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San Clemente Singletracks

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Mike.the.Spike06/25/16Lap 1 of 2 
Mike.the.Spike06/25/16Lap 2 of 2 
thatdave09/02/13Dave,Gary,Joe,Luisa & I Very hot Gary first time with the Hogs and Joe and Luisa had forgot keys to unlock there bikes 
DONALD JACKSON06/24/13Adam and Chris Sat am 
abeck06/09/13Cool and overcas so I brought the Martian, added the power plant loop which wore him out pretty good. 
abeck04/18/13Rode Kurt's RIP, fast and stable. Black velcro came along and was smiling the whole way. 
halfasst04/13/13Solo ride. The mustard's getting tall out here. 
abeck04/09/13Rode the red sled from the house and up into the hills via cristianitos. 
abeck03/29/13Pre lunch ride with the Doog. Was warned about rattlers twice, turned around both times. The little dude wouldn't last a minute. Bummer, we're officially into be the season where little dogs don't get to ride the weedpatch. 
abeck03/17/13Morning spin with Martin and his new bell. 
abeck03/03/13Lots of riders out on the trails and people on the beach on a beautiful Saturday. Rode the rigid red sled today, rode up to the water tower from the house, then singletrack to christianitos and home. 
abeck02/22/13Didn't know it had rained during the day in SC, trails were deceptively wet and sticky. Lots of mud in the tires at the finish, should not have been on the trails. I'm going to have to make up for it with some shovel work this weekend. 
abeck02/19/13Nice riding in the daylight. Darth Vader chased me on the first loop. 
abeck02/11/13Fun morning ride with the Martian in tow. 
abeck02/04/13Sunday morning ride with Dave and the black ninja 
abeck01/21/13Morning spin with Marty the bike chaser. 
abeck01/16/13Broke out the new Gerber folding shovel to do some trail work. Nice piece of equipment. 
abeck01/07/13Solo spin after work on canfield. 
ocbiglar01/05/13Forgot my GPS today of all days. Rode 12.miles in total. great trails throughout. 
FRANCHI06/11/12Since I was in the neighborhood (After riding San Juan Trail) I decided to pay my first visit to "San Clemente Singletracks". They are really really really fun. Only problem is the distance from where I live. I suffered an injury from a dry branch of a bush hitting me directly in the eye. What a bummer! 
halfasst05/01/12Solo ride. Didn't see another rider out, only one guy on foot spraying weeds. 
halfasst03/07/12Didn't have much time tonight for a ride, so this was the place to go. Lots of fun for only a 5 mile ride. 
jtkazanjian02/26/12I ride this trail almost once a week. Not to bad of a trail. Trails are starting to become over grown. Could use some trimming on the brush, watch out for the ticks and snakes. 
dmbfan02801/14/121 of 1, cloud cover all day, not too busy. 
dmbfan02801/07/12first time there, explored around for a while, blue chair was cool did it one last time as the sun was going down. 
brendan105601/06/12My annual San Clemente single tracks ride while camping with the family nearby. No GPS with me on this one. My first ride of the year. Saw several other riders out there. 
RanKeyes12/13/11First time on trail. Plan on making it a regular. Also, tried teeter-totter. 
RanKeyes12/13/11First time on trail. 
owen11/09/11with rod. saw only one other rider the whole day. perfect conditions. 
halfasst09/01/11After work ride tonight. Saw no one else on the trails. 
grimix08/30/11Hey I 'get' SCST especially if you're a 10 year old on a 24" bike... but this exact route has to be a practical joke by locals to keep visitors from coming back. 
halfasst08/02/11Afterwork ride today. Still quite hot out, but got a little breeze at the ridgelines. 
ZULU04/27/11Fun and twisty single track trail. I will bring the geared bike next time. 
Ladera Dave04/26/11fell 3 times today. 
thepoolman04/14/112 laps. watchout, it is completely overgrown and the ticks are out. 
ChevySdyme9904/03/11Rain has made this track a little bit more technical. 
ChevySdyme9903/20/11The maps on this trail really dont help a whole lot...did a lot of exploring to say the least and may have walked up the steepest portion of the trail...lesson learned. 
thepoolman03/14/112 laps. seriously overgrown! there are so many spots to hit the dirt. 
