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Harding Truck Trail

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dandrews06/02/19Was surprised to hit total sun after about 5 miles of climbing. Awesome riding above the clouds. Saw a couple other riders and some hikers. 
dandrews05/31/19nice evening ride 
dandrews05/27/19good dirt today 
dandrews05/25/19Harding, the friendliest trail around, ha. 
dandrews02/26/19Still a lot of snow, on and off. for last couple miles. 
TomG02/24/19Thanks to the TT for all the work on the route. The bottom is in great shape still pleanty of snow and ice up near the top. I went down 3 times in the ice. 
dandrews01/20/19Good to be back on the bike after all the rain. 
dandrews01/10/19gotta beat the rain 
TomG01/01/19A little wind a little chilly 
dandrews12/08/18perfect day 
dandrews12/07/18A few mud holes hear and there, but overall, in great shape. 
dandrews12/04/18cold on the way down, at sunset 
dandrews03/17/18some mud, cold ride 
Mike.the.Spike01/09/18On the descent, we scared out of the brush, a baby deer (fawn). It zigged and zagged through our group then ran uphill. Spooked but no injuries-hopfully she will find mama deer again. 
Buffalo11/13/17Rode another mile past 4C. t-shirt weather the whole day. 
dandrews07/03/17beat the heat with evening ride 
Congo Kid02/25/17Good ride today. 2nd gear all the way up. 1:08:30 to Mid. Had a little lunch. About mile 6, started to get chilly, then got COLD. Freezing and windy at 4 C's. 1:57:30 to gate. Glad I brought my full-fingered gloves and a warm head/ear warmer for descent. Feet frozen by mile 7 or 8. Took an hour after descent to get feeling back in my feet. Then on descent, felt something on the outside of my knee. Thought I'd strained something or poked a bush on the way down. It was a little tick. Hope I don't die. Yowzer! 
dandrews01/26/17Some water still, two big downed trees at mile 7ish (can walk under), then wow, a whole bunch of snow. What a surprise. Saw a few tracks (bike). 
dandrews10/18/16great riding day 
mtnbikej08/03/16SS. Late afternoon spin up Harding. It has been a few years since I did Harding only up and down. I normally have some warmup miles/elevation by the time I get there. Today was straight from the parking lot. I spent the first 5 miles warming up the legs...they decided they were doing the ride under protest. Finally started to feel good about mile 6. Temps were a tad warm to start, then we got the breeze...such a welcome breeze. Fun run down. Good day on the bike. 
Mike.the.Spike07/16/16Saturday ride was nice and casual. Trail in good shape now. 
dandrews05/06/16barely got wet 
OTB_again04/29/16Warriors Society is going to send support vehicles up Harding for the Trabuco Challenge on 5/14, so rode up to check the condition of the road and make sure our key works in the USFS gates. All is well. 
dandrews04/12/16felt okay, pretty evening, one flat 
OTB_again03/13/16Good workout on the FSR 
Congo Kid03/10/16Tough slug to the top. Stopped to rest and give my butt a break a few times. Big jump from last week in elevation gain. Have no idea how some guys break 1 hour on this trail. 1:59:30 to gate. 
Mike.the.Spike03/06/16Although Harding has been groomed and is in pretty good shape, it's still Harding...meaning loose with some rocks, marbles, and baby heads so be careful descending. One rider using a Maxxis Ardent as a front tire (saw this coming!) went down TWICE and almost a THIRD time. Is that the world's most WORTHLESS front tire in loose conditions or what? GEEEEEZ!!!! 
dandrews02/28/16harding tt event 
OTB_again02/21/16Just a cruise up to 4 Corners after being sick all week. USFS crews were at work on the upper couple of miles; the road is clear from top to bottom but might be a little soft up top for the time trialers next Saturday. 
dandrews02/20/16good ride just before dark. getting ready for hardingTT.com next week. 
cfeliciano01/02/16Perfect weather. Saw a bunch of folks coming up Maple Springs at 4 Corners. What? Thought it was closed. 
dandrews12/14/15Cold up top, with a few ice puddles 
karldi509/05/15Morning ride with Ralf - parking lot was full so staged on the road shoulder a little ways back. Temps were really comfortable with occasional breezes that started a couple miles beyond the picnic bench. Had some snacks at 4C then enjoyed the giant slalom like downhill. Came around a corner about half way down and was surprised to see a good sized buck with horns bound across the trail then skillfully escalate the hill side - was a treat to watch him. Very fun outing! 
Mike.the.Spike08/30/15Nice easy Saturday ride with my buddy. Very hot but as we climbed, the temps kept dropping a little, thank goodness. 
One Flew OTB08/02/15Solo Sunday ride. Harding always kicks my butt. 1:33 gate to gate. Definitely faded in the last 1/4 up. 
OTB_again07/19/15The route description says it has a "singletrack feel". Yeah not really. This is about as straight up as fireroad climbing gets. Pure heat training today; nothing more, nothing less. 
Mike.the.Spike05/02/15Perfect day of riding, only wildlife we saw was a rattle snake. Group of four today and it was a nice relaxing ride compared to the Rwanda 50 mile event last weekend. 
karldi504/11/15Morning ride with Ralf. Met several riders on the climb and chatted along the way. Temps were nice; low to mid 70s. Descent is always fun as well - good stuff! 
Congo Kid03/07/15Lovely weather today. Been 2 weeks since been on bike, trying to shake this head cold/congestion thing that is going around. Out of shape for sure, but did better than I thought. Saw Tinker bombing down. Passed 4 people, so I got that going for me. 2:02:45 to gate. Sure won't see me in the Harding Time Trial! 2nd gear all the way up. Dropped my chain on return. Brakes squeaking like crazy, so need to check that they've got pad left. Also flatted 50 yards from bottom gate, so walked the last bit and then to my truck. New tire and tube, so must have been a very sharp rock. Lots of hikers out both directions. I needed this training ride for the Rwanda 50 next month. Great day! 
dandrews03/02/15in great shape, no mud, a touch of snow at the top 
dandrews02/15/15good ride up, hit a rock coming down bent my wheel and blew a tire, gotta love it 
dandrews02/08/15nice day! 
dandrews02/06/15awesome day 
ADanFool12/20/14Added the first drop on MD from 4C heading towards MW, turned around to see what it'll be like climbing that on this year's CC. Didn't like it. 
Old&InTheWay12/15/14Excellent conditions today. Funner than fun. Only other people seen the whole time were a doe and fawn. 37 degrees at the top gate. 
dandrews12/05/14Harding is in good shape. 
Keith B11/18/14Mellow night ride with Andy. Few other riders out there. Chilly after Laurel Springs and windy on the descent. Trail was pretty lose for the DH. 
Old&InTheWay11/14/14Rode up in daylight and down at night. First 6 miles of descent very dark with thick fog. 2 other riders. 
mtbfan11/03/14It's been a while since I did this on the SS. Not as bad as I remembered but back ached on the way down. Cold coming down but pleasant on the way up.. 
Buffalo11/03/14Yesterday's ride. Enjoyed the great fall weather. Passed out some pills for a sore back. 
ADanFool10/19/14Good to get back to a climbing route 
One Flew OTB07/27/14Mid day solo ride in the HEAT. Didn't think it would bother me, but sections of the trail were an oven. Intended to hit the peak, but knew that was out around mile 5 on the climb. I was cooked! Spun up to 4 Corners and turned around with my tail between my legs. Still glad to get out on the bike. 
ADanFool07/19/14Gunned it out of the gate, popped about 4 miles in. Running event today made the trail crowded. 
dandrews06/25/14Always a good climb, and a little painful. 
One Flew OTB04/10/14Bailed on work early and headed out for an early evening ride up Harding. Hadn't tried this one in a long time. PR for ride time gate to gate 1:25:30. First time sub 2 hrs up and down (ride time). Stopped once on the way up due to nature calling LOL. Cruised on the way down. 
singlespeedrider03/14/14Cold ride down nice ride up 
dandrews12/15/13nice day, windy up top 
Keith B12/04/13I kind of figured it was a bad sign when it was seriously cold in the car park at Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary. It didnt get any better on the way up with the breezy conditions. A mile from the top of Harding (normally the coldest section in the shade) it was seriously cold. Frost on the grass up there. Ryan's temp sensor read under 25F. Put on everything I brought and was shaking with the cold. Never experienced my hands go that numb before but couldnt feel the gear shift at all with my thumb. Warmed up a little coming down but it was brutal. I think thats the coldest night ride I've done. 
Buffalo11/24/13Chilly in the shade. The rockfall on the trail made the downhill more interesting. 
dandrews11/23/13Lots of hikers, 1 rider coming down, all smiles! 
ADanFool10/13/13Dang, I thought for sure this would be my fastest uphill, but ended up 3rd. Made up for it by ripping the downhill. Total hero dirt, hard packed and tight. 
Murmur10/04/13Wind is nasty today. 
Buffalo08/11/13Started at 11am got kinda hot. Only saw one other MTB. 
MTB Fiend07/24/13SCR closed! No Blackstar for you! Headed over to Harding instead. And suffered. 10 min off my average time, the ride became as much a measure of tenacity as it did an enjoyable, but always tough climb. Certain sections were real hot, others cool and breezy. I kind of like it like that. Saw 1 Tarantula, and 1 Deer, both on the descent and near the bottom. Back at the truck, I realized,,,, it was a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/20/13Delightfully long cruise on this longest day, with my pals, J&S. Harding has that way of maklng you feel real bad before you feel real good. Literally, tons of Dove, Deer and Dust - you pick what order (hint... dust... gag..gag - even my white "goat" turned a dirt yellow (??!)). Sensational weather! and a Great Ride! 
mtnbikej06/20/13SS. Summer Solstice ride. Ride started out a bit rough. Legs were a little tired and took a while to warm up. Wife took off on the front. We would eventually catch her. She wasn't having a great day on the bike. She would have bailed had we let her. She pushed on, and dropped us at one point. Finally got her to 4 Corners...and a very respectable time. Saw quite a few deer. Only 1 other rider and 1 hiker. Weather couldn't have been much better. Twas a good ride. 
mtnbikej04/17/13SS. There are good rides....and there are great rides. This was the latter. Almost decided last minute to do something else. Seeing the wind blowing had me nervous. Began the climb up and took it easy knowing it would be a while before my legs caught up. Wind seemed to be blowing from every direction. Caught my second wind about mile 6. From there it was on. Was feeeling great so I pushed the pace. Got to 4 Corners and was 14 minutes faster than my best time. Rushed to get my arm warmers on and head back down. Wanted to be back at the truck in under 2 hrs total time. The DH was a little slower than usual. The Rocket Ron on the front was a little shaky on the marbles. Missed my goal by a mere 2 minutes...bummer. Only saw 2 other riders out there. Temps were nice in the sun, but cooled down quite a bit in the shade and the wind. The gate at 4C was open...just keep a heads up. Like I said, great ride. 
SC-Ells04/05/13For some reason can't upload from my GPS. Good day out, back was killing me though. 
Phishin Paul03/28/13I had a 3 turkey road block when leaving the trail head. The biggest of the 3 would not get off the road. He kept spreading his wings so I imagine he was upset. 
Ben Boronow03/24/13Nice Saturday AM ride with Dennis. Cool at the start. Warmed up a bit, but had to put my jacket back on at the top. This ride sure has some beautiful views. 
thepoolman02/24/13lost a minute from last years TT. damn snow! 
dandrews02/23/13Fun day today, good too see everybody! ss, 34x17 2.00 
tortoise02/18/13Great weather and still a little snow towards four corners. 
Mirafiguy02/16/13Snow last two miles 
SC-Ells01/28/13Mud slog-fest. Took forever, cold with snow flurries at the top of Harding. 
trekstorm12/25/12Made time this AM to get this ride in. Had to get my head on straight. 
SC-Ells12/16/12Very wet, but fun-until the last mile. I was cruising taking my time, hit a berm and my soaking wet hands slipped off the bars. Went down hard, broke my helmet, saw stars. Big shiner on my forehead and bruised ribs, otherwise ok. Nothing like crashing on easy fireroad 5 minutes from the end of the ride... 
SC-Ells12/14/12Back hurt, muddy, cold, slow but still fun 
Keith B12/06/12Didn't feel too stellar at the start of the ride and faded fast. After Laurel Springs I could barely turn the pedals over. Went home feeling sick - erg. 
mtnbikej11/27/12What a great solo ride tonight....only me, the moon, the fox and the dead bird. Moon was very bright, so I tried running without light...but moon was directly in front of me, blinding my sight, so kept the lights on. 1:41 to 4 Corners...I am happy. Hadn't done this whole route in a long long time. Much easier than I remembered. Temps we very nice all the way up. Put on my jacket for the ride down, but wasn't really that cold. Got above the marine layer and the OC looked dark. Startled a fox on the way down. Will put this into the rotation. Good ride. 
Olis111/22/12Great weather out this morning. 1:27 gate to gate. 
trekstorm11/21/12Mostly dark ride. 
Keith B11/15/12Awesome night ride with Charles, Andy & Ryan. Nice pace to the top (1hr 28) then enjoyed the descent. We stopped jsut after the uphill section from the top and a Blackhawk chooper came in right over us for a fake landing then took off again. Saw a mountain Fox on the way down and jsut got done before the heavy rain shower came in. Good times. 
dandrews11/09/1239 degrees at four corners, saw a bobcat and 3 deer up top, ...they weren't hanging out together though ;) 
trekstorm11/09/12Got spooked coming down as I saw eyes reflecting from my light. Not sure what it was... 
trekstorm11/08/12Trail in good shape. Had occasional drops of rain but not bad. 
Keith B11/04/12Solid ride with Ryan. Perfect temps and a steady pace although my back and hamstrings were playing up again, ugh. XTR brakes felt bedded in and solid on the way down - jury is out on the 140mm rotor though. Sky was really clear for a good view and the temps at the top were perfect. 
OTB_again10/18/12Solo on the HT. Forced myself to spin in the small ring until after the flat/downhill part about 1.5mi before 4C. Another flat as soon as I started the descent, once again I had no light so a mach-speed repair and I was rolling again. Unreal views of the sunset over Catalina! 2 riders coming up as I was getting near the bottom. Again finished in the dark 
TBlazen10/06/12Nice and cool this morning; Saw a few very dark small deer on the first part of the climb; PR going up at 1:27:40...Ran into SAmtn (Sydney), Fast Turtle (Paul) and Mike at four corners......--> EDIT: there was a "rafter of Turkeys" blocking the paved road before I started; Probably 12-15 of them big suckers!!! 
dandrews09/08/12Started at 5:30pm, perfect. 
ADanFool09/01/12Good ride, felt good after about first 20 minutes... but no way I'm keeping up with Neil, Kato, Jake or Russ. Good push with Paul & Sidney though, my quickest time up. 
Fast Turtle09/01/12SAmtn had a rear tire blow out so I had to climb back up 1/4 mile to help. The duct tape in my bag help get Sid back down. The boot wasn't holding. We wrapped duct tape around the rim and tire and it held. I suggest that everyone should carry a small amount of duct tape in their bag. It is always better to ride down then walk. 
nharper09/01/12Great group ride with Jake, Kato, Russell, Paul, Sidney and Dan. 
