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Turnbull Cyn - 7th Ave Loop

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xcelratr01/01/13First time on this ride. Was harder than I expected. Had a nice chat with some guys. Got in one guy's way on the way up the switchbacks (SORRY DUDE, MY BAD). I have some work to do to be strong enough to ride the uphill singletrack. 
proraptor11/28/12Cruise through turnbull with pete 
proraptor03/04/12First time at turnbull.....awesome single track. Cant wait to go back 
Enriquez12/30/11Had my own kind of multi-sport ladder today. Hung out at Burro Cyn shooting lotsa firearms then took a spin around Turnbull before heading back to the OC. Great Ride! 
Enriquez08/20/11Fun times. First time down the 7th Ave singletrack for me. The climb out was a tuff. I tried the Wall portion twice but too loose combined with too steep. Fail! The A-Line singletrack was all good until my buddy went OTB and slid about 30 feet down the trail...a few bumps but overall OK. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh84DCY7BPM&feature=youtu.be here is the longer version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_N0NlNY7bgg&feature=youtu.be 
Pepper353506/28/11with STR guys 
Pepper353506/20/11w LTV 
monkey68boy06/19/11Pops and uncle headed back, and I went for this loop in addition to the ride with them. Surprised to see few people out today. 
Mike.the.Spike05/10/11Great Sunday Ride with the gang. 
pineno02/27/11Conditions were slightly muddy at spots. 
Pepper353502/14/11With LTV 
davidB.02/13/11added a descent down rattlesnake and up the fireroad again 
Dannyboy02/07/11Hot out there at 2pm! Wore a backpack with 15lbs. 
teamshort01/15/11Amazing views today. 
davidB.01/02/11group ride, fun stuff with friends 
MTB Fiend12/11/10Loop 1 - First time here for my riding buddy. Trails are in perfect condition and the switchbacks are as fun as I remember them! Great ride! 
MTB Fiend12/11/10Loop 2 - as fun as the first! So nice to ride in normal temps, sunshine, and generally clear skies (smog was pretty visible). Really nice change of pace. Always nice to get in a short daytrip to new trails. Great ride! 
shrek09/04/10single speed 
shrek08/29/10First time on new single speed. Wow hills are hard. Unfortunately bike did not function properly. Back to the shop. 
davidB.08/21/10a bit sick so i went out for a cruise ride to see if I could sweat it out. no luck. 
gaucho08/14/10Ride w/ Phil and Scott. Scott lost his rear brakes after the fireroad climb. Brutal downhill on switch backs and A-side for him. I got a pinch flat at bottom of switchbacks, before ascent from 7th Ave. Nice morning ride though. 
pineno07/10/10Cloudy Morning with a lot of trial runners training today. 
pineno07/10/10Great weather for riding today. 
jb_29er07/06/10get out and ride.... 
RollnStone06/18/10Cool morning. Only a few hikers. 
joshik06/16/10First time at Turnbull at James and Daniel. 
davidB.05/19/10Lap 1, solo 
davidB.05/19/10Lap 2, met with a dozen or so STR weight loss challenges guys/girls. Threw in Rattlesnake and up Escalator for some extra credit 
Dannyboy05/10/10Good ride, felt slower than usual. 
RollnStone05/05/10Thought I would avoid hikers on A-Line by riding on a weekday afternoon, but it was more crowded than on the weekend. Bad timing. But its always a good ride at Turnbull. 
Dannyboy04/27/10Super fun ride yesterday. Got lost going down rattlesnake. Ended back at the fireroad climb. Good jumps along the way down!! 
davidB.04/26/10Lap 1 
davidB.04/26/10lap 2 
davidB.04/19/10rode the big bike, much more fun coming down Aline 
davidB.04/13/10Lap 1, seeing what I could do for a fast time - 44:40 
davidB.04/13/10Lap 2, still quick paced, 49:29 
Uli04/09/10Today was my first time riding the 7th st loop and I loved it!! 
davidB.04/08/10middle ring ride, made good time apparently 
Dannyboy03/28/10Good ride, very windy.. 
