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Chino Hills - Twin Rings

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trekstorm04/10/16Was quite surprised with the weather there. At home it was quite warm but in Chino seemed like it was going to rain. No rain but quite cool. 
Mike.the.Spike05/28/15Nice long solo ride Wednesday. Little bit of a brake pad problem but rolled it all the way back to trail head. Thought for a minute I might be walking home in the dark! 
trekstorm04/14/15Last half hour in dark. 
trekstorm02/21/15Nice to do for a change. 
trekstorm01/07/15Nice day for a ride. 
Mike.the.Spike10/12/14Great Saturday ride, hardly even saw another human being all day. Peaceful. 
trekstorm07/04/14Started getting warm in a hurry!! 
EFFing Dude04/06/14Nice morning ride with my dad and couple of friends. 
Mike.the.Spike02/17/14After riding 45 miles Saturday, I thought I would not feel like riding 20 miles Sunday. Once the riding bug bites, you get the itch to ride! 
trekstorm01/31/14Ride with Dave. Both got off early from work. 
trekstorm12/28/13Can't believe how warm it is. 
trekstorm12/26/13Warm and windy. 
thatdave12/15/13Kevin, Tom, Gary and I 
trekstorm11/15/13Half day, half night...Spooky 
tinman11/02/13Went to the Giant Demo at Chino Hills then decided to do this instead. 
thatdave08/04/13Tom,Ed,& I all had a good day... 
thatdave06/02/13Hot today, Got a early start with Kevin,Herb,Ed,Dave,Tom & Myself.. 
thatdave04/21/13Tom,Joe,Luisa & I all had a great ride 
thatdave03/24/13Dave,Lisa,Herb,& I. Herb went down in a mud hole !! 
tedslab03/10/13Only a couple others out today. What a day out there. Everything so green and the dirt was good 
tedslab02/13/13Oh what a beautiful afternoon to be out on a bike. So green, so peaceful out there. I only saw a couple other people out. Take a deep breath, stop and take in the view. Enjoy each day. My thoughts were on the officers who passed the last few days and their families. 
thatdave02/02/13Tom,Kevin,Herb,Dave,Lisa & I ALL had a good ride 
thatdave11/04/12Dave,Lisa,Tom,Luisa & I had a good afternoon Ride extra credit down to the reedwoods 
thatdave10/15/12Kevin,Neil,Joe,& I 
xcShane10/10/12Been a long time since I've done this route. Not many people out on a Sunday afternoon. Some parts need rain, especially McDermont. 
nharper10/06/12Very enjoyable morning in the park....what a difference a week makes with nice pleasant temps...enjoy the riding this weekend! 
trekstorm09/02/12Crack of dawn start with old friend Tim. 
nharper08/19/12Gorgeous ride this morning. 
tedslab07/16/12Rode part solo and part with Ryan, Chris and Chelsea. Temps were perfect this morning. Two coyotes on the ride and I think one is getting fed by people 
trekstorm07/08/12Early Am ride. Wanted to do this before it got too hot!! 
nharper06/24/12Great morning, very clear and lots of critters. Came within 2-ft of a bobcat....kinda scary. At least it was for me. 
nharper06/21/12Overcast and pleasant. 
nharper05/18/12Sweet late morning ride in CHSP. 
trekstorm04/18/12Havn't been here in awhile. 
abhemet02/18/12Went out with a couple my buddys to ride this route to ride somewhere different. It was good ride. Alot of fire road not very much single track. lots of hikers and runners. It had some good climbs. 
Snake Bite02/15/12almost beat the rain, next time need to have rain gear and dry clothes:( 
Snake Bite02/05/12Another long day in the saddle!! Time to get my super bowl grub on!!! 
Snake Bite02/02/12Love training at Chino!! 
Snake Bite01/25/12another awseome day in the park!! 
Snake Bite01/05/12another awesome day in the saddle!!! 
tedslab01/02/12What a great afternoon ride. 
Snake Bite01/01/12Starting 2012 off right!! 
Ladera Dave12/10/11nice day to ride, before the storm. 
nharper10/02/11Great ride this morning except for the flat I got toward the end of the ride. 
Snake Bite08/17/11got late start, it wasa warm one!! 
nharper08/12/11Nice cool morning ride. 
nharper08/07/11Refreshing foggy ride. I looked like I was dipped in fog and rolled in dirt when I was finished---Good times!! 
Snake Bite08/07/11last training ride going to mammoth for 10 days :) 
nharper07/20/11Nice ride this morning....fog in low lying areas. 
Snake Bite07/10/11back to back big rides are no joke!!! 
Snake Bite07/04/11Went early and still it was hot!!!! 
jb_29er07/04/11Happy 4th!!! 
nharper06/26/11Great ride after being out of town for a few days. Saw lots of wildlife (3 coyote puppies and 2 bobcats). Also, Sycamore and the other single tracks are rideable again after being overgrown. 
Snake Bite06/20/11training hard trying to ride at least 4 times a week 
Snake Bite06/11/11More June Gloom, wet and damp!!!! 
Snake Bite06/05/11took some new friends on a full tour of Chino. 
Snake Bite05/07/11lots of over growth. 
nharper04/21/11Early morning spin. I went up and over San Juan Hill on the return rather than going through 4 corners and Bovinian....too wet from fog. 
nharper04/17/11Great ride. Single tracks from 4 corners toward campground need lots of riding and trimming. I felt like a human weed whacker. 
