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Marshall Canyon - Potato Mountain

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Mike.the.Spike10/16/16Great Sunday ride, perfect weather. 
Mike.the.Spike02/14/16Great ride with MadDog. Beautiful weather. 
Mike.the.Spike11/11/15Great Veterans Day ride. May God bless all of you veterans as you are our greatest treasure and our heros. Also may God bless all our Police, Fire Fighters, Sherrifs, and first responders. All of you and more I thank with all my heart on this Veterans Day, you're the greatest! 
Mike.the.Spike10/24/15What a great Saturday solo ride. Beautiful area. 
Mike.the.Spike08/23/15I usually don't drink all that much water while riding, but today I was sweating so much I was dripping wet from head to toe once I arrived at the base of Potato Mountain. Today temps were in the 90's and I finished about 90 ounces of the 100 I had in my Camelback by the time I reached Potato Mountain. Saw a Doe and 2 Fawn grazing on the descent. 
Mike.the.Spike04/05/15I was in the mood for some potatoes today! Who is the genius who decided it was a good idea to stack a bunch of bee hives right beside the trail at the beginning of the climb up Potato Mountain? 
Mike.the.Spike11/22/14Trails packed down from rain, great riding today. 
Mike.the.Spike10/12/14Great Sunday ride, even saw 2 deer. I really love that last climb surging up Potato Mountain. It's heaven up there at the top with cool wind blowing and the views. 
Mike.the.Spike07/21/14Hardly a soul on the trail. Saw 3 deer just about 15-20 feet away and I couldn't believe I got so close to them. Great day! 
Mike.the.Spike01/26/14Grate Sunday Ride with FluffyCrash and RMadDog. 
thatdave11/03/13Tom, Kevin, Dave, Lisa, Herb, Neil & I Great day at Marshall Canyon !! 
thatdave10/05/13Tom, Kevin, Herb, Neil & I all had a great ride till after we were having lunch and some low life stole Neil's bike right out of the parking lot !! 
thatdave08/24/13Nice Group today, Kevin,Ed,Dave,Lisa,Herb,Tom & I. We all had a good ride in the heat !! 
thatdave07/20/13Just Neil and I .. Meet up with new Hog Andre. Great day at Marshall Canyon 
thatdave06/09/13Kevin,Herb,Neil,Ed & I all had a good ride today "Beautiful Day" 
Mike.the.Spike06/03/13Sweet Sunday Ride! Wasn't even planning on riding and the next thing you know my weekend schedule falls apart, then a friend calls and said his weekend schedule fell apart, and both of us grabbed our bikes on a moment's notice and headed to Marshall Canyon! Love it when that happens! Brilliant Day! 
Mike.the.Spike05/06/13After riding the Rwanda 50 last weekend, Potato Mountain was a piece of cake! Love the views from up top. Great solo ride today. 
thatdave04/27/13Herb,Neil,Tom,Kevin & I all had a good ride 
thatdave03/02/13Kevin,Herb,Dave,Lisa,Tom & I All had a very nice day..~ 
thatdave10/27/12Kevin,Joe,Luisa,Ed,& New rider Canonball Mike & I all have a good day The Possum save Canonball!! 
thatdave10/13/12Good day with Kevin,Neil,Joe & I 
thatdave09/08/12Great day today, Herb,Tom,Dave,Lisa,Ed & I all had a great day & Congratulations to Neil & Michelle.... 
thatdave06/23/12Ed,Kevin,Neil,Herb,Steve & his 2 sons & I all had a great time !! 
thatdave04/21/12Kevin,Herb & I and new guy Bill with his new bike, also ran into Adam from work, Great day!! 
thatdave03/31/12Just Kevin,Herb & I. Lots of No Shows!! 
thatdave02/19/12Dave,Lisa,Kevin,Herb,Joe & I all had a great ride Joe had a broken chain 2 times.. 