Dannyboy03/28/10HOT HOT HOT, I would advise to go before 2pm. On a hardtail, i was chain slapping the whole way down 7th street, very fast. A line is A some 
Dannyboy03/28/10HOT HOT HOT 
spicolli197603/24/10Super fun morning ride today. 
Dannyboy03/21/10Easy going ride after biking 13 miles to get here. Did some exploring. 
Dannyboy03/19/10Pretty good ride, after being off the bike for a couple weeks. 
davidB.03/18/10lap 1 
OTHRIDER03/14/10I joined the PATH's morning ride but had to skip Rattlesnake & Cow Trail for work... 
singlespeedrider03/13/10First time at turnball and had a great time. Great climb and fun fast descent. 
davidB.02/11/10cleaned the great wall, only been able to do that due to the recent rains as of late 
davidB.01/31/10solo preride, 53:46 in the tacky dirt out there today. 
gaucho01/05/10Ride w/ Phil and Rick. Nice clear day to ride. Good weather, a bit chilly at 7:30a though. Trails in great condition but a little damp. 
RollnStone12/29/09Morning ride. 
BigT12/16/09Great after work recovery spin. I took it fairly easy and still beat my last time by 7 minutes. Prolly because I knew the route and did less doubling back as I did last time. I'd like to say I'm actually faster, but I ate my humble pie yesterday. No time for a second loop. :( 
RollnStone10/31/09Crowded (as it usually is on the weekend) but had a fast, uninterrupted run down A-Line. 
RollnStone09/27/09Lots of hikers and a few bikers. 
gaucho09/20/09A.M. ride w/ Phil and Scott. Still haven't made it up the wall. Riding with Panaracer Smoke and Dart's today. 
Heathermarie909/13/09Fun ride with Matthias & Sydney! 
gaucho09/05/09Solo a.m. ride before the heat. First time w/o stopping entire trip. Phil & Scott both flaked on this one. 
BigT08/19/09Nice little gem of a trail in the middle of the city. 
BigT08/19/09Trail is in awesome condition. Switchbacks are perfect training for the beginner and the climbs are a great heartpumping workout for all. The Great Wall of China was a bitch... but at least it's short :) I recommend this route to anyone, but if you're new to mountain biking, take it slow and pay attention on those decents. Ultra fun trail with tons of variety. 
FREEKENGO08/17/09Great Monday after work ride! 
FREEKENGO08/14/09Nice after work ride. 
davidB.08/03/09good evening ride as usual, climbed rattlesnake again. 
FREEKENGO08/03/09Nice after work ride with the usual suspects. 
FREEKENGO07/28/09Good Monday after work ride! 
gaucho07/25/09Early ride w/ Phil before the heat. Fastest up for us on fireroad and 7th Ave switchbacks. Still haven't made up the "great wall" without walking. Damn! 
Shine07/11/09Ride w/legpi, thanson, steeleboat, + 5 other riders. 2nd lap 
RollnStone07/10/09Morning ride. Added some extra credit. 
ncg5307/08/09Nice ride with the girlfriend. She tore it up. We've done the normal water tower run and down but never the 7'th ave loop. Super fun fast flowy turns and straightaways, some spots for air time if you'r cruisin pretty good. The climb back up to the water tower had a few steep parts, tight switchbacks, challenging climb which made it fun. 
gaucho06/28/09Ride w/ Jerry and Scott. No incidents. Got in a good ride before it got really hot. 
davidB.06/27/09easy evening ride, climbed rattlesnake instead 
gaucho06/15/09Lap 1 of 2 with Phil; no incidents. Up fireroad; 7th Ave loop; attempted to find elusive "elevator" trail; back to A-Side. 
gaucho06/15/09Lap 2 of 2 w/Phil. Up fireroad over to and down what we'll call B-Side for now; Phil hit a cactus patch; and back down Turnbull fireroad because of time constraints. 