UphillRider6504/03/11Magnificent ride, perfect weather for Chino cool, overcast and breezy. Must ride here again. 
The Lunker02/15/11Late post, rode yesterday morning. 
nharper02/13/11Another nice early morning weekend ride. 
nharper01/22/11Great ride....got to use my new Garmin 500! Thanks to RnR for the good advice on which device to buy. 
RollnStone01/15/11I haven't been to CHSP in about 2+ years. Trail conditions were very good except for Telegraph East of 4 Corners. Bad mud there in many places. So when I reached the mud I turned back and went back up Lower Aliso and Raptor (not fun going that direction on Raptor). Just as I was finishing Raptor coming into 4 Corners I hit a fresh pile of Coyote scat. Flung that stuff everywhere including my eye (but missed my glasses somehow). Total of 25.6 mile in all with detours. 
nharper11/14/10Nice ride through Chino this morning. 
trekstorm10/24/10First time here since moving from Y.L. Nice cool ride with trail in good shape. 
nharper10/13/10Tried a new route....warm at the beginning of the ride and then I had a nice breeze blowing in my face for the last half of the ride. 
Snake Bite08/31/10Prefer riding during the week. No crowds:) 
Snake Bite08/21/10Great day to ride, alot of traffic on the trails today.Had to take some breaks my boys are trying to get there legs back. Telegraph needs some fixing. 
jpotts07/31/10did a modified version of this ride...22 miles, 3600 ft...completed it with the "f crew"...mrs fabulous, mr feeble, mr fast and mr fat... 
rushak07/03/10It's been 3 years since I last visited CHSP. Rode with james. 
jb_29er05/14/10Need to get about 30 bikes on raptor to get the crazy overgrown brush down.... Great trail but park is letting it go big time! 
Hellride05/06/10Very cool ride, but the veggies are tall and gnarly. Thistles galore on BD - ouch - and Raptor was just thick. Few peeps out as I was finishing up. 
angry red squirrel04/24/10friday - after early morning road bike ride-if you like xc riding this is the place 4u-rolling hills,some st,nothing too grueling,green green green with lots of mustard plants currently and a rare treat today not crowded seen 2 bikers and 2 hikers only-!!!!and about 6 squirrels 
The Lunker04/17/10Late Post: Rode Friday morning with Dave. 
The Lunker04/10/10Solo ride lap time 1:59 
Ladera Dave04/03/10The park is in great shape after the fire. $8.00 to park. The single tracks were bar high weeds. No snakes today, 2 ticks. Happy Easter 
trekstorm04/03/10Nice cool ride with great views of all the green hills and lots of wildflowers. 
The Lunker03/20/10Solo ride. 
Hellride02/25/10Good climbs and descents keep things interesting. Have to agree the final descent from the North Ridge is FUN. Caution: huge sink hole just before the end. 
The Lunker02/21/10First time riding in Chino Hills, took Dave along for the ride, great views. 
trekstorm01/28/10Ride with Tim. Nice cool temps. Trail in good shape and everything is turning green very quickly. 
trekstorm01/18/10Computer's been down for a couple of days. 
trekstorm01/09/10Early AM start. Not too cold. Saw good size group coming back. 
Hal01/05/10Solo spin. Park closed monday thru thursday? The passing ranger didnt say anything. 
trekstorm01/02/10Early AM start. Much dryer than the last ride. Cold at start but got warmer quite quickly. 
trekstorm12/30/09What was supposed to be a group ride with "the gang" from work at 7th ave turned out to be a solo ride here due to the light rain this AM. Trail in good shape as there was a fine mist at best but halfway in became more of a heavy drizzle. Got quite a bit of mud build up so it made the climbs harder due to the extra resistance. 
trekstorm12/28/09Mid afternoon ride. A little warmer today and breezy too. Saw some steers beyond four corners and it looks like they like walking on the singletrack as they've left their mark. 
Hal12/26/09After running into Mike at 4 corners he convinced me to ride raptor. This took us to "heart attack" aka sidewinder to Bane Ridge. A little longer route that the traditional Twin Rings. I actually did 25 miles and 3999 feet of elevation gain according to my computer. Wished I'd had my garmin. Passed out a map and directions to some lost hikers near SJ Hill. 
trekstorm12/25/09Nice dayfor a ride! 
trekstorm12/23/09Tried this today. Was not sure what I'd find above four corners. To my delight trails have been cleared for good riding. Finished after dark and it was down right cold. Felt like I lost my toes to frostbite!! 
Lutkus197311/28/09Turkey Day Ride with Ed, Gene and crew... Great day arround Chino Hills. 1st Ride there and definatly want to go back! 
The Lame11/14/09Nice ride today! Mx Speed 60 Km/h Av Speed 15,2 Km/h. Distance 33,71 Km Tomorrow SPD time. Thank you Hammertime! 
