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Vision Quest - 2018 COURSE

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Dynamo D04/09/14Lost front brakes after Upper Holy Jim. Super slow down Lower Holy Jim and Trabuco. 
OTB_again04/06/14VQ #3 
Phishin Paul04/05/14Another one in the bag. Warriors, you put on your best event yet. That was my 8th Pow Wow and that one was hands down the best. The finish was so cool and my family and friends were able to hang out and cheer me across. I flatted going down MW for the first time in this event. That is what I get for going with XC tires. I loved the sunrise today along the Main Divide. So cool. If it wasn't for a major second wind going up Trabuco and WHT I would not have finished sub 8. Big thanks to my amazing wife for the pit crew and support. Also, I would not have been able to finish without the Pixie dust my girls threw all over me at MS check point. It carried me up the mountain and I sparkled the whole way. I even finished with a ripped rear der cable for the TCR out so I am sure it was the Pixie dust that carried me. Good seeing everyone out there today. Great job Tom on your first VQ. My buddy Jeff finished CC after not riding for over 2 months with a dislocated finger. Good on ya Man! Off to the fridge for another IPA to kill the pain. 
mtnbikej04/05/14SS. Where to begin. Felt like a kid on Xmas morning...couldn't wait to get started this morning....I usually work the event, so it was such a treat to ride it this year. Had a time goal, a plan set, and time splits for certain sections. Well the plan went to hell about 3 minutes into the ride. Got to Beeks about 13 minutes faster than planned...got bottom of MW about 25 minutes faster than planned. Even MS I was ahead of schedule. By the time I reached Aid Station #2, I thought there was a possiblity of a sub 7 hr time. Rolled out and headed out to Trabuco. Shortly after getting on the singletrack, the wheels came off...legs were dead. Did a lot of walking. Hit WHT split @ 11:00. HAB was a struggle today. MD to Trabuco Trail, was fighting off cramps and dead legs...more walking. Great rides down U/LHJ and Trabucco. MW got held up by a slow rider. Surpassed my overall time goal...and 2:30 faster than my last attempt. Was colder out there than anticipated. 
GoneRiding04/05/14That really hurt! First VQ for me after 4 CC's. Finally got that monkey off my back. I don't think I will sign up for VQ again. The Pow Wow is always a great event and huge thanks to the WS for the job they do. Saw lots of friends out there and rode a fair amount with Richie Rich, David, Frank and big thanks to my support guy Troy who was at both aid stations and did the WHT loop with me. My favorite part is picking off the riders as I descend UHJ, Holy Jim & Trabuco. Good seeing Phishin Paul out there and nice job! Nice to have my family at the finish line as well. Congrats to all finishers of both events. 
Mr.Krisztian04/05/14Vision Quest #5. Awesome weather, perfect for a ride of this caliber. No mechanicals, crashes, just a day of average suffering. Was hoping for sub 8 hours but could not pull it today, slowed down too much on West HorseThief and beyond. The crash in the first 3 miles in the dark was a peloton splitter, someone went down right behind me and held up everyone, very reminiscent of Le Tour. Great day of pain! 
SC-Ells04/05/14First VQ, and thanks to the Warrior's Society for putting on an incredible event. It was handled expertly and I really appreciate all the hard work that went into this day. My goal was to finish, and although I didn't set any speed records mission accomplished. I can truly say I gave it all I had. Funny thing was I rode very strong for me up until the last check point. Then I unraveled going up WHT. 5 steps, rest. Repeat x what seemed like 1000 times. In a way it was cool, because I hadn't had to dig down really deep until that hike a bike...Lastly, very cool vibe on the course. Thanks for all the fellow riders for the encouragement...See you next year. 
singlespeedrider04/05/14I am worked after this ride. Not the time I wanted but did the best I could on this day. 
one-i04/07/13Thanks WS for another great event and Tim @Switchback cyclery for building me a great new bike that made it with no issues. The Parker finish was a perfect for some cooler time. 
Alpine Rob04/07/13The Warriors Society Rocked another VQ. It is always so much fun to see all of them out there. I have not ridden with anybody in too long. The Finish line area was really cool. I thought I was going to come in well under 6 hours but had to iron through cramps from Bottom of Motorway on. Remind me to ride on tires with tread next year, nothing like drifting all over on the descents. Eric thanks for the support bud. 
Phishin Paul04/07/13Fun times as usual. Took a spill on HJ and bruised up my knee which made the hike up WHT a bit more painful. I hit a wall just before the peak and put me behind schedule. Missed sub 8 by 2 minutes. The finish area was the best to date especially for my family waiting. Thanks to my awesome 3 and 5 year old pit crew and my amazing wife. They are now veterans with the VQ. 
SantaCruz HellRider04/07/13Thanks to the WS for support and encouragement. I cramped all the way up WHT and was followed by sweep (Regina) who stayed optimistic all the way up. I recovered near the top. 
singlespeedrider04/06/13What can I say...great event and WHT SUCKS. Forgot to shut off garmin finished in 7:25 
MoJo04/06/13Don't EVER need to do that again :) 
ThinkFast04/06/13Big thanks to the Warriors Society for another good event. Felt good (besides the cramps) to do this one healthy again. Cramped early but still managed to finish on the tail end of my estimated goal. I loved the bear bell on the descents - people could hear you coming and were courteous. Rode with Tom most of the way from the top of Blackstar until the first turn in the dirt heading up Maple Springs. Hiked the first half of WHT with Scribs. I could smell B.E.'s burgers before I got to the top of WHT, but had to pass. Dave Turner was checking out my old LiteSpeed Niota and then spent a lot of time talking bikes with us as well. He was riding a new carbon Turner (Czar?). Super nice guy. Best part of the day was having my wife and son at the finish this year. Good times! 
