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Peters Cyn/Horse Trails

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RaulC11/23/10Did an OTB's - sore ribs & 3 sttiches over my eye . . . 
Burgemeester11/19/10The "B Team" headed out to look for Shine's oakley glasses, and it turned out to be an interesting spin after RaulC and Jaydog took a wrong turn and RaulC hit a ditch and nearly broke in half. Still, a little DNA on the trail never stopped this stud and we carried on! Hope he's doing better - it sounded painfull and looked worse! 
Burgemeester09/21/10SS. Met up with boerseun early this am for a mellow spin. Bumped in to shine as we were heading out. Thanks boerseun! 
Burgemeester08/09/10A good way to start the day/week with THanson. No incidents and just a mellow pace! Thanks! 
Burgemeester05/05/10A good turnout this morning - felt great to be out on the horse trails! Thanks lads! 
nstilwell08/03/09Time and Calories include a Lake Loop 
mountain coyote05/05/09counterclockwise in 48:30 
mountain coyote03/29/09counterclockwise in 48 minutes including trail along Newport. 
mountain coyote02/28/09clockwise and warm 
mountain coyote02/22/09quick spin clockwise. 
mountaincoyote_old01/19/09There was no one at the Blue Park so i had to go solo. 
slopush11/14/08Too windy to do the Bs so we did this instead. Happy B.Day to Steelboat- the party included OClaske, RaulC and Nicholas. Thanks for the fun morning guys. 
oc_laske11/14/08Wow, it's so much more enjoyable riding this route with my chain wrapped around the gears on my bike (instead of being broken and in my pack). Thanks for the ride guys, and happy b-day old man! 

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