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Maple Springs - Four Corners

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dandrews06/13/19perfect evening ride 
dandrews06/09/19At least 20 motorcycles cruising around up there. Pretty sure there's really no were else to ride in OC. Everyone was riding pretty safely. 
TomG05/31/19Tuesday morning 
Buffalo03/19/18Tacky dirt and perfect temps. 
Buffalo01/14/18No mud, no dust, no trucks, beautiful! 
dandrews09/23/17pretty good ride, lots of vehicles & motos 
FRANCHI04/14/173 or 4 years have passed since last time I went up Maple. Good day for riding with cloudy skies. 
dandrews01/29/17Some water, not bad though. 
Buffalo01/22/17I rode the water crossings wearing lightweight slip-on shoes (which got wet), then changed into my normal cycling shoes & socks at the dirt. Met Steve from HB at 4C. A few new, nice sized boulders on the way up. Gotta love erosion. 
dandrews01/14/17feet a bit wet, lots of water still in the crossings 
MTB Fiend01/02/17This is almost my favorite way to do Maple Springs, and often is my favorite way. Cool temps, not frigid. No bugs, no vehicles, and very few other folks out, surprising for the parking issues. Every now and then the sun would almost but not quite burn through the overcast, and the temps would warm a bit. I was properly dressed for the descent and stayed warm. Beer and chow at Silverado Cafe. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/23/16Whew! That was awesome! Water everywhere, especially closer to the top, just like I had hoped. Super clean, super quiet. Stopped and spaced out on the swirling clouds quite a few times. Wind driven rain at 4 Corners, but nothing on the way up. Cold and windy at 4 Corners and at the bottom, but strangely not in between. A few other riders descending the pavement while I was climbing, other than that I had the place all too myself. I dressed perfectly for this party! Great Ride! 
Buffalo12/18/16A little frosty at 4 corners. Clear, beautiful day. 
dandrews12/08/16Slightly cool, good seeing Fiend and Mtnbikej just before 4 corners, on their way to motorway. Between us, 2 out of 3 single-speeders, not bad. One day maybe 3 of 3? 
Buffalo10/26/16Last Sunday. Caught a few raindrops. 
dandrews09/07/16Good to be riding Maple Springs again, after two years. Good meeting Steve too! 
MTB Fiend09/06/16Wow! It's been over 2 years! Soon as I got the word, I was all in! And it was great! Why, even the Flies got in to it, after all they've been waiting 2 years for some slow guy like me to come along. The party began right from the start, where I parked at bottom of Motorway. The satellite flies stuck with me and partyed all around me mile after mile, pedal stroke after pedal stroke, swat after swat. Got even worse the last mile or so, the party went into overdrive as the flies wanted to get up close and personal by crawling into facial orifices. Swat, swat, swat, pedal faster! The last mile was an all out, failed attempt to stay above 6 mph and remain fly-less for a moment. Finally made the last switchback and dropped into sprint mode. Up at 4 Corners it was breezy enough to keep them at bay. So, there's that. The trail itself? Well let's just say, the amount of preparation CNF put in to it, was to open the gate and cover the closed sign (just 1, not all of them). Great Ride! 
ADanFool05/17/14Parking lot full, but leaving at 7:45 I didn't see anyone up or down. Pushed too hard on the pavement, I blew myself up and took the rest very slow. Great downhill run though, fun to do this on full suspension again. 
Buffalo03/02/14As I was heading up to Four Corners, Trobe1 gave me the bad news about the rider found close to the peak. Prayers to his family. So tragic. 
singlespeedrider02/01/14Cold morning but great conditions out there. 
dandrews01/20/14Good seeing Tom at the maple lot, on his blackstar motorway loop. 
MTB Fiend12/21/13A little lunch and relaxation after my MS - MW ride. And look at this! The sun came out, of course by then the canyon was mostly shaded, but it was a nice gesture. Actually warmer at 4 Corners than anywhere else, but I was not fooled and changed in to dry clothing and winter layers. Warm enough for the descent. Temps went from 38 - 56 today, often within a few miles. Nice and toasty warm now. Where's that beer? Grrreat Ride! 
One Flew OTB12/08/13Cool on the way up, damn cold on the way down. Fun ride w/Steve Carrillo. 
STEVO CARRILLO12/08/13Awesome 10:30 am ride with John. Damm cold on the decent!!! Need to purchase leggings and colder weather glove. Awesome views from four conners but didn't stay long.... Burrr 
Rumpled12/04/13Pre turkey eating ride up Maple Springs. Too slow to make the picture. Pretty chilly at 4C; but pleasant enough and not cold anywhere else. Nice times. 
MTB Fiend11/29/13Aaahhh. nothing like a Maple Springs climb after a rain. Except there was little evidence it actually rained here. Temps were good, windy and cool in some sections, calm and comfortable in others. Saw one other rider at the end of the paved climb. Got to 4 Corners and was greeted by glorious sunshine, and an incredible peach-colored alpine sunset glow from the San Gabriels as the clouds dissipated from Baldy- really quite a sensational sight! I was not fooled by the warmth and calm at 4 Corners and took the time to change in to my winter gear for the descent. (Main Divide to Motorway looked enticing as it was awash in sunshine, but not for long, and I did not have time to make it before dark). The descent was not as cold as expected, but that may be due to the efficiency of my winter gear. The descent on the paved section was killer! Knowing there are no vehicles really pumps the speed up. So glad I got out today. Grrreat Ride! 
RollnStone11/23/13Cool on the way up. Just right for climbing. Added a balaclava for the ride down and that kept me from freezing. A few puddles here and there but a relatively clean ride. No water in the creek crossings. 
Shigalert10/31/13Fantastic solo birthday ride. 1:58 G to G. Only a couple of trucks and one other rider. Also celebrating 10 years ago today finishing my final round of chemo for bone cancer. Its great to be alive. 
spicolli197610/05/13Great ride with Amy and Rob 
MTB Fiend08/16/13Pulled in to BS and it just did not feel right, been missing the tranquility of Maple Springs. And it was tranquil, peaceful and quiet (well, except for the concert in my headphones). Couple trucks, just 1 in the dirt so everything was clean and cool. Bugs wanted to bug, but just enough breeze to frustrate them. Had a little MTB descent scare just a few hundred yards from the pavement when my bar was suddenly ripped out of my left hand by a particularly rough section. Hate that, but loved the paved descent, but got a little too complacent and was reminded trucks still come up in the twilight. I love this climb, but the descent has very little flow, until the pavement. Aaaahhhh... but it was still a Great Ride! 
ADanFool08/11/13Nice slow pacer today. 
cfeliciano06/25/13Nice ride with Paul, Dave, Mike, Shane, and Elijah. Pretty dusty out there. 
Rumpled03/20/13Eric and I tried out Maple Springs for an evening/night ride. Lights came on past the first guardrail on the dirt. Not quite early enough for night ride credit. First time I've ridden up here at night. Hurt more than it should have. Still way too slow for CC. Still fun anyways. Got a visit by OCSD when we were done, apparently they are not used to night riders. 
One Flew OTB03/09/13Nice day for a cruise up to 4 Corners with my old buddy Stevo Carillo. Snow on the road just before reaching 4 corners. Thanks for the invite Steve! 
STEVO CARRILLO03/09/13Surf was messy today so I called John (OneFlewOTB) to go for a little ride! What infact turned out to be alittle ride for John wasn't the case for me! Thanks John for spinning with me... Great day still, ended up going further then I planed which is never a bad thing. 
ADanFool02/09/132013 Snow Day - Awesome fun. A brisk 32 degrees at the gate, but it didn't feel like it once we got rolling. By the time we turned around, areas that had been pristine white had turned to slush and mud. 
Keith B02/06/13Chilly night ride with Andy, Ryan & Charles. Even in the dark the paved section seems like a butt kicker. No views tonight as the marined layer was in. Ryan set a new record for putting on the most Winter clothing. The descent has gotten really rocky and lose in places. Pavement descent was a real blast although I'd have felt more comfortable if I knew the gate wasn't open at the bottom. 
xcShane02/01/13Saw hikers finishing when I started, bikers coming down Motorway when I ended. Not a soul in between. Well, I did see a small fox... 
Ladera Mike01/27/13Solo mid day ride. Drizzled on the drive there but cleared up right when I started. Pretty empty while I rode up but more riders coming up while I was desending. It was freeking COLD and windy at Four Corneres, 39.2 degrees according to my Garmin. Could barely feel my fingers on the ride down. 
RollnStone01/26/13Wet with light rain at times. Tried to go slow on the way down to stay dry, but half way down the pavement it started to rain. So I just let go of the brakes and enjoyed the bath. 
singlespeedrider01/25/13Beautuful night with great conditions, not to cold and no rain. 
Rumpled01/06/13Solo Snow ride! Wanted to go to 4 Corners with a goal of coming down Motorway. By the time I got to 4C, too chilly and just went back down. Lots of patches of snow, almost all rideable, only HAB'd about 100 yards on the last couple of switchbacks. Snow never deeper than 1-2 inches. Not much mud at all. Snow was crusty and slushy. Started snowing/raining at 4C when I headed down. No Adventure Pass, so I parked about a half mile down. Very little water in the creek crossings, never more than 2 inches and the uppper ones were dry on the road. 
Phishin Paul01/04/13Did this ride with Dave on New Year's Day. Fun riding in the snow but freezing coming down. We ran into TBlazen blazing up the snow. 
dandrews01/03/13Not a fun ride right now, tons of ice starting half way up. Would avoid till Sunday or Monday. 
THanson01/01/13Awesome way to start new year with my good friends Steve, Todd, Ken, Brandon, Jay, William and Brad. Snow was a nice touch. 
xhuskr12/31/12Great last ride of the year...goal was to have a group of us hit Motorway..didn't happen. The views on the way up were glorious..iced over plant life, frost all around. Then the snow...ah..snow...so great to be able to be close to the beach and be in snow so quickly. Climbing in the deeper stuff hard to nonexistent..but who cares? Made it to 4 Corners..turned around and smiled with glee descending in the fluffy white stuff...was able to hold a good speed most of the time..but had probs getting cleats/pedals to work. Was getting cold and had the mud stripe on back...not an issue...Happy New Year everyone! 
halfasst12/31/12Absolutely beautiful cold day on Maple Springs. Frozen pavement up to the dirt then snow the rest of the way. Broken up by wet dirt, amazing views and scenery the entire way. Can you believe this is Southern California? Great to see friends and fellow riders including the mtbr with cross country skis strapped to his back! Happy New Year. 
Buffalo12/31/12I was not going to ride today, but i caught a glimpse at the mountains on my way back from the store and decided I had to do the yearly Cross country ski/ride/thing. Did a few runs just below 4 corners. Nice way to end the year. Happy new year! 
devodoc12/30/12Got out early to try and beat the heat... ha ha. Pretty cold out at 7:00 am - never found my toes but my hands warmed up real quick on the climb.Then... the descent. There were times that I couldn't tell if I was pulling on my brake levers. I've ridden in colder weather but not with a sustained downhill like this. Hit a bit of snow at Four Corners - all in all a great ride. Hiker to me: "on your left..." Ah, I hate being slow. They were hiking/running their way through the Maple Springs/Motorway loop. I am not worthy... 
Shigalert12/28/12Thought about going to Mway but it was pretty cold and i didn't feel great. Lots of ice in the puddles on the way up. Felt like a wimp as I met two guys at 4C on Cyclocross bikes who had ridden up Maple from Costa Mesa and were going back via Harding and Whiting. 
dandrews12/27/12cold one 
MTB Fiend12/26/12Trail conditions were much better than the other day, and I was not bonking, so the climb was most enjoyable. A bit more than a handful of other riders out and about. Still plenty of water seeping about up near the top, won't take much more to actually create creek crossings in the canyon below. About midway up the wind began blowing cold and gusty. Dark clouds were swirling all about at 4 Corners. Out of all this storminess appears a hiker who came up Harding, looking for Laurel Springs. I set him straight, he had blown right past it and really had better hurry back down. (All he was wearing was Levis and a T-shirt. Brrr..). He had about 1.5 hours to sunset, so he was probably OK, but I am betting he was cold. Yet another beautiful after rain day on MS. Great ride! 
dandrews12/26/12Quick Holiday ride! 
MTB Fiend12/24/12There are few rides as fine as Maple Springs after (or during) a rain, and today was no exception. Sensational! Sprinkles as we drove up, then brilliant sunshine. I had hoped to keep on going to Motorway but soon realized that just was not in me today. Soon, I was strugglong just to make it to 4C. I think that was the slowest I have climbed here all this year. Must be the spongy conditions. Thanks for your patience J! Glad we could get a ride in. Great ride! 
ADanFool12/23/12Slow up, but great fun downhill. With this ride I'm over my goal of 300k ft for the year. 
singlespeedrider12/18/12Cold wet trip. The ride down was not fun with the cold weather. 
GoneRiding12/17/12Wanted to get a ride in since I couldn't ride this past weekend and the rest of the week doesn't look much better. Called Troy and he was up for it. Thought this would be the best option with all the recent rain. We started a little after 4pm and had lights with us. Not long after hitting the dirt it was dark and it started misting. We also got into a cloud and visibility was no more than 15 feet. We were just trying to avoid any puddles. About half way up I see lights coming towards me. It was an SUV which was not expected since the gate was closed. Didn't see any Forest Service symbols on it as it went by. It was raining pretty goood up at 4 Corners and it was a slow ride back down. SUV must have had a key because we didn't see it on the way back down. It was chilly but could have been worse. Thanks Troy! 
ThinkFast12/17/12Could have been at home and dry but that wouldn't have felt invigorating. Tom and I got into the clouds real quick and I expected it to be much colder, and wetter, than it was. Although it was cold at four corners and on the way down. Descending with drizzle limiting visibility was interesting, and slow. I turned off my helmet light which helped a little. Couldn't see the puddles till you were about 10 feet from them. So, I managed to go right through most of the big ones. Besides a number of puddles the dirt was good. More good times with Tom. 
Shigalert12/15/12Started late morning to try to get the warmest part of the day. On my way down saw MTB Fiend and lots of other solo riders coming up who must have had the same thoughts. Not sure how well that worked as it was 48 degrees at the car when I left and 47 degrees when I got back around 2pm. Climbing in the sun was comfortable enough though and there was no wind at 4 corners. But the descent was very chilly! 1:54 gate to 4C. 
Buffalo12/15/12Saw a bobcat on the way down. 
ADanFool12/14/12Cold at the top and on the way down. Not bad on the way up though, and very little evidence of the rain. 
RollnStone12/14/12Was going to go farther but it was too cold. Dirt was dry except for the usual puddles. 
TBlazen12/14/12...wow, saw a beautiful Fox on the way up, started getting cold b4 4C's (saw one dude on the way down wearing a beanie cap who said it was cold), playing mental games with myself (pretending I wasn't cold), then it started raining pretty hard at the beginning of the DH; Pulled over to put a light jacket on and leg warmers on my toes; Fingers and toes were stinging, then saw a Bobcat almost at the end...Awesome ride, but need better/more gear next time! 
TBlazen12/05/12dirt was nice ! I don't feel as fast on the 26er Yeti but it sure is fun going down...on my way up said hi to Doug who was on his way down... 
Buffalo12/02/12A few spare hours well spent in perfect conditions (almost). 
RollnStone12/01/12Early morning ride. Not too cold and no dirt sticking to tires or bike. Lots of riders at 7 am. Stream crossing are all dry. 
MTB Fiend12/01/12All it takes a little planning. I knew it was going to be another epic day on Maple Springs, so once again I brought along the SS. Well, this time it was a lot tougher and sluggish. I made it to 4 Corners after a bit of socializing with Tom and Troy (Met Doug Andrews and Ben too), and later, Richie Rich. This climb was much tougher and greyer than the first ascent, it made the colorful Sycamore's in the lower canyon really POP!. The thing I like about SS'ing is, all you gotta do is turn the cranks. At times that seemed more difficult than other times. I knew I was really pushing darkness, I had a light, in the truck. Still, I pressed on and on and popped out at 4 Corners just minutes before the sun dropped in to the blanket of clouds below. Sensational! The wind kicked up within seconds of the sun disappearing and with the clear skies above, it got cold fast. And dark too. I made it to the pavement as the darkness encroached, and made it to the truck in near total darkness. Great Ride! 
ADanFool11/22/12Great day, fantastic to see so many folks. I figure the Over/Under on total bike value at 4 Corners at $350,000?? Thanks to Fast Turtle & SAMtn for pushing me as always. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch11/22/12Great morning. Fantastic finally meeting Slopush and Raul and friends and riding with Stallion Rider again and a couple of friends of mine. Great seeing ADanFool, Despacio, Hammertime and other Geo Illuminati at 4 Corners. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 
MTB Fiend11/22/12A fantastically fun fabulous Fall day on Maple Springs. Brisk air at the start gave way to mild temps. And there were doughnuts and coffee. Good times! Great ride! 
