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Maple Springs - Motorway

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FRANCHI10/11/21Perfect day for MTB, Low temps and overcast. Not in my best shape today. I struggled after 4C. 
FRANCHI07/15/19Evening start, nighttime finish. Good ride. 
TomG04/07/19Beautiful day today early start so the weather was really nice. Tough ride after yesterdays hike Legs are dead. 
TomG03/23/19Very foggy route is in good condition 
TomG01/20/19The rain actually made it better 
TomG01/13/19Too soon the mud got me 
FRANCHI01/26/18Started around 3:00 pm. Turned my lights on before 4 corners. Very cold up there: 40F. Had a flat on the rear but I did not fix it. I kept on putting air in it till the end, maybe 6 times. I haven't descended Motorway in several years. In the night the trail seems longer. 
TomG10/21/17The hunters are out. 80th loop for me. 
TomG05/30/17Was planning a longer ride but the bugs got the best of me and had to cut it short. 
TomG04/30/17Lost the rear brake past 4C. 
TomG02/04/17You can ride the whole way now. 
TomG01/27/17Cold and windy first ice before the pavement ended light snow below 4 corners motorway in good shape except for the bottom. 
OTB_again12/18/1635 degrees at the start, just a little mud on Main Divide. Motorway took some water up top but after you drop into the canyon, the drainages are working great. 
goldrunner12/08/16First time up Maple springs in a very long time. Good stuff! 
OTB_again11/27/16Nice afternoon with nobody around 
MTB Fiend10/23/16Sensational afternoon, (what to do for a rainy day adventure?), ride! Rained from the moment I rolled on to the dirt to the end, but that never swayed me. Traffic was light, dust and bugs were non-existent, this truly is a favorite rainy day ride. Never once got muddy enough to make anything dicey, the silt caked on like icing on donuts. Mmmmm... donuts. I had forgotten just how beautiful this ride can be and the rain today just made for an enhancement. Besides, my helmet and Camelbak were in need of a cleaning. Got to the bottom of MW, rolled up to the truck and a storm cell moved through complete with lightning and thunder. Glad I was off MW. Great Ride! 
TomG09/16/16The classic is back 
singlespeedrider09/07/14Beat the heat early start 
singlespeedrider08/24/14Nice ride this morning 
TomG07/26/14For got the phone this morning. 650 start not too hot. 
mtnbikej07/13/14SS. DynamoD called it...MS/MW for the next full moon ride. Unfortunately it fell on the same day as the Non Dot Race...what does one do? Both, duh. After the race this morning, was a little worried about tonight's ride. Ended up feeling way better than I figured I would. Temps were nice the whole time, however it was pretty sticky out there. Moon shot up about 1/2 way up Maple. Ride across MD seemed quick, or at least it feels that way when you can't see the top of the climbs. Top of MW felt really loose, but is such a fun descent in the dark. Good times. Excellent night on the bike. 
TomG07/12/14Sixty first ride and I still like this loop. 
tortega04/10/14Awesome ride did with my nephew, David. long ride lots of uphill and main divide incline. not an easy ride, however worth the effort. 
TomG03/29/14Great ride chasing a group of hard-tails. The bad sections have been worked by the dozer but I not sure its in improvement. 
TomG03/16/14Very windy, Flat tire 
TomG03/07/14Route is messy but the gates are closed 
SuperDutyDave02/09/14LOTS of traffic on Main Divide--one of our group went head on with a motorcycle. Thankfully--no injuries more serious than hurt feelings. A nice four wheeler took our friend down. 
TomG02/01/14New PB by 14 seconds! 
Buffalo01/25/14I haven't done this route for a few years, and forgot how great the views are on the Main Divide to the Motorway. Locked gate at the start was a nice surprise. 
Phishin Paul01/04/14Great ride today with Dave, Kyle, Graham & KO. I dented my rear rim on way down Moto and had to trail run out not having time to fix with time constraints. New sport that I do not advise taking up. Bike trail running. 
MTB Fiend12/24/13Fantastically fabulous forever views. Soulfully satisfying superbly solo sunny sojourn. Calm and quiet, well except for Elvis (Aloha from Hawaii, 1973). He rocked the place! Rode the Jet, and while I was all about the cruise I still managed to come close to PR time. Just gotta say this - Thank you Mother Nature, for the sensational weather and the health to enjoy it! You're the best! Grrreat Ride! (new tagline coming!) Happy Holidays everybody! 
MTB Fiend12/21/13Fantastically brisk 39 degrees at start, but by the first guardrail I was swapping to lighter layers. Watched as the clouds and fog coated the formerly sunny Main Divide - before I could get to it! Climbs were comfortable, descents were cold. Great solo adventure! Grrreat Ride! 
TomG12/08/13Wool socks and glove liners and good to go. 
MTB Fiend12/02/13Almost awesome super-solo cruise today. Almost awesome? Seconds before starting off, my bike fell over, on the drive side. Sigh... you just look at the derailleur hanger wrong and it will bend, and so it was this time too. Instantly went from a 9 speed to a 6 speed with no easy gears. I struggled all the way to the first guardrail where I completely ransacked my pack in hope I was carrying a spare derailleur hanger (it was back at the car). Finally I finnesed the shifting to my 34 and pedaled real nice-like to the top. An occasional skip, and lots of popping/creaking told me "no standing for you". The ride over to MW was uneventful, no critters but endless views. Drove the bike straight to Tim's to get the hanger straightened. (I bought the tool, but still don't know how to use it). All fixed up and waiting for the next adventure. But it will have to wait, back to work for me tomorrow. Bummer! Grrreat Ride! 
H2oChick11/29/13Fantastic Thanksgiving Day ride! A little cloud cover kept the climb cool and then the sun came out just as we were heading to MW. 
ADanFool11/28/13Great ride, relatively easy pace. The 'backside' climbs to Motorway were nice after the recent rains - not too loose. 
MTB Fiend11/27/13Time and the gorgeous day factor kept passing me by today. Finally got out on the trail, a whole lot later than desired. I kept having to recalculate if I could make it with enough daylight (and warmth). And I did. Sensational super-solo singletrack sunset sojourn satisfies! Sunset on the MW was awesome! Rolled back down to the truck and chatted with Troy as he prepared for his groups Santiago Peak night time assault. (brrrrrr....). Grrreat Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/25/13Gorgeous solo AM ride. Parking was a bit tough, but once out on the trail saw very few folks out. Once on MD, saw no one else. I absolutely love MS when the gates are closed. Awesome! Grrreat Ride! 
xhuskr11/09/13Felt GREAT descending Motorway...1st time using my gps on this..difference is 400 feet..hard to believe geoladders has this so similar to BS-Motorway which IMO is much harder. 
MTB Fiend10/26/13Pulled on to Blackstar and immediately saw it was too crowded for this guy. Second choice turned out to be a good choice. Only 2 motos while climbing MS, and nothing out on MD. MD is in terrible shape, and so is MW. Finished with enough time to get my chores done, get my bikes to Tim, and get home in time for some chow before having to work tonight. So, that makes it, a Grrreat Ride! 
Phishin Paul10/21/13Riding with Dave. He was either hung over or had food poisoning or both. Either way it made for a much longer ride. A group of hikers yelled at us to slow down as we passed them on Motorway. We were all but walking and saying have a nice hike and jazz. It provided a good laugh. 
XCRider10/12/13Afternoon ride in perfect weather. Gate was open and lots of traffic on MS, but everyone was very cool. Rain certainly helped MS a lot, but I only saw one other rider, who had ridden up Harding. Chatted for a few minutes with him at 4C. MD is sort of torn up between 4C and Motorway, and I always forget there's a couple of good climbs in that stretch. Rain seems to have made the shale on Motorway a little worse, but there aren't any washouts. Lower part is in nice shape. 
spicolli197610/06/13Awesome ride with Jimmy and Evan. 
karldi510/06/13Got to the gate at about noon and as anticipated, all the parking spots were taken so had to park a little ways back. Expected it to be a little hot, but no, there was a sweet breeze on the trail, particularly on the lower paved section. Saw only two other riders, both descending MS. Also saw a BMW dual sporter and a couple in a jeep coming down MS, only to see both of them coming back up 30 minutes later as the MS gate was closed. Once on the MD, had it all to myself. Great views! Stopped for some snacks a little ways past the Bedford cutoff and watched the helicopters battling a fire over near BlackStar. The Motorway was in good shape, always forget how rocky and a little tricky the top section is, and yes - it really is a long downhill - makes all the fireroad climbing worthwhile! 
STEVO CARRILLO09/21/138:00 am start. Solo venture to get out and put some miles and elevation in my Saturday diet! Very pleasant temps and pace, didn't want to push to hard knowing I had long daunting climbs ahead of me. Talked to two very nice gentleman @ four conners that were on enduro motorcycles, they were headed up to the peak. Motorway was a little rough for me with my still sore hand from my crash two weeks ago! Took it very slow to avoid further damage. Good ride. 
MTB Fiend07/27/13Nice AM ride with friends, a bit sweaty but I kind of like it like that. Seems like each time I ride this on the 1x9 it gets a bit easier. Motorway seemed in better shape than the last few times I descended. Great Ride! 
mtnbikej06/16/13TB. 2nd time out here in about a week. Temps warmed up pretty quick...no June Gloom for us. Nice Social pace going up MS. Getting very dry and dusty...lots of motos out. Sprung a leak in the back tire 1/2 across MD. Sprung another leak on MW..finally had to tube it. Took a long time to warm up the legs today. Once going I felt pretty good. Glad the gang could come out and join us. Fun ride for sure. 
MTB Fiend06/16/13Nice to get out for an early AM ride. Good choice J. I love the climb on MS and today was no exception. Good company too. The tricky parts of Main Divide are a mess. MW was not nearly so bad this time, but I put the seat way down and new tires helped too. The Fiend was a perfect choice for this ride (and others too!). Great Ride! 
mtnbikej06/08/13TB. Good day for a ride in the Santa Ana's. Took a friend out for her first big SA mountain ride. She did great. Warmed up pretty quick, even with the 7:45 start. The sporadic breeze was welcomed. Decent number of riders out. MS/MD is getting really dry and powdery. Took it easy and really enjoyed the pace. Knee felt good for most of the ride. Guess the Tallboy is the bike for the time being. Gears on teh big climb on MD before MW felt like I was cheating...the SS seems so much worse. Good fun ride for sure. 
mtbfan05/26/13First ride down Motorway with the new Ibis. Felt so much better than the old bike. Hung out for some snacks and then got ready for the BBQ. Fun day without flies and hardly any traffic on MS despite the gate being open. 
Phishin Paul03/27/13Not another rider out there. Switched to lighter skinnier race tires and I can tell I miss the beefier 2.35 Hanzy. 
DIRTULS03/16/13I was chasing the rabbit today. I got freaked out on Maple Springs when a moto took a jumb and saw me climbing and missed his landing and went down right in front of me. I let out a big scream. Lots of cars and motos today. It was like a parade. The MD is more chunky in one section than the last time I rode this. MW is still giving me problems. 
Fast Turtle03/09/13Started from the xmas lot on this loop. My garmin died close to 4 corners. 
TomG02/15/13Watch out for the ice. I went down 3 times 2 when HAB 
Shigalert02/02/13First longish ride in a while and felt it by the end. Apart from 10 yards of one uphill on MD cleaned the whole ride including Motorway which seemed a lot looser than the last time I did it. 1:52 Gate to 4 C, 28 mins down Mway. Nice trail work on the washout. 
mtnbikej01/27/13SS. Wow....what a difference 24hrs makes. Yesterday was wet and warm...today, dry and cold. Road was in much better condition today. Started warm at the bottom and proceeded to get colder at 4 Corners. MTB Fiend andI continued on while the rest of the group descended MS. Sun was out on Main Divide and it warmed up nicely. Again road was in pretty good shape....a couple of muddy spots, but good. Had a fox sighting above Bedford Rd. MW is great as usual. Lots of people enjoying it today. Good ride. 
MTB Fiend01/27/13Later start than most was a good move. Lots of trucks parked but the trail was mostly empty. Saw all the folks who ascended/descended Motorway. You inspired some newbies we saw later pushing their bikes up MW. Saw that crazy little Fox above Bedford again, This time he was not wary at all and turned and stood his ground as we passed by. I think he was stalking that other rider we saw changing his clothes nearby (haha). He did leave some big prints for such a little guy. Trail conditions were nothing short of perfect and I cleaned all the climbs on the 1x9. Not a first, but never easy. Great Ride! 
MoJo01/12/13OMG! I Might not thaw out until summer! Yikes 
singlespeedrider01/06/13Ran into MCAFS and had a nice cold icy ride up to 4 corners. Motorway was in great shape and really fast today. 
Damon M01/05/13End of Pavement: 0:42:01 Pavement to 4 Corners 1:05:20 4 corners to Motorway 0:55:31 Motorway to bottom 0:19:04 
MTB Fiend12/29/12Sensational solo rainy day adventure! I knew it was going to rain and came prepared. Started raining just as I started pedaling, so this is how it is going to be. Not bad at all for most of the climb to 4 Corners (several other riders out), even an occassional sunray. Below 4 Corners it started to rain in earnest, and even a few snow flakes. Properly prepared I was not oold or wet. Rain and dense fog almost all along MD. (Strange encounter with a lone hiker, well past Bedford but his tracks came up from MW. He did not look prepared to me, but said he was OK). Everything was fine and groovy until I got to MW. There was just one thing I had not anticipated - MW was a river of water 6" wide and 2-3" deep! My feet were soaked in minutes. The descent was easy, just follow the water. No critters, no tracks, and mostly silent except for the rain - really quite a beautiful ride, totally different in inclement weather. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/27/12Late afternoon solo sunset ride. Interesting contrasts between the sunny sections and the shady sections, but really only cold on the descents. After the paved section where I saw a few descenders, there was no one. Trails are in superb condition! Great ride! 
MTB Fiend12/15/12Super Primo conditions today. Maple Springs is the sweetheart of the Santa Ans's after a cleansing rain. No vehicles is always a plus. Lovin' Motorway after a rain, actually was able to keep up with J&S. Of course, they were on hardtails and I was on my big squishy RIP, but I stayed with them! Wish I could have spent the day out here again, but had too much to do this morning. Great Ride! 
mtnbikej12/15/12Knew it was gonna be a cold one today...so planned a Noon'ish start time. Still pretty chilly in the canyon even at that time. In the sun wasn't too bad, but brisk in the shade. Fiend was running a little late, my wife took off early, so our group ride turned into 3 solo accents to 4 Corners. Glad the gate was closed....always a bonus. Trail was in great shape....no snow all the way up. Only a few puddles with ice. Even the normally slippery sections on MD were not bad at all. Motorway seemed a little more beat up compare to about 2 weeks ago....but in a rocky, rutted, shale good kinda way. Very fun afternoon on the mountain today. 
