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Whiting Ranch - Cactus

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EK-RSM07/25/06Good pace tonight despite cross-country flight this morning. Cattle pond added about 4 minutes to loop. 
devodoc07/25/06Boy it cooled off tonight. I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to temps in the mid-80's. Up Lil Cholla, not ridge... 
chrisboy07/23/06didn't make it up mustard this time, even though i did last time. rode with adam and laser 
Lonnie07/22/06Flat Tire 2nd ride in a row on Cactus 
EK-RSM07/22/067:30am start time - Hot & muggy. Had a Gu instead of breakfast and that was a mistake. Felt the bonk through the whole ride, but I made it. 
razorcake07/21/06morning out with adam and chris. planned 2 laps but the heat changed our minds 
Von-Skipp07/20/06lap 2 w/ Cranx. Forget to turn timer off at pavement. oops. 
Cranx07/20/062nd lap w/VonSkipp. It was hot and my legs were not up to par today. Just one of those days. 
EK-RSM07/20/066pm start time....seemed extra hot & muggy - no breeze this evening. Got back from Detroit trip today. Nice to be back in the saddle. 
1x1clyde07/19/061st lap at 3, all to myself! Shade was nice to have. 
dandrews07/18/06Nice evening ride. 
dandrews07/18/06lap 2 
ThinkFast07/18/06Lap 2 - I didn't ThinkFast and took a trail sample with my face. No cactus but close. Fun ride! 
1x1clyde07/17/06Lap #2, a little faster know that I know where I am going. 
1x1clyde07/17/063rd Lap, Mustard was killing me this lap. Used a 32x18 for all 3, maybe a 20t would have made it a little easier on the last lap. 
Moonrider07/17/06Includes cattle pond loop and sage brush trail 
devodoc07/16/06Did Cattle Pond and Little Cholla instead of ridge. Still moving slow. I need to step it up a bit. 
Royster7107/16/06I missed my Bike on this trail. Shifting on my GT is always pleasant. Good ride Frank,Silvia,Dwight,Mike,John and a few others. 
Royster7107/16/06This place makes you feel like your in a forest. Its a good workout on mustard and the downhill is just great. 
1x1clyde07/16/06First time here, can't believe I waited so long! Pretty busy but still fun. Lap #1 
rsc60107/15/062nd time around. better. 
xhuskr07/14/06Still hot out..and too much rest/wait time...but 'no rider left behind', eh? 
tkblazer07/14/06good ride, threw in another loop around line shack and back through live oak 
Ladera Dave07/13/06Great morning ride 
oc_laske07/12/06after work ride with someone from work 
animaltico07/10/06EASY RIDE . 
lilmissholly07/09/06not sure on timing, road with the girls this am and jeff came too. slid down one of the ruts, and fel on the stump at the end, not good, oh well. bday tomorrow, new tattoo 
EK-RSM07/08/06Hot this evening and the flies were out in force at 4-corners. Saw the '07 Stumpy Comp at RocknRoad.... Nice subtle frame design change. 
Weekend Warrior07/08/06Nice easy ride with Phil & Mark. 
MJCS07/08/06First time through...real nice. Saved a person from herself on the ride :p 
rsc60107/06/06first time out. i thought i was going to die. i walked up 2/3 of the hills. 
jjwrecker07/06/06Sweet ride in the AM 
EK-RSM07/06/06Did the big hill in front middle ring for the first time.... perfect weather this evening. 
xhuskr07/06/06Loop 1 
xhuskr07/06/06Long wait for some of our group on a crowded day. Went to the bench (did not add that time) 
Cranx07/05/06SpineDoc's first ride in Whiting...I was very impressed w/his climbing ability after only a month on a MTB. Saw a baby rattler at the top of the last climb...very cool! 
xhuskr07/03/06Nice morning spin-getting hot. 
xhuskr07/03/062nd loop...now it's hot. Happy 4th of July everyone!! 
superjoe07/03/06Quick solo ride 
Terry Best07/03/06a great ride the other day with my brother-in-law. His first ever mountain (or any) bike ride. Added cattle pond. He made it 80% up Mustard and cleared everything downhill. Amazing. 