The Lame11/11/09First biking shoes :) Av Speed: 14,6 Km/h Mx Speed: 64 Km/h Distance: 39,75 Km 
mtnbikej10/10/09Great ride today......must be sick or something, 2nd time at Chino this year. 
gaucho07/13/091st ride after a weekend off w/ Phil. Bad move. Temps reached 100+. Made wrong turn and got lost. Ended up on east side of park out of water. Took residential back to Carbon Cyn back to car. 
gaucho07/13/09Mostly fireroad and sandy. Poor conditions. Limited singletrack and very overgrown. Very hot if riding during summer. 
angry red squirrel07/02/09xc ride on the dh bike?,started early am dark-halfway thru ride sunrise,parts of trail closed or overgrown,i love the smell of horse shiat in the morning-NOT !!! 
martink11106/28/09Slight variation on the current route- went up to San Juan via south ridge vs going to four corners. Thats alot of climbing for a saturday morning! Rode with camera, two lenses, and tripod. 
Gerry Lattimer06/17/09Nice ride with Tim(bleedblue426) with a little hike a bike up Raptor Ridge due to the overgrowth. Still setting up the suspension on the new bike. 
trekstorm06/09/09Had to wait till I got home to fix my flat. Ended up doing this route. Did some variations past four corners due to the weeds. Ended up doing about 24 miles. 
trekstorm05/11/09Great day for a ride. Do need a machete as some parts were hike-a-bike. Rode a few extra miles on the far east side of park. 
fastpassu05/10/09Had a great first ride here today with my friend Cody. Thought we were lost for a bit but bumped into a great guy half way through who informed us the end was just ahead and all down hill. 
trekstorm05/03/09Mid afternoon ride. Absolute great day for a ride. Rode about 25 miles total just cruising. Did get a little freaked as I came across a couple of coyotes but they jumped into bushes as I got near. 
trekstorm04/28/09With the weeds getting higher and dryer it's making it more difficult. Had a few variations and rode about 24 miles. Temps were quite cool. 
trekstorm04/21/09A 55 degree swing since my last ride. 40 in Vegas and 95 today. Didn't feel too bad since there was a strong breeze. Single tracks are 6 inches wide so it made for a tight squeeze. 
thatdave04/11/09Dave,Joe,Kevin,new guys Neil and Jeff (Neils friend) and I after a late start (Neil) and a checking out Joes new rack. Neil took a fall and the end of the ride. AL and al great day for a ride. 
owen04/08/09with brian. what a great ride! the mustard weeds are at their peak. some are 10 feet tall. 
angry red squirrel03/27/09super slow casual pace,easy rolling hills(some closed)mustard plants over head high,(kept think"wish him to the cornfield anthony"for all you twilight zone fans)santa ana winds just a little breeze due to the natural windbreak-F.Y.I - watch out for the cow patties 
GabrielC03/20/09Rode this clockwise and began at Rim Crest. Fun ride with good climbs. The weeds on Raptor are worse than last week and were wet from fog. Result: I slid most of the way down Raptor, weeds clogged my rear cog twice and I had a flat on Telegraph! Plus, I was soaked and muddy, but I sure had fun! 
thatdave03/15/09Tom,Joe,and Myself had a good ride once we got going, waited on Kevin but he was a no show doe boy pizza afterwards great deal 
rg917112/23/08talked to the ranger. Chino Hills State Park is closed due to the fire. They expect it to open in about a year (2010). 
Mike.the.Spike11/01/08Rode all over the place today, I don't think we did "Twin Rings" today, I think we did "Eight Rings" today. Geezus I'm tired. Had to do 2nd half without back brakes-the pad sandwhich bent but we got the wheel to roll without any noise/rubbing. Downhill with no back brakes wakes you up like a large Espresso from Startbucks! 
trekstorm10/23/08Late afternoon ride to beat the heat. Forgot though how quickly it get's dark. Last few miles were in the dark. Spooky!! Also started to get quite cold near the end. 
thatdave10/18/08Tom,Dean,Dave,(k)& I Rode from Toms house full 20 miles It was hot hilly and we ended up geting 2 flats, Dean & (K) All & All it was a good ride with some good buddys. 
Mike.the.Spike10/14/08Rode with Rusty Iron and man was it fun. We added on even more singletrack to this route and went all the way back to the 71 Frwy! I almost crashed on a descent with my brand new Specialized Stumpjumper 29er, front wheel washed out and bike started going down, somehow wrestled the big wheel back from doom and had both feet flopping out the sides like riding a bronco all the way down. Scared the crap out of me! 
summitdude10/09/08I felt like a weed wacker going down Raptor, Weeds are 6 feet tall 
trekstorm08/31/08Solo ride today. Need to bring a lawnmower to hook up for the weeds. 
trekstorm08/30/086:30 start. 3 of us from work. Quite nice temps and had some sprinkles. Be glad when the weeds are gone. Makes it tough on the singletracks. 
FREEKENGO08/24/08Sat ride 
trekstorm08/12/08Quite a nice ride once I got out of Raptor. Be glad when weeds are knocked down. Nice breeze too. 
trekstorm07/27/08Mid morning start. Lots of riders and runners. Once I passed 4 corners had trails to myself. was getting quite warm coming back. 
trekstorm07/19/08Late afternoon ride. Picture perfect weather with a nice cool breeze. 
trekstorm07/14/08Late afternoon early evening ride. Got a late start so I finished in the dark. Kinda spooky especially knowing all the coyotes in this area. All in all a good ride. 
trekstorm06/14/08Early morning ride. Nice and peaceful except fot a couple of coyotes at 4 corners. 