MTB Fiend06/13/09Never been here and was not sure what to expect. Pretty cool place and fun, fast singletrack (made even faster by a front disc brake with air in the line). This looks like it could be an incredible ride on a clear day or at night. Great ride! 
gaucho05/16/09Ride with Jerry and Phil. Still haven't made it up the Great Wall. First time clipless. 
gaucho05/11/09Lap 1 of 2. Instead of Turnbull Canyon fire road, we road up A-Side from park on Friendly. 7.8 miles. 
gaucho05/11/09Lap 2 of 2. Really loose and dusty today. 
RollnStone04/26/09Lots of hikers out today. Added the climb up the 3 B's to the water tank. 
gaucho04/18/09Ride with Phil. Lungs still recovering from being sick. Nice ride, pretty hot. Phil wiped out on trail down from Water tower. 
RollnStone04/11/09Pre STR ride to warm up. 
RollnStone04/09/09Slow ride to take some pictures. Actuallt rode over to the Cow Trail side and skipped 7th ave. The Ranger was mowing the weeds on Cow Trail, even though it had been weed wacked nicely a week ago. Guess he didn't want to have anything growing until next spring. 
gaucho03/23/09Lap 1 of 2; rode with Phil and Scott. Great conditions. Nice weather. 
gaucho03/23/09Lap 2 of 2. Rode with Phil. Skipped the switchback section of 7th Ave. loop and rode down A-side only. 
Z Groove02/12/09Had to ride this again today after Whittier Loop. Conditions were too nice. 
Z Groove01/19/09Great training ride! Did it for the first time today on MLK. A few hikers and joggers but I only came across two bikers on the trail. Probably will do a second loop if time permits next time. 
m.t.01/17/09beautiful morning with only a few walkers/joggers. haven't done this route for more than a year, was nice to be up here again. 
Skraxle12/10/08with MJaraica, nice ride bro! 
Mike.the.Spike11/23/08Nice casual ride today, great weather, not too many riders out today. 
davidB.10/24/08we need some rain! 
RollnStone10/18/08Cool sunrise ride. Too many hikers on the decents. Don't people sleep in on the weekends anymore? 
RollnStone10/11/08Very cold at 7:30am this morning. Had long sleeves and full finger gloves and still froze. But it was better than 100 plus temps. 
Mike.the.Spike10/11/08Rode with Rusty Iron today and had a rider hook up with us at the water tank. Not many riders out today. Don't know why, the weather was cool and perfect. Friends Street single track simply rocks. Love this place. 
Mike.the.Spike10/06/08Nice ride with some friends today, Only the third ride with my new Specialized Stumpjumper Expert 29er. If you are 6' 2" or taller, you HAVE GOT to ride a 29er with a short stem, longer cranks (180's) and you will be amazed at the stability. No more "over the handlebars" feeling. Should have done this LONG ago. 
davidB.09/18/08did it with a friend at 10:30. Hot and slow is how we took it. didn't turn gps off though 
Mike.the.Spike09/14/08Fun ride as always at Turnbull. Almost went up the fire road ascent twice! Decided to save some for Sunday's ride at Whiting. 
sergio7609/08/08Rode with my brother, his bro-in-law, and nephew. The lazy bums. 
RollnStone09/05/08Launched into the bushes on the Friends singletrack, but was able to ride out of it. Better the bushes then the cliff. :) 
sergio7608/30/08should go faster next time, now that i know the route. 
sergio7608/30/08wish the singletrack descents weren't so loose (sandy). 
Byron B08/26/08good ride, however, little dusty because of dry conditions. 
RollnStone08/22/08Cool morning. Lots of powdery dust on the trails, but still good traction. 
Mike.the.Spike08/21/08Nice ride as usual. 
Mike.the.Spike08/21/08Had to do it again. 