TBlazen04/06/13What a day....felt pretty good (save a little bit of stomach and back issues)until I turned left at HJ on the way to WHT; Thanks to Thinkfast (Troy) for keeping me company on WHT until he turned on the speed! Thanks to OTB (Eric) and KWH (John) and Keith for the beverage and support; Good seeing so many others like Trobe (Tom), Fiend (Jeremy), Mojo (Monica), Phishing Paul, Gene, Royster and many more; Lastly, a special thanks to the Warrior Society for making this possible and all the effort that goes into an event like this; My first VQ is a wrap baby... 
JDMack04/06/13Didn't feel that great today but still had "FUN". Jake and I were together pretty much the whole day.We even both flatted on Trabuco within a mile of each other. Thanks to dandrews for giving Jake and I a ride back to the start. 
nstilwell04/06/13Great conditions for VQ/CC today. Great venue for the end of the ride. Surprised myself with a faster time than last year...didn't feel like I trained near as much this year - too much work and traveling to the east coast in the last few months. 
goodoljake04/06/13HB. Wow, what a great event. Ride not so much, but I definitely had a good time and it went by much faster than expected. Thanks John for all the training help. Thanks to Jr, Ben, Mark, Dana, and all who helped me along the way including all the volunteers. Doug thanks for the ride. Very happy with my time and wish I didn't flat on Trabuco. Don't think I am going to end up selling my bikes now after all. 
kacerrob04/06/13OUCH! did it, what a great reception by the group. Thanks Dave for the Cerveza at the end of my Quest. My Quest was longer then planned but that is the way it goes. Finished and received my new feather. Thanks Warriors Society for a great day. 
Hammertime04/16/12Good time with my Dad ! 
Heathermarie904/09/12My first VQ :-) Thanks to all the smiling faces of friends both riding & support along the way! Legs had a slow warm up at the start but got movin when it started to warm up w/the sun. Had a strange instance w/a rock stuck in my front deraulier & a lil crash on UHJ, but painfully fun times the whole way! Finished around 8:26ish. Congrats to everyone that raced CC/VQ!! :-) 
one-i04/09/12Need to thank Tim at Switchback Cyclery for getting my beat up old SS ready for prime time. All the people at the aid stations were super cool and helpful, Great crowd. Got with some other ss'rs most of the way, seemed to help drag me along. Thanks Brian for the tall boy at the finish! Love not crossing that creek at the end too. 
Phishin Paul04/08/12I finally got the sub 8 hour monkey off my back. Bad news is I am now out for 4 weeks. I clipped my pedal on a rock covered in leaves towards the end of Traboco and was launched into a boulder. I was screaming in pain and just kept saying get up. Just got back from urgent care; broken wrist with cast, cracked left rib, and deep hip bruise. I finished and with my best time ever despite the injuries. I was rolling down the road on pure adrenaline and probably a bit of shock. The human body is an amazing thing for sure. Another awesome event Warriors. 
Napoleon D.04/08/12Can't break the 6 hour barrier. 2 mechanicals. 
Jake c('.'c)04/07/12My goal was just to finish this thing and walk away with a feather. I expected pain and suffering, and there was plenty of it, but I actually had a good time. It was nice running into a bunch of homeys on the trail. Thanks Warriors! 
nstilwell04/07/12Great day out there. Had my best time up blackstar and over to the bottom of motorway (1:47). Felt a little cramping heading up Maple but pushed through to the peak. Upper Holy Jim seemed rough and rutted. Got to the Holy Jim lot in (4:12). Felt like I was crawling heading up Trabuco to the horsethief turnoff. Dana and Tinker flew by just before I hit the turnoff to horsethief. West horsethief hurt. Good seeing everyone out there. The burger at the top of horsethief was awesome! Thanks warriors society for a great event. 
Mr.Krisztian04/07/12VQ #3. Shaved 30 minutes off of last years time and 1 hour off of the year before. Once again WHT was miserable, one of the toughest rides out there. 
singlespeedrider04/07/12Felt really good out there till WHT. Hit all my splits and got that under 8 time this year. 
TreetopMike04/07/12A great day! I came in at about 8:45, and im very happy with that. I think the training has been the best part of this thing, and I really want to shout out a big thanks to the friends that jumped into training with me. Im a better rider for it, ...Thanks! Im also very happy to say that i will never do west horsethief again. ...:) "Great Job" to all the great riders that did the event today, both VQ and CC. 
ThinkFast04/07/12Where's Roy?...haha. I had really low expectations of finishing this year after having surgery on my clavicle 2 weeks ago and gave Roy a pack with a change of clothes, planning on a DNF. ¬†At the bottom of Motorway I told Roy I was done, talked to a few people, then looked around and couldn't see Roy anywhere. So, decided to at least make a run for finishing CC, but still had no intention on finishing VQ. At the bottom of Holy Jim a DNF wasn't on my mind. It was tough, but so stoked to have finished. Thanks to Joseph, for the tube and helping me pump my flat tire on Trabuco. Thanks Tom and Eric, for waiting for me to finish. BIG thanks to Roy, for leaving me at the bottom of Motorway, otherwise I would have had a DNF. :-) 
sweeper04/07/12great ride and thanks 2 everyone who volunteered.i had alot of cramping issues but still made the last cut-off by 5 minutes and then it was the time 4 the climb from hell.thanks mark,jake and vince 4 cheering us on at beeks and good 2 see everyone at oniel.Happy Easter everyone and all the glory 2 our LORD JESUS CHRIST. 
