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Blackstar Canyon - Beeks

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dandrews12/02/20Took a good spill on a corner, ...too much speed, too much gravel, too much front brake, too much dumb. Ouch 
dandrews09/01/20felt good, ss 2.24 
Congo Kid08/08/20SS - perfect temps today. 35 to first grate, 47 to second, 1:09 to gate. Hung out with a couple deputy sheriff's at top until they got a dehydration call near the waterfall turnoff, so I beelined it down ahead of them to avoid the dust. A full fire truck and another vehicle were pulling up to the waterfall turnoff when I got there. 
Congo Kid07/11/20SS - got out late so hot from the get-go. Rode good pace first 2/3rds, but last 1/3rd was tough as heat was an issue. Had to stop to cool down. Garmin registered 97 degrees. Cool at top so enjoyed the breeze and shade and a sandwich. Descent was like hot air from the oven blowing on me. Lots of hikers out too. 
Congo Kid06/13/20SS ride today. Counted 251 hiking people on way up to the turn off for the waterfall and 294 total to Beeks. At least that many on the return as well - thick as flies. I had to park half a mile from the gate; it was crazy crowded. Felt pretty good today with nice temps. 1:36 to first grate and 1:06 to Beeks Gate. Bombed down hill really fast. 
devodoc05/31/20Closing Whiting must have sent everyone to Blackstar - I've never seen it so crowded. Ended up parking in the North 40, haha. Counted over 230 hikers. Guess I was a little bored on the climb in. Great ride, though. 
dandrews05/11/20haven't done that in a while 
Congo Kid02/16/20SS - First good training ride in preparation for THE GOOD DIRT RIDE (fka Rwanda Ride). Cool but sunny so nice up and back. 
dandrews02/14/20Ride with Jimmy. 
dandrews12/16/19windy, but not too bad 
Congo Kid12/01/19Sunny but cool out. Trail was excellent with tons of grip on the downhill. Only a few mudholes but there was an easy way around. Blackstar dries quickly after a big rain. Glad I brought a heavy jacket for the descent. Rode with KJ and a guy from Brea tagged along with us to the top. Did better than I thought. 39 to first grate and 1:19 to gate. Gorgeous views of the snow on all the local mountain ranges. Clear skies and air - saw tons of ships in the harbor sitting offshore. 
dandrews07/30/19a bit warm out there 
dandrews07/16/19good ride 
Auggie05/27/19Half Star . Muddy and packed with hikers. 
Auggie05/24/19Really enjoy starting the weekend with a ride up to Beeks and back. 
dandrews05/03/19Happened to see MTBFiend out on the trail, miss his long and friendly comments on Geo. 
Auggie04/19/19A warm afternoon grind. saw a fat healthy rattler about 3' about 3 or 4 switch backs going up. 
Congo Kid04/06/19SS - Ride 2 of the day. Tough slug up to the top as adding lots of elevation this week on the SS. 38 to first grate and 1:18 to gate. Really slow and running out of energy. Saw 191 hikers just on the way up. Place was crawling with people. Warmed up nice mid-afternoon. Very tired. 
dandrews03/17/19early ride with Charlie and Jimmy, lots of hikers! 
dandrews03/05/19some mud and ruts, but not too bad 
Congo Kid02/16/19Rode Rotwild with KJ. He was on his new gravel bike. More mud than I thought and multiple stops for rest as haven't climbed anything in months. Right before second grate was a mudhole that clogged up my tires and bike. Had to stop and clean a couple pounds of mud off with a stick. Clear and cool on ride up. Wicked breeze and very cold at top. 1:25 to gate. Way out of shape. Dodged tons of people on descent as everybody wanted to be outside today since first clear weekend day in weeks. 
dandrews12/22/181 flat 
dandrews11/26/18slightly easier gear than last time 
Mike.the.Spike04/26/18Lap 1 of 2 
Mike.the.Spike04/26/18Lap 2 of 2 
Congo Kid04/21/18SS - 2nd ride of the day. 1:12 to the gate. Final big training ride for the Rwanda Ride scheduled for next Saturday. Handed out a few Rwanda Ride business cards and asked quite a few folks if they were riding. Warm, but a nice breeze. Front brake pads squealing like a stuck pig on the downhill - gotta replace those ASAP. Took a nice nap when I got home. I'm ready for the 50 miler next week! 
Mike.the.Spike04/04/18Lap 1 of 2. 
Mike.the.Spike04/04/18Lap 2 of 2. 
Congo Kid02/10/18Chilly ride off and on when sun was behind a cloud. Tons of hikers out with their dogs. Never seen so many dogs on the trail. 40 to first grate. 54 to second. 1:20 to Beeks. Cold and windy on the top and on return. Not feeling it today with several stops on the climb up. Slow going. Gotta get in shape! 
dandrews02/01/18pretty good 
Mike.the.Spike01/20/18Great group of 6 today! 
dandrews01/12/18quick ride before dark 
MTB Fiend12/26/17Whew! Made my annual climbing goal. 100 miles straight up. Back on Dec 1st I was questioning if I could meet the goal. I was down by almost 60k feet. I'm kind of a tenacious person who is very much goal-oriented so I had to blitz for it. After today, it's all goal gravy. Past years it was easy to blow past the 100 miles straight up goal, but shifting priorities and a willingness to give up perfectly good riding days for other activities made this year a challenge. Nothing like a nice peaceful Blackstar ride to clear the mind and the soul. Great Ride!! 
MTB Fiend12/22/17Oh man! Killer Blackstar ride. Got out a little early so I could enjoy the sunset and a brew at the top. I knew it was a bit too early and I had to wait for it, but it came, right on time. A bit average, actually. It was cold and breezy to windy at the top, still I waited a bit for the orange glow, never happened. Off I went for the descent, all the while with a nagging feeling I should hang out longer at the top. Sigh... I should have. Back at the truck I witnessed the rocket launch with a great view and got some killer pics. I just can't stop imagining what that must have looked like from Beeks. Wow! Still, it was awesome to see. Just another one of countless Blackstar adventures. Yeah, it was a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/14/17A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a lot of wind. All the wind protected areas were most welcome. Nice to get out with J&S again. Josh joined us too. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/12/17Well, post number 666 for this route did not make for an evil ride at all. In fact, it was really quite peaceful and beautiful the whole route. Funny, I saw Suzanne just as I was leaving, she had to bail out to tend to a work issue. I saw J on his descent just above Art's place. Did not see Hugh until we were back at the trucks. The Thursday crew goes solo on Tuesdays apparently. Terrific twilight ascent, with sensational colors and panoramas of the basin. Could see the plume of smoke from one of the fires, not sure which one really. Enjoyed a beer at the top and then dropped on down in to the dark abyss that is Blackstar. The Fiend felt fantastically stable, not sure why, maybe the tire pressure was just so, maybe I was extra relaxed. Made for a great descent on a ... Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/30/17Nice solo adventure. Very few folks out and conditions were quite favorable for ascending without lights. Downright cold in the lower canyon and HR, but nice once you climb out of the inversion. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/30/17Nice one with J. Old&InTheWay rode with us for most of the first climb. Calvin caught us at Hidden Ranch. Perfect night for no lights on the ascent, cuz' there was virtually nobody out there. Perfectly comfortable above the inversion layers, but down in HR and the lower canyon, well, that's downright cold! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/29/17Leisurely pace with Josh. While not bright, there was plenty of ambient light to climb without lights. Very few folks out tonight. Getting chilly enough to bust out the winter gear for real. Great Ride! 
Congo Kid11/23/17SS - Early afternoon ride on this Thanksgiving day. Very hot till just past 1st grate, then started to cool off. Only saw 3 guys on bikes and just a few hikers. Everyone must have been getting ready for a big turkey dinner. New SS and felt the 32 X 22 difference from my old SS at 30 X 22. Burned in the front brake pads on the descent so slowed often coming back. 
GoneRiding11/20/17Haven't done a ride at Blackstar in a long time. Not a big fan of riding out there solo, especially at night. Some hikers heading out as I was heading in and just a few riders on their way out. Didn't see anybody else after 4 miles in until I was almost back down at the bottom. Couple of a small groups of riders starting to head up. 
MTB Fiend11/16/17Nice casual ride with J. Again, no lights for the climb, seemed brighter out tonight, but colder. At one point I commented on how empty it was out tonight, but from the top we could see an endless stream of lights, and I do mean endless. Super large group out there tonight, they definitely owned the place. Made me glad I was descending as they were ascending. Whoever sweeps that group tonight is going to have lungs full of dust. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/15/17Pretty sweet solo ride. Lots of folks out there but I managed to stay in between all that. Rode in stealth mode most of the way up. No lights on the climbs but I ran them descending and in Hidden Ranch because I like to look for critters in the hills. No critters tonight. Super warm at the top, shoulda/woulda/coulda kept going to Sierra Peak. Next time. Great to see DZ out there. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/09/17Lots of other lights out there tonight as night riding season begins again. Not as cold as I had anticipated. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/07/17Best sunset this year! Incredible twilight tonight on an almost empty trail. Sensational! Great conversation made it an easy climb too. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/02/17Sensational sunset twilight ascent. Caught it all on the first ascent. Moonlight peeking through the clouds was classic Fall, and bright enough for a sans lights ascent. Felt good. Choked on the dust of the "fast kids". Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend10/26/17Wow! Another fabulous twilight climb, simply gorgeous. Twinkling lights all across the LA basin and out in the IE were beautiful too. Enjoyed a brewski at Beeks, then slipped into the dark abyss that is Hidden Ranch. Blackstar rarely disappoints. Great Ride! 
dandrews10/26/17night ride 
MTB Fiend10/25/17Whew! What a difference a day makes. Real nice out there this evening but not quite the dramatic twilight as yesterday. Actually was a bit chilly in Hidden Ranch, on the climb! Warmed up again as I climbed out, as it always does. On a tight schedule so did not stay long at the top, zipped on down and out. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend10/24/17Sensational and stunning twilight ride, really quite beautiful. Unfortunately, I was feeling quite poorly for nearly the entire ride. By the time we had descended and were out on blacktop I could barely pedal hard enough to keep the bike upright. Still, because of the outstanding twilight and good company it was a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend10/19/17Twas' a dark, foggy and froggy night. Pleasant ride with my buddies. At the top, the foggy clouds were rolling in making for one of those really cool descents. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend10/17/17Sensational sunset evening ride. Only a few other folks out. Finished up just in time to watch the ISS flyover. Great Ride! 
dandrews10/14/17Surprised, no other riders. Pedal came off the spindle, then binding, had to stop on descent. 
MTB Fiend10/05/17Nice to be out on Blackstar again, our normal Thursday night ride. I could not find any power and just pedaled along, way in the back. Peaceful. Another classic Blackstar sunset! Beautiful. Great Ride! 
dandrews10/03/17snuck this in before dark 
MTB Fiend09/14/17I like this route, think I'll add it to my To Do list. Good times with a larger group today, made for a most enjoyable social ride. Plus I rolled along with Old&InTheWay for a bit, nice to chat and catch up on his adventures. Also met Maurice out there, his 3rd time up BS. Finished just after dark, I had a light but never felt I needed it. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend09/11/17650! That's alot of BS folks! Evening solo ride. Had the place all too myself. And a fantastic sunset to boot! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend09/07/17Another fun BS ride. Hugh, towing little 1 year old Zoe, still crushed us all. Amazing how much more comfortable BS is when I added a little energy mix to my water. Nice, casual, critter cruising descent with Josh. No critters. Finished after dark, damn near got hit by a fast car outside the gate. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/31/17Simply the best BS ride of the year! Light rain started the moment we hit dirt and got heavier from there, but it was so cool to see! Rain reflecting in the afternoon light, all the rocks shiny and clean. And the rainbows, double rainbows, everywhere! Wonderful smells a aplenty too. Rain completely stopped by the time we got to the Hidden Ranch overlook. From there to Beeks the trail was a bit crusty, but dry. Winds were swirling and sometimes strong gusts would either help or hinder. Everything was great on the descent until we got back to the HR overlook, there it had continued raining, apparently, and the infamous BS slick mud caught us. Josh and I seemed to do OK. I saw Jason do a controlled/uncontrolled slide for 30 yards before his wheel locked up from caked mud. Suzanne and Steve also locked up. After that short, sloppy section the trail was fine and dry again. But the damage was done in aces and I had to hose the bike down real good at home. Great Adventurous Sensational Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/30/17Nice to get out on the bike again, I have not ridden since Friday and getting back from Oregon. Late start with J, Steve and Josh. Unfortunately, and I don't know why, never even thought to bring along a light. Made it to Beeks and Rumpled's end of summer gathering just as the sunset finished. Could not hang around long as we had no lights. Josh and I bailed and enjoyed a slower but moon shadow filled descent. Great Ride! 
mtbfan08/24/17First ride back on Home Turf after amazing riding in Flagstaff and Park City. It is so green everywhere else. We need RAIN! 
dandrews08/21/17night ride 
MTB Fiend08/10/17If it's Thursday, this must be Blackstar. Slow-roller today just was not feeling powerful at all. And in the end, just 100 yards from the lower gate, I bonked hard and struggled the last mile back to the truck. Maybe I should consider eating some lunch or something. Nonetheless, good times with my pals, J&S. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/03/17Thursday evening ride, this time just the guys. Much more comfortable out tonight, nature's air conditioning was back on high. We hung at the gate and enjoyed the cool down. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/02/17Unlike yesterday, today's ride was low on adventure, high on slog. Not surprisingly, it was hot and mugly. Nature's A/C was on low and did not even kick in until mid-way into the 2nd climb. Luckily the bugs were almost a non-issue, pesky only near the trees in HR. Finally got to the top and it was so anti-climatic I basically turned around and headed on down, enjoying the self-induced cool down. The trail was all crusty crunchy from yesterday's rain, and absolutely no dust. Only a few riders and folks out. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/27/17Been struggling a bit lately on the climb, especially that last 1/2 mile or so. Good conversation about bike tires tonight, and drivetrains. A bit hot on the ascent, sheer bliss on the descent. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/24/17Wonderfully cool weather made BS sound like such a great ride, and it was, but it was not always so wonderfully cool weather. At times it was miserably humid and the bugs a bit more persistent. At the top, I was soaking wet and concerned about a cold descent. That's right, a cold descent in the middle of Summer. Ok, so it was not a cold descent but it was downright chilly. Rode with a friend I don't know as well as I should and we had a great conversation about bike packing and touring, as I told him about my upcoming bike touring trip to Oregon for the Solar Eclipse. Thanks Keith! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/16/17Much larger aspirations for the day, but life and commitments can get in the way. Was not hot, but no breezes, surprisingly few bugs. No worries, had the place all to myself. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/13/17Social ride with J&S and G&K, plus 1. Everything was great, that is until I started to bonk just 1 mile from the top. After that it was all tenacity to keep pedaling. The descent was quite the social scene. It was a beautiful evening to be sure. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/11/17So much to do, so little time. Later than normal start, but still plenty of time. Felt a bit crowded out there today. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/09/17Nice, peaceful, evening ride. Just a handful of other riders, all doing their own thing. Nice and cool with plenty of nature's air conditioning blowing to keep the bugs at bay. Beautiful forever views had me thinking of heading out to Sierra Peak, but it has been a busy, active weekend and I was feeling the effects and opted to do the responsible thing and head on home for a good night's rest. Great Ride! 
dandrews07/08/17night ride, nice and cool 
MTB Fiend07/06/17Nice, casual ride with my 2 besties, J&S. Despite no cool breezes it felt cooler than the past few days and there were virtually no bugs, and almost no other riders too. Still, I was hungry and tired and kind of glad when we were done. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/04/17J&S could not make it, but I could! Keep the tradition strong, I say. Got a later start, expecting to reach Beeks just after sunset, and I did. On the ascent, I saw what looked to be a mini-Gila Monster, right at the first cattle gate. Seen that before, need to look it up. Rode the Jet since it runs patriotic colors. Kind of a mistake since it developed a nasty squawk after yesterdays stream crossing into sand extravangaza. That's when I discovered I must have lost my mini tool I had been carrying in the fanny pack. Doh! Rode up to the "Ball" instead of Sierra Peak. Almost as good, plus I could see South OC fireworks, as well as, you know, the entire LA basin! About midway thru, Old & in The Way rolled up (the only other MTB'r out there tonight). As we are gazing upon hundreds of fireworks shows, we saw a meteor streak downward. Nature, besting the fireworks! Beautiful night out there. Nature, dinner, a sunset, and fireworks. Now, that's a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/29/17Real nice out there this evening, only the smallest handful of riders. J&S on the tandem tuckered out at HR, Steve and I continued on. Downright chilly on the descent. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/27/17Surprisingly few folks out on such a sensational evening ride. Nature's air conditioning was the perfect temp. Air quality even seemed a bit clearer over the LA basin. With all that goodness going on, I still turned around at Beeks. I planned on Sierra Peak, but on the way up I got in my head all the things I needed to do before the day was done, and my chain was complaining it was a bit dry, so, with the sun in my eyes, I called it a short ride. Nonetheless it was a... Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/21/17Nice solstice sunset from the top. Large turnout for Rumpled's callout for paganism. Apparently there are a lot of pagan MTB'rs. Really comfortable at the top, I was a bit concerned it would be a cold nighttime descent, but once out of HR it was downright warm again. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/21/17Fantastic evening for a ride! Excellent cool down temps, nature's A/C on high. Which then makes it not so surprising that it was a good evening for critter cruising too. Spooked a pair of Deer in Hidden Ranch on the ascent. Then on the descent just as I dropped in to HR a Fox ran out in front of me. He looked odd, like maybe his tail was broken or something? Which may be so as he obviously has an affinity for darting in front of bicycle wheels. And so it goes on another cool evening out at Blackstar. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/15/17Aaaaahhhh... finally, some weather a guy can really appreciate! And out on Blackstar, pure bliss with nature's air conditioning. (Caught me a chill in Hidden Ranch on the descent). Very few other riders out and all were folks I did not recognize, but some I would like to. Solo this evening, missed my buddies J&S, and Josh too, but did appreciate the pace the tunes were laying down. BS never disappoints, saw what appeared to be a bowling ball-sized cluster/swarm of Bee's on the side of the trail, just above Art's place. Bizarre. And so it goes that we can call this a... Great Ride! eh? 
MTB Fiend06/01/17Ruh roh! Bunch of hammerheads showed up for tonight's BS ride. Things started out tame but eventually the pace beat me down. Fun to ride with J&S on the tandem. Hoping for warm sunny days ahead. Great Ride! 
dandrews06/01/17Great evening ride, lots of riders enjoying it. 
MTB Fiend05/25/17Fun times with J&S on the tandem, and Josh out front. And Blackstar never disappoints, never. This evenings entertainment? Hiker dressed in cosplay. I am told it was "Yoshi", although it was suggested "Puff the Magic Dragon" may be fitting too. I'm old, I don't get it... the cosplay bit. Not a lot of folks out tonight as BS was cold and gloomy for the most part. Fun stuff, I say. Great Ride! (I say that too). 
MTB Fiend05/20/17Fabulous evening ride. Only the smallest handful of other riders and sensational temps. Legs were dead after yesterdays Tour of California climbfest. Very nice out there this evening, I'll have to do that again some time. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend05/11/17Yup! Another Great Ride with J&S and Josh. Smallest of handfuls of other riders out. Superbly peaceful. J and Josh descended the singletracks, Josh's first time. Not for me, I prefer the flow of the BS descent, which is in excellent condition, most places. Nice to be on the bike again, been almost a week, hating the gloomy days. Great Ride! 
devodoc05/09/17Bikers, and Hikers, and Dogs, oh my! Wait, this is Tuesday morning, right? Don't think I've ever seen BS so crowded. Don't think I've ever seen the trail so smooth either. Great weather - sun was out when I launched but by the time I got to the top it was socked in and pretty cool out. Had to put my arm warmers back on for the decent. Lots o' fun... 
MTB Fiend05/04/17Ahhhh... so good to be back out on Blackstar, my old friend. Needed it to, staring down a moral dilemma and need to sort some things out. Rode with J&S on their new to them Tandem. They crushed it of course. Oh yeah, Josh was there and Hugh chased us down. Got a little chilly toward the end there. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend04/20/17Nice one with J&S. Slow roll up, screaming fast descent. Good times! Great Ride! 
dandrews04/20/171 flat 
Shigalert04/15/17First time to the gate in a while. Never seen the trail so smooth. Just took my time enjoying the peace and quiet and great views. 
MTB Fiend04/13/17How is it that the "slow ride" turns out to be 10 min faster than our usual time? Throw in 2 SingleSpeeds and that's what you get! Totally cool ride, weather-wise, and cool factor wise too. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend04/01/17Took a chance on a relatively rare, for me, AM ride. Oh yeah, it was plenty crowded all right. After the Falls TH it thinned out nicely and was a very pleasant climb. Thought about going longer and probably should have, but did not. An uneventful descent until I got flagged down by a hiker at the Falls TH. A hiker had fallen and sprained or broke his foot and was limping out in pretty evident discomfort. I lent him my bike and started walking. Not sure if it was the smartest thing to do, but seemed appropriate at the time. Got quite a few strange looks as I was clearly dressed for riding, hiking in my helmet, gloves and shoes, etc. Thanks to mtbfan for rolling my bike back to me, saved me some asphalt walking. It's the code of the trail and it extends to hikers. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend03/31/17Totally lucked out when I noticed as I was loading the bike and gear - umm.. it's getting cold and cloudy out. And it got colder and cloudier out on BS. Glad I was properly geared up. Another fine climb with J&S, and now Josh. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend03/18/17Super relaxing, peaceful afternoon ascent. When I started off I envisioned Sierra Peak. Wait, no, better than that, Pleasants Peak! But by the end of it all, I was happy with just Beeks. Blackstar has been "fixed" again. They did a good job and it is not particularly too soft or anything, but is definitely, meh, blase. Just as I thought, to fill in the fallen areas they just carve deeper in to the uphill side and push dirt over the fallen side. So there is little reason not to use the same technique on North Ridge in CHSP. Twas' a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend03/09/17Another real nice twilight ride. I was feeling sluggish, but got stronger after HR. Rode the Phantom, its first ride up BS. Super cool sunset action on the descent. Great Ride! 
randalnelson03/02/17OC Bike Garage Wednesday Night Ride. Cory,Parker,Jason,Tatsu and the twins. Little windy and cold at the top,great views. Nice night for a ride 
MTB Fiend03/02/17Pleasantly paced pedaling pacifies. Delightful twilight slow-roller with J&S. Stunningly beautiful out there, at one point it was a pink ocean. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend02/23/17No surprise, it was cold out there this evening. Still, a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend02/16/17Nice one with J and first-timer, Josh. Damned fine twilight for it too. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend02/09/17Chatted with Old&InTheWay in the parking for a bit. Then a very pleasant twilight climb, watched the Full Moon rise as I rolled to the gate just at sunset. And that's when I discovered I had forgotten my light. At least there was that Full Moon shining brightly, kind of, when it was not obscured by clouds. I made quick work of the descent to HR and was bummed not to see any critters as I climbed out. Made it to the lower canyon where it was getting dark for real, but just enough light to maneuver around the muddy spots. Great Ride! 
Mike.the.Spike02/04/17Group of 6 today. One more rain storm and that fire road up top is going to cave in and be gone. 
MTB Fiend02/02/17Another nice one, just can't get enough of these perfect twilight rides. Funny how it looks and feels like I'm laying down a fast pace, and then the last 1/3 of a mile eats it all up. 3 days in a row and I'm within 45 seconds, tree farm to upper gate each day. Sunset was a major dud, but that's how it goes sometimes. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend02/01/17Almost a carbon copy of yesterday's ride, except had the entire climb all too myself. Very peaceful out there. The massive Eucalyptus tree that blew over in Hidden Ranch would have squashed the former house there. That's one big tree to blow over. Sure is nice having Blackstar back, just feels, natural. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend01/31/17How sweet it is! Finally enough daylight to get in some awesome twilight climbs on Blackstar. Hung out at the top for a bit and enjoyed the sunset and then the race was on! I easily made it to the lower canyon without a light, even after stopping and removing debris from the trail in Hidden Ranch. Never really did need the light, although it was dark by the time I reached the gate. I used the flasher so the maniacs on Blackstar Rd would see me before they run me down. Or wait... ?? did I get that right? Well, anyway, stoked to be able to be back out on BS for twilight rides! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/26/16Nice afternoon adventure. Parking was crowded and lots of friendly hikers out enjoying the day. Windy and cold just about the whole time, but I was prepared. Tried to peek around the corner to Beeks but was literally turned back by the wind. Forever views! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/20/16These are the days! Simply gorgeous out on Blackstar this afternoon. Started out all summer like, but true to BS it got a bit chilly and windy at the top. Almost crystal clear, but with fantastic clouds funneling over the basin. Sensational! Ruts are more pronounced now. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/11/16Had high hopes of going further, bag at least 1 peak or something. I felt strong enough but I just was not up to the cold breeze up on the ridges and opted to bail out instead. Probably a bad idea, because I'm already home and posting my ride. First time riding the Phantom on Blackstar. Nonetheless it was a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/17/16Another beautiful twilight climb. Did the first climb with Steve (OTW), then we set off for our own adventures. Newsflash! Cold and windy at Beeks. That might explain why there was only the smallest handful of riders out there tonight. With the right equipment, it's just not that bad. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/14/16Real nice out there tonight. Super Moon finally showed up just as we got above Hidden Ranch. Spectacular! Temps were great for climbing, plenty of brightness to ascend. Truly one of the nicest nights ever at Beeks, so clear, twinkly, and warm too. J is the only one to go purist; no lights up, no lights down. That's the only way I could beat him on the descent. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/13/16Chores, chores and chores, even though the chores are themselves somewhat enjoyable my mind wandered toward Sierra Peak all day. Alas, like some many other things in life, it was not to be, today. But I did manage to get in this terrific twilight ride. A bit on the chilly side descending Hidden Ranch, but no bugs is a delight. Rumors of a "Super Moon" may draw me back out tomorrow night too! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/10/16Fabulous twilight climb all to myself. Hung out at the top and enjoyed the beautiful twinkling lights. Soon enough dozens of MTB lights started to appear on the horizon and I knew my own private Idaho was about to be invaded. Time to go! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend10/31/16This was the ride for folks who will do anything to get out of handing out Trick or Treat candy. I'd much rather go pedaling off into the dark on a fabled ghostly road (there are no ghosts) with my buddies! Any day, really. There was a big group out there celebrating Halloween with a BS ride. Nice night, a bit chilly but not frigid cold, very dark, fitting. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend10/27/16Yet another good one with J. Humorous VQ/CC stories kept the climbs in check. Caught what was promising to be a spectacular sunset but turned into a dud. No complaints though, great temps, great weather, great company = Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend10/20/16As slow as I was on the ascent, I was surprised when we caught the last 2 min of sunset. For a short while there we were totally awash in the orange hue of the setting sun. Awesome! A spirited descent meant we never needed lights, partially because J and I are well trained to riding in very low light conditions. Crossed paths with quite a few riders on their ascent. Nice to get back to the truck and not be devoured by mosquitoes. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend10/06/16Did much better than last time, for sure. Good ride with J, who was patient with my pace as usual. Won't be long until we'll be needing lights again, then winter gear. The beat goes on, eh? Great Ride! 
dandrews10/05/16on the climb, exactly 1 second faster than last time, ...so, all that training has not gone to waste. :) 
MTB Fiend09/29/16Some days you got it, some you don't. This was a don't day. Could be because I was already riding at 5am after dropping my truck off for service. Or it could be I already rode to pick up my truck then had to rush to get to BS on time for the ride. Once on the trail it was clear I was lagging and dragging. First time in a VERY long time I did not make it to the top gate, I just did not have it. I was slowly losing power and strength, well maybe not so slowly. 90% rule, made it just within 90% and then called it quits. After a good long rest the others dropped back down to me and we took off for a spirited descent, dusty too. I finally bonked for good out on the pavement. Nonetheless it was a... Great Ride! 
Mike.the.Spike09/24/16Nice slow group ride. 
MTB Fiend09/04/16#600 and the legacy continues. Nice mid-morning cruise to Beeks. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/25/16Suxanne's Birthday Ride! Just as I was loading the Fiend on the rack, I discovered another broken spoke. Wah Wah Wah. So, I brought along the original party bike - Thriller! Ruh Roh! Big group of some of the fastest riders in OC. The others were on some kind of other bike. I could not keep up. But this was #599 so I was undaunted. Kind of cool out there tonight, had to don the ultralight windbreaker. Happy Birthday Suzanne! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/24/16My legs were feeling it from the start, but I pressed on. Finally, just past the first cattle guard, I started feeling better and the rest of the climbing was dandy. View was completely subdued by smoke, haze, and other gork. Descent was smooth and fast. Pleased the new drivetrain is working smooth and fast too. Much quieter too. Great Ride! 
FRANCHI08/20/16I took a coworker to Blackstar (in the night) because he wanted to try MTB. This was his first mountain bike ride ever. I thought he will be done by the end of the flat section. I was wrong. He was able to get to Beeks in 1 hour and 45 mins. Amazing!! 
MTB Fiend08/11/16Dubbed the "mellow" ride on BS, and so it was. Real good time with J&S, a captive audience that listened to my stories. Great Ride! 
dandrews08/11/16Just before dark to the top, used the lights on the way down. 
MTB Fiend08/10/16Nice ascent, felt pretty good, slightly quicker time than past rides lately. All is good until I start climbing out of HR on the descent. Suddenly got hit by some seriously nasty stomach cramps and got a bit worried. About that time I ran in to mtnbikeJ out on his ride. We laughed about my condition and luckily I was able to make it home without incident, but had to suffer a bit. Even with all that, it was a nice afternoon and a ... Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/05/16WooHoo! Fixed my Brothers front brake noise, fixed my rear spoke. Easy Peasy. Had to go out and test my spoke fix, right? I mean, I guess it worked, wheel looks straight to me, but who am I to ask about that? Only a handful of riders. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/27/16Big ambitions faded far too quickly. Natures air conditioning was on high, it was cool and very windy at the top. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/23/16hehe - Here I am just 13 hours later, back on Blackstar. 7am start was nice and cool for the most part, but the problem with AM starts is that it's only going to get hotter, and it did. Got chased right from the start and was able to keep a spirited pace out front all the way to the top. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/22/16Another fantastic Blackstar experience. Fabulous twilight super-solo ride all awash in an ultra-bright orange hue. Not another soul out there, parking lot was empty. Quite the critter cruise, but no critters showed up. Upper gate was open. Hung out at the top until minutes before sunset. Smoke from the fire in ? made for great pics. Wished I had brought lights to continue on out to Sierra Peak. Cool and windy at the top. Gorgeous descent in the waning light. Finished just at dark and damn near got hit by a too fast truck outside the gate. I hate that. Regardless, Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/21/16I don't know the temps felt real nice to me. Started sometime after 5:30 and it was 95 when I parked. But once in the lower canyon shade temps cooled to the upper 80's, throw in a breeze and it was not uncomfortable at all. The climb was almost all shady and slightly breezy, pretty nice actually. At the top it was in the mid 70's and breezy, downright refreshing on the descent. And I had the place all to myself after Hidden Ranch. Just love nature's air conditioner! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/07/16Sadly, J&S could not make it tonight, so I ventured out on my own. More than a few riders out tonight. Here it is the middle of July and it was downright chilly on the descent. Not complaining particularly, just struck me as odd. Great Ride! 
dandrews07/01/16Good ride. ss 2.12 
MTB Fiend06/23/16Never gets easy, does it? Casual ride with J & S tonight, fun descent because I got to lead, and temps were perfecto! Great Ride! 
Mike.the.Spike06/20/16Most ruts filled in and a big thank you to those who repaired this route! 
MTB Fiend06/18/16Nice early AM ride to Beeks and back. Not particularly crowded, real nice out, wished I had more time but errands and the days events beckon. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/16/16Beautiful evening for a BS ride! Forgot my Garmin, thank goodness Hugh and J came back, I was clueless on which way to go without my Garmin to guide me. Only a small handful of folks out. Good times with good friends, that's what makes it a... Great Ride! 
Damon M06/04/161:40 to gate 
MTB Fiend06/03/16Quintessential Blackstar this afternoon. A bit warm on the climb at 94, but a joy at the top at 83, and even more so on the descent at 75. Throw in some breeze and that is what nature's air conditioning is all about. Pretty sweet. Apparently not a lot of folks agree, saw 3 other riders and 2 hikers. Talk about Friday light! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend05/26/16Early start with J. Weather was nice although a bit chilly at the top with the wind and all. I was glad to get a good ride in and still be home relatively early. Great Ride! 
Shigalert05/23/16First post in a while. B* has been bulldozed and sanitized since last time i rode it. Views are still great though. 
MTB Fiend05/19/16Simply delightful evening for a BS ride, that is until I looked back and saw the evil marine layer pushing its way inland. The race was on! Plus, trying to outrun J and Hugh. Could not hold off J and Hugh, but I made it to the top gate mere seconds ahead of the encroaching cloud layer. (At least the cold clouds kept the bugs away). Kind of a chilly descent but I was prepared. And so it is that this was yet another... Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend05/12/16Real nice cruise with J&S. Big contrast from yesterday as I had no power or strength tonight. Nice to run in to Old & in the Way, Steve. Chatted a bit as we suffered together. Despite feeling sluggish it was a... Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend04/24/16Real nice early AM ride. Not too many folks out that early. Temps were brisk until the climb, then things warmed up nicely. Rode thru a swarm of Bees. Did not even know it until I was right in the midst of it. Had to sprint to get out, while flailing my arm around. Amazed! Not a single sting or cling on Bee. Yay! Nice views at the top, too bad I was short on time, it would be a good day for going long. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend04/23/16Really nice and peaceful late afternoon ride. Friday empty. Got out of there and finished before it got downright cloudy and cold. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend04/13/16Beautiful late afternoon ride on Blackstar. Rode with a guy who had never ridden BS before. I was surprised there was still a rider out there who had never ridden BS. I filled him in on the shenanagins of Art Tuttle so he could be prepared in case he encounters Art. Got back to the truck and my iPhone was going off big time! Seems this guy forgot he was supposed to be somewhere else at that moment in time. DOH! Rushed on out of there. Great Ride! 
Mike.the.Spike04/02/16Nice casual paced Saturday ride with group of 4. Saw a gopher snake, it was very large for a gopher snake! 
Buffalo03/30/16Sunday, close to this in milage 
MTB Fiend03/19/16After my volunteer stint at Non-Dot today, I headed out to BS. Lots and lots of hikers, some were quite friendly. Turned into an interrupted climb as I crossed paths with a couple of friends along the way. Suddenly, near the top, I felt the bonk coming on. I foolishly did not attend to it with HammerGel or other, and water is just tasting like toxic waste lately. I should have done something but blew it off. And I paid for that all the way back down, especially the long arduous journey back on pavement. Pretty sure I am still back there, dead. Home, a shower, a beer, and now a burger, all in that order, and I'll be good as new. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend03/03/16Nice twilight climb. Cold at times, and humid too. Actually one of those rare times when it is warmer at the top than it is below. HR on the descent was real cold. Good times with J and Hugh. Great Ride! 
Congo Kid02/27/16After helping with the Harding Time Trial event, headed up in the afternoon to get some climbing in. Hot till mile 3 then cooled off on the climb. 1 stop due to sore butt - need to get my old seat back on the bike - the paper light carbon one isn't worth the weight benefit. 40 to first grate and 54 to second. 1:22 to top. Could have pushed a bit more earlier in the ride - had plenty in the tank at the top. Cool and windy at top so rode with my windbreaker part way down. Starting to feel better and stronger after minimal riding the past few months. 
MTB Fiend02/25/16Aahhh... good ol' Blackstar, and with my buddies J&S, no less. Chasing SS's so I had to gear down a bit but I managed to suffer on through and all. Chatted with Keith and friends at the top about his buddy's e-bike. Pretty cool stuff, might work with the BoB trailer. Hmmmmm... but I digress... Saw the Peacock fanning his feathers for the 2 Pea Hens who were having none of that. Later, we saw a Bobcat perched above us watching the world go by. And just as we were leaving the Frog Concert that is Hidden Ranch, a Frogger passed right in front of me. Good times on Blackstar! Great Ride! 
Mike.the.Spike02/21/16Great ride with FluffyCrash! 