OTB_again11/20/12Solo on the FSR. The goal was Motorway but a bad shift at 4C sheared my rear derailleur clean off. The coast back down was chilly but at least its all down...nice quiet night up there. 
MTB Fiend11/18/12Planned it all so perfectly, you know, just in case I felt good and wanted to do another ride. I knew it would be one of those not to be missed days on Maple Springs and I was committed. Busted out the SS just hoping to make it to 4C. I made it, 10 min faster than my earlier ascent. Not bad. Just goes to show what grabbing a bigger gear, and dropping 5 lbs can do. A quick brown Fox crossed my path at the guardrail. Clouds were still swirling about but were starting to win the battle against the sun. As expected, cold and cloudy descent until getting in to the lower canyon. Just love that paved descent. Great Ride! 
RollnStone11/09/12No rain, some gusty winds in places and the sun coming out a few times. Was a good ride. The top layer of dirt was a little soft but nothing sticking to the tires. All the stream crossings were bone dry. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch10/14/12Nice day out. Starting to get hot now. 
TBlazen10/10/121:08 up, 20 down; A bit chilly at 4 corners; No other MTBer until I got back to the parking lot (guess they were getting ready to do some night riding); Rode the 1x9 9er... 
Phishin Paul09/23/12Started at 9am and it was already too hot. Stopped twice to cool in shade spots. After mile 4 I was ready to throw in the towell bit the rest helped. 
MTB Fiend07/31/12Taking advantage of these wonderful afternoon breezes to keep it cool and the bugs at bay. Got a bit worried today as I started off ever so slowly, the bugs appeared quite happy to see me. But, I purposely got a little later start and temps dropped quickly enough for the bugs to disappear altogether. Sweet solo singlespeed ride. I entertained myself in numerous ways including riding in yesterdays tracks. The tunnels of luminescent backlit trees are, by far, my favorite part of this ride. Hung out at the top and watched the sunset and a small family of Deer hanging out at the Harding gate. Kept hearing noises in the bushes behind me. Time to leave! Downright cold on the descent, I was glad to have a dry long sleeved jersey. No matter one's mood, the paved descent is bound to bring a smile - and wide eyes! So very glad this month is over!! Great Ride! 
Dmac07/30/121st time on this climb - 6 of us on Saturday - Better than I thought it would be. 
MTB Fiend07/23/12Had to try it on the SS. I knew it could go either way, real slow or real fast. I was just hoping I could make it. Well, I made it. 2 min off my best time to the dirt, and yeah that kind of hurt. I never pushed the pace, but I stood on the pedals alot. As any SS'r before me knows this trail is much more enjoyable after mile 4. From there out it was sheer bliss! As intended, I had the place all to myself. The sunlight backlit the Oaks beautifully and the breezes always arrived right on cue to cool and chase away the very few bugs that were out. Before I knew it, yeah right, I damned well knew it!, I got to the upper gate in just under 1:19, near my best ever. Not bad for my first SS assault on Maple Springs. Temps were just warm enough not to have to change in to a dry jersey, and just cool enough to tough it out. I don't know, but it sure seems like the SS coasted the paved section amazingly smooth and fast. Great ride! 
XCRider07/06/12Not much good from this ride. Fatigue from yesterday's ride and this morning's yard work. Had nothing left to use against a hot mid-afternoon in the canyon. Lucky to just get to 4 Corners. 
Jaxx29er06/07/12How cool is this climb?! The answer is OH-so cool. Had a good time out at Maple yesterday. Four Corners was not what I expected, but that didn't make it any less beautiful! I'm starting to realize that I get a big kick out of these slow rise climbs. 
slappy06/07/12added a little extra cause I had a bit more left in the tank 
ADanFool05/20/12Even an 8am start seemed late... and HOT today. We had planned on MS-Motorway but felt beat up by 4 corners. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch05/12/12Showed up at Blackstar just before 6am to ride to Beeks...oops, forgot it was The Traverse today. Lots of lean looking guys in lycra with hardtails... Didn't want to be descending in the middle of your race, so we went to Maple Spgs. A couple motos stopped and asked me if I needed help when I stopped to adjust my seat. Very nice of them but then it occurred to me that they were probably support for The Traverse. Thought about screwing with them and asking if I made a wrong turn and shouldn't have gone down Motorway but decided to just say thanks. Took it real easy on the descent; elbow and shoulder still a bit irritated on the rougher stuff. Think I'll take another couple days off. 
cleanbeater04/29/12Last minute ride. PB. Needed to make up for the slow cruise yesterday. 
cleanbeater04/22/12Solo ride. Great day to be out. Flies got bad in some sections. Stung by a bee coming back down the askphalt... then again sitting in the truck on the way home. 
grimix04/15/12no comment on ride. 
SAmtn04/14/12Awesome ride with Mike, Manny, and Fast Turtle only to be followed by a great breakfast at Silverado Cafe. Snow and ice near 4 corners - COLD! 
RollnStone04/14/12Wasn't really too cold (at least the climbing kept me warm). Was windy at Four Corners, and a little snow on the sides of the road. 
MTB Fiend04/14/12Knowing it was going to be one of those exceptional days on Maple Springs, I planned for a second ride. Plus the clouds appeared to be clearing, so off I went! This climb was so much more relaxing - none of the previous stressful factors. I dropped in to the little ring and just enjoyed the nature of it all. At the top it was cold and cloudy again, so I did not waste any time hanging around, despite the incredible quiet solitude. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend04/12/12Saw 2 Quail and at the very end, a Bobcat. Not another soul, just me and the swirling clouds. Surreal as it gets. Great ride! 
ThinkFast03/29/12Feeling better, and tired of riding the couch, so this sounded good. Clavicle felt fine, even descending, but wife didn't like the idea... 
MTB Fiend03/26/12Ahhh... Maple Springs, the sweetheart of the Santa Ana's. Ever more delightful following the rains and when gates are closed. Add to that a solo sojourn and it's all groovy! Trail is bone dry. Knew that going in. Started the paved section in brilliant afternoon warmth and sunshine, with spring flowers popping color and the stream flowing gracefully. Surreal, serene, sweet. Once past the first guardrail it was cloudy and cool. The further I climbed the denser the clouds and fog became. Still, mercifully, there were well-framed glimpses of the islands of snow-capped peaks across the IE valley. Closer to the top, a few of the run-off "creeklets" were still running. The essence of what I was here for. Once at Four Corners the clouds were swirling in a synchronized dance as each side of the mountain wanted to send clouds to the other side. I stood in the middle and orchestrated, occasionally rewarded with a sunray spotlight. (I guess you had to be there, I was sure glad to be)! Great ride! 
Buffalo03/18/12What a beautiful snow day. The stream crossings were low enough to keep the feet dry. Made first tracks to Four Corners the final 3 miles or so, even with a late start. HABed the last mile up. Had blast riding down. 
Shigalert03/03/12Cut my planned ride short after receiving an urgent "return to base" text at 4C which turned out to be BS, Grrrr. On the positive side, starting to really like my new Camber 29'r. The first couple of rides I thought I'd made a bad purchase as it seemed heavy and hard to turn the wheels compared to my 26'r. Today did Gate to 4C in 1:45 (my best by 7 mins) feeling comfortable. 
9er02/27/12Brutal. Wind, rain, hail, snow. Damn cold. 
RollnStone02/17/12Still some snow left in the shade near the top. Watch out for the ice if you ride early in the morning. 
singlespeedrider02/16/12Cold Cold Cold with some fun snow toward the top. 
halfasst02/04/12Planned on going a little further, but my chain kept seizing up? Fantastic weather for a ride, saw a number of familiar faces on the way down. 
Buffalo01/22/12It was good running into Mark and Rebecca. 
MTB Fiend01/21/12Started shortly after the rain stopped and as the sun came out I was shedding layers like a stripper. Up near the top it was cold snd windy I had to add those layers back on like a prude. While it was nice and warm down in the lower canyon, out of the wind, I had considered going over to Motorway. Once I reached 4 Corners I realized that would not be a wise move, despite being prepared with gear (except lights). It was that cold at the top. Maple Springs is at its best after a little rain. Saw just 1 other rider. Great ride! 
Pmcmasters01/18/12Nice and easy ride with Mike. 
nuts4mtbikes01/02/12Today was a good day to get out with a dear old friend I have not rode with in a very long time. Thanks E for being an unbiased sounding board. It's good to have my thoughts a little more in check. I've missed you! 
Tumbleweed01/02/12Way to start off the new year!! 
vt1ryan12/30/11Nice warm weather today on the trail. But the trail is really rutted and beat-up 
nuts4mtbikes12/28/11Quick trip up to four corners! Wished for more...but was constrained by time. Thanks Lynn and Rich, for hanging with me...hope the Motorway was fun! 
MCAFS12/27/11Quick afternoon ride. Watched the sunset on the way down. Cold and windy at Four Corners and on the way down. 
FRANCHI12/25/11Today I wanted to jeep/haul my bike to Four Corners and from there take off and explore the single track that goes from Four Corners to Santiago Peak. Changed plans since the gate was closed. So, I rode the bike up there to begin the planned exploration.I could not finish it. I bailed out at 4:30 since the sunset was coming. I'll try again some other time. By the way, the mile I rode of that Single Track looks pretty good... Kind of rocky and steady 18% grade. 
JRA12/24/11Nice social ride with Kim. 
nuts4mtbikes12/23/11Good intentions of making it around and down Motorway, but change of plans due to cold windy weather. 
xcShane12/23/11Not too cold at start. Really windy at four corners and on the way down. I actually mildly enjoyed Maple Springs for once. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch12/17/11It was cold on the way down. Very strong winds at 4 corners. I'm guessing 40mph gusts, but I'm no expert. Think I saw a stream of lights (riders) on the ridge across from Maple; maybe Harding, but we were a ways away from 4 Corners so I don't know that you can see Harding from that far down Maple. 
Pathfinder12/16/11Great night for a ride with Lobotomized Sasquatch. Pretty nice most of the way up, but the cold started to settle in 4000 ft with ice in spots. Winds were howling at Four Corners...Brrrr. 
lmadisono12/15/11Very very very cold, but finished before the real weather. Thanks for ascending with me, Sauce! 
XCRider12/13/11Evening start and reached 4C with sunset still in the sky. Road surface is tremendous and Garmin track seems to say I PR'd in spite of carrying 3 lights and cold weather gear. Froze my fingers on the way down and finished in the dark. Great ride. 
Aviatrix12/05/11Rolled at 2:30 pm, not too windy at the bottom but temps were dropping steadily. Got blasted by the winds the higher we climbed, and by four corners we were miserable. Spent less than a minute there. Couldn't descend too fast, as fingers and feet were frozen. Still beautiful, but I'll take my snow outfit next time!!! 
Keith B11/25/112nd part of todays ride - easy pace made the paved section (where we intended to turn around) easier than usual. Temps were dropping fast and we decided to head up to 4 Corners knowing we would be doing the road down to Blackstar in the dark. Seriously cold as soon as the sun went down. 12miles of very chilly descent back to the cars. Hungry! 
RollnStone11/24/11Cold, no donuts, no coffee! But then I knew it would be like that. Great day to ride. The sun even came out. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 
halfasst11/24/11Cold morning, but not as bad as last year. Good to see everyone out today. Thanks for the donuts and coffee to those who carried it up on their bikes. Happy Thanksgiving. 
Aviatrix11/19/11First time up Maple Springs. First time to 4 corners. Went a little past up to the tower on Modjeska Peak. Almost bonked, but my cliff shots saved me. Next time I'll eat a whole pack before I even start :) 
Shigalert11/13/11Great conditions today. Couldn't find my Adventure pass so parked 1/2 mile down the road. 1:56 gate to 4C, about 9 mins faster than my previous best. Ran into Durtuls and Roger on the way back down. 
MTB Fiend11/12/11Felt so energized from the first ride and still shocked there were not hordes of riders out I just had to go out for another great climb! Fueled up on almonds and performance enhancing Pumpkin Beer and rolled on out. Still taunting that rain I dropped down to the small chain ring and just cruised along. Saw an extraordinarily large Salamander out enjoying the wet road - must have been 8" or more! Super solo, climbing in to the clouds. Awesome! I was determined to make it to 4 corners despite the light rain from the clouds and trudged on and on. The tree colors all along the way cheered me forward with their exuberant brillance. Sensational! Great ride!! 
ADanFool11/06/11Not sure about my times since my CatEye was hit and miss. Cold up, started to rain as soon as we headed down. The rain made this ride a total blast though! 
TomG11/06/11I was hoping for motorway but the rain started just before 4C. 
RollnStone11/05/11Cold morning ride. Icy up by Four Corners. Streams are dry and and dirt is tacky. Only a few puddles by the water bars. 
RaulC11/05/11rode with Sydney & Todd H. On the chilly side - Sydney's thermo showed 30 degrees at the bottom. Sun came out and warmed it up a bit. 1st time on a single speed . . .ugh! Legs are like jelly now. 
SAmtn11/05/11Easy ride with RaulC and Shine. RaulC did great riding a rigid single speed. I'm going to have to give it a try. 
martink11110/25/11Ride on the HiFi. To end of pavement in 24:30 minutes; to Main Divide in 1:06:15 minutes. Kinda slow on the return due to the fog and dark. RECORD! 
SAmtn10/15/11Early ride with Fast Turtle and Manny. Had planned to go to the peak today but felt a little under the weather so took it easy. 
tweasol10/09/11It's that time of year, got to get back in shape, Los Pinos is calling !! Upset a big rattler who was hissing and throwing a fit. Stoked on new XTR brakes, good bye formula, good riddance. 
cleanbeater10/02/11Solo ride. Hotter than I expected with lots of traffic and dust. 
mtbfan10/02/11Great Solo ride today. MS was perfect and I stopped to soak in the views. Nice breeze the entire time. Stayed up at 4 corners for a long time to enjoy the cool breeze. 
JCampbell09/25/11Solo SS. 1:24 to gate. Stopped a few times. Dusty! 
Lobotomized Sasquatch09/24/11This was supposed to be my first loop on Maple-Motorway, but I just didn't have it in me today. Tried to ride with SAMtn, Fast Turtle, Kato, ADanFool, NHarper and another rider (not on Geo) but just didn't have anything in the legs today. Weird as I felt so good last time I climbed Maple and we went all the way to the Peak that day and I felt like I could've done it 2X. I know I went out too fast on the pavement, maybe I just couldn't recover or the head cold I'm fighting got the worst of me. Or I'm just slow... Great meeting a great bunch of guys. 
MTB Fiend09/22/11Delightful solo climb. Late start had me cat-eyeing it to 4 Corners. Watched the deep red sunset and set on down the trail. Stopped by BS on the way home and just as I thought, mtbfan and friends were tailgating it. They take tailgating to a new level, everything except an ice sculpture! Great to hang out with a group again and swap stories. Thanks! Great ride! 
MTB Fiend09/13/11Relaxing super-solo ride. Very humid, dripping really. Bugs insisted I wear the net. After the guard rail everything was comfortable and cool. Rode the F/S, hoping to make the descent a little more fun. It was easier and faster, but still the low-light or lighted descent on Maple Springs can be tricky. The bottom canyon was an absolute blast! Top flight indeed! Felt confident since I knew any vehicle would be using lights on the ascent, I bombed the descent in superb fashion. Great ride! 
NA1NSXR09/08/11Blackstar was taped off by what looked like a bunch of detectives, figured I haven't visited Maple Springs in awhile so did this instead. Bugs were pretty annoying but it was pretty cool considering how warm it was today. Bugs were still kind of annoying though. 2g2i1b 
MTB Fiend09/08/11Saw one other rider. Guess that was you, NA1NSXR. And one truck. Struggled from the beginning but kept on pedaling. Bugs were not bad, but I was in no mood anyway and donned the net. Finished just at dark. Sat at the trailhead and watched the moon rise over the hilltop = felt like a spot light on stage. the moon was so bright Driving home I ran into a large, very large (maybe 30+?), nest of law enforcement vehicles at Silverado and Ladd Cyn. Not sure what the deal was - no Command Center. Struggling, but always trying to make it a Great ride! 
mtbfan09/03/11Nice solo ride, and to my surprise, only few riders out here. The temps were perfect and hardly any bugs. I wanted to go to Motorway, but noone else went, so I just descended MS again and enjoyed my solo TG party. Ran into Keith B and his crew who went to the Peak and then over to Motorway. It would have been too long of a wait for me to tag along and I just did not have the Peak in me today. Great job for those guys going. 