One Flew OTB12/08/12Early morning ride with Fast Turtle. He cruised, I just tried to hang on. Breakfast afterwards at the Silverado Cafe. Thanks for the social ride, Paul! 
mtnbikej12/02/12Add me to the list of lots of riders out on MS today. Thought it would be colder. Nice cruise up Maple Springs. Gate was closed so only human powered traffic...and there was a lot of that. Got into the clouds about 2/3 the way up. Dirt was wet, but no mud. The wind was blowing up at 4 Corners, but again not cold. Riding across Maid Divide seemed like we were in and out of the clouds. Finally ran into so mud at the top of the last climb, just before the Motorway. Got some light rain at the top of Motorway, but that stopped a little ways down. Definately a fun day to be out. Good ride for sure. 
MTB Fiend12/02/12Ugh!.. 3 ascents on MS in less than 24 hours. Wasn't feeling bad, just not as strong as mtnbikeJ and Dave. Trail conditions were nothing shy of tremendous! Most excellent, once again. Got to top of MW and it started to rain, but somehow I knew it woud stop about 1/3 of the way down, and it did. Yet another great descent for me, almost able to keep up with J and Dave. I really think that may have been my fastest descent on MW ever. Good times for sure! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/01/12Wow! Knew it would be good, and it was.. that good! Saw the gate closed sign at the fire station and let out a "woohoo!". Got to the trailhead and was bit disappointed to see so many vehicles. Turns out it was 2 big groups and they were all descending while I ascended. As predicted, the trail was bone dry and in superior condition. I really burned it on the pavement, just so stoked. Cruised it on the dirt, no rush you know? Enjoyed the views and swirling fog at 4 Corners for a bit. After 4 Corners I had MD all too myself. I rode in to sunshine, then dense fog and clouds, then not so dense fog and clouds. Saw a gorgeous Red/Grey/Red Fox just before MW. I just had a feeling about MW, and it held true. Dropped MW if not the fastest ever, certainly, and without a doubt, the most confidently ever! It was great! Of course, I lugged the RIP along on the trail, just because I had a feeling it would be epic. It was! Great Ride! 
Manuel71411/29/12Great times! A little rain never hurt anybody. Trail was in great shape, no mud just a couple of small puddles. Weather clouds dramaticly appeared and disappered. What a sight. 
xcShane11/28/12Haven't done Maple in a while so why not. Good ride. Not many people out. 
ADanFool11/25/12Fantastic day out. Felt great. 
mtnbikej11/18/12Turns out today was a great day to be out in the Santa Ana's. Nice Fall morning going up Maple Springs. Warmed up nicely once on the dirt. Mostly dry except for a couple of normal wet spots. Sunny at 4C and no wind. 4C to Motorway is getting pretty torn up....but goes by quickly. Motorway is pretty loose right now...lots of marbles.....but always 11 on the fun meter. Legs felt great....once they warmed up. Good ride for sure. 
MTB Fiend11/18/12Fabulous Fall weather. Rained pretty hard at my house just before dawn, so I knew conditions would be perfect. Maple Springs is awesome after a rain and today did not disappoint. Rode with mtnbikeJ. And as expected, conditions were perfect! Calm as could be and clouds slowly swirling about, but mostly sunny. Rode the RIP which made Motorway a bit less sketchy. Great ride! 
TBlazen11/18/12Ran into Jeremy(Fiend) at the bottom and Troy(ThinkFast)/Josh(Tweasol) at the 50 minute mark. Good to see you guys! PR on the Niner; Need to adjust the brake reach as my hands were killing me halfway thru the Motorway, which was really tacky btw. The main divide from 4c to Motorway was a bit chewed up in places... 
jbh6511/17/12we got a 730 start this morning and no rain insight. wet roads, tacky dirt, and overcast till 4c's. socked in off and on to the mw. had my best time down the mw on the ht today with a 13:32. we spoke with several of the volunteers at 4c and the bottom of the mw who were prepping for the runners out doing the 100m/k race today. 
MTB Fiend10/28/12Fabulous Fall temps and forever views! Main Divide is chewed up on the steep descents. Motorway is in terrible shape, evil and sketchy. Great ride! 
singlespeedrider10/27/12Motorway sliced another tire today. Getting expensive riding this trail 5 weeks in a row. 
singlespeedrider10/21/12Got rained on a little bit on the way up but dry most of the way. A few hunters out there again today. 
OTB_again10/16/12Solo on the FSR. Flatted just as I was dropping Motorway which could have sucked b/c there was about 5min of light left and I forgot my light at home. Threw a tube in and got down with no issues, it was dark by the time I reached the barrier at the bottom. 
ADanFool10/14/12Perfect weather today, and Maple Springs is always better when the gate is closed to the motors. Thank you rain for keeping the dust down. 
jbh6510/14/12didnt start rolling until a little after 11 & it was warm in the canyon. as i climbed the temps actually were fine. Wanted to go to the peak but lost some motivation along the way & ended up doing this loop. spoke with joel tite's dad @ the top of the mw, & we had a nice conversation about his son's cc race last year & what he is planning for the coming months. about 5 minutes off my best for this route but 4 minutes faster then a few weeks back. Getting more comfortable on the ht while on the mw 
OTB_again10/09/12Some base miles on a nice afternoon, but it was socked in near 4C. Finished down Motorway with the light on. 
goldrunner10/08/12Flatted and broke a couple spokes half way down which made the rest of the descent slow :( didn't want to taco the wheel. Cheap arse. 14 gage spokes. 
SAmtn10/06/12One of my favorites. Perfect weather today. Rode with Fast Turtle. 
jbh6509/22/12first ride in the SA's on the 29er HT. Felt really good on the climbs and not as bad as I thought on the HT coming down the MW. Met up with E at the top of MW as he was finishing BS-MW. He took a bit of a digger right after the last hair pin. heal up quick buddy. All in all I was only about 9 minutes slower then my best time on this route and considering its my only second ride in the SA's in about 5 months I was happy with the outcome 
MTB Fiend09/03/12Timed it all oh so perfectly! Pulled up to the truck on cat-eyes, finished Motorway on the last lumen of daylight. Gorgeous out there this evening! Super solo, not another rider and I think there were 2 Moto's descending Maple Springs. Couple folks out hunting at top of Motorway. They said they were hunting for rabbits, but she was looking up. I've seen a few Dove there, but me thinks they have moved on. But check out the Bandtail Pigeons over off of ITT. It looked like there was fire over in the San Gabriels, but it really appeared they had doused it - at least the smoke seemed to be dissipating. As damaging as it is, smoke makes for a great sunset and tonight was no exception. I caught most of the sunset while navigating Main Divide, and missed the climax while descending Motorway. Sensational temps and breezes! Great ride! 
mtnbikej09/01/12Blue Moon Ride.....been wanting to do this route as a night ride for a while. Tonight was finally the night. Temps started out very nice, and it progressively cooled down through the ride....even had a nice cool breeze blowing on Main Divide. Full moon did not disappoint....lit up Maple Springs like a lamp...really really cool. Small but fun group. Rich towed the BOB up with party snacks, so we partied a bit at 4 Corners before heading off to MW. Chased a deer on Main Divide near Bedford Canyon for a minute or 2. Partied again at MW before heading down. What a blast MW is at night. Will definately do it again. Great ride. 
MTB Fiend09/01/12Awesome full moon ride. Dark by the time we reached dirt, but the moon did not rise and shine until well past Maple Springs. We all cat-eyed it and then once the moon was up it was easily bright enough to climb. Maple Springs is my new favorite full moon ride - lots of contrasts. Surprise! Cool and windy at 4 Corners. Had a few light problems. My MagicShine with the new batteries is useless. At least I can prepare appropriately for the upcoming season. (i.e. buy a new light). I was real apprehensive about Motorway. It was certainly no worse than doing it in daylight, just a bit slower. Great group tonight. Thanks! as always to "BOB Hauler" - Richie Rich. Great moonlight ride! 
Chelle001109/01/12I was a bit nervous going down Motorway at night, but it was beautiful a fun! Great blue moon ride! :) 
MTB Fiend08/25/12It was a constant battle between "cool" and "warm" and I was in the middle of it all. Got a little later start than intended but it was still early enough. A total of 3 bugs, at the start, that's it! After that, bug free climbing and mostly "moto-free" too. My sprint to the gate at 4 Corners also beat out an entourage of 3 Jeeps, while coming in at a respectable 1:20. Main Divide is real chewed up on all the steep descents, real bad. Motorway was incredible! Cool and breezy at the top, warm and stale at the bottom. So beautiful out this AM. Great ride! 
TomG08/19/12Early start cool temps 
MTB Fiend07/30/12Gorgeous, superbly relaxing, solo, evening ride. Just me and the Deer. So quiet, that is whenever iTunes was not blasting away. Slow time to 4 Cornrers, but the overall time ended up being average for me. Rode the Jet, still my favorite ride. Someone stashed water right in the middle of the trail, very strange indeed. Great temps, minimal bugs, big smile! Great ride! 
ocbiglar07/28/12Okay, first time using my new Garmin 500. It would appear I need to work on it some more. 6 of us rode and it was my first time up Maple Springs. What a view. the system was working, or so it seemed to be while riding up. I need to re-evaluate this unit! Big time! 
MTB Fiend07/24/12Surprised? Not in the least. Came upon a very large Mountain Lion sunning himself on the upper part of Motorway. He jumped up in a cloud of dust and bounded around the corner. Of course, I have to go around that same corner to get down. There he was, a magnificent beast, easily 100 lbs or more with an enormously long tail (like the cowardly lion in Wizard of Oz). He went right, uphill, I went left downhill, but I still had to struggle with the skree, rocks and ruts. A close encounter to be sure. Apparently, they're everywhere! Of course, this was just the perfect ending to another truly great evening adventure. I had planned to hang a bit and catch some sunset action but opted not to tempt fate. Finished just at 8pm, it was dark within 25 minutes so I guess I timed it perfectly. I am discovering this is an excellent evening ride. I wish I was not chicken to do Motorway at night because this would make a sensational night ride. Rode the RIP, had to know. Great ML sighting. Great ride! 
ADanFool07/22/12Took a 4" screw in my rear tire coming down the loose steep section, the tire went instantly flat despite Stan's. I went down, just a little scraping on the knee. 
TomG06/24/1242.22 4C,1.14, Top of MW 
cleanbeater06/09/12Great ride. Took a stupid spill on main divide on one of the loose downhill sections while grabbing a handful of front brake. 
mtbfan06/02/12Nice ride with Doug, Teri and Mark. Teri turned out early. The temps were perfect and hardly any bugs. Doug had two flats coming down Motorway and I got stung by a bee at the very bottom, ouch. Motorway was in pretty good shape over all but a little loose here and there. Hung out at BS for a nice picnic. Nice ride before heading to San Diego tomorrow. 
MTB Fiend05/30/12Super-Solo evening ride. Needed a peaceful ride to collect my thoughts and burn lots of calories - this one fit the bill perfectly. Been doing too many short rides lately and feel the need to get back in to the long climber rides again. Chased a Deer down Main Divide for at least a mile, I really did not mean to, he just kept running. Main Divide is chewed up, but Motorway was not as bad as expected. Finished in the waning light, the ride took a few minutes longer than I expected. No PR's today. Saw just 2 Moto's the whole ride. Great ride! 
la_purisima05/27/12Great morning for a ride. Felt strong. Lots of Jeeps and motos, but everyone was playing nicely. 
TomG05/26/12Great weather today with some dense fog and cool temps just below 4C 
nuts4mtbikes05/05/12Good to be out riding with some old friends who don't get out as much these days - Deb, Erik and Cory were a pleasure to hang out with as we trekked up MS an on over to MW. 
TomG04/27/12Great day the gates are closed so only one moto 
nharper04/22/12Sweet ride this morning...no motos/cars or anyone else until MW...saw 5 hikers. I also saw something else I've never seen before. I saw a shooting star (about 8 am) on my way over to MW. Wow was it bright. I also flushed a dark brown juvenile bobcat out of the brush down motorway...it kept running for a few hundred yards until it peeled off and went into the bushes. Great way to start the day! 
MTB Fiend04/18/12Picked up an unexpected ride partner last minute - the original orange man. Amazing how much faster the climb goes by with conversation. Thanks for joining Mike. This route is turning out to be an outstanding afternoon/evening ride. Really quite calm and comfortable. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend04/14/12Gorgeous day for a ride! Chores made for a later start than desired. At the trailhead there once was a massive tree, within 3 hours, no tree. Made for a bit of a parking issue. Got that all sorted out and dealt with other stress issues and finally was unleashed. Whew! Maple Springs after a heavy rain, nothing finer! Still a few creeklet runoffs for added ambience. Sometimes sunny, mostly cold and cloudy. Motorway was in good shape but heavy runoff was evident. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend03/28/12Sweet super solo sunset sojourn. Yeah, it was like that, really. All the gates were closed and there was not another soul in sight, although I knew at least 1 rider was ahead of me somewhere. Been wanting to do this route as an afternoon/twilight route for some time but I am too chicken to chance getting caught on Motorway in the dark. Timed it perfectly today. The sun came back out just as I started across the Main Divide, really quite spectacular to look back at Saddleback from Motorway. I can see this becoming, like, some kind of a regular thing. Great ride! 
edink03/24/12nice day for this ride perfect temps and nice views. lots of people out enjoying the trails before the rain comes. 
jbh6503/23/12Super ride today with E. I met him at the bottom of the MW as he was finishing BS-MW. Perfect weather as we both ffinished this half of the ride. Great job E on completing MWx2. I know you were under the weather and 40 for 8000 ain't no easy feat. Good times as always when the beer is flowing after our rides. 
TomG03/02/12still lots of snow and ice. I got a flat and cut my brand new tires on motorway a bunch of sharp rocks came down with the last rain 
Jake c('.'c)02/29/12Plenty of slushy, muddy snow on Maple before 4 corners. The rest of the route wasn't too bad. I found a jacket at 4 corners so let me know if you lost one today. 
TomG02/18/1243:38 to 4C,1:13 top of MW 
ADanFool02/12/12Good day, eh? Motorway was pretty fantastic. A little bit of rain is fantastic for this route. Keeps the dust low and settles the gravel. 
TBlazen02/11/12wet on the drive in but the trails were great ! 
mtnbikej02/05/12What a great day for a ride. Wife & wanted to get a longer ride in today. She thought about the Peak, but I suggested Motorway. 3rd ride on the SS, she killed it....for the most part. Had to walk a few of the long climbs on MD. Motos are tearing it up out there...several spots have been annihalated. Lots of vehicle and moto traffic on MS...saw no other cyclists past 4 Corners. MW is fun as always. 
Jake c('.'c)01/27/12The Maple gate was closed so no 4x4s or motos. I didn't even see one on MD. Sweet. I hit a few strong gusts of wind on MD today but it really wasn't as bad as I'd expected. Awesome views in every direction. 
grimix01/24/12Perfect ride. 
cleanbeater01/22/12Good push with NO GO and Dave. Maple Spring & Main Divide had their muddy parts but easy to avoid w/o causing any damage. Motorway is in great shape... nice and packed down. 