MTB Fiend02/13/16Stoked to get some much needed gardening done, I set off for an afternoon ride, ostensibly to Sierra Peak, but I knew it was not to be. I was a bit overwhelmed by the full parking at the gate and I encountered dozens of hikers, all along the paved section. Ha! After that, a few stragglers, and the smallest handful of MTBr's. Got to the gate and a bit beyond and hung out and enjoyed the views. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend02/12/16Ahhhh... great to be back on BS and riding the Fiend. Fabulous twilight riding at its finest! Critter Cruisin'! Half light, half dark. Late start made even later as I stopped to meet Delilah. Sweet as can be, perky, happy, spirited, just like my beloved Darby. A gorgeous and rare tri-color Brittany. Deep sigh... Had the place to myself, except for one helmetless rider on a circa 90's bike, just finishing Booby as I continued on my ascent. Caught the very last lumens of orange sunset at the top. Sensationally calm and silent, so sweet. Torched up the lights and started my descent with high hopes for critter cruisin'. Nada. However a bit surprised to come up on the kid who was descending Booby. He was struggling with fixing a flat and now it's dark. Helped him out and then told him to ride in front of my lights and be cautious of the ruts. He takes off! I shuttered as he tried to wheel hop the ruts, slamming his rim each time. He made it. Shaking my head. Always an adventure. Great Ride! 
dandrews02/01/16Some mud for 1st couple miles, pretty good otherwise. 
Mike.the.Spike01/30/16Group ride of 4. Jeffie got a new Jeep! 
MTB Fiend01/23/16Nice mid-morning ride. Lots of cars in the parking lot, but very few riders on the trail. I was pressed for time so I did not hang out at the top for long. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend01/10/16Waited and waited for the weather to clear on the Sierra Peak cam. Finally I set out and thought I had totally gamed the system. No other cyclists out there, and the sun came out enough to fool me into thinking about Sierra Peak. Got to Beeks and chilled for a bit. Opted to call it a day and roll on home. Real beautiful out there. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend12/10/15Off the bike for 3 days, for no real reason. Strange, for me. Nice night ride. I was prepared for real cold, but surprisingly, it was pretty nice out there. Saw glowing eyes all over, the place was hopping with wildlife. Got some drizzle on the descent which combined with the dust turns in to cement on the bike. Still, it was a Great Ride! 
trekstorm12/05/15Part lite, part nite and the nite was BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! 
MTB Fiend12/03/15Casual ride with MtnbikeJ. Started out a bit sluggish and found myself in the giant cog too many times. Dropped in to HR and as predicted, it was cold. Felt much more better climbing out of HR and was delighted by the clear views at the top. Per my Garmin it got down to 46 degrees in HR on the descent and in the lower canyon. Cold, yes, but only going to get colder. I guess it's time to break out the real winter gear. Great Ride! 
Old&InTheWay12/03/15Part of the later wave of riders. If 5 is a wave. 36 Degrees in HR. Hands started to hurt had to stop and put on warmer gloves. Very happy to be out there riding. 
Old&InTheWay11/23/15Chilly and dusty, but the almost full moon was high in the clear sky the whole time providing lots of enjoyment. 
MTB Fiend11/22/15Got up early, watched the sunrise and headed off for BS. Nice climb, warmed up comfortably. Got to the top and was treated to fantastic forever clear as can be views of the entire LA basin. Awesome! These are the days not to be missed. Took a few pics, thought about heading out to Sierra Peak but opted to ride later today instead. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/19/15Sweet orange twilight cruisin'! At one point the Doppler was as orange as a Pumpkin (says I, J was not impressed). Made it to the gate on cat-eyes, the best way. I never get enough of that gorgeous view across the LA basin. Damned lucky we are to have this ride. And that is what makes for a... Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/15/15Awoke early, feeling surprisingly good after yesterdays riding. Checked the weather, and believed them, when afternoon rain was predicted. So off I went for an early AM ride, hoping to make it to Sierra Peak. But when I realized I had forgotten my Garmin I lost some motivation. In the lower canyon I came upon some hikers who were hand feeding the Peacock while the little Pea Hens stood warily by. I was pleasantly surprised to have strong climbing legs, even grabbing a lower gear than usual. Between the warm sun and ominous clouds the ascent was quite sensational. Then came the wind which turned in to a perpetual headwind all the way down. All the weather drama was pretty cool and added to the experience. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/12/15First BS night ride of the season. Started out cold, then as we climbed got warmer but windy. Stayed reasonably warm and the winds increased. At the top the city lights were all abuzz and twinkling. The descent was warm enough, even through HR, but once we hit the lower canyon... brrrr.... My descent was dusty as could be. Despite the winds I was choking on J and Hugh's dust big time. Great Ride! 
Damon M10/31/151:45 to top 
MTB Fiend10/29/15Nice easy spin with J. After a golden ascent in the changing light, I reached the gate just about 2 minutes before sunset. The race was on! Picked up Suzanne at the top of HR and now we are three. Stopped to chat with Scott for a bit midway, then back at it. Pretty nice temps out there tonight, no wind. Enjoyin' it while we can! Great Ride! 
Diesel10/24/15Its been over 5 years since I did this ride. Just like I remember it! It burns on the way up and rips on the way down. Good Times!!! 
MTB Fiend10/22/15Much more better experience tonight. Still can't keep up with J and Hugh, but kept my own more better pace. Watched the sunset from the gate, and then the race was on. Figured we would need lights in the lower canyon, but ended up cat eyeing it through, then owl-eyed back to the trucks. Sweet. Pretty good critter count too. First, no bugs! At the start, 2 healthy-looking Coyotes focusing on something 2 Turkey Vultures in a tree thought was interesting too. Later, on the descent J and Hugh ahead of me spooked a Deer in my direction. Oh yeah! and a Tarantula. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend10/15/15Freakin' bugs! They latched on to the slow guy. I sprinted when I could but they always catch up. Swatted all the way up. Shades of Maple Springs. And then! to top it all off! Bonked in the lower canyon descent. (Must have been from swatting all those bugs). Felt it coming on and lost the battle big time on the pavement. Thought about grabbing on to J's jersey for a tow. At the truck the mosquitos were in on the game and wasted no time feasting on the tired and weak. Was glad to get out of there and home to a friendly pumpkin beer. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend10/08/15Nice ride with J. Saw only a few other riders, couple Tarantulas and a Gopher Snake. Pesky gnats on the climb, but it was the mosquitos at the truck that really irritated me. Didn't really suffer but still waiting for it to get easier again. Great Ride! 
Damon M10/03/1543:00 to crossing 1:27 to Top 
MTB Fiend10/01/15Nice ride with Hugh and J. Cool temps, yeah! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend09/28/15Physically, not literally, dragged my a$$ out there today. From the first pedal stroke I knew it was going to be a slog-fest, so I took every opportunity I needed to jump up to the Giant Cog and tough it out. Time to the gate was no longer a factor, only getting to the gate. Head down, good tunes, only 1 other rider out there, eventually I made it. A feat on it's own! Such tenacity and will! Hung out a bit and. freakin' rested. OMG! Descent was OK, but another slog-fest just to roll the pavement back to the truck. This sucks! Thinking I better find a new sport. Not! Great Ride! 
hinds5709/26/15Jen's second ride, I can't believe she made it all the way up to the top of Blackstar. 
OCJenn09/26/15A much harder ride than I thought it would be, but for my 2nd ride only I think I did pretty good. We started late at 9:00 pm and finished at 2:30 am, but spent time at the top looking at the amazing view. Next time I will keep an eye on my HR so my legs don't blow up. :) 
MTB Fiend09/25/15Another great BS ride with J. I was glad his legs were gone, because I was not feeling strong either. I hate to admit it, but the heat is starting to take its toll, I think. At least the nights cool off significantly. The descent was real nice in fact. I think we saw 2 or 3 other riders, place was empty. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend09/25/15Real peaceful out there this evening. Saw 2 descenders and that's it, had the place all too myself. A bit more breeze tonight made it much more comfortable and the tunes were spot on. Great Ride! 
Old&InTheWay09/22/15Went back to retrieve a water bottle I dropped the day before. 1 1/4 miles in I got a flat rear tire. While fixing it a rider coming back down stopped to talk. He had my lost item with him. Decided to keep riding. Wind kept the heat down. 12 other riders. 
MTB Fiend09/20/158am start and it was not too bad, but could definitely feel the heat coming on. Up at the top, easily 10 degrees cooler. Going back out this afternoon so I opted not to go out to Sierra Peak. Rode the White Jet. Great Ride! 
trekstorm09/19/157 AM start. What a traffic jam between bikers and the runners!? I bet there was at least 40 runners. Anyway a good ride before it got hot. 
dandrews09/19/15Decided to try an extra big gear on the ss for kicks, and wasn't too bad. Couple minutes slower maybe. With a bigger gear the tendency is to push harder, which doesn't work, just end up fried, so have to be careful not to 'over push', but keep the momentum. 2.24 38x17 biggest gear up blackstar for me, Harding may be another story though. 
trekstorm09/18/15Did my mountain for a change. Not much traffic at all. did not see anyone until coming down 
MTB Fiend09/12/15Sensational twilight ride, encountered 3 other riders, and a few hikers. Rode the White Jet for the first time in over 60 days! Finally, all bikes are up and running in perfect condition. Just in time for Fall riding. WooHoo! Great Ride! 
Old&InTheWay09/11/155:30 AM start worked out well. Encountered 5 hikers and 2 mtbikers along the way. Mud puddles in Hidden Ranch. 
MTB Fiend09/10/15Still pretty warm out with our late afternoon start, so we were not particularly surprised to see just 1 car at the gate. Got real muggy as we climbed, but by climbing we were starting to reach the breeze. Nice 78 degrees at the top gate. Really nice to get back to the regular routine with mtnbikej and to see Suz again. And that, folks, is what makes it a... Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend09/06/15Nice mid-AM climb out to Beeks. Cool breezes prevailed. Great Ride! 
OTB_again09/01/15Good workout 
MTB Fiend08/30/15Early AM ride, nice and cool, for most of the ride, a bit warmer on the descent once I climbed out of HR. Very few folks out. Great Ride! 
dandrews08/29/15Good ride with Daniel. 
MTB Fiend08/28/15Simply no other place to go when its hot like this. Because I am too cheap to run A/C at the house, it's 94 degrees indoors! Trying not to run the house A/C all year. Ran the A/C in the truck just fine thank you very much! Out on BS it was pure bliss! 75 degrees in HR, 78 at the gate plus the cool breeze. And, only a handful of riders around. Just what I needed. Ran in to Drew and Jon on my descent and they told me an amazing story of witnessing freshly hatched Tarantulas following their Mother like puppies or ducklings. I looked but never found them, they must have holed up. Really pleasant on the descent, rolled up to the truck without lights just after real dark. Waited as long as I could for Drew and Jon but was getting eaten alive by Mosquitos so I high-tailed it out of there! Lovin' Natures Air-Conditioning, needin' it back home, still 89 degrees indoors. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/27/15Checked the Sierra Peak temps and already knew nature's air conditioning was kicked in. I was ready for that seeing as how it's 92 degrees inside my house. Nature did not disappoint, simply sensationally cool up at Beek's. Hung out a bit and, you know, chilled. Groovin' on the descent when I came upon the original Orange Man who apparently was almost dying in HR. He thanked me for saving his life and turned around. We descended to my truck and busted out a couple cold one's to celebrate his new found aliveness. Yeah, Blackstar is like that. Great Ride! 
OTB_again08/25/15Solid workout; a little muggier this evening. Decent sized rattler on the way out, haven't seen one in many rides. Took the opportunity to do some light brushing on the lower singletrack 
OTB_again08/17/15Another good workout and another quiet evening in the canyon 
MTB Fiend08/16/15Beautiful night for another big Birthday bash at Beeks. Good times roll even faster when I'm not the schmoe towing the trailer. Nice job J, that looked hard! Good times with great friends. Great Ride! 
OTB_again08/11/15Solid workout; empty trails 
MTB Fiend08/08/15Nice solo AM ride. Very pleasant temps. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/30/15Late start and then only 4 switchbacks in to the ride my relatively new rear tire goes flat due to a sidewall slice. No sooner than installing a tube the thunder starts up. We were undaunted, even determined, well, at least I was. Plus there were a bunch of others out there. The thunder, cooler temps and breezes were all welcome. Pretty fantastic sunset on the descent. I would like to add that a big fat front tire is better, just is. Smoother too. Counted, I think, 7 Tarantulas on the ascent, with a cluster of 4 within 20 yards in HR. Saw 3 of the same feisty guys in pretty much the same areas on the descent. Tis the season, if you're a Tarantula. Pretty darned cool out there tonight. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/25/15Nice solo morning ride. Quite a few hikers out, but only a small handful of riders. Pleasant breezes. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/23/15Ugh! I couldn't believe it either, but I bonked, hard, almost instantaneously. 90% rule, didn't make it to the top. Close but no cigar. Bonked so hard I had to sit down for a bit. Ate everything I had and then started in on Suzanne's cache. Finally came around and felt better as we descended. Weird. Have not experienced that hard a bonk in a long, long time. Other than that it was a Great Ride! 
Mike.the.Spike07/12/15A little toasty hot today, great paced ride, cool breeze on the descent. 
MTB Fiend07/09/15Cleared up nicely for another excursion with J&S to the top. Tough day at work is all behind me now - I'm on vacation! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/02/15If it's Thursday, this must be Blackstar. Delayed start due to traffic issues for my compadres, J&S. Very peaceful out there tonight, barely a handful of riders to be seen. Noisy, squeaky cassette was driving me bonkers! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/25/15Another incredibly delightful solo adventure on Blackstar. Nothing to comment on, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/24/15Fantastically gorgeous out there this afternoon. Superbly solo. Saw another of the Peacock family, this one looked like a juvenile peacock with shorter plumage than the one I saw last week. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/19/15Solo adventure this evening. Ran across the last full-time Blackstar resident, Mr. Peacock himself in all his splendor, finally, was getting worried about him. Thought about dropping some awesome "P" alliteration here, maybe later. Good night for critters, but all within the last 1/4 mile to my truck. I was just riding along when the Coyotes just started going nutso. Never could see them, but they were definitely uber-excited. Almost within sight of the truck when this big ol' Bobcat trots on by in front of me, like he owned the place. Lovin' nature's air conditioning! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/18/15Survived some struggles on this adventure. Had to stop 2x to inflate a slow-leaker rear tire, and to tighten my seatpost clamp. Delightfully, the Fiend is running totally silent again. Despite the great temps the trail was mostly empty this evening. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/18/15Pretty nice out there this evening. Got a slightly later start with J&S and Ray, then met up with Hugh for a bit later. Regular social hour out there. All that socializing equated to a slower than normal pace but the temps were perfect for that. Good times and a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/12/15Real nice weather out there this evening. Solo ascent started out strong but got worn down after Hidden Ranch. Stopped and chatted a bit with another BS regular. Blackstar was mostly deserted tonight, nice. Great Ride! 
dandrews06/06/15Great afternoon ride. 
MrBill06/04/15First ascent. A little warm climbing, but cool and raining at Beek's, drenched on the descent. 
MrBill06/04/15Second ascent. Dry for the most part, a little drizzle at Beek's, great day for a ride. 
MTB Fiend06/04/15Pleasant ride with Suz, while J and Hugh went their pace. Suz is now a pro rider, she gets paid to ride, she found 3 quarters on the trail. Eagle eye! A bit chilly at times but still a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/02/15Very pleasant solo climb. Thanks to OTH the place was empty. A bit chilled on the descent. Felt great, until I bonked on paved section all the way back to the truck. Ugh..., but still a Great Ride! 
devodoc05/19/15Nice ride up to Beek's - pretty empty out there. Saw one other rider on the way down. Middle all the way and the knee wasn't liking that at all. 
Mike.the.Spike05/19/15Great Tuesday afternoon solo ride, got chilly on the downhill at sunset. 
MTB Fiend05/10/15Real nice afternoon ride with J&S. So peaceful and quiet out there today. Virtually no wind, but it was still cold and gloomy. I call it "D-word" weather, because the "D-words" express it best. Stopped a few times and just soaked in the atmosphere. The descent was a blast on epic dirt. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend04/30/15Only 5 other riders!? Are you kidding me!? It was beautiful out this evening! Nature's air conditioning kicked in at the top, and the rest was not so bad either. Even cool on the descent. Slow pace, BS just does not get any easier. Rode with mtnbikeJ, pleasant conversation and company. Great Ride! 
devodoc04/20/15Nice morning to be out. Real quiet on the way up; had the whole trail to myself. Saw a few riders on the way down. 
Phishin Paul04/16/15Took the single track down. Lots of bees at the bee house. 
Mike.the.Spike04/13/15Nice casual Sunday ride. Fun going downhill (like my career!!!!) 
devodoc04/06/15Nice and mellow = I'm old and slow. Great day to be on the bike, the weather was a bit finicky - warm in some places, cool in others and the few times the wind kicked up I certainly wished I would have dressed a little warmer. The ride down was pretty cool on my sweaty body. 
Mike.the.Spike04/02/15Nice casual ride up with screaming downhill descent!! Fun!!! 
Damon M03/29/1542 minutes to cow crossing 1:21:45 to gate 
Mike.the.Spike03/23/15Nice easy climb up to Beek's. Great roll on the downhill. 
MTB Fiend03/20/15Solo cruise, and a slow solo pace. Nice late afternoon ride though, very peaceful. Small Gopher snake near the top, small handful of riders about. Whew! No dogs or dog bites, but I did get a mosquito bite, I think. Great Ride! 
dandrews03/17/15great evening 
dandrews03/15/15late evening ride, not too hot 
OTB_again03/13/15Windy down low, windy in the middle, and windy up top. Got this done early before the heat set in. 
MTB Fiend03/12/15Even with the lolly-gag pace there was suffering all about. Maybe I was not the only one? Just had nothing in the tank today and I was feeling my age - ugh. We even had bold ambitions of a possible Sierra Peak summit, not. Nonetheless, I was with good friends (J&S) and that makes it a ... Great Ride! 
OTB_again03/05/15Solo on the HT 
MTB Fiend03/05/15Really nice to get out with J&S while it was still warm and sunny, especially when you consider the temps dropped more than 20 degrees in the 2 hours we were out there. Started at about 72 degrees, ended at 51! Downright brrrr cold in HR. Magnificent sunset and good company always makes for a... Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend03/04/15Been awhile for a solo BS ride, by my standards. Kind of looking forward to it too, what with the new wheels and all. All I can say is - Fantastico! Or maybe it was something else, whatever, I shaved a few minutes off my normal time and did not feel as though I was going to die for doing so. I will say the new wheels seem to have very little resistance. Kind of like, if you got the power, we're ready to go! Sweet. Sunset was pretty dang cool too, that is, along with the temps too. This ain't my first rodeo, I was prepared. Saw J's truck, but no J. Freaky!!! Great Ride! 
OTB_again02/27/15Solo on the HT. Nice evening before the rain. 
Congo Kid02/16/15Nice ride in terrific weather. Pushed hard in 3rd gear all the way up. 37 min. to first grate and 1:13 to gate. Starting to feel like I'm getting stronger after a winter off the MTB. Nice ride down. Lots of hikers out. Saw evidence of a nice sized snake that crossed the road but didn't see him. Only a handful of bikers out, but it could be since I didn't leave till noon or so. Is it really still "winter"? 
MTB Fiend02/12/15So very very glad not to hear a peep out of my seat post clamps. In trying to "fix" things I managed to strip one of the mounting bolt heads. So it appears to be tight enough for now while I special order the proprietary part. (Couldn't be just any old seat post mount bolt, now could it?). Nice ride tonight with my good friends, J&S. Temps were warm, then cold, then warm, with a little wind thrown in, now and then. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend02/05/15Pleasant ride with mtnbikej, kind of a talkative ascent, lots going on. J wanted to ride to Sierra Peak, and so did I, but life is getting in the way of riding these days. Soon, it will be better. Brrrrr cold out there today, was only somewhat prepared for that. But in the end, it was, a... Great Ride! 
Damon M01/31/15Great Ride with Nate and Monica... Got to the bottom and thought I was done until I realized my key fell out of my pocket on the ride.. Thankfully I remembered generally where I probably lost it.. headed back up the trail and 2.5 miles later... I found it! 
TomG01/31/1560 gate to gate up, 25 gate to gate down. Pivot Mach 4 demo. 
MTB Fiend01/29/15Late start due to errands, and waiting for Tom to finish his diligent work. It was all good, except J and Tom are just so damned fast! I rode the Paragon, which I have not ridden since Summer, so it was its turn. Besides, as I told J, it was the only bike in the quiver that I was willing to clean if it rained. It had rained here at the homestead but apparently not at BS. Sensational rainbow, right in my own backyard. Downright overheated at times on the climb but perfectly layered for the descent. Good times with good friends, tough to ask for much more than that. And so it was a... Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend01/28/15Gray day on Blackstar. Sometimes perfect, sometimes cold and windy. Only a handful of riders, had the ascent all to myself, and really that was fine by me. Admittedly, I thought, more than once, about turning around before sunset. But I toughed it out and made it to the top 10 min after sunset. I resorted to the fact I would be descending in the dark at some point. Good thing I remembered to bring a light, you know, just in case. HA! I knew I was too slow and would get caught out in the dark. And it was very dark, indeed. Absolutely amazed not to see any critters. Still, it was a... Great Ride! 
FRANCHI01/26/15Barely recuperating. Paranoid about falling again. Very conservative descent. Good temps. Started to rain just at the end of the ride. Felt good the whole ride though. 
dandrews01/25/15great day, some wind, lots of people 
Congo Kid01/25/15Solo ride, though I found out Animal Jim finished about 10 minutes before I started my ride. Unseasonably warm with 80 degrees. Windy and super windy are the words of the day. Felt like headwinds the whole way up, causing extra effort to move forward. At the top by the gate, literally got blown over from one tire track to the other. It was HOWLING up there. Found the rock wall from the house and enjoyed some shelter from the wind so I could eat my sandwich. Scrapped the idea of riding to the ball, as it was pushing 40-50 mph winds up there across the top of the ridge. It was crazy. Obviously caution prevailed on descent so I wouldn't get blown off the road and into a canyon, only to be lost forever... Being out of shape, I gotta say I did better than I thought, even with the wicked wind. Lots of hikers out too, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. Good times. 
FalseSummit01/24/15Insane winds! Rode with MikeC, JeffO, and Tom. Hit single-tracks on way back. 
MTB Fiend01/24/15Of course todays topic is all about the wretched wild winds. So I thought I'd share my thoughts; hate the wind. Sounds and feels like I'm in an airline jet. But there are some positives; great resistance training, and I love the way it whips my moustache around. Pretty crowded out there today, even with my noon time start. Barely crawling in some sections and only the occasional tailwind boost. Wanted to see if the IE was any clearer than the LA basin (filled with dust), and as soon as I cleared that crest was nearly blown off the bike by a howling and chilling hurricane force blast. (And it was not all that clear in the IE either). Descent was a bit nicer, although not a tailwind at least it was much quieter. Still, just getting out there is what makes it a... Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend01/22/15Got out right on time and was paid handsomely for it! What an incredible twilight ride. Got to the top with about 10 min to spare and the sunset was going off in the clouds, with bright sunrays lighting up downtown LA, and an orange reflection right in front of Catalina. Sensational! So much so I took a few pics, but cannot imagine they could capture the incredible variations in lighting. So, now the race is on! The hillsides were ablaze in crimson red as I rode through HR. I saw a large bird flying around with a freshly caught snake dangling from his talons. I could not ID the bird at the speed I was going, maybe a hawk, or a crow, even a Turkey Vulture? As I climbed out of HR I just knew I was going to get the sunset double-header as I made the big right turn for the 2nd descent, and indeed I did. Wow! After that the sky went ablaze in an atomic red. Last night it was Venus and the Moon, tonight the spectacular sunset. Tomorrow? Who knows? other than that it will be, a Great Ride! 
dandrews01/21/15good ride, windy though 
MTB Fiend01/21/15Mostly had the place to myself, actually did on the ascent (well, except for that really fast guy descending). Despite a later sunset time, just could not get out early enough to beat the sunset to the top. Hung out for all of about 1 min, just long enough to put on another layer. Might have made it out to pavement without lights but stopped to chat with another rider for a bit. After that, it was dark for real. I don't much like the wind, but at least the temps were reasonable. Great Ride! 
FalseSummit01/18/15Cruise with JeffO 
MTB Fiend01/16/15Just me, myself, and I. Me and I were doing good, but myself was struggling a bit. But at the top, my shadow ended up pulling all of us up! My shadow was casting cool ridge shadows the whole way up. Awesome! We all got to the top just minutes before sunset. Deliciously warm in the sun, nasty cold in the shade. On the descent almost bowled down a trio of riders riding in formation on a blind corner. No harm, no foul! Hit the pavement right at dark, proper. In other words, perfect timing! And so it is with confidence that I say... Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend01/08/15Still a squeaky seat post? Thought I fixed that. Guess not. Well, it was just a pleasant night cruise and we all found a way to ignore an annoying seat post at good conversation pace. Not real crowded out tonight, real dark and temps were ok, cool, ok, cold, ok. Meh.. Great to get out with my pals J&S. Thanks for a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend01/06/15Squeaky seat post. Stopped 2x to fix, after that I cranked the tunes, LOUD! Ummm... maybe too loud. But good tunes to be sure (especially for Blackstar). Real glad I threw that LS jersey in my pack, and brought along a light. Cuz' you know, turns out, I reached the upper gate a solid 15 min after sunset. Doh! I don't what I was thinking. Maybe I thought I was Strava-Guy or something, which of course I was not. At any rate, the weather was nice, in places. 71 or so while climbing the first climb, but down in HR it was 59! Warm to cold, just like that! And after that it just got colder. Sensational twilight at the top with clear forever views straight into Downtown LA. Just at the right moment when LA is lit up by the waning light. Sweet. Crossed paths with J&S at the top of the first climb. Real glad to see my friends back on the trail. Let's ride! And so, all in all... it was a Great Ride! 
trekstorm01/02/15Stupid light went out 10 minutes from top. Very slow coming down since I couldn't see 
Buffalo12/28/142nd ride today. Got passed by a bunch of hardtailers. Beautiful day to be outside. 
ThinkFast12/24/14Good times with Greg, Jay and Eric. Nice and clear at Beeks, we could see Downtown LA, and the Hollywood sign. 
GoneRiding12/11/14Night ride w/ Greg on Tuesday. Quite a few other riders coming back down as we went up and few others going up as well. Saw a truck coming down from the Ball and he had a key for the gate at Beeks as well. Hit all the singletracks on the way back down. Some new ruts in them as well and we both took a spill but got up laughing. Good times and good seeing Don and his crew back at High Park Tap House. 
MTB Fiend12/11/14Darkening skies got darker and darker. Certainly one of the darkest nights I have experienced on BS. At the top the clouds and marine layer virtually blacked out the entire view. The view was simply black. But that did not stop us from "white-lining it" up the first climb. Flipped on the lights for the descent to HR, and I left mine on. I think J would have preferred to keep it dark. It's tough to ride that dark, and I'm old. So, low light it was for me. Got down to 48.5 degrees, and that does not take in to account the substantial wind chill factor up at the upper gate. Brrr... except that I had hauled all that warm dry gear to the top and now I no longer feared the frigid descent. Turns out, it really was not all that cold. hehe says the guy in the nice warm gear. Great Dark Ride! 
Keith B12/11/14Night ride with Ian's gang. Trail had a serious chasm in it towards the top. Ian's lot took the single track down whilst I rolled the fireroad (fried from racing up) Spotting with rain on the way down. 
FalseSummit12/07/14LP still in shop. Rode Merlin HT. 
goldrunner11/26/14Great ride with Jonna and Todd. Met up with Jr. & Daniel. Little chilly but not too bad. Good TimeZZZ!! 
Keith B11/25/14Parked down by the gate for once. Charles and I headed out a little early with JJ and Daniel following on. Surprisingly chilly on the way up there - or maybe its just the first cold after a long summer. 
GoneRiding11/20/14Good to see Troy back out there on a ride. The Path group was out in front of us. Saw quite a few toads out on the trail. Hit all the singletracks coming back down. 
trekstorm11/19/14Night ride with my son. 
GoneRiding11/12/14Fun night ride w Greg & Ben. Just a few other riders out there. Hit some rain on the drive out there but none on the ride. Found 2 new single tracks on the way back down. Good seeing the Hoppy Trails crew at High Park Brewery after the ride. 
GoneRiding11/07/14Haven't been on Blackstar since last years VQ. Good ride w/ Jay, Greg, Eric & Steve. Was looking for the Fiend but somehow his group went by us and I didn't see them. Bright lights make it tough to see faces. Lots of riders coming back down as we were climbing. Hit the singletracks on the way back down for some added fun. Good eats with Greg at High Park Tap House after the ride and nice to see Don J. and catch up with him. 
trekstorm11/01/14Afternoon ride before the rains. Nice with the cooler temps. 
Keith B10/31/14Night ride with Ryan and Charles. Looked like a storm was coming in as we started out. Lots of people out riding tonight. Sank a nice Racer 5 at the top and raced down like lunatics. Ryan blazed by but I passed him on the climb only to be passed again just before the end. Great fun. 
Shigalert10/31/14Birthday ride. Went to Maple Springs first as didn't realize the road was shut (thought it was just Motorway closed). Very, very slow but just kept chugging along. 
Mike.the.Spike10/18/14Finally some cooler temps, great riding weather today. 
MTB Fiend10/16/14Felt pretty good, despite dragging up the rear behind J & S. And all that chasing shaved a solid 6 minutes off my truck to upper gate time. Nice to be feeling stronger on the climbs. Still struggling with finding flow on the descent, especially there at the top. Surprisingly crowded on the descent. How did Blackstar get popular again, all of a sudden? New "flood ready" shorts worked wonderfully. Another Great Ride! 
Keith B10/14/14Just about caught the sunset at Beeks. It looked unspectacular with the marine layer and mist but as the sun got lower the red glow looked pretty special. No beer at the top for Andy and I. Charles quaffed back a fine beverage. Dusty descent. 
MTB Fiend10/12/14Quickie ride for such a beautiful Saturday. Sometimes that is the way it is, sacrifice a gorgeous day for several other gorgeous days. Mid-AM start but temps were perfect and crowds already all gone. Hung out at the top and enjoyed the views, then back to the grind. Great Ride! 
Keith B10/10/14Easy spin with Ryan, Charles and Val. 
MTB Fiend10/09/14Another great ride with the dynamic duo; J&S. Felt pretty darned good, you know, slow, but good. We knew it was too early for the full moon, but hey it's all about getting out there, right? And any ride where you spot a Deer and then a Bobcat, right after talking about incestual Mountain Lions that growl with a lisp, well... there's not much too say other than - Great Ride! 
trekstorm10/08/14Hot but nice 
Damon M10/05/141:26 to top 
trekstorm10/04/14Ride with Dave as summer again raised it's ugly head. Still blistering at 9PM!! 
MTB Fiend10/02/14Beautiful twilight climb with mtnbikeJ, a bit slow because of, well, me. Really nice out there tonight, downright chilly in Hidden Ranch, both directions. Supremely comfortable everywhere else. Got to the upper gate just at dark. Unfortunately, the recent scraping, especially at the top, has ruined the sweet BS descent flow. At least for me. J and I figure the equipment operator must have been Art's son. Really poor flow for mountain bikes. On our descent, down in the lower canyon, just past Art's, we encountered a Fox. Surprisingly, he stopped to check us out before scurrying off (much like a Bobcat does). His coat was healthy and beautiful, long fluffy tail. Very cool night ride sighting. Thanks J! Great Ride! 
Keith B10/02/14Mellow ride up with Charles before sunset. Sank an IPA at the top and chatted with a high school MTB team. Descent was hot as hell in places and super chilly in other areas - typical Blackstar then! 
MTB Fiend09/27/14Man, I really miss twilight riding so despite the gorgeous day I waited to ride. Maybe this ride was not the best idea, and maybe I should lay off the hardtail for a bit. Sure miss the smooth fast descent. My new to me KS LEV dropper post started failing even before I got to Art's place. But when it is working, I like it a lot. Definitely a worthwhile addition to the Fiend. All in all, I did OK, making it gate to gate at 1:22. Not all that much off my times prior to surgery. Stood most of the time, and basically suffered through the choppy descent. Finished just at dark. Indeed, a Great Ride! 
trekstorm09/24/14Night ride with Dave. 
Keith B09/23/141st day of Fall ride with Andy, Ryan & Charles. Trail has been graded by the worst student grader in existence ... no clue what was going on here. Drink at the top and a mellow team descent 
Mike.the.Spike09/22/14Perfect Sunday ride. 
trekstorm09/21/14Early am ride first time in a while. Seems like trail has been dredged. 
sweeper09/06/14joined jeremiah and andrea and 3 flats on the way down. 
MTB Fiend08/18/14Headed out a bit early with intentions to make Sierra Peak. Quite the assortment of lower canyon hikers, including the most massive afro I have ever seen! Almost immediately my legs balked, and as any cyclist knows, the legs are a key component of the bicycle propulsion system. Sheer tenacity got me to the top, common sense got me to turn around and enjoy a cool descent. Nice and cool and breezy at the top. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/17/14Nice early AM spin to the top. Felt pretty darned good considering it was just under 12 hours since I was out here last. Super clear views at the top had me thinking of heading back out to Sierra Peak, but there just was not enough breeze to temper the temperature. Besides, it was awfully bright out there too. Very pleasant descent. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/14/14Struggled a bit tonight. Thanks for the ride, J&S. Great ride! 
asuperstar08/11/14I had to walk parts of this, only my third ride ever. 
MTB Fiend08/07/14Always a favorite of mine, BS with J&S. Each of us faced our own cycling demons tonight, and for the most part survived intact. Of course, nobody could complain about such sensational weather! Saw a herd of 5 Deer on the descent. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/31/14Nice late start, slow-roller, under-powered, not quite lethargic, but not my best effort. J was not feeling it either, so we kind of suffered in unison. Hung out at the gate as others rode on through, made for a very cool twilight descent. Back at the truck - attacked by mosquitos. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/30/14Errands made for a late start, but at least the temps were more comfortable. Had planned to go to Sierra Peak, but knew I did not have enough time/light. Cruised back down on the descent and really enjoyed the orange twilight. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/27/14Well, I ain't never had too much fun, but this was damned close. If you can ever get a guy to tow a keg of beer to Beeks, join him! Me? I was Bob2. I towed the food - Burritos, Tacos, Chips, and so much more! What a fabulous outing! And after dark we all visited the Alien. Nobody believed!, now they all do! Birthday Girl, Nuts4MtnBikes jumped right in and hung out with the Alien - ballsy if you ask me! Super fun! Great Ride! 
singlespeedrider07/26/14Nice hot ride up. Took it easy 
MTB Fiend07/25/14Hydrated all day and it helped, but still struggled a bit on the climb. Chain was rubbing the chain guide all the way up to HR, where I gave it a quick kick to get it to shut up, and it did for the most part. Guess it may be time for a new chain and ring. Breezes were not as strong as we had hoped, but the later start meant the temps were tolerable. The descent was one of the dustiest ever! Quite sure I coughed up a pound of dust. As we were riding back to the truck, it suddenly became uncomfortably humid and calm - just before dark. Always some kind of adventure out on BS with J&S. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/23/14Ugh... looking forward to the day I am a strong rider again. Just did not have it today. I knew J was out there doing something big and had resolved I would turn-around when we crossed paths. Luckily, that was just shy of the top and we both slow-rolled it to the top. Very few riders out and surprisingly no hikers at all. Don't know why, temps were real comfortable. Despite the struggle, a Great Ride! 
singlespeedrider07/19/14Nice morning cruise up to beeks. 
trekstorm07/19/14Pleasantly cool today with the cloud cover. Who could imagine 70 degrees at 11, in July!!? 
MTB Fiend07/17/14Correction to last Thursdays ride gone awry. Doh! Surely, it was a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/17/14Rode with mtnbikeJ. Perfect weather for a BS ride. Slightly earlier start made it all the better. Unfortunately, like a slow tube leak, I faded toward the top. It's been awhile since I have had a strong BS climb. Seriously relieved when we got back to the truck. Thinking I may need to take a day off from the bike tomorrow. Even so, Great Ride! 
Keith B07/04/14Pre-holiday ride in the heat with Charles and Andy. Mellow pace with soem stops in the shade. Should have, could have, would have gone further but it appeared the lure of the IPA was too high. 
MTB Fiend07/03/14Another swell ride with J&S. They were on the tandem again and I could not keep up (ascending or descending). Looked like fun. Well done! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/01/14I thought returning to sea level elevations was supposed to give more energy. Not for me. Yesterday I was barely able to stand up, I was so exhausted. Today, it took as much effort to get suited up and to the trailhead as it did to do the actual ride. What's up with that? By the time I got halfway thru the second climb I started to feel a bit better, but not much. Sure glad the trail was nearly void of other riders. Might have been a Great Ride, not sure, I was so tired. 
Keith B06/24/14Summer Solstice ride with Andy, Charles and Ryan. Nice pace to the top. Good chat with some Star Wars fans up there. Enjoyed a solid Black Rye IPA and had good fun on the descent. Epic has new drivetrain (XX setup lasted 2.5yrs - not bad) and the Renegade on the rear hooks up so much better than the Fast Track for traction and seems to roll better too. 
