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Fullerton Loop

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thatdave05/20/19Just Peter and I went out for a afternoon ride all good !! 
Auggie04/27/19Good morning for a P.R. 
FRANCHI02/20/19Noon ride. Still chilly at noon. Today I introduced a friend to the Fullerton Loop. He's bought a 2019 Giant Trance 29er I advised him to get because I am very happy with mine. He finished still in good shape. 
FRANCHI02/02/19Night ride. Still fresh mud and mud puddles everywhere from Thursday big rain. Had to ride very cautiously to prevent spills. Low temps in the 50s. 
FRANCHI01/27/19Felt great today in contrast to my previous ride 3 days ago when I felt horrible. 
FRANCHI12/27/18Night ride. While in the neighborhood. 
FRANCHI12/22/18Night ride. Chilly ride. Tacky dirt. 
thatdave12/10/18Was great to get back out on the bike again Ryan and Peter joined me in a fun ride up to the Summit House !! 
thatdave08/26/18Just Peter and I had a great Sunday Funday ride. Rode up to summit house 
thatdave07/22/18Just Peter and I this morning 
thatdave06/15/18263 in the books... With Dave, Herb, and new Hog Ryan, herb on his old bike with a flat and no 26" tube !! 
thatdave06/13/18Solo Ride after work ... Nice to get back on the Loop !! 
thatdave06/08/18Just Joe and I Nice to a after work ride again it was like old times 261 in the books 
FRANCHI05/23/18Night ride. Started pedaling at 4:00am just after work. One fall, nothing major but I hate falling. (New chain) 
thatdave05/20/18Great weather great ride with Herb Peter and I took a fall at the roots hurt my hand 
thatdave05/20/18lap 2 of 2 on the super loop with peter and herb 
thatdave12/30/17Jean herb neil and myself 
FRANCHI12/24/17Night ride just before Christmas. Very cold to chilly. 40F in some places. Few other riders also making it around the loop. 
thatdave12/16/17Just Peter Martinez and I both did well we made good time 
FRANCHI11/11/17Night ride. Good temps. I almost had an OTB when descending the last steep hill because a new pavement placed on the landing road has a shoulder ditch in the shape of a deep "V". So guys be careful. 
SCJim11/08/17I miss my trail in AH! 
FRANCHI08/13/17Training ride 
thatdave07/31/17***New Bike*** Picked up at Rock & Road my new Specialized Camber 2017 and went right over to the F-Loop on the way home 
thatdave07/05/17All by myself had the day off so went for a afternoon ride at the loop 
thatdave06/12/17Solo ride broke spoke in rear wheel 
FRANCHI05/03/17Last Thursday night ride. Unfortunately I ate dirt, in other words I fell. One of those falls that messes you up more than expect. I got a big hematoma in my right thigh that keeps me confined at home. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS! 
dualdale03/30/172 laps, from the house. 26 miles door to door. 
thatdave03/26/17Great day with Dave Gunderson Lisa Gunderson Jean and Luisa who haven't seen in a long time 
thatdave03/19/17Me and Rollins Severance went on the loop for his very first time with his new bike and he did a good job 
randalnelson03/16/17Nice night for a ride! 
thatdave03/06/17Took Jose Santana out for his first time on the loop did a good job I'm sure he will be back for more !! 
motomatt01/16/172nd loop 
randalnelson01/04/17Beat the rain Floop ride. 
randalnelson12/15/16Another late night loop on the Floop 
thatdave12/12/16Great ride with Dave Gunderson and I the trail is in great shape also tried out my brand new brakes so had a little break drag but beautiful 250 in the books 
thatdave12/05/16All by myself while the house was full of kids baking cookies. .249 in the books 
motomatt12/03/162nd loop 
jerrym71412/01/16Only saw one other rider. nice afternoon for a cruise around Fullerton. 
motomatt11/25/16Fullerton Loop 2 lap 
motomatt11/16/162nd loop 
motomatt11/12/162nd loop 
randalnelson11/11/16Nice easy cruise around the Floop. Tatsu's first ride back from foot surgery.Lots of Floopers out Giant was having a demo night. 
motomatt11/09/162nd Loop 
thatdave11/05/16Did a lap and a half so 17 miles with Dave, Lisa, & Kevin, we all had a good day So put 248 laps in the books 2 more to go before my big 250TH !! 
motomatt11/03/162nd loop 
thatdave11/02/16all by myself 
motomatt10/29/162nd loop 
RollnStone10/22/16Nice and cool early morning ride. 
motomatt10/22/162nd loop 
motomatt10/14/162nd loop 
motomatt10/13/162nd loop 
randalnelson10/13/16Great night for a ride! 
motomatt10/12/162nd loop 
motomatt10/09/162nd loop 
motomatt10/08/162nd lap 
motomatt10/06/16Fullerton Loop 2X 
motomatt10/06/162nd lap 
motomatt10/05/16Fullerton Loop 2X 
motomatt10/05/162nd loop 
randalnelson09/11/16100th posted ride on the world famous Fullerton Loop! Every two weeks i am in Fullerton for work so it is awesome to have a place like the Loop to get a ride in. 
thatdave08/15/16Just Herb and I, 246 in the books 
randalnelson08/11/16Got done with work earlier than usual and hit the Loop during daylight, been a long time since that's happened. Good Times! 
thatdave08/01/16All by myself Sunday Fun Ride 
thatdave07/08/16All by myself after work ride 
randalnelson06/30/16Solo night loop,last car left in parking lot 
randalnelson06/17/16Nice evening for a ride, temps cooled down nicely 
randalnelson05/20/16Nice evening ride with Tatsu 
thatdave05/15/16Just Jean and I 
OTHRIDER05/01/16Lap 2 
randalnelson04/28/16Nice night for a ride,got late start,back at the parking lot I was only car left. 
FRANCHI04/15/16Ride ridden last week. 
randalnelson04/15/16Nice night ride with nephew Josh. Lots of people out, typical Thursday night... 
OTHRIDER04/10/16With a little Urban Assault extra credit to enjoy in the sprinkles. 
randalnelson03/18/16Late evening loop with nephew Josh, good ride,lots of riders out on Thursday. 
thatdave03/05/16Dave Lisa jean and I all had a great ride 242 in the books 
randalnelson03/03/16Another late evening loop with Matthew,nice night 
thatdave02/28/16All by myself today The trail was in great shape and Its been awhile sense I have been on the loop .. But 241 loops in the books ... The big 250 ride will be here soon.... 
randalnelson02/04/16Nice night ride with Tatsu, lots of people out on the loop. 
jerrym71412/26/15new (used) bike; Kona Cinder Cone; had to try it out; windy, cool morning 
thatdave11/30/15All by myself today good ride !! 
OTHRIDER11/22/15We joined young Vincent to add the Horse Trails and Urban Assault extra credits. 
jerrym71411/11/15only saw one other rider; quiet vets day 
OCJenn10/19/15Survived my first crash. Luckier than the guy that broke his helmet in 2 and was taken away in an ambulance. 
OCJenn10/12/15It was a beautiful sunrise and we beat the heat.:) 
Diesel09/29/15Last ride on the 26" Stumpjumper, cracked frame, 13,442 miles and 1,240,821 feet in climbing. RIP Stumpy! 
Diesel09/26/15First ride on the 650-B. What a different ride from the 26". Gonna miss the way they climbed and how nimble they were but I think the 650-B is gonna be an awesome ride once I get used to it. It feels like im dragging an anchor uphill but unstoppable going downhill. 
randalnelson09/25/15Warm late evening ride on the Loop. Lots of people riding late tonight. 
OCJenn09/24/15My very first ride ever and I think I am hooked. :) 
OTHRIDER09/20/15Lap 1 left at 65° 
OTHRIDER09/20/15Lap 2 finished at 94° 
OTHRIDER09/12/15Sprinkles kept it cool on the backside climbs 
OTHRIDER09/05/15Friday night with the cross bike. 
OTHRIDER08/30/15Plus the Horse Loop extra credit with Kenny and Brooke before the heat came out 
randalnelson08/28/15Late night loop with Tatsu. Few other groups out late tonight,probably waiting out the heat. Good ride 
randalnelson08/14/15Another late night loop,was still 88 degrees after 8pm. Lots of people coming back in as I was heading out. 
thatdave08/14/15All by myself for a birthday ride. very hot, but very nice to get out and ride. 
OTHRIDER08/01/15Friday Night Backwards Loop with Dan, Sean & Grego. 
randalnelson07/30/15Another late night loop with Matthew 
Diesel07/20/15Slippery when wet! Not to bad should be alright by this afternoon. 
OTHRIDER07/19/15No mud except at the tracks as usual. The cross bike was great in these conditions. 
Fueledbyex907/12/15Nothing like a late evening ride to chase down the sun" nice to ride the loop again as i havent rode here in months..not bad. 
thatdave07/05/154th of July ride Just Jean and I. Jeans new bike and new bars on the Possum 
randalnelson06/26/15Another late night loop. 
randalnelson06/11/15Nice night for the world famous Fullerton Loop! 
OTHRIDER06/07/15First lap 
Tick Magnet06/03/15First time on the loop. Rode with Matt and Vino. 
thatdave05/31/15Just Gary Herb and I we went ahead and made it a super loop 17 miles !! 
OTHRIDER05/28/15Sunday easy STR ride on Cross bike 
jerrym71405/23/15fun on the loop.... 
jerrym71404/27/15Hot day in Fullerton, but still nice enough to ride. Had the loop all to myself. No other riders out. Always a pleasure in Orange County to ride alone. 
goldrunner04/13/15Good Cruise after Saturday's sufferfest.. 
randalnelson03/20/15Yet another late night loop with nephew Matt, good times! 
thatdave03/15/156 of us Dave, Lisa, Gary, Jean, Tom & I went early to beet the heat .. 
Tiger03/15/15Confusing route having to cross streets and find the trail again. Didn't like it that much. Probably won't be back. 
randalnelson03/06/15The Floop with Matthew, lots of people out there,usual Thursday night. 
randalnelson02/20/15Back to back nights for late night loop, Matt and Carl were looping with me tonight 
randalnelson02/19/15Another late night loop with Dave. Lots of bikers out there,most all finishing before we even got started. 
SCJim02/14/15Ride with my trail Valentine, Dan! 
xcShane02/13/15Showed up a saw Jamis doing demo's. Why not right? Finally got on board a 27.5". (2/5) 
Diesel02/06/15400 laps and counting!!! It only has taken 8 years. 
OTHRIDER01/12/15Snuck out Saturday morning before the rains. Not a soul in sight. 
randalnelson01/11/15Late Thursday evening loop with nephew Matt, good times! 
jerrym71401/03/15Cold out there this morning. short ride to get the blood flowing. 
thatdave12/28/14All by Myself All the way to the summit house Actually the 15th 
thatdave12/28/14Meet up with Jean and Luisa today 
randalnelson12/11/14Late night loop,must have rained during the day, dirt was very nice! 
OTHRIDER11/30/14Tour de Tryptophan lap #4 
OTHRIDER11/30/14Tour de Tryptophan #5 
thatdave11/16/14Just Jean and I great ride 
xcShane11/14/14Wow, what a difference new handlebars make! So far, so awesome! 
randalnelson11/13/14Late night loop with my nephew, 1st night ride for him. 
thatdave11/09/14All by myself F-Loop was in good shape 
randalnelson11/03/14Not usually a Sunday destination, however my nephew wanted to try MTB and lives near by, so loaded up the extra bike and hit the Loop with him, he did great. Ready for night ride next week 
randalnelson10/30/14Late night loop with Jesse and friends 
thatdave10/26/14All by myself today 
randalnelson10/25/14Nice Thursday late evening ride with Tatsu,RL and Priscilla 
OTHRIDER10/20/14A one and 
OTHRIDER10/20/14...and a two 
xcShane10/10/14Been a bit. Lap 1 (9/22) x 
Diesel10/07/14Pre dawn ride. 
randalnelson10/03/14Cooled down nicely by 830 PM start time. 
thatdave10/02/14Just Tom and I this was Sundays ride. Could not log in to today ... 
OTHRIDER09/18/14Great temps after the sun went down. 
randalnelson09/18/14Yet another late night loop. 
DONALD JACKSON09/15/14with Cameron. Tom , Robert towards the end 
SCJim09/15/14Sunday ride with the soccer dads. 
OTHRIDER09/15/14Sunday morning, 1 of 2 
OTHRIDER09/15/142 of 2 
jerrym71409/14/14always a quick thrill when you don't have much time. Had a flat tire though, so that was my only stop time. Maybe it's time for the no-tubes. 
randalnelson09/07/14Another late night loop 
DONALD JACKSON09/05/14quick lap with cameron 
OTHRIDER08/17/14Nice to be on the trail before 7. 
mark189008/16/14Hillbilly ride this morning... 
DONALD JACKSON08/15/14Chris, Cameron, Kelly, Dennis Good times 
randalnelson08/14/14Lots of people out tonight 
RollnStone08/02/14Nice overcast morning ride. 
DONALD JACKSON08/01/14Armando and Kelly. 
randalnelson07/31/14Watch out for large, wheel grabbing hole on last section of dirt to golf parking lot. Just after the fallen tree when you drop in off the asphalt road, was OTB for me! 
Diesel07/30/141 of 2 
Diesel07/30/142 of 2 
OTHRIDER07/27/141 of 2 
OTHRIDER07/27/142 of 2 
OTHRIDER07/25/14Finished with lights on, then to Roscoe's for a cold one. 
DONALD JACKSON07/18/14demo 9er AIR. Really nice bike 
shrek07/17/142nd loop 
shrek07/13/141st loop 
OTHRIDER07/13/14Lap 1 of 2 
OTHRIDER07/13/142 of 2 
shrek07/07/141st loop 
OTHRIDER07/06/14A great STR Sunday ride. 
thatdave07/04/14Dave,Lisa, Kevin & I all had a good night ride on the Loop 
xcelratr07/04/14Nice ride today. Expected the trails to be even sandier given how long it's been since we got any real rain, but they weren't too bad. Maybe the wind strips the sand out of some spots. 
DONALD JACKSON07/04/14Steve's birthday ride a classic for sure 
randalnelson07/03/14Late evening loop, cooler but still very humid. 
DONALD JACKSON06/27/14half of my loop was with dennis 
DONALD JACKSON06/27/14Tom Robert Cam 
thatdave06/12/14Just Paul and I did this after work ride on Wednesday night, Pauls 1st time on the loop...Did great 
jerrym71406/07/14getting back in MTB shape after a while off.... fun workout on the loop.... always a fun challenge and fun to pass other people riding the route even though I'm a slow poke. Gives the feel of racing while just cruising. Fun ride. Wish a friend could have gone too. 
DONALD JACKSON06/06/14Chris, Cam, Kelly, Bob B good times 
DONALD JACKSON06/02/14rode with Ray 
xcShane05/30/14Rare ride here for a weekend... Lap 1 
OTHRIDER05/26/14Sunday morning STR ride before heading up to Big Bear. 
DONALD JACKSON05/23/14Kelly on his new spearfish. He's rolling really well on that bike 
randalnelson05/16/14Nice night for a ride, still pretty warm out even after 830PM 
Rumpled05/16/14It was free ride day on Metrolink if you brought a bike - so we did. Took the train from Irvine to meet the Fully Loop crew for a ride. One kide crashed and was escorted home - hope he's alright. Overall a pretty slow ride with lots of regoups. A good time reaquanting with some people and meeting other new people. Huge sammich and a beer at Roscoes completed the evening. Oh yeah - it was almost 100 degrees also. 
thatdave05/14/14All by myself Solo Ride 
GabrielC05/13/14Had to re-route part of this due to tree trimming trail closure. 
thatdave05/09/14Dave,Lisa, Gary and I had a nice Thursday night ride trail was in good shape ...~ 
thatdave05/03/14All by myself lap 1 of 1 
thatdave05/03/14Lap 2 of 2 That's makes 225 loops !! 
Punkie04/23/14dusted the heckler off and got dirty 
thatdave04/21/14All by myself.. Beautiful day for a ride at the F-Loop !! 
DONALD JACKSON04/18/14solo new hard eddie 
DONALD JACKSON04/18/14with /cam 
flomaster04/13/14First time riding the loop 
xcShane04/09/14Great ride w/ a couple of good 'ol boys. Felt like I hadn't done a night loop for quite some time.... x 
OTHRIDER04/05/14Bumped into Brooke, Tim and a few other Sunday regulars. Finished up with Tim, lots of catching up to do. Great ride, thanks. 
randalnelson04/03/14Dirt was great after showers, few puddles here and there 
xhuskr03/27/14Great to be back on the bike...Thursday STR/FB ride..always a good time. 
DONALD JACKSON03/24/14loop with Ray after work 
DONALD JACKSON03/24/142nd loop with Dan 
thatdave03/19/14All by myself Had the day off For my grand daughter Madison was born yesterday 
thatdave03/16/14Tom, Kevin, Herb, Jean & I, And new guy Henry all had a good Ride Herb had a Flat. 13 mile with are extra credit. 
DONALD JACKSON03/14/14nice ride on my vintage Klein with Ray on his vintage GT LT 
randalnelson03/13/14Late night loop with Tatsu and Sean 
BetF03/12/14w/ AMTR 
OTHRIDER03/10/14A fun reverse Loop with Fred, Brownie & Julie. No crowds with the time change! 
DONALD JACKSON03/07/14solo 
DONALD JACKSON03/07/14with Cameron small crew but a fun night 
xcelratr03/05/14Trail is drying up fairly quickly after the rains. Still muddy in a few spots, but totally rideable. There is a tree that's fallen over the trail in the Brea Dam area, just downhill of where the train crosses the paved road that gives access to the dam. Beware. There is enough room to go around it on the left side, but that route was not rideable for me. I took the paved road down. Walking around the fallen tree is an option. More skilled riders than me might be able to ride around it. http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc190/Xcelratr/FLoopFallenTree_zpscac4c154.jpg 
randalnelson02/27/14Another late night loop. 
xcelratr02/21/14After 2 false starts, and a dumb (on my part) crash, got a good ride in. Can't believe how warm it is for Feb. Every ride is a good ride, though. :) 
DONALD JACKSON02/21/14solo 
RollnStone02/19/14Haven't been on the loop in a while, and riding at night, I'm always expecting a new rut or obstacle. Solo ride, only saw one other rider. 
DONALD JACKSON02/14/14Rode with Kelly/Krampos full moon warm winter night 
BetF02/13/14w/ AMTR fellas 
xcelratr02/13/14Took a new-to-FLoop rider around today. I could not keep up with her. :( Always nice to get a good ride in, though, despite the risk to my ego. 
OTHRIDER02/09/14Saturday ride 
OTHRIDER02/09/14Sunday ride 
randalnelson01/30/14Nice night 
DONALD JACKSON01/23/142nd solo again, El Faralito was ok 
xcelratr01/20/14No better way to honor MLK's lifelong achievements than by going out and getting dirty and sweaty. New PR for moving time, but not sure it counts. Spent a lot of time stopped to move the GoPro around. So I got some extra resting in along the way. 
DONALD JACKSON01/17/14warm after work ride 
xcelratr01/11/14First ride after replacing BB5s with BB7s. Also played with GoPro for the first time. Film at 11... http://youtu.be/rHVf-nBzy1M 
xcelratr01/11/14Took a newbie on her 2nd time around FLoop. She did a GREAT job. Tried to get some footage with new GoPro, but failed. 
MTB Fiend01/05/14Saturday ride with KWH and friends. I'm not real keen on Fullerton Loop, but I am real keen on Bootleggers Beer, so there you have it. Happy Trails! 
thatdave01/01/14Dave Lisa Herb Kevin and I .. First ride of the year 
thatdave12/29/13Lap one of 2 
thatdave12/29/13Ed, Gary, and I great day at the Loop ...~ 
OTHRIDER12/16/13Sunday with STR 
thatdave12/14/13Great day for the Loop today Tom, Dave, Herb, Joe, Luisa & I. We all had a good ride. 217 loops in the books 
DONALD JACKSON12/06/13with Chris 
DONALD JACKSON11/22/13Cameron and I, good times 
randalnelson11/20/13Good ride with Cisco, had a bit of rain here and there 
DONALD JACKSON11/15/13solo nice warm eve 
DONALD JACKSON11/15/13Chris Cameron Loren 
RollnStone11/15/13Fighting a cold, but still wanted to ride. Took a nice slow loop enjoying all of the "off the beaten path" diversions. 
randalnelson11/13/13Late night loop, empty trails 
xcelratr11/09/13Nice ride today. Courthouse parking lot was packed with vehicles. Cool air + sunshine = wonderful temperature. 