MTB Fiend08/25/11Sweet Maple Springs ride - love this climb! 95% shade but the breezes did not materialize until a mile or 2 from 4 Corners. Tolerable, although I did don the net. At least there was nearly zero vehicle traffic. Did the climb in SS mode again and felt stronger, time was better than usual. Late start but still managed to make it back with just enough light. Such a rush bombing the lower canyon, but you gotta remember that truck probably cannot see you - I went way wide. Chatted with Floyd in the parking lot. Nice to be able to thank him in person. Floyd is the guy who fixed the ruts on Blackstar. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend08/23/11Aahhh... a most refreshing superb super-solo ride! 98% in the shade, plenty of breeze (enough to keep the bugs away), and no vehicle traffic. Not another soul! Gotta love that! SS'd it all the way to the top - but no PB. No critters other than tons of Quail. One Quail stepped out on to the trail, all nonchalant and all, just as I was ripping by - gave him quite the scare! Groovin' on the canyon walls as they changed colors and caught glimpses of the sunset. The only good thing about bad air quality is the great sunset colors. Bombed the lower canyon in near dark conditions - what a freakin' rush without lights! Sensational! Great ride! 
MTB Fiend08/09/11Sweet MS ride! Without setting out to do it, I incidently set a PB gate to gate at 1:19 and change. Unfortunately, I did not set the Edge305 just at the beginning, and caught it about 2 min in - so 1:21. Had to don the net despite cool temps and breeze. Shifted the H/T to SS mode and started crankin'. Must have been the atmosphere tonight -every rider I saw was a RacerX type and some of them set PB's of their own. Times that put mine to shame. Ah,but I am 20 years older. Enjoyed chatting with Rushak and JD158 and ? after their ride. KeithB at 4Corners. Now, to tell you about the sunset. Can't see it from Maple Springs! Haha! But you can see the sensational pallette of colors exhibited upon the steep canyon walls, the perfect canvas. Started as a golden yellow, warm and radient light. Quickly turning to a bright fiery orange, and within a minute a red pinked hue. Awesome! Makes it difficult to concentrate on the descent. Bombed the lower canyon pretty good to regain time. Great ride! 
portolavet08/07/11Good ride qith Daryl and Jim after riding a warm up to Caspers early morning. 
SAmtn07/26/11Had planned to take the day off, but my son talked me into this. 
Fast Turtle07/16/11Rode with SAmtn and Mike Honcho. 
SAmtn07/16/11Perfect morning for a ride. Gtreat temps and company. Thanks to Fast Turtle and Mike. 
XCRider07/09/11Very different ride from earlier loop. Very hot in canyon with only occasional breezes at switchbacks. Tough climb where I ended up shade hopping until the upper section. Saw the Harding runners, with an aid station at 4C. Originally was going to go to the peak and down HJ, but decided heat in the canyon wasn't worth it and so glided back to my car. 1:50 total climb time in spite of several small stops. 
RYAN FOREST05/30/11Rode with Bforest 
cleanbeater05/27/11Ride 1 of 2 with slowride. 
MTB Fiend05/26/11Solo sunset sojourn. Had the place all to myself! Just enough breeze to keep the bugs away and keep it cool. Just enough sunshine to spray magnificent rays of waning light through the trees and to cast long shadows that chase and follow, sometimes at the same time. Incredibly calm at 4 Corners, so I hung out and enjoyed nature a bit. Great ride! 
Boerseun05/17/11SS - Mellow, late night, night ride with Burgemeester. Came together last minute to try beat the rain...and we did! 
Burgemeester05/17/11SS. late night spin with boerseun - coming down we saw a deer jump right up the face of a mountain! Impressive! 
Fast Turtle05/14/11Gate to gate 1:20. 
Rumpled05/14/11The Cowbell Ride. Met up with a few STR types and rode up to 4 Corners to support Traverse riders. I fell off the back of the group rigth off the bat; so kinda a solo ride. 47:30 to dirt which I think is my best. Dave passed me going up on his CX bike, came all the way from Jambo/Santiago. Ended with a sprint across the top of 4C to stay under two hours pedalling up 1:59:54. Felt good to get my best effort carrying 4 PBR's to offer Traverse riders a handup. Thanks to Mike for taking one and making the effort worthwhile. Watched at the top until after the cutoff and headed down. Nice day up at 4C - no real wind, no bugs, warm enough and sun - though it looked to be foggy nearly everywhere else. Comp 2:30:27 ride time, 14.5 miles, 5.7 mph avg, 25.2 mph max, 2:50:55 total time (minus the top) .20 lb 724 kcal Strava 2:35:43 ride time, 151 watts, 5.5 mph avg RwGPS 25% max grade MMR 5.7 mph avg, 1617 kcal 
Radner05/14/11Rode up to Four Corners to watch the Traverse. Congrats to everyone racing today. 
cleanbeater05/01/11Left Garmin at home. Good ride with NOGO 
Mike Honcho04/09/11Great ride with GMulato, planned to ride to the peak, but forgot my snow chains at home, trail after 4 corners was completely covered in snow. 
Boerseun03/29/11Solo ride, descended at sunset...awesome time for a ride. 
ADanFool03/26/11Cold, wet, awesome! More fun without the snow. 
cleanbeater03/26/11Good ride with Dave. Wet and cold on the way down. 
mtbfan03/26/11Great ride to 4 Corners. Took the SS, and it felt great. We had plans to go over to Motorway, but it was freezing at 4 corners. Hands and feet got numb on the way down. Tons of riders out for the last training ride before the CC/VQ. 
DIRTULS03/26/11Freakin cold! I got wet at the start so I was screwed and the dreams of my big ride today were halted. But, got some extra climbing in by back tracking and going to the top with my friend. Lots of folks out today including Tinker. 
vt1ryan03/26/11Really Cold today. The climb today was bit tougher than usual because it was really tacky and wet in some spots. The tires just didnt want to move. But the downhill was like butter. The creek crossing are running fast with water. 
slopush03/23/11Nice mellow night ride w/ Boerseun. Only saw one other rider, just as we were starting up. The ride coming down was sweet as the road is tacky and soft. Grocery sacks tie over our shoes kept our feet dry and warm on the way down. 41 degrees when we started the ride but once you're climbing all is warm. I love this stuff. 
MCAFS03/22/11Started out cool and ended up cold. One small patch of snow at Four Corners. A good dusting above. A few other riders out in the late afternoon. Finished just before sunset. 
MTB Fiend03/22/11Waterfalls everywhere! An absolute favorite of mine. The waterfalls brought me some clarity and peace. Within the first mile I was stripping layers, nice and warm in the lower canyon. Then, after the guard rail the breeze kicked up and I was putting layers back on at each switchback. Hated toting several pounds of dry clothing to the top, but elated after changing and hitting the now very cold descent. Great ride! 
angry red squirrel03/02/11dont eat the yellow snow-seriously dont eat the yellow snow!!a few turns shy of the top(tues ride) 
BikeThisTrail03/01/11Too much snow to ride to Modjeska Peak, had to turn around a 1/2 mile past gate entrance. Saw a beautiful Fox or Coyote, ran too quickly in front of me on trail. Perfect conditions! 
mkumny02/28/11Didn't quite make it to the top, but considering the 6-8 inches of snow, I think the work to get as far as we did was far more than a non snow ride. Awesome and beautiful in any case. 
Phishin Paul02/27/11That was a challenging but fun ride. I made virgin bike tracks in the snow up at the top. Only the 2 trail runners made it before me. Deep just past the downed tree. I saw a guy who put his bike on his back and was XC skiing up the trail. Way cool. SS and 29er is a good combo for snow riding. 
4_chew_nut02/27/11Sid's 62nd b-day ride. Rode with Jeff, Stan, Mark, Mike and Sid. Rode up as far as we could. Stopped less than 1 mi short of Main Divide when riding in the snow was becoming too thick. 
STEVO CARRILLO02/27/11Burrrrr, very cold this morning, especially when you get your feet wet! Made it to within a 1/2 mile to go to four conners, coulden't push through the snow any longer. I know we went where no other had gone before because their were no other bike tracks in the snow! Only fury creature tracks and hikers carbon! there were a few other bikers pushing on as we turned around kudos to them... Thanks, Lonnie and Todd for the grand adventure. 
Buffalo02/27/11Took the XC skis. Beautiful day to be outside, got about 4 miles skiing in. Brought extra footwear for the stream crossings on the way up, made a big difference. 
Burgemeester02/27/11Rode with Steve, Slopush and THanson this morning! Conditions were awesome with a ton of snow! Slipped out on the black ice, but it was a soft fall, otherwise, another epic snow day in the local neighborhood! Thanks all! 
cilantro1302/25/11Uber cold ride. Took an hour to feel my toes again, though riding over hard snow is better than riding through snow. 
angry red squirrel02/24/11wed ride-slow as molasses in january and one slip getting around that downed tree-will get you in the gonads and you'll be singing like a soprano for a week!!! 
ZipsBiker02/24/11Very cold tonight and the creek crossings were deep. Good amount of snow towards the top. SW, EW, TL, MW. 
SKINNY02/21/11Late AM start.. Lots of snow.. Lots of hike-a-bike.. Ran into vt1ryan where the pavement ends.. 
TomG02/21/11The snow is still 4-6 in. deep. The ranger did not go past the first downed tree so you can't run in his tracks. Tried to go to Motor way or peak but too much HIB. 
El Chupacabra02/21/11Snow day! 
trekstorm02/21/11Was expecting snow at lower elevation. Good ride but really cold coming down. Did not feel my toes until I was home!! 
ADanFool02/20/11A lot of hike a bike, some even downhill, but I made it. Should be better now that the ranger drove up there making tracks and cutting trees. 
MCAFS02/20/11Virgin snow up all the way up. Had to turn around at Four Corners because of time. The ride down from FC was a blast in the snow. Hats off to all The Path folks who made it to Joplin. 
DIRTULS02/19/11Tuesday ride with pure joy while listening to my new music collection. 
MTB Fiend02/19/11Sweet super solo ride. These are the days not to be missed! Water everywhere! Every possible conduit of water was flowing freely. Waterfalls all along the trail. Multiple downed trees in the usual areas near the top, only 1 not navigable around. Very cold and windy at the top but no snow. Feet froze on the way down, but I managed to keep them dry. Now I have that 3rd water crossing wired and figured out just where to pump pedal it without getting wet. Drove through quite the cloudburst in Silverado, made me glad I did not continue on to Motorway. Great ride! 
Phishin Paul02/19/11A turkey vulture hit me in the canyon and broke my side mirror. That sucked. Those are cool birds. No rain the whole ride but snow at 4C which turned into sleet on the way down. Felt like salt in my face. Big tree down blocking the whole trail about 3/4 mile from 4C. You can get under. Lots of slides in the burn area plus numerous other tree downs. Trail was perfect with no water or mud. Magic dirt again. 
Old&InTheWay02/19/11Pulled into an empty M.S. parking lot at 7:AM. Didn't see anyone else going up, did on the cold way down. Started snowing somewhat heavy about 1.5 miles from 4 C's. Counted 10 downed trees. 
Boerseun02/17/11Ride 2 of 2 : Solo. Still cold...car showed 41F when I pulled out of the Maple parking. 
mkumny01/31/11I should get extra credit for riding from the xmas tree farm. 
vt1ryan01/27/11Weather was really nice today. A little bit of head wind going up the paved road. Nobody on the trail today. 
DIRTULS01/27/11Wednesday solo ride. I have not been here since the flooding. Nice to be back. 
cleanbeater01/23/11Solo ride. Slow pace trying to kick another cold. Enjoyed the silence all the way up. 
Congo Kid01/22/11Great ride with my son. Great weather, sunny and pleasant. Felt lousy going to end of pavement, but then felt much better once hit the dirt. Still slow as a turtle compared to him (31 years older!). Great views from 4 corners. Wanted to bag Santiago Peak, but getting late in day so didn't want to risk mechanical with darkness drawing nigh. 
vt1ryan01/08/11Another bitter cold day up to four corners. 
SlowClimber01/08/11A first ride up Maple for me and a super day in the canyon.. Brian and I enjoyed the sights and met a few poeple along the way. It was cold up at 4 Corners, and we couldn't make the trek to Motor Way as planned. Time and weather were not on our side - started too late. 
Burgemeester01/06/11SS. Was not going to post any rides on GL for 2011, but after doing this for so many years, I got withdrawal symptoms and now I'm logging rides again! Gotta love GL! Anyways, this was the first ride of the year, with Slopush, Fast Turtle, THanson and OC_Laske - good times!! 
MCAFS01/03/11Still some black ice to watch. Took it slow to remove boulders and loose debris all the way up to Four Corners. Pavement section still needs a little work. 
Two Tired01/03/11Rode Sunday late morning. Started late enough to avoid the ice and early enough to avoid the rain. Lower paved section is littered with debris but the dirt section is in good shape. Just a handful of icy patches to watch out for. Saw halffast and mtbfiend going up as I was going down. 
MTB Fiend01/03/11Solo late afternoon ride. Slipped into the mountain mist at the guardrail, very surreal and oh so peaceful! Just below 4 Corners the mist cleared just enough to allow for me to cat-eye it to the top, then woosh! it became even cloudier, and of course... colder. Descending in the thick clouds with lights is hardly any faster than ascending, just less effort. The helmet light made it worse, so I went with the trusty MagicShine on the handlebar set to low. Just enough to get a Fox to freeze in his tracks momentarily. Cute lil' guy! Finally, again back at the guardrail I got under the clouds. The paved descent was more interesting while dodging all the rocks and flotsam. Got picked up by the current and had to make a pedal stroke in that 3rd crossing and drenched my foot. Doh! Very cold and very dark when I finished. Fills the senses (including cold wet feet)! Great ride! 
Jocko01/01/11Pressed for time, so cut the ride short; rest of group did the Motorway loop. 
Sarah/Sauce01/01/11It was 31 degrees out when Lynn and I started - had to actually hike part of the way down, because our hands were frozen! 
spicolli197601/01/11Great ride to start off the new year. Wish I had more time. I really wanted to go to santiago and motorway. My first new years resolution to be checked off the list: get a new garmin. Turned off twice today :-( 
Pathfinder12/31/10Stream crossings reasonable and black ice all over the bottom of Maple Springs, which made for slow going. Was 29 deg at 7am at the trailhead. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch12/31/10Last ride of 2010. Happy New Year. Ice skating on the pavement was an unexpected bonus... 
Buffalo12/31/10Not only was it icy on the blacktop, the dirt had a few iceflows to watch out for too. Good fun! Happy New Year! 
MCAFS12/30/10Brrrrrrr! Hit black ice on the pavement and almost wiped out. 
portolavet12/29/10A quick ride before the rain. 
Shigalert12/28/10Finally got to see the great view from 4-corners (i thought that place was covered in permanent fog). Lovely day with several riders out. The trail is all rideable even for a Donkey like me, you will get wet feet though. 
xhuskr12/28/10Nice SLOW ride with Waldo and CPATCRASH. All the photos let me know what I was in for. all the waterfalls made it a beautiful pavement climb..wet..but beautiful. Very happy to get some dirt on before the next rain. 
vt1ryan12/28/10Nice afternoon spin today. The trail considering is in good condition after all the rain. The asphault path is pretty tore up. The fire road up to four corners is in good condition. The creek crossing were pretty deep with rushing water. 
9er12/28/10Nice to get back out. Trail is in very good condition considering the beating the area took last week. Just be prepared for wet feet early on. 
SAmtn12/27/10Good ride with Fast Turtle. Dirt in better condition than asphalt. Road section is torn up pretty bad. Streams flowing well. Be ready for wet feet. 
Fast Turtle12/27/10Rode with SAmtn. Garmin died so manual post. The road was full of dirt and rocks. Only good thing is that we won't be seeing any trucks for a while. Temp's dropped pretty quick and froze my feet on the way down. 
cfeliciano12/27/10Rode with Mike. Not exactly a night ride I would recommend in these conditions. Had to cross several streams of water, so our feet were soaked before we got to the dirt, couldn't feel my toes, but it was worth it! Fantastic view of the night lights at 4 corners. Thanks to whomever cleared that huge tree! 
RollnStone12/26/10Met Maxwell and Crew on the way up. They had just cleared a path around the fallen tree near the top (after seeing the before and after pictures, I realized this was a lot of work). I joined their group and we took the fun way down. Lots of carnage for all. Thanks for letting me butt-in guys! 
dandrews12/26/10Thanks for clearing the trees. 
JRA12/21/10Maple Springs trail is thankfully doing well during our wet season; this trail is the only way I’ve been able to get a ride in; even if it’s a soggy one. The trail isn’t without its traitorous obstacles though; there are some aggressive swift water crossings to beware of. And if that isn’t bad enough there are two fallen trees to contend with. It was nice to see others who needed their fix; I saw RushaK near the end of Silverado, soaking up the weather on his road bike, seemingly in great spirits despite his soggy condition. 
angry red squirrel12/20/10brutal weather-howling wind,rain,low clouds dirt(spongy-like riding on wet carpet)feet will get soaked from creeks-trees creaking,so 1 of the voices in my head,said turnaround,2 turns shy of the top-but who is counting? 
