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El Moro: Redtail Ridge - Rattlesnake

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genusmtbkr501/13/13TAV today. Weather was nice and cool, but not freezing. Trails in good shape. Lots of hikers out. 
Zippy09/21/11After work ride. No hurry here. 
Diggins1306/02/11Ran into a bobcat on Mach One yesterday. 
Two Tired03/07/11Rode last Tuesday. Forgot to post until now. Trails had dried up and were perfectly tacky but not muddy at all. Not sure now with the rain. 
TomG11/16/10Had the whole park to myself. 
angry red squirrel09/28/10yes the bicycle gods have answered all our prayers and turned the ac on!got the fox n curnutt shocks dialed in finally after a dozen rides,now it rides soft n plush like my grlfrnds azz-!!! 
angry red squirrel09/24/10didnt run over any rabbits,so i guess it was a good day!!! 
kmannen08/09/10Great single track in San Clemente followed by a ride down the path to Tressles 
angry red squirrel08/03/10houston we have a problem!mon ride-a lot of flex in the bike,adjusted shock?still a lot of flex,kept riding,went dwn rtlsnk,sheared rear derailleur in half,stopped looked at the damage,noticed framed cracked beyond repair/hab back to car-guess i got my moneys worth/it was a 1998 down hill frame 
angry red squirrel07/21/101 of 2 
angry red squirrel07/21/102 0f 2-now i have 2 piss like a racehorse after drinking a 3 jumbo cups of coffee!!! 
angry red squirrel07/08/10eve ride bike test 2-bike is still in one piece so thats a good start- and no suicidal bunnies 
angry red squirrel06/11/10wabbit season-too many in the am,we both zig zagged in the same direction,slammed brakes on,rabbit lived to see another day-must be that lucky rabbits foot! 
angry red squirrel06/05/10cool overcast am,more rabbits than peeps 
angry red squirrel05/14/10am ride-more rabbits than mtbr peeps out like usual,took the hardtail out,easy on the climbs -it sucked on rattlesnake 
angry red squirrel05/08/10friday ride-took the 45lb dh beast for a spin-cruised trough rttlsnk with ease this time,felt like edward scissor hands cutting through the overhead mustard-only mishap a bunny bounced off the front wheel and kept on trucking 
angry red squirrel05/06/10nice day for an ass kicking,got a beat down as if a pinata on cinco de mayo-on rattlesnake-(rock gardens),like baseball 3 strikes and your out,so hoofed it til i cleared it,and i also now know where all the easter rabbits go for summer vacation!!!dodged a s---load of them 
TomG05/05/10Great ride the park is in good shape. 
trekstorm04/23/10Part one of two.Started at the top. Lots of overgrowth from the mustard weeds and was hard seeing from ducking. 
angry red squirrel04/16/102 of 2 loop-lucky rabbits foot my ass,not for the rabbit,clipped its little white tail-at slow speed-ouch-rode on the hard tail-next time gonna bring the full suspension bike- 
trekstorm03/29/10Lots of growth through the singletrack as trail narrows to about 6 inches beyond the rough part of rattlesnake. Good temps but not many riders today. 
TomG01/29/10this park got hit hard by the rains lots of ruts mud and standing water. Went otb after hitting a log, night rides are dangerous! 
Gerry Lattimer09/24/09Nice ride under the sun. Stopped to take lots of pictures. 
angry red squirrel08/31/09cake-i remember when this used to kick my ass-boring now-need to go mountain biking in the mountains!!!i dont know which i like better mtn bkng or surfing- yep surfing so i cut it short and went to catch some waves 
javarocker08/29/09Warm morning ride with Chris, Kelli, Denise and a couple of their friends. 
BetF08/23/09Another rough estimate (this time of ride #1 today). 
TomG07/22/09We saw a good size rattler 3 feet at least 
angry red squirrel07/11/09rode my new girlfriend-uh,i mean new used bike.hey im not married but my wife is-lol,picked up a kona hoss hardtail,thing climbs like a damn mountain goat,ultra light compared to my dh bikes,gonna add a dh stem,platform pedals,now i can do an uber xc ride,aufwiedersehen!!! 
Gerry Lattimer07/10/09Had to squeeze in another one. 
Gerry Lattimer06/22/09Another suspension tuning ride. Upper shock bolt came loose again. 
roo06/20/09So much fun with the fog & rain! 
SlowClimber05/08/09Good ride with Jerry and Jeff.. Enjoyed all of the single tracks in the park. Not many folks out on the trails, only saw a few riders.. 
