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FRANCHI02/07/20I did this ride on 02/03/2020 I could not succeed in opening GL page that day. Ridden during early afternoon hours. 
FRANCHI01/25/20Night ride. Low energy level for me tonight at the beginning. Felt better after stop and refueling. Good ride in general. 
FRANCHI10/31/19Night ride 
FRANCHI10/02/19Daylight started. Night time finished. Hundred of riders today. Good Ride for me. 
FRANCHI09/06/19Late afternoon ride. Daylight start, night time finish. OK ride. Temps in the 80sF 
FRANCHI08/03/19Meanwhile in the neighborhood. 
FRANCHI01/01/18Late afternoon ride. Very heavy (myself) from overeating during the holidays. 
FRANCHI09/01/17Thanks to GL staff I was able to upload my today ride like I normally used to do. This was a night training ride. Even in the early night was very hot but at least was not Sun rays making it worse. 
FRANCHI10/30/15After several months away from this route I found the trail has been fixed up. No ruts or drops. Smooth like a freeway. 
OTHRIDER09/30/12Rode with JSDKDS and by the time we got to Panorama turnoff I was toast. Thanks for the ride. 
FRANCHI04/11/12The loop was all for myself tonight. Easy pace ride with very little mud despite morning rain. 
FRANCHI01/05/12Leg maintenance ride. 
FRANCHI09/06/11Maintenance ride. 
Pepper353507/29/11W LTV 
FRANCHI06/03/11Good ride with Bonebag. No lights to do the entire Super Loop. 

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