Gunny Bing01/19/11Did a ride very similar to this route yesterday around 1200. Hot out with zero wind. Numerous sink holes on the southern portion. Overall very fun. Some of the single track is getting a bit tight due to veg growth. 
Mike.the.Spike11/29/10lap 1 of 2 
Mike.the.Spike11/29/10Lap 2 of 2. 
brendan105611/13/10Did this one while camping at San Mateo. 
MattyJ08/18/10Did not enjoy this as much as I thought I would. First time out in San Clemente. Just found the trails overgrown and could not get a decent flow going. 
Ladera Dave08/14/10Trail still in great shape 
pleasantline07/16/10Met Uphillrider55 and learned the meaning of a long ride! 
RYAN FOREST03/29/10lap two! 
spartticus03/27/101st hot day of spring...80 degrees 
Ladera Dave03/18/10not bad for all the rain we have had. 
thepoolman02/26/10lap 1 of 2 
SlowClimber02/14/10Caution - The trail has a washed-out area mid trail around the lowest point. There is only a few inches to walk on to pass with a 4ft drop into the landslide. There are sticks across the trail to rasie attention. A bridge will be needed to repair the trail. Beyond this point to the west side the trail very, very muddy. That aside, what a great day to be riding - my kind of day. Jeff, Corey and I did as much looking and enjoying he views and Sun as we did riding.. 
thepoolman02/03/10lap 1 of 2 
thepoolman02/03/10lap 2....fun time! 
Ladera Dave01/25/10Great ride before the rain storm. 
thepoolman01/14/10went all over, there are so many different ways to go. 
thepoolman01/12/10fast and fun! 
thepoolman01/04/10rode the loop via the Municipal Golf Coarse. fun ride. 
Velo Vino01/03/10Awesome day! 78 degrees and sunny. Dirt is in great shape, no mud but tacky in some areas. 
Ladera Mike01/01/10Maiden ride with my new Edge 500. Also my first time on SCST. What a fun place to ride. Trails are in good shape, a couple tiny spots of light mud. A few more HABs than I expected but that may have more to do with it being New Years Day. Beautiful sunset on the drive home. Manual post, GL can't seem to accept uploads from the 500 yet. 
Ladera Dave12/18/09Great ride after work. 
vt1ryan11/25/09New route. Alot of singletrack with ruts and alot of hike a bike. Rode with Twitch, NO GO, and Redbaron. NO GO broke his pedal right at the beginning. 
redbaron11/25/09Group death ride on a singletrack, with Twitch, vt1ryan, and NO GO. 
Twitch11/25/09Thanks guys. Good luck NO GO, I hope he is able to get a set of pedals tonight for the ride Thursday. He snap the pedal shaft, could have been ugly or painfull!!!! 
Natch11/22/09First time for coach & me, went with Colonel Steel & another marine from Camp Pendalton. Felt like boot camp. Really fun going over the "Temple of Doom" wooden bridges. Broken chain today & really fun wondering what was around each corner. next time better gear choices. 
Mike.the.Spike11/16/09Lap 1 0f 2. Saw a California King snake! It was VERY aggressive and shook it's tail then kept snapping at us. What a fun ride. 
Mike.the.Spike11/16/09Lap 2 0f 2. 
Spartacus10/30/09First time here. Rode with Scott v.Probably more fun once you get to know the trais and all of the little surprises that lurk around the corner. 
halfasst10/30/09Quick loop, ran out of daylight. No one else out on the trails tonight. 
Ladera Dave10/15/09Nice and tacky 
Ladera Dave10/06/09Great day at the weed patch. 
fastpassu09/19/09Way to many people on the trail today, other than that...not a bad ride. 
RollnStone09/18/09First time here. Made a few wrong turns, but you can't go wrong at this place. Everything is a fun ST. Forgot my Camelback and only had a water bottle in my pocket. Finished the ride with some water left over, so I had to keep riding. Tried the ST which is straight off the trail head. This was one of the best in the place. 
Ladera Dave09/14/09Felt ok after the fall at Limestone 
Ladera Dave09/10/09Just another day at the weed patch 
Ladera Dave08/27/09Very hot, perfect for Hurkey Creek training, even to hot for the snakes. 
Ladera Dave08/18/09Nice ride in the weed patch 
MTB Fiend08/15/09Small group ride today. First time for 3 of us, including me. I did not know what to expect and all 4 of us were relying solely on my Edge305. I think the others may have been more focused on the promise of pizza and beer at Pizza Port. Great day with great friends = Great ride! 