UphillRider6511/17/11Great ride! Good single-track and views. Wild life bob cat & deer 
Britton10/22/11Messed up on the way back. Made a wrong turn.... Pretty close though 
hanzsolos06/24/11I've been on this trail many times before but today I tried a new approach. Started from the Park on Wheeler, then did the climb on the single track up to the trail head. Enjoyed the ride down and then exited the canyon and rode up baseline to the end of the Thompson Creek Trail. Took that to the entrance at Mills Road and climbed up the Burbank side and then went back down the single track again. Long ride but totally worth it. 
thatdave05/21/11Kevin,Neil,Gundy & I 
thatdave04/16/11Neil,Herb,Kevin & I. First ride back for me in like a month 
pthammer04/02/11Cut the ride short (13 miles) due to over the bar spill 
pthammer04/01/11Only did 12.50 miles 
surferguy24th03/06/11Took my buddy out on this ride for the first time. The water crossings were full and many. 
adam-r03/05/11thanks Jeremy! 
thatdave11/07/10Neils b-day ride, on his new bike. Kevin,Dave,Joe,Neil,Herb,& I, met new rider John at the top of potato Mt. and he rode back to park with all of us, Kevin took him back to his car after lunch at the Habit. Then Kevin and John rode Hogs wild ride the next day. 
thatdave07/24/10Kevin,Dave,Herb & I GREAT DAY 
thatdave06/19/10Kevin,Neil,Herb & I all had a good ride. Kevin took a fall & split open his knee, perty good cut. 
jb_29er06/16/10Nice climb and a great ride altogether through the canyon part! 
mark189006/06/10rode from in laws,busy trail this morning.. 
thatdave05/22/10Kevin,Dave,Todd,Herb & I all had a good time & we seen a Deer!! 
Bruin02/02/10Awesome ride with great directions. Went through 52 streams (26 each way). 
coreswest01/17/10Trying to get my rides in before it rains. 
thatdave01/16/10Great day with all the gang. Dave,Jeff,Kevin,Neil,Herb,& I we all got dirty!! 
coreswest01/15/10Nice steady ride to the top. My arse is gone on this new saddle. Quite a few people out on the nature trail. 
coreswest01/14/102nd ride of the day and my legs are trashed. I'm sure Summitdude will be happy about that. Looking forward Friday and Saturdays rides. 
coreswest01/13/10Nice and sticky trail but slower than usual. Was cold at the top and on the way down 
coreswest01/11/10Rode with Ben. Nice steady pace to the top 
pthammer01/07/10rode 14 miles only 
pthammer01/06/10Limited ride to 12 miles 
mark189001/04/10had to make trip to in-laws today,couldn't pass on chance to ride. 
coreswest01/03/10Rode with a hard group. Adolfo went down a couple of times. He still kicked my arse up the hill. 
DIRTULS01/03/10There are actually potatoes at the top :-). Last 1/2 mile was grueling. Fun ride. Senic even on the fire road. 
pthammer12/17/09Limited ride to 10.5 miles 
pthammer12/15/09limit ride to 8.2 miles 
pthammer12/03/09Shorten ride to 10.4 miles 
pthammer12/01/09only did 12.2 miles 
Lutkus197311/29/09A bit cold and wet but nice day. Lots of horses out. 
Royster7111/22/09Nice riding with you Mojo.. Can't believe you controlled yourself the night before. Nice riding with you again Mike! It was great being part of the boys club and ditching Monica! Monica was fortunate enough to get shit on her face and that wasnt a figure of speech. Niceee... Ian good meeting and riding with you. Thanks Mike for that big ass MONSTER!! 
MoJo11/22/09Close enough but I got "ditched"!! It's all about "boys Club"!!! Roy, Guess which finger I am holding up for you :) 
davidB.10/26/09Good times. Best i've ever felt on a ride like this. 
jzm 317210/09/09could not find entramce to bedford.came back road potato alone. 