Shigalert01/22/12Felt sluggish today. Had to keep stopping to eat. That's what you get for drinking beer for dinner instead of food. A bit chilly at times. Kept running into "Fiend" who was doing a long one. 
karldi501/13/12Worked half day and had planned on riding Blackstar, but access at the gate was denied, (signs posted and county workers were keeping people out). Apparently they are working on the road and replacing the bridge. So decided on this trail instead. Great day for riding, although it was a little breezy and cold in the shade, the sun felt good and the views from the main divide were awesome, absolutely no smog in either direction. The motorway was in good shape, always a very fun descent. Saw a few hikers and a number of motorcyclists. Nice way to start the weekend! 
Jake c('.'c)01/09/12Nice day today. No jacket required on Main Divide. I ♥ CA. 
Pathfinder12/31/11Great ride with Jeff and Lobotomized Sasquatch, in spite of Jeff's sidewall tear on motorway. Couple honey stinger wrappers work pretty well to patch it enough to ride down. Happy New Year everyone! 
Fast Turtle12/31/117am start with 8 guys. Great weather and good times. Samtn, Kato, Jeff O, Andy, Dan, Mel and Andy. I will ride again next year. lol. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch12/31/11Finally did this loop, but wow--I haven't suffered that bad on Maple in a while. Almost turned around at 4C but decided to go for it. Great seeing SAMtn, FastTurtle, ADanFool, Kato and the rest of their gang. I knew they would pass us eventually despite our starting 1/2 hour earlier. I need to start 2012 off right by losing some weight. Happy New Year Everyone--I really hope 2012 is a great year for you all. 
ADanFool12/31/11First real ride with my new Garmin 200. Not sure if this thing tracks total time, so I'm just guessing. Great to ride with the group... is Kato finally ready for a new ride? 
SAmtn12/31/11Great ride with a great group. Fast Turtle, Kato, ADanFool, Andy, Mel, Mike, Jeff, Tony. See you all next year. Good seeing LobotomizedSasquatch and friends. Perfect weather. Way to finish the year! 
A bit more technical12/27/11Good times with Ben 
mtbfan12/27/11Great ride with Mark. Nice temps all the way. Motorway is pretty loose these days, and I had a couple of "Oh s$&*%". Snacks at Blackstar afterwards since we had parked in the shade. Saw Dave K. and the Voz group coming down from 4 corners. 
benito12/26/11Sat ride with Mark 
nharper12/18/11Yesterday's ride....still can't upload with my edge 500. 
Ben Boronow11/26/11Somewhat epic ride with Lonnie, Mike, Greg, Bob, Bill, Larry, Beth, ... (12 total.) We split up at 4 corners & 8 of us went down Motorway, 2 went up to Santiago and 2 went back down Maple Springs. Fun ride. Great weather for it. 
Lonnie11/25/11Fantastic ride with a group of 12 riders. We split into two groups at four corners. Some went to Santiago Peak and the rest of us including Mike V, Ben, Larry, Dave, and Bill went across the divide to Motorway. This was a perfect day for this ride!! 
RollnStone11/25/11Long ride on a beautiful day with some Chupacabras. 
drg11/24/11Lets Eat!! 
TomG11/15/111:23 to 4C 2:06 to MW 
grimix11/13/11First time on any of this dirt. Maple is beautiful. Motorway is neat. Small deer past ITT on MD 
DIRTULS11/13/11Great ride today and I felt good. Over dressed at the start, but oh well. Middle ringed the entire ride to see if I am SS ready. Cleaned Motorway without a dab. Saw Shigalert and Buffalo out there. Met JDMack on his epic ride. 
MTB Fiend11/13/11Wow! What a difference a day makes! Yesterday I had the whole place to myself. Today, the gate was open and the crowds were out, and I was riding in a small group. That's OK there is plenty of forest to share! I am so pleased I am recovering so quickly after long rides! Must be doing something right. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend11/12/11I could not believe the trailhead was not packed! Hot damn! The smallest of handful of riders. What an awesome ride it was! A few rays of sunshine as I climbed the paved road, but after that it was clouds. Awesome views! As long as you are only looking 50 -100 ft around. Hehe - it was exhilirating as could be! So calm, so quiet. Cloud drizzle at 4 corners did not bother me as I was well prepared. I taunted the forecasted rain all day, it never came. Could hardly tell it ever rained on Main Divide. Motorway was in great shape. Shocked and awed there were no other riders out there. Unfortunately, no critters. Another Really Great ride!!! 
Boerseun11/06/11Rode with Slopush...great ride...trail was tacky...started raining as we got to MW. 
slopush11/06/11It's feeling like winter out there- some ice in puddles, some cold wind mixed with rain. Still, there's no better way to start the day. Thanks to Boerseun for the suggetion! 
Jake c('.'c)10/20/11A few days ago I made a comment about how much I hated riding my single speed. The next day I found a crack in my chainstay and I'm now stuck riding my rigid ss 1996 Stumpjumper for a while. The bike climbs like a rocket, it's fast and burns like hell, but it's like riding a jackhammer bareback down Motorway. 
OTB_again10/20/11Solo on a perfect afternoon. Nice to see Jake c('.'c) who blew by me on his SS like I was standing still, and I pretty much was. At least I'm getting down Motorway pretty fast on the HT, but was still slower than last week. Oh well, good miles and elevation anyway. 
Fast Turtle10/15/11Rode with Manny and SAmtn. Started early so we could get back. Temps were perfect. 
TomG10/11/11Timed with my phone. 
mtbfan10/08/11Weather for this ride could have not been better. No flies the entire ride for a change. Great group of friends and a lot of fun hanging out afterwards for snacks and drinks. 
Jake c('.'c)10/07/11Maple gates were closed for my ride up (no motos) but they were back open when I was heading out. Ran into some dude that said deer season opens in that zone tomorrow. bummer. 
karldi509/30/11Good solo ride up Maple Springs then over and down the Motorway. Saw several jeeps and trucks yet no hikers or fellow riders. The weather cooled off nicely about half way. Motorway was in good shape, however rockier than I remember it being. 
SAmtn09/25/11Good ride with a bunch of geo guys. One spill and 2 flats. Lots of hikers on motorway. 
halfasst09/25/11Great weather today for a climb. Started in the fog, once we reached 4 Corners we're in sunlight, then at Motorway descended back into fog. Rode with Dave, Kim, Gabe, Larry and Carrie. 
TomG09/25/11Went down hard in the deep dust trap at mile 10. 
mtbfan09/24/11What a beautiful ride. Teri, Lani, Mark and I rode today, and the weather was perfect. Motorway is in the best shape ever and so much fun. Had a drink afterwards and headed to Rose's for lunch. Great ride... 
ADanFool09/24/11Great to finally meet a large group of GL guys. I started the ride wondering if I was going to make the whole thing (jetlag still) but felt like I finished strong. 
Fast Turtle09/24/11Rode with Lobotomizedsasquatch,SAMtn,Kato, ADanFool, NHarper and Rob. Crashed pretty hard about 3/4 mile past the steep climb on the way to motorway. I turned the corner and slid into 1 foot of dirt (dust) into a well located rock. I was covered with dust to the point that I couldn't see. Scraps all over the place but nothing major. First crash in 2 years. 
nharper09/24/11Good group ride with the folks noted in other posts. Glad to hear FastTurtle didn't get hurt too seriously...that could have been much worse. Also, Motorway has been cleaned up...thanks to whoever did that. 
UphillRider6509/23/11Should have got a earlier start, was getting quite warm by the time I got to the top of motorway. HF + 
Cris29er09/18/11My first ride in the Santa Ana moutains. 
Boerseun09/18/11Nice mellow morning spin with Burgemeester...the families joined us for breakfast @ Silverado Cafe afterwards 
Burgemeester09/17/11Early morning spin with the Boerseun - not too much action, just a mellow, sociable pace! The best part was meeting up with the families afterwards for breakfast @ Silverados! Thanks Boerseun! 
flanneryd09/06/11The gnats attacked before we even started riding. I suggest wearing a bug net over your helmet - thanks MtbFiend for mine! No biting flies, but we were covered in deet. Maybe that helped. Crashed in the moondust just before the start of Motorway. They should name that section after me - I've crashed 2x there now. Front tire just washes out in that fine, silty powder that is hiding hard rock underneath. I created quite a dust cloud and every inch of the bike and me was covered in that crap. After that, descending the loose rocks on Motorway was a relief. 
Jake c('.'c)08/24/11I started as late as possible on this one to beat the heat. It was still hot up the pavement on Maple though. Hot & buggy, gnats galore. I wore the bug net all the way to 4 corners. On Main Divide I rode through a swarm of flying ants got stung by maybe 3 of them. Then I got hit in the face by a Dragonfly. There were Dragonflies everywhere on MD today, really weird. The Tarantulas were out too. I saw 4 or 5 on Motorway. 
one-i08/22/11Snuck out for some late solo SS time on Blue. Stopped to talk to a guy on moto looking for a lost hiker a couple times. Only one other rider, climbing MW. No flats left me plenty of time in my race with the sun. 
bauhaus08/18/11Great training ride. Lot's of bugs. Rode with a friend on a rigid 29er - he had to wait for me on the climbs and I had to wait for him on the descents, so it took us a little longer than it should have. 
JD15808/10/11Cruise with James. Awesome sunset view along the Main Divide, but then ended up finishing on Motorway with just the last bit of daylight let. Ran into MTBFiend at the parking lot...enjoying his beverage afer his run up to 4Corners. 
rushak08/09/11Nice meeting MTBFiend again for probably the 5th time...haha. Good talking to you! Also ran into the infamous Jake before the ride. Always great to see my OG homie riding again. Race to beat the sun and I won! New PB and it hurt so good. 
Buffalo08/07/11Good ride with Fast Turtle and Kato. 
lmadisono08/07/11Thanks for riding with me, Sauce! Fun ride! 
cleanbeater08/06/11GPS died on me. Warm ride with NO GO and Dave. 
Fast Turtle08/06/11 
Fast Turtle08/06/11Rode with Kato and Buffalo. It has been a while since I last rode this route. So much fun. Saw a bobcat cub on the trail after 4 corners. 
mtnbikej07/31/11What a great morning for a ride. Figured I would get out early to avoid the heat.....and I ended up with rain instead. Been a while since I had done a rain ride. On the way up the pavement, sprinkled on and off.....until we reached the turn to the dirt, then it started raining....and pretty good. Decided to keep going. It would rain off and on til just before 4 Corners....then the rain was behind us. Never been on the Main Divide when the dirt was damp. It was so nice to be able to rail the turns without having to worry about washing out. Flew down the Motorway, only saw a few people...no bikes. Even with the wet and the rain, never got cold...didn't even bring wet weather gear with me. Kinda neat to ride in the rain and not be cold. When we got to the bottom of Motorway, you could feel the heat kicking in and the warm humidity going up. Glad we didn't bail on the ride. 
TomG07/30/11Not too hot, but very dry and dusty 
mtbfan07/23/11Great ride with good friends today. No bigs and nice temps. 
DIRTULS07/23/11A ride of complete hell. It was warm but not bad. I could not carry a pack because of my burnt shoulders. So, no tire pump and not an abundance of H2O. Soft tire on the MD and FLAT on MW. So I walked it. Dehydration set in and I started to go coo coo. Felt like I was in the Blair Witch Project. Started hearing and seeing things. No one was riding down MW for the entire hour that I walked. Finally ocrogenator rode up and pumped up my tire. Thanks! The MD was not bad in this direction- middle ringed the whole ride to see if I could ride it on the SS. Well one good thing about the ride. The Maple Springs flies were not out until I got to my car at the bottom of Motorway. Saw Christa out there riding hard. Learned a big lesson today: I will always be prepared. 
Jake c('.'c)07/21/11Started around 4ish?? Gnats weren't bad. I can't think of anything to whine about.. Oh, the smog layer looked horrible from 4 corners. Glad I was above that nasty stuff for a little while at least. 
Fooly07/20/11Once we got under the trees it was great ride. 
TomG07/17/1155 degrees in the parking lot this AM. 
Jake c('.'c)07/13/11It's been a few months since I'd ridden Motorway and the trail has definitely evolved. The dozer tracks are pretty much gone and the vegetation is growing back in nicely. Before the fires in '07 there were some fun, nasty sections that are now gone forever, but the rains this year have carved out some new nastiness to make the trail interesting again. 
xhuskr07/12/11rode better than I thought I would...except for the 3 FLATS!! including 1 coming down Motorway..arghh. time to check my rims for something that may have caused the continuing condition...or a new rear rim!! 
ADanFool07/03/11Ugh. Surprised I beat the average, because I was not feeling strong today. 
TomG06/14/11Hot today 
flanneryd05/29/11Views were stunning. Weather was perfect. Flowers along the way were awesome, especially down the Motorway, which is in great shape. Really great ride! 
genusmtbkr505/27/11The weather was just about perfect today. Thanks for the company Lynn. 
TomG05/22/11Nice weather no rain 
Radner05/08/11Solo ride. Slight spill on Main Divide. 
mtnbikej04/23/11Great solo ride today. Only saw a few other riders out there. Temps were cool at the start with the marine layer....however that burned off before 4 Corners. Gate was open, so ran across a few motos and vehicles. Didn't feel good until about 1 hour into the ride. After hitting 4 Corners, the temps dropped a bit on Main Divide towards the Motorway. 13 minutes down Motorway....too much fun. Was kinda nice to ride my own pace. 
TomG04/01/11Not too hot with an 8am start. 
benito03/28/11Saturdays ride with Mark, Troy,Matt and Josh. A little cold out there. Motorway is way fun!!! 
A bit more technical03/27/11great morning with josh, troy, ben, matt. cold 
nharper03/27/11Friday's pm ride. 
tweasol03/26/11Good Ride today with Troy, Ben, Matt, and Mark!!! 
Fast Turtle03/26/11Was prepared for the cold this time. 32 degrees at 4 corners. Rode with Sidney. Met Hermit, Think Fast and Bit More Technical. Nice meeting you guys. Let's ride sometime. 
Hermit03/26/11SS. Rode with Mark, Troy, Josh, and Ben. Chilly at times, but not too bad. Met Fast Turtle and SAmtn up at 4 corners. Great chatting with you guys. 
ThinkFast03/26/11Lap 1 of 2. Rode with Mark, Matt, Ben and Josh. Cold at 4 Corners where we met Fast Turtle and SAmtn as we all tried to stay out of the cold wind. Nice to finally meet you guys! 
ThinkFast03/26/11Solo. Lap 2 of 2, a little warmer on this loop. Felt better on this loop than I did on the first so I pushed harder and finished 10 minutes faster. Snapped my chain on my way over to Motorway. Saw Keith's group heading down Motorway, good to see you. Ran into Eric and met Chris when I finished. Saw Travis and Jeff riding up Silverado Cyn... 
SAmtn03/26/11Good ride with Fast Turtle. Cold today, but I had enough clothes in my camelbak to go camping. Great meeting ThinkFast, Hermit, and "Bit more technical". 