Ladera Dave08/13/09Nice ride at the weed patch 
Ladera Dave08/08/09Very hot 2nd loop 
Brantley07/31/09rode out from my house 
Frakk07/26/09Lost my GPS must of dropped it in the parking lot somewhere, can't remember the name of the parking lot but it is the park before the dog park. I'm pretty bummed. Good ride with the Path crew though, kind of bummed we had to turn around, since my buddy was not feeling well, but it happens. 
Ladera Dave07/24/09Nice and cool this evening 
ahhooie07/16/09Started 9:30am, had the place to myself. Broke in my new pedals. Was beat at the end of the ride. 
T Bone07/12/09Fun ride with Beth, Dave and Miles. We took it slow and careful and didnt have any spills. Saw one other rider and several at the parking spot 
Congo Kid07/03/09Lap 1 of 2 today. Went with RT and the gang. Saw a 3 foot rattler. Cool at the start 
Congo Kid07/03/09Lap 2. Hot when sun came out. Some cool breezes helped. 
Marcos06/03/09nice day for a ride 
Marcos06/03/09Fun trail, the faster you go the more technical. 
Ladera Dave05/27/09Overgrown be careful, nice and cool 
Mike.the.Spike05/17/09Lap 1 of 2 
Mike.the.Spike05/17/09Lap 2 of 2 
Congo Kid05/16/09Afternoon ride with my son. Sunny but not bad due to cool ocean breeze. I think I ran over a snake's tail as it tried to beat me across the singletrack. Pinkish/red dude probably about 3+ feet long. Wanted to do 2 laps, but not enough time, so did a few more miles on the fire road as extra credit. Great fun today. 
keoke52605/06/09First time I rode it and I had 2 newbies with me and they couldn't stop talking about how fun it was. Great trail with some nice uphills. 
Ladera Dave04/04/09Nice warm up for the schedule ride, ran into some Warriors 
RYAN FOREST04/03/09Rode with some old friends! Lap 1 
T Bone04/03/09Wet and muddy ride with Dave. Tires, derailers and pedals were gunked up with mud. (Had to wash my bike) Single tracks were over grown with wet grass making riding dicey at best. Lots of turns and slow speed on this ride 
Lowtech03/28/09Fun ride, this is a great time of year, not too hot, and very green! 
SlowClimber03/14/09Good fun with 1TrackJ, Lowtech, and Crasher. Finaly did the SCST without getting lost. Really enjoyed the cool temps and the seasonal growth of various plant life. Some places the track we almost fully covered and ahrd to see. 
T Bone03/08/09Fun ride with Dave and Miles. Lots of single tracks 
Brantley03/08/09Quick ride around the loop. Parts of this route are grown over... need more riders to beat back the shrubs! 
29erHT03/01/09Great ride. Lot's of woopty-doos. Being in the right gear at the right time is key! 
suchafingahole02/28/09No data. Fun ride with my son, Jaden ! 
Brantley02/15/09Bad day riding for me. The trail was more wet than I like so was slip sliding all over the place. My chain kept locking up on the climbs cuz all the mud then a link broke leaving me stranded to walk about 2 miles back. On top of all this I got attacked by ticks... pulled 6 of them off my legs. >| Nice cold weather for riding was about the only positive. 
Ladera Dave02/05/09Started to rain when we finished 
Mike.the.Spike02/01/09Lap 2 of 2: made a long afternoon of riding out of it. This trail is non-stop fun and keeps you on your toes—love the wooden bridges. 
Brantley02/01/09Trail conditions are great right now. 
Brantley02/01/09nice cool morning for a quick ride around the loop. 
Silverback02/01/09Great ride. Conditions were a little slick because of the morning dew on all the new grass along the trail. We all went down at one point or another. One of my buddies picked up a couple of ticks so be careful. Also messed up on the GPS controls so I took my best time and called it a day. 
SlowClimber01/31/09Track in good Condition - Hot as usual back there. Good ride with BentRim, Crasher, Judy and Jeff. Crasher lived up to her name again, and left the track less skin on the chin - all's well and we will do it again. 
Mike.the.Spike01/31/09lap 1 of 2: party of 7 riders, what a great ride. 
