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Sycamore Wood Canyon Loop

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sweeper04/28/16good ride with jesse 
SantaCruz HellRider01/04/11Stayed on the dry stuff. 
SantaCruz HellRider12/27/10Lots of water remaining in the low areas while the rest of the trail dries. Water seeping out of some hillsides. Didn't ride sections known for sticky mud. 
SantaCruz HellRider10/31/10Needs more time to dry. Avoided damage to trail and bike. 
SantaCruz HellRider07/24/10Bonus loop. Still have some zip in the legs. Refuel at the trail head and check the legs. 
SantaCruz HellRider07/06/10So much fog today it was like rain. 
SantaCruz HellRider06/30/10Camelbak sidelined for washing so it's a minimalist carry day. 
SantaCruz HellRider06/16/10Met Sandy, Chris, & Doctor D - newbies. 
SantaCruz HellRider02/21/10The morning started with misty-rain but the sun came out. Excellent day. 
SantaCruz HellRider01/26/10Finished just in time 
SantaCruz HellRider12/19/09Strong winds again, reminds me of Death Valley. 
SantaCruz HellRider06/28/09Can Obama stop this global warming? 
SantaCruz HellRider06/21/09Fast female on the last climb. When they look back you know they're worried. :-) 
SantaCruz HellRider06/06/09Found a hiker whose knee had given out. I sent in the volunteer horse patrol I found in the main canyon. 
SantaCruz HellRider06/03/09Saw another doe, she had 2 fawns. 
SantaCruz HellRider05/30/09Thomas's choice this afternoon. 
SantaCruz HellRider05/20/09Aternoon loop. Return climb getting very warm. 
SantaCruz HellRider04/19/09Real hot spots, thankful for the breeze at the top of the climb. 
Gnarmin04/19/09With pacman 
SantaCruz HellRider11/24/08On Ranch Center road I saw the hindquarters of a mountain lion slipping into the brush. How may other times don't I see him? 
SantaCruz HellRider10/04/08Stay too long - get wet 
SantaCruz HellRider10/02/08More shade = less heat 
SantaCruz HellRider12/03/07Saw a bobcat, no other cats. Deserted on a Monday. 
SantaCruz HellRider11/29/07A real gem. 
SantaCruz HellRider09/26/07The climb out was toasty the 2nd time around. 
SantaCruz HellRider09/04/07Nobody at either parking lot. Still hot spots but better. 

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