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Maple Springs - Santiago Peak - Motorway

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Old&InTheWay12/17/16Today turned out to be a GREAT DAY. Started at 5:30 AM 25 degrees with water running in the crossings. From 3300 ft. elev. lots of ice puddles up to the Peak. First 10 miles temp. 25 to 30 degrees.Was not prepared for that. Have already been to REI for a fix. Happy to be back on M.S. after a good rain even with a little suffering. Legs thawed on the descent. It was the descent that perfected the day. All 14 miles everything was easy to flow thru due to the excelent traction of the soil. That was super sweet. 
SC-Ells03/05/14Very nice day. Motorway is pretty tricky right now and took a chunk of skin from my knee... 
MCAFS03/31/13VQ next weekend! 
MCAFS02/10/13Snow all the way down to the pavement on Maple Springs. Hard packed and ridable all the way up to the Peak. Very cold on the way down. Very muddy on the Main Divide from Bedford to Motorway. 
MCAFS01/29/13Cold above 4 Corners and misty. A little muddy across the Main Divide to Motorway. 
MCAFS12/30/12Cold and snow above 4 corners. Oh, and did I say cold! Ice patches and frozen puddles all over. The snow above Modjeska was very tough to ride through. The ride down was bone chilling. Five layers and Ski gloves was just barely enough. 
MCAFS12/02/12Lots of people riding Maple today. The best place to ride after a rain. Trail in great shape except for a couple of soft spots on Main Divide by the top of Motorway. 
MCAFS11/18/12Cold and wet all ride. Maple is the way to go if it's raining. Still a few people out riding. Met Singlespeedrider on the way up rode together up to the Peak and back down. 
MCAFS11/11/12Brrrr! No snow but frozen puddles all the way around. Jack Frost is on his way.... 
MCAFS11/04/12Just about perfect out on the trail. Cool at the start and warm at the end. 
MCAFS09/30/12Got another ride in before the heat kicked in. Felt pretty good, tied my best time and could have gone faster. 
TomG09/16/121:30 to 4/c with rubber legs,2:16 to peak 4:20 to drag my butt back to the car. 
MCAFS09/16/12Not bad out there. Finished this ride before it got too hot. 
MCAFS09/02/12Fall is here. a little cool at the gate. Took the jacket off at pavement end. very nice the rest of the ride. Great view of the ocean and islands. 
MCAFS07/22/12Very warm in a couple of spots. For the most part a nice ride for late July. 
MCAFS06/17/12Gettin' warm out there. 
nuts4mtbikes02/14/12Super Duper ride....weather not to bad .... well until we hit 4 Corners and started up to the Peak. Brrrr, it was COLD. Leigh n Larry got to the Peak first...headed down, met me and went back up with me... LOL the disadvantage of riding fast :-) - All in all GOOD TIMES! 
MCAFS01/22/12Cold and cloudy. Maple is the place to go after a good rain. Didn't even leave a tire mark. A little muddy along the Main Divide at the top of Bedford. 
MCAFS12/18/11Cold, light rain and snow at The Peak. 
MCAFS11/20/11Cold all ride. Foggy at the Peak but no rain. 
MCAFS11/13/11Maple is the way to go after a good rain. Barely made a tire mark on the trail. Long pants and long sleeve was perfect. 
MCAFS07/19/11Great day out there. Hard to beat this weather. 
MCAFS07/03/11Started to get warm across the Main Divide to Motorway. Summer has arrived. 
MCAFS05/22/11Clear skies all ride. Legs were like lead weights. Just had to spin my way up the climbs. 
Fooly05/15/11Tired and a little sore. The trail dried up nicely and was in great shape in the afternoon. A little colder than I expected. 
MCAFS05/08/11Cool going up Maple. Cold and wet up to the Peak and down. Sunny and nice across the Main Divide to Motorway. 
MCAFS04/17/11Nice ride and temps. Good to see Cam and a large bunch guys riding the Traverse route for training. 1FG ride today. 
Fooly02/13/11Great weather today! 
Buffalo02/12/11Great views today of the islands: Catalina, San Clemente, Santa Cruz?, the Coronados (Mexico!). 1:22 to 4C, 2:18 to peak. 
Alpine Rob01/29/11Somehow my Garmin battery discharged, was very upset, I did not want to overdo it. :30 hr to dirt, :1:10 to Four Corners 1:55 to peak, 2:36 to Siverado. Good ride on the Epic, the XX's made a God Aweful racket on the way down Motorway, but nowhere else, strange. Only drank 3/4 a bottle of water, need to drink more. 
Hermit01/02/11GT. Rode yesterday with Mark, Ben, and Troy to tha PEAK! 
ThinkFast01/01/11Nice, but cold, morning with Mark, Matt and Ben. Lots of ice going up Maple Springs. We were the first ones to the peak in 2011! We took Buckthorn on the way back down. Fun times. Happy New Year! 
benito01/01/11Happy New Year ride with Mark,Troy and Matt.Temps in the low 30s at 7am start.We were the first riders of 2011 to Santiago peak!!! First time down Buckthorne and Motorway i loved it!!! 
MCAFS12/05/10Clear and cold ride. Loose and rocky across the main divide to Motorway. 
MCAFS11/17/10Cool and clear all ride. Lots of people on the trail. 
MCAFS10/08/10Perfect riding. The rain packed the trails nicely and kept the dust down. 
MCAFS10/03/10A little fog at the start but it cleared up fast for a nice ride all the way up to the Peak and over to Motorway. Great change from last weeks heat. 
MCAFS08/22/10Got this one in early. Done riding by 10:15. 
IceCreamAndCake01/09/10Good ride with Tien and Anthony. 
IceCreamAndCake12/27/09First time up maple springs.Seemed to get colder as the ride went on.Motorway leaves you stoked at the end of this ride! 
BoneBag11/21/09Started out just doing maple springs santiago peak, saw a group of hardcore mountain bikers staging for joplin between santiago and mojeska. Felt strong at the top, so on the way down I stopped at the main divide, and tried to change my "course" in the garmin- It restarts all the information! So I cant post it here! I added the totals off the garmin training software to put here... Sorry. 
quad damage11/16/09Felt pretty good. Good training ride. Hoping to do this more and more. 
Fast Turtle11/14/09Left at 7am. Cold. Sun came out and then took cold weather gear off only to put back on when the cloud cover came in. This is a great route. This route needs to be a certified Geoladder route. 
El Chupacabra10/25/09Great day on the trail with the one flew OTB, 29 inch nails, Janko, Brad B, Tom and Vicki. That last hill to Motorway was tough. 
One Flew OTB10/24/09Good training route with lots of steady climbing, fun decent down Motorway. 
29 Inch Nails10/24/09Big Saturday ride scheduled from Muzzy 's ambitious and air conditioned office...Tommy, Muz, John A, Brad, Tom and Vicky...way to go Muz..broke us for the weekend! 
One Flew OTB10/24/09Fun ride w/29 Inch Nails, Fuzzy Muzzy, Brad, Tom, Tommy and Vicki. Thanks everyone for a great morning on the bike! 

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