Ladera Dave01/22/09Rain threaten once,light showers, nice and tacky 
Brantley01/18/09Great day to ride 
mjrm31601/06/09Perfect lunch ride. The valley is getting greener and the trail is nice and tacky. 
brendan105601/06/09Did this ride while camping with the family at a nearby campground. No Garmin. 
johno01/05/09Good fun. First time using the gps to navigate a ride. Works great. Much thanks to those responsible! 
johno01/05/09Had a great time. First time navigating from uploaded route and found it pretty accurate. Thumbs up! 
SuperDutyDave01/01/09first of two loops--trail quite spongy! 
SanJuanRon12/30/08One killer hill (700 feet elevation gain in a very short distance) just prior to Ridgeline (which may not be in the 'OFFICIAL' course) when you go clockwise from the La Pata TH. Only muddy in a few spots. 
Brantley12/21/08Still wet / muddy from the rain. When I got home I found 3 ticks on me with one of them sucking blood. Watch out! 
Ladera Dave12/03/08I am glad I waited till the rain ended 
Ladera Dave11/15/08We had great weather, no wind, 6 of the dirty dozen riders showed up. Nice and cool the first lap. 
Silverback11/09/08Good ride, enjoyed the single track. I have been riding a lot of XC lately so took a couple of spills. Great day to ride, really felt like fall out there. 
Ladera Dave11/05/08Great ride, the rain did a fantasic job, with the trail work we did over the weekend. 
UphillRider6511/02/08Great singletrack, don't let the toll road ruin this place. 
onegear710/28/08I love this ride. Perfect S/S trail. Need new knobbies for the sandy spots. 
onetrackjerry10/21/08We felt the layout was confusing and got lost. Uphill on the single track is a challenge. Lots of options 
SlowClimber10/20/08Covered miles of this track with 1TrackJ today - then GPS stopped work when got home. Had a quick run yesterday with Jina and just love the place. Will be back next weekend to cover more of it - hopefully with Garmin working again. Today took one fall, found 1 snake, and a swarm of Bees chased us and was lost for 30 minutes or more.. what a place - can you ask anything more? 
SlowClimber10/18/08First ride here and will say it is a nice place to ride - Single track it is.. Jina was waiting for something to jump out and eat us all through the ride. The posting at the entrance set the tone for her. 
Crasher10/18/08The Lions are out to get me here! 
Laggdawg09/15/08Lap 1 
Laggdawg09/15/08Lap 2 
Patreek O08/22/08Lots of ruts and holes in the trail that made the ride a little more technical. 
Mike.the.Spike08/09/08We rode 10 miles instead of just 5 today, we were having fun. Geoladders gave great advice in full-fingered gloves. I also wore knickers, long socks, long sleeve t-shirt and the grass whipping was totally tolerable. It was hot dressed like I was but better than getting a grass whipping! One rider down-deep gash to the knee but was in great spirits despite. Fun route if you like singletrack. 
osmarandsara07/21/08rode on Sunday while camping at San Mateo Campground.....nice sweeping single-track....amusement-park material....lots of options, wish I lived closer to this place.... 
Congo Kid07/19/08Lap one of 2 - great cloud cover. Nice and cool 
Congo Kid07/19/08Legs a bit itchy. Hard to see ahead due to plant growth, but still tons of fun! 
Congo Kid07/19/08Lap 2 - did a few extra miles as well - total 14 miles today with 1600' of climbing. Fun day. 
jbh6506/13/08crossed over the fire road and did another 1.6 miles of trail(out/back). A little warm, but a very nice breeze at times. total of 8 miles before the beer started to flow! 
Bruin06/11/08Directions were perfect until waypoint 14. Don't know how I missed the turnoff. 
NateV05/05/08It is very overgrown. I saw a rattlesnake at the begining of the ride my shoes and socks are full of the spike weed. I never what to do this ride again. It is easy to get lost. I had really bad allerges up there one of my friends fliped over and another ones handle bars fell off and he had to walk his bike for 2 or 3 miles. I dont recommend this ride to anyone that doesnt like to get poked or have spikes in their shoes 
NateV05/05/08wear pant and slipery stuff no joke 
PaulV05/04/08First time here, did some major weed wacking at first trying to figure out where we were. Man those thistles hurt!! rode with nateV, and the two luke's. saw a small rattlesnake at the start, but no harm no foul. Need to go back sometime and explore a bit more. 