Gerry Lattimer05/01/09Time to put up the road bike and breakout the mountain bike again. 
javarocker04/30/09Nice after work ride with Guy. 
angry red squirrel04/24/09nothing exciting besides a lot of rabbits playing chicken-"lucky rabbits foot" my ass,wasn't lucky for the rabbit,clipped one(left its white tail for a souvenir)and capped it off w/ some kayaking newport to seal rock in laguna and back-good times 
Wild West04/09/09Another great solo ride at El Moro! Weather was awesome allowing for great visibility! Pretty much had the trail to myself, which allowed for a 40 MPH run down Mach One! 
SAmtn03/28/09Fun ride with Curt, Mike, and SAmtn JR. 
moodyMAGIC03/23/09So we started off trying to do the Laguna Fenceline - Rattlesnake and ended up getting somewhat lost on some hike-a-bike gnarly trail for about 3 miles then made our way out to the other side of the trail on El Moro side...this is the closest to what we did, just adding the Laguna Wilderness climb first... 
Wild West03/21/09By far the best ride that El Moro has to offer! Awesome combo of singeltracks! 
singlespeedrider03/17/09Nice morning ride with Skyler. Have not ridden El Moro in some time. The begining of Ratlesnake is nice and wide now. 
Colt 4503/17/09First lap with Matt. 1-crash but the green stuff made for a nice soft landing. Perfect sunny day. 
Colt 4503/17/092nd lap solo. Had to retrieve some missing gear from my crash on the first lap. Little hot toward the end, but still a nice run. 
TheJohnG03/08/09Me and my boy, learning to ride. What a blast, and him at 11 yrs keeping up, more or less. 
TheJohnG03/08/09very rocky descent on rattlesnake. Well worth it even if there is some hike-a-bike involved. 
4_chew_nut12/20/08Rode this route, but added a bit; started on Newport Coast, went to Lizard, then came back to Rattlesnake and this loop. Rode with Barry, JP, John and Chris. 
klowie12/08/08Brushing on Redtail went too far in my opinion. It is as wide as a fire road now! 
trekstorm12/05/08Late day at work. Just enough time for this. 
genusmtbkr510/23/08TAV patrol El Morro 
singlespeedrider10/12/08Garmin died so not stats..was on long enough to get a 36.8 Max MPH down Mach One. Wanted to do more but Tod's legs were not feeling it. 
slopush09/28/08First time doing this loop and liked it- Mainly because of the company of course! Rode w/ Steelboat, THanson, OClaske, Snoot and JBurkin. Shine was out there too, or was he shopping??? 
singlespeedrider09/21/08I think i can was not to bad today. Forgot my shoes and had to ride in regular skate shoes. First time clearing all of Rattlesnake. 35.3 MPH down Mach One fastest ever on my bike. 
Laggdawg09/14/08Great second ride with Shrpa D 
Bruin09/03/08They've smoothed out many of the ruts on Moro Ridge & Bommer Rd. Rode from Park Ridge. 
northshore09/01/08Great ride with friends but really hot! 
Holy Roller08/13/08A lagging ride, much yawning, just not into untin I went WFO on redtail-rattlesnake! Whoo-hoo! 
trekstorm08/05/08Warm but nice. Not many riders but quite a few hikers. 
Holy Roller07/30/08Actual route with extra singletrack = 10.3 miles with Chris from Colorado 
Holy Roller07/30/08Rode with Chris from FVHS, extra singletrack = 11.0 miles 
genusmtbkr507/18/08TAV Patrol 
trekstorm07/18/08Just a cruise pace. Cool temps as some clouds were starting to roll in. Lots of runners today and a couple of horse riders. 
Holy Roller07/16/08A total of 25 lbs has been lost since I started back on the bike a couple of months ago. SWEET! 
Holy Roller07/14/08Added the ectra 2.5 miles of single track at the end of Fenceline up to the cul-de-sac and then back down the other hidded ST to the campground and up to Red tail and Rattlesnake etc. 42 MPH down Mach one just coasting! 
Holy Roller07/12/08main trail needs some rain to pack down what the rangers bulldozed up- still can't figure out what they were thinking??? 
PaulV05/01/08Similar route - headed out from Ridge Park just after 5 for some after work dirt. Lots of people out enjoying the great weather. Need to install a weed wacker on my bike. 
OTB_again04/27/08What a great ride with the Houser. Hot but a little marine layer later in the day helped out...much more pleasant down in the canyon than up on the ridges. No critters, no crashes...just a great workout and good times. 
Filo03/28/08No Rattlesnakes, but lots of ruts. 