JCampbell06/08/08unfortunately started to get dark on the way back 
trekstorm06/02/08Nice day for a ride. Did not see many riders today. Did see a rather large coyote. 
trekstorm05/31/08Crack of dawn start. Nice and peacful. Saw a few coyotes but no issues as they wanted no part of me. 
Hal05/28/08Solo ride. Raptor very overgrown. Watch out for the section east of the tower where there is a foot deep tire wide rut that sucked my front wheel in and made me do a superman. Ran into Rene on the final climb up S Ridge B4 San Juan Hill. 
trekstorm05/13/08Well what started out as a Blackstar ride turned out to be this due to more fine tuning with new bike. Couldn't even make it to the dirt before heading to the bike shop where a new cable was installed. Seems other one was a tad too long causing bike to shift back and forth. Now finally I think I'm in business. Nice ride but saw 4 baby rattlers throughout. Hope I don't see them when they get older. 
trekstorm05/10/08Late morning ride. Bike need some minor adjustments due to new cables. For the most part a good ride. Saw two rattlers so beware. 
trekstorm05/05/08First ride since my crash. Still don't have my bike. Frame is here but rear suspension is still in transit. Jax gave me a loaner. A Gary Fisher 69er hard tail. Interesting ride with 29in rims. Not used to hard tail so it's more rugged. Anyway a nice easy pace trying to at least make my climbs. Did feel a little out of shape but I'm sure by the weekend I'll be getting my feel back. Back end of ride in dire need of a mashetie as the tall weeds tore me up. 
RollnStone05/02/08Bring your machete for Raptor. You can't go more than 2 or 3 mph on Raptor or the plants will strangle you, whip your face, and tear skin from your arms and legs. At one point I came across a MTB glove suspended in mid-air by the brush. I expected to find his body somewhere in jungle ahead. Bovinian was a lesson in bush wacking, but still rideable. Rode in the heat of the day, but a slight breeze helped out. 
baldewin04/18/08Perfect day for riding. The Rangers have knocked the brush down on the roads but the single tracks are very tough right now. I rode this route a month ago and I think the mustard weed is two feet taller already. Raptor ridge is like riding through a tunnel. 
Punkie04/11/08taking pictures 
normannhus04/06/08Crossed the path of a rattle snake be care full out there guys 
thatdave03/30/08Tom Dave Myself killer up north ridge after doing the 14.6 mile loop !! 
rleveque03/23/08Perfect ride on a glorious morning. I LOL'd with joy shooting through the tall weeds and flowers on Bovinian Delight. The weeds, however, slowed us to a crawl on Raptor. That trail needs a major weedwhacking. 
trekstorm03/23/08Wow! Summer's here. Quite warm today. Many riders, hikers and horses. Busy day except on the east end. 
jpotts03/22/08rode this plus some extras as usual. lots of snakes out today - gopher, garter and rattlers. 
Quack Attack03/19/08First time on this trail. Wow, what a lot of climbing. Raptor trail is completely overgrown with weeds more than 6' high. Saw a coyote and a deer and only a few riders and hikers. Fabulous ride! 
baldewin03/17/08I haven't been to Chino Hills in years and it was very nice. A little overgrown on Raptor Ridge trail but other than that very nice. 
trekstorm03/17/08Beautiful day. Too many flies though. Also saw a couple of baby snakes. Trying to keep riding so Raptor doesn't get grown over. Need more riders. 
trekstorm03/15/08Late afternoon ride. Sunny but cold with a little rain. 
trekstorm03/11/08Ah yes. Glad daylight savings is back. Great ride. Seems like weeds are getting taller each time I'm there especially on east end. 
trekstorm03/10/08Late night conversation with my girl. Forgot to log in ride from late afternoon. Picture perfect weather. 
trekstorm03/01/08Wow. About 1 1/2 miles in I saw a mtn lion cub. When I went around a corner he must've heard me because he went opposite direction and went into the grass. I didn't want to turn around so early in ride so I decided to pick up my speed and went past the area he went into. I figure that he really didn't want any part of me so I was glad for that. Other than that it was a peaceful and drizzly ride. 
Snake Bite02/27/08awsome ride yesterday, weather cant get any better then that!!!! 
owen02/25/08a great ride with brian on our single speeds. saw three really big frogs, and a gorgeous coyote howling at his buddy across the ridge. nice to be home. 
trekstorm02/19/08Burrr!!! Late afternoon ride with cold temps and a little rain. Only saw one other person as I was finishing. 
Flip02/18/08Rode a small variant of this. Similar mileage. 
trekstorm02/16/08Late afternoon ride as it was dark when I got back to car. Nice clear cool temps. Did take a header on the singletrack on the east side as I noticed a rider coming up. Looked at him and next thing I know I was landing in the tall weeds. Nice soft landing. 
Hal02/11/08Solo ride, should of done more. 
THanson02/11/08Great ride with great friends. 
Shine02/10/08Nice change of scenery w/thanson, burgemeester, wolvereen & pornstar. Pornstar gave a lesson on how NOT to fix a caliper on the trails. Beautiful green grass everywhere, sometimes we could barely see where the single track was! 
