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Trabuco Creek

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dandrews01/02/22Happy New Year! Have not ridden in weeks, good to get out. A lot of 4x4’s after the rain. Lot's of pot holes out there too, ...and maybe a few pot heads :) 
dandrews10/30/21The Forest Service finally opened the Cleveland gate, so I rode up to the Holy Jim parking lot for the first time in a few years. Awesome 
dandrews08/04/18first few miles are pretty much paved, that's different 
dandrews07/27/18road improvements still happening 
dandrews07/20/18They're putting down some kind of sealer on Trabuco Creek. It doesn't look like they're going to pave it. So far it's just the first couple miles. Hard to tell what the overall plan is, but it might be a nice change from pot holes. 
dandrews07/09/18New gravel, lots of dump trucks. New washboards in a week at no extra charge. 
dandrews05/21/18yeah, a bit muddy, but not too bad 
dandrews03/11/18Muddy, but not too bad. 
dandrews10/07/17Could hear a live band playing at Rose Canyon Cantina (I think). And people having a good time. Cool 
dandrews09/06/17Road is in bad shape. 
dandrews06/06/17lots of gravel 
dandrews05/04/17lots of vehicles, good ride 
dandrews04/18/17lots of trucks, got dusted out 
dandrews04/11/17forest gate is finally open now. 
dandrews02/04/17Cleveland gate closed still, there must have been 30 cars parked there, just crazy. Good to see Troy (Thinkfast) and his son on their way back from a hike to Trail Canyon falls! ...a good little adventure. 
dandrews01/31/17Still some big water crossings. Cleveland gate is still closed to vehicles. 
dandrews12/25/16Cleveland Forest gate was closed. Lots of people walking to Holy Jim. Happy Holidays! 
dandrews10/31/16got dusted out behind a truck 
dandrews10/25/16a bit tacky, nice 
dandrews10/02/16serious gravel 
dandrews09/27/16had some cloud cover, not too bad. 
dandrews08/16/16night ride, slow leak, sealant worked (using serfas instead of stans now) 
dandrews08/12/16Listened to 'Jam at the General' for a bit before riding. An 'anyone can join' group of musicians that meets at the Trabuco General Store every Friday or every other. 3 guitars, a bass, 2 harmonics, a few singers, and a banjo sometimes. Songs are a bit slow, but some not too bad. About 25 people gathered. 
dandrews07/27/16Trabuco creek is so bad now with washboards and gravel etc, never seen it this bad. Just no fun on the rigid anymore. 
dandrews06/03/16back at it 
dandrews05/04/16washboard city 
dandrews04/21/16felt good 
dandrews04/18/16just before dark 
dandrews03/02/16road is in better shape than a few months ago 
dandrews09/27/15lunar eclipse ride 
dandrews09/17/15one of my stan's race 29 wheels finally gave out, first ride on a new stan's crest wheel, just a bit heavier. 
dandrews09/08/15The road is slowly becoming a paved road as they continue to spray & treat it. I wonder how far up the road they will go. Definitely cuts down on the dust. 
dandrews08/28/15just before dark 
dandrews08/27/15best time ever on ss, was 2.24 gear and black carve, my heaviest bike and tires, something about momentum 
dandrews08/23/15road is getting a little better 
dandrews08/18/15Did some riding in Idaho last week and road to the edge of true Wilderness (Sawtooth Wilderness), no bikes allowed, turned around there, but great ride. Used the new Garmin e20 but GeoLadders doesn't support uploads for this yet so can't easily post that. Course downloads and virtual partner work though. Anyway, back home now and hitting the old standard. 
dandrews08/02/15they're working on the road again 
dandrews07/05/15evening ride 
dandrews04/27/15First ride after being sick for a week. Didn't feel too bad. Had to dodge the mud. 
dandrews02/10/15freshly graded 
dandrews01/04/15First half was dry, second half as wet and muddy as ever. Had a blast. 
dandrews12/18/14Still a bit wet, but not too bad. 
dandrews10/07/14Finally figured out how to ride the washboards on Trabuco Creek Road, ...go really fast. ...much smoother 
dandrews10/02/14Cougar sighting! 100% sure, 1/4 mile past the cleveland gate. I was coming from HJ and saw it cross the road and start to run up the bank but then it came to a complete stop and was watching me ride by. He was less than 100 feet away but I didn't feel threatened. He was probably 100 to 120 pounds, not huge, but at least twice as big as a bobcat. 
dandrews07/28/14easy pace 
dandrews02/14/14good cruise on the ss 
dandrews11/12/13Glad I brought my light. 
dandrews09/06/13Back on the rigid, ...so light. 
dandrews09/04/13Nice morning ride. 
dandrews08/11/13Got a chance to put my geared bike back together. ...still like the ss. 
dandrews09/15/12Been using 180mm cranks, now trying 175mm again, can't decide. 
dandrews06/03/12Hiked up to the 40ft. waterfall the other day. Better than HJ falls. Never knew it was there till recently. Mile 3.4 look left, and down, there's a trail. 15 minute hike, up, very pretty. 
dandrews05/18/12Made it just before dark. There was a band (country) playing at the General Store by 0'Neill. Lots of people. 
dandrews05/09/12Flat but good. 

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