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2009 Project Rwanda 50 Mile Ride

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Boerseun07/24/10A mellow ride with SAMtn and SAMtn Jnr. Jnr rode well - his longest ride to date. Saw lots of hikers, bikers & horses out today. Stopped @ RSM h/school pool for a hamburger lunch. The days before Tour de Tuli are few...I'm better prepared than last year, but... 
SAmtn07/24/10Nice ride with Boerseun and Jr. Jr made it and was still in good spirits. We're ready for Tuli. 
Boerseun07/12/10Early morning ride with SAMtn...riding Tour de Tuli in a little over 3 weeks. 
Fast Turtle06/13/10Cool morning to start a 50 mile ride. Started with 10 people with 5 doing the 50 and 5 doing 25. At mile 35 I always question why I committed to 50. Great day with a great group. 
slopush06/12/10We had perfect, cool weather for this morning's ride. Started w/ 10 riders and finished with Boerseun, Steelboat, Shine and FastTurtle. The best part was meeting up w/ my wife and daughter on the Arroyo Trabuco trail while they were doing their 12 mile ride. Watching my daughter set a fast pace on her bike was awesome! 
Manuel71404/14/10Great times! Met up with Ed for BBQ, also ran into Mike & Kevin. Good to see them again. Epic did great no chain suck, but I did stop at every aid station to get the chain cleaned and lubed. 
RoughRiderR04/12/10Great event. 1st time. Would do it again. Thanks to Shimano-Derrick for fixing my loose cassette. Had a really great time riding with the guys; Iboto, Bro-wen, Sarah, Rob, Jeff, Daniel, Paul, Graham... At times it seemed like a race. Especially when the event leaders passed at full speed. I think I got that out of my system with the CC. Cruised most of the course, which was nice but had a couple hammer sessions with Keith, including the last 5 miles. 
5Large04/12/10Another great event ! Thank you to Doug and all the volunteers ! 
sbk04/11/10Good times. 
Warhorse04/11/10A great ride, thanks to every volunteer that helped out on the course turns and at each check point. 
A bit more technical04/11/10Great ride with Matt, Scott, Doug and Troy. I was cramping most of the day and Troy hung with mr granny gear 
Hermit04/11/10GT. Another fun Rwanda ride in the books. Having done no long rides for a while, the last 15 miles really took their toll. Was nice to recover at Cook's with burgers, beer, and my buds after the ride. Good seeing everyone else out there! 
kenish04/11/10Did the 25, this was my first organized ride and I had a blast! My bro, friends, and coworkers bailed, their loss! I did it solo but met a lot of people on the ride! Thank you volunteers, riders, and sponsors! My Allstate agent was one of them, I had no idea he is so into the sport! Went down hard on the downhill from the ridge towards Antonio. Was tailgaiting a kid, he went down and I did too. My own damn fault. My hand is blue and puffy, either a sprain or I'm turning into a Smurf! 
Two Tired04/11/10Great ride and event. Huge turnout. Weather was great and the hills were incredibly green. Was not quite ready for this many miles, but managed to finish. 
ryanarciero04/10/10That was a tough ride. I think it was harder than the Coup for me. I for sure felt more tire after this one. Great ride with Derek N and Mike Z. 
UphillRider6504/10/10Great weather for today’s ride. Nice meeting John (One Flew OTB) and seeing Troy (Thinkfast), Josh (Tweasol) and Steve (Steveo Carrillo). Also met a guy named Mark not on Geo yet but should be, he ran thru that course pretty fasts for only riding twice a week. Only had one problem, flatted about 25miles out took 8 min to change tubes. 
drg04/10/10Great turnout! Goodnight! 
House04/10/10Fun ride with Mark, Troy, Matt and Scott. Where did you go, Jim? I didn't win a thing in the raffle. Troy's fault. 
Tick Magnet04/10/10Another great ride today with perfect weather. Lots of friendly happy people on the trail. 
chanson04/10/10good ride with loads and loads of people today at the Rwanda Fundraiser... 
El Chupacabra04/10/10Many thanks to those that made this year's ride so much fun! 
Rowsby04/10/10Perfect day to ride a bike. I rode a Hardtail so my ass feels like the prison bitch right now! Won a pair of Oakleys for the 2nd year running. Thanks to everybody who made the Rwanda ride possible! 
singlespeedrider04/10/10I know this is not a race but it does not mean you can not set your own goals for the day. Last years time 6:29 this year was to do under 6 and completed that. 51 miles of SS hard tail fun thanks to all the volunteers great ride. 
halfasst04/10/10Great Ride, Great People, Great Fun. It is called a "fun" ride, although very tough the volunteers and Project Rwanda make it fun. Thanks to everyone who helped out! 
BoneBag04/10/10I think Im done for a week. 