RollnStone07/13/08Nice to actually see some mud in places. Good tacky conditions. Lots of humidity today. My gloves were soaked after only 1 hour. 
G.T. Jake07/08/08hemet cam died on me!!! had that preditor thermal imaging. sucks!!! 
RollnStone07/05/08Hot and dusty on the fire road. A large tree branch down across the trail after the 2nd switchback on the 7th ave side. You can ride under it on the inside of the trail. It comes up on you quickly if you are riding fast. 
FREEKENGO06/16/08Sat group ride 
RollnStone06/13/08Sunrise ride. Nice and cool. 
G.T. Jake06/03/08back to back rides. trails much better than a month ago 
billstoudt05/19/08Hotter than hades. 
RollnStone05/11/08Cool morning. Still loose and dry conditions. 
xhuskr04/30/08Felt good on the first climb and started slowing down on 7th ave climb. VERY loose at the bottom of 7th ave. Good first loop though for a Wednesday! 
OTHRIDER04/26/08A GREAT STR group ride. Thanks Stinky & Coleko! 
RollnStone04/19/087th Ave loop has been graded since the last time I rode here. The turns are very loose. If you like bombing the downhill be careful. Uphill is not too bad as there are many sections of hard pack. 
Dump Truck03/28/08fun ride, but not enough downhill for somebody in as bad shape as I am in.....lol 
gaucho03/23/08After 7th Street loop, backtracked along Turnbull Canyon fireroad down to Beverly. 
RollnStone03/21/082nd loop. Felt good. 
shrek03/21/08Felt tired but still rode good. Love my new bike!! 
Skraxle03/07/08Two in a row...back to back! 
RollnStone02/17/08Substituted Sycamore Canyon instead of 7th Avenue. The switchbacks going down to Sycamore are steep and tight (and lots of them). If you want switchback practice, this is the trail. Total ride was a little over 10 miles. 
RollnStone02/16/08First ride after a week layoff. Tried to keep the breathing at a moderate level because anything higher led to a coughing fit. The legs felt good but the rest of the engine is going to need more recover from this virus. 
ka0t1c0702/05/08nice cool morning air. 
G.T. Jake01/21/08back on my bike after 9 weeks of spearfishing in ixtapa. damn life is tuff 
Skraxle01/19/08Nice and beautiful day to ride! lots of hikers again, must be the new year's resolution. :-) 
RollnStone01/04/08Early morning ride. Wanted to go longer but didn't have the time. 
RollnStone12/15/07Unusual early morning wind made it extra cold and hard to warm up. 
RollnStone11/25/07Clear day. Could see Catalina and the smoke from Malibu fire. 
RollnStone11/18/07Early morning ride shrouded in fog. The adrenaline really gets flowing when your prescription glasses fog up on the decents. 
jmart23311/09/07Cherry ride, no one out this morning. 
RollnStone11/02/07Started at the Greenleaf Trail Head so a steep grind up the fire road. Added some extra credit. 
mt dew10/28/07broke the front sprocket on my singlespeed today, so much for bulletproof singlespeeds. 
Ladera Dave10/27/07Clean air after 1 week of pain not able to ride. 
Ladera Dave10/27/072nd loop ran into Tinker on has Scaple awesum. Felt great. 
G.T. Jake10/21/073rd in a row up the great wall. new forks work great! ahhhh life is good 
mt dew10/15/07first ride on my new single speed. Not as much work as i thought it would be, but definately more than i am used to. 
G.T. Jake10/12/07easy time up the great wall, not so loose this time. 
G.T. Jake10/07/07made it up the great wall! 
RollnStone10/05/07A deserted early Friday monring ride. Godd traction everywhere, even on the Great Wall (which is now free of leaded paint). Added some extra credit. 
Aus Rotten10/02/07From my house on my cyclocross bike Plus 22 road miles 
rushak09/29/07Fun little loop with Erik MM. First time out here. Single track towards the end was the highlight. 
