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Blackstar-Tree Farm to 1ST Mariposa sign

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angry red squirrel04/30/214/30 friday 
Old&InTheWay02/24/17Night ride. No moon lots of stars 32 degrees. 
Old&InTheWay01/28/17Ride cut short by wind and mechanical . 
Old&InTheWay02/10/15Short sunset ride. Saw 17 hikers and 18 MTB riders. 
Old&InTheWay01/20/15Cold dark and foggy. Saw 4 other riders before sunset and 5 after. 
Old&InTheWay09/18/14Maple Springs closed to all public at parking lot gate. Blackstar has been graded- lots of soft dirt. Encountered a group of 9 night riders including a tandem. 

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