Filo03/28/08What a great ride! 
xcShane03/22/08Didn't feel to good after a few miles. Wanted to do another route but had to cut it short. Seems like after so many rides it's always something. But, I can't complain. Did I get to ride today? Heck ya. 
sparrow03/19/08Added Poles Climb too just for kicks. 
jpotts03/16/08Did a lot more than the miles on the list - went up canyon acres, up laguna wilderness, it became a big ride. it was nice to not have the rain. 
WEFXUM03/16/08Loved the single track!! 
4xdave03/13/08After work ride. Ive been riding about a year now. I'm amazed how much the trails change every season through out the year. Rattlesnake is getting pretty narrow with all the growth. 
jpotts03/09/08did a modified version of this - completed 13 miles on the new single speed 
GoneRiding02/18/08Made time for this one after work. Just about dark when I finished. Rattlesnake is intense -Be careful! 
Flip02/10/08Nice and warm. Great way to start a Sunday. 
PINKY02/07/08Great route, would do it again. take cash for your parking. 
4xdave02/03/08Rattlesnake lines seemed to be alot different. 
javarocker01/12/08Great ride with Andy. Trail is still a little soft and damp. 
RollnStone12/31/07Started from LCWP side which means all the climbing is at the end. Great day for a year ending ride! 
McGrunt12/31/07Cool day along the Coast. Rode with the Kat. It's fun to watch someone trust their bike and push themselves. 
KoolAidKat12/31/07Greatl morning for a ride with McGrunt. Had a great time. Love my Blur 
ThinkFast12/17/07Solo. Quick afternoon loop. 
GoneRiding12/14/07Late post for an afternoon ride today - el moro was great in the afternoon - i need to do more of these friday lunchtime rides - weather was perfect! 
GabrielC12/12/07Beautiful morning along the coast. Trail is in great shape with just a few muddy spots. 
spicolli197611/28/07Great morning for a ride. 
Gerry Lattimer11/28/07Added some climbing in the beginning as a warmup. Rode all of Rattlesnake for the first time 
Phishin Paul11/26/07Cool ride. Something in the air was killing my throat. 
BetF11/25/07A great pre-meal Tofurkey Day ride with ErikMM. (Afterwards, we chowed on delicious gourmet Wellington from Native Foods.) Moro is so cool. I'm glad there's still at least a little relatively untouched coastline in So Cal. 
ErikMM11/24/07went up to "no name" after rattlesnake, then down "no dogs" to parking lot 
ErikMM11/24/07fun...rattle snake is tough, but doable with no taps, I stayed to right...great ocean regulated warmth/coolness...perfect 
trekstorm11/16/07Went on a single track mid way and got lost as it was getting dark. Did about 3 extra miles. Need to do on the weekend to see where I'm at. 
trekstorm11/02/07First time here since last year. Not bad but may want to really explore this. 
kenish10/31/07Had problems finding the trailhead and missed Wild Wild Life by a few minutes. Crashed big time headed downhill. Not really sure where I went from there but eventually found my way back. At least I had my light with me! 
Wild-Wild-Life10/30/07Rode with Q and Gireau. This is always a fun ride with lots of climbing. We did Marie Calenders too. The weather is a lot cooler now and the fires and smoke did not affect us down by the coast. 
spicolli197610/29/07Great ride with my lil' single speed buddy. The air is finally starting to clear up. 
4xdave10/10/07Great ride after work with coworkers. We pushed hard to beat the sunset. 
spicolli197610/09/07Its amazing what a new bike and 4" of travel will do!!!!!! Woo-hoo!!!! Lap 2 for the day. 
dubjay10/08/07Pretty dry out there today. The wind from the weekend made a few spots light and fluffy. 
JCampbell09/17/07This ride started and after the first downhill I was over it. I am officially burnt out on riding. After tommorrows Maple to Motorway I am taking some time off. 
devodoc09/11/07Fun ride but we really could use some rain. Very dusty. Great trail - I need to get out here more often. 
PaulV08/08/07variation (same miles , 500' more vert)Parked off Newport coast (Pavillions) and up Ridge Route into Park. Hit a few trails including Rattlesnake and No Name. Suprisingly nice and cool. 
Gerry Lattimer07/27/07 
trickster07/09/07Cleaned Rattlesnake, FINALLY! 
smithg07/02/07Forgot to turn in the 305 until I got to Dear Canyon. 
MTB G05/27/07 
dubjay05/21/07Started from Ridge Park. Was a little chilly this afternoon - had to break out the knee warmers. 
rmille4005/19/07No snakes on trail..... yet!!! 
gkedan05/09/07Ride with Corby 
cdemeis05/09/07Rode with Golan. Middle ringed I Think I Can. 
dubjay04/11/07Started from Ridge Park instead of the main parking lot. Some of the brush is starting to get a little overgrown near the top of Rattlesnake. 
