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Aliso: Cholla-Lynx-Rockit-Meadows

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DONALD JACKSON10/04/13breezer is riding great 
DONALD JACKSON11/17/12Sweeet ride Sat afternoon 
Enriquez02/11/12Nice and cool on the top ridge! Chatted with a dude on a brand spankin new green Trek Slash rite before we went down Lynx. My good deed for the day, put air in all 3 tires for a lady walking her stroller up to the Top of World with another kid strapped to her back. Had a blast down Meadows. Great Ride!! 
grimix07/29/11Maxxis 1 : Alvin 0 :o/ Oh and Android + Endomondo does not equal GPS solution. 
Rowsby06/08/11Quick after work loop with JJ. 
Rowsby06/06/11Held a skills class for the girls in the group. They learned a lot. (I think!) 
mblazer08/15/10Fun ride, not as hard as I expected. I actually did a variation where I went up Mathis instead of Rock It but did not have GPS on me. Good workout. 
Greo1005/28/10solo again lots of folks out trails are OK just another loop in AW - add the 5 mi from home 
Greo1005/24/10windy afternoon on the trails few hikers and riders - felt tight after the 50 on the road Sat. Put the new bushings on the blur and it runs awsome - no stops and rode from home so add 5 more mi 
Tubthumper05/17/10The snakes are out! 
Greo1004/30/10still trying to get 45 more miles by Sat for the 1 yr 3000 mark 
Greo1004/18/10Sun 5pm ride encountered the most agro old fart hiking group 2 times. Lead lady was as ugly a person as I have ever encountered on the trail, just put her head down, center of the trail, and kept walking right at me challenging me to literally stop and move over. Then when shoulder to shoulder she yells to the rest BIKE! like no shit Im stopped and letting them by but she has to be miss helpful. Then up Rockit the whole line is walking all over the trail with no thought of letting anyone by LAME 
Greo1004/08/10MTBin to keep sanity . CHolla in 4:20 with a lot of traffic. added 4mi from home and back 
Greo1003/24/10solo afternoon buzz b4 finishing the instal of what should have been my new bike but turned into new frikin kitchen appliances. So I now have a bunch of new heavy, shinny stainless steel, ridged, no speed things instead of a TallBoy! 
Greo1011/07/09rode this route lots of times and glad to finally find it onthe ladders. Fast ride with the pecks x3 & Uranga 
adventureDevon10/13/09One of the best routes in the part...IMHO. Made the extra credit at top of Dripping, and the extra credit singletracks at the top of lynx and right before mathis... Somebody put in a full STAIRCASE in the gully behind the houses as you approach meadows...I heard an escalator is coming soon... 
Rowsby07/02/09Rode with Franks group. 10+ people, fun ride! 
Rowsby06/04/09Rode with Beni and Rob. Beni had a crash on the way to meadows and cut her leg. Bummer! 
Rowsby05/13/09Rode with Beni, Rob, Jeff and Daniel. Great ride, fast and fun! 
Rowsby05/07/09Rode with Jeff, had a blast 
Rowsby05/07/09Rode with the Bike Co guys on demo Titus bikes. Great ride 
DirtyD05/03/093-foot rattler laying on the meadows trail! 
Rowsby04/05/09First ride in two weeks! Rode with Beni, great ride :-) 
bmerritt3204/09/06Took the time to create this route in Aliso that is pretty fun. 

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