Keith B04/07/12Big thanks to Andy, Kt & Lynn for the coffee and service at the bottom of motorway. I set out at a very measured pace but still got cramp part way up Maple and had to walk it off but it returned going up to Modjeska so I walked when I had to. Didnt feel too sharp on the downhills today either but I had fun. Turning left at the bottom of HJ was not fun. Cramp came back with a vengence so I had to walk from the start of the singletrack all the way to the top of WHT. Being half way up WTF in the heat and looking way up to see the top was soul crushing. Had skin hanging off my feet at the end. Craved the weirdest food at the top - tomato and chips with mustard! COuld barely keep the bike in a straight line coming down Trabuco but made it in the end. Spent 53mins stationary. GPS battery died with 1mile left to go! First and last VQ. Probably. 
JDMack04/07/12Great weather today, much cooler than expected. Other than leg cramps in a couple of places everything went perfect. It was nice seeing several riders and spectators that I knew. My time of 6:20 beat my last years time by 25 minutes. 
goldrunner04/07/121st VQ and last :) that was a bizatch! Good seeing so many familiar faces. Met my goal of sub 8. 
nuts4mtbikes04/07/12Good times on the mountain today with a couple hundred of my closest friends ;-) Time was longer than I wanted...and expected, but I finished. Whew...a lot more challenging an my SS...but, ifs done and in the books. 
Despacio04/07/12Great day of riding got even better for me because Hammertime got a blowout and dropped out of competition ! bad for him but got to this day with the kid ! he was a big difference and got me thru when I got tired going up my fav..(not) horsethief good to see all the gang and met alot of great people along the way ! 
JD15804/13/11Finally getting a chance to uploade all my rides. First VQ and big thanks to Hermit for the all the support. WHT killed me and my feet....but glad its done. Was hoping to be under 7 hours, but there's hopefully next year. Thank you Warriors Society for putting on the awesome ride!! 
Hammertime04/03/11well, just my luck this year so far...6 flats, chain broke 2 times and fell off at least 15 maybe 20+.. but still pulled off a respectable time and place considering i even finished on a flat... good job Ben and thanks Sjon and Corey... u guys are awesome 
iFrankie04/03/11My first Vision Quest. My goal was to finish. I'm so glad I can finally check it off the list. Thank you Warriors and to the Volunteers! SS 
Phishin Paul04/03/11My PB for VQ #4. Missed my 8 hour mark but with the longer course and the extra HAB across many water crossings I can live with it. Felt great all day. Thanks to Steve for the push at the finish and the conversation up WHT. Thanks WS for another awesome event. 
one-i04/03/11Felt great to start but first time ever stomach problems and cramps shut me down quick. Thanks to Tim @ switchback for help as always. Congrats to TN for a great time. Awesome race by WS. Be back. 
Burgemeester04/03/11The highest watermark of my cycling career! Thanks VQ supporters, thanson and Slopush, the vuvuzela crew on MS, the burger and beer, and finally, to boerseun for making this all possible! Couldn't have asked for better company! 
The Trooper04/03/112011 Vision Quest. What an awesome race! 
Alpine Rob04/03/11Had a great time! Appreciate the Warriors Society and the Volunteers for putting on an amazing event. Matt "Hermit" "Support Crew" Vaughn for taking care of me. Eric thanks for helping me out. The hamburger at the top of WHT kept me from sub 7 hrs and 3 places. Got lost at the finish. I cramped at the final knoll out of the wash and by the time I got across street, was alone, saw the little sign on the rock next to the horse trail entrance turned into the park and got lost in O'Neal Park. I was on my way to the usual Pow Wow! area and added a few minutes. Had to cut under the finish line flags to come in. 
rushak04/02/11I didn't come into this as prepared as I wanted to, but it turned out to be a good day. Matched my splits last year to AS#1 and then I started to fade all the way to the peak. I was getting worried, but got a 2nd wind going up Trabuco. Weather was absolutely perfect today. I met my goal of a sub 6 hour finally...even with that extra mile at the end. Stoked to be in the top 10 for the 2nd year in a row. Congrats to all the finishers that took on the daunting task. 
ThinkFast04/02/11Felt great to the first aid station. Left a bottle there and had to head back and get it. Then the wheels came off the bus heading up Maple, and the wheels slipped out from under me on one of the water crossing which had me soaked head to toe. Slow granny gear spin and plenty of nutrition on my way to the peak kept the cramps away and gave me extra energy for the trip up Horsethief. My thumb made the descents real uncomfortable and forced me to ride one handed on parts of Trabuco Creek Rd. Still a great day and the weather was absolutely perfect all day! TEAM HERMIT...thanks Matt!! 
SDstumpy04/02/11First VQ. Achieved my goal of breaking 8 hrs. I can't believe how demoralizing WHT is. If it wasn't for the burger stand I think I would have collapsed on the trail. Crashed pretty hard on HJ but luckily I landed in the bushes unscathed. I'm glad I did it but i'm not sure if i'd hike WHT again. 
Mr.Krisztian04/02/11VQ # Deux. Beat last years time by 30 min. Stumpy HT was glorious. This ride reduces you. WHT should somehow be taken out of this event. Another feather, another sore ass. 
Napoleon D.04/02/11PB by two minutes. Lots of flats out there today. 