MTB Fiend06/19/14Back on Blackstar with my pals, J&S. Perhaps none of us was feeling it, I felt OK but certainly not powerful and fast. Been like that for awhile now, hope to snap out of it. Really quite a sensational evening, empty trails and truly a golden sunset. Let's hear it for a... Great Ride! 
devodoc06/16/14With Alex and Daniel - what a fun slow ride to Beek's. First time for the boys and they seemed to enjoy it. Knee seemed to enjoy it too - middle all the way this time. 
MTB Fiend06/14/14500! Bing bing bing bing bing! 500! That's 7800 miles on Blackstar, and does not take in to account all the times just passing thru, just the out-n-backs. And oh what a way to celebrate! Gather up some friends and go howl at the "Honey" Moon - Friday the 13th, Full Moon ride! Sensational. The moon rise caught us about 1 mile from the top and at times it was truly blinding. This was a party! in the truest sense. We had friends, we had BoB, and we had Honey Whiskey and more! We was rockin' to tunes! Nugget was quite clear there was no "BoB" for me, so J stepped in and towed that sucker all the way to the top via SingleSpeed. Animal! And we did not cut him any slack, we tossed everything and anything in there, plus the essentials like, Fried Chicken, Salami, Crackers, Cheese, Cookies, Beer and Honey Whiskey. A good time was had by all! We watched as the marine layer came in and layered up ourselves for an incredible descent. A Great Ride in its purest form! 
MTB Fiend06/12/14Well, OK, maybe just 1 more. Beautiful ride out on BS tonight. Good times with J&S. 1 Deer on the ascent at Edwards, 3 others on the descent at HR. Dropped in to the lower canyon just in time for the perfect golden sunset lighting. Awesome! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/11/14Where else? as the countdown dwindles. I guess not every day can be strong and fast, like today, just was not feeling it. Well, at least not "it" in biking terms. Sigh... Any day on the bike is a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/09/14Late start due to errands. Very few folks out tonight. Downright chilly at times, but certainly bearable. Countdown to 500 continues! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend06/08/14Could not get up early enough to make a friends Santiago Peak ride, but was able to get out early for a nice, peaceful, solo BS ride. Countdown to 500! Real nice breezes kept it real comfortable, still there were very few folks out. Somebody actually built a small campfire right in the middle of the paved road! It looks like the Rangers might have busted them as the fire was clearly doused with water. What the ****? Saw just 1 of the Peacocks in the lower canyon but he was a beauty! Full plummage. Up at Hidden Ranch saw the same 2 Deer we have been seeing for a couple weeks now. And they thought they were well hidden. Felt pretty strong at times and really put the hurt on when the tunes insisted. Ended up doing gate to gate in 1:03, been awhile since I have set that pace. Great Ride! 
GoneRiding06/03/14First time since VQ back on Blackstar for me. Felt pretty good out there tonight. Saw just a few riders but some hikers and runners near the bottom on the way out. Headed over to Irvine Lake afterwards to say hi to friends racing OTH. 
MTB Fiend05/31/14Nice cool AM ride, not too crowded either. Hung out at Beeks and enjoyed the cool breezes and views for a bit. Very casual solo ride. Countdown to 500! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend05/29/14If it's Thursday, this must be Blackstar. Lots of commotion going on this evening. Fire Crews, Rangers, Sherriffs, CNF Fire, everybody was there. And indeed there was evidence of a tiny fire on the tight switchback just shy of the 1st Cattle Gate. Don't know any of the details, but it was a really big deal for these guys. And Thank You for that! I would hate to see one of my favorite rides burn. Another fabulous ride with J&S makes it a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend05/27/14Late start had me thinking of just going to 2nd Cattle Gate, but easing toward 500 motivated me and I clearly had just enough time. Had the place to myself, except for one other rider, we crossed paths just below the upper gate. Hung out and enjoyed the quiet solitude then took off to beat the sunset. A bit chilly, but bearable. Cruisin' for critters was a real payoff this evening. Nice covey of Quail along the paved section, then my 2 Mule Deer friends in the upper meadow above HR. Another, larger, covey of Quail near the top on the descent, and chased a juvenile Bobcat in upper HR. Oh yeah! and the tiniest Tarantula I have ever seen. All this plus the pretty in pink skies. So, how could it be anything but a Great Ride!? 
Tiger05/25/14Great ride today even if I broke a spoke. 
Keith B05/15/14Hot after work ride with Anthony and Andy. Legs felt good until the halfway point but the heat was starting to get to me. 52mins moving time gate to gate. Could really have done with a cold drink at the top - new idea was the person drawing the short straw tows a bob trailer to the top with drinks so they're waiting for us when the rest arrive. 
MTB Fiend05/10/14Splendid weather for a BS climb, even a bit chilly at the top. Intended to go to Sierra Peak but my brother needed some help, so I answered the call. Now, I am off to Oregon for one of the bigger events in my life - the Oregon Outback. Bikepacking extraordinaire! Great Ride! 
Keith B05/09/14First ride with the full gang in a long time. It was also the first beer ride in a long time which was a problem as I only had a large IPA to take with me. Fun times up at Beeks despite the chilly weather. 
MTB Fiend05/08/14Another fantastic ride with J&S. After much discussion about the "Strava-tude", I came up with this song, only a true "GeoLadderer" can relate too. (Sung to the tune of Valley Girl). "Strava Girl, Strava Girl, You wear an S on your chest, I try to ride your ass, but you are way too fast, and all I get, is to eat your dust." LOL! It's true, isn't it? Great Ride, with great friends! 
MTB Fiend05/05/14Nice casual ride with mtnbikeJ. Weather held real nice until we atarted our descent, then the clouds and cold started to roll in. Both of us were a bit surprised not to see any critters, seemed to be the perfect evening for it. Great Ride! 
Keith B05/01/14Hot ride up there with Andy and Anthony. Legs felt great. Moving time from the Xmas tree lot to the top was 53mins40sec. That probably makes it my fastest time up there. Have to have a proper timed run some time soon with fast rolling tyres. Hidden Ranch must have been 60F or lower on the way down. 
MTB Fiend05/01/14LOL! I guess it is all frame of mind. No PR's here but I thought it was a sensational ride, with near perfect temps. When we left there were almost no other cars in the parking lot and it was an absolutely delightful climb up to Nature's air conditioning. Cool and light breezes at the top, and let's not forget that forever view! The descent was simply refreshing. Great Ride with J&S! 
MTB Fiend04/27/14The premier ride for the day, ride 2, solo. Rode the "touring/MTB bike" with BoB, and 20 lhs of cargo. (It's seems a lot easier when that 20 lbs is beer and food). First ride with BoB in over a year and had to do the shakedown/training ride thing. In fact, I have to ride many training rides over the next 2 weeks. Heading North to Oregon for a 360+ mile bike-packing trip, 80% dirt. It's called the Oregon Outback. We're going out a couple weeks before the actual race/event. For the Oregon Outback I figure another 10lbs of gear and water - trying for 50 lbs including 17lb BoB. I can tell you, that's not much gear. Big challenge for me. This evening I relearned the "joy of gears", and happily shifted lower and lower, right down to little ring x 34 at times (can't remember the last time I did that on BS). Love that 34! Made it to the top gate in 1:30. Chatted with an old friend for a bit then gingerly made my way back down. The bike ran great, the motor (me) did good too. Great BoB Ride! 
MTB Fiend04/17/14Rode with mtnbikeJ and Suz. Super stoked to be able to ride and post so soon after a brief shoulder injury in Sedona. Lucked out, it was just a strained rotator cuff. Heck! after some of Suz's super sweet secret sauce, I was feeling like Marty Feldman and wondering which shoulder was the injured one! Really Great Ride! 
Congo Kid04/12/14Started to feel tired legs and sore butt about half way up, requiring a few breaks. Lovely views at the top. Very windy on the way down. A zillion hikers out today. Saw one big 3' snake on way down. Very tired, but I think I'm ready for the Rwanda 50 in 2 weeks. 
Shigalert03/29/14Embarrassingly slow but gotta start somewhere. Lovely day out there. 
RollnStone03/28/14Lots of hikers this morning but only a few bikes. Great temps. 
MTB Fiend03/27/14Bit windy and chilly out there, but S knows how to heat the place up! Makes for a great descent! Nice casual pace. Thanks for a... Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend03/25/14Figured it to be cold and gloomy, and indeed it was. But that can often equate to few riders and/or critter sightings. There was only the smallest handful of riders out, and absolutely no critters. At least I dressed appropriately. And there is something about ascending into the clouds and mist that is etherealical. So, it's still a... Great Ride! 
trekstorm03/22/14Thought there was an event here because of so many cars. Never seen it like this. 
MTB Fiend03/20/14Fabulously fun frolic with J & S. I rode the RIP, complete with all new Chain Rings, and Chain. But not a new cassette? wah wah wah... Thought it looked like it still had some life in it, turns out it did not. I discovered that the moment we rounded the first switchback and started to climb. Finally found a gear that would not skip, of course that was near the bottom of the cassette. So now I am pedaling a 30lb bike up BS as a SS in 5th gear and middle ring - and all because I am too stubborn to drop in to the small ring. Because it's BS and I should not need the small ring. Ended up standing almost the entire ride up. And then J pushed us to go all the way to the ball! Good times! S shared some magic elixir, and with the big ol' cushy bike it was all smiles and happiness on the descent. One of the few times I could actually keep up. Another truly great BS experience! Great Ride! 
Lobotomized Sasquatch03/16/14Felt better than expected. A little warm, dry and windy on the way up. I found that breathing with my camelbak mouthpiece in my teeth seemed to keep the dry air from drying me out as much; might have just been my imagination. Managed middle chainring all the way up, surprisingly. Thought I was holding off a group of four riders who started just behind me; instead, it turned out to be a fit looking couple on carbon hardtails who looked like they were training... Not bad for a clyde on a 33 pound trailbike, I would say. The group of four was quite a ways down and I even lollygagged a bit and looked at the view up top, etc. Felt the heat more on the descent, surprisingly, some really unpleasantly hot pockets / gusts of dry air on the way down. Lots of people out enjoying the day--hikers, bikers and one equestrian. Thought I'd see at least one snake, but nope. Great ride. 
MTB Fiend03/13/14A most pleasent and delightful ride with my favorite couple, J&S. S can really put the hurt on and challenged us when she felt like toying with us. Then, with perfect precision and timing, pipped us both to the gate. The climb through HR was really picturesque, the descent through HR was really chillyness. Thanks for a... Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend03/11/14Casual little ride, tried to keep the pace down for recovery. (Yeah, right)! Very few riders out, very peaceful at the top. Nice to watch Goldrunner chase me, catch me, chat, then blast off as if I were standing still. Felt really bizarre finishing well ahead of the sunset, but I had to take a bike to Switchback for some TLC. A couple weeks ago, Tim gave me a rotor straightner tool because I have suddenly been inflicted with squawking brakes on all 3 bikes. Today, I gave Tim a wrinkly, "wavy" rotor. Lesson learned - I have no idea how to straighten a rotor. We got a great laugh out of that one. But, with another brand new rotor, I may have finally alleviated the squeeling. No squeels on todays descent. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend03/06/14Nostalgia ride. Delighted to see the "P" family at the last cabin again. The whole family hanging out on the fence. The papa is looking fine, in full plummage. A little later I crossed paths with an old friend (2x lost and found). We could only chat a moment as she was freezing on her descent. After that, the trail was all mine. And it was gorgeous out there! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend03/04/14Delightful solo twilight ride. Sensational ridge shadows. Ridge shadows always have a way of beating me to the top by a wheel length, just can't understand it. Conditions are great, just 3 sloppy mud puddles in the usual places. The only one that is not avoidable is the one at the upper end of HR. Unfortunately, that one gets the bike a bit muddy. By tomorrow it may be dry enough. There is a really deep and long fissure of a sink hole, just before the last paved section about a mile from the gate. Someone already marked it, but I improved it by stuffing a big tree branch in there and hanging some brush off of that. Could be an issue for any vehicle traffic. And the last 1/4 mile to the upper gate is a little chunkier now. Enjoyed a little sunset action up at Beeks then slow-rolled it on back to the truck. No denying it, it was a Great Ride! 
Lobotomized Sasquatch02/24/14That hurt more than I'd care to admit. What a difference from a year ago. 
STEVO CARRILLO02/22/14Pushed a pretty good pace for me, ended up doing gate to gate 1:04. Solo late morning start. Saw a really big coyote crossing the trial as I went down that piece of candy at the Beeks gate. Good day but very warm up top. 
Punk Sanders02/22/14Rode with AJ and his son Jared. AJ wasn't feeling well but he pushed to the top. 
FRANCHI02/20/14Early morning ride just after work. Introduced coworker to Blackstar. Strong cold wind. Good ride! 
One Flew OTB02/16/14Solo late afternoon ride. Pushed pretty hard and set a PR up, thanks to the cheater bike. :) 50:14 Gate to Gate. 
FRANCHI02/14/14Out of shape. I wanted to do the Motorway Loop today but I had to cancel due to lack of energy. When coming down I took all the single tracks I could find. I got lost in the most bottom one, so, I had to HAB upwards to the road. 
MTB Fiend02/13/14Later start than scheduled left the group split up, so it was just us 3 J's. 2 of us J's love climbing in just the glory of the full moon. The other J, likes her light. And that's Ok. The other, other J also descended sans light. That's a bit much for me and I had no issues lighting the place up. Such a gorgeous summer night - in February! Great Ride! on Happy Trails! 
Keith B02/12/14Ryan and Andy along for a cruise up to Beeks. Saw a helicopter practicing hovering just before the drop to Hidden Ranch. Sank a nice IPA at the top (Cheers Ryan) and then did the 'roll down' race - which when you can't pedal makes every corner a borderline kamikaze mission. Had several near disasters racing Ryan. Fun times. 
MTB Fiend02/11/14Later start than intended, after chatting with Original Orange Man a bit in the parking lot. Got to the top of Hidden Ranch and watched the Osprey do a touch and go at the landing pad. The rotating blades tilt in all directions, and that thing is jet powered. Kind of ominous looking too! Gorgeous twilight ascent, with the moonrise in front of me and the sunset behind me, had me at the upper gate about 8 min after sundown. Sensational temps and remnants of the day solitude. The descent was fine, but I only had the 1 light (and I'm a 2 light guy). Great Ride on Happy Trails! 
Cougar Bait02/11/14D. slach, r. Fried, D. Nice Saturday morning ride. Good pace, kept me struggling. 
MTB Fiend02/09/14Nice casual mid-AM ride, got started just before the sun started to break out. The trail was pleasantly empty. Very enjoyable climbing temps, and a bit cooler once above HR. Despite just being out for a cruise I turned a very respectable time. Great Ride on Happy Trails! 
AaronK02/09/14First time up Blackstar. Nice views and a steady climb. 
trekstorm01/17/14Early AM ride 
MTB Fiend01/15/14Not my best effort, not my worst. Wind began to take its toll on me pretty early, despite high hopes of making it beyond Beeks. (Oh yeah, and my back wheel is rubbing). Got to the gate a few minutes after official sunset and it was quite spectacular. Lights of downtown LA, and reflecting sunset. Killer awesome! Seemed to actually get warmer as we descended, but I was cozy in my winter gear. Full Moon popped up as we made it back to the trucks. Wind made for an interesting descent, especially on the fast straights. Great Ride, and Happy Trails! 
cecole101/09/14First time up Blackstar. Started after dusk in the cold, really wished I had brought thicker clothes. 
MTB Fiend01/09/14Another sensational twilight Blackstar climb, Even better than yesterday. Started with a more wonderful than usual ascent through the filtered sun lower canyon, awesome! Yesterday I spotted a mostly intact Deer skeleton that had been uncovered by the wind, well bleached bones, and the skull appeared to be intact. Today I brought a plastic bag and scored me another Deer skull. Lower jaw is missing and part of one eye socket, but it is worthy of adding to my collection. Weird huh? Navigable light seemed to linger longer today and I did not need my lights until the lower canyon. Happy Happy Trails! 
MTB Fiend01/08/14Cool solo afternoon/twilight ride. Real pleased to see the entire Peacock family at the last cabin (2 Cocks, 1 Hen, 2 Chicks). The Peacocks have their tails back, and the Chicks are pretty big now. Have not seen them for some time now. Nice to see they are still around. And later, a pretty good ride for critters, briefly chased a Bobcat up the road in Hidden Ranch. I was somewhat surprised at how long it took for him to notice I was behind him. Have not seen a Bobcat in forever, so it nice to see they are still around. Got to the top a few minutes after sunset and resolved I would be descending with lights. Took my time changing into a dry jersey and watched the last of the colored sky turn to dark shades of gray. Temps in Hidden Ranch were downright cold. Quite a few riders ascending in the lower canyon. Happy Trails! 
MTB Fiend01/03/14First solo BS ride of the year and it was a good one. Enjoyable ascent with great tunes. Reached the gate moments before sunset proper. Added some layers and set off to beat the waning light. Just above Art's, came across Ben who needed a pump. LOL! Could not figure out my fancy-dancy pump and we were burning the minimal light away, so I plumped him up with a CO2 and he was on his way. Even after taking a moment to stuff my stuff back in my pack, I managed to ride out without lights, although I did spook a few groups of hikers and had a good scare myself in a parallel rut at Edwards. I will reach 500 rides on BS in 2014. There, I said it. Happy Trails! 
RollnStone01/02/14A little too hot while climbing but a good breeze cooled things off after Hidden Ranch.Excellent visibility above all the smog and haze. 
MTB Fiend12/29/13Had to get one last BS solo cruise in before the New Year. And it was a blast! A blast of wind that is. The gusts seemed to funnel right through HR, and as I tried to descend I had to pedal to get down the hill. At the gate I was sorely disappointed in the views. So much dust in the air. So I tried to sneak a peak at the IE, but got nearly got blown off the trail as I tried make the turn to Beeks. Like I said, a blast! Grrreat Ride! 
Mike.the.Spike12/27/13Was going to shoot over to Sierra Peak but it was way too windy. Funny how it was warm enough for sleeveless shirts while climbing up, but FREEZING and made you dream of having a jacketup top! It was still a great ride though. 
Old&InTheWay12/24/13Turned back at Beeks Place-too windy. 
thatdave12/21/13Dave, Kevin, & I nice and cold still a little muddy in places 
Keith B12/19/13Last ride of the year with Andy, Charles, Ryan and Val. Didn't feel too good the whole way up. Great weather out there for a winters night though. 
trekstorm12/06/13BURRRRR!!!!! 54 degrees at start, was 44 when I got back to car!! 
mtnbikej12/05/13SS. So apparently, I didn't learn my lesson last night....so we headed out again tonight. This time I layered for the cold much better. Was actually warm all the way up....except for the bitter cold in HR. Added a couple more layers at the top and headed down. Stayed nice and warm. Feet got cold the last 10 minutes or so. Busy place tonight. Good ride. 
la_purisima12/04/13Felt good to get out. It got really cold quick after the sun set. I hit 3 singletracks on the way down. Fun stuff. 
Keith B11/26/13Night ride with Andy & Ryan. Charles started earlier and went over to Sierra. Pretty chilly at the start and in Hidden Ranch. Nice pace on the way up and always fun on the way back down :-) 
Keith B11/19/13Fun night ride with Andy and Ryan. Pretty chilly night and a solid pace up to the ball. Loved the swirling mist up there. Raced Troy & Tom's group down with us railing the fireroad and them taking the shorter gnarlier singletrack. Good times out there. 
Shigalert11/17/13Good midday ride, though lots of foot traffic in the lower canyon. 1:31 G2G Had a nice chat with Jeremy who appeared riding "the Fiend" from MD just as I got the the gate. 
MTB Fiend11/14/13Dreamed, and planned for SP all day, again. Even tried harder to get an earlier start. Even had mtnbikeJ there to push the pace. But by the 3rd switchback, I knew I was a goner! Bonked again! Shoved some Clif Bloks in my mouth and sheer determination got me to the top, but I was damned glad when J stopped to take a pic because I could shove some more Clif Bloks in my mouth. I hate it when Bonk happens, especially so early in the ride. Much colder on the descent tonight too. Despite all that, still a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/13/13Just a little too late a start for SP, plus I failed to check the weather. While warm, it was quite breezy up there. And, and, and, I forgot to bring any energy food. So, I aborted and settled for a fantastic twilight climb up BS. Hung out at the gate for a bit to get dark for real. On the descent ran into dozens of ascenders. I like it better when I have the place to myself but who can blame anyone for wanting to get out in the fantastic weather? Nice to get out on the Fiend again. Indeed, a Grrreat Ride! 
devodoc11/11/13Perfect morning to be out today. Little cool in the canyon, warmed up just enough in the sun. It's been a while since I've been up here - saw a couple of single tracks dropping in towards the top. Will have to do a little exploring next time I'm out there. 41:20 to grate, 1:23 to top gate. ugh.. 
tweasol11/10/13First ride since I separated my shoulder. Nice! 
Keith B11/06/13Great night ride with Charles, Ryan, Andy & David. Charles had to head back to close his trunk (cheers David) early on. Nice steady pace up to Beeks and a pretty mad thrash on the way back down. Got chilly out there. 
ADanFool11/02/13After being ticked at my performance on the 1st 3 miles of Harding, I realized I'd be more upset if I didn't get something in, so I opted for a relatively slow pace up Blackstar. 
Mike.the.Spike11/01/13Sweet Ride! 
MTB Fiend11/01/13Another fantastic BS event! Halloweenie ride turned up only 3 other riders, but we still managed to have a smashing good time! Temps were cool, cold, warm, but not hot. Hung out at the gate and enjoyed great brews, views, and camraderie. Got the Fiend back from Switchback Cyclery - Oh MY! BIG difference and noise/worry free once again! Awesome! Grrreat Ride! 
DONALD JACKSON11/01/13Great ride with Fiend 
Mike.the.Spike10/31/13Halloween and got off work early. Always wanted to solo ride here so I could find out how quickly I could make it up to Beek's. It took me 56 min, 41 seconds–not too bad for a geezer. I even climbed with my big assed Yeti SB95 at 34 lbs plus 2 lights and a full bag of water! :-) 
thatdave10/27/13Dave, Lisa, Tom, Ed, & I all had a good time First ride wit my new Pedals !! 
Mike.the.Spike10/20/13Very slow paced Saturday group ride. Nice to be on a bike all morning. 
MTB Fiend10/17/13Thanks J&S, for waiting. Splendid climb to gate. Got there just about at real dark, so you know it was a sweet twilight climb. Sometimes cold, sometimes cool, sometimes warm - how the heck do you dress for this? Think I'm getting it figured out. Moon was bright, but not bright enough for the descent. Great friends = Grrreat Ride! 
Keith B10/15/131st time up Blackstar in a long time. Andy, Ryan, David and AB in attendence. Nice temps on the way up (which started with sunset and was soon moonlit). Chilly on the descent. 
Shigalert10/14/13Yesterday, very slow but great to be out. 
xcShane10/05/13Hadn't been back to B* since the Coup. Pretty quit on a Sunday afternoon...x 
Jean-Guille10/05/13Ridiculously windy. Had planned to go to Hagador or Pleasant's, but turned around at Beek's after nearly getting blown off the bike... 
MTB Fiend10/02/13Nice evening cruise with mtnbikeJ. Grrreat Ride! 
owen09/30/13raced the sun. i did not win. 
trekstorm09/26/13Late afternoon ride. Strong wind and got cold coming down. 
Murmur09/23/13w/ TRB 
MTB Fiend09/19/13Made the left on to BS and was kind of disappointed to see so many cars, and more coming. Nonetheless my climb was virtually solo, so therefore totally satisfying, despite being sluggish. Made it to the top shortly after official sunset. The descent after HR could best be described as "blinded by the light". Completed the entire descent on cat-eyes, then owl-eyes, despite getting blinded by the tons of ascenders lights. No harm no foul, but it is hard to see when you're eyes are adjusted to the low light. The bottom canyon was all mine and was a total blast with nearly non-existent light - just "blind faith". The irony? I had both my lights mounted and ready to go, just did not want to use them. Full Moon was useless, late to rise and muted by the marine layer. So, of course it was, a Great Ride! 
Lobotomized Sasquatch09/15/13Phone/GPS wigged out and only recorded the climb. Alternated between feeling good, ok to suffering. My right knee started hurting so I stopped and took a break on the way up. Thought about stopping and turning around a few times on the way up, but that would have been a first in a long time for me so I persisted. Thoughts of turning around were more about boredom than anything. Stopped a 2nd time to switch to dark lenses on the way up. Cool at dawn but sun was intense the last part of the climb. Warm wind on the way down. Got my speed up a bit on the way down, but knew there'd be lots of people climbing so I eased up a bit, especially in the blind corners. I need to get my diet back in order, lose weight and find my motivation and "mojo" again. 
singlespeedrider09/15/13First time taking the wife and kid up Blackstar. Jr demolished us up the hill. 
MTB Fiend09/10/13I love a solo twilight cruise! and this was no exception. Felt lethargic as I drove out to BS, but by the time I rode down to the gate, I was feeling mucho better. Layed down a nice SS pace right from the beginning, using only the middle of the cassette or lower. 1:02 gate to gate; not too bad. And I beat the sunset to the top. Marine layer kind of layed the funk on and muted the sunset, so I opted to start off early for my fun and exhilirating descent. Ended up within a few minutes shy of my PR for the overall gate to gate to gate ride. So, I guess it was a truly Great Ride! 
Murmur09/07/13rode the Niner SS w/ TRB 
MTB Fiend09/05/13Where else!? IRC gate was wide-open, Ol' Art would be having a conniption. I was real happy to see the entire "P" family at the last cabin. Peacock, and his 3 Pea Hens. The Peacocks tail was looking a bit tattered, but all 4 of them were looking quite translucent blue. Had the place entirely to myself and as I climbed out of Art's the breeze started up a bit. Incredibly peaceful. The second climb out of HR was nothing short of sensational, so much so I had to stop and turn around to watch the deepening sunset. After that, it was a relaxing cruise down. In HR I came across a covey of Quail preening in the dirt. When they finally saw me it was like fireworks! Roughly 20 Quail all jumped straight up, rasing a plume of dust, then went every which way, like fireworks. Spectacular! But that's not all - saw 2 baby Deer down in Edwards, and 1 Buffalo ascending near the 1st cattle gate. Although I had a light, it was far more fun to bomb the descent in twilght darkness. Blackstar! Great Ride! 
trekstorm09/04/13nite ride. 
Old&InTheWay09/04/13Evening ride temps not too bad. Saw 9 other riders. Also encountered a Doe and Fawn on the lower switchbacks. 
Murmur09/03/13First Geo post in a few years. Site looks good! 
Murmur09/03/13w/ TRB...comeback begins.... 
slopush08/29/13I don't know why, but I've been thinking that it would be cool if I could ride gate-to-gate in the same number of minutes as my age (52). I've never timed myself while racing it so I had not idea what to expect. So burgemeester asked if I wanted to give it a go tonight and like a fool I said "sure, why not?" Used the stopwatch on my phone and off we went. Had BBQ ribs, baked potato and sliced peaches just before heading out. Dumb. Side ache and gas hit 2 miles into the climb. It was 76 degrees when we started at 9:00 PM and got hotter as we climbed. Burgemeester rode his SS and I rode Boerseun's hard tailed Moots for the first time. I think it helped me to finish as quickly as I did- 48 mins, 40 seconds. Now wish I'd turned on the GL app instead of the timer but oh well. The cold beer at the top was the best part of the ride- Thanks Burgemeester! ; ) 
MTB Fiend08/29/13Just cruisin' in the cool breeze. Well kind of. Definitely cooler than yesterdays swelterfest. Had the place mostly to myself and enjoyed my own pace to the top. While no strava time, it was not the lifeless climb of a few days ago. Hung out at Beeks for a bit, then picked up J&S as they neared the top. Turned around and climbed back with them. Stunning and senstional sunset tonight. Finished just at dark. Great Ride! 
trekstorm08/27/13Night ride. 
MTB Fiend08/27/13Nada. Nothing. Just did not have it, anything. No fish in the tank, no smoke in the stack, no fudge with the sundae. Ambitions for SP, but legs said no right from the start. So I found a gear near the top of the cassette and forced my legs to do the needful. A very slow time to the top. So why waste it? A very slow time to the bottom. And even slower on the blacktop back to the truck. Nonetheless, still enjoyed a sensational twilight and for the most part had the place all to myself (except for Buffalo at the top). So, there is no reason to expect that it was not... a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/25/13Not just any ride, Suzanne's Birthday ride. So we loaded Jason down with everything imaginable in the BoB and headed off into the night for a formal MTB'r party at Beeks! Good times were had by all! Great Ride! 
shrek08/24/131:09:10 to the gate 
trekstorm08/20/13Was nice when sun was behind clouds but sure hot when it wasn't. 
MTB Fiend08/20/13Late, late start due to errands, but thought I still had time to make SP before dark. Did a little too much chatting at the gate and realized now it was more a race to make Beeks before dark, and I did. Caught a sensational sunset over my shoulder as I entered the "Red Zone". That point where the sunset has created a red aura all across the upper ridges - quite beautiful, although short-lived. Sunset was over by the time I made it to Beeks. Opted not to continue on to SP and enjoyed a sweet, darkening descent. Lights came on at the lower cattle guard, but came off when I hit blacktop. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend08/07/13Freakin' truck won't start! What's up with that? 15 min later it starts. Phhhttt... Missed riding with J, but still managed to set an above-average pace to the top, despite dropping the pace in that last 1/2 mile. Stupid, stupid, last 1/2 mile. Did not stand around long at the gate, it was kind of almost cold. Turns out my buddy J was riding back up in the lower canyon on a cool down ride (setting his own records), so we rode back to the truck together. Nice to have my truck start right up again. Still don't know what the initial issue was. Strange. All in all, a Great Ride! 
DIRTULS08/01/13The J Trio. Tried the big wheel-thanks mtnbikej. Nice ride. Not shabby at all for my first time. 
MTB Fiend07/31/13The 3 J's ride again! DIRTULS first time riding a 29er and she crushed the climb, took all I had to beat her to the top! hehe. We all crushed the descent too. mtnbikeJ gave us all plenty of lead, but very nearly pulled us all in, even though he was on an SS. Made for great fun and excitement, and I just barely beat him to the bottom, by like 3 seconds (I added a second). Superb riding J and J! Oh yeah, and it was freakin' cold out there! in the middle of Summer! But, as always, a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/30/13When I can't decide, Blackstar is my ride. And so it was tonight. Late start after some hardcore chores, but at least those bathroom tiles are super-clean. Surprisingly, lots of riders out tonight but my ride was solo all the way! Love those long shadows. Good ol' Blackstar! Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/25/13Kind of a quickie for such a gorgeous evening, but work beckons. Rode with J&S. Can't wait to see them on matching bikes. Simply beautiful out tonight. Great Ride! 
Keith B07/18/13Hot ride with David, Andy & Charles. David blazed along on his Scalpel chatting to me whilst I buried myself and barely managed to comprehend what he was saying let alone speak. Sank an ice cold Guinness at the top and yapped with the boys. 
MTB Fiend07/16/13Spectacular evening cruise. Temps were sensational. Saw 1 Deer in HR on the ascent, and another on the descent. Lots of hikers, a few riders. Great Ride! 
mtbfan07/14/13Nice warm ride up BS today. The breeze kept it nice for the most part, but it got pretty hot in some spots. It was good to hangout after in the shade for a beer. 
MTB Fiend07/11/13These are the beautiful days on Blackstar. The place was empty as can be, calm, peaceful, yet exhilirating. Yes, it was a Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend07/10/13Trippy weather made for tacky dirt, like moist talcum powder, great for tracks of all types. Unfortunately, no critters. Incredibly and peacefully calm, eerily quiet. Saw just the smallest handful of riders, including the original Orange Man finishing his ride - stopped and chatted a bit. My solo climb was quite enjoyable. Quick and dustless descent. Got back to the truck and got a few big raindrops for real. This was a Great Ride! 
devodoc07/07/13It has been a while since I ventured out to Beek's Place. Picked a nice warm day to travel; luckily got an early start but not sure what all the others I passed while returning were thinking - it will get warm out there. 
Ben Boronow07/06/13Nice Saturday ride with Bob, Ron & Ezekiel. Did a little backtracking (~17 minutes) to ride with Bob & Ron. Not too hot out, but was getting pretty warm by the time we started down. Accidentally re-started my GPS in the car on the way home, so about 10 minutes and 20 seconds of the time is that. Approx 1:17:25 to the gate & 1:49:47 total. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch07/04/131st time on BS with the SS for me. Did well until the last climb, which was tough to keep the cranks turning but made it up with no breaks. Got passed by a much more experienced, and fitter, SSer right b4 the gate. Fun descent, lots of peeps climbing enjoying the beautiful day. 
MTB Fiend07/03/13Really empty tonight. Stopped and chatted with Bob for some time, he on his descent, me, beginning to climb in earnest. After that, all mine! Shared the trail with a really lazy Rattler, but unfortunately no other critters. Temps were perfect, but the views were obscured by low clouds. Just another one of those incredibly peaceful... Great Ride! 
spicolli197606/28/13Great night ride with Amy. First ride on my new 5spot, and this bike is amazing!!!! 
MTB Fiend06/27/13Beautiful Blackstar ride! Never disappoints. Cool breezes right from the start, and my cadence was strong for the whole ride. No record, but strong climbing nonetheless. Very few riders out. As I climbed through HR I had to stop a couple times, I was sure those were Mountain Lion tracks. Positive, fresh too. Got to the top and enjoyed the sensational views in to Downtown LA and the cool breeze that is nature's air conditioning. Started on down, and sure enough, down in HR, there he was! A nice healthy magnificent Mountain Lion! Easily 110 lbs, lanky, lean and really healthy looking. He looked at me so quizically as I hooted and hollered at him as he bounded off the trail. We had a brief stare down fight from 40 yeards and then went our respective ways. I'm pretty sure I was more stoked to see him than he was to see me. Got out of there well before the bugs came out. Made for a really Great Ride! 
ADanFool06/26/13Great night out, except it was a bug orgy going on. 
Shigalert06/25/13Nice, steady solo evening ride. 1:26 G to G not bad for so little riding recently. Looked like some kind of informal ride was going on using all the singletracks with a guy manning a big cooler half way up. I was offered a beer but declined (today makes 5 days with no beer, hopefully the sacrifice will pay off). 
mtbfan06/23/13Nice solo ride before the Tacos and Margarita get together. Surprisingly, there were hardly any cars parked at the gate, and it was so nice having the place almost to myself. Lately, BS has been like Disneyland. 
Keith B06/20/13Summer solstice boozathon ride with Ryan, Andy, Charles, Paul and Dave N. Nice easy cruise up to Beeks. Charles got a sidewall slice on his rear tyre shortly before the top. Unloaded our food bounty at Beeks and sank some beers. I might have overdone it with a turbo sized Wookey Jack IPA - certainly felt like it on the descent. Paul made his 650B bike sound like a tempting proposition - 1st one I've seen up close and personal. Loads of teens out hiking to the old Indian encampment. 
MTB Fiend06/19/13All intentions were to go to Sierra Peak. I wanted it bad enough, but slowly dropped the pace, then was starting to bonk, somewhere in HR. Still made it to the gate in a respectable time but I was spent, hungry and oh so sleepy. The descent was cool, both in fahrenheit and esoteric factor. J's dust rooster tail was fully illuminated by the low sun (an earlier descent than usual). (Someday, we should set up a camera and actually capture what are sure to be some fantastic pictures). I digress. By the time we reached blacktop, I was grabbing gears and spent. Nonetheless, still qualifies as a Great Ride! 
trekstorm06/15/13It's funny how different time of day makes any trail look different. Have mostly done this in the late afternoon but today was right around 11. Straight up sun is way different than 3-4 o'clock sun and i've got the sunburn to prove it. 
MTB Fiend06/13/13Casual ride with mtnbikeJ, neither one of us was eager to push it hard. That last freakin 1/2 mile always saps me - (I gotta work on that somehow). Very few other riders out. Downright chilly on the descent, mostly because I did not bother to add another layer. Always a pleasure to watch J shred the descent and today there was quite the dust rooster tail. Thanks J, you got my bike all dusty! Great ride! 
ADanFool06/13/13Good evening ride, great temps. 
MTB Fiend06/06/13Wasn't really feeling like I should ride, had a few chores to do and other cool stuff. Nah! Just kidding! I got my priorities right! Apparently the Fiend would have been pretty dissappointed too, as the bike was fast tonight. Thought I was going to be right at the 60min mark, but as usual started to falter toward the end. Still managed a respectable 1:02 and small change. Made up for it all as I railed the descent, new tire in the back made a big difference. Only a small handful of riders out tonight. Turns out, it was a Great Ride! 
owen05/30/13with steve. we both swapped out our 21 tooth cogs for 19 tooth. very warm. good to get outside! 