Pmcmasters03/26/11Solo ride today. Got a later start than I had planned. Lots of riders out there braving the cold. Decided to ride nice and slow instead of pushing hard. I need to save my legs for tomorrows little 10k Spirit Run and next weekends CC. 
ZipsBiker03/26/11Put in some miles today with Travis. Maple Springs was a little muddy but really not that bad. 
Fast Turtle03/19/11Rode with SAmtn. I was 37 degrees at 4 corners and foggy at 7:30am. Cold. Feet froze. 
cfeliciano03/19/11Good early am ride with Mike. Started out dry, but quickly turned cold and wet on the way up Maple Springs. Main Divide and Motorway were much drier but still freezing. I officially hate Motorway...too many rocks! Rode for a bit with xcShane up to Four Corners. Good meeting you! 
SAmtn03/19/11Good training ride with Fast Turtle. Cold, wet, windy, and muddy. All my digits froze. Thanks for the company. 
MTB Fiend03/19/11Sweet solo ride. Seems like the CNFS cuts a little deep and wide. Maybe they figure - cut big while you can? The whole route is pretty much santized but the climbs are still challenging. Generally, cold. Great ride! 
kacerrob03/19/11Turned out to be a great day for a ride. Thanks Dave for going over to motorway. no blood is always a good day. 
El Chupacabra03/18/11Thursday spin with One Flew OTB and Fast Turtle. Inagural spin on my new ride. Godd times! 
Fast Turtle03/18/11Rode with El Chupacabra and One Flew OTB. Need to pick up the pace. That El Chupacabra guy is something else. Don't turn to look to see if he is behind you because that is when he will pass you. 
One Flew OTB03/17/11Fun night loop with Fast Turtle and El Chupacabra. Steve's first ride on his new fancy steed. Blazing fast, and a really good looking bike. Congrats buddy! 1:11 gate to 4 corners. 
martink11103/10/11Not a bad morning run. Had to get up pretty early though. Maple springs is looking pretty sad- there is alot of mud where they have been grading the trail 
mkumny02/23/11Lots of snow. Was a huge first for me. A whole nuther adventure 
ThinkFast02/22/11Afternoon ride with Eric. My legs were flat after the weekend adventure. Still plenty of snow before four corners and chilly. A couple flats between the two of us had us finishing at sunset. Good times. 
OTB_again02/22/11A good recovery ride with Troy...we just took it easy and enjoyed it. Colder up at 4C than I expected and we were off the bike quite a bit in the last 1/2 mile before the 4C gate due to the snow. A flat for each of us toward the end for good measure. 
Fast Turtle02/21/11Rode with Slopush and Steve P. Did a lot of hike a bike in the snow. I think I walk 1/2 mile in the snow. Ripped the Derailleur of my bike AGAIN. Converted my bike into a single speed. Steve P waited for me (thanks Steve). Saw Steve M at the bottom of Motorway. Tough day. Forgot to turn of my Garmin so I am posting manually. 
slopush02/21/11Crazy fun ride early this morning w/ Fast Turtle and MkuMuny. Plenty of snow as we got towards the top of Maple Springs but was able to ride most of it. But then between Four Corners and Motorway we were on virgin snow, and coming those hills was a BLAST! Didn't have to brake, and didn't have to worry about following a line- it was sooo cool. Motorway was in the best shape ever too, nice and tacky so I just flew down it. I'd love to do it again before it melts away. First thing in the morning is a good time to do it too, before the mud thaws and gets gooey. The only bummer was that Fast Turtle busted a derailler so ended up having to convert the bike to a SS while I had to ditch him to get to work on time. I hated having to do that! 
slopush02/17/11Cold morning ride with Boerseun. It was 35 degrees when we started and got colder as we climbed. It was beautiful to see the Frost on everything though! 
Boerseun02/17/11Ride 1 of 2 : Pretty much a dark early start with Slopush...temp at the bottom of Maple was 35F...when we got back it was 37F...Lesson to self - It is cold, cold cold that early in the morning! 
mtbfan02/12/11Great day for a ride. Tons of car at the trailhead, but we only saw a few other riders. Motorway is fun as always, and the rocky section is a little bit better. The whole trail is a lot more shaly, but great as always. Saw Sharon, Jeremy and Laura in the parking lot. Gnats were out, but that did not stop us from the TG party. 
mtnbikej02/12/11Great ride today...nice to be in the warm riding weather...was windy, wasn't supposed to be, but it was...kept the bugs away. Past 4 Corners, wind died down. Motorway is it normal chunky self.....meaning really fun. 
MTB Fiend02/12/11Crowded today - clearly, the place to be. Sensational forever views in all directions. Lots of early blooming plants and warm temps - ahh.. a taste of spring! Great group. Great ride! 
xhuskr02/12/11such a great day to ride..awesome views and weather and no crashes/mechanicals by anyone in the group 
TomG02/05/11Route is in good shape 
9er02/01/11Great solo ride. Windy and a little cold at 4C and along MD. Motorway is a heck of a run. Last bit of sun slipped away as I dropped into Maple Springs. 
tweasol01/29/11Nice day for a ride today with Kyle and his buddies. Nice to meet you guys 
MCAFS01/28/11Geared hardtail today. 57 min. from car to the gate at 4 corners. Great temps out there for January. Who wants to live where it snows. Motorway is rough but fun, keep you on your toes. Nice talking with Tim at the top of Motorway. 
YetiASR501/24/11First time riding this trail, great climbing, spectacular views, a great day all round and only a few riders on the trails. 
YetiASR501/24/11Great climbing route, not sure the motorway is worthwhile. 
nharper01/15/11Good ride...a bit windy. Nice meeting Eric (OTB Again) and Jay (JBH65) and sharing the ride to 4 corners. 
slopush01/15/11Mellow ride w/ Fast Turtle. Motorway was tighter the last time I rode it- a couple of weeks ago- but still a lot of fun. Very few riders out this morning, but we did meet One Flew OTB and his friend at 4 Corners. It's always good to put a face to the name! 
Fast Turtle01/15/11Rode with Slopush. Met Eric (OTB Again) and Jay (JBH65) at 4 Corners. Great weather with a little wind to cool you down. Slopush's slow pace to 4 corners equaled a 1.20 time. Motorway was a trickier then usual. Saw several people going from Motorway to 4 Corners. Need to try this way sometime. 
jpotts01/15/11beautiful day. not too windy, almost felt like summer. tons of ladybug going up msprings. 
El Chupacabra01/15/11Great Saturday afternoon ride with One Flew OTB. Thanks for the pull up to Four Corners, John! 
One Flew OTB01/15/11Wow! What an amazing day with 360 degree views as far as you could see. Great day, great company, great ride. Missed the early run with Fast Turtle, Slopush, and company, but was able to hook up with El Chupacabra for a mid-day ride. Thanks Steve! 
JRA01/14/11Love the weather we’re having but a bit windy today;I thought I saw Dorothy’s house fly by Maples. Fun ride exclude the yummy gnats. 
Shigalert01/09/11Fun solo ride. Didn't see a soul on MD or Mway. First time doing this ride and almost bit off more than i could chew. More uphill on MD coming "down" from 4Corners than i was expecting and was very relieved to see the turn off to Mway. Took it slow on Mway , walked a few short rocky sections but its pretty much all rideable. Thanks to whoever did the trail work. 
RollnStone01/08/11Nice sunshine on the way up, but the clouds moved in one I got to Four Corners. Didn't see the sun again until the bottom of Motorway. 
MTB Fiend01/08/11Simply sensational solo sunset squelched sojourn. Late start after chores had me cutting time close. No time for flats on this ride (and no flats occurred). Clouds were very fun as they hugged the Main Divide without covering it. Occasional sunrays were downright heavenly. Finished just 10 min before dark. Struggled a bit on Motorway. Great ride! 
GoneRiding01/06/11Good solo ride today. Some hikers on the paved road and saw 4 other riders descending while I was heading up. Only 2nd time I have done this route. Motorway is completely ridable. Saw Gene out there working on it. Big thanks to him and the rest of the WS crew who get out there and maintain our trails! Saw Jay's car as I headed back to mine. Sounds like I missed him by about 15 minutes. Had to park about .5 mile down the road. All the parking spots were taken. No mud at all on my bike. 
davidw01/03/11Nice day, even with a minor mechanical, we beat the rain by about an hour. Was cold but not too cold on Main Divide. Motorway has a couple of new ruts, but nothing major. It is all rideable. After riding Pinos on Friday, Silverado Trail felt a bit like a pleasure cruise. Plenty of damage in Silverado Cyn. I feel for the homeowners. 
BigT01/02/11Just a bit nippy at 4C's. Motorway was interesting. A new rut or death cookie around every corner. Good times. 
MTB Fiend01/02/11Sensational riding today! Hooked up with halfasst for the climb. Started out with occasional sunshine, but cold, cloudy, windy conditions at 4C (really!?). Out on Main Divide caught some occasional dry snow flakes, and a little frozen rain but stayed dry. Would have stayed dry the whole ride if not for the flat at the top of Motorway. In that time the rain came in, making for a wet descent which actually seemed to make the trail much easier. I thought it was in much better condition than before the rains (well, except for the HAB at the bottom canyon). Great ride! 
slopush01/02/11Started the ride w/ OClaske, Burgemeester, Thanson and Fast Turtle and finished it w/ FT. Saw a couple of deer, had a copule of laughs, and rode over a couple of rocks left in wake of the flooding near the bottom of Motorway. Got a chance to chat w/ EricFoltz at the gate. Not a bad way to kick off 2011! 
genusmtbkr501/01/11WS Trail assessment ride of Maple Springs and Motorway> Good ride with John, Jay and Eric. Saw lots of friends along the way: Sarah, Lynn, Hugh, Nathalie and Nan. Maple passable by bike, MW will need some work near the bottom where it slid the past 2 years and a washed out area at the last rt turn. 
Shane@IRF01/01/111st time on Maple Springs. It was great a ride. 
KeepsWhatHappens12/31/10Great ride with jbh65, OTB_again, genusmtbkr5. Darn cold at 34 degrees but we all survived. Beautiful day and good conditions except for the ice on Maple Springs. Motorway not that bad after storms but some rutting up top and a slide down below. 
OTB_again12/31/10Got a late start but was able to catch up to John, Gene, and Jay on Maple Springs...chilly the entire way but a gorgeous day to ride and a good way to end the year. Thanks for the post-ride Sculpin guys, and more good beer and grub at Wings afterward...Racer 5 and Green Flash...yum! 
SAmtn12/31/10Last ride of the year. Thanks Fast Turtle. Happy New Year All. 
4_chew_nut12/31/10Rode this morning with Attila. Burr! This morning was below freezing and there was plenty of ice on the entire climb up Maple Springs. Stream crossings were low enough to avoid wet feet if we were careful. The ice on the pavement was very slick, and at a couple points made riding difficult due to traction problems. Trails were in good shape, all ridable. Motorway is slower going now because of new ruts and less dirt, but still lots of fun. 
Jocko12/28/10Monday morning ride with Craig, GT, and Shawn. Paved portion of Maple Springs kinda torn up from the rains. Fire road portion of Maple Springs and the Main Divide over to start of the Motorway were in great shape. Motorway had some ruts that snuck up on you pretty quickly. One mudslide area that was HAB towards the end, then a nasty rock garden at the very bottom where water must have been really flowing. 
RollnStone12/27/10Last time I tried riding this route, I got two flat tires (front and rear). This time the front went flat going down one of the fast, rocky, downhills after Four Corners. The tubeless valve stem had vibrated loose and when the pressure was low enough then all the air burped out. Wasted an air cartridge before I figured out the stem was loose. Took some pictures along the way. Great views today. 
ericfoltz12/27/10Good to see Motorway back the way it used to be. 
TomG12/26/10Very cold in the fog and clouds. Hands and feet were numb. Gps missed a section across the back so I added 30 min. to time 
singlespeedrider12/24/10Stream Crossings were cold and deep no way to keep the feet dry. Maple Springs was in good shape wet but left no tracks and tires never packed with mud. Motorway is a wreck. Rocks, ruts and washouts all down it. 
MCAFS12/24/10Fun ride with Singlespeedrider. Maple Springs is in great shape considering the amount of water that was flowing all week and is still. No muddy sections on Maple. The streams and debris on Maple made the pavement section a fun challenge. There were a couple of downed trees that forced a dismount but we made a bypass around most of them. The Main Divide from 4 Corners to Motorway is in great shape with only a couple of mud hole to watch for. Motorway took a beating. There are quite a few deep ruts that will have to be fixed. There's a mud slide near the bottom and just past that there's a stream that took out the entire trail. 
TomG12/24/10The stream crossings on the road are the worst. You can expect axle deep fast water. once you are past that its all good. Motorway is great until the end the last section is gone and you will have to carry the bike a short way. 
TomG12/11/10Lots of hikers on motorway watch out for them. 
portolavet12/11/10Awesome view at dusk. Came down the motorway at night. Had my lights to save my butt. 
OTB_again12/07/10Stunning afternoon, and basically empty trails all to myself. Stronger but not faster... 
martink11112/02/10Early morning ride. To end of pavement in 30:15 minutes; to Main Divide in 1:23:00 minutes 
TomG11/25/10Cold and windy,but a great day to ride. I never saw crowds like that. 
slopush11/25/10Cold and blustery is rarely this much fun. The only bummer was that there were no bagels and hot drinks at the top, but it was warmth of each other's spirits that we were really there for anyways. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 
XCRider11/25/10Happy Thanksgiving to GL. Great ride today with some of the OCR folks on a mid-morning start. Thought the wind and cold would be a problem and brought extra clothes. Instead, the late start gave us a beautiful day with lots of sun, some wind, and low 40's temp. Perfect for me. Ended up needing only my extra windbreaker because Gary and Craig forced me to really work the Main Divide piece. Motorway is really nice right now and thanks to whomever has been working it (Warrior Society??). 1:23:40 G2G (not inc 2 min regroup) 
Fast Turtle11/25/10Gate to 4 corners 1.11. Rock n Road Ride to 4 Corners. Cold and windy. Extended the ride to Motorway. 
Burgemeester11/25/10A superb ride with the local crew and ALOT of other crazy people wanting coffee and bagels at the top, but no luck there, so we carried on grinding - happy TG. That was awesome!! 
meatmarketfreak11/24/10little cold as we got to the top.. 
PaulV11/23/10Pretty quiet (and cold) out this AM. Saw one other biker ascending on the pavement section. Ice in the puddles at 4-Corners (!). Sun popped out on the Main Divide and felt a little warmer (for maybe 10 minutes :) Motorway super fun as always!! splits: gate to pavement meets dirt:22:48, gate to 4 corners gate:59:10, gate to Mtrwy top:1:28:45, gate to gate:1:43:34 
OTB_again11/17/10Another beautiful fall afternoon. Stronger today and the bike is rolling again thanks to brake caliper adjustment...still, jbh65 is killing me on the climb to 4C. Good job buddy. Jay saw a bobcat on the MS pavement...I was too far back to see him :-( 
Ladera Mike11/13/10Excellent solo ride this morning. Perfect riding conditions in the Santa Anas. 