Boerseun04/02/11Rode with Burgemeester...first VQ for both of us. PB to MW (@2:05) & down MW (2:20), peak @ 4:40...rode a pace to finish and felt good all the way . Hated the HAB up West Horse Thief, but the cheese burger at the top of WHT was the best burger of the day and then a friend pulled out a cold beer from his truck...spend nearly 20min eating a burger and drinking beer. Also lost 20min due to two mechanicals. I guess the game plan for next year would be the cut the mechanicals out and not to party @ WHT. Thank to Slopush & THanson who joined us from the bottom of Maple to the peak. A BIG thank you to the WS for putting up an awesome event. BTW, I liked having the finish in O'Niell park...family friendly etc. 
jbh6504/02/11first time doing vq after 2yrs of the coup and my time was right on track for a sub 8 finish at the bottom of HJ, but once I started out towards wht the wheels that hadn't yet come off did fo sure. Great time out there and truly a test of determination. Great seeing Eric, Troy, Tom, Doug, Keith, John, & many others at the finish line. Matt thank you so much for the support and for hanging out at the aid stations until I arrived. Another amazing event put on by the WS society. 
dandrews04/02/11Had a pretty good day, no problems. Was ahead of last year by a couple minutes until WHT, and slowly watched that fad away by a few minutes. 4th again. Enjoyed talking with everyone afterwards, Troy, Eric, Jay, Jason, Tom, Shane, Ben, Paul, John and others. Thanks Sjon and Terry for the support. 
singlespeedrider04/02/11First VQ and wanted a sub 8 hour time and was on track till WHT. Horse Thief is mean and took alot out of me, the hamburger at the top was really helpful for the rest of the ride. Right now I am saying no to next year but lets see when the peer pressure sets in. Some really fast riders and I learned a lot just following others down Motorway, Holy Jim and Trabuco. Thanks to my wife for bringing support at the bottom of Motorway and Holy Jim and my brother for joining in and helping at Holy Jim. 
XCRider04/02/11First VQ after doing CC and Traverse a few times. What a great adventure! Not sure right now I ever want to do it again though. Was really fun to chat with TrailMonkey going up Maple Springs, and Rich from C.B. on WHT, and to see Tim from Switchback at the top of Horsethief (and on his moto all day). Weather was great and nutrition was right on. I fell behind on water a bit and battled cramps for half the ride. Really nailed the section from Beeks to Maple Springs, and then managed to keep a decent pace to the peak. Maybe 3 stops before the peak for total of 10m. Beat the cutoffs by 30 minutes. Of course, after the last cutoff I wasted tons of time during the climb, and even more at the top. I was pleasantly surprised to find training in Santiago Oaks worked quite well, especially chasing the OCR guys around. I traded that for long road rides and was worried about time in the saddle. Not an issue. 1:05, 1:45, 2:17, 2:33, 4:05, 4:59, 5:51. Major PB times from Pleasants onward. 
choyado04/02/11First time riding the VQ..no real training because I got in off the waiting list with less than a month before the race. Hardest MTB ride of my life....I'm for sure doing it next year. 
JDMack04/02/11Had a really fun day! Perfect weather and I forced myself to maintain a slower pace so I would finish feeling good not thrashed.I did cramp a little from the midpoint on probably due to the humidity and not drinking enough because of the cooler temps. 
OTB_again04/02/11Another great day in the Santa Anas...it would not have been possible without the unreal support from Hermit...thanks Matt! When all is said and done, the experience is almost surreal. Weather could not have been better...not cold, not warm. Lots of amazing efforts put in by so many people. Really enjoyed the new finish, even though getting there adds a few minutes to the finishing time. Great to see so many good friends on the course and afterward too... 
MCAFS04/02/11Great job everyone. The weather and trails were great. Fun talking to Elliot and Amanda from Maple Springs all the way to Horse Thief. No mechanicals, flats or cramping. Just set a comfortable pace and kept it all the way. Bring on the Traverse! 
erichunner03/22/10Rigid 29er beat me up all day, flat tire after passing aid station 2. I'll bring hiking boots for WHT next time, the cheeseburger was tasty after eating tons of science food. 
RickV03/22/10Great day - felt good the whole way, flatted coming down Trabuco Trail. 
quad damage03/22/10Had a pretty good race and improved my time from last year. Missed my goal by a few minutes, but that's ok. Great to see so many friends out there riding and doing support. 
5Large03/21/10Great ride. Took it easy and hit all my planned time marks. Bottleneck on UHJ caused me to almost miss the HJ lot cut off (2 minutes to spare). Great hiking up HT with Gene and others (no food and little water due to the rush at cut off, so time was SLOW). 
alenz03/21/10never again. but I said the same thing for the Coupe 
Phishin Paul03/21/10I guess sub 8 is never meant to be for me. I slow down too much after HJ check point every year. Great weather with little cramp issues. My pit crew of my 2 year and 3 month old could not have been better. Something about hearing my daughter yell "go Daddy go" just kept me motivated. 
hades03/21/10real time 5hrs 30mins. garmin was set on auto pause. ibis mojo sl. conti'race king. two lights. 
hades03/21/10bring drink mix next time! 
one-i03/21/10First VQ 
Hal03/21/10I made it. Very glad to have finished and gotten a feather ! It was another day varied experiences of fun, pain,cramps, pain, comraderie, pain...... Thanks Warriors society. Congrats to all who attempted and those who finished. Thanks to all of you who helped me all year training and for my incredible greeting party at the finish line . !! 
rushak03/20/10Wow! Can't believe I did this well. I had an unreal goal of getting under 6 hours and just missed it by 2 plus minutes. Damn flat on HJ shattered my dreams of a sub 6 hour VQ. I'm still really stoked on my time. 51 minutes faster than last year. Thanks to Hermit and Alpine Rob for the awesome support! I couldn't have done it without your help. Congrats to all the CC and VQ finishers. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. 