Burgemeester02/10/08This ride is involves so much climbing, but man, you're rewarded with a superb ST half way through - really fun! Thanks Slopush, Shine, THanson and Steeleboat, who should still be out there doing trail maintenance! 
steeleboat02/10/08Beautiful day. Good friends. Bad rear brake. Had to complete entire North Ridge without the rear brake. Fun time nevertheless. 
slopush02/10/08Beautiful ride w/ Steel "Gimme a break" boat, Shine, Hanson and Burgemeester. Perfect day w/ lots of green everywhere, and itty bitty singletrack that was a blast. Thanks guys! 
Ladera Dave02/09/08Nice ride with my friend Jason 
trekstorm02/09/08Absolute gorgeous day. Great riding in the middle of lush green fields and seeing the snow capped mountains in the distance. 
trekstorm02/02/08Great ride. Nice and cool. Great seeing what all the rain has done by making all the hills green. 
House01/20/08Route included a round trip back to the car off Soquel Canyon Road which added ~6 miles. 
House01/20/082nd lap. Also included the mileage back to Soquel Cyn Rd. 
patmorrison01/20/08Good Ride! 
Snake Bite01/15/08amazing day in the hills, saw one other rider in the parking. 
JCampbell01/14/081st loop 
JCampbell01/01/08Damn that was windy. Came back on Telegraph instead of Southridge. 
JCampbell12/29/07Road a little farther than this but my GPS wasn't charged to know exactly. Wanted to do rwanda ride but just couldn't spend all day out there. 
Jim Jub12/28/071st ride of the season 
JCampbell12/26/07no energy 
bluerider112/26/07rode with luke. it wa cold...brrrr 
JCampbell12/17/07too hard to ride when you are sick 
House12/16/07Time from the car @ NE entrance. Loop time: 1:56. 
House12/16/07Time back to the car via Sidewinder and Bane Ridge. 
The Grey Hats12/16/07I didn't plan to ride today, but I couldn't miss the chance. Bovinian Delight and Raptor Ridge kick ass. I'll be back for sure. 
bluerider112/15/07Nice and clean trails. 4 riders showed up and we had a good ride. 
trekstorm12/09/07Slow trail today. Uphills were soft as mud hampered my climbs. Had to walk a few times. Mud wasn't sticky like Trabuco but still clung to my tires. Strong cold head wind going out. 
MTB Fiend11/26/07Big ride! Big, BIG hills! Enjoyed this ride on such a beautiful day. Climbs up South Ridge were nice. Of course Bovinian and Raptor are awesome. The big hills on Telegraph were tough, the climbs up McDermott - no way! Descent down North Ridge was way fun. Great ride! 
JCampbell11/25/07Early morning ride hoping to hook up with Ch4os. Never found him. Did this and then a backwards North South but skipped the bovinian to rimcrest section. Rode back up to rimcrest after the NorthRide Decent. Tough getting up to North from 4 corners on a single. 
FREEKENGO11/24/07fri day ride 
xcShane11/21/07Wow what a day. Locked my keys in the car at home, started a bit wrong when I finally got there, walkman died 15 minutes into ride, and missed a turn only to realize I had lost the directions. Nothing like turning a 20 mile ride into a 25 mile ride. But hey, did I get to ride today? HELL YA! 
trekstorm11/17/07Late morning ride after work. Nice easy pace. 
klppurdy11/11/07perfect day 
JCampbell11/10/07Singled it, chain is impossible and sticky still. Time for a new one. 
Ladera Dave11/10/07Great ride with KL Purdy & Friend. 
trekstorm11/04/07Stupid computer. This is a ride from yesterday. Anyway it was a nice ride and glad there was no wind. 
Hal11/03/07Started with Rich and the gang and went off on my own from 4 corners. Thick fog on Raptor kept me from seeing the mini-cooper sized cow (shouldn't it be on bovinian?) standing across the trail until I almost ran into it. Scared the s*****t out of me. 
trekstorm10/29/07First time out in a week. Actually didn't feel too bad on the climbs considering the layoff. Did have more rest time than normal. 
G.T. Jake10/21/07sweet ride, nice day! 
trekstorm10/15/07Late morning ride with co-worker. 
G.T. Jake10/12/07beutiful day to be on a bike! 
trekstorm10/07/07Crack of dawn start. Nice warm breeze. Saw a couple of german sheppard size coyotes at four corners. Glad they wanted no part of me. 
JCampbell10/06/07STR Ride. Started at Rim Crest, down Southridge, Up Northridge, Down Sycamore, Up L(something) Down Bovinian, down Raptor to Aliso, Up Street to Road... Met Duke, then up Southridge to 4 corners, down telegraph to end of Southridge, back up telegraph to easy street and back to the car. Thanks for the fun ride. 
trekstorm09/20/07Had a day off today. Trying hard to keep things out of my mind. 
trekstorm09/15/07Afternoon ride with co-workers. Lots of riding, lots of waiting. One just started riding about a month ago. Way to go Carlos! 
spicolli197609/12/07Awesome, awesome ride. Some of the hills were too soft to climb, but other than that it was great!!!!!!! Can't wait to do it again, now that I know the trail. 
trekstorm09/06/07Absolute great cool ride. Amazing how fast temps dropped. Only 78 at the start. Not too many riders today. 
trekstorm08/28/07Was home for a couple of hours when my other friend wanted to ride Chino. Figured I recovered enough. Not too bad but too many bugs. Kept on getting in my mouth. Saw a couple of tarantula's and a couple of coyotes. Last few miles were in total darkness. Heard the coyotes dinner call. Yikes!!!! 
bluerider108/24/07It was overcast til 9:30. It got hotter around the top portion of the Mcdermut trail. Whew!!! boy was it hot. Good ride but had to cut it short. 
