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Indian Truck Trail - Coldwater Trail

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goldrunner01/13/16First ride of the new year. Great stuff with Jr., Daniel and Jonna. 
Tick Magnet12/26/15Just a bit windy and cold at the top today. 
FRANCHI06/06/15Last time I rode Coldwater was 3 years ago. I forgot all about how nice the first 2/3 of it was and I forgot how tough it was after that. On the last 1/3 of it there are some descents of 50% grade at least. At the very end there is a 15 ft vertical drop. I had the same inconveniences as last time to get out of the gravel mine. (at the bottom- after Coldwater) I had to squeeze through an 8 inch gap created when I forced open the existing gate. I had to remove the pedals and rotate the handle bar 90 degrees. 
Despacio12/19/14Fantastic night adventure with Ben and Daniel !! I should have had a Headlamp to see around the corners ....next time ? 
goldrunner12/19/14its actually easier at night. fun ctuff! 
EFFing Dude03/14/14Lovely ride with Ben and Jr. Met JD and Jake. Fun ride liked the show Ben and Jr as you guys came down Coldwater lol... Good times 
Despacio03/11/14Sunday morning memorial ride got postponed and we were there so took advantage and kept going and Todd,Ben,and I ran into JD and the tank (jake) for a fun ride down Coldwater ! trobe was right its in great shape but still walked way more than previous times ...Ben gave us the show when he morphed into Cornholio ..LMAO 
goldrunner03/09/14Another great adventure with Todd and Jr., and even better running into JD & Jake at the parking and descending CW together. Not my best skills day but managed to make it fairly unscathed physically, mentally I need therapy after almost slipping into a black, well brown hole :/ no photo's can't prove Shite! Great ride...Hardtail with slicks not the rig for this. 
goldrunner10/19/13Fun stuff with the Crew of two. Jr & Dan. Your attracting termites jr. 
Hammertime10/18/13God to get out and ride again, been a while, and missed a couple shows behind me on coldwater, a stick even got to tag along on the rest of our ride in my dads forehead:P 
Despacio10/18/13Tough ride after a long week of work and too little shut eye but great to ride again and got a little second wind towards the top ! had a otb on the steep section near the bottom and took home a piece of tree in/on my forehead and lost a bottle when it kept going on the ejection(`; great trail but needs water and some rope ..LOL 
benito05/19/13Good ride with the Sat Crew. One of my favorite trails. 
A bit more technical05/18/13great time with the crew. 11 of us. thx to ben and frank for driving. oh, and for Brian's driving too. 
suchafingahole05/18/13Great ride with, the Sat.crew + a few.. 
GoneRiding05/18/13Happy to get out and hit Coldwater again! Glad I put some new rear brake pads on before this ride. 8 of us carpooled and 3 others met up with us out there. All OC boys. Coldwater never disappoints and is always a test. Good times. Saw a dead fox on the trail. Some of us ate back in OC and some decided to stop out in the IE. What's up with that???? Just adds to the adventure and the stories. 
ThinkFast05/18/13Good ride, 9 strong to start. Stopped for lunch and realized Dave's bike was in the other truck. Oops! Good times. 
benito01/06/13Great ride with the Sat Crew. Troy, Tom, Greg and Matt. Coldwater did not disapoint. Good times 
GoneRiding01/05/13We were itching to hit Coldwater but didn't want to climb from the OC side so we carpooled over to Corona. Coldwater didn't disappoint. What a great trail. Rode w Ben, Greg, Troy & Matt. First time on Coldwater for Ben & Greg. Good seeing Hammertime & Sourceminer on the climb up ITT. Also saw Dana Weber and a few others coming down Upper Holy Jim as we hiked up. Steve & Larissa joined us for the ride down Coldwater. Great day out there today. 
ThinkFast01/05/13Good times with Ben, Greg, Tom, & Matt. Hammertime and Sourceminer caught us on the climb up ITT. Lots of people at the top of HJ where we ran into Steve and Larissa, who joined us for the ride down Coldwater. Tom had a mechanical. 
Tick Magnet01/05/13Great ride with Tom, Troy, Matt and Ben. First time up ITT and down Coldwater. Had a blast on Coldwater, didn't really enjoy the re-route hike. Coldwater is a great trail with lots of variation, just the way I like it. 
Hammertime12/31/12Great ride with Jake, John, and Vince. Cleaned my nemesis section of cold water, but still gotta work on the last drop shutte of coldwater, otherwise its all confirmed rideable. Loved the snow btw, but hands were cold for a little while up at the parking lot and on the way down coldwater 
goodoljake12/29/12S1. Cold start to a fun ride with JDMack, Hammertime, and Vinchenzo. We actually got snowed on at the Upper Holy Jim trail for a few. Coldwater was very fun, even with the hike-a-bike areas. Need to find a legit way out at the bottom though! 