Mr.Krisztian03/20/10My first VQ. Rode CC last year and figured its time for the big one. Awesome ride, got to HJ checkpoint at 11:30 then the real pain began. WHT is horrible. I hate hike a bike. It damn near killed me. Really enjoyed all the water crossings on Holy Jim, I started purposely walking in the creeks that were un rideable to cool me down. My time was 9 hours and 24 minutes. Now I have something to shoot for next year. 
ThinkFast03/20/10Thanks Warrior Society for another great event. Matt and Rob you guys are awesome, THANKS! Thanks to House also (good seeing you Doug). Fun day in the hills. Good to see so many people I haven't seen in a long time. Today was not my fastest time but it was a personal best regardless. After riding the Ultra Quest course unsupported 2 weeks ago, then racing UQ last week, my goal wasn't too high. Somehow managed to finish only 15 minutes or so slower than last year after a flat and early cramping 
dandrews03/20/10Wow, what a great day of riding! I'm thankful to be part of it. Great to see so many geo peeps beat last years time. Hammertime (Dan) broke the CC record with a 3:53 held by Ty Kady, that's awesome, ease up on the spinach. Other podiums I know of Cycliing Escapes (Rich) 3rd-CC, Sjon 5th-CC 
mark189003/20/10first vq,8 hours was the goal,missed it by 12 minutes.couldn't resist the burger at the top of wht.nice chatting with eric,meeting xcrider,there was even a hermit sighting,thanks for the push matt.great day,totally wiped out.. 
tweasol03/20/10My first MTB race, VQ was offered so I decided to go for it. Thanks big time to the warriors for setting this up. Also thanks to Terry Best for dialing in my bike perfectly. So much support along the way...made this so much fun! (Although could of used some cheer and cow bell up WHT... That was painful.) No Cramps, no flats, no mechanicals, no falls. I'm Stoked!!! (Don't get me wrong; I'm toast after this...) Good to see all the usual suspects at the finish, and meet some too! Next year fellas!! 
OTB_again03/20/10Note to self - no more spicy carne asada burritos from Chronic the night before VQ - I paid dearly for that misstep going up Maple today. Felt strong until I cleared the pavement and then it was almost all over for me. A visit to the bushes at 4C was the ticket, then rode hard over the Peak and down UHJ/LHJ trying to make up time. WHT was no joke on this day...hot and no breeze. Great to see so many friends today, and a huge THANKS to Hermit and Alpine Rob who rocked the support for us! 
MCAFS03/20/10Toughed this one out on the Cannondale 1FG singlespeed for the first time. My chain fell off twice and I stopped to help a guy with a spare tube and CO2s. Great weather all day, even the HAB on WHT. Just kept pouring water on my head and back. Motorway and Trabuco beat me to a pulp. Holy Jims were a blast. Great job to all the riders and thanks to all the volunteers for their support on a very long day. See ya next year. 
genusmtbkr503/20/10Great day for a ride. Felt good, no knee pain, no back pain. Good seeing lots of STR and Geoladder guys and gals. Congrats to everyone who finished and props to those who tried. 
chanson03/20/10great day to ride, but bonking on WHT killed me today and my time... 
sparrow03/19/092nd to freaking last but FINISHED! WHT nearly did me in. Little over 6hours to aid#2 then freaking over 4hrs to finish the last 12miles of the course. 
hades03/16/09ripped sidewall at holy jim and flat again on trabuco DH. SmallBlock8's are a bad idea with stan's. 
MCAFS03/11/09Perfect day, cool temps for the entire race. Great event. Can't wait until next year. 
quad damage03/10/09Lost my gears half a mile before Motorway due to a frayed shifter cable under my bottom bracket. Rode pavement on Maple Springs in 22x12. Had to stop and with the help of Ross B. managed to set the bike in 34x32. Was stuck in that gear until top of Trabuco. Thanks a _ton_ for the help Ross! Also thanks to Rob for the smooth transitions. Good to see all my training buddies peak at the right time. 
RickV03/09/09My fist attempt at VQ and thankfully survived without any crashes or mechanicals. Thought it would take me about 7.5 hours to complete and ended up crossing the finish line at exactly 1PM (7 hrs, 30 minues, 0 seconds). The toughest part for me was the section leading up to WHT from the bottom of Holy Jim. I'd never ridden that section and it was just brutal - I was actually happy to get to the bottom of WHT. Thanks to the WS and all the volunteers for putting on a great event! 
thoranz03/09/09yeah! loved it. 
Phishin Paul03/08/09Goal was 8 and that did not happen. Still beat last time. Bad cramps up maple which did not allow much out of saddle climbing. I caught Kyle and we finished together which was really cool. 
hades03/08/09no flat tires got dropped on first two climbs, dh went well. python tubless tires. ibis mojo, fox 140mm 
halfasst03/08/09Great weather for this year's event. Fantastic support everywhere from The Warrior's Society, Trail Angels, and other bikers/hikers. All I can say is I finished!!! 
Rush03/08/09My 1st VQ! Absolutely amazing race, tough as hell. Beat my goal of 6:30 by 20 seconds!! 