One Flew OTB07/02/06Second lap. First Lap was Whiting - Dreaded hill. Total time 1:17. 
EK-RSM07/01/06Hot! even when starting at 8am. 
Royster7107/01/06one word "hot" nice ride Sylvia and Darren 
ThinkFast06/29/06Cruising in the heat. Did the cattle pond loop too. 
EK-RSM06/29/06Lotsa people in the park this evening despite the very hot temps. 
Marcel Trepus06/28/06Hot Hot 95 Degrees 
xhuskr06/28/06Still hot! 
Chelle001106/28/06This included up to the Mark Reynolds Bench and to the intersection of El Toro/Santa Margarite (start/finish)...so it's an unofficial time :) 
TRB06/28/06Added this to whiting/luge with DD 
Big D.D.06/28/06Lap 2 with TRB but no Von Skipp 
xhuskr06/27/06Did not keep track of time. Trying out a bike with animaltico. Will do again tonite to get even better feel for the bike.....thnx animaltico 
EK-RSM06/27/06Saw a ML or Bobcat cub near the top of the short climb btwn Cactus & Sage Scrub. 
animaltico06/27/06Easy morning ride before work . 
Traci Maynard06/27/06Added "Extra Credit" 
mud06/25/06First time on the trail. Good ride, great climb, and a fun downhill. Even went through the single track on Live Oak at the bottom as well. 
shleppy06/24/06Chilled out out ride with my buddy Dave. 
cjwally06/23/06Looks like they fixed up the trail on borrego in the beginning. Nice ride. 
debimtb06/23/06My "creaky" Blur loved the new bridges. Did some extra climbs. 
xhuskr06/22/06Loop 1 Another ride just as stated. I need to check my cyclometer, because I didn't feel fast. Oh well....we'll see later on in the summer. 
xhuskr06/22/06Loop #2.......broke the subrame on the bike AGAIN after finishing the ride and going back for friends.....argh!!!! 
Royster7106/22/06Went wit Frank,Marie,Mike, and someone else had a good time went through fast. Where was Mojo ????? 
xhuskr06/17/06The usual.....CattlePond and Mini-Cholla. Loop 1 of 2. Met up with Ken from Share...thnx Share for all your work! 
xhuskr06/17/06Did route exactly as posted. I enjoyed the climb to Vulture Ridge. Felt good on the 2nd loop. Look out Summer, here I come! 
Weekend Warrior06/17/06Way hot today. 
SingleTrax06/14/06over the weekend 
xhuskr06/08/06Unknown time due to 3 chain brakes (one got stcuck in drl), one busted SS hub and wait time for others..nice cool ride due to drizzle.....dirty bike...but, hey who cares.....nice ride! 
debimtb06/08/06added some extra credit climbs 
MF TITAN06/05/06rode on sat with my brother and his son and freind//nice morning 
Knucklehead#206/04/06Getting overgrown on Borrego. Trails all in good shape. 
Marcel Trepus06/02/06First Loop 
Marcel Trepus06/02/06Second Lap 
Marcel Trepus05/31/06First Lap 
Marcel Trepus05/31/06Second Lap 
xhuskr05/31/06What a trip today was. I tried rigging my broken seat tower on my bike and made 1/3 down the singletrack after 4 corners b4 it failed. Take off the seat tower, the seat post, the seat and ride a newly revised bike...fun until the fall....but I finished and made it down Cactus with no falls there! Not sure of time...but who care, eh? 
OldCrasher05/30/06included interval sessions on mustard 
xhuskr05/25/06Loop #2 on a very crowded day. Good climbing vwjames....all your road work is kicking our asses. 
Keith B05/21/06Lots of hikers today. Nice to ride without a Camelbak for a change. 1st Whiting lap of the day. 
shleppy05/21/06Lap #1 with Keith. Quite a few people on the trail this morning. 