MTB Fiend05/25/13Shakedown cruise for the new Fiend Freedom Machine. No shakedown needed! This bike was Go! right from the start. Fastest time in a long time for me, 1:01 and change. Maybe I'll see sub-60 minutes soon? Thanks for joining me J! Great Ride! 
mtbfan05/25/13Good ride today. The day started off just really off. Meant to ride the new Ibis at El Moro but there were still issues with the headset. So, change of plans. Drop the Ibis off at the shop, go home, grab the SS and off we went to BS. Late start, but that left us with a more deserted trail. Saw lots of riders, including "The Fiend" coming down as we were climbing. Hardly anyone as we came down. Stopped at Beeks to look at the "head" on a stick....pretty freaky. Picked up the Ibis and it is all good to go for tomorrow now. 
MTB Fiend05/22/13Looked back and could see someone chasing me. Yep, that's mtnbikeJ! So, like any friend would do, I put the hammer down and made him work for it. I was already riding in SS mode but now I had to pedal in earnest. He caught me just at the top of HR - good job! We set a nice pace to the gate, he under an hour, me just over. Breeze and clouds brought in the cold temps and it was time to go. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend05/16/13Good ol' Blackstar. Great climb SS style on the Jet. No record, but quicker than usual. Seriously ugly weather, quire the contrast from yesterdays "gorgeousness". Nice to see the original Orange Man and chat over some brews. On my way out to BS, I noticed some detective activity across the wash over in Limestone. On my way home the road was closed and I had to go all the way around. I guess the investigation was enlarged. Great Ride!! 
Keith B05/15/13Fun group ride with Andy, Ryan & David. 58mins gate to gate was a nice pace. We decided to take the singletrack trails down - the main one of which none of us had done before. Andy headed down one steep rutted section at an alarming pace and ended up flying into a bush but luckily he seemed unharmed. Beers back at the car then pizza. 
Mike.the.Spike05/12/1398 Degrees while climbing today, that was pretty darn hot. Everyone stayed hydrated and rode comfortably. Very nice to feel the breeze on the long descent. 
Fast Turtle05/12/13Did the first 2 single tracks. Couldn't find the 3rd. Rode with SAmtn and Manny. 
Cougar Bait05/09/13D, D. Slach, Dan? Got through most of this ride, despite a vehicle tire flat on the way, and Dan's flat on the trail... 
MTB Fiend05/09/13Later start than intended (errands), but still a superior solo climb/ride - 1:02 gate to gate - on the Jet! Just felt like lighting it up and kept it in the middle of the cassette the whole time. Newsflash! Cold and windy at Beeks Place. Was totally groovin' on the descent and all when it suddenly started to rain. At least, I was already out of HR. Some of those raindrops really sting! I was real glad to have the big fat tire hanging off the front as the dirt conditions were becoming sensational! Really turned it on in the lower canyon where conditions were ideal. Blacktop was wet and I dropped to cruiser pace and kind of enjoyed the silence and the beauty of the rain. Bike is barely dirty, helmet is cleaner, what's not to like? A bit cold, but... a Great Ride!! 
mtbfan05/05/13Fun ride with Mark and Teri. Worked all day Saturday, and I was tired and not even motivated to ride. We all brought snacks and drinks, and Teri had some Skinny Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo. We sat at BS until after 6pm....fun times. 
MTB Fiend04/30/13Sweet solo ride, fast too! Installed a new seat post on the H/T so I could get that extra inch of extension back. Made a big difference as I knew it would. Managed to stay just ahead of the cold dreary gray clouds until HR, then the whole place got socked in. Yuk! A bit chilly on the descent, but bearable. Great Ride! 
mtbfan04/28/13Nice solo ride. Been fighting a little stomach bug, so the climb was really hard today, but I made it. Just stopped a couple of times to stretch the legs, which was nice so I could soak in the scenery. Met Mark after for some snacks since he rode the Oaks. 
spicolli197604/27/13Great solo morning ride. 1:18:32 to top gate. Had a nice social ride down and chatted with Brian and saw Dan half way down. Super fun. 
spicolli197604/26/13Great night ride with Amy. We were the ONLY ones on B* all night. Beautiful night for a ride. 
MTB Fiend04/22/13Blackstar therapy ride, never disappoints. Had the place to myself shortly after lower canyon. Very peaceful Earth Day solo celebration. Great Ride! 
Congo Kid04/21/13Final big training ride with Snowman for the Rwanda 50. Got a very late start as he was doing some VO Max test up in LA, so paid for it on the first 4-5 miles up till cooler breezes prevailed closer to the top. Saw a 3' rattler at Beeks. 
spicolli197604/20/13Perfect 7:00am start. Nice and cool and the sun felt great. 1:22 to the top gate. 
singlespeedrider04/19/13Lights off on the climb 
spicolli197604/19/13Great night night with Mark, Skyler, and Todd!!! 
mtbfan04/13/13Nice ride up BS today. Was really warm on the way up but then the clouds started moving in, and the descent was pretty chilly. Hung out for a bit for snacks and drinks. Nice seeing Sharon who loaned me her helmet since I left mine at home. 
Keith B04/11/13After work pain fest with Ryan and Charles. 1st half of the ride was all out. We stopped at the old Indian encampment to check it out. I must have ridden past there a hundred times but never took the time to stop. We calculated Ryan's SS gear ratio and pledged to ride in approximately the same gear as him for the rest of the ride. I was sure what was going to blow out first - my knees or my back. No idea whether it was faster than spinning either. Chilled out at the top and headed down after the valley had become enveloped with fog. 
mtnbikej04/05/13SS. Quick impromptu ride this afternoon. Went out to help set up for VQ/CC tomorrow. Couldn't really do anything at that time, so went for a ride instead. Felt like crap at the start of the ride. Was much warmer and drier than I had planned. Hit the 1st cattle gate at 31 minutes...2 minutes quicker than usual. Guess I was pushing. Stopped to help a guy fix his chain in Hidden Ranch, then chased down a guy that had passed. Even slowing down for the fire truck up there, still turned a PR of :58 to the gate....pretty happy with that. Saw a nice big rattler on the way down. Breeze was picking up and was getting cooler out there. Good ride. 
DIRTULS04/03/13Ride with Fiend. Nice day! 
MTB Fiend04/02/13Pleasant pace with DIRTULS. Good times trading places on the climb and on the descent. Only a handful of other riders and hikers. Great Ride! 
thatdave03/30/13Kevin,Tom,Herb,Dave,Lisa & I all had a good time.. 
TBlazen03/28/13not many people out this evening... saw a big rattler, light rust colored and pretty darn big... 
MTB Fiend03/26/13Delightful recovery pace ride with VeloTraveler. We discussed our next big pannier/BoB trip, and an even bigger trip. Saw 2 Deer in the upper section of Hidden Ranch, silohueted in the late afternoon sun. Temps were a bit chilly on the descent. Great Ride! 
Rumpled03/25/13Eric and I went for a 10am start. Pretty warm day and tons of hikers. My fastest climb of the year by just a couple of minutes. Still, not fast enough. Tried to beat 30 minutes coming down and did it in 26. 
MTB Fiend03/21/13Sweet ride on BS! Although I was personally disappointed I did not have the power I think I should have. I guess there is always next time. Still pretty chilly on the descent. Great Ride! 
mtbfan03/17/13Good to be back at Blackstar with a good group of people. Lots of cars everywhere again. The CC/VQ is only a couple of weeks away. Tons of hikers out, too. Wasn't feeling all that great on the climb due to the lingering cough, but I think it was good to be out there. Fun times after the ride and at Cook's. Started in the fog, and it was freezing, but that was short lived when the sun came out. 
tweasol03/13/13Great ride and weather with Joe today! 
DIRTULS03/13/13Monday ride. No legs. 
MTB Fiend03/12/13Coulda, shoulda, didn't - make it to Sierra Peak. Felt alright for most the ride, but suddenly lost the enthusiasm and decided burgers and beer sounded a whole lot better. Gotta listen to those voices every now and then, I guess. Still, quite the lovely afternoon jaunt. Saw a Bobcat at Art's and then another at the Paul Valdez cross. Great Ride! 
Keith B03/12/13Nice paced ride up to Beeks in the afternoon sun. Saw Jeremy coming back down. Amazing how easy it seems when you just dial it back some. We brought beers up to celebrate Andy's 'Special' mountain bike ride but whaaaa? no Andy! All the same we rode up to the radar blob, sank the ceremonial beers, took pics and waited to see the comet pass by the moon - which it duely did although it was only visible for a few minutes. Blazed back down chasing Ryan which was pretty difficult as I only brought one light. 
BoBCatCuTie03/11/13From yesterday (Sunday)- Two military helicopters were practicing landing in the wind, and one flew directly over us (maybe 80 feet above?) and landed in the bush right next to the trail. Pretty crazy... yeah it was windy, no speed records. :) 
Rumpled03/06/13Misty Mountain Hop! Most of the ride was in the mist of the fog, lights didn't help too much. Slow climb and a really slow descent - just couldn't see much through the mist. Then at the bottom turn on the pavement, the rear brake locked up. Carried the rear of the bike that last mile plus or so. Still good to be out there. 
Keith B03/05/13Misty night ride with Charles. The closer to Beeks we got the denser the fog became. At times the night was so black and inky that there was only the tunnel of your light through the mist and nothing else. Met Ryan at the top, wrapped up and headed down. Managed not to hit any frogs on the trail. The mist became drizzle at times on the descent. Not as cold as I'd thought be plenty damp. 
DONALD JACKSON02/28/131stVelo Sport ride for 2013. What a great night. Mtb Fiend and Jen were out enjoying the night also, Rode my 1990 Klein. Not a comfortable ride at all but getting used to it 
BoBCatCuTie02/28/13Early evening ride last night. 
DIRTULS02/28/13Great ride. All was well until the ghost shifting started and then I started to tug and play with shifting cables. Good to see the VeloSport hammer heads. J tried to put the hurt on me tonight on his SS. Fiend was mellow. 
MTB Fiend02/27/13hmmm.. yeah, ride #2. DIRTULS put the hurt on from the start. I was feeling a bit sluggish and had to drop to a more reasonable pace. Climbed without lights except for the descent in to HR, takes some getting used to for sure. Felt warmer at the top than the bottom. Saw Don Jackson and his ShoAir crew out there. Great Ride! 
trekstorm02/26/13Much calmer ride. Still ice cold when sun goes down 
TBlazen02/26/13nice out PB of 47:44 G2G ....a little dicey on the pea gravel DH ! 
trekstorm02/26/13It's amazing how one day I feel pretty good and then next day I feel like crap. Was a real chore doing this today. 
trekstorm02/24/13Brutal wind especially at the top. 
mtbfan02/24/13What an adventure. The winds were super strong at times, and I was tempted to turn around several times. Was a little harder on the SS than usual due to the strong gusts. We left our bikes at Beeks to take a quick walk up to the lookout over Corona. The winds were so strong, we could barely stand up straight. The ride down was interesting as the winds pushed you, going much faster on the flats. Pretty fun, if you can call it that. Snacks and drinks in a shielded area afterwards. Nice way to end the weekend. 
Shigalert02/22/13Perfect conditions this afternoon so went for a PR. Got 1:18:51 Gate to Gate probably a little over 3 minutes better than my previous best after adjusting for the washout and bumps that are no longer there. Other than the usual swarms of teenagers in the Canyon there was no-one else out. Didn’t see another bike till coming back down the final switchbacks. 
ocwannabe02/22/13Beautiful out there this morning, bit chilly at the top.. 
BoBCatCuTie02/18/13Really enjoyed the ride with Mike tonight! :) 
Buffalo02/18/13Enjoyed riding with B.C. and Zaffer. 
MTB Fiend02/17/13Even though I had ride plans for the afternoon, it was too nice a day to hang out and wait, so I came out here. mtnbikeJ happened to roll up at the same time. I struggled a bit and opted to turn around here at the gate and preserve some energy for the afternoon ride. Really quite beautiful out on the trail. Great Ride! 
MTB Fiend02/15/13Most everybody knows I have a lot of experiences on BS. Well tonight was no exception. This one is freaky and not for the squeemish. So there I am "just riding along" back to the truck at dusk. I almost ran over it, about 1/2 mile from the Tree Farm. What was it!? IT was a freakin' heart! Yes, that's right a body organ. Just lying there on the side of the road. Bizarro at it best. I'm no anatomy expert, but it was clear this was too large a heart to be human. It was the size of 2, maybe 3 fists. You could see the aorta's and whatever other heart parts there are. It was not all bloody or mucked up like an animal had gotten to it, nor were there any ants on it. I did not touch the freakin' thing. I felt like maybe I should be reporting it or something, but was just kind of freaked out about it. (What would you do?). Back at the truck, at the IRC/BS parking gate there was a small spattering of blood on the gravel, no other tell-tale traces. Weirdness prevails at BS again. Great Ride! 
BoBCatCuTie02/13/13A bobcat crossed the fire road approx 30 feet in front of me. Same place I saw one several months back. I waited a few minutes then kept going, he didn't appear again. 
BoBCatCuTie02/11/13Nice clear evening, bit chilly! 
DIRTULS02/09/13Wednesday night ride with J and J. Did some extra climbing. 
singlespeedrider02/08/13Beat the rain but the fog was really heavy. 
Rumpled02/07/13I think I climbed to Hidden Ranch in the middle ring - was that why it felt harder on this nite? Cool riding above the fog filling in Hidden Ranch and then riding thru it. A bit chillier than the last couple of rides, but not bad at all. 
MTB Fiend02/06/13Speedy DIRTULS got a slightly earlier start than mtnbikeJ and me. She double-backed to join us for the second climb. Not too many other riders out tonight, it was a bit cold. We all had a good time on the descent. And, it was a Great Ride! 
Shigalert02/05/13Another good one with Eric and Rumpled. Gate at the top was closed. 
jbh6502/03/13late start and by the look of all the cars I though the trail would be jammed, but just hikers and dogs. Only saw a handful of bikers today. windy until the climbing started and then warm in sections. took several of the singletracks down. pushed it hard on the Niner and was a bit gassed at the top. 
mtbfan02/02/13Beautiful day for Blackstar. It was overcast, and the temperature was just perfect for climbing and descending. Hung out for snacks afterwards. It must have been some sort of trash pick up day. I have never seen that many people walking. They all carried plastic bags full of trash. Amazing how many people are littering in this beautiful area. 
Rumpled02/01/13Nice night for a ride, even if I didn't feel like I had it. Saw the Fiend as he was exiting the canyon as we were heading up. A few spots of mud and overall a bit slower roll for me. Surprisingly, the top gate of B* was wide open. Wildlife sighting of a mouse or vole or similar on the way down. Still only needed a long sleeve jersey up and down. Nice beer time at the end, just BS'ing. 
ADanFool02/01/13Nice night for a ride. I got to get more riding in these legs this year, I've been taking too much time off. 
Shigalert01/31/13Good ride with Rumpled and Eric. Felt pretty strong. Enjoyable post-ride shandies too, though interrupted by teenagers making out in the next-but-one car then when they left two other cars of kids pull up right next to us and start smoking dope when the rest of the parking lot was deserted. You’d think they would at least be smart enough to find somewhere a bit more secluded. Guess Facebook has created an “oversharing” generation. 
MTB Fiend01/30/13Sweet solo ride. Late start meant I would miss the sunset at the top, but it looked like it was a bit of dud with the marine layer anyway. Got up there and was just hanging out; that's when I saw them. Sure, they were far off but there was no mistaking them. 2 rather large flights of Geese were making their way back toward Corona area. I mean big flights! I could see them, but not hear them (bummer). I thought they had better hurry or they are not going to get to the fields before dark. About that time, well, it was dark on the trail. I brought just the handlebar light, I prefer 2 lights but survived just fine. Time to start training with Bob. Great Ride! 
Rumpled01/23/13Night ride to Beek's. Nice and warm, only neeeded a long sleeve tee and a jersey - even coming down. Was only a bit chilled descending thru Hidden Ranch; all the rest was surprisingly warm. Kinda slow climbing time today, but heh, that's how it goes. Went pretty quick (for me) descending, esp for a night ride. Eric saw a fox at the gate while waiting for me to show up. Very few people out tonite, and such a nice night; too. Saw four riders descending and one SS ascending and no hikers. Everyone who didn't ride tonite missed a good one. 
MTB Fiend01/21/13Needed some dirt therapy and opted to treat myself to a sensational sunset. And it was! Absolutely incredible! Forever views forever! Once again, downtown LA skyscrapers reflected the red sunlight, like rubies in a pirates treasure stash. Gleaming, red and shiny. I had to check my pirate maps to make sure - I could clearly see Santa Barbara Island and am fairly sure I was seeing Anacapa Island even further in the distance and much to the right. Awesome! Lingered longer than planned, it was just "all too much, for me to see". I wish I could have stayed for the grand finale of true darkness. I was able to cat-eye, then owl-eye the entire descent until Art's, where I turned on the light because I knew there were a few hikers in the lower canyon (big day for hikers). Another perfect pick! 1x9 HT runs so smooth and quiet. Great Ride! 
Cougar Bait01/19/13D, D. Slach. Beautiful but windy morning ride. Lots of folks out enjoying the warmer weather. 
OTB_again01/18/13Headwinds got progressively worse toward the top. We perservered and got to the gate and then enjoyed the singletracks on the way down. Pops after as usual, thanks Jay... 
MTB Fiend01/18/13ahhh.. Good ol' Blackstar, my faithful old friend. Hard to believe it's been a whole month since I have ridden BS. Sensational superbly solo sunset cruise. Ths sunset was absolutely brilliant! Got to the top just moments before watching the sun bombard Catalina. Like Orange and Red sparkling jewels, reflections all across the basin illuminated each skyscraper and glass building. Like a teasure chest overflowing it's bounty. A few gusts here and there but still comfortable enough. Sure felt great to get out on the 1x9 again, rolls so fast! The descent was sheer bliss, what with the trail being so hardpacked and all the loose stuff having blown off. Truly a spectacular and Great Ride! 
jbh6501/16/13solid ride with E tonight. Strong winds right before we hit the descent into hidden ranch on the climb up and persisted all the way to beeks. hit several of the singletrax on the way down and I managed to leave some skin behind on the last one. good times as usual, and thanks E. 
trekstorm01/15/13BURRRRRRR. 48 degrees at start. 6 long sleeve shirts and 2 long pants. comfortable but still cold. Wind not too bad... 
gmann01/14/13First time doing this route. The climb was a lot easier than I expected. Windy at the top, but nice in the canyon. 
thatdave01/12/13Nice and cold today.. Great to get out with Dave,Lisa,Ed,& Tom.. 
OTB_again01/08/13Another blaster with Jay...singletracks are tacky and awesome. Nice chatting it up with Donny J at Oggi's "afterwords"... 
jbh6501/08/13what E said. The dirt on the last singletrack is sick right now and so much fun. good times for sure. 
MCAFS01/02/13Nice temps and light SA winds. Finished just as the sun was setting. 
Rickgut200412/25/12Second attempt to get to the top. Made it this time :D Lots of climbing. 
Sir Robin12/23/12Went on 12/22 independently. There was a big group ride, maybe 100? people. Very cold, there were a few icy puddles at the bottom, just after the right hand turn where you enter the canyon. By the time I reached the big switchback 1/3 of the way up the 1st climb I was down to a T-shirt. Amazing how fast you go from freezing to hot. 
Keith B12/20/12Left a few mins before everyone else due to the cold and cruised up with Andy - trying not to sweat. Despite putting on all dry clothes at the top I only stayed warm for about 5mins. Tequila and beer failed to keep me warm although some most welcome Irish coffee seemed to be working. Thanks to the chaps with the excellent snacks up there. Good to meet Chris up there as well. It was as cold as I'd feared on the way down! 
ADanFool12/20/12Great ride, my first time up Blackstar in the dark. Good to meet some new folks - neighbors even. Thanks to whomever originally posted this. Chip's homemade Hungarian Sausage was good... I'm still tasting it! 
TBlazen12/20/12well, didn't have the time to do the Big Ride, so went ahead and rode finishing just after dark; Know the conditions were good and hope all had fun ! 
MTB Fiend12/20/12Outstanding "End of the World" ride! Thanks to everybody who came out and braved the temps tonight! I towed a BOB trailer for the first time ever. With the 1x9 it felt like riding a SS. I was real concerned on the first climb but all was good. Just proves once again, with the right gear one can ride in any weather. With "le BOB" tracking along behind me I brought along an entire wardrobe of gear! Very cool to hang out with a bunch of like-minded "believers". Certainly one of the better Blackstar party rides! Took a little spill at the top on the descent when my front wheel caught a rut and the whole train followed. Nothing hurt but pride. Sensational evening! Well, I guess we'll see if there really is a tomorrow. Great Ride! 
trekstorm12/14/12BURRRRR!!! 49 degrees at start. Started to rain about halfway through meadow. Was light enough to keep going. Slow coming down because of the mud becoming slick. 
MTB Fiend12/12/12Taunted the rain gods once again, well, kind of, OK, not really. Gotta disclose, and claim the 90% rule. DIRTULS and I turned around about 1/2 mile from the top, because it started to rain. This time it really looked as though it might be a real rain. Turns out it was a bluff and we fell for it. mtnbikeJ was fast enough to get his full ride in - lucky guy. Kind of cold out tonight, but then again not as cold as anticipated. (A night of non-definitives). Could not figure out why my bike just did not want to roll faster, until I hit the turns and realized that, this time, the rear tire was slow leaking. Sigh... a year is long enough for Stans to last. With the rains comes some badly needed maintenance. (I think I just heard my bikes let out a collective "Yippee!"). Great Ride! 
sourceminer12/12/12Decided to go up with Jen, and Will after doing the Motorway Loop. Went down without front breaks :-0 Weee.. 
DIRTULS12/12/12I am gonna take the 90% rule with Fiend on this one. We got spooked by the little rain shower and headed back 1/2 mile from the top. Better safe than sorry. At least we got a fun ride in. The other guys made it to the top. 
TBlazen12/11/12on the Niner...PB of 47:50 g2g; Think I saw ThinkFast getting ready to go out! 
trekstorm12/11/12Started late with no one but coming down passed around 20 who obviously started after dark. 
Keith B12/11/12Chilly night ride with Ryan, Andy, Charles, Ian, JJ and Kevin. JJ was on it as usual. I did my best to chase him and recon that although I didn't have my GPS I was between 52 and 53mins to the top. My cramping calves and aching back aren't thanking me. Ian and JJ took the singletrack down and made it to Hidden Ranch at the same time as Ryan and I. Fast paced fun despite the cold. 
MTB Fiend12/06/12Well, I think that is enough singlespeeding for this week. Started to fade on the last climb to the gate. It was like a Poe poem, evermore, evermore, slowly I dropped the pace. It was maddening. Once again I just hung on to the handlebars and pushed the pedals, finally, mercifully, I was there. Looking celestially, we were guided by the brightness of Jupiter. With the current conditions the descent is a blast! Hitting the turns a little too fast at times. Colder tonight. Sluggish ride back on the pavement. Saw just 4 other riders. Surprising when conditions are so good right now. Despite the struggle... a Great Ride! 
trekstorm12/05/12Trail in good shape. Only saw one other rider. 
MTB Fiend12/05/12Where was everybody? Well, no matter. Except that y'all are missing out on some great BS conditions. As expected, a little mud in the lower canyon, easily avoidable. Then pure bliss from there on out. Rode with mtnbikeJ, and had several Buffalo encounters. Except for 2 descenders, we were the only 3 out there on such a casual evening. What struck me as ultra-cool tonight was that our tires made no noise whatsoever - stealth mode. Heroic dirt made for a blast of a descent. Fog and cold rolled in shortly after finishing. Great Ride! 
OTB_again11/28/12Good one with Jay, awesome moon tonight 
TBlazen11/28/12Off the bike for 8 days but did OK; 51+ g2g, 1:14+ round trip...Had to get one in b4 the rain...Rode the Niner 1x10 
MTB Fiend11/28/12Forgot to turn on the Garmin for this one. Doh! Nice climb in the dark until HR. Started to rain a bit while in HR but we pushed on and the rain was very short lived making the trail even better. Lots of toads out tonight, whole herds of them! Once again ran in to the original Orange Man. Was troubled by suddenly poor cornering and overall steering control on the second descent. Got to the lower canyon and discovered my front tire had all of about 15lbs of pressure. Not wanting to do anything about just then, it was quite the squishy slow-roll back to the truck. All in all, another real good time out on Blackstar. Great Ride! 
jbh6511/27/12a solid nite ride with E. rode the fs stumpy and slugged my way to the top, but having all the suspension for the singletrax on the way down was well worth it. the last singletrack that cuts off all of the bottom portion of the fire road is a blaster at night. even ran into troy and his cohorts tonight:) fun times as always E. 
Chark Nessylfire11/26/12With Bill, Bill, Luis, Bob, Nolan, Erik, Randy, and Tom 
Shigalert11/25/12Second time up the "Star" this weekend, this time with Mrs.S, Tommy and Lizz. It was only 7 weeks ago that they were all struggling and whining and we only made it half way. Today Mrs S. and i turned round at Beeks while Tommy and Lizz made it to the Ball. Three new Main Divide "debutantes". 
Shigalert11/24/12Felt awful and the blazing sun on the lower switchbacks didn't help. 1:30 gate to gate. 
ADanFool11/21/12Kept it simple 
MTB Fiend11/21/12Another great Blackstar ride. Kind of chilly at the start, but it got a bit warmer, not really, it was downright cold tonight. Real quiet out there, but we're OK with that. Great Ride! 
OTB_again11/19/12No rain yet, good to get in a few miles with Jay after a busy week.... 
jbh6511/16/122 meetings cancelled this morning, so I got a small window and got this one in early today. Trail in good shape and no mud. felt strong today so I pushed hard to the top. had a time goal in mind and was able to meet the target 
Sir Robin11/15/12Went with a couple of friends, the first cold spell leading to winter. Didnt spend much time on top as we were all freezing. 
MTB Fiend11/14/12Another sweet BS ride in the books. Strange, I was the only one who showed up on SS tonight. Felt kind of out of place and struggled a bit at times, but pulled it all together. Weather was great and we were feeling good, so we all headed out to the Skyline lookout. Beautiful forever night lights views. Great Ride! 
El Chupacabra11/12/12Getting back into it with 29 Inch Nails 
vt1ryan11/10/12weather was nice and cool today. got really breezy at beeks. Trail is fast and in great shape 
MTB Fiend11/08/12Another beautiful night ride on BS with mtnbikeJ and Phyllis. The climb just seemed to roll by, felt pretty good. Caught and passed by a surprise visit from the original Orange Man. Great ride! 
trekstorm11/07/12Had just turned my light on when I went down in meadow and saw a bobcat!! 
GabrielC11/07/12Beautiful morning for a ride up Blackstar. Only saw one trail runner and a whole herd of deer down by the bottom gate. 
benito11/07/12Tues after work ride with Tom And Troy. First time out with my new light, had a blast. 
GoneRiding11/06/12Good night ride w/ Troy & Ben. I think we saw 2 riders descending as we headed up and about 5 riders in a group climbing as we descended. Tried to hit as much singletrack on the way down as we could. Saw another big toad tonight and quite a few of the night hawks. Wahoo's always hits the spot afterwards. 
TBlazen11/02/12saw only two people out riding....Just over 54 g2g...rode the 1x9 niner and the ribs aren't ready yet for the HT 
MTB Fiend11/01/12Gorgeous twilight transition to darkness climb to Beeks. Rode with mtnbikeJ and Suzanne. Owl-eyed it all the way to the top. Nice. J and I saw a beautiful buck on the way up, just past the first bridge. Then again on the way out, bunches of eyes out in the meadow off the paved road. Not as cold as I anticipated, guess I did not need to carry all that stuff. Great ride! 
Keith B11/01/12Headed up with Charlie, Ryan and JJ. JJ set a blistering pace that I couldn't hang on to after Hidden Valley. Pretty Sank a Ranger IPA at the top then headed down into the mid winter type cold on the way back. Feet were numb, legs felt thrashed! 
trekstorm10/30/12Jello legs again today. 
trekstorm10/29/12Legs like Jello to start but got stronger as ride went on. Cold coming back. 
ThinkFast10/26/12Good.times with Tom and Greg. Rode most of the way up with only the moon for lighting. 
MTB Fiend10/25/12Cool casual solo singlespeed twilight crusin'. Had the climb to myself, got to the gate near dark. On the descent - a few folks climbing, and it looked to be a big bunch getting ready for a late start. Nice night for it. I can hear the winds outside my window right now, right on time. Great ride! 
Keith B10/25/12Ryan's birthday ride. Dragged three bottles of beer up there but it was well worth the effort. No breeze at the top but 10mins later it was blowing a gale. Good times at the top with Geof, Charles, Ian, Brandon and David. Huge temperature drop into hidden valley on the way down. 
GoneRiding10/25/12Good ride w/ Troy & Greg. Started at the tree farm. Felt like I was dragging some weights in the beginning of the climb but felt better after Hidden Ranch. Good seeing Ian, Keith, Geoff, David and others out there as well. Saw the Fiend's vehicle out there as well. Big Path ride coming up as we were descending. Hit the singletrack on the way down through Hidden Ranch. Haven't done that in a while. Pretty fun at night. Hit Wahoo's after w/Greg and just made it before they closed. 
SAmtn10/24/12Ride like hell, pump, ride like hell, pump, ride like hell, pump. Thats what my ride was like coming down Blackstar. Thanks to Slopush and Boerseun for pumping my tire each time. 
MTB Fiend10/23/12Super sensational singlespeed solo summit slog, stimulating sunset sojourn. Fantastic Fall weather had me thinking of BS, so off I went. Truly a bit of a slog to the top, but I persevered. Quite cold at the top, but I was well-prepared. Lots of folks ascending as I descended. "Howdy"! Perfectly timed, no lights needed but near dark at the finish. Great ride! 
trekstorm10/22/12Amazing what a difference a week makes. From being hot to down right cold coming down. 
MCAFS10/20/12Cool and wet all ride. Foggy above Hidden Ranch. Trail was dry, just a heavy drizzle up and down. 
thatdave10/20/12Actually went there to ride the New Trails grand opening at Beeks Place Gundys,Luisa,Kevin,Ed,& I 
vt1ryan10/19/12Trail is nice right now after some rain last week. 
Keith B10/17/12If you're looking to better your time on Blackstar now is the time to do it. The rain removed all the dust so its smooth and hardpacked. Pretty toasty for the 1st half hour of climbing. But cooled off nicely. Loads of people out riding tonight - not sure whether it was an STR ride, people training for CC/VQ or jsut extra traffic due to Cooks car park being on lock down. 
TBlazen10/16/12Saw Jason, Jeremy and few others heading out as I was coming in...54:40 g2g 
MTB Fiend10/16/12Wow! What a freakin' gorgeous night for a ride! Sensational is putting it flatly. Slow-roll for me, but we could not let a solo rider ride alone at night - so we rode together while DIRTULS and Jason pressed on. Did I mention it was freakin' gorgeous out tonight? Best not to rush anyway. Great ride! 
trekstorm10/15/12Cooler than yesterday. Getting better again. 
trekstorm10/14/12Got hot in a hurry. When I started it was 73 by the time I finished it was 95!!! 
mtnbikej10/13/12Starting to get used to this place again...3rd ride in 2 weeks. Rains did a lot to the road....no more moon dust. Looks like there was a whole lotta water running down. I imagine the ruts will return with the next couple of rains. A couple of sections have already returned to chunky-ness. Only saw a few riders out. Wife is still getting over a cold, so we just cruised. Good ride overall. 
jvillacorta10/08/12Rode this yesterday morning. I haven't been riding regular and lately my rides have been less than stellar. But yesterday, I felt I was in control of my cardio. The climb was as always long and arduous. It was a splendid feeling! 
Shigalert10/07/12Blackstar is sanitized and fast right now, though not fast for me as I just meandered up enjoying the peace and quiet. Only saw 1 person after the houses. Must be football season or something. 
MTB Fiend10/04/12Nice SS spin with mtnbikeJ. Late start, but we made it to the top without lights. The descent was so dusty it washed out the lights like fog. Felt good to get out and exercise again - thanks J! Great ride! 
TBlazen10/04/12Outta shape but gotta start doing more SA rides now ! 
ADanFool09/30/12"FNG" Erik was uh... very slow. But hey, it's good to take a this at a slow pace every once in a while. 
vt1ryan09/29/12got an early start because of the heat that was suppose to come and sure it did. Never fails. Had a good ride anyways. 
vt1ryan09/25/12Got a nice spin before dark tonight. Not too many people out tonight. Starting to cool a bit. 
RedbeardHT09/22/12Forth time on a single speed MTB. Killer of a ride but well worth the results to come. Not bad for just starting out. 
Buffalo09/16/12Saturday's ride. Late morning start made for a hot one, but I think I'm getting use to it. 
Keith B09/06/12Solid ride with Andy,David & Ryan. Still very hot on the lower part but cooled off nicely at the top. The descent was crazy dusty - I think I'll be finding crusty sand deposits around my eyes for the next few days. Some security camera flashed at us at the bottom - anyone idea what that't about?! Its like Area51 back there! 
Winger09/06/12EX8. Rode with Ryan 
MTB Fiend09/05/12Delightful evening SS ride on BS. Only the smallest handful of riders made for a peaceful ascent. I know you won't believe this - but it was freakin' cold and windy at Beeks. I was damned glad I brought my LS jersey along. Hung out, watched the sunset (ended up being a bit of a dud from above). Watched some bizarre photo shoot using the spacious sky as a background (a 10ft sign made from light bulbs spelling the word "GIVE", with some guy walking out of the sign. hmmmm... what's the message?). Down at HR and the lower canyon, at least 15 degrees hotter and perfectly still. Love bombing the lower canyon in ultra-low light conditions, but the SS does kind of dull that a bit. Got back to the truck in the dark, perfect timing. While enjoying a "recovery drink" I was treated to a massive shooting star streaming West. Great ride! 
trekstorm09/04/12in two word brutally hot. Many stops along the way 
vt1ryan09/03/12The furnace turned on right at 7:30am this morning. Good to start early today 
MTB Fiend08/29/12Dreamt of a much bigger ride all day but had a few errands to run and ran out of time. A bit of a late start but I was confident the SS would push me up a little faster, and it did. Hung out at Beeks and enjoyed nature's A/C and colorific sunset for a bit, then cruised on down the trail. No critters, except about 8 Tarantula's and only 3 other riders. Perfect temps! Got back to the truck just at dark - awesome! Great ride! 
GabrielC08/24/12No marine layer here this morning. Plenty of sunshine and quite warm. 
OTB_again08/16/12Jay's first ride back after 8 weeks off due to foot surgery...you did well mi amigo! Scribby joined us and we had a blast. Nice to see MCAFS and Mike near the top of BS, they were headed to Motorway...hope it didn't get too hot for you guys. The dirtbag losers that came out Saturday night to watch the meteor showers left trash everywhere...totally inexcusable! 
MTB Fiend08/16/12Superbly solo SS sunset sojourn. Except the SS killed the ability to reach Sierra Peak as intended. Just could not pull together the energy level and power, but I managed to claw out a respectable time to Beeks. Not another soul out there, all to me self! Cool breezes but no critters. A bit tattered by the time I got back to the truck. Great ride! 
jbh6508/12/12first ride back after 8 weeks and the foot felt good. The rest of me not so much. Totally worked after this one, but it's a starting point and I'm thrilled to be back riding. Thanks E and James for making the climb with me. Singletracks down were a fun and a good way for me just to get some balance back. 
RollnStone08/11/12Early morning climb and it was still quite hot and dusty. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch08/11/12Haven't suffered that bad to Beeks in a long, long time. Wake up call. But it was hot out. Need to do these long climbs every once in a while. Thought I could do them whenever. 
vt1ryan08/08/12Went for a nice night ride at BlackStar tonight. It gets really dark out there but it was nice and warm at least 85 degrees and windy up at beeks around 9pm 
ocbiglar08/05/12started out late but I wanted to get in a ride. 
MTB Fiend08/03/12Woohoo! Party time at Beeks. My friend Kim helped fulfill a fantasy of mine - Pizza and Beer at Beeks! (Easy to please)! Thanks for the pizza, Kim. Thanks for hauling all that beer up the trail Rich. And finally, thanks for all the good times everybody! Superior Full Moon Beeks Party tonight. Topped it off with Disneyland fireworks. All the County equipment is gone, hopefully they are 100% finished and the moon dust will begin to dissipate. Pretty bad out there at the back of the line. A huge group of night hikers in the lower canyon. Great ride! 
halfasst08/03/12Agree with everything Fiend said. Fun times. 
ADanFool07/29/12Each time I ride this, I long for the old Blackstar. 