Two Tired03/08/09Great job by the Warrior's Society. Thanks to Kparsons and Larry for keeping me going. Bad cramps down MW, up MS and down LHJ. For some weird reason, my legs came back hiking up Horsethief, but then cramped again at the top. Glad to just finish. 
sykes8103/08/09First VQ and plan on many more! 
Cycling Escapes03/07/09Don't ever ride this on a bike with no front or rear suspension :( My aching wrists... 
House03/07/09Beat my time from last year so I'm satisfied. Tremendous performances turned in by Matt, Jason, Troy and Ryan. Wow! 
rushak03/07/09Fantastic day today! Weather was great and I felt really good. My goal was to get under 7 hours which I completed on the SS with a flat on the MW. Somehow the valve ripped off? Thanks to Alpine Rob for the support at each aid station. Rob you rule! That made life so much easier. Matt...just awesome, that is all. Congrats to Troy, Doug and Ryan (converted SS)on the great finishes. Taking next years VQ off. Time to give back to the event. 
dubjay03/07/09Ride time was actually longer - damn auto pause going up WHT :) 
ThinkFast03/07/09BIG thanks to Rob for his support! Was on pace to brake 7 hours but suffered a lot more than usual up Trabuco and Horsethief and missed by 2 minutes. Congrats to Matt and Jason for their feats today, amazing. Solid rides by Doug, Ryan and Mark as well. Ryan's good finish after loosing his rear derailleur cable early is awesome. Thanks for the recovery drink Paul. Always good to see Tom, Roy, Ben, Hal, Richard, Rene,... 
Hermit03/07/09Had a really, really, good day today. Couldn't have asked for better weather and trail conditions. "Accidentally" set a new PB up Blackstar of 49:04 and still managed to maintain a strong pace for the entire ride. Thanks a ton to Alpine Rob for his generous support at each aid station. Congrats and thanks to all my training buds too. You guys make it all worth it. Great seeing all you Geolads out there and sharing stories of the day. 
dandrews03/07/09What an awesome day! Thanks Warriors. Good to hear all the tales and such improvement. Props to the VQ ss'ers and to Cycling Escapes for doing VQ on a rigid, ouch. 2 flats, 1 tube 
genusmtbkr503/07/09Bummed I lost my lost my Garmin on LHJ so no data. Good ride despite leg cramps, a bad knee and just plain beat. 
adventurich03/07/09Good solid ride - suffered good on the climbs. Felt great from the hike a bike on out. 
genusmtbkr503/03/08bum knee got me on Maple Springs climb and again on the HAB up WHT. Will attempt again next year. 
quad damage03/03/08Wow. Tough ride. Got a flat at the bottom of Trabuco that cost me some time. Fought cramps almost the entire ride. Congrats to Jason, Jake, Matt, Doug and Troy. Everyone did really well and it was good to see the hard work pay off. 
pitmang103/03/08My first VQ. I made the last cutoff by only 12 minutes. I'm so glad I made it, I was dreading having to try again next year. 
rushak03/02/08First VQ and it was a blast. Had a bad crash, but pressed on to finish despite the pain. Was hoping for sub 7:30, but I was just happy to finish. Troy did a kickass job today posting the fastest time of our group. Matt did an awesome job of pedaling his girl Rita (soon to have a twin) to the finish. Good job finishing strong. Doug, sorry the cramps cramped your style, but awesome job finishing. Jake - congrats on your 6th place finish in the CC. Ryan - way to finish strong. Bento box ftw 
weaksauce03/02/08Great Ride...two flats and one minor mechanical...slow pace, just stoked to finish. First time riding in OC other than san juan...sweet trails...whats with the horse theif climb, jesus. Thanks to rider who gave me a tube at mile 49...much appreciated. 
JEROEN BOSBOOM03/02/08Good to see everyone at the race this year. Thanks for your support for the Warriors Society! 
Zippy03/01/08Time based on finishing clock: I messed up setting my Garmin at the start. Good stuff, great weather and a better time than last year. Cool. 
House03/01/08Tough day with leg cramps and a flat on Trabuco. Got through it, though. Kudos to Jason for finishing the race after his crash. Also, Matt, Troy, Jake and Ryan for their efforts. They whupped me again. 
Manuel Prado03/01/08Course was in great shape, accept for Motorway, great event and super fun! 
Hermit03/01/08My first VQ! I was extremely happy with my SS except during two key sections: 1. from Aid Station 2 to WHT junction (sapped the energy I had left) and 2. Trabuco Creek Road to Finish (grr, Troy!). Thanks so much to the crew I've been training with. You guys rule. And Rushak had the freaking eye of the tiger! A gnarly crash very early in the race, sick on top of that, and he still hammers out VQ! Great seeing everyone out there today! Another big thanks to the WS and volunteers. 
aword4you03/01/08Painful, but I finished in 8:47~. Gonna take 2009 off from this event. 
Damon M03/01/08BS TO MW 2:36 TOP OF SB 5:15 AID#2 6:06 CUT OF 12:20 
dandrews03/01/08Awesome day on the trails, although not so sure for the hikers. Manny was the first one down Holy Jim and a hiker asked him how many more riders behind you, ...he shouted 300! Can you imagine the look on the hikers face?! :) --Had 3rd place at Upper Holy Jim, then Guy Sutton passed me towards the bottom of UHJ, he flatted on HJ, so I held 3rd place at Aid Station 2 (that felt good), Todd passed me on Horsethief, then I flatted on Trabuco and got passed by Nate and Mario there. Took 6th, not bad! 