Cranx05/19/06Just a quick evening loop around Whiting. Trying to get my shocks set up right...maybe a little too low on the air pressure. 
Fish47605/19/06Took a friend (beginner) on ride. He crashed into me on lower part of single track and sent me over the bars and into one of the trail markers. Good times! 
kentonn05/14/06Always fun to be had at Whiting. Meet some new Geoladder riders. 
Scottster05/14/06Nice to see you out there Scott and Justin 
Weekend Warrior05/13/06Watch out for Ticks. 
razorcake05/13/06lots of people on borrego. i think it was a school nature hike or something. 
devodoc05/13/06Nice early morning ride with KDawg, and intensebob until Bob went down and broke his collar bone. Hated to see that. Get well soon, bro; the rides won't be the same without you. 
tkblazer05/11/06trails are in good shape, rode by a deer on the first main fireroad..pinch flatted at the very end 
xhuskr05/11/06Won't post time due to the double chain brake and excessive wait time. If you have all day to wait..your time can be good, eh? The usual.....CattlePond and Mini-Cholla.....trails in good shape!! 
shleppy05/11/06lap 1 solo after work. 
razorcake05/09/06early morning group ride. lots of horse crap on cactus. 
razorcake05/08/06mike was down from SF. moderate pace. fun morning ride. 
mtnbikej05/07/06Fun ride this afternoon. 
McGrunt05/05/06Rode 2 1/2 miles from my home to the enterance, 2 1/2 back with Glen. Speed run with Glen taking a hit to the ribs on Vulture. Talked to a lady at the bottom of Catcus who saw a Baby M.L. 2 days ago and took a picture of it on her camera phone. 
xhuskr05/04/06Interesting ride with some newbies from Brazil...slow but they had fun. We ran across a Lynx cub/kitten on the way to mini Cholla below Vulture Ridge. It was very eager for attention, but we did not feed or pet it. If you see this cub/kitten, do not feed or pet it as it's mother may abandon it if she sees you......so I've heard. Same route...Cattlepond-Mini Cholla, no Vulture ridge. 
razorcake05/04/06rode mustard up to the left past vista before going up to 4 corners. saw bobcat cubs on the trail where cactus meets santiago road. dave got a flat. fun ride 
MF TITAN05/02/06nice / slightly rutted towards the bottom / multiple lines - I like the change up/chalendge 
debimtb05/02/06odometer on the fritz 
razorcake05/01/06first time on cactus. great ride 
Royster7105/01/06Went with mojo and Goldrunner today. Saw a garder Snake. Tried to catch him but he was to quick. It was hot today. Just a taste of summer I guess. 
goldrunner05/01/06great day! bring on the sweat..and the snakes....... 
dleasure04/30/06Barely avoided the tail of a fat rattler on the Cactus single track. Combined this with a Luge(Cooks Corner) ride. 1:38 total time for both routes. 
debimtb04/29/06Yard sale on Cactus just before tree section. Freeride will have a cable to replace & break fluid to fill. Good thing is I found my odometer.... too bad the sensor is history! 
xhuskr04/28/06Cattlepond and mini cholla instead of Vulture Ridge...very nice overcase and cool evening for a ride. 
crashmax04/27/06First ride on my Cove Stiffie hardtail. Felt good on the climbs, a little rough on the descents. 
Royster7104/25/06whiting two days in a row niceeeee. mustard still hurts no matter what. Hi Monica good ride! Till next time. 
island max04/22/06Great time with three friends. 
xhuskr04/20/062 broken chains and sore legs in the group made for a longer wait/repair time than anticipated. Did Cattlepond and took the Mini Cholla shortcut to Cactus trail. 
xhuskr04/18/06Good to see Cactus again..took the short cut up mini Cholla instead of the longer loop. Whiting in better shape than I expected, especially since last year at this time. Did Cattlepond and took the Mini Cholla shortcut to Cactus trail. 
elliotts2104/18/06Lots of fun! 
