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pd - vanillaloop

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pdmoore10/19/21Couldn't upload a new route, picked this as closest 
pdmoore10/12/21garmin showing 250bpm at start of ride, got normal past courthouse, then a couple of 220+ spikes during 
pdmoore04/03/21Ambulance at bottom of Castlewood & Gilbert doing a pickup 
pdmoore12/25/20nyd clueless crews are out a week early 
pdmoore11/28/20garmin froze on the Sunny Hills climb segment again - deleted that sgement 
pdmoore01/17/20So many puddles - didn't seem like we got that much rain last night 
pdmoore08/14/19picked up a goathead in the front tire somewhere on castlewood 
pdmoore04/06/19lake closed for fishing derby 
pdmoore03/30/19Dam tunnels are finally dry 
pdmoore12/22/18Maxxis Minion up front. feels way snappier than it did on the back 
pdmoore12/11/18Had to ride most of dog run backwards to pick up water bottle 
pdmoore07/21/18Garmin connect clocked this as "indoor cycling"? Time seems about route but no distance/altitude recorded 
pdmoore07/13/18Swapped out the Minion for a 29x2.2 Ikon. A bit quicker but still feels sluggish 
pdmoore07/07/18Temp went from 79 to 89 during the hour I was out there 
pdmoore06/30/18Maxxis Minion on rear - what a pig this tire is 
pdmoore06/10/18Encountered a jeep driving on Castlewood trail 
pdmoore02/24/18garmin never acquired sat signal, data was all wonky 
pdmoore01/20/18crazy winds...hit 30.6 mph on berkeley with the tailwind 
pdmoore11/24/17No TdT this year? 
pdmoore11/11/17lost water bottle, probably dog run 
pdmoore03/25/17water bottle ejected at top of dog run, rode back up about half of it to retrieve 
pdmoore01/29/17slowest loop ever? Lotsa mud and washed out trails 
pdmoore09/03/16couple of pinhole leaks in front tire from last ride 
pdmoore08/27/16goathead in rear tire from last ride 
pdmoore07/30/16first loop with the 1x11 
pdmoore07/13/16rush hour traffic added minutes to street crossings 
pdmoore05/29/16Bumped into Ted & Adrienne 
pdmoore05/29/16Bumped into Ted & Adrienne 
pdmoore03/13/16shaved nearly ten minutes off yesterday's slog 
pdmoore03/12/16slowest loop ever - first ride post-flu, trail is grabby from yesterday's rain 
pdmoore02/21/16flatted on berkeley 
pdmoore01/30/16dam closed - snow day 
pdmoore01/03/16It will be so nice when all the new years resolutions are abandoned 
pdmoore01/02/16post-flu ride. Pinch flat coming down castlewood downhill. A million resolution marchers on the trails 
pdmoore05/24/15patched tire held up 
pdmoore05/21/15rear tire was around 15psi, gotta remember to check if there's a leak 
pdmoore05/07/15water bottle keeps falling out of cage, circled back to find it 
pdmoore04/09/15I keep thinking I'm going out for an easy cruise and then hit near my fastest time 
pdmoore02/22/15no rain yet 
pdmoore12/06/14trails are grabby & slow. 
pdmoore11/15/14First full loop since June, 5 minutes over average 
pdmoore03/29/14Took longer to check out the red-tagged house by Laguna Lake 
pdmoore11/02/13goathead season on the loop - got two last week and found a flat tire when I headed out this morning 
pdmoore07/27/13water bottle got ejected coming down stairmaster...ten minutes of searching that hillside and couldn't find it 
pdmoore07/13/13sub-60 minute loop was pretty unexpected! 
pdmoore11/07/12trance, slow leak rear tire @ LagunaLake (goat head season?) 
pdmoore10/27/12trance, 93 degrees 
pdmoore09/15/12slowest loop ever - 104 degrees out :( 
pdmoore12/04/11Gotta leave before 4:00 to beat it home before dark 
pdmoore11/26/11bavkwards for TdT 
pdmoore09/10/11Hiltscher still under construction 
pdmoore09/03/11Stopped by Bannings for a derailleur cable 
pdmoore07/04/11garmin shut-off down the last dam hill 
pdmoore03/05/11garmin is shutting off on hits again 
pdmoore11/26/10quick TdT loop during lunch 

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