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Cannell Trail

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ADanFool06/01/15Sat 5/30. 3rd time, fantastic conditions. Pivot excelled, cleaned sections I normally dabbed. 
goodoljake09/08/13J9. Full suspension heaven. This was a killer ride with a group of about 25 of us. We got split up into a few groups along the way. Views were incredible. Terrain and challenge plus downhill reward was also incredible. I'll definitely go back someday. Thanks fellas for the good times. 
mark189009/07/13Awesome day of riding with fun fast group. 
thatdave07/14/13First time for this Epic ride with Kevin,Joe,and Dan our tour guide who got us all down the 9200 ft hill save !! 
ADanFool07/10/13Fantastic ride in fantastic weather. Went up Tuesday afternoon, rode today, left 5:00pm, home 9:30. Not too shabby. Thanks to That Dave! 
JDMack09/09/12Really fun group of 11 riders out to finish our Kernville weekend. It's been over 20 years since I last did this ride. It was a little dry and loose this time around but still lots of killer singletrack that I didn't recall from so many years ago. Will be going back with my KHS and KTM once the wet weather starts. 
Goat Pat07/24/12What an awesome trail! No crashes, no blood, way to go Goats. 
Goat Carl07/23/12much better the 2nd time around 
daveo07/12/12Amazing ride with Joachim and the gang from Arroyo Grande. first time for me. Awesome!!! 
Phishin Paul06/25/12Amazing ride except for the major mechs Jeff had. Broken rear der, fix rear der, break rear der only minutes after installing. He had to hoof it out on a fire road while Dave, Graham and I completed the ride. We picked up Jeff later on the road back to town. I love this trail as it gives you just about everything you want in a ride. Rock, climbing, smooth fun, fast fun, meadows, steeps, lots of dust and amazing views. Mountain biking at its finest. 
Goat Carl06/25/12wow. way more gnar than I thought it would be. next time I will put on some bigger rotors and maybe a dropper set post. 
Damon M10/24/11Kernville Fat Tire Festival 
Phishin Paul10/24/11We rode to to top of Sherman Pass trail. Adds extra 4 miles and worth it. Great trail. 
KeepsWhatHappens09/29/11Epic ride with an epic start in a hail/lightning/thunder storm. Hero dirt conditions followed. Great company. Great ride! The Just Outstanding IPA at Kern River Brewing after the ride was a well-deserved treat. 
osmarandsara09/26/11I've done SART,Hurkey Creek,Noble,San Juan,Palm Canyon and this is probably the best of of them all.......... 
GoneRiding09/25/11Best trail I have ever ridden without a doubt! Great road trip w/ Jay & John. First time for all of us hitting the trails up in Kernville. Lots of good times on the trails, at the Kern River Brewery and at the campsite. At the top when we arrived it started hailing and there was lightning off in the distance. But that only added to the experience. This is what mountain biking is all about. First day of deer hunting season, so there were quite a few hunters out there as well but didn't actually see any of them hunting. Thanks for a fantastic trip guys. Can't wait til our next one! 
jbh6509/25/11The very best trail I have ever been on. From the moment go it was on. The first 17 miles were fast, flowy, scenic, and amazing, but the moment we hit the 18 mile mark it was fasten the seat belt and hang on. What an epic descent with a little bit of everything but the kitchen sink. Thanks John and Tom for an absolutely epic time. Oh I almost forgot the Kern River Brewery is amazing!!! 
Rowsby07/26/11What a ride, just epic! Perfect weather and friends on this ride. 
bikesurfski09/20/10Taking the Plunge: amazing mountain biking day with son-in law down soft flowy trails through pine trees and meadows, on the upper trail (had to urge the cows out of the way). Lower trail was also soft and flowy at first but along exposed portions like SART, and the lower part more more like the luge, but some burned areas in last couple of miles. Got my OTB over early--some tricky rocky sections. Temps great, fair amount of loose sand on the trails but workable. Camped for free in campground near trail bottom Sat. eve, got local to shuttle Sun am. 
Rowsby07/06/10Man I love this trail, this is why I ride MTN bikes! 
AllMountainRider11/07/09Tried to get to actual summit. Too many down trees, so i'd recommend not wasting the time. Super fun ride. SICK! 
Lowtech10/20/09Fantastic ride with Bentrim & Slowclimber. OTB X 2, thank God for armor. 
SlowClimber10/19/09Jeff, Brian and I did the lower half earlier this year in May. Now doing the top and bottom togeher, I would leave out the top next time unless time was not an issue. We camped at Big Meadows, temp's at night in the 30's, day time 60's and clear.. Needless to say had a great weekend, but a lot of logistics involved with this shuttle ride. Trail in excellent contidion, rain last week packed it down well. 
Rowsby10/19/09Perfect weather, great people and the best trail in Socal! 
One Flew OTB08/09/09Fun day on the bike w/Mike R. Nice to have the GPS for some of those turns. Challenging technical sections and some hike a bike. Mike busted his chain 6 minutes into our earlier ride and I flatted with about 3 miles to go. Other than that, smooth sailing! 
One Flew OTB08/09/09This is not 26 miles of coasting downhill ... there are a couple of challenging climbs, lots of sandy sections and loose rocky descents. A very fun ride, but be prepared for a workout! 
FREEKENGO07/14/09Great ride on Saturday. Lots of rest and photo stops along the way. 
Ladera Dave06/21/09Great ride with my friends from Elsonior. 
FREEKENGO07/23/08Awesome ride! 

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