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FRANCHI06/19/20Early good temps due to overcast sky. Later the Sun came out strong. Good ride. 
FRANCHI01/29/20Daylight started, night time finished. Pleasant temps while the Sun was out. Chilly night & return. All good. Still tacky dirt and a little bit of green grass at the side of trails. 
FRANCHI06/22/19Late afternoon start. Night time comeback. Schabarum trail has been bulldozed in order to clear the thick vegetation grown this year. 
FRANCHI04/13/19Ride started at 6:00 pm and ended at 11:15, so I was riding about 3 hours in the night. Overgrown everywhere. Good ride since I did not fall. While in Worsham Canyon Trail I saw the poppy of a Chupacabra. Scary view. It ran down the cliff. 
FRANCHI10/27/18Night ride. This ride has a small variation to the original route. At Turmbull Canyon area, I rode the Worsham trail out and back instead looping on the fire roads north of it. Good night ride. I felt pretty good along the ride which was very well illuminated by a beautiful full Moon. 
FRANCHI06/10/1875% Night ride. Good temps and decent energy level from me. 
FRANCHI02/25/1775% night ride. 53F when started around 5:00 pm. 42F towards the end. I ran out of gas completely 3 miles before the end. So by 10pm I was freezing and no energy left. While in Turnbull I did not see a single soul. It was a good ride though. 
FRANCHI04/24/16i turned my lights on for the return. Excellent temps. 
FRANCHI12/12/15Low temps. A lot of climbing and some are quite steepy. 
FRANCHI09/05/15Late start. Had to turn on my lights for the return. 

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