SAmtn09/01/12Early ride with Jake, Paul, Kato, Dan, Russel, Neil. Sliced a sidewall on the way down. Thanks to Matt for the tube and boot and to Fast Turtle for the tube and duct tape.. 
nharper08/25/12Perfect conditions...finally cool. 
Heathermarie906/14/12Laid back Sunday ride w/Lisa. Took some time to enjoy the great views and the cool breeze on Harding was a great surprise climbing. That doesn't happen too often this time of year! :-) Saw the guy that runs/hikes with a tire tied to his waist. That's some great weight training! 
Keith B06/05/12Hadn't ridden Harding with Ryan since the winter training night rides. Solid pace on the way up. I was testing my alu 'beater' wheels complete with 2.4 monster tyres. Didnt disappoint but it was alot harder to change direction than with my carbon rims and light weight tyres. Fork needs some TLC. Got back just before dark. Need beer on this ride! 
Jake c('.'c)04/22/12My 7 days of Harding challenge is finally complete! Glad that's over. The last two days were tough. Saw one rattler and one gopher snake. Found some Bolle glasses and picked up the bloody gloves dropped by yesterday's injured rider. 
Jake c('.'c)04/19/12Day 4 of my 7 days of Harding personal challenge. I'm doing this to overcome my hatred for the climb and I think it's actually working. I took it easy today and still had my 2nd fastest time gate to gate. The late evening downhill ride was awesome today. 3 more days to go.. 
Jake c('.'c)04/17/12Saw a Bobcat. Bobcats are cool. Threw up a rock or something on the downhill, bent my ring, tweaked my chain and broke my chain guide. Not cool. 
Enriquez04/01/12Party of 2, Bryan and I. His first time and he did great. Almost didnt go cause I hate biking in mud and cleaning mud off my bike. Glad we went, not much mud after the bench. Cool at the top so we didnt stay and watch if some stuck Bronco 4x4 was able to be rescued. 30 mins down sure is tiring but fun. Great Ride! 
TBlazen03/08/12Dang, just missed breaking the 2hr barrier; next time; 1:29 gate to gate on the way up...nice out, but fairly loose. 
dandrews02/26/12Great day and event! Thanks to Kirk and In the Dirt events for their hard work. Congrats to all the Geo people hitting the podium and their PB's! Sauce, Hammertime, PaulV, JDMack, Fooly, nharper, thepoolman, Lusus, Despacio, ...others! 
thepoolman02/25/12damn, old dudes are FAST!! finish was 1:19! stoked...beat my time by 10 min. 
dandrews02/22/12I nicked a bush at high speed on the descent and got a thorn all the way through a finger, ouch, watch out for those bushes. 
cleanbeater02/18/12Thought I shook this chest cold but no such luck. A bit of snow/slush near the top. 
GabrielC02/17/12Pleasant ride up Harding today. Still some patches of snow on the road during the last two miles. 
grimix02/16/12always fun making new tracks in fresh snow. 
dandrews02/16/12Big wind and snow at the top. 
nharper02/13/12Nice ride up Harding with Ken G. Cold descent....toes were frozen by the time I got to the bottom. 
Andy Mc02/09/12With Keith, Sarah, Ryan & Lynn....First time up all the way and the new bike is starting to feel right! 
RoughRiderR02/02/12solo ride except met david at the top. keith and andy couldnt make it. windy about 1/3 the way up and windy on the way down. hard ride..probably my fasted time up 1:22:16. 
PaulV02/01/12nice morning to hit Harding. It was a bit cool out but within a minute I felt like I was overdressed :) 
Shigalert01/29/12A slow, solo, grovelfest up Harding today. Felt yesterdays "faster" ride in my legs. Great weather though. 
Fast Turtle01/28/12SAmtn, Kato, Ryan, Jeff, Tom and others started out at 7am. Several of the group continued on. Pretty windy today. 
ZULU01/20/12Just finished with the setting sun. Nice ride. 
RoughRiderR01/12/12ride with andy, keith, david and jake. felt like ass at the beginning but david helped push me forward. the guys went on to maple..keith and i headed back down. 
Keith B01/10/12Chatted to Jake and Andy briefly but it was mainly a solo ride for everyone. Put in a solid effort without over stressing my back and equalled my personal best time (G2G 1hr25), not sure if its my new physical therapy exercises or the bike but improvement is good :-) Chilled on the way down with Ryan. 
bandito01/09/12Very strong wind gusts and cold climbing this morning. Especially at Main Divide. 
thepoolman01/07/12valve stem on the back wheel somehow snapped out and left me to drift into the marbles...then the rocks. nothing broken! cut up though. 
Shigalert12/26/11Perfect conditions. Saw only 6 other solo riders and a couple of hikers. Was everybody in the Mall? Took it slow and enjoyed the views, 2:30 to 4C with breaks. 
Phishin Paul12/18/11Started late afternoon and raced the sun. Beautiful sunset tonight. I always forget that after the down hill section there is still a good 2 miles of climbing. 
tortoise12/10/11Perfect riding weather. Nice long grind 
mrsour12/03/11average temp was around 42 this morning, with winds up to 60+mph - it was brutal, even for this not-so-steep-but-long ride. 
JeffK12/03/11Cold and windy! 
Aviatrix11/25/11Pulling a trailer full of donuts, don't I get extra points for that??? Great ride, perfect conditions, lots of friends. Sucked I had to watch my buddy leave in a helo with a broken clavicle and concussion, but he WILL be ok. 
dandrews11/25/11Perfect ride, burned off some Thanksgiving dinner, but not enough. 
Olis111/24/11Dead Garmin so had to go old school with clock on phone. New PB at 1:21 gate to gate (previous was 1:26). 30 minutes down. Cold at top, felt like it was in the 30's. Hands froze and eyes got kind of blurry on the way down. 
vhipp11/24/11Rode with Tobi my 11 year old son. The donuts at 4 corner kept him going:) 
Napoleon D.11/24/11Cold coming down 
gmann11/24/11Much better conditions this year than last. everybody seemed to be having a good time today. 
one-i11/22/11Afternoon SS with Team Nuke. Dirt is really fast. Trails were empty except for a possible MtbFiend sighting up in the cold and an easy on the eyes hiker near the bottom. 
RoughRiderR11/15/11good ride with david and sarah. a little cold but nothing compared to last week. i was glad i brought my long jersey and pants. 
Jake c('.'c)11/11/11The weather was perfect until I hit the 6 mile bend, then it got cold gusty. At 4 Corners when I stopped to put on some warm gear, it hailed for about 30 seconds and the wind blew my gloves & leg warmers off into the bushes. Rode down with my lights. 
Keith B11/08/11Contact lens fell out on the way to the ride so I rode with everything all blurred and distorted. Had a banging headache after an hour or so. Also got cramp and some hip pain. Got pretty cold and windy towards the top so all in all in kind of sucked lol. 
RoughRiderR11/08/11530 start. cruise to the top. 2nd week of training. it was freezing out. good to see everyone..BK, Sarah, Dave. Andy stopped early but good that he keeps coming back for more. 
Keith B11/01/11Night ride with Ryan & David. Ryan was on cruise and David was on maximum attack and I was somewhere in the middle. Didnt record my time but around 1hr 35 at a guess. Rode back down to where Ryan was and then back up again - didnt charge the light so had to get down with it on reserve, probably one of my fastest descents. Harding makes a good night ride. 
RoughRiderR11/01/11Good ride with Keith and David. I kept a slow pace on the way up as I am starting this training nonsense. Havent quite figured that one out yet. That said it was a good change of pace. I was able to enjoy the evening and just think about the day. Probably my longest time up to harding, 2 hrs. I had a flat on the way down. Passed two foxes! 1 only a foot away. 
Enriquez10/30/11Felt like Gilligan on a 3 hour tour. I wasnt ready for Harding but what the heck, it was Vals bday ride! Cramping, finished all my water, devoured the Shot Bloks, didnt think i would finish the ride to say this but it felt great to accomplish this route. Thought about the Peak buuut...next time. GREAT RIDE! 
JRA10/28/11Joined Kim on her new bikes maiden voyage at Harding and all was good and joyful until the sun went down. We had a little bike trouble which put us seven miles from the vehicles when things got dark and this got spooky quick. With only one bike light between us we were like blind bats making our way down when our only light went out. This was tragic and we couldn't see our hand in front of our face, but we could hear everything! At this point we started to consider our options knowing this was going to be a long slow walk back, if we manage to survive. Kim began to make light of the situation but I did not see things the way she did. I just couldn't believe the light died so quickly, so I felt around in the dark and realized the battery connection to the light came loose. Thank goodness! With the one light we had restored we managed to ride out of the spooky darkness in tandem. I'll consider this my Halloween scare for the year, thanks Kim:) 
grimix10/27/11Lovely climb. Just what I needed to break up monotony. Great views. Don't care for trail surface but wasn't there for tacky flow anyway. No chance taking a wrong turn. Freezing in shade. 2:02 G2G relaxed climb. Gotta come down Joplin next time. 
XCRider10/23/11Late afternoon ride starting with hot temps in the valley as I climbed, but getting cool when I hit 4C. Sun in the eyes on the way down was bad and I was surprised at the temperature drop by the time I got back to my car at dusk. Such a contrast from only a couple hours earlier. 5 days off the bike made the climb a tough piece of work, but still managed only a couple minutes away from my pr from August. Helps that the trail is in beautiful condition, but I think the hot temps slowed me quite a bit in the beginning. Very quiet, a couple of hikers and only 1 other biker. 
nharper10/22/11I think Harding must be "Boot Camp" for MTB's...kinda like the wives do at the local park on Saturday mornings. Was hoping to shave off another 4:40 and go sub 1:20:00 today, but it will have to wait until next time. I must have passed 15 riders on the way down. On another note, I can't wait until I can actually upload to GL with no issues with my Edge 500. 
nharper10/15/11Great morning ride...started in fog, it warmed up, then it cooled down near the top. Saw 5 hunters and quite a few riders on the way down. 
dandrews10/13/11Fun ride with HammerDan and Joel yesterday. deleted by accident, reposting 
RoughRiderR10/11/11Good solo ride. Bk got stuck at work. weather was really nice. warm in the beginning but cooled down. dark around 645. 1:26 to the top. hard work. had the training wheel on which is heavier. calf muscles still sore from century. 
Fast Turtle10/01/11It has been a long time since I rode Harding. Rode with SAMtn,Kato, ADanFool, Kato, John and a few others. 
SAmtn10/01/11Nice morning ride with Fast Turtle Kato adanfool, john and two new guys. Enjoyed it. 
RoughRiderR09/28/11Solid ride with McBoatern Floaterin. 1:28 to the top. Turned it on at the top. Nice night out, still warm even though it was dark around 7. 
Keith B09/27/11Solid ride with Billy McChill. 1st ride where we had to use our lights for most of the way. 1hr 28 G2G time. Max pulse was 175 - odd because I didnt seem to have the energy to push any harder. Saw 3 mountain foxes out there after dark. Awesome sunset too. 
dandrews09/24/11Quite a view above the clouds. 
karldi509/23/11Worked half day then tackled Harding - was on the bike by about noon. Wow, some climb, great work out! It was really hot for about two thirds of the ride, no breeze nor shade. Finally had some shade where the trail levels off not far from 4 corners. Great views! Took a rest and had a snack, then zipped down, getting a little air on the small "jumps" that frequent the fireroad. Will have to ride this trail again, but will go later in the day when it the sun is not right overhead. 
TBlazen09/17/11rode with Greg, Tony, Mike,Daniel, Marc; Perfect weather... 
mtbfan09/14/11What better way to spend a half a furlough day than going for a good ride. Have not been up Harding in a while, but I have always liked this climb. Temps were nice and hardly any bugs. 
flanneryd09/13/11We climbed under cloud cover (nice/cool!) and then were under a thunderhead about 2/3 of the way up. We got some light rain and saw very cool light show. The lightening was never closer than about 6 miles away (lucky!). Saw a doe jump onto the trail from the descending slopeside and she was gone in 2 leaps. At 4 corners we had some sun and dried out a little. Then, descending, we dropped under the cloud cover about 2/3 of the way down. Before that, the views (above cloud cover) were awesome. Great way to spend the morning! 
NA1NSXR09/03/11Stopped to help some guy with a flat until his help came. Temperatures weren't bad, considering its Harding. 2.5G1I1B not enough. 
JD15808/30/11Rode with James. Perfect temps this afternoon/evening. Finished way after sunset. 
RoughRiderR08/17/11hot/humid out today. Finished nearly two bottles by the time i reached the top. tired all week, had to stop a few times due to heat. 129 to the top..about the same as last week..not bad for the weather. Saw a jeep near the top. not sure what they were doing or how they got onto harding. also met two younger gents. one was on an electric bike! 
RoughRiderR08/10/11Great ride on the 29. First ride back after a thrasher weekend in vegas :) Was tired and hot in the beginning but felt good most of the way. Put in 128 to the top. kept my HR around 165-170 on the way up. Figure I can still push a bit harder. trail is in great shape. Next time I will have to meet Keith and Sarah for an all out hammer. Good to see Andy on the trail but he was longing for his road bike... 
Keith B08/09/11Personal best time overall and best time gate to gate (1hr 25) Hot as hell on the 1st half of the climb but pleasant temps at the top where I chatted to Jeremy for a bit. Sarah made it up 5mins faster than me and went up to Modjeska and back. Crossmax freehub had a spaz on the way down but then seemed to fix itself. Sarah took a tumble at Laurel Springs - her rear tyre is pretty bald and offline on Harding is very gravely. This was Andy's first time on Harding, he seemed to be loving it! Ryan made it out on his uber light 29er space craft and was right behind us. 
NA1NSXR08/06/11Saw a huge pine cone. Middle ringed it, not sure if it was any taller than my usual granny/middle cassette. Huge bird dump on my car when I got back. Warm with occasional breeze on the way up, temps fine on the way down. No one out there. 
Keith B08/02/11After work ride with Sarah. Not sure that this ride was what the doctor meant when he said 'take it easy for 2wks!' Epic was on fine form and the trail is in primo shape. 1hr30 gate to gate. Tubeless tyre exploded about 1/2mile from the end of the ride but we still made it back before dark. 
Fooly07/28/11Quite hot today, but still enjoyable. 
RoughRiderR07/26/11felt pretty good. pushed it a few times but for the most part just put in a solid pace. 136 to the top. nice temps, esp on the way down. late start but so glad i did it. skyline was beautiful. solo on the 29er. 
Fooly07/15/111:17 to peak. New personal best! 
NA1NSXR07/13/11Great temps, couple other riders out today 
DIRTULS07/13/11Good ride with MTB Fiend. Still trying to figure out where the rest of the guys were tonight. Chickens! Two flats, yep the front was flat when I got home. Felt soft the second half of the ride. Grrrr! What did I ever do to the Harding Truck Trail? The moon rising up and the sun sinking away was a great view this evening. But, those that did not show up missed it. Ha ha! 
