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2017 & 2016 Ride for Rwanda - 25 Mile Route (Official)

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Congo Kid05/15/21SS - Cool and overcast. Cleaned the cell tower hill and also the climb out of the arroyo to Beebe park. Lots of hikers out and quite a few newbie bikers on the trail. 
Congo Kid04/17/21FS with new rubber on both tires. Forgot to turn lockout off for Vista downhill. 2nd gear keeps slipping when under torque, and I can't dial it in. Ride 2 of two today. Quite a few kids in the arroyo without helmets. 
Congo Kid04/10/21HT - nice temps today. Not many out there on bikes today. Got feet wet in a few deep stream crossings in the arroyo. Extra credit as started at Beebe park so climbing out of the arroyo at the end ain't fun. 
Congo Kid04/25/20Hot out today. Rode the 25 miler in honor of the event that was postponed due to Covid 19. Lots of deep stream crossings that required climbing over on a log. Saw a huge 4 foot gopher snake in the arroyo. 
Congo Kid03/29/20Geared Niner - nice to not kill myself on the super steep hills. But strangely knees hurting afterwards, while last weekend on the SS doing 31 miles, no issues. Lots of stream crossings in the arroyo - 3 had to walk on log as too deep to ride through. Waterworks is amazing - whomoever did the work on the berms and jumps, kudos to you. Never been more fun to ride. 
Congo Kid06/02/18Perfect riding weather this morning. Saw a large coyote on the road about 1/2 mile from the tollroad in the arroyo, and saw another on the way back also in the arroyo. Only a few riders out today. Went to top of Vista instead of the bypass. Big bulldozer in the arroyo a mile or so from Oso resulted in interesting navigation of the stream crossing as mud was everywhere. 
Ben Boronow05/07/18Rwanda ride with Dennis & Kristiano 
FRANCHI04/14/18I couldn't ride it the day of the event because I was injured from a fall. Today finally I found the time and a good day to do it. I did not ride the asphalted Plano Trabuco having a dirt trail behind Robinson Ranch, adding at least 15 more minutes. I consider it a sin. Good temps. I turned my lights on when riding by the creek. 
Congo Kid04/07/18SS - lovely day. Sunny at start then clouded up for an hour then sunny at end. Trail is perfect with no safety hazards for the Rwanda Ride in 3 weeks. Streams are deeper than last time I rode this a month or so ago. Cleaned pretty much everything and didn't push too hard. Something about a guy pushing his geared bike up a hill and riding by him on a single speed that boosts the ego a tad. 
Congo Kid02/17/18SS - finally got the chain tension figured out by using a half-link. Lovely day for riding after volunteering at the Harding Time Trail this morning. Only walked a couple sections that were too chunky to ride - 1 small section by cell tower in O'Neill and the last pop at Chiquita ridge. Saw my first rattler of the season bombing down Chaquita just before the toll road - a 4 footer sunning himself. Rolled about 3 inches from his head. He didn't move. Water in the arroyo not too deep - cleaned all of them. Forgot how much flat there is on the route - hard to make time on the SS. 
Ben Boronow05/02/1725 Mile Rwanda ride (plus a little extra credit to where I parked.) 
Congo Kid04/01/17Pre-ride course with a few of the organizing committee. Perfect day.Lots of stream crossings and lots of deep water. You will get wet! A few folks doing trail work near Oso and arroyo to help with stream crossings. 
Congo Kid04/30/16Light sprinkles at start but awesome trail conditions for the first half due to last night's rain. Drier once hit Twisty-tire in RSM and the second half of the ride. A few bottlenecks in the beginning, but it opened up fine a few miles in. Took lots of videos and pictures of riders, conga lines, stream crossings, and aid stations. Sun came out at lunchtime - perfect for the balance of the afternoon raffle event. Bummed I didn't win anything, but that's the norm. Thanks to the numerous volunteers and sponsors - helping with almost 1,300 riders and $142,000 raised for the Rwanda National race team and World Bicycle Relief. Another great Rwanda Ride! 
Congo Kid04/17/16Sorta hot out today at start, so glad had some shade in the arroyo. Felt it that I hadn't been on my MTB in 2 weeks on the climbs. Kept a pretty good pace overall. 
Congo Kid04/02/16Rode with Jim, Ralph, Tim and JP. Started at Dove Canyon waterfall as were was going to do the whole 50 today but their pace was way faster (15%) than my normal so out of gas by the end, so bailed on that plan. Awesome weather out and fun to be on some new trails I'd not been on before. 
One Flew OTB01/30/16Solo mid day ride trying to beat the rain. Mostly succeeded. Some group was "filming" at the bench at the top of Live Oak in O'Neill park. 
One Flew OTB12/19/1525 Miles of fun. 
One Flew OTB12/19/15Third time's a charm in plotting the 2016 25 Mile route for the 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda. Garmin showed 25.04 miles start to finish. Fun route with Vista and Water Works Single Tracks. 

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