JDMack12/29/12Really fun ride with Hammertime, Jake, and Vince. Jake, Vince, and I were going to do a longer ride but at the top of ITT the wet weather looked to be coming quicker than Dallas said it would. Daniel planned to go down Coldwater so we decided to go with him.(By dragging us with him he missed his 11:00 apt.) Coldwater is in perfect condition, really fun. Daniel made the section he crashed on the other day. We had light snow on the first mile of Coldwater but after that the weather was good with no rain until we were in our trucks driving home. I need to find Tom's trail at the bottom of Coldwater that leads to the water tanks. We ended up going thru the private property and meeting the owner at the gate as she was coming home. She wasn't happy to see us but by the time we left she had mellowed somewhat. She does not want mountain bikers in her property! 
mtbjosh01/02/12The trail is in terrible shape. It appears no one has ridden it in a very long time, likely 2010 or early 2011. I turned around 2 miles down it and went back up. Again, very poor conditions. 
ThinkFast11/07/10Good times with Hippydude, goldrunner, tweasol, and mark1890. Coldwater is in desperate need of some brush work! Josh flatted, and I was unaware till I stopped, and then I had to hike almost a half mile back up to everyone. Nice to have Ben and Mark join us! 
tweasol11/07/10Coldwater is in excellent shape. It must of just recently been brushed. Make sure you ride this before it gets any rain because its better that way, definitely... But seriously, this trail needs a helping hand, big time. Razor sharp overhanging brush is abundant. Still an epic day with Troy, Brian, Mark, and Ben. We got to repel down a rope, and they got to watch a dummy attempt to fix a flat which I haven't done in ages...Sweeet. What a day, I had fun at least. ...Good food afterwards... (Thanks Troy) 
suchafingahole11/07/10Always fun just getting out and riding. Coldwater needs some serious TLC. Rode with Klutz,Tweasol,Goldrunner and Mark1890. Good to see Mark and Ben again... 
goldrunner11/07/10Yeehaa, that was fun! 2 OTB's, a little splunking, little repelling, little wear on the brakes and the ass of my shorts : / Great adventure with Mark & the "visitors" from the other, other side.. 
xraydoc10/06/10just did indian truck trail 
davidw02/19/10Beautiful day. Flatted on the ITT and broke a chain on Coldwater. Otherwise it was great. Had to walk a bit on the last part of the trail. Too steep. Super steep. I want to do this again before it gets too hot, or maybe as an up and over. 
Shane@IRF01/04/10I wouldn't ride this again. The single track that starts at the tower (11 miles up) is overgrown. Stick with the up & back ride that stops at the main divide. 
Flip11/08/09Absolutely gorgeous day. fun times descending. only 2 OTB issues today. coldwater drew its share of blood today. 
CoronaKid09/22/09I decided to try this one on my own and gave up after 5 miles uphill. I just started too late and it got too hot. I didn't want to risk heat exhaustion being alone. The 5 miles I did was fun though. Some idiot on an ATV came flying down out of control and almost hit me so be careful. I can't wait to try this again when it is cooler. 
Flip06/14/092nd week in a row hitting Coldwater. Quickly becoming one of my favorites. Under cloud cover until final section of descent. 2 rattlers to round off a great morning 
Flip06/07/09Fun ride. Cool and cloudy top half of ride. Coldwater in really good shape. A bit overgrown near bottom 1/4 but still a great ride! 
angry red squirrel04/16/09went to the other side of the moon-the i.e,(3 miles inland is the i.e for me),injun truck trail,good semi steep climb then levels off a little til the main divide,then more climbing,was gonna do coldwater,but the little voice in my head said"danger will robinson danger" and i didnt feel like being airlifted out,went past upper/lower holy jim up 2 santiago peak(1 mile shy)then turn around,all down hill about 15 berms on the way down you get air with speed,trip was 20 or more miles,good times 
Flip04/11/09Beautiful day in the Santa Ana's. Bit cool and damp near top of ITT to top of Coldwater. Descent as always was spectacular. 
slopush02/17/09My version of a triathalon: Ride, push and carry. Waaay too much snow to be ridable so we (Shine and I- thanks a LOT buddy) pushed our bikes for 3-4 miles of the ride. It made for a long ride but was still fun. Or are we just sick? Will try this one again in the spring. 
Shine02/15/09a quick morning spin w/slopush before tomorrow's rains come. Garmin said we were on 3:30 pace until we hit the snow...there is just too much of it right now to do this ride, we pushed bikes for miles uphill...and even had to push them downhill in parts. Otherwise, beautiful route, looking forward to do again when snow is all gone. 
singletrack02/12/09Cleaning the switchbacks and the lower steeps made up for snow on the first mile. Trail running at San Mateo Canyon Wilderness afterwards. 
ridnsolo02/01/09Gorgeous Day to be riding. Second time riding this in a little over a week. I'm done w/ coldwater for while. The last part of the trail is CRAZY steep!! Great ride Jesse. 
ridnsolo01/23/09It took me until around 10:30a to get my lazy carcass of the couch. I'm glad I did. Great day for a solo spin. Did not hit rain until the horse shoe at lower HJ. Then a steady lite rain the rest of the way. I'm glad I had a rain/ windbreaker jacket on. Thanks to the people who did trail maintenance on ITT/Coldwater, and thank the Lord for getting me home safe!! 