JGBX110/04/09Rode up the Mtn with JZM Today Beautiful Cool cloudy day. NOW THAT WAS A HELL OF A RIDE !!! NO JOKE !!! from the Parkin lot at the school to top of Potato 
thatdave09/27/09Kevin,Dave,Herb,Joe,& I all sweated out the heat. Afterwords over to herbs pool then it was off to the fair to bet on the ponys and drink $9.00 beers. 
chebags08/08/09stan thanks for the ride. boy that last two miles was step. 
thatdave07/25/09Kevin,Dave,Tod,Herb,Neil & I Kevin needed to get home so he it was easy for him to leave us way behind. Neil broke his chain afterwards In & Out then over to Jensonsusa to bye some bike stuff. 
gaucho07/20/09Ride w/ Maru, Mad, Scott, Jerry & Phil. Only rode to the water tank and back. Short ride due to darkness. Still hot and very little water in the creek. 
neil8106/08/095/30 post. This time I didn't forget my helmet but I was super tired for this one. Trailed the whole ride. Me, Gundy, his neighbor, King, Kevin and Herb. All was great until we ran into a ton of horses. Found a different way back thanks to Kevin. On the downhill, I tried to adjust my helmet and hit the wrong brake and flipped over the handle bars. Then I just remember this rut and Gundy going by saying "this is one dirty b**tch" hahah. Next thing you know, Herb fell at that same spot. 
davidB.06/08/09fun singletrack coming off the top 
Lutkus197306/07/09great ride with Carlos and his friends. 
Lutkus197306/07/09John P. set the pace today! weather was great but the streams were full. 
thatdave05/30/09Dave,Kevin,Todd,Herb,Neil & I went for a nice ride, But it was a bad day at the trail there was 80 horses that left at 9:00 am we got going at 9:30 Neil took a fall and so did Herb. 
GabrielC05/22/09Fun ride in a new area. Marshall Canyon has some cool singletrack. The push up Potato was pretty tough but the view from the top was incredible. 
neil8105/18/09Although we didn't do the full Potato Mountain, I'm glad we didn't because I forgot my helmet. Got a full tune up and speedometer that I bought of the King right before the ride. This was a tough ride. I didn't know some of these parts existed in Marshall Canyon. Me, Gundy, Kevin, King Dave, Iron Man Tom and Herb started at 11am and finished around 2pm. I think I clocked almost 12 miles on my new gadget. Went to Warehouse pizza in La Verne to treat ourselves after this fun ride in the hot sun!!! 
Sjon05/17/09Had a very good "chill" ride with Harry and Scott. Was starting to cook on the fireroad because of Mr sun. My drivetrain is jacked, getting all new Monday. 
gaucho05/17/09Solo ride. Met Greg and Mike on way up to Potato Mtn. Hot day for a ride. 
thatdave05/16/09Kevin,Tom,Neil,Herb,Dave & I all had a good ride once we got started (waiting on Tom) 
Diesel05/13/09Great ride with Gerry. Saw a fox and a small rattler. A hiker warned us about a bear north of potatoe mountian. Im glad we didn't see it. 
coreswest04/07/09The fire road that leads to Potato Mountain has been graded. Saw some deer and 2 bobcats on the way down. 
coreswest01/30/09This ride sucked. My worst time ever. At least I got the points. That should keep me close to Summitdude ! Alot of riders in Marshall Canyon today. They are also releasing more water in the streams again. Did not see my buddy the MOUNTAIN LION. 
coreswest01/28/09O K so my legs are fried and my (friend) Summitdude is killing it this week. I start my ride and 3 miles into the ride just past the golf course, I run into a MOUNTAIN LION. Crap Its right on the main trail and he aint budging. Im behind my bike wondering what the heck I should do. He finally left and after about 5 minutes some riders came from the other way. I continue on and met up with John Graham and we rode to the top of Claremont. I then broke off and continued on my way up to Potato hill. My legs are 
coreswest01/26/09Pretty sore. This is the first time I actually got a good reading on my new Garmin.It's still going to take me a few more rides before I learn how everything works. Good Job to my buddy Summitdude. Your killin it brutha ! 
coreswest01/22/09Wondering if I was going to get rained on. Just a few sprinkles, but other than that, a nice ride. 