Quikflip2704/10/10Long day, but seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones made it a great day. Great job everyone!Had a rattler lunge out at me but it missed...interesting happening. 
29 Inch Nails04/10/10Great event,Great People, Great Time! Way to go Project Rwanda - $50k 
gmann04/10/10First time riding over 30 miles. Felt great the whole way. Definetely doing this again next year. 
Keith B04/10/10Lots of riders starting out this morning. I figured it would be quite a mellow ride but it turned out to be a hammerfest. Met my arch-nemesis Tim from the Counting Coup at one of the aid stations. Got pretty toasty later in the day but weather was super otherwise. Funtimes riding with Ian, Paul, Graham, Ryan and Sarah. 
ThinkFast04/10/10Another great Rwanda event. These guys know how to make sure everyone is having a good time. Spent most the ride with Matt, Mark, Doug and Scott. Rode the second leg with Mark. Good to see everyone out there. 
SKINNY04/10/10Ok.. that was tough.. 51 miles is a long distance for a 300lb guy to spend on a borrowed singlespeed.. Not sure I'm going to want to ride coto caspers or tijeras creek anytime soon.. 
redbaron04/10/10Awesome ride today. This was a really great event, and was run like a professional race! The aid stations were the best with all of the orange's, banana's, gatorade, water, and cliff bars you could eat! Great day to be on a MTB and supporting The Project Rwanda Fundraiser!!! 
mathteeecher04/10/10Awesome day!! 
NO GO04/10/10Nice day, Nice event, Nice ride and Good friends. Thanks Twitch, Redbaron, SKINNY, VT1ryan, Shizzel, Jake, Brian and J. Now it's spa time! 
One Flew OTB04/10/10Wow! What a great day, great event, great friends, and great news for Project Rwanda! $50K - a new record for the event. Thanks to the volunteers and the awesome mountain biking community for their participation. Fun times, except for that last damn climb in O'Neill! Nice to meet XCRider and the legend UphillRider55. 
Waldo04/10/10Great day for a great cause. Thank you to all of the many people who make this event happen! 
Twitch04/10/10Great event.... 
jpotts04/10/10fun ride - first 50 miler on mtn...ever I think...did I mention I'm not an endurance rider? but it was for a good cause...but ouch... 
REH04/10/10What a great ride very tuff at times,but fun all the way threw.All the trails were in great shape.Had a blast riding w/my budys G. Lattimer and Randy.I will do this ride again next year for sure,plus its for a great cause. 
XCRider04/10/10Fantastic event. Thanks to the volunteers, and to Trigon and Allstate (and everyone that donated). Aid stations were amazing with techs, lube, and piles of food. First time for me on the Tijeras Creek piece. Especially fun was riding back from Caspers with Stevo, and then spending time at Cooks with him, Lonnie, OneFlewOTB, and FastTurtle. First long ride on a FS bike (Spec Epic demo from RnR). Fast! Much easier on the body too. Nice to see Jason, Sherry, and Tim again too. 
scott v04/10/10It's seven hours after I finished and I am more tired now then any time on the trails. Good times with Troy, Matt, Doug and Mark. 
Fast Turtle04/10/10Great weather. Need to check my IQ since I took a wrong turn and the sign said turn the other way. I followed the riders at the bottom of the hill to the main aid station when I should have turned right. Felt pretty good all day. Added 5 miles to the course. Even the Garmin told me I was off course. 
Phishin Paul04/10/10Fun times with Keith, Graham, Sarah and Ryan. Good pace most of the day. Thanks volunteers! 
tweasol04/10/10Had major mechanical issues only 4 miles in and to make a long story short, my front brake caliper ended up zip-tied to my handlebars... (No front brakes for the ride). Thanks to those who helped try and solve that. Other than that, fun ride. Nice to meet and see all the friendly people out. What reason not to be? Great ride, great volunteers, & a great cause. Time for a new bottom bracket after all the H20 fun. Thanks for the beverage after, Ryan. 
Buffalo04/10/10A big thanks to all the volunteers today. The well placed, well stocked aid stations were great. Thanks for the beers, Mark! 
STEVO CARRILLO04/10/10Great dia! Want to thank all that were involved in this great event. Met and rode with to many names to remember ( fatigue ) but you know who you are, all the locals... Want to give a special shout out to John "IT'S NOT A RACE" Andrews for not only a top ten finish but for his generosity and commitment to the development of this great sport... Oh yeah, and for making 50k possible with his donation thru Allstate Insurance. 
BigT04/10/10Wow... That was fun. That was a bit painful. That was perfect weather. That was an event well done! My first Rwanda Ride and I'm impressed. Won some swag at the end too! :) Beers were excessive. (if that's even possible) Flatted just after the Caspers aid station. Broke two spokes just as I dropped into the creek bed at mile 40 so now I have a warped wheel. Thanks to the nice girl that gave me the twisty tie so I could tie up the spokes. Garmin died. :( 
wraschke03/29/10Tiejras off of antonio is closed cause of the sewage spill they were sending a whole host of trucks down to flush the system. Had a good time though. 
