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7th Ave - Whittier - Turnbull Cyn

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RaulC12/27/13nice solo ride -- felt like summer, it was so hot. Trails chewed up & rutted 
RaulC10/02/12whew! finished at night - tried out new lights; worked fine. Slow n easy ride; no breaks. 
RollnStone05/25/12Some drizzle but nothing to improve the dry conditions. 
xhuskr01/14/12Nice to be back at Turnbull..although it felt like a freeway at times...conditions are great! 
jklewer10/17/11Started at 1pm, it was a *bit* warm out. Nevertheless, had a great time, almost smashed a baby rattler. 
UphillRider6506/04/11Great place for hills and single-track. Watchout for the poison oak. 
RollnStone04/23/11Trails are all dry and hard-packed. Good traction everywhere, especially on the Great Wall. Not too overgrown yet. 
xhuskr04/21/11first ride here since 4/2010. not a lot has changed. Nice overgrowth made some of the fireroads on the cow trail side feel like s/t! was a bit disappointed with trash out there, but did pick up the best beer bottle cap I've found on trail. No BMC, rather Great Divide...mmm Nice and cool with the sun coming out near the end. 
RollnStone01/22/11All the trails are in good shape, no mud left. 
Dannyboy01/07/11Good ride, kinda rutted but nothing to bad. only wet on the bottom of rattlesnake, and the climb up to TCR. 
Mike.the.Spike11/25/10Gobble! Gobble! Gobble! 
shrek11/13/10First ride on Paragon. Good 
shrek11/07/10single speed 
RollnStone10/29/10First time in a long time that I was able to ride all the downhills without hikers. Only saw a few bikes and hikers near the start. 
Mike.the.Spike09/16/10Great climbing, weather was cool. 
RollnStone09/11/10More hikers than bikers. Started to get hot by 10am. 
xcShane09/04/10Nice to do something different.... 
Mike.the.Spike08/30/10Finally cool weather, nice riding with the group of six all morning. Can't wait to get out again. 
davidB.08/29/10winter is here. slept in, got started around 11am, finished at 1pm under cool clear skies. 
RollnStone05/01/10Lots of bikes out this morning. Too many hikers and dogs on A-Line. Could only bomb the last portion. 
davidB.04/30/10windy out there today, felt meh. 
xhuskr04/26/10Been a LONG time since I've done this loop...slipped offline climbing Rattlesnake, but otherwise a great day to be on the bike. 
davidB.04/17/10showed another rider the newly groomed cow trail, met with some other for the rest of the trails for a social loop. 
RollnStone04/11/10Much of the fire-road sections are now growing into single tracks. Cow Trail has been nicely brushed. 
davidB.03/25/10felt great. my time showed that. 
GeoRob03/23/10Watch out for rattlesnakes! 
davidB.03/10/10felt great, dirt was great, knocked 10min off my fastest time. 
spicolli197602/18/10Great morning ride. Lots of really fun stuff at Turnbull. 
REH01/10/10didnt get enough on saturday,so we rode it again on sunday. lotta fun.love the single track. 
REH01/09/10my 1st time out,what a fun ride.I enjoyed it so much i may be back tomarrow.has a little of every thing to offer. 
davidB.12/29/09Had the best time out there with fresh legs, cool weather, great trail conditions. Stopped once I think doing this route the exact way it's posted. 
Mike.the.Spike11/30/09Went with a large group of 9 riders nd we just spent the whole day at Turnbull. A great way to work off the pumpkin pie and ice cream! 
RollnStone11/14/09Its always a good ride when you can clean the Great Wall. 
RollnStone11/08/09Took some alternate trails instead of the 7th ave loop. Cow Trail and A-Line are very fast right now. 
RollnStone10/30/09A little cold this morning. Trails are in great shape, good traction on all the downhills. Good views of Catalina and Downtown LA. 
coreswest07/28/09O K , rode with Summitdude. He kicked my arse today. Nice job brotha ! 
summitdude07/27/09Rod with Mat and Steve, Hotter than Sh*t today 
RollnStone07/18/09Hot and dusty. Too many trail runners and hikers. 
Gerry Lattimer05/27/09Lots of fun singletrack on this late afternoon ride with Tim. 
summitdude04/25/09Started with 11 finish with 5 great ride with a bunch of new guys 
Byron B04/25/09two clubs joined together, Hogs and the Saturday Club, total of 11 riders. thank god for no major accidents today (or bike issues) On a different note, local Sheriff mention a girl never made it home yesterday from her ride there, best of wishes for her safety return. trail is well worth the drive if you're considering it 
davidB.04/13/09The huge STR ride I organized 
OTHRIDER04/11/09A GREAT time with the STR crew 
xhuskr04/11/09STR huge group ride with plenty of regroupings for 'beverages' to hydrate! 
