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Maple Springs - Holy Jim

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Pmcmasters02/23/14Great training ride with cfeliciano. I decided to get back onto geoladders after a long hiatus. Too bad I still can't get my Garmin to communicate with geoladders. I was hoping that it would've fixed itself after a few years of being away, but no such luck. I guess I will continue to manually load my rides. 
cfeliciano02/22/14Nice ride with Paul. Great weather. I actually enjoyed the descent on upper and lower holy jim this time and no crashes! Woo-hoo! 
ADanFool01/19/14Wow. A fantastic day out. Can I say that this ride almost felt like it was over too quickly? Tried to get to the Peak in 2 hours, hit it at 2:04; still my best effort. Didn't see a single rider until we hit LHJ. LOTS of hikers on both Holy Jims, which made the descent a little slow, but still what a blast! 
Lobotomized Sasquatch03/24/13Missed Upper Holy Jim singletrack and passed LHJ at first and did some extra credit--went all the way to a white gate...Indian Truck Trail? Literally thought about calling the wife...pick me up in Lake Elsinore... But manned up and crawled back up to LHJ and it wasn't bad getting there. Holy Jim was gorgeous. Bummed I missed UHJ--didn't realize it was that hidden. 
ridnsolo03/17/11Nice day on the bike with friends, Brian's annual birthday ride. Holy Jim was in great shape. I got soaked going through the water crossings on trabuco creek rd. 
Keith B02/13/11Proper shake down ride for Sarah's new Epic. She set lots of personal best times on the ups although the fork was problematic on the downs. Got into some back pain within the 1st hour and it got worse and worse as the ride went on. Suppose I should have turned around earlier on! 
Sarah/Sauce09/16/10Good fun with Willie, Pat, Keith, Ryan, Lynn and Kris! 
IceCreamAndCake08/21/10rode staight through no stopping for the flys were trying to intimidate us. I ate at least two of them. 
Two Tired03/17/10Rode last Sunday with Kparsons, Larry, Carry and Leigh. Lots of windy sections, but trails are in good shape. Lots of hikers on Holy Jim including one with a Macaw. 
ridnsolo03/17/10Fun birthday ride w/ everyboby today. Perfect weather rode a 7" bike a little heavy on the up hill, but performed awesome downhill!! :) 
halfasst03/14/10Good CC Training ride with Hannibal, Leigh, Larry, and Carbon Carrie. Carrie had some tubeless issues at the start! A bit windy on the Main Divide, but otherwise a great day. Trails in perfect shape. 
Waldo03/07/10Good day out there. A little chilly/windy in spots, so it was good to bring an extra layer + the warm gloves. Got through it crash-free and with no knee pain - a good day indeed. Thanks Kevin & Dan! 
IceCreamAndCake03/06/10Great ride with Tien and Tommy.Got real cold at the peak,windy and in the clouds.What a blast coming down UHJ/LHJ,both are in nice condition. 
xhuskr03/06/10Maple Springs was in much better condition today..rain ruts filled in, downed tree removed. Cold at 4 corners. Upper HJ has a nice rut right down the middle so be careful (I walked parts). Lower HJ in great shape with only a few creek crossings rideable. Thanks for the fun ride Dan and Bob. 
xhuskr01/17/10Great day out there today and just in time to beat the rain. Felt good climbing overall. The rocks on the climb to Modjeska bounced me around. HJ (upper and lower) were in great shape. Thanks Warriors Society for all the work! 
Flip12/19/09quite windy up at the peak. nice day for a ride. 
jbh6509/27/09rode with otb_again & ckeefe joined us for the ms-4c's portion. Solid day out there & really until we hit the back side of the divide the weather was very doable. Hit goal 1 which was to ride the entire climb in no worse then the middle ring & I did that. Goal 2 will be to somehow clean the bulk of UHJ without having to dab so much. After the ride it was nice to speak with Troy again. You guys rode a man sized effort today. As always the beers were tasty & E did a good job putting them back. 
OTB_again09/27/09Fun ride with jbh65 and ckeefe who joined us for the first leg to 4 Corners. Saw ThinkFast's group heading up Trabuco Creek Rd. while we dropped the shuttle car. First time with the Stumpy 29er on technical DH (UHJ) and it rocked. Always a good time with Jay - do we do big rides so we can drink beer or do we ride to work off the beer? Both methinks. Good to catch Troy at the cars afterward and chat a bit - glad your stack on Joplin wasn't too bad Troy! 
xhuskr08/09/09Felt pretty good after the pavement, especially after all the rides last week. Not sure of ride/total time..cmptr broke down and had not watch on..but who cares...it was fun. 