MTB Fiend07/13/11Harding - the new Blackstar! Rode with my pal, DIRTULS. We were expecting a group ride so waited a bit longer than usual. Challenging climb. Found relief at the gate. Brilliant sunset provided an illuminating orange hue on the descent. Spooked 2 Deer at the top. Magnificent Moon rise over the peaks. Mid-July and still was quite cold on the descent. Descending with lights here requires much more attention, despite the distractive vistas. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend06/29/11Whew! Sensational weather for this ride. Rode with DIRTULS and OCRogenator and got my a$$ kicked! They both do the roadie thing and it was evident in their bursts of speed. DIRTULS cleaned the whole ride in middle ring. I struggled tonight. Finished just at real dark, needed lights for about half the descent. Tough, but Great Ride! 
DIRTULS06/29/11Fun ride with MTB Fiend and my ocrogenator. Finally got this one nailed in the middle ring and even had a PB. I think I am ready for a SS soon. Most beautiful sunset and great views! 
NA1NSXR06/22/11I need more power 
NA1NSXR06/20/11Brutal heat and sun on the way up, took some photos on the way down. Saw a huge softball sized egg broken open in the middle of the trail. This climb is definitely a different beast when it is hot. 
ADanFool06/18/11Fantastic ride, temps & guys riding. My first time all the way up Harding, it was definitely easier than I thought it would be. 
Fooly06/16/11Last ride before big Bear 
JRA06/14/11I lost my Garmin on this ride;fortunately it was labeled with my phone number and it was return to me the same night.8) 
RoughRiderR06/13/11Great solo ride. I didnt see a soul out there. I did see a baby bobcat on the way down. Crazy thing jumped off the side of the road down the cliff. I didnt stop to check but I am sure it was fine. Good work out. Was warmer than i expected. I made it down just before the sunset. 1:46 to the top. 
NA1NSXR06/10/11need to dial out some drivetrain gremlins 
vt1ryan05/21/11What nice morning ride with Tim and Dave. Weather was nice sunny and warm. 
Buffalo05/08/11Cool and foggy, but no bugs. 
ericfoltz04/24/11Cold & wet. 
portolavet04/07/11Very dark and foggy on the way down tonight. Could barely go 10mph on descent. 
Shigalert04/02/11Watching Coup. Got to 4 corners/Gnat City just after 10am and watched riders going through the aid station for half an hour or so. Around half of them looked fine but others were really suffering. Saw DURTULS and asked how was it? “Brutal” was the answer. First time to top of Harding. Really enjoyed it even though the climb took forever. Noticed a broken spoke putting the bike in the car so had to quickly dust off and ride Ye Ancient hardtail with rim brakes instead. Makes you appreciate disk brakes. 
TBlazen03/23/11Crazy ride.... Met Pua in the parking lot and chatted for a while, great new addition to Sho-Air; what a fantastic girl... Very nice to speak with; GO PUA on the VQ ! Harding was hard on me for a variety of reasons: paused a bit for bull dozers and trucks on the first 2 miles, some puddles to walk around (no ruts here and didn't want to trek up 5lbs of dirt), then HAIL stones and rain after I started the decent; Had full finger gloves and booties, started feeling a bit like I had no business being out there when I saw a wild man going up in a yellow rain jacket almost at the base of Harding... Who was that guy? I said "Have a good time and laffed" because the conditions were far from cush and he just smiled; Harder core than me fo sho.... 
Fooly03/22/11Soft and sticky 
DIRTULS03/16/11Monday ride-Enjoyable ride. We all had separate goals that were met. 
Fooly03/15/11one flat, got caught after dark. 1:29 to top. 
gmann03/07/11Harding in good shape. Rode into the clouds about halfway up, and rode out of them going up the final climb to four corners. Blue skies at 4 corners. did not see anyone out today. 
gdackerm03/05/11Great weather and snow still at the top 
5partaku503/05/11Did this ride last monday. About 2/3rd way down, rear tire slit by sharp rock. Forgot Inner tube at home. Took me another 1hour and 30minutes to walk down. Thanks to two gentlemen that gave me a ride from trail head to Santiago road where my car was parked. Would have walked another hour. 
Pmcmasters03/02/11Slipping and sliding in the snow. My Garmin is still having issues uploading so I had to do a manual post. 
thepoolman02/28/11had to get off a couple of times due to the snow. thanks terry for staying with me on the last push. 
portolavet02/21/11Took me forever to get to the gate once I finished the climb. The snow is fun to ride in the beginning but after a while is boring. Lots of hikers and bikers. Even some horses. 
TBlazen01/29/11it was a struggle after climbing mathis and what not in AV yesterday; much work to do in the saddle.... CHEERS ! 
mtbfan01/22/11Great ride with Mark. We had planned on MS to Motorway but Mark forgot his helmet, so we dis this ride instead after driving home. Beautiful temps and few riders but tons of hikers 
TBlazen01/15/11Tucker Wildlife lady let me park behind the rope ! everyone watching football because no one going up and only 2 coming down... Slow going as I was dodging lots of big rocks... 
singlespeedrider01/09/11No Garmin. Cold morning ride with MCAFS, I think 4 corners was warmer than the middle in the clouds. 
MCAFS01/09/11Fun ride with Singlespeedrider. Cold all ride but the trail is in great shape. Mother Nature's new features make the trail more fun up and down. Never had to HAB. Just a few muddy spots that were easy to ride. 
dandrews01/08/11wow, no mud, well almost 
portolavet01/02/11No more rain please. Start feeling like Costa Rica. 
dandrews01/01/11Happy New Year! 
Fooly12/25/10mud slides about every 1,000 feet. need to hike a bike across them. the trail was washed out about 3 miles up, turned around at that point. 
trekstorm12/19/10A little rain but not too much. Trail in ok shape a little sloppy in places some runoff spots so beware. 
portolavet12/14/10Great day and weather to ride. Too bad got spoiled at the end. 
EricMonroe11/27/10Turkey day ride. Freezing all the way down. 
Dmac11/26/10Yesterday's grindathon. 
RYAN FOREST11/25/10Great COLD ride with great people... Happy Thanksgiving! 
MCAFS11/25/10Ice patches on the trail. Frozen bottom lip on the way down. Lots of people burning some calories before the feast. Happy Thanksgiving! 
gmann11/25/10challenging conditions today. was almost blown off the bike. great to see so many people out. 
RoughRiderR11/23/10Chilled ride with Keith up Harding. BK back started acting up half way. Was really cold out. I didnt even feel like riding at that beginning. Was glad I did it in the end. So cold though. The next day I did feel weak and cold! Rear flat immediately after the ride. 
dandrews11/23/10foggy up top, nice and tacky coming down, finally broke 1hr to the gate, 58:29 
Keith B11/16/10Night ride with the Bill. Had to stop a few times due to back pain - seriously?! Its like you approach 40 and fall apart! 1hr 39 gate to gate. Pretty chilly coming down. 
singlespeedrider11/13/10Cold and windy at the top but a great ride. Nice to redeem myself after the piss poor showing I had up Harding a few weeks ago. 1:38 to the gate 
5partaku511/13/10Great ride with Mark..Cold and Windy at FourCorners..Made it all the way on mid-gear...Saw a few riders...There was one gentleman on a single speed...I wish i had more gears....Thank you GOD for a beautiful day!!!! 
portolavet11/10/10Very cold at the main divide tonight. Saw 3 foxes. 
RUTINTED11/07/10First time up Harding Truck Trail. NICE! 
RUTINTED11/07/10Its 9 miles to the top and a nice steady climb. 
vt1ryan11/07/10Nice morning ride with Twitch, NO GO, Skinny, Shizzel, and Rutinted. Nice breakfast afterwards at Silverado Cafe. 
SKINNY11/07/10Good ride with rutinted, vt1ryan, twitch, no go, shizzle.. did the ride without gloves.. had brought two left gloves which is lame.. chilly up at 4 corners. Finished off the ride with a late bkfst at Silverado Cafe and a hot tub.. 
Twitch11/07/10Great morning to be out riding. Had Alan, Garrett, Dave, Jerad and Ryan out today. Roy must of found his keys, I saw him on El Toro. Anybody see any lizards today? 
mtbfan11/07/10Great ride today. Not too cold at the top or for the decent. 
PaulV11/04/10what do you do when it feels like it's 100 degrees out? Go up the Harding Truck Trail of course! Started around 2 with SamAdams and Rob, luckily there was some shade here and there on the way up. Seemed like quite a few riders out!! Talked to some hunters who bagged a deer up at 4 corners, they will have some tasty jerky soon! 
portolavet11/03/10One word to describe harding at night: awesome! 
portolavet11/01/10Very windy on the way up. Always fun to do the descent at night. 
RYAN FOREST10/30/10Great ride with my pops 
KeepsWhatHappens10/28/10Good ride today with mtbkel44, Christa and Dani. Wasn't hot at all. Weather and views were perfect. Love that descent! 
cleanbeater10/26/10Saturday morning ride with Dave. Slight drizzle on the way up but pouring at 4 corners and most of the way down. Trail held up great. My Garmin died... apparently time to send it in. 
gmann10/25/10awesome day for a ride. 1:48:03 to four corners, a new best. Met Eric, (OTB Again) at four corners. Good talking with you Eric. Met Steve coming up on my way down. Passed by a rider going down. Tricked out in Specialized gear. 
Keith B10/17/10Oh lordy. Shouldnt be riding with the arm still knackered but figured the fireroad might be ok. Light drizzle turned heavy past Laurel Springs. Back was aching, felt really out of shape. Barely made it to 4 corners. I was a bit worried about coming down in the rain considering I multiple fractures in my Ulnar. Headed down & got a flat almost immediately. Checked my backpack....no pump or CO2. Oh *#&*!. Sarah gets my hero award for riding my bike down the whole way: Frame 2 sizes too big for her, couldnt put the seat down so she stood up the whole way, inner tube disintegrated and got wrapped around the hub after a mile or so, tyre came off some time later, lashing with rain up there, rear hub making horrible noises. We kept it all together (I rode Sarah's hardtail) and made it down soaked 5mins before dark. Yeesh. Rear wheel looks fried. Always check you pack everything when you go out and dont be riding when you're told not to! 
MCAFS10/13/10Gettin' dark fast. Got this one in just before sunset. Nice steady pace. 
GabrielC10/12/10Started in cool temps that warmed up quickly. Only one other rider on my way down. 
Buffalo10/08/10Good to get out after a long lay-off. Saw 3 riders on their way down, had 4 corners to myself. Lots of lights on the next ridge over (Luge). Harding is in good shape. 
El Chupacabra10/03/10Sunday trek w/29 Inch Nails. PB to the gate - 1:42. 
29 Inch Nails10/03/10Haven't done this one for some time...what a grind! Saw El Chupa blazing ahead! 
DIRTULS09/26/10My friends made it up Harding for the first time! Heavy bike + hot temps + running out of water = pain and torture. The faster I went down Harding the hotter it was. I also now have a new respect for ride sweeps. 
RoughRiderR09/22/10Great solo ride. cool out, going to be a cool winter. used light at near the top. 1.34 to the top. met nan (sp?) at the bottom. good ride to be done with. i stopped a few times, not because i was tired, but almost out of energy, weird. not in as good of fitness as i used to be...will improve. 
blipstream09/20/10solo morning ride, quiet ride up... the sun was a pain right below the visor the whole way up. 
Jake c('.'c)09/14/10Mechanical issues.. Tweeked my chain on the way up and ripped out a sidewall on the way down. I had so many thorns in my tubeless tire that it took me 30 minutes to pull them all out before I could install a tube. haha 
DIRTULS09/06/10Today was a great day! Pulled into Harding Lot and the no parking dusk to dawn signs are down. Thanks to the guys in charge of parking that I spoke to last Monday. You made my day!!!Rode with ChrisTA for a few minutes uphill and then off she went. That is OK with me. I was not feeling super strong but somehow I shaved off 4 minutes on the uphill. Shaved over 5 minutes off the downhill. Not bad! Great temps. Lots of people starting later than us and lots of bike whizzing by at 4 Corners. 
TioTony09/06/10Great ride up HTT with Pam (who also rode to the trail and home). Thank you 22T! 
JRA09/06/10Nice ride with Jenn and awesome job on shaving of 4 minutes of your previous time:) Weather was AWESOME today; Mother nature's been sweet. 
Jake c('.'c)09/04/10Today was a hot one. 
DIRTULS08/30/10A big thanks to MTB Fiend for riding with me. The view at Four Corners was great. Great ride, easier than I thought it would be. Maybe it was the lighter bike. Oh, we to speak to the folks in charge of parking near STT and at Harding. Hopefully they will change the signs that say Dusk to Dawn no parking at Harding. 
MTB Fiend08/30/10DIRTULS rides Harding! And what a beautiful afternoon/evening ride it was. Timed it almost perfectly - well, missed it by that much..! Brought 1 light, DIRTULS gets to use it. We both cateyed it for most of the way, but by the time we reached the climb at the bottom it was owl-eye, then braille-eye. Although I anticipated the cold descent, but still did not bring enough. Cold, dark descent. Great Ride! 
Permagrin08/28/10What a great night for a ride. Had dinner up at 4 corners and watched the lightning storm in the distance. Beautiful sunset, warm temps and good friends make for an awesome ride. 
RoughRiderR08/23/10hot out. took a few breaks. good ride overall. 
ZAffer08/12/10forgot how hard this trail really is.... 
Quikflip2708/12/10Morning jaunt w/ PaulV, thanks! Good time despite the pain...PB by 2 min :) 
PaulV08/12/10nice one! met up w/ quickflip27 (who should just shorten his name to 'quick'! :) cold this AM at mi casa, turned on the car heat on the way there (WTF?), felt like it was in the 50's at the parking lot. That changed instantly as we started,felt cool again at the top. Quick was ripping it up!! Down seemed a little sketch today. Saw two riders climbing as we descended. splits: gate to picnic table=12:05,big left past laural springs=49:20,to DH=1:04:42,to gate=1:18:42, down=30:44, rt=1:49:26 
Buffalo08/11/10After work ride with Zaffer. 
JRA08/08/10I was astonish to see two motorcycles coming down Harding.I thought Harding is only open for hikers and bikers??? 
JTuttle08/07/10Good pace with SKINNY. Glad to be done early. 
SKINNY08/07/10early morning ride with jtuttle.. nice and cool out.. 
carlosferreira197508/07/10Rode with my woman Kimberly. SHe is very fit and just starting to mountain bike. The day was just beautiful. The temperature was maybe 76? Well, let me say 75... what could be better? It took us a good 4 hours to do the whole thing but I am sure that she will do this one in 2,5 hours very soon! 
carlosferreira197508/07/10Nice trail to get to the top of the Santa Ana Mt (saddleback). It starts kind of steep (for the wussies) and then it gets easier when getting closer to the 4 corners. It is nice training ride if you want to put miles on your mt bike, I can't call it super fun cuz there is no single track to smile with... The cool thing here is that depending on how you feel, you can choose a different route once you reach the 4 corners! 
angry red squirrel08/03/10yippie-ki-yay-mf,feeding the addiction-some high speed dirt-salvaged parts from busted bike,built up last night took for spin,am start,no bugs-must of been sleeping in today 
angry red squirrel07/27/10total gnar-high speed dirt-dh run-flawless(except dead spot with sand/tire went sideways/otb almost/straightened out at last minute/need 2 install hopey steering damper on this bike-that deserves a double yeehaw-yeehaw!!! 
trekstorm07/27/10Nice day for a ride. Passed only a couple of hikers. 