ChevySdyme9905/02/08the track is getting a little overgrown which is a bummer. 
ScubaBob04/25/08WTF! Fun ride for first half, until we got lost. Was ok at the Y at 2.95, then didn't see the turnoff before the fireroad at 3.05 (I think the trail was overgrown?) Added over 3 miles trying to figure it out. Got really hot today too. Oh yeah, brought home a tick too. Wear long pants! 
Waldo04/06/08Posted route + 3 or 4 bonus miles. Was a beautiful day out there, but SCST is seriously overgrown right now and it's tough getting though some sections as the tall brush grabs at your handlebars. 
brendan105603/26/08Did this ride on my old Kona hardtail while camping at a nearby campground. No Garmin. All these years I've been camping there and had no idea there was an awesome set of singletracks less than a mile from the campground. Not too sure on times, but spent almost two hours out there. Will bring the 5-Spot and the Garmin next time. BTW, the trail is pretty overgrown in several areas and made for an interesting ride. 
brendan105603/26/08Did this ride on my old Kona hardtail while camping at a nearby campground. No Garmin. All these years I've been camping there and had no idea there was an awesome set of singletracks less than a mile from the campground. Not too sure on times, but spent almost two hours out there. 
suchafingahole03/25/08Different route,same mileage,same elevation. 
suchafingahole03/25/08Did the superman over the handlebars,10 min.later rear hub failure, sweet!!! 
Pedalflowerbike03/20/08WE did the whole loop. It was very overgrown in some areas. What a wonderful ride. 
suchafingahole03/18/08Xtra credit! 
ChevySdyme9903/11/08I loved this trail nice fun, fast, a nice intermediate track defintilely one to do with guys comfortable on the bikes, begginers may struggle 
ChevySdyme9903/11/08Awesome Singletrack, Don't expect the maps on the trail to help a whole lot. I basically got lost and pretty sure we walked up the steepest part of the tack...lesson learned. Make sure you have a gear that you can climb in because climbs pop up. 
northshore03/08/08Really over grown!! Fun loop as always. 
McGrunt02/14/08Monday ride with SlowMo. Riding this route for the second time was fun and fast. The Hike-a-Bike section was tough but the rest of the trail was fun. Someone broke a plank in the middle of one of the small bridges. Take these fast as you don't want to OTB there. 
suchafingahole02/01/08Xtra credit! 
ZULU01/09/08First time on this trail, had to try it solo. Fun and quick route. 
Patreek O01/03/08Fun ride, perfect conditions right now 
Ladera Dave01/03/08It looks like it is going to rain hard. 
suchafingahole01/02/08Mark and I 
Johnacox2712/31/07This is an "amusement park" trail- a great ride. Lots of ups and downs and little surprises. Counter-clockwise is easier with more gentle climbs. Watch out for ticks in the brush- they have found me every time so far. Does anyone know who built and maintains this? (THANK YOU) 
Patreek O12/30/07 
suchafingahole12/30/07A variation of s.c. singletracks. More elevation gain, same mileage!! 
Code_Blue12/24/07added some more miles.....man my legs are sore! 
Code_Blue12/17/07Did it with my 6 year old. Bonus points for pushing him up the hills? 
Von-Skipp12/12/07Good ride with Rob, Jman and Sircrashalot from STR 
4xdave11/29/07Didnt do a loop, did a shuttle towards the north. 
ErikMM11/26/07great track...I love 1 track, and dis is good! 
Oly11/25/07Rode with Wheezer and Manny. This was our first ride on this trail...loved it. Definately need to keep you eyes on the trail or you'll end up in the bushes! 
FalseSummit11/25/07Early ride w/Manny and Oly. Fun route with more than a few surprises. Looking forward to going back. 
ksam911dad11/24/07This ride would be better if done counter clockwise... 
Code_Blue11/19/071st loop 
Code_Blue11/19/072nd loop 
suchafingahole11/18/07Another fun ride with son! 
klowie11/18/07Rode this as part of another ride to the ocean. Some great single track riding here. 
northshore11/17/07First time riding an old rigid Specialized Rock Hopper that practically was a single speed since it would not shift period. It's the most fun I've had on a single track although it was a bit of a workout on the back incline heading back to the dog park. 
klowie11/11/07Did this loop and rode down to Trestles and back. Beautiful day. 
