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Santiago Oaks: RC-CC-BB-3rd B-Chutes

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Burgemeester08/22/11Quick lunch time spin! Had the trails all to myself! Nice! 
Burgemeester07/05/11SS. A very mellow SS ride this morning to just get over yesterday's festivities! As I was coming down the "new chutes" a bob cat jumped in front of me and back in the bush - awesome! 
Burgemeester06/18/11SS. Had the time to do a big ride but the chain broke and barely made it back. Went for a run around Peters Canyon lake loop to get make up for lost riding time. 
Burgemeester05/17/11Solo late afternoon spin. Saw a broken down bike towards chutes! Strange sighting indeed! 
Burgemeester02/04/11EARLY monrning solo ride - had this entire trail to myself, but then again, at 5:45 AM and 35 degrees, who would really want to be out there! I decided to hit the new section at the bottom of Chutes a few more times - the log ride is a good thriller. 
Burgemeester01/28/11This was a great ride to start off with, but heading down the new "old" chutes I hit a ramp and didn't get high enough. Hit the ground hard and went OTB. Couple of scrapes and bumps, nothing too crazy, but I'm definitely done with falling for the year!! Thanks RaulC and OC_Laske - hope you were thoroughly entertained ;-) 
Burgemeester01/16/11Rode somethig similar to this with RaulC and John O. Mellow, just the way it was intended to be ridden! Thanks Lads! 
99fsrSport12/11/10close. Up new chutes, down old waterfall, 3bs down new chutes. Old chutes will be closed for at least a week. They are adding table top jumps at the top and bypassing the good part at the bottom, but adding some sort of log ride. 
slopush12/11/10Rode this Friday morning with Burgemeester. They are starting to tear up Chutes which is a major bummer- I hope they leave the techical spots intact! The highlight was the bobcat sighting. He just stayed on the trail ahead of us for a while, jogging along in no hurry. Pretty cool! 
oc_laske12/11/10not exactly the same ride, but close enough 
Burgemeester12/10/10Part 1 of 2 SS. An early morning spin with Slopush. As we came back to do the original chutes, we saw the Closed signs - it's a shame that they are in the process of grading this part of the original trail!! They're making it too easy! We saw a really cool bobcat on the way out - one of the bigger ones I've seen. Thanks SP. 
Holy Roller11/28/10Nice afternoon ride with Jumpin' Jon- We cleaned the Three B's and I did Gabe's G drops without incident! Great short ride 
nstilwell11/13/10Ride 1 of 3 
Holy Roller11/10/10Excellent ride with Gabe, Letty, Jesse, Hos & Brian! 1st REAl ride on my new BIONICON. WOW!!!! WHat a bike!!Had a BLAAASTT following Gabe on all of the great drop off's!! To see some of the footage go to YouTube: Gabe's "G" Drops! 

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