Skraxle04/10/09First ride after my ER encounter. feels better outdoor... 
xhuskr04/08/09Shrek's 2nd return to dirt and he did awesome! Great day out...first time back here in about a year! 
shrek04/08/09Great ride. Even made it up the Great Wall. Thanks Kevin Good riding. 
RollnStone04/07/09Cold morning but warmed up fast on the initial climb. Cow Trail has been weed-wacked and is in great shape. 
RollnStone03/22/09I would have rather been riding the Rwanda Ride, but already had other plans for that morning. Good conditions. Cow Path has been brushed in many sections. The tall grass is growing across the trail in some of the slower sections. 7th Ave side is hardpack and fast. Caution - There is a washout on the Firends Singletrack (at the very end). 
Mike.the.Spike03/22/09Nice group of 4 riders, two had never been here before and handled the climbing really well. Great ride as usual, love the college singletrack trail and could ride that one all day. 
Mike.the.Spike03/12/09Just finished as the sun was setting, really got chilly as the sun dipped down. Looked like some great trail maintenance work had been done, thanks to those who did the work. It's my time to volunteer any day now. 
Shine02/28/09Perfect conditions, not too many riders, no crashes, & great company. 
Skraxle02/20/09trail is good conditon: College trail - some ruts in the beginning. Rattle Snake - theres a big puddle at the bottom. A-Trail to friends street - Closed due to water tank spills. take trail to the right towards Greeleaf to do the loop. 
Skraxle01/21/09Nice california Weather....yohoo! 
summitdude01/17/09another great ride with Mat 
coreswest01/17/09Great ride with my buddy Pete. Goes all over the Whittier mountains. GPS worked out really good for this ride. 
Mike.the.Spike01/11/09Went with triathlete today but for them, mountain biking not that often, did well though. Had a party of 5 and enjoyed the uphill grinds. 
Mike.the.Spike12/31/08Rode with a small group of four riders today. Perfect weather and had a great time. 
Skraxle12/10/08this was a nice day to ride! 
RollnStone11/09/08Great views and not too windy in the canyons. Met a local rider, Don, and rode a half hour with him. 
Skraxle11/06/08Trail was nice, we needed that little rain, breeze was good too, it's starts to get dark early needs lights if you start around 4. Somebody did a good job on maintaining the college trail, kudos! gonna ride again tomorrow. 
summitdude10/08/08Broke my chain, had to walk and use the bike as a skateboard to finish the loop. Thanks to Robert at Jax, he put on a new chain so I can do the fullerton loop after ward 
RollnStone10/05/08Just enough moisture for good traction and no dust. Decents were very fast. Ride it before it dries! 
RollnStone09/19/08A fun adventure.Saw a copter flying low by CowTrail, either he was checking out the area or looking for a Mass Murderer.Came around a sharp turn, almost ran into 2 deer. Chased the buck about 100 yards up the trail.Descending back to Rattlesnake I flatted on the switchbacks.A stick the size of a pencil went straight into the rear tire.Patched it then was stung by a wasp/bee climbing Rattlesnake.Another copter followed me down Friends ST.Hit a fresh pile of dog crap which flew everywhere. 
davidB.09/04/08after cow trail didn't climb out via rattlesnake though, took the road around 
JCampbell06/15/08Fun STR Ride... though we broke away early to do this longer route. 
SprocketHead06/15/08Got to ride with Jeff today. Nice Rogue! 
FREEKENGO06/08/08My legs weren't just there to push it. Got through it nonetheless. 
xcShane06/07/08Working it with freekengo 
shrek05/31/08Made it up all the climbs even great wall! 
RollnStone05/31/08Trails are firm and fast now. Most of the loose sand is gone (for a while anyway). Cow Trail was brushed so no more bush wacking. 
RollnStone05/10/08Cool morning ride. Thousands of monarch butterflys lined the trails south of Turnbull Cyn Rd. They sprang up out of the plants as I rode by. Saw a small bobcat on the way down 7th Ave. 
shrek05/04/0817:27 top of Turnbull 23min seventh ave. 57 top of Fiona. Felt good today even after 3:30 ride yesterday. 
RollnStone04/27/08Early morning ride. Lots of snakes out. Going to be a hot one today. 
Skraxle04/15/08Ride with Mt Dew and Bike boy...rattle snakes are out now! watch out! 
shrek04/13/08First lap, felt good but boy is cow trail overgrown. It's loose on 7th avenue too. 
xhuskr04/13/08First lap along with Shrek and YES...very overgrown....lots of hiding places for critters! 