Ross B12/18/10Fun in the forest. Just got back before dark. 1:24 to four corners with a couple short breaks. The trail is in pretty good shape. There is a large oak tree about mile 5 where you have to get off. It's two big for two guys to move. Blessed be the name of the Lord. 
angry red squirrel12/17/10wed ride-slow track on the way down 
angry red squirrel12/17/10thurs ride-another slow track on the way down or it could be my 25lb backpack 
DIRTULS12/16/10Enjoyable mellow ride, kind of chilly. Got to try out my new gloves and a different bike. It was a very nice ride. 
vt1ryan12/13/10Weather was nice and warm today. 
cleanbeater12/12/10Ride with NO GO. New cranks and rear cassette feel great. Lots of traffic up and down. Awesome weather today. 
Buffalo12/07/10Perfect temps, good ride with Mark. 
angry red squirrel12/07/10hab 
cfeliciano12/04/10Up to four corners and a tiny bit of extra credit. A big thank you to the last guy in a caravan of 4 trucks who just about nailed me on my way down. Keep your eyes on the road buddy! 
Two Tired11/30/10Rode last wednesday after work. Okay on the way up, but freezing on the way down. Had to stop a couple of times to thaw out my fingers. 
9er11/28/10Fantastic ride. Brought my wife who I knew could do it and she had a great time. The dirt could not have been better. Ultra tacky for the trip down. 
jpotts11/26/10rnr turkey ride...except no coffee or rnr...so cold at the top, turned around and did not pursue motorway or the peaks. 
RaulC11/26/10chilly Turkey day ride with Shine, Hanson & the gang [staggered start]. Shine was a stud riding one handed [left, no less] up & down - separated his shoulder last week 
halfasst11/25/10Thanksgiving Day ride to 4 Corners with all our buddies. Quite a turnout, despite the freezing temps, and howling winds. Good thing, we needed all the body heat at the top. Beautiful clear skies, lots to be Thankful for today, especially the donuts hauled up by Rich in the trailer! 
Ladera Dave11/25/10Great turn out for our ex-basso ride. 12 of us today. Windy and cold today. Have a great Thanksgiving. 
Rumpled11/25/10Man, what a cold and busy day. Very windy, especailly at 4C - I had to tack into the wind to stay upright. What a crowd, whattaya all think, a hundred people? Jesse came out to join us for a good portion - haven't seen him in ages. It was mostly me and Eric together heading up. Using this as a CCTR for potentially doing Counting Coup. Took me 51 minutes to dirt from Motorway and 2:11 to 4C. Looks like I've got a lot of work to do to make a 2 hr cutoff from Motorway after coming from B*! We (actually I) were too slow to get into the donuts or group pics and such. Met a bunch of new people, didn't get most of their names - but did get a few. Eric and I hung out for a couple of beers back at the trucks, probably the best part of the day! We had to park about a half mile below the gate liek most people, so we got some bonus mileage in. Comp 15.5 miles, 5.5 mph avg, 26.7 mph max (pavement) 3:17:38 running time, 773 kcal (that's all?!) .22 lb, 2:48:27 ride time 
Buffalo11/23/10Beautiful night to ride, clear and cool. Watched the moonrise as we approached 4 corners. Saw MTBF on the pavement on our way down. (hikers were long gone) 
RollnStone11/22/10A little cold in the shade, but otherwise a perfect day. Maple Springs is in very good shape with only a few puddles, but no mud sticking to the tires all the way up. One puddle near 4 Corners had ice on it. The stream crossings were almost all dry (or very little water). 
vt1ryan11/22/10Started at the gate. Gate was closed today. It was 48 degrees at 1pm today. The trail is in excellent condition. Nice and packed. It was just bitter cold today. I think I lost my fingers and toes today. 
MTB Fiend11/22/10We are MTB Polar Bears! Taking the 90% rule - we did not quite make it to the top. The wind kicked up just a little bit and it became unbearably cold. 40 degress when we started, mid-30's at finish, and even colder near the top with the wind. Still an awesome ride whenever the gate is closed. Even well-equipped we froze on the descent. At the gate, 2 hikers just starting up - wearing nothing but shorts and short sleeve shirts and carrying nothing with them, not even gloves! I wonder if we will be reading about them in tomorrows paper due to hypothermia? Crazier than us! Even now I am huddled around a heater trying to thaw out. Brrrr... Great cold ride! 
MTB Fiend11/21/10Late start, looked like lots of folks finishing up their ride. The sign at the Ranger Station said the gate was Open but it was actually closed. Woohoo! Cold, cloudy and very windy at the top. I brought just one light and that made the descent slower than anticipated. Well, that plus the cloudiness. The descent was plenty cold but bearable, that is until I reached the paved section when I got caught in a downpour! Now it was real cold, real dark and real wet! My toes and my nose were freezing and I could barely see due to the hard rain. Wow! So happy to jump in the truck and crank the heat. Ahhhh... Great ride! 
vt1ryan11/17/10Nice afternoon weather today, but when the sun goes down it chills up. Saw a stuck jeep and a broken down suburban today. 
DIRTULS11/13/10Nice night ride with MTB Fiend. Have not seen him for some time. Hot, cold, hot, cold...back and forth. I was not comfortable on the way up, nor was my bike with the sounds it was creating. I made a mistake and did not ride this in middle ring. Lost time and was not efficient. Something was on the road looking at me and it ran off. I wish I knew what the creature of the night was. 
MTB Fiend11/12/10Delightful night ride with DIRTULS. We dressed for the cold but it was not too bad, at times on the climb it was too warm. City light views were amazing. (Some day I'm going to ride Maple Springs - Motorway at night. The views are that good). DIRTULS saw a pair of eyes go bounding across the road on the descent. I did not see anything. Thankfully, the descent was not nearly as cold as anticipated. Nightime descents on Maple Springs just do not flow as well as on Blackstar. Should have brought the f/s, I guess. Picked up some more tools along the way. Great ride! 
Buffalo11/08/10Rode with Mark. The gate was open but we had the trail to ourselves. The views were amazing - clear and cool. 45 deg. at the car on the way out. 
DIRTULS11/07/10The clouds rolled in this afternoon and brrr. We got a late start which did not help. Too much traffic on the way down and I had to ride very slow because the truck in front of me would not let me pass. Middle/middle ring up again. Rode one gear on the dirt. Felt good today. 
Fast Turtle11/02/10Night ride with Burgemeester and Boerseun. Weather was great. Didn't push the start on the Garmin. Time is a guess. 
angry red squirrel11/02/10in the words of slim chin-NICE!!! -thats NIIICCCEEE 
Burgemeester11/01/10SS. Late night ride with Boerseun and Fast Turtle - going up was awesome on the SS, but the return wasn't much fun at all. Still, always good to be out spinning! So so many shongololo's! 
DIRTULS10/31/10Great ride for my favorite day of the year. Debut of my new but used bike. Spent many hours yesterday swapping out parts for today. I think the wheels need some truing, but all else is good. I love my new seat and the new tire set up rocks. Thanks to everyone that helped me get this puppy up and running. Middle/middle today all the way to the top (a first for me on this trail). Lots of motor bikes and cars on the road, but everyone was sharing the trail. Got spooked by a pervert in a 4Runner near the top. Happy Halloween! 
halfasst10/31/10Nice solo ride today. Lots of motorcycle traffic, and quite a few mountain bikers also. Beautiful, clear skies at the top. Happy Halloween! 
Pmcmasters10/30/10Nice and easy morning ride with Mike. 
TioTony10/30/10Great ride with Pam. Lots of traffic with the gates open. 
MTB Fiend10/29/10Road is open to traffic again. Suffered a bit on the paved section but felt better after stopping at the guard rail and soaking in the sunset a bit. Crawled up to 4 Corners on owl vision. Caught the last slivers of orange before succumbing to the cold and wind. Descending MS in the dark requires much more attention than BS. Not near as fun or fast. Bottom canyon temps dropped an easy 20 degrees and it was dark as ink. Ahhh.. warmer clothing and a beer. Feels so good! Great ride! 
Sparrrrky10/25/10Made it to 4-corners at sunset, very fast and cold on the way down. 
MTB Fiend10/25/10Saw the "Gate Closed" sign at the Fire Station as I entered Silverado Cyn and was stoked. Maple Springs is always best when closed to traffic. The climb was great, a little chilly at times. Sparrrky rolled up to the top not long after me. The descent was chilly, but bearable. We finished just at dark. Unfortunately, no critters. Some poor guy was parked at 4 Corners and locked in between the gates - wonder how that works? Great ride! 
Mike Honcho10/24/101st time riding up Maple Springs. Fun ride with Warhorse and Gmulato and the trail condidtions were great! 
TBlazen10/24/10pushing a bit harder than yesterday; met Willie, Pat and Chris at 4 corners; Nice day; started my GPS late so I took 14.4M and divided by 9.37 (average MPH)... 
Phishin Paul10/24/10Solo ride with tons of motos. 1:12 to 4c. 
TBlazen10/23/10Seemed to be a dry line on the high side of the road; slowed down for the last 2 miles going up when I was yaking with another rider... Man was I/Bike dirty ! 
RollnStone10/23/10Not too much rain/drizzle until near the top. Met 4 other riders going up. It was messy, cold, and wet going down, but still a blast. 
Sparrrrky10/23/10Nice temp going up but cold and messy going down. 
Sir Robin10/23/10Rode with 3 others. Are we the ones that RollinStone referred to? 2 turned around about a mile from the top as the rain was too much. The 3rd guy is straight from England so he can't use the rain wah-wah excuse. We made it to the top and took it slow on the way down. 
JRA10/22/10Maples trails never get tiresome for me, they seem to magically holds up to the rain and I’m not referring to the paved portion, duh. Today’s weather was awesome for ascending but be prepared for the chill when you descend, the downhill speeds created a serious wind chill that numbed the extremities namely the hands to the point of dysfunctional. This condition was a bit disconcerting at higher speeds but what fun it was after all. It was a pleasure meeting Steve, Nicolaas and Bill even though Bill wasn’t riding with us. Bill was hunting for that elusive pesky Bambi with his Dingle Berry-Dog:) 
nharper10/22/10Original ride was to do the whole loop (MS to 4 corners to MW). Just wanted to let it dry out for a couple of days between 4 corners and MW. Good news is that MS to 4 corners is in great shape! 
Phishin Paul10/22/10It is magic dirt. No riders going up but passed 5 on way down. I think they may have thought I was crazy with hat, rain pants and jacket but it is freakin' cold coming down. Learned my lesson last year on that. Boerseun, I found your mini-tool about 2 miles up on the dirt. 1:15 to 4c. 
Burgemeester10/22/10SS. A great way to start the w/e off. Good to meet NHarper70 and as always, great to spin with Slopusha and Boerseun, who seems to be donating alot of loot to Maple Springs - either that, or the guy is just getting old and forgetfull? Breakfast afterwards was an e-ticket to getting the day going! Thanks Lads! 
vt1ryan10/22/10Early morning Solo Spin. Trail is in good conditions and it was freezing cold coming back down. 
MTB Fiend10/22/10These are days not too be missed. Wished I had more time to be in the great outdoors today, but alas... not. Sun was starting to come out a bit when I finished. Great ride! 
Boerseun10/22/10A mellow early morning ride with nharper70, Slopush & Burgemeester...the breakfast at Silverado Cafe was even better since Slopush payed for mine! Saw Phishin Paul in the parking area...thank you for picking-up my multi-tool on your way up the hill! 
slopush10/22/10My first ride on a 29r and I could get used to this. Burgemeester, Nharper and Boerseun filled out the roster this morning, and it was exciting dodging trucks and dirtbikes as we went down the trail through the fog. Look out! 
tweasol10/22/10Nice mellow ride today w/ my buddy Trey. Dirt was great today. Nearly nailed by a motorcyclist coming back down, (both of our faults I'm sure). Talked to birthday boy and his two goons when I saw them packing up at HJ wash. Happy birthday Tom. 
Shigalert10/21/10Gor Blimey Guvnor what a “pea souper”. Glad I changed my shirt and gloves for the descent. Flatted in the deepening gloom, got my chain tangled up and couldn’t get my rear wheel back in, thanks to the two guys who stopped to help. Ran into MTB Fiend and Sharon at the trail head putting up posters about the dog he rescued yesterday. I asked a few 4x4 drivers on the trail about it but nothing doing. Didn’t see any flyers at 4-Corners from concerned owners either. 
MTB Fiend10/20/10Sensational! I love MS after a rain! Ascended in to the foggy clouds in total silence, well except for the explosions of Fall color. Trail was perfect! So this guy in a really nice Denali stops me while he is descending MS - "Is this Indian Truck trail?" - uh, no. Then he tells me he saw a stray or abandoned dog at 4 corners - but he does not have enough room in his truck! WtF? As I got to 4C so did another truck, and sure enough here comes this dog out of the fog. Great ride! To be continued - 
Boerseun10/20/10SS - Saw 3 trucks of hunters driving up MS today, one truck nearly took me out. Did not see the dog MTBFiend took home though. Trails is in awesome shape. 
slopush10/19/10FastTurtle and I were going to do the loop, coming down Motorway until he broke his hanger just before Four Corners so we turned around and rolled back to the cars. Maple Springs is as tacky and fast downhill as I've ever seen it. Awesome! It rained driving up the Cyn, and started raining once we got back to the cars, but the ride itself was foggy but dry. What a perfect way to start the day! 
angry red squirrel10/19/10eeefffnnn- luv this weather-rain/fog,wore rain gear n dh helmet on the dh-dodging trucks and a spandex rider?fun fun fun 
Boerseun10/19/10SS - Solo morning ride...First ride after my 3rd son was born Sunday...rode a PB to 4C...1:02min...cut 10min off...amazing how strong the legs felt after being off the bike for 4 days. Stopped and chatted with a descending biker on my way up who was dressed in full rain gear and a full face helmet...weather was fine until about a mile from 4C when it started raining for a little while. Stopped at 4C and talked to several hunters...another 2 trucks filled with hunters were heading up Maple on my descent. 
JRA10/18/10OMG! I love my new SS bike! I couldn’t wait to ride my virgin SS bike even thought the weather didn’t look so good; I decided to take my new toy out and I thought I would be the only loony riding out there but that wasn’t the case by a long shot. On my way back to my car I ran into Chris and her husband. The two of them had just arrived and were setting out for a ride to the peak. I really would have loved to have joined them but, it was my maiden voyage on the SS bike and I wasn’t sure I could keep up with them so I sadly declined. Weather wasn’t ideal but the gnats were absent and the fall colors of the trees painted a pretty backdrop that made for a wonderful and enjoyable ride. 
spicolli197610/18/10Had to cut my originally intended ride of Motorway a bit short because I started a bit later than I wanted, and it started to get dark at 4 corners. 
mtbfan10/17/10Perfect Ride conditions. Who would have thought, waking up to rain and wet streets that Maple Springs would be dry and almost sunny at the top. Only the descent was a little wet since the clouds moved in. Good to be out there. Thanks Teri, Doug and Mark for doing this short notice. Saw a bunch of other riders from the Path out there. Bailys and coffee warmed us up after the ride, thanks to Teri. 
JRA10/17/10Social ride with the Bike Path Peeps:) 
angry red squirrel10/16/10zoom zoom zoom and some single track 
MTB Fiend10/15/10Sweet Maple Springs ride. Fly's were a bit bothersome so I donned my mosquito net and smiled - no more bugging bugs! Climb was good and I reached Four Corners just at sunset. The marine layer looked like a sea of clouds swirling and churning below. The descent was warm enough with the dry clothes I brought. Ripping down the paved section in near darkness and just 1 light was exhilirating. Held my own little tailgate party of 1 at the trailhead to celebrate. Great ride! 
RUTINTED10/10/10WOW! This ride kicked my ass!! 
vt1ryan10/09/10early morning spin up to four corners with TriGuyTim. Good pace for me today. Weather nice and the air was clean. got warm coming back down. 
MTB Fiend10/08/10"Always save a sprint!"-I've been known to say. Just as I started my sprint on the last switchback, my seat post broke! Snapped right off at the top. Nice. At least I avoided pain and suffering, if you know what I mean. So now I am stuck descending with no seat/seatpost, throws the balance all off and is clearly unsafe to pick up speed, downright dangerous, and definitely uncomfortable. Made it down just before dark and celebrated my adventure appropriately, if you know what I mean. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend10/06/10What's this? A ray of sunshine outside my window? My mind was gone before my body, and I knew just where to go! Just under 2 hours after rain the trail was nearly bone dry. Well, OK dog bone dry so it had a few slobbery parts here and there. Barely a speck of mud on my bike. Weather was good except when the cold wind was in my face, and as expected freakin freezing on the descent. Oh yeah! No flys! Caught the early stages of an awesome sunset while the wind howled at 4 corners. Great ride! 
angry red squirrel10/03/10did this one goat style-maaaaahhhh 
xcShane09/22/10Just don't like Maple Springs but I gotta do it. 