MTB Fiend07/25/10Just plain old enjoying the GREAT ride. See if you catch the theme here - great weather, great trail, great geo-caching (FtF, SPOR and all that), great friends = Great ride! 
trekstorm07/24/10Crack of dawn start. Ride with Tim. Nice cool temps before a busy day. 
JD15807/09/10Afternoon ride with Diego, James, Dave Ondas and friends. Good ride with the group. Lost Diego for a few minutes on the way down since he had a flat. Finished just barely with enough daylight left. 
angry red squirrel07/06/10misty mountain hop-rather ethereal as is shrouded in the wings of an angel-til a mile from the summit then as the sun rays pierced the mist it produced a "white rainbow"as the hues faded,then got a damn flat on the descent,broken pump!!!nothing some good ol duct tape and twigs cant fix-all hail to magyver or is that mcgruber-ok enough rambling 
JeffK06/30/10Probably burned an extra 1000 calories swatting flies. Big black ones that bite. Real nuisance. 
XCRider06/30/10Penance for skipping out on OTH yesterday to watch the Angels take one from Texas. Later afternoon start, very hot on lower section. Fairly quick pace at first, then the heat got to me and so I took a couple of breaks. Still was within a couple minutes of my best ET with 1:54:40 G2G. 
NA1NSXR06/26/10First time here. If whackstar is 47 pts then this is way undervalued. I probably should've pushed harder to set a better time because the conditions were quite alright today and this trail seems like it would be death in full on summer heat and sun. 
ZipsBiker06/24/10The climb is relentless, especially being in the sun for most of the ride. Must have been over 85. Travis rode strong up and down. 
RoughRiderR06/12/10Noon overcast ride. pushed pretty good up until 2/3 the way up. had intended to ride motorway but wasnt feeling up to it. at about 2850ft the sun came out in full effect. lots of bees up there. started gps late too...opps. 
Slow Ride06/06/10Good ride with cleanbeater... it was warm out but not too terrible. 
cleanbeater06/05/10Thanks Slow Ride. That heat took it out of me about 1/2 way up... summer is approaching. 
RoughRiderR05/26/10Great cruise ride, good to be out on the mountain bike after a week or more on hiatus. Worked hard in the beginning and took it easy after 1/3 of the climb was complete. Cuised on the way down, was pretty cold. 
Keith B05/25/10Steady middle ring climb. Perfect riding weather although after getting up to the gate it got cold very quickly. 1hr 44 to gate. Weird for it to be so cold and we're almost in June. 
Damon M05/23/10Chilly ride today 
PaulV05/19/10pursuit format is fun!! Fargo, Vince, SamAdams, Gary and QuickFlip27 showed up. Various staggered start. I almost caught Gary before the gate, another 20 seconds I would have had it. Perfect condition, a little loose and big waterbars on Harding coming down. Splits: gate to goat shed (it's a picnic table now)=11:37, to big turn past laural springs burned out area=46:28, to DH part=59:50,to gate=1:12:19, down=28:34, rt=1:40:53 
Phishin Paul05/19/10Whew! That was no joke on the SS. Much harder than Blackstar or Maple. Didn't feel too great at start; Breakfast not agreeing with me. Ran into Quickflip. 
Quikflip2705/19/10Australian Pursuit style w/ PaulV and his crew. Beautiful day out there. Improved PB by 10% and was a blast coming back down. Ran into PhinishinPaul joining in the pain on the way down. Good day! 
javarocker05/15/10Great ride with Marco, Chris, Adam & Jeff. No idea where Adam & Jeff went after hitting four corners. Saw a rattlesnake sunning himself on the trail. 
ZAffer04/24/10great day great ride. Bobcatsuties first time to 4C. She did great. I'm proud of her. good times. 
Burgemeester04/23/10This ride was a tough one, especially when it came to the mental aspect! Trail is soft, but not muddy, so definitely rideable, just gotta have some backbone!?! Thanks Boerseun for the last minute idea. Another good "training" ride. 
BigT04/23/10Multiple brake adjustments cuz of a rear rotor being warped (I think) But other than that, nice and sticky... didn't make it to the peak to visit the snow, but oh well. 
Buffalo04/22/10Trail was sticky, but very ridable. Took it easy tonight. Hit snow at 6 3/4 miles up from the gate. Amazing sunset with the storm clearing out. 
Boerseun04/22/10"Sensational" late night, night ride with Burgemeester...trail is still damp and soft, which makes this more work than the usual grind up HTT! Saw one other rider come down as we were heading up. 
XCRider04/18/10Tough ride today. Lots of time sitting on planes recently and Boston has way too much good beer. 1:54 to 4C. Left under bright sun for a warm ride until near the top a crazy fast weather front blew through and poured clouds over the pass below Modjeska. Neat sight, and fun riding up through. Fully clouded below the Main Divide in only the 30 minutes it took to reach 4C and turn around. Still clear up top but at times the cloud was so thick on the ride down I couldn't see the next turn. 
Buffalo03/28/10Started at 4pm. Saw only 2 other riders. 
vhipp03/28/10Harding is in really great shape now. Weather was perfect. Left a little bit late so I had to descend in the dark. 
ericfoltz03/24/10HTT has been graded so it's a good time to try and better your PB. 
ryanarciero03/24/10I love this ride. Great climbing. Felt good. Started out slow but came on at the end. 
Boerseun03/22/10Night ride with Slopush, Karl, ToddH & Jeff. 
Two Tired03/17/10Rode last Thursday. Allergies are bothering me these days. Hard to breathe. 
Fast Turtle03/12/10Goal 1: Keep up with Slopush (scratch), Goal 2: Keep up with One Flew OTB (scratch), Goal 3: Try to stay within range (scratch). Ok this sucks. Final Goal: Stay in mid chain ring (Finally). I hate this ride. Maybe I will do it Sat. MIND GAMES. Slopush 29 Inch Nails, El Chupacabra and One Flew OTB rode the trail. 
trekstorm03/11/10Late morning ride with great weather. No one else on the trail. 
El Chupacabra03/11/10Group ride with 29 inch nails, One Flew OTB, Fast Turtle and Slopush. Nice meeting you, Steve. A little cold and windy toward the top. 
One Flew OTB03/11/10Slopush joined our Thursday night gang ... he needs to change his name to Fastpull as he pulled me to a PB ride time gate to gate (1:28). Thanks Steve! Still cold at the top, but better than last week. I'm ready for Spring! 29 Inch Nails, El Chupacabra and Fast Turtle rounded out the group. 
slopush03/11/10Fun ride w/ One Flew OTB (thanks for the fast pace), and the rest of the crew: 29 Inch Nails, El Chupacabra and Fast Turtle. Thanks boys, I appreciated your hospitality! 
EK-RSM03/10/10SJ: 1pm cold solo ride. 
XCRider03/09/10No sun or wind on the climb, just nasty cold. Made the MD turn toward Modjeska and met a freezing hurricane. About 5 minutes of that and I turned back, only to have the sun finally come out and make riding into the sunset difficult. Painful afternoon. Still, did PB 1:51 up to 4C in spite of the landslides and a few mud holes. Trail is in good shape though considering all the weather we've had. Full winter pack, 2 bottles, and light/battery. 
THanson03/08/10Wow - it was cold at the top - thanks Steve and Nick and Jeff and Carl for sticking with me on an off night... 
mark189003/07/10i'm ready for summer,wha..great meeting paul[fast turtle]at 4 corners... 
EK-RSM03/07/10SJ: Noon ride with Cedric. Ran into Brian on DH. Rained at the end. 
flyingbrian03/07/10solo most of the way up and then met up with eric and cedric...... 
cleanbeater03/06/10Rode with Dave, slow pace. Damn cold on the way down. Saw 2 other riders on their way down, other than that it was empty. 
99fsrSport03/05/10first night ride. Magicshine is the best. 3 plus hours and batteries still have juice. Cold and damp at top. Great company and low key easy pace. Thanks for letting me tag along. 
slopush03/05/10Cold night ride with Boerseun, THanson, Carl and 99sfrSport. I thought my toes would never thaw out! Trai is not too bad though, just had a couple of washed out spots that you had to pick your way through the rocks a bit. Thanks for going guys! 
RoughRiderR03/03/10Steady pace for me(~1.30 to the top). Trail was juicy in spots and really cloudy as I approached the top. In some places it would clear up...it was difficult coming down. on the way up i almost road directly into a large puddle. on the way down I was going slow but almost ate it into a rut. Saw 3 coming down and there were 2 behind me. Was glad when i was done, my hands were pretty cold. 
martink11103/03/10Morning ride- Rode with camera, tripod, and 3 lenses. To main divide in 1:32:09 minutes. Slow return due to poor trail conditions 25.4 mph max 
Two Tired03/03/10Rode yesterday afternoon. Lots of small wet areas to cross over. Myself and the bike spattered pretty good by the end of the ride. Saw lots of riders going up. Cold at the top. 
PaulV03/01/10'twas a ripper!! A bunch of people showed up, but no Garret!?! Was he getting his beauty rest or what?? :) Fritz White and some other rippers took off FAST and eventually dumped me. Took a big effort to even keep them in view after a while. quickflip 27 joined the fun and was right behind me. I was a little fried from sagebrush (as I should be :) so no land speed records for me, just trying to squeeze some training in!! gate to gate=1:22:08, down=31:37 
trekstorm03/01/10More water, more mud, more ruts! What more could I ask for. If you look close at my bike you will see that it is actually black. 
EK-RSM02/28/10SJ: 10am ride with Brian and the clan. Not too muddy. Good pace. 
flyingbrian02/28/10Rode with eric, really nice day, good pace up there.... 
trekstorm02/26/10Nice ride today with Tim. Trail in good shape. 
thepoolman02/22/10The Santanas' were in full force.I have never riden so fast/slow up harding. Legs felt really good today. 
trekstorm02/22/10Much better shape than I expected and much dryer considering that it rained day before. Cold and windy too! 
BigT02/21/10Met up with a spectacular group of riders and cannot WAIT to ride with them again. Good times. Wish I could have driven the rest of the way with you guys in the cold! Awesome ride, cold fog, frozen toes. Met up with MTBfiend who was part of the group. Cramped like CRAZY at the uphill section heading back down. Worst one I've ever had. Screamed like a little bitch. 
UphillRider6502/21/10Good ride with Steve (T Bone), met Jeff on the way up. At 4 corners it was wet, cold windy and generally nasty, Steve voted for heading down and I could not disagree. 
T Bone02/21/10Good challenging ride with Uphillrider55. As we got to Four Corners the weather turned from cold to really cold. I looked at the destination for about 1 second. Couldnt see much!! We had COLD hard blowing wind and rain started to fall. Visibilty decressed to 30 yrds. Fortunately we had dry clothes and rain gear. Still a miserable ride to lower elevations. Happy to warm up!!!!!! 
thepoolman02/21/10Burrr! got to see a few snow flakes on the way down. it was nice to met up with (tbone) and chris on the way up, a little company can really help out when its cold and miserable out. 
BigT02/14/10Great steady workout! Glad I could finally do the whole thing! Very loose in some spots coming down, but a nice way to end. 
flanneryd02/14/10Several rock washes 4.5mi up and higher. Took a nasty spill on one of the first ones, heading up. 
thatdave02/13/10Just Dave,Kevin & I. 1hr 48mins gate to gate A real ball buster!! 
Keith B02/11/10Kirk - Warp speed! Scotty - Mile 5...she canneee take no more captain, cramp in the engine room! Afternoon solo ride before heading back to work hell. Gate to gate 1hr28. Super foggy up there and wet n mushy at the bottom. Got a pinch flat on the last corner on the way down. 
trekstorm02/11/10This ones becoming a fun mud ride. Trail still in good shape but just mind you P's & Q's coming down. Those bolders come at you fast!! 
RoughRiderR02/09/10Fast ride with the B boy and Graham. B was on coco powder..super fast. was cold on the way down but overall i felt pretty good. 
trekstorm02/08/10Another day in the mud. A little warmer today but still cold coming down. 
ThinkFast02/07/10Nice morning ride with Mark. Harding has had a few big rock slides since last time I was up. Cold coming back down. Good to see Jim out there. 
dandrews02/07/10First mile is pretty soft in spots, after that very solid. No snow up top. 
trekstorm02/07/10Soft trail, lots of water, lots of mud but very rideable. New washouts and plenty of cloud riding near the top. Quite cold coming down with no feelings in my toes and fingers. Just a good time to get muddy!! 
A bit more technical02/07/10Good ride with Troy. Cold, soft and slow! Saw Jim on the way down. He was just standing there, looking in a puddle. Forgot to ask him what he saw! 
Twitch02/07/10I was dry clean on the way up and was a mess by the time I got back to the truck. Split a sidewall on the rear tire and had to use a Gu pack tire liner and a tube to get down. Drained a few large puddles off the trail on the way up. Good to see Troy and Mark getting in a few miles 
Garrett Garcia02/06/10did this yesterday in the brutal rain and cold...not fun 
vodoo02/04/10Ride with Yaddi and Howee, forgot to hit the "start button" on my Edge! Fun and cold ride, and got colder and SNOW before four cornors! 
trekstorm02/04/10Easy pace today trying to get over lack of sleep from this past week. This should put me out for the night but wait... Kings are playing. Oh well I guess I'll be up late again!! 
Keith B02/03/10Hardcore night ride with Graham and Ryan. 1hr 34 gate to gate. Cold as hell (that makes no sense) up at the top, some snow up there still. That fiend Clark steered me into a pile of mud on the way down. Fun times. 
Garrett Garcia02/02/10Trail was a bit beat up after the rains but not to to bad...Fastest time for me on this route so far, gave it a pretty hard effort. bottom gate to top gate 1hr 06min, out and back 1hr 33min. 
29 Inch Nails02/02/10Cheating life with a Tuesday evening ride to Four Corners...great ride with One Flew OTB...only two residents of the OC at the top tonight...wondering where Stevo was...probably painting wifey's bedroom pink! 
One Flew OTB02/02/10Fun, cool night ride w/29 Inch Nails. Not another soul in sight. Thanks for the company Jeff! If you didn't make it, I was headed home to be a couch potato! 
PaulV02/01/10Harding has a little more personality now after the rains, I like it! Was cold up top, small patches of ice and snow on the trail. Didn't see a soul. There was a guy who looked homeless hanging out a little bit before Tucker, he was there when I got there and when I left. splits:up=1:17:53, down=34:10 
trekstorm01/31/10Mid morning ride. Taking it easy not to cramp up again. 
SKINNY01/30/10Solo ride.. this climb is no joke.. was glad to reach the top.. ran into dubjay on his way down. 
trekstorm01/25/10BURRRR!!!! Did I say BURRRR!!!? I need more clothing!! So cold!! Felt like I got frostbite by the time I got back to car. Lovely on top though. 
slopush01/24/10Snowy morning ride with OCLaske and THanson. Had to get off and push through the snow in a few places but it was worth it. 
oc_laske01/24/10Trail is in great shape considering all The rain we got last week. The snow at the top was really tough to get through. I ended up walking a lot. 
