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O\'Neill Arroyo Trabuco-Tijeras Creek

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Dmac07/23/14Yesterday's ride 
Dmac04/11/14Great Friday no work ride 
Mike.the.Spike01/04/1412 riders, casual pace, nice ride. 
Dmac10/13/13Fantastic ride today - just made it back to the house - exhausted - perfect! 
trailking@cox.net12/04/11Good ride..perfect weather today. 
thatdave09/17/11Just Dave and I "great ride" 
davidw02/03/11Josh and were planning to ride up Trabuco, around the Upper San Juan Loop and then down Trabuco. We were stopped at Live Oak Canyon and told the road was closed. Then we rode up Rose Canyon - for the hell of it - up to Joplin Youth Camp and worked our way down the some unnamed trails into the Trabuco wash. Too late to do the original ride we opted for Arroyo Trabuco. As expected, there was plenty of water damage - plenty of stream crossings and sandy wash-out trail sections. We also threw in the water works trail. which was fun. Not what we planned to do, but we made the best of it. 
RYAN FOREST07/25/10Rode with Marshall... 
One Flew OTB07/21/10Fun times with Paul and Vicki. Only a couple wrong turns along the way ... got to ride some trails we hadn't been on before, including some hike a bike across Tijeras Creek LOL. 
Fast Turtle07/21/10Rode with One Flew OTB and Vicki. Good pace. Nice to ride something different. 
Red Ryder12/20/09Great ride with Tom, James and Shorty. James saw a fox. 
Red Ryder06/27/09HOT ride with James and Shorty. I didn't think it was going to get so hot. The heat added a whole new factor. It was still a fun, beautiful ride. 
Shorty06/27/09Another fun "epic for me" ride. The boys; James, and Red Ryder were a lot of fun. We startled a deer in the shade of a tree. It was very, very hot. Red Ryder saw the thermostat at 95 degrees at the Trabuco Canyon General Store. 
vikingboy1805/10/09Computer went on the fritz halfway through the ride and I had to stop to deal with some derailleur issues as well. Actual time in the saddle is unknown. 
trailking@cox.net01/12/08Rode with Pink SC, Genny,Pat, & Fritz. A little muddy/soft in some spots but not bad at all. ABsolute perfect day for riding. 
PinkSC01/12/08Good ride with the gang. Awesome day out!Rode the Blur instead of the bullit today. 

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