DIRTULS09/15/10I have not been here since March. I felt very stong today. I wanted to go on to Motorway, but I figured it was not a good idea. Good ride! 
Boerseun09/12/10Tough night ride with Burgemeester...no moon...one of the darkest night rides I've done in a long time. My back gave me hassles the whole way...glad the ride was over! Thanx Burgemeester. 
Burgemeester09/03/10SS. A mellow ride with Boerseun last night - it was one ofthe darkest night rides I've been on. We saw a bob cat and fox on the way down. Time for Boerseun to slow down - this age thing is getting to his back. Mooi so Oupa! 
angry red squirrel09/03/10hell,who needs a sweat band,when you have a unibrow,ya you can say it was toasty out today 
trekstorm08/31/10Had planned on doing Harding but no parking available. Maple was good. Not too much traffic. Weather was good warm with a nice breeze. Only problem was the flies as you're going uphill. 
XCRider08/08/10part 2 of 2, nutrition testing (following break at car after motorway loop). Didn't do too good on this part, legs were fine, but SE+HEED didn't sit too well during the climb. Took it really slow and did a couple of HAB sections. No sign of cramping though and so the Hammer stuff probably did help that even though it slowed me down a ton. Actually felt great after the ride down and could probably have ridden more except for time. 
RYAN FOREST08/06/10rode with pops 
singlespeedrider07/24/10Nice morning ride with skyrone. Started late both slpet in so had to turn around at 4 corners, Sky moved on to the peak. No legs today propable from the lack of food and sleep. Garmin battery was dead from the start. 
Quikflip2707/23/10Split from first group and joined in the ride to the peak. Heat and bugs kept us from getting our goal, but it was fun after all. Thanks TREE for the ride and Christa and Mark for the painful pace! 
angry red squirrel07/20/10intended to go to harding trail/closed to thru taffic.21nd option maples-pavement parts sucks on a mtb!!! 
Burgemeester07/20/10SS. Superb night ride with Boerseun, Steeleboat and Slopush! Forgot the brain bucket, but that just aided in speeding things up becuase I was riding lighter! Bonus! 
Boerseun07/20/10SS - Broke out the single speed...A great night ride with Slopush, Burgemeester & Steeleboat. 1:12 to 4C...a PB. 
slopush07/20/10Fun night ride w/ Steelboat and the SS boys Burgemeester and Boerseun. Those guys really need to stop having so much fun while I'm trying to figure out what gear I should be in.... 
RaulC07/15/10excellent conditions with light rain on the way up - good company with Steeleboat & Slopush 
slopush07/15/10Man, I was worried about melting down due to the heat we had today but by the time we started (7:00 PM) the temps had dropped and then the soft rain cooled us and made for a dust free ride back down. Steelboat and RaulC enjoyed the rainbow and sunset with me and no, we did not hold hands :D 
slopush07/09/10The second ride tonight was really nice- 20 degrees warmer at Four Corners than it was on the drive home! Fast Turtle and I watched SAmtn set a new PB to the top of 1:19- Way to go dude. Saw three differnt truck loads of teens enjoying the road to the top. Can't say I blame them : ) 
SAmtn07/09/10Great night ride with Slopush and Fast Turtle. Can't believe how good I felt. Derailleur problem at the start forced me to do the ride single speed. Thanks guys. 
Fast Turtle07/08/10Another ride of chasing people. This time it was SAMTN and Slopush that I chased. TIRED 
cleanbeater07/05/10Good ride with Slow Ride. 
Slow Ride07/05/10What a great hangover cure!!! Thanks for joining me cleanbeater... 
angry red squirrel06/09/10do not pass go-do not collect $200-intended to do loop,but the megadoppler 7000 was wrong -cuz it was sunny n damn toasty out with horseflies,heat zapped my energy,turnaround at the top,easy cruise back-good excuse to get a cherry slurpee!!! 1 1 
angry red squirrel06/04/10the proverbial flies on shiat ride-felt like f*#! pig pen--horseflies,gnats etc out n full force had to pill a mcgyver or is that mcgruber?cut some lining/net from backpack,duct tape to hat-worked like a charm,put dh gear on for fast n crash free descent-yeehaw!!! flies=0 me=1 
cleanbeater05/31/10Rode with Slow Ride. I was slow trying to kick this cold. Wish we could have gone further. 
Slow Ride05/29/10Good casual ride with cleanbeater... 
angry red squirrel05/27/10wed ride-took the hardtail -climbed like a goat-sucked on the downhill 
angry red squirrel05/27/10thurs ride-took the dh bike-43lb beast)elevator out of service today so it sucked climbing some hab,super plush on the downhill soaked up all the rocks/bumps,sticks in the corners-my favorite bike just too damn heavy 
Slow Ride05/24/10Rode with cleanbeater, Toro, and Sevan. Toro crashed, separated his shoulder and got banged up pretty good. Best of luck on the recovery buddy! 
cleanbeater05/23/10Rode with Slow Ride, Raul and Sevan. COLD at the top. All was going well til Raul took a hard spill on the way down. Fortunately two guys in a 4runner were nice enough to give him a ride back to the parking lot. 
angry red squirrel05/18/10took the dh bike-a two-wheeled mountain goat passed me up n back b4 i hit the top-and pavement still sucks on a mtb- 
gmurray05/16/10I had greater ambitions of getting to Santiago Peak but did not feel like wasting myself to bag the summit. It was also warmer than expected. 
Boerseun05/10/10Early morning ride with Burgemeester...mellow pace as I'm winding down for Saturday's Traverse. Thanx for breakfast afterwards @ SC! 
NA1NSXR05/09/10First time here. Nice views, chilly and windy up top. 
Burgemeester05/06/10I once again managed to "bring out the best" in Boerseun!! Nice! 
ZipsBiker05/02/10Perfect day out. Nice temps and a little breeze. TL, DB. 
Sydney04/27/10yay separated shoulder! 
Old&InTheWay04/22/10Fun ride. Heavy rain first 3.5 miles. Full sun at Four Corners.Inbetween a 4 mile long kaleidoscope, the elements changing significantly at every turn in the road. Very ridable. 
JRA04/22/10Took my new bike out for a ride on one of my favorite trails and it's always in great shape:) 
JRA04/18/10Nice ride with Syney:) 
JD15804/04/10First ride of 2. Fun Easter Day ride with Heather, Syd, Carolyn and Scott. First time up Maple for Carolyn and Scott. Nice day and great scenery. 
Winger04/04/10EX8. Nice to finally ride with the group. Time to put in more miles. Ate it in a pavement stream crossing when the wheels went out from under me. Perfect fall. Not even a scratch, but soaked. Best part was the steam coming off my hot rotors when hit with the cold water. 
Slow Ride03/31/10Fun ride with Toro and cleanbeater... it was a little chilly and windy at four corners but the ride down was so much fun, we were laughing like little kids! 
MTB Fiend03/29/10I became suspicious immediately. My Shuffle I had charged a couple days ago was battery dead? They started to orbit me. The flys. As I continued on up the paved road they were present but not bothersome. Scouts. As I turned the corner and hit dirt they attacked in full force. It was well coordinated, they caught me at a time I could not speed my way out. They held up the relentless attack as I struggled to reach relief at the guardrail. To be continued..Great ride! 
cleanbeater03/28/10Rode with Slow Ride and Raul. It was a COLD and windy wait at the top. 
MTB Fiend03/26/10Another sweet Maple Springs ride. Cold and windy at the trailhead, but much calmer in the canyon. Riding the F/S 29r, I was surprised to set another personal best @ 1:25:13! But I did stop 2x to fix my seatpost, so..? The road is in pristine condition. The biggest heavy equipment is out now, but not before moving the big rocks at the gate closer to the gate post. It's now really tough to get around the gate, even on foot. I wonder.. another frog closure? Screamed down the paved road. Great ride! 
Boerseun03/24/10Early morning ride with Slopush, FastTurtle(Paul) and my brother De Wet. De Wet's biggest climb...he was a stud grinding it out to 4C. Paul snapped his derailleur hanger and we had to convert him to a SS. He eventually cut the ride a little short. Slopush acted his age for once and SAMtn joined us for breakfast at Silverado Cafe...all in all, a great morning! 
MTB Fiend03/24/10I was ready, ready for battle with the foulest foe of all - the Gnat. I am sure I am smarter than a Gnat because I can spell Gnat. I don't think a Gnat can spell Gnat. I was ready with my camoflauge netting. A high-tech solution to a low-tech irritation. But alas, Mother Nature intervened and the big duel never materialized. Cool temps and refreshing breezes kept the little buggers from being a bother. Next time. There's always a next time. As expected, downright cold on the descent. Great ride! 
slopush03/23/10Slow recovery ride w/ Boerseun, his brother DeWet (nice grind man!) and Fast Turtle, who broke his rear hanger and had to call it a day. That sucks. Then I tweaked my back. That sucked too. Breakfast afterwards w/ Sydney was a bonus so I left the Cafe bent over a bit but with a smile on my face : ) 
Boerseun03/22/10Early morning ride with Slopush & Shine...great breakfast afterwards @ Silverado Cafe. 
MTB Fiend03/22/10Ha! I knew it would be like this. The road is in pristine condition, freshly scraped, all ruts repaired, new whoop-dee-doos installed. Set a new PB to 4 Corners - 1:27:53. The flys in the bottom canyon made for good incentive to move along. Temps dropped, breeze picked up - no more flys. Cold and windy at the top, watched the fog grope its way along the coast. Saw some Quail so I stopped to see if there was a covey. There was! What a rush when they flush! Great ride! 
chileno03/21/10Nice weather for a ride today--but the mosquitoes killed the joy on the ride up and I was a giant mosquito swatter on way down!! 
MTB Fiend03/15/10This is the sweetest climb in OC, made sweeter by a closed gate. a freshly scraped fireroad, and a sensational twilight sunset. Only the largest ruts have not been filled in, rocks larger than a softball are tough to find - prime conditions. Drunk by the blazing sunset my senses refused to accept the approaching darkness. The alpen glow from the snow-capped mountains was... well, downright uplifting! On the paved descent my eyes had to adjust from cat-eye to owl-eye - dark! Super Great ride! 
Waldo03/13/10Rode late in the day. The further up I got, the more the clouds rolled in, the temps dropped, and the ambiance got creepy as the fog rolled through the burnt trees. Very chilly on the way down. A good, but sorta different ride. 
Two Tired03/10/10Rode Tuesday afternoon. It got really cold near the top and all the way back down. My toes and fingers felt frozen by the end of the ride. 
angry red squirrel03/09/10just my favorite trail and i,she could be cruel,she could be kind,today she was lovely n sublime,crisp cool air,few ruts,muddy spots,cncrt wtr crssing slppry(moss)otherwise trail holding up well-considering all the rain-me twigs n berries were the size of raisins on the dh-bbbrrrr 
DIRTULS03/08/10Good ride with Chris. Thank you for the positive energy! Not much of a view at the top with all the clouds. Frigid on the way down with a light sprinkle. 
Fast Turtle03/07/10Didn't ride Saturday so used my hall pass early Sunday morning. Meet Agitate1890 and his buddy??. Nice to meet you guys and talk to someone. Not many riders out early. Gate to dirt path 31 min. Gate to 4 corners 1:20. 
NO GO03/06/10Solo evening loops on the Felt. 
El Chupacabra03/05/10Damn it was cold up there... 
tweasol03/04/10The plan was B-Star today but I guess it rained last night?? It was chilly!..but maple is in great shape, although the pavement was more painful than it should of been, still dealing with this cold...Go away, please! 
Phishin Paul03/04/10No snow or ice on trail. Water crossings are not too deep. Freezing cold up top with low cloud coverage. I used a leg warmer as a hat for ride down. I only saw one rider at the end and 2 hikers. SS 
29 Inch Nails03/04/10Way too cold..... 
slopush03/02/10Sweet ride with Boerseun and Shine. Getting those two together is always a recipe for laughs. Thanks guys, I was so engrossed in your antics that I forgot I was climbing a hill! 
TomG02/28/10Watch out for the downed tree that wants to kill someone!and some deep ruts too. 
Fast Turtle02/28/10Rode with One Flew OTB and Steve Carrillo. Great day for riding. Tried to push the pace ahead of One Flew OTB but he always catches me. Need to change my strategy. Steve, Always fun to ride with you. You need to go to spin class with me. It really works. 
Pmcmasters02/28/10Solo afternoon ride. 
JRA02/28/10Second ride of the day. I was planning on going to the peak; It didn't happen:( 
Two Tired02/23/10Sunday afternoon ride with Keith (Kparsons), Larry and Leigh. Tried to beat the rain but got caught by it near the top. Really cold. Met Mike (One Flew OTB) at the top. 
halfasst02/21/10Very cold and wet ride this afternoon. Started raining about 1/2 way up. Plan was to ride to HJ and down, but wimped out due to the cold. Good ride anyways with Hannibal, Leigh and Larry. Ran into MTBfiend, Mike and Sharon, Happy B-Day Sharon! 
Royster7102/21/10Troupe ride good to see all the peeps.. Well started with a larger route in mind. Then hit 4 corners holy shit it was cold. I had to put my skirt on and head my cold ass down the mountain :) Stopped a couple times to get feeling back in my hands.. From what I hear the rest of the party turned around not much longer after that :) 
MTB Fiend02/20/10Cool mid-day ride. Lots of vehicles, but few people. Gate is still closed, that is what makes this climb and ride such a joy. Ascending in to the clouds always adds adventure and mystique to the ride, but real cold and windy at 4 corners. Great ride! 
RoughRiderR02/19/10rode this after riding motorway. was pretty warm, i almost didnt finish due to lack of food. my rear slr (new) starting going out on the way back down. thank goodness for performance's return policy. 
Sarah/Sauce02/16/10Great ride w/ Keith, Lynn and others - I had loads of energy. My speed seems to be increasing ... which is weird, considering I don't ride that much anymore. I attribute it to the running! 
Keith B02/13/10Had a break then headed up Maple with Sarah, Graham and Paul. Sarah left us all for dead - she should be doing the counting coup instead of me! I was pretty much done up at 4 corners. Tired and all out of food and water. Quite a bit of water in the creek crossings. Enduro endured today - busted rear brake, a stone shattered the FD cable, snapped yet another spoke and the handlebar grip came lose. 
IceCreamAndCake02/13/10Intended to ride down holy jim but met some riders at 4corners that informed us of the big running race. Went back down maple to avoid the crowd. 
mtbkel4402/13/10nice ride. waited for my friends at 4 corners while they made a bid for the peak. started 30 minutes prior to my buddies since I am always struggling to keep up. Next time I hope to get to the peak. 
mtbkel4402/08/10great ride with Paula and Christalona. lots of water in the crossings. Feet got wet but still glad i wore toe warmers. 41 degrees at the start at 8:30. My fingers and feet froze on the way down. good fun... can't wait to do it again... 
SKINNY02/07/10Rode the magic dirt of maple springs today.. Trail was in great condition.. There were at least 5 riders ahead of me and you couldn't hardly tell there were any tracks.. Lots of flowing water crossing the trail.. The major water crossings on the paved part were a bit deeper that I liked.. Feet got soaked crossing the third stream on the way up.. Shoes seemed to drain ok.. maybe through the cleat opening.. For those that doubt the magic dirt (Hall Monitor bitchass) here is a pick of my bike after the ride.. http://jeridjohnson.com/x/photos/postmaple.jpg 
Buffalo01/23/10Rode up with XC ski gear and got 3-4 miles skiing in. I did carry my bike all the way to 4 corners, so I'll take full credit for this "ride": ) I was surprised by how few riders were out today, although the creek crossings were pretty deep in the morning. Beautiful weather. Passed MTB Fiend climbing up as I was riding down. 
angry red squirrel01/19/10WTF-like the hand of almighty zeus came down upon the land-got kinda gnarly,though tolerable-think i seen toto and a flying house 
thepoolman01/19/10started to rain really hard as i reach four corners. decided not to take the motorway down due the fact i was all alone up there. soaked to the bone at the bottom. good times!!! 
XCRider01/17/10Extra credit after BS - MW. 1:50 climb time was pretty slow, with 3 short breaks, but still felt pretty good at 4C and probably can get better. Combined 4C time from Blackstar was 5:06 including breaks. 
STEVO CARRILLO01/09/10Solo afternoon spin. Met up with Stv ( steve ) at the road/dirt junction and cruzed up enjoying the company. Funny thing, Steve and I were taking a break at the top when coming down from Majeska was a group of 4x4s, the last one in the group was a "10" year old behind the wheel..... Now of course papa was also in the jeep but we both had a double take on that one. Nice to of met you Stv, hope to see more of you on the mountain. 