MTB Fiend07/29/12Went out for a peaceful, cool, solo, evening, singlespeed ride - and it was just that. After much debate among my body, my legs, and my weakened mind, we all made it to Beeks. Believe it or not - it was downright chilly at Beeks! Still, I hung out long enough to appreciate the breeze in the trees and the absolute solitude I love so much. The solo descent was a blast as usual. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend07/26/12Social pace with mtnbikej and company. SS is like that you know. Too funny - the County is back out at Hidden Ranch clearing the stream bed at the old washout. Looks to be the very same equipment as a month ago. Why not do the job right back then? (BTW - I predicted that)! And still, they do not appear to be considering clearing a similar "bridge" further upstream. (Here's another prediction - a new washout will eventually occur further upstream. hehehe - too easy). The vehicle traffic has recreated some moon dust. Too bad, it was mostly gone after the little rain we got. Aaahhh... who would have thought there could be so much drama on Blackstar without Art? Great temps. Great ride! 
mtnbikej07/26/12Fun ride tonight with the Fiend. Only saw a few other riders out. Temps were perfect. Except for the moon dust....the ride seems to go by quicker now that they graded the road. Pace was nice, and considering we stopped twice to socialize, the time up wasn't bad. Good ride for sure. 
trekstorm07/25/12We need a good rain to wash all the powder away!! 
MTB Fiend07/22/12Relaxing recovery ride. Sweet solo sunset singlespeed sojourn so satisfies! I planned to do this evening ride even before I started my AM ride. I just felt the need. It was just as I envisioned it too! Had the place all to myself, and the Deer, the Hawk, that cute little Fox, and the Garter Snake - we all had a real good time! The thing about singlespeeding is the simplicity, if you can turn the pedals you're rollin'! That was all I wanted or tried to do, is turn the pedals. And enjoy those sensational cool breezes and delightful solitude. And now, indeed, I am relaxed. Great ride! 
Ladera Mike07/18/12Nice ride after work yesterday. Wasn't feeling it the first couple miles but really glad I pushed through. Top gate was open, never seen that. And the trail has been graded all the way. You could drive a low rider up there now. 
la_purisima07/18/12Trail is smoooth. Really nice out considering it was 88 degrees when I started. 
trekstorm07/17/12Another good ride. A little warmer but still good. 
trekstorm07/16/12What a difference a few days make. Picture perfect with temp at 72 with very little humidity and a nice cool breeze. 
vt1ryan07/16/12Pretty Good Pace Tonight 
ADanFool07/15/12Very casual pace with a bunch of guys. 
vt1ryan07/14/12Really hot today for a ride but finished anyways. Found some cool air up at beeks. The trail is nice and groomed which makes the downhill really fast and fun. 
MTB Fiend07/14/12Aaaahhhh... nature's air conditioning! Cool breezes felt so good on this solo evening ride. Only 1 other rider, from Skyline? No bike fits in my quiver without testing it on Blackstar. I had to know before tomorrow just how well this RIP climbs on the long ones. Blackstar, meet RIP. RIP, meet Blackstar. Second ride of the day so I guess I cannot complain that I was about 8 min off my SS climb speed. Hung out at Beeks for a bit and enjoyed the cool temps and haunting rustle of the pines. Sushi and Beer were calling and that's when RIP showed true prowess. Of course, Blackstar is fine shape for high speeds. The moondust is gone and it's all fast track packed from just that little rain. (Come out and set your speed marks, now is the time)! After a truly inspiring descent I suddenly bonked at the blacktop. Not the first time and not surprising, a very busy day. Wolfed down some almonds and raced home for that Sushi and Beer. Yum! Great ride! (hmmm.. wonder where we will be tomorrow)? 
trekstorm07/12/1288 degrees with no sun!! Brutal humidity but ride back felt so good with the air rushing over my hot body and to top it off the rains came and made it a great ride!!! 
OTB_again07/07/12Good to get out with TBlazen and climb a little bit...we started late and it got warm in a couple spots but it was all good on the downs. Jbh65 met us at Rose Canyon Cantina for lunch...good times on a beautiful day. 
MTB Fiend07/07/12Chillin' with an old friend. Sensational sunset solo single-speed spin surely satisfies superbly! Several young hikers just above the lower canyon, not a single one had water. I gave water to as many as I could, one I thought was going to drop right there. It was not that hot but they had hiked to the falls, all with no water! Fools! Arts place is looking better now that it is getting cleaned up. Who knew there were some really nice trees down there? All the landowners are doing cleanup. The iconic Tram is gone too. After the 3rd switchback I had the place all to myself. Everything is settling in since the trucks are not driving up and down anymore. (You are already healing my old friend). All that work does not seem to have much effect on the Deer, saw 2. Hung out and chilled at Beeks (love that wind sound in the trees). I let the singlespeed fly and was constantly pelted by bugs. I did not care one bit, once again, Blackstar does not disappoint. Great ride! 
Buffalo07/05/12Rode Monday after work. 
MTB Fiend06/28/12And yet another new Blackstar experience, at least for me. My first SS ride was a resounding success! Cleaned it with relative ease, and on just a wee bit better than average time. Thanks for joining me mtnbikej. Check it out - the little GL Single Speed badge. Sweet. Looks like the permanent fix of the washout may be completed tomorrow. Work on Blackstar is definitely winding down, there were no new truck tracks beyond the 2nd cattle gate. Looking forward to experiencing the same old trails from a whole new perspective whether it be SS or RIP. Great SS ride! 
MTB Fiend06/26/12Apparently Art Tuttle is no longer a factor, most of his land is being razed and is in neat little piles to be hauled away. The big tank at his gate is gone too. Big bridges mean big changes. Feeling puny today and I knew I could not keep up with the Tuesday SS SO crowd. Went out to BS for a solo slow-roll. The road is just about finished, although there is still a huge backhoe at Hidden Ranch seemingly contemplating a permanent fix to that washout. Below HR is almost all moondust, above HR they have made effective use of water trucks and scraping to bedrock. Despite all that it was still a peaceful and relaxing ride. The moondust is great for animal tracks. Everything from mindless meanderings of Beetles, determined snake track, to Deer and Bobcat prints. Even saw a Deer down in Hidden Ranch. Cool. Good to be back out on BS, but I think I'll leave my nice FS bike at home next time and go hardtail SS. I am covered in moondust and that's riding alone! Great ride! 
mtbfan06/22/12Mike's Birthday ride. Had some wine at the top. BS is getting really bad. Too much sand to really enjoy it. Still a fun ride with great people and TG party afterwards. 
Buffalo06/14/12All but the last half mile graded. No more wash-outs, ruts or features. Very dusty, needs rain or a good Santa Ana. Still had fun though. 
slopush06/13/12It was a great night for a ride w/ Burgemeester and THanson. The ball wasn't lit tonight- it was the first time I've seen that. There has been more grading on the road, and from Beeks to the farm the road is smooth and tacky so we just flew down without worrying about sliding out. It was great! 
Jaxx29er06/12/12Another ride up Blackstar. This really is a good training route. It gives me a chance to adjust to my clip ins and just zone out for a while. I really love it. 
slopush06/08/12Beautiful morning ride w/ Boerseun, FastTurtle and NHarper. Had planned to do the Motorway loop but we got a late start so Boerseun and I didn't have time to do it and came back down to do a quick second ride instead. 
MTB Fiend06/08/12Sigh..., I knew it was inevitable but I chose to remain in denial, until today. While the damage, er.. repairs, are not all that bad it does take the soul away. I was inspired to write this... An ode to an old Friend - When I first met you, I didn't realize what you would become to me. That was so long ago and under such different circumstances. Can you remember? I do. You and I, we've seen so much together over all these years. And you, so much more than I. Wild, spectacular, unbelievable, incredible, painful, and joyful. You have saved my soul and my body countless times. I cannot Thank you enough. I wonder how many others have you affected so profoundly? Continued.. 
slopush06/05/12Night ride w/ THanson. Chatted w/ Burgemeester and Boerseun as they passed us coming down. 
Jaxx29er06/04/12First time riding Blackstar and I LOVED it. I had a blast on the climb that descent was just a joy and a pleasure. What a rewarding ride! I'll be back again this week for sure. 
vt1ryan06/03/12probably stay from Blackstar for a while. Trail maint and plus a lot of loose dirt. 
Ladera Mike06/03/12Nice mid day ride up to Beek's. A little toasty in spots but a good breeze most of the time. Cool at Beek's but tons of bees. Trail is a little soft in spots but very rideable. 
vt1ryan05/29/12Got a late start yesterday morning for a memorial day ride and it was just plain hot. But finished up with a nice cool downhill ride. 
MCAFS05/29/12Took a picture of a rattlesnake coiled at the side of the road near the black top section just before the camel humps. Nice temps out there. Good to see Singlespeedrider and his Bro. on the trails again. 
jerrym71405/28/12Blackstar canyon is green and beautiful right now but drying out quickly so get it now before the summer brown out. 
singlespeedrider05/28/12Cruised with brother for a few miles then took off solo. A bunch of glass at the bottom flatted my brother pretty good, took some time to clear it all up. Ran into MCAFS on my way down. 
RollnStone05/26/12Felt like a Winter day. The Sun did come out on part of the climb, but it was a little too cold for short sleeves. 
ocbiglar05/26/12Rode Black Star after sometime of being away from it. A bite clod at the top. 
mtbfan05/25/12Another great evening ride at BS, and we just HAD to pick the coldest night of the week. Had a really nice ride up to the gate, but it got really cold and windy coming down. Still did not stop us from hanging out for our very much missed and anticipated Tailgate Party. Great food, drinks and company.....this will again be a weekly thing. 
Keith B05/24/12Started out as a nice warm ride but soon became cloudy. The sun was out briefly at Beeks place but it soon got very cold. Slowly made our way down with Mark, Sylvia, John and Co. behind. At the bottom they kindly invited Ryan and I to join in their monster picnic. 
slopush05/23/12Great night ride w/ Boerseun. He brought his SS so I matched his gear for the whole ride, up and down. It almost makes me want to get my own SS! 
thatdave05/19/12Dave,Lisa,Ed and I Beautifull Day!! New Pedals for me 
Keith B05/15/12The trail has been graded for the 1st 2 miles past the concrete tunnels which is not a good thing. Aside from that nice warm May afternoon with a chilly breeze at the top. Must start making this regular Tuesday ride with beer! 
MTB Fiend05/14/12Despite feeling a bit puny today I dragged myself out to Blackstar to check out the grading. While getting ready I was surprised to be attacked by freakin flys. Once on the trail it was quite peaceful, silent, windless, cool. On the descent I had close encounter with a Skunk family. I think they were frolicing, not spraying. (I have no sense of smell so I really did not know if I was all stinky). Back at the truck the flies had been replaced with mosquitos! Ugh! Glad I went though. Great ride! 
vt1ryan05/13/12Nice and warm today. More trail grading has been done. 
TBlazen05/09/12a bit hot when I started...For those doing Traverse/Lite, before Art's and for a mile or so up the initial climb, it has been bulldozed so parts of the fireroad are very soft... 
vt1ryan05/09/12The bull dozer was doing some grading today. They graded at least 3 miles up the trail. Nice 
MTB Fiend05/05/12Wow! I had no idea this was a "flash rave" ride - I loved it! I think the final count was 25! Partied up at Beeks. I have always wanted to do that! Let's do it again when it's warmer. Met lots of new folks tonight but had to say "Good-bye" to a really great guy. Clearly, you will be missed Jeff. Best of luck to you. This was a really Great Ride! 
mtnbikej05/05/12Full Moon...Going Away...Cinco de Mayo...Ride. 25 riders strong tonight. Climbed with only the moonlight. I was one of the lucky ones to pull the trailer up full of goodies for the party at Beeks. Very fun group tonight....very fun ride. Was neat watching the train of lights coming down the trail. 
nuts4mtbikes05/05/12Super Duper ride tonight up B* to Beeks wiht about 20 dear friends. We trekked up, three BOB trailers in tow, with lots of food and drink to celebrate/say a teary good bye to a wonderful friend.. we will all miss!! Jeff, have fun in Colorado and hurry up and find the cool trails, we're all planning a trip to see ye!! 
genusmtbkr505/05/12Great ride tonight to send off our good friend Jeff. Good times up at Beeks. So cool to see 20+ lights winding down the trail. Fun times for sure! We'll miss ya Jeff! 
OTB_again05/05/12Great ride with great friends, see you in late June Jeff! 
blipstream04/30/12solo morning ride, only a couple of folks on the trail. great day for a ride! 
cleanbeater04/28/12Easy cruise with Dave, nursing a hangover... bleh. 
MTB Fiend04/20/12For awhile there, I thought I had it all sorted out. How nice that would be. I hope I am getting closer. So perfectly fine out there this evening! Perfect temps, and sufficient energy and power. Sierra Peak was an enticing siren song, but so was burgers and beer. Guess what won? Cool breezes at Beeks. Relaxing. Oh yeah! Saw a huge Horney Toad in the usual spot (been a few years, actually). He was big! might barely fit on a credit card. Great ride! 
blipstream04/19/12solo ride, OC Fire was out doing basket pick-up practice with helicopter, had to stop and watch for a few. 
MTB Fiend04/17/12sigh... Forced myself to take a day off from riding yesterday. Tough to do, for me at least. Anyway, I expected ferocious power for today and was fired up to do Sierra Peak! Nopers! It was all I could do to pull out a leisure pace to Beeks. (My old friend, Beeks). Still, with a "never say die" attitude I started off for SP. Just could not do it today and had to turn around. So much for the rest day thing. Oh yeah, and it was much cooler on Sierra Ridge than I had prepared for - forgot about that natural A/C (the same A/C I will enjoy in the days to come). Hoping for a better experience tomorrow! But still, you know it was a.... Great ride! 
vt1ryan04/17/12Nice sunny evening up to beeks. Pretty chilly coming back down. 
vt1ryan04/12/12trail was in excellent condition. Nice and groomed. It was so cold tonight that it took me 1 hour to warm back up in my car. 
vt1ryan04/11/12Able to get a full ride in after work during day light now. Got really cold and breezy about 2 miles before the top and then the sun was gone and the clouds came in. Nobody on the trail last night. 
Andy Mc04/04/12With Keith & Ryan starting at the Christmas Tree lot, just dark at the end and almost under an hour gate to gate 1.1.30 
Keith B04/04/12Despite it being a warm day it had got pretty cold out there by 6ish. 59mins to gate isnt bad considering we were conserving legs for Saturday. It'll soon be warm enough for the Tuesday beer rides to Beeks :-) 
halfasst04/02/12Friday am ride. Only rider heading up, then on the way down ran into OTB_Again pre-riding the CC course. A couple other riders and hikers after that, otherwise pretty quiet. 
Shigalert03/31/12Late morning start. Into the clouds at the first cattle grid, and it got friggin cold after the second one. 
MTB Fiend03/29/12Largely uneventful, though always delightful, recovery ride. Only the smallest handful of other riders. Left Beeks a few minutes before sunset, came around the blind corner on to the middle bridge and damn near ran over my buddy Bobcat. If I unclipped we could truly have high-fived! It was really quite cool, really. We're "bonding". Then, after crossing the first bridge another Bobcat bounded across the trail in front of me! The latter a real juvenile, very dark colored. Back at the tailgate party of 1, I am starting to get real suspicious of those Owls. They had me surrounded from high points on 3 sides, and it was getting real foggy. I think they had something in mind but I did not hang around to find out what. All in all, it was... a Great Ride! 
EFFing Dude03/28/12Good ride with Mojo, controlled crash and away I went... 
Phishin Paul03/28/12Some days my Garmin just will not transfer. There are some fun jumps and berms coming down BS now. Now if we could only make the trail skinnier. 
MoJo03/27/12Out with Todd. Saw quite a few riders on the way down. 
thatdave03/25/12Kevin,Joe,Ed,Dave,Lisa & I. Joe 1st ride on his new bike !! 1 hour 40 mins to the top,42 min down!! 
mtbfan03/25/12Nice Solo SS ride today. Saw tons of riders out, and the views were amazing. Little chilly on the descent. 
TBlazen03/20/12Wow....blew my tube off the rim, saw Bob the cat and a fox. Said Hi to a highscool racer dude named Tom....eventful for a short ride! 
TBlazen03/17/12Forgot my Garmin ...saw Dan on the way down... 
GabrielC03/16/12Cool and overcast ride. Not much to see due to low clouds and fog. Had a great ride though. Lots of bikers out on Blackstar today. 
nstilwell03/15/12rode this early wed morning and lost my grey edge 500. I was waiting to post thinking it would show up somewhere...no such luck. Anyway, started from the tree lot and the garmin read 48 and change at the top gate. 
MTB Fiend03/07/12400! Yeah! And definitely not disappointed. Came upon "that cat" again, right there at Art's. Stopped to positively ID him. All Bobcat, just a juvenile. Playful fella, I taught him to "high-five" me (or maybe he was flipping me off). Reached the top just as the sun dipped below the horizon, and lo and behold! here comes the big bright full moon on the opposite horizon! Tag team celestial bodies! Sweet! Wind stopped while I hung out and I started off for Sierra Peak, made it about 50 yards down the descent and was blasted with arctic air. Not tonight, maybe this weekend. Started on down Blackstar where I was often being followed by a moonshadow. Quite enlightening, really. Great ride! 
mtbfan03/04/12Rode to Beeks again to look for my phone....and FOUND IT!! I knew exactly where to look. Phew, what a relief and a good reason to get out to BS again. Tons of riders on this perfect day. Thanks for anyone who may have looked for my phone. 
dmbfan02803/03/12Nice Ride today, first time up Blackstar. If anyone found a cell phone up by the gate at Beeks it belongs to MTBFAN on this site,I'm sure she would be thrilled to get it back. Nice day out today. 
trekstorm03/02/12legs are burning!!! 
MTB Fiend02/29/12399 and counting! Another sensational solo Blackstar adventure. Dark and stormy look and feel without the storm! Later start than anticipated, meant I made it to the gate just at what should have been sunset. Surprisingly, no critters. At the top it was all swirling mist and clouds, perfectly calm and silent. Hung out a bit to relax and enjoy the solitude and remnants of the day. Made it through the creek crossing at Hidden Ranch before needing a light. Back down in the lower canyon I slow-rolled it in hopes of a critter sighting. Again, so still and calm, a bit foggy at times even. Properly dressed in my winter gear the cold was not a factor. At Edwards, I could hear a Deer crashing through the bushes in the creek bed below but without a helmet light I could not see. At least, I think it was a Deer. Blackstar, does not disappoint. Gotta ride on Leap Year! Great ride! 
Mike.the.Spike02/27/12Sweet descending on the Specialized Enduro, kinda like cheating! 
RollnStone02/26/12F. Climbed out of the clouds at the second cow-catcher. Windy at Beeks but nice everywhere else. 
MTB Fiend02/24/12Casual, recovery pace solo sunset sojourn. Saw 2 felines on the ascent. The first was at the last cabin. Not entirely sure what this was, other than feline. Got a good look at it. I'm thinking feral cat, but not sure. About the size of a big house cat, but the face and colorings of a Bobcat. What is throwing me off is the big, long fluffy tail. Its mannerisms were all Bobcat and house cat. When I came upon him he was rolling in the dirt in a sunny spot of trail. And he only half-heartedly dashed off. Later as I was descending in to Hidden Ranch, saw another feline. This was definitely a juvenile Bobcat. Oh, and not far from there I spooked a covey of Quail. Great night for critters! Made it to Beeks with a few minutes to spare and took in the sunset. Then raced daylight back down the trail. I had a light but opted to cat-eye it out the lower canyon and back to the truck. Enjoyed the astronomical delights, including one satellite. Owls were after my almonds and beer again. Great ride! 
nstilwell02/22/12started at the tree farm. saw two bobcats and stopped to take some pics of some big paw prints i had noticed on sunday near hidden ranch. they were still there. http://www.flickr.com/photos/74276818@N08/6774711910/in/photostream thought i was going to get a PR gate to gate but i missed it by a few seconds...maybe next time. 46:31 gate to gate. 
trekstorm02/15/12Bright sunshine to start with a little rain near the end. At least this time I was done when the rains came. 
Shigalert02/12/12Cool conditions. Felt strong despite a stinking cold. 1:23 Gate to Gate, 4 mins quicker than my previous best. 
vt1ryan02/09/12Afternoon spin. It felt like a summer day today. The 3 new bridges are sweet. OC did it right this time 
ADanFool02/04/12Ride #1 
hinds5701/11/12road was closed at the first bridge but martin and I, after some begging were able to pass over the bridge. 
hinds5701/07/12Rider,jack and I their first time to blackstar. 
mtbfan01/06/12Great Night ride but colder than expected. Hidden Ranch was like a freezer coming through. We opted out on the tailgate party and hit Wise Guys instead. Beautiful night and tons of riders. 
la_purisima01/05/12Perfect city lights view from the top. Many friendly riders out. 
MTB Fiend01/04/12Thought I was riding solo tonight but Glenn showed up. It's funny, at least to me, he can spin great stories while spinning my legs off. I kept having to bridge the gap to hear him. Great stories too, well worth the effort. Oh yeah, forgot to mention he's like 12 years older than me! He always crushes me on the descent too. Followed, and choked upon, his rooster tail of dust. It was like following a car burning oil in the exhaust. cough cough ... I was covered in a fine layer of dust at the end. Looks like the bridges are going to receive offsite fabricated concrete cross beams (that's why the massive crane). I wonder what the road bed will consist of? Lots of other riders out tonight, and why not? Such awesome weather. Great ride!! 
Keith B01/04/12Absolutely love the new bike, feels smooth and fast. Ryan brought along his new S-Works too. David was on some clunker with half the fork missing. Warm on the climbs and not too chilly in hidden ranch but cold back at the road. 
RoughRiderR01/04/12Great ride with Keith and David. New Sroks felt fantastic. Big difference on the downhill. Nearly summer/spring temps. 
mtbfan01/02/12Great first ride of the new year. Just wanted to soak in the scenery and enjoy the tailgate parth after. Ran into 1MTb (aka MtBFiend) in the parking lot as he as starting his ride. I can't believe it is january 
owen01/02/12with hans. nice and easy pace. rode up to the doppler radar ball, and got some really nice sunset pictures. amazing day. 76 degrees. so cal baby! 
Pmcmasters12/29/11Night ride with cfeliciano. Never saw the mountain lion that somebody reported seeing near Hidden Valley. I really need to lose the extra holiday cheer I've packed on recently and actually train for CC. 
vt1ryan12/28/11Awesome weather for a ride today. Not good right now to hit up Blackstar during the week while they are in the process of repairing the bridges. Saw a nice 40 lb bobcat today up on the trail 
vt1ryan12/26/11Nice Monday morning spin. Weather was nice and warm today. Sweet.. Alot of hikers out today 
MTB Fiend12/24/11Late start - had to do my one and only Christmas shopping. Seriously, waited until today. Worked out pretty good, in and out. Intended on Sierra Peak but was turned around by winds and tired legs. Hung out at Beeks, rocked in the wind, and was mesmerized by the sensational sunset. Winds were howling up there, but somehow it was all quite surreal. Clear views all across LA basin, and if I identified it right, Santa Barbara Island. (The next one, North of Catalina). Finished at real dark. Great ride! 
TBlazen12/21/11on the Scott 29er; beautiful evening... they are getting ready for mutiple bridge repairs on the road before Art's place... 
XCRider12/20/11Tuesday evenings in Winter are pretty quiet in Blackstar Canyon. A number of hikers exiting when I started, and only two other riders headed up as I came back down. About 1:04 G2G carrying 3 lights and water I didn't need and lots of extra clothes (which I did need). 
MTB Fiend12/19/11Late start. Rode by the "twilight glow" for as long as I could. As I rode through Hidden Ranch a Deer crossed in fronted of me as he bounded through effortlessly and in total silence. It was pretty dark by then and all I could tell was that it was a BIG Deer. I nearly turned around a dozen times because it was cold and lonely and dark. But I kept on pedaling, knowing I would regret it later if I gave up. Dark descent but not as spooky as the past few solo descents. Hung out at the truck and partied with the Owls for a bit, despite the cold. They were all around, including on top of the telephone pole above my truck. Very cool. So, all in all, it was a Great Ride! 
DIRTULS12/18/11Well I was supposed to be on the Freek Ride. But, the wind and dust did not agree with my lungs. I looked for my inhaler almost at the top of Beeks and I could not find it so home I went. It was nice to see all the STR riders headed up the mountain. Finnaly I made the creek crossing bypass in Hidden Ranch both up and back. Bike is cursed again but that is Black Star and the relationship with my SuperLight. 
cleanbeater12/17/11Nice & windy push to the top. Wasnt feeling it all the way to Hidden Ranch but was determined to finish and glad I did. Massive group getting ready to start a ride when I was finishing. 
mtbfan12/17/11Talking about the day to be on BS. Everybody who is anybody was out there today....STR had a HUGE group with refreshments at the top. Started in the rain, but the temps were ok, Beeks got a bit chilly so we headed down after hanging out with a few of the STR group. Fun ride. 
singlespeedrider12/17/11Solo Morning ride 
singlespeedrider12/17/11Large STR group ride. Cold up at beeks. Really cool seeing the congo line heading up B* 
trekstorm12/16/11Started out good but ended with a violent rainstrom. Too bad I was already at the top when the rains came. Both bike and myself covered in mud!! What a great ride!!!! 
MTB Fiend12/14/11Dark. Calm. Quiet. Super solo. Low clouds muted the sunset. Saw that sly Fox again above HR. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend12/13/11Outstanding sunset ride! Really quite beautiful. Cat-eyed it to the top and hung out to watch the very last ribbon of red sink in to the horizon. The descent was dark, pretty cold, and downright spooky. I kept hearing things in the bushes. At the tubes at the bottom I did see what was probably a Fox. Could not quite ID it. The trail is in great condition and the climb was a real joy today. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend12/09/11Superbly sensational solo sojourn sunset and moonrise all at once! Climbed to the first cattle guard and had to stop to appreciate the wonder of a red Sunset and a full Moon rise simultaneuosly! Awesome! All to myself? The rest of the ride was all bright shiny moon light. Temps were frigid in Hidden Ranch but downright comfortable at the top. Seriously debated continuing on the Sierra Peak, it was so majestic out. Instead I hung out like a thug under nature's street light - the incredibly bright full moon. Beer and hot Tamales beckoned and I opted to head on home. Climbing out of the now very frigid Hidden Ranch I came upon a Fox. Kind of small, he could have fit into a shoe box. Great ride! 
DIRTULS12/07/11Brrr! Great ride! The moon was pretty cool. Those ruts are getting bad. 
FRANCHI12/05/11Night ride with BoneBag on Sunday. This was a very cold night indeed. 
cfeliciano12/05/11Nice evening ride with Paul. Only saw 2 others out there. Windy and cold. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 
Sir Robin12/03/11Cold and windy ride with Jabooey, almost got blown off my bike. Turned around at the gate as we didn't want to brave the windy ridge. 
cleanbeater12/02/11Night ride with Dave. Was warmer on bstar than it was when I got back to Newport 
ADanFool11/30/11Got cold *real* fast starting about 3:30. 
MTB Fiend11/30/11All dressed up for cold winds, and sweated my a$$ off! Well, actually sweated my bald head off! Dripping wet. Expected really cold winds that never materialized, instead high humidity. Rode in the fog most of the time, which was really cool to look back on as we made the final ascent to the top. The "Gang" tonight, all top-notch descenders, really kicked my butt! I just cruised rather than risk my life trying to keep up. Maybe I'll be able to keep up on the Jet9. Just not "feeling it" tonight, but still a Great Ride! 
Hammertime11/27/11Good ride with Doug today, but the wind blew our real plans away, and slowed our pace down enough to make both of us doubt our fitness...eh, so beer cheered us up, along with plans for next year! 
dandrews11/26/11Good ride with Dan, turned back a bit early due to wind. 
MTB Fiend11/23/11Regular Wed night group got an early start and finished just at dark. Perfect! Sunset was a bit of a dud due to the rapid influx of clouds. No way I could keep up on the descent! Great ride! 
MTB Fiend11/16/11Brrr cold at the cars, but as hoped the higher we climbed the warmer it got. Yeah! Very few riders out tonight. A delightful climb with flanneryd. but as usual she was too fast on the descent - I cannot keep up. Cold back down in the lower canyon. Beautiful night. Great ride! 
nuts4mtbikes11/11/11Good fun SS Thursday - as well as Full Moon (which was hidden by cloud cover) BOB trailer ride .... all combined into one fun ride. 
MTB Fiend11/10/11What a contrast to last night, riders everywhere! Could see the lights of the Limestone riders. Despite the cloud-muted full moon there was still ample light to climb "au natural". My group was not much into that, but that did not stop me. A bit windy along the way, but still quite comfortable out tonight. Great ride! 
DIRTULS11/08/11Cold. Nice to be back on the SS. 
trekstorm11/07/11Starting to get down right cold!! 
singlespeedrider11/06/11Got just a turn or two away from Beeks and felt a few good rain drops so I turned around. It was cold and I passed quite a few ascending, bet they got a little wet. 
1speedgal11/04/11Got a late start and it was hot on Sunday. Beautiful views from the top. 
SAmtn11/03/11Casual ride with El Chupacabra and Mike. Started with One Flew OTB and Tim, but they cut it short. Good seeing you guys again. 
MTB Fiend11/02/11Sometimes warm, sometimes cold, sometimes calm, mostly windy. Started as a group, ended solo. Maybe there is a Blackstar curse. 
RoughRiderR10/31/11Great Halloween ride with Kt, Keith, Sarah and David. Kt's second mtb ride and she did fantastic. I didnt expect her to do so well and get to the top so fast. Beer and glow sticks at the top made it so spooky! haha. Dinner afterwards, i shouldnt have eaten so much. 
ocbiglar10/30/11nice ride 
RollnStone10/30/11Riding with a new rider and wanted to make sure he got to the top. We provided some first aid supplies to a young woman who crashed above Hidden Ranch. Hope she made it out ok. She had a long day on the mountain. 
Keith B10/30/11Night ride with Ryan, Kt, David, Sarah and a few beers. Kt killed it on only her 2nd mountain bike ride. Pretty warm up at Beeks. Nice to be back on the Epic with the skinny tyres and light wheels. 
Pathfinder10/29/11About 30 hikers in a big group today, which made the trails a little more crowded than usual. 
XCRider10/29/11Extra credit after doing Fremont loop. 1:04 G2G was very satisfying after the hard earlier ride. Lots of riders out on the trail and tailgating down by the gate. 
El Chupacabra10/29/11Singlespeed Saturday with 29 Inch Nails. I've got a ways to go before I get my singlespeed legs... 
Ladera Mike10/29/11Checked out the tent sale over at Rock n' Road this afternoon then headed out to Blackstar for a ride. Much warmer than I anticipated below the ranch, in the 90s. Slowed me down a bit but still a great ride overall. Still no luck on Edge 500 upload. 
mtbfan10/28/11Another beautiful but definitely colder night at Blackstar. The sunset was spectacular. Lots of people out again, and great TG party afterwards. 
cleanbeater10/27/11GPS died about 1/2 way up. SS ride with Dave, easy pace. Rigged my light mount that broke during a counting coup spill (and subsequently sat in my riding gear cabinet untouched until last night). 
FRANCHI10/27/11A lot of traffic tonight in Blackstar. 
trailking@cox.net10/26/11Thought we would get rained on last night but it was never more than a heavy mist. A little too heavy near the very top made it hard to use the lights. Trail is in good shape though. 
MTB Fiend10/26/11Turned out to be a beautiful night - as I had predicted. Very little wind, temps were cold, but merely a hint of what is to come. Solid pace but not the crippler of last week. Thank goodness! Very fast group descent again. This time it was all dust, no fog. Great ride! 
vt1ryan10/25/11Sunday afternoon spin. A little solo time. 
jpotts10/24/11wz pity party ride - pre surgery night ride with 20 or so close friends! Thanks Rich and Vickie form organizing and bringing the bob! 
thatdave10/23/11Dave,Joe & I had a long hot ride to the ball 
RollnStone10/23/11Easy pace ride. There was a 20 degree difference in temperature when turning the corner by the big pipes. Instant hot! 
Silverback10/23/11Garmin stopped. Actually went to Radar dome. 
martink11110/21/11Rode the HiFi 29er. To Beeks in 54:12 minutes (new record). 
mtbfan10/20/11Great ride tonight and tons of riders out. Noticed Rough Rider and a bunch of Andy's group with bobtrailers.....awesome. Good to chat with MTBFiend for a bit in the parking lot. DId not need lights until the descent, and it was not as cold as I thought it would be. 
TBlazen10/20/11...lightened my bike up by around 2 lbs (new cranks and lighter seatpost instead of the heavy but fun KindShock dropper); That plus the racing must be helping because I had another PB; 51:50 to gate and 25:30 back; Also, saw an awesome FOX run across the road on the way down; Multi color coat grey/black/white/browns with an orangish underside ! 
Keith B10/19/11Willy's 'Pity' Ride. Pretty cold at the start before the mist came rolling in. Nice pace going up. David and I swapped bikes half way up - Flash 29er was seriously fast. Lefty was impressive too. Had a PB&J at the top and some nice chocs. Willy gave a nice speech then we all headed down in the mist. Sarahs light failed which made it a bit fraught. 
MTB Fiend10/19/11Serious pace set by flanneryd tonight. I think she is out to shut me down on my home turf. And very successful she was - especially on the descent. Oh well, not too worry, I survived to ride another day and that's all that matters! It was like a freakin frat house row on BS tonight, a party around every corner! Loved it! Good times! Great to see everybody enjoying the ride! Great night! Great ride! 
Chark Nessylfire10/17/11With John, Luis, and James. Lots of riders and runners out. 
one-i10/16/11Smoggy ride with Jason. Still too sick to be riding but not for tailgate coldies! 
RoughRiderR10/16/11fast ride with Keith to the top. cruised most of the first part but then really started pushing at the end. stopped once before the top which was somewhat welcomed. Saw Jeremy at the top. Good conversations as always. 
mtbfan10/15/11Perfect weather for a ride up BS. We wanted to go to Sierra Peak, but this was John's third ride in three months after his broken collar bone, so we jusst went up a little further and turned around. Got spooked by a super friendly, almost too friendly Coyote that kept looking at us and following us down the trail a bit. 
DIRTULS10/15/11Took out the SS for a ride on Black Star to get rid of the curse. Lots of pain pills and a slow pace. Fun. 
Keith B10/13/11My $27 chinese made 90g carbon saddle cracked. Not bad considering its lasted 6months of hard use. 58mins G2G altho I had to take a swift break at the top due to some back pain. Desperate for food by the time we finished - next time I'm bringing cheese and beer. 
DIRTULS10/12/11The Black Star curse got my SS now. Crashed and broke my light on the upper section (sore and scraped up a bit). Then we had another crash in our group just below Hidden Ranch pavement. He was disoriented, staggering, and slow to respond. The medics were called and they could only get to just below the tubes. I got him down to the tubes with help and he was getting more oriented as time passed. We even had the chopper overhead, but we were so close to the tubes I refused it. He is now at the ER and in good hands. Got to talk to the sheriffs at the gate while waiting for our rider. Lots of interesting conversation about Black Star. The one said he arrested Art three weeks ago for firing off a gun (which he can not have as he is a felon). So Art is in jail awaiting bail. Interesting night. Also there are now ghost tours at Black Star for 10 bucks a head. Not a great ride. 
MTB Fiend10/10/11It's all I could muster today. 
grimix10/09/11Up to beeks plus a little exploring. Went to scene of crime and found part of my shirt on the brush that took me down 2 weeks ago. Third ride on the Aliante Gamma XM and so far the boys are happy. 
Shigalert10/08/11About a third of the way up Blackstar I stopped for a breather and heard something large rustling in the bushes a few yards from the trail. I started ringing by bell but it kept coming closer. Oh oh, here we go I thought, but then two hunters with rifles suddenly appeared. I don’t think they were going to catch anything thrashing around like that, especially at midday. 
Burgemeester10/05/11A good night ride with Boerseun - turned back early - boerseun said his back was hurting, but I think the ice cold beers were calling us back! A good ride before this weather change! 
xcShane10/05/11Good night ride with the TT group. It had a while since my last night ride. (Thurs. ride) 
jb_29er10/04/11Nice to get the lights out again! Cold at the top! 
FRANCHI10/04/11Nocturnal training ride. Tonight I encounter many bull-frogs in the middle of the trail, not moving. They looked like gray rocks.I hope I did not step on any. Fog and cold at the top. 
Boerseun10/03/11SS - Late night, night ride with Burgemeester. My back was acting-up...guess I'm getting old. 
cleanbeater10/02/11Bday ride with NOGO, Toro and Willsy. Caught the dark on the way out.l 
NA1NSXR09/30/11Descended with the sun. HRM intermittent. 
DIRTULS09/28/11SS ride with the Wednesday Crew. Legs felt good. Made it to the gate just under 1:12. Best time on the SS. Saw some critters. Nice sunset at the upper gate! Great ride. 