JCampbell08/19/07Solo Adventure.. took off at 6:15 this morning. Forgot Mr. Garmin. Took me a total of 3 hours because I kind of bonked on that dang Telegraph on the way back. Stoked that I was flying up Northridge. Had to have been my best time to date. Rimcrest Start. The single is awesome and tiresome in some places. Rapter sucks on a rigid. Feel great after putting in some really good rides in this week and weekend. 
EarlyMan08/17/07...if the moon had weeds. Hot and unpleasant, this is probably much better in spring/fall. Cool singletrack when you get to it though. 
trekstorm08/16/07Felt like a sauna even when sun went down. 
trekstorm08/14/07Late afternoon, dusk ride. Very humid but not as scorching from the sun. Glad I brought my light for last few miles. Thanks Tim for the ride. 
trekstorm08/02/07Late afternoon ride. Hard climbs today with the heat. 
trekstorm07/23/07Last minute ride with a friend. Next time needs to make up mind sooner as we finished after dark. No lions & tigers & bears Oh My. 
trekstorm07/15/07Nice cool ride before sun came out. Rode extra 4 miles doing exploring on east end of park. 
trekstorm07/08/07Early morning ride before it got too hot. Actually stayed overcast entire ride. Was warm though but good there was no sun. 
jekyllrider07/07/07Solo, warmed up fast. 
trekstorm07/04/076AM start. Much cooler ride than yesterday. Started to heat up near the end. 
trekstorm06/30/07Early morning sunrise ride. Was starting to warm up rather quickly by the time I finished. 
That's How I Roll06/25/07Thought I’d change things up and ride this in reverse 
trekstorm06/24/07Early morning ride before it gets too warm. Nice and peaceful with the overcast. 
ErikMM06/17/071-speed(Seven 02): 32/20...too many fire roads...would have liked to have taken the valley descent rather than go back up the north ridge 
rushak06/17/07Rode with Erik. Good training ride with lots of climbing. A couple of sections were too steep for the SS. Weather and scenery was beautiful. Nice cool breeze made it perfect. 
SprocketHead06/10/07Great views and some of the wildflowers are still around. 
mtnbikej06/02/07Temps were warm.....but breeze kept us cool. 
trekstorm05/28/07Picture perfect day. Nice breeze to keep it cool. 
trekstorm05/20/07Late afternoon ride after Ducks game. Clouds moving in early made it much cooler. 
House05/12/072nd lap. 
trekstorm05/12/07Was to be Coto from work but forgot something that I needed for the ride at home so I ended up doing this since it was closer to home. 
FREEKENGO05/06/07Nice temps all day. 
FREEKENGO04/30/07What a perfect temp for a ride! We did a little bonus section riding Bane ridge which made the total ride into 22.3 miles! 
JCampbell04/28/07Very nice to be out... cool morning. Wanted to hit hurkey but just not in the mood to drive out there. Might try and do another set of rings tonight. 
trekstorm04/28/07Really warm ride. Air was very still much of the ride. 
ghixon04/24/07Not a bad trail until you get attacked by the mutant bugs from the fuel refinery. 
ghixon04/24/07The climb is a bit easier on this side rather than the south face trails. Overall, the trail is a good way to try out your climin' legs. Be sure to apply bug repellant before attempting this ride. The trail is alot of fun, but the bugs are annoying. 
JCampbell04/19/07Finished this in the dark again. Did a a big variation, but mileage was right there. Worst ride there to date. I had no energy. 
House04/15/072nd lap. 
JCampbell04/11/07Afternoon solo ride... Did a slight variation of this. Did all of the southern stuff then up to northridge and back down back up telegrap and up bovinian and back to rimcrest. Met some dudes there at four corners. I was tired by then and went super slow all the way back. Telegraph pn the way back from Aliso always gets me. I lover the ride, but for some reason I am worked after that part and it takes me a long time to recover. Growth is coming and its already bothersome on raptor. 
That's How I Roll04/11/071ST Route 
trekstorm04/07/07Where's the sun? Cool but pleasant ride. 
shrek04/04/07Well first time there. Dropped the map and had to backtrack for about a mile and a half. Met up with some teachers on break and rode with them. Did about 24 miles instead of 20. Time is an estimate. 
JCampbell03/31/07Nice morning ride... Had an allergy attack! Spring is in the air. 
trickster03/31/07Saw a couple of deer on North Ridge. 
trekstorm03/26/07Wow! What happened to our nice weather? I guess it must be fall already. Much colder ride than in Vegas but happy to be back. 
JCampbell03/24/07Spent half the day on the bike today. Got passed twice by the Sho-Air Guy. Humbling! Met alot of new people today. Saw a nice coyote and some cows. 
TRB03/20/07Afternoon solo, very drizzly and windy. Just eough moisture to make a real mess out of me and my bike. 