ErikMM09/29/07rode w/ rushak...fun, smoggy... 
G.T. Jake09/24/07couldn't climb the great wall 
Aus Rotten09/24/07+ 11 miles each way from my house. Cyclocross bike 
jmart23309/23/07Dirt was perfect, very little mud and very tackie. Made it up China wall for the first time. It was Mackin, Schralp-it 
pdmoore09/23/07downloaded .crs for 7th Ave/Whittier but Garmin was doa at the trailhead. Tried mashing buttons for hard reset but didn't stumble across "left two buttons and the lap button at the same time." Did something closer to this instead. 
Aus Rotten09/21/07Add 11 miles each way from house. Cyclocross bike 
mt dew09/18/07evening ride with pastorrider, ran into the str group. 
jmart23309/03/07Another Sunrise ride with Sleez. Was pretty hot and Humid. 
rivemxr608/28/07This is my 1st Mt-Bike ride, in the 1st 15 min i almost met Barf and quit. But it was a great ride , I cant wait for next Saturday to get back in the Sattle. It was a total of 15 Miles. 
jmart23308/25/07Good ride, best time yet, too many runners going the wrong way on the trail. 
shrek08/20/07Calories is for the two loops. Had fun riding the last 1 1/2 miles with no seat after it broke off. 
jmart23308/11/07Another cherry ride with Sleez. We finally did the trail the right way. Did the single track down from the water tower, too saaweet. 
Aus Rotten08/06/0738 mile round trip from my house in Paramount, 2hr 40min ride, 50min of that dirt. On my cross bike 
jmart23308/04/07Nice ride with Sleez, this was my first ride here. Will be back soon. 
Skraxle08/03/07it's hot out there but nice because of the breeze, just installed new tire Panaracer Rampage. great tire! nice grip! made me go faster on the switch backs, better than my old Kenda K. 
xhuskr07/23/07Nice spin with Shrek. Got over the lip of the great wall...lost my line :( added a jaunt down Rattlesnake to see the conditions as well as some of the steep s/t on the way to Friend St s/t. Not bad for a Monday! 
shrek07/23/07Well did not make great wall today. Oh well there's always another day. 
xhuskr07/23/07Very loose on the Friends St s/t. Saw a coyote along Skyline. 
shrek07/21/07Made it up great wall for the first time! Not bad after a week off. 
RollnStone07/20/07Added some extra credit. Stopped near the end to call into my boss' staff meeting (time not counted on the trip). 
WEFXUM07/11/07Love this ride for training 
RollnStone07/08/07Still dusty but good traction in most areas. 
Skraxle07/06/07warm day! those who wants to ride today, bring a lot of water! 
That's How I Roll06/27/07Totally blew by turn 10 as you can see by my tracks thought I found it “wrong” OK found my way back to top. Back on track only to miss the 7th street left all in all the miles were there. 
RollnStone06/22/07Morning ride to beat the heat. 
mt dew06/19/07pm ride with pastorrider, saw a good size skunk this evening. 
yodisco06/17/07Maddods 1st venture on Turnbull.. glad we started earler and it looks like a race of some sorts was about to start...Happy Fathers day to all the Dad! Hope your family give you some time to ride like mine! 
Skraxle06/16/07BMS: lots of hikers 
xhuskr06/05/07Finally made it up the Great Wall!! Testing out new tires.....SB8s......I like!! 
RollnStone06/01/07Still dry and dusty. Tested out some new tires. Too much air for the loose conditions. 
Skraxle05/28/07Awesome ride with my buddies! 
lhbert05/27/071st time to clear the great wall of china. fun! 
xhuskr05/22/07Nice Tuesday ride! 
rmille4005/20/07Did not record time! 
rmille4005/16/071st time on trail 
rmille4005/16/07Saw mountain lion/bobcat and three deer 
krunkkrunk05/12/07Nice ride today ! only problem was i found somebody change there intertube and left it on the ground along with there specalized box near the top water tower.So i picked it up and trashed it where it belongs. 