Jake c('.'c)11/09/10Roadwork on Silverado with 15 to 30 minute waits. This was the first ride on my old rigid Stumpy single speed clunker today. Climbing was fast, 57 minutes to 4 Corners, but the downhills sucked! Total carpal tunnel punishment. Downhills on Main Divide almost shook the contacts off of my eyeballs. 
OTB_again11/09/10Good times with jbh65 once we got past the Silverado Cyn. Road shenanigans. The road is being slurried and was restricted to one-way traffic all the way up, which resulted in a big delay. Once we finally got rolling, all was forgotten on a beautiful afternoon. Thanks Jay. Missed trobe1 today... 
chanson11/01/10group ride with friends. epic conditions, minus the flat tire coming down Motorway. 
slopush10/31/10Not-so-scary ride with Nstilwell and Snoot. Thanks guys! 
jpotts10/30/10great ride with kym, g, diva, chris and steph...I must ride silverado more often! 
Jake c('.'c)10/26/10Passed a few hunters walking up Maple Springs and 2 kids with hunting rifles shooting skeet pucks. I've never even seen a Buck in the Santa Anas. It's getting cold up on Main Divide, glad I brought my jacket. 
TomG10/25/101:15 four corners,1:46 top of MW. Started raining at the end of the pavement never stopped. Middle ring the whole way a first for me. Guess the time off didn't hurt. 
OTB_again10/25/10Solo today since jbh65 had a Star Trek club meeting. Glad I rode today, it was beautiful out there. Nice and tacky on MD and Motorway is awesome. Nice to meet Greg aka gmann at 4C who had come up Harding. 
mtbfan10/24/10Perfect weather,perfect company. Ran into the Big Luge Group at 4 corners. A little chilly at first, but it warmed up nicely on the Main Divide. Saw a bunch of riders out. Great ride, great tailgate party. Motorway was pretty torn up but fun as always. 
mtnbikej10/24/10What another great day to go out and do a ride like this. We were supposed to do this last night as a "no light" night ride...but due to the heavy clouds, we postponed. Got a later start than usual...10am. Temps were perfect...bugs were non-existant. Was a little breezy up at 4 Corners, but didn't hang around long. Off to the Motorway...been a long time since I have been on this part of the Main Divide...forgot how fast it is....only 1 bad climb, and 1 not fun climb, and several rollercoaster type climbs and we were at the Motorway. The rain did a little damage to the Motorway, then again, I haven't been on it since about this time last year. Kinda rutted and chunky......very fun. Even with the gate open, only ran across 2 cars and a handful of motorcycles....almost none from 4C to Motorway. 
OTB_again10/24/10A nice break in the wet weather made for a great afternoon to get out there. jbh65 was strong on the way up and I wasn't...somehow still managed to crack the 2 hour mark. MW got a lot of the small shale washed away and it was nice and chunky with a couple of small new ruts but nothing a little traffic won't take care of. Tasty brews, grub, and college FB after...thanks Jay. 
TomG10/22/10Nice and dry. Cool with lots of fog and many hunters. Motorway is even better after the rain. 
JD15810/18/10Nice temps for a night ride with Jason, James, and MZ. 
owen10/18/10with eric. an early morning start 6:30am. we were all alone climbing up through the low clouds, and eventually into the morning sun. the fire roads and motorway are in great shape. no front suspension makes the motorway a form of torture. 
nstilwell10/17/10probably the best riding conditions ever... 
slopush10/17/10Awesome morning ride, high above the clouds. Don't be afraid of the rain/mist down in the lower levels 'cause we had non of that on the rid. Soooo cool. Burgmeester and NStilwell were good company as usual. Thanks guys. 
Burgemeester10/17/10Superb ride with Slopush and NStilwell. Woke up and was in doubt of a ride, but it was bone dry all the way with awesome clouds rolling into the valley. Thanks lads - one for the memory bank... 
SKINNY10/17/10Been cutting calories and wasn't prepared for this.. felt pretty wrecked by 4 corners.. Then on the way to motorway I broke my freehub.. after messing with it was able to get it to spin again and nursed it the rest of the way. good ride with Twitch, RedBarron, Shizzle, Aaron, and Barney 
Twitch10/17/10Great ride, thanks guys. Mark had his wings today and was hammering up the hills 
redbaron10/17/10EVERYTHING clicked today for me on this ride! I felt like a rockstar on all of the climbs, and had to hold back power for the others to play catch up!!! Twitch, Shizzle, Aaron, SKINNY, and Darney (who we now call barney) all chased me (or tried to) up the mountain! This is totally a sub 2 hour ride, but as Shizzle put it, we were riding "cruzy-poo". 
Jocko10/16/10Heavy mist driving through Santiago Canyon, but things brightened considerably once we headed up Silverado Canyon - Sunny when we pushed off, and sunny the whole ride. Returned to the overcast on the drive home. My KS seatpost needs some viagra; it won't stay up - made the ride up maple springs and the couple of climbs along the main divide a real hassle. 
rushak10/12/10Nice night for a ride with JD, James, and Mike. 
OTB_again10/12/10Solo. Perfect afternoon, saw 2 deer on Maple Springs. Not another rider the whole way. Felt way stronger than last week, but not much faster??? 
MTB Fiend10/10/10Good friends out for a ride, weather was spectacular! Natures air conditioning was working beautifully up on the ridges. Sky was blue and clear. Great ride! 
Fast Turtle10/09/10Recovery ride. Easy pace with Boerseun, nstilwell and SDmtn. Several hunters are out looking for Deer. It scary when you come around a corner and see a guy with a rifle looking to shoot something. 
SAmtn10/09/10Good ride with NStilwell, Boerseun, and Fast Turtle. Thanks for waiting for me guys. 
Boerseun10/09/10Early morning ride with Fast Turtle, SAMtn & NStilwell. 
Jake c('.'c)10/08/10Great to be back on the dirt, the OC bike paths are getting pretty boring. Main Divide needed the rain. Temps are great. No flies. Beat my PB on this route by 40 seconds. lol 
OTB_again10/08/10Solo. Felt great to get out and hammer some fireroad. Motorway is perfect...chunky, loose and fast. Weather doesn't get any better. 
MCAFS09/26/10Started by 7:00 finished by 9:00. Quick and painless. Saw a couple of guys getting ready to head out of the parking lot as we finished, they're going to be roasting. 
Waldo09/26/10Stupid hot out there. Not too bad most of the way, but the last couple miles on MD and then the descent down Motorway were scalding. 
rushak09/23/10Late afternoon ride with James. Felt great today! PB's all around. Little chilly up on MD. Fall is here. :( 
ThinkFast09/12/10Nice ride with Mark, Andrew, Matt, John and Josh. Great weather, gnats not as bad as last week, and not too may people out. 
tweasol09/12/10Good ride w/ T,M(x2),A,& J. Got stung by a bee... 
Winger09/12/10EX8. Good temps. Good company. Motorway was in decent shape. 
Hermit09/12/10GT. Rode with the Sunday crew. 
A bit more technical09/12/10Lots of fun with andrew, troy, matt, john, josh. Not too many bugs today. 
Jake c('.'c)09/09/10Nice cool temps and almost no gnats. Had to put on the arm warmers at 4 Corners. When I got back to the car I didn't even feel like I'd ridden, I still had food and water, so I headed back up Maples and did it again. 
Jake c('.'c)09/09/102nd time around the loop. I felt great up the hated pavement section but felt the burn on those last climbs just before Motorway. 3 minutes slower than the first loop. 
Jake c('.'c)08/31/10Great riding weather. The gnats weren't too bad on Maple today but I still hate them. I ran into a few groups of deer on Main Divide and nearly had a collision with one startled deer. Next time I'm slowing down when I see deer standing next to the trail. 
Jocko08/30/10Saturday morning ride. Great weather, no bugs; not a ride typically done in the middle of summer. 
Code_Blue08/21/10Summer is finally here 
spicolli197608/17/10Great morning ride. Thanks to ChrisTA for letting me follow her tire tracks. Didn't see her too much other than at the beginning and at four corners. I went to motorway and she continued to the peak. I made great friends with the 5,346 flies that were swarming around me on the entire climb up :-) 
flanneryd08/14/1051 degrees at start and 81 degrees at finish. The sun was out and the skies were very clear and beautuful. Saw a coyote loping up the road, about a third of the way up Maple - he turned around a few times to check me out, then left the trail. My legs were tired from the start... glad that coyote didn't try to chase me... The bugs are still really bad on Maple (I totally forgot about the bug factor when deciding on this ride). 
Jake c('.'c)08/12/10Late afternoon start. Gnats were out so I wore my bug net again. Motorway is in pretty nice shape. 
Quikflip2707/31/10Started at 4C's. Faced the consequences of a late start with heat and bugs. Getting the hang of motorway, and ran into Christa up Maples. Thanks to Lucy and Jeff for the extra H2O. 130oz wasn't enough today! 
TomG07/30/10Great ride not too hot. 
MTB Fiend07/10/10Never understood why this official route states 4254 of climbing, it's not. 3254 sounds more like it. Beautiful morning for a ride. Temps started out so perfect, later it got pretty hot, but never unbearable. Surprisingly the flys were minimal at most. Motorway is messed up and loose. Great friends, Great ride! 
4_chew_nut07/05/10Rode with Attila. Fire roads were smooth and fortunately there was very little motorized traffic. The motorway was in excellent condition for a fast decent. Although OC and 909 were under heavy clouds, we enjoyed 70 degrees and sunny the entire route. Felt good today and rode all sections. 
Flip06/06/10Hot from the second we hit the dirt. Flies, bugs, etc. But I'll take it. 
Waldo06/06/10Hot, dusty, buggy, loose, and hot. Had a great time! 
MTB Fiend05/23/10Another beautiful ride, made even more pleasant by the company of my friends. The weather was fickle, sometimes sunny but always downright chilly, The wildflowers on Motorway sensationalized the ride with an explosion of colors. Fun ride - Great ride! 
SAmtn05/22/10Great ride with Boerseun, Fast Turtle and Jr. 
SAmtn05/22/10Good training ride 
Boerseun05/22/10Lap 1 of 3 : Rode with SAMtn, Fast Turtle & Aaron 
Jocko05/08/10Saturday morning ride with Craig, Frits, Greg, Mark and Greg. Looks like Greg separated a shoulder during the sketchy baby-head portion of Main Divide. 
onegear704/18/10Awesome, awesome ride! Started out feeling pretty crappy, but a couple of riding partners help pull me to the top & around. I've never like the paved section of Maple Springs. 
Phishin Paul04/18/10Fun mellow ride with Kyle, Graham, Dave, Terry and JJ. Felt good on the SS. Started to get warm on MD and the bugs sucked today. 
vodoo04/11/10Another great ride on Maple Springs with no motorcyle or cars polluting the trail. 
quad damage04/07/10Ride with the Saturday crew. First time in the dirt since VQ after being really sick for two weeks. Still getting over it. >=( (Went up pavement again after coming down Motorway for extra credit) 
FalseSummit04/04/10Great day out on the trail with perfect temps with Manny, Oly, Grumpy, TyMo, and MichaelS. 
TyMo04/04/10rode with manny, uncle jeff, uncle tom, michael, and dad. 
A bit more technical04/03/10great morning with scott, andrew, matt, ryan, john. ride time seems a little faster than the pace. 
Hermit04/03/10GT. Nice morning ride with the Saturday slackers. 
Jocko03/29/10Saturday; With Craig, Dave C., Dave W., Mark, Frits, Greg, Mike, Bob, Bernard, Albert. Not as windy as feared along Main Divide based on the windy conditions driving into Silverado Canyon. A couple of mechanicals caused half the group to turn around at 4 corners. Craig split a tire on the top portion of motorway. 
Punk Sanders03/18/10The pictures of Motorway don't really convey how interesting it is. It was my 1st time down and I was by myself, so I was riding cautiously. I did pretty well and only walked a few parts. 
Sydney03/13/10made it to 4 corners in 1:35...personal best by far. 
RollnStone03/07/10Nice day. No rain. The sun even came out a few times. Lots of people out riding today. 
MTB Fiend03/07/10Oh yeah! Another sensational day of riding. Great group, including a couple of my best friends - always a pleasure. Luckily we were forewarned not to try Blackstar - what? mud at Hidden Ranch? Sounds about right. Great weather, sometimes cold, sometimes kind of sunny. Very few other riders out. Truly a Great ride! 
kacerrob03/07/10Had fun on a solo, met Mark, talked me into motorway and then went OTB into a ditch on the way down. Nothing broken.. Great day. BTW...Warriors Society did a nice job on the lower section. Getting ready for the Coup... Less then 2 weeks. 
martink11103/05/10Morning ride (first time making it before work!)- Rode with camera, tripod, and 3 lenses. To end of pavement in 28:44 minutes, to Main Divide in 1:15:57 minutes, to start of motorway in 1:50:27 minutes 29.4 mph max 
Fast Turtle03/05/10Thursday night ride with 29 Inch Nails, El Chupacabra and One Flew OTB. Had a steady pace going with One Flew OTB to 4 corners. Got cold at 4 corners and took half the ride to motorway to thaw out. 
One Flew OTB03/04/10Night ride w/Fast Turtle, 29 Inch Nails, and El Chupacabra. Started slow, then Paul and I spun without mashing up to 4 corners. Surprised at our split of 1:18. Damn cold at the top! Hands and feet were actually numb and for once I was glad to hit the climbs! 
gmann03/01/10First time on this route. Awesome!Some guy in a Ladera Cyclery jersey flew by me about 4 miles into the ride. Saw one other rider coming down maple springs 
STEVO CARRILLO02/28/10Beautiful ride today w/ Fast Turtle and One Flew OTB. Paul had to cut out a bit early @ Four Conners and left John and myself to do Motorway. Really felt the effects of being off the bike for close to two weeks but still managed to pull PB's due to the talent of riders that I stupidly go with all the time. Paul & John are on a different level then I.... Always good to train with though. Thanks for the suffer fest today guy's. 
One Flew OTB02/28/10Great weather today for what Stevo calls a "mid length" ride. Fast Turtle played the wiley wabbit and had us chasing him up Maple Springs for PB times. Fun as always, boys! Gate to 4 Corners: 1:12, To motorway 36:52, Down motorway 14:55. 
MTB Fiend02/28/10Another fabulous day for a ride! Sensational! Afternoon start made for a slight race against time to beat the sunset. Conditions were outstanding! Water everywhere on Maple Springs made for a most enjoyable climb. I love MS with no vehicles. Views of the snow capped mountains were downright inspiring. Made it to Motorway before official sunset and caught some of the vivid colors out of the corner of my eye as I descended. Truly, a Great Ride! 
spicolli197602/21/10Great ride with Slopush, steeleboat, Burgemeester, and Shine. Great group of guys and thank you for letting me ride with you. Hope to do it again soon. Caught a little rain on the way up and a bit chilly. 