DONALD JACKSON11/08/13Chris and Jason, Sushi etc.. A great Thursday night 
xcShane11/06/13Rare Sunday afternoon ride here. Lap 1. 
RollnStone10/27/13Easy Cruise. 
Diesel10/26/13300th Lap around the loop!!!! 
randalnelson10/24/13Late night loop with Tatsu 
xcelratr10/20/13Nice ride today. About 6.9 miles in, when going downhill along the south edge of West Coyote Hills Nature Park, heading for N Euclid St, it's sandy enough to put a pretty good wiggle into the bike, and of course there's a big light pole RIGHT next to the trail. I go down that hill in fear of wiggling myself face first into that pole. 
motomatt10/19/13Beautiful Morning :-) loving the low Humidity I did loops 22.6 miles only shows 1 lap? 
motomatt10/12/13Beautiful Misty Morning :-) 
xcelratr10/10/13Trails are in pretty OK shape after yesterday's rain Only standing water I saw was long the train tracks. There were a few other spots that were muddy, but I didn't come across any spots where the wet ground was a handling problem. Yay for tacky dirt instead of sand pits! 
RollnStone10/09/13Wore the rain jacket but no rain. Dirt was sticky but nothing more than a foggy morning. 
RollnStone10/06/133/4 of the ride used lights until the sun came up. Nice and cool in some of the protected areas and in the jungle. 
motomatt10/05/13Beautiful Morning :-) Very Windy 
Jean-Guille10/05/13Hot, windy, and dusty. Rolled on this after having to cut my Main Divide ride short because of the wind. 
xcelratr10/05/13When the wind decides that it's time to ride, To spread a little hell through the heartland, It takes a good long toke then it blows the smoke Through the desert night. 
xcelratr09/28/13Nice ride today, not as hot as I thought it would be. The sandyfication of various spots of the trail continues. We need some rain. Thanks to the girl scout hikers that made room for me at the bottom of the hill. 
DONALD JACKSON09/27/13solo afternoon ride 
DONALD JACKSON09/27/13with Robert, the crew was ahead of us by 10 min 
xcelratr09/25/13First ride after converting to Stan's tubeless. 35 psi F/R. At first I thought I had better traction on the sandy bits, but after a few good wiggles late in the ride, I decided it's about the same. Very nice ride today, cooled off a bit and some occasional clouds helped. 
OTHRIDER09/21/13Caught two 12" gopher snakes within twenty feet of each other behind the dam. Safely deposited off the trail in the brush. That was cool to see. 
randalnelson09/20/13Late night loop with Tatsu, good times 
jerrym71409/19/13quiet on the loop. never saw another rider.... nice quiet ride on a warm morning. 
thatdave09/15/13Just Tom,Kevin & I good riding good times 
DONALD JACKSON09/13/136;30 solo , everyone was running late. 
randalnelson09/06/13Hot and Humid even after 8PM 
DONALD JACKSON09/06/13with Ray yes it was hot and humid at 4 
DONALD JACKSON09/06/13breezer drop outs were moving had to go easy or the wheel would shift and rub With Chris 
DONALD JACKSON08/30/13Tom Robert Linden, 
xcelratr08/29/13Apparently I was the only mtber too dumb to check the weather before riding. Sweet holy moly it was hot. Hot + leg day at the gym yesterday = slow damn ride today. Head's up: the hard left to head down to the RR tracks about 8.8 miles into FLoop has gotten VERY sandy. 
SCJim08/28/13Not the exact ride but with getting lost over and over it's got to be close. Not crazy about this loop but it's near my daughters soccer practice. 
shrek08/26/131st loop 
shrek08/26/132nd loop 
thatdave08/25/13Just Tom and I .. Sunday recovery ride. 
thatdave08/18/13Lap 1 of 2 All by myself 
thatdave08/18/13Lap 2 of 2 all by myself 
shrek08/17/131st loop 
shrek08/17/132nd loop 
thatdave08/14/13Great night on the loop Dave,Lisa,Skip,Tom & I Skip went down but hes ok... 
thatdave08/11/13Just Tom and I we did the Hill at the end that we havnt done in over a year !! 
xcelratr08/09/13Nice ride today. Trails are holding up ok with this dry spell. But there is still more sand in spots than I've seen before. 
shrek08/09/132nd loop 
shrek08/08/131st loop 
xcelratr08/04/13Good day for a ride. Was surprised how light the traffic was today. Came close to a new PR, but missed it by a few seconds. 
xcelratr08/02/13Nice ride today, sunny but not too hot. Some parts of the trail are very sandy. Hardly anyone out today, very light traffic of peds/riders and no horses. If dog owners have to pick up after their pups, why don't horse owners have to pick up after their mounts? 
randalnelson08/01/13Late night loop with Cisco 
thatdave07/27/13Tom Herb and I 
thatdave07/25/13Just Jeff Reinert and I tonight. both had a good ride 
motomatt07/18/13Beautiful Morning :-} I always do 2 laps 23mi But Geoladders shows as 11 mi 
randalnelson07/17/13Nice night for a ride. 
xcelratr07/12/13Little hot, little humid, lotta bright sunshine. Nice summer ride. 
FRANCHI07/07/13Waited until sunset to ride the Fullerton Loop with the company of my 3 coworkers. Today I broke-in a new upgraded fork for my 29er. The Fox 32 Float, with 120mm of travel and 3 settings, is a huge difference compared to my old fork. It delivers such a smooth ride that it feels like a totally new bike. Money well spent. Good decision and good choice. 
jerrym71407/06/13cool morning; more walkers/runners than mtn. bikers; enjoyable ride 
motomatt07/04/13Beautiful Morning :-) 
xcelratr07/04/13Always nice to get out and ride. Was hot and dusty today, and predictably busy with walkers and a few horses. But a great way to spend a holiday. 
motomatt06/25/13Beautiful Morning :-) 
motomatt06/22/13Beautiful Morning :-) 
dman62406/22/13Easy ride with the wife 
randalnelson06/20/13Nice Night Ride with the Late Night Loopers, Cisco and Mo. 
motomatt06/18/13Tore sidewall,did some hiking with the bike. 
Diesel06/17/13Proud of the wife!! First time done under 1:15 
Ladera Mike06/16/13Great way to kill some time between errands in the area. Nice temps and hardly anyone out there. Rode all of the sidetracks and Blair Witch. 
RollnStone06/16/13Rode with my Grandson. 
xcelratr06/13/13Was a warm ride today, but not too bad, given how sunny it was. 
Keith B06/13/13Lap 1 with Charles, Dave, Ryan & Andy. Nice mellow pace, lots of extra credit sections. Lots of riders and hikers out. Trails were pretty sandy and soft. 
Keith B06/13/13Lap 2. Faster pace, perfect temps. The twisty section after the golf course is super fun - no one crashed going over the wooden bridge. Retired to the Pub for pies and beer. 
motomatt06/10/13Garmin keep stoping 
FRANCHI06/09/13Very early ride after work. Introduced (road cyclist) coworker to MTB in this very popular "Fullerton Loop" 
randalnelson06/07/13Nice sunset ride with Cisco 
DONALD JACKSON06/07/13started with Steve, Then rode some with Linden as well. Good times after the ride 
genusmtbkr506/07/13Quick ride after work while waiting for Bootleggers Brewery top open at 11. 
Keith B06/06/13Fun times with Andy & Ryan. Trail was pretty rutted up in places. Raced some zippy guy around the golf course. Said hi to Dino who mentioned that last time Duke rode @ Fully was when I had my accident - funny because I'd only been talking about that and looked at the pictures that very day. No crashing today thankfully. Fun times at the pub with Andy dropping more bombshells on us. 
Diesel06/05/13Great ride with the wife. 1:15 lap times should be coming soon. 
xcelratr05/29/13Warm day, but nice ride. Broke a spoke on my back wheel when I was lazy about the "hop" part of hopping up on a curb. Thx to all those that checked on me as they rode by. MTBers are great folks. 
xcelratr05/28/13Beautiful day today. Some parts of the trail were as sandy/loose as I've ever seen them. Always a fun ride, though. LOTS of people out walking and jogging for Memorial Day. 
ultimatetodd05/26/13Started at about 10:45, not many folks out. Fun ride. 
dman62405/26/13Today we had a new rider with our group. He is fast uphill but uncomfortable on the downhill, all in all a nice little ride 
mtnbikej05/26/13SS. Not much to say....not a fan of this ride. Don't find it very interesting, difficult or fun. Joined a friend on the ride...her choice. Fortunately it was over pretty quick. Only bright side is I get a treat at Sonic after the ride. Guess there is a silver lining. Great that I got to ride my bike. 
randalnelson05/24/13Thursday Late Night Looper 
motomatt05/23/13Beautiful Morning :-) 
dman62405/23/13Not a bad ride at the loop after riding Chino Hills yesterday and not being in the best of shape 
xhuskr05/23/13STR ride so time stands still and is not needed to be posted her..fun times at the loop...Thnx Dino and FB for setting me up with the tire! 
thatdave05/18/13Dave, Lisa, and I . Tom was there but had to leave (bike prolems) 
Rumpled05/17/13Bike to Work day and a free ride with a bike on Metrolink. Took advantage of it and the Yeti demo at FB to go up to the Fully Loop. Got a Yeti SB95c demo from the Fullerton Bikes/Yeti demo event. Thanks for everyone involved in putting that on. Too bad more people didn't take advantage. That is one very nice bike. Too bad I can't afford anything like it. Basically rode solo, left before the group and didn't really see a group catch or pass me. Roscoe's afterwards while waiting for the train. 
DONALD JACKSON05/17/13solo spin 
Diesel05/16/13Great ride with Robert and friends!!! 
motomatt05/15/13Beautiful morning :-) 
motomatt05/13/13Trying Humberto's 29'ER 
thatdave05/12/13Dave,Lisa, & I We went up to summit house 
JDMack05/12/13Good time out with my wife and daughter. 
DONALD JACKSON05/10/13With Cam, 
BetF05/08/13fun times with my AMTR peeps 
OTHRIDER04/29/13Nice to see Dino (nice Ibis) and Roxy again. 
thatdave04/28/13Lap #1 Herb & I 
thatdave04/28/13Lap # 2 Nerb & I 
DONALD JACKSON04/26/13Kelly on his Pugsly 
DONALD JACKSON04/26/13Rode with Don, where was everyone? 
RollnStone04/23/13Nice evening with the full moon out before dark. 
RollnStone04/21/13Morning ride with my Grandson. 
motomatt04/20/13Took Michael S. on his first MTB ride 
DONALD JACKSON04/19/13with Cameron 
xcelratr04/15/13Took a friend around FLoop for her first time today. Was a lovely day and she did a great job. 
yourrudeness04/14/13Not enough fireroad. 
OTHRIDER04/13/13Just stretching the legs before tomorrow's VW City of Angels fun ride. 
DONALD JACKSON04/12/13solo, 
DONALD JACKSON04/12/13With Don, Someone from a car tossed a water ballon at me, when we were crossing the street. good times after, 
halfasst04/08/13Sunday am ride solo. 
RollnStone04/06/13Ride with Jeff. 
DONALD JACKSON04/05/13With Ray on his new 29 
DONALD JACKSON03/23/13Tom and Robert, that was unusual, Don , Mike Scott were running late 
thatdave03/17/13Just Tom, Herb & I 
DONALD JACKSON03/15/13Back on the 29 wheel Breezer Cloud 9. A quick lap with Chris, then some good times with the crew after 
xcelratr03/15/13The lizards are back from their winter naps. When I surprise a lizard, squirrel or rabbit on the trail, and they take off running along the trail away from me, I think they feel like they're being chased. After a few seconds, they zip sideways off the trail and I go zooming by. I always wonder if they think "whew, glad I lost him" or if they think "oh, guess he wasn't chasing me after all." 
xcelratr03/07/13New PR. Was it the roadie lycra clothes instead of the baggy mtb stuff? Was it the fact that I fixed my shoe with superglue before the ride? Was it leaving the CamelBak at home? Was it the humidity making the dirt tacky and grippy? Money, it's gotta be the shoes! 
thatdave03/03/13Just Tom and I 
DONALD JACKSON03/02/13On my way back from Intense I stopped and Met Steve B and rode his e bike. fun stuff 
DONALD JACKSON03/01/13Don Loren Robert Tom Chris, Good times then Roscos after Klein with riser bars is much better 
xcelratr02/24/13Good ride today. Warming up and getting back to dustier conditions. Lots of walkers out and more kids on bikes than I've seen before. Nice to see families out exercising together and kids learning to ride on dirt. 
thatdave02/24/13Tom,Ed,Dave,Lisa,Herb & I great day Sunday fun ride 
DONALD JACKSON02/22/13after work with Ray 
DONALD JACKSON02/22/13Bob, Don, Loren, Tony, Ab. great ride 
thatdave02/17/13All by myself recovery ride 
RollnStone02/16/13Ride with Jeff. 
DONALD JACKSON02/15/13Rode with Loren and Don, 
xcShane02/12/13Lap 1 x 
DONALD JACKSON02/09/13Ray and I 
Enriquez02/07/13First ever night ride. Thanks to Nite Rider for the demo. Lumina 650 on the helmet was great. Talked to some dude on a nice KHS 650b while my buddy attended to his mechanical. Great Nite Ride!! 
goldrunner02/06/13Was in the area so why not. 
motomatt02/03/132nd ride KHS SIXFIFTY TEAM XX1 
OTHRIDER02/02/13Friday night and no one was out 
xcelratr02/01/13Nice ride today. A lot of the ground was still a bit moist, nice and tacky. Getting warmer. Can't believe it's Feb, riding in short sleeve and shorts, and wiping the sweat off at the top of the uphills. :thumbsup: 
Mike.the.Spike01/23/13Lap 1 of 2. 
Mike.the.Spike01/23/13Lap 2 of 2. 
xcelratr01/21/13Took a friend around FL today. Only her 2nd time riding it. She did great, was challenged, but says she enjoyed it. I was glad to have a riding buddy. Rear went flat. May be time to take another look at Stan's and perhaps take the plunge. Warming up. Only a week ago, was wearing warm bib knickers on the roadie, now they may be put away for the next 11 months. 
xcelratr01/20/13PR for this ride. Didn't even feel that strong after riding 30 roadie miles yesterday. Guess the mojo was workin' today. Helps that I twice came upon pretty girls riding along that I wanted to catch up too. ;) /creepers 
xcShane01/17/13Was moving pretty good until the rear tire felt a little too squishy. My turn to get a flat. Still finished up well... 
OTHRIDER01/15/13Sat PM 
xcelratr01/15/13My riding "date" canceled, but it was a beautiful day for a ride regardless. 
DONALD JACKSON01/14/13Solo ride chasing Chris. We all started at seperate times 
jerrym71401/12/13Had 2 flats in the first 10 mins. Grrr. Went back to the car, got a new tube, and started over. Thinking about the Stan's NoTubes soon! Had fun once I got to ride without problems. Very clear winter day in Orange County. fun. 
OTHRIDER01/11/13That was a COLD ride last night. 
DONALD JACKSON01/11/13Rode with Kelly and his fat tire surley 
xcShane01/11/13Lap 1 
thatdave01/05/132OOTH Loop is in the books!! and to help me celberate Kevin,Tom,Neil,Herb,Dave,Lisa,Luisa,joe,Ed & I Great day even in the mud...~ 
DONALD JACKSON01/04/13rode with Chris , The crew were all behind us they started late. 
RollnStone01/03/13F. Morning ride with Jeff. 
DONALD JACKSON12/28/12Nice and warm on a suuny Thur afternoon 
DONALD JACKSON12/28/122nd lap in with lights. Samari 
Mike.the.Spike12/23/12Friday Night Lap 1 of 2. 
Mike.the.Spike12/23/12Friday Night Lap 2 of 2. 
xcelratr12/16/12Drizzly ride, but was not all that cold. Stopped early in the ride to zip the sleeves off my jacket. Muddiest I've seen FL, but given the amount of rain lately, it was actually not as muddy as I expected it. 
xcelratr12/16/12Avg heart rate 23. Either my hr monitor needs a new battery, or my aerobic base building is finally complete. 
xcShane12/10/12Just dry enough to ride. x 
Punkie12/09/12Out with Kengo. 
Punkie12/09/12Out wirh Brett in John jumping before the dam. 
DONALD JACKSON12/07/12Tom, Robert, Tony, Abraham, Jose A great ride on some soft dirt 
RedbeardHT12/01/12Muddy, but worth the added work out and clean up. 
DONALD JACKSON11/30/12No hikers and maybe just a couple other riders, Was like grease in tree park sigletrack, took me down . Fun ride all alone. 
xcShane11/27/12Prefeast ride. Lap 1 (new ~~) 
xcelratr11/25/12FOUND a pair of Specialized gloves in the courthouse parking lot today. If they're yours, email me and describe them, we'll figure out how to get them back to you. 
Rumpled11/24/12First loop of the Tour de Tryptophan. Nice, warm day and riding with some good friends. Less people out there than I've seen on previous TdT's. 
Rumpled11/24/12Second loop, finished just before dark and then had to head on. 
RollnStone11/23/12Foggy and damp ride with Jeff. 
thatdave11/23/12Dave,Lisa,Herb,Luisa,and new rider Dennis & I all had a good ride #199 
RollnStone11/22/12Early morning ride with Jeff. 
RollnStone11/17/12Ride with Jeff. A little messy and a few sprinkles, but no mud. 
DONALD JACKSON11/16/12with M Coleman 
DONALD JACKSON11/16/12Scott Robert Chris Don S Loren JD Dan A good time last night 
xcelratr11/16/12A little mud here and there, very little standing water. Mostly the surface was just tacky from the moisture, which was nice. FYI: there was some minor construction happening on the curb right where FL leaves Laguna Rd (just after crossing Euclid) and the trail heads north toward Laguna Lake Park. Rode around it easily enough, just a head's up to other riders. 
thatdave11/11/12All bye myself for a Sunday afternoon ride..Had to get out of the house for some stres releif 
DONALD JACKSON11/09/12A fun ride with a few slippery spots. Tony, Abraham and there bud were about a half hour behind me. Bootleggers after 
DONALD JACKSON11/01/12Abraham Lindon Tony Tom Robert , 
OTHRIDER10/28/12Lap 1 
OTHRIDER10/28/12Lap 2 
xcelratr10/27/12Hot day today, but better to ride than sit on the couch. 
DONALD JACKSON10/25/12Ray came down from idaho so we had a good ride, beer garden after was fun 
xcShane10/23/12Nobody out Sunday nights... (10/14) 
thatdave10/21/12Recovery ride Luisa,Dave,Lisa,Tom, and I 
DONALD JACKSON10/20/12Kelly,Chris and Don 
Ladera Mike10/18/12Saturday morning ride with a friend of mine. His first mtb ride in a few years. He did great despite a couple mechanicals for him on my old bike. 
DONALD JACKSON10/18/12solo after work ride, felt good 
RedbeardHT10/14/12Now if I could just remember to turn on my Garmin before we start riding..... Stopped under the overpass on the train tracks and noticed the rock climbing walls on both sides. Someone had the kind spot set up. 
mtnbikej10/14/122nd ride today....wife wanted to ride, so we rode. Legs were spent from this morning. Fortunately temps were pretty comfortable. Not a lot of people out this afternoon. Just cruised. Hadn't done this route for a while....now we don't have to do it for a while again. Good ride though. 
xcelratr10/14/12Trails seem no worse for wear after last week's rain. Nice sunset ride today. 
DONALD JACKSON10/12/12Cannondale, night rider, serfas we out with demos. Rode the 29 carbon cannondale, really nice bike. 
laye19510/10/12Night ride last night. 
thatdave10/06/121st ride in 2 weeks and Tom & Jeff Reinard show up and we had a Hog Rehab!! 
OTHRIDER10/05/12Back with the STR evening crew after almost 2 years - great time. 
xcelratr10/05/12Full disclosure: I bypass the last hill by the dam. I'm not yet good enough to climb it and descend it, and walking the bike up a hill and then down the same hill seems pointless to me. 