THanson01/24/10quite a trek to get to the top through the snow, but a beautiful day -thanks Steve and Bryan for a great ride. 
Pmcmasters01/24/10Good afternoon ride with Justin. Felt good to get out there and stretch my legs. 
thepoolman01/17/10Lots of people out on the trail. good to see! 
summitdude01/16/10Last ride before the storms hit us, ran into some of the top dogs of Geo-ladders today, pleasure meeting you guys (One Flew OTB,Terry Best and Stevo Carrillo) 
coreswest01/16/10Got to meet some of the best riders on Geo Ladders. One Flew OTB,Terry Best and Stevo Carrillo)Finished the ride with intentions of doing one more ride. Traffic and my legs made sure it would not happen.Had a blast on the downhill. Could not ask for a better day to ride ! 
blipstream01/14/10Wind was really blowning on some sections. 
trekstorm01/14/10Quite intense wind today. Almost got blown off a couple of times. 
rushak01/13/10Solo SS night ride. Kind of spooky being the only one out there tonight. 
gmann01/11/10Early afternoon ride. saw 3 riders coming down as I was going up. rear derailleur mishap on the way down. 
trekstorm01/11/10Mid afternoon start. Not a soul here today. Great views of sunset on the way down. 
Fast Turtle01/07/10Thursday ride with ONe Flew OTB. Tried to hold a fast pace but ran out of gas the last 3/4 of a mile. One Flew OTB took over. Thanks for the ride John. Met Buffalo (Mike) on the route. 
Buffalo01/07/10Nice evening ride. Paced a skunk for a good 10 minutes, he just kept walking up the road. If I got too close, he would stop, look at me and raise his tail. Finally he moved off the road and "let" me pass. Met Paul and John (One Flew OTB) at 4 corners and rode down with them. Good meeting you guys! 
One Flew OTB01/07/10Nice ride w/Fast Turtle. Good steady pace until he decided to lead, then it was like freaking interval training! LOL. Nice chasing you Paul! 1:34 gate to gate. Met up w/Buffalo at 4 corners and he joined us for the ride down after taking in the views. Thanks for the company Mike! Another great So Cal night for riding. Didn't see anyone else on the trails. 
BoneBag01/06/10Forgot to turn the timer back on and lost more than half the ride. Last ride of the week for me, time to go to work. =( 
A bit more technical01/03/10first time on harding since it opened. it was in good shape. good ride with andrew and scott 
Winger01/03/10EX8. Good to ride with the group. Tough climb. 
onegear712/31/09Hammered up with Steve, who made me work. 
lmadisono12/28/09Thanks, ladies! And thank you for taking our photo @ 4 Corners, young man! :) Perfect weather for a great climb. 
MTB Fiend12/25/09Beautiful Christmas day ride. Only 3 other riders out today, including an old friend we saw while on our descent and again later in the parking lot. We were feeling strong today and really pushed the pace for the last mile to the gate. Nice quiet Christmas communing with nature and friends. Great day! Great ride! 
TrailMonkey12/22/09Took my time to 4-Corners and was thinking of continuing to Santiago until it got to windy and cold at 40 degrees. The trail was wet and tacky. 
El Chupacabra12/20/09Great Sunday morning ride with 29 Inch Nails. PB to the gate - 1:49. 
29 Inch Nails12/20/09Sunday grind with El Chupa...pulling me to the top. Thanks Muz! 
IceCreamAndCake12/20/09Nice ride with Rob,Joe,Scott and Scott.First time on this trail,will try to link with other trails next time.Great to meet xcrider at 4 corners.Glad to see you made the big loop today! 
trekstorm12/18/09Afternoon start with an after dark finish. Was not quite as cold as a few days earlier. 
Permagrin12/17/09Great night for a ride, not too cold and the stars were awesome! 
xcShane12/17/09Well, didn't start off well but with some help, it turned out pretty good. Need to get me a Magicshine light. Nice view at 4 corners! 
Quikflip2712/15/09Rode up with Bob, 1:38 up, 0:38 down. Practicing before this weekends ride. 
blipstream12/15/09mechanical problems, good thing its almost all downhill on the way back. 
trekstorm12/15/09First ride since the rain. Trail in rugged shape as you have to dodge all the bolders that have fallen on the trail. 
House12/11/09Quite a slog. My legs were weak from too much basketball last night. The trail was soft/muddy in many places so it took more of an effort to get to 4C. 
UphillRider6512/09/09Mid morning ride, cool going up very cold coming down. Checked the temp at 4 corners 34F. Trail is in great shape, have not done this ride in a long time. 
Quikflip2712/08/09solo 1:50 up, pretty cold at four corners. Tacky ground to start with. 
MTB Fiend12/06/09Great conversation on the way up made the time pass by and kept the cold wind at bay. At the top... oh yeah, plenty cold, windy and cloudy. We were both well-prepared and broke out our cold weather gear for the descent. As is often the case, once we made it around the big turn the occasional ray of sunshine helped warm things back up. The stormy views were awesome. Saw an old friend as she ascended. Sensational, invigorating, great ride! 
XCRider12/06/09Was going to try for the peak or an HJ loop but really pushed the Harding climb wearing sleeves and ended up at 4C too chilled for the rest of it to be safe. Dumb since I had warmer stuff with me. Talked a bit there with a large group headed to Joplin and one hardy rider commited to HJ. Nasty clouds and 30's temps once up near the Main Divide and so I hope they all made it through OK. 1:53 to 4C. Legs felt great and could have ridden lots further. Full winter pack, but with way too much water. 
jb_29er12/05/09First time on Harding Truck Trail. Good Climb. I had to double back and look for JP, flat tire.... 
jb_29er12/05/09Cold today at the top 
adventureDevon12/02/09Thanksgiving day ride -- Thanks Rock n Road for the bagels!! 
GabrielC12/01/09My first ride up this trail. Awesome! Clear, cool air made it an ideal ride. The views of the Newport Coast and the San Gabriels really made it worthwhile. Saw only 1 other biker and deer. 
trekstorm11/30/09First time back since opening. Trail in good shape but still sad to see all that was lost from the fire. Finished after dark. Whats with the no parking dusk to dawn signs? 
MTB Fiend11/29/09Another glorious day for a ride. I felt strong and went out on my own - 1:47 gate to gate. Not quite a personal best but close. At least I finished strong. Tunes really help. I don't normally ride with tunes in a group ride, but this was a small group. Went back to assist my riding buddy with a flat, so I got a few extra miles/feet in. Normally I hate the wind, but today it was invigorating. Sensational, great ride! 
Buffalo11/28/09Other than a dirt sandwich some punk 4 wheeler gave me at 4 corners, it was a perfect ride. 1:42 to gate. 
bforest11/28/09Best conditions ever! Just wet enough to be tacky. No dust or heat today :) 
Ben Boronow11/27/09Started out with Bob & Ryan. I hung in there with Ryan for a while and then dropped back. Bob played yo-yo (ride with Ryan for a while, cruise back down & ride with me for a while....) His mileage was about 1.5 X mine. Rode with Ivan for a while. Saw a few friends on the way up (Ryan, Terry & Anne) and in the RnR crowd at the top (Tim.) Nice ride, but I've got to build up some endurance. 
Olis111/26/09Nice turkey day ride up to 4 corners this morning. Parking lot was full at 6:40 am but found parking along the road. Past a lot of riders going up. David and I were like 2nd and 3rd up to the Rock and Road truck. Surprising warm temps. 67 degrees at the start before 7 am. times were 1:26 from parking lot to 4 corners. 2:08 on the whole loop. Head wind all the way up did not help the times. I could seeing dropping about 4 minutes without the head wind. 
ergosmitty11/26/09Great Turkey day ride with Jon and his friend David. Very warm which was nice but the wind at time made climbing tougher. First time up this trail and had to take our time coming down with all the other riders coming up. Still great ride. 
RYAN FOREST11/26/09TONS of people! Great ride! Thanks RnR for the bagels and coffee!! 
Dmac11/26/09Started at Cooks - Not my favorite trail - my #@%$ hurt from my saddle half way thru and I got no releif. - Great veiws though of Catalina. 
Weekend Warrior11/26/09Lots of people at the top. Great to see some old friends and Wow, what a great view today. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE. 
Maneux11/26/09Unbelievable views this morning and lots of riders out for the RnR bagels and coffee. 
Quikflip2711/26/09Great ride with everyone. 1:30 up and :35 down with a surprise washout. Happy gobble-day everyone. 
gmann11/26/09first time up harding. 1:58 to the top. I was shocked to see so many people at the top. 
SAmtn11/26/09Good Turkey Day ride with Jr. Kid had brake problems coming down and finished with front brake only. Must have been more than a hundred people on the trail today. Views were incredible. 
Singular11/26/09Great weather!! Great ride on the SS. Little windy,however its all good. It's been a long time since I rode this trail. Started @ 7:30am. I took my time getting out of bed. 
Ladera Mike11/26/09My first time up Harding. Was riding up as most of the riders were coming down this morning. Couldn't believe how clear it was, could easily see downtown LA and Catalina. Wish I could stay in riding shape in AK, that was a tough climb. 1:55 to the gate and 30 minutes bombin' down. Chatted with a couple nice guys on the ride up. Happy Thanksgiving all! 
SDstumpy11/26/09Started the ride from Santiago Canyon Rd. Turkey Day ride. Snapped a photo with about 40 other peeps at 4 corners. Windy as hell this morning. 
Phishin Paul11/25/09Lunch time ride. Saw many riders coming down. Helped a stranded rider with a flat. Very windy out there today. 
tomb99311/23/09What's up? There is a big CLOSED sign at the Tucker trailhead, and the web site still says the road is closed: http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/cleveland/conditions/ 
MTB Fiend11/23/09Beautiful AM ride. Crisp temps and breezes, but nice in the sun. Long, slow climb today - just as tough as I remember it to be. Nice company with my old friend mtbkel44 and new friend chrislona. Great ride! 
mtbkel4411/23/09Oh my god I hate this ride. It is so hard. All up. One short DH and then one longer one nearly at the top. I could barely stay upright I was going so slow. Took me about 3 hrs to get to the gate. My friends had to ride down to get me numerous times. The would not let me bail. Thanks MtbFiend and Chris Lona. You guys are such good climbers. Saw a guy coming up and his time was 1:03. Crazy fast, but he was a Pro. 
Slow Ride11/22/09Good intro ride with NO GO, Twitch, vt1ryan, TriGuyTim, and cleanbeater... 
RoughRiderR11/22/091st time (solo ride). Slightly cold at the top and definitly on the ride down. Put in a solid effort. wanted to do a longer ride but had to get back to make it to SD for bday party. 1hr 42 to the top including breaks. 
cleanbeater11/21/09My intro to Harding, with NOGO, Twitch, Slow ride, VT1ryan, and Tim (didnt catch the geoladders handle). 
Two Tired11/21/09Rode friday afternoon. Cold on the way down. 
GoneRiding11/20/09Did not time this one well at all. Left 4 corners at almost 5pm and had no lights. Pretty slow on the way down in the dark. Also had a slow leak going on in the rear tire. There was at least 1 other rider behind me coming up but he was smart and turned around. 
mark189011/19/09good ride today,started at the same time as john[nap. d.?].caught up to him at mile 7,only he was on his way back down[geez].very nice riding a fireroad that doesn't have huge brake bumps on every turn.. 
STEVO CARRILLO11/19/09Outstanding trek with the boys. Muzzy, One Flew OTB, Brad, Todd, and my new friend Fast Turtle ( Paul ).I was a little beat climbing up from my ride earlier in the day and probably from all those rides this week ( excuse ). John, Brad and Paul set a blistering pace there all really strong riders. Thanks gang for another epic..... 
El Chupacabra11/19/09What a great way to enjoy Harding...at night. Great ride with One Flew OTB, Stevo, Fast Turtle, Todd and Brad. We missed you 29 inch nails. 
One Flew OTB11/19/09Fun night ride. Dark and pretty cold in spots. Nice meeting Fast Turtle (Paul) and riding with the regulars: El Chupacabra, Stevo Carrillo, Brad and Todd. Let Steve use my old light ... it died 3/4 of the way UP Harding. Cruised the downhill so he could see (sort of) Sorry buddy! Middle 2 all the way up. 
quad damage11/18/09Night ride with Matt/Jason. Garmin turned off on the way down. 1:20 to the gate. New PB, but I know I can do better. 
PaulV11/18/09wow,been a while!! Nice sunny weather,cool to cold conditions...wore a short sleeve jersey but brought a long sleeve layer for the down which came in handy. Harding is brutally simple. No lala frills here, just you vs. a really big hill. Scenery?? ha!! A bunch of endless scrub covered hills. I have never seen even a rabbit on this thing, it seems like part of the moon or something! There is really no break anywhere, just a complete ass buster the entire way. I love it!! :)) (up=1:11:26) 
vt1ryan11/18/09Afternoon ride with Twitch. Got cold real quick 
Twitch11/18/09Thanks vt1ryan. Good to be back on Harding. The trail needs a few months to buff out a line, it is pretty slick at high speeds on the way down. 
Craig6711/18/09Good Long Hard Climb - Great Views! 
martink11111/17/09Morning ride- rode with camera and 2 lenses. Made it to top in 1:42:38 minutes. Had an awesome show of the Leonid meteor shower (worth getting up for) 27.5 mph max 
ThinkFast11/17/09Solo. Front brake went limp coming down. Big thanks to John at Rock n' Road for taking care of it for me. Talked to someone from Tucker when I finished and there is now no parking after dusk in the canyon. 
rushak11/17/09Night ride with Ryan and Matt. Great night for a ride. Took advantage of the weather before it gets cold and windy. Harding is an ass kicker. 
Hermit11/17/09SS. Night ride with Ryan and Jason. First time up Harding on my single speed. 32x20 gearing on my 29er felt just right. Still a relentless climb though. 1:11:15 gate to gate. Pretty sure that's a PB for me. 
Terry Best11/16/09Showed this transporation corridor to the TRD boys...same exact route as the day before. I am Hardinged out. Highlight: Caught a Army / Natl Guard UH-60 holding a hover while on the way down. There is a makeshift exercise/hoverpad on your righthand side (when climbing) just before you start the slight downhill grade about 1.5 miles from the top gate. 
Terry Best11/15/09Rode with girlfriend through Whiting and then decided to introduce her Harding TT. Rode on ahead and turned around at the top. Felt horrible having not eaten until the previous day. Rookie mistake. 1:04.59 gate-to-gate. Never timed myself but hit the lap button for sh*ts and giggles. Will try again one day. 
Buffalo11/15/09Riding Harding again after 2 years was like visiting an old friend. Lots of riders on it today. 
jbh6511/15/09wanted to head out with Keith Parsons & his crew to do the Harding-Joplin ride, but my daughters basketball game took priority today. no clouds in site today, & for the most part comfortable temps. wanted to get to the gate in sub 1:40 time which I did & wanted to make it to the gate in no worse then the middle ring which I did. Spoke with Terry Best & his group on the way down & ran into otb_again getting ready to launch with the Parson's gang. Next time Joplin for sure 
jbh6511/15/09good training ride. First 6 miles the trail climbs over 2400 feet and then levels off the rest of the way to the gate 
Spartacus11/15/09Good ride with Kieth P.,OTB-again,Scott v., Larry and Chester. A lot of people and riders on the trail. 
