! Thanks man! 
Boerseun07/07/10Lap 2 of 3 : SS - Ditto 
SAmtn07/06/103 of 3. 
ZipsBiker07/06/10Lap 1 
ZipsBiker07/06/10Lap 2 
ZipsBiker07/06/10Lap 3 
steeleboat07/03/10Had to get 10 more points with Slopush, Ginger and Coolsteele. 
slopush07/03/10Steelboat and I both had animals that needed to get out of the house: My dawg and his son. It was a nice way to cool down from our earlier ride. 
slopush06/30/10Cool down lap with Quickflip. Ran into my neighbor Joe and barely missed running into to couple of ripped lady joggers. Twice : ) 
Quikflip2706/30/10A not-so recovery ride with Mr. Slopush...great views today :) 
steeleboat06/28/10Burgemeester stayed on the trail this time. 
slopush06/28/10Everyone kept to the peckng order this time. Makes for a rather boring ride. 
Burgemeester06/28/10Part 2 - SS. I was worked after these two rides - but in a good way! Thanks lads! 
Burgemeester06/27/10Part 2 - SS. A good way to end a perfect morning of riding! Thanks Steeleboater. 
Burgemeester06/22/10Part 2 - SS. a good warm down - thanks lads, that was a good morning's ride! 
Burgemeester06/21/10Part 1 - SS. Solo spin. An easy way to start the week off. 
mtnbikej06/19/10Extra credit.......lots of gnatts on this loop. 
Burgemeester06/17/10Part 1 - SS. first ride on my converted singlespeed - didn't make it up the hill behind the lake - it's a whole new way of riding, and one I'm looking forward to mastering, like that OC_Laske character and all you SS geeks! 
Burgemeester06/16/10Part 3 - last spin with Boerseun yesterday! Thanks man! 
Burgemeester06/15/10Part 1 - met up with Boerseun for a quick spin. 
Burgemeester06/15/10Part 2 - Another loop with Boerseun. One more to come tomorrow. 
Boerseun06/15/10Lap 2 of 3 : 
Boerseun06/15/10Lap 3 of 3 : Did BR on the way back...Burgemeester just waited and watched, hoping that I would fall over! 
cilantro1306/13/10Took my 6-year-old little girl on her first trail ride. A little traumatic on the single track down the dam -- she thought her feet were better brakes than her actual brakes (I might too if all I had was a coaster break). 
slopush06/11/10Da loop was calling us at the end of our ride and we couldn't say no! 
Boerseun06/11/10Lap 2 of 4 : 
Boerseun06/11/10Lap 3 of 4 : 
Boerseun06/11/10Lap 4 of 4 : 
Boerseun06/11/10Lap 2 of 2 : 
Sparrrrky06/09/10Warm up lap 
Burgemeester06/07/10Part 2 - always time for a quickie! 
slopush06/07/10It wouldn't be a Monday without a lake loop, now would it? 
Burgemeester06/04/10Part 2 - after a crazy start to the morning, steeleboat's chain decided to quit on him. All part of a good morning's ride, especially with some much needed grip from the new tire! I see good times ahead! 
Boerseun06/04/10Lap 2 of 4 : 
Boerseun06/04/10Lap 3 of 4 : 
Boerseun06/04/10Lap 4 of 4 : 
slopush06/03/10Not everybody had to run off to work early so we added this to our first ride. 
Boerseun05/28/10Lap 2 of 4 : 
Boerseun05/28/10Lap 3 of 4 : 
Boerseun05/28/10Lap 4 of 4: 
slopush05/26/10Loop w/ Steelboat. Thanks buddy. 
ko kidd05/19/10another quick lab on new bike trying to get everything just right 
Boerseun05/18/10Lap 2 of 2 : Well @ 6:30ish it started to drizzle...just enough time for the three amogos to finish their ride and not get too wet! 
Burgemeester05/18/10Part 3 from last weeks 3 X Lake loop blitz, for twitch and crew. 
SAmtn05/18/10Part 2 of 2 with Boerseun and Burgemeester. The main manne what counts. 
Burgemeester05/18/10Part 1 - met up with Boerseun and SAMtn for a quick spin this morning. Thanks lads - good fun as always! 
slopush05/17/10I did this Friday, just now logging it. 
Fast Turtle05/15/10Lap 3 from yesterday. 
steeleboat05/15/10One more for Twitch 
nstilwell05/15/101 of 2 
nstilwell05/15/102 of 2 
Slow Ride05/14/10Lake loop of excitement.. loop 1 of 2 
Slow Ride05/14/10Loop 2 of 2 
Fast Turtle05/14/10Lap 1 
Fast Turtle05/14/10Lap 2 
steeleboat05/14/10What a group, too bad Twitch couldn't be there. 
steeleboat05/14/10Another lap in honor of Twitch. 
slopush05/14/10Morning spin with a whole bunch of dudes, first of three loops. Looked for Twitch but couldn't find him. I know he's out there somewhere.... 
slopush05/14/10Second lap. Twitch? Are you looking for us? 
SAmtn05/14/10First of 3 scheduled rides today. Big group today and a good breakfast after. 
SAmtn05/14/10Another of the same. 
Burgemeester05/14/10Part 1 - was hoping to take it easy this morning, but Stilwell set the pace and the lads all followed suite - twitch would've been proud!?! 
Burgemeester05/14/10Part 2 - more of the same. 3 loops can make one dizzy eventually. Part 3 coming tomorrow. Thanks lads - that was way too much fun for a Friday AM. 
Boerseun05/14/10Lap 2 of 3 : Wonder why Twitch never signed up for the scheduled loops... 
Boerseun05/14/10Lap 3 of 3 : Breakfast with the crew...incl the ride to the c/shop & back home from the dl. Thanks guys, what a fun way to start of a busy Friday! 
99fsrSport05/14/10rode with my 11 year old boy. lots of breathers. 
slopush05/12/10Quick loop with Nstilwell and Steelboat. 
Boerseun05/12/10Lap 2 of 3 : 
Boerseun05/12/10Lap 3 of 3 : 
Boerseun05/05/10Lap 2 of 2 : Could not do this loop without thinking of my good friend Twitch! 
SAmtn05/05/102 of 2. 
RollnStone05/03/10F. Just needed to stretch the legs. 
slopush04/24/10I did this a couple of days ago with my mom and the dawg. Had a good time running Ginger up and down the hills. 
Burgemeester04/19/10Part 2 - you know we couldn't resist this one - bonus points! 
RollnStone04/17/10Many hikers today. Good to see some water in the lake. It was getting pretty low before all this rain. 
slopush04/16/10It's such a pretty way to finish off a ride. Full lake and flowers in full bloom. Sweet! 
mtnbikej04/08/10OK ride . Ankle was kinda bothering me. Must be the rehab. It is hard to take it easy on these rides. 
THanson03/27/10Lap 2 - nice way to start the week 
ducatirider203/22/10Lap 2 
ducatirider203/22/10Lap 1 
Burgemeester03/22/10Part 1 - training ride for VQ - 2011 along w/ Steeleboat, THanson and Shine. Go team!?! 
Burgemeester03/22/10Part 2 - training ride for Santiago Oaks...maybe? Thanks lads! 
JD15803/17/10Quick lap with Dario around the lake before the Wednesday ride 
Burgemeester02/15/10Part 2 - bonus points - park was busy as ever. 
JCampbell02/03/10Stopped by on the way back home to see the wife jogging. Met two coyotes over on the west side of the lake looking for rabbits. Sat on the bench above the lake for a good half hour watching the animals. 
nedmonds01/17/10Lots of hikers, kid had a nice time on the trail a-bike. 
SAmtn01/16/104 of 4. Trying to avoid the walkers. 
SAmtn01/15/102 of 2. Saw Joe, Brian, and Randy this morning. 
SAmtn01/10/102 of 2. This one is for Twitch. 
slopush01/08/10First ride of the year, it's good to be back on the bike. Rode with THanson, Shine and Steelboat. Looking forward to 2010! 
steeleboat01/08/10We call thie the tweaking Twitch ride - max points min effort 
Shine01/08/10This one's for you JH 
THanson01/06/10Thanks Brandon and Ken for selecting an easy ride for my first day after 2 weeks of being sick. 
THanson01/06/10Lap 2 - then done 
Boerseun01/05/10Lap 3 of 5 : 
Boerseun01/05/10Lap 4 of 5 : 
Boerseun01/05/10Lap 2 of 5 : 
Burgemeester01/04/10Part 1 - A lazy morning spin with Steeleboat and Thanson. 
Burgemeester01/04/10Part 2 - and another lazy spin with Steeleboat and Thanson. Thanks Lads! 
SAmtn12/28/093 of 3. and a lake loop. 
Burgemeester12/24/09Part 1 - solo, early morning ride. No one out 'cept the exercisers doing their thing at the top of the first "climb". 
SAmtn12/23/092 of 2. 
SAmtn12/19/092 of 2. Beautiful night out. 
HarryPasta12/09/09Short, but sweet 
SAmtn11/25/092 of 3. 
SAmtn11/25/093 of 3. 
mountain coyote11/22/09Monday loop prior to breakfast 
slopush11/22/09Just had to do it. 
Burgemeester11/22/09Part 2 - we needed a bell - Slopush also needed a tune up on his bike - for the 100th time! 
Shine11/21/09spinning training ride 
Boerseun11/20/09Lap 3 of 4 : Getting a little loopy~ 
Boerseun11/20/09Lap 4 of 4 : Last l/loop en back home down PC main road the DL 
slopush11/19/091st of two laps. Too many riders to list 'em all! 
slopush11/19/092nd lap- Then it was time for bagels : ) 
Boerseun11/17/09Lap 2 of 4 : 2nd l/loop. 
Boerseun11/17/09Lap 3 of 4 : 3rd l/loop and ridgeline return. 
Shine11/16/098 person group 'recovery' ride this morning as most everyone did heavy mileage over the weekend 
Burgemeester11/16/09Part 1 - Mellow, early morning ride with 7 others - glad I got talked into this ride - good idea Mr. Stilwell! 
Burgemeester11/16/09Part 2 - I'm tryng to ride w/ no water and was glad we decided breakfast was the call for the day! Thanks Lads! 
SAmtn11/16/092 of 2. Nice to see all the guys out there this morning. 
Boerseun11/03/09Lap 2 of 3 : SAMtn and Happy's "relationship" took a step back today;-) 
Boerseun11/03/09Lap 3 of 3: SAMtn took another stab and getting "Happy"...well let's say happy! 
SAmtn11/03/092 of 3. Not even a grunt from "Happy" this morning. I'm losing my touch. 
SAmtn11/03/093 of 3. For the points! 
SAmtn11/02/092 of 3. 
SAmtn11/02/093 of 3. 
slopush11/02/09Jay and I got a standing ovation at the top of the hill from a group of woman hikers. Now that'll get the blood flowing! 
slopush11/02/09All of us but THanson hung around for this exciting ride. 
Burgemeester11/02/09Part 2 - had a few minutes to spare - breaks were squeeling more that ever - sorry lads ;-) 
GTCruiser11/01/09+ Dual Loop 
SuperDutyDave11/01/09Caution: Lots of hikers and runners. We had a problem with a group of runners. Even though we yeilded to them on a multiuse trail, they were mouthing off as they ran by. Would not go again 
Boerseun10/31/09Lap 3 of 4 : 2nd Lake loop and return via ridge line 
Slow Ride10/29/09Cool down. 
slopush10/26/09Quicky loop w/ NStilwell and Steeleboat. Thanks guys. What's with all of the mud, aka no water? 