DONALD JACKSON09/28/12Don. Tom, Robert, Tony, Abraham, Dan Good times, Not digging riding with lights. 
OTHRIDER09/25/12It sure felt like Fall tonight. I didn't even get warm until the fire station. Perfect for a night ride. 
xcelratr09/24/12Nice ride today. Encountered 2 pairs of horses. Stopped at the side to let them pass. Cooler weather will be nice when it gets here. Seems to me a food truck that set up in the parking lot on a Sat or Sun morning could do a brisk business for most of the day. dunno 
Jooorgeee09/23/12Lots of people out today. I think I like it better here during the week. 
thatdave09/22/12Kevin,Dave,Lisa,Herb,& I did the super loop today (17 miles) nice and hot 
Jooorgeee09/15/12New bike, flat tire 10 minutes in lol... luckily I had my patch kit! 
ctcrider09/15/12Way to HOT today. But itwas still FUN!!! 
ENZI72009/15/12Good Local track for training and pedaling some stress away during the week. Track is very well taken care of by both city and citizens. This is a mix use trail so watch out for horses and hikers. I'm in decent shape and can do the loop in 55mins. 
OTHRIDER09/12/12Perfect temps and not too many riders or hikers at dusk. 
Jooorgeee09/11/12Second time here and no need for a map anymore. Super fun. 
OTHRIDER09/10/12Saturday morning cruise 
Enriquez09/09/12First group ride in over 16 weeks. Not sure if the time off the bike or the extreme heat caused this 2 hour loop...I blame the heat ;-) 
Jooorgeee09/07/12Did this earlier in the week. First time out here, it was really fun. I'll be back next week. 
DONALD JACKSON09/07/12Kelly on the pugs and Mark. Felt a little better so took a ride. Hashers made my ride a little interesting , Beer 
ALXNDR09/07/12300th Fullerton loop ride... Thanks Steve and Gabe for joining me today! 
xcelratr09/05/12Slight drizzle made the ground just a bit tacky in most spots. A little mud here and there. Overall, it was really nice to ride in cool air and without the typical dust. Good stuff today. 
DONALD JACKSON08/31/12solo lap, Was goimg to ride with the guys at 6;30 but was having problems with rear tire. 
DONALD JACKSON08/24/12Sort of Solo 
DONALD JACKSON08/24/12Cloud nine works pretty good . Rode with Tom 
thatdave08/19/12Lap 1 0f 2 all by myself today and trying to get back in shape 
thatdave08/19/12Lap 2 0f 2 not as good as I wanted!! 
thatdave08/18/12Kevin,Tom & I. Kevin got a new bike and did a 2nd lap 56 mins... Wow 56 mins 
thatdave08/18/12Lap 2 of 2 Today... 
DONALD JACKSON08/17/12solo 
DONALD JACKSON08/17/12Robert and Tom, 
teamshort08/14/12STR social/newbie ride 
ydavidstew@sbcglobal.net08/05/12First time on this loop. Road with Dennis, Gill, Big A and Slim. It was an easy fun ride with some fun technical spots; tunnel, plank bridge, along the stream. 
xcelratr08/02/12Nice pm ride. More car traffic on the street crossings than I've seen. 
thatdave08/01/12Just Dave,Lisa & I good ride Tom got sick Luisa was a no show... 
nuts4mtbikes07/31/12Quick loop with Kim, our weekly catch up!! Should have been two laps, but we decided one was enough. 
Shigalert07/28/12Rumpled's road (train) trip. Met Dino and the STR crew for the first time; very friendly folk. Good, cold Guinness at Roscoes was a bonus. We'll be back. 
Rumpled07/27/12Eric, Shig and I took Metrolink up to do the Fully Loop Thursday social ride. Had a really good time. Overall, a slowcial pace to the ride with lots of regroups, but hey; that was the plan. Big group, too. Nice meeting a bunch of mostly new to me people. Beers and sammy's at Roscoe's (another new one for me) before catching the train back south. A great nite. 
DONALD JACKSON07/27/12Rode with Tom and Robert, 
xcelratr07/27/12Traffic sucked on the way back from the ride, probably undid all the stress relief from the exercise. Nice ride, though. 
nuts4mtbikes07/24/12Back on track with the weekly Fully Loop....Catch up with Kim!! 
thatdave07/24/12Tom,Luisa,Don & I Nice night!! 
RollnStone07/22/12Ride with my son. No blood, but a bee sting. 
mark189007/21/12easy does it after work this am. 
teamshort07/21/12STR social ride 
xcelratr07/21/12First time riding FL late in the day. Parking lot empty when I started, full when I finished. Guess I missed rush hour. Nice ride in the evening. 
DONALD JACKSON07/20/12Rode the Compulsion with Kelly. 
thatdave07/19/12Just Tom and I. Toms new lights, my new chain, Now I need a crankset !! 
nuts4mtbikes07/17/12Back to the loop with Kim. 
xcelratr07/14/12Two guys with the flat waiting for their buddy to get back, sorry I didn't have stuff to help you fix. Nice chatting about bikes with you, hope you got squared away so you could finish your ride. 
DONALD JACKSON07/13/12Solo loop nice and humid with a slight dcrizzle 
DONALD JACKSON07/13/12Chris Don Leon. damp dirt was nice Good times, then Samuri 
thatdave07/11/12Good Night with Dave,Lisa,Tom,Luisa & I Tom bought dinner and beers at Wahoos!! 
Jaxx29er07/07/12Great ride at Fullerton today! I felt very strong and was really able to enjoy myself. I think I finally got my momentum back! 
OTHRIDER07/07/12Saturday night 
OTHRIDER07/02/12Friday afternoon ride. 
DONALD JACKSON06/30/12swap meet then rode with Cameron 
JCampbell06/29/12Ch4os was in town for a quick loop. Fun times. 
xcelratr06/28/12"Hi Red Bull? Yeah, this is xcelratr. You're some lyin' bastages. No wings. None. I looked. Not even little ones. Nada." 
xcelratr06/27/12Did FL several times this spring, but had upload issues. Issues now solved, but rides are too old to upload. :( Am riding much better at FL. Took REI's Intro to MTB class and learned a little bit, but mostly it's just doing the Loop repeatedly that's made me more comfortable with descents. Logging roadie miles has also made me fitter and a stronger climber. 
nuts4mtbikes06/25/12Good to be back for my Monday ride with Kim....although it was a slow loop, it was good to catch up :-) 
FRANCHI06/25/12Introduced my neighbor to the Fullerton Loop. 
DONALD JACKSON06/22/12Chris Cameron Don. A good time had by all 
shrek06/22/12single speed 
shrek06/22/12single speed 
thatdave06/20/12Just Herb & I Wednesday night ride was perfect weather. 
slopush06/19/12First time on this loop- Thanks to M.Whitehurst for showing me the way! 
DONALD JACKSON06/18/12flat, had to limp back 
OTHRIDER06/17/12#1 of 2 for Father's Day - and the trail was empty 
OTHRIDER06/17/122 of 2 and now it's on to Gabbi's for some marinated skirt steak 
DONALD JACKSON06/11/12A warm loop with Ray after work 
martink11106/08/12Personal record! 
DONALD JACKSON06/04/12Solo loop until I ran across Andrew M. We rode 1/2 loop together 
DONALD JACKSON06/04/12Tom Robert Chris, Pretty good pace. Tom' PR 
jerrym71405/31/12Hot day in Fullerton, but always enjoy riding the loop... even though I get passed by several guys in jerseys every time. Still fun. 
DONALD JACKSON05/25/12Rode with Ray after work, 
DONALD JACKSON05/25/12Tom Robert Chris Scott 
nuts4mtbikes05/23/12My Monday riding buddy feeling better and we were back in action at the loop for a quick spin. Thanks Kim!! Sorry no dinner for me tonigh, headed to the hospital to check on Terri....today was surgery day!! 
jerrym71405/21/12always a fun ride after working all day; great de-stressor 
jerrym71405/21/12fun ride; a few short climbs, but if you're in pretty good shape it's just enough to get a good sweat going. 
Sicky T05/18/12Good ride last night. I had a great pace going until my chain snapped!!! O well fixed that quick and back to suckin wind! Rides after stressful days at work are always a blessing! 
nuts4mtbikes05/18/12Loop today was just what the doctor ordered to burn off some built up frustation! 
ryangalarcon05/14/12First time Riding Fullerton Loop... will be back very soon :-) 
thatdave05/10/12All by myself after work. Pull a cafe muscle down by end :( 
DONALD JACKSON05/10/12A quick loop with Kelly 
DONALD JACKSON05/10/12Sort of solo loop. Nice and green behind the damn 
flanaman8505/09/12Nothing too tough or technical but good clean fun without having to head for the hills 
nuts4mtbikes05/09/12Since I had plans on Monday and rode the Freemont Docent ride, I had to push my "standard Monday" cruise with Kim until today. We cruised it....Good the catch up as always. The weather was perfect! Ahhh...I love summer :-) 
thatdave05/08/12All by myself after work ride 
nuts4mtbikes05/01/12Seemed to be drizzling everywhere except......Fully Loop!! :-) glad I could get in a quickie! 
thatdave04/28/12All by myself, lap 1 of 2 
thatdave04/28/12It was so nice out I went around again lap 2 of 2 
nuts4mtbikes04/25/12Ha!!! Storm? What storm? I got to sneek in a loop at Fully!! 
nuts4mtbikes04/23/12Good to be out with my Monday riding buddy Kim...and a friend of her's, Russ. Awesome running into Jake....sorry about your friend going OTB...but he gets a 10 for "style" 
DONALD JACKSON04/13/12with Ray after work 
DONALD JACKSON04/13/12with Constatine, Typical thursday crew Beer/Sushi 
Keith B04/08/12The Un-Vision Quest. Easy wander through the parks with Ryan, Kt & Sarah. Mellow pace, wonderful Spring temps - warm sun, cool breeze, trees getting green, flowers out and no 1500ft cliff to push the bike up. What more could you ask for when you ache all over? Had much needed food & beer afterwards at Roscoe's. 
Jaxx29er04/08/12I love this loop!! Coming out from Colorado and getting a chance to ride something this fun is a real treat. I'll ride Fullerton again next time I'm out and shoot for a new PB. 
Ladera Mike04/07/122nd ride of the day on the demo Stumpy. Had a great time and really enjoyed the bike. Surprised how easy it was to get some air. I like the geometry better than the Epic for everyday riding. 
goldrunner04/05/12Good ride withe Todd, had some mechanical s so did another lap ondemo mono slr, nice bike but to much for fuuly loop. 
EFFing Dude04/05/12The Ibis "MoJO" is F'ing great! If you get a chance to ride one try it. YEs Ben it does need a SJ trip hahahaha. Good ride! 
thatdave04/05/12Just Me,Ed,and Neil, Eds first time to the loop and Neils first night ride ..Good Ride.. 
DONALD JACKSON04/05/12IBIS TRanny demo loop. A real nice ride for sure 
DONALD JACKSON04/05/12I F rolls this loop. Good times beer gardens matador and continential room, Fullerton has it all 
thatdave04/01/12All by myself lap 1 of 2 
thatdave04/01/12Trail was in great shape so went ahead and did another lap!! 
xcShane03/27/12Thank to Fullerton Bikes and Giant for putting the demo on. Gotta say, I liked that Anthem 29er... 
nuts4mtbikes03/26/121st Lap of the Monday standard provided some "unexpected" super think sticky stuff...but we managed to roll through. I expected the ground to be a bit mushy, but in some spots it was a little more than expected. Kim's only comment "I'm glad I didn't clean my bike" ... LOL 
nuts4mtbikes03/26/122nd Lap of the Monday standard...even Kim joined in the fun. Super glad to have somebody to chat with, always make the ride more enjoyable. Good times!! Thanks for hanging with me girl, and hitting the 2nd lap with me. 
DONALD JACKSON03/24/12Don Constatine Leon Then some good times after 
nuts4mtbikes03/19/12Pre-lap while waiting for my Monday riding buddy. I can't beleive how dry the loop was. Only mud was down by the tracks heading toward the golf course. Yeah!! 
nuts4mtbikes03/19/12Second lap is my favorite lap at the "loop" - always good to catch up with my Monday buddy!! 
DONALD JACKSON03/16/12nice ride with Ray, 
genusmtbkr503/09/121st lap with my bro Dave. Been a long time since I did the loop and noticed they finally finished all the construction after Euclid and it look great. 
genusmtbkr503/09/122nd lap with Dino and STR crew. 
nuts4mtbikes03/07/12No solo trip tonight, had my favorite riding buddy back!! Had some good girl talk, and a nice cruise with Kim!! 
DONALD JACKSON03/02/12Perfect afternoon ride with Ray. 
DONALD JACKSON03/02/12A loop with Kelly and Scott. Sold my bike to Dennis after the ride, beers and food makes for a great time 
nuts4mtbikes03/02/12Yippie for a quickie!! 
Keith B02/29/12After work spin with Ryan. Rode the Enduro which was really weird, it seems so nimble after the 29er but then so twitchy at the same time. Going back to 6" travel felt nice and plush too. Sushi after - good times. 
xcelratr02/28/12Thought I'd be better prepared with all the road miles I've been logging lately. But I still walked up a few hills. One flat near the end. I need to work on my courage for downhills. 
nuts4mtbikes02/28/12Good to get one in, but.....Brrrrr!! 
thatdave02/26/12Dave,Lisa,Herb,& I. I went down crossing Eulid ST. !! 
thatdave02/26/122nd Lap 2 laps today 
xcShane02/23/12Lots of people out tonight. x 
DONALD JACKSON02/23/12Warm afternoon ride, never caught Ray. 
DONALD JACKSON02/23/12Cameron and Han, Then all good with abeer and sushi 
nuts4mtbikes02/20/12Too nice not to get a quickie in!! Missed my regular fully loop riding buddy though. Hope she feels better to ride with me Wednesday. Lots of people out enjoying the nice weather.....unfortunatly, most were "left/right" challenged......argh!! 
la_purisima02/19/12First time riding the loop at night and first time on the SS. Both good choices! Made one turn and ended up on the wrong side of the dam. Ooops! 
DONALD JACKSON02/17/12Nice after work ride with Ray. The wind dried it out pretty quick 
DONALD JACKSON02/17/12Guys were running late so just Han and I. Then some good times after in the lot and then Samurai 
FRANCHI02/16/12Good temperature tonight. Rode with coworker. 
mtnbikej02/12/12Nice ride today. Knee is still pretty sore from yesterday's OTB. Wife's choice of ride today...something mellow. Been a while since we have done this route....goes by pretty quick. 
DONALD JACKSON02/09/128 hr day then rode with Ray, Warm 
DONALD JACKSON02/09/12A good time riding then Bootleggers for the first time, 
xcShane02/08/12Decided to push it today. (Feb.1st) 
RoughRiderR02/06/12solo night ride. rain tomorrow. 
hinds5702/04/12second night ride today. 
thatdave02/03/12Just Tom and I. First night ride this year and with my new light. 
DONALD JACKSON02/02/12After work ride with Ray, Elbow is sore so only one loop 
thatdave01/28/12Great day for my 175th Loop. Thanks for everybody joining me.. Kevin,Herb,Tom,Dave,Lisa & Joe!! 
DONALD JACKSON01/27/12Warm afternoon ride with Ray 
DONALD JACKSON01/27/12Rode a Kuota HT 26", Nice ride Usual suspects then over to the Old Ship , twisted thistle 
xcShane01/23/12Started late so had to keep it to a minimum. 
OTHRIDER01/21/12Introduced my new friend, Vincenso from Napoli, to night riding. He's returning to Italy with a light set. Perfect temps out. 
DONALD JACKSON01/19/12Nice after work ride with Ray, 
DONALD JACKSON01/19/12Han , Scott , Don, Constatin, Marcus , Then over to Samuri 
gigero01/18/12Night ride with Baloney. First time riding the loop in the dark and always a good time riding with my fellow brother in arms. Borrowed lights from JoeJoe. Still getting used to the whip, but from what I gather so far this thing is a rocketship!! It has stepped up my game 100 fold... 
Enriquez01/15/12Had a newbie ride planned but only 1 newbie showed up. Many breaks plus one flat made for a plus 2 hr ride. Oh well, still fun seeing the newbies faces as they descend the steep downhill about 15 mins into the ride :-) AHHHHHH!!!! 
Enriquez01/15/12Lap 2... 1 hour and 10 mins! I am pretty sure that is a record for me. Great Ride! 
Mike.the.Spike01/12/12First time riding the loop in a couple months. Same old loop, kind of uneventful but enjoyed the night ride and the peace & quiet. Saw a rat, ran out in front of me then stopped. He just stared at my light and wouldn't move, he seemed intrigued by my light. Cute feller. 
singlespeedrider01/12/12First time riding Fullerton in a long time. Nice easy pace 
DONALD JACKSON01/12/12Ray didn't show so i rode an average pace 
DONALD JACKSON01/12/12Rode with Cameron hung with friends, a great thursday night 
B-Radical01/08/121 of 2 
B-Radical01/08/122 of 2 
thatdave01/08/12Got in a quick one right before dinner!! 
OTHRIDER01/07/12It was foggy the whole way around. My new jacket was awesome. 
DONALD JACKSON01/06/12After work ride, Kelly joined me and we tried to catch Ray. Warm afternoon 
DONALD JACKSON01/06/12Good size group tonight, started fast and ended faster, Pretty much a race 
OTHRIDER01/04/12Made my 1st night ride since my little mishap last April. Only saw 5 or 6 riders. Nice June night in January. 
thatdave01/02/121st ride of the New Year I had to make it Fullerton loop!! 
heme1101/01/12new personal best! 
Jaxx29er01/01/12I finally got to do the Fullerton Loop! I will definitely ride this it again next time I'm in CA. Definitely! 
Ladera Mike12/31/11Perfect mid day ride. Hard to believe it is Dec 31st. Happy New Years everybody! 
OTHRIDER12/30/11I got to sneak in a nice mid-week ride with work getting out early. 
DONALD JACKSON12/29/11Rode with Ray after work nice and warm 
DONALD JACKSON12/29/11An earlier than normal loop with Han Patrick Andrew 
ducatirider212/23/11First easy ride back after my knee injury. Feels good to be on the bike instead of looking at it. 
thatdave12/23/11All by myself and the trail was in realy good shape!! 
xcShane12/06/11Lap 1 (w/Detour) 
Mike.the.Spike12/02/11Lap 1 of 2. 
Mike.the.Spike12/02/11Lap 2 of 2. Sweet night of solo riding, needed that! 
Punkie11/30/11Out with Kengo and Shane. 
xhuskr11/26/11#2 of 2 on Saturday...rode with a kid, Ryder, who was not only a good biker, but well spoken and respectful of the trails and riders. Way to go mom/dad 
OTHRIDER11/26/11First of two laps 
OTHRIDER11/26/11Second of two - 80 degrees in late November was perfect! 
dmdbike11/26/11Nice to be back at it after a 4 week layoff. 
Rumpled11/26/11Got a late start after doing the things that need to be done and just got one loop in just before dark and on to my next adventure. Seemed a lot of people were doing the loop "backwards". Still having issues with chain wrap on my inner ring, so frustrating. Took the Valencia Mesa detour. Comp 1:31:26 ride time, 11.5 miles, 7.5 mph avg, 18.2 mph max, 1:45:18 total time 
xhuskr11/25/11TdT...1 of two laps...in reverse...makes it quite different...glad lungs were feeling better...wheezing minimal...yeah! 
DONALD JACKSON11/23/11Was a good ride. Not many out this eve. Some thurs regs were out .Happy THANKSGIVING 
OTHRIDER11/20/11I met up with TMS for a nice before-the-rain ride. Saw Mike and Brownie setting up the Ibis display. 
DONALD JACKSON11/18/11Coleman, Cameron lap Good times after Koval and his friends joined in for a good time after except for the chick scene 
DONALD JACKSON11/17/11Ray after work ride just before it was dark. 
FRANCHI11/12/11Reintroducing my youngest son to MTB after many months. I hope he keeps coming to the trails instead gaming. We had to cut it a bit short due to the rain and dusk. 