TomG11/15/09partial route 
Ladera Dave11/14/09Great turn out for Opening day. Ran into Trev, Robot, and a 67 year old man that told me about the history of this valley. Perfect weather nice and cool. 
rushak11/14/09Nice to have Harding back. I was hoping to crush my PB from 2 years ago, but that didn't happen. I'll take 5 minutes though. Having a cold doesn't help. Lots of riders coming down as I was going up. Trail is pretty much the same as I remember except I don't recall it being so steep at times. 
STEVO CARRILLO11/10/09FUNNY STORY TODAY! Bob and I where 1st on the trail this morning and what a great morning it was...Anyhoo, on our way back down we ran into a group of riders on 2000 lbs of animal, one of the first things out of their mouths were "you know this trails closed right" and we said "NO" it just opened, so we thought if you knew it was closed why are you on it? 2nd, they had a dog that was off the leash I thought dogs were not allowed back here....But were the BAD BOYS cause we do not follow rules ! 
OTB_again11/10/09Great to have Harding back! It's a great training ride. The road is in very good shape, and new drainage has been installed all the way up so it should be sustainable thru the wet months. Ran into dstepper and Lynn from STR on the way down - good to see you Dean! Love that Niner drivetrain! 
KeepsWhatHappens08/15/08WS Patrol in closed area of the forest. Very hot and steamy today. Lots of flies near the upper gate made the ride frustrating. Descent was sketchy in places due to loose, unridden conditions. Good ride with Matt aka OCrider before he heads off to college, Genusmtbkr5 and TalksWithFoxes. 
genusmtbkr508/15/08USFS Patrol. Great ride with KeepsWhatHappens, OCrider and TalksWithFoxes 
JEROEN BOSBOOM10/22/07Extreme winds! 
trekstorm10/16/07Back to back days. Much colder today late afternoon ride. Lots of clouds on top. Really cold coming down. Glad I bundled up. 
trekstorm10/15/07First time on this in a while. Legs felt it too!! 
ThinkFast10/14/07Solo. Quite a few hikers and bikers on the trail. 
Code_Blue10/14/07First part of our ride 
Jake c('.'c)10/05/07Good ride with ErikMM and Rushak. Pretty damn cold up there at 4 Corners tonight. Couldn't feel my hands for the first few miles of the downhill. Erik pulled some kind of sweet faceplant maneuver and ate his helmet light. Way to go Erik! 
rushak10/05/07Holy Hell!!! It was so cold up there tonight! The wind didn't help either. Time to bring out the winter gear. My hands were numb and frozen to my bars on the way down. 
ErikMM10/05/07night ride w/ c('.'c), and rushak...I crashed HARD! Did the same a few weeks ago on another night ride. Wrists, knees and face (lip, cheek, forehead) damage. Note: do not wear a head lamp around your forehead...faceplants and forehead lights don't go well together...pain...lots of pain...I went off trail into some gravel and could not get out, be careful... 
House10/02/07Good to ride with Steven, Matt, Ryan and Andrew. Sorry I had to bail before Joplin. 
vhipp09/30/07Nice evening ride. 
Manuel Prado09/23/07Rode right after the rain, felt great and had lots of fun! 
Garrett Garcia09/23/07nice and cool out, got even colder towards the top, I really did 15 or so more miles beacuse I had to ride there from my house 
Hermit09/22/07Solo. Rain delayed my ride until the afternoon. Fortunately Harding holds up very well in wet weather, and I even saw several other riders coming down as I was going up. On the way down my chain came completely off during the bumpy section after Laurel Springs. Somehow the power link came apart and the chain just fell right off. Nothing else broken. Glad I had another power link! 
quad damage09/21/07Rode with Matt. New PB 1:24 gate to gate. Cold at the top. 
Hermit09/20/07Nice night ride with Ryan. Gettin chilly out. Rain from last night kept the dust down. 
oc_laske09/16/07about 1:29 to 4 corners. lot of people out there today, weather was perfect! 
Waldo09/15/07Absolutely perfect morning for Harding. Perfect temps, light breeze on the upper slopes, clear skies, and no bugs. Good times. 
K0KE09/12/071:30 gate to gate (18 minutes slower than PB). Rode with DD & Cranx. 
Big D.D.09/12/071:17 gate to gate yea baby 
House09/09/07The climb back up to 4 corners was a lot tougher than I anticipated. 
Napoleon D.09/06/07Cold coming down. 
GrMonkey09/05/0710:00 am-LARGE-FULL GROWN-(w/a large bushy tail too!) MTN. LION sighting at bench about 1.5 miles from start gate. AWESOME! Beware though. Other recent sightings in this area were at 1 & 3pms. So, the cats must use this route often. Mine was travelling up the fire road and took a left turn outta my view. Coulda climbed onto 8-10 ft ledge or continued up the road. i waited 5 min. to move up & didn't see him/her-Be particularly cautious in this area. Probably just getting water--but be careful. 
Singular08/28/07I did this ride w/ intervals included. Rode on a gear of 32X17. Weather was very nice. Cloudy at the top 
Murmur08/23/07Solo Anaerobic Endurance Interval training ride. Did 5 - 3m on, 6min off and felt great. I'm ready for the Rim Nordic Finale. Met McGrunt & SlowMo in the parking lot. Good to put faces with callsigns. 
McGrunt08/23/07Morning ride with SloMo. Great weather. Met Murmur at the bottom. 
rushak08/13/07Met c('.'c) at the trailhead and he forgot his shoes, so I went solo. I still felt pretty tired from the weekend, but my times say otherwise. New PB to gate (1:19) as well as a new PB overall (1:47). Weird how some days you feel like you are slow and end up faster. Weather was pretty warm. Front tire went flat about 1 mile from end. Just CO2'd it to get back to the car. 
Manuel Prado08/08/07Super fast downhill 42mph, 20-25 on the turns. 
Murmur07/31/07Good ride w/ Cranx. Did 7 Anaerobic Hill Intervals (30,60,90s) / 4m recoveries. 
TREE07/30/072nd time ever doing this route, killed me just as much as the first time I rode it. I need to get in shape...... ride, ride, ride!!! 
Modjeska Man07/26/07 
quad damage07/25/07Rode with Matt after work. 1:28 gate to gate which is a new PB by 1 minute. Ha. Also new PB for overall time. Finally cracked 2 hours. Not satisfied though ... 
Hermit07/24/07Rode with Ryan. Felt crappy. 
devodoc07/15/07Not as hot as I thought it would be. Made it worth it to launch at 6:30 am as the weather was quite nice. Forgot how much of a grind this was but worth every drop of sweat. 
Jake c('.'c)07/06/07Rode with Rushak today after work. Temperature was perfect. Beautiful views! Longest, most challenging climb I've done in years. 
rushak07/06/07Took c('.'c) out on this route for the first time. Trail is in pretty good condition. Really hasn't changed all that much from the last time I went months ago. Weather was nice, but the bugs were bugging...hehe. 
owen06/18/07great ride with daddyhc today. we took our time, and reeled it in. very warm, but just enough sea breezes to keep us from overheating. thanks for spending the day with me dad. i hope i can ride that well when i'm 71! 
shiftalot06/18/071st ride. 1st 'Long' ride. With Owen. No regalia. The Edge turned off as we were descending from 4 corners. I didn't notice it for 1.07 miles, after which I turned on the Edge & pressed 'start'. The calorie count is from Owen's Edge. This was a rugged ride for me. It was a treat to ride with Owen. A bit of father-son bonding. 
GrMonkey06/15/07Adult-large cat sighting at 1st peak! 1:00 pm 6/14/07- 
TRB06/12/07rode with Koke, Murmur and DD 
K0KE06/12/071:13 gate to gate. Hot one out there today. 
Murmur06/12/07Rode w/ Koke, TRB and BigDD until Big DD lost his derailur. Hot, brutal, Hill Climb interval ride 10 3min ints, 1:30 CDs. Ugh. 
cH4os06/07/07Solo run... 
Murmur06/05/07Good interval training ride w/ Koke & BigDD. Did 10, 3min intervals into zone 5. 1:30 recoveries. Thought I was going to pass out half way up.....too much poison in the system from vacation. The Traverse is going to be rough. 
K0KE06/05/07Roughly 1:12 gate to gate. Edge turned off half way up so 4 minutes are missing from total time. 
Big D.D.06/05/07Hard pace with the Murmur and Koke 
Napoleon D.05/29/07Great day to be on the bike. Temps were in the low 70's with a slight breeze to cool you off at times. Rarely is it this nice on Harding. 
trekstorm05/27/07Started at 8:30. Cool but seemed warmer than it was especially without a breeze. Lot's of people enjoying the day. 
oc_laske05/26/07first time up harding on the singlespeed. felt a lot better than I expected. 
dandrews05/21/07Good ride, but really cold coming down at 6:00 with the light rain. Half way up the rain totally stopped and trail was dry as a bone. 1:04:37 gate 
dandrews05/17/07Beautiful late afternoon ride, felt sluggish though. Probably too many chores around the house. 
RollnStone05/12/07Perfect weather. No wind. PR gate to gate on the climb. Many hikers on the way down kept me sane. 
quad damage05/09/07PB of 1:29 to the gate. I have to push pretty hard to keep up with Matt and Andrew's "normal" pace. Haha. 
Hermit05/08/07Quick night ride with the fellas. Warm out. 
Winger05/08/07Night Ride w/ Matt & Ryan. Ride started with ryan trying to install grip & gnats eating us alive. Fastest time yet. Could have pushed more on the downhill but I'd rather be conservative @ night. Trail had a lot of loose gravel. Flippin' moths made it into my car & pestered me the whole ride home. 1:27 to 4 corners 
Wild-Wild-Life05/02/07Solo ride after work. Finally, no lights needed! Near the top, there is a opening in the rock wall that has a view to the valley below and ocean fog was pouring up and over the top. Warm going up but cold coming down. This was my first chance to really air-out the new Scott Spark on a long and fast run. It is better than I expected. 
trekstorm04/24/07Picture perfect day. Legs were tired though as it seemed to take forever to reach the gate. 
scott v04/21/07Good morning ride with Andrew, John, Troy and Jr. First two or so miles a little wet and clumpy, after that trail tacky but in good condition. Some snow at 4 corners. 
Winger04/21/07Double effort with moist ground. Maybe a wider rear tire would be a good idea for post-rain rides. Snow near the top. Good ride with the Geo-group. 
House04/20/07I've got to question my sanity on this one. Constant heavy rain @ Laurel Springs onward. Mud, cold and wet made this ride prit'near unpleasant. 
Murmur04/04/07Good HR Interval Training Ride w/ BigDD. 7x30,60,90s / 4min Recoveries. The bugs are back! ugh. 
kenish04/03/07Remembered to bring a light and made it to the gate this time. Rode with Wild Wild Life on his new Scott. 
PaulV04/02/07good conditions, cool, clear and trail was dry/firm. Trailhead was empty at 7 AM, guess I'm the only nut to do this one early today (Monday morning). Ran into one trail runner further down on the return. Good day to be out. splits: (UP) gate to goat shed=11:30, gate to Laural Springs=43:00, gate to gate=1:10:11 (DOWN) gate to Laural Springs=12:55, gate to goat shed=22:00, gate to gate=26:51 (TOTAL TIME) 1:37:02 
One Flew OTB04/01/07Great morning ride w/Old Crasher. My rear wheel is broken, so rode his "Old" Stumpy up Harding and his Epic on the way down. Looks like a new bike is in my future. 1:32 to the top. Thanks for the ride, John! 
TOTALLY-FLUXED03/31/07Pretty hot day. The heat felt like it took a lot out of me, not used to it yet. Aspirations were to continue on to Joplin trail, but H20 was running low and did'nt think it wise to push on. Bummer! Maybe next time. 
Wild-Wild-Life03/30/07Rode with kneish. Warm going up,but pretty cold coming back down.Got to the top about 7 minutes after sunset. This is my second ride on the Scott Spark...great bike! 
ghixon03/22/07Morning ride with some friends out from the Missouri "flatlands" 
House03/21/07Thanks to ThinkFast for showing up! It made the (mud) ride much more enjoyable! 
ThinkFast03/21/07Nice to meet dwhouse. He's a strong rider. My legs were lame today. 
Mooserider03/21/07Good ride was wet cold and slow, at least a gear lower then the last time i did it, coming down was fun it was pritty sticky in the turns 
PaulV03/19/07started out around noon on Friday, felt very warm until at least halfway up. Trail is very fast right now, dry and firm. Saw some hikers at the goat shed and two bikers sans helmets (?!?)coming down. If you want to get a fast time on this sucka, I say hit it up now. splits: gate to Laurel Springs/ 42:30, gate to gate up/ 1:11:17 gate to gate down/ 27:28 
trekstorm03/19/07Legs were like Jello today. Had a hard time making it to the top. 
josh smith03/15/07after crashing the last few times on the bike. I was stoked to see my time.59min. 46sec. Maybe i need to crash more often!! 
TD803/14/07Solo ride after getting off of work early. Did this ride in the middle ring. Now I just have to get faster. 
TD803/14/07Good for training and a good way to get to the main divide. 
Singular03/09/07Pyramid Itervals for this day...OUCH!!! Tough ride goingin up with no wind for this Wednesday eve. A very nice sunset for a evening decent I would say. 
trekstorm03/05/07Got a taste of what afternoon rides will be like with warmer temps. 82 at start. Coming down as the sun was setting and it got real cold in spots. 
NO GO03/04/07Still snow on the ground! Can't walk very well but great day for a ride. Thanks Twitch, thekrings, TriGuyTim & vt1ryan 
NO GO03/04/07Good trail for getting oneself in shape. 
vt1ryan03/04/07I only made it to the 6 mile marker. The legs just gave out. Made the best effort. Will have to try again. Thanks to thekrings, 66nogo, TriguyTim. They were all rocket ships up Harding today. Great job guys. 
vt1ryan03/04/07Very boring ride. All Fireroad. All up hill. Great ride to get into shape 
Twitch03/04/07Great turnout. I came up a mile short form the top. Thanks guy's for another fun ride 
thekrings03/04/07Great cardio workout - What a Climb 
thekrings03/04/07Great cardio workout - What a Climb. Way to go Tim and Devon 
TriGuyTim03/04/07Great day 
TriGuyTim03/04/07Strong workout, pace yourself 
Tom Kore No More03/02/07Rode with my wife and friend. I actually did the last climb twice. Not really my kind of ride but it is good training and we got to ride through snow. 
cdemeis03/02/07Great ride with Tom and Stephanie. Pretty cold and windy and there was even snow the last few miles of the trail! Good Times. 
House02/28/07Snow on ground from ~1/3 mile before the downhill on up to Four Corners. Descent was c-c-c-cold. 
