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PV3*PV(MP2PVE): PV(MilePost2-PVE) spliced in PV3

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shiftalot01/12/20no rso. StartTime=1451. [15682.FX9; 89913. total; 87. to tie Abigail]. 171. About 3 dozen walkers, mostly with dogs on leashes (1 dog was not on a leash). About 2 dozen bikers (2 families each with mom & dad & 3 kids; 1 family of 4 with 2 kids). 3 joggers (1 female with a long coat and long pants; 1 male with shorts, a long sleeve shirt and a knit cap with the temp around 50F; 1 male with tights on his legs and a hoodie). Lots of Mallards on Watson Lake. Avoided all the snow and ice except for 3 each about 50ft sections near the mile high summit (about 1.5 miles S of the Sundog Trail head). 
shiftalot01/03/20no rso. StartTime=1459. [15615.FX9; 89769. total; 231. to tie Abigail]. 172. 14 bikers; 11 walkers, 2 of which were sitting with one shoe and sock off at 2 different spots of the trail; 1 jogger; 1 mountain lion; many Mallards in WatsonLake. I forgot to mention the Mallards in my comments on Wednesday. 
shiftalot01/01/20no rso. StartTime=1328. [15599.FX9; 89753. total; 247. to tie Abigail]. 172. More than 50 walkers (mostly seniors); 4 horses; more than a dozen bikers; 2 joggers; 1 runner; more than a dozen dogs on leashes. 
shiftalot08/13/17no rso. StartTime=1624. [10453.FX9; 79099. total; 3641. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot07/26/17no rso. StartTime=1027. [10086.FX9; 78719. total; 4021. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot01/29/17no rso. StartTime=1536. [7996.FX9; 76080. total; 6660. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot01/16/17no rso. StartTime=1424. [7962.FX9; 76046. total; 6694. to tie Venus]. Scattered drops, then rain, for which I was not prepared. 
shiftalot01/16/17no rso. StartTime=1507. [7978.FX9; 76062. total; 6678. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot01/14/17no rso. StartTime=1523. [7946.FX9; 76030. total; 6710. to tie Venus]. All day it has alternated with sunshine then dark clouds and rain. For this ride, it started with 30minutes of sun, followed by 30 minutes of dark clouds and then 2 hours of rain. It stopped raining about 15minutes after I got home. 70% chance of rain tonite. 
shiftalot12/30/16no rso. StartTime=1445. [7859.FX9; 75928. total; 6812. to tie Venus]. 9 bikers today vs only me yesterday. 10minutes after finishing it started to rain. It is predicted to rain/snow every day until next Friday when it will be sunny with a high of 38F. 
shiftalot12/29/16no rso. StartTime=1452. [7843.FX9; 75912. total; 6828. to tie Venus]. This route starts out @5000ft and rises to 5200 twice and almost 5200ft another time. Nearing the 5200' point around mile post 1.4, there were many patches of ice & snow across the width of the trail, the patches ranging from 20ft to 50ft long. A slip there would send me down an almost vertical slope to WatsonLake. Not an inviting prospect. No other bikers, just walkers and runners. 
shiftalot11/22/16no rso. StartTime=1457. [7329.FX9; 75385. total; 7355. to tie Venus]. CoyoteSpings was too muddy so I opted for Peavine. 
shiftalot08/27/16no rso. StartTime=1546. [5067.FX9; 73097. total; 9643. to tie Venus]. It rained this morning and then again in the evening. No rain on this ride. 
shiftalot08/23/16no rso. StartTime=1033. [4995.FX9; 73025. total; 9715. to tie Venus]. It had just stopped raining when I started. It started again about 9 miles in. Fortunately I was mostly prepared. 
shiftalot08/14/16no rso. StartTime=1046. [4802.FX9; 72832. total; 9908. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot08/12/16no rso. StartTime=1001. [4733.FX9; 72763. total; 9977. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot08/12/16no rso. StartTime=1619. [4771.FX9; 72801. total; 9939. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot08/07/16no rso. StartTime=0935. [4606.FX9; 72636. total; 10104. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot08/05/16no rso. StartTime=1532. [4585.FX9; 72615. total; 10125. to tie Venus]. After 1/2 mile from the SideRd parking lot, it started to sprinkle. In another 1/2 mile it started to rain and it kept steadily with big heavy drops for another 2.5 miles. Then sunshine the rest of the 12.5 miles. 
shiftalot08/04/16no rso. StartTime=0952. [22421.GT9; 72593. total; 10147. to tie Venus]. 15 minutes after the finish, it started to sprinkle. 30 minutes after that it started to pour heavily. 