RollnStone01/16/10Great day for a long ride. Broke the chain at mile 30. Saw some deer in Caspers. 
Ladera Dave12/24/09Nice ride with my STR buddies. Great weather and food aferwords. Happy Holidays everyone. 
RoughRiderR11/02/09good ride with the Bboy..Long ride, hot and hard.. I was spent after the 1st hour and a half. I dont know what my problem was. Guess i was having one of those days and probably didnt drink enough water. Maybe my endurance needs a kick.. 
Keith B11/01/09Hella hot out there for an all day ride. Toasty from the word go. Think I consumed 2 full camelbaks of water and still wanted more. Sarah joined Ryan and I for the last 1/3 of the ride. Bizarrely met Sylvia and Mark out there who had also decided to do this ride today. Finished feeling very tired and with pretty bad stomach ache! 
TREE07/20/09Sunday - Needed a long ride, needed to get out of the house, just needed to be. Started at Cooks and suffered at all the same places I always do (especially that first dang climb before dropping into O'Neil). Walked some there and again before hitting the Dove waterfall. Did well out into Caspers but walked again climbing back out. Tijeras was hot, tons of sand down near the jungle, slow back into Oneil and cramped climbing out back to Cooks. BUT I DID IT!! 
wmwbtmp03/25/09Great ride. Exceptional coordinate by the 50mileride crew. 
Rowsby03/23/09Great day riding the Rwanda 50 mile ride. Rode with Chris, Jeff and the other Chris. 
SantaCruz HellRider03/23/09Met ThinkFast & others at the raffle. 
quad damage03/23/09Some of the climbs were tough for me. Legs started hurting at about mile 30. Hands hurt the next day. Need to get a suspension fork. =( Great to see so many friends during/after the ride. 
52Johnny03/23/09Another great Rwanda ride. Great SS ride. Perfect weather. New course was awesome. Everybody was great and it good to know your entry will benefit people in need. The best one yet Dougie Fresh!!! 
mtnbikepej03/22/09Beautiful ride - through Orange Co, 
milatime03/22/09Man this was a great event. Perfect weather, great trails, great people and beer. Can't get much better than that. 
Hermit03/22/09Fun day yesterday. Route is very SS friendly. You can tell a lot of planning goes into an event like this. Thanks to all the volunteers and supporters. Good times hanging out at Cook's after the ride! 
KeepsWhatHappens03/22/09Great event. Great people. Great ride. Perfect weather. 
Blueman03/22/09Really great event this year! Well done. Last year I won so much swag at the raffle I felt a little guilty, so I bought even more tickets this year. Well, I won the Ritchey wheels so next year I'll buy even more! Eventually I won't win and all will be even. 
UphillRider6503/21/09Very nice ride, although too many creek crossing for my liking. Good seeing Tom (Trobe) and Ben (Goldrunner) again. Also meet with Lonnie and Mike for lunch. Great weather for the event didn’t even put on my sunglasses. 
singlespeedrider03/21/09Fun fun fun ride. First 30 were easy. Next 10 were a little tough. The last 10 was down right cruel and I was hating life. I finished and that was my main goal 
Patreek O03/21/09Fun ride nice and cool out lots of riders. Had drive train issues after crossing the creeks. First time past 24 miles but I made it fine. A little tough on the last climb 
5Large03/21/09Fun ride. 
Manuel71403/21/09Big thanks to all of those who made this incredible ride possible. Tons of support at the aid stations, food, mechanics, bike stands, lube; all the goodies. Great riding comrads Mike and Rick kept the fast pace moving and the downhills rocking. I would definently reccomend this route and event to anyone thinking of trying it out, especially the Rambo feeling tall grass forest with the creek crossings. 
Manuel71403/21/09I love the Rambo feeling forest towards the end, espcially the tunnel made only of vines and foilage. 
Permagrin03/21/09*Woohoo!* Knocked 2 hours off my pre-ride and feel goooood! A good ride with awesome volunteers and support and the burgers afterwards hit the spot! 
Flip03/21/09Good day. 
OTB_again03/21/09Great ride for a great cause! Thanks KWH for being a great riding partner today. Fun riding with dwhouse, Hermit, rushak, Nick D. and crew as well. Good to see ckeefe again. Tire trouble slowed me coming out of Coto but it was fun to finish with John, Beth, Brenda, and Joyce - thanks guys! 