SKINNY12/31/09Late night ride after the rain.. finished up at about 12am. 
MTB Fiend12/28/09Nice afternoon ride, no vehicle traffic except a few trucks at the top. No other MTBr's. Warm in the sun, cool to cold in the shade. The usual cold and breezy at the top. The zipper on my jacket kind of broke, made for a chilly descent. Great climb - Great ride! 
angry red squirrel12/23/09wind what wind,cold what cold,wore my craft pro zero pant,ls-tee,gloves and balaclava or baclava,1 u wear 1 u eat,kept me toasty warm,yes i did look like a ninja,started at dirt 2 top 2x 
moose knuckels12/22/09VERY cold, but the dirt was in good condition. 
Buffalo12/13/09Great ride. Saw MTB Fiend and Sharon on the way up. The water was flowing a lot clearer today - yesterday it looked like cafe mocha. 
Buffalo12/12/09Started around 11 am. Rained pretty much the whole time. Wind blowing the rain horizontal at 4 corners. Didn't see any other riders. The road is in great shape, almost no mud. Lots of small waterfalls. 
Cori12/09/09Loved the slow climb but it was very cold at 4 Corners & the ride back - no view due to the clouds we were in. Will bring a dry pair of gloves next time for the return ride. 
Diesel12/09/09Bleepin cold!!!! I left a dime on top of the Harding Truck Trail sign if anyone wants to go get it. It is probaly frozen to it. Good ride with Gerry going up, wind chill factor killed it coming down. 
Gerry Lattimer12/09/09The frost on the trail looked amazing on the way up. The reflections from the lights gave the appearance of riding up a road paved with jewels. The cold was pretty unbearable on the way back down though. 
angry red squirrel12/08/09best trail ive found to ride during and after rain-soaks up the rain well due too the trees,veg,and rocky trail-seen a pair of bike tracks and 2 hiker,sgate was closed,kept toasty warm on the dh-reg bike clothes plus my ski jacket gloves,socks,didnt have too worry about 4x4s 
Rumpled12/06/09Cold ride today. Ran up into the misty mountains. Very cold, drizzly and windy at the top. Good ride for our small group. Not much scenery through the clouds today. Overall, a pretty good ride. 
Shigalert12/06/09Very nice ride on the way up but fffffreeeezing wind chill at 4 corners and on the first bit back down. 
ryanarciero12/05/09Great climbing but it was cold especially coming back down. 
vodoo12/05/09My first ride with OC Riders, it was fun, fast, and freezing! 
vodoo11/30/09A fun ride with Yadi, good practice for making it to Santiago Peak. 
El Chupacabra11/27/09Post Thanksgiving ride with the fellas. Great to see so many of the Chupas out there today. 
FalseSummit11/27/09Perfectly clear and beautiful day for a group ride. Rode to meet the RnR gang at Four Corners. Rode with Oly, Manny, Tom, Chris, David, TyMo. Met up MarkM's gang as well. Plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. 
Ladera Dave11/26/09Felt great to see 35 riders out of 150 Team Basso members. Nice for Rock&Road to serve us Breakfast. Have a great Turkey. 
RaulC11/26/09NIce Turkey day ride with Steve & Todd B. Thanks to RockNRoad Cyclery for bagles & coffee! 
MCAFS11/24/09Cool afternoon ride. Finished just before sunset. First tried to ride Blackstar/Motorway but was turned away due to a red flag warning. Maple was open, go figure, so I had just enough time to complete this ride. 
quad damage11/23/09Second ride. Still slow paced with low heart rate. Got cold. 
cdemeis11/14/09Cold afternoon ride. Lots of people out on the trail. 
angry red squirrel10/29/09another dawn patrol ride-windy n cold-like the 40s-rode the dh bike front brake leaked fluid out,so the dh was like a flashback 2 the 70s,riding my mongoose at the bmx track,on the dh before the pavement,hauling ass and scared the crap out a hiker-i guess white men can jump-lol was laughing so hard had tears running out my eyes til i got 2 my truck- 
Fast Turtle10/29/09Started at 4 pm. Very cold on the way down. Wasn't prepared for the cold. 
Fast Turtle10/22/09 
angry red squirrel10/14/09anybody else have cabin fever,feel like a hamster in a cage,the only trail to ride when it rains,with all the trees n rocks soaks up the rain good,very rideable,clouds low 20ft visibility yeehaw-had more fun than a pig in sh*t,dh was a blast,started at the dirt to past modjeska peak(same mileage)my bike sure looks purrrdy when its durrrdy- 
Manuel Prado10/09/09Training ride prepping for La Ruta 49 going up Gate to gate, had to do some intervals today! 
cdemeis10/03/09Great Saturday ride in beautiful fall weather. 
Waldo09/26/09Just a little warm today, plus back spasms due to lack of recent extended climbs, so I turned back at Four Corners instead of heading to Motorway. Still felt great to be out there. 
Two Tired09/12/09Rode on Friday afternoon. Kinda of hot and lots of gnats on some sections, but great near the top and on the way down. 
Maneux08/31/09Pretty warm again today. Only one other rider on the route, coming down. Could see the Yucaipa and Station fire smoke plumes from Four Corners. 
quad damage08/30/09This is where things got tough. Pace slowed quite a bit. Way too hot. Total time with BS/Motorway was 4:12. 
rushak08/29/092nd ride of the day. Way too hot and I suffered on the way up. Felt queezy most of the way. I was glad to be done with this ride. Rode with Matt and Ryan. 
angry red squirrel08/20/09the other trails were a zoo-so went on the road less traveled,rode with mini-me,started in the daylight,dark the time we reached 4 crnrs-kinda eerie,spooky fun on the dh,seen a huge owl chilling in the middle of the road,walked right up and scooted it out of the road,and by the pavement a coyote popped out of the bushes in front of the bikes,missed it about 2ft,no chupacabra sightings!!! 
MTB Fiend08/18/09I knew it was going to be like it was. Flys, dust and at least one crazy driver - and it was. There must have been 25 or more flys orbiting my face at any given time. I was the lord of the flys, or at least they worshiped me as such. Had to don my red bandana for relief. And yet, this climb is somehow worth all that! Great ride! 
NO GO08/15/09Rode with Twitch, decided to not throw in motorway....next time 
Twitch08/15/09Thanks NO GO, started late and was a little warm. 
angry red squirrel08/04/09when heaven hid the stars and nights darkness fled,dawn awoke outspraying splendor and scattered light over the earth!!!it was ethereal,enlightenment of the soul!!!in other words it was a bitchin sunrise,hues of yellow,orange,bluish-purple bursting thru the clouds,a purple haze if you will,and up before those damn GNATS were out 
JCampbell08/01/09tough little cookie after being off the ride for a while 
bossvader08/01/09Hot and gnatty...duh! 
bforest07/24/09Those damned, annoying Gnats!!! 
angry red squirrel07/14/09rode the hard tail today,about 20lbs lighter than my dh bikes,climbed like a damn mountain goat,knocked a 12 hour off my usual time,some high speed dirt-sketchy on the dh run-shook,bounced,slid and drifted on corners,like i was at the c.m speedway!!!oh ya and damn gnats 
angry red squirrel07/10/09yep!!!pavement still sucks,dirt climb was fine,and yes gnats are evil bastards from the nether world,dont those things ever sleep,am ride to beat the heat 
angry red squirrel07/04/09f-ing gnats x 10!!!!no rest for the wicked-only the die hards out today,blackstar was packed 20 cars so went 2 maple springs only 1 car,2 mtn bkrs,christmas came early for me almost--became an ornament on someones car on the dh,toasty n dusty trail;oh ya f-ing gnats,f-ing gnats,f-ing gnats!!!! 
TioTony07/02/09Nice evening ride with Pam. Saw a mountain lion near the top hair pin turn. 
XCRider06/27/09VP race and work pushed me into the afternoon. The ride down, and talking with Jake before the climb, was great. Everything else was really tough. Didn't realize how hot the pavement was. I think my tires were sticking. Lots of mid-afternoon truck traffic made for a number of rest stops to let dust settle and get a bit of a cool down. Truck and moto guys seem to know to slow but OHV buggy people are clueless. Once I got to 4C it was too late to go on, especially a with nice DH run waiting. 
shiftalot06/25/091st ride. no rso. StartTime=0934. [4857.5-9r]. w/ Owen. Always a treat & joy to ride with my son. Temp was reasonable. The dirt part was sandy, dusty & loose. In 2007 I had to walk on HardingTruckTrail. This year no walking. Owen flatted on his rear tubeless at 4 corners. I had a tube. Then I flatted on the way back. We pumped it up which lasted about a mile. At the pavement we pumped it again, and we made it back. Now, new tires, tubes, pump. Owen is getting new wheels, spokes, tires. 
owen06/25/09with my dad(dyhc). how many people are lucky enough to hit the trails with their parent? i don't think it happens very often, and i feel very fortunate. there's not a lot of 73 year olds reeling in saddleback mountain with their 42 year old sons. a treat for sure. the gates were open today, so we had to watch out for motorcyclists and cars. not too many of either, and we never saw another cyclist. 
angry red squirrel06/16/09social ride,casual pace,some hab,lower trail toasty,upper trail loose n sandy,cool breezy,lots of 4x4s today,fast n furious dh and oh ya -pavement still sucks!!! 
angry red squirrel06/12/09yee-haw-nothing better 2 get the adrenaline flowing than a little high speed dirt,trail loose n sandy,more rocks exposed,had 2 throw the leg out moto style on the turns.ever had that feeling your being watched,getting dh gear on,turned around,coyote 15ft away-tossed some beef jerky-took it n ran into bushes,today my kung fu was strong,climbed 2nd ring(no granny) cut 1/2 hr off usual time,cool misty low clouds,no traffic on trail done by 9am,few people starting out as i was leaving -see ya 
angry red squirrel05/29/09misty mountain hop,sweet ride-perfect weather-didnt overheat-didnt have to call aa,aaa,aarp-best of all no car traffic 
trekstorm05/19/09Another ride with Oscar this time on the mtn bike. Added Frank and Robert from work. Where's Toby? Warm temps but nice strong breeze. At the top the sights were great. 
cdemeis05/16/09Fail ride. Haven't been on the bike in 3 weeks and really struggled today. 
angry red squirrel05/12/09granny gear today,no traffic,took my time some HAB(pavement still sucks),very loose and sandy,on the DH a lot of sliding,early am ride,cool temps,above the fog/clouds past the pavement-looked like whitewater rushing into the canyon-very cool,some dumb ass put more graffiti!!! 
angry red squirrel05/07/09good cure for insomnia!!! -ate at ihop,loaded up on the carbs-started before the crack ass of dawn,like 4am,lot of critters out,just seen their eyes maybe it was a chupacabra,time i got 2 the top sun was peeking out,done by 630,temps kinda warm 
angry red squirrel04/22/09still kinda toasty out with a little breeze,started at dirt(pavement sucks)rode to modjeska peak its about the same mileage,had a fast no crash downhill,no cars to avoid either,thought i saw a huge snake,just my shadow when i took a piss!!!LOL 
angry red squirrel04/21/09rode the diablo today for its first dh run,how apropos considering i took a bike ride in hades itself today!felt like dante himself in the divine comedy from purgatorio to paradiso-it cooled down on the ascent-the jamis diablo 2.0 is sic-plush,smooth,hugs the corners with the 2.7 tacky maxxis high rollers,enough 2 make a grown man cry-wait let me wipe the tear from my eye-you should add this bike to your quiver-jenson in corona has 2007 diablos 1.0 $1250 and 2.0 $1650-sweet bike-next luge! 
XCRider04/21/09Evening ride, very warm in Orange area, but pleasant in Silverado. Nice temps for riding, but very dry. 1:25 gate to gate including 2 minutes to fish a rock out of my front derailleur. Saw Carl at parking and for a few moments at the start then he was gone. He went somewhere above 4C and was still out when I left a bit after sunset. 
angry red squirrel04/15/09yee-haw!!! hell ya!!!did some good ol fash-n down-hillin-ya i said down -hillin-nothing better to get the adrenaline flow-n,rode the ol trusty sidekick-dh bike ricochet,had 2 throw another band aid on it(cracked frame,put some jb weld on it(let cure)for a week good for another 10,000 miles,was gonna head up 2 sntgo pk,however what started out as timid wind grew furious,as ya`ll know it gets damn right cold up ther-oh ya yee-haw!!! 
TioTony04/10/09Felt sluggish the first few miles on the way up but felt better near the top. Cold and socked in with clouds. 
XCRider03/23/09Late afternoon ride after work. Gusts and swirling dust, windy at the top and quite chilly on the way down. Glad I carried my jacket and thermal top. Still froze my fingers solid. PB 1:22 gate to gate in spite of messing with seat and the winds. Road surface was excellent though, which probably helped. 
Buffalo03/22/09Almost no mud, no dust - perfect. Brisk on the way down. 
RYAN FOREST03/18/09Rode with Dad. Saw a couple cars and almost became a hood ornament. NICE weather up there with tons of shade and the south facing sun on the other side of the hill! 
angry red squirrel03/13/09gate open-hell thought i was in the baja 1000-12 dirtbikes,6 off road trucks,kept up with 2 motorcycles on the downhill,trail-8 out of 10,no ruts,with all the trees and rocks,soaked up all the rain and snow,streams low,temps warming up-im sure saturday will be a zoo 
Code_Blue03/09/09Cool at early in the AM 
trekstorm02/28/09Beautiful morning ride with the group from work. Nice cruise pace for us as we had a few who hadn't done this before. 
Ross B02/28/09Part two with Redo and John. monkey was on my back from the beginning. The trail was in good shape. lots of vehicle traffic but no incidents. Blessed are you oh Lord. 
PINKY02/28/09great training ride if you're spent or out of time just turn around, all downhill. 
Shorty02/26/09Great ride with Red Ryder. Great day to be out riding. It was good to meet OTB Again and, jbh65 at Four Corners. Chilly ride down in the late afternoon shadows. It was my first time to Four Corners, it felt really good to do! (Didn't know 'next time' would've come so soon!) Yes! 
trekstorm02/26/09Just enough daylight today as I got a later start. Much cooler too. 
Phishin Paul02/24/09Great late afternoon ride. Snow has melted on Maple Springs. Only saw two other riders. 
trekstorm02/24/09A little cooler than yesterday. Saw a few more riders including a roadie who went like he had a motor. He stopped at the end of pavement. Great sunset up at the top. 
trekstorm02/23/09Bikes clean (almost). After a few rides through the mud at Blackstar was able to "clean up" at Maple Springs. Water much lower than the last time I attempted. Trail in good shape with somewhat warm temps today. 
MTB Fiend02/20/09Yehaw! Spectacular ride, water everywhere, absolutely still and quiet. I had to turn around just below 4 Corners where it is still icy. I had the whole place to myself! Great ride! 
GoneRiding02/19/09Much better conditions then last week. Just a little snow to deal with right before 4 corners. No HAB. Feet were able to stay dry so they didn't get cold. For some reason the descent through the snow seemed sketchier then last week. Met Brian Lopes back down at the car. Nice guy. Saw a skunk about 1/4 mile before the pavement ended on the way up. 
UphillRider6502/15/09Lots of snow, very cold on the way down. 
Buffalo02/14/09Rode up with XC skis. Did 2 runs 1/2 mile below Four Corners, then, a couple of more runs starting a 1/2 mile past. Plenty of snow for cross country skiing on the fire roads. After this next storm, it'll be even better. 
OTB_again02/14/09Good snow ride today, the first patches showed up about a mile past the pavement. Caught up with Chris aka Spartacus a bit before 4 Corners. Pretty significant amount of hike-a-bike thru fairly deep snow. Wanted to continue on toward Modjeska but got a report from another rider that it was more HAB, so I scrapped that idea. 
Spartacus02/14/09Good to ride with OTB again. A little sketchy riding down in the snow. Only one fall in the snow made for a soft landing. Coooold coming down. Quite a few runners out today. 
SKINNY02/14/09cold ass ride in the snow... crashed once but landed in a soft pile of snow so it was actually pretty cool.. glad there were no rocks under the snow. 
jbh6502/14/09started 1/4 mile before the gate. Water crossings not too bad going up, but wow they were full on the way down. Hit patchy snow about 1.25 miles up the fire road and it was slushy the majority of the way. Hard packed section before the 2nd to last turn the goes for about 1/8th-1/4 mile. Exposed trail just about the rest of the way up. Talked to a rider at RR on the way home and she said the trail was covered from just above 4C all the way down to and including the first 1/2 mile of HJ 
NO GO02/14/09Rode with Sevan. Cold and lots of snow. Couple hike a bike sections but still a great ride. 