SAmtn10/23/092 of 3. First additional lake loop. 
Burgemeester10/23/09Part 2 - good warm down spin - saw no one on the trail. Strange for a Friday morning! Thanks NStilwell again! 
Boerseun10/23/09Lap 2 of 3 : Nothing like another loop in the dark... 
Boerseun10/23/09Lap 3 of 3 : What better than the previous lake loop...another one...brilliant thinking to loop again SAMtn! 
SAmtn10/23/093 of 3. Another loop. 
Shine10/23/09wed's bday ride #2 w/gropu 
Boerseun10/23/09Lap 2 of 2 : 2nd lake loop and the stretch home. 
Boerseun10/22/09Lap 2 of 4 : 
Boerseun10/22/09Lap 3 of 4 : 
Boerseun10/21/09Nstilwell's 30th birthday ride and then breakfast...Happy Birthday OLD MAN! 
Shine10/21/09Happy bday ride for nstilwell 
Burgemeester10/21/09Part 1 - mellow spin with the crew for NStilwells Bday cruise. Welcome to the good ole days... 
Burgemeester10/21/09Part 2 - picked up the pace nicely for a second loop with NStilwell, Slopush and OC_Laske...good times! 
slopush10/21/09In honor of NStilwell's birthday we did a couple of quick loops and then finished off the morning w/ some breakfast bagels. Now THAT's the way to do it! Happy B.Day Nicky boyeeee. 
slopush10/21/09All of us but Boerseun went for the second loop. Why doesn't the guy just pack a little toilet paper? 
Slow Ride10/21/09Felt like riding more... lake loop #1 
Slow Ride10/21/09Loop #2... in the dark. 
boermeisie10/20/09My first ride...rode with my husband Boerseun...beat his first lap time by a mile! 
Boerseun10/20/09Boermeisie's first mountain bike ride...she did great...beat my first lap time around the lake....and only 2 stops...yeez, nothing like that to hurt an ego! 
Boerseun10/19/09Added extra for my Tour of Duty this morning! 
Boerseun10/13/09Lap 3 of 4: 
Boerseun10/13/09Lap 4 of 4: 
slopush10/02/09Boerseun and I must have insomnia. Did the entire ride without lights cause the moon is waaay cooler. 
slopush10/02/09One more lap with Boerseun, a little quicker this time. Again w/o lights. Thanks B man! 
Boerseun10/02/09Ride 2 of 3 : Cool down lap after Blackstar...Brilliant idea Slopush! Forgot to start the Garmin on this lap. 
Boerseun10/02/09Ride 3 of 3 : What is better than one lake loop...yip, a 2nd one. Thanks Slopush. 
Boerseun09/29/09Lap 2 of 3 : Solo...chatted with Raul & Jamie (two rangers) about the low water level...sounds like Irvine Water stopped pumping water into the lake for now... 
Shine09/28/09Early am ride w/slopush, thanson, oclaske...ironically ran into more people out on the trails in spite of it still being dark...thought we were the only ones silly enough to keep on our 5:45 schedules thru the dark morning months 
Shine09/28/09lap 2...then off to coffee 
slopush09/28/09Oh man, what a ride! Didn't think I'd make it there for a while, going up and then down that hill. If it hadn't been for THanson, Shine and OClaske I don't know where I'd be right now. : ~) 
slopush09/28/09Option A: Do a dual loop then race home for breakfast. Option B: Do another lake loop and enjoy a leisurly break at the coffee with my buddies. When in doubt, always choose "B". 
slopush09/26/09A solo quickie after doing the Bs. Not too many people out- Too hot. 
Burgemeester09/25/09Part 2 - there were a few of us that had some time in the bank, so we took a cool warm down loop! Thanks lads! 
slopush09/25/09A little loop-d-loop w/ Steelboat, Nstilwell and Burgemeester. 
Burgemeester09/23/09Part 2 - warm down spin with Steeleboat - felt great after the morning spin! 
Burgemeester09/21/09Part 1 - met up with OC_Laske and NStilwell for a mellow, dark morning spin - lights were in full use, looks like it's going to be that way for some time now! 
oc_laske09/21/09I can't believe how many people are out there in the dark! 
Keith B09/20/09My first ride on my own bike in 3 rides - felt weird. Leisurely cruise around with a stop on the bench. Hot out there today. 
slopush09/18/09OClaske and I just love watching the water level drop. What's up with that anyway? 
Byron B09/18/09had enough light from the sunset to squeeze in a lake loop and also extra credit big red.. 
Byron B09/17/09pre-ride before meeting Trent, did it backwards for extra bumps... 
Boerseun09/15/09Lap 2 of 2 : Just a little more fun...dankie Brakkenjan! 
Burgemeester09/15/09Part 2 - did this in reverse with Boerseun - now it's time for a bit of travel up north - just as the going was getting good :-( Thanks Boerseun! 
slopush09/14/09OC Laske and JCarr joined the other wackos out exercising waaaay too early in the morning. 
slopush09/11/09A quickie around the lake, which is quickly becoming nothing more than a mud pit. I hope it's being drained on purpose 'cause it's sad to see the water level so low! 
Burgemeester09/11/09Part 2 - warm down spin with Slopush, OC_Laske, Thanson, NStilwell and SAMtn...less people here than in Satiago - wierd! 
Burgemeester09/10/09Part 2 - solo spin - bumped into SAMtn on the way out. 
mtnbikej09/06/09Did an extra lap around the pond....not much water in it to call it a lake. 
SCJim09/05/09nice mellow ride with the wife 
Burgemeester09/04/09Part 2 - mellow ending to this morning's ride with the crew. Thanks lads! 
slopush09/03/09Did it reverse, only because Shine thought it was the thing to do. steeleboat, OClaske and I disagree. 
summitdude09/01/09Rode a new Trek 9.9 carbon Thanks to the demo show today at Peters Canyon, didnt even breath hard to make it up Big Red, Ok Im full of it, but it is a kick ass bike, Thanks Trek and Gary Fisher, they will be there on Wedesday as well 
Burgemeester09/01/09Part 2 - part of monday's ride - mellow as always! 
Shine08/31/09rode to dam and back trying to chase the group...but there was no group to be caught 
slopush08/29/09Did it in reverse w/ Steelboat, who seems to know everyone we run into, NStilwell and Oclaske. Pretty crowded out there today. 
slopush08/22/09Did this ride Wednesday w/ the boyz after our Dual Loop. 
Burgemeester08/18/09Part 2 - warm down loop w/ NStilwell. Thanks for the company! 
Stewmander08/13/09Fun ride with a big hill! The "downhill side" of the big hill was roped off and "closed for construction" I wish I could upload my round as a gpx file since I do not have a garmin. I've only been able to "create a new route" with my gpx file 
RaulC08/03/09Nice warm up ride with Jim S. 
mburkin07/29/09ride w/ steeleboat, burgemeester, & oclaske 
Burgemeester07/29/09Part 2 - warm down loop. Ready for some African ride time! Thanks Lads! 
slopush07/20/09Mburkin and I hittin' the loop together.... 
mburkin07/20/09cool down loop was actually harder than the main ride 
ZipsBiker07/18/09Hot out 
slopush07/18/09Coolin' it down w/ Sidney and Nstilwell. TONS of people out this morning, the most I've ever seen. 
Boerseun07/18/09A cool down lap with Slopush & MBurkin 
Burgemeester07/17/09Part 2 - thank goodness we met up with Steeleboat, Shine, OC_Laske and NStilwell. The Lake Loop was a great way to warm down! 
slopush07/14/09cool down loop after doing the ironman w/ Nicknoc. Accidently climbed the hill to the top of the dam in my big ring- meant to do it in the middle one. I don't think I'll do that again! 
RaulC07/12/09"cool down" loop 
slopush07/10/09Cool down loop w/ Boerseun and Mburkin. Thanks for hanging till the end! 
mburkin07/10/09cool down lap 
Slow Ride07/09/09Solo ride... 
Shine07/06/09Nice welcome back ride for Thanson, and welcome back wipering for steeleboat... 
slopush07/06/09All but Nstilwell joined us on this one. Left the Garmin running while we ate breakfast. 
NO GO07/06/09warm down lap 
slopush07/01/09Let's see...Brian F., Shine, OClaske, Nick and I made it a fivesome after doing the longer loop with the bigger crowd. Lot's of walkers already out. 
mburkin06/22/09morning ride w/ oclaske and nstilwell 
nickNOC06/19/09did this ride after the oaks ride for fun 
slopush06/16/09Missed the gang's iron man loog, so it's solo rides for me today : ( 
slopush06/15/09All but Olivier joined us on this loop after our fun in Irvine Pk. 
slopush06/08/09Did it reverse, looking for commrades. Shine peeled off to home but the rest of us carried on. 
Burgemeester06/08/09Part 2 - got through the Bzz quickly and had a few minutes to cool down. Good reverse with the lads! Thanks. 
slopush06/07/09Took the dog for a ride/run and ended up doing a lake loop. Needed to loosen up the legs after yesterday's Toad ride. 
Burgemeester06/07/09Nice to get the legs turning again - thanks Boerseun and son for setting it up. 
Burgemeester06/05/09Part 2 - A good way to end off the morning pre toad festival. So many walkers out there today! Thanks Steeleboat & RaulC. 
NO GO06/05/09Solo today last lap 
slopush05/29/09mud-wet ride with steelboat & nstillwell 
rsc60105/27/09forgot my helmet so i rode this instead. backtracked a bunch. 
slopush05/21/09Coolin' it down... 
rsalgado05/21/09Second ride with Levi on the Tag-a-long, my wife and Lukas also. Did the lake plus half the other loop. nice breeze, 
ZipsBiker05/21/09Quick morning warm up 
singlespeedrider05/16/09New front tire not seated on the rim. Was going to go further but went back to the car to fix. 
Keith B05/14/09Cool down ride of the lake loop. Had a nice sit on the bench at the top soaking in the view. 
steeleboat05/13/09Reverse with slopush, nstilwell and mburkin. 
slopush05/13/09We did this in reverse too- it's the theme for today. 
mburkin05/13/09great to be out riding again, felt rusty though 
Shine05/13/09ride w/boys 
Shorty05/13/09Solo ride. No one was out early afternoon. Only saw two other riders, and two runners. Fun ride. Not even the snakes were out...good! 
Boerseun05/12/09Lap 3 of 3 : Last lap... 
Boerseun05/12/09Lap 2 of 3 : one quick extra spinnarooo around the lake 
NO GO05/12/09Solo today. Lap 2 of 2. 
rsalgado05/08/09after two laps solo, my wife met me and we did a short loop with some extra. 
Shine05/06/09i should get extra points for towing steeleboat back home w/2nd broken chain of the day... 
mountain coyote05/05/09rode with Nate and Lauren 
slopush05/01/09Quick loop w/ Nstilwell and Steelboat, who is so tough that he keeps breaking his chain. What a stud! 
mountain coyote04/28/09Evening ride with Nathan. 
Shine04/21/092nd recovery ride...so far all systems go! 
bikesurfski04/18/09Caught the bug from hell and haven't ridden in 3 weeks--but good to be back on the bike, even briefly. 
RaulC04/17/09group split up; a reverse lake loop w/OCLaske & Steeleboat 
oc_laske04/17/09it's all about the points!!!!! 
spicolli197604/13/09Added this for extra credit. 
slopush04/10/09It's been a while since I've done this one- Steelboat and Nstilwell made me do it! 
vt1ryan03/30/092 loop with the group 
vikingboy1803/30/09Rode this after riding the dual loop. Great weather and quite a few hikers and other bikes out this afternoon. 
