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Whiting Ranch - Santiago Truck Trail

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dandrews05/05/19Good ride with Jimmy. 
dandrews03/07/18bumpy ride on the rigid 
dandrews10/01/16tons of riders, tons of fun 
dandrews01/16/16awesome day 
dandrews08/20/15good ride 
dandrews08/01/15nice evening ride 
dandrews06/25/15nice evening ride 
dandrews06/16/15Good ride, good to see Don up there! 
dandrews05/23/15nice day, lots of people out. 
dandrews01/17/15couple motorcycles and trucks having fun up top, by cadillac 
dandrews12/02/13good ride 
dandrews10/25/13bumpy on the rigid 
dandrews08/03/13good one 
dandrews10/07/12Good ride, did same one yesterday, felt better today. 
dandrews07/26/12good ride 
dandrews07/20/12had to ride in the dark a bit, forgot to bring a light, thought I could make it. 
dandrews05/22/12Started too late and got caught in the dark, for a little adventure. 
dandrews11/08/11Just before dark. 
dandrews09/29/11Great day to ride. [175m] 
dandrews09/17/11getting better crossing the whiting beaches 
dandrews09/13/11Good afternoon ride. 
ZULU06/30/11Oh my this was both fun and grewling on the SS. Great route and lots of climbing. Started from Wahoos, thru Whiting then up the STT to Old Camp. Fun ride down and the trail is in great condition. 
dandrews10/16/10just before dark, fog, mist, a few riders out 
dandrews10/13/10had a cold for the last week, good to be back riding 
dandrews09/17/10finished in the dark 
dandrews07/23/10evening ride 
dandrews03/22/10Perfect day! 
dandrews02/17/10sidewall flat, had to limp back to the car 
dandrews01/09/10Did this after the fontana race, (which was really fun but not much over an hour of riding). 
dandrews11/30/09Saw the gang of 4 flying down after Joplin. They were having to much fun! ...should have gone with them. 
dandrews05/19/09Met Kevin at old camp, chatted about trails in the San Gabriels. 
dandrews05/16/09Slightly less pavement than the luge version of this. 
dandrews05/16/09Nice day, went through two swarms of bees, but survived. 

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