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Jerusalem Corridor: Burma Road - Kisalon Valley

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Bruin08/12/21Great cool summer night ride with 7. 
Bruin08/20/20Rode reversed, up the North Kisalon trail then down Burma in a cool night ride with 9. 
Bruin11/15/19Same ride as the previous time but climbed Kisalon South with one other rider. Nice and cool right before the rain. 
Bruin10/08/19Pre-fast ride with 4 starting in Mesilat Zion up Kisalon North and down Burma Road. 
Bruin04/18/18In a ride tailored for Memorial Day, started in Mesilat Zion, then up the South Kisalon Road, down to do half of the Limon singletrack, then up to descend Burma Road in time for the ceremony with a group of 4. 
Bruin03/30/18Rode in reverse - up the North Kisalon trail and down the Burma Road trail with a group of 5 in on-off light rain. Perfect terrain for this weather. 
Bruin02/11/11It was actually pleasant riding in the steady rain with the other 9 in the group. Loads of other riders out as well. 

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