SKINNY03/29/09good ride with twitch, vt1ryan, thekrings, arno, and triguytim.. route 2 of 3 for the day.. 
SKINNY03/29/09good ride with twitch, vt1ryan, thekrings, arno, and triguytim.. route 2 of 3.. 
Twitch03/29/09Fun ride with vt1ryan, Skinny, thekrings, arno, and triguytim.. route 2 of 3 for the day. 
NO GO03/25/09Warm down with Slowride 
slopush03/24/09Solo ride- I hate that! 
slopush03/24/092nd solo loop. Tons of bunnies. 
Burgemeester03/24/09Part 1 - waited for Slopush, but ended up hitting this little loop solo. 
Burgemeester03/24/09Part 2 - solo again - missed Slopush somewhere along the line...next time! 
mountain coyote03/22/09Quick ride w/ Nathan 
Shorty03/19/09Fun fast ride with Red Ryder, lots to do today 
Red Ryder03/19/09Quick ride with Shorty made for a nice mid-morning break 
Burgemeester03/16/09Part 2 - slow, "smell the roses" kinda ride with Steeleboat, OC_Laske and Mountain Coyote. Bumped into SAMtn along the way. Thanks lads! 
slopush03/11/09Quick loop just before sunrise. Quick because I was chasing OClaske the whole way w/ burning legs. I thought he would slow up since he wasn't riding his SS full rigid but NO! Steelboat and Burgemeester still managed to get to the top of the hill first- How did THAT happen?? 
Burgemeester03/11/09Part 2 - Steeleboat and I cruised past OC_Laske and Slopush at such a fast pace, they didn't even see us - that's how we got to the top first...in my books at least. Thanks lads, good times in SoCal... 
Burgemeester03/06/09Part 2 - chilled warm down ride with Steeleboat and OC_Laske. Good times in SoCal as always! 
slopush02/27/09Looks like this is my 100th time around the lake. No wonder I'm dizzy! 
Burgemeester02/27/09Part 2 - Shine decided to race and the kid just didn't let up - I was breathing way too heavey at the end, as per Steeleboat - Pain is weakness leaving the body - thanks all! 
slopush02/25/09Can't seem to get outta the park without taking one last spin around the lake. My Garmin kept turnng off this morning but was fully charged. Anyone have a fix for that? Nstilwell, OClaske and Shine kept me company. Thanks boyz. 
Shine02/25/09..yet was still forced to ride more by wolverween... 
slopush02/04/09I had to twist Boerseun's arm to get him to join me for one more spin tonight, but it was worth it. Thanks buddy! 
Boerseun02/04/09Lap 2 of 2: Got bullied into this ride by Slopush!! 
mountain coyote02/01/09Rode with my daughter Lauren. She's ready for the Peters Canyon dual loop. 
slopush02/01/09A little loop in the sun w/ my girls. Life is good. 
SAmtn01/28/09Extra points. 
Boerseun01/28/09Lap 2 of 2 
BigT01/27/09After work ride. 
Burgemeester01/21/09Part 2 - just a quickie to warm down and start the day the right way - thanks OC_Laske! Perfect timing! 
Boerseun01/14/09Lap 2 of 2 : 
Shine01/14/09...and if the Luge wasnt enough, we did the lake loop w/o lights at midnight, best way to end a great bday! Thanks guys... 
slopush01/14/09There's only one right way to work off chili fries in the middle of the night. And we were eco-friendly, since no lights were used! 
Burgemeester01/14/09Part 2 - This made TOTAL sense after a few beers - nothing like a midnight run with no lights - kudos lads! 
BigT01/12/09Got out too late, got dark on me... hit a post with my right hand... 6 riders said I was going the wrong way. Bit my tounge 
BigT01/12/09Thought I'd try a less "slapstick" run this time... during the day... COUNTERclockwise... good stuff. 
martink11101/07/09Morning ride (very slow due to weak lights) 16.3 mph max 
Boerseun01/06/09Lap 3 of 3 : 
Boerseun01/06/09Lap 2 of 3 : 
slopush12/31/08Last loop of the year with Steelboat and Burgemeester. Thanks boyz. 
Burgemeester12/31/08Part 2 - just needed to squeeze this one into the mix to make the year seem more complete! Good times with the usual suspects! 
Burgemeester12/29/08Part 2 - cool down ride with the OC_Laske mountain billy - thanks! 
Byron B12/15/08mid afternoon ride yesterday with pops and my little guy.. first mtn bike ride for little man and he loves it.. did a total of 5 miles with some hike a bike, awesome day... 
Burgemeester12/11/08Part 2 - yesterday's second ride. 
slopush12/10/08It's a refer in the bottom there, which explains why no one else was out riding this morning. All was well until I flatted right at the end of the ride. And I look up and Steelboat and OClaske are nowhere to be seen. With friends like that....? At least Burgemeester hung back, if only to laugh. You guys are the best! 
rsalgado12/10/08Was going to do dual loop 2nd time but Levi was tired and needed a Nap. Not goo having a 4 yr old napping on the Tag-a-long. We just did the lake loop. 
TyMo12/10/08Last loop with Ryan at night. Can't believe how great Ryan did for his first time mountain biking! 
Boerseun12/08/08Part 2 of 2: Cool down & extra credit...oc_laske & Slopush joined in. 
Boerseun12/06/08Part 2 of 2 : Added the lap for good luck...well it did not work...I flated out later in the ride! 
Burgemeester12/03/08Part 2 - modified this one and hit the uphill instead of going round the lake section - but I figured I did enough extra credit on a few 100 other spins. Thanks Boerseun and Steeleboat! 
Shine12/01/082nd lap w.gang 
Burgemeester11/24/08Part 2 - nice to add this to the mix for a change - thanks Steeleboat! 
Burgemeester11/20/08Part 2 - warm down ride - easy pace. 
slopush11/17/08The morning wouldn't be complete without a lake loop! 
Shine11/17/08warm down lap...for some of them 
slopush11/12/08Quick loop w/ OClaske 
oc_laske11/12/08extra credit 
Burgemeester11/07/08Part 1 - was going to do more than this, but we turned in to hit Irvine Park - mellow spin! Thanks lads... 
slopush11/01/08Morning loop w/ Steelboat and my dawg 
slopush10/31/08The morning wouldn't be complete without a lake loop! 
Burgemeester10/31/08Part II - felt a tad better going round this one...thanks lads! 
slopush10/27/08Quick cool down w/ da boyz. 
slopush10/27/08Solo run to run the dawg. She did great today! 
steeleboat10/24/08Saw THanson running. We wondered why he was running until we saw the women chasing him..... 
slopush10/20/08Just a solo "jog the dog" ride. I'd meant to ride with my buddies earlier but overslept : ( 
slopush10/18/08Morning ride with "the dawg". She's such a pretty thing, everyone wants to check her out it seems. A real chick magnet if I were single. This was my first ride in two weeks and it felt like it. I finally caught up with Steelboat on the number of lake loops - 85 of them. No wonder I'm dizzy........ 
Burgemeester10/17/08Part 2 - good ride with OC_Laske to head into a good w/e! Thanks! 
jeffcaruba10/17/08Under estimated the amount of sun I would have so only did the loop from the back entrance of the park...saw a coyote out there 
xcShane10/17/08Ran out of light so I had to settle for the Lake Loop. 
Shine10/15/082nd time this month I was a soloist! It's staying darker..later... 
Shine10/15/08Took the dog out for 2nd loop, ran into thanson running, and steeleboat riding 
spicolli197610/09/08Added this to the chutes this morning. 
Byron B10/06/08good ride with the plumbmoto, summitdude, and a couple other friends. 
plumb.moto10/04/08good ride first time there.. big red is no fun!! 
Burgemeester10/02/08Part 2 - had PLENTY of time to add this one in, and figured that since it's my 100th post - why not! 
Boerseun09/30/08Met up with Burgemeester for a reverse dual loop but ended-up doing the bottom loop in reverse and cut out. Saw SAMTN & Duane at the bottom entrance to Peters. 
socaltim09/27/08First time mountain biking and thought this would be an easy route. Man it kicked my butt! 
martink11109/18/08Morning ride- third lap on Peters (short) 32.4 mph max 
Boerseun09/16/08Started out with the intent to do a dual loop with LaFinFan & Burgemeester, but ended it early due to my wrist hurting from Sunday's OTB...I guess it is time to go to the Dr. 
slopush09/13/08solo ride w/ the dawg.... 
slopush09/08/08Quick cool down lap w/ steelboat, Burgemeester and OClaske. 
oc_laske09/08/08Extra credit. 
Burgemeester09/08/08Part 2 - good warm down ride with the lads - I was struggling at the end for some feeble reason! Thanks Lads! 
slopush09/07/08Solo loop this morning with da dawg. Saw Steelboat running along, sweating up a storm. He looks kind've scary without a helmet :-0 
oc_laske09/05/08Extra credit lake loop with Boerseun. 
Red Ryder08/31/08Warm mid-day ride with Shorty. Not too many people out. 
Shorty08/31/08Very hot to be out. Rode with fun Red Ryder. 
jeffcaruba08/17/08No time...just a quick ride to get the heart movin.. 
Burgemeester08/16/08Part 2 - extra points for a sweet warm down ride. 
Burgemeester08/15/08Just this loop this morning - my bike was almost ceasing up, so I took it back home for some much needed TLC - good to go for the w/e!! 
mtnbikej08/09/08Did this as part of my super loop including Whiting and Santiago Canyon. 
mburkin08/06/08Nice cool-off with Laske. Need to remember to not charge the climb. 
Mike.the.Spike08/05/08Since I didn't make it up a smaller hill in the beginning because I was in the wrong gear, I went back to kick its ass in a lower gear! Mission accomplished only because I had my 3 Stooges Curly t-shirt on which gave me super human strength. 
slopush08/01/08No one showed to ride this morning so I decided to stay local and spin in circles. Lap #1 
slopush08/01/08Lap #2 
slopush08/01/08Lap #3. Ran into some clients of mine who were hiking so I tagged along with them for a bit. 
slopush07/30/08Just a quick loop with da boyz. 
Boerseun07/30/08Part 2 of 2 : Slopush's version of the Ironman...a cool down loop! Burgemeester & Steeleboat led the charge. 
Burgemeester07/30/08Part 2 - a mellow grind to end off a good days work - now back to reality! Thanks lads! 
xcShane07/29/08A little extra from yesterday - backwards 
Burgemeester07/24/08Part 1 - nice warm up ride for a change - solo. 
Burgemeester07/24/08Part 2 - nice warm down ride for a change ;-) solo. 
slopush07/23/08Sunset solo loop- Well, with my dog, so I guess it wasn't solo. I hope I can train her to some day pull me up Big Red! 
mburkin07/21/08easy ride- nice cool down after Santiago 
Burgemeester07/21/08Part 2 - Steeleboat twisted my arm to get a few extra points - it was wierd to have a "maintenance free" ride with the kiddo! Thanks! 
Mike.the.Spike07/20/08Saturday casual Lap 1 of 2 
Mike.the.Spike07/20/08Saturday casual Lap 2 of 2 
slopush07/14/08mellow loop w/ my dawg. 
slopush07/07/08I hadn't planned on doing a second ride this morning but my dog needed to get out and run and before I knew what was happening we were doing the lake loop. Blame it on the dog.... 
slopush07/06/08Just a quick lap. Lots of people walking their dogs this morning. 