PaulV03/01/08What a day. Motorway was a few minutes slower for me, it was kinda chewed up and chunky too. Plus, two gates to hop at the bottom now. The rest of the course seemed in really great shape, except Trabuco Creek out (but that always sucks :) fog felt cold, brrrrr!! I think I was a little under 7;20, will have to check the results when they come out. I am always impressed with the level of riders in this race, damn!! 
ThinkFast03/01/08Great day today. Heal up quick Koke, your tough to still finish CC with a broken arm!! I'll update my time when the results are posted. I forgot to turn off my edge, I was so happy to finish. I heard 7:26: something when I came across the line. 
JERRY03/01/08I found out that I would be doing this race 1 week before. Thank you Craig for the leadout in the dark morning start. I started Horsethief as Manny was coming down. Great Race! Thank you Warriors Society. 
adventurich03/01/088th - climbed strong - descended poorly - one flat. 
sweeper03/01/08a great ride felt pretty good till west horse thief, started crampiing up towards the end.thanx ws and to our lord above for being able to ride and all we have.sorry about your shoulder ozzy and hope it heals quickly and you and hal will get em next year. 
Manuel Prado09/19/072007 Race, wanted to see the avg speed, that's why I posted it. 
vhipp03/31/07What a great day. Couldn't make the Vision Quest so I thought I try on my own. Usually I can ride most of West Horsethief but not today. Ran low on water at the end. 
Ross B03/08/07Hardest one yet. Thanks to Jim and Drew from the warriors who escorted me up horsetheif and said I was doing great while i felt like dying would be better. The ride was actually fun except for the tree on lower holy jim. I thought i would duck but it caught me and tossed me into the rocks. I really should have slowed down. Thanks to Diana who asked me my name and thanks to God for me getting it right. If I do this again, I'm gonna train more. Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus. 
Ross B03/08/07bring plenty of food, water, and pray. 
PaulV03/06/07First off double extra huge thanks to the two different guys who helped me with my mechanical problems, chain suck from hell. They took the time to stop and help me out, wow, thanks guys!!! The shop sold me the wrong small ring, and it had worked great on SJT (Guess I didn't use small ring much :)Cost me at least 15 minutes (doh!) Overall great day for VQ. 'I'll be back' 
shoodes03/06/07What a day 
Phishin Paul03/05/07First VQ for me. Beat last year's CC time to bottom of HJ by over an hour. Happy about that but dissapointed with my hike up Horsethief. Saved my overall time with all down hill sections. Great weather minus the winds up BStar. Thanks Alyssa and support team and Kyle for pushing me on many long and cold training rides. 
FirstDrop03/04/07I finished!!! First endurance race and boy am I sore. 
dandrews03/04/07Wow, it's great to see so many riding at a new level. I'm amazed at how many finished the race for the first time or nicely beyond previous finishes. Good to hear the momentum of the ladder is helping there a bit too. 
Hal03/04/07I finished! Thats all I wanted and my focus from the start was to make the final time cut-off. I did the early start last year so I had 1/2 hour less for'07. That leg from the bottom of Holy Jim to the Horsethief junction seemed to go on foreever! Thanks to the Warriors society for putting on another great event. Thanks to Geoladders for keeping me motivated. Thanks to JR for riding with me, for flying up Blackstar, and for not dying from his laryngospasm a mile below the peak!Thnx4seeingmeatend 
Oshier03/04/07I finished the VQ, That makes me the youngest yet hade hard time making final cut off but I did it 
Chelle001103/04/07OUCH! Watch out for that TREEEEEEEEEEEE!! finished, and that's what counts, right? Plus, I did it almost as fast as I did the Coup 2 yrs ago (dayum slow). 
ThinkFast03/03/07My first bike race. Didn't stick to my plan for eating and drinking. Luckily I didn't have any problems though. Started towards the back half of the pack. Once I got to Motorway I was only passed once so I was happy about that. Congratulations to Andrew (Winger), Matt (Hermit), Ryan1234 and JR for placing well in the Counting Coup. Congrats to Mark and John for their strong rides also. 
JERRY03/03/07Things were good up until Upper Holy Jim, then legs cramped up and it was all about survival. I would like to thank my pit crew,David(DD)and Terry Best. Without them I don't think I could have finished Horsethief. Also thanks to the Warriors Society for putting on an outstanding,well organized race! I really enjoyed the hamburger at the top of the mountain. Thanks! 
Zippy03/03/07My first Vision quest race. Frenetic pace at the start followed by cold temps and 40 MPH winds on the divide road. The climb to the peak nearly broke my spirit and the hike up Horsethief is just cruel. Nothing better than seeing the Trabuco Trailhead on the divide road. Aid station 2 wins for most enthusiastic; their cheers as I rocketed past on the way down really amped me up. Epic. 
K0KE03/03/0755 minutes to Beek's, 1:55 to top of Motorway, 2:07 to aid station one, 4:06 to Santiago Peak, 4:48 to aid station two, 6:12 to top of Horsethief, 7:10 finish. Thanks for the support Big DD and Terry Best. 
klowie03/03/07Thanks to the Warriors Society. What a great event. Thanks to all the vounteers, especially the woman at aid station 2 who gave me the enduramax pills for my cramps, I would not have finished without them. 