Aus Rotten04/12/08Cross bike, 1:24:56. I'm done with turnbull for a long while I was out there all week, Its overgrown, loose and hot. 
mt dew04/12/08Started today around 11 am and it soon heated up nicely. Good ride with Skraxle, bikeboy and pastor rider. 
mt dew04/11/08Good, warm ride with ScottV today. Also met Skraxle up on the hill. 
scott v04/11/08I hate the heat and dry air. I felt like it was my first time on a bike. 
Aus Rotten04/07/08Cross bike 
Skraxle03/22/08Nice day to ride..meet some horse riders and couple of MTB riders. John, Carlos and Ruben. It was a good ride guys. 
shrek03/09/08Felt good today after yesterday's same route ride. Good job Kevin you kicked it even though you were tired. I love my bike! 
xhuskr03/09/08Shrek schooled me today and I wanted to take short cuts back to the car on more than one occasion, but he pushed me. Saw a bobcat cub coming up the 7th ave climb...was a bit nervous of pedaling away with my back to it...so I stuck around for a minute...just to make sure. Nice to see nature out and about. Tomorrow = rest! 
shrek03/08/08Hey Kevin, I Love My Bike!!!!!! 
FREEKENGO03/01/08fun ride. Misty at times 
xcShane03/01/08Varied but essentially the same 
Skraxle02/18/08Happy birthday ride for bikeboy! 
SprocketHead02/09/08Quick training ride with George and Ann. Saw Mario out there also. 
SlowSpokes02/09/08First ride on the Superlight. 
RollnStone01/11/08Modified the route to stay out of the muddy areas. Cow Trail was in good shape. Was looking for a way over to Sycamore Canyon for some extra credit. 
Aus Rotten01/04/08Dirt part of ride. was able to get the ride in right after a night shift and before the rain. I did the south trail backwards. (I forgot my Garmin) 
RollnStone01/03/08Some minor trail work has been done. One section of the climb up to Turnbull Canyon Road has been "ribbon'ed off" near the burn area, probably due to the expected rain and mud slides. 
mt dew12/26/07VERY cold and windy, not a soul out tonight. 
RollnStone12/23/07Was 10 minutes faster on this route than yesterday but I felt like I had no energy after the first hour. 
RollnStone12/22/07It took me a long time to warm up this morning. The trails are still a little soft in spots, especially on the 7th Avenue Loop side. 
RollnStone12/14/07Nice tacky conditions. Ride it before it drys out. 
mt dew12/09/07Beautiful day able to see forever in all four directions from the water tank. trail still a little muddy in spots. 
RollnStone11/23/07Slow and easy ride. 
shrek11/22/07Rode by myself and still had fun. Can that be possible? Not by the standards of fun as defined by the king of fun donkey. 
xhuskr11/22/07over 1k miles with this ride for the year!! AND I cleaned the Great Wall! fun time, but almost killed my fellow rider with the climbing...great weather to make room for the Turkey!! 
bluerider111/17/07It was a nice ride. Took some extra miles gand went to Rio Hondo Academy backlot and back to the whittier side. Lots of climbing. 
RollnStone11/17/07Added some extra credit. 
quad damage11/12/07Thanks a ton to Alex for showing our group around. Pretty fun ride in an area you wouldn't expect to find good trails. 
A bit more technical11/10/07First loop with the usual gang and a lot of other guys. Thanks to Alex for showing us the route! 
Winger11/10/07We had a really great time on this loop. I was expecting something like the Fullerton Loop, but it was nothing like that. The climbs were steep enough to be challenging, and the descents flowed really well. I'd definitely go back again. Thanks to MtnDew for being the tour guide. 
ThinkFast11/10/07Route 1 of 3 for the day. Great ride with a big group. Thanks Mt Dew for showing us around, too bad you didn't have time to finish the last part. 
Hermit11/10/07These are some great trails. It was very nice meeting everyone. We had a pretty big group - all good guys. Thanks, Mt. Dew, for guiding the way. 
Bruin10/29/07A hidden gem of a ride in the middle of nowhere. To minimize repeating the same real-estate, I recommend going LEFT at Waypoint #30 up to the water tank. A fast downhill (down the 3-bitches) rejoins you with Waypoint #31. 
mt dew10/29/07perfect day, good ride w/scottv. 
scott v10/29/07Riding my old bike, no riding the last week and trying to keep up with mt dew = a tiring morning. Fun ride though. 
RollnStone10/14/07Tacky conditions. Enjoy the high speed singletracks before they turn to dust again. 
bluerider109/27/07It was nice and packed due to the past rainy days. It was warm on the Whittier side. 