DONALD JACKSON11/11/11With Tom and Robert Flat 
xcShane11/11/11Went in reverse most of the way. x 
OTHRIDER11/10/11Might as well get a ride in before the rain. 
Mike.the.Spike11/09/11Hardly any riders out tonight, had the entire loop to myself. After a crazy school & work week, I needed that! 
xcShane11/08/11Ate it on only my fifth ride on the new 29er. Opps. More damage to me than the bike but nothing too bad. That's what I get for only riding with a helmet light and not one on the bike instead. 
SAmtn11/08/11First time on this trail. Fun ride with Manny, Jeff, Frank, Joe. Thanks guys. 
thatdave11/06/11Al by myself. Nice to get a ride in before the rain.. 
krower11/02/11Wind today so lots of branches broken and on the trail. One area had a tree completely blocking the trail, but was being cut by the city pretty fast. Few twigs getting caught in the spokes, but not much. 
innes10/30/11Stupid detour! 
BikeThisTrail10/27/11Parts of trail shut down. :( 
Mike.the.Spike10/25/11Nice mid-week ride with the gang. Lucky it didn't rain as it was gray and overcast at sunset. 
RoughRiderR10/20/11Great ride. Almost didnt make it. I met Don and Chris after for a beer. Road my first hydraulic shifter bike. was really nice except for the price tag. 
DONALD JACKSON10/17/11rolled with Paul and Scott 
OTHRIDER10/16/11#1 of 2 
OTHRIDER10/16/11#2 of 2 
thatdave10/16/111 of 2 laps today all by myself.. 
thatdave10/16/11Felt good for 2 of 2 laps today. I felt like I could have done 3 if I would have had more time on my hands to kill... 
Mike.the.Spike10/12/11Missed the Tuesday night ride with pals so I fired up a Wednesday ride! WOOOOOOT! 
xhuskr10/11/11Fun ride..so nice to be in the dirt. 
DONALD JACKSON10/10/11Ray had another flat, Another rider Chris joined us so he could figure out the loop 
DONALD JACKSON10/10/11A second loop with Han. Tacky and very few riders 
nuts4mtbikes10/10/11Standard Monday social loop with Kim....always good to catch up with her. 
krower10/06/11Nice to build stamina and for fun to just beat best time, but not technical 
dmdbike10/03/11Nice beginner's course! I'm hoping to graduate to something a little more advanced this month. 
thatdave10/02/11Just Tom & I We had a good ride then when we got back had to give Tom a jump he had a dead battery 
xcShane10/01/11w/ detour (sat ride) 
OTHRIDER10/01/11First ride in over a month - it sure felt good. 
nuts4mtbikes09/26/11Good ride with the girls this week. Terri joined Kim and I for our weekly spin. Good to chatch up. 
DONALD JACKSON09/23/11After work with Ray, The usual Thurs night 
Diesel09/23/11Got the bike fixed. Works so much better. 
nuts4mtbikes09/21/11Total cruise tonight with my Single Speed sister Terri and her friend Gretchen. Gretchen is slowing getting back on the bike since recovering from a broken leg, so it was a total social pace. Good to catch up! 
dman62409/20/11Pretty strong ride even with the couple people trying to keep up with my friend and I. Key word is trying 
RoughRiderR09/16/11solo cruise after work on friday. met some cool guys, like mr bump and the old guy on the horse. 
RoughRiderR09/16/11Great ride with Keith, Sarah, Andy, and Russ after work. Decent cruise through the park, put in a couple good effort. Was my first time on the mojo for at least a month. bike felt off in the beginning but great at the end. the rear shock could be stiffer. 
DONALD JACKSON09/16/11Rode with Ray,easy pace, Then hung out and had some fun. 
Andy Mc09/15/11First Time! Thanks Keith, Sarah & Ryan for been guides, I think Russ & me really enjoyed it! 
thatdave09/15/11Just Tom and I 
Keith B09/15/11Awesome ride with Ryan, Andy, Russ & Sarah. A few easy cruise sections and some fun speedy sessions. We went around 'Bowen Barrier' to catch up with my wooden nemesis. Very humid out tonight. Beer and all day breaky at the British Pub afterwards :-) 
thatdave09/11/11All by myself today 
Britton09/06/11Nice ride with Allen... 
acarver09/03/11First time completing the entire trail. I've dabbed around Juanita Cooke and the railroad but never got out to Castlewood or the golf course. I'm a newbie so this proved to be difficult in parts and challenging for my stamina. Definitely going to do it again, this time without having to pull out my phone so often for GPS. 
thatdave09/01/11Dave,Tom & I 2 laps tonight for Dave & I While waing for Tom who was late 
thatdave09/01/112 of 2 in the dark nice to use the lights again... 
Quikflip2708/31/11Birthday ride with buddies 
Pinedomj08/29/11First time in a long time on a hardtail. Had fun with it though, plus I got to test out my new GPS! 
Pinedomj08/29/11Great ride with a great mixture of terrain and varying level of difficulty. 
nuts4mtbikes08/29/11Finally back on track for my weekly Monday afternoon ride with Kim....Quick, fun loop with lots of "girl talk" ;-) 
thatdave08/28/11Tom,Dave,& I..Felt good to get back to the Loop...lap 1 of 2 
thatdave08/28/11Tom,Dave,& I lap 2 of 2 Even went up the the summit house 
OTHRIDER08/25/11The hot weather sure keeps the trail empty. 
Fooly08/25/11Meet an old friend out on the trails today. Good to see you again Cow/deathduck. Had a mechanical issue about 20 min into the ride though. 
B-Radical08/23/111 of 2 
B-Radical08/23/112 of 2 
Britton08/16/11I think I missed a turn on the detour... 
RoughRiderR08/12/11Solo cruise of the Fu-loop after work, mmmkay. Good to get out after a long day of work and clear my head. a true cruise, was passed by some new-bee weekend warrior types that are probably thinking how they are going to outfit there car/truck with rims and a Monster sticker. good stuff. 
RoughRiderR08/11/11Great afternoon with Keith and Sarah. I cant remember I had such a casual ride, esp with K&S. Lots of riders out. some fast some slow, some with tight pants with all kinds of writing on them. 1st time on the mojo in weeks. felt pretty good but slugish compared to the superfly. British delight after the ride, fantastic. Wish i had a pie and Guinness after every ride. 
Keith B08/11/11Pre-vacation spin with Ryan and Sarah. Easy times rolling along the loop. No near death instances to speak of so it must be good! 
hinds5708/06/11joey, shad, benny and I cool nice night. 
DONALD JACKSON08/05/11solo 
OTHRIDER07/31/11Sprinkles were a nice distraction this morning. 
xcShane07/30/11followed "official" detour 
DONALD JACKSON07/29/11A quick loop with Cameron 
DONALD JACKSON07/29/11A more casual loop then the gathering in the lot 
RoughRiderR07/25/11Good after work solo cruise. Some guy was pretty busted up at the bottom of one of the hills. Another guy out there was building a 25ft jump! I could find where it was. 
OTHRIDER07/24/11Friday evening ride 
hinds5707/23/11fully lupe under const. first night ride in a while. 
DONALD JACKSON07/22/11Had the wrong tool for the job, Rode the DH M3. Good times as usual 
martin102007/21/11ty and i, a bit hot and humid 
SuperDutyDave07/19/11Wow--watched a real "nice" dismount tonight. The guy seemed ok--but you could almost see the stars circling around his head!! Rode with him for a mile or two then he took off 
BikeThisTrail07/18/11Nice and HOT! 
ALXNDR07/18/11Well it's been awhile since I had a good bonk... I was coming down hospital hill (before Euclid) between the fences (midway) and got a little high in the turn; hit the bush that pokes through the fence... and down on the left. (It's always the left). A little bloodied and bruised (I think I can see a screw in my arm from the last good crash :-0)but I finished the ride... I will be slowing down in THAT TURN for awhile!! 
DONALD JACKSON07/15/11solo med pace loop 
DONALD JACKSON07/15/11Tom Robert loop, then the slidebar for some beers and grub 
RoughRiderR07/13/11Good ride with Kevin and Dave after work. 
RoughRiderR07/12/11Morning ride before work. Beautiful out but surprising hot/humid. woke up at 5 to do the ride...I was tired the rest of the day! 
xcShane07/09/11Met Huy in the parking lot and he needed directions since this was his first ride @ the loop and his first ride on his new bike. Despite eating it about half way through, he did great! 
Punkie07/09/11out of shape, big time 
DONALD JACKSON07/07/11Elbow / Ribs 
OTHRIDER07/04/11Sunday morning with STR group. Ended up with 14 riders. The newbies are quickly becoming pace setters. A little dirt on the shirt for a few riders. 
OTHRIDER07/02/11A very chill ride for those off the bikes for a while. Thanks Adam & Chris for the company. 
RUTINTED07/02/11Can't find the damn GPS!! 
DONALD JACKSON06/27/11After work ride with Ray 
DONALD JACKSON06/27/11Robert and Tom, A quick loop 
FRANCHI06/26/11Social ride today. Introduced nephew to MTB. 
OTHRIDER06/26/11First time in the dirt since I crashed in mid-April. I felt like a little kid.... 
FRANCHI06/24/11Improved my own best time by 2 mins. 
monkey68boy06/22/11quick night ride to warm the legs up for some climbing tomorrow 
FRANCHI06/20/11Kind of hot today. Tomorrow I'll ride to Irvine Lake thru the mountains. 
RoughRiderR06/20/11Nice chilled solo ride after work.beautiful day out. Cruised most of the except for the final climb where some hot shot tried to race me :) 
DONALD JACKSON06/16/11Ray and Steve after work ride 
DONALD JACKSON06/16/11Cameron Scott Tom Robert and Sushi after was good 
RoughRiderR06/15/11Great solo after work ride. Good overall pace. Some places I cruised, others i was on the gas. Long ride planned for tomorrow. 
High Trail Rider06/12/11Rode solo. My second trail ride ever. This is great fun and beats jogging for exercise. 
B-Radical06/11/111 of 2 
B-Radical06/11/112 of 2 
DONALD JACKSON06/09/11After work ride then it was all Bruins 
hinds5706/08/11joey and I good pace. 
thatdave06/05/11Kevin,Gundy,Neil,Herb & I 2 times today and the first one all the way up to the Summit house!! 
thatdave06/05/112nd lap today, Kevin,Gundy,Herb No Neil had to go after 1st one, 
BikeThisTrail06/03/11Beautiful day for my lady and I! 
RoughRiderR06/02/11I was lucky to fit this ride in. Stayed at work late and met up with the boy Y and Mike for dinner. Felt really strong and the mojo felt nice and smooth. 
DONALD JACKSON06/02/11Steve W and Ray after work Thurs ride 
DONALD JACKSON06/02/11Chris Tom Robert Scott Sushi 
Wild West06/01/11Great ride at the Loop today with Matt, MJ, and Danny. Good friends, good ride, and good cold beers at Heroes after the ride! 
ALXNDR06/01/11Personal best on my Giant Reign. It's a pretty fast all mountain ride! 
Snoopy's Revenge05/31/11First MTB ride ever! Think I walked up pretty much every hill. Not the trail's fault... I'm just out of shape. Seems like a great loop to me. Will be back soon. 
B-Radical05/30/111 of 2 
B-Radical05/30/112 of 2 
Wild West05/30/11Back in the saddle again! Took "1/2" Matt and "Tank" O'Gorman on the trail today. Good times had by all! Great way to kick of Memorial Day! God Bless those that gave all to ensure that we may always live free! 
BikeThisTrail05/30/11Another perfect Caly day... 
trail dawg05/30/11Rode with Wild West and Mad Matt. great way to start the summer. Gotta work on poppoig my front wheel. went down a couple of times and gained a couple of bumbs of knowledge. Great trail, great friends and good times. 
DONALD JACKSON05/27/11Rode the hammer 32/25, Spun around with Ray. 
DONALD JACKSON05/27/11Spot, Chris, Cameron Robert Tom Don Then our usual fun time 
UphillRider6505/27/11Second time around the Loop, was able to follow the route a litte better. Great ride, except for all the street crossings. HF P 
Keith B05/26/11Rode Ryans 21lb 29er Hardtail for part of the ride - that thing is a freakin' rocket-ship! I think it'd bust my back up on harder trails but it was pretty fun. Good to be back out on the Fully - got into a gulley again at the end - Flashback!!! 
JD15805/22/112nd Ride of the day with lil Dang. Rode the SS. 
RoughRiderR05/20/11great solo ride after work. 1st ride after a long week of rains. 
crazylaci05/15/11my dad is a cheater, he entered 3 rides that he never did. i cought him. hahaha 
DONALD JACKSON05/13/11After work ride with Ray. Someone trimmed up a few sections, thanks, 
DONALD JACKSON05/13/11A good paced ride then had a good time after like usual, sushi and beers 
thatdave05/12/11Tom,Herb,Gundy & I. Felt good to do the PM ride at the Loop. 
hinds5705/10/11martin and I rode after work. nice and cool. 
Mike.the.Spike05/10/11Nice easy ride tonight, all was well. Rolled my new 2.4 Specialized Purgatory 29er tires, great tires for a hardtail that actually roll easier than Nevegals and are much lighter also. Loved 'em! 
Mike.the.Spike05/09/11Cinco de Mayo solo ride woohhhooo! 
thatdave05/08/11Toms first ride back so we all join in Kevin,Neil,Herb,Gundy and I and we all had a good time. lots of laughs 
DONALD JACKSON05/05/11Ray and Steve W a nice warm afternoon ride. 
DONALD JACKSON05/05/11Tom and Chris, A good clip this eve Then Samuri good times 
xcShane05/05/11Not too many people out this afternoon. 
Diesel05/01/11Chased a Coyote down Hiltscher Trail. Tryed to keep up with it but it was a lot faster than this slug. 
RollnStone05/01/11Took two friends on their first Fully Loop ride. The traditional blood sacrifices were paid by both of them. But the scratches were minor and they will be back. 
baldewin05/01/112nd lap 
Diesel04/30/11Good luck to riders doing the 50 miler! 
DONALD JACKSON04/29/11Ray and I after work, perfect weather , 
DONALD JACKSON04/29/11Tom and Robert, Then some fun and mexican food after 
RoughRiderR04/27/11Great solo ride after work. road from my new place. was a bit tired so i just cruised most of it...29er is so fast. 
Mike.the.Spike04/25/11Great ride tonight with Monzi, nice change of pace to be riding on a Monday. 
DONALD JACKSON04/22/11A good thursday ride with cameron. Then some good times with the crew 
Mike.the.Spike04/21/11Forgot to post from last Tuesday: Nice easy group ride with a party of 6 other riders. A little overgrown in the section after the tunnels by the golf course. 
Snake Bite04/20/11Introduce the girls to moutain biking. 
hinds5704/17/11martin and I did a friday night ride. He broke a chain,and we put the chain on over the tab on the rear, and it was not fun getting that master link back off. 
RollnStone04/16/11Going to be a warm one out there today. 
OTHRIDER04/16/11Felt good to be back on the bike after two weeks off. The mustard behind the dam is getting thick. 
Mike.the.Spike04/12/11Lap 1 of 2. Personal Record: 53min 39secs. Makes no sense, was in bed for about 4 days with nasty cold. Couldn't climb any hills until last weekend. Now a personal best? Makes no sense. 
Mike.the.Spike04/12/11Lap 2 of 2. 
DONALD JACKSON04/08/11After work ride with Ray. 
DONALD JACKSON04/08/11Tom Robert Cameron Chris, Started in the rain and it finally let up. Made it a fun ride 
OTHRIDER04/04/11Sunday morning STR ride. Ray & Roxanne joined us - nice meeting and riding with both of you. 
RoughRiderR04/04/11Good after work ride with Kevin. Mojo felt great. 
OTHRIDER04/03/11Thursday with STR 
OTHRIDER04/03/11Saturday morning solo ride before the soccer games 
Mike.the.Spike04/02/11Lap 1 of 2 solo night ride. ALMOST got sprayed by a skunk. It darted out right in front of me, I locked up rear tire and fishtailed. I turned my face to the side because I knew it was over. Thank God he didn't raise his tail and spray. No way I shoulda got outta that one. 
Mike.the.Spike04/02/11Lap 2 of 2 solo night ride. Forgot to post these from Tuesday evening. 
DONALD JACKSON03/31/11Ray and I on a record breaker (hot day. 
DONALD JACKSON03/31/11Tom Cameron Robert Dan , Aggreat ride asnd times 
hinds5703/30/11FIRST RUN ON TALLBOY. 
DONALD JACKSON03/25/11First ride on the new red frame Spot. Not that muddy at all, Chris rode a solo lap and Scott joined us after 
OTHRIDER03/21/11Saturday morning ride from home 
OTHRIDER03/21/11Sunday morning from home with JSD and newbie Joey. 
OTHRIDER03/16/11Perfect riding conditions last night and no one was out riding 
FalseSummit03/15/11Afternoon ride with DaveC and Noel. 
B-Radical03/15/111 of 2. Dead HR monitor battery. 
B-Radical03/15/112 of 2 
That's How I Roll03/13/111ST Lap 
That's How I Roll03/13/112ND Lap 
That's How I Roll03/13/11 
xcShane03/10/11Pushed it to try and to catch the "Fly". Unsuccessful! Maybe he took a shortcut... 
xcShane03/10/11Lap 2 
DONALD JACKSON03/10/11Warm afternoon ride with Ray, Rode my hammer 
DONALD JACKSON03/10/11Cameron Chris Tom Robert a great ride then the typical after ride festival 
Manuel71403/09/11Great Tue rip with Ed. 
OTHRIDER03/04/11Not too many riders out. The dirt was nice and tacky. 
DONALD JACKSON03/03/11After work with Ray, warm afternoon 
DONALD JACKSON03/03/11Cameron Chris Robert another great ride. Then some beers and good food 
Ladera Mike03/01/11First time riding Fully at night. Lots of riders out tonight and not too cold. 
FRANCHI03/01/11All good. Happy to be able to ride! 
OTHRIDER02/27/11The Loop dried out well. Lots of hikers and bikers. Puddles are easy to avoid. 
DONALD JACKSON02/25/11Ray and I after work. Nice afternoon 
DONALD JACKSON02/25/11Cameron Chris A typical ride, Then Samuri was tasty 
davidB.02/25/111st lap, solo 
davidB.02/25/112nd lap, solo, caught some of the str guys 
OTHRIDER02/24/11Pretty cold for the 1st few miles. Nice & toasty after a climb or two. Only saw one other rider. 
crazylaci02/23/11I enjoyed my ride with my dad and 2 brothers! 
hinds5702/21/11martin and I, his first ride in the dirt. He rode good did the whole lupe. 
smithg02/21/11Got a new 800 last week -- posting manually now 
DONALD JACKSON02/17/11solo hoy 
DONALD JACKSON02/17/11Stubriks steaks were the highlight of the night. Scott Dan Chris Tom rode but missed out 
Mike.the.Spike02/16/11Lap 1 of 2. 
Mike.the.Spike02/16/11Lap 2 of 2. 
Diesel02/15/11Good ride! Cramped up at the end. Need to ride more! 
thatdave02/12/11Gundy,Kevin & I. Kevin did his 1st lap in 54:59 
thatdave02/12/11Gundy, Kevin & I. Kevin & I did 2 laps today. Dave had to go home after 1 loop. 
OTHRIDER02/11/11Relaxing night ride with the STR crew 
jpotts02/11/11nice leisurely evening ride 
xcShane02/11/11Hooked up with a few good men. 2nd ride on the machine. So far, so good! 
OTHRIDER02/11/11NO ONE out there tonight.... 
Manuel71402/09/11Great to see Big Tony back in the saddle. Fun ride with Vero, Jeff, Tom, Tyler, Matt, and Mike bringing back the old school flare. 
OTHRIDER02/08/11Just me and two skunks... 
Mike.the.Spike02/08/11They just graded some parts of the trail and most of the rain damage is just about gone. 
Diesel02/06/11Limited visibility due to fog. Not as cold this morning compared to yesterday. 
Diesel02/05/11Cold this morning but always good to be riding. 
DONALD JACKSON02/04/11Mike K and I were having a great ride until he crashed at that narrow plank by the dam. 
OTHRIDER02/02/11Great views last night and I only came across one other rider. 
davidB.02/02/11lap 1 
davidB.02/02/11lap 2 
hinds5702/01/11joey,benny and I had a good ride. fast and fun.Butt sore third day in a row. 