thatdave01/18/09Tom,Kevin & I Boy did I take a fall had a pinch flat on the down hill single track blooded up my elbows as Kevin was behind me filming came crashing into me hurting his back. all in all were both very lucky we were able to ride away from this one 
coreswest01/16/09Nice ride,was worried about heat but wasn't too bad.Didn't get off the hill until almost dark. 
coreswest01/12/09Ride was nice, no wind until the final 2 climbs. Didn't see one person on the trails. The streams were the fullest I've seen this year.Wind picked up on my ascent. 
davidB.01/08/094 of us from STR. Chilly. 
Skraxle01/03/09with John, Ronald, Chris and Albert... 
davidB.11/24/08Night ride with Chewyeti from STR. Fun ride and easier than I remember, but the 1x9 is getting to me. 
Byron B11/16/08Sat. Morning ride, couldn't log-it since I was surprised with fire trucks near my area. Anyway, summitdude is learning the trade of climbing while standing up, good job bud.. 
thatdave11/09/08Byron,K,& Myself added a little side trail (Great ridding)Cant believe K left his door open for 2 hrs in the parking lot. Pizza and beers afterwards 
martink11110/24/08What a nasty climb! Made it to the top in 1:19:18 minutes. Slow return due to darkness. 24.8 mph max 
martink11110/24/08The last grunt on this ride is a near constant climb up. A real test of endurance. 
surferguy24th10/21/08Great long ride today. I bet I will be sore tomorrow. 
Mike.the.Spike10/19/08One rider crashed took a brake lever to the thigh & needed a few stitches. Another rider took a wrong fork and we had to go back and find him. What a weekend at Marshall, it was still way too much fun. 
Sjon09/29/08Awesome ride! Bombed back through single track and streams with no hikers or horses! Can't wait to ride at night. 
rickdlt7709/26/08It was hell going up. seemed like never ending. but felt like a great accomplishment reaching the top. going downhill was awesome. I recommend going with someone who knows the trail the first time you go. can get pretty tricky on the u-turns. 
davidB.09/17/08Swore I would never do it again. That last 2 miles sucks. Awesome views perched upon the spud when I got there though. a 1x9 wasn't too bad up that last .75 
Mike.the.Spike09/07/08Hot today, drank lots but still got a bit overheated. I hadn't ridden in the heat for a couple of weeks now and this one was getting to me. Sat in the shade, admired the views, then finished. Been a year since I'd been here and MAN was it loose going down into the 3 switchbacks, way worse that last year. Dangerous. 
Holy Roller09/06/08nice morn ride with Jon, Marcin & Javier- No injuries this ride so its all good. WAAAAAAY too many DAMN horses everywhere-they need to pick it up like dog owners do! Can I get an AMEN?? 
Holy Roller08/23/08rode with Jon & Scott. 1st time here very nice throught the lower singletrack & many stram crossings. Bad for scott near the end back home OTB and a dislocated shoulder-ambulance and the ER & many good drugs. 
surferguy24th08/18/08Starting to get some training in for the State race in a month. I need to start doing longer miles like this. 
thatdave08/09/08Just Kevin and I, we had a great ride. After the ride we went over to the buffalo inn. I had my first buffalo ribs and some beers fun stuff !! 
mark189007/19/08escaped from the in-laws to ride this,first time.i liked this ride,very steep and loose on the last climb to potato.saw 3 young bucks on the trail,so cool,they slowly walked by me not 10 feet away. 
Lutkus197306/01/08great ride through Marshall Canyon! 
singlespeedrider05/31/08Fun fun ride. I love going through Marshal Canyon. 