MTB Fiend09/28/11A most enjoyable BS ride with friends. DIRTULS was really groovin' on the SS, Roger was contemplating his new moniker, and FlanneryD kicked back and took it all in. Good times! Following FlanneryD on the descent was like chasing Pig Pen, so I took the lead on the second descent. On my home turf, she kept the pressure on. I can still hear her Hope Hubs humming right behind me! Great ride! 
MTB Fiend09/26/11Late start, but I knew I could make it to the top on cat-eyes. Spooked a Deer right at the HR concrete crossing. It was in no hurry to rush off, so I figure there were others nearby too. Stopped to chat with Franchi a bit as we crossed paths near the top. Breezy but not really cold at the top. The descent was all solo darkness and it was cold in HR as usual. This time at the concrete crossing, I swear I heard something rustling around inside the steel tubes. I did not stick around or stick my head down there to find out - what if it was a troll!? Great ride! 
FRANCHI09/26/11Started the ride with daylight but the descent was after sunset. This time I was very well prepared with 2 lights on the bar and 2 lights on the helmet. Total 800 units. Today I did my Personal Best yet on this route; 59:24 gate to gate. Ran into MTB Fiend on his ascend for a nice MTB talk. Happy to be alive! 
MTB Fiend09/24/11Lazy Fall afternoon ride with my Brother. He has not done BS in over 3 years! Really, really nice out there today. Great ride! 
vt1ryan09/24/11started out as a cool ride then the heat turned on. 
mtbfan09/23/11Another beautiful ride at BS with some great friends. Made it back at dark and hung out for snacks and drinks. Never needed a Jersey or Armwarmers, but the days are definitely getting shorter, and soon we will need lights for sure. Kind of nice to ease into night rides like this. Warm summer night. MTBfiend stopped by for a bit to say hello. Good seeing him. 
NA1NSXR09/22/112g1i low 
TBlazen09/22/11On 29er; PB to gate at 56:37 and PB for the ride; Awesome traction as it appeared to have rained a little bit higher up today ! Oh ya, saw a Horny Toad as well ! 
Shigalert09/20/11First time to Beeks in a while and took it real slow enjoying the views. Two Tarantulas and one Deer on trail. First time I've seen a deer on Blackstar. 
Keith B09/20/11End of summer ride with Ryan. 1hr 3 to the top. We rescued a drugged up Tarantula from a pepsid wasp that was dragging it away for a recreation of the Alien movie. The wasp met a gory end. Ryan took a spill near the top which broke his light mount leaving us to ride down half the trail in the dark. Its almost Autumn! 
RoughRiderR09/20/11I cant remember the last time I did this ride. Good time blowing some steam off with Keith. Decent pace but not killing it by any means. made it to the top in 103. it was nearly 7pm at the top and the sun already went down. good bye summer hello fall. speaking of, i had a spill at the top. scratched my left forearm up and busted my light mount. i guess that is what i get for riding so much road.. 
karldi509/18/11Enjoyed a solo ride to Beeks place this afternoon. It was a little hot on the lower half, but a nice breeze was blowing higher up. Fun descent. Saw a few other riders and lots of hikers. 
mtbfan09/16/11Beautiful evening for a ride. The clouds started rolling in, and it got pretty dark soonafter. Nice TG party as always but no moon or stars. Plenty of people on the trail today, but mostly strange characters, not counting our group :-) 
FRANCHI09/15/11Good solo ride. Everything was fine until I got stung by a bee on my forehead. I'll heal. 
MTB Fiend09/14/11Aaahhh.. Blackstar. So many memories, so many new adventures. Enjoyable ride tonight, good company. Thanks everybody. A "missing element" tonight - sad. And then (after choking on everybody's dust), at the end - what was it?! The incredible meteor(?) from the sky?! Very big and very bright, red with a green tail and MOVING! Moving! Like to another State! (Was it the satellite NASA said was going to fall to Earth)? Oh, so cool to actually see it? Looking forward to the next one! Blackstar never ceases to amaze! Great ride! 
El Chupacabra09/10/11Soggy ride with 29 inch nails. 
Buffalo09/09/11Took the ss for a spin - felt good. Saw a large bobcat or a small mtn. lion (long straight tail, even color) just before the drop into Hidden. A snake and bunches of tarantulas rounded out the wildlife. Passed MTB Fiend on the descent. 
MTB Fiend09/07/11Brilliant orange sunset, dozens of Tarantulas. Oddly, no "buggers" at the short tailgate hangout. Cool temps, despite 90+ degrees at the start. Maybe? Finally tuned FlanneryD's fork? Thanks mtnbikej for your experienced assistance. Glad to see you healing so quickly. Soon you will be dragging the BOB trailer to Beeks! 
DLo09/06/11Got out early to beat the heat...2 months off the bike was a little painful but still felt good. Saw a deer and many quail... 
cleanbeater09/05/11Felt the 2 weeks off the bike. 
DIRTULS09/05/11Saturday: Hot! Crawled up Black* on the SS with MTB Fiend for most of the way; then I sent him ahead. I was dehydrated and not feeling well. Birthday boy was done hammering and rode down with me. 
NA1NSXR09/01/11Pretty comfortable out there today, think my camelbak bladder sprung a leak because my water was gone by the time I arrived to ride. Made do with a bottle. PLenty of people out. 
MTB Fiend08/30/11It's all I had time for this evening. Although solo, the climb was pushed and pulled, the second half was my pull. Kind of a solemn ride - thinking of an injured friend. Her road to recovery begins tomorrow. Please get well soon. Finished just at dark. Aaahhh! Fall means Pumpkin Beer! I love Pumpkin anything! Party of one, then Rudy's for Fish Tacos. A very fitting start to a VERY long weekend and beginning of hunting season. Woohoo! Great ride! 
Buffalo08/28/11Saw a deer at the end of the pavement. 
ADanFool08/27/11Suffering from a cold all week, took it easy. We were thiking of heading over to Sierra, but wanted to save some for tomorrow's outing. 
vt1ryan08/27/11Started at 7am and by 9am at the bottom of beeks it was already 94 degrees. Tough morning for a ride. Got way too hot too fast. 
mtbfan08/26/11Beautiful evening, but very hot for the initial 3.5 miles. Then, it got cooler with a nice breeze. Got back to the car and enjoyed some great snacks and drinks with candlelight. Great friends and awesome ride. 
MTB Fiend08/26/11Purposely headed out a bit later than usual and brought lights for the descent. Super-solo ride, not another rider on the trail. Cool breezes did not disappoint. Just me and 2 Deer that lazily would jog just ahead then turn to see if I was really coming. I was. Eventually they trotted off. Cool. In upper HR I came across the fearless Coyote again. This time he readily jumped off the trail and watched me ride by. Later, on the descent, I followed his tracks across the concrete bridge and well up and out of HR. Cool. Of course, tons of Tarantulas too. Got to the upper gate in time to watch the remnants of the day. Hung out in awe as the twinkling lights began their nightly dance of delight. Cool. Despite the late descent, managed to reach the lower canyon without lights. Bunches of kids in the lower canyon, and Art going off - classic! Bombed the lower canyon to "Easy Livin'" (Uriah Heep). Great ride! 
MTB Fiend08/24/11A jovial ride with 2 true SS'ers and I psuedo-SS (me), plus 2 geared. Climb felt a little tougher today as I tried a harder SS gear and truly went SS for the whole ride. The descent is tough because I wanted to go just that much faster, but alas could not without spinning out. Good lessons to be learned by SS'ing it - somewhere. Fun after-ride tailgate party. Great ride! 
DIRTULS08/24/11Fun ride on the SS (even learned a few things here and there). Great company, great friends! 
mtbfan08/21/11Teri called to ride BS, so I went. It was fun and I saw many riders out, even this late. Teri and I met Mark who did the Luge at Cooks for some great beverages after our ride. 
MTB Fiend08/21/11Cool breezes and solitude - oh yeah! Felt strong after laying low and doing chores all day. Had intended to do Sierra Peak but after turning a good SS time to Beeks, decided burgers and beer sounded a whole lot better! And it was! Great ride! 
NA1NSXR08/20/11Many trail users, and even a motorcycle... 
OTG08/19/11Fun ride on a warm evening, got smoked by a guy on a SS wearing flip flops, truly a humbling experience. Art put on a good show by yelling at everyone that passed by. I wonder if he ever reads the Geoladder comments about him. 
PaulV08/19/11broke out of the fog into blue skies and sunny weather before the first cattle gate, sweet! nice views of the cloud cover below from beeks. The bridge crossing has an easy lead in now, kinda fun! As close to a skinny as we get down here in SoCal! 
NA1NSXR08/19/11Don't really understand why I was so slow, I didn't feel like I was going much slower than normal at all. 
FRANCHI08/19/11I Started my ride at 7:00 P.M., still daytlight. The descent was after sunset. This time I was sure to have my lights fully operational. Then ran into MTB Fiend again for a chat about our addiction: Moutian Biking ,of course. 
portolavet08/18/11Art was yelling at people late in the afternoon. The sheriff came over to tame the unruly character. There was also a rescue helicopter practicing basket lifting and other drills after the first climb. Fun Ride with Jeff and Jim. We met a guy riding a SS with flip flops. He made my friends to look bad... 
NA1NSXR08/15/11A rattlesnake, first black one I've seen. One guy soldering on towards Beek's. Sorry to the couple I passed on the way down. 
cleanbeater08/13/11Easy SS pace with NOGO. 
mtbfan08/12/11Beautiful evening and warmer than expected. Never even needed to put my layer on. Nice riding with Teri again. That always calls for a great TG party after the ride 
MTB Fiend08/12/11Pleasent, peaceful solo climb with a load on my mind. My lower canyon split times were slow, must have picked up speed somewhere. Ended up at the gate at a pretty good pace. Perfect tunes for the descent. Bombed the lower canyon to "Highway Star". Got home and stoked the gas firepit, sat back and waited for the "show". Sure enough, a little after 8:30pm along comes this bright object cruising across the sky - ISS! Way cool! Through the binocs I could see one the inhabitants mooning me! ISS can be seen over the next few days. Very visible. Check it out. Great ride! 
Two Tired08/11/11Solo ride, forgot to post until now 
karldi508/07/11Went in the morning - lots of riders out including a group of high school cross country runners. Weather was a little warm but there was an occassional cool breeze. 
portolavet08/03/11Good ride with Jim. Great view for the sunset. 
MCAFS08/02/11Thunderstorms all around. Trail was just barely rideable from the mud. Decided to play it safe and cut the ride short. 
portolavet07/31/11Great ride this morning with light rain and drizzle. Went with Jeff and Jim again. They are climbing better. 
Lobotomized Sasquatch07/30/11Rode with Pathfinder and my nephew--his 1st time to Beeks. 
cdemeis07/30/11Early morning ride with Westa. 
thatdave07/30/11Dave,Joe, & I all had a great ride didnt get started till 12:30 in the heat 
NA1NSXR07/30/11Wasn't really feeling it 
Keith B07/30/11Yet another miserable mountain ride. Sweat pouring off me like a waterfall - few bike issues too. 
JERRY07/28/1146min 30secs gate to gate on Niner Air 9 / Legs felts sore from yesterday's road ride, then relaxed during the middle of the ride. Breathing was lower than normal. 
slappy07/28/11went late, mostly dark, no one was there and I beat the heat. 
portolavet07/28/11Ride with Jeff and Jim again. 
Buffalo07/28/11Rode Wed. evening. Bees the first few miles. 
MTB Fiend07/27/11Rode with DIRTULS and a large ShoAir group. DIRTULS cleaned BS on her new SS with aplomb! After everybody left I was treated to an awesome shooting star and then a glowing satellite passing by. Great ride! 
DIRTULS07/27/11Sho-Air/Velo Sport Ride. Nice to see old friends. Great, clean ride on the shiny SS with MTB Fiend. I was quite surprised how the SS climbs. Ocrogenator and JV were in a hurry all night. Black Star is a great SS ride. 
portolavet07/24/11Nice ride with Jeff and Jim. Good effort guys. 
MTB Fiend07/23/11Kayaking and snorkeling in the AM at La Jolla, Mountain Biking in the PM. Woohoo! Tried to get out to BS for the open access event, but apparently did not make it in time. I mostly had the place all to myself, well, me and the deer. Had thoughts of going to Sierra Peak but was pretty tired by the time I reached Beeks and opted to turnabout. Great ride! 
mtbfan07/21/11Really nice evening out today. Just wore a tanktop and no camelbag. Nice not having to carry any extra stuff. Felt pretty good today. 
Andy Mc07/17/11Rode up with Keith, Sarah & Lynn. First time in xx years and much harder than expected, too hot! Nicer coming down... 
cleanbeater07/16/11Early morning ride with NO GO and Toro. 53:20 G2G. 
flanneryd07/15/11Beautiful Night. 
xcShane07/15/11Good paced Tuesday ride with a good group of people. Had a buddy and his new Tallboy pass me up. Maybe I need one of those... 
MTB Fiend07/15/11Solo cruising. Saw one other rider - 2x! Way too windy and cold on Sierra Ridge to make it to Sierra Peak, so opted to turn around at Beeks, despite feeling strong. Looks like CNFS is on to something with their new gate blockade (jumbo reef rock). Still, it would be cool to roll that big rock on down the hill! Great ride! 
mtbkel4407/13/11slow paced ride with the TAs. We all were hurting for some reason. 
davidB.07/12/11first ride up B* on the new Tallboy. 47:50 g2g. hmm. 
MTB Fiend07/11/11Dragged myself to the trail today, figured just to go to HR. Started feeling a bit better and ended up at the top. Well done. Downright chilly July descent. Great ride! 
cleanbeater07/09/11Solo SS. Air temp wasnt bad @ 9am, but the sun was beating down hard the entire way up... I'll have a nice tan on one side of my face. 
NA1NSXR07/08/11Went a little later than usual, much cooler than the last couple times here. 3 deer near the very first switchback, when startled, scampered up the insanely steep hill to the side which was crazy. Shady kids at the parking area. 
vt1ryan07/07/1189 degrees at start time at 6:30pm. Really nice and cool coming down the trail tonight. 
MTB Fiend07/06/11An ecletic group of 4 this evening. Nice breezes in the canyon and on top. Very few riders. Great ride! 
trekstorm07/05/115am start to beat heat but was still humid. 
Buffalo07/03/11Rode this last Thursday. 
DLo07/03/11Got an early start and beat the heat! Nice out today and was finished when many werre starting. Gate to gate time was 1:09:18. 
MTB Fiend07/03/11Aahh.. good ol' Blackstar! My friend and my local natural AC unit. Got a later start than hoped, not enough time for Sierra Peak and I just was not feeling it. Nice and cool once I reached Hidden Ranch. Had the whole place to myself, which was much appreciated after my earlier encounter with crowds. Hung out at the top and enjoyed the breezes, solitude and sunset. Went kayaking at Doheny earlier (cloudy and cool, should have turned around). I, and another guy waited patiently 15 min for 2 kayakers to leave. This guy pulls into the spot I had been waiting for. I confronted him, and he goes off about how tough he is and he is not moving. And since he is so tough he threatens to break my jaw. His girl would not get out of the car. I did not back down and he ended up moving because he was making a scene and everyone knew he was wrong. I had not spoken a word to another person all day prior to that. Ruined the rest of the day. Some people! So you see, I had to go for a... Great ride! 
Sir Robin07/02/11Hot, even with an early start. 
vt1ryan06/29/11PB gate to gate 1:08. 
mtbfan06/24/11Great evening for a ride. Only needed a tank top for the entire ride. It is nice riding without a Camelbag. Hung out after for a bit for snacks and drinks and headed to "Wise Guys" for dinner. 
sixfoot606/24/11First time on B* since last year and the rain damage has made this a fair bit more exciting, especially descending at speed. Still has all the great views, wildflowers, and steady climb too. I'll be back soon. 
vt1ryan06/22/11Nice warm evening ride. But got pretty cold when the sun went down. 
MTB Fiend06/22/11This beautiful evening ride included a spirited charge to the top after HR, and a close encounter with a Bobcat that darted in front of me. He was all cool about it, no big deal and all, just trotted across my path as I was flying down the trail. Great to see ChrisTA out there on that sleek awesome SS of hers. Great ride! 
mkumny06/21/11Personal best getting up there, but crashed just as I started down. No way to fix the wheel, so had to hike back to the tree farm. Alone and no moon. Even my light broke. I don't think my clavicle is broken but I have at least an AC joint sprain to the shoulder and bruised ribs. Adding insult to injury are the blisters on my toes. 
Keith B06/21/11This has to be like the 3rd time I've set out to do Bstar/Mway and not made it. Really wanted to ride it with it being the summer solstice too. Felt really weak the whole way to Beeks. Jeff kindly gave me his warm Corona as he set off with Geoff & Ryan to do the full loop. 
ADanFool06/19/11Early start to make it back for my Dad's day brunch. PB gate to gate at 1:01:00 exactly. 
DIRTULS06/18/11Great ride with MTB Fiend. The moon dust is back. Sorry I was rushed for time. 
mtbfan06/17/11Nice after work ride on the SS. It has been a while, and it was tough. Got colder than anticipated, and we decided against a TG party and went to Wahoos instead. Nice seeing MTBFiend and gang out. Lots of ridere out. 
Two Tired06/17/11Solo ride after work on Monday. Nice weather and conditions. Still slow due to lack of regular riding. 
MTB Fiend06/17/11Yep - Blackstar again. Great conversation with my pal, DIRTULS, made the climbing go by fast. Stayed sunny the whole time, much more to my liking. Great ride! 
flanneryd06/17/11Introduced a new friend to this route tonight. He liked it and we all had a good ride. Thanks to Mtb Fiend for lending out his jacket for the chilly descent and to Sharon for the cold brews at the bottom! 
FRANCHI06/16/11Social ride with coworker. 
MTB Fiend06/16/11Pretty cool ride, one of our group had never been to Beeks. Saw some old friends on the trail, just in passing, but still good to see familiar faces again. Could have done without the marine layer, I prefer the brighter effect. Great ride! 
NA1NSXR06/15/11Young coyote, baby rattler, dog walking club. 
MTB Fiend06/15/11Another great solo Blackstar ride! 
NA1NSXR06/13/11A little warm on the first set of switchbacks. 
DLo06/13/11Beautiful day with lots of animals and flowers . . . 
MTB Fiend06/12/11Saturday night party ride! and what a party it was - 13 strong to start, 10 strong at the top. Clear and comfortable at the top, well above the clouds, but what a blast ascending without lights, just enough light to go cat-eye. Many thanks to Richie Rich for toting all the party treats. I carried mine in a second backpack, hunchback style, cuz the last time my party treats were all broken. Splendid time with new friends! Bring on the summer! Great ride! 
cleanbeater06/11/11Slow cruise with the Willsy. 
vt1ryan06/09/11Warm going up this evening and cold coming down. 
MTB Fiend06/08/11Overcast and cool Blackstar ride, just a few riders out. Classic critter weather, finally at the very end, outside the gate, we saw a juvenile Coyote. Very wary. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend06/06/11Intended to do Sierra Peak but got a late start. Missed it by that much! Saw someone chasing me on the last climb, moving fast, but managed to hold him off, turned out to be PMcMasters. Really nice conditions for a ride. Sierra Peak conditions indicated 0.03 inches of rain last night - saw some Bobcat tracks in the now dried mud through much of HR. Couple heavy duty SCE trucks pulling up to the end of the passable road in the bottom canyon, one of the drivers asks me - "What road is this?" I showed them on their map where they missed their turn, even though that is impassable (as I told them). Couple of other SCE trucks further down, one was too heavy for the bridges and was parked at the end of the blacktop. The Park Ranger was patroling inside the gate too, unrelated to SCE. Lots of activity. Still a pretty nice ride - nah! it was... a Great ride! 
Pmcmasters06/06/11Great evening ride with cfeliciano. Saw MTBfiend just before the last climb so I hit the after-burner and tried to catch him. I got to the gate just after he did. Lots of activity out on the trail today-hikers, bikers, trucks, heavy equipment, park ranger. Perfect ride tonight. 
DIRTULS06/03/11Fun ride with ocrogenator, MTBFiend, and Kackorott. Funny conversations on the climb. Killer sunset to end the ride. The wildflowers were blooming and the views were splended. 
nharper06/03/11Cool morning (literally and figuratively). Wore a coat :) and saw three Bobcats (each by themselves). New PB (Gate to Gate) of 57:51 for me. Next goal is under 55 minutes. 
flanneryd06/02/11Nice stress-busting ride with MTB Fiend. Love that descent at sunset. 
Pathfinder06/02/11Having not ridden Blackstar for the last 6 months due to a couple if injuries, it was truly nice to see Beek's again. 
Keith B06/02/11Intended to hit up Motorway but forgot my cold weather gear and it got really chilly past 7pm. Back played up a little when we increased the pace. 
MTB Fiend06/02/11Really great ride with DIRTULS and friends. I was tasked with naming an upcoming ladies team/recruiting ride and the 4 of us bantered about a number of great names and titles. One of my favorites was "Bike Belles" - "we ring your ride"! A most enjoyable and pleasant way to spend a Thursday evening on Blackstar. Killer sunset reflection in the creek, wished I had my camera. Maybe I will ride here again some day. Great ride! 
RoughRiderR06/02/11Good effort on mojo with Mr. Boaterin. We had intended to do Motorway but glad we didnt. I was surprised at how cold it was. Beautiful night though. 
cleanbeater06/01/11PB 51:58 to gate. Rode with NO GO. 
MTB Fiend06/01/11Very few riders out. Super ride with FlanneryD. Absolutely no critters even though we approached the likely areas quietly. Just a few lizards. Great conversation, spectacular wildflowers. For the second time (and last time?) I rolled the concrete bridge (this time with a witness). It's spooky, at least for me, but speed is your friend. Problem is - worry and concern set in at the 3/4 point, too late, better make it or else... "Dust at dusk" was for real as I tried to chase FlanneryD down - she spanked me on my home ride! Great fun! Great twilight! Great ride! 
DIRTULS05/30/11Great day! Decided to toss in a ride between work and going to the beach. Not a bad idea. This was my first time on the mtn bike in weeks; felt good. Saw two gopher snakes; one was large. Black Star is so pretty with all the flowers. Met a cop at the top gate he was investigating some ongoings from the night before. Thanks for joining me MTB Fiend. 
MTB Fiend05/29/11A most enjoyable ride with my old pal DIRTULS. Weather was "variable", but by the end, it was beautiful. Great ride! 
NA1NSXR05/26/11Hard to believe I am still half an hour off my PB here. On another note there are some really childish people on this earth. 
Holy Roller05/22/11A nice afternoon ride with STR riders Dan and Matt; Matt was on a single speed and Matt was 1st time oout on a new MTB- he was smokin up the hills in like 14th gear all the way- I did the whole uphill in middle ring and kept a pretty good pace, faster than I have before- nice breezes out there- hope they find Jennifer! 
cleanbeater05/22/11Loving the new SS. PB gate to gate, even with the 3 minute stop to adjust the seat. 
jb_29er05/21/11Beautiful Day... LL Baseball over time to ride hard!!! 
flanneryd05/21/11Skies looked dark and threatening at the start, but it never rained on us. Turned out to be a very beautiful night for a ride. Saw only 2 other bikers all night. 
GabrielC05/19/11After work ride with the young guns. Made me work for this! 
Two Tired05/18/11Monday after work ride. Nice and cool but not quite cold. Lower part if being regraded with a dozer so it is loose in some areas. 
MTB Fiend05/18/11Delightful spin with flanneryd. Trail is in excellent condition and we had the entire place to ourselves. Unfortunately no critters. Got real cold after the ride. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend05/17/11Aahh.. My old stalwart, Blackstar. Super-solo ride, not another soul out there! The clouds grew grey and darker, circling, sinister and threatening - but in the end, nothing. Cold breezes occasionally snapped invigoratingly at my face and my senses were alive! Critter cruisin’! No critters, but a most enjoyable slow roll back to the truck. Hung out while the relentless march of darkness descended upon the lucent twilight. 3 chattering ducks buzzed me, and everyone knows that’s a good sign. Great ride! 
thatdave05/14/11Tom,Joe,Gundy & I all had a good ride. 
mtbfan05/13/11Left work early and went up BS with Mark on our Single Speeds. What a beautiful, clear, but sill pretty hot day. THe white flowers smelled great (anyone know what kind they are?). Saw a huge spider web across the trail on the descent. Nice hanging out at the car for snacks and drinks to wait for John and Doug to come back and head to Wahoos. We even did a short hike up to the large rock by the gate. 
GabrielC05/13/11Perfect morning for a ride up Blackstar Canyon. Just a couple other riders out today. Had a nice ride. 
DLo05/12/11Beautiful weather, lots of flowers blooming and wildlife today. coyote, bobcat, quail, 2 snakes... Great ride! 
portolavet05/11/11Great weather. Shaking off a bad cold. 
MTB Fiend05/11/11Delightful evening ride - even did some sprints. Quite a few riders out, many out much later than us. Cooled down pretty quick after the sun was down. Great ride! 
halfasst05/10/11Good ride this afternoon. Didn't see anyone until the descent. Pretty cool and windy at Beeks. 
Buffalo05/10/11Enjoyable afternoon ride with Mark. Saw one small tarantula. 
RoughRiderR05/10/11great solo ride. nice and cool out yet still sunny. 57:45 to the top. I was pushing pretty good. about 26 min down. 
MTB Fiend05/09/11Didn't want to do it... felt I owed it to myself. Ha! I know better than that! These are the days not to be missed. All stormy out without the storm - who could say no!? Quick pace as PMcMasters chased me down then dropped me at the end. Here's a surprise - cold and windy at the top! Caught a glimpse of a baby Bobcat on the descent at the tubes - he jumped right in to the Poison Oak. What's up with that? Invigorating and sensational evening for a ride. Great ride! 
Pmcmasters05/09/11FINALLY!! I made it to the gate in under an hour! I caught up to MTB Fiend at about mile 3 and stuck to his back tire for a while, then we diced for the lead a couple times. Nice to meet you MTB Fiend, thanks for pulling me up the hill. 
vt1ryan05/07/11Awesome day to ride. Weather was perfect. Pretty cool seeing people fly their kites at Beeks Place. Saw HillyBilly Art policing the trail today. Flew past his dumb a_ _ . 
mtbfan05/06/11Beautiful warm evening for a ride up BS. Took the Singlespeed and no Camelbag. We only saw a couple of other riders out. Wahoos was a mountainbike Hub. It seems like everybody was there for Cinco de Mayo. 
MTB Fiend05/04/11Dust at dusk, brews at twilight. Sensational solo sunset sojourn. Sometimes it is so very hard to go, but if you love it so, you gotta go. Great ride! 
ZipsBiker05/03/11Tried to beat the sunset but I failed. Good thing I had a light to get me down. Temps were good. 
RoughRiderR05/02/11great solo ride after work. felt tired at the beginning but fast after 15 min. i didnt ride over the weekend, that is probably part of it. 29er did felt great. plenty of out of the saddle effort. warm out. saw a good group of people out. next time i will have to GPS the ride. 
MTB Fiend05/02/11Dust at dusk ride. Sweet pain... Solo sunset Blackstar ride, saw a few other riders out. Great ride! 
Draker04/30/11We started this ride at 4:00 a.m. so my buddy could make it to work. The wind was so strong it blew us off the road a couple of times. Blackstar at night is always an adventure. 
cleanbeater04/30/11Solo ride, windy at top. 
mtbfan04/28/11What a beautiful day at BS tonight. Not too many riders out. Saw a little Bobcat as we were coming down. It is nice riding without a Camelbag and just a short sleeve Jersey. Saw MTBfiend, Mtbkel and Sharon. Doug and John were coming up as we were coming down, and we grabbed some well deserved food and drinks at Wahoos. 
Buffalo04/28/11Perfect afternoon for a ride. Took it easy. 
flanneryd04/28/11Beautiful night. Nice ride except for the flat and forgetting sunglasses after fixing the flat. The mozzies are out - biting the heck out of my legs. Saw a deer (glowing blue eyes were the giveaway) right at the end of the ride. 
mtbkel4404/27/11Joined ChrisTA. I was dogging it the whole ride... One rattler in Hidden Ranch area. Toasty and warm out. Saw a few other friendly bikers out and 2 hikers heading to the top. 
MTB Fiend04/27/11Another great Blackstar ride, despite the flat tire as we were racing the dark. So we ended in the dark, not so bad, even saw a Deer near the gate. Later, at the tailgate party saw some other riders as they ended. One recognizes me and tells me how much he appreciates my posts, that's a better compliment than saying I crushed the hill. Thanks! Beautiful evening for a ride - keep em' coming! Great ride! 
MCAFS04/24/11Cold wet ride all the way. 
ocbiglar04/23/11Dummy me, Not tell I was more than half up did I realize I hadn't had not turned on my GPS. Great ride w/ my best buddy Maik. good day to ride. 
portolavet04/20/11Very chill up at Beeks. Wanted to do the silverado motor way again but it was pretty cold to go on. 
Buffalo04/19/11Afternoon ride with Mark. Only two other riders seen. It was foggy-cold at top. 
TBlazen04/11/11fast pace for me aided by a good push from a guy named Dan; on the 29er; seatpost kept sliding down, so had to stop a few times... 
spicolli197604/11/11Great evening ride with a great group. Thanks for letting me join you guys. 
Keith B04/11/11My first Geoladders group ride in years! Lots of fun, good to meet John, Eric and Hammertime and catch up with Jr Munoz. Back wasnt too bad after a while although keeping up with Jr to Beeks is something I might pay for tomorrow - better hit the Yoga mat! 
RoughRiderR04/11/11Great solo ride after work. Beautiful weather and lots of people out. 29er was fast. i put in a decent effort and made it to the top in 1:05. Dirt biker kids were out dusting the place up. on the way down i slashed my specialized tire on a rock...instant flat. luckily two bikers stopped and helped put a tube in. thanks jeff. apparently 26" tubes work on 29ers. anyway glad to make it back okay. saw keith and geo crew on the way down. 
Draker04/10/11Beautiful morning, very clear. The trail was a little washed out but not to bad. There was a quad in the Mariposa Reserve :-( I also saw a Bobcat with a bunny in its mouth just 10' in front of me on the trail. 
cleanbeater04/10/11Rode with NOGO, Raul & Sevan. Great day to be out. 
mtbfan04/07/11It's been too long. Almost forgot how beautiful Black* was. Saw a few riders as we were coming down and chatted with Mtbfiend and Sharon for a few. Could not stay in the parking lot with all the mosquitos, so Wahoos was second best. Warm night yesterday. 
MTB Fiend04/06/11Yet another sweet Blackstar ride. Oh my! #350! the milestones just seem to fly by. Got misty and cloudy on the ascent and we could see the cusp above, but by the time we reached the top it had been besieged by the clouds. The clouds and light fog made for quite the surreal descent. Saw mtbfan and her clan - it's been awhile since we have crossed paths. Great ride! 
angry red squirrel04/05/11am ride,about a dozen painters at beg- of trail 
RoughRiderR04/05/11GPS malfunction. 1hr 2 minutes to gate to gate. Pushed pretty hard on the 29er. Solo ride. Beautiful evening, great weather. 
Buffalo04/05/11Afternoon ride with Mark. Lots of riders climbing up. 
Pmcmasters04/04/11Good ride this evening with Mike, Chris and Justin. 
MTB Fiend04/01/11Sweet solo evening Blackstar ride. 1 rattlesnake. Watch out for the ruts! Great ride! 
SKINNY03/31/11easy cruz.. warm out there.. 
redbaron03/30/11Rode with Twitch and ThinkFast up to Beeks. ThinkFast really pushed the pace up Blackstar, 56 minutes gate to gate. Twitch & ThinkFast tried to do a bunch of trail work at the one washed out section. Ran into NO GO on the way down, and there was some RocknRoad group ride, starting out as we were getting back to the cars. Trail is in great shape, with the exception of 3 large puddles in the beginning. 
jbh6503/30/11a little warm and a little breezy in spots today. wanted to check out the trail before saturday so i could get an idea of where the mud/water spots are. pushed a decent pace up BS. made it from the BS gate to the main divide gate in 58:41. met GWD at the beginning and spoke with Thinkfast right near the end as he was heading out with Twitch and Red Baron. Looking forward to Saturday ( I think) 
Twitch03/30/11Good times out on the trail. Great ride with redbaron and Thinkfast. Also ran into NO GO, Raul and Don J out on the trail. 
Despacio03/30/11Well we had a great time today except for Bens high speed otb. could have been lots worse since he had some serious air time ! get well ben or else I will sub for you sat. and give you a record that will last forever! 
MTB Fiend03/30/11Late start but I was glad to see and help my pal DIRTULS with her final preparation for the big ride. She's going to do great! She joined me for a short ride to the tubes, after that the ride was mine and off I went. I was pleased and surprised to owl-eye it to the top without lights after such a late start. Sensational sunset and the incredible transition to total darkness was a real treat. Temps were great! It was just a beautiful night for a ride, even saw a tiny Bobcat lurking about. Helicopter manuevers at the tree farm canceled the usual tailgate festivities. 3 separate helicopters practicing touch and go on night vision and here I am riding along with a piercing light. I shut it off. My bet is they are prepping to fight fires at night. Also saw what appears to be a pending delivery of a mobile home. All this in one night! Wow! Great ride! 
ThinkFast03/30/11Good ride today. My original plan was just to ride up to the area where the new work had been done and check out the trail up to that point. Ran into Twitch and redbaron and rode most of the way with them (stopped to talk to Jay, then check an email, and Jim and Mark got out ahead). We rode from the pipe washout to Beeks together. Great riding with you guys! 
cilantro1303/29/1158 minutes gate to gate. 
cilantro1303/29/11Nice night, not too cold. Blackstar has a couple of mud spots, but is ridable by in large. 
ZipsBiker03/29/11Nice fast ride before the sun went down. Came down, met a friend and rode back up for a second time but in the dark. 47:27 g2g. MW. 
ZipsBiker03/29/11Lap 2, recovery ride. MW, TL 
angry red squirrel03/28/11-light cake on the wheels-few more days for it to totally dry out- 
cleanbeater03/20/11Felt good getting back on the bike after 5 weeks off. 
trekstorm03/20/11Quite cool with just a few sprinkles... 
karldi503/19/11Great ride this afternoon. Thanks Edgar for leading the way. Nice climb, great scenery, and fun downhill. 
portolavet03/19/11Nice weather this afternoon. Good ride with Karl, Richard and John. Caught a glimpse of Zungu flying up and down the trail. 
MTB Fiend03/18/11Cruising down the blacktop we were treated to a rising moon and setting sun. Way cool! I still find it ironic to see Art out there "patrolling" on a motorcycle. He gave us his usual speech about "private road, no after dark access" blah blah blah... Most of us cat-eyed it with the moon"shine", what a rush as we went under the trees in HR in total darkness. Thanks to Richie Rich for toteing some tools up in the "BOB" trailer. We made quick work of clearing the concrete bridge in HR. Off we went to Beeks, as it got colder and windier by the minute. We retreated to a wind protected spot and proceeded to enjoy the full moon as it should be! "Nibblers" and beer! Doh! My beer did not fair the rough ride so well. Broken bottles and popped tops! Oh well, at least 1 made it. Very cold and VERY dusty descent. Great group, Great ride! 
MTB Fiend03/16/11One of those rides where the climb just kind of seemed to slip on by, before we knew it we were at the top. Got there without even having to cat-eye it. Hung out a bit and chatted with our buddy who unsuccessfully tried to chase us down. The descent turned in to a game of frogger as toads jumped in front and between our wheels. For good measure, there were some "angry birds" (nighthawks who jumped in to our lights) and clouds of dust to contend with. Lots of other folks out tonight. Great tailgate party afterward. Great ride! 
Winger03/15/114900. Rode with my brother who doesn't ride. I'm really proud of him for hiking/biking to the top. 
proraptor03/13/11First Time up beeks....had fun 
TBlazen03/13/11tried out a Niner...Not sure I can get use to the heavier bike and the different handling... 
TBlazen03/13/11personal best and stopped 4 times (2 for directions and the 2 at the washed out area) ... 60 minutes to the gate... 
mtbkel4403/13/11Great ride with friends 
MTB Fiend03/12/11Casual group ride and tailgate party. Great ride! 
JRA03/11/11It was nice to see so many Geo peeps out enjoying the trail:) 
Keith B03/10/11Testing out Ryans new 29er hardtail. We got 3/4 of the way up before I had a go and found the brake was dragging alot. Slight tweek and the thing felt super rapid. Definite feeling of conserving momentum on the climbs. Big group came down the singletrack that finishes at hidden valley as we went up. 
RoughRiderR03/10/111st ride on the new 29er! it is fast when the rear brake isnt rubbing...thanks BK. Tires worked out awesome. Captin (crunch) on the front and fast track on the rear. Overall the bike is a blast. Compared to the aluminum hardtail, this thing is much more forgiving - no sharp jolts to my back. Another great ride with Boatin! Really took it out of me trying to keep up! Comfortably warm out. hit the Mesa for dinner. Great Thursday. 