Burgemeester06/25/08Part 2 - splendid was to end off a hot mid afternoon's ride. It felt gooooood! 
Boerseun06/22/08Cool down ride with Burgemeester after a good Ironman. 
Burgemeester06/22/08Part 1 - a busy kind've ride to end off a good days work in the mountains! Thanks Boerseun for the spur of the mo idea to ride! 
slopush06/18/08Quick loop w/ da boyz. 
slopush06/15/08This was more about giving my dog a workout than me working up a sweat but it's all good. Took her down to the creek and back. Solo ride, except for my girl Ginger. 
Lutkus197306/05/081st time on this route. did with my bro and had a great time. 
billstoudt06/05/08last minute loop before sundown. 
cdemeis06/05/08Ride 2 of 2 
slopush06/02/08Just a quickie with da boyz... 
Burgemeester06/02/08Part 2 - Good warm down with OC_Laske, Slopush, Steeleboat and THanson - I was suprised to see Steeleboat still riding his horse by the end! Worlds best trail mechanic! 
vt1ryan05/30/08cool down loop 
NO GO05/29/082nd loop with Vt1ryan and Fatposum. 
NO GO05/24/08Lap Tres 
Burgemeester05/23/08Part 2 - Man...it's been a while since I did this baby...thanks for hanging w/ me OC_Laske! That was fun! err...back to work!! 
Shine05/14/08oclaske and i stopped to trap a poisonous butterfly in a spiders web only to have a coupel other fellaz release it 
slopush05/14/08No unexpected excitement today, which was a good thing. OClaske and Shine were waaaay too fast today. Must have something to do with being youthful? 
billstoudt05/13/08first nighttime ride ( unintentionally )rushed over from aliso. and made it just after sunset. 
NO GO05/13/082nd loop w/ the wifey. 
slopush05/12/08The morning routine wouldn't be complete without a quick lake loop. 
T3XonaRFX05/12/08First time. 
Hermit05/08/08Quick loop with Andrew and Ryan. 
slopush05/07/08It's not a true morning ride without doing a lake loop to wind down. And maybe to get a little more mud on us : ) 
THanson05/07/08Chased Banhidy the whole way 
RaulC05/07/08"cool down" lap after the 3B's 
NO GO05/04/082nd & final lap. 
mark189005/01/08time for one more.1 roadrunner with a lizard in its mouth,cool... 
FREEKENGO04/29/08after work ride 
Shine04/28/08i do not like oclaske 
northshore04/18/08After work Lap 1 
FalseSummit04/12/08Broken chain cut ride short. Good Samaritan gave me a Shimano master pin to put into my Sram link but it was good enough to get me back to the parking lot. 
NO GO04/11/08El Solo loopo with out el groupo. 
RaulC04/07/08nice warm up before the group ride 
Keith B04/06/08Late afternoon ride - lots and lots of hikers. Epic seemed to fly round here altho I found its achilles heal with the front end popping in the air due to the 120mm fork. 
Shine04/04/08not really used to RACING this right off the bat sans any warm up...but raulc said something about my mother and took off, so i had to pursue 
oc_laske04/04/08early morning lake loop 
Burgemeester04/04/08Part 1 - did this in reverse w/ Steeleboat, Shine, RaulC and OC_Laske - good warm up for a change! 
NO GO04/02/08Warm down. James had to leave early. Vt cheated. :-) 
Shine03/31/08always fun to race this one... 
slopush03/31/08Just rolling along w/ some boyz: Shine, THanson, Steelboat, OClaske and Burgemeester. At least some of us rode the whole thing!!! 
Burgemeester03/31/08Part 2 - steeleboat and I managed to do some trail shortening and suprised the lads with our stealthiness! We deserved the break! Thanks to the usual suspects! 
Shine03/28/08ouch x 2 
slopush03/28/08Didn't have time to do more. Also, it's no fun riding when you can't put any torque on the pedals w/o the chain coming off. Gotta get the bike tuned up! Ok, it was still fun, but only cause Steelboat, RaulC and Shine made it that way- Thanks Boyz! 
RaulC03/28/08leg #1 with the gang 
RaulC03/28/08leg #2 with the gang 
Shine03/27/08Ride w/the kids around lake and to top of Big Red. 
slopush03/26/08Just a quickie w/ da boyz. Nice to see Greg and Randy out there too. 
Burgemeester03/26/08Part 2 - trails were particularly busy this morning - summer is almost upon us! Thanks RaulC, Slopush and Steeleboat! 
RaulC03/26/08Part 2 of group ride. 
NO GO03/23/08Solo. Warm down. 
slopush03/21/08Steeboat and RaulC made me do it... 
Burgemeester03/19/08Part 2 - this was a much better grind around the lake - no pedestrians to dodge. Thanks Steeleboat, OC_Laske and Shannon. Good times indeed! 
Burgemeester03/18/08Part 2 - finished the ride off with another zippy lake loop. Thanks for getting me out there today Boerseun! Chilly, but fun! 
slopush03/17/08Shine led the way and the rest of us just tried to keep up. Damn him! 
Shine03/17/08It is true I led the way, but it is also true that slopush was on my @$$ the whole way, just blabbing away, talking about the meaning of life & such...while I was huffing & puffing to make sure Raulc didnt sucessfully pull out one of his famous "pass me in the last 100 yards of the ride" sniper attacks 
oc_laske03/17/08Tried to catch/pass Slopush and Shine at the end of the loop, but they foiled my attempt with some odd contraptions that allow them to change gears without tools, or even stopping! 
slopush03/16/08Solo run after doing the Bz twice. It's just too nice a day to go home...... 
Red Ryder03/15/08Quick ride with Shorty. Our last ride before Maui. 
singlespeedrider03/15/0831.7 Max MPH on the bomber downhill and cleared the uphill after for the second time. Took my brother on this after the IRLR ride on Freemont Canyon 
steele2j03/14/08Ride With the wife. Trying to get her into it. 
Burgemeester03/12/08Part 2 - warm down ride - slopush nearly caused major havoc down the backside of the lake loop - we're awake now! 
oc_laske03/12/08Extra credit loop around Peters. 
NO GO03/12/08Solo warm down loop. 
slopush03/12/08Cool down ride w/ the crew... 
slopush03/10/08Just a little lake loop with da boyz.... 
oc_laske03/10/08Extra credit lake loop. 
Burgemeester03/10/08Part 2 - bonus points for the lads! Always worth it! 
rvrjunkie03/10/08Nice early ride. Darn wind blew the Kona right off the rack. 
Burgemeester03/06/08Part 2 - been a while since I's able to add this to the regular ride - good as always to warm down this way! 
NO GO03/06/082nd solo loop. 
Shorty03/01/08After Red Ryder took off on the CC, it was still too dark for Black Star. So me and sis-in-law, Nann went to breakfast, but everything was still closed, so we went to Peter's Canyon for a short Lake Loop ride. We were the first ones at Peter's... we met the ranger opening the gate. Afterwards we headed out to Trabuco Creek. 
slopush02/29/08Fast loop after doing the Bs/Chutes with Shine and OClaske. Man, I think we worked harder on that little loop than we did going up the Bz! 
SunShine02/29/08My first ride with my superDuper studly husband ;-) 
JCampbell02/28/08Tried to fix the hub.. looked like an idiot in jeans out there but anyway, I think my hubs dust. 
NO GO02/28/082nd loop. No GPS 
singlespeedrider02/16/08Lots of hikers on peters today. Took it slow so not to take anyone out. First timeclearing the short little uphill after the fast down 
Sir Robin02/16/08Did "The 9" starting at the south entrance and riding the Canyon fireroad up and back before and after the loop. Saw 2 coyotes at the bottom of Scout Hill. 
slopush02/15/08Really windy lap w/ OClaske. Pretty much had the place to ourselves! 
oc_laske02/15/08extra credit lake loop with slopush. climbing the hills was nothing compared to the headwind we hit on the road just past the dam. 
Burgemeester02/13/08Part 2 - this was awesome, just two hikers out there. No breaks on Santiago/chutes gave me enough time to enjoy a good warm down ride to get that extra few miles in. Splendid way to start the day! 
NO GO02/10/082nd lap. Solo. 
cdemeis02/07/08Rode in reverse. 
Diesel01/30/08Did a extra lap around the lake 
slopush01/21/08Just had to do a little more.... 
NO GO01/16/08Morning ride. Cold. Lap 1 
rvrjunkie01/16/08Great time for my first ride. 
Red Ryder01/14/08Last Saturday's ride to a couple of more easy miles and points with Shorty. 
NO GO01/12/08Solo lap 2 
slopush01/12/08Cool down lap with Steelboat. Not too crowded for a sunny day. 
slopush01/11/08Mucky ride w/ OClaske. Oh well, a mucky ride is better than no ride at all! 
cdemeis01/10/082nd ride before sunset. 
RaulC01/04/082nd leg - legs definitely done. 
Burgemeester01/04/08Part 2 - thought I was lost for a minute or two! A good grind with Steeleboat, RaulC and Slopush - HT's rule!?! 
NO GO01/04/08Lap 2 of 3 Solo today 
NO GO01/04/08Lap 3 of 3 
RaulC01/02/082nd leg of group ride 
Burgemeester01/02/08Part 2 - started off with the group, but they left me in the dust - these kids mean business this year! Best I get into gear QUICKLY! 
Shine01/02/08Launched a surprise sneak race against my pals..only to be reeled in quickly in spite of my lengthy head start! 'Good Times' as the foreigners say. 
oc_laske01/02/08little extra credit after the oaks/chutes loop 
Burgemeester12/31/07Part 2 - just a good, frosty way to end off a great year of riding and grinding. Thanks Steeleboat! 
cdemeis12/30/07Ride 2 of 2 
RaulC12/26/07leg 2 with the gang 
slopush12/18/07Cool down lap w/ Shannon. Gotta get the riding in before the rain hits! 
cdemeis12/18/072 of 2 
cdemeis12/17/072 of 2 
Shorty12/16/07Beautiful afternoon ride with Red Ryder 
Red Ryder12/16/07It was great to get out this afternoon for a ride with Shorty. I'm trying to get over this bronchitis. This was about all I could do today. Its a pain to be sick with a new bike. 
xhuskr12/15/072nd part of the Shrek 40th bday ride. Total mileage for the day = 21.4 Not crowded at all today...at any of the parks. 
cdemeis12/11/07Ride 2 of 2 
oc_laske12/06/07extra credit lake loop 
SAmtn12/06/07Extra points 
cdemeis12/05/07Hanukkah ride 2 of 2. 
oc_laske12/03/07little extra credit loop with slopush 
Mike.the.Spike12/02/07just did a quick loop to see how the canyon looked after the rains. It actually was in very good shape considering the rain we just received. Nice day outside today. Went back and ran the trail with the dogs! 
cdemeis11/29/07Ride 2 of 2 
slopush11/26/07Quick loop since we were locked into the park anyways.... 
Shine11/26/07After catching a tow from Steeleboat, I managed to do some trail widening while trying to catch Toddy 
Red Ryder11/22/07Short Thanksgiving ride with Shorty before the feast. Lots of hikers out today 
Shorty11/22/07Fun Thanksgiving morning ride with Floater/Red Ryder. Floater/ Red Ryder pointed out a Roadrunner at the bottom of the trail, on the side of the dam. 