Burgemeester02/21/10One of those great rides we will be reminiscing about for a long time to come! Chilly, rainy and great company, with 2 falts thrown in for good measure - Steeleboats was more of a bad karma thing! Thanks Steeleboat, Shine, RaulC, Slopush and spicolli1976!Good times! 
RaulC02/21/10Great group ride - trail in good condition; weather was cold & wet 
steeleboat02/21/105 good friends and a little rain with temps in the 40s made for a great ride, just remember the Boy Scout motto - BE PREPARED. 
slopush02/21/10Wet, windy and cold ride- It was great. The crew of Burgemeester, Shine, Steelboat, RaulC and spicolli1976 made it even better. Met a couple who were doing Harding/Motorway to celebrate the wife's 45th B.day. Really cool. 
MTB Fiend02/13/10Another fabulous day on Maple Springs and Main Divide. The gate is still closed making this one of the most pleasant rides available. Lots of folks out today. Sensational forever views! Great ride! 
MTB Fiend02/07/10Yehaw! Sensational! We brought dry socks for a reason, and sure enough we got wet in the 3rd crossing. No worries, nice sunny climb kept everything just right. Had the Main Divide all to ourselves - well, except for the cool looking Fox that crossed our path. No mud whatsoever, incredible views, just sensational! Motorway is in fine shape. These are the days not to be missed. Great Ride!!! 
Flip02/07/10Lots of water flowing on pavement. MS in pretty good shape all the way up. Main Divide not too bad. Motorway in good shape except for a few strewn rocks at top. 
MTB Fiend01/31/10Killer day for a ride! We had a great group today and everyone was smiling. The devious among us ambushed our friends with snowballs near Four Corners. Aahhh... memories, good times! At least for those who were not getting pelted with snow! As anticipated, sensational views. I love this ride! Great ride! 
mtbkel4401/31/10lots of climbing. post ride grub at Silverado Cafe. Thanks to those guys since they had actually just closed, but let us order and hang out anyway... Lots of snow around 4 corners. Nice. 
erichermo301/21/10Nice ride w/ Sol and Joanna. First time riding this portion of the Santa Ana's. Awesome scenery! Still figuring out how to work my Garmin 305. 
SDstumpy01/16/10Ride with Joanna and Eric. Met up with Matt K at the top of Motorway. Temps were perfect but my knee was buggin still. Might have to take a couple weeks off...dammit! 
MTB Fiend01/16/10Really loving this route lately. Big group turnout today, always makes the ride more fun. Forever views and great temps. Great ride! 
Slow Ride01/02/10Good ride with cleanbeater and NO GO... 
NO GO01/02/10Rode with Slowride and Cleanbeater. Great day for a ride 
cleanbeater01/02/10Good ride with Slow Ride and No Go. 
OCMoto01/01/10Great weather for riding today. Introduced another buddy to this loop and he's still feeling the pain :-) , but he loved it. 
TrailMonkey12/31/09Nice Ride saw a few riders, Happy New Year! 
moose knuckels12/29/09fun solo ride out there today. nice to be able to ride. Typically this time of year for me is all about the shoveling the driveway clear of snow 
jpotts12/26/09cold day! nice ride on the new ss - fully rigid fork. not too bad down the motorway. 
MTB Fiend12/20/09Gates were open today, and plenty of motorcycle traffic, but not bothersome. 1 persistent fly and eventually he gave up. Well-paced climb by my riding buddy put us at Four Corners in 1:31, passed all who were if front of us, a new PB for her and darned close to my best. Way to go! Parts of Main Divide were pretty chewed up due to vehicle traffic. As expected, sensational views all the way out to downtown LA and beyond! Truly, a Great Ride! 
OCMoto12/19/09This was our first time on this ride. Good climb with a nice ride along the rolling Main Divide, and the payoff downhill at the end was awesome! 
MTB Fiend12/13/09These are the days not to be missed. Sensational ride today. Started pouring rain as we headed up Silverado. We hung out for about 15 min and waited for the rain to stop. Once it did, not another drop on the whole ride! As expected, perfect trail conditions, no mud, no traffic, all the gates were closed. Main Divide was in excellent shape, followed one other bike track. In and out of the wispy clouds but generally protected from the wind. An exhilirating great ride! 
PaulV12/11/09good ride for the weather. got a little wet but wasn't too bad at all. warmer than expected, no sign of ice at all. got a flat before motorway but Stan's worked perfect after CO2 injection, good to go very quickly. motorway was awesome. doughboy railed his Salsa Fargo down it and was right behind me, too funny!! 
rushak12/09/09Had the morning off and decided to show James the MS/MW loop. Cold, but not as cold as I thought it would be. My hands did suffer on the descents. Had to stop a couple of times to defrost. Ran into Mark, Ozzie, and Daniel at MW. BTW - I'm horrible at recoginzing people on the trails...sorry guys. ;-) 
JD15812/05/09Caught up with Syd going up Maple Springs and had a good ride with Jeff and Syd from Four Corners down Motorway 
bossvader11/29/09Kind of slow and easy up MS cool and windy but not too bad along the Pain Divide, motoway fun as always. 
jpotts11/26/09great pre turkey ride...incredibly clear day and coffee at 4 corners from rnr. more riders than I have ever seen on maple springs...passed 20-30 people on the way up. everyone except two...noah and gerrit...I was dropped... 
devodoc10/31/09Almost 3 years to the day since I last did this route. Don't remember those two big climbs between 4 Corners and Motorway being so painful. Last time I did this it was very foggy so I didn't get to enjoy the beautiful views from the Main Divide like I did today. Awesome weather and views. 
El Chupacabra10/17/09Went out early, which was a good choice. It got a little warm coming down Motorway. Lots of hikers out there. Thanks for a great ride Tommy! 
bossvader10/17/09Demo'd Spechy 29er SS, pretty fun, nice day 
PaulV10/16/09Some thermal pockets at the bottom but mainly warm and suprisingly dry, creeks are totally dry, only saw 2 small mud puddles the entire way. A little busy w/ trucks, ran into one on the way up twice and two more on the main divide. Great views today! Motorway in great shape right now. splits: gate to pavement meets dirt=22:45, to 4 corners=57:25, to Mtrwy top=1:26:05, gate to gate:1:39:05 
Phishin Paul10/10/09The only biker I saw was at the parking lot. Trail full of motos and jeeps. Flatted on Motorway due to no Stans. Luckily I carry some with me. Beautiful day. SS 
Fast Turtle10/08/09Splits: start to 4 corners 1:32, 4 corners to top of motorway 40 min, motorway to bottom 22 min. Need to get faster. Still good for a turtle. 
29 Inch Nails10/08/09Big Thursday ride with Terry B and John. Great to try and keep up with the rabbits. 1:24 to Four Corners. actually enjoyed Motorway more at night. 
One Flew OTB10/08/09Fun night ride w/Jeff and Terry B. Wolfed down a Chipotle burrito afterwards. Thanks guys for the ride, and thanks Terry for dinner! 
jpotts10/04/09nice ss ride with randy and jp....and it was cold...never saw it above 55 degrees! 
4_chew_nut10/04/09Chilly ride this morning with JP and velo4it. Fall is here. nice views out to the North and East. Rode up the first climb on the way "down" main divide today for the first time in a while. Although, I walked briefly on the 2nd climb :( 
bossvader10/03/09Spectacular day 
MTB Fiend10/03/09Sensational day! Clear views, excellent group, minimal traffic - simply filled the senses! Downright outstanding! Great ride! 
ZipsBiker09/29/09Good ride with Jimbo. 
Draker09/13/09Great day to ride a little hot above the clouds but nice views. Only a few riders, lots of runners and motorcycles. 
Fast Turtle09/07/092 hrs 13 min to the start of Motorway. Forgot to restart ipod timer going down Motorway so added 25 minutes (I did it faster but wanted to be conservative). I know it's lame not to have a gps or computer. 2 motorcycles and 2 cars passed me on the route. Saw only 2 mountian bike riders. 
angry red squirrel09/03/09dawn patrol today-before the gnats woke up,turtle pace in granny gear,cool up 2 4 corners,then sun at my back rest of ride,last 3 miles dh was a biatch on the xc bike-(no crashes today)2:30 avg pace my ass-took me 4:30 hrs in grnny gear 
singlespeedrider08/23/09First time climbing Maple Springs and about my third time down Motorway. Loved this ride I think it is my new favorite. The climb up was steep but not so steep I was standing the whole time and Motorway is just a great descent. 
Lutkus197308/23/09Loved going down Motorway. Great ride with Mark and Skyler.lots of climbing vut wel worth it. 
mark189008/02/09good day with evilbawb... 
Fitzteri07/28/0917.34 MIles, 3334 ft. Did a ride after work,bonked a bit on Main Divide. Flies galore, the worst I have experienced. Motorway was worth the flies and bonking. How did others get 4200 ft? 
MTB Fiend07/25/09Great group ride, lots of laughs and smiles! Motorway was in the best shape I have ever seen. Super great ride! 
Gerry Lattimer07/08/09The Motorway is in great shape. This was my first ride down it this year. 
ergosmitty07/03/09Great ride. Except the two rider collision at the bottom of a downhill. First aid kit comes in very handy! 
ergosmitty07/03/09The Motor Way single track is very rocky in spots but a good ride if you want a workout. 
Olis107/03/09Nice ride up to 4 Corners. 1:10 to there. Took a fall on the fireroad in some loose sand and discovered theres hard rock under the sand that turned my knee into hamburger (really). Home now and all cleaned up. Motorway wasn't super fun nursing the knee home. All in all a good ride with one stupid mistake. Sorry Jay for make you ride over my bike and crash as well. Good thing you didn'r ride over me. 
jbbarrette07/03/09Fun ride, hot climbing up but fun downhill. Nice crash with a fellow rider, but glad I didn't run him over! 
ortbike07/02/09Left at 945 AM and it was already hot with lots of bugs. Got bit by a couple of horsefly's along the way. Between four corners and motorway a mountain lion cub trotted right in front of me. First one I have seen in the past 15 years. Really cute but glad the Mom wasn't around. Also saw a bright red snake with black stripes (very cool). Great Ride! 
A bit more technical06/28/09Great morning with Troy, Matt and Andrew. Never finished so early on a Sat. 
Code_Blue06/28/09Hot and dusty 
chebags06/28/09very hot!! 
Hermit06/27/09Nice ride with The Fathers. Motorway is in excellent condition right now. 
ThinkFast06/27/09Good ride with Matt, Mark, and Andrew. Andrew and I saw a tiny rattlesnake on our way up Maple Springs. Saw Ross B and his group getting ready but didn't recognize Ross until we passed on MS. 
Jake c('.'c)06/27/09I started a little late so it got really hot on the climb. Really hot. At 4 Corners, some dude pulled up in a 4x4 and hooked me up with an ice cold brew. Man, that beer was good. 
Winger06/27/094900. It felt great to be on the bike. Perfect weather. Motorway was in great shape. 
shmrcksean06/11/09GPS said 1:58 ride time....that seems unusually fast for me. I'll take it any I can get it! Very wet and misty up at the motorway. Visibility was about 20 feet. Made the Main Divide interesting with the trucks and motorcycles coming around the corners! 
4_chew_nut05/31/09great morning in the mountains. rode alone today, a few minutes ahead of velo4it, john F and Gerrit. 
jpotts05/30/09great ride with jon and geritt. 34-19 was sort of tough for the single speed... never caught randy, but he was just a little ahead of us! also met hugh and lynn on the trail. 
PaulV04/19/09started at 8AM, took advantage of the shade up maple springs and it was nice to have a breeze further up as it was already getting warm. Lots of people in the parking lot, saw another biker going up maple and a group at the top of the motorway. motorway is in great shape right now. splits: gate to pavement meets dirt=21:38, to 4 corners=55:47, to Mtrwy top=1:24:36, gate to gate:1:38:39 
vt1ryan04/18/09Thanks guys. Twitch, NO GO, Skinny, and Sevan. Warm today. 
Twitch04/18/09Thanks NO GO, GLOWORM, SKINNY and vt1ryan. 
SKINNY04/18/09super slow pace.. pretty hot out.. mindnumbing number of bugs flying around at 4 corners.. saw a large horny toad on main divide.. Thanks Twitch, NOGO, GLOWORM, and vt1ryan. 
NO GO04/18/09Nice day. Rode with Twitch, SKINNY, Vt1ryan and Sevan. Thanks guys 
bossvader04/18/09Nice Day, Bug Starting to come out, Motoway...waaay fun 
Lonnie04/04/09Great ride with Mike V. The Motorway is in great shape if you like loose rock. It is well traveled and the ruts are filled in with loose rocks. Fantastic downhill singletrack! 
angry red squirrel03/25/09need to work on my ninja skills on the pavement two mtn bkrs were 6 bike lengths behind me before i noticed them,Gate open,(pavement sucks still)temps perfect,warm breeze at the top,can see san clemente,catalina island,the other side,the 3 snow peaks,past 4 corners all dh(fire road) with a few uphill grinds,then the prize silverado trail 3 miles of dh,if youre young n dumb or old n bold you can fly down this trail,or if youre a girlie-man ride the brakes down- 
angry red squirrel03/19/09did this n reverse 4 sh#ts n giggles,hike n bike (silverado)til i hit motorway,took a left at maple springs up 2 modeska peak,the reward all dh from modjeska left at 4 corners dh maple springs,calves feel like their going 2 pop 
quad damage03/16/09Nice easy paced ride with Corby. I needed this for sure. Feeling really tired lately. Had some brake issues with Corby's bike, but we got it working good enough to go down the Motorway. 
tweasol03/15/09Chilly! Could see my breath clearly at 4C and on main divide. Was surprisingly comfortable on motorway fortunately. Pretty loose, kinda reminded my of the lower part of Trabuco trail. FUN though. Zero Bikers out there, what gives?? 
cdemeis03/14/09Rode with Ryan. Awesome riding above the clouds! Had a really strange problem with the rear brake just before motorway. Thanks Ryan for working some magic on it so I could ride down! 
coreswest03/14/09The first 6 miles are the toughest. Great day out. Stopped and enjoyed the great views. 
TomG03/09/09Cold and cloudy 
jbh6502/26/09another solid ride and fun time with Eric(otb_again). Eric stepped on the gas from the end of the pavement to 4c's. Bested me by at least a minute. Followed the ride up with Double IPA's, good food, & good talk at Ladera Brewery. No more training rides left(yippy) 
OTB_again02/26/09Final CC training ride! Great workout with jbh65, very very strong performance mi amigo. Helped Vickie fix a flat on MS and nice to meet Red Ryder and Shorty at 4 Corners. Pretty chilly from 4C on this afternoon. Hit up Ladera Brewery for tasty brews & grub - thanks Jay, its on me next time! 