Gerry Lattimer04/09/07A lovely Easter ride with almost no one in the back sections of the park and the parking was free too. Added some extra climbing to no name after the finish. 
FalseSummit03/29/07Easy spin to work out the legs. 
Tom Kore No More03/17/07Got my Mountain bike back. Yeaaaa! Had to go on another ride to feel joys of suspension once again. I was feeling tired from the other rides today. 
trickster02/22/07Almost rode all of Rattlesnake. So close I can taste it! Tastes like chicken! 
That's How I Roll02/18/073rd route today 
Mtnlion02/17/07Nice warm day; not as clear as most. Did a modified ride and took Ridgeline from Fenceline and dropped into Ticketron back up to Redtail Ridge. Both of us went OTB on Rattlesnake/Rock Garden but no first aid required. 
Mooserider02/03/07Good ride first time doing it, Coming down Rattlesnake is pritt tec. Road it with Keegan. 
Mooserider02/03/07Good ride some tec decent 
Mtnlion01/14/07Rode with friends today and took in the great scenery. Did the ride for ambience and good time was had by all. Great Sunday! 
ThinkFast01/09/07Solo ride on the HT. 
Von-Skipp01/03/07solo ride. beautiful day today! 
mtnbikej01/01/07Great New Years day ride with freinds. Rode some trails I have never been on. Lots of hikers, otherwise it was not crowded at all. 
Mtnlion12/24/06Very good riding weather. Met Frank n Deb on their sweet new bikes and had a great day. Merry Christmas! 
trickster12/15/06Early morning fog, hard to see. 
trickster12/13/06Started @ 6;00 AM in the dark w/no headlight. Foggy and muddy. 
CTrask11/16/06Warm up ride before hooking up with Thinkfast and Granny ring on the Dual Loop. 
Mtnlion11/11/06Great riding weather today and fun single tracks. Tough going in the "rock garden" near bottom of Rattle Snake. 
DONALD JACKSON10/13/06rode ELi started at 1;30 
~ Pakiha ~09/16/06 
Keith B09/04/061st time riding at El Moro. 'I think I can' is a nice climb' & the single track sections are fun. Great view of the ocean in places. 
Terry Best08/03/06last loop of the day yesterday. Towards the end of the day more MTBers came out. Great to see them as it had been a long & lonely day. 
Westermeyer07/06/06Did this route again, but added Old Emerald prior to Missing Link and Rattlesnake. 2,227 feet, 12.52 miles. 
pmortuary07/06/06Lovly 6 mile ride and 4 mile hike three flats 
Westermeyer06/30/06Rode from Gelsons near Fashion Island and added Old Emerald to ride. 3,300 feet and 19 miles total. 
McGrunt06/29/06Riding with my wife is always fun. She made every hill climb. Great to see her gaining climbing endurance. 
Ben Boronow06/24/06It was overcast and cool. The beginning of Redtail Ridge is getting pretty overgrown, but overall the ride was really nice. 
dleasure06/14/06Beautiful afternoon ride and sunset. This is probably the last ride I'll get to do until I get back in October. 
dleasure06/12/06Another ride with my big bro before he heads back East. Perfect day for a coastal ride. 
devodoc06/03/06I really enjoy this route. I can't believe it has taken me 7 months to get back here. Redtail and Rattlesnake are a blast. Nice ride with Kdawg, Phil B, Jeff, and Chris. 
77CJ706/01/06Actually bumped into a rattlesnake on last single track section. I have pictures, first one very shaky. Great Singletrack. 
dleasure05/31/06Great after work ride. 
Royster7105/27/06This would be the closest thing to what we rode. Did about 3 miles more. If you like to climb El moro is the place. There was about 5 of us today. Had a great time guys. Rode an epic my other bike was in shop. Epic was fast on straight aways but downhill was a bit slower. 
xhuskr05/09/06Mild alterations for a wee bit over 10 miles. Brought our "newbies" with us and their new bikes. Nice cool weather out and Rattlesnake is so overgrown it's more tunnel-like than singletrack....awesome! 
Westermeyer05/01/06Rode East Cut Across, Redtail Ridge and Rattlesnake and added 5 miles of exploration in Laguna Coast Park 
dleasure04/29/06Shaved alittle time off this ride. Lots of folks out enjoying the day. 
a3brown04/27/06Nice ride, enjoyed the steep rocky descent of Rattlesnake. Bent my derailleur hanger. Everything is so green right now! Parts of the single track were down to about 8-12 inches wide at shoulder level due to the encroaching bushes. 