Jocko11/10/07With Mike, Greg & Sam. Total mileage = 10 
dgrant11/06/0711.3 miles, tried some new routes, very fun. 
KoolAidKat11/05/07Fun ride with McGrunt. Got a little lost at one point which added some Fire Road climbing to the ride. 
McGrunt11/04/07What a hidden jewel! The Kat and I rode this and had a blast. We got lost at about point 13 on the geo map so watch for this right turn onto the singletrack. We rode up the fireroad a mile and a half before backtracking. The hike-a-bike section is the real deal. I would pay anyone who could make it a six pack of beer. Carrying up my bike then the Kats was a challenge in itself. 
suchafingahole11/04/07Took son on ride,good times... 
Jake c('.'c)11/03/07First time out here for Rushak and I. This place is pretty cool. Plenty of parking on the street, MILFs at the dog park.. I hope they build more trails. 
rushak11/03/07Nice afternoon ride with c('.'c). Fun stuff until you hit the wall. Didn't see that coming. Wouldn't mind checking this route out again. 
kenish11/02/07Great area, a little bit of everything. Wish I had clear eyewear, had to headbutt through the brush in a few spots. Rode w/ Wild Wild Life, we saw where we needed to be but couldn't find our way there. Ended up doing about 4 miles on pavement, a big "roadie" ride! Never had so much fun getting lost. 
Wild-Wild-Life11/01/07This is a fun trail with lots of options and all kinds of variation in terrain. Reminds me a little of Aliso. Rode with kennish, we got really lost and ended up coming out on Pico and making the run back up the hill on the road. I am looking forward to going back and figuring out all of the different things to do. 
suchafingahole10/23/07Did loop from sc pier, up blind lemon, to san mateo campground ,back to pier. 
Gastone10/16/07Look for a new trail called "qualifier" to be open in the near future. Think golden gate bridge without the water below. 
tscharf1810/14/07It is a long, long ,easy singletrack ride through the scenery...not somehitng to look foward to for an experience rider but good for beginners. 
Code_Blue10/06/07Rode it with my 6 year old 
Martak10/02/07Nice ride with UCHYL and our dogs Max and Teddy :o) 
tunderwood09/28/07For a great ride try doing an all single track ride and avoid the fire road all together. The trail named "Holeshot" is designed as an uphill to get you out and avoid the fire road. If your not sure which trail this is, find the bridge that looks like it curves but doesn't. The ride listed shows only the permiter of the main trails. There are 7 trail within that loop that are the bees knees, but that's just me thinking out loud. 
Code_Blue09/27/07Same ol ride to get some work in 
Two Tired09/26/07Fun short ride. Lots of swoopy singletrack with small ups and downs. The hike-a-bike section is definitely hike-a-bike (really steep, but short). Got a little lost and ended up back tracking a little. Actually rode a total of 6.5 miles. 
Code_Blue09/22/07Nice and tacky! 
quad damage09/04/07Lost the game of HORSE. Second lap with Matt, Andrew and Troy. The heat was murder. 
Do Work09/04/07Ride this one early...Too Damn Hot Out!!! 
ThinkFast09/03/07Matt, Ryan, Andrew and I decided on a second time through today. We started with an alternate entry so we could hit the switchback bridges. 
Hermit09/03/07Started with a slight variation of the official route to take advantage of a couple fun little bridges. The final climb was killer in the heat. 
Winger09/03/07This one went on for quite some time. In cooler weather it is probably a very quick route. The constant singletrack is a nice change. That Hike-a-bike section is much more steep than the pictures show. 
ThinkFast08/21/07Forgot to restart Garmin after the quick loop. Did a little more exploring too. 
House08/18/07Good ride with KeepsWhatHappens. 
House08/18/07Not exacltly a 2nd lap, but we rode almost 13 miles so this is close enough I guess. 
ThinkFast08/17/07Cool ocean breeze to start out but it sure was hot on the climbs. 
ThinkFast08/15/07This is a great trail. I'll be doing this one often I think since I'm always down here. It looks like there is a few other options out here too. I got off course not paying attention a couple times. The climbing at the end was tough in the heat. For those interested, at mile 2 of this ride, just over the creek bed, is the site of the first baptism in CA -http://www.sanclemente.com/HeritageCenter/LaCristianita.htm 
Code_Blue08/13/07Rode it with my 6 year old...Bonus points?? 
jasonmason08/13/07Fun riding but HOT in the middle of the day...guess I should have expected that though 
scott v08/05/07Not a long ride, but plenty of single track. I think this is one of the better shorter routes around. 
