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Golf course - lowlands short loop

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roliepolie01/10/11did a trail assessment of the lowlands southern portion.water works is good to go, arroyo is ok from C.Valley to Oso south of crown valley is totally destroyed. the creek has taken over most of everything, my bridges are gone as expected...tried to create a crossing only to watch my efforts get washed away with the rushing water. HAB accross and tried to get to the golf course but it was just destroyed. Looking forward to building new trails in the spring:) 
Quikflip2712/29/09My HRM doesn't seem like it can go past 190, unless that's me maxed out already. Went through jungle both ways, no use cutting such a nice track out. Waterworks was better than I remember it, that track's got flow :) 
vt1ryan10/06/09Make sure you use the nav file or you will get lost. 
dandrews09/10/08100ft. from a four point buck, in the wash area, cool 
dandrews09/06/08nice noon ride 
dandrews09/04/085 water crossings, hard not to get a little wet 

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