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lake hills - valley route

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Despacio03/06/17SLT ride with KStew charging and dishing out some well deserved payback for some trash talk. ..dude was shredding !!! 👍😂😂😂😂 
Despacio03/21/16Great solo quicky to forget the days labor ! Really nice clouds and good breeze for the raptors to glide into ((-: 
Despacio03/10/16Nice quick spin trying out alternate sgltrk connectors .. 
Despacio11/13/15solo spin with a sidewall blowout at sunset ...still a great ride ! spooky going thru creekbed (~; 
Despacio11/10/15fun ride with Ben and Todd 
Despacio09/24/14Great ride with Daniel.... forgot how nice our local hills can be and always a challenge chasing dino ! 
Sjon12/26/10My first Christmas morning ride. Got the gift of friends and mud. That should prove I'm not a rodie. Was such a pic perfect day. 
Hammertime12/25/10Great ride this morning with Sjon,grant,and dad ! way too much fun playing in the wetlands !! lots of streams and baby waterfalls !! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !! 
Despacio12/16/10Good solo in the hills! took my time and finished in the dark .... got some pics of the colors and Santiago across the valley. used the 26r again before getting the chariot back for tomorrow ? used the camelback for the 1st time in awhile and remembered why I like going W/O one !! two coyotes today 
Despacio11/19/09Good ride with Samson. Found out he loves gel blasts and apples and it gave him a boost after looking like he was going to bonk ?? nice!Sjon and Hammertime tried to take me to the silt pit(fontana). Right choice! 
sweeper02/25/09solo spin. 
sweeper04/28/08hot solo ride. 
sweeper03/13/08nice solo ride and even better not having to eat all those bugs. 
sweeper01/22/08solo ride today and a little rain. 
sweeper01/05/08another great ride not much mud at all and just a little rain. 
sweeper12/13/07nice easy pace with ozzy thanks for the company . 
Despacio12/13/07cruise ride with mr grinding ! really nice to take your time and just enjoy the ride ! cold temps are fantastic and hills are starting to turn green (~: 
sweeper12/10/07cold nite ride with danny and ozzy. 
Despacio12/10/07good ride with daniel and grinding ! cool but sooo good to ride and clear the mind . legs feel really good but time off bike shows on climbs,especia;lly the three b's ! thanks frank (~: 
sweeper12/04/07great lunch ride. 
sweeper11/21/07mid morning ride with danny. 
Despacio09/12/07hard ride this afternoon with zack and mr. pickles ! took a fall with zack on our tandem and got in trouble with mammahen back at the coup (: told zack not to tell ): whaaa tired now 
sweeper09/07/07great ride with danny and his dad the mighty OZ not. 
Despacio09/07/07great ride with frank and the gallo man daniel (: legs are toast now !! 
sweeper08/28/07nice and hot solo ride today. 
sweeper04/28/07great ride with my wife she did awesome 
Despacio03/14/07sad to see one of my favorite lake hills route scarred by fire but I new it would happen sooner or later ! stay on north side of tin mine -eagle road to avoid burnt areas-through avocado orchard is fun but watch out for thorns if no slime used ! wierd to see all the drainage areas bare ! lots of security on mwd.land . 
Despacio12/01/06fun ride with boog, did the extra credit while enjoying watching boog really give the effort today and feel the accomplishment that comes with it ! thanks boog and my team thanks you too ! (: 
rebecca's daddy12/01/06going the distance today with big pappa O, UP HILL man this ride was the make or break, walked some sections, dug deep today found my inner self. Oz was a monster today doing thing i think only robots could do. good ride super fun. 
sweeper11/20/06great ride with my neighbor craig heck of a rider.we did 15 plus miles. 
Despacio11/12/06very windy solo trip, three thorns and dark finish ! loove it (: 
sweeper11/07/06fun ride with craig and danny,some bike problems but fixed them.had to put the lights on which was a blast 
Despacio11/03/06legs feel good after starting but motivation lacking as is sleep,must be getting old ! (: 
Despacio10/17/06fun loop with grinding, found a really cool singletrack variation for the climb back up from lower section. after all those days off my energy level is low but my problem area is way better (: 
Despacio10/08/06rode this sat night with grinding and daniel, fun ride even after taking two minor crashes ! was just bragging about not crashing lately . next time Ill just keep my mouth shut (: 
sweeper09/30/06great ride with the oz jr. munoz always pushing me thanks ozzy. 
Despacio09/30/06fun loop with the grinding man ,thanks for fixing my bike up so it didnt sound like a sears special! time to do maintenance and clean up (: 
Despacio09/18/06fun loop with mr pickles, 'grinding' is getting stronger every ride ! smog was pretty bad or smoke maybe from the fires ? anybody else have the same ex. today ? 