Aus Rotten09/12/07Plus 11 miles each way from my house 
Aus Rotten08/31/07Plus 11 miles each way from home. Crossbike HOT 
RollnStone08/25/07First ride in the area since the fire. Most of the burn area is on the south-east side of the road. All the trails were open. They bulldozed the free-ride section of Rattlesnake again. All of the wooden stunts are gone. Rattlesnake itself has some bulldozer tracks on the outer edges but is still in its usual shape (loose but fast). 
RollnStone08/12/07Saw 3 deer, not out in the wilderness but in the front yard of a house on Beverly. 
bluerider108/04/07Good ride til Bernie had a spill at the end of the 7th ave loop. He cahrged on like a champ til we finished the whole route ( although he was bleeding ). Surprisingly that he went faster the spill. Good job, Brother. 
bluerider107/27/07THe switchbacks were groomed up and down 7th ave. It was hot on the way back from turnbull to beverly. 
shrek07/22/07Made it up great wall again two days in a row. Tommorrow going for three. 
RollnStone05/27/07SLow ride. No energy on the climbs. 
RollnStone05/19/07Overcast morning. All of the climbs are loose from grading a while ago, but all of the singletracks are holding up very well. 
jekyllrider05/14/07First time here. Great ride! 
xhuskr05/03/07Wow....the trails were overly chewed up recently. Still a good training ride and saw some nice wildlife jumping across the trail. 
NO GO04/22/07Watch out for the 2nd downhill 
mt dew04/17/07one of those days, all was well. could not feel my legs or back and was able to take 3 min off of my fastest time. 
mt dew03/31/07beautiful day, good ride with pastorrider, scott v and a non geo buddy. 
scott v03/31/07Good morning ride with Mt.Dew, pastor rider and David. Single track section are fun. 
cjwally02/11/07Great SS ride with SpeedJunkie. Cleaned a few more tricky sections this time on stunts on side of trail. 
ericfoltz02/01/07Nice route. I always like it when trails are designed to get a little air under your tires. 
ericfoltz02/01/07Nice route. Good climbs and some fun downhills. 
trailking@cox.net01/30/07Had to repost this ride after I realized I posted the shortest version! Cool place. Will do this ride more often 
cjwally01/28/07What a great place. Jammin' and I SS'd it. DH's were great as well as the terrain. I will be going back. 
bjammin01/28/07Great, great ride. I wish this in was my backyard. 
Carlton01/25/07Great training ride. Thanks for the course map. 
Ranger X01/13/07 
xhuskr01/05/07Good ride with vwjames. Didn't feel great, but it was good to be out. Lots of trash left on the trails which made it look ugly. I may bring a trashcan in addition to my camelback to carry trash out. 
shrek12/22/06Tough but good ride with xhuskr. Fiona's a nice climb eh! 
xhuskr12/22/06Nice ride with vwjames. I felt like I left my legs at home, but got thru it and the mud left from the rain. We renamed the 1+ mile fire road climb after the Singletraack. Its an ogre with attitude..........Fionna! Last ride b4 xmas......Merry Xmas georiders! 
xhuskr12/22/06A nice hidden gem just off the freeway with other routes avail for those who want shorter or more technical. Fun climbs with rewarding descents. 
Ranger X12/22/06Great Ride. Beatiful day. Could see the Ocean & Mountains. Took time to enjoy the sceenery (and rest!). 
RollnStone12/03/06First time on this route. Nice single tracks and the climbs aren't too bad. Very windy day today. 
Rocky Mountain11/13/06Loved the grinding switchbacks to start - Amazing single track across the road but didn't like that extra long steep fire road that got me back across the road - Look forward to this route again when in better shape 
smithg09/29/06first ride here -- lots of turns -- the instructions worked well. Excelent ride, three good sections of single track 
smithg09/29/06Great Ride there was some recent grading on the single track going up from Seventh Street so it was loose. Other than that, it is very good ridding and it is close. I will go back... 
mt dew09/13/06many of the trails are being graded which makes for a little bit slower going. beautiful evening. 
ka0t1c0709/10/06There are so many differnet ways to ride this trail. Im suprised I dont see the three Bitches on the map. A must ride. 
mt dew09/05/06hot and beautiful day!! 
ErikMM09/03/06KILLER ROUTE. Air quality sucks. I started/ended @ Beverley instead of Orange. STUDY GOGGLE WELL...lots of potential for screwing up...may take 2 visits, like me, to pull it off correctly. I ended up w/16.2 miles, not 15.6? Could be a calibration issue. 
Terry Best08/29/06Amazing ride with Mt Dew and his father...Great company and excellent riders. I was floored by the amount of singletrack that I experienced on this ride. 1st class trails! 
Terry Best08/29/06What a pleasant surprise! 

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