Manuel71402/01/11Rode with Ed & Gene. Trail was in great shape, perfect grip. Rear shock on the Stumpjumper got cooked, and stayed completely compressed. It made for some interesting riding, like a flopping fish. 
Jocko01/31/11Sunday morning family ride. Got rained on before we finished. 
Shigalert01/30/11First time on this fun loop. We would have beaten the rain but for a puncture a mile or so from the end. 
DONALD JACKSON01/29/11RTay and I after work ride , warm nice 
DONALD JACKSON01/29/11Chris, Tom , Robert, A fun loop, then some fun and sushi. 
FRANCHI01/25/11Leg maintanance ride. Tried to improve my own best time but I was not able. 
FRANCHI01/24/11All good. 
proraptor01/23/11Such An awesome day to ride the loop 
xcShane01/21/11Nice meeting Donny&Ron. Usual Thursday, lots of people. 
DONALD JACKSON01/20/11Cameron, Mike K, Mike C, Tom, Robert A great ride Then the fun begins Fullertons finest ended the eve, Jen joined us at Samuri 
jeffro01/17/11Thanks Chris and Ed; great ride. For the XC biker that I am, I thoroughly enjoyed this loop. Go with someone who knows the way, or ask to follow someone. Loop takes you on climbs, shows you great scenery, includes all terrain types...I thoroughly enjoyed this ride. 
jeffro01/17/11Great ride; go with someone who knows the way first. Or ask to follow someone. This route offers fun downhill, good cardio climbs...little bit of everything. 
Gerry Lattimer01/14/11Night ride with Tabitha 
DONALD JACKSON01/13/11A dyligt lap was nice and warm today, Cameron and Dave 
DONALD JACKSON01/13/11Mike K joined us for a fun thursday eve , Cameron rolled ahead while we messed with Mikes tire tube 
baldewin01/12/11Perfect conditions right now. 
randalnelson01/12/11Fun after work ride with Jon S. Still a little soft in places but all in all very ridable. Good times! 
JRA01/09/11Matt,Thank you for posting a fun ride. I really enjoyed this course and I will definitely place it at the top of my list of courses to revisit;) 
Manuel71401/09/11Great rip, loop is in great shape. 
Manuel71401/09/112nd loop 
OTHRIDER01/08/11Easy pace Loop this morning. A LOT of new bikes out there today. 
DONALD JACKSON01/07/11A solo loop, still some muddy ruts 
DONALD JACKSON01/07/11Chris on his cross bike , Good times after just chilling then burritos with Cameron 
Jocko01/07/11Geesh - Took this long to get my first MTB ride of the year in. Nice ride with Dave, Mike, Rich & Bob. 
OTHRIDER01/07/11Perfect temps for a night ride with the STR crew. 
JCampbell01/06/11Quick solo loop tonight. Didn't see a soul. Skipped the muddy mess train tracks. 
Oly01/04/11Road with Joe, Matt and Manny. 
Manuel71401/03/11Great rip with Olson, Joe, and our favorite story teller Matt the "ER guy. Got a D-Cell? 
OTHRIDER01/02/11Got out before the rain and cruised for two laps, #1 
OTHRIDER01/02/11#2 of 2 
DONALD JACKSON12/30/10Some fun some sloppy sections, 
DONALD JACKSON12/30/10Solo, Not as muddy the second loop, Started to figure out the cleaner lines , like the sidewalk along the golf course. Tracks are messy in a new spot. 
FRANCHI12/28/10Leg maintenance ride. Last chance for some MTB before the oncomming rain. 
DONALD JACKSON12/17/10managed to do one lap with no lights, Ray did not make it today. 
DONALD JACKSON12/17/10A quick loop with Chris, then some beers and sushi with the regs 
xcShane12/16/10A bit slow tonight. No one pushing me. 
Gerry Lattimer12/13/10First ride on a SS 29er. 
OTHRIDER12/11/10Great views last night and NO ONE on the trails. I scared the cr*p out of a few punks smokin' behind the water tank who weren't expecting company.... 
DONALD JACKSON12/10/10Loop with Cameron and Mike, Some sushi after with Scott 
Manuel71412/05/10Fun cruise with Daniel chasing Vero. 
Ladera Mike12/05/10Was in Fullerton this afternoon and happened to have my bike so I took a spin on the loop. Great solo ride. The track is in really nice shape except for a couple minor ruts. Caught some sprinkles towards the end of the ride. 
teamshort12/03/10TDT lap 3 (of 3) 
FRANCHI12/03/10Night ride. All good. 
FRANCHI12/02/10Leg maintenance ride after sunset. 
ducatirider211/29/10Lap One 
ducatirider211/29/10Lap Two 
99fsrSport11/28/10very cold started around 2:30 am fist time on trail ever. really fun at night. was gunna do two laps but fingers were numb. 
jpotts11/28/10went out and did a loop during the 24hr fund raiser. great cause. 
OTHRIDER11/28/10Tour de Tryp #1 of 2 
OTHRIDER11/28/10Tour de Tryp #2 of 2 
ducatirider211/27/10Triptophan lap 1 
ducatirider211/27/10Tryptophan lap 2 
OTHRIDER11/27/10Pre Tour de Tryp laps, 1 of 2 
OTHRIDER11/27/10#2 & I'm off to Big Bear 
JCampbell11/27/10Short fun ride with some peeps at the tryp. Thanks for letting me tag along. 
Rumpled11/27/10My first time on the Fully Loop for the Tour de Trytophan. I loaded the route into my GPS and just went. Plenty of people about and I was able to quickly fix most of my navigation errors. After the tunnels I went the wrong way and ended up climbing out by the tennis center and just went down Harbor back to the courthouse. Trail had more hills than I was expecting, and some steep sections as well. GPS 10.85 miles, 23.9 mph max, 6.1 mph avg, Comp 1:27:46 ride time, 11.6 miles, 7.8 mph avg, 26.0 mph max, 1:34:53 total time, 832 kcal, .23 lb MMR 1024 kcal 
FRANCHI11/27/10Leg maintenance ride. This time I played all different single track variations found along the loop. 
Jocko11/26/10Friday High-Noon ride with Craig, Dave, Bob, Mike, Terri, Tino, and James 
jekyllrider11/26/10Lap 1 of 4. SS cross bike 46x18 with 170 cranks was harder than I should have worked for the first lap. 
jekyllrider11/26/10Lap 2 of 4, back on regular bike 
ducatirider211/25/10Quick little loop ride with my son, now it's time to eat turkey! 
RUTINTED11/23/10Fun ride with MOUNTAINSURFER, first time ride for him on the loop. 
MrBill11/23/10First time doing this route- loved it! Took it on the easy side (thanx RUTINTED for waiting!). At times a little slippery around a couple of corners, but for the most part was totally good to go. Weather was on the cool side- perfect! Will do again. 
Mike.the.Spike11/22/10Forgot to post my pre-rain Friday night solo ride. 
RUTINTED11/19/10SWEET!! I broke the one hour mark, kind of!! 
RUTINTED11/19/10Fun route, good ride, try it if you have not yet done so. 
FRANCHI11/19/10Social ride this evening. Intoducing my coworker riding partner to night riding. The full moon by itself was illuminating our path. Had a very relaxed ride in the fresh air. 
sbrown11/18/10Route cut a little short after a perfect Superman Flight OTB, but close enough. Also, left or lost my Garmin 305 at or near the Courthouse parking lot. Reward if you return it. Other than the above it was a good day on the bike. 
RUTINTED11/18/10I need to break an hour on this trail. Maybe next time!! 
RUTINTED11/18/10Fun ride!! The trails were empty topday!! 
xcShane11/17/10Good cruise with Ron 
RUTINTED11/15/10Fun ride! I like all the different types of trails. Kind of a cruser but again FUN! 
FRANCHI11/14/10Early Sunday ride by myself. Improved my own best time at this ride. 
OTHRIDER11/14/10Number one of two 
OTHRIDER11/14/10Lap number two with the STR group. Congrats to JSD - that's a nice new bike!! 
RUTINTED11/14/10Fun ride with my 6 year old little boy. 
OTHRIDER11/13/10A perfect day for a mid-morning ride. 
thatdave11/13/10Kevin,Dave,Neil,Herb & I. All had a nice ride, with extra credit loops. 
thatdave11/13/102nd lap all by myself, we finished early so I went for another ride. 
davidB.11/13/10str group ride on the new bike 
DIRTULS11/10/10Middle ring ride again. I was tired today. 
sbrown11/09/10Beautiful day--sun out ,cool breeze, trails packed,-- time to ride. Route has slight deviation to normal loop because part of trail was closed due to tree trimming 
mtnbikej11/06/10Nice ride this afternoon...casual pace...was hot, then cold, then hot, then cold again. Trail was in good shape....except all the areas where people rode through when the trail was still wet and muddy....now there are tire tracks all over the place...bummer. Only saw a few other riders out there. 
xhuskr11/04/10been quite some time since I've seen dirt on the bike...great to be back..fun STR Thursday loop... 
DIRTULS11/03/10My shock is trash. I am not a happy rider today. Pushed middle ring the entire ride today and finally killed the last hill (instead of going right-cheater way). 
Jocko11/01/10Sunday morning ride with Dave, Greg, Mike, Terri, and the Jon's. 
FRANCHI10/31/10I've done this ride few times before with no Garmin. Now, with the Garmin is a different ball game. Today I wasn't in my best prime condition. I'll be always searching for the rigth combination of nutrients to take in order to perform better with less pain. 
Manuel71410/31/10Spooky Night Ride...great short rip with almost no mud, just a few spots to dodge past the golf course. 
Manuel71410/31/10A.M. mud ride with Vero. Must say it was a ride to remember. Lots of riders and hikers out enjoying the trails. 
thatdave10/30/10All by myself in the mud bowl big time. 
DONALD JACKSON10/29/10Chris collapsed his rim on the sharp rt banked turn. Cameron managed to avoid a pile up. My lights ran out of juice, But it was a good Thursday night as usual 
BoneBag10/28/10Its been 11 days since Ive been on the bike...2 of 2 
BoneBag10/28/101 of 2 
DIRTULS10/27/10Middle ring training ride. Ooooh my light lasted a whole 29 minutes! But, I have a new battery on the way. 
Manuel71410/26/10While night riding a low hanging branch on the single track after the golf course, decided to give me a tap on the head so hard my helmet strap pulled the attached plastic inserts out of the helmet. Yeah, I thought Thank God for the helmet bucket as I tried to put my helmet back together. Trail was in good shape, just a little muddy here and there, made for some trick plank riding by the railroad tracks. 
Manuel71410/26/10Quick 7am rip with Ed, who was loving the trail as much as me. 
JCampbell10/24/101st ride in a very long time... the gut I have is uncomfortable 
DIRTULS10/16/10Good ride this evening to hammer out the stress from the week and to practice for my weekly winter rides here. It was misty and I really should skip the dam and the golf course when it is dark. Could not jump the curb that gives me issues and I crashed. I will get it one of these days. I have been avoiding it since the last time I crashed. 
OTHRIDER10/15/10It was fun to be back to riding behind lights. Good times with the STR crew. 
BoneBag10/15/10Best time yet, added 20 seconds due to the downhill section that I forgot to turn the gps back on. 
DONALD JACKSON10/14/10ride. 
DONALD JACKSON10/14/10Cameron Umberto ride , Then I fried up 5 lb of dogs and peppers 
OTHRIDER10/10/10I can't believe I haven't had a ride in over a month.....today felt great and leaving at nine left the trails empty. 
teamshort10/08/10STR ride. 
DONALD JACKSON10/07/10after work solo hoy 
DONALD JACKSON10/07/10Cris and I, never caught Tom & Robert 
jekyllrider10/01/10Lap 1 of 2 4/11 
jekyllrider10/01/10Lap 2 of 2 4/11 
Quikflip2710/01/10Was glad to be back on the dirt, until I got hit with three flats and a torn tire :(. Congrats to those who got a spot in the April 2nd sufferfest. 
halfasst09/30/10Fast lap tonight. Ran into a rider who'd never ridden the loop before so showed him around. 
Rugger07409/27/10Fun ride even for beginners. Recommend you use a GPS on this ride. 
xcShane09/25/10Never ride the loop on Saturday's. Lots of bikers and runners! Trying the Blue Groove up front again. 
xcShane09/25/10Lap 2 in reverse 
RollnStone09/25/10Morning ride to beat the heat. 
DONALD JACKSON09/24/10Rode a quick loop with Cameron, 
smithg09/24/10Lap one of two this morning with Jekyll Rider 
smithg09/24/10Lap two of two 
jekyllrider09/24/10Lap 1 of 2 with smithg 
jekyllrider09/24/10Lap 2 of 2 with smithg 
thatdave09/24/10Dave,Jeff & I. It felt good to get back out there with the lights. 
xcShane09/23/10Easy cruise tonight 
BoneBag09/22/10New personal best! 47.55 
thatdave09/18/10All by myself. The tril had some bad spots I thought. 
XCRider09/17/10Fun social ride with STR crew doing light demos from geoman. Interesting to talk with Ed, Thomas, Dave, Dino and company afterward. 
DONALD JACKSON09/17/10Cameron, Chris, rolled a lap before we needed lights 
That's How I Roll09/16/101ST Lap 
That's How I Roll09/16/102ND Lap 
DONALD JACKSON09/16/10another nice afternoon ride , Ryan waited thanks, 
Draker09/12/10Fun ride with Josh, and lots of people on the trail. 
RollnStone09/10/10Not many people out today so it was a fast ride. 
shrek09/10/10single speed is great at fullerton 
shrek09/10/102nd loop 
DONALD JACKSON09/09/10Ray and Steve after work ride Cool with a breeze 
587nate09/06/10Darkness! Super early ride. The suns begining to take it's sweet time gettin up in the morning. 
587nate09/04/10I took it... and threw it on the ground! 
dcam09/04/101st time on this loop. Lots of bikers and walkers/runners. Great directions. 
thatdave09/04/10Dave,Kevin,Herb,Joe,and newbie Ella all had a great ride. I cant believe Ive been around this loop 150 times!! 
4xdave09/02/10First time doing the fully loop. Was much more than I expected. 
xcShane09/01/10Last weeks night ride 
xcShane09/01/10Five of us tonight 
BoneBag08/27/10Le loop. 
teamshort08/27/10STR sunday ride 
587nate08/26/10Ride felt fast... I was wrong. 
halfasst08/26/10Took a couple new riders out tonight on the loop. Despite the heat they did real good. Lots of riders, runners, and hikers out. 
DONALD JACKSON08/26/10Ray Ryan Jim A cooling trend was welcome. 
DONALD JACKSON08/26/10A second loop solo, A lot of activity out on the loop 
shrek08/23/10I rode with two clip on lights. Interesting riding in the dark by the light of the full moon. 
587nate08/23/10"2 a days" for the KO Kidd and Prestige Worldwide. 
davidB.08/22/10lap 1 
davidB.08/22/10lap 2, STR social loop 
Draker08/21/10The trails in nice shape and it was as fun as ever. 
BoneBag08/19/10the loop. again. 
thatdave08/19/10Just Dave and I. I had a flat and Dave and I made it to last squeal in 57:37. Dinner at Wahoos 
shrek08/18/101st loop 
shrek08/18/102nd loop 
thatdave08/18/10Just Joe and I Wahoos afterwords 
smithg08/17/10Starting to need the lights in the AM for about the first 3 miles. 
Quikflip2708/15/10W/ my uncle and his buddies. MolcaSalsa afterward was the cherry on top. 
TREE08/15/10STR ride - took the 7 year old. He did great, walked a few of the steeper climbs, but that was expected. 
thatdave08/13/10Dave,Lisa his wife and I got this one just before dark!! New brakes For the fat possum 
xcShane08/11/10Diggin the night rides..... 
OTHRIDER08/08/10I left at two and no one was on the trail. The breeze kept the ride very comfortable. 
Mike.the.Spike08/08/10Night time solo rides are good for the soul. 
thatdave08/06/10Just Dave & I We had a great ride and the trail was in great shape 1:01 to last squeal 
OTHRIDER08/04/10Is this August? Perfect temps this evening! 
rsalgado08/03/10Woke up late to do whole ride before work. Been of the bike, not feeling too strong. Good to ride. 
rsalgado08/03/10After work ride, felt pretty hot around 4pm. I like pre work rides better, sunrise and cool 
Lutkus197308/02/10nice to be back on the bike after some time off. 
Quikflip2708/01/10Big STR turnout today made for good times! Broke another cable on the boulder so it was SS with only front brakes. My brother is killing those hills! 
Keith B07/31/10Made some $$ and new friends at the Swap Meet then limped around the loop with Sarah. Both coughing and weazing like old people, struggled up all the climbs and got passed by some old dude in spandex! Don't remember last time getting sick knocked me down so hard. 
thatdave07/30/10After work ride, Dave & Herb.Kevin didnt get the e-mail Felt good to get back on the F-Loop. 
DONALD JACKSON07/29/10Thursday ride with Ray and Steve, A cool afternoon was great 
DONALD JACKSON07/29/10Chris and I rode and Calvin and his work bud were just ahead of us Another fun Thursday 
shrek07/26/101st loop 
shrek07/26/102nd loop 
JD15807/21/10It was hot out!! Rode with son for his bday ride....all he wanted to do was go for a mtb ride =) 
Quikflip2707/21/10Traded bikes with my brother to give him an intro to clippess... He was beating me up the hills! Shifter cable snapped just as we started so we zip tied the bike into SS mode and went for it. Highlight of the day: Coming around a corner we came across a coyote and scared the crap out of it...literally! :P 
That's How I Roll07/21/101ST loop 
That's How I Roll07/21/102ND loop 
BoneBag07/21/10Had to settle for the fullerton loop... hey, NO BEES! 
TheJohnG07/18/10Better than last time. 2 hika's, 1 cut. 
xcShane07/14/10Riding with the old "night" gang.... 
GabrielC07/13/10Didn't get started til after noon and it was pretty warm. Didn't see a soul out there. Had a good crash right behind the golf course. 
jekyllrider07/11/10Lap1 of 2 
jekyllrider07/11/10Lap 2 of 2 
Quikflip2707/11/10Another flat...dang splinters. 
That's How I Roll07/09/101ST Lap 
That's How I Roll07/09/102ND Lap 
Diesel07/08/10Good training ride w/ JDawg. Dude is getting faster w/ every lap around the Fully Loop. 
DONALD JACKSON07/08/10A thursday ride with Ray. Smooth sailing 
DONALD JACKSON07/08/10Chris, Dave, Cameeron , Scott for another Thursday eve, then a good time 
Quikflip2707/07/10W/ my brother, we were able to cut 10 min off our previous social pace. Nursing a slow rear leak towards the end, hitting rim is a painful feeling. 
joshik07/07/10ride with dan and JTC!! 
shrek07/04/101st loop 
shrek07/04/102nd loop 
Goat - Taco Jack07/04/10Lap one . 
Goat - Taco Jack07/04/10Loop two rode both loops with Glen , thanks for keeping me company . 
Quikflip2707/04/10STR group ride with my brother. New places, new faces and a jolly good time! 
Goat Glen07/04/10Thanks for the ride Jack! 
mtnbikej07/03/10Fun ride this afternoon.....been a while since I have done this route. Seems to get shorter each time. Temps were actually really nice out there....never got as hot as it feels like it should. Only saw a few other riders out today. 
TREE07/02/10Lap 1 
TREE07/02/10Lap 2 
thatdave07/01/10Joe,Jeff,Jimmy,Dave & I all had a good ride Wahoos afterwords!! 
J Dawg07/01/10Good job michael for your first ride 
Diesel07/01/10Great ride w/J Dawg and my nephew. Nephews first mountain bike ride. Great job guys!! 
DONALD JACKSON07/01/10Steve W and I after work, pretty warm, a good pace, 
DONALD JACKSON07/01/102nd lap at 6;30 A good time after as usual. 
BoneBag06/30/10Got my cousin to try some MTB. 2 hours to make it around the loop. He has alot of room for improvement! 
joshik06/30/10ride with Jeff and his bro! 
smithg06/27/10lap 1 of 2 
smithg06/27/10lap 2 of 2 
That's How I Roll06/26/101ST LAP 
That's How I Roll06/26/102ND LAP 
smithg06/26/10Lap 1 of 2 
smithg06/26/10lap 2 of 2 
Jocko06/24/10Wednesday evening ride with Dave, Mike, Jen, and Terri. 