FREEKENGO05/27/08Monday afternoon ride 
rleveque04/30/08Not a good ride. Major mechanicals had us stuck on the trail a long time. Got very cold. Ended up riding out of the canyon in complete darkness, ironically on the first ride of the year neither Dean nor I brought lights. 
thatdave04/28/08Kevin,Tom,Dave,Toms son Dean, new guys Brad, and Jeff (Spicers guy)we all had a good ride Tom took a fall in the mud and I was able to see it all. 
gassertrucks04/28/08SS 32x18. Man the top was tough. Gonna need the 20 next time - lower back was on fire. SB8 is a little too worn and I was having trouble getting it to hook in the loose stuff. 1:01 to top w/ a handful of :30-1:00 breaks. 
surferguy24th04/08/08Went out with an old friend who has not ridden in a while and he got a good workout but made it. We thought it was going to rain on us. 
surferguy24th04/02/08I had a business associate from Norcal come down and he has never rode down in Socal. So I picked Marshall Canyon. He loved it! We came up on some horses in a blind corner and one of the riders got thrown off. My chain broke, and I crashed on a ledge about 5 feet. Good day overall. 
JoeTruth03/24/08No Potato Mtn. for me. Not available as an option, I guess. B group ride. Miles @ = 11 and 1200 feet. 
aword4you03/22/08Good ride with the STR newbie crew A group. Nice climbs! We took Webb back down. 
Mtnlion03/22/08Great ride with the STR group! Kind of warm though 
gassertrucks03/10/08Not exact route but same mileage and elevation. 
surferguy24th03/03/08I crashed on the downhill into a bunch of dry tree limbs resulting in many cuts. It had been a while since a crash so I knew it was coming. Good night ride though. 
Mike.the.Spike02/18/08On the last part of the switchback downhills, I crashed and broke my collarbone. Front wheel just slid out from under me lightning quick. Cause of my Judo it was easy to just roll with the fall but low and behold I slammed onto the back of my shoulder and heard "CRACK".I'm out for at least 6 weeks with a harness I have to wear. Crap watch me fade down the ladder (sniff sniff . . .) 
normannhus02/15/08very nice day 49 f 
tlien0602/12/08Nice weather yesterday as it broke 80 degrees in the afternoon. 
surferguy24th02/02/08There were some bad ruts and I had to pick up the bike to cross. But overall the trail is not that bad. 
thatdave02/02/08Tom,Dave,Kevin & Myself. Great riding. Toms first time out on his new bike and afterwards I went and bought my new bike Gary Fisher !! 
Mike.the.Spike01/19/08Rode with Jeremy, Tom, Bernice, Chris and FluffyCrash (who actually crashed today!). Awesome, slow, fun ride with the gang. Beautiful weather and nice riding. 
Mike.the.Spike12/30/07Stated at about 8 Am and it was freezing, my thumb went numb. Not too many riders, hikers or horses at the beginning but on the way back the route became very busy and crowded. Fun as usual though. 
thatdave12/23/07What a gorgeous day for a great work out. Loved the water crossings 
mt dew12/22/07upper section in perfect shape. rode w/biker boy and skraxle. learned some new single track sections today. 
Skraxle12/22/07Great ride with Bikerboy and Mt Dew! I had the flu since Monday. I felt better after our ride. This is a great cure for the flu. 
Ladera Dave12/16/07Thanks, KPurty & GoldRunner for a great ride before the Storm hits. 
Mike.the.Spike12/16/07Beautiful day today. So many trees on this route had kept the ground moist from last weeks rains. Crossed so many little creeks I was covered in splatter. A great ride with Tom, we were cookin with gas on the downhill portions. 
ErikMM11/26/07had to do 1/2 of the way back in the dark w/ two crappy lights...at least I didn't fall this time like my previous two night ventures. lots of water to cross...I don't like mud and wet wheels, but may make an exception here cause it is quite fun. 
ErikMM11/26/07lots o' water to x...fun route though. loose sketchy down hill at top. looks like there could be 1 or 2 more routes made here... 
Mike.the.Spike11/25/07First time to Marshall Canyon and it is already my favorite place to ride. EXTREMELY beautiful and scenic. Nice uphill, downhill and AWESOME tree lines zipping by. Rode with Tom and FluffyCrash. We came upon a fallen rider within a group of 3. CLEARLY 1 rider had a separated shoulder-looked nasty but he was doing fine. I gave his group an ace bandage to make a sling for him and asked if he wanted some tylenol for pain and he said no. We pointed them to a nearby stable for some help-probably worked out fine. 
rleveque11/18/07Easy spin to loosen the legs. 