MTB Fiend03/09/11Beautiful night for a Blackstar ride. Saw an awesome shooting star while hanging out at the top. On the descent, it was quite the strange sensation to ride in and out of different temperature pockets. Some were warm, some were very cold. Good brews afterward were the reward! Great ride! 
Two Tired03/08/11Rode last sunday morning. There was an incredible amount of riders going both up and down today. Everyone enjoying the great weather. 
TBlazen03/07/11nice easy pace with a friend... 
mtbkel4403/07/11just me and my wife. saw one coyote. early afternoon ride. Cold above HR in my shorts and short sleeves. Gotta pack a warmer jacket for the way down. Wanted to nap and skip the ride, but rode and glad I did... 
xcShane03/05/11Showed up late so I rode up with Brownie. Way cold coming down. 
flyingbrian03/05/11great weather ! , felt tired today . turned around at the ball instead of going all the way to motor way... 
Jocko03/04/11On the Trek. With Tino, Bob, Davie. 
MTB Fiend03/04/11Another sweet Blackstar solo sunset ride. Got the timing right this time and finished just at dark, instead of just getting to the top at dark. Felt great to shed a layer or two without freezing, although it did get cold quickly as the sun faded. Great ride! 
angry red squirrel03/03/11(wed ride 1)like gilligan on a 3 hour tour-trail has character now,flat n boring b4 the rains- 
trekstorm03/03/11After a good strong ride yesterday come back with a slow ride today. Barely made it to the gate. 
portolavet03/03/11Warm day. Couple of bikers only. 
MTB Fiend03/02/11Where is everybody? Swell ride as we rocked the 29'rs! Couple rain drops at Beeks. uh oh... Heavy drizzle as we passed through Edwards and on out to the paved area. Real rain at the tailgate, then it was gone. We were relieved we did not get caught out with rain on the trail. Saw just one other rider. Great ride! 
cfeliciano02/28/11Had a great solo ride. So nice to see Blackstar in the daytime. It's beautiful! Saw a coyote on the road about 6 miles up. Pretty cool. Was a ride of many "firsts" for me. First time posting a single speed ride. First time on a 29er. First time riding fully rigid. Cleaned the ride gate to gate, just took a lot longer than usual. 
MTB Fiend02/28/11Super solo sunset adventure. Dos Coyotes. Saw one other descending rider. Late start had me cat-eyeing it to the top, not the bottom as originally planned. Glad I threw the helmet light and extra layer in as I rushed out. Still a slow descent, all the ruts are a bit amplified right now and the single helmet light really washes out the contrast too much. Rather than fight it, I settled in and enjoyed a slower roll descent. Sensational sunset - Great ride! 
portolavet02/27/11Took my 10 years old Son. He loved the ride. Nice Sunday recreative ride. 
MTB Fiend02/23/11Oh yeah - it was cold, then someone had to go and say, "Well, at least it's not windy." You guessed it, suddenly the breeze picks up, then gusts, and now it's really cold! Dry jersey at the top is a life-saver. So very dark out tonight. Usually you can see some reflection of road, something. Not tonight, if your light did not illuminate it - it was dark as ink. With all that.... still, a Great ride! 
mtbkel4402/23/11ChrisTA was doing intervals. I was just trying to stay upright. Cold ride. Started at 930. Saw about 6 other riders the whole way. Beautiful day. Stopped at R and R on the way home to buy more wool socks. BURRRRR..... 
portolavet02/23/11Very cold up there. Rode half way with Patrick, his first time there. While descending I caught a glimpse of Manny Prado doing intervals on his new bike on the way up.Very impressive. He was flying going up hill. 
Congo Kid02/21/11Solo Ride. Sunny, but cool till about 1 mile from top, then freezing! Had sidewall slice, so worried whole ride it would blow. It didn't. Saw 3 MTB'ers only all day. A coyote about 5 miles up caught a rabbit right in front of me. Then I saw him again on descent. Not scared of me at all, which means one day in the next 5-10 years coyote attacks on humans will become commonplace. Numb feet by time got to car. Had to go slow downhill as so cold. Nice views though. 
Pmcmasters02/21/11Night ride with Mike. Pretty cold out tonight. 
xcShane02/18/11About 6 of us headed out. Rode through the fog on the way up and hit a bit of rain on the way out. 
trekstorm02/15/114:30 start. Most of last climb in darkness plus all downhill. Traffic jam coming back and I passed about a dozen or more riders. 
MTB Fiend02/14/11Sweet super solo sunset cruise. Reached the top right at sunset. Temps were descending faster than I could ascend. Real cold, real fast. Not another soul out there. Great ride! 
portolavet02/13/11The ranger gave a lot of tickets at the parking to those parked on the fire access area. Great weather. 
mtbkel4402/13/11rode the 29er. Just me and the wife. Great painful ride. 
Jason2009force02/12/11Fun ride with dad and Glenn just took our time and enjoyed the weather. Hammertime flew by us like we were standing still with a big smile on his face which was pretty funny. 
RoughRiderR02/12/11Great Friday night ride with the Boaster. Good to burn off some work BS steam. GPS battery died at the start. So cold at the start. Beer at the top, chilled decent. Only saw two other riders out. 
DirtyD02/12/11Lots of people out, great weather. 
mtbkel4402/12/11nice ride with ChrisTA. We cruised up. No breaks which is rare for me. She did not even break a sweat. She called it a recovery ride, I think... Big headwind near the top. Gorgeous day. One 2 foot rattler sunning himself on the pavement section near the cattle guards. I hate reptiles... 
Keith B02/11/11Weekend kick off ride with Ryan. Frosty cold until after the tunnels when it got windy. Sank a frosty beer within about 30seconds of getting to the top - as a result the blast back down involved lots of near misses. Every weekend should begin with a ride and a beer! 
rjames9102/10/11First time all the way to Beeks. Quite windy up top, fighting some strong headwinds elsewhere. 
trekstorm02/10/11Another blustery day. 
trekstorm02/09/11Quite windy through the passes. 
MTB Fiend02/07/11Sweet solo sunset ride. Great ride! 
Pmcmasters02/07/11Night ride with Chris and Mike. 
cfeliciano02/07/11Night ride with Mike and Paul. Love riding without my camel back. 
Keith B02/06/11Lunch time ride with Ryan. Wandered up at slow pace and cut short the plans for doing Motorway in deference to sitting in the sun for 40mins. Easy day! 
scoth02/06/11Casual ride with friends new to the area 
cleanbeater02/06/11Ride 1 of 2. Solo. 
STEVO CARRILLO02/05/11What and awesome day! Took my friend Brittany out on her first mtb ride and I think I've hooked another to the sport.... she's a natural! Made it look easy all the way to Beeks. Ran into Lonnie and the crew on the way up as he was decending, good to see all the guys agian. On the way down stopped and had a brief chat w/ One Flew OTB. John's training for VQ so watch out this year Manny. Great views, goods friends and even better company, way to go Brittany! 
One Flew OTB02/05/11Solo mid day ride. Hadn't ever done just BS to Beeks, so pushed a bit and got a PB to the gate (53:21), but did have a brief rest since I saw Stevo Carrillo at about mile 4 and stopped to say hi. Great weather for a quick spin. 
Lonnie02/05/11Great ride with Todd, Ben, Brad, and Bob. Saw Stevo and his newbie friend oh her first MTB Ride. Fantastic weather today. 
RoughRiderR02/05/11Great ride with Keith. First time in months. As well, i hadn't been on blackstar since nov. Warm day out, surprising considering how cold it has been. Rose canyon with a couple margaritas, really couldn't have asked for a better day with a couple good friends :) 
portolavet02/04/11First ride ever of my friend Yamil. He walked most of the climb but loved the ride down. Hope he is not too sore tomorrow. 
BigT02/04/11I'm not posting my time. Because it's pathetic and I'm sad. Nursing a bashed up achilles tendon... slooooooow spin. Limping for three days figured a ride would loosen it up... nope. 
FRANCHI02/03/11All good. 
Two Tired01/31/11Rode last friday after work. Great weather and things keep getting better as they dry out. 
hannr8401/30/111:14 gate to gate 
portolavet01/28/11Great weather. Still can't post my rides from my garmin 310XT. Takes for ever to download and then gives me a warning from geoladders. 
MTB Fiend01/28/11Hilarious! Oh the irony! Art was out there "patroling" on a motorcycle. Classic! Evolution rules. A 10 min chat in the lower canyon with another Bstar buddy put me behind. Indeed, I made it to the gate about 15 min after sunset. Enjoyed the remnants of the day at the top, turned on the lights and headed on down. Saw an awesome meteorite, there is no doubt that sucker reached earth! Really tough day, Great ride! 
davidB.01/27/1152:30 gate to gate, a few minutes slower than before, but hey, B* is choppy and washed out in many places. 
flanneryd01/26/11First ride back, since breaking my arm in September. It was beautiful weather and good times with my friends. Blackstar sure does look different now! 
Holy Roller01/26/11A nice morning ride with Jesse, Very windy today, a lot of head winds and 60 mph winds at the top. Actual trip was pass Beeks and to the top: 16.25 mi, 2526 elev, 1:29 to the top and :29 to the bottom, 90% middle ring! 
MTB Fiend01/26/11Cat-eyed it all the way to the tubes. After that... very dark, very windy. Good group tonight, just the four of us and a solo rider playing through. Always, a Great ride! 
Lobotomized Sasquatch01/25/11A little windy. Easy but steady pace. Hadn't ridden this trail since the rains. I've seen B* in worse conditions except for the 1-2 HAB sections. Coming down was a little tricky but not too bad. 
MTB Fiend01/22/11Nice morning casual social ride. I don't think I ever even broke a sweat. So nice to get out during warm daylight. Lots of folks out too. Great ride! 
Ladera Mike01/22/11Had to work and run errands all day so I headed out to Blackstar around 6pm. Fun ride, very empty. Only other rider I saw was pretty far ahead and headed on to Sierra. 
TrailMonkey01/19/1159 2 G 
MTB Fiend01/19/11Big trail work day for me. I planned it all out, just so. But in the end - too much water spoiled the soup. That's OK, I'll be back to fix it right. With any luck, Blackstar riders will never know what I am talking about. That's when I know I did it right, like the last time. Initially all we had was cold and clouds, then we slowly ascended above the clouds, then dropped back in to them in HR, then climbed back out. Even got to do some real full moon riding without lights for a bit. Unbelievably no critters, and just 1 other rider. Great ride! 
ZipsBiker01/18/11Nice night with ML and SW. 
MTB Fiend01/17/11Nice and enjoyable solo cruise up Blackstar. Late start ensured I would not make it to the top in daylight. Still I was surprised how long and how bright the twilight lasted. Basked in the full moon light for a bit then set off down the hill. Great ride! 
cleanbeater01/16/11Rode with Dave. Slow, still feeling yesterday's ride. 
MTB Fiend01/16/11Solo Sunday short-sleeved sweat saturated sunny sensational bike ride. Thought briefly about taking a day off the bike today - not! What an awesome day for a ride. Chatted with the Park Ranger a bit. Blackstar is still definitely 24x7 access due to the OCFA easement. Whew! Great ride! 
thatdave01/15/11Gundy,Kevin,Joe and I. First ride of the year and it was a good one. Got a late start (Kevin late) 
Congo Kid01/15/11First ride of 2011. Nice warm day. Rode solo, taking it easy as way out of shape. Saw CeeDub whipping by about 1/2 way to the top. Great views and nice and warm. Good times. 
MrBill01/14/11Windy and hot. 81 in Tustin, 78 at the gate (afternoon). Strong gusts of wind made for a slow ascent. Very nice day, lots of riders. 
MTB Fiend01/14/11Installed a new drive train on the H/T. Much more better, but acting up in 3rd gear only - strange. Got to Beeks just at sunset. Raced daylight all the way down and was treated to another colorific twilight creep. Tailwinds coming out of HR actually pushed me up the hill just as if I were sprinting. Liked that! Made it all the way to the bottom canyon, then used a helmet light for the slide areas. Great solo sunset ride! 
trekstorm01/13/11Interesting ride with all the slides... 
dandrews01/12/11Good to see Ben, Jr and Jason. Awesome day. 
TrailMonkey01/12/11Ride with Tumbleweed and tdmckay, trail was nice. 
Tumbleweed01/12/11Great ride with the monkey and Ted, trail was great! 
MTB Fiend01/12/11Surprisingly, we were the only 3 riders out there. Art was blocking the walk-thru at the gate ranting about "the park" being closed to night riding. I politely told him the 3 Rangers I saw the night before said nothing about that. Per his usual threat "the Sheriff is already on his way". Really? And why would that be? Nobody had broken any laws yet. Such a "hillbully". His ride back to the his property had the perfect opportunity to douse us at the mud hole but turned out to be a cool guy and did not. Now if Art was driving he would not miss the opportunity! On the descent I caught a pair of green eyes down in Hidden Ranch, whatever it was it was shy and would not come out where we could see it. Had a mouse jump in the back of my truck while tailgating afterward - that brought on some fun and antics. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend01/11/11Just a little too late a start, combined with a couple of chats with descending friends meant for sure I was not going to make it to the top before dark. No problem, drop a ring and enjoy the fascinating and incredible lingering sunset. Vivid orange, violet and blue. Lasted forever! I stood at the upper gate and watched the last waning pixel of sunset disappear just shy of 1 hour after sunset. Awesome! Great ride! 
ocbiglar01/09/11First time up out. OMG! what a beautiful view at the top. Well worth the pain getting to the top. 
mtbfan01/09/11Great but hard ride today. Second ride back, and I could feel it. Trail was in great shape except the two mud pits and the HAB across a huge washout. Looks like it could give in any time. Saw tons of riders out today. Missed the tailgate parties, so it was good to be back. Weather was perfect. 
tweasol01/08/11Good ride with the guys, nice to be back on 2 wheels. 
Sir Robin01/08/11Nice ride today after a long layoff. The road is washed out in a few places before and after the houses leading to a more interesting ride and a little bit of walking. Worst is a 10 foot washout at the bottom of Hidden Valley near the old ranch house. 
MTB Fiend01/07/11It's a whole new Blackstar! The clouds squelched the sunset so I switched my attention to enjoy ascending in to fog-like clouds - very quiet, very surreal. Did not quite make it to the top before dark. Enjoyed the swirling mist. Got all the way down to Edwards Ranch area and was surprised to see a couple cars parking, including an Animal Control Officer. Turns out they were headed to the last cabin to rescue a couple of ill dogs. (One had been bitten by spider and was in bad shape with a large abcess on his cheek, the other had a dislocated leg). All these folks had were cheesy flashlights, including the Officer. So they were real glad to see me come along. I obliged and guided them back up the canyon to the cabin. We rescued the dogs and all is well. Just another adventure on Blackstar - I have had so many, always keeps me coming back! Great ride! 
vt1ryan01/06/11The weather was pretty mild today. The trail is pretty technicial and fun because of the heavy rain. The trail is pretty dry at this point except in some areas where there is still mud. 
sirpullsalot01/02/11Awesome ride so much better then last week, only a very few wet spots none of them angle deep mud! 
Buffalo01/02/11Finished just as the sprinkles started. There's less mud than I expected. The trail is starting to buff out around all the new "features" (landslides, washouts, ruts) Lots of fun. 
ocbiglar12/26/10Trail was very muddy on some parts had to walk through ankle deep mud. Laugh a lot only made 2/3 of the way up. Trail just got muddier and muddier. couldn't trail it anymore. 
trekstorm12/15/10BRRRRR!!! Low clouds and a few sprinkles and more BRRRRR!!! 
DIRTULS12/15/10PB this evening gate to gate on Blackstar and for the entire ride, which surprised me since my back is giving me pain again and I was riding with an uncomfortable seat. Thanks for pacing me to the top! Foggy and light rain at the top made the ride down to Hidden Ranch tricky. Saw MTB Fiend out there on his ride and chatted with him at his tailgate party. 
MTB Fiend12/15/10A few friends out enjoying the ride. Got real foggy at the top, but temps were quite bearable. We all bailed out as soon as the slightest rain drop appeared - rightfully so. Luckily, no rain until we had all finished. Great ride! 
halfasst12/12/10Late start this morning, got pretty warm coming up out of Hidden Ranch. 
XCRider12/11/10Social spin with Birgit's ride group on a very windy day after late xmas party and little sleep. This was probably near my limit for today. 
Two Tired12/10/10Nice on the way up, but cold as usual on the way back down, especially going through Hidden Ranch. 
MTB Fiend12/08/10Yet another bizarre Blackstar night. Cold start, but got warm once we ascended out of the lower canyon. Delightful climb, saw 4 hikers and only 3 other riders (on their descent). At the top, we were treated to an even more delightful Disney fireworks show. A first for our night rides - very neat indeed. On the descent we came across the same 4 hikers and did not think much of it. Just as we were nearing the gate several Sheriffs were driving down to intercept the 4 hikers and asked if we had seen any fires. Back at the truck, some fellow riders told us they had come upon a very small fire in the lower canyon (at the bridge nearest the mud puddle) and quickly put it out. Not very far down the road were the 4 hikers, laughing and all non-chalant. Not sure what the outcome was as we later saw their car drive out (all 4?). Sheriff's also called in the Fire Dept. to give the area an extra dousing. So many bizarre Blackstar adventures! Perhaps the place really is haunted? Great ride! 
GabrielC12/07/10Perfectly clear morning for a ride up Blackstar. The views of the Pacific and San Gabriels were awesome. Saw only one other rider on my way down. 
vt1ryan12/07/10afternoon spin. The trail is still pretty wet and tacky right now. 
Two Tired12/06/10Rode last friday afternoon. There was a group of people shooting pistols or semi-automatic rifles (could not see them that well)in a side canyon above the property on the right that has the miniature golf course. Was worried about bullets bouncing off rocks on the first part of the climb. Is shooting legal in Black Star? 
El Chupacabra12/05/10Sunday spin with 29 Inch Nails... 
Winger12/05/10EX8. Happy to be able to ride with the group. 
29 Inch Nails12/05/10Chasing El Chupa...nice day for a ride 
Hermit12/05/10GT. Rode to Beek's with a good group of geolads this morning. Cut it short to take care of a few chores, and save my legs for a road ride later this afternoon (*gasp*). 
ADanFool12/04/10While stopping to take a picture about 1/3 mile from Beeks, my rear tube blew. So loud I thought it was a bullet narrowly missing me. Thanks Mel & Joe for helping with the repair. 
vt1ryan12/04/10Nice late afternoon spin up to beeks. PB gate to gate 1:09 
MTB Fiend12/03/10Quickie solo adventure. Saw a Fox on the first climb. He was enamored with my lights and would trot ahead and turn around and freeze when caught in the light, then trot ahead. This went on for about 100 yds. Saw the same Fox on the descent. Cute lil fella! Great ride! 
Two Tired12/02/10Rode on Sunday afternoon. Nice and cool on the way up, but kind of cold coming back down. Lots of walkers/hikers enjoying the lower portions of the canyon. 
Phishin Paul12/02/101:00:54 to gate. Nice evening ride with a handful of riders on the trail. 
trekstorm12/01/10A little bit warmer than yesterday but sure cold coming down!! 
MTB Fiend12/01/10Another sensational Blackstar ride! Dark as can be, but the climb was not as cold as expected. I even shed 1 layer early on, of course down in HR I regretted shedding anything! It got a bit breezy at the top. Gorgeous urban lights below all a twinkle. HR was cold, but the lower canyon from the pipes all the way back to the gate was shivering cold. Oh man - right down to tbe bone at times despite 4 layers. Felt great to get back to the car, drop the tailgate and crank up the portable propane heater while tailgating afterward. As we hung out I saw not one, but 2 shooting stars. The first was short but bright. The second was longer and even had a tail! Awesome! Of course, no one else saw them. All for me. Great night for stars if you could stand the cold. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend11/28/10Thought I had overdressed as I started out, but the Sierra Peak Airsite said 36 degrees with wind chill at the top. The first climb was almost too warm with lots of hikers in short shorts. Nice. As I dropped in to Hidden Ranch it was clear I was not overdressed as the wind howled down the trail. About half way up the second climb I encountered a "Bob Lion". Actually I am pretty sure it was a juvenile ML, but could never see its face or the size of its paws to be sure. Not far in front, but in the shade so I could not see all its features. I sprinted to catch him on the corner but as expected he took the short cut in to Fremont Cyn and I caught his silouhette as he boogied on. Pretty sure he was a juvenile ML, based upon his lanky size, mixture of darker colors, and long tail, but he was only 50-60 lbs (skinny). At the top, maybe not 36 degrees but plenty cold and windy - enough to make me opt not to head out to Sierra Peak as planned. Great ride! 
singlespeedrider11/28/1055:18 Gate to gate new PB by just a few seconds but still a tad faster. Got to the gate just as the sun was starting to hit Catalina. Turned on the afterburners to get down without using a light. Cold cold cold on the way down. 
Gerry Lattimer11/28/10Brrrr 
trekstorm11/26/10Beautiful ride this am. You can see very far!! 
adventureDevon11/25/10Happy Thanksgiving!! Really Windy and cold this morning...nearly got blown off my bike a couple of times going around corners... 
vt1ryan11/19/10Middle ringed all the up to beeks. Cold, Wet, and Rainy today. Its going to get worse. 
MTB Fiend11/19/10Seek adventure and you shall find it. Cat-eyed it through the lower canyon and beyond, but eventually it got too dark to ride without light. Caught a fleeting glimpse of a Bobcat in HR. Played "frogger" with all the toads in HR. I entered the swirling mist and fog about a 1/4 mile below the gate. It was dead calm at the top with ultra-low visibility, could not even see the urban lights below. It started to drizzle a little on the descent. Looking forward to great weather this weekend. Great ride! 
blipstream11/18/10solo morning ride, broke the seat rail on climb up just past hidden valley. was able to slide seat forward to finish ride 
MTB Fiend11/17/10Great moonlit ride. Art was out and about hanging out in the dark, shouting at us. Such a strange character. Once we started to climb we shut off our lights and climbed by the moonlight. Just an all out assault on the senses - awesome! At times it was warm, but in Hidden Ranch it was just as cold as expected. Later, as we were tailgating the cold wind blew in and temps dropped considerably. Great ride! 
vt1ryan11/16/10Nice afternoon spin. Nice cool breeze. 
MTB Fiend11/15/10Sweet Blackstar ride. Late start, I knew that meant finishing in the dark as I argued with myself to turnaround at least a half dozen times. Never did. Ended up cat-eyeing it to the top, hanging out a bit and then descending into the frigid cold! I had neglected to bring a dry jersey! Brrrrrr... And still, no critters, no nothing, not another soul out there. Great cold ride! 
Congo Kid11/15/10Rode with KJ and Brett W. Been a while since in the saddle and had a cold for 2+ weeks, so did better than I thought. Great weather - shirtsleeves the whole way, and not cold at top. 
MTB Fiend11/14/10The promise of a sensational sunset summoned me to a super Sunday solo spin to the summit, that is... Beeks! My original plans to ride to Sierra Peak fell through, so off I went on my own. Brought a light just in case, but did not need it. I waited until the sun was cut in half by the horizon (sun set over Catalina) and raced the waning light down the hill. As I made the big turn after climbing out of HR I was taken aback by the vivid colors and variants of blue, orange, red, and black. Several groups of kids, all dressed in black, at various locations of the bottom canyon. What is the infatuation, I wonder? Great ride (guess I'll have to do that one again)! 
Keith B11/13/10Warm and windy morning ride with Sarah. We swapped bikes up near Beeks and noticed her S-Works Captain tyres had 2 large bubbles in them. We put a tube in and headed back down. 4th time I've seen S-Works tyres delaminate after some exposure to Stans. 
slopush11/13/10Windy ride with NStilwell. 54 mins. to the gate, which I guess wasn't too bad given the headwinds and the fact that I just wasn't feeling it today. Thought it was going to feel hotter, but the wind keep us cool. Didn't pass anyone on the way up that was going up, and it was void of peeps at Beeks, just huge wind. Still, it's nice to get out. Thanks NStilwell! 
nstilwell11/13/10Ride 2 of 3 - this was an aborted Blackstar / Motorway ride - way windy up at Beeks - didn't feel like traversing main divide in the wind. 
trekstorm11/13/10Mid afternoon ride. 
RoughRiderR11/11/10Great Ride with MTBF, Sharon, and the Boaster. Was pretty chilly out. MTBF lent me his 29/HT GaryF. What a ride! Thanks again! He is trying to persuade me to help out the poor bike industry and get me to build my 29/HT. It was fast accelerating and fast on the flats and slight grades. Felt stable going down but I was unfamiliar with the bike's handling. I liked the bar ends too, very comfortable. Overall I am sold, can I justify spending the cash though!? 
shrek11/11/10single speed gate 1:06:13 
TrailMonkey11/11/10Good ride with Ted. Total ride none stop, 59mins to gate and 23mins back 
Keith B11/10/10Ryan tried a 29er hardtail out and totally dropped me on two occassions - the thing was flying. Very cold and cloudy up at the golfball. No arm pain at all on the ride! Sank some bevvies, pretzels and sandwiches after the ride with jeremy, sharon and ryan - the air was really damp. Still thawing out. 
MTB Fiend11/10/10Rode my Blur, partly for nostalgia, partly to ensure it remains in rideable shape, and also because RoughRyderR was riding my H/T 29er. The Blur is running great, I had forgotten how smooth it really is. As is the custom, I was sweep on the descent. Unfortunately, my 1 year old MagicShine battery barely lasted 25 min tonight, and my trusty Cygolite helmet light was growing dimmer each minute after doing the heavy work on the ascent. I was relieved to find my riding buddy waiting for me at the tubes with 2 bright MagicShines a blazing. In the gully, near the end, we caught 2 very bright eyes below staring up at us. But the scariest Blackstar encounter was at the gate where we saw 4 guys hanging at their car, in the cold and dark looking very suspicious. We were courteous and said hi and they were courteous back and we got the heck out of there! Taggers? maybe, never went back to look. Tailgate party was good. KeithB caught sight of a colossal shooting star. Great ride! 
Two Tired11/08/10Rode back on Thursday. Got to the top in daylight and descended in the dark. Nice views at the top. Was really slow due to my lack of riding. 
trekstorm11/08/10Finished with light to spare. 
vt1ryan11/06/10morning spin with Triguytim. Weather was awesome and the trail is nice and hard packed. 
MTB Fiend11/05/10Super solo - nary another soul out there. Reached the top just at sunset and hung out and watched the remnants of the day to the last ribbon of pink and red. So cold riding through Hidden Ranch, but warmed up a bit once out of there. One Skunk and several reptiles, including a small Rattler on the paved section - he was a bit annoyed by my lights. Great ride! 
mtbfan11/04/10Great evening for a ride. Not as many riders out as anticipated. Views at the top were spectacular, and it got actually cold through Hidden Ranch (expected). Nice tailgate fun and drinks afters. Said Hi to Ryyan, Keith, Sharon and jeremy as they were coming back from their ride. 
RollnStone11/04/10Solo night ride. Saw 5 or 6 riders ending their ride while I was going up through the canyon. Had the whole place to myself after Art's place. 
MTB Fiend11/03/10Wow! Sensational weather eh? Saw lots of familiar faces tonight. Well kind of, I am sure there was a face behind those bright lights as they zipped by on their descent. Good to see mtbfan and friends again. At the top, the urban lights were nothing short of amazing! What a treat! Downtown LA skyscrapers clearly visible, so were the West LA skyscrapers! Scintillating! Tailgate get-togther and braggadocio is always fun. Great fun! Great ride! 
RoughRiderR11/03/10good ride with keith and after party with Sharon and MTBF! was tired, we kept a slow pace in the beginning but in the end it was all out. 1 hr to the gate, suprising considering the slow start. 
Keith B11/03/10Hit the trail with Ryan. Started out slower than last week but picked it up towards the end for a gate to gate time of 1hr - same as last week. Arm felt alot better on the descent this week. Cheers to team Sharon for the beer and cheese! 
MTB Fiend11/01/10Rode hard in the lower canyon, just because. Mellowed out on the climb and enjoyed the scenery. About mid-way on the second climb the sunset colors behind me set yellow, then orange, then red hues all around me! I was kodachrome, baby! Got to the top with about 3 min to spare for the actual sunset. It dropped right on Santa Barbara Island. Awesome! Weather was excellent, the usual chill on the descent - especially in the lower canyon - always fun with just one light. Great ride! 
Shigalert10/31/10Beautiful birthday ride, just me and my imaginary friends. No mechanicals, yay. 
MTB Fiend10/30/10Not alot of time for a ride today. Opted for Blackstar over Maple Springs, despite expecting it to be a bit muddy. Turns out it was not that bad and the sunset was sensational. Got to the gate with 5 minutes to sunset. Hung out a bit and enjoyed the transition. Another sweet Blackstar ride. Great ride! 
FallAgain10/30/10A little muddy in a few spots, but not too bad 
mark189010/29/10good noontime ride.. 
mtbfan10/28/10What a great night for a ride. Not too cold coming down. A bat almost went into me on the descent....is it Halloween yet? Nice drinks and food after. Officer Robins patrolled and could not believe tha we got a ticket, Nice guy. 
RoughRiderR10/27/10Great ride with Keith. Put in a pretty good effort. 1 hour to the gate. couldnt have gone much faster. my back was letting me know i am out of shape.. 
MTB Fiend10/27/10Oh, it was black out there tonight, and if you looked up there were plenty of stars to be had too. Yeah, Blackstar. Great night ride tonight, just 5 riders including us 3. Wind was not too bad, but none of us wanted to see how bad it was around the corner at Beeks. The urban lights below were as brilliant as can be. Downtown LA skyscrapers were clearly visible, as was Avalon/Catalina. Great night to be out and about, not too cold... yet. Great ride! 
Keith B10/27/10The one hour gate to gate time was pretty much my max. Air was pretty dry and the wind was blowing some at times. Met Sharon's group at the top and welcomed the free beer and cheese - top job with that! Rode down at a reduced rate wishing the terrain was smoother. 
mtbfan10/14/10Beautiful evening ride. The temps were perfect, and I got to the top just as the sun was setting. Great descent, but we got back to the cars with tickets everywhere. A cop was saying we could not park at the gate. Plan on fighting the ticket since I did not see any "No parking signs" Anybody else experience this? 
vt1ryan10/13/10Warm breezy ride this morning. Last 1/2 mile to beeks I had Orange County Fire Patrol 12 following me up and pushing me to beeks. Blew my nut 
MTB Fiend10/13/10aahhh.. the group ride. Well only 3 of us, plus 2 chasers in the dark, so that made 5. The 2 chasers opted for the singletracks on the return. Kind of trippy seeing their lights across the valley. Temps were good, although a definite chill in the air through Hidden Ranch, as expected. Perfect night for critters, absolutely no other riders on the trail, but saw nothing but several Tarantulas. Great fun tailgating as the fog rolled in and made the place all spooky. Great ride! 
spicolli197610/11/10Had to cut my motorway ride short. Thought my BB was making noise but it was just my chain tensioner. Great ride nonetheless. Garmin wouldn't turn on :-( 
thatdave10/10/10Dave,Joe & I. All had a good time. 
blipstream10/07/10solo morning ride, trail was tacky in a few spots but the weather was great and it was a fast ride down. 
trekstorm10/07/10Nice ride. More people today. Cold when sun went behind clouds so it was cold on top. Saw 4 taratulas too. 
RUTINTED10/06/10Great climb, first time to the ruins. Thanks Al for the push!! 
Twitch10/06/10SS. Thanks Guys, big turnout. 
trekstorm10/04/10Day off from work and with the light rain made this a must. Trail in good shape and there was no one here. Talk about being a loner... 
SKINNY10/03/10Great ride with awesome friends.. Twitch, NOGO, GolfWhiskey, Red Baron, Shizzle, vt1ryan, Dave, Aaron, Darney. Ran into OBT again up at Beeks Place.. 
vt1ryan10/03/10Nice big group ride this morning at Blackstar. Fun ride. Good turn out. Thanks Twitch for the side of scrambled eggs in the side of the cheek at Silverado Cafe. 
redbaron10/03/10Very interesting early morning group ride. I ended up motor paceing behind Darney to the top of Beeks. Had a bunch of fun with Shizzle, Twitch, NOGO, SKINNY, vt1ryan, Dave, and Aaron. We took a very cute group photo at the top Beeks. I'm sure it will be circulating around the internets later today. . . . . 
Golf Whiskey10/03/10Awesome Group ride. First time here. Thanks Pit Crew. 
MTB Fiend10/03/10Awesome autumn afternoon/evening ride! Temps were perfect as I was chased by the marine layer/fog. Managed to stay ahead and got to the oasis that is Beeks place just ahead. Beeks was like an island of sunshine surrounded by a swirling sea of fog. As I descended throught it was perfectly surreal, a mix of fog and sun made for a very muted effect. I started to slow-roll it as I instinctively sensed critter time! Actually did catch a glimpse of a Bobcat above HR. Great ride! 
Draker10/02/10Fun ride with Josh; we saw dear, bobcat, and a coyote that ran right past us. 
vt1ryan10/02/10Nice 8am solo training spin. Overcast humid and cool. Then on the way back down it poured with the rain. Got to love the thunder-storms. A good way to cool off 
MTB Fiend09/30/10It's been a long time since I have seen so many riders on Blackstar. Lots of folks out enjoying the night air. After ride tailgate party is always a highlight for me. Great ride! 
davidB.09/29/1045:39 - gate to gate. First time riding at night in probably a year. 
adventureDevon09/28/10Hot Friday afternoon ride up to Beeks....back on my own bike with spankin' new Shimano Brakes!! Wow those work great!(:39 to top of first hill, 1:09 to gate). Still getting the ankle back to 100%. 
vt1ryan09/28/105pm launch time tonight. Weather was perfect. Nice and cloudy and warm. Alot of riders treking up at 6:30pm tonight. 
blipstream09/27/10solo morning ride, had a semi early start but was still 103 when I was back to the truck 
RoughRiderR09/27/10Blazing hiphop and r&b out, heat wave, almost didnt go. Had a flat at the trail head. fixed it and carried on. Good ride overall...havent been riding much. 1:04 to the gate. 
cleanbeater09/26/10Rode with Toro. 104 degrees at our 5pm start, which was torture until Hidden Ranch where the temps mellowed out. Cool finish in the dark. 
trekstorm09/23/10One day it's cold the next it's hot!!! 
MTB Fiend09/22/10Beautiful evening for a ride, a bit chilly but tolerable. Only 1 other rider out tonight, had the place to ourselves. The moonrise was nearly in line with the Doppler Ball and we became disoriented and confused (yeah, not really). Slightly late start but we made it on cat-eye, borderline owl-eye. Marine layer never rolled back in but it was still plenty cold on the descent. Real cold through Hidden Ranch. Great ride! 
ADanFool09/19/10Started back at the tree farm. First ride after 2 weeks of respitory infection. 
one-i09/18/10Friday nights are always entertaining at B*. Saw a couple hot girls with lots of skin showing, David Beckam buried his 300 in a ditch and had to get his shoes dirty when we tried to get it out, about 20 cars of people that didn't speak much english looking for some church retreat. Made for some laughs back at the cooler. Couple critters and great temps. Hope Jason brings more of that Irish Brew again! 
trekstorm09/17/10Cruise pace today. Just trying to get the miles in. 
MTB Fiend09/17/10Me and DIRTULS, we cat-eyed it almost to the top. Turned back and saw a truck coming up on us so we sprinted to the gate and crossed under, thinking it may be Art. Turns out it was the other property owners out for a nightime hike of their own. Whew! As expected, quite cold going thru Hidden Ranch on the descent. Thought it was movie crew at the gate, but was a tow truck. Some poor guy buried his car in the only ditch around! His date was impressed, I'm sure. Great pace on 2nd climb. Great ride! 
trekstorm09/15/10Warm but nice breeze to keep it cool. Saw no one until I almost got back to car. Advantage of getting off at 2:30. 
flanneryd09/15/10Lots of riders out tonight. Met some "Dirty Girls." Nice ride with friends. 
James_9509/14/10I was bummed about crashing out at the Bonelli Park - Specialized State Finals so I took it out on Blackstar, 44:59 gate to gate. Now it’s time for 24hrs of pain at Hurkey Creek. 
mtbfan09/09/10Great ride with just Teri tonight. Saw one snake and a lot of Tarantulas. Needed a windbreaker but no lights for the desecent. Nioe hanging out afterwards with snacks and wine. 
blipstream09/09/10solo morning ride, great weather 
flanneryd09/09/10Lots of riders tonight. Weather was overcast and it was a little chilly at the Beeks gate. Didn't see any critters tonight, except for one lonely tarantula at the start. Tried out the wife's super-strong NR headlight and it rocked. Too bad the power source is so heavy. Fun tailgating after the ride, as usual. 
ZAffer09/09/10enjoying the cool temps.... 