PenguinPal02/25/09one of the gals fell half way in and had to walk out. Speedy recovery Mz. Grace 
GoneRiding02/25/09Only my 2nd time on MW and first timing going in this direction. Legs hurt going up MS but were ok after 4 Cnrs.Snow and ice are gone up to 4C's. As I was refueling at 4C's,saw a rider coming down from the Modjeska Peak side. I tried asking him if there was any snow but he had headphones on. I was sitting on the bars and I seriously don't think he even saw me. Talk about being focused? Rode in a cloud from 4C's to MW. It was dark by the time I got back down to my car. 1:31 to 4C's, 2:14 to MW. 
scott v02/24/09Rode with ChrisB and he worked me. Dude is fast. 2 hours car to car and I slowed him down. 
Two Tired02/24/09Great weather for an after work ride. Motorway is in good shape. 
MTB Fiend02/21/09Fabulous day for a fabulous ride! Saw a few riders descending Maple Springs but no one on Main Divide. Felt strong the whole ride on my 29'er. Even did well on Motorway, walked the gnarliest stuff but made it through the "rocks of ruin" and the "ditches of death". Great ride! 
genusmtbkr502/18/09Mellow ride with Jordan. His first time on the MW. Hit snow at about the 4000 ft level which is about the last mile before 4 Corners. Great weather for a change. One section of MW has a small hill slide, but you can still ride through otherwise MW in good shape. 
SKINNY01/25/09Solo ride.. heavy misty air going up maple springs.. got windy and cold on main divide... freezing ass cold on the downhills.. Trails were in great condiditon 
SKINNY01/25/09go get some 
TomG01/19/09Made a detour to Santiago Peak. 1:30 to the end of maple springs 
Code_Blue01/11/09Great weather today! 
Winger01/10/09EX8. Rode this after BS-Motorway. 
suchafingahole01/10/09Ride 2 of 2.... 
ThinkFast01/10/09After doing Blackstar - Motorway this was supposed to be Maple Springs to Four Corners. Everyone else was going to Motorway so I couldn't turn around. 
SKINNY01/10/09good ride with Justin.. social pace.. lots of stops for scenery and snacks.. 294 
Royster7101/09/09Party with Phil and Travis! Saw some snow. Motorway look different at the top it was fun though. Had the wind on my back on the motorway climb :) very nice! 
S.L.O. Phil01/09/09Holy S#!%, I thought I was going to die on the first few miles. The wind was blowing us, Roy and Travis, around too. And I flatted, WITH MAYBE 1/4 MILE LEFT! That sucked. Horray for Downhill! 
skreech01/09/09rode with phil and roy - windy as heck... 
rushak01/06/09Been awhile since I have done this route. Fun to be back on Maple Springs again. Rode with Andrew and Matt. 
Hermit01/06/09Rode with Andrew and Jason. 
Winger01/06/09EX8. Night. Pretty cold out there. Felt like my front suspension was cold too. Motorway was the same as always. Saw some snow at the top of maple springs. Matt almost took a header in it. Ha! 
Dow12/31/08Rode with Gabriel from STR. nice Riding with you Gabriel. thanks for being a tour guide. 1st time riding this one and was a blast. A bit of snow still on the ground and great views. met a couple of guys at the head of motorway who were training for VQ. good fun ride. 
ErikMM12/30/08lots of snow, ice, and mud just before 4 corners...don't know if this is worth it cause the santiago trail pretty much blows (sorry blue team, my laptop crapped out and couldn't upload yesterday in the OC) 
ErikMM12/30/08"moturdway" is not worth it(except the first 0.2 miles)...the divide downhill is fun, and maple springs (which has no maples) is pretty...it was very aromatic (and muddy) this time of year 
MCAFS12/28/0829 degrees at the start. Brrrrr. Warmed up about half way up Maple. Still quite a bit of snow at Four Corners and patches on the road all the way to Motorway. Ridable the whole way and fun with just a little mud mixed in to get you dirty. 
dandrews12/16/08snow for a quarter mile or so on main divide, at the gate, new ruts on motorway 
MTB Fiend12/06/08Fabulous day for a ride! Forever views! Traffic was not too bad. Personal best to 4 Corners - 1:27. Never felt stronger on this ride. Walked a bit of Motorway. Great ride! 
Flip11/29/08Maple Springs in great condition. Just bit of chill to the air at 4 corners. Was humbled by 3 guys on singlespeeds on main divide. 
XCRider11/29/08Did 1:39 gate to gate on maple springs uphill, travel and once-per-week riding is bad news. Motorway downhill is really tough with the erosion gullys. Maple Springs and main divide are in great shape. 
XCRider11/29/08Motorway downhill is not for beginners. 
Winger11/25/084900. Night ride w/ Matt & Ryan. Nice to see the trails open. Maple Springs was in good shape. Motorway was tougher than I had remembered. It seemed looser than it used to be. There used to be sections where you could pick up speed, but I was on the brakes the entire way down. Got the worst chain suck I've had with the chain getting wedged between the small & middle rings. Had to unscrew the small ring. 
quad damage11/25/08Night ride with Matt and Andrew. Felt like we were going really slow, but I had a new PB by 12 minutes. Super, super slow going down the Motorway. Combination of not having done it in a while, having a bad light and being on a trail that is loose and rutted. 
Hermit11/24/08Been a while since we last did this route. Motorway is pretty sketchy in the usual sections. Some new ruts too. Light died conveniently at the very bottom of the trail. Only getting 2.5 hours max on a charge now. 
dubjay10/20/07Motorway was a little looser than I remembered. Had to actually counter-steer to get through some of the looser sections. 
jpotts10/14/07a light rain the entire wasy up...and down, but great traction and a great ride...I miss doing this loop! 
McGrunt10/08/07What an awesome day with KoolaidKat and SlowMo! Great views of Mt. Baldy and Catalina. It was great to see the Kat on the Motorway for the first time. 
KoolAidKat10/08/07What a beautiful day for a ride. First time on the Motorway with McGrunt and SloMo. Thanks for the encouragement guys!! 
SlowMo10/08/07Beautiful day for a ride. Rode with KoolAidCat and McGrunt. It was KoolAidCat's first time on the Motorway. Nice job! Next time Beek's Place Motorway? 
halfasst10/07/07Good morning ride with Joe S. 
Ross B09/29/07Good ride with eric. Met Think Fast and Mark W from Geo Ladders. Perfect conditions. 
Ross B09/24/07Good ride with Stan and Erick. Never caught Dave/Floyd and Matt. You guys only get 30 min next time. 
JCampbell09/23/07:) Much nicer conditions than a few days ago. 
rushak09/23/07Great riding weather! Maple Springs is no longer dusty and Main Divide is really fast. Motorway is in great shape. Got a flat halfway down. Pump broke and only had maybe 20psi from a half used CO2. Flatted again just at the bottom of Motorway. Ruined my fun on the way down. 
JCampbell09/18/07Awesome night ride with Steve, Jason and Brian. J and B's 1st time up Maple and 1st time down Motorway. Maple up was no big deal, the traverse was fast and a little slick in a few area, Motorway was awesome. Foggy at the top that limited visability to 15 feet or so. Saw Mark Wilson again and Hermit at In&Out. 
TBlazen09/17/07very soft on those last few climbs up to Motorway; need rain 
SprocketHead09/12/07Fun first ride back on the MD. Thanks for joining us Carl. 
SlowSpokes09/12/07Great "get back in shape" ride with Andy and Carl. The rest of the gang was a no show. 
martink11109/03/07Even with an early start this is a hot ride! Had to stop twice on the motorway to keep my brakes from overheating. Lots of fun. 
Jake c('.'c)08/23/07Solo ride. Maple Springs is a leg burner. 
Hermit07/31/07Nice mellow ride with Andrew and Steve. Ran into Jeff on our way up Maple Springs and checked out his new custom single speed. Needed lights for the rest of the way after reaching four corners. 
cH4os07/31/07Nice Ride Matt & Andrew! Good to see you Jeff! rode the Deuce6er SS.. the Small Block Eights were perfect! 
Winger07/31/07Perfect riding. Started @ sunset so it was a cool ride. Got to descend Motorway in the dark. Thx for the ride, Matt & Steve. 
1speedgal07/16/07OC Rider crew of nine headed up fairly early to beat the heat, which ended up not being an issue, neither were expected bugs. Great ride with a great group. 
Jocko07/15/07With OC Rider crew. Nice spill half-way down the Motorway. 
xhuskr06/02/07Checking out the Main Divide trails for next week's Traverse.......boy am I in for a world of hurt! :( 
ericfoltz05/26/07Kind of warm out there today. Good ride with Twitch, 66nogo and VT1ryan. 
vt1ryan05/26/07Nice morning spin with Twitch,66nogo,Triguytim, and Ericfoltz. Thanks guys for the ride accross the Main Divide. Always a long spin across the top. Great weather today 
vt1ryan05/26/07Great spin down the motorway. Always worth the climb to the motorway. 
NO GO05/26/07Nice ride. Thanks Twitch, Ericfoltz, Triguytim & Vt1ryan. 
NO GO05/26/07 
Twitch05/26/07Great ride with ericfoltz, triguytim, 66nogo and vt1ryan. Motorway is in good shape. 
PaulV05/11/07started out early @ 6AM, felt a little cool but quickly warmed up as the climbing commenced. Never noticed how much poison oak is along side the road before. Spotted a deer along Main Divide. Great route for easy elevation and fun descents! splits: gate to pavement meets dirt:24:37, gate to 4 corners gate:1:02:38, gate to Mtrwy top:1:32:05, gate to gate:1:45:25 After ride did trail run(xterra training) up Motorway to rock by bottom of rough section, round trip 39:45, up was 25:22 
m21004/21/07relaxed pace. trail is in great shape after the rain. 
Rene C04/16/07Felt good today under cloudy, brisk conditions 
Claudio03/11/07A great ride with the OC Riders. The weather was warm at the bottom, but perfect at the top. Motorway is a great reward for all the climbing on Maple Springs/Main Divide. 
TOTALLY-FLUXED03/10/07Hot day, but breezy. More strenuous climb than Harding Truck Trail. Motorway is very very rocky and loose. Overall, a pretty challenging trail with a lot of climbing. Not technical until motorway. 
MTB Fiend03/04/07Great day for a ride! Maple Springs with no vehicle traffic is the best. 
JCampbell02/25/07Hithced a ride in from Blackstar by a friend who was doing this route. Planned on Blackstar to Motorway by myself and the other cc and vq fellow riders. Nice day... but I really hate Maple Springs. We parked at my buddies friends house a milo or two down Silverado which made for an even longer climb. Left my GPS and my keys to the car on my bumper in Blackstar... nice move jack@$$. To my surprise, everything was fine. Thank god... if someone stole my computer, how would I ever post my results. 
bossvader02/24/07Unbelievably Gorgeous Day!!! :) Rode with some new friends, Saw a Bobcat scurrying across the main divide(cool) and did a little extra riding at the end. 
jmoney02/17/07One of the greatest rides I've done in a while in terms of scenery. Though the route is a bit dicey - very loose rocks 90% of the ride. 
jmoney02/17/07Main fireroad on the way up with lots of loose rock. 
Hermit02/07/07Fun night ride with a large group of familiar faces. Got to the Motorway from Four Corners in what seemed like no time at all. Temperatures were pretty favorable the entire ride. 
cH4os02/07/07THANKS YOU GUYS!! Awesome Night Ride! Perfect Conditions! gotta flat on the Motorway, Co2'd enough to get down, but the NEW REBA RACE 29er RockShox are so smokin! I was a little reckless, running them for the first time, I Love Them! 
cH4os02/07/07Awesome Night Riding here! Also very SS friendly! Love the Motorway!any trail that leads there is a great trail! 
JCampbell02/07/07I love riding at night. Strength was decent even after the single speed tryout session. GPS died just before motorway. Nice easy paced ride. Thanks everyone. 
SlowSpokes02/07/07Great group ride. Weather was perfect. Thanks to all for convincing me to continue to the Mototway and then waiting for me. 
SprocketHead02/07/07Fantastic ride with a great group of people. 
Keith B02/06/07Great group night ride! Maple seems so much shorter at night and main divide was great fun altho a little tricky due to my battery failing (deja vu) at 4 corners and having to follow someone elses light. Motorway at night - what a total blast! Big thanks to Winger for the loaner light on Motorway. Middle ringed the whole thing, ooorah! 
JERRY02/06/07Started ride a little late. Nice to meet new riders.Light button broke after motorway. 
Winger02/06/07Night ride. Another great time with a bunch of geo riders. Maple Springs is better when there's no motor traffic. Motorway is in pretty good shape. It really wasn't that cold out. 
tbowren02/02/07Ride with Eric. Wanted to show him Mordor-way. Now he knows why I hate it, even though it wasn't so bad now that I've done it 3 times. Mostly easy pace. 1:40 to Four Corners. Rode off the Main divide once going too fast, luckily it was up a hill not off the edge. Fantastic weather. 
vhipp01/28/07Nice evening ride. Lots of traffic up Maple springs 
Ross B01/21/07First real training ride for Vision Quest. I think I'm in trouble. Good seeing Griff on the way up Maple Springs. 
Two Tired01/06/07Beautiful views due to the clear air today. Pretty windy at four corners. Nice to ride with a big gang today. 
tbowren12/28/06First time down Motorway. Not my favorite descent. 1:26 to 4 corners. Love riding this section of Main divide. Feels like I'm on top of the world. Glad VQ wont be the first time I see Mordorway. I kept waiting to fall but luckily it didn't happen. 
AndyNLietz12/23/06w/ Brett, Jerry & Chris. 
adventureDevon11/26/06Thanksgiving ride with breakfast at top and Gary's flat tire. 
dubjay11/25/06Getting a bit cold up on top. 
SprocketHead11/25/06Much easier going to the Motorway than Blackstar. Saw a big Toyota 4x club on the Main Divide. 
SlowSpokes11/25/06Very nice ride! 
xhuskr11/25/06Nice ride with Sprockethead, Slowspokes, Ski and Turtle (non geo rider). Good climbs and fun singletrack make for a great day and ride. 
RollnStone11/17/06Rode up Silverado Rd from Blackstar for a warm up. 
MF TITAN11/11/06still figthing a bit of a cold but had to see what I missed from last week.enjoyable ride,great views 
ericfoltz11/07/06Good trail definitely earn the Motorway downhill. 
Twitch11/07/06Road with erifoltz. Great trail, strong pace, loose singletrack. Eric and I saved a motorcycle rider that fell off the cliff. He was there for 20 hours before we found him. He had a busted up leg, and was air lifted off of the cliff. 
Twitch11/07/06Great trail, strong pace, loose singletrack. 
vhipp11/05/06Lots of dirt bikes on Maple Springs. 
kentonn11/05/06Great ride with the guys from STR. This ride is better than the Black Star-Motorway route which tires your legs to the point where you are unable to blast down Motorway. 
granny ring10/30/06Second time down motorway, liked it much better this time. Maybe because my rear brake wasn't squealing like a stuck pig 
devodoc10/15/06First time on the Motorway. It's all that is advertised - steep, rocky, loose, technical and a total blast. Nice to meet TD8 at MD, otherwise I might not have continued on. Didn't want to receive the "wimp" email he threatened me with :-) Hunting season opened yesterday which made for a interesting ride in the fog surrounded by a bunch a guys with guns. Glad I wasn't wearing my helmet with the antlers... 