TD804/10/061st lap of 2. Bench-13:00, Water tank-22:40. Solo ride because TRB got stuck in a meeting. Must suck to have to work past 4:30pm. 
devodoc04/09/06KDawg will be pulling Cactus needles out of his body for weeks to come. Ouch. Glad you're OK, dude. 
SingleTrax04/09/06great day 
dleasure03/27/06Had to get a ride in before the rain comes. Added on the cattle pond loop to this ride. It's a fun liitle detour. Time reflects riding from lot to lot. The trails are in great condition, firm and fast! I'm going to have to check out the Vista lookout next time. 
Newy03/24/06Fun ride!! Recent rains made it slightly technical on the downhill. 
Royster7103/14/06Went with monica no deer havent seen any in a while. 
quad damage03/09/06lap 1 of 2 
Royster7103/05/06Yaaaaaaaaa babyyyyyyyyyyyy solo needed this ride feel great.... 
quad damage03/02/06lap 1 of 2. first time riding without having to get off bike. 
Shine02/26/06not a single other rider on the trails 
Sky-King02/25/06quick ride last week forgot to post 
quad damage02/24/06First time down Cactus with Matt. Went the wrong way and it cost us time. 
quad damage02/24/06Rode with Mo. Was his first time down Cactus. 
whitehorserun02/23/06NICE MELLOW RIDE.... 
tkblazer02/20/06went with a few new riders 
NJ Petro02/16/06Quick after work ride, broke in a new rider, lots of waiting. 
goldrunner02/15/06nice solo ride! very peaceful. 
moman1.502/15/06I rode with Ryan. I kicked some serious butt. Unfortunately, we did not time it. 
McGrunt02/14/06Solo ride- another day in paradise. 
KeepsWhatHappens02/12/06Cactus in in pretty good shape now...I hadn't ridden it in a while, 
Burgemeester02/12/06First time with a few buddies - very good uphill workout with a short but rewarding downhill. Good times! 
Ross B02/11/06Lost track of time. Fun second loop to add unto the OldCamp Luge run. Great Ride Rob. 
mtnbikehb02/11/06Lap 1, is it summer? 
mtnbikehb02/11/06lap 2, yep, it is. 
lilmissholly02/08/06i dont want to talk about it. 
TRB02/02/062nd lap today. Hard to believe it's winter : ) 
mtnbikehb01/31/06lap 1 
mtnbikehb01/31/06lap 2, my first time riding this in the 2nd chain ring for both laps.I am exhausted. 
intensebob01/30/06Great day, great ride! 
TRB01/30/06added this to whitting/luge. 
happymtbr :-)01/28/06solo run, i did this yesterday but posted it today. hope that's okay, legit. i hate all the stupid water at whiting, drive train..ekekekeke 
mtnbikehb01/27/06lap 2 
Burdman01/27/06Casual lunch ride w/Steve. 
happymtbr :-)01/26/06met two great friends sean and rob. good 2nd ride for day. 
mtnbikehb01/26/06lap 1 
SlowMo01/24/06Great ride with a couple of friends. First time doing this loop. The only hang-up was a pile up at one of the bridges. 
McGrunt01/23/06What a fun ride with my wife and friend John. A little windy but we all laughed alot when my wife crashed in front of about 10 hikers on a simple up. 
tkblazer01/21/06great day of riding and perfect weather 
Royster7101/19/06Great ride. Went with monica today. Didnt see any deer bummer. 
TRB01/16/06fun mellow afternoon ride with my friend Bob. trails are nice and tackey. 
happymtbr :-)01/11/06good ride, 3:55pm start, after work, cloudy, only one guy on trail 
mtnbikehb01/09/06lap 1 
mtnbikehb01/09/06lap 2 
Scottster01/08/06Weather could'nt be better . 
Royster7101/06/06Just rained a few days ago good and bad things happened to the trail. Meet Three other riders up at 4 courners nice guys. Finished out the ride with them saw 7 deer together they where all over the place today. 
devodoc12/31/05Add my name to the list of riders who saw about 12 deer on this ride. All in one spot, too. 
jbjboc12/30/05started ride on Serrano TRail at Bake/Toledo 
yosemitesan12/29/05Nice ride w/ ecobunghole in the morning. 