McGrunt04/24/06Had fun riding with my wife. Always fun talking to other riders. Isn't it great to ride during the spring green. 
McGrunt04/14/06Rode with John. Great to see him make "I Think I Can". Beautiful yellow bushes lining Mach-One and all the roads. 
dleasure04/12/06Good morning ride. Trails aren't as rutted out as last week. Still a bit over grown though. 
PaulV04/12/06Parked off Newport Coast, up Ridge Route (paved) and in. ^Deer Canyon, v_Redtail/Rattlesnake/Mach1, ^I ThinkICan/MoroRidge,>ML/Fenceline>, back v_Ridge Route, back to Newport Coast 
dleasure04/07/06A bit more challenging after the rains. Sacrificed some flesh on Redtail singletrack with an OTB and put a nice gash in the sidewall of a new tire. Stans got me out though. 
dleasure04/03/06Had to get a ride in before the next round of rain. Beat the sunset but not the rain. Incredible late afternoon views at the top. Some of the trails are starting to get overgrown. 
dleasure03/23/06Nothing like an early morning endo on the Redtail Ridge downhill to wake you up! 
dleasure03/16/06Nice early A.M. ride with lbrider. 
dleasure03/14/06Trail is smooth and fast. Underestimated how quickly it gets dark. Rode the last mile or so in the dark and a bit slower than I would have liked to. Come on daylight savings! 
tkblazer03/05/06great ride, took 3 friends along for a ride. almost crashed into another rider on missing link tho 
Tony M02/28/06Go Karate Monkey 
smevog02/25/06Have ridden at El Moro many times, today was the first time for Rattlesanke. What a ride!!! We'll be back! 
KoolAidKat02/25/06Beautiful day out with my husband, McGrunt. Made "I think I can for the first time!!!!" 
McGrunt02/13/06My Bride and I had a fun, hot ride. You could see Catalina from the ridges. 
TRB02/13/06great views this afternoon. 
KoolAidKat02/13/06First time ride with my husband. Had a great time. The first hill about killed me. Enjoyed the cheerleaders along the way. 
McGrunt02/06/06Glen and I had a great time. A little wet and misty when we started but it warmed up later. Rattlesnake was broken up in one section. 
klowie01/27/06Didn't bleed on rattlesnake this time. 
Duke77701/16/06Fun single track, got really nice flow to it. Rattle snake is getting deadlier every year. 
bossvader01/01/06Conditions at El Moro are as good as I remember in recent history: Firm and Fast. Noticed some work being done on rattelsnake, plenty of good lines. Also Climbed No Dogs. 
lordmora12/27/05Started at the wrong gate and had to go down Mach 1 to E. Cut across and I think I can. Accidentally took Slow and Easy and had to take Elevator back up. Total 12.5 miles. I did a little math to figure out the actual 9.9 mile ride. Rode all of it Plus some! 
PHAT TIRE12/20/05Great Morning Ride! Sunrise was awesome at Moro Ridge. 
klowie12/15/05racing the setting sun 
tkblazer11/20/05estimating this time as my cateye wasn't working for part of the time. overall great ride, no crashes. bent a derailer hanger and it was pretty hot out 
vapor11/20/05Feels good to get back to riding regularly but at the same time I miss the longer rides. Took a break from work and went for a solo mellow ride. 
Murmur11/14/05Great ride. Legs felt awesome - and I love Redtail / Rattlesnake. No crashes today. 
tkblazer11/12/05started by climbing BFI instead of going to east cut across rd. crashed on redtail since i couldn't get unclipped in time and cut up my knee and pulled a calf muscle. otherwise fun ride and saw a baby mountain lion on my way out going down el moro ridge 
devodoc11/05/05Was never a huge fan of El Moro until I rode this. It's got everything. A must ride... 
TRB11/05/05Dropped in from the top off of Ridge Park and did a double loop with El moro Canyon. The weather was perfect and the views are unbeatable. fenceline, redtail and rattlesnake are great tracks. Could not ask for a better way to start the day. 
Scottster11/05/05First of two laps with Kentonn 
kentonn11/05/05First of two rides with Scottster. Perfect weather, great ride! 
Red Ryder10/26/05I'm really happy this loop is an official route. Its a good combination of climbing, fun single track, tech. single track, and a speed run. Trail conditions are still good with almost no soft spots. 
Two Tired10/25/05Nice cool weather and trails were packed down from recent light rains. A great route. 
Terry Best10/20/05Fun times. I love the Fenceline and Redtail singletracks. East Cut Across is a very pleasant climb as well. 

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