Mike.the.Spike11/21/07I had just finished the Peters Canyon Dual Loop and was having so much fun I thought I'd sneak in an extra Lake Loop before packing it in for the day. Rode the whole day alone and had a nice ride, just me and the iPod (okay I had my Mountain Lion Knife too) LOL. 
oc_laske11/19/07xtra credit 
slopush11/19/07Quick loop w/ RaulC and Shannon. 
RaulC11/19/072nd leg of a.m. rider with Shannon & Slopush 
cdemeis11/14/07Ride 2 of 2. 
Red Ryder11/12/07Short, fun ride with Shorty. The wind is picking up and it's the clearest we've seen the sky in a few weeks. 
Shorty11/12/07Fun ride with my mister cowboy, Red Ryder 
oc_laske11/12/07extra credit 
steeleboat11/09/07We had to get the extra points to keep up with RaulC and Shine 
Boerseun11/09/07Part 2 : We had 15min spare before we all had to split hitting our desks for an honest days' WORK...We figured that hitting THE LOOP would help us narrow the point gap between us and the "consultants". 
Burgemeester11/09/07Part 2 - it's all about the points people! Gotta keep climbing this ladder! 
slopush11/07/07Just a quick spin w/ Shannon- since we were riding anyways... 
cdemeis11/06/07Ride 2 of 2. 
RaulC11/03/07nice morning ride with my wife and daughter 
Two Tired11/02/07Second little loop of the day. 
cdemeis11/01/07Ride 2 of 2. 
Shorty10/31/07Had a fun, fun ride with Floater,and our son Matt. Matt made a comment that Mom made some things look really easy! Told him to just concentrate on Floaters lines and skills and he would excell! So happy he's getting into mtbking! 
Red Ryder10/31/07Great after work ride with Shorty and our son Matt. After the ride Matt said, "Hey, crab legs and Moosehead is on sale at Stater Bros." so, we are about to feast! 
slopush10/31/07Early ride to celebrate RaulC's 50th birthday. Man, is that guy old or what? Just as strong as ever too. Way to go man! 
NO GO10/31/07Lap 2 of 3 
NO GO10/31/07Lap 3 of 3 
Burgemeester10/30/07HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAULC - I can think of 50 reasons why this was such an epic ride! Many more KIDDO! 
vt1ryan10/30/07Quick loop before Twitch showed up 
vt1ryan10/30/07Quick loop after Dual Loop with Twitch 
Shorty10/30/07Wonderful quickie (ride) with Floater. 
Red Ryder10/30/07Fast ride with Shorty. We started as it got dark, and tried to beat the complete dark, but didn't. 
cdemeis10/29/07Ride 2 of 2 with Melissa. 
Red Ryder10/27/07Short quick ride with Shorty. 
Shorty10/27/07Fun smokey ride with Floater 
cdemeis10/10/07Almost a point a minute! 
Burgemeester10/08/07Part 2 - ended off the morning's business with a sweet spin! All bout them points! 
Red Ryder10/07/07Quick windy ride with Shorty 
Shorty10/07/07Windy ride, fun with Floater! 
Burgemeester10/03/07Part 2 - round the loop we go - dooby dooby dooo - no other meaning for it - thanks Steeleboat for the morning grind - before work ;-) 
Boerseun10/01/07Part 2 : Cool down loop with Slopush & Steeleboat 
spicolli197610/01/07Lap 2 
Boerseun09/21/07Part 2 : Raul & I ran into the other Todd...decided to do a quick Lake loop... 
RaulC09/18/07a cool down loop 
slopush09/17/07Fast solo loop- At least it felt fast. I was trying to see how quick I could do it, but when I hit the stop button on my Edge I realized that I hadn't reset after doing Chutes so I worked up a sweat for nothing. Oh well. 
mtnbikej09/15/07Extra credit ride. 
slopush09/14/07Quickie cool down loop w/ my man Steeelbutt, er, boat. 
slopush09/11/07Just didn't want the fun to end so we did da little loop after the reverse loop. I'm feeling a little loopie now. 
Burgemeester09/11/07Part 2 - quick spin with the lads - good push! 
RaulC09/11/07Cool down loop on a cool morning with a cool group of guys. What theme! Thanks Burgemeester, Slopush, Boerseun, Steeleboat 
JustBikeIt09/10/07Fun quick ride 
Shorty09/09/07Beautiful ride around the lake with Floater. 
Red Ryder09/09/07Nice afternoon ride with Shorty. The osprey is back. We watched it dive for fish but he didn't get any. 
Burgemeester09/07/07Part 2 - it's been a while since I got to add this loop in - thanks Steeleboat for dragging me out for the extra points... 
cdemeis09/07/07Few extra points before dark. 
slopush09/05/07Cool down ride w/ TRB, who had to advoid a iPod-equipped runner who jumped onto the path in front of him on the steep decent. That could've been messy! 
TRB09/05/07second loop with Slopush. 
NO GO09/05/07Ride 3. 
cdemeis09/01/07Sunset ride 2 of 2. 
JCampbell09/01/07went for a quick spin to let my friend try my single out 
slopush08/31/07Solo ride. Well, ok, Jay did join me for the first .25 miles. Thanks pal... 
slopush08/29/07Slow loop, Looking for my lost Garmin. No luck. Guess I'll post some flyers now. 
Shorty08/29/07Extremely short ride due to mechanical problems. Took bike to shop. But a fun ride with Floater 
Red Ryder08/29/07Nice evening ride with Shorty. 
slopush08/24/07Cool down ride w/ Toddy. Lots of walkers/joggers out! 
cdemeis08/24/07Not enough light left for another lap so this had to do. 
ErikMM08/24/07pre-journey loop w/ gears and sun this time... 
trekstorm08/24/07Part two of two. 
slopush08/21/07Did this ride on the 20th but forgot to post it (forgot to reset the GPS too). John O. escorted me part way until we came to his exit to get home, then I was on my own. Somehow managed to shift up instead of down at the bottom of the big hill (rookie move) but other than that it was biz as usual. 
slopush08/20/07Took friend Bobby D. out for his first roll on a mountain bike. No skin was lost so I think he'll be back- Way to go! 
RollnStone08/20/07Lots of people to slow me down. 
ErikMM08/18/07lame...but a heard a host of coyotes, as many or more than I used to hear in Tucson...CLOSE to me...sounded like at least a dozen, can't be sure...a little scary when there are what seem like so many so close together...and so close to me 
ErikMM08/18/07snake this time! I guess it's not 'totally lame,' there are a few fun sections...I have done this part many times with the other loops here... 
Burgemeester08/17/07Part 2 - Xtra credit - bonus! Did this in reverse for a change. 
slopush08/16/07Quick solo ride 
NO GO08/15/07Started GPS late. 
quad damage08/10/07Final lap. Needed something more. 
slopush08/08/07A mellow cool down ride w/ the Hanson man. 
slopush08/05/07Can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning than to go for a ride with my wife. Even got to sleep in first so all and all it was a perfect morning! 
JCampbell08/01/07After my brief stint trying maple... I ran back over to peters to change my bars and took off on a ride around the lake. Had to use my lights. 
slopush07/25/07Just a quick little solo cool down lap. 
NO GO07/21/07Warm down lap. 
Shorty07/21/07second afternoon lap with Floater 
Red Ryder07/21/07Late afternoon ride with Shorty. First of two laps. 
Burgemeester07/18/07Part 2 - ended this morning's ride with a brisk lake loop - thanks Steeleboat. 
NO GO07/15/07Lap 3 of 3. Warm down 
Burgemeester07/11/07Part 2 - alot busier than earlier - nothing too crazy though. 
slopush07/06/07Just had to do a little more after Sant.Oak/Chutes. Thanks to Steeleboat for hangin' w/ me! 
cdemeis07/04/07Quick lap around the lake. 
MTB Fiend07/04/07Whew! Sneaked a ride in while on call this week. 
MTB Fiend07/04/072nd loop 
Burgemeester06/29/07Part 2 - much better effort going round here! Thanks Steeleboat - it was a good morning's ride! 
vt1ryan06/25/07easy lake loop after the dual loop 
NO GO06/25/07Warm down with Vt1ryan 
That's How I Roll06/23/074 of 4 
Red Ryder06/22/07Shorty and I didn't feel like stopping so we made one more loop of the lake, great evening out. 
mtnbikej06/22/07Flies were pretty bad tonight 
CTrask06/20/07Route Stealing again. 1 of 2 laps today. 
CTrask06/20/07Two laps here today. 
Burgemeester06/18/07Part 2 - ahh yes - good ole faithfull Lake loop - a fun ride as always! 
MTB Fiend06/17/07Couple of elongated lake loops mid-day with my brother. 
sarandall06/13/07took my son on this ride. He rode an Intense BMX Race bike, he's 11 years old. 
sarandall06/11/07Alright so i walked it with the wife, kids and our 2 dogs. I figured i would get a lil' more famaliar with the 305. Had a great time. The kids love seeing how far they walked. Need a cheesesburger, with this walk and the gym and the ride earlier i'm well over 2500K/cal burned. 
sarandall06/11/07fun for a quicky. Just hit a few laps. Gets crowded at rush hour. Lots o blinds, be careful.. 
Burgemeester06/08/07Part 2 - nice combo of chutes/IrvPk and the Lake Loop - I was "toast" at the end of the spin! Thanks THanson and Slopush - you kids are crazy! 
slopush06/08/07Just a quickie w/ da boyz.... 
NO GO06/08/072nd ride...warm down 
KeepsWhatHappens06/07/07A "feeling-tired" quick lap around the lake. Which I had time for another couple laps but time did not allow. Lots of hiker traffic on the trails today. 
slopush06/06/07Mellow cool down ride. The place was pretty much empty this morning- only saw two joggers and no bikers. 
Red Ryder06/06/07More morning riding. Lots of wild life for the morning. A hawk nearly colided with me, saw some quail, a roadrunner, lots of snake tracks, and a coyote. 
slopush06/04/07Ate enough gnats to make me too full for breakfast. Ran into Shine, who was out running w/ his boys. The sight warmed my heart : ) 
MTB Fiend06/02/07Nice day for a leisurely ride. 
Hermit05/31/07Cooling down after Weir Canyon. 
Hermit05/30/07Rode with Winger. 
JCampbell05/27/07Thought about putting in a few more miles with a peters loop but was just burnt after doing the lake part. 
mtnbikej05/25/07Didn't feel like the Oaks tonight. 
Boerseun05/19/07Duane's first MTN bike adventure...nice spin though...Thanx for getting up early Duane! 
cdemeis05/19/07Quick 2nd ride. 
Burgemeester05/16/07Part 2 - good way to end off the ride. Saw two other bikers, fresh on the trails and other than that, all was pretty much quiet. Thanks - me?!?! 
cdemeis05/14/07Ride 2 of 2 
JCampbell05/13/07Just had to ask her if she had found any keys that were dropped... forgot to mention that mine were in my camelback though. 
owen05/13/07solo ride. lots of hikers on the weekends. 
Boerseun05/10/07A ride with LAfinfan & Doug...Doug's first ride...what a way to start mountain biking 
cdemeis05/10/07Ride 2 of 2. 
owen05/08/07did this route for the purple team! 
JCampbell05/08/07Just so easy... used the booze cruise light I had on my seatpost since the coup! I would not recommend this at night since it's illegal but I was already riding and trying to finish so I poached it a little past dusk since I had to ride back down the center road to the south side of the park where I parked my automobile. Sorry! 