SlowMo11/13/07Great place to ride. KoolAidCat kicked butt up the last climb. First ride with McGrunt and his new bike. a sweet Titus MotoLite. I crashed and burned on the last climb. Too long without riding. 
McGrunt11/13/07What a ride with SlowMo and the Kat. Typical of a new ride- we got lost. Marshall Canyon is a fun singletrack with alot of wildlife. I almost hit a deer- I know it sounds crazy but it happened after one of the singletracks merged onto a fireroad. The last mile climb to Potatoe was tough. The Kat made us boys look bad as she was a machine climbing ahead of us and beating us by 100 yards to the top. Coming down from Potatoe was a blast as we saw the Kat "superman" OTB's. 
KoolAidKat11/13/07It was a great day out with McGrunt and SloMo. First time on this ride. Had a lot of fun. The last mile was a killer, but I could not let the boys beat me on this one! 
G.T. Jake10/08/07seen jenson riders 
surferguy24th09/23/07At the start the gate was locked so I had to jump over it. Soon I saw the reason for this. After all the rain it seemed to wash out the first crossing point over the creek and then the rest of the ride is fine. I got very muddy and wet because there were many creeks to cross and lost of muddy spot. Another perfect day to ride. 
G.T. Jake09/19/07tuff tuff tuff 
mt dew09/18/07great ride, not a hiker, biker or horse to be seen the whole day on what is usually a somewhat busy trail. 
project_d09/11/07Took the wife and kid out for a ride. This is always a fun place to ride! 
N-A-Flux08/31/07Solo ride after conference in Rancho Cucamonga. That last 1000 feet to the top is killer! My Garmin says 3608 total ascent. 1:19 to top; 38 minutes down. 
ghixon08/28/07Nice training ride up to the peak 
surferguy24th08/26/07I just couldn't end the day with only one ride. 
Blueman08/25/07Very hot and humid! So hot I forgot to stop my GPS until after I drove home. I rode this as a loop; up Baldy and around. The miles and the ascent are the same. 
xhuskr08/24/07OK....missed a few turns and ended up doing more than planned..but hey..it's mtn biking. The unplanned climb up the s/t was....tough and the heat was making itself VERY known. Overall good ride with Shrek 
shrek08/24/07started too late and it was hot. made it though. Thanks for a new route xhuskr. 
ghixon08/22/07Nice ride up and down the hill - if you like riding on th esurface of the sun. Man, it was hot out there. 
Peddler08/16/07First time here. Rode with someone for the first 5 miles, then on my own. Hot and lots of climbing. 
surferguy24th08/10/07Has some nice climbs that give you a good work out. The downhill can be fun at the switch backs and on the dirt road speeds can get up to 37mph. Watch out for the hikers and other bikers and some upset horse riders. Has some nice changes and nice views. Easy access is important too. 
MTB Fiend07/29/07Been thinking about this ride for a while now. It's been more than 10 years since I have been to Marshall Canyon. Hooked up wth some local riders and enjoyed the ride up Marshall. Solo to Potato Mtn. Made the climbs. Plush fireroad, plush singletrack - Great Ride!!! 
ghixon07/18/07Good day to be on the bike. Was able to do some interval training. 
ghixon07/12/07Nice day out on the hill. 
ghixon07/10/07Good day to ride. Had to stop and re-adjust rear derailuer three times though. Not sure what the deal is with that. 
mt dew07/10/07am ride. great day to ride marshall, no sun and slight breeze. only 3 water xings compared to 12 or so, because mt dew + water = no good. 
CeeDubb07/04/07STR ride with Humberto, Armando, Carlos, Glen, Manuel, and Manuel's buddy. Hot as freak!! 