JCampbell03/18/07Second ride, but did it by myself and flew. Very tired now! 
trekstorm03/17/07Late afternoon ride. Warm temps and quite a head wind on the way back. 
mike ramirez02/28/07Telegraph canyon to little canyon ending south ridge back to telegraph canyon. Good ride after work. Windy, some muddy spots. 10 miles total. 
trekstorm02/25/07Wow! What happened to all that sun this AM? Should have rode then. Afternoon ride with lots of clouds and strong cold wind to boot. BRRRR! Really felt it on the return. 
mike ramirez02/24/07rode telegraph canyon 12.5 mi total. 
mike ramirez02/24/07rode telegraph canyon route in chino hills 12.5 miles total. Nice break from steep hills on north ridge & south ridge trails. 
trekstorm02/22/07Worked half day decided to long ride before the rains come. Rain!!? Did I say that? Silly me. I forgot we won't any rain. 
jasonmason02/18/07Pretty much the same, but started from rim crest and went clockwise...explored sidewinder and Skully ridge before heaing into the wind and back home climbing up south ridge. Ugh! 
trekstorm02/17/07Great weather, great ride. Even encountered a cow standing in the middle of the trail past 4 corners. 
Two Tired02/17/07First time at Chino Hills. Good place for training. Lots of climbs. Started to get hot towards the end. Saw my first snake for this year. 
bluerider102/16/07It was hoooot today in the trail it felt like 85 degrees.. 6 rider friends showed up and soaked up the sun. We had fun nevertheless 
trekstorm02/04/07Super Bowl!!? What Super Bowl. Too nice a day to spend indoors. 78 with a nice little warm breeze. Had much more fun being in the saddle. 
bluefog02/03/07This is a great place for traning. The trail is a challenge, especially if your not a climber. Steady climb! 
Hal02/03/07Beautiful day! I was fortunate enough to run into Rene on Northridge and we did the rest of the ride together, both of us on hardtails! Great to be out there. 
bluerider102/02/07some muddy spots on the trail. We had a group of 7. The temperature was good even until past noon. 
quad damage01/29/07First ride of the day in Chino Hills. Rode with Matt, Troy and Andrew. Theme for the day was being far behind my buddies. Ha. 
That's How I Roll01/28/071st route 
Hal01/28/07Felt strong today despite working last night. A new personal best time. I think JR's monster ride yesterday inspired me today. 
Winger01/27/07Quite a grind. It seemed like we were going uphill most of the time, but the final descent was pretty fast & fun. 
Hermit01/27/07Nice ride with the gang. Lots of up and down. 
ThinkFast01/27/07Lap 1 of 3 in Chino Hills. Good times with Matt, Andrew and Ryan. 
granny ring01/25/07The second half of Raptor is a great flowing singletrack. The fireroads are a good consistent grind 
sweeper01/20/07great ride with danny,was a nice day to ride. 
trekstorm01/14/07COLD!!!! 26 degres at the start. I need a parka! 
Hal01/10/07Fun ride with Jared. Ran into Julio and Rene to round out the group. 
MF TITAN01/06/07slight breeze / good trail conditions 
Royster7101/06/07Damn it was freakin cold I almost woosed out and turned around it was so cold! Now Mojo if I didnt stand up on that hill I would have cleaned it. So dont be trying to give me any shit cause Im the MAN! 
RollnStone01/01/07Great New Year Day ride. After riding over 16 miles I was thinking that the "best fire road decent available to mountain bikers" had better be very good. It was! I wish I could hold that kind of speed through the turns on Harding. 
trickster12/30/06Started from the east, at Telegraph. 
animaltico12/28/06fun ride with the sho-air team .. scott , fuzzy , josh , ty , justin & jason .. 
Sky-King12/26/06Great ride today with Justin, George, Fuzzy, Ty, Josh, and Jason of Team Sho-Air. 
josh smith12/26/06sho-air group ride 
Sky-King12/24/06nice training ride with justin. 
mt dew12/03/06good ride trail is much better than last time i was here thanks to the light rain. strong wind and tired legs made route more challenging. 
Zippy11/22/06I added sidewinder and Bane Ridege singletracks to this ride. Some of the trails are in poor condition from grading and from dead grass all over the trails. Mc Dermot is totally unrideable in the up direction due to 6" of topsoil. Oh well, a bad day riding is better than a good day at work. 
DennisT11/14/06McDermont is a mess. Was it ever do-able? 
Rocky Mountain11/02/06Not strong enough for the quicksand on the climb on McDermont and North Ridge - Epic ride for this out of shape rider 
Franco10/28/06Long, Fun ride. I ignored the wind advisory today and then realized. "It's windy!" 
ericfoltz10/25/06Got pretty warm after the sun burned through. 
ericfoltz10/25/06Good long route. North ridge has some loose sections (usually on the climbs) that are pretty annoying. 
G.T. Jake10/24/06nice comfortable ride. isolation was nice. 
jekyllrider09/25/06Ride with SBMBC. 
rmeaux09/17/06Great training ride with some long hills to climb. Single track down Raptor Ridge is overgrown with dead grass and it is very slippery. Needless to say around 8.5 mileas from start I went down. Finished the ride from that point on with a lot of pain. McDermon Ridge is very loose and near impossible to peddle up and the walk for me was painful due to the pain in my hip. Bummer! 
Pan Man08/08/06too much loose sand on North-Ridge (east). Raptor is still a hay-ride. 
milatime08/06/06It was pretty warm out there today. Raptor ridge is still a little overgrown but getting better. 
milatime08/01/06Another good ride! 
mt dew07/31/06misty and cool today. all of trail is very rideable(except mcdermott) with most of fireroads freshly graded. 
lhbert07/06/06Raptor Ridge still very overgrown and the fire roads have been recently graded, which made for some tough uphill climbs. Still had a great ride with Jeff and John. Beats a Monday at work. 