Westermeyer05/01/07Lap 2/2 
mtnbikej04/30/07Did this one last time along with Dual Loop and Santiago Oaks. 
cdemeis04/30/07Strategic ride 2 of 2. 
vt1ryan04/30/073rd lap in the dark. The bugs were out in swarms tonight. Thanks 66nogo 
NO GO04/30/07Just vt1ryan for this loop. 
vt1ryan04/28/071st loop on the way home 
vt1ryan04/28/072nd loop on the way home. I will post the Dana point route tomorrow. Cant post more than 2 rides in one day. Sucks 
Hermit04/27/07Still playing catch-up on my route postings. 
martink11104/26/07Rode the Slingshot. Part of Dual/Lake loop combo 
MarijuanaMuscle04/19/07Slower than expected. 
MarijuanaMuscle04/18/07any slower and I'd be going backward. 
SantaCruz HellRider04/17/07Start of the OC adventure series 
SantaCruz HellRider04/17/07Getting crowded later in the afternoon 
SantaCruz HellRider04/17/07Oh boy, now even the MTB's are going clockwise - must be easier that way 
SantaCruz HellRider04/17/07Last lap around the lake, joggers (waddlers) with their ears plugged, dogs, whatever. 
Burgemeester04/14/07Part 2 - was going to do another dual but time was pushing, so this was perfect to end it off! Hope to ride soon...NKOTB on the way! 
Winger04/12/07Hooray, my rim tape shifted and flatted my rear tire again so I had to cut the ride short. Back to Jax for attempt #5 at fixing the problem. 
FalseSummit04/10/071 of 3. The quickie warm-up. 
NO GO04/10/07Ride 3 of 4 
NO GO04/10/07Ride 4 of 4 
Burgemeester04/02/07Part 2 - was cruising home and decided to do a reverse lake loop whilst I was at it! Can't believe the diffs a lite bike makes! 
NO GO04/02/07lap 2 of 3 
NO GO04/02/07lap 3 of 3 
FalseSummit03/31/07"Short Routes Tour de OC": 5-of-6 at 2:22 p.m. Anti-climatic. Not much to this route. 
cdemeis03/28/07After work ride 2 of 2. 
MTB Fiend03/27/07First time at this park, lots of runners. I'll have to come back and explore some more. Got some laps in before getting my wheel fixed. Felt good to ride without a lot of climbing. 
RollnStone03/24/07Warm down from Blackstar-Motorway ride 
Burgemeester03/23/07Part 2 - warm down ride with RaulC and Steeleboat. Kudos! 
TRB03/21/07reverse loop. 
Hermit03/21/07Quickie before dark. I miss Santiago Oaks and Weir Canyon. 
slopush03/19/07Wasn't planning on just doing the lake loop but what the heck, it was better than nothing! 
That's How I Roll03/17/07Saturday moning warm up 
Burgemeester03/16/07Part 2 - was going well with Jaydog until one of my cogs on the back cassett somehow fell off along the trails - wierd!? Good thing it happened here and not out on the Fremont loop tomorrow! 
cdemeis03/16/072nd ride. Lots of bugs by the lake. 
mtnbikej03/16/07started to run outta time. 
Boerseun03/15/07Part 1 - Rode to PC with SAMtn 
Winger03/15/07Rode it backwards. Wasn't better or worse....just different. 
Red Ryder03/15/07Late morning fun ride with Shorty. 
vt1ryan03/12/072nd lap of 3 
vt1ryan03/12/073rd lap of 3 
vt1ryan03/11/07Nice early evening spin. 1st of 3 laps. Will post 2nd and 3rd laps tomorrow. 
vt1ryan03/11/07Very Beginner route 
slopush03/11/07It was nice to do some riding with TRB without sucking in smoke! 
That's How I Roll03/10/07Route #5 
That's How I Roll03/10/07Route #6 
slopush03/09/07Just the usual quickie cool down ride..... 
Burgemeester03/09/07Part 2 - was a bit flat on this ride for some crazy reason?! Thanks Slopush - easy points huh! 
Burgemeester03/07/07Part 2 - warm down session before work. Thanks Slopush, Steeleboat and THanson for the spin. 
TRB03/04/071st of a couple loops this morning, trying to get some acid out of my legs. 
slopush03/03/07Quickie w/ Burgemeester & steelboat. There sure are a lot of walkers to dodge on a Sat. afternoon. 
Burgemeester03/03/07Part 2 - Slopush and I grabbed Steeleboat from the comforts of his relaxed day and made this little ride way too exciting for some! Thanks lads! 
slopush03/02/07Don't know if we can really call this a cool down ride when there's so much frost on the ground, but it's better than sleeping it! 
Burgemeester03/02/07Part 2 - had an ice-cream headache for most of the ride - very crisp this morning! Thanks Slopush and Jaydog! 
dubjay02/26/07Cool down loop after Santiago Oaks - Chutes. 
Burgemeester02/21/07Part 2 - We tend to finish the Bz early nowadays and this just fills the gap. Thanks Jaydog and Steeleboat. 
That's How I Roll02/21/07Great afternoon of riding 
Burgemeester02/16/07Part 2 - Steeleboat needed the points - hey, what are friends for?!? 
quad damage02/12/07Second ride of the day. Raced around the lake. 
NO GO02/11/07Lap 2 of 2 
Boerseun02/10/07Part 1 - Early ride with Johan 
NO GO02/10/07On the way back from Whiting figured 2 cool down laps wouldn't hurt. 
slopush02/09/07Cooling it down w/ da boyz..... 
Burgemeester02/09/07Part 2 - Nice spin around the lake in reverse again - you know what they say - two reverses don't make a right...Thanks lads - good times! 
cdemeis02/09/07Race around the lake. New personal time record for me. 
Tom Kore No More02/09/07Sprinted for time on my cyclocross. 
slopush02/05/07Ahh, I love the view of the lake in the morning! It's even better sharing it w/ a couple studly men- Thanks Mayor Burgemeester and "Has anyone seen my battery?" Steeleboat! 
Burgemeester02/05/07Part 2 - reverse - going one way all the time makes one dizzy! Thanks Steeleboat and Slopush - AGAIN! 
That's How I Roll02/05/07cool down ride aroud the lake 
That's How I Roll02/05/07nice end to a great day 
Burgemeester02/04/07Part 2 - actually had a few minutes to spare and Boerseun twisted my broken arm a little more - thanks to him and Steeleboat - fun stuff! 
Boerseun02/03/07Part 1 - Nice Saturday morning ride with Johan 
Red Ryder02/03/07Finally back on the bike after a too long illness. Coughing too much to feel strong, but it was good to get out. Shorty and I did about 8 miles, but I forgot the Garmin at home. So no personal route recorded for the 8 miles. This was the only part of the ride that was a route. 
Burgemeester02/02/07Great ride with Slopush and Jay - awesome push steve - thanks for keeping it real now we just need to "shut up and ride". 
slopush02/02/07Well, we were trying for a sub-10m min. loop, but after riding the B's, carrying two big batteries/lights, and an over-loaded backpack (did I mention that we'd just ridden the B's?) we came up just a wee bit short. I had a couple more excuses lined up but they slipped my mind- oh yeah, old age! Congrats to Burgemeester for doing his 50th lake loop. He will forever be known now as "Mayor Lake Loop" or simply, "Your Honor". Way to go man! 
slopush01/29/07Cool down ride w/ the big, bad steeleboat 
Boerseun01/29/07Part 1 - Nice ride with Gerhard...great conditions! 
That's How I Roll01/29/07Had about 1hr to ride till dark 1st lap 
That's How I Roll01/29/07Lap 2 
That's How I Roll01/29/07lap 3 
That's How I Roll01/29/07lap 4 
SprocketHead01/28/07Rode Keith B's bike around the loop. Did a little jumping with his bike too! 
SlowSpokes01/28/07Fun ride. 
Keith B01/28/07Still riding the Nomad. It flew up the climbs better than expected. Can I really afford to add a 5th bike to my growing collection?! Thanks to Andy for lunch :-) 
Ross B01/28/07quick trip with lots of travelers. note to self. sunday afternoon around the lake is for bikes with training wheels. fun to see all the kids with mom and dads. 
Boerseun01/27/07Part 1 - Mid morning ride with Johan...my first one in 9 days...came down with a cold. 
slopush01/27/07Just a quick solo ride 
RollnStone01/27/07Warm-up for long ride today. 
slopush01/27/07I just had to do one more loop ; ) 
slopush01/26/07Nice cool down ride w/ Burgemeester, Steelboat & Jay 
Burgemeester01/26/07Part 2 - easy points - as usual! Thanks Slopush, Steeleboat and Jay...here comes 50...and then some! 
RollnStone01/26/07Warm down ride. 
Burgemeester01/24/07Part 2 - had a few minutes to spare, so this was a good alternative to wasting time :-) Thanks Slopush, Steeleboat and Todd. Good times! 
slopush01/24/07Just a little cool down ride w/ my buddies. Don't these guys have to go to work? 
cdemeis01/23/07Few extra points 
slopush01/22/07No, Steelboat and I are not point whores- We were just looking for our little buddy Burgemeester! Never did find him, but that doesn't mean he was out there, hiding in the bush somewhere..... 
yodisco01/22/07Took my 8 yr old out for the first time....He has to learn how to BRAKE!!! Luckily thorns just pull out. 
cdemeis01/21/07Had extra time, so why not? 
Boerseun01/18/07Part 1 - Early morning solo ride. 
TRB01/13/07solo and cold. 
TRB01/13/07second loop, still cold 
Boerseun01/12/07Part 1 - Nice solo ride after work 
Boerseun01/11/07Part 1 - Nice ride with Johan 
Burgemeester01/10/07Part 2 - slopush and I met up with Boerseun and Johan for a quick Lake - and then added big red - just for fun?!? Thanks lads - good times as always! 
slopush01/10/07Just a quickie with a bunch of strange speaking S. Africans. Tossed in Big Red w/ Burgemeester just to keep it real- Thanks man! 
TRB01/10/07Second loop yesterday afternoon 
dandrews01/10/07lap 1 of 4 
dandrews01/10/07lap 2 of 4 
dandrews01/10/07lap 3 of 4 
dandrews01/10/07lap 4 of 4 
Shorty01/10/07Getting over a cold, and decided to ride Peters' Canyon, just for a little more riding and points. Fun stuff. 
slopush01/09/07Just a quick, solo cool down ride after doing da B's. 
granny ring01/09/07Lap 2 
granny ring01/09/07Lap 1 
TRB01/09/07afternoon solo spin 
cdemeis01/08/07Strong head wind at the top of the canyon before dark. 
ericfoltz01/07/07Lap #3 
cdemeis01/07/07And with this ride my New Years resolution of being higher than Ryan on the big ladder is complete. Woot! 
Boerseun01/06/07Part 1 - Nice ride with Johan, who is back in the saddle after of a month vacation. 
That's How I Roll01/05/07Quick zip around the lake Winds really howling now! 
Boerseun01/04/07Part 1 - Great morning to ride...it was a bit chilly until the sun came out. 
Burgemeester01/04/07Part 2 - easy points to end off a good ride with Boerseun. 
Boerseun01/02/07Part 1 - Met up with Sydney for a early morning ride...can you say WINDY! 
LBpsycholer12/31/06Nice ride with my girlfriend 
LBpsycholer12/31/06Make it 2 times 
Murmur12/31/06Covert ride #4 - recovery spin w/ TRB. 
TRB12/31/06afternoon spin with Murmur. 