Winger02/28/07Trail is in great shape even after the rain the past 2 days. There were a couple of muddy spots near the top, but nothing that would destroy the trail when ridden through. Not my best time out. First ride on new tire & put a hole in the sidewall so the tire is trashed. Didn't realize the hole was so bad so I didn't boot it & flatted again near the bottom...too far to walk to the car & light disappearing quickly. I booted it and made it back in near darkness. :( 
McGrunt02/25/07Fun to watch KoolaidKat ride Harding for the first time. Great day with SlowMo and the Kat. 
OldCrasher02/25/07Good solo ride sunday am. Gate to gate 1:25. A little weak after race yesterday. great soil with some slushy spots 
KoolAidKat02/25/07First time up Harding. Had fun with McGrunt and Slo mo. 
SlowMo02/24/07Rode with McGrunt and KoolAidCat. First time on Harding Truck Trail for KoolAidCat. She led the charge to the top. Nice job. 
RollnStone02/23/07A little soft and muddy in the flat spots but no real accumulation of mud on the tires. There was still ice on some of the plants at Four Corners. Modjeska and Santiago Peaks had a white dusting of ice and snow. The decent was incredible. The tacky dirt allowed for the fastest downhill I have ever done. I could not believe the speed I could hold in the turns. On a dry summer day carrying that kind of speed would have meant a nasty case of road rash. 
TRB02/21/07Afternoon spin with Murmur, Koke & Cranx. 1:19 to the gate, cold comming back down. 
TREE02/21/07Way too much for someone of my skill - I have only been riding since late October. Was not expecting such a constant grade of climb even after reading the description of the trail. Non stop climb at that % of grade kicked my butt. My hats off to all of those that make it up and back so quickly. Trail was in good shape, very loose so had to be cautious on the downhill. Only saw three other riders on the trail. 
K0KE02/20/07Rode with Cranx, Murmur and TRB. 1:22 to gate. 
Murmur02/20/07Good HR training ride w/ Cranx, TRB and Koke. 11, 3min intervals, 1:30 recoveries. Time to recover before VQ. 
trekstorm02/19/07Late afternoon. Some sun, some rain(sprinkles). Great sunset! Need to remember to bring my light STUPID!! 
ericfoltz02/13/07Trail is in good condition. A little soft on the uphill, perfect for the ride down. Cold up top. 
cH4os02/13/07Another excellent ride Thanks Winger, Hermit & Jeff! 3x degrees Im bringin my DaKine Gloves next time! 
cH4os02/13/07Steady climb... not too bad though. long fast easy downhill. 
JCampbell02/13/07What a grind tonight.. had a slight pain in my left hip that started just past the first gate. Made it hard to not granny it all the way up. My hat goes off to Winger, Hermit and Ch4os for waiting for me and thanks to Andrew for giving me the slow handheld radio. :P Those guys are strong. Other than that.. if you haven't been night riding yet, you are missing out. Always a blast with these guys. I know it was good cause I stil can't feel my toes! 
Hermit02/13/07Cold night ride. 
Winger02/13/07Night Ride with JCampbell, Hermit, & Ch4os. Cold up at the top (37 degrees). Ride down was very fast until the Springs turnoff because of the moist dirt. After that was a tad skechy. I forgot how long the climb was and pushed a bit too hard in the beginning. Got to top in 1:35. 
josh smith02/12/07recovery ride after south ridge 
A bit more technical02/11/07Tough ride in the rain. Cold, wet, muddy! I sure enjoyed the hot shower afterwards. 
josh smith02/01/07cold out this morning.roads in nice shape after rain. 
trickster02/01/07Cold going up, FREEZING going down. Good ride, especially now that it's over! 
ThinkFast01/31/07Met Matt from Jax HB about 1/3 of the way up and rode with him. Good ride, nice social pace on the climb, fast descent. Trail wasn't effected by the rain. 
trekstorm01/27/07Twice in three days. I am dead. 
trekstorm01/25/07Went on a birthday ride. Wow!! What views. I love this mnt biking. 
josh smith01/24/07lap 1 felt strong. 
josh smith01/24/07lap 2 (12hr race on sat).legs steel a little jelloe.getting ready for the quest. 
ThinkFast01/15/07Solo. I thought the Edge was charged but it wouldn't come on. **FOUND A NICE WHEEL IN PARKING AREA. PM ME AND DESCRIBE IT IF IT'S YOURS.** 
MTB Fiend01/14/072:25 to the gate. Brrrr.. it was cold on the shady side, felt great to come around a turn and hit sunlight. 
alenz01/14/07dam cold! 28.4 degrees in the parking lot at 8am. 
josh smith01/03/07not so cold this morning a nice change. 
JCampbell01/01/07Almost got blown over the edge with the wind gusts. Nice day out. 
Murmur12/31/06Covert ride #2. Solo grind up Harding early in the morning. Windy and cold. Took it easy. Sent Mama Cass and Star Jones back to Cranx's house. 
vhipp12/31/06Last ride of the year! Happy New Year! 
TRB12/28/06Very cold and Very windy. Rode with Bob. 
kenish12/26/06Great views and trail. Didn't bring my light and weather was getting bad fast. Turned around at milepost 8, will start earlier next time 
tbowren12/26/06Nice morning ride. Saw Murmer, Cranx and TRD at the beginning. Tried to keep up with Murmer but it wasn't happening. Wanted to have a VQ pace but that orange geoladders jersey in front of me made me push as hard as I could. 1:44 to gate (new PB by alot thanks to Murmer) overheated brakes coming down so took it slow. 
Sky-King12/25/06training ride with Manny, George and Terry. we went up Harding and down Maple Springs and then back. Merry Christmas :) 
TRB12/24/06Cold and VERY windy ride with Murmur, Cranx and RaulC. First mtn bike ride in 8 weeks for me (broken collar bone) feels good to be 'semi' back. Thanks for the ride guys. 
josh smith12/19/06fun ride with Roy for first 5 min.sorry bud 
ThinkFast12/18/06Solo. Windy and cold. Still some snow on the ground. A couple ice puddles too. Temp on top was 32 degrees. Legs were still tired from Sat. 
El Pelon12/16/06Cold, wet and windy, but I somehow managed to make it to the top! I'm going to have to go again so I can actually see what the view is like. 
vhipp12/10/06Trail was in excellent condition. Wanted to go all the way up to Santiago Peak but it was too cold. Gate to Gate 1:18 
ericfoltz12/05/06Appears Harding had some motorcycle traffic. A couple of the corners are a little torn up and there is debris on the trail. 
Spartacus12/04/06A little warm today at noon. The views were great from the top. You could see all the way to San Clemente Island. 
josh smith12/03/06nice & slow 
K0KE12/02/06Great day for a ride with Murmur. 
Murmur12/02/06Good early ride w/ Koke. Busy day on Harding. Felt better than I thought I would after taking a much needed break. The break will continue through December. 
owen12/02/06pretty much a perfect day. a lot of folks out today. number of bugs encountered on the trail = 0. 
Twitch11/26/06Great ride, its getting cold. 
bossvader11/25/06Nice day for a ride, little chilly at 4 Main Divide 
mtnbikej11/25/06Nice ride today....kinda late start 12:45. At about mile 6.5 clouds rolled in and temps dropped. Made it to 4 Corners. Not to bad on the SS. 
superjoe11/23/061.19 gate 2 gate, tasty hot chocolate, back in time for the drive, happy thanksgiving! 
quad damage11/23/06Nice ride at the perfect time in the morning. Never seen so many riders on a trail before. Wow. Happy Thanksgiving! 
Cranx11/23/06Fun ride with about 150 of my closest friends. Very cool of Rock n Road and Team VeloSport to do this every year...Thanks! 
Zippy11/23/06I'd climb Harding for free coffee and bagels any day. Great to see all the GeoLadders people I haven't seen in a while. BIG thanks to Rock 'N Road for putting this on. I'll be back next year. 
Royster7111/23/06It was nice to see so many riders out today. Saw a lot of familiar faces. Overall this is a boring hall up but seeing everyone makes it worth it. Nice chatting with you Mojo you also made it worth it!Good riding Keith and Ben! Did a nice flip and slide that was great. Just took a bath wow that burned, nothing like scrubbing it clean Niceeee.Thanks for putting together the coffee and pastries OCriders and Rock n Road ! 
shleppy11/23/06Pretty good turnout for the annual turkey day ride up harding to four corners. 
JERRY11/23/06Thanks Rock and Road, Sho-Air for the bagels and hot chocolate. 
goldrunner11/23/06Thanks for thre Grub- R&R. Good riding with everyone especially Roadrasher, Kevin, Mojo..... 
MF TITAN11/23/06Good ride with Ryan , cool weather,alot of people , good to see Cris,Jerry,meet Granyring 
gassertrucks11/23/061:19 from gate to gate 
rushak11/22/06Got outta work early so I decided to jam up Harding. Nice enjoyable ride. DH was a blast since I had daylight this time. 
JEI11/19/06Great up and back ride. First 5 were the thoughest. 
josh smith11/15/06i will beark an hour dammit. 
rushak11/15/06Couldn't ask for a better night in mid November. Dry and warm enough outside for short sleeves. Good fast pace ride with Wild-Wild-Life and jerryktm....where did jerryktm go? 
Wild-Wild-Life11/15/06Nice ride with rushak and jerryktm575. It was a lot warmer that I expected for most of the ride. I'm logging rushak's time since mine was inaccurate. 
granny ring11/14/06Had to try it once before the thanksgiving day ride. 
ericfoltz11/14/06Trail is dry. Broke through the clouds at 5 miles. 
Two Tired11/11/06Nice weather to do this ride. Only one other rider on the trail today. 
Twitch11/11/06Nice climb with Tim. Flat tire one mile from the top. Good time. 
Twitch11/11/06Great climb ... add it to your list. 
Murmur11/09/06Tough HR Interval ride w/ Koke. Did 10 5min intervals w/ 2min cool downs. 
K0KE11/09/06Rode this route with Murmur. 10 (20-40's). Discovered that you can't record a ride and do an interval workout on the Edge at the same time. As soon as you start the interval workout the route timer stops to record the intervals. 
quad damage11/01/06First night right ever. Rode with Matt, Andrew and Clay. Was pretty cold on a few parts of the trail. Definitely a different experience at night. 
Hermit10/31/06Met Clay on this night ride. Also rode with Ryan and Andrew. Feet and hands were freezing on the way back. 
BrakeHeart10/31/06great route for night rides, rode with 3 other GL riders, lots of cold hands and feet 
Winger10/31/06Great place for a night ride because the wide trails are forgiving. Rode with Ryan, Matt, and Clay. My toes were freezing. 
DONALD JACKSON10/27/06rode X Control pace under 121 avg bbm 
josh smith10/25/061:02 to top.Mannuel's 1:29 is within my grasp!! 
josh smith10/17/06over training need to rest more after 24hr events 
TrailMonkey10/16/06This ride kicked my ass, loved the DH pay-off 
RIVET10/15/06Trail is very fast now. FYI, Floyds done 50 minutes to the gate and Camerons done low 50's 
ericfoltz10/10/06Cost of getting sloppy on the downhill: Broken left finger, multiple cuts, abrasions and contusions on right arm and leg. Beating best time by 10 minutes even with the crash: Priceless 
devodoc10/07/06Personal best to gate - oh wait, this was my first time up this trail. Best fireroad trail in the area. Nice workout, beautiful views. 
devodoc10/07/06The bottom part is the steepest. Keep pushing and you'll get to make up some time around mile 6.5 with a flat then down before the short final climb to the gate. Continue on to Main Divide for some more great views. 
ericfoltz10/07/06Nice easy spin today. 
dandrews10/06/06Got PB with 1:01 to gate, feels good to improve. 
ericfoltz10/05/06Met murmur and cranx out on the trail. 
ericfoltz10/05/06About the best fireroad in OC. Climb eases up at about mile 4.2. 
Murmur10/05/06Good interval ride w/ Cranx. Got really cold at the top. 20min warmup 10 intervals in Zone4-5a, 5min each, 2min recoveries. 1:25 to the gate. Nice to meet you, Eric. 
Cranx10/05/06Ate Murmur's dust both literally and figuratively. Quite cold at the top. 
Craig Hopps10/04/06Beutiful day! Went gate to gate in 1 hour 3 min flat. came down in 29.34 for a ride total of 1.32.39. Perfect conditions inspired a big effort. A lite bike helps, seriously! 
matth09/24/061st bike ride of any type since April. Nice day, started 0900. 
gassertrucks09/22/06I went out way too hard and blew up early. I settled down in the middle and finished pretty strong. 1:17 gate to gate. 
Wild-Wild-Life09/20/06Nice ride with jerryktm525, rushak, kenish, John and Ruben. 2:03 round trip. Real nice sunset, no flats this time, and the DEET stopped the dang flies. 
rushak09/20/06First time riding Harding. Enjoyed it very much. Good climb with John and fun downhill with Jerry and John. Note to self - Must buy bike light. Thanks to the boys for providing the light. 
McGrunt09/18/06Solo Ride- a little windy but it cooled the ride down at 11am. 
Wild-Wild-Life09/13/06I haven't done this trail in several years, so we did it again....jerryktm525, kenish, John, Ruben and myself. There is pretty much one good line on the whole length of the trail. Had a slow tube leak in the rear and had to use 2 CO2 carts on the way down - made it though. 1:37:48 up and 41:23 down including flats. Man, what is up with the files this year...they were a drag on the upper half. 
josh smith09/11/06getting closer to manies 1:27. but suffering is no fun!!!! 
dandrews09/10/06Great evening ride. 1:03 to gate 
Winger09/02/06Good ride with a bunch of Geo guys. The ride down made the climb worthwhile. 
gassertrucks09/02/06First time out here. Gorgeous scenery and an awesome climb. Couldn't ask for anything more on a Sat. morning. 1:22.56 from gate to gate. 31 min down 
scott v09/02/06Good ride with a group of geo guys. I beat my time to the top by 5 minutes but was 1 minute slower for an overall time. How does that happen? 
Ben Boronow09/02/06The ride up was pretty nice. Lots of shade. Good group. I crashed on the way down. Ill be off the bike for a few weeks, but nothing is broken. 
RollnStone09/02/06Thanks for setting this up Ben. 
McGrunt09/01/06Solo ride. 
K0KE08/29/061:23 to gate at top of Harding. Very hot starting at 2pm. 
Murmur08/29/06Brutal Hot ride w/ Koke. Tried to do HR Intervals - had to gear down for a half hour though. Ended up doing 6 3min ints. 
Cranx08/21/06Started too hard, blew up in the middle, settled into a groove and finished just seconds off my personal best (1:26:43 gate-to-gate) to the top. Great views today and nice weather to boot! 
Cranx08/21/06This is about the only fireroad in OC that I actually like. Great views and a great lung-busting climb. 
Manuel Prado08/17/06I wanted to do this for the longest time, and finally my dream came trough rode up harding under one hour 59:50. 
animaltico08/16/06GOOD WORKOUT ! 
Craig Hopps08/16/06Went a 1.09.30 gate to gate. A personal best! And got my BUTT kicked by Manny & George, who both had great rides. Special congrats to Manny for busting the hour mark! 59.50! AWESOME! Beat that one boys! 