ErikMM06/14/07BEAR! I saw a bear! @ ~11 mi. coming down Potato. It was maybe 50 yds away. Two seconds faster and we may have collided!? It was brown w/ a lighter brown blotch on its chest(maybe 5 ft tall?). I stopped, put my feet down, and stared straight @ it. It took off in a cloud of dust and leaves up the side of the road. The whole episode lasted ~10 seconds. I waited a second for any cub-don't want to get between mom & cub-then went as fast as I could past it though it was ~20 yds up the hill by then. 
ka0t1c0706/09/07This was for Saturday the 2nd. 
EarlyMan06/07/07No snakes today. 
ghixon06/04/07Sunday ride on Marshall Canyon. Boy, it was hot on the front side. Nothing like almost going through an entire hydration pack on a 17 mile ride. 
EarlyMan06/04/07Rattlesnake struck my foot from the weeds. Be careful when picking that hard packed line. 
ghixon06/01/07Should have taken the day off from riding. Legs were jelly after riding Rim at race pace yesterday. 
thatdave05/26/072nd part of the day we did along with sunset ridge total of 26 miles lots of stories. Kevin,Joe, Gunner & myself 
ghixon05/18/07Early afternoon ride with a nice sack dinner at the peak. 
Franco05/17/07Soft dirt in some areas a little smog. But fun and fast downhill. Watch out for horses. Yikes! 
CTrask05/16/07Rode with franco today. More GPS problems, about to bag it. Lots of jumps and fun on the way down. 
ghixon05/15/07Early afternoon ride trying to spin a good, fast cadence on the way out. This trail punctured a brake line the last time I rode it. I had to show it who's boss. 
N-A-Flux05/13/07Morning ride up the canyon to the top. The last part is a brutal fire road climb. The downhill back to the park is quite a pay-off! 
ghixon05/11/07Had a heck of a time climbing today. Punctured a brake line and lost the front brake on the way back. It makes for a fun return track. 
ghixon05/08/07Always wanted to try this trail. Now, I can say that I have. Weather wasn't too bad on the south face, 95 degrees. 
ghixon05/08/07A good climbing trail that was a good view of the valley at the top. NAV file needs to corrected. It's not too hard to keep on track though. 
G.T. Jake05/01/07rode with roland 
smithg03/25/07This is my first time on this trail. It was a great ride -- not far from the house either. We did get a little lost a couple of times. 
ericfoltz03/25/07Tough climb. Just gets steeper the higher you go. 
ericfoltz03/25/07Navfile might not be correct. Go straight at the tunnel even if you lose the route. It also told me to turn around .4 from the top. Bring chain lube for after the last creek crossing. 
scott v03/10/07Good group ride. Couple single track sections on way down. 
mt dew03/10/07good morning ride, w/some first time marshall canyon riders. 
gassertrucks02/20/07stomach flu..ouch 
Geogeek02/03/07Broke chain 2x going up singletrack in upper MC (bad day on bike is better than good day at ____ ). 
Geogeek01/27/07A little dry and loose on the uphill single track sections, otherwise a good way to spend Sat. morning. 
thatdave01/20/07Rode with Kevin and Dave. Lots of water crossings, not a good day for getting your feet wet. What a great view from the top of Potato Mountain. It was so clear that we could see the ocean. 
gassertrucks01/09/071:08 to top starting from baseline. Average 7.7 to top - a personal best. The new hardtail is FAST! 
elguero12/28/06just got a light. im not limited by the sunlight any more!!! 
mt dew11/30/06first ride here at night, what a difference. very cold by end of ride. 
A bit more technical11/26/06Great ride with Troy, Ryan and Mark. Nice to meet a new geo rider, but he is too fast! 
quad damage11/24/06Nice ride with Troy, Mark and Mark. Thanks a ton to Mark (gassertrucks) for showing us the route. Nice to get see a new trail. Felt really tired at the start, but pretty good at the end. 
gassertrucks11/24/06nice lite pace to burn off the turkey. Met Mark, Ryan and Troy -great bunch of guys. 2:06 
ThinkFast11/24/06Thanks to Mark/gassertrucks for showing us the way. He's a strong climber and a nice guy. Good morning with him, Mark Whaley and Ryan. 