DirtyD06/06/09No rain, but fog at the top. Lots of offroaders - not a single mountain biker! 
ridnsolo03/17/09A buddy at works birthday ride could not have asked for a better day. Altogether about 13 of us riding, he had some friends bring food and beer in there Rhino. Hung out at the peak for about an hour before heading down. The sweat flies were relentless. Overall sweet day!! 
xhuskr03/01/09This time we did the Upper HJ s/track...easy to miss and a challenge for the group I was riding with...only a little blood for one rider....hope I can handle it with the fatigue that's gonna set in next week! 
jbh6502/22/09rode with very good people: Eric(otb_again), Steve S, & Terry B. Met ckeefe at 4c's and tweasol in the parking lot at trabuco Snow started 1/2 mile from the peak and continued down about 1/2-3/4 miles. Over a foot deep in some sections. Hope we get a summer like heat wave through here or there will be some snow to deal with during the race. Eric and Terry killed UHJ, while once again I rode with twheels on. Did much better on HJ. Overall another fun day in the SA's 
OTB_again02/22/09Great CC training ride with Jay aka jbh65, Steve aka swooshswartz, and Terry Best. Lots of HAB thru snow before and after the Peak. UHJ was clear of snow. Everyone rode strong and had a great time. Jay blew out the climbs as usual...good work! Terry is of course a machine. Nice to meet Chris aka ckeefe at 4 Corners, and tweasol at end of Trabuco Creek Road. And big thanks to Terry for some CC advice and help with lines on UHJ/LHJ! 
xhuskr01/25/09Fun day with felllow CC trainers...very low clouds added to the fun...cold at times..very happy I had a 2nd pair of socks in my bag! Will do it again soon. 
Finefield01/24/09Riding in the rain with Stevo. Just as planned and would do it again,that is without the rain. Thanks bro. 
STEVO CARRILLO01/24/09Thanks Eric, ( finefield ) had an absolute blast. Pretty much rained on us midway up majeska to lower Holly Jim. Uh....Thats about a couple hours of soaking ass. Would'nt have missed it for the world. Adventure MTB @ its best. 
5Large01/19/09Nice paced ride in the morning. Conditions were perfect on the trails. 
halfasst01/17/09Rode with Larry and Carbon Carrie. Started about a mile before the gate due to lots of cars, finished up at Rose Cantina for a reward afterwards. Beautiful day with lots of folks out enjoying it. 
House10/14/07CC time - 5:57 
McGrunt05/12/07Today was my day to crash. Cleared Upper Holy Jim just fine but crashed at the bottom of the enterance of Lower Holy Jim. SlowMo was a stud and cleared it. How did the white truck get to where it rests on the singletrack wrapping around Santiago Peak? 
SlowMo05/12/07First time on this route. A beatutiful day, sunny but cool, great views, and McGrunt's crashes provided the entertainment. Upper Holy Jim was more technical than I had anticipated. Tip: The hidden singletrack should remain hidden. It was Hike-a-Bike for most of it. Looking forward to doing this again. 
davidw04/25/07It was perfect. Took the single-track over the saddle and found a chevy bronco pitched in the bushes. I have no clue how it go there 
McGrunt03/24/07Originally going to take KoolAidKat up to Santiago Peak for her first time but she felt good and game so we kept going to Holy Jim and had a blast coming down. I'm glad our kids were home to shuttle us back to the truck. 
KoolAidKat03/24/07First time to the top!! Quite a ride for me. Loved it and felt great. Had my tour guide McGrunt with me to guide the way. 
Jocko03/03/07This is closest route I could find. I did the route described, but started at O'Neill Park and rode via Live Oak Rd, Santiago Canyon Rd, and Silverado Canyon Rd, to Maple Springs. This added ~15 miles for a total of 40.3 miles. Did this to leave a car at O'neill park and support Marcus on the 2nd leg of the Counting Coup. First time down the Holy Jim trails - what a blast !!! 
Red Ryder02/10/07Dedicated ride to my bro Jimbob, miss ya. Great ride with El Pelon. He was on his ss and kept having to wait for me! I was slower than I wished as I'm still recovering from a lung infection, but wow, what a ride! 
El Pelon02/10/07Thanks for showing me some new trails Floater. I'm going to have to work on my switchback skills before we go back. 
Ross B10/12/06Great day for a ride and spending the afternoon with Rob Miller. Hly Jim is pretty loose and sandy causing a little faster slide/ride than last time. Temp at the top at 4:00 seemed like low 60s. Perfect day. Blessed be the name of the Lord. 
klowie01/29/06Training with a friend for Counting Coup. Our first time down Holy Jim, we loved it. 
Murmur01/14/06I can't ever seem to get this darn GPS to work right. (user error). I mapped all but the first 1.7 miles of this route today. Took pictures, got wet and cold. I'll just have to do it again. Good ride w/ Shahe - the storm rolling over the mountain at 4 corners was cool. Lots of people riding today. 

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