G.T. Jake05/10/07rode rattlesnake to cow trail, streets to turnbull entrance up to watertank down 7th to car total 12 miles sweet now over 1000 miles on my g.t. 
G.T. Jake05/07/073x in row over the greatwall of china YESSSSS!! 
xhuskr05/01/07Solo ride.........ALMOST made it up Great Wall........someday ;) 
vt1ryan04/22/07Nice second loop. Nice singletrack back to Berverly blvd. Thank Ericfoltz,Twitch, and 66nogo. Great conditioning ride. 
vt1ryan04/22/07Nice singletrack to Beverly blvd at the end. 
ericfoltz04/22/072nd loop. 
NO GO04/22/07Lap 2 of 2. Thanks ericfoltz, vt1ryan & twitch. Twitch, good luck getting the purple coyote crap out of your tires. Want a strawberry? 
NO GO04/22/07Good loop with nice up and downhill sections. 
Twitch04/22/07Fun ride for all levels 
SlowSpokes04/15/07Slow and easy pace with friends. 
shrek04/05/07Recovery Day today 
xhuskr03/22/07Oh how I forgot how much fun the 2mile climb is (cough..cough..). Did not break any speed record, but had fun, even though I missed the turn off to Friends Street...oh well.....just another .5miles to the next "offramp" 
lhbert02/25/07Started at 6:30 a.m. Wicked cold until 7th st descent and the glorious sun. 
Ranger X02/04/07Did part of De Anza (to Colima) then got a flat and had to hoof it into Whittier. Then road back along Skyline. Beautiful Day. 
segura198002/04/07Started solo at 3:40pm. Mile marker on 7th st loop may be off. Turned around and hiked back up switchbacks looking for possible missed turn. 25 mins to hike up and wait a few for a passerby. Met a veteran of 7th st trail and he guided me down to fork near houses. I turned on my lights for the final downhill. Finished at 6pm at the lot. Awesome final section at dusk. 
segura198002/04/07After all the cimbing and descents of the 7th st Loop, the final downhill section is a thrillride. Well worth the effort. 
lhbert02/03/07split off from fireroad and took a fun climb up the the 7th ave single track. had a group of 8 riders, very fun ride. 
mt dew02/01/07second ride of the day, good but cold night ride. 
lhbert01/27/07At # 23 on the directions we went straight up the hill at that fork in the road. Awesome views and a fun downhill heading torward the final section of singletrack. 
lhbert01/25/071st time on this route, awesome. perfect weather for a night ride. 
Ranger X01/15/07Great Ride w/ ALXNDR. Love the trail. 
Ranger X01/15/07Love Turnbull Canyon! Lots of diversity in terain and skill level. Something for everyone. Beautiful vistas! 
~ Pakiha ~12/18/06 
mt dew11/02/06solo ride, didnt see another rider, first lap. 
mt dew11/02/06ran into 3 non geo guys and helped get me through my second lap. 
Outlaw515010/28/06Some great photo oppertunities on a clear day. Or a great place to really see all the smog. Nasty i tell ya. Not my faverite place. Doubt I'll go back............... 
Outlaw515010/28/06Up hill sections are pretty tough. Didn't care for all the switchbacks. Great photo ops of the all the foothills or LA on a clear day. Smogy today. 
SprocketHead10/19/06The lights from LA at night were beautiful. 
SlowSpokes10/19/06Love the view of the city lights at night. 
mt dew10/17/06first ride of the fall that started after dark, what a difference. first lap. 
mt dew10/17/062nd lap in the dark, a little colder. Not a soul out here tonight. 
RollnStone09/05/06Slow solo ride to check out the route and directions. All mile markers checked out and the directions were very easy to follow. You can definitely ride this route much faster than my posted time. Go for two laps. 

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