TRB12/31/06still with Murmur. Last ride of the year. 
oc_laske12/29/06extra credit 
pdmoore12/25/06fun loop but about as crowded as the 91 fwy 
Red Ryder12/23/06Shorty needed just a little more riding for the afternoon. Great day! 
Shorty12/23/06Finished riding Black Star then stopped off at Peters'Canyon. Fun afternoon with Floater. 
Burgemeester12/18/06Part 2 - Reverse loop with Slopush - thanks! 
Boerseun12/16/06Tested 2 demo bikes with Burgemeester...The chain on the Ellsworth broke and was never the same after that! 
oc_laske12/15/06xtra credit 
oc_laske12/14/06extra credit 
Burgemeester12/09/06Part 2 - easy points to end off a solo ride this morning. 
oc_laske12/08/06xtra credit 
slopush12/08/06Nice mellow ride- Just enjoying the crisp air w/ Burgemeester. 
cdemeis12/06/06Easy Points 
Burgemeester12/05/06Just a short ride with Boerseun and Slopush to keep things real - nice sub 45 degree conditions - ahhh freshhhhh! 
Boerseun12/05/06Part 1 - Early morning ride with Slopush & Burgemeester...a cold morning to start early. 
oc_laske12/03/06extra credit 
Boerseun12/02/06Part 1 - Nice early morning ride with Johan 
Boerseun11/29/06Part 1 - Nice early morning ride with Burgemeester, Raul & Johan....Nice to be back on the bike after two weeks of travel 
Burgemeester11/29/06Part 2 - as we ended this ride, the wind came up pretty strong - glad to finish before we were blown away! 
owen11/27/06not enough rain today to close the park, just enough rain to firm up the sandy areas. sweet. 
Burgemeester11/25/06Part 2 - decided to get back to doing the 3Bz and then a good lake to extend the ride time. Good times! 
vhipp11/24/06Fun ride with my 6 year old son 
owen11/23/06super crowded today (thanks giving). 
Burgemeester11/20/06Part 1 - Early solo ride this morning - pretty dark and dodgy, which in turn made me pedal a touch harder. 
Red Ryder11/19/0610 points is 10 points, Shorty and I went for the points. It was a beautiful evening ride, points or no points. 
oc_laske11/19/06tried to get a little extra credit after the oaks loop. originally planned to do the dual loops route, but ran out of time, and ran out of motivation when I saw all the people out walking. 
oc_laske11/17/06extra credit 
Twitch11/17/06Needed to spin the legs 
Twitch11/17/06Beginner route 
Boerseun11/16/06Part 1 - Nice early morning ride...Thanks Burgemeester & Andre! 
Burgemeester11/16/06Part 1 - Good warm up ride with Boerseun and Andre. 
oc_laske11/16/06extra credit 
Boerseun11/12/06Part 1 : Great solo ride with the new Dawg. 
JeffK11/12/06Rode with Tommy (my severely autistic son). He loved it! No falls or crashes! If he keeps improving he'll be on the ladder soon. 
Red Ryder11/12/06Shorty needed to ride more, so on the way home we stopped and did the lake loop. Another ten points is good. 
Shorty11/12/06After I waited for Floater to get to Beeks Place, I was well rested. Asked him if we could go to Peters' Canyon for Lake Loop ride. Fun day.............. 
slopush11/10/06Just something to do after our main ride this morning. Of course, we did it backwards 'cause we could : ) 
Burgemeester11/10/06Part 2 - it's been a while, but it's always a good workout when done in reverse. Thanks Slopush for the ride as always! 
Red Ryder11/10/06It was good to get in a ride with Shorty this evening. Looking forward to tomorrow's ride. 
Shorty11/10/06I saw a coyote that Floater missed, that doesn't happen very often. 
oc_laske11/09/06extra credit 
oc_laske11/07/06picked up a little extra credit after a dual loop ride 
MarijuanaMuscle11/07/06First time, pretty cool for how short. 
Burgemeester11/02/06Part 2 - Nice way to end off a mellow ride - Boerseun has come a long way since them good old days! 
Boerseun11/02/06Part 1 - Nice ride with Burgemeester....always good to ride with the master! 
Red Ryder10/26/06Quick ride with Shorty before dark. 
Dump Truck10/25/06the sun started to come out 
Burgemeester10/25/06Part 2 - had a nice spin around the lake after a crazy early 3Bz! Thanks Dump Truck and Slopush. 
slopush10/25/06Second part of a two part ride- Just to cool down! 
Dump Truck10/18/06nice spin with my 7 year old. his first ride on his new Trek 220 and geoladders route. he did really well. only one crash coming down the backside of the dam, almost into cactus---whew!!!! had my daughter in the trailer too 
Burgemeester10/16/06Part 2 - Another cool reverse lake - thanks Steeleboat, Slopush, RaulC and Dumptruck, it's always about the extra points!?!? 
Dump Truck10/16/06time off the bike and bronchitis are hurting 
Boerseun10/15/06Part 1 - Nice single afternoon ride 
Red Ryder10/14/06Perfect riding weather and great trail conditions, due to the rain. And only two hikers on the route! 
Burgemeester10/13/06Part 2 - Reverse ride with Slopush to end off a plesant morning of riding. 
slopush10/13/06A quickie w/ Burgemeester is always a good time! 
Red Ryder10/09/06I can't believe I crashed. I was showing off to my wife, Shorty, and landed on my butt. Keep in mind we've been married 32 years and there is nothing I can do to impress her anymore. The most I'll get out of her is "Honey, don't try that". But I had to show her how good I am, and went for some "big" air. Boom! or splat, or whatever, tires went one way, I went another. Left a little blood on the trail, but I'm OK. Nice ride, not too many people out this evening. 
Burgemeester10/07/06Part 2 - Did a solo reverse lake on the way back after the dualie. Good times! 
Shorty10/04/06Trail was busy with a running club, but still a fun ride. Beautiful sunset finished the ride with Floater 
Red Ryder10/03/06This was our second loop. Shorty and I got back quick enough to get this one more time before dark. 
Shorty10/02/06First of two loops. 
Shorty10/02/06Second of two loops. 
Red Ryder10/02/06First of two loops with Shorty. Saw a coyote that stood still long enough for a photo. 
Burgemeester09/30/06Part 2 - Boerseun ended this ride off really strong comparred to just a few weeks ago - good job! Thanks to all for the ride. Good times! 
Red Ryder09/30/06Interesting ride with Shorty. We saw the Mojave Green rattler that I've heard was out there. Also had an interesting encounter with a large spider. And I ripped open the side of my rear tire. I'm not sure how that happened. Alot of stuff for just a 2.5 mile ride. 
Boerseun09/30/06Part 2 : A nice morning ride....Thanks Burgemeester 
Burgemeester09/27/06Part 2 - This was a classic "build your own paaaath" ride with Steeleboat - thanks for keeping it real out there! 
TRB09/23/06along with santiago oaks. 
Burgemeester09/20/06Part 2 - Did this in reverse and managed to get a flat...!?! NICE!! 
cjackson_usc09/19/06Nothing special. 
Burgemeester09/12/06Test ride to get my new crank dialed in. We'll see what happens?!? 
granny ring09/09/06Couple of quick laps before sunset 
granny ring09/09/062nd lap 
Winger09/04/06Extra credit after Santiago Oaks 
Keith B09/03/06Cool down lap - Saturday afternoon. 
Burgemeester08/30/06Part 2 - We had a few minutes so, this was the next best thing to do. Again, thanks THanson and Steeleboat. 
Sleestack08/24/06Quick loop with a cruise up bid red 
Shorty08/23/06Fun ride with Floater. There were tons of swallows around the lake, great sight. 
Burgemeester08/22/06Part 2 - Wasn't going to do this, but I had a few minutes to throw it into the mix...all good! 
Red Ryder08/21/06Quick ride with Shorty before dark. 
cjackson_usc08/20/06Fast loop at sundown after finally warming up on the dual loop. Too many lazy ass hikers. I need a new place to ride after work. 
Burgemeester08/18/06Part 2 - solo ride to chill down after the 3Bzz. 
Sleestack08/18/06cool down lap 
Burgemeester08/13/06Part 2 - the usual warm down ride. 
Burgemeester08/11/06Did this ride with Dump Truck, Steeleboat, THanson & Slopush - went through Peters and around some back trails to Newport - pretty interesting stuff! Ended up being a 6+ mile ride. 
SprocketHead08/10/06First Loop 
SprocketHead08/10/06Second Loop 
Burgemeester08/07/06Part 2 - Had a few minutes to burn, hit a quick loop after 3Bzz... 
Keith B08/07/06Final ride yesterday morning. Kudos to the guy on the tandem with his daughter (hardly pedalling) on the back and towing his sons 'half bike' behind. 
Shorty08/07/06Great riding weather, just before sunset. 
Red Ryder08/07/06Fun sunset ride with Shorty. After all the great riding we've done lately, this is still a fun ride. 
Aaron08/05/06Lap 1 of 2 
Aaron08/05/06Lap 2 of 2 
ThinkFast08/01/06lap 3 of 3 from yesterday 
ThinkFast07/31/062nd lap of 3. 
Aaron07/31/06Lap 1 of 2 
Aaron07/31/06Lap 2 of 2 
Boerseun07/30/06Cool ride today with Burgemeester. 
Burgemeester07/30/06Drizzly ride this AM with Boerseun. lucky not to get too much rain! 
Boerseun07/28/06Back after a two weeks of traveling....fun but these breaks kill you when you get back in the saddle! 
Burgemeester07/27/06Nice ride with Boerseun after his two week break. Nothing like mountain anaerobix first thing in the AM! 
Aaron07/27/061st time on the Cake 
Boerseun07/24/06My third ride with Burgemeester....Did the ride on July11....Fun as always 
Burgemeester07/19/06Part 2 - Had some time to spare and wanted to see where my time is around this track. Thanks Steeleboat - that was great after them 3Bzzz... 
Burgemeester07/17/06Part 2 - nice warm down after the dual loop. 
Ross B07/14/06Fun ride with Ben and Mikey. Rode from the house and had a little over 8 miles and 750 vert. before we were done. No crashes. Blessed be the name of the Lord. 
Burgemeester07/11/06Nice, chilled out ride with Boerseun - good work, thanks. 
Boerseun07/08/06Great day to be out...enjoyed this ride a lot! Thanx B. 
Burgemeester07/08/06Perfect way to start of a Saturday - Great ride with Boerseun...huge improvement - as always, good times! 
Burgemeester07/05/06Part 1 - Solo early morning ride - good warm up track. 
Burgemeester07/04/06Great ride with my friend Nicolaas...after last Fridays fall, this was a good mellow re-intro to the trails. Thanks Nicolaas. 
Boerseun07/04/06My first ride....did break more than a sweat. It was a fun ride...thanx Brandon for the invite. 
Lonnie07/03/06Lap 2 
Lonnie07/02/06Lap 1 
superjoe06/29/06With Xc kids 
superjoe06/27/06While coaching cross country team. 
TRB06/25/06along with AH/WC 
Burgemeester06/23/06Part 2 - Took advantage of a perfect morning after having been out for so long - these trails are still sweet for a warm down (and the bonus 10 points never hurts)! Thanks Slopush - Good times as always! 
toadstool06/22/06nice quick ride, if your looking for points 
razorcake06/21/06added this after the dual loop 
oc_laske06/17/06little extra credit ... 
owen06/14/06did all three peters canyon rides today with daddyhc. 
shiftalot06/14/06with owen. StartTime=1318. [1979.9-ssj]. 
