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O\'Neill / Tijeras Creek Loop

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Dmac09/01/14Late start , hot ! 
Dmac01/17/14Off work ride 
Dmac12/24/13Stumpy riding strong !! Merry xmas 
Dmac12/01/13A few adjustments to the new stumpy - Nice! 
Dmac08/03/13lap one 
Dmac03/15/13Rwanda training 
Dmac04/06/12Nice !! 
Dmac02/20/121st ride back since _MCL tear last year - it hurt ! - but knees seems fine. 
Dmac08/30/11Mid day ride - Hot, but not that bad 
Dmac11/06/10Morning spin with Bob. 
Dmac07/18/10Hit it up early weather was nice. 
Dmac07/05/10First ride in a week. 
Dmac04/24/10Also added the Luge. 
Dmac04/03/10Sweet ride with Bob. 
Dmac10/19/09Nice ride after work. 
teamshort07/03/09Fun route 
teamshort07/03/09STR slacker ride. Fun ride with a great group of people. 

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