Blueman11/13/06Rode as a loop (out baseline to Mt Baldy road). 23 total miles. great weather great ride. 
mt dew11/07/06has been about 4mo since i was here last, i forgot how nice this place is. 
Blueman10/26/06I rode this as a loop. I started with a road ride--south on Wheeler, east on Basline, north on Mills, east on Mt Baldy RD then take the fireroad turnout across from the dam. This takes you right up to Potato Mt. (Geo turn by turn point 20). Then I followed the geo route. Total 23.5 miles. 
BrakeHeart09/30/06Lots of wrong turns, not sure on time. There are ALOT of interesting single tracks around here. 
gassertrucks09/14/06The cool weather was a nice treat up this long climb. 1:15:06 average speed 7mph to top of Potato-starting from baseline, a personal best for me. 
Pablomatic09/13/06Did a one-way with a friend. Parked one truck at the bottom of Marshall then drove up and dropped in off Mt Baldy Rd. Climbed Potato from the back side then let go. Several inlets off fire road (near/around water tank) onto main Marchall Canyon trail. Fun stuff! 
gassertrucks09/10/06Good solo training ride. I made a couple wrong turns which added some more climbing. Started from the gate at baseline - finished same. 18.7 mi and 8.8 mph ave. 
gassertrucks09/07/06solo ride. pretty easy pace. explored around Marshall canyon a bit before climbing upto potato 
mt dew06/24/06started out kind of humid today. legs were heavy, back burning and a bee sting to the temple. Great Ride!! 
m.t.06/12/06first time riding this trail. it helps going with people who know where they're going. a must for those who've never done it before. the trip back is well worth the climb up. 
G.T. Jake06/01/06tuff climb 
ka0t1c0705/10/062nd ride, but didnt go all the way down to streets. 
ka0t1c0705/10/06nice cool weather. Lots of critters when the sun goes down. 
Control2104/26/06I started this climb at the saddle station near the golf course. Pedal my way up to the gate where Marshall canyon fire-road meets cobalt and Burbank Canyon. From the gate turned left to cobalt and turned left going to potato mountain. This was the toughest climb in my 8 months of riding long steep steady climb that makes you work hard pain is good especially the last climb super long steep climb. Windy as you get closer to the summit. Watch for damaged section of the road due to landslide. 
Pan Man04/26/06Beautiful surroundings, many large shade trees on lower portion, too many water crossings (but it is April). Lots of loose shale rock on upper portion. Over-all a great ride and a nice change from my usual Chino Hills ride. 
lhbert04/25/061st time at Marshall Canyon, awesome. The single track near the golf course is a blast and the view from the top is cool. The directions were great. 
leasing304/09/06Good training ride. Not very technical, but lots of climbing. Legs pretty burnt from yesterday. 
mwesolow03/30/06This is all in my backyard, but I enjoyed mixing up the usual with this fun route. Plenty of water flowing... and horses. 
outdoorfanatics01/31/06My first trail in Socal! Combination of fireroad & singletrack! Good for intermediate riders! Creek ride was fun all the way down passing the gold course! Watch out for Horseback Riders & Hikers... 
RidetheRAAM01/17/06lots of water down near the golf course...lots of time spent cleaning my bike from the mud/sand mix 
OzOne01/06/06Finally someone made this trail map. Thanks. Been riding this trail for years. There is so many different fireroads on this mountain. 
Epic Mtn Biker12/20/05rode with 8 other guys including guys from Team Basso & OC Riders. did this ride plus 4 more miles with over 1000 feet of additional climbing 
Cranx12/18/05Good route for those that live in this area. Rode this at recovery pace in order to keep the HR low to work on dropping some lbs. Thanks to Armondo for showing me this route. 
Epic Mtn Biker12/18/05great training ride. Marshall Canyon itself makes for a great night ride 

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