Flip12/28/08few downed trees on ITT. Snow in spot. Upper coldwater has up to 6" of snow on trail. Lots of downed trees made riding 3/4 of coldwater extremely difficult. trail needs major work before it in rideable shape again. 
Flip12/13/08Cold and wet. need to break out the winter gloves. coldwater was in great shape and a blast. 
mtbcat11/30/08if only sex could be this good 
genusmtbkr511/07/08Nice temps today. CW is still very loose and overgrown in some spots. Nice way to break in the new bike. 
Sherpa DRider10/26/08The steepest trails I've been on but always a great time riding with fellow bikers from STR. 
Laggdawg10/26/08STR group Ride: Kenton, Geronimo, Maxwell, Hobbs, Mike, SherpaD. Good stuff..hotter then hell. Need more water! 
Hammertime08/16/08This trail is not one of the sweetest anything, cold water is a trail I'd only send an enemy to, horrible condition, no maintnance, no fun! 
sweeper08/16/08good ride with danny untill we hit coldwater or should i say bushwacker,it needs alot of work. 
kentonn05/10/08Great route..... Just the right amount of climbing with a 'freaking' fun descent. 
ridnsolo04/12/08nice ride.indian TT is a leg burner. this time found coldwater trail. lots of people out everyone from 4xers to marathon runners. 
mtnbikej03/29/08Nice cool weather.....fog and clouds rolled in and out all day. ITT was nothing special. Lower HJ to top of Upper Holy Jim is just stupid....don't need to do that again. Top of Coldwater is in great shape and fast....the lower section is the same as usual. 
mtbcat03/29/08by far the best ride in the santa anas thanks for the trail work and clearing the pungi sticks 
genusmtbkr503/29/08Great ride today. CW is still pretty loose at the bttom half but the top half is in great shape. 
ridnsolo03/28/08great ride 95% up hill climbing until upper holy jim.bring alot of water.Its a GRIND! 
ridnsolo03/28/08great ride its a challenging climb up to upper holy jim, could not find coldwater trailhead or the cairns. I rode about a mile past holy jim to S304 marker. Maybe next time I'll bring the directions with me. Can't wait until the next time! 
davidg03/17/08Harsh ride with Steve F. due to weather conditions... total headwind with dust going up ITT, then hail at about 4000'. So, the ride down was grueling. The first part of the DH was incredible, then the last 2-3 miles was miserable (steep, loose, and rutted)... Like having great sex then getting kicked in the balls afterward. 
cH4os12/02/07Excellent Ride with Johnny PeddleSmith, Jake, and Lenny. Met up with Winger, Hermit, cc, Rushak, and Scott at Upper HJ. Coldwater was so perfect! like velcro! Icy ascent up ITT. 
cH4os12/02/07Coldwater was so perfect! like velcro, 2 days after rain!! Icy ascent up ITT. 1 The Greatest! 
goldrunner08/04/07Late start, Was Warm but good ride. Nice rid'n w/ GDr, 3F..Group 
aword4you07/22/07I think I finally found a trail I dislike more than Joplin! I didn't know that was possible. Otherwise good. 
bjammin07/22/07This is one of my new favorite rides. I've never had so much dirt come off me in the shower before! 
mark189007/15/07ended up being solo ride.last few miles of climb were a butt kicker 
cervelo107/07/07exposed with nothing under leaves. didnt like last mile 5 months ago , dont like it now.rest of ride ok. 
Truth05/12/07A lot of loose dirt/duff and a few steep spots that required hiking down. A couple of somersaults kept it exciting. If you do this ride, make sure you pack a lunch (i.e., bring food for energy). 
mtnbikej02/18/07Indian Truck Trail is not bad at all. The ride up to Holy Jim on Main Divide was definately easier going our direction. Chose to hike a bike up Upper Holy Jim. Coldwater is steep and loose. 
goldrunner12/21/06Got a late start, by the time I got to the end of Indian the sun was setting. It was cold and lots of ice in the shaded area's, went back down the way I came up. 
Blueman10/09/06Coldwater is becoming overgrown and the surface is covered with 4-6" of loose dirt/leaves. I'm a intermediate rider and I could only ride about 60% of this trail. The climb up Indian truck/Main Divide was great (2:50 from Temescal Cayon Ranger Station). 
rpackham07/25/06I started this one, but ran out of water and sunlight, and had to turn back at mile 8.5. It's a beautiful trail (very green). Can't wait to try again and finish. 
Pain Freak04/12/06One of the better Sant Ana rides, the last mile needs some work though. Really fun trail, I will do this again. 
royta04/08/06Went with maxxxlaw, krash, Pain Freak, and dft. Wow! Coldwater is just amazing. I think this has become maxxxlaw's and my early Saturday morning ride! 

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