MTB Fiend09/08/10One of those days where nothing goes right - I mean nothing! I cannot believe how hard the little things fought me today. And they won, hands down, but I fought hard. I needed this ride and went out hard from the gate. Turned around and tried to ride with the group, but ended up sweeping. On the plus side it was really cool weather, physically and figuratively. The mist is always fun at night. Encountered 3 separate Skunks on the descent. Thanks mtnbikeJ for loaner 29er for my buddy! Great ride! 
Buffalo09/07/10Nice cool night, felt great. 54:55 to gate. 
Twitch09/07/10SS. Only about 6 other rider on Blackstar tonight. Cooks parking lot looked pretty dead also. 
El Chupacabra09/06/10Labor Day ride with Johnny Foz. Ran into Dave and Rob out on the trail. Also met TrailMonkey on the way up to Beek's. Nice meeting you Steve! 
ZAffer09/05/10not as hot as i thought it would be. met some great great riders at the top. 
BoBCatCuTie09/05/10Saw a coyote on the trail in the middle Meadow portion! He trotted ahead of us on the trail for a minute or two, until a downhill rider scared him off. Met a few nice riders at the top of Beeks and had a nice break. Pretty hot day! :) 
one-i09/04/10Perfect TN ride. Hot to start @5 but cool and breezy at top. Took a couple newbies out for first B* ride and they did great. Think we had a MTB Fiend and flanneryd sighting on the way down. Dodged lots of big spiders on the way back to the cold cooler! 
vt1ryan09/04/10Started at 8am and it was 65 degrees. The last 1 mile up to beeks I thought my arms were going to melt away from my body it was so hot. When I got back to my truck at 10am it was 99 degrees. 
El Chupacabra09/04/10Damn it was hot out there... 
Buffalo09/04/10Rode the hardtail due to cracked frame on the FS. Lots of people shade-hopping in the heat this morning. 
MTB Fiend09/04/10Solo sunset ride. As expected, real hot driving in. The lower canyon was at least 10 degrees cooler, I felt strong and tried to set a gate to tubes record (12min). After that, just cruising. Natures air conditioning turned on nicely in Hidden Ranch and was blowing gently from then on. Sweet! Hung out for the whole sunset and then raced the waning light on the descent. Cat-eyed and owl-eyed it all the way back even though I brought a light. Real nice out there tonight. Great ride! 
29 Inch Nails09/04/10Hot.... 
Lobotomized Sasquatch09/03/10Slow ride up just past Beek's. Partner hadn't ridden in a while. 
NO GO09/02/10Started late + I was stood up by cleanbeater & twitch...bastards Held a decent pace.....54 to the gate and finished sub 1:20. Not sure how people get up in 40 & back down in 20 minutes.....1hr total??? I don't think it's possible on a SS. 
adventureDevon09/01/10Cruising ride with GaryZ to the top...broken ankle about 80% healed at this point...stopped to talk to CalFire on top, who were doing some training...Capt Bill Molnar on duty! Great view into Riverside from the ball. 
Keith B08/30/10Hittin' the Bstar with Wing Commander Billy McHill. Trail is super groomed right now, had some back pain at a few points but just slowed it down for a while and dropped the gears down a smidge. Just about made it down before dark. Margarita Monday at Taco Mesa - $1.50 for a pretty good beverage. 
RoughRiderR08/30/10Good ride wtih BK. felt slow due to lack of riding but made it to the gate in 58:39. great weather, summer is coming to an end. good to be out putting in a solid ride. taco mesa after. 
ADanFool08/29/10Started at 7:15, surprisingly cold after a week of high temps. Clouds didn't burn off until coming back down. Only saw 2 riders in the other direction going up, at least 20 coming up as I was headed down. 
ADanFool08/29/10A grind, but worth it for the downhill. Ride early in the day to avoid the heat. 
adventureDevon08/29/10First ride since breaking my left leg (spiral fx of d-fibula) coming down San Juan on Jun 20th. Ankle ligaments still a little sore in places. good ride tho! When they put those new signs in? 
blipstream08/28/10solo morning ride, great weather. fun ride, with lots of folks out riding! 
MTB Fiend08/28/10Not enough ride for such an sensational day! Oh man! Fall is in the air. Plenty of cars parked, but only saw 3 hikers. Fine by me. I guess what used to be Hidden Ranch is now Mariposa Reserve. Just like that!. Looks like the Wildlandsconservancy.org purchases and manages private land inside public lands. Could not find anything specific about Blackstar on their website. As usual, Great ride! 
martink11108/26/10To Beaks Place in 55:07 minutes (personal record!). 
flanneryd08/25/1095 degrees again at the start (5:45p) but we had a breeze almost the entire climb. The ride really was fairly comfortable. Saw 9 fuzzy spiders and one dead scorpion (a big one). On the road back to the cars, MTB Fiend almost ran over a Mohave Green rattler, who was enjoying the heat from the asphalt. That was scary, because it was mostly dark and we didn't even see him till the last second. You didn't hear it from me, but MTB Fiend screamed like a girl. LOL. 
trekstorm08/24/10Am ride before it got too hot!! 
MTB Fiend08/24/10Oh... thank goodness, natures air conditioning was working on Blackstar tonight. Breezes kept it comfortable. Gorgeous sunset at the top, cool temps on the descent (dusty!), and cold beer at the car - yeah, Great ride! 
ryanarciero08/23/10Hot, Hot, Hot!!! 
MTB Fiend08/22/10Early evening ride. Solo, saw just 1 other rider. Comfortable temps, especially in the shade. No critters, but 7 Tarantulas. Gorgeous sunset. Great ride! 
MTB Fiend08/22/10Ahhh... the moonlight ride. I could only get 1 other brave soul to join me. Way to go DIRTULS! We climbed the entire ride without lights. Awesome! Fills the senses! Moon shadows dark as ink. Unfortunately no critters, but 2 Tarantulas. Great ride! 
cleanbeater08/21/10Early morning ride with Dave... already hot by 8. Ran into a cyclocross gang on the way down... lots of em. 
BoBCatCuTie08/21/10This is from Thurs night. Started at 4:45 pm, and it was extremely hot. Will definitely start later during the heat. Saw a rattlesnake, tarantula, and a dirt bike. Still a great ride! 
mtbfan08/20/10great group for this warm evening ride. The breeze kept is nice, though, and it was not as hot as anticipated. At Beeks, it was almost chilly, and the desecent was very refreshing. Not too many other riders beside our group. Great TG party afterwards. 
mtbkel4408/18/10hot. 79 deg at start (8:30am). 90 deg at finish. few riders coming down. i just couldn't make the last bit of the trail. sick to stomach. i didn't want to get heat stroke. felt a little dizzy. Thanks ChrisTA for coming back to get me... Yeah i am a pussy. 
MTB Fiend08/16/10Torrents of Tarantulas! (Well, 15 at least, no doubles, 1 baby). All flocking to the Frog concert. The Frogs kept playing on and the Crickets joined in. Soon it was a battle of the bands. Highlight was the special appearance and unique sound by the Owls. The whole arena was backlit by a red hued sunset and then the Stars came out to play and the whole place went wild!! Awesome! The only thing missing were the Critters - where were they! Great solo twilight to nightfall ride! Great ride! 
XCRider08/15/10part 2 of 2; heat and tennies on shimano clips definitely slowed this one a lot. Parts of the climb were dead calm and probably 100 degrees. Still looks like maybe I've got the nutrition thing figured out. All in all a good day. 
Cori08/13/10Great ride with the King of BS. 
TrailMonkey08/13/10Good ride with Tumbleweed and dan 
NO GO08/12/10Rode with Twitch, VT1ryan and some ladies who ripped up the hill. Saw Toro on our way down too. Think 50min gate to gate is doable. 
flanneryd08/12/10Personal Best of 1:02 to the gate. Thanks to all my riding buddies for pushing me on... I do have a competitive streak. The ride HURT though - it's definitely more fun to take it easy. 3 tarantula sightings on the way up and 3 on the way down - I love those cool fuzzy spiders. Really nice orange-globe sunset on the way down too. It was twilight and I was chilly even with layers. What a wimp. The wife met us at the bottom with snacks & beverages - thanks! Canines Roxy & Scout were also along for the party. 
Tumbleweed08/12/10Another great ride with Trailmonkey and Dan..... 
Shigalert08/12/10Great ride with Cori who dragged me up to the gate in 1:32, my fastest (or rather least slowest) time. More Tarantulas than bike riders out tonight. 
Twitch08/11/10SS Easy pace ride tonight. The Wed. night crew were all riding hard. I heard one of the girls say to another, no talking we are going for our personal best. They did great, nice job. 
vt1ryan08/11/10Rode with Twitch and NO GO and a group of people. Thanks for the call. Middle ringed it all the way up to beeks. It was nice and warm on the way up and chilly on the way down. 
MTB Fiend08/11/10#300! Woohoo! Yeah, as expected, no fan fare, no nothing. Fun ride with most of my friends out to set their own personal bests. Go go go! I was sweep, so I did not get to participate in the joyful celebrations at the top, but enjoyed the fun at the tailgate party. Some of us finished our ride in darkness. Great ride! 
spicolli197608/09/10Great choice in route but bad choice in making it a lunchtime ride. It was hot. My bed just sounded better than the saddle at 6:30 this morning. 
RollnStone08/08/10Forgot to post this yesterday. 
BoBCatCuTie08/07/10PB from gate to gate! Made it in 1 hour 11 min. Beautiful day for a ride, many nice folks on the trail. 
GrMonkey08/06/10VERY HOT - rode at 3pm. The dirt looked like the saharas in sections with heat rays--or was I hallucinating? The post that mentioned the strange sounds-I was atop and felt odd--like someone was there, other than myself. Probably that animal. hmmmm???? 
Two Tired08/06/10First ride in a long time (went back east on vacation) and I really felt it. Have a lot of work to do to get back into shape. 
MTB Fiend08/06/10#299 - countdown to 300. Late start and surprised to find and catch up to mtnbikej and friends. Beautiful red sunset at Beeks. The descent was very dusty, at least from my position - if you know what I mean. Friends had lights, I did not. At the bottom I continued on and cat-eyed it all the way out. I like doing that, exhilirating. Unfortunately, no critters. Great ride! 
mtnbikej08/06/104th day on a ride.....was really feeling it....especially up to Hidden Valley. Finally got my second wind about 1/2 way between Hidden Valley and Beeks. Started to chase down MTFeind.....but hit the wall about 500 yards from the top gate. Descent down was fun....as always. Dragged my light up with me thinking I was going to need it....turns out I only turned it on when we came up on some hikers near Art's place. Fun ride, glad I didn't turn around. Only 285 more rides and I will catch MTBFeind. 
redbaron08/05/10Early afternoon ride up to Beeks. Past 2 riders going the same direction as me, up Blackstar. But I never passed them on the way down, so they either turned around mid climb, or they disintegrated from the heat! 
mtbfan08/05/10What a great ride tonight. Brannen joined us on his SS. Have not seen him in ages. There were strange sounds at Beek's. Sounded like a woman screaming at first but must have been an animal. The guys went up to the Ball to check it out. Very odd. Great food and drinks after the ride, with lots of laughs. Looking forward to next week. 
Twitch08/04/10SS Lots of Geo peeps out getting a ride in. 
Buffalo08/04/10Felt good for not riding much this week. Good to meet ChrisTA today. 
RoughRiderR08/04/10hot out. 1:05 to gate. met most interesting man. saw graham at end. 
NO GO08/04/10Rode with Twitch and Toro. SS after OTD race may not be a good idea. Whatever...I do what I want! 
trailking@cox.net08/03/10Good ride. Pretty hot during the first climbs. Nice at the top. 
5Large08/02/10Great Night Ride 
MTB Fiend08/02/10Countdown to 300. Much later start than anticipated, it was clearly going to be a night ride. The transition from twilight to waning light to darkness was sensational. I made it all the way to the rocky area above Hidden Ranch before using lights. I hung out there for a bit to catch the incredible last moments of sunset. Warm at the top, cold at HR and in the bottom canyon. Deer track all over the place, kicking up dust to just in front of me. Great twilight! Great ride! 
ZAffer07/31/10was getting hot towards the end. loads of people out today, good times with bobcatcutie.... 
vt1ryan07/31/10morning spin with TriGuyTim. The heat turned up about a mile before beeks. Good ride. 
BoBCatCuTie07/31/10Another lovely ride with Zaffer. Pretty hot, will make more of an effort to start earlier next weekend! 
mtbfan07/30/10Great ride last night. Nice to see Karla, Rob, Geof, Mike, Randy, and even better to hang out for the tailgate party afterwards. It was still warm on the descent, so no need for layers. 
Tumbleweed07/29/10Great ride with Trailmonkey and Ted. 01:02:10 g/g, almost there... 
TrailMonkey07/29/10Good Ride with Tumbleweed and Ted, both kicked my butt to the gate. 
BoBCatCuTie07/28/10Post from yesterday since the site was down. Had a MB first... was cycling up Beek's when I felt something wet on the upper portion of my left arm. Yep, that's right. A bird pooped on me. Had to wipe it off with a flower from the side of the path. Gotta love it!! :) 
MTB Fiend07/28/10Another fun Blackstar ride! Had fun with uphill sprints, OK so not "fun" per se, but more of a challenge. We all enjoyed the camraderie and shared the pain. Should have posted this as a GL ride, met Twitch, NoGo and Toro at the top. Out enjoying the Great ride! 
Twitch07/28/10SS Strong pace with NO GO and Toro tonight. Big laughs with MTB Fiend, DIRTULS and at the upper gate. Good times, now off to Mammoth.... 
ZAffer07/27/10great after work ride with bobcatcutie.... 
Cloud Niner07/26/102nd lap was cooler so i rode faster. Rode alone as those I asked to join me were too busy whining about their Monday Blues. :) 
Shigalert07/25/10Not many folk out this afternoon. 5 other MTB'rs, 5 hikers, 2 quad bikes and 1 moto. Moto was coming up round a tight corner as i was coming down, luckily he was not going too fast. 
ZAffer07/24/10good times. temp was just right :) 
BoBCatCuTie07/24/10Nice ride with Zaffer. Made it to the top without stopping... first time I've achieved this! Pretty hot, even tho we started the ride at 8:22am! 
mtbfan07/23/10Great ride last night. It turned out the be a "race" to the top, and Mark must have made it in 45 minutes or less, followed by Rob and John at 55 minutes. I still managed to make it in under an hour, right behind Randy. Nice of Skippy and Chris to join us, too. Saw Pam and Julie on our way up. Wow, I was spent. Great tailgate party afterwards, as always. 
TrailMonkey07/22/10Ride with Tumbleweed, 58 min to gate. Fun ride (rt) 
Tumbleweed07/22/10Trailmonkey pulled me up the hill, 1hr 13 min G/G. 
NO GO07/22/10Toro's 1st time and a SS...not to mention a full ridge. Always fun to watch a friend suffer. 
Buffalo07/21/10Saw four helos flying in formation up and down the canyon, and one helo doing touch and gos at the wind sock. Saw a baby rattler. Saw a beekeeper tending his hives. 
MTB Fiend07/21/10Ahh, Blackstar, my old friend, like a comfortable pair of shoes. This ride is very therapuetic for me. Tonight I played domestique, going back to car for forgotten things, and trying to catch the leaders. Never could, that is why they are the leaders. Downright chilly on the descent. Great ride! 
DIRTULS07/21/10Great night with my new ride. Well with a new DT. It felt great! The bees were attacking at the first section of hives, but we kept going; sprinting to get away. Thanks for fixing up my ride! 
BoneBag07/20/10Had to turn back just shy of the top due to the bees. Thats twice now that these bees foil my MTB plans... 
MTB Fiend07/19/10Fussed with the positioning of my new seat. Finally got it. Late start, got to the top with about 5 min before sunset. Set my pack down to swap jerseys. Did not take long to discover "them", but it was too late. Where I had set my pack on the gate was a mess of those tiny little red ants - and they bite! I missed the sunset and valuable time while wiping ants off me, my jersey, my pack, my bike. Almost crashed 2x on the descent because, well, I had ants in my pants - and they bite! Great ride? 
MTB Fiend07/18/10Finally convinced an old friend to revisit Blackstar. "Natures air conditioning", I said. We left earlier than I usually do and Mother Nature was quite stingy with the A/C today, despite lower temps overall. Never got the cool breezes until climbing out of Hidden Ranch. We went about a mile toward Sierra Peak and gave up. On the way back my friend went down hard in the gravel at Beeks. I almost ran over her! She may be bruised but we think OK. Other than all that - Great ride! 
mtbfan07/16/10With the threat of a thunderstorm, it was hard to decide if I should ride, and despite my better judgement, we went. It turned out to be a beautiful evening and a good group of people. Made it in under an hour again...felt great. The beverages tasted that much better after the ride, and the sky was spectacular 
MTB Fiend07/16/10It's 90+ degrees, no surprise I am the only one out here at 5:30pm. But the breezes were already blowing and it was cooling off. I intended to do Sierra Peak but reluctantly turned around at Beeks instead. Got to take care of the home front, I guess. Back at the gate, I assisted a Sheriff with opening the correct gate. Seems they had a call out to Art's place (I did notice his gate was open). Evidently they had not met Art, so I filled them in. Great ride! 
TrailMonkey07/15/10Ted and Luke, road me inside-out. Passed mtbfan on the way down. 
MTB Fiend07/14/10I just don't tire of Blackstar. I still say it is one of the coolest places to be on a hot evening and tonight was no exception. Cool breezes kept the temps in check. Others evidently agreed as it was kind of crowded. Fun ride tonight with friends, just cruising and digging on the ride. The highlight was during our after ride picnic as we caught the irridium flare from a satellite or maybe the space station passing overhead. Very cool indeed. Very bright! Surprisingly low. Great ride! 
Slow Ride07/14/10Hoooooootttttttttt ride with SKINNY, NO GO, Toro, and Mr. Bonk... gate to gate was 1:11 but we flew down the hill pretty quickly. Good job on the SS Toro and good job Mr. Bonk for your first time riding Blackstar. 
DIRTULS07/14/10The ride started out very hot (95). Too hot for my liking. It was a struggle for me to get to the top. But, it was cool at the top and the temperatures were perfect on the way down. The sunset was beautiful and the moon and Venus were a perfect combo in the sky. Saw the Space Station fly overhead during our after ride picnic. 
SKINNY07/14/10M I S E R A B L E ! ! ! 94* when we rolled out.. The heat during the climb up to the valley just about put me under.. Not sure I have ever sweat that much.. LOL 
Two Tired07/13/10Rode after work on Monday. Did not see anyone else until almost the end of the ride. Did see a small blue helicopter that was hovering only a few feet off the ground in Hidden Valley. Also saw a fox on my way down. 
TrailMonkey07/11/10Good ride with Ted, still a lot of bees at Beeks 
flanneryd07/10/10Birthday ride for mtbkel44. Had fun showing a newbie friend the trail. Saw the longest snake track EVER going up the trail - over 633 ft per my Garmin! Even though they've moved the bee boxes at Beeks, there are many bees still up there - they ran me out when I went up to try to rest in some shade. Met some nice guys in the parking area after the ride and we all shared some drinks and snacks. 
thatdave07/10/10Kevin.Dave,Joe,Herb & I and Herbs new bike. Had a great day. Herb did take a fall first scrach is all ready in the books. 
trailking@cox.net07/09/10Great ride up to Beek's on the 29er. The new Marzocchi fork was smooth. Rode on Thursday had to post today. 
ZAffer07/09/10before work spin.. great.. 
redbaron07/09/10Hot mid afternoon ride up to Beeks place. Glad to see the bee hive boxes have been relocated from Beeks, but there still were a ton of them swarming around up there! 
mtbkel4407/09/10birthday ride. joined by flanneryd, Mark, and Kristin. Met Dan, Wayne, Lonnie and another guy at the gate for post ride brews, jerky and tall tales. what a blast. great week off work. even tho we didn't get to Mammoth as planned, we did alot of local rides. weather cooperated. cool mostly. warmed up today. 
sixfoot607/08/10Put everything I had into the climb and came up with 1:05 to the top. Seemed to crash the same local's ride again. Chris's leisurely climb was my flat-out. Solid training run though, I definitely feel a bit stronger the next day. 
trekstorm07/08/10Another day at Blackstar. Not a soul to be found. 
angry red squirrel07/07/10misty mountain hop-part deux-au revoir!!!rain gear optional.... 
trekstorm07/07/10Nice ride not too warm with a good breeze at the top. 
Ben Boronow07/07/10Saturday AM ride with Lonnie, Ron, Zach, Bob, and several others. Nice morning for a ride. 
DIRTULS07/07/10Great ride with perfect weather! I think sprinting is my new calling since I won the sprint this evening out of Hidden Ranch. Great conversation with OCS after the ride while he was on patrol. 
MTB Fiend07/07/10Great ride with some of my favorite friends. Fun and interesting tailgate party afterward. Great ride! 
Ladera Mike07/05/10Solo spin this afternoon. Blackstar is in very good condition. Fewer riders than I expected to see. Lots of hikers. 73 minutes gate to gate. 
mtbkel4407/04/10nice ride. slept in and didn't ride till 10:30. only warm in a couple of spots. only a few pesky flies and bees. overall good. 
trekstorm07/03/10Early AM start. Nice for a change. 
BoBCatCuTie07/03/10Nice day.. started a little late and it got a bit hot. A great ride! 
blipstream07/03/10morning ride with Zach, stayed cool till we reached the top. quick ride down. 
ZAffer07/03/10started late, but had a great ride.. met some geo peeps at chronic tacos afterwards.... good times ... 
shrek07/03/101:08:01 to the gate 
Lonnie07/03/10Great ride with Mike M, Dave, Joe, Greg, Ron, Ben, Zack, Bob, and Joe from Fla. Saw ScottV pulling his 8 1/2 month son in a trailer. Scott's son was having a great time. 
sixfoot607/01/10Nice evening, caught my second wind after the first downhill (thankfully). Really want to push further along Main Divide next time. Met some friendly "regulars". Hope you guys made it down ok. 
NA1NSXR07/01/10Hot on the first few switchbacks. 55 min up. 
TrailMonkey07/01/1086 degrees felt hot 
mtbfan07/01/10Great ride today. Made it to the gate in about 56 minutes. Legs and lungs felt great. No need for layer. Just a tanktop for the entire ride. The snacks and beverages tasted better than ever for some reason:-) Rode with Mark, John, Mike, Teri, Chris and saw Pam and Karla on the trail. 
ZAffer06/30/10great after work ride with bobcatcutie. she is getting really good, i'll have to watch out..... its getting harder to keep up with her!!!! 
BoBCatCuTie06/30/10First sunset/night ride I've done, and had a PB to the top! Amazing what can be done without the heat of the sun! Was a nice time with Zaffer too. :) 
MTB Fiend06/30/10Late start meant trying to catch my buddies - which resulted in another PB! Sweet - shaved 2 minutes off my previous. PB is now at 57:27 gate to gate (climb only). This time I did not feel spent at all. Woohoo! Great ride! 
angry red squirrel06/28/10yep!!! 
SpinGame06/27/10Lots and lots of peeps/mb'rs out today. Parking lot was full near the gate. Went with my 20 yr old. 1st time for him to Beeks and under an hour. Not too bad. Next time we race and I will GPS it. He also needs to get on Geoladders. We shall see....... 
29 Inch Nails06/27/10Saturday morning ride with El Chupa 
Buffalo06/27/10Warm, middle of the day ride. 
MTB Fiend06/27/10Some guys have all the luck. This evening that guy was me. Sensational evening ride with my closest friends. So enjoyable, so relaxing. Had the place all to our selves. Witnessed some intense sprints too! Can't wait to do it again. Thank you for the Great ride! 
mtbkel4406/27/10evening ride. One rattler on the pavement just past the gate. He was a fatty. Baby rattler with its head run over up the trail about a mile. No other sightings.. Great ride with Sharon, MTBFIEND, Jenn and flanneryd. Had not done this ride in about 6 months. What is up with all the bees?? Couldn't get near Beeks to show a newbie the old cottage. Bee hives everywhere.... 
DIRTULS06/27/10Great mellow ride up Black Star. Took a friend of mine up there for the first time. It was nice to team up with mtbkel44 and flanneryd. Saw a rattler just past the gate that was huge. One of the biggest I have seen. At first he seemed to not mind our presence and then he started to get perturbed. 
ZAffer06/26/10started slow this morning. took it easy and it was well worth it. weather was great. all in all a great ride... thanks bobcatcutie 
BoBCatCuTie06/26/10Nice ride today with Zaffer. Warm on the way up, and a nice breeze on the way down. The trail is in perfect shape, nothing technical for my first bike all year with clip in shoes (had some rough falls last year). We enjoyed some nice conversations with other bikers. Major thanks to the gentleman who said I was a stud! LOL.... :) 
El Chupacabra06/26/10Great morning ride with 29 inch nails. 
ZAffer06/25/10great morning ride. Was glad to see another rider. trail is in great shape and weather was perfect 
MTB Fiend06/25/10Solo ride. No power. Realized this was going to be a tough row to hoe and settled in and let it happen. Nice cool breezes and temps, had the whole place to myself. At least a dozen times I argued with myself to turn around, but I am famous for my tenacity and ultimately found myself at the top. Slow-rolled it back to the truck. Unfortunately, no critters. Great ride! 
BoneBag06/24/10Best time ever, 1.06 to beeks. Still swarming bees at the top. 
MTB Fiend06/23/10Beautiful Blackstar climbing with good friends. No critter sightings this evening, except for the aggressive mosquitos at the end. Quiet and calm at the top, still pretty cool on the descent. Great ride! 
DIRTULS06/23/10Not my best performance, but had great company. 
MTB Fiend06/21/10Pushed the big ring hard all through the lower canyon. Did'nt want to do it. Felt I, owed it to myself (hehe too much Caddyshack). Paid off big though - Personal best gate to gate - finally, under 1 hour! 59:31 + 10 seconds to negotiate the glass at the beginnning. Sweet! After exhausting myself (I really did feel naseous for a bit) I gave up on my original intention to go to Sierra Peak. Wise move, got to take care of the home front. But that's not all - on THIS Great Ride! 
flanneryd06/19/10Fun ride with an old friend and a new friend. Saw a very long snake stretched across the fireroad catching some rays (not a rattler); we bounced a bike tire on the ground to encourage him to move along - no dice; then suddenly he got the message and Christa showed great composure when he unexpectedly came to life, did a u-turn a slithered between her front and rear tires (yep - right by her feet) to get away from us girls. Right-on Christa! 
mtbfan06/18/10Nice ride with Dan, Teri and Brian. Everybody else was probably watching the game. Did not even need a jacket for the descent....I like these warm summer nights. Great food and drinks after the ride, and it was nice being able to see the sunset. 
MTB Fiend06/18/10All day, it was the little things, they conspired to cause me grief. Surely, those pesky little things could not infringe upon my ride. Wrong. Forgot my Garmin, that's OK I know the way. New shoes are making the dogs bark, tough it out. Then it happened, the left ear bud was dead, pulled cable. That was the last straw and I abandoned hope of making it to Sierra Peak. One-sided music was not going to cut it. So, today, the little things win. Or did they? for it was still.. a Great ride! 
Two Tired06/17/10After work solo ride. First time on the bike in almost two weeks and I really felt it. Have to start riding more consistently. 
blipstream06/17/10solo morning ride, there were 2 peacocks wandering on the trip at the first climb. 
Fast Turtle06/16/10Started out as a normal ride. Saw a helicopter practicing land just before the meat locker. Slopush and Steelboat forget lights. Slopush had a small candle light and we went down in the dark pretty slow. Chainring decided to fall off. Strange ride one to remember. View were great. 
NA1NSXR06/16/10Sorry to the person I spooked coming down near the top. Tons of people on the way up near the bottom, I suppose whackstar was the place to be today. 55min to gate, getting closer to old form. 
MTB Fiend06/16/10Another sweet Blackstar ride with great friends. Lots of folks out this evening and we all seemed to converge at the top at mostly the same time. Very social. Everyone has their own pace for the descent. I chose to sweep, but waited a long time so I could sweep fast. Fun times back at the truck as we enjoyed a small picnic. Great ride! 
JRA06/16/10Nice social ride:) 
DIRTULS06/16/10Great ride this evening with friends. I shaved a minute off my time to the top. I think my new motivational bar end caps helped. The view during the last mile was splendid. Great times at the after party. 
trailking@cox.net06/15/10Good pace today, tried to catch one guy who had a 5 minute head start but missed by a few minutes. Good motivation though. 
Twitch06/15/10Sunday Nice ride up with NO GO, Tomato,Raul and SAVON 
Permagrin06/15/10Warm evenings make BS that much nicer. Saw a rattler, a tarantula and a helicopter doing training runs. They landed on a ridge in front of us just outside the valley; it looked like something out of a movie. 
slopush06/15/10It was an interesting ride with FastTurtle and Steelboat. First we realized that only FT brought a light for the descent so coming down in the dark in a tight bunch kept us on our toes. Then FT's front large chain ring fell off. That's my kind of ride! 
angry red squirrel06/14/10where is national geographic when you need them!a few turns from the top,seen a blue belly lizard hopping like a rabbit on a boulder.what the hell said 2 myself,then another lizard did the same thing,then 1 bobbed its head up n down,chased each other a little then off in the bushes-either mating or fighting or married and doing both?!!! 
NA1NSXR06/14/10Hit 100F briefly on one of the first couple of switchbacks so I took it easy the rest of the way. 
NO GO06/14/10Rode with Twitch, Toro, Sevan and the Wifey. Easy afternoon pace. 
Ross B06/13/10Great afternoon. P R. Blessed be the Lord. 
RoughRiderR06/12/10Great night ride with BK, Sarah, and Tink. hard ride to the top..nearly all out. Had a beer at the peak. ate rubios after. 
blipstream06/10/10morning solo ride 
MTB Fiend06/09/10We ascended in to the setting sun as it lit up the bottom of the clouds in an orange hue, like a fire illuminates the smoke. Started to get real cool and cloudy near the top. Downright chilly, I'd say. We each descended into the clouds at our own pace. At the farthest reach of my single light, near Edwards Ranch I saw a beautiful buck Deer trotting down the road, unfortunately my ride buddies did not see it. Great fun with friends. Great ride! 
DIRTULS06/09/10Apparently I am still recovering from my LRRH road century that was on Saturday. I hit the wall twice on Blackstar this evening while riding with good friends. Their advice and encouragement helped me move on to the top. The tarantula was out guarding the road. The view from the top was incredible with the clouds and the orange canyon glow from the sun. I will be resting for a few days now. 
trailking@cox.net06/08/10Cold and dreary at the bottom but nice and sunny at the top above the clouds. Lots of snakes on the way up. 
MTB Fiend06/07/10Another sweet solo Blackstar ride! Cool breezes on the way up suddenly became calm while I hung out at my favorite perch above Beeks. Still pretty cold on the descent. Great ride! 
Keith B06/05/10Early evening mission with Sarah, Ryan & Tink. My first ride on the rebuilt V3.0 Enduro SL. The 2011 Fox F150 was totaly butter, the Mavic ST wheels easy to spin and the Hope Brake felt so easy to modulate. Hot on the way up (tons of flies) cold on the way down although the Bit Burger helped to keep me warm. My 1st night ride since before the CC. 
redbaron06/04/10Very easy spin up to Beeks. Started around 10am, and it was cooking out there by 11am! I think I was sweating out more fluids that I was taking in. the Toad Festival will be interesting with the heat tomorrow to say the least! Be careful of the snakes on Blackstar, I think I counted 7 on the way way up to Beeks place this morning. 
MTB Fiend06/04/10Ah! Blackstar the way it should be. Mostly deserted, calm and cool. Rode with the long shadows today. Great ride! 
Buffalo06/04/10Quick after work spin. Saw two rattlesnakes and one Fiend. 
NA1NSXR06/03/10Hot on the way up. 
cleanbeater06/03/10Strong pace with Slow Ride. Saw 2 bobcats, and some lady taking a leak in the middle of the trail at Beeks, oblivious to our presence. 
Slow Ride06/03/10Good ride with cleanbeater, gate to gate was 1:12 not my best but not too shabby... saw some wildlife today, started with a rattler, then a bob cat, a female hiker peeing on the trail, another bob cat, and a peacock... lost my rear brakes half way up took them out and took my time coming down with fronts only. I finished without washing out the front end thankfully. 
Gerry Lattimer06/03/10Set out for a speedy run to the top and rolled in at :53:30 gate to gate. Coming back I saw a large bobcat that ran down the road in front of me for a few minutes. That was pretty cool, but was easily topped by a lady in black skin tight leather juggling and dancing with fire at the gate while I was changing. 
sixfoot606/02/10First time I've seen the pair of peacocks. 
Two Tired06/02/10After work ride. Nice, cool weather and the road is smooth and fast. Lots of riders going up as I was going down. 
Diesel06/02/10Good ride w/ Gerry and Sam. 
MTB Fiend06/02/10Sweet ride on Blackstar. Cool comfortable temps, gorgeous sunset colors. Caught just the glimpse of a Deer as he trotted over a rise. Carried all my warm gear, but needed just a dry jersey. Warmer temps are here. Great ride! 
angry red squirrel06/01/10started in the dark-sunrise at beeks,cool brisk ride down,a lot of rabbits n hummingbirds out,clouds overcast low,rose above it 1st hill climb 
trailking@cox.net06/01/10Great day to ride. Made good time heading up, a little windy at the top but not bad. 
angry red squirrel05/31/10a zoo out there today,more spandex out there than a 80"s hair band,took the st back and did a 9.9 landing on my head-hhmmm,maybe it will knock some sense into me?not a good idea,brush is around knee high covering rocks,ruts,stumps and you could hear the rattlers,just coulnt see em!!! 
meatmarketfreak05/31/10SS with Steve, Kenny Rob and Curtis 
OTHRIDER05/29/10Joined the STR crew for a fun ride up. LOTS of wind. 
gmurray05/29/10Tons of people on Blackstar this AM. 
sixfoot605/28/10Cranked it out in the middle ring for the first time this afternoon. Wildflowers are everywhere right now, and so many different types too. Beautiful ride. 
DIRTULS05/27/10Great ride, clear skies, and fresh air. Awesome sunset and full moon. We started out as a group and then went our separate ways. I was pondering the apexes of the turns and speeding down the canyon. Finished before dark. The night was full of surprises. 
Two Tired05/26/10Rode after work. Nice weather and trail conditions. 
Buffalo05/26/10Enjoyable early evening ride. Saw a few of the usual suspects on the way down. 
MTB Fiend05/26/10The night of many moon rises. After a most enjoyable climb and conversation, we each set out on the descent with individual purpose. As sweep, I was able to really enjoy the nuances. I positioned myself in different sections of trail and experienced the moon rising over the various mountainous horizons. What a moon it was - extra bright. Picnic festivities afterward are always a delight too! Great fun - Great ride! 
trailking@cox.net05/24/10Good ride. A little windy up top and a little cool but still nice out. 
Quikflip2705/22/10Great to meet all of you, keep up the good work! Fun times today w/ lots of busy bees at Beeks. Did some ST too? PB on the way up. 
vt1ryan05/22/10Took the women up to Blackstar today. She only made it 4 miles. I went to beeks and then flew down and got her and rode out. 
TREE05/22/10STR Weight Loss support ride.... think we had 10 show in all. PB up to the top for me (1:12) - I know, not breaking any speed records, but that shaved 8 minutes of my previous best. Great to meet some new riders. 
assanti05/22/10Nice ride....A Bee dived bombed my eye on the way down...HAHA 
NA1NSXR05/21/10Tried higher cadence 
redbaron05/19/101st ride on the bike since the past 10 days. . . .no legs, no lungs, but lots of bees up at Beeks place! There were a ton of MTB'ers on Blackstar today. 
Gerry Lattimer05/19/10Beautiful day on Blackstar. Spent the day chasing Diesel and a friend after getting stuck in traffic. 57 minutes to the top. 32:32 at the first hill. 
Diesel05/19/10God ride w/ sam. Personal best today saw Gerry on the way down. Went to get a bit to eat after. Good Times!!!!! 
gmurray05/18/10It was a foggy 47F at Beeks, brrrr 
vt1ryan05/18/10Weather was warm out there today. Trail is hard packed with no mud at all. Good solo spin to beeks. Watch out for all the bee's. They will get you 
DIRTULS05/17/10Just 5 of us on the trail this evening. Good ride. Changed my clothing 3 times on the trail; too hot then too cold. Even my magic glasses could not see the crystal ball at the top. It was socked in by clouds. Ended with rain at the car. 
Punk Sanders05/15/10Great ride. I was attacked by a bee at the top who just had it out for me. I had to give it the smack down. I can't wait to do this as a night ride. 
vt1ryan05/14/10Blackstar has been graded nice and smooth. The only thing is somebody setup shop at Beeks. Almost got swarmed by bees. There is several bee hives right up at beeks. 
davidB.05/13/1046:21 gate to gate...its like pavement out there now