KeepsWhatHappens12/27/05Saw approx 20+ deer aroud the entrance and exit to Serrano Cow Trail. Slow down and enjoy the scenery! 
mtnbikehb12/26/05lap 1, excellant ride lots of people out.... 
mtnbikehb12/26/05lap 2..... 
Theodore Ventre12/26/05one loop with Aarron and one loop solo. Good stuff! 
Weekend Warrior12/24/05Is it really Christmas Eve Day? 80 deg. slight breeze, chrystal clear. Great day for a ride. 
SilverSpot12/23/05Nice Friday morning run! Top of cactus towards the pond has been re-routed . Should be great after a little rain. Great job by the crew who did the work!! 
Royster7112/20/05Went with Ben. Wasnt up to it but happy I went. Always have a good ride with Ben. Ran into Monica that was cool. 
tkblazer12/20/05nice morning ride, ended up riding live oak three times 
devodoc12/17/05Included Cattle Loop. Cactus is in great shape. 
Royster7112/15/05Solo, Did some trail maintenance in cactus. 
Weekend Warrior12/14/05Lunch Ride 
Burdman12/13/05Another quick lunch ride! 
Royster7112/12/05W/Ben meet a couple other riders. great ride felt great today. Put some air in my tires damn that helped. Did mustard in higher gear for first time wasnt to bad. Ben saw deer I didnt today. 
Royster7112/12/05Took Sams Brother.... 
Royster7112/08/05Solo, my comp says 5.30 mi, Good ride, saw 2 Bucks and 3 doe started sprinkling towards the end 
PHAT TIRE12/07/05No HRM. 
Burdman12/07/05Another fast paced ride with Super Steve! We're pushing either other hard these last few days! 
brown tree snake12/07/052nd loop. Did 1st loop @ live oak. 
Burdman12/06/05Slow easy ride! 
K0KE12/06/051st of 3 loops today. 
Burdman12/06/05Fast paced ride with Super Steve and Woody! 
dPerez12/04/05x'mas party ride. 
sandersclause11/30/05good fun morning 
yosemitesan11/30/058 in our group out on the trail today, beautiful day to be outside. loop 1 of 2 thru Whiting. 
Burdman11/30/052nd loop! We kept a good pace! Needed to save a little for the Luge loop tonight, but I'm sure it will be a bit slower pace. 
yosemitesan11/28/05Thanksgiving day ride w/ ecobunghole & sandersclause. 
brown tree snake11/27/051st of 2 loops. Kinda busy trail day and lots of wind. 
brown tree snake11/26/052nd time around. Bring on the TURKEY! 
tkblazer11/26/05man what a great ride today, nice and sunny with a very cool breeze.. a lot of hikers out today tho 
Cranx11/26/05Mellow recovery ride with Murmur after our hike-a-bike adventure up Horsethief yesterday. Weather was unbelievably nice today. 
Murmur11/26/05Nice mellow ride w/ Cranx. Good recovery ride after the Horsethief / Holy Jim ride yesterday. First time in Whiting. Nice swooshing singletrack through the trees at the end. 
Foothill Flyer11/26/05Perfect temperature, long-sleeve weather, caught sunset atop Four Corners, 5 hikers and no bikers... quick loop. 
dandrews11/26/05Super Duper Ride, right at dusk. 
trabuco scott11/23/05Medium to hard pace. Temp was 67 degrees. 
bg11/22/05Gemini 900 
Weekend Warrior11/14/05Included climbing Dreaded Hill 
Foothill Flyer11/13/051st lap - PERFECT day for riding! 
scott v11/10/05Trail is in great shape. A few sprinkles kept it nice and cool. 
yosemitesan11/06/05Fast loop before work with Berto. Saw 3 bucks on the backside! Great ride! 
manchero11/01/05Also rode up to bench and back from 4 Corners, took Vulture View trail to Sage Scrub, and rode Live Oak singletrack twice (9.49 miles total). 