DONALD JACKSON06/24/10After work with Kevin. Two 29ers, A good time with the routine 
That's How I Roll06/23/10First Lap 
That's How I Roll06/23/102ND Lap 
OTHRIDER06/19/10Just a quick Friday night spin 
DONALD JACKSON06/17/10Did not plan this one, Just seemed to happen, 
joshik06/16/10Took some first-timers! Got 2 flats with over 4 holes each tube! i only had 2 patches left and had to tear up the patches. :( 
B-Radical06/15/10First ride in a long long time 
jekyllrider06/13/10Lap 1 of 2. 
jekyllrider06/13/10Lap 2 of 2. 
shrek06/13/102nd loop 
Diesel06/11/1059:10 Haven't done a sub 1 hour lap in a long time. 
owen06/10/10with chris and sarah. what a fun ride! left the courthouse at 6:30 pm, and had plenty of daylight. love, love, love summertime. loads of riders out. 
salnov06/09/10New to MTB..3 times on loop and learning how to get up a couple of the hills and learning the last part of the route by the dam. Lot to learn but enjoying the challenge. 
REH06/06/1029er ss w/G.Lattimer,(he was on his Stumpy)and Tater did it on his 29er ss also.Fun ride,but LOST MY CELL PHONE !! AARRGH !! :( 
Gerry Lattimer06/06/10Joined Randy and REH for a single speed ride. 
Silverback06/05/10Lap #1 
Silverback06/05/10Lap #2 
Greo1006/05/102 laps with silverback 
Greo1006/05/102nd lap with silverback - his added commentary made it entertaining - such an old sage of this trail. 
skyrone06/04/10wife's first night ride 
OTHRIDER06/04/10The warm weather sure brought out the hikers and horses last night - SUPER busy trails. 
DONALD JACKSON06/03/10Ray and Steve W from work , A warm afternoon ride , Bibs are sore 
rsalgado06/01/10Late start this morning,only time to ride the standard loop before work. Still a good ride. 
xhuskr05/28/10Lap 1..started out with a friend...got dropped like a wet bag of sand!! oh well...I enjoyed the solidarity of bike/trail/nature by myself. 
xhuskr05/28/10Lap 2..STR ride..always a good time with the gang. 
assanti05/27/10Lap 2....STR GROUP RIDE.... 
DONALD JACKSON05/27/10Ray and VT loop after work, Perfect outside 
DONALD JACKSON05/27/10Chrs Cameron Roger for a second loop then some good spirits and food 
Hellride05/24/10Lap one for pace. Personal best @ 49:32! 
Hellride05/24/10Lap 2 cool down and fun with ST options. Nice day and ride! 
Diesel05/24/10Saw a 3' long gopher snake behind the dam. 
OTHRIDER05/23/102nd lap 
Gerry Lattimer05/23/10Met up with REH and spent the day hitting every jump and feature we could find. It added an hour ride time and 500 feet elevation gain to the standard loop. Also picked up a lost rider and got him back to the courthouse. 
teamshort05/23/10STR Sunday Ride 
gaucho05/22/10W/ Madeline and Scott. Nice ride. Completed the exact trail as the one listed in Geoladders. Madeline fell twice. Casual ride with lots of backtracking to check on Mad. Approx. 13.5 miles completed. 
REH05/22/10G. Lattimer and I did a bunch of photo shots all over the loop,so it was a fun day,and what a blast it was. 
That's How I Roll05/20/101ST Loop 
That's How I Roll05/20/102ND Loop 
oldschoolpl51005/19/10Wow, saw a baby skunk while coming down the hill to Euclid. It's rabbit season too. 
OTHRIDER05/16/10A perfectly paced Sunday morning ride with the STR crew. 
thatdave05/16/10All by myself, chile today 
Hellride05/08/10Easy ride around the loop. Lots of hikers and bikers out. 
BoneBag05/07/10Another before work ride. 
BoneBag05/06/10Before work ride. 
oldschoolpl51005/06/10Watch out for cars. Ouch 
DONALD JACKSON05/06/10Solo lap at 4 Beautiful weather 
DONALD JACKSON05/06/10Chris and Cameron, all good 
Hellride05/05/10Lap one for pace - after a broken chain sent me walking 3 miles back. Banning's Bikes took care of me tho. Eric and Banning were great - Thanks guys! 
Hellride05/05/10Lap 2 to cool down and enjoy. Great day. 
xcShane05/03/10Lap 1 of 3 rides. 
jekyllrider05/03/10Lap 1 of 2 
jekyllrider05/03/10Lap 2 of 2. Back in time to sell some stuff at the swapmeet. 
DONALD JACKSON05/02/10Felt good today , Swap meet was good for buyers. example; Ti polished frame for 120 wow 
genusmtbkr505/02/10Huge turnout for the STR swap meet pre-ride. Always good to see some of the OG's 
TREE05/02/10Big STR group ride before the swap meet. 
REH05/02/10Did the fully loop before the swap meet today.Then headed up too Sycamore Caynon w/ G.Lattimer and did a ride their. 
davidB.05/02/10STR pre swap meet ride 
DIRTULS05/01/10Got a ride in after work. 
jekyllrider04/30/10Lap 1 of 2 
jekyllrider04/30/10Lap 2 of 2 
DONALD JACKSON04/29/10solo loop in the wind, 
DONALD JACKSON04/29/10Cameron and Chris , a good ride and fun after 
teamshort04/28/10STR sunday noob ride 
TREE04/25/10STR Sunday ride - my first time riding with the group. Thanks for showing me the route and motivating me to go faster than the guy from Michigan. 
DONALD JACKSON04/22/10Solo ride at 3 after work in the drizzle. was not muddy at all except by the tracks 
DONALD JACKSON04/22/10Rode with Scott and Collin, Was perfect. A sweet loop 
teamshort04/19/10STR Noob ride 
gaucho04/18/10Nice AM ride w/ Scott. First time on the Loop. Never saw the bridge or the tunnel. Rode 2 miles longer than the map of the Loop from getting lost. 
That's How I Roll04/17/10Quick spin around 
DIRTULS04/17/10Solo after work ride. My riding buddy that has not been on a bike since the summer never showed. :( This is my first time in many months on this with complete day light. 
redhat989804/15/10Yay . 1st Time Completing without stopping and cranked all the way "The beginning of Rosecrans Trail" was tough but I inched my way to the top :) 
That's How I Roll04/15/101st lap 
That's How I Roll04/15/102nd lap 
Hellride04/14/10Fun ride - great weather. 2 laps + 1 in reverse. Fun, but not a great idea. 
Yammo04/12/10trail was wet, made it harder for riding 
shrek04/11/101st lap 
shrek04/11/102nd lap 
jb_29er04/10/10loop 2 
Silverback04/10/10First time doing the Fullerton Loop. 
Silverback04/10/10Second time doing the Fullerton Loop. 
Bikeskills04/09/10I rode my Santa Cruz Blur LT. Some nasty head wind here and there and got stuck at a few street crossings but only cost me about 30-40 seconds total. Still cant figure out how someone did this loop in 41 minutes! 
DONALD JACKSON04/08/10Solo SS loop. Only a few riders but a lot of activity. Warm 
DONALD JACKSON04/08/10With Cameron, The crew was right behind us. 
TT_II04/04/10great spring weather. Great for riding. Trails have dried out from the rains. 
DONALD JACKSON04/02/10Crash , 25 plus 
RollnStone04/02/10Haven't ridden the loop in quite a while. Always good for a quick ride. 
vt1ryan04/02/10Solo afternoon Spin. 
thatdave04/02/10All by myself, nice and easy geting ready for our San Diego Amtrak ride tomorrow!! 
dmill04/01/10Great time! however some issues with my forks! 
joshik03/31/10Danny Yi's first ride with Phil and Danny 
vodoo03/30/10An Evening ride, had to shorten it due to flat tire. 
xcShane03/29/10Thanks to Specialized & Fullerton Bikes for the demo day. Went for a 29er but ended up with a fancy 26" S-Works Epic. No Complaints! Pretty nice & light machine. 
sbrown03/28/10Saturday's ride 
davidmdempster03/28/10Once again like always a great ride. Ate it towards the end and took down a small tree with me, but what is one to do. Walked away with a flesh wound. 
thatdave03/27/10All by myself & I took a little fall. Ouch Ouch 
Diesel03/26/10Nursed a flat tire on the way home. 
BoneBag03/26/10Before work ride, gps had a little overlap from aliso. 
thatdave03/25/10Just Dave,Joe & I. Chomps afterwords for a great dinner and beers!! 
rsalgado03/25/10Afterwork ride, big crowd out with Specilized demo. 
xhuskr03/25/10Nice relaxed ride for the first loop. 
xhuskr03/25/10STR group ride for lap #2 
ducatirider203/23/10Lap 1 
ducatirider203/23/10Lap 2 
BoneBag03/21/10Before work, its great - now I don't need the headlight. Best time yet. 
smithg03/21/10Lap 1 of 2 
smithg03/21/10lap 2 of 2 
davidmdempster03/21/10Excellent ride. The rain from the last several weeks have altered the trails a little. There are more divots and crevasses than before so you've got to be careful. 
davidmdempster03/21/10Good ride to break you in to the sport. It's got a little of everything. 
Hellride03/21/10Lap 1 
Hellride03/21/10Lap 2 
gregwilkie503/20/10Grew up here and didn't know of this trail until I started riding. One of my all time favorites! 
gregwilkie503/20/10A great ride for all ages and levels. Close to everything, yet you feel your very remote at times. Easy to follow the route. 
thatdave03/19/10Kevin,Dave,Todd & I all had a good ride. It felt good to get back to the F-Loop. Wahoos afterwords 
Mike.the.Spike03/17/10Slow, easy pace, just killing time. 
Lutkus197303/16/10Nice Morning Ride With Ed 
vt1ryan03/16/10Afternoon Solo Spin. Very Warm today. 
joshik03/15/10took my friend for his first mtn bike ride! 
DONALD JACKSON03/15/10Beautiful warm afternoon, Only a few briders but a lot of folks out walking, Easy pace 1st loop 
DONALD JACKSON03/15/10Just kept on riding and did a second loop , sunset at the top of the last damn on harbour, 
OTHRIDER03/14/10Great weather for a quick Friday night ride 
jekyllrider03/12/10Lap 1 of 2 
jekyllrider03/12/10Lap 2 of 2. 
DONALD JACKSON03/11/10Chris and I , Warmer than last nights ride , and samari after 
Gerry Lattimer03/11/10Nice slow ride around the loop. So much warmer that Sierra Peak last night! 
martink11103/10/10Morning ride 26.6 mph max 
trailking@cox.net03/09/10Finally got to ride. Slow but steady. Felt good. 
TyMo03/08/10Team ride with Matt, Lock, RickM, JackM, Phillip, Manny, Veronica, and dad. 
BoneBag03/07/10Muddy. Good thing for the dollar car wash down the street. 
jmendoza03/07/10Smooth ride. Cool weather. 
Mike.the.Spike03/06/10The Loop is in great shape considering how much rain we've had. A few deep ruts here & there but plenty of room to get around everything. A very nice, quite, peaceful night ride. 
OTHRIDER03/06/10no one out last night... 
dbernard55203/04/10solo fun ride. 
DONALD JACKSON03/04/10With Dave, Both of us had some troubles with rear tire , A fast loop since we were losing battery life and air in rear tires 
DONALD JACKSON03/04/10Rode with Ray after work, A few wet spots but all good, 
davidB.03/03/1044:03. That :03 will haunt me. No extra credit. 
davidB.03/03/10Lap 2, social loop backwards. 
Manuel71403/02/10Nightride with Vero and her caffinated sport beans. Watch out here she comes. 
BoneBag03/01/10Night ride before work. 
BoneBag03/01/10I was not feeling it today, way off pace. 
FalseSummit02/28/10HS ride with TyMo, Matt, Lock, RickM, JackM, Phillip, Manny, and Veronica. 
jekyllrider02/27/10Lap 1 of 2 
jekyllrider02/27/10Lap 2 of 2. 
OTHRIDER02/26/10Been off the bike for 23 days - it sure felt good to ride and beat the rain. 
Lutkus197302/25/10Nice to be back on the bike after and good to ride at Fullerton. Thanks Eric for a nice Morning Ride 
DONALD JACKSON02/25/10Solo trying to catch some buds but never did, 
DONALD JACKSON02/25/10Ray and I after work, warm beautiful afternoon 
Bikeskills02/24/10I did this on my Santa Cruz Blur Carbon XC. This was my first attempt at putting in a fast time. It was somewhat painful! 
skyrone02/24/10Solo night ride. Started to sprinkle but cleared up quick and the trail stayed mostly dry and in good shape. 
That's How I Roll02/21/101ST Lap 
That's How I Roll02/21/102ND Lap 
That's How I Roll02/21/103RD Lap 
jekyllrider02/21/10Lap 1 of 2 on new 29r wheel on the frankenbike 
jekyllrider02/21/10Lap 2 of 2. 
genusmtbkr502/20/10Took time off of training to do Rut and Pua's Birthday Ride and Charity Event. Well worth the time. Great times as always. 
Zippy02/18/10Easy spin after yeasterday's harder ride. 
summitdude02/18/10Good ride, perfect weather ran into Sbrown that guy is always riding nice talking to you Stan 
DONALD JACKSON02/18/10Ray and I after work, beautiful afternoon 
DONALD JACKSON02/18/10A pretty full crew out tonight, another fun thursday 
martink11102/17/10midday ride- rode with newly-rebuilt Slingshot. 28.2 mph max 
spicolli197602/16/10Great morning ride with Alex. Great to have you back on your bike my friend!!! 
DIRTULS02/16/10Nice warm evening. 
That's How I Roll02/15/102ND Route cool down 
BoneBag02/14/10The loop before work on Fri. 
ko kidd02/11/10cold cold cold 
DONALD JACKSON02/11/10With Collin, his last day at work Warm afternoon ride still some damp sections 
DONALD JACKSON02/11/10Chris and Cameron for a ride , Then we joined in at samuri 
That's How I Roll02/09/101ST lap 
That's How I Roll02/09/102ND lap raining & slippery out there 
singlespeedrider02/05/10Nice chill ride with Skyrone before the rain hit. 
skyrone02/05/10Taper ride. Had to take it slow and easy to save my legs for the HB marathon this weekend. Singlespeedrider was nice enough to ride a slow pace with me. 
Manuel71402/04/10Great 1st time ride for Chris who was tearing it up after a few miles of figuring out the gear shifts. Finished 2nd hald as a night ride. Great to bring out the young blood. 
That's How I Roll02/03/101ST lap 
That's How I Roll02/03/102ND lap 
joshik02/02/10Solo ride to clear my mind. 
jekyllrider02/01/10Lap 1 of 2. 
jekyllrider02/01/10Lap 2 of 2. 
ducatirider202/01/10First ride with the 305 
B-Radical01/31/101 of 2 
B-Radical01/31/102 of 2. A little rough today, no snap in the ol legs. 
DONALD JACKSON01/28/10Ray and i after work, The rain left its mark for sure. But only in some areas. 
Gerry Lattimer01/25/10Rode with Tim to survey the trail conditions. It was rideable, but still muddy in more than a few places. 
Sarah/Sauce01/19/10Keith and I rode it twice in about 2 hours. Our 2nd lap was sub-55 minutes ... I'm in better shape now than when I trained like crazy! 
That's How I Roll01/16/10Cool down after twin rings 
joshik01/16/10Solo ride before the big rain. First time with a rigid. Lots of fun! Lots of friendly people out too! 
Ladera Mike01/16/10Was up in Fullerton for an appointment this afternoon so I took a solo spin around the loop afterwards. Thought I had the NAV file loaded, but didn't. Did the course from memory and only had one minor mistake. Spun the whole way. 
Keith B01/16/10Post poker tournament ride to get over the loss of our hard earned cash and burn off the cheese and choc. Took some pics by the tree that I collided with all that time ago. 
Keith B01/16/10Lap2 - encountered a genuine 'Fully Loop' racer, always amusing. Squeezed this one in before dark then headed to the British Pub for some refuelling. 
OTHRIDER01/15/10Good fun with the STR crew 
jekyllrider01/15/10Lap 1 of 2. 
jekyllrider01/15/10Lap 2 of 2. 
DONALD JACKSON01/14/10Aftrwork with Ray. Made it before dark 
DONALD JACKSON01/14/10Chris and Cameron 
Gerry Lattimer01/13/10Nice cruise around the loop. 
OTHRIDER01/10/10....and one of this 
ducatirider201/09/10Rode with Erik , first night ride. 
eriketucker01/08/10great ride with Mark. 
DONALD JACKSON01/07/10Rode with Chris , another great eve on riding etc 
shrek01/06/101st loop 
shrek01/06/102nd loop 
ko kidd01/05/10 
Mike.the.Spike01/05/10Ran 5 miles then grabbed bike and hardtailed the Loop in 58:37. Wooohhhhoooo! 
jekyllrider01/04/10Lap 3 of 3. 
smithg01/03/102 of 2 laps -- first ride of the year-- great day and lots of riders on the trail. 
TREE01/03/10Set off to do the super loop with DMAN, but the turn by turn directions were not working. Followed a group of about 8 riders until they got to the parking lot before the lake. We kind of made our own way back from there. Some good sections but not what I was expecting. Don't think I will be making the drive to do this one again. 
shrek01/03/102nd loop 
jekyllrider01/03/10Lap 1 of 3. 
jekyllrider01/03/10Lap 2 of 3. 
teamshort01/03/10STR Sunday noob ride. 
thatdave01/02/10First ride of the year, went all by myself breaking in my new shoes and ran into Bryon B. and his son in the parking lot. 
Punkie01/02/10out with wee and brett 
Byron B01/02/10Lil D's first MTB Ride.. Not sure what I'm more proud of, that my 7yr old completed the loop(no short cuts) or that he wanted to go for lap 2.. great start to the new year, lets hope he doesn't find out about carbon.. We wish you guys the best in 2010, cheers. 
DONALD JACKSON12/31/09Last ride for 2009. Happy New Year 
thatdave12/31/09Last ride of the year all of us were there Dave,Kevin,Neil,Herb.new guy Aaron & I. Everybody but Joe. Ran into Summitdude and Matt on the trail. Neil had 2 flats up at the the summit house, so after Wahoos we all went to the Jaxs bike shop and had them look at the rim they put new rim tape on and Neil bought 5 tubes. 
RollnStone12/31/09Evening ride. Some mud by the RR Tracks but ridable. 
DIRTULS12/31/09Birthday night ride. 
jekyllrider12/31/09Lap 1 of 2. 50+ degrees warmer than my previous ride the day after xmas in Kansas. 
jekyllrider12/31/09Lap 2 of 2, riding at night is fun! 
fat pat12/30/09Flat rear tire about half way mark, had to toss in a new tube. 
fat pat12/30/09It had a little bit of everything. 
Bholland12/29/09Early afternoon ride, perfect weather. 
Mike.the.Spike12/27/09Cool weather, jacket, gloves, hat and chattering teeth. 
OTHRIDER12/24/09Nice & cold with no one else out. Lights worked perfect. 
mark189012/24/09quick point ho ho ho ride this am after work.may just have been because i'm tired,but it sure was cold.MERRY CHRISTMAS.... 
That's How I Roll12/24/091st lap 
That's How I Roll12/24/092ND lap 
vt1ryan12/24/09quick afternoon spin 
Britton12/22/09Cold night... 
The Grey Hats12/22/09Had some extra time right in Fullerton, so I decided to go out for a lap. 
Gerry Lattimer12/20/09Has to be a records for the slowest loop ever! Slow ride with the kids including long pit stops at the lake, bridge with grafitti and the dam. 
Manuel71412/19/09Great loop with Matt Noel, who was eager to try out his dormant mountainbiking legs on the famous Fullerton loop. Matt walked a few times here and there while trying to put his lungs in heart back into his chest. 
JCampbell12/18/09niterider light broke coming through blair. Had to take the streets home as I was by myself. Made for a longer ride as I got lost and found myself on commonwealth and euclid. 
