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Irvine Park: Horseshoe

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angry red squirrel01/18/221/15/22 sat-with the dog 
angry red squirrel01/18/221/16/22 sun-took the dog 
angry red squirrel11/26/1911/22 friday with dog 
angry red squirrel11/26/1911/25 monday with dog 
angry red squirrel11/21/1911/19 tues with dog 
angry red squirrel11/21/1911/21 thurs with dig 
angry red squirrel11/06/1911/4 monday with dog 
angry red squirrel11/04/1911/1 friday with dog 
angry red squirrel11/04/1911/3 sunday am 2x 
angry red squirrel10/07/1910/5 sat am 
angry red squirrel10/07/1910/6 sun am 
angry red squirrel10/02/199/27 friday with dog 
angry red squirrel10/02/199/30 monday with dog 
angry red squirrel09/27/199/23 monday with dog 
angry red squirrel09/27/199/25 wednesday with dog 
angry red squirrel08/19/198/12 monday with dog 
angry red squirrel08/19/198/14 Wednesday with dog 
angry red squirrel08/06/198/5 monday with dog 
angry red squirrel08/05/198/1 thurs with dog 
angry red squirrel08/05/198/2 friday with dog 
angry red squirrel06/21/196/21 friday eve with dog 
angry red squirrel06/20/196/19 wed am with dog 
angry red squirrel06/20/196/20 thurs eve with dog 
angry red squirrel06/18/196/17 monday with dog 
angry red squirrel06/17/196/14 friday 
angry red squirrel06/13/196/11 tues am with dog 
angry red squirrel06/08/196/7 friday with dog 
angry red squirrel06/06/196/5 wed -2x 
angry red squirrel06/05/196/3 monday 
angry red squirrel05/31/195/29 wed-(2x) 1 morning ride and 1 evening ride 
angry red squirrel05/29/195/28 tuesday with dog 
angry red squirrel05/10/195/9 thurs with the dog 
angry red squirrel04/20/19thurs 3/18 with the dog 
angry red squirrel04/20/19fri 3/19 with dog 
angry red squirrel04/17/19mon- 3/15 with dog 
angry red squirrel04/17/19tues-3/16 with dog 
angry red squirrel04/12/19thurs 4/11 with dog 
angry red squirrel04/10/19monday 4/8 
angry red squirrel04/10/19tuesday 4/9 
angry red squirrel04/07/194/4 with the dog 
angry red squirrel04/07/194/6 with the dog 
angry red squirrel06/23/176/21 am with the dog 
angry red squirrel07/10/15friday 2x 
angry red squirrel07/02/15wed- 2x 
angry red squirrel07/02/15thurs-2x 
Jocko07/22/10Irvine Park portion of Tuesday evening ride. 
Jocko07/15/10The rest of the Tuesday evening ride. 
Jocko07/06/102nd part of Thursday evening ride. 
Jocko06/28/10part 2 of 2. 
Buffalo06/07/10Part 2 with ZAffer 
Jocko05/02/10Easy Sunday afternoon ride with Marla and Colene. 
Jocko04/19/10Saturday ride with Wendy and Corey. Wendy's first MTB ride; she did great !!! 
Jocko04/11/10Combined with Peters / Santiago Oaks ride. 
Jocko04/08/10Combined with the Peters / Santiago Oaks ride. 
assanti04/05/10This one on Sunday as well.. (people just dont move out of the way anymore:) 
davidmdempster03/20/10It was decent not to challenging making sure I was taking the right turns was confusing towards the end and I eventually ended up at the oak park entrance and turned around. 
davidmdempster03/20/10It was ok. 
GTCruiser02/17/10W/ PC 
Old&InTheWay02/07/10Park was open, but only this trail 
singlespeedrider01/09/10A littel extra credit 
skyrone01/09/10A little extra credit after Anaheim Hills-Weir Canyon loop with Singlespeedrider. 
rsalgado10/23/09afternoon ride with wife and levi on tag-a-long. Plus some extra credit 
Shine10/19/09weee bit early am ride, had to bail out from the entire ride and the group to get to work... 
CoronaKid08/31/09Nice and easy Sunday morning ride, but I'll admit I did have a slight crash on one of the downhills while trying to bunnyhop a rut. More embarassed than hurt. I did a couple loops to get some exercise in. 
CoronaKid08/31/09Very nice route for beginners and allows you to do more loops if you like. 
roo08/03/09Peters/Irvine Park/Santiago Oaks/Weir 
GTCruiser06/03/09+ Santiago. 
GTCruiser06/02/09+ Santiago. 
Shine05/29/09Riding the way it's meant to be...short, easy, and followed by breakfast! 
Shine03/27/09Great turn out today, all for the glorious return of thanson after his collar bone issue. 
mountain coyote03/22/09Nathan and I rode on dirt, Cindy and Lauren on pavement. 
Shine03/16/09thanks for taking it easy on me guys, my right knee started acting up coming out of irvine park. gonna rest it for a few days now 
Burgemeester03/16/09PArt 1 - mellow ride to start the week off slow and easy! Thanks to the usual suspects! 
mountain coyote03/16/09ride with the Blue Park crowd. 
Shine03/02/09nice easy fun ride w/the group. did some technical side trails also 
slopush03/02/09fun run w/ the gang. 
Burgemeester03/02/09Part 1 - good monday morning ride with Steeleboat, Slopush, Shine and NStilwell. So many trails to still explore in this park! Thanks lads! 
Shine02/23/09nice short recovery ride w/the group 
slopush02/23/09Quick ride before the rain hit w/ Shine, OClaske and Nstilwell. Thanks guys. 
nstilwell02/23/09morning ride with Shine, slopush, & OC Laske 
Buffalo01/12/09Recovery Ride with fam. 
Shine01/12/09nice early am windy ride w/john, slopush, steelboat, burgemeester, & oclaske. 
slopush01/12/09Breezy morning loop w/ da boyz. 
Burgemeester01/12/09Part 1 - mellow ride with Slopush, OC_Laske, Steeleboat, Shine and JohnO...surprising group for such a windy morning! You can tell it's be early stages of the year ;-) 
slopush01/07/09Really terrifying, technical loop- NOT! Still fun to get out and hang with my buddies though : ) 
Shine10/26/08Good beginner route, mix of single track, fire road, pavement, and no technical sections 

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