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Cadillac (Up) - Luge

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dandrews04/04/20a bit of work to get to the top, but what a fun ride down, yeehaw 
dandrews12/31/19last ride of a decade of riding, gotta love it 
dandrews08/22/18Well, most of Trabuco Creek Road may be closed, ...but Cadillac isn't! A good bit of hike-a-bike, but the downhill sure is fun! So thankful Old Camp and STT didn't burn. 
dandrews02/14/17as fun as ever 
dandrews03/17/16three motorcycles at the top, having a chat. 
dandrews12/09/13Some jeeps have been having fun. 
grimix11/25/12yeah so um... cadillac is fun. 
dandrews11/14/12Good ride. Cleaned a bit more than last time. 
dandrews10/16/12Haven't done Cadillac in awhile. It was in pretty good shape, no less steep though :) 
ThinkFast02/12/11Solo loop after doing HJ-Joplin with the Saturday Crew. Perfect loop to get my mind in the right place. Saw a large group of hikers coming down Cadillac as I headed up. Met Redwoods at the end of the ride. 35m w/ 6,750' for the day. 
dandrews09/03/10pretty much a night ride, saw about 15 runners coming up santiago truck trail in the dark, 
STEVO CARRILLO04/04/10Well, I always wanted to climb Cadillac... Be careful of what you wish for! Started out really well, only had two dabs on the 1st climb section was thinking I had it in the bag on the middle flat section then came the wall.... yeah nice. hiked pretty much the rest of the way with a couple of ridable sections but overall steep and loose. Solo effort....Rode from my house. 
dandrews07/13/09Nice clean loop, although some hike a bike. 
dandrews07/13/09Just before dark, nice. Would not be a fun one in the heat with the hike-a-bike sections up Cadillac. 

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