Mike.the.Spike12/18/09First time on tubeless tires, Specialized Captains, nice smooth ride and I started out on 20psi but ended up around 32-34psi. I was running Racing Ralphs and although the Captains are not nearly as light and fast-they were close enough and I'll take the thicker sidewalls! 
DONALD JACKSON12/18/09Got there late so I did not catch the group. But did enjoy the meal and celebration at samurai 
DONALD JACKSON12/17/09Had a great ride then some drinks and Mexican foor @ Matadorsrs 
BoneBag12/16/09Girlfriends first time, had the Gps on her. Maybe next time there will be less complaining and more pedaling. 
BoneBag12/15/09Before work ride, at night right after the rain, mudfest. 
rsalgado12/15/094:30am start and done before dawn. ride 1 of 2 
Mike.the.Spike12/15/09Considering the heavy rains we just received, the Loop was in great condition. We had a great night ride and learned where all the new deep ruts were created! 
Mike.the.Spike12/11/09Still trying to get my wind back after knee surgery. 1:00:43 wasn't bad but geez, still 5 minutes of my pre-surgery times. What's that mean? Ride baby ride!!!! 
ylbiker512/10/09Very fun, rode with Brady, Kevin, and Nate. 
Diesel12/10/09Ran into Gerry out there and rode a lap with him. It felt like summer compared to last night. 
JD15812/10/09Getting a last ride in before the rain comes. Good lap with Don and new friends. 
DONALD JACKSON12/10/09Nice shape tacky, Solo loop did not see any other riders 
Gerry Lattimer12/10/09A little sticky,but still a fun ride before the rain. 
Gerry Lattimer12/10/09Hanging in the parking lot when I saw Tim leaving for a ride. Couldn't resist a second trip around the loop. 
BoneBag12/09/09Figured the loop was a good place to squeeze a ride in before the next rain event. Dry enough, its been worse. Got tomorrow morning too... 
HarryPasta12/06/09Rode with JJ, Brady, and Nate. Very fun, great ride. 
jekyllrider12/06/09Lap 1 of 2. 
jekyllrider12/06/09Lap 2 of 2. 
chanson12/06/09did a loop around Fully during the TdT 
jekyllrider12/05/09Lap 1 of 2. Frankenbike test with carbon rigid 29er on my 26" SS. 
jekyllrider12/05/09Lap 2 of 2. 
thatdave12/05/09Fullerton Loop all by myself, Seen Santa in the parking lot. 
genusmtbkr512/04/09Social lap with STR 
Duke77712/04/09Tour De Tryptophane 8 of 10 
Duke77712/04/09Tour De Tryptophane 10 of 10 
Duke77712/03/09Tour De Tryptophane 7 of 10 
Duke77712/03/09Tour De Tryptophane 9 of 10 
DIRTULS12/03/09Beautiful moon out tonite. 
DONALD JACKSON12/03/09Ray and I after work. An easy loop 
DONALD JACKSON12/03/09Another loop at 6;25 
Mike.the.Spike12/02/09Six of us tonight, very chilly weather. Everyone in leg warmers, vests and hats. 
DIRTULS12/02/09First time on this night ride. Second time at Fully. 
Duke77712/02/09Tour De Tryptophane 5 of 10 
Duke77712/02/09Tour De Tryptophane 6 of 10 
BoneBag12/01/09Night ride before work. 
BoneBag12/01/09Sched. Tuesday coworker ride. I rode behind as he tried to beat an hour. Maybe next time... 
That's How I Roll12/01/092ND Lap 
Duke77711/30/09Tour De Tryptophane 3 of 10 
Duke77711/30/09Tour De Tryptophane 4 of 10 
singlespeedrider11/29/09Lap 3 of 4 Tour de Tryptophan 
singlespeedrider11/29/094 of 4 Tour de Tryptophan Not sure how people do more without there a$$ hurting. Need better shorts I think 
OTHRIDER11/29/09Tour de Tryptophan - #3 of 4 
OTHRIDER11/29/09Tour de Tryptophan - #4 of 4 
Lutkus197311/29/09Lap 4 of 4 
JCampbell11/29/091st ride in a long long time. 
singlespeedrider11/28/09Lap 1 of 4 Tour de Tryptophan 
singlespeedrider11/28/092 of 4 
Lutkus197311/28/09Lap 3 at Fullerton 
jekyllrider11/28/09Lap 3 of 4 
jekyllrider11/28/09Lap 4 of 4 
OTHRIDER11/28/09Tour de Tryptophan - #1 of 4 
OTHRIDER11/28/09Tour de Tryptophan - #2 of 4 
Duke77711/28/09Tour De Tryptophane 1 of 10 
Duke77711/28/09Tour De Tryptophane 2 of 10 
xhuskr11/27/09Lap #1 for David "Crash" Collins! 
xhuskr11/27/09picked up some more riders for lap #2 for Crash Collins! 
spookydave11/27/09Took a bub on his first MTB ride. He did pretty good! 
trailking@cox.net11/27/09First loop at the Tryptophan ride. 
trailking@cox.net11/27/09Second lap at Tryptophan. 
jekyllrider11/27/09Lap 1 of 4 
jekyllrider11/27/09Lap 2 of 4 
JD15811/27/091 of 2 laps with Don to check out Tryptophane and just having a fun ride. 
JD15811/27/09Lap 2 of 2 
Lutkus197311/27/09lap 1 of 4 witj Mark 
Lutkus197311/27/09lap 2 of 4 
B-Radical11/25/091 of 2 
B-Radical11/25/092 of 2. Good times except front tire start going flat at golf course tunnels, down to rim by the parking lot. 
martink11111/24/09Morning ride- RECORD! 33.2 mph max 
Frakk11/23/09Solo ride yesterday late afternoon, needed to ride after my 1290 calories of pure chili burger courtesy of Tommy's needed to burn about 1/2 of those calories :) No GPS data. 
jekyllrider11/23/09Lap 1 of 2. 150th posted ride on this route. 
jekyllrider11/23/09Lap 2 of 2. 
Mike.the.Spike11/21/09Forgot to log this from Tuesday night's Fully Loop. 4 riders, very cold but this is California right? Woohhoo. 
BoneBag11/19/09Trying out my new fork. Its great to have one that works. 
trailking@cox.net11/19/09Lap #1 
trailking@cox.net11/19/09Lap #2 
DONALD JACKSON11/19/09Demo a Giant 29er, a medium but was like a giant, Ray and I after work rode with Ray 
That's How I Roll11/18/091ST lap 
That's How I Roll11/18/092ND lap 
Gerry Lattimer11/17/09Nice easy night ride. Picked up lots of bicycle trash from the court parking lot. 
sbrown11/15/09Perfect weather for a bike ride! 
halfasst11/14/09Great weather for a ride. Lots of other riders, runners out this afternoon. 
DONALD JACKSON11/13/09A solo loop then saw the movie. so when is the lottery 
BoneBag11/13/09Night ride, guess it rained more in Fullerton than it did in Huntington. Nice mud at the railroad tracks, Ill be cleaning that for a while. 
BoneBag11/13/09Another ride so nice, I did it twice. Night ride, this time I took the railroad tracks to avoid all that mud. 
jekyllrider11/12/09Lap 1 of 2 
jekyllrider11/12/09Lap 2 of 2 
Lutkus197311/10/09First ride with Zeke. Good morning ride 
GabrielC11/10/09Got off work early and had a fun ride! 
Mr.Krisztian11/10/09Night ride in the loop with Erik and Jason. My Magicshines were super bright and ready for 12 hours of Temecula. Fun ride, beautiful weather. 
Britton11/09/09First night ride. Really fun 
thatdave11/08/09Orginal hogs Kevin,Dave & I had a nice ride then it was over to Knollwoods for a burger and cold beer "good day" 
teamshort11/08/09STR Sunday Noobie ride. 
Mike.the.Spike11/05/09Great ride with four friends. A friend screams "A CAR IS COMING!!!" and I thought his lights were the car's lights and thought I was going to die. Couldn't clip out, went down on the pavement, was waiting to be flattened by the car. Looked behind me and the cars was going 2mph 100 yards away. Sheesh. 
BoneBag11/05/09Easy ride with the pops. 
DONALD JACKSON11/05/09After work loop with Ray, his first ride in quite awhile. made it back at 5;10 
DONALD JACKSON11/05/09Was a good ride, and some fun after 
BoneBag11/04/09Finally got my Garmin! Ladders here I come! 
mark189011/04/09loop 1,good am ride after work,had a 'challenged moment though,i only had 1 bike sock.doh... 
trailking@cox.net11/03/091st of 2 loops. Felt alittle slow in the beginning. 
trailking@cox.net11/03/092nd of 2 loops. Rode faster but crashed in the Blair Witch section. First crash in a while. I swear the tree moved in front of me. 
teamshort10/31/09Garmin in the shop....again. 
That's How I Roll10/30/09fast ride with my friend Dave 
GabrielC10/29/09Good ride with Sbrown this morning. Sunny, cool temps - perfect conditions. 
sbrown10/29/09Early morning ride with JimL. Perfect riding weather. 
trailking@cox.net10/27/09Good fast loop.Funky weather but perfect temp to ride. 
Gerry Lattimer10/27/09Night ride to test the new Magicshine 900. 
BetF10/26/09After-hours spin with m' homeboys. 
That's How I Roll10/23/09warm up lap 
That's How I Roll10/23/092ND Time around 
DONALD JACKSON10/22/09its in great shape, VT's old hood, nice ride 
eriketucker10/21/09Took the new rig out today. 
Mike.the.Spike10/20/09Nice night ride, breaking in some new riders at the Loop. Always fun to help people who are just breaking into the sport. They've had so much fun on their first two night rides that they're buying NiteRider TriNewt lights! How fun is that?!!?! 
OTHRIDER10/19/096am Sunday cruise - lots of dew and tacky trails 
TREKRIDER710/15/09Good ride. Enjoyable night. 
DONALD JACKSON10/15/09It was a softer than the Luge. Just a little mud along the RR tracks. Rode with the same crew. Humid and warm 
Frakk10/13/09Good ride with Charlie on Saturday, he did quite well his progress is definately improving. Keep at it buddy! 
luskie10/12/09Rode the loop with my wife last night,had a blast 
Mike.the.Spike10/10/09Nice Saturday evening ride, not a whole lot of riders tonight. 
Manuel71410/09/09Evening ride on Tuesday w/Vero. Last 15 minutes were pure adrenaline with the sun down, no nightlights, and riding the trail as though we were reading braille. 
trailking@cox.net10/08/09Perfect weather for the loop. Felt like I was riding a lot slower but better than I thought. 
TREKRIDER710/08/09First night ride ever. Lost a rear brake pad at farthest point away from truck and almost got acquainted with a skunk. I'll be back for more though. 
OTHRIDER10/08/09Missed the STR group but I enjoyed an evening ride with perfect temps. 
DONALD JACKSON10/08/09Rode with Dan for a quick loop from 5 -6 
DONALD JACKSON10/08/09A loop with some of the locals. A nice eve riding 
Diesel10/06/09100th trip around the loop!!! 
pdmoore10/03/09Garmin was "low battery" @ the house, guess I need to ride more often 
DONALD JACKSON10/02/09Another one with Bill and Tom. 
DONALD JACKSON10/01/09Gave Chris a 1st on the fully loop. most extra credits 
thatdave10/01/09Just Dave and I plus new guy join us for the first time Adam R. 
TioTony10/01/09Santa Ana winds suck! But the ride was still good. A few changes since the last time I did the Fully Loop. 
Manuel71409/30/09Tue morning rip w/Ed cooking up the climbs and showing me some new singletrack in his original backyard stomping ground. 
Manuel71409/30/092nd lap Tue morning solo. Could not keep the same pace as the 1st lap chasing Ed...and the idea of breakfast ahhh.. 
FalseSummit09/30/09Good times with DaveC, Noel, Jason, Scott, Daniel, and about 5 others... 
TREKRIDER709/26/09Got dark quickly. 
genusmtbkr509/25/091st lap solo 
genusmtbkr509/25/092nd lap with STR bunch. 
thatdave09/24/09Jeff & I. 1st night ride for the this fall. 
Lutkus197309/24/09It felt good to ride fully at night again it has been a long time 
sbrown09/23/09Late start and too hot to extend ride 
Manuel71409/23/09Quick solo rip yesterdady after work while Vero did a trail run. 
Manuel71409/23/09Hot & Dry spin with Vero. 
Mike.the.Spike09/22/09Second night ride of the season Wooohhoooo! Two riders' batteries died and thank goodness two of us had back-up NiteRider lights or it would have been difficult. Fun ride with a party of 5 tonight. 
Mike.the.Spike09/21/09Nice morning loop. Not a bad time for only having one leg (knee surgery still healing). Can't wait to ice down and ride again tomorrow! 
joncaceres09/21/09Always a fun ride! 
sbrown09/20/09Shake out ride following my 5th annual hike up Half Dome. Big thanks to (JimL) for setting the pace and pulling me along. Also, another big thanks to (chebags) for all his help in rehabbing my legs. If you also hike, make sure Half Dome is on your list! 
Mike.the.Spike09/20/09Forgot to post my Thursday Fully Loop Ride. I forget half the time now to post my rides--must be getting senile. 
coreswest09/19/09Showed some friends the Fullerton loop. Pretty much just cruised it today 
OTHRIDER09/18/09Rode with the STR evening group. Great to ride with lights again. Good times at Roscoe's.... 
rsalgado09/17/09Rode the loop this eve with Wife and Levi on a Tag-a-long (only levi on the tag). 
DONALD JACKSON09/17/09stared around 6. Rode with some good riders most of the way . Then the local beer and food. 
thatdave09/13/09All by myself 
genusmtbkr509/12/09first lap. 
genusmtbkr509/12/092nd lap. Got kinda warm and humid. 
B-Radical09/12/093 of 4 
B-Radical09/12/094 of 4 
jekyllrider09/12/09Lap 3 of 4 
jekyllrider09/12/09Lap 4 of 4. Got hot at the end. 
chanson09/11/091 of 2 loops with Gene 
chanson09/11/09Lap 2 of 2 with Gene 
B-Radical09/11/091 of 4 
B-Radical09/11/092 of 4 
jekyllrider09/11/09Lap 1 of 4 
jekyllrider09/11/09Lap 2 of 4 
sbrown09/11/09Helped new rider,Long, find his way around the loop. It was a good ride and hope he continues with the fun. 
mark189009/10/09last sat. 
DONALD JACKSON09/10/09Was a normal crowd riding the loop. Left at 6;45 and had to follow a rider with a light from the golf course to get back. 
Manuel71409/09/09Great night ride w/Vero who turned on the afterburners untill it came to the concrete dam climb. She wanted nothing to do with it. Surprisingly it is now super clean without all the broken bottles lying around. Lot's of hikers in a big group were out and Vero was naively blinding them all with her 700 lumens pointed straight. 
vt1ryan09/07/09Solo spin. feel and smacked my knee into the concrete, but okay, just sore. Just keeping the legs spinning. 
ko kidd09/07/09Great ride but got a flat! 
mtnbikej09/07/09Second ride today. Only saw 2 other riders out. 
TREKRIDER709/07/09Hit some of the less ridden parts of the loop. Aaron hit an awesome drop with his Kona. 
TT_II09/07/09Great day for a ride. Cool in the vallies. 
TT_II09/06/09Great day for a ride. Temperature was no higher than 76. 
B-Radical09/06/093 of 3 
B-Radical09/05/091 of 3 
B-Radical09/05/092 of 3 
jekyllrider09/05/09Lap 1 of 2. Felt good to be back on bike since wreck. 
jekyllrider09/05/09Lap 2 of 2 
B-Radical09/04/092 of 2 
TREKRIDER709/04/09Took a friend on his first mountain biking experience. He really enjoyed it. 
ko kidd09/03/09Sit and spin slow 
Byron B09/03/09lap 1-2 w/ ryno.. I couldn't find my rhthym all night.. 
Byron B09/03/09lap 2-2 w/ ryno, a bit faster this time.. Found out my rear wheel is blown-out, bike is going back to the shop. 
summitdude09/03/09A very hot ride, but a hot ride is better than no ride 
B-Radical09/03/09First Geoladders post! 
Manuel71409/03/09Rode with the "Sisters" Vero & Bigi. Bigi was riding fierce showing us her "newbie rider" moves with no hesistation just a little fustration with gear shifts. Like all adventerous cyclist, I decided to try something new, so I broke out the icon of grassroots mountainbikes; that's right I busted out the 20yr old Huffy Beachcruiser complete with the whitewalls, huge cushy spring seat, no gears, and a coaster brake of course. Great times! Especially with the night lights for 70% of the ride. 
DONALD JACKSON09/03/09After wrk, Collin and I had a good loop, Some fun sections 
DONALD JACKSON09/03/09After 6;30. Bill entertained me for awhile, good stuff 
thatdave09/02/09All by myself. After work ride 
BetF09/01/09Quick group ride as dusk was setting in. Lots of people on the trail this evening. 
thatdave08/30/09All by myself, needed to kill some time 
thatdave08/29/09All my myself after work ride 
thatdave08/29/09Jeff,Neil,and new guy Neil & I started at 8:00 am to beet the heat and glad we did!! 
Lutkus197308/27/09Broke at 5.3 miles into the ride and had to walk the rest of the way back to the corthouse. Bummed cause I was on a great pace! 
DONALD JACKSON08/27/09Rode a half lap sort of before this with Ray 
DONALD JACKSON08/27/09Dave on his SS Bob flatted so Bill caught us, a fun ride in the Aug eve heat 
GabrielC08/26/09Nice ride with sbrown this morning. Garmin shut off at some point so downloaded map is not accurate. Time approximate according to Stan's GPS. 
sbrown08/26/09Early "Beat the Heat" ride with JimL. Great way to start the day. 
Mike.the.Spike08/25/09Fourth ride since knee surgery WOOHOO! Great friends and a great meal afterwards, what more could you ask for for a Tuesday evening? 
rsalgado08/24/09Solo AM ride. late start so no time to ride the xtra panorama loop 
Lutkus197308/22/09Hot and humid today 
spicolli197608/21/09Great ride with Alex today. I have alot of catching up to do. First ride on my new wheels and I love them. 
Lutkus197308/21/09Love to start of Friday's with a nice bike ride. Good to ride with Eric. Did enjoy putting the hurt on him for a change. 
bhahimuth08/20/09need more control on the downhills 
summitdude08/18/09An easy ride at the loop 
teamshort08/18/09STR noob ride. 
vt1ryan08/18/09Evening ride. Getting dark sooner now. Got cool out tonight. 
GabrielC08/16/09Fun ride with Sbrown as he broke in his new Stumpjumper carbon fiber bike. Nice ride, Stan! Despite fighting a terrible cold my ride was OK. Time for a nap. 
thatdave08/15/09All by myself. Not sure why nobody wanted to ride today?? 
ko kidd08/14/09Get ride great weather my fastest ever.  
FREEKENGO08/14/09Felt good after the turnbull ride, so I decided to bust out another lap on the loop on the way home. 
thatdave08/14/09Big group tonight,Tom was back in town.Tom,Dave,Eric,Todd,Kevin,Herb& Byron who did a great job taking pictures and vidios for us Great night !! 
thatdave08/14/09Solo ride, nothing special 
DONALD JACKSON08/13/09Not very busy when I started but the courthouse lot was filling up with folks. a fun solo loop 
DONALD JACKSON08/13/09Had some of daves Fluid recovery bev then rode another loop had some fun with the Thursday crew Now it was full of riders. a big social Thurs eve gathering . 
Byron B08/13/09Solo 1st lap, was gonna ride with Donald Jackson but I was lagging.. Tried playing catch up, no luck, Don your quick on the SS. 
Byron B08/13/09Round 2.. Lrg group ride with the HOGS, about 10 of us.. Shot lots of pictures.. few issues, Tom's rear tire losing air, reason I havent switched to tubeless.. Another issue, Dave breaking his chain, luckly for me I got out without any hiccups.. Irvine Jax did an awesome job on my maintance checklist.. goodtimes overall, goodnight 
Keith B08/13/09Felt like a pretty fast pace zipping along with Ryan and Andy. Tons of people out riding tonight - I think Dino's group has serious competition. Where was the boy Campbell?! 
xhuskr08/13/09lap 1 of fun 
xhuskr08/13/09lap 2 with a flat...oh well 
FREEKENGO08/11/09Nice cruise on the single speed with punkie 
Punkie08/10/09fat n slow 
JCampbell08/10/09Dropped the chain for the 1st time ever on my single speed... after the 4th time I decided I should tighten it. Go figure. Sprinted all hills. 
thatdave08/09/09All by myself.23 mins to 1st stop,40 mins at the pigs,1.00 hr at last squell,12 more mins back to the car good time for me. 