PaulV02/13/09original plan was maple to motorway, aborted due to wet/cold/snow/ice/wind. Colder than expected, glad I brought an extra layer and warm hat. Snow patches started 10 minutes past road meets dirt, next big ice patches on road and then snow covered road well before 4 corners, blowing snow at 4 corners. Felt like it dropped 10 degrees just before 4 corners! Ran into Verm on the way down and talked him into turning around because I was frozen and he had less clothes than me! 
GoneRiding02/11/09Fair amount of snow on trail. Tough going the last half mile. Slushy snow that made it difficult. Other parts where the sun didn't hit it was more hard pack and easier to ride. Saw 4 other riders out there. The ride down was no fun because my feet were frozen. Had to be careful descending. 2 military helicopters doing maneuvers throughout the climb up. 
scott v02/10/09As would be expected it was cold. 36 degrees when I started at 0800. Turned to a snow road about 1 1/2 miles after the pavement ended. Turned around just shy of four corners, snow got too deep to ride. 
quad damage02/09/09Ride with Doug, Troy, Matt, Andrew and Abby. Ran into some sleet close to Four Corners. Mud wasn't that bad, but it was pretty cold. Need to work on going harder on short rides. 
ThinkFast02/08/09Cold wet ride with Matt, Ryan, Doug, Andrew and Abby. We had some sleet on our way up. Decided not to go any further once we hit four corners. Enjoyed a nice after ride breakfast with Doug, Matt and Andrew, thanks guys. 
House02/08/09Had plans to do a much longer ride but it was too cold and wet. Rode with Matt, Troy, Ryan, Andrew and Abby. 
Winger02/08/094900. Nice to finally get out for a decent ride. Trail sheds water well. Rain started near top and was frozen rain. Suddenly it got cold and we all decided to go down rather than push ahead. I was pretty frozen by the bottom. Rode with the unusual suspects....Troy, Ryan, Matt, Abby, Doug. Stopped for breakfast at the Silverado Cafe...decent place. 
Hermit02/08/09What Winger said. He summed up the ride nicely. 
RollnStone02/08/09Actually had a little sun as I started the climb. Only a few sprinkles on the way up. Thought I was going to get lucky, but when I hit 4 Corners, the rain started. Wet, slow, cold decent. Was pouring when I got back to the car. At least it washed some of the dirt off me. 
halfasst02/08/09Cold, wet ride this afternoon. Saw a number of riders coming down the road. Maple is in pretty good shape despite all the rain. 
XCRider02/08/09late afternoon solo ride up into the clouds; Maple Springs Rd was in great shape considering the rain, fingers were seriously cold coming down though. Somewhat slow at 1:36 gate to gate including stop time to play with seat height (much thanks to Stacey), probably just sticky trail surface. 
trekstorm02/03/09Warm ride with lots of traffic. Too many trucks!!! 
trekstorm02/03/09Late afternoon start. Finished after dark. Wish gate was closed for the traffic. Almost got hit going down. 
ThinkFast01/31/09Good ride with Matt, Ryan, Andrew and Abby from Wisconsin. This was part 2 for the day. Ryan and Matt continued on to the peak. Saw Pat K and son, also saw Tinker coming up on our way down. 
Waldo01/31/09Beautiful day: Probably 20-25 degrees warmer than last week. Everybody and their brother on the trail though: Dune buggies, 4wd Vanagons, Land Rovers, dirt bikes, street bikes, mountain bikes, chihuahuas.....you name it. 
MTB Fiend01/31/09Late afternoon ride was well timed. Plenty of traffic leaving. Traffic was well-behaved. Rode the new 29'er (of course) and set a new personal best - gate to Four Corners = 1:23:45. Great ride! 
Winger01/31/09EX8. Saw Tinker Juarez on the way down. 
NO GO01/31/09Rode with Slowride, Sasha, Steph, Toro and Sevan. Finished just after sun down. Nice afternoon ride! Thanks guys. 
angry red squirrel01/30/09yes grasshopper this is the path to enlightenment-pure nirvana,gate closed,no ruts,warm light breeze,2nd best dh around for speed besides harding trail,plus its cheaper than therapy-LOL 
trekstorm01/27/09What started out with 3 of us ended up being solo. Lost my co-workers I'm thinking after two miles. Stopped and waited where the dirt starts but realized they were not coming. Got frostbite coming downhill. Was really cold even though I had 4 long sleeve shirts on. 
vt1ryan01/26/09Rode with Sevan, Toro, Steph and NO GO. Really Cold today 
trekstorm01/26/09Solo ride today. Very cold coming downhill. 
halfasst01/25/09Ran into Beth, Kevin, Dan, Lito and ?, rode up to four corners, wasn't prepared for the cold! The road is in good shape, hardly any mud. 
OTB_again01/25/09Solo training ride, Maple Springs is in really good shape. No ruts whatsoever, and no mud. Just super tacky and fun. Very cold at 4 Corners...I can't remember being that cold on a descent. My fingers were having a tough time modulating the brakes. Haven't ridden Maple with the gate open in so long, I forgot about all the cars coming up who are driving like they're surprised someone else is on the road. Unbelievable. I hate cars. 
trekstorm01/24/09Solo ride in the rain. What fun it is as long as I've got plenty of clothing to keep me warm and dry. 
THanson01/18/09Very nice Sunday afternoon ride with TB and NS 
Shine01/18/09very good ride w/friends, posted personal best to top of 1:27...definately was the new lighter & faster bike! 
trekstorm01/16/09Late afternoon start with an afterdark finished. Glad I remembered my light. Getting much colder like it's supposed to be. Where's the rain? 
Ben Boronow01/16/09Saturday AM ride with Steve, Lonnie, Tom & Bob. Saw Andrew on the way down. Still a little snow up there. 
owen01/15/09with pacman and manuel. the trail is in great shape, however, i am not. my legs felt so heavy this morning, i've got a lot of work ahead to get back to something that resembles fit. thanks for the ride boys! 
skreech01/14/09i am starting to despise the wind... 
trekstorm01/13/09Solo ride (again) Had trail all to myself. Only saw a mom and her son walking a dog. Not too strong headwind going up. Not as strong as earlier. Glad I brought warm clothing for the descent as there were plenty on cold spots coming down. 
tortoise01/10/09Great ride not too windy, but a little cold at times. 
MTB Fiend01/10/09Sometimes windy, sometimes calm, sometimes sunny, mostly not - but always a great ride! 
Two Tired01/09/09Solo ride Thursday afternoon. Cool on the way up. Freezing on the way down. No other bikes, just hikers. Still patches of snow and ice 6.5 miles into the ride. Great views. 
Boerseun01/05/09A SENSATIONAL ride with Burgemeester. First time on Maple Springs but definitely plan to be back before I hit Blackstar again. There was still a little snow left and we found a puddle that was totally iced...man that was slippery! It felt like someone put me in a deep freeze on the way down...the breakfast at Silverado Cafe was SENSATIONAL as well. Met SingleTrackAngel and her crew at the trailhead. 
Burgemeester01/04/09Good ride with Boerseun - no mud at all which was a welcome sight and most of the snow has melted. Freezing on the way down - feet felt like ice blox! But breakfast afterwards sorted that out quickly!Err...word of the day will have to be: SENSATIONAL!! 
RollnStone01/03/09Wet and cold, especially the decent. Other that the ice and snow (below Four Corners), the decent can be very fast. 
MTB Fiend01/03/09Woohoo! This ride is just awesome on days like today. No vehicles makes this one of the most peaceful climbs available. Drizzled as I drove up the canyon, but everything was dry at the trailhead and beyond. Riding in and out of the clouds is so cool. Had a short ray of sunshine just as I reached Four Corners. Pretty darn cold on the descent. Finished just before dark. Great ride! 
trekstorm01/02/09Mid afternoon start. Down right cold with all the low clouds and fog. Felt much better today. 
wmwbtmp01/01/09Beautiful morning. Still some snow near 4 corners. 
trekstorm01/01/09Early am start. Just a cruise pace as my legs are still quite sore. Don't know why. It's like I havn't ridden in a month. New Year new goals. At least I'll be riding all year. Not like last year God willing. 
vt1ryan01/01/09Great weather and a great ride today. Still some snow on the upper part of Maple Springs to four corners. Thanks TriGuyTim 
ErikMM12/30/08After heading down moturdway, I needed a fun descent: 2nd time up to 4 corners today (1:06 this time, 1:05 1st time- muddy, snowy, icy (~1.2 mile total))...glad I have bear bell for all the peds...had to grab snow for water cause I forgot refill after moturdway...duh 
ErikMM12/30/08its pretty up there (and it smells good)...GOOD LUCK FINDING A PARKING SPACE (THERE ARE A WHOPPING 6 SPOTS!!!)...lots of water to cross this time of year... 
trekstorm12/30/08Nice warm temps but sure got cold as you got higher. Still quite a bit of snow on top and had to walk about a 1/4 mile due to the snow. Great views from the top. 
Ben Boronow12/29/08Ride with Bob & Ryan. Rode with Andrew for a while. 
bforest12/28/0817.8 miles total...some patches of snow still 
Burgemeester12/28/08First time up this track - can't believe I've never ventured out to it - really fun, especially thru the snow and streams! Thanks Slopush, that was a good ride, and even better breakfast @ Silverados! 
slopush12/28/08Casual pace up to the top w/ Burgemeester. Some snow still left in the shaded areas- just enough to play in. Sunny, clear day with views all around. Sweet! 
Shine12/27/08Up w/Thanson, RaulC, & oclaske. 31 degrees...ouch 
RaulC12/27/08It was 31 degrees at the trail head. Brrr . . . . Great ride with OCLaske, Shine, & THanson. TRB & Mike met us at 4 corners, took OCLaske with them & hit the peak. The rest of us had a warm breakfast back in Silverado. smile 
THanson12/27/08Great ride with Raul, Todd and Brian - a bit cold but not too bad - do I get extra points for forgetting my bike shoes and doing it in tennis shoes? 
mtnbikej12/27/08Great ride this afternoon. Was chilly when we started. Only kept getting colder as we ascended. Great riding in the snow at ice up high. Got downright frozen coming back down....41 degrees at the car. 
calepic12/23/08Brrr - Still lots of ice and snow from the dirt on up to 4 corners 
THanson12/22/08Fun ride - most of it in the snow - didn't quite get to the top, but got close. 
bossvader12/13/08COol and Damp but OK on the ascent. Starting blowing pretty hard at 4 corners and got burrr cold and wet. Most Moto's and Cars were OK, but there were a few tools. 
MTB Fiend12/12/08Excellent mid-morning ride. Personal best to Four Corners - 1:24. Weather was awesome, sometimes brilliant sunshine, others stormy. A few minor raindrops at times. Flatted on the descent. Great ride! 
cdemeis12/06/08Morning ride with James. Trail is in the best shape ever! 
GoneRiding12/04/08Haven't been on Maple Springs in a long time. Legs were not feeling it today. Almost cramped up. Very cold coming back down. There was a helicopter circling 4 corners as I approached and then another one buzzed right over the tree tops on my way down. Saw a few motorcyclists on my way up. 1:28 to 4 corners. 
MTB Fiend11/29/08Aaaah.. sweet mid-day Maple Springs ride. One of the best climbs in OC. 10x better with no vehicle traffic! Great ride! 
bossvader11/27/08Turkey Day Ride...low turnout, Maple Spring is in good condition will be great as soon as it dries up a bit. Wet but manageable and fun, little harder on the SS than I wanted dues to soft/tacky traction 
Ladera Dave11/27/08Happy Thanksgiving everyone, 7th annual Team Basso ride. Ran into Louie,Goldrunner, Geoff & Chris. The ride was in a light rain not bad. Time for Turkey. 
House11/26/08Raining pretty hard @ 4 corners. 
Red Ryder03/01/08CC-DNF Dang, almost 
MTB Fiend10/14/07Nice ride, Fall colors, no flies, minimal dust. but too much vehicle traffic. Almost got clobbered on my way down. 
Sir Robin09/29/07Rode solo as a couple of my "friends" no-showed. Thanks guys.;-) Got passed by a jogger who kept on going past Four Corners, looks like he had 2 hour time going up to Santiago Peak. 
vhipp09/26/07The weather was too nice so I did a second ride today. 
JCampbell09/12/07I apologize to everyone who signed up for the maple motorway ride. We had some serious problems. Two cars had problems and a broken hub just before the top of Maple. Sorry everyone. We got there at 6:43, everyone already left, then we had problems. We probably would have caught you guys but it just didn't work. 
cH4os09/12/07Ran a 40x20 on the 26erSS which was perfect for Maple.. Work made me late to start, and Mechanicals prevented our group from Motorway... All in All it was an Excellent Ride! Nice to meet you Justin and Brian. 
TioTony09/10/07Road with Nathalie, Jim, and Jerid. I spilled on the way up and Nathalie spilled hard on the way down. My Edge exceeded the history so I can't upload the GPS data which sucks! 
SKINNY09/08/07eazy paced ride with Twitch, TioTony, and Natalie. Ran into ThinkFast and a buddy of his at the trailhead. 288 lbs. 
SKINNY09/08/07good steady climb.. nothing special.. not technical. 
ThinkFast09/08/07Part 2 of the day. Rode with John. First endrance day in a while and I felt it. 40+ miles and 7218 feet for the day. Good job John, thanks! 
Colvin09/08/07Rode Blackstar Motorway first. Great ride with the guys but made Maple Springs a tough climb. Thanks for doing the extra hill with me Troy!!! 
Twitch09/08/07Thanks SKINNY, TioTony and Natalie for the easy pace ride. Ran into ThinkFast and a buddy at the trailhead. Props to them if they make there routes, Good luck. 
Twitch09/08/07Road is in pretty bad shape. 
K0KE09/01/07First ride in 6 weeks. Rode this with Big DD & JERRY as they did the Counting Coup. Car thermo said 105 degrees. 
rushak08/20/07After work ride. Pavement section seemed tougher than it should have been. Unrelenting climb, but pleasant since there is shade for about 90% of the whole trip. Met another biker on the trail as he was trying to catch up to me. I pushed a little extra hard on the last 2 miles of the climb. DH was a blast...just beware of motos. Went with my good friend c('.'c) 
Jake c('.'c)08/20/07First time up Maple Springs for me and I'll be doing it again soon. Nice & Cool in the canyon. I liked this climb after we cleared the pavement. Man, I tried so hard to pass Rushak but just couldn't find the energy. We met this dude Carl with a black Turner that was Big Ringin' it up the hill. Pretty fun going back down and that paved section is scary fast!!! 
xhuskr08/08/07Nice ride with some STR folk. Adam is back on the bike, even with his bad back.....way to go! 
Two Tired08/03/07Even the creek crossings are dry. We sure need rain. 
Two Tired07/31/07Hotter than I expected, plus a flat. But altogether a good solo ride. 
MTB Fiend06/17/07Needed something more than Peters so I headed up Maple Springs. Awesome weather - sure wish the road were closed though - some folks seem to think the road is their own, private Pikes Peak raceway. 
K0KE06/09/071:03 to 4 corners (with 15 lbs Camelback). Support for the team today. 
Cranx06/09/07Three, ten-minute Z4 intervals. Supporting Murmur, BigDD, Larry and Muzungu who all did great in the Traverse. Great job to all of the GeoLadders riders out there today. 
TRB06/09/07rode up with Cranx & Koke 
quad damage05/18/07Interesting ride. Started with the SS but had to swap bikes a little ways after the pavement because it was too much. Rode the SS back down and the rigid fork made the trip down _miserable_. Came very, very close to being hit by a speeding truck. Freaking kids. Too bad Koke had to turn around with the crank issue. At least it was "mission accomplished" with the stash for Saturday. 
Hermit05/17/07Rode with Corby, Ryan, and Craig. Nice to finally put a face and name to the one and only 'Koke'. Unfortunately about 2.5 miles into the ride his left crank came off the bottom bracket, while still remaining clipped onto his shoe! Strange...the same thing recently happened to Mark Whaley in almost the same location on Maple Springs. Oh well, at least it didn't cause a crash or happen on some ride where it would be a major pain getting back. 
cdemeis05/17/07Rode with Ryan, Matt and met Craig (koke) for the first time. Craig had some trouble with his pedal on the trail and had to turn back. Personal best 1:19 to the top. One out of control Jeep really needed a ticket. Late afternoon is the time to ride this trail. So much more enjoyable! 
MTB Fiend04/29/07Little hotter than I expected, but no flies (always a plus) - not too much vehicle traffic either. Great ride! 
davidw04/16/07We were planning on riding down Holy Jim but fierce weather - hail and cold wind - at four corners forced us to turn back. I think we got to the divide at the absolute worst time. It seemed cold enough to be snowing at the peak 
cH4os03/28/07Excellent! sooooo cold ... 