ErikMM07/28/07SWEET...great/fun 1 track, a bit bumpy, but worth it...missed a surf session for this...sorry Jim...this one is for the Unwanted Guests 
Code_Blue07/28/07Took two n00bies. Bonus points?? 
Code_Blue07/28/072nd loop? 
greiser07/21/07Fun single track ride with group of riders 
greiser07/21/07Fun Ride - lots of single track and good for quick ride that's close to home 
Code_Blue07/18/07Getting some work in. Going to ride Aliso on Thurs 
Code_Blue07/18/072nd loop 
Code_Blue07/16/07Wifey gave me a break from my honey do's to get in a quick ride. Took a n00b with me. Extra points?? 
Code_Blue07/16/07The N00b got worked and almost lost his lunch......LOL! 
Ben Boronow07/14/07Rode with the OCBomb.com guys. What a beautiful ride with wonderful scenery and good company. Not this exact trail, but close enough. (The actual route was 7.3 miles and 1100 ft, I think.) I went to turn on the GPS and the battery was dead. Grumble. 
Code_Blue07/13/07Felt like crap on the 2nd loop. Darn Mexican food at lunch! 
TREE07/10/07Forgot the Garmin - ride was longer then this one, but this route listing is pretty close 
Code_Blue07/08/07Scootr couldn't make it so I did three different loops 
Code_Blue07/08/072nd stage. Some fun stuff! total ride was 18 miles and took 3 hours 
Code_Blue07/05/07Just a quick one 
Code_Blue07/02/07Cranked out this loop plus 
Code_Blue07/02/07Did a revised version of this ride. Lots of off shoots. Total miles was 13+ 
Code_Blue06/29/07Actually doing more than the posted route. There are several off shoots you can take to keep it fresh. Great for SS’ing and I leave right from my house! Riding San Juan with Scootr tomorrow. 
Code_Blue06/28/07Doing a similar ride tonight 
Code_Blue06/28/07Mondays ride with some extra credit 
PaulV06/15/07similar ride, but further north on other side of 5 
KeepsWhatHappens06/12/07Great ride wtih Alpine Rob, GDR, WhiteChocolate and TalksWithFoxes + Barry and Ken. We did 3.5 more of add-ons. Thanks guys! BTW my 305 just stopped working. Hope it's still under warranty! 
Royster7106/06/07With wingman preaty cool out here. 
Royster7106/05/07Nice riding with you Guys! Cool place will make it out there agian! 
WINGMAN06/05/07Forgot the gps but had a good time with the Royster....2nd ride today.. 
tracysurf05/28/07A lot of fun. Many narrow and blind corners, so if someone is coming in the other direction a spectacular crash is guaranteed. 2nd half of loop is a lot of hiking. 
ryarnall05/26/07somewhat sketchy singletrack if you are not used to riding on the side of a hill... i got lost at the end of the ride... maybe i made a wrong turn... i turned left up the last singletrack section from the fire road, but ended up further up la pata than i had started... but we found our way... super fun ride though... that last climb is a killer... 
ryarnall05/26/07Pretty technical single track... the climb out was a killer... got a little lost, but found my way eventually... haha 
danyul05/26/07great riding. good variety. this is in my "backyard". just discovered over last few months. more singletrack than listed here. high advisory on ticks due to overgrowth in sections. check frequently! I've had unwanted passengers. other than that is a super fun and never crowded. enjoy! 
goldrunner05/22/07Thanks GDR, Warrior guys that was great... 
klowie05/21/07Fun! Totally unexpected, great trails. I took a wrong turn and ended up doing an extra 1.5 miles of a single track loop back to where I started. 
jrgill05/20/07Too narrow and dangerous for me as a beginner. Many places on sides of hills with a dropoff on one side and track so narrow there was no room to pedal. Spent as much time trying not to get hurt as I did having fun. Don't know how you guys do those parts. The fun parts were great though. If there was a way to avoid the scary parts it would get an 8. Wear long pants and eye protection, the brush whips the crap out of you. 
Terry Best08/18/06Awesome singletracks...great views...very pleasant ride! 

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