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2015 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda - 50 Mile Route

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Mike.the.Spike04/17/172 damn flat tires. 
Mike.the.Spike10/28/16Thursday ride. 
Mike.the.Spike02/06/16Long solo ride today, fun but tired. Traing to get fitter for the 2016 Rwanda ride. Almost there. 
CGriffinMTB04/29/15Perfect weather for an endurance ride, good dirt, and incredibly organized! Had to take a short detour and cross the creek and hike a steep hill in order to ride around the single-track section that was closed for the girl that was going to be air lifted out. 
Mike.the.Spike04/26/15Absolutely Fantastic ride! 
karldi504/25/15Super fun ride! Temps were cool with a nice breeze every now and then. As in years past the aid stations were awesome - thanks to all the hard working volunteers - good times! 
SC-Ells04/25/15Great ride! Nice temps, great organization, cool people. Unfortunately 2 people got airlifted out. My Garmin had this well over 6K in climbing, so did my buddies. Great day on the bike. 
One Flew OTB04/25/15Great weather for the ride, and trails were in great shape. Scored a pair of Oakley's in the raffle. Still the one of the best events around. Rain held off until the ride was over, but dang did it pour during the raffle! 
Congo Kid04/11/15Rode the Caspers loop with Animal Jim. He's been out with a cold so didn't want to overdo it, so he bailed at the Dove waterfall. Decided to press on, so refilled hydration and headed to the Arroyo, then O'Neill, up to the cell tower and to Oakley, then back to Dove Canyon to my truck. Didn't even stop on the last pull to the cell tower! so pretty happy about that. Feel fine now, though legs are a bit sore. Virtually everyone I asked said they were out training for the Rwanda ride. I must say I'm in shape for the Rwanda 50 since I just did it! :-). No snakes, no crashes and cool breezes all day so perfect weather. Never got hot or sweaty with the temperature today. My odometer said 49.8 miles total. Gotta love it! 
Congo Kid04/26/14Well, God did answer prayer by having it pour last night then clear up today and end up with a very sunny, comfortable afternoon for eating, hanging out and the raffle event at Oakley. Very cold at the start and throughout most of the ride. First hill to the cell tower drained everyone as it was clay so H-A-B for all concerned. Was tired by mile 15 when heading down Star Rise into Caspers. And when not carrying 1/2 lb of clay on one's shoes or on one's tires, the wet sand was like riding near the water line at the beach. I'm convinced it took 20% or more energy to pedal even on the flats. The trails started to get better by noon on after leaving Dove Canyon aid station but by then my energy was totally drained from HAB, mud and extra force to pedal through the wet sand/soil. Sunny and warm at Oakley and excellent food, band, and fun. Did score a raffle bag - anybody want to buy some Crank Bro. Candy pedals? Raised $121K and had 936 riders. Thanks to the volunteers for a great event. 
RaulC04/26/14Moderate to easy pace with 15+ BPC (blue park crew) buddies. Write crazy stickers on helmets. Team had technical and cramping issues, but everyone made it through. Distance was actually 52 mi with a but more climbing than what is posted here. Longest mtb, so far. 
One Flew OTB03/23/14Great Big Ride in the OC. 
One Flew OTB03/23/14Perfect cool day to map the 50 mile route for this year's event. Stevo started with me then bailed (planned bail) at the Dove Canyon Waterfall. Felt pretty good today ... Osmo seems to keep my legs from cramping. Happy to have finally found something for these long rides. Pretty happy with my time considering all the starting and stopping to take some of the photos. 

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