Ross B10/07/06Fun ride on an awesome day. Very little traffic on Maple Springs. Rob and I had a blast. 
MarijuanaMuscle09/30/06I got beat by a girl on this ride. And she was on a single speed. I think I need to start riding more. I did not like this ride very much. Maybe it is just because I got my butt kicked. 
Hermit09/16/06Was going to do Maple Springs to Santiago Peak by myself, but I met Mark Whaley and ThinkFast before getting started and joined them on their Maple to Motorway ride. Very glad to have their company. We maintained an above average pace too. 
ThinkFast09/16/06Met Matt (hermitologist) and he rode with Mark Whaley and I. A little cool this morning. Great ride. 
A bit more technical09/16/06Always a great ride with Troy. Matt(hermitologist) rode with us. Nice guy, hopefully we did not slow him down too much. 
quad damage09/11/06Rode with Matt. Getting pretty tired of 6am starts. Broke a spoke for the first time on my back wheel. Motorway is always good times. Feels better and better every time I go down it. Saw a bunch of deer between four corners and motorway. 
Hermit09/09/06Rode with Ryan early in the morning. Got no sleep the night before, but still felt ok during the ride. 
Ross B09/02/06Sent Ryan and Rudy ahead and did the team finish with Bernard. Bernard Bonked in the sun. 
goldrunner08/27/06Left a little skin on motorway...Good long ride.... 
Damon M08/26/06Rode all 
OldCrasher08/20/06Great Sunday morning ride with JBA 
One Flew OTB08/20/06Rode w/Oldcrasher. Great ride, but pretty gassed by the time we hit the "undulating" main divide. 
dandrews08/11/06Ran into Geoladders rider 'singletrack' at Four Corners. He was doing Harding - Upper Holy Jim route (the loop). 
singletrack07/15/06102 F- At least there was shade on Maple Springs 
Duke77707/01/06Lots of flies and HOT as hell today!!!!!!!!! 
Johnny Dirt06/25/06Tons of flies on Maples, wicked hot on MD. Lots of fun though. 
Tony M06/03/06Rode the 5 Spot. was hot more climbing after I hit the main divide than expected. Saw a big orange/red rattle snake on the motor way. Good experince 
Dutch05/21/06Great ride today. Weather was a perfect 65 degrees! Motorway was rocky and lots of fun!! Can't wait to ride it again!! 
Von-Skipp05/10/06Rode this alone today. Trails are getting very dry and dusty again. Took me 1:15 to get to 4corners. 
Royster7104/22/06Great ride. My legs feel it. Went with 2 Kevins, Jerry, James and Damon. Where was Monica I didn't see any "scary Lizards" Just as we where leaving it started raining what timing. 
Manuel Prado04/16/06My fastest time up maple springs so far, good tempo ride. 
Jeff Parrish04/13/06Somebody needs to do something about these owls...sheesh! 
Zippy04/08/06Lots of water crossings going up Maple Springs which make for wet feet. Nice to ride in this area while the Deer flies are still largely dormant. The soil is still moist from the rains so the trails are in great shape. Cruisin'. 
a3brown04/08/06Great ride with LyroVk (again, big thanks for slowing to my pace). Beautiful views of snow-capped San Bernardino Mtns to the north. A single face plant with only minimal skin loss today. 
Sleestack04/03/06Great ride with some shredders from the Ladder. My Polar shut down after a quick break to take off my knee and arm warmers. 
Cranx04/02/06Awesome ride with a very cool group of guys. Weather was perfect...180 degree difference from yesterday's mud/rain fest. This route holds up remarkably well after heavy rains. Thanks Sky King and Kevin for making me push on the climbs! 
Sky-King04/02/06What a great day for a ride. Had a blast with 7 other Geoladder riders. I was not feeling very strong today, but Cranx was not going to let me get away with an easy ride! Thank you for pushing me  
Dump Truck04/02/06great day for a ride with other geo riders and team brokeback. thanks matt for hanging while i changed my flat. 
PHAT TIRE04/02/06Great morning ride with some ladder riders that I haven't met before and dleasure and Kevin. Thanks for getting out with me guys! I must have been asleep during my last ride on this b/c I bested my time by 20 minutes and it was the perfect pace. 
dleasure04/02/06Excellent group of riders, awesome trail, and great conditions. Thanks for showing me another trail and periodically stopping to let me catch up. Motorway was well worth the extra climbing. 
Big D.D.04/02/06Great ride with a great group wish my fork was working to enjoy motorway 
Johnny Dirt03/25/06Very fun ride. Patches of white stuff start @ 3000'. 
Cranx03/24/06Very mellow, fun ride with Brian and Craig. Weather was unbelievable today and Main Divide is in the best shape I've ever seen it in. 
Ross B03/19/06Cold but fun ride with Rob and Ryan. Snow on the road side, some on the road itself. Got down to 33 degrees on the way to Motorway. Need better gloves and shoes for this kind of riding. Brrr. 
Rob Miller03/19/06Good ride with Ross and Ryan. 33 degrees on top added to the fun. 
TRB03/19/06Great ride with slopush and dump truck. Ran into Manuel and George at the trail head got a 20 min. head start and met them again half way up :-) 
Dump Truck03/19/06great ride with TRB and slopush. trail is in excellent shape. much nicer climb up without all the snow of last sat. 
Manuel Prado03/19/06Very cold and misty, good tempo ride up maple springs. 
moman1.503/17/06I rode wity Ryan and Matt. I got passed up by a couple of dudes. That stunk!! 
Two Tired03/05/06Have wanted to do this route for a long time. I picked a great day. Beautiful weather and only a few hikers and one other mountain biker coming down as I went up. Just me, pine trees and squirrels. 
quad damage02/27/06first time doing this loop. good ride with matt and mo. 
mtnbikej02/25/06Did this ride today, but added the ride to the Peak first. Still some snow above 4 Corners. 
SlowMo02/21/06First time on this route in ten+ years. Rode with McGrunt. I'm paying for all the climbing today. The Motorway was awesome. We saw where McGrunt crashed and burned ten years ago. The only thing missing was the third party of our trio, KoolAidKat. 
soflek02/21/06very nice. i ride from my house. 
McGrunt02/21/06Revisited this ride after 13 years. Snow, ice: and a grind before the singletrack that I forgot about. Cold but fun. 
Napoleon D.02/16/06Had a crazy idea this morning to combine Harding-upper Holy Jim Loop and Maple Springs Motorway, 49.4 miles, 9790 feet of elevation. Took a total time, with breaks, of 7:03. Good ride. Felt good. 
DaveK02/11/064 corners 
happymtbr :-)02/09/06solo, nice day, away from smoke, coming down blew my rear tire, then lost my front brakes. 
Graham Clark01/26/06Rode w/ Kyle, Norris, Paul. Norris Sram worked great. 
TRB01/15/06Great morning for a ride, trail was in perfect shape. Rode with my "old" pal Bob and my neighbor Brian. VERY COLD!!!!! 
owen01/12/06i really enjoyed this ride. not as steep as the harding truck trail, and it's mostly on the shady side of the mountain, so there are more trees to enjoy. 
Napoleon D.01/10/06Loop number two for the day. 
Damon M01/09/06Rode with Roy, Charlie & James. Made this a 25 Mile ride by going to Saddleback Peak. Total Time: 6:17:00 
Royster7101/08/06Wow turned this into a 25 mile ride. Also climbed saddleback mtn then came down. Went with Damon thanks Damon im sore as hell :) but glad to do it. Couple of damons buddies came nice guys. I actually got some sun in jan damn. 
bigguy12/28/05Did the standard ride but diverted up too Santiago Peak. Real Fun. 
K0KE12/20/05I was hurting today. Jr Munoz schooled me up Maple Springs. 
Despacio12/20/05great early ride with koke,motorway is always fun though it kept some of me(skin),I cant wait to do it again! love it 
Burdman12/18/05How do i log these miles or take credit for this training ride? Tink and I did Maple Springs to Santiago Peak. Total of 24.4 miles on Saturday. Was really cold, foggy, cloudy! Froze our fingers and etc off coming down. 
dandrews12/16/05Watch for 4x4's and motorcycles because Silverado gate is now open. Also, they moved the gate at the top and added a new one at four corners going up to Santiago Peak. Of course, no effect on mountain bikers. 
Weekend Warrior12/10/05Rode with PHAT TIRE and Kev. The Motorway is awsome, however watch the climb at 11.5 miles. That last two miles before the Motorway sucks! 
PHAT TIRE12/10/05Rode with Kevin and Weekend Warrior. Great ride with a little competition thrown in. 
bossvader12/10/05Parked at start of Silverado Canyon Rd to add the 5 1/2 miles or so of road climbing before the maple spring climb, that made the climb seem alot longer. (Not included in time in Ride Time) Total time with breaks and extra ~4:13 ~4300ft total ascent. I hadnt ridden the motoway in a while, wow it is very loose and technical, for me anyways. Good day, cool day. 
TRB11/24/05What an awsome morning....great turkey ride, four corners was a zoo. nice to see some of the geo guys up there (cranxx, shleppy and kiethB) 
geofsanberg11/24/05Went all the way to Santiago peak for the annual Thanksgiving day ride. Weather was clear annd the views were great. 
Eric11/14/05I have ridden to the top of Maple twice but never added motorway. I tried Saturday morning but no luck. Who made the pavement steeper? Geeze. Anyway, about 1 mile into the dirt I decided to turn around due to a slow leaking front tire (need more Stans) and N.D. (ND=numb dick....its a medical term :-P). I'll try this one again in a month or so. 
YourLagginDude11/12/05Cruiser ride with the woman, nice day. First time doing trail. 
TRB10/22/05great morning ride with some friends.....love the motorway. recent rains added 'more' loose rocks to the trail. 
Sky-King10/22/05Justin and i had a great ride with Murmur and his buddy:) Motorway is in the best shape i have ever seen it, perfect day for a ride. 
Murmur10/22/05Great ride w/ Sky King, Sleestack and Shahe. Awesome views at the top...and I love the Motorway! 
Sleestack10/22/05Nice climb up, some soft spots from the most recent rains. Techincal downhill. Lotsa fun riding with the Sky-King, Murmer, shahe. 
ocrider09/16/05Nice fun loop 
CTrask09/04/05Ran up to the peak for some added miles. They graded it from 4 Corners up. Met 6 guys from SoCa Trail Riders...Nice guys. 
Sky-King09/03/05last past ride to post for 8/20. still dont like motorway :( scary for me :) so i just go slow. stac man crased 3 times me twice :) 
vapor08/28/05I don't think I'll ever ride again by myself on a new trail at night. Started at 8:45pm and finished before midnight. While I did say my prayers before riding, it was pretty scary (yes, I'm a wanker) & I crashed coming down motorway messing up my cell phone (not that it worked out there anyway). Thanks Cid for selling me those padded shorts, they did alleviate some pain and injury on the fall. Directions for the route were clear to follow even in the darkness (no moon out whatsoever). Still warm out. 
Craig Hopps08/19/05Maple springs is an excellent fitness ride. If you can out run the bugs, you'll have to hit 6-7 MPH uphill! This is possibl;e, but painful and tends to run up the old "ticker". Try to hit this ride in cool conditions- the heat can make the ride tougher- beutiful ride though,. 
Cranx08/13/05First time doing this ride and I love it. Motorway is a blast. CTrask and I were going at a good clip until he had the worst blowout I've ever seen. His tire literally came apart. Yet another reason not to own lightweight tires. 
CTrask08/12/05WARNING! My new Schwalbe Racing Ralph had a catastrophic failure today. CranxOC and I were about halfway between the top of Maple Springs and the Motorway (10.3 mi) when the rear tire delaminated. It was disfigured so badly, it wouldn't even roll through my seat stays! I did a lot of walking this evening. 
CTrask07/19/05A stiff breeze on Maple Springs kept the bugs down. 8:00am isn't early enough, the Divide Rd was scorching hot already. 
Keith B07/16/05Rode with Dave Norris. Loved the Maple Ascent but wasnt that keen on the rest. Hellishly hot out there today. max bpm read 199 - surely that cant be right?! 
Manuel Prado07/04/05It was hard to tell my self to do this after doing Black star motorway, but I'm very happy I did it. 
RussJD07/02/05Did the scheduled ride with Shleppy at 8:30. First time for me. Asphalt sucked, but after that it was really nice. Love the pines on the way up...the view into the canyon is awesome. Singletrack was loose and a bit overgrown, but super fun, especially near the bottom. Got a front flat on a sharp rock right at the bottom...thankfully. 
shleppy07/02/05Rode with Russ (RussDJ). Probably should have started a little earlier...it got warm towards the end, particularly on the two climbs right before the motorway turn off. Overall a really great ride! Lots of fun on the motorway descent, especially the last mile or so. 
Spartacus06/23/05Great 6am ride this morning with friend Ray Owen. My first time up Maple Springs. We both managed to stay upright the whole way. Thanks Ray for having mercy on me with my slower pace. 
Ronvdp06/22/05The heat, bugs and friends mechanical made it a long day. 
Ronvdp06/19/05My second time on this and I improved quite a bit from last time. Great day for it today. 
Singular06/14/05Weather was damp. Nice and sunny at the top. But then riding down was foggy. Great ride manage to catch up with the others. 
Terry Best06/14/05Started at 8:30am this morning with my friend. Went VERY slowly up Maple until mile 6.65 until he couldn't go any further. He turned around and then I continued. Good times. 
Mark Heflin06/11/05First time. Great ride and beautiful. 
Ronvdp06/11/05Did it this morning at 8, it warmed up a bit then got really misty and damp. It was great, first time riding the 4 corners to Silverado motorway section and in the mist so it was very cool. Great ride. 
Red Ryder05/02/05Great ride. The motorway is a little overgrown in spots, but fun! 
TSCBeachBum04/23/05fell HARD towards the bottom of motorway... bloody arms, knee, and HUGE hematoma on my right hip. went with SpeedJunkie and ScottC 
Scottster04/23/05W/ Speedjunkie,TSCBeachbum A lot of killer up hill but well worth the killer down hills 
David Luna03/15/05Good Ride, great condition all the way 
Graham Clark03/13/05Rode w/ Freeride. 1'11" to four corners (Freeride 2'2"). Very fun downhills on Main Divide and Motorway. White Lightning seemed to work good. What a great day for riding with all three snow capped peaks in the distance. 
Terry Best02/08/05Was suffering doing the Harding-Motorway-Joplin loop and ended up turning around halfway back up Maple to Cooks Corner. 38 miles. 
Manuel Prado01/17/05One of the only trails that remains open after the rain, very good adventure. Bring extra pair of sox if you do it after the rain. 
Paul Anderson12/27/04Nice payoff at the end going down Motorway. 

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