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Black Mountain/De Luz Preserve Loop

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Dust in the Wind12/03/13Fun little loop, although, it might not be there for long. Houses are going up quick in the valley. Its such a shame to see our trails disappear. 
snmcclune07/03/09Not a bad ride considering I can do this ride from my house and be on dirt 95% of the time. 
snmcclune07/03/09Not a bad loop - I wouldn't travel far to ride it, though. Good for locals who are pressed for time. 
UphillRider6502/03/09Last ride of the day, got back to car before it was too dark. Thanks Steve for going on this adventure with me. 
northshore01/11/09Visiting a friend in SD so I tried this route for the first time. Warm and a long climb from the canyon floor. 
ErikMM01/04/09its a loop w/ many little pay backs 
ErikMM01/04/09nice loop that avoids the rocks and verticals on Black Mountain 
ErikMM01/04/09its just ok 

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