Despacio09/14/06fun ride to get it going ! almost crashed into a large coyote and one of the fast descents !there are alot of theme and there fat ? lots of food this year ! 
Despacio09/10/06woke up and did this before 2nd service and glad I did despite knee pain ? felt better until I cooled off , now I can hardly walk ! think I had better days but I made it up all the tough hills and so who cares ?? 
Despacio09/09/06good easy paced ride with MR GRANT he keeps improving even though he suffered his first fall and boy was it a spectacular one ! my daughter is mad at me (: he's ok except for some scratches and hurt pride (: 
Despacio09/08/06fun ride at 5:00 that was good times with zack on his chariot! feally getting dark early now as we barely finished in the dusk. caught zack cheating in the shadows ? (: 
Despacio09/03/06fun loop around lake hills ,hot but after doing san juan yesterday this was a breeze. back to work now so i guess its break time ?? 
Despacio08/23/06solo ride in the heat!! felt good after minor blowup at the start, legs feeling good, lungs kind of feeling the heat or smog ? cant wait until sunday in mammoth again ! (: 
Despacio08/15/06really tough ride today with nothing in tank ! bad case of being to stubborn to take a day off! two days in a role frank had to wait for the old guy ! ride was still fun until I got home ?? 
Despacio08/12/06good to be back on the bike,took grant and zack on this ride that took over two hours but it was just one of those rides that was all fun and no time to stress about anything !! (: 
Despacio08/07/06solo ride today with grinding having to nurse a bad case of acting like a kid (: really worked on climbing today and did alot of extra credit! including taking a 5 mile ride before hand with my son zack on his tag along,he really pedals hard enough to help get up the hills and I get free rides on the flats !! 
Despacio08/01/06yesterdays third ride , really fun loop with grinding and Jerimiah, took a dumb fall on a loop t doo and hurt ribs and pride and bike !!(: thanks frank 
Despacio08/01/06nice late ride with grinding,thought I fixed my bike _not ss time 
Despacio07/24/06tough ride for me today as I forced myself to go with headache and my legs felt like I was riding with my brakes on,then grinding broke his chain and we got out about 9pm. time to get some rest probably ? not likely (: 
Despacio06/26/06hot muggy ride with grinding ! 3 days off bike felt fine for legs but air was ugly to breathe and just to look at ? thanks for sticking it out frank !(: 
Despacio06/22/06late afternoon ride with grinding,legs felt kind of weary after this mornings ride but still fun and not as hot as advertised 
Despacio06/20/06warm afternoon ride with frank and daniel,lots of hills to keep the legs burning and rollercoasters to keep it fun!! (: 
Despacio06/19/06great afternoon ride with frank,did all the big climbs and he is really making progress!! frank flatted out and we got back in darkness,more adventure!! (: 
Despacio06/05/06rode with daniel and frank, had a large rattler almost get to me on a fast downhill,he was not quick enough thank god !! still hot even at 4:30 
Daniel Munoz06/05/06hot ride with my dad and girlfriends dad,burned them! 
Despacio06/04/06part of my ride this afternoon,started in the heat and rode untill dark! ran into a big rattler with nice colors ! 
Despacio05/15/06rode with dan and did some extra exploring and had a otb experience that was fun for dan (payback) to witness,feeling really rusty,need to do some long rides soon? lots of snakes ,frogs and lizards!! 
Despacio05/06/06rode this with my son this morning and explored some new singletrack options with gnarly results (: had fun with my kid giving blood donation again and we got to play with a snake 
Despacio04/29/06did this ride and combined it with short loop for a tough but fun afternoon,legs are toast now !!saw a huge rattler that was laid out on trail,good thing it was uphill and im slow anyway 
Despacio04/27/06did this ride this afternoon but I started from indiana st. which is the lowest point in lake hills and went up to almost the highest and gps it but there was a tech problem and somehow picked up a waypoint at santiago oaks? total ride 16.1 mi and 2347 elevation try again tomarrow morning anybody bored ? 
Despacio04/26/06took my kid and his buddy brad who wanted to work out for fireman test coming up,it worked? few sprinkles here and there but beautiful skies! and Im with dump truck about those people who think their too good to say waaaasss up 
Despacio04/25/06went for a solo this morning,and might as well do something constructive as well,so I made this little route and will be looking to add and improve it shortly ? lots of single track deviations that crisscross the main roads 
Despacio04/25/06did this route again but started on the lowest end of lake hills on indiana ave. going to gps. this variation tomarrow ! 

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