Napoleon D.03/03/07Another great Vision Quest, and I almost saw visions this time. Started to get really bad stomach cramps going up Horsetheif, almost had to turn around. Stayed positive and finished beating my last year time by 51 minutes. Team Geoladders all did well finishing about the same time. Thanks to Big DD and Terry Best for the support at both aid stations, made it a lot easier. 
Murmur03/03/07What a great day! Perfect conditions (wind was pretty strong on top, but I'll take that over mud). Our team (Team Geoladders) rocked! I came in at 7:16:11, 2hrs, 7min better than last year. What a rush! Thanks to BigDD and Terry Best for the support at the aid stations! 
christobol03/03/07It was awesome and I make it to the cutoff in time, so I was able to finish, which was my goal. It is cool to see so many other people post their VQ and CC races today. This was my first race and I loved it. I did it in 9:08, and while that isn't a great time it isn't bad either. I know there were 20-25 people left behind me so I'm stoked about that. Anyway congratulations to everyone that did it today! 
TRB03/03/07I really felt the pain of under training. Legs started cramping at aid station #1. Thanks to Big DD and Terry Best for the support, couldn't have continued without it. Team Geoladders rocked! 
SantaCruz HellRider03/03/07Congratulations to everyone who finished and special props to Winger, Doug Andrews, {who did I miss} Nice to meet so many geoladder-ites. Time is from WS Clock at the finish line. MotionBased says my moving time was 8:36, TopoFusion says 9:04. Simple rememdy - never stop. LOL 
duveneck03/03/07Vision Quest 2007 Time: 9:10 Hit stop button by mistake at Holy Jim aid station, hit start button on first switchback up W. Horsethief 
duveneck03/03/07Bring plenty of food 
KeepsWhatHappens03/03/07Snapped front derailleur cable 15 minutes pas Beeks Place. Finished VQ with only small front chainring. 
dandrews02/20/07Course is in great shape. Upper Holy Jim may need a little work though, there's a new rut, just wide enough for your bike tire, going down most of the trail. Not a big deal, just a new challenge. :) 42 gate, 46 ball, 1:30 top of MW, 1:43 bottom, 2:35 4-crnrs, 3:06 peak, 3:44 hj lot, 4:43 horsethief top, 4:58 trabuco top, 5:20 trabuco lot, 5:34 vq finish. 
eervin10/12/06I was way out of shape for this ride. Rode it with friends, Kevin (ibclimbn) Dan and Jake. 
ibclimbn10/09/06A ton of climbing but the effort was quickly forgotten with the awesome downhill single track sections. 
mtnbikej08/12/06Not for the faint of heart. 3 seperate tough rides all connected together. 
ffdfireman03/12/06Incredible ride!I was stoked to finish & not have bonked.The support from my wife, friends,& WS was awesome & provided the lil xtra push to finish.Thnx 4 the rolaids@Main Divide-cramps suck!See everyone nxt yr for another VQ! 
hades03/09/06VQ 2006 race. Flat tire on Motorway. NO cytomax at aid 1 or 2, bonked hard! Better next year... 
superjoe03/08/06Good fun! Had fun passing about 6 on motorway, 4 on upper holy jim. Upper Holy Jim was sweet! Nice and easy ride for me, enjoyed the rest stops and loved those power gummy things. 
superjoe03/08/06Good fun! Had fun passing about 6 on motorway, 4 on upper holy jim. Upper Holy Jim was sweet! Nice and easy ride for me, enjoyed the rest stops and loved those power gummy things. Almost lost my rear wheel coming down trabuco, really movin' 
animaltico03/07/06Great race !! 
Napoleon D.03/06/06Great ride today with 200 of my closest friends. Great to meet other Geoladders members and thanks goes to the Geoladderes Race Support Crew at the entrance to Trabuco canyon, Thanks for the lube Terry. Still waiting to find out my official time. I'll be back next year! 
DONALD JACKSON03/06/06thank you warriors society and all the volunteers 
Hal03/05/06Long, hard ride. The slight mud slowed me up a bit. Made the 2nd cut off by the skin of my teeth (12:28). I was running on fumes going up Trabuco, but the portobello-mushroom burger with sauteed onions (!!) I had at the top of W Horsethief charged me up and over thye rest of the main divide to that heaven-sent descent down Trabuco. Thanks to those of you who helped me train and to my wife for having to hear all about this for the past 8 weeks. And for coming to meet me at the end. 
Manuel Prado03/05/06hard race, thanx to all the people that cheered for me at the race and thanx to all the support from everybody... 
Cranx03/04/06Ouch! Lots of work but lots of fun! I was praying for a boulder to crush me as I began my death hike up Horsethief but, no luck, had to finish. Don't know my overall VQ place yet but did very well. Tons of thanks to Julie (my incredible wife) and Terry Best for the support...you guys are awesome! 
Murmur03/04/06What a great experience. Goal 1 was to beat the cutoffs - accomplished. Goal 2 was to not be last - accomplished. Not sure my ride time or overall placing yet. 9:23 total time sounds fine to me given the conditions on Blackstar. Awesome Awesome experience. Time is total time - I didn't differentiate ride time because it was an event. 
owen03/04/06after the tough muddy start up black star (beeks at 1 hour) my hopes for posting a killer time faded. my next goal (besides just finishing) was to do it without falling. i'm pleased to have accomplished that goal. it was such a wonderful treat to have fellow geoladder buddies there! 
dandrews02/24/06Road with Owen on most of this and he amazed me with his riding down Upper Holy Jim on his fully rigid 29er. Look to see him placing well as a single speeder. NOTE: There's a new piece of singletrack this year, see the walk-thru. 

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