24hourblur05/25/06Recovery ride from Xterra. Ever since the flood here 2 years ago this place is awful. Why don't they clean it up?!? 
Cycling Escapes05/11/0633 miles 
Sleestack05/08/06Perfect day for a ride at Chino Hills with SkyKing. Lots of hikers, a few snakes and tons of weeds. 
Sky-King05/07/06great time with justin, we did this ride and the south ridge. great day, caught two snakes :) 
MF TITAN04/28/06Any one doing this trail needs to beaware that raptor ridge is very overgrown.Need to watch for trail heads 
Gerry Lattimer04/23/06Passed a bunch of muddy morning riders loading in the parking lot. Trails had dried out by my noon ride though. Single track and South Ridge had a lot of vegetation. Added an extra climb of Telegraph and descent of South Ridge by the Park Heaquarters. 
Shake Dust03/27/06Weeds are out of control on Raptor...fyi, after the tower on Raptor stay to the left on the fire road. The weeds/grass had grown up around a pot hole that was hiding a boulder...I don't know what hurts more, my knee or my ego. Another week or so and you will need loppers to ride the singletrack. 
Hal03/25/06Good ride with Jr this am. We both made it up the 3 B's . 
Despacio03/25/06good early ride with hal in his back yard,my first time making it up the 3rd beee ,felt good to finally make it ! (: love my stumpy 
Zippy02/25/06Raptor ridge and McDermont springs are really torn up from equestrians riding in the mud. Animal count: 1 Coyote and three cows that broke into the park through the fence. Be warned: since this is a state park, it is closed after dusk and after rain; there is a speed limit and the Ranger's WILL ticket you. Aside from that, there are LOTS of cool trails is this park and I recommend picking up a map and exploring. Enjoy! 
royta02/17/06Nice fun ride. The morning climb was a little chilly, but I soon warmed up. The North Ridge downhill was a bit cooler, but it was short enough to not make it worth it to pull on a jacket. Stopped and picked up a little trash at the Bovinian shelter. Looking forward to the second time now that I know all the turns. 
dualdale02/17/06First time here, great riding. 
jsiegle02/15/06started up north ridge instead of south ridge then onto raptor ridge back to telegraph and up bovinian to south ridge and south ridge back to the start. 
K0KE02/09/06Nice early morning ride with Hal and Jr. Made it up Three B*tches! 
Despacio02/09/06nice undercover ride with hal and craig,got good view of sierra fire ): 
dPerez02/04/06climbed Northridge instead of Southridge. 
ewing1301/09/06A great work-out! 
lordmora01/08/06Well I don't know that I need to do this one again. . . It was a good ride, but mostly fireroad. The single track was ok, but if you really want exceptional singletrack with a good climb, the luge at cooks corner beats it. 
K0KE12/21/05Great early ride with Jr Munoz. That hilly section called "Three B*tches" is aptly named! 
Despacio12/21/05early morning ride with the mountain goat named koke,things are back to normal with me chasing him! the ride is fun and the climbing is relentless. 
Shake Dust12/19/05Great ride w/ mur-man. 
Murmur12/18/05Nobody signed up for my Blackstar/Motorway ride - so I did this one with skass instead. Fun ride - love the end. Tough climbs mixed in there too. Found a tick on my stomach afterward. 
24hourblur12/03/05Still alot of dry grass that cuts your legs up. 
TRB12/03/05OUCH!!! did someone mention a LOT of climbing on this route??? I thought I would use this ride to work off the pain of last nights Xmas party but I think I was packing "Captain Morgan" along the entire ride. The weather could not have been more perfect. (My legs are toast, I think I need a few days off)....... ;-) 
Johnny Dirt11/27/05I've been wanting to ride this park for over a year. First time here, and did Twin Rings, sweet. Thanks for the killer ride and spot-on directions. 
Sleestack11/13/05Great ride with SkyKing, Animaltico, Pilo and Billy. Lots of consistent fireroad climbing with fun grass+dirt single track; Big 3.5 mile rewarding finish consisting of split fireroad to the end. Thanks for mapping this one Terry and SkyKing :) 
Sky-King11/13/05Great time with Billy, George, Pilo, and Justin (my bro). Very hot on parts of the ride (no wind) and perfect on others (with the wind). Billy and George smoked me on the downhill 3.5 mile decent, George actually hit 45 mph! Too fast for me. I am taking Wednesday off to create 3 more routes for this ride; they will be around a 10 to 12 mile ride each. Scott 
Terry Best11/13/05Great reconaissance ride with Sky-King. Had a HUGE headache the entire time that would pound away whenever I started to push it. Cool place to ride, I'll be back for sure. 
Sky-King11/12/05Did this ride yesterday with Tbest to make the route. We had a great time, this is an awesome ride if you like climbing, with lots of Fire Road and Single track mixed together, oh and did I say lots of Climbing! It has an awesome 3.6 mile decent at the end of the ride that is pure adrenaline and we averaged 30+ miles an hour with little or no braking. I just purchased my new Garmin Foretrex 201 from Doug (Geoladders) today and I will be making 4 or 5 variations of this route over the next week or so. 

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