ZULU11/01/05two laps added upper parking lot loop. 
TRB10/30/05did this as part of a double loop with old camp. 
owen10/29/05it has been a year since i've ridden whiting ranch, and i was reminded today just how great a ride it is. the single track and water crossings are so much fun. two deer eating in the meadow on the way down. you forget you are still in orange county! 
BIGFOOT10/27/05Saw tons of deer around the Live oak area. Another great ride with the Flyer. This trail never gets old. 
Burdman10/27/05Quick little lunch run from work. Added extra credit on did an added up/down after cactus. Total milage was 8.7 
Foothill Flyer10/26/05Nice ride afterwork with BIGFOOT, can't believe we lose daylight on Sunday... ugh, not a morning person! 
shleppy10/24/05Late Saturday afternoon ride. 
BIGFOOT10/24/05second lap 
BIGFOOT10/23/051 of 2 laps 
Foothill Flyer10/22/051st lap - great fall ride, cold foggy, but great dirt from the rains! 
Foothill Flyer10/22/052nd lap - great fall ride, still cold not as foggy and a lot of people out this morning... 
SilverSpot10/21/05Still sticky from the rains. Not too bad though, just a little slower. Cactus has some ruts now due to rain runoff. Should be better in a few days. 
YourLagginDude10/20/05Parked and did the loop from Cook's Corner. Wanted to do Luge as well but had the worlds worst chain suck again there, sometimes every two revolutions, pushed the bike a lot as a result. IT SUCKED!! lol... 
xhuskr10/20/05A bit slower due to the rain. In good shape overall. Just a bit "sketchy" after last weeks falls. 
Foothill Flyer10/17/05Wet and starting to get muddy, first real rain of the season... 
shleppy10/13/051st whiting attempt on the single speed hoopty XL deeelux. Had a rough go on the loose climb up to vulture view. I have got to ditch the 23" flat bars I put on the bike just because I had them laying around...no leverage at all! 
CTrask10/13/05Set out with CranxOC to do Whiting-Luge. I felt sick and had to settle with Whiting-Cactus. 
Cranx10/13/05First part of a dual loop with Cactus and Old Camp #1. Awesome weather. By the time I got to the bottom of the single track after doing Old Camp it was dark so the covered sections were pretty sketchy and slow. 
xhuskr10/12/052nd loop including a lovely crash. Thank goodness for handi-wipes and beer to keep a wound clean and painless. 
superjoe10/11/05Found a group of guys who ride this every T and Th. Mountain Biking is great! 
TD810/10/05A great 1st GeoLadders ride. 48 points and is close to my house. Watch out for the cactus. 
xhuskr10/06/05Losing light fast these days...bummer :( 
Damon M10/03/05Ride was at 11:00 A.M. No one on the trail weather was nice. Enjoying the week off. Slave to the grid...10/10/05 
devodoc10/01/05Included Cattle Loop 
Sky-King09/27/05cactus is in very good shape, have not done this ride in over a year, glad i did. second of 3 laps today. 
CTrask09/25/05CranxOC and I took our business partner on his first MTB ride...I can remember walking my bike up Mustard too, back in 1987. 
Cranx09/25/05Rode with Craig, JeffK and some non-Ladder guys. First time MTB ride for one of our crew. That makes two newbie rides for me in one week...I think I'm done for a while. ;-) 
Manuel Prado09/21/05I like singletrack.... 
animaltico09/19/05nice easy ride 
Manuel Prado09/19/05Fun ride with the Costa Ricans. 
Scottster09/17/05Fun afternoon ride with Ken and Dan 
kentonn09/17/05First time riding Whiting. A lot of fun on Cactus. Rode with Scottster and Dan. Great ride! 