RFernandez08/11/06Started climb around 5:30 PM. A little warm at bottom of trail, but not too bad. 1hr 14m from gate to 4 corners. 32 min from 4 corners to gate. Not too many bugs, maybe Bullfrog repellent works after all! 
dandrews08/08/06Monday ride. 
dandrews08/08/06Scenic ride, great training. 
SlowMo08/01/06Long ride to the top. Had to stop to fix McGrunt's chain. May have gone to the top, except for the chain trouble. 
tbowren07/29/06Solo early morning ride. Last time I tried this I didnt make it past 5.5 miles. Today I took out the Leviathan on its maiden voyage and rolled it. Felt GREAT! Finally a true 29er. 
Sky-King07/21/06Tempo ride with Manny, so why is he comming down while i am still going up??? maybe i took a wrong turn? or maybe he just rocks. Just a few more days before the Guannaride in Costa Rica, I am ready! 
Manuel Prado07/21/06Good tempo ride with Scott. 
josh smith07/13/06a must do early morning or late afternoon to beat the heat 
Manuel Prado07/08/06Good tempo ride, good weather! 
Von-Skipp07/07/06solo morning ride. Saw 3 bobcats, no joke. Maybe it was following me. Felt great climbing. Harding is a fun descent, for a fireroad... 
Hermit07/04/06Flies and fatigue suck, but I'm not going to let them keep me from earning a top 5 ranking this week. 
bvogel747506/19/06Saw 3 deer. One at the top and an mom and little deer on the way down. 
arrrkelly05/24/06rode 5/24. trail was fast. Smoother firmer than I remember especially near the top. Gate to gate 1:25. 
TD805/21/06OCThrasher and I played leap frog with about 20 hikers. I think we chilled more than we rode. Great cloud coverage on a Sunday morning. 
OCThrasher05/21/06Great big ride with TD8. Break at 1.5 mile, 2.5 mile, 4 mile, 5 mile, 6.5 mile then at the gate. Lots of hikers out on great cloud cover day. Must get better to reach peak. 
Big D.D.05/08/06Training days have started with Cranx 10 intervals to the top. 
Cranx05/08/06Did 10 one-minute intervals w/D.D. then finished the route and a laid back pace. Something big was moving through the bushes where we stopped on the way down and it wasn't moving like a deer...we didn't wait around to find out what it might be. 
TD805/01/06Fresh Legs, No shade, No breeze, and tons of Smog. Saw a bobcat on the way up, ran over a snake on the way down, sorry. 1:29.34 to the gate, :34 down. 
PaulV04/26/06trail damp but still firm, this trail really holds up well. perfect training ride, legs still burning a bit. splits: gate to Laurel Springs 0:47, to upper gate 1:19, DH = 0:31 
bvogel747504/23/06Rode last 4 miles in the Dark with no light on my bike. Very hairy. 
Singular04/20/06It was very foggy, muddy and slippery this on day. 
Dump Truck04/16/06nice solo ride this morning. didnt see a soul going up, but on the way down had to dodge a few hikers and a couple of other bikes. 
Manuel Prado04/16/06Super good ride, perfect weather. 
dfrank04/15/06Very Very Wet Morning. 
dandrews04/15/06Muddy and slow, but rideable. It will be in great shape by Tuesday. Ran into Koke at the top and we had fun blasting back down. He's doing his first XC race next week (Cytomax), yeah! ...any other takers. 
Weekend Warrior04/09/06Rode up with Blazing Saddles & XMXER. Awsome morning ride up, but the clouds came in for a cold ride down. 1:50.14 to the top. 
Sleestack03/21/06Mellow ride with Nucleus and Skyking. Great job Nuc for pushing up such a grueling hill, especially since it was only your 3rd ride. 
Sky-King03/18/06basically did it twice today, and i am beat got to ride part way with Cranx and Murmur, wow these guys really look great after all that trainig! Great job mike. 
Sky-King03/18/06second trip up the hill, man it got cold, justin and i froze! 
slopush03/17/06Found patches of snow near the top. Mud in places but it was all frozen which was nice : ) 
Burgemeester03/17/06Great ride with thanson, slopush and steelboat. You kids are like mountain goats on wheels! Good thing I had them snowboarding gloves! 
Royster7103/14/06Went with Monica. Nice views it was a climb no letting up. 
Sky-King03/12/06Riding up Harding is great, Riding up Harding with Justin in a snowstorm with 6 inches of snow at the summit………………..PRICELESS! 
Sleestack03/12/06Didn't even look at the time, just watched the snow fall. Great ride with Scott. Life is GREAT! 
Cranx03/09/06Very cold at 4 Corners today; almost froze on the way down. Still on the loaner Flux and I really just don't like it at all. I never thought I'd appreciate my Stumpy as much as I do right now...I miss my bike. 
bossvader02/19/06Snow patches around main divide. 1:53 to gate. 
happymtbr :-)01/24/06that's right, 2nd ride of the day. good ride, loose, lots of branches on trail. 
Burdman01/21/06Nice easy ride today. 
Sleestack01/16/06Great ride with SkyKing; 1:38 to the top. Be prepared to fix a flat when riding this trail. Sky and I have never made it down flat free. 
YourLagginDude01/15/06Took the dog for a run. 
Sky-King01/14/06made it to top in 1:29 then got a flat on way down and took it easy from there. great ride with justin, we just beat the rain. 
Murmur01/12/061:52 to the top. Brutal day - bad cough = lung burn. Did aenerobic hill climbs today. 7 total intervals. 
SilverSpot01/11/06Great night ride with Burdman, Dirkster, Hugh and a couple others. I may have to try out this single speed thing.... 
Burdman01/11/06Great nite ride with Hugh, Dirk, Scott, Steve, Steve P, and Molly. Nice group and will have to do this again with them all. 
K0KE01/10/061:38 to the gate at the top. 
Despacio01/10/06koke again dragged me up trail,he keeps improving and Im along for the ride ! great ride though thanks again! 
alenz01/07/06Great day, great ride 
YourLagginDude12/31/05Had to get wet and take the dog out. 
Craig Hopps12/24/05Topped up at 1.14 and came down in 31 minutes. The trail was busy and beutiful. 
Spartacus12/22/05Awesome day to ride with Scott V. and Ray Owen. There was 75 mi. visibility at the top. You could see Catalina and San Clemente Island. 
scott v12/22/05Morning ride with Chris and Ray. Fun ride with great views. 
bigguy12/11/05Fun ride ... beautiful view. Not too cold. 
K0KE12/11/05First time on this route, 1:46 to the gate. Met Dirtdude along the way. 
Cranx12/08/05Accidentally deleted my ride from yesterday...meant to delete and repost the Whiting route. 
Murmur12/07/05First time on this trail. 1:47 to the gate - then Cranxx got a flat, so we took it easy on the way down. Lost my HR info. - but I did 10 intervals of 3min. in zones 4 &5a. 1:30min breaks in between. Good training ride. How many points do we get for riding after sunset without a light? 
TRB12/02/05great morning ride....mellow and social for the first 4 miles then hit it hard for the last 5. The weather was awesome once we climbed out of the fog :) 
Craig Hopps11/28/05Abeutiful day for climbing. Went up at 1.13 and back down at 32 min. Of course the day was so beutiful I went up to the top of the mountain as well. The trail is in great shape and the bugs were no where to be seen. AWESOME! 
Craig Hopps11/25/05This was a great recovery ride. (I raced a road TT yesterday) 1.26 to top and 40 min down. The trail is in excellent condition and the bugs are very few. Thank God for fellow mountain bikers as I flatted at the top and had a flatted spare! Someone at the top gave me a tube so I am so thankful to that gentleman! 
Weekend Warrior11/24/05Happy Thanksgiving to all at the top. 
Keith B11/24/05What an awesome ride. Incredible weather & great turnout at four corners. The guy who brought up all the coffee and bagels in a bob-trailer was a hero! Good to meet Mandy and Terry (TRB) up there and thanks to Chris and Jeff for great company and pushing me to my fastest time yet to the gate 1hr34! Woohoo! Happy Holidays! 
shleppy11/24/05Awesome Turkey day ride with Keith and Chris. Met up with a crud load of riders up a four corners. A few minutes after we arrived bagels, muffins and coffee appeared courtesy of someone with a Bob trailer full of goodies. 
Cranx11/24/05Great Turkey Day ride with Keith B, Shleppy and about 100 of our closest friends...four corners was absolutely PACKED!! Huge props to the dude who hauled all of the coffee and pastries up Harding on a Bob trailer; had to be at least 50lbs worth of stuff but he fed the masses. 
PHAT TIRE11/13/05Rode with G.T. today. Trying to recover from yesterday. 
owen11/10/05a relaxed climb into the clouds today. a little rain toward the top, then a stunning view as i poked through the tops of the clouds at the gate. amazing. 
Foothill Flyer11/05/05Perfect weather, pretty loose shale, granite and dirt on the way down, and cold it the morning at the top! 
YourLagginDude11/03/05Nice afternoon ride, leg's were sore from Old Camp last night. 
anthony_coley10/29/05No computer, no time kept.. 
Cranx10/19/05Harding may be one of the best trails in SoCal when it comes to handling rain. The trail's in great condition with almost no mud! 
TRB10/15/05solo ride, always a good grind. santa ana conditions made for great views.....half way up I passed two hikers each with full back packs & each dragging an auto spare tire with a rope.....I thought we were nuts. 
Two Tired10/14/05Always wish I had full suspension on long bumpy downhills like this route has. My hardtail sure gives me a pounding. 
YourLagginDude10/05/05Great ride if you like pedaling up freshly graded, steep, loose fireroads!! Sucks if not, good workout though! I was roasting my rear tire going almost no where in many places! The climb nearly killed the new dog, he's a lagger! lol... he needs to get some legs. Slow ride down to save dog from having heart attack! Only his 3rd ride w/me. 
Andrew Markham09/04/05loose, freshly bulldozed soil makes for a slow grind 
Sky-King09/01/05Riding with Doug, Manny, and George = Pain :) Well it all started out very nice, then at 4 miles in we get 1 Tractor followed by 1 Grater, and that equals a big mess, and a much harder ride up the now messy fire road with thick fluffy dirt, and crushed rocks everywhere. This ride now sucks, give it a few months and maybe some rain and it should be nice again. 
CTrask08/25/05This started out as a fast Harding-Motorway ride with LyroVK (sub-1:30 to 4 corners). A mysterious leak in my Camelback put me WAY too short of water to finish. Had to turn back. I think my wife poked a hole in it. My term life policy must be ready to expire. 
Sky-King08/25/05posting past rides 
vapor08/24/05Needed to go on a nonstop ride after getting my physics midterm grade. Was going to head out at 2pm but waiting till 5pm made for a cooler ride, it was still warm out on the climb but hikers were out on the descent. 
whitehorserun08/19/05Just wanted to get out and loosen up the legs from night before...slow ride good music, and bugs... 
Cranx08/16/05Set a personal best with a 1:39 minute ascent. The gnats were out in force today so maybe that's why I climbed so fast...I hate those things!!! 
Red Ryder08/13/05Beautiful ride up through the clouds into the sun. We saw a king snake, with orange, black and white bands, about a mile before the Main Divide. Lots of trail runners, but not too many people on bikes. 
Sky-King08/11/05hot hot hot 
Red Ryder07/30/05Computer stopped working. Slow hot ride. 
Tubthumper07/09/05Rode with Keith B., met up with a couple alone the way, a little warm but not bad. 
Keith B07/09/05Went up harding and down Maple Springs. Maple Springs descent was fun. Rode out of Silverado to Santiago Canyon road. 
Ronvdp07/07/05Gotta leave earlier next time, a little too hot at midday. 
mtnbikehb07/06/05I rode this july 4. It was frickin' hot. I ran out of water too soon. I guess I'll have to leave earlier in the morning..... 
CTrask06/29/05Too hot for any speed run. I met a guy on the trail (Trent). I was selling him hard on geoladders. He must have thought I was an insurance salesman. Hey, the guy has some grey hair, and he's riding Harding in the heat of the day. He's one of us. 
Ronvdp06/24/05Nice early morning workout ride, great views! 
Graham Clark06/23/05Rode w/ Keith and Kyle. Started at 5:15 and watched sunset from Santiago Peak. Very tired and misserable for me. Was sick at the car after ride. Need to eat and drink next time. 
Keith B06/22/05Rode with Graham & Kyle. Took Harding up to Mojeska and then Santiago Peak for sunset. Started at 5 and it was 94f !!! Loads of bugs. Came back totally shattered. Great ride, great fun, awesome sunset and a full moon too. 
Sky-King06/20/05Great ride, went with friend had to wait a few times, could cut 5 to 10 off ride. will ride alone or with fast friend next time to see best results. 
Red Ryder06/09/05Great ride today with my sister, Nann. Saw a Golden Eagle on that wood thing 1.6 miles into the ride. Also, saw deer. Trail in good condition with wildflowers all the way up. 
Terry Best05/30/05Started @ Cooks to do Harding-Upper Holy Jim with CTrask and Jeff. Unfortunately I flatted half a mile short of 4 Corners. HUGE thanks for the help with the flat, guys. SORRY for the holdup. Crazy glue kept tire together until I arrived back at Cooks 
Spartacus05/08/05My first time up. At 3 miles up there was a laddy who fell hiking and broke her ankle. I called 911 and they sent over an OC Fire Helicopter to pick her up. Pretty cool to watch. This trail was quite a challenge but rewarding once you see the gate. 
dandrews05/07/05Broke one of my eggbeaters, ...didn't know that was possible (not the spindle though, whole thing slid off the spindle). 
jonmud05/02/05Pretty weak effort, 2 hours 30 out & back. Haven't ridden much over the past few months, but I'll be back! Did manage to do the whole climb in the middle ring, and only stopped once, so at least I can feel good about something. 
vapor04/29/05grueling first time ride, rode with tbest and lance armstrong...whoops I mean Doug Andrews, became intimate with the granny gear and the mud 
dandrews04/28/05Fun ride with TBest and Vapor. Cold at the top. 
Terry Best04/28/05Out and back from Cook's Corner, but did the Luge on the way back with Doug. SingleSpeed destroyed my back. 
Terry Best04/17/05Very very slow spin @ 7am with ex-boss. Kept bike in middle gear to match his pace. Good warm-up for Luge Time Trial later in day :) 
Paul Anderson04/15/051:17 up :30 down Took a good spill on this one, only two turns from the finish, ugh. 
Paul Anderson04/13/051:21 up, :32 down 
Keith B04/02/05Rode to top of Modjeska. Crashed on the way down :-( 1hr 56 to the gate. 
Manuel Prado03/14/051:13:30 to the top 30m back down. 
Graham Clark12/05/04Rode w/ Dave. Actually rode up Harding Truck to Santiago Peak then down Maple Springs. Car shuttle from my house back to Harding Truck. 4'28", 29.2 miles, 4360'gain. 34 degrees at top, snowing, cold. Need better gloves. 
Graham Clark12/05/04Rode with Keith up to 4 corners. 
Manuel Prado11/28/041:26 Up, 37 down, After the snow storm, nice ride fast down hill, good climb for training. 
Keith B11/03/04A Great Challenge! 
Paul Anderson06/13/041:15 up and :30 down 
Paul Anderson06/05/041:45 up and :39 down 

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