Congo Kid03/21/09Perfect day for riding - overcast and cool, with the sun only peeking out 2-3 times for a few minutes toward the end. 1:05 to Dove Canyon Waterfall to reload hydration. 2:39 in Caspers loop. Son met me 4 miles out on west ridge and rode back with me to waterfall. Reloaded hydration and lubed chain. Passed a ton of 25 milers between waterfall and finish line. Rode strong throughout. Food and raffles at Cook's Corner at the finish line. Great event, great cause. Thanks to Doug and the volunteers. 
slopush03/21/09Super fun ride w/ Shine and Nstilwell. Perfect weather, great route, TONS of support people all doing a great job. Burgers & beer w/ the wives afterwards topped off a great day. Felt really good, not tired, stiff or sore at all. Tomorrow may be a different story though. Thanks to Doug for putting this event on, I'll be back next year for sure! 
Shine03/21/09Very enjoyable event! Had a blast w/slopush and nstilwell. No cramping or crashing amongst us. Very good to see so many companies sponsoring this event, lots of raffle prizes and great hospitality by Cooks. 
GoneRiding03/21/09Great ride w/Goldrunner for a great cause. Longest ride to date for me. Saw lots of familiar faces out there today. Some miles with JJ Holiday and irowsby as well as Mikita who pushed Ben and I. Met ridin solo today as well. Good after ride festivities, won a $100 gift card to R&R which will be used up quickly. Hung out w/ Ben, Spartacus, Thinkfast and the Royster. 
dman354003/21/092nd year riding this great ride for a great charity. Big thanks to Doug for pushing this ride out of the cold december weather. Great day for a ride! Only cramped up a dozen or so times! LOL Won 4 Angels/Boston tickets too! Awesome time! 
bossvader03/21/09Wow...I did the whole enchalada on my SS...longest ride to date on the SS. Had a lot of fun, great ride for a great cause. 
Ladera Dave03/21/09Great ride, I swept with Huker & Ken, We finish the sweep at 3:30. Great weather, nice company. Thanks Doug and Rodger for a great event. 
Duke77703/21/09Tons of fun! 
FREEKENGO03/21/09Fun times with the STR sslacker group. 
ridnsolo03/21/09Great event and cause. My longest ride yet. I want to thank the volunteers,and the organizers superb job. It was good to ride w/ you Bill. Also nice to hang out with Ben, and meet Tom, Troy, and Roy. Didn't win anything at the raffle, better luck next year! 
goldrunner03/21/09Nice racing with you today Tom :D Makita, your batteries were definitely charged today. Good luck with the Traverse, haha. Lots of great people out today supporting the cause.... 
29 Inch Nails03/21/09Way too friggin' long 
xhuskr03/21/09Planned on sweeping the 25 mile route, but some peer pressure led me to sweep the 50 miler! Thnx Dave and Matt along with Ken for the fun...except for ALL those flags and markers...but glad none were left behind. Long day, but well worth it..time to go out tonite!! 
JJ Holiday03/21/09Great ride everyone. Thanks to Doug and his team for putting this on. Now if I could just win something in the raffle! 
TioTony03/21/09Great day for Rwanda ride. 
House03/21/09Fun ride with Jason, Matt, Ryan, Nick and Rich. Good to see John and Eric out there as well. 
rushak03/21/09Good times with great friends! Well organized event. Thanks to the project Rwanda crew for setting up an awesome time. 
One Flew OTB03/21/09Great weather, great ride. Felt strong for about 2 1/2 hours, then the pain started :). Happy to finish under 5 hours of ride time. Great seeing so many familiar faces out there. Thanks to everyone for making it a great event. Thanks Mike for pulling me along the last few miles! Scored two gift bags in the raffle - including 100 bucks for Rock N Road Cyclery. That won't last long :) 
davidB.03/21/09STR SS slacker group! 
genusmtbkr503/21/09Great ride with STR SSlackerss. Nice job keeping the group together. 
Permagrin03/15/09Garmin wasn't working but suffice it to say this was a long, hard ride for me being as it was my longest to date. I was good until about mile 35 and it went downhill from there. Hoping for a little better on ride day. 
Twitch03/14/09My biggest MTB ride yet. Great route, perfect weather. Met Ladera Dave out in Coto prerideing the route. Watch out for the rain ruts dropping into Caspers loop. 
Ladera Dave03/14/09Ran into Twitch from STR, 18 riders from Anaheim christian group. Great weather. 
dgrant01/12/09Hey JA, thanks for spending all day in the saddle on behalf of Project Rwanda. You're the best GPS route mapper I know. I appreciated your company, and your CO2 cartridges. :-) 
One Flew OTB01/11/09Great long ride in the OC - most all on dirt! Official route for the 2009 Project Rwanda Fundraiser to be held on Saturday, April 4th 2009 
One Flew OTB01/11/09Long day on the bike w/DG to map the 2009 Project Rwanda 50 Mile Ride Route. Unbelievable weather, awesome views, great company. Thanks Doug! 

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