Keith B09/17/05First time on Cactus in over a year. Top work by Warriors society and no mountain lions either - bonus! 
mtnbikehb09/15/05lap 1 
mtnbikehb09/15/05lap 2 
Cranx09/12/05Gorgeous evening ride. Weather was awesome and my legs felt really good. Craig cruised with me through the top of Mustard then I had to bail. I'm going to miss all of this riding when I start working full time. 
vapor09/04/05Nice scheduled ride with scottalized and shleppy. The sunday ride group is great for a fun kick back ride. 
Scottster09/04/05W/ Vapor , Shleppy, and sundays group good ride in the morning , not real hot 
shleppy09/03/05Loop #1 Saturday morning. 
vapor09/02/05A lot of traffic on the trail despite an early afternoon ride. Was a blast riding cactus, last time I was on the trail was a year ago on a costco bike! 
xhuskr09/01/05Loop #2-Broken chains and crashes made this a LONG day. Glad Cactus is back...just need to be a bit more attentive. Blood builds character, right? 
Scottster08/30/05W/ Cid My hats off to the crew that cleaned up Cactus , good job 
Zippy08/28/05The various permutations of the trails in this park make route finding without an odometer a challenge. Some seroius wash-out sections that caught my attention. Fun stuff. 
Red Ryder08/27/05A huge THANK YOU to all who worked so hard to get Cactus open. Great job! 
shrek08/26/05Trail is rough after the reopening but it is good to have it to ride on again. xhusker needs to realize he takes longer breaks than he says! 
xhuskr08/26/052nd loop and finally got to ride Cactus again! Thanks to SHARE and all those who reopened a fun trail. Loose conditions, but fun and rideable :) Rode up mini-cholla rather than up/around. Adding extra time for that. 
Two Tired08/25/05One word for todays ride - Hot!!! Lots of deer but no snakes. Thanks to the Share volunteers for the trail work on Cactus. 
Singular08/23/05I took my son on this trail and he love it. It was hard for him doing Catus but he manage to ride it through. I was pulling him up with my single speed and man thats a hard work out. 
Cranx08/22/05These arent' my legs. These legs work too well...I guess that's what being unemployed for a couple of weeks and riding a lot will do for you. Cactus is in great shape now; thanks for all your work out there SHARE and the Ladder crew! 
dandrews08/22/05I'm not sure why they call it Cactus Trail but I was wondering if it had anything to do with the one inch spine stilling out of my arm. 
crashmax08/06/05We did this as part of our ride to the Luge this morning. Instead of heading down Cactus you go up past the water tank, out to Santiago Canyon rd., do the Luge ride, then down Live Oak, right past C.C., to the horse stables, to the back entrance to Whiting. Great ride. 
CTrask07/16/05Cactus is a mess! I see guys have been posting the ride, so I hopped over the wires. It's overgrown, rocky, with cavernous ruts, I loved it. 
Scottster06/25/05W/ TBEST cactus is pretty over grown 
Terry Best06/25/05Fun times with Scott C. Cactus is in TERRIBLE shape. I'm thinking of bringing in some weaponry and sorting that trail out... 
Foothill Flyer06/12/05Rained/drizzled on Friday night, Whiting still a bit muddy Saturday afternoon, slipping a bit on the front technical sections, bottom of Whtiting Road through the stream bed gets in better and better shape.. 
Foothill Flyer05/13/05Mustard has been now been bulldozed all the way to four corners then up to top of Dreaded. Bottom of Whiting road hasn't been dozed but the creek-bed is now doable, a little technical, but fun. 
Terry Best04/26/05Quite muddy and still closed but many MTB tire tracks. Good ride, rode from my house, 18 mile round trip. SingleSpeed still...Waiting on my S-Works :) 
Spartacus04/12/05Awsome day to ride! The only one on the trail this morning at 8am. It's great being able to ride these trails during the week. 
Foothill Flyer12/20/04Felt like summer today! 
xhuskr11/11/04Interesting since the rain. 
xhuskr10/01/04same as usual......lot to lot 
xhuskr09/10/04lot to lot ride 
xhuskr09/10/04Parking lot to parking lot=total time 

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