JCampbell03/28/07The cold was creeping up to my EDIT and I got scared. Good thing the others spoke up about going back down from four corners. My pride was in the process of tucking itself away, then I heard the words... thanks Winger. Thermal Fleece warmers just didn't cut it tonight. It was frickin' cold and I didn't have my survival blanket. But fun if you go fast enough down the road section of maple. You can get some sweet air time. Jumped in the jacuzzi tub after a fine meal of InNOut! Oh the sacrifices. 
quad damage03/28/07Rode with Junior, Matt, Andrew, Jeff and Steve. It was pretty cold at Four Corners. The water in my camelback started to freeze. Haha. 
Despacio03/28/07good ride with the boys ! it was cold enough to make it a no brainer to turn around at 4 corners ! took forever to stop shivering ! even after some much needed in and out (: slept like a baby ! hopefully next night ride is warmer ? thanks for the adventure 
Hermit03/27/07Cold, cold, night ride. We cut the scheduled ride short at four corners, which turned out to be a good decision. Poor Winger shivered all the way to In-n-Out. :-( 
Winger03/27/07Night ride with a group. Felt strong going up. I thought it was 80 last week so I wasn't expecting freezing temps. Thankfully Jr. let me borrow his jacket. I couldn't feel my toes. Good thing In N Out uses real Heinz ketchup because I had a shiver spasm that would have sent lesser brands to the floor. 
Scotty B03/22/07Wow what a view from even the four corners!! First time up!! Felt good but cold as heck at the beginning. 
Scotty B03/22/07 
FalseSummit03/22/07Perfect weather. 1:25 to divide; got a long ways to go to keep up with the GL monsters! 
FalseSummit03/22/07Good workout up; fast and bumpy down. Watch out for vehicles; almost had a head-on incident. 
Two Tired03/22/07Fantastic weather for riding. Saw some kind of snake on the road getting warm. No rattles so I wasn't that concerned with it. 
MTB Fiend03/17/07Late afternoon solo ride. Some vehicle traffic, all but 1 driver were courteous and kept the dust down. Made my fastest climb yet - 1:29 up to 4 corners. I was stoked, I have been trying to beat 1.5 hours for some time now. Must be getting stronger. A bit tough to see on the way down as I danced in and out of the setting sun. Could not quite make the whole ride under 2 hours. Oh well, maybe next time! 
gennydv03/04/07Event Support for Vision Quest 
duveneck03/03/07Maple Springs to Four Corners to first set of Towers toward peak 
TRB02/28/07re-post for GPS playback. 
K0KE02/27/07Rode with Murmur, TRB and Larry. 1:02 to 4 corners (PB), very cold at top. 
Murmur02/27/07Last interval training ride before VQ. 6x3min, 5min recoveries. Freezing cold coming down. Trail is in great shape. 
Cranx02/26/07VQ could have some ridiculously fast times this year if we don't get too much rain between now and Saturday. MS is blazing fast right now. Saw Monique and Ron who stared about 10 minutes before me and managed to do MS-Motorway in the time it took me to do this route...wow. 
Despacio02/24/07fun extension of my ride with the OC boys, thanks for the company andrew, 
quad damage02/19/07Second half of the Saturday morning training ride. Rode up with Matt, Andrew, John and Mark. Tons of people coming up while I was coming down. 
SprocketHead02/17/07The plan was to do Motorway 2X but the winds this morning pretty much wiped us out. We still beat the CC cut off = ) Tough ride for Jeff, it was the longest ride he's been on. Good job Jeff! 
SlowSpokes02/17/07Made the CC cutoff, but not so easily. Close call. Still a good day of riding. 
cdemeis02/17/072nd ride of the day. Rode with Slater. Way too many trucks and motorcycles going up and down the trail (most way too fast too). Get out of your stupid cars people and do something! Other than that annoyance, it was a great ride and a beautiful day. 
K0KE02/14/07Rode with Big DD. 1:06 to Four Corners, 3 minutes faster than yesterday. (6)1x2 intervals. 
Big D.D.02/14/07After work ride with the Ice Man 
Shake Dust01/23/07My master plan is working as I think the wife is slowly starting to get hooked...on the drive home she was talking about buying "long fingered gloves" for our next ride. Met ThinkFast and a bunch of other Geo guys out there putting in the long miles. 
ian nickel01/15/07Ride was kind of tricky today. Probably because it was 37 degrees at Four Corners not including wind chill! Also, we were fighting 50-60 mph gusts the whole way up the trail. Great trial and a lot of fun. Would've gone to the peak if not for wind and cold. Couldn't feel my fingers coming down. 
K0KE01/15/07First ride in over a week because of a back injury. Felt ok, 1:12 to 4 corners. Thanks for the ride Murmur, you are crazy to continue on to Santiago Peak in that wind and cold today! 
ThinkFast01/11/07Solo. Looks like I'll be on the HT for couple weeks. Stopped at 4 corners and watched the clouds climbing over the peak for a while. 
Shake Dust01/08/07fun ride with Domo...great day. 
josh smith01/06/07actual ride start in modjeska up markusen ridge into williams canyon follow ridgeline take sceret trail down into silverado then up maple springs to four corners down joplin back to modjeska.(three canyon supper loop) 
Shine01/03/07ouch ouch ouch ouch 
MTB Fiend01/01/07It was real windy, gusty, real nice in ths sun. Not too much traffic while I went up, but lots of vehicles coming up as I headed back down. Happy New Year! 
Sky-King12/25/06training ride with Manny, George and Terry. we went up Harding and down Maple Springs and then back. Merry Christmas :) 
Cranx12/22/06WINDY! Very strong gusts of wind both up and down Maple Springs. Almost knocked me off my bike a couple of times. Cold too. Did three 10 minute 50/50 hill-start intervals. 
granny ring12/17/06First time riding with snow on the ground! Froze my a** off coming down 
ThinkFast12/16/06Part 2. Cold and wet. Started out with the STR group. After they turned around I saw Mark coming down from 4 corners. The stud that he is, he turned around and climbed part of MS with me. Had to finish the last half of the climb solo. I was in the rain the last 1/4 of the climb and all the way down to the bottom. 40mi/7218ft for the day 
Gardyloo12/09/06First time on the route. Riding an SS is work with this type of incline. It looks possible to ride to Santigo Peak on a SS. Cool. There was a group of SSers that left before us. Never saw them again. What a bunch of STUDS! 
Sky-King12/03/06second part of training ride with justin. 
aword4you12/02/06This was rough. In addition to the wind it was pretty cold up at the peak. Fine in the sun, but the descent was freezing. Had numb hands and feet. What was I thinking when I signed up for the Coup? 
ericfoltz11/27/06Was going for Santiago but the wind was too much past Four Corners. 
MTB Fiend11/25/06LOTS of riders and hikers, but minimal vehicle traffic. I started just as everybody else was finishing. Another great ride! 
MarijuanaMuscle11/24/06Tons of people at the top. 
KoolAidKat11/18/06Rode to the top of Modjeska Peak 
quad damage11/15/06Night ride with Andrew and Matt. Light belongs on the bars for sure. Andrew got a flat coming back from four corners and kissed his tire to make it better? Hahaha. Good times. 
Hermit11/14/06Haha, Andrew got a flat tire and somehow inflated it to full pressure by simply blowing on the valve. Amazing! 
Winger11/14/06Night ride w/ Matt & Ryan. Quite a grind. Flatted on ride down...decided to retire the tube as it already was patched 3 times. Deep thought: Retiring a tube can either give it life or death. It works better in my head as writing it down gives away the answer. 
McGrunt11/12/06Rode with KoolAidKat to Mojeska Peak. We came apon a terrible accident on the way down. 4 wheeler vs Mountain biker. Watch your downhill speed on blind corners. 
SlowSpokes11/12/06Missed the overall 6 hour cutoff for CC by 9 minutes. Overall ride time for Motorway and Maple Springs (including ride back to car)was 6:38. 
Keith B11/12/06Helluva grind after Blackstar/Motorway. Jose made it on the 29er and Sarah still blazed along. Thanks to Slowspokes and Andy for dinner :-) 
ka0t1c0711/12/06So painful after climbing Blackstar 
RollnStone11/05/06Rode in from Blackstar Canyon Rd via Silverado Canyon Rd 
A bit more technical11/04/06Ran out of time doing motorway 2x. Did this instead. Man was I wiped out afterwards! 
Two Tired10/21/06Was a nice ride until 5 trucks went by and almost forced me off the road and then I had to eat dirt for the next mile. 
MTB Fiend10/08/06Actual route: Cook's - Modjeska Grade - Modjeska Cyn - Santiago Cyn - Silverado - Maple Springs - down Harding = 33 miles / 4 hours rolling - 4.5 total 
MTB Fiend10/03/061:47 to 4 corners - one of my best times 
Royster7109/23/06Not one but two flats how fun that was. There was extra flies out to top it off. Solo 
Big D.D.09/02/06Tried the counting coup course but only made it to four corners back to the drawing board 
MTB Fiend08/15/06Flies n 4x's - awesome weather 
Keith B08/06/06About 1hr20 to 4 corners. Great weather for this ride with Graham. Rode up to Modjeska, great descent and not too much traffic. Headed over to Peters Canyon for some more miles.... 
Spartacus08/05/06Great ride with Scott V., Mark Whaley and Troy.They went for the Peak and I turned at Four Corners. A lot of traffic up there today. 
ocrider07/31/06very cold and wet cant belive its summer 
Johnny Dirt07/31/06Very wet ride. A BIG diference from last week's weather. 
slopush07/15/06Mellow ride w/ RaulC. Clear view from the top- other than smoke rolling through from the fire! Hot, dry day. 
RaulC07/15/06Slopush said it all for both of us . . . 
quad damage07/10/06Rode with Matt. Started riding at 5:40am (which is too early for me) to help him try and get a top 5 weekly trophy. Was a fun to goof off at the top, but losing that sleep wrecked me. 
Hermit07/08/06Thanks to Ryan for joining me on such an early morning ride. Made it go by fast. 
cdemeis07/05/06Probably the hardest ride I have done. It was very hot and there were way too many bugs! Rode with Ryan, Jeff, Josiah and my dad. My dad thought we were trying to kill him! He made it to the top though and I was proud! 
jonmud06/24/061:27 to the gate, not including a couple of very short stops. Man, it was hot, and the fly's were brutal, especially on the lower portions of the trail. Not a big fan of the blacktop portion of this ride... 
jonmud06/24/0698 degrees on my thermometer.... 
MTB Fiend06/18/06Hot and dusty - oh yeah, the flys hitched a ride too! 
quad damage06/17/06Good ride with Corby, Dennis, Josiah and Jeff. Hot outside and an army of bugs all over the trail. 
Two Tired06/15/06Slightly hot but not too bad. Tons of gnats and horseflies. Forgot to bring bug repellent. 
peaton06/11/06Towed Dylan and Gareth in buggy! 
TheShredMan06/07/06Left the house at 6:00 to avoid the heat. Lots of tiny flies on the ride up. Brutal climb for the newbie but worth every HOUR. 
Dutch05/30/06Rode with my good buddy Baricua! We had a great time. However, the cars coming up the trail were challenging / dangerous due to our speeds while descending. Luckily we escaped without injury. Riding up Maple Springs is a great way to start the day! 
Cranx04/26/06Rode w/5 non-Ladder guys and had a good time. Legs are a bit shot, need to take tomorrow off completely before the 24hr race on Sat. A little cold today but still nice. 
Scottster04/23/06Good turn out between Geo riders and the SMES sunday group , 10 riders . 
oc-pedals04/23/06Nice ride with Scott, Keith, Ken and a group from Saddleback Church. It sure is chilly coming back downhill! My fingers haven't quite recovered from riding the brakes. 
kentonn04/23/06Fun ride considering the lack of singletrack... Scottster is riding very well considering the broken wrist! 
Keith B04/23/06Nice cruise up maple Springs with Scott, Carol, Ken and co. Good to be back on a full sus bike with 26gears more than usual! The rum at 4 corners was most welcome and there was a fellow brit up there too. 
Dutch04/21/06This is a great training ride! Can be mentally tough going up. The way down is a blast! 
McGrunt04/11/06Fireroad was rocky due to brush cutbacks. 
Murmur04/11/06Solo ride. Anaerobic Hill Intervals (7 of them) 1:23 to the white gate. Perfect day. 
TRB04/09/06Re-post due to posting error. Thanks for the heads up Tom. (Deleted Maple/Motorway) 
Sky-King04/07/06very mellow ride, cold, by myself:) 
TD804/05/06Last one to say "Not it". How childish. So I was the first one through the 2-foot deep, fast flowing, river crossing. A big thank you to TRB, Cranx, and Sunti. 
Cranx04/05/06Cold, wet, REALLY windy, foggy...oh yeah...did I mention wet? Water crossings were VERY deep and fast moving so staying dry was not an option. Fortunately, we had TD8 along to "blaze" a trail through the first, 2ft deep, crossing...thanks! :) BTW, I still can't totally feel my feet...is that normal? 
owen04/02/06nice pleasant ride with hans. perfect temps and great views. 
Despacio03/30/06morning ride with koke,lots of water on the stream crossings was to much for craig to resist so he decided to take a dip on on the way down !(: maybe water rates are high in redondo beach ?? (: thanks for the ride 
K0KE03/30/06Great ride with Jr... bad swim in a water crossing. 
TRB03/29/06Mellow paced ride with RaulC. Awesome night to ride, cold but awesome. Very windy at the top and did I mention COLD! 
RaulC03/29/06Brrr! Good ride with TRB - but cold. Did the "no feel hands" - "no feel feet" descent. Trail unaffected by rain. 
TD803/28/06The stupidest thing I've done in 3 years! There was a mist at the trailhead so I proceeded up the mountain. Mist & light rain all the way to four corners.... Wind-driven rain all the way down. Trail was great even in the rain. That SUCKED! Oh, by the way, no witnesses because TRB bailed because of the rain. 
Cranx03/21/06Maple Springs is incredible after rain. Had a good pace to the top and saw Doug, TRB & TD8 right before 4 corners. Sub-freezing temps on the way + sweat = Brrrrrrr. Can't wait for my Gore-Tex socks to arrive! 
TD803/21/06Today I got to watch both TRB and Doug Andrews pull away from me on the climb. I met Cranx on the way up and at the parking lot. And check out the GPS racer. 
dandrews03/21/06Fun ride with TRB and TD8. Thanks for help with the GPS-Racer Beta testing guys. 
TRB03/21/06Great but COLD ride with Doug and TD8. Left a lung somewhere around the six mile mark trying to keep pace with Doug. Can't wait to see the GPS Racer for the ride. Hey Cranx, any chance you found my lung?? 
Sky-King03/19/06Rode several days ago, been waiting for this to be an official ride. finally posting. glad this is now an official ride, i love this ride and do it often. 
TD803/11/06Wow. 6" of SNOW, and it was actively snowing for the last 3 miles up. We took pictures for proof. Good to meet DumpTruck, RaulC, and SloPush. TRB and 60 year old Bob also joined the ride. 
slopush03/11/06Can you say SNOW?? Rode w/ TRB,Dumptruck,RaulC & others. Probably pushed our bikes through the snow storm as much as we were able to ride them. Then got hit by hail on the way down. Snowed hard enough to fill in the tracks we made on way up! 
RaulC03/11/06Looks like the team already said it all - TD8,Slopush, Dumptruck, TRB, Single Speed Bob - John O went part way with us. 
Dump Truck03/11/06another snow ride with trb, td8, slopush, bob and raulc. cold and painful coming down. 
TRB03/11/06miserably fun ride. Unbelievable amount of snow, even the pavement was covered. 
Spartacus03/10/06Brrrrrrrrr! It was cooooold at the top! We had hail and snow flurries at Four Corners. All of the bushes and trees were covered in white frost. Good cold ride with scott v. and dukethenuke. Let's do it again on a warmer day. 
scott v03/10/06Frickin cold. Four corners was covered in ice. Good thing we didn't have to change gears much because I couldn't feel my fingers. Rode with dukethenuke and Spartacus. 
Two Tired03/08/06Good day to ride this route. Gate was closed so there was no truck traffic. Really cold on the way back down. 
Ross B03/06/06Actually rode earlier in Feb. 
McGrunt03/05/06Rode this trail with my wife. This was her first time up to four corners. Nice grind of a workout. 
KoolAidKat03/05/06Fun ride with McGrunt. Tired after first three miles but kept plugging along and made it up to Four Corners. 
TD802/28/06This trail is in great shape after the rain. Rode with TRB after work. 
TRB02/28/06Afternoon ride with TD8, Trail held up great after the rain but the stream crossings were deep. Cold temp and wet feet from the stream crossings gave me flashbacks of the snow ride a couple of weeks ago. 
Cranx02/26/06Felt great on the climb; had an excellent rythm and pushed all the way to the gate. DH was a different story; was feeling great then went down on a corner...hard. Took plenty of skin off r-leg (ankle to buttock), r-arm, l-arm and both hands. Deep bruise on r-thigh too...not good for VQ. 

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