Dump Truck06/09/06solo ride on this wet morning 
oc_laske06/06/06quick loop after the Santiago Oaks loop 
Keith B06/02/06Quick lap to test out the new pedals :-) 
tagscanny06/01/06fun 1st ride 
SlowSpokes05/23/06Follow-up to Chutes ride. Ran out of daylight, couldn't complete the dual loop. 
SlowSpokes05/20/06Another loop around the lake to finish the Peter's Weekend Madness. 
Burgemeester05/17/06Part 2 - Did this in reverse with the usual suspects again this morning - a tad more challenging but always a good way to warm down. 
Burgemeester05/13/06Part 1 - Good to be back in the saddle - thanks to Dump Truck, Slopush and a special one to Steeleboat. These lads are legendary! 
Dump Truck05/12/06welcome back burgemeester. 
Sleestack05/08/06Spin lap after dual loop. 
Keith B05/07/06Blessed be the name of Yoda and those who have faith enough in the Force to allow them to complete this testing lap of endurance ;-) 
oc-pedals05/07/06Well, at least there's a trail that I don't eat it! 
Keith B05/02/06Slow down lap after the dual loop. Some old guy thought he was racing me even tho I was cruising - I gave him his moment of victory and let him pass by LOL! 
Royster7104/28/06Yaaa babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Went with Mitch. 
MJCS04/28/06Short little bugger 
Dump Truck04/27/06yesterday with santiago and big red loops. 
TRB04/25/06yesterday before santiago oaks. 
xhuskr04/24/06Part of the Bikes and Beers ride. Big Red is always fun to climb! 
mtnbikej04/23/061st part of the Beers n Bikes ride today. 
TD804/20/06Thursday Lunch Loop 1. 
TD804/20/06Thursday Lunch Loop 2. 
Dump Truck04/19/06combined this with santiago, this morning with steeleboat 
Ross B04/17/06trusty back up bike came in hand since yesterday my rear brakes went out going down Eric's Cactus trail. 
Ross B04/16/06Great loop with a few new ruts. 
Burgemeester04/14/06Part 2 - Reverse Lake with Dump Truck, thanks for all them good times! Last ride for a while, but fear not, I'll be on safari soon - fending off lions and elephant. As the lads always say - work is over rated!?!? 
TRB04/13/06along with dual loop 
K0KE04/10/06Rode with my son. 
Burgemeester04/10/06Part 2 - Seems to be my new thing now, seeing as though we finish them 3bzz so quickly. Nice solo spin around the ole block. 
Matthew K04/09/06Rode with my Dad. Not as muddy this time. 
Burgemeester04/08/06Part 2 - This was just a nice warm down from them 3Bzz...Nice day out there - FINALLY! 
Red Ryder04/06/06Last of 5 laps from Monday. Thanks Shorty for putting up with me. Concussions are a pain. These laps felt good, so I'm ready for a real ride now. 
Shorty04/06/065th of 5 laps from Monday. 
SlowSpokes04/06/06second lake loop to go along with the dual loop. 
JCampbell04/05/06Did this with the 3 b's and a dula loop #2. Kind of boring. 
Red Ryder04/05/06Third of 5 laps on Monday late afternoon. 
Red Ryder04/05/064 of 5 laps 
Shorty04/05/063 of 5 laps with Floater 
Shorty04/05/064 of 5 laps 
Red Ryder04/04/06Late afternoon ride with Shorty. First Geo-route in a while due to a work injury, a concussion. Doc doesn't want me to surf or bike. This is the first of 5 laps. 
Red Ryder04/04/06Second of 5 laps. Only a few people out, everyone must be getting ready for the game. 
OCRider3403/29/06Very fun, my first ride, that hill was killer, i had to wakl half of it which was even harder off the bike. 
Burgemeester03/27/06Part 2 - just a quickie to kill some extra time after 3Bzzz with Steeleboat and THanson. 
Matthew K03/19/06Really muddy! 
K0KE03/19/06Fun ride with my 5 year old. 
xcmtbr62503/18/06Easy ride but I'd try to avoid riding in Peter's Canyon on the weekend because it's so crowded. 
xcmtbr62503/18/06After refereeing soccer for 7 hours, doing this ride was pretty freakin tiring. 
mountain coyote03/18/06This was the 2nd lap - the first one was with Nathan. 
cdthai03/17/06Course was perfect for speed training and introducing mtb-ing to my friends. we biked about ten laps before it began sprinkling 
Dump Truck03/16/06started to do peters and decided i wasnt in the mood so i....... 
K0KE03/15/063rd ride of the day from 03/14/06. 
Burgemeester03/15/06Part 1 - Easy ride after work - easy because this morning's ride up canon etc etc was hectic! 
Burgemeester03/15/06Part 2 - This was a nice quick loop to cap off a stella riding day! 
Burgemeester03/14/06Part 2 - easy warm down afterwards with good time to spare! 
TD803/13/062nd loop of 2. 
RaulC03/13/06quick loop with mountain coyote 
TD803/12/061st of 2 loops. Had to do 2 laps of something today for my confidence. 
Dump Truck03/10/06lap #2 this afternoon, a little chilly. did this with big red loop. 
mountain coyote03/05/06Rode with my daughter. Great time. 
mxbiker17902/21/06on Single Speed 
Burgemeester02/17/06Part 1 - Solo, early morning warm up. 
Red Ryder02/14/06A Valentine's quickie with Shorty. 
Shorty02/14/06The weather was perfect, nice Valentine's Day with my Floater. 
TRB02/10/06along with peters dual loop 
Ross B02/10/062nd Loop. 
Burgemeester02/10/06Was going to hit 3bzzz but ended up doing some fun horse trails and finally did this route for some consolation points. Thanks Slopush, Steelboat and THanson. 
mxbiker17902/09/06just crusin 
Dump Truck02/06/06third lap of my loopapulza yesterday 
Ross B02/06/06Fun ride with the kids and a trailer bike for the little one. 
Dump Truck02/04/06nice little ride with my 6 year old on his bmx and my daughter in the trailer behind me. got him to go down the hill before the dam instead of walking, hes getting better!!! 
JCampbell01/31/06Added and extra lake loop to the dual loop ride in the morning. 
Dump Truck01/25/06in reverse to get the little extra climb behind the dam after santiago oaks. 
Burgemeester01/22/06Part 1 - Warm up lap just to melt the frost! 
TRB01/22/06afternoon loop with my youngest daughter Marina. 
Dump Truck01/20/06lap #2 of solo ride this AM, did this one in reverse to get the little climb on the backside of the dam. 
Dump Truck01/18/06lap 1 to get the blood flowing so early in the AM. 
TD801/17/062nd loop of two combined with Peter's Canyon 3. 
mxbiker17901/11/06yea yea 
mxbiker17901/06/06hot again and i reverse 
mxbiker17901/05/06so hot today 
Burgemeester12/29/05Just a quick spin around the lake to get the blood flowing a tad faster. All good! 
TRB12/26/05cool down loop after skyline/blackstar 
Bernd12/23/05Nice sunset. 
JCampbell12/06/05Just a quick ride after a meeting today. Not even long enough to break a sweat. 
TD811/29/052nd Loop of 2. Combined with Peters Canyon #3. This ride is just a little too short. 
bg11/28/05Gemini 900. Did this right after ending Santiago Creek. Pretty close to each other. 
JCampbell11/23/05Warm up ride for the day. Needed to get out and do something before going to the office. 
PHAT TIRE11/23/05First Lunch Loop. 
Two Tired11/22/05First time at Peters. Did three laps altogether. A first lap around just the lake, a second lap around the dual loop including Big Red hill, and a third lap around the dual loop without Big Red. Began at Albertson's. Easy riding except for Big Red. 
Scottster11/20/05Cool little evening rid with Ken , 2nd loop 
kentonn11/20/05Rode two routes here with Scottster. Cool little park! 
Sleestack11/20/05ride with my girlfriend 
Red Ryder11/16/05Beautiful sunrise ride with Shorty. 
Shorty11/16/05Light Santa Ana Condition, rode with Floater in the wind. Fun ride. 
Sleestack11/10/05cool down lap after dual loop. 
owen11/10/05warm up loop to make sure i put my bike back together properly. 
owen11/04/05first loop to scout out any trail hazards. 
owen11/04/05i rode this as fast as i possibly could on my intense spider (geared bike). no hikers today at 11:00 am. the trail is in great shape. 
owen11/04/05cool down loop before hitting big red. 
Sleestack11/03/05Always a fun little loop. 
TRB11/01/05did this as part of a Santiago oaks ride 
mxbiker17910/31/05it was 92 degrees hot and dry but i still went crazy fast 
Sky-King10/28/05Second lap from tuesday :) 
Sky-King10/26/05did 2 cool down laps after blackstar motorway and i am glad i did, i feel much better after a nice mellow ride. 
Sleestack10/24/052nd loop; cool down after dual loop 
Sleestack10/23/051st lap of 2; tons of boy scouts and parents walking the trail. 
Ross B10/23/05Trailer biking with the little ones was cool. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. 
TRB10/21/05was going to be the 3rd of three double loops but I broke a spoke and had to cut it short... 
TRB10/17/05posting lap from 10/16 
Sleestack10/16/051st lap of 4; cruised it with my girlfriend; who would have thought 
Sleestack10/16/052nd lap of 4 
TD810/15/05Shorter than I thought it would be, this ride must be combined with the larger loop. 
Sleestack10/15/05Last lap of 4. This is a convenient training loop close to my house. Nice tough little hill with some brief but fun single track. Lotsa hikers. 
Spartacus10/13/05First warm up lap. 
Sky-King10/10/05First lap on my cyclocross, scary down hill. 
Sky-King10/10/05second lap, pushed hard on flats, careful on downhill. i dont like cyclosross riding :) 
Sky-King10/02/05Nice cool down lap after dual loop. got to look around, nice place, lots of joggers. i wonder if pond has fish? 
Ross B09/28/05Go ride 
shleppy08/20/05Hit this loop Thursday evening after the regular Peters Canyon loop. 
superjoe08/19/05Started the Lactic Acid Centrifuge at Pioneer Park with my XC team after the Epic ride yesterday. Legs feel great, spin to win! 
Red Ryder08/12/05Computer still not working. But it was a nice uncrowded evening. 
superjoe08/08/05Run and ride this with my XC running team. Good hill repeats up the wall. 
Keith B06/28/05Leisurely after work ride. 
Keith B05/29/05Sat on the bench by the lake for quite a while watching the world go by. Leisure ride. 
JeffK05/27/05Beautiful evening ride. 
CTrask05/15/05Single Speed run. Just a warm up before going over to Santiago Oaks 
Keith B05/13/05First of 3 laps. Went slowly trying to follow Dougs directions. 
Keith B05/13/05Flat out lap. Had to slow down a few times for hikers. Nice smooth trail with a racey feel to it. 
Red Ryder05/10/05Nice cruz with my wife for a sunset ride 
TSCBeachBum04/30/05short ride after Santiago Oaks, at sunset. with Vapor, Scott C, and TBest. easy but good cool down. 
vapor04/30/05nice easy ride right before sunset with tbest, scottc, tscbeachbum and aundy 
Scottster04/30/05W/ TBest, vapor,TSCBeachbum ,Aundy 
Terry Best04/30/05Max Speed 32mph on the downhill. Fun lil' loop. Should have a 24 hour race around this lake sometime. 
dandrews04/13/05Nothing spectacular. But at least it's dirt. 

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