shiftalot07/30/16no rso. StartTime=1018. [4537.FX9; 72525. total; 10215. to tie Venus]. Thursday nite I was in Surprise and thought I'd take a ride. @8pm it was 113F. No way was I going to ride in that heat. @midnight it was 109F. No rides during that trip to Surprise. 
shiftalot07/26/16no rso. StartTime=0912. [4510.FX9; 72498. total; 10242. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot07/23/16no rso. StartTime=0931. [4441.FX9; 72429. total; 10311. to tie Venus]. There were about 50 horse people and their horses in the SideRd parking lot. I got ahead of them and then proceeded to do the extra round trip from milepost 2 to the old end of PeavineTrail (old route AZ 89A trestle) in 1/4 to 0.6 miles pieces in an attempt to stay ahead of the horse group. The horses were slower than I thought and eventually I ran into them only once. All men and women had on identical red shirts with various logos on them. Riding 2 abreast they looked formidable. 
shiftalot05/12/16no rso. StartTime=1021. [2390.FX9; 70373. total; 12367. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot11/05/15no rso. StartTime=1611. [22018.GT9; 67668. total; 15072. to tie Venus]. No rides yesterday due to rain and snow. Today the mountains are dusted with snow and the trail had no snow. Took the FX9 into HighGearBike shop for its 1 month warranty checkup. For the next while I'll ride the GT9 a little more so I can take it in for its 1 month checkup after converting it from a 9speed to a 10speed, including an 11-36 cassette replacing a 12-36 cassette. 
shiftalot08/13/15no rso. StartTime=1716. [21081.TK9; 65322. total; 17418. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot07/06/15no rso. StartTime=1019. [20433.TK9; 64277. total; 18463. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot06/19/15no rso. StartTime=1534. [19517.TK9; 63296. total; 19444. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot06/15/15no rso. StartTime=1530. [20271.GT9; 62093. total; 20647. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot09/21/14no rso. StartTime=1544. [19970.GT9; 60326. total; 22414. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot09/17/14no rso. StartTime=1448. [16909.TK9; 59976. total; 22764. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot09/17/14no rso. StartTime=1537. [16945.TK9; 60012. total; 22728. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot09/17/14no rso. StartTime=1026. [16976.TK9; 60043. total; 22697. to tie Venus]. Took GT9 to HighGearBikeShop. 
shiftalot09/17/14no rso. StartTime=0945. [17004.TK9; 60071. total; 22669. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot09/08/14no rso. StartTime=1512. [16837.TK9; 59904. total; 22836. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot09/08/14no rso. StartTime=1008. [16862.TK9; 59929. total; 22811. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot08/29/14no rso. StartTime=1024. [16709.TK9; 59695. total; 23045. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot08/29/14no rso. StartTime=1026. [16740.TK9; 59726. total; 23014. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot08/27/14no rso. StartTime=1005. [16677.TK9; 59663. total; 23077. to tie Venus]. Ride 1of2. 
shiftalot08/27/14no rso. StartTime=1624. [16693.TK9; 59679. total; 23061. to tie Venus]. Ride 2of2. 
shiftalot08/23/14no rso. StartTime=1018. [16559.TK9; 59545. total; 23195. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot08/22/14no rso. StartTime=1020. [16531.TK9; 59517. total; 23223. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot08/20/14no rso. StartTime=1024. [16515.TK9; 59501. total; 23239. to tie Venus]. Rain wiped out yesterday and this afternoon. 
shiftalot08/16/14no rso. StartTime=1634. [16454.TK9; 59440. total; 23300. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot08/15/14no rso. StartTime=1600. [16423.TK9; 59409. total; 23331. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot08/14/14no rso. StartTime=1040. [16354.TK9; 59340. total; 23400. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot08/14/14no rso. StartTime=1000. [16381.TK9; 59367. total; 23373. to tie Venus]. 
shiftalot08/05/14no rso. StartTime=1525. [16110.TK9; 59096. total; 0. to tie Mars]. [16111.TK9; 59097. total; 23643. to tie Venus]. This ride completed the virtual circumnavigation of the equators of the Earth, Moon, Pluto, Mercury, and Mars, and is 1 mile into the equator of Venus. The completion of Venus is expected to be in around 4 years after I'm 82. We'll see how that goes. This 12 year plan was conceived in 2006, and I haven't thought about what my goal will be after Venus. Any suggestions? Added 2014aug06, 0002, because of a received email. The miles shown in the stats are from the odometer on each of my bikes. The miles include both mtb ladder and road ladder routes. The miles also include the miles before the start of the route and the miles after the end of the route. The miles do not include those accrued when someone else is riding any of my bikes. The odometer readings are subject to errors due to varying tire pressures and tread wear and different weight loads. 
shiftalot01/07/14no rso. StartTime=1530. [13153.TK9; 54716. total; 4380. to tie Mars]. 

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