Gerry Lattimer08/08/09Late afternoon ride to beat the sunset. Shock started leaking. 
thatdave08/06/09All by myself 
netmatic08/05/09Great late afternoon ride with friends and bro.... 
JCampbell08/05/09solo 10:15pm start. Got shined by a cops light coming out of the wash into the park by the driving range. 
spicolli197608/04/09Great ride with Alex. Its great to be back on my bike after spraining my finger 4 weeks ago. I have alot of catching up to do though. I was definitely the "young grasshopper" on this ride. 
Lutkus197308/04/09Great Morning ride with Eric! 
Britton08/03/09Good ride with the Monday night group. 
Lutkus197308/03/09nice morning ride with John P 
JCampbell08/03/09Great fun with sarah and b. 
thatdave08/02/09Solo ride, thought I would try the loop on a $5.00 yard sale bike. What a mistake!! Boy what a difference a good bike makes. 
Keith B07/31/09Great ride with Ryan and the old STR crew. Trail seemed a bit different (must be 18months since i last rode here) but still a lot of fun. I was relieved to see that its totally impossible to hit 'my tree' now as there is a fallen tree blocking the trail. Good times at Ye Olde Ship afterwards. 
JCampbell07/31/09Fun... Good to hang with some good friends at the Ship. 
xcShane07/30/09Same stuff 
thatdave07/30/09All bye myself, lots of people on the loop tonight 
rsalgado07/29/09My first morning ride before work. Nice to be out in the cool air. 
netmatic07/29/09Lot of riders out today... first run 
netmatic07/29/09Met up with some friends, rode the loop again.. second run 
OTHRIDER07/27/09Lap 1 before the heat 
OTHRIDER07/27/09Lap 2 with the STR Sunday Morning crew. 
summitdude07/27/09rode with my brother Steve 
netmatic07/25/09Great mid afternoon run. Great weather. 
xhuskr07/23/09STR group ride...lap #1 
xhuskr07/23/09STR group ride lap #2...bigger group 
DONALD JACKSON07/23/09Spot ss belt, all wemt well fun loop 
martink11107/22/09Morning ride- slow due to broken chain (I swear this ride is cursed!). 28.8 mph max 
thatdave07/22/09Big group tonight, Dave,Neil,Herb,Byron,Ryno,Joe,and "Jills" first time with us. 
rsalgado07/21/09Solo ride after work lap 1 of 2. Really hot but bearable. 
rsalgado07/21/09Lap 2 of 2, was trying to beat my lap 1 time,but the heat beat me. 
Gerry Lattimer07/21/09late night ride to dial in new shoes and helmet that had to be purchased after I left my gear bagat Peters Canyon. New shock works tons better than the one that it replaced. 
FalseSummit07/18/09Great time with Dave C, Noel, and Jason. 
Punkie07/18/09out with franko and crew 
thatdave07/18/09All by myself needed to get out the girls were working on wedding stuff 
thatdave07/17/09All by myself Friday night ride. killing time felt good finaly got the new breaks broke in 
DONALD JACKSON07/16/09Rode with Brian S while it was still pretty hot. Then a solo lap 
DONALD JACKSON07/16/09SSol on my Merida , started out as a social ride , But then ya know where off, 
FREEKENGO07/16/09Another great social ride with the STR crew! 
thatdave07/15/09All by myself breaking in "new breaks" 
smithg07/14/09I forgot to turn-on the Garmin initially so; there are a few miles and minutes missing from the ride file. 
bhahimuth07/13/09For an out of shape man, this ride was pure insanity but I can see how fun it is when I can ride this trail without huffin and puffin...I need to get back into shape... 
Lonnie07/12/09Solo ride. Took a break from work. Middle of the afternoon when it was hot. Not too hot though. 
jekyllrider07/11/09Lap 1 of 2. 
jekyllrider07/11/09Lap 2 of 2 
netmatic07/11/09Rode with my Brother "bhahimuth". 6'o clock AM ride was really good. Lots of runners on the trail this morning. Ready to ride again tomorrow. 
xcShane07/10/09Rollin' fast-trak's 
Duke77707/10/09First time on the bike since my crash over a month ago.....sucks! 
Biker Guy07/10/09Lots of poeple walking on the trail. 
spicolli197607/07/09Great morning ride with Alex. 
Lutkus197307/07/09Nice morning ride. still no garmin 
teamshort07/07/09STR sunday ride. 
neil8107/06/09Talk about a fun ride. Let's see. Me, Herb, King, Gundy, Don, Tom and Joe. We took a small 6m pre-ride because some of us were there early. After that Joe leaves? Ride was awesome and I kicked a$$ since I was using my friend's bike. After, we walked through the farmer's market and then to Wahoo's. Line of the night was from Herb. The waiter was a guy but you could not tell and he brought us a round of beers and Herb says "Yeah SHE brought them" I lost my mind. Gundy paid for dinner. What a guy! 
thatdave07/05/09All by myself made good time (for me) Met fellow rider named Mike he said he will join us on our Wednesdays night rides @ 6:00 pm 
assanti07/04/09Good ride nice and warm.... 
Goat - Taco Jack07/04/09My 2nd annual Forth of July Fully loop lap one . 
Goat - Taco Jack07/04/09Lap two and then it was off to Knotts for a chicken dinner . 
rsalgado07/04/09Late morning ride with Levi on tag-a-long, Craig and his son Chase. Chase's (8 yrs old) first time doing whole loop. 
tbanville07/03/09Haven't rode in about three months. This was difficult. 
tbanville07/03/09very little pavement. a couple really good hills. 
jekyllrider07/03/09Lap 1 of 2. Hot, felt good. 
jekyllrider07/03/09Lap 2 of 2. 
thatdave07/02/09Dave,Neil,Joe & I did a warm up lap waiting for everbody 
thatdave07/02/09Dave,Tom,Neil,Herb,Don & I had a great ride Toms last ride with us. 
ag-mtb06/30/09Getting back into shape -- hopefully 
neil8106/29/09Not sure what's happening but the Hog's are decreasing... Just me, Herb and of course the King did the "King's Loops" about 14 miles this saturday. After finding out the "King" is almost in the top ten on geoladders and has not lost a pound.. we all went to Subway after. King actually found a Blackberry on the trail and we finally found the owner and they picked up the phone from Subway and gave us $10 for me and the King to split. Next up the pre Fourth of July ride thursday night down here! 
FREEKENGO06/29/09Good single speed after work ride. 
thatdave06/28/09ALL by myself. Nice and hot out there today. 
thatdave06/27/09Neil,Herb,& I. Actually with a few extra credit loops we made it a 15 mile ride, found a blackberry on the trail, called the owner and got it back to him. Nice day at the loop. 
rsalgado06/26/09Second Loop with Patrick this time. 
thatdave06/25/09All by myself no one wanted to ride tonight (big babys) 
Sarah/Sauce06/25/09Rode 1 lap with Lynn and Cathy - hung out with Cathy, Lynn and Dino at Rosco's afterward. 
Diesel06/21/09Early AM ride. Happy Fathers Day All. 
coreswest06/20/09Rode with Summitdude. Just a chill day. 
davidB.06/19/09STR thursday night ride 
Byron B06/18/09back on the dirt after a month off.. trail was in good condish, felt like a thursday due to all the riders. 
Byron B06/18/09joined up with the Hogs on the second lap, the king aka "thatdave" attacked the hills and extra credit hill no problem, keep it going D... 
pdmoore06/18/09"the wrong way" according to about 1/3 of the people we passed 
RollnStone06/18/09Morning ride to break in some new disk pads before trip to Big Bear. Social Ride pace (...ok I was riding solo...but I did talk to myself and said hi to trail runners who passed me on the hills). 
halfasst06/17/09Rode with John C. tonight. Lots of riders out, great evening for a ride. 
thatdave06/17/09Good night and good group on the loop tonight. Jeff,Dave,Joe,Jeremy,and I. Byron and Ryan did 2 laps and rode with us on there 2nd lap. Wahoos afterwards (good times) 
xcShane06/12/09First ride with the detour 
thatdave06/11/09All by myself. Wanted to get a ride in before this weekend. 
genusmtbkr506/11/09Good quick lap before the Laker game. Good seeing Kevin, Donny, Dino and the rest of the gang. 
xhuskr06/11/09Lap #1...pre STR group ride 
xhuskr06/11/09Lap #2..STR group ride..and then to Roscoes to watch the Lakers win!! 
ALXNDR06/09/09Nice ride with Cliff (Fullerton Bikes) around the Loop. 
sbrown06/07/09Gps failed at Yosemite and would not start today. Warranty check tomorrow. 
Mike.the.Spike06/06/09Just rode one quick lap after some running. I think this is my best personal time here and I even rode my heaviest downhill bike! Minor knee surgery next week, I'll be out 3 months at least. See you all when I return. 
FREEKENGO06/04/09lap 1 of 2 
FREEKENGO06/04/09lap 2 of 2. Social lap. 
Mike.the.Spike06/03/09Lap 1 of 2. 
Mike.the.Spike06/03/09Lap 2 of 2. 
FREEKENGO05/28/09lap 1 of 2. felt good to kick it up a notch on the pace. 
FREEKENGO05/28/09lap 2 of 2. social pace. 
dmsaban05/27/09Polar HRM crapped out 
thatdave05/27/09Just Tom and I,Tom told me he got the job in San Francisco and he starts Monday, so it was Toms last ride at fullerton loop. went over to whaoos for dinner. 
summitdude05/25/09I lot of people walking on the trail today, just to let you know a lot of the fullerton loop will be closed this Saturday 5-30 due to a 5k walk 
Punkie05/25/09out with Andy F. 1st time loop. 
OTHRIDER05/24/09STR Sunday morning cruise..... 
thatdave05/24/09All by myself wanted to get out and strech a little after yesterdays beating at whiting-luge ride 
billstoudt05/23/09first nightime ride 
thatdave05/21/09Another great Wednesday night on the loop Dave,Jeff,Joe,Neil, & I. Neil bought Joe's old bones rack. Did a little extra credit loops down by the dam. 
Mike.the.Spike05/19/09Lap 1 of 2. (Solo) 
Mike.the.Spike05/19/09Lap 2 of 2. (with some friends) 
spicolli197605/19/09Lap 1 with Alex, Ed, and Gene. 
spicolli197605/19/09Lap 2 with Alex 
Lutkus197305/19/091st Lap with Eric, Ed, and Gene. 
Lutkus197305/19/092nd Lap with Eric. 
GabrielC05/17/09Good ride with sbrown and Ladera Mike. It was Mike's first time on the Loop and he loved it. Bet we'll see him as a regular at Fullerton. Thanks for the ride guys! 
OTHRIDER05/17/09Solo 7am Loop 
OTHRIDER05/17/092nd Loop with a small STR crew 
Ladera Mike05/17/09First time on the loop. Thanks to JimL and sbrown for being my tour guides. Great ride, can't wait to do it again. 
sbrown05/17/09Fun ride with Ladera Mike and JimL. Glad Mike finally made it up to North County. 
billstoudt05/17/09lap 1 
billstoudt05/17/09lap 2 
vikingboy1805/17/09Fun birthday ride this morning. Lots of other bikes out 
FREEKENGO05/15/09Lap 1 of 2 from last night 
FREEKENGO05/15/09lap 2 of 2 from last night. Social pace ride. 
DaveB05/15/09Forgot GPS 
sbrown05/14/09Saw Summitdude and his friend,coreswest. They caught me from behind and passed me like I was pedaling backwards. Great day for a ride! 
genusmtbkr505/14/09Solo lap. 
OTHRIDER05/14/09STR early group 
EK-RSM05/14/09SJ: 6pm with Torps, Kurt, & Dave. 
thatdave05/13/09Tom,Dave,Jeff & I had a good ride went and had sushi afterwards. New gps, 1,150 miles on mtb at this time. 
Mike.the.Spike05/12/09Lap 1 of 2: Tomcat, RustyIron, and me for a first lap. 
Mike.the.Spike05/12/09Lap 2 of 2: RustyIron, FluffyCrash, & Bernie (Tomcat's bike squeeking and drove him nuts--he dropped out during the start of the 2nd lap). 
neil8105/11/09Luckily, I had a site visit at St. Jude's Hospital in Fullerton. Later that night I met up with the Hogs, King Dave, Gunderson, Tom, Jeff, Herb, and a new comer Smitty. This was my first time on the actual entire loop. It was awesome because it had a little bit of everything. Look forward to doing it again! 
Mike.the.Spike05/11/09Lap 1 of 2: Nice afternoon solo ride 
Mike.the.Spike05/11/09Lap 2 of 2 
FREEKENGO05/10/09Morning loop with the STR crew. The omlet at Hero's hit the spot after the ride! 
sbrown05/09/09Back in town and back in the fun 
davidB.05/08/09lap 1 
davidB.05/08/09lap 2 
genusmtbkr505/08/09lap 1 with davidb, Donnie, Dave and Pat. 
genusmtbkr505/08/092nd lap with STR social ride. Good seeing everyone again, it's been a while. 
DaveB05/08/09Took the fire road through Hiltscher Park due to slow traffic. 
FREEKENGO05/08/09Last night's ride. 
thatdave05/07/09First time on the loop for Neil & Jeff & Smitty. Toms first ride back in 6 weeks. It was nice to have 7 of us 3 Daves & 2 Jeffs riding all together, It was also nice to run into Peter (summitdude) in the parking lot, and dinner and beers at Wahoos was awesome for those who made that (thanks Dave) 
Twitch05/07/09Nice to ride with coreswest out on the loop 
OTHRIDER05/07/09STR evening ride - good laughs 
DONALD JACKSON05/07/09Kevin rode for the first time in years. Warm afternoon ride. 
Mike.the.Spike05/06/09Lap 1 of 2. 
Mike.the.Spike05/06/09Lap 2 of 2. (Cruised with some friends) 
summitdude05/06/09Broke my chain again 
FREEKENGO05/05/09lap 2 of 2 from last night. 
teamshort05/05/09Garmin quit again. Thanks for the repai tip pdmoore. 
billstoudt05/04/09Second ride of the afternoon probably why my time is so slow ( or am i just making excuses. ) 
vikingboy1805/04/09Still a little slow after my crash last week. Route's in great condition. Fun as always!!! 
FREEKENGO05/04/09Mon afterwork ride. Lap 1 of 2 
OTHRIDER05/03/09Our 4pm ride was perfect. No one else out riding. 
RollnStone05/02/09Slow ride. Haven't been on the loop in a while. 
martink11105/01/09Morning ride 32.0 mph max 
spicolli197605/01/09Nice leisurely stroll through Fullerton this morning with Dan. 
xhuskr05/01/09Lap 1 of 2....one guy had 2 flats...the Loop sure takes it's toll! 
TioTony04/30/09Good ride with Pam between work and more work. 
teamshort04/30/09Garmin shut off for the second day in a row on Mormon hill. 
DONALD JACKSON04/30/09Was waiting for Kevin but oh well Rode a fast lap Solo merida 
DONALD JACKSON04/30/09rode a second lap with the 6;30 crew,Just befor sunset 
teamshort04/29/09Quick lunch ride. Garmin turned off during ride, so I lost 1/2 the ride data. 
GabrielC04/29/09Good ride with sbrown. Thanks for lunch, Stan! 
sbrown04/29/09Rode with JimL. We will go to a better lunch spot when it his turn to pay. 
spicolli197604/28/09Great morning ride with Alex. 
Lutkus197304/28/09Pushed hard today. Could not get under 1 hr. Weather was perfect this morning. 
Mike.the.Spike04/28/09Lap 1 of 2. 
Mike.the.Spike04/28/09Lap 2 of 2. 
thatdave04/26/09All by myself, I felt like I needed to do a good ride so I pushed it and added up to the summit house, since I just met summitdude yesterday !! 
xhuskr04/25/09Lap 1 of 2 on Thursday...Donny busted his drlr and jogged his bike out and not 2nd lap. :( 
xhuskr04/25/09lap 2 of 2 and yet another drlr broken...helped removed drlr..rig up a single speed option only to have the chain snap and disappear not to long after... :( 2 loops...2 drlrs...odd? 
FREEKENGO04/24/09STR social ride 
Byron B04/24/09finally back on the mtn, had my bike tuned at Jax's Bicycles. Anyway, rode with the STR group on the first lap, met donny, kevin, nick, and a few others, good group of peeps. 
Byron B04/24/092 lap with STR should be re-named the STR Peloton Ride, its like a beehive! if your looking to meet other riders, thurs night STR ride is your spot. get there early you might not get a parking spot, okay jk.. 
TREKRIDER704/23/09good ride. 
OTHRIDER04/23/09Solo ride with cooler temps 
OTHRIDER04/23/095 o'clock Loop with STR crew 
CTrask04/23/09Better ride than I expected. The jumps make it worth doing. Thank Franco for showing me the way. 
Mike.the.Spike04/22/09Great ride with four friends. Finished at sunset and headed out for some chinese food. 
teamshort04/22/09Forgot my Garmin, so no stats. 
Diesel04/20/09Early AM ride. Beautiful temps. this morning 
thatdave04/18/09Solo ride at the loop. Checked in on the hogs hanging on the fence. Boy do they have a great view !! The loop is in great shape. 
rsalgado04/17/09Lap 3 of 3 rode with STR Group ride, Great to ride with Ben and met lots of new folks 
Mike.the.Spike04/16/09Nice slow paced lap today. Got outdoors and Got -R Done. 
rsalgado04/16/09Ride after work lap 1 of 3 did solo. 
goldrunner04/16/09STR group ride, close to 30 people. Very cool. Nice ridin with you Ray and every one else, Dino, Jason, FreknGo, and all you others. Good Times.. 
rsalgado04/16/09Rode lap 2 of 3 with Brad/Eddie and Jeff. Started feeling it a little in my legs. 
FREEKENGO04/16/09STR social ride! 
summitdude04/15/09First ride in 11 days, good to back on the trails. A little windy and a chill was in the air. 
Mike.the.Spike04/14/09pleasant afternoon solo ride. 
vt1ryan04/13/09Solo evening spin 
pdmoore04/11/09garmin shut off on hospital hill 
TREKRIDER704/11/09First ride in a while. Trail is pretty good. 
jekyllrider04/11/09Lap 3 of 3. 
Mike.the.Spike04/10/09Nice easy ride today. 
OTHRIDER04/10/09A mellow evening cruise with the STR crew - always good stuff 
jekyllrider04/10/09Lap 1 of 3. 
jekyllrider04/10/09Lap 2 of 3. 
Lutkus197304/09/09Feels so good to get out in the morning and ride! John went for his second time at Fullerton and really improved his time! Nice Ride John 
teamshort04/09/09My Garmin froze up so I didn't get any ride stats. 
Frakk04/09/09Good ride! 
FREEKENGO04/09/09STR social ride 
spicolli197604/07/09Great morning ride with Alex and John. We took our sweet 'ol time today. 
Lutkus197304/07/09Great ride with Eric and John. It was Johns first time on the trail and he did great! 
Lutkus197304/07/09Nite ride with my brother. Good to ride at night again. 
OTHRIDER04/06/09A perfect sunset ride! 
Punkie04/04/09Had to turn on beast mode, alot of riders out there. 
sbrown04/03/09Great weather for laid back solo ride 
vt1ryan04/02/09Early morning solo spin 
Mike.the.Spike04/02/09Rode slow with TheFluff today. Saw a guy crash right onto his shoulder. OUCH. Said he was ok and looked like he finished the loop without any trouble. Thank goodness. 
Mike.the.Spike04/01/09Lap 1 of 2. Nice solo morning ride. 
Mike.the.Spike04/01/09Lap 2 of 2. Walked the dogs for 4 miles after 2 laps today. Then ran five miles with the wife. Im going to sleep like a rock. What a day. Was wondering if my heart was just going